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tjaaltonbryce: whoa, you closed a couple of intel bugs :)07:22
brycetjaalton: halfway to my goal of reducing -intel to <100 bugs07:24
tjaaltonI guess there are a lot of bugs on drivers which should really be against mesa07:25
tjaaltonDRI, 3D etc07:26
brycecould be07:26
bryceit's interesting how much easier it is working on bugs once they're cataloged properly07:26
bryceso like today since I'd finished with New, I just focused on bugs marked 'Incomplete'07:27
brycenext time I'll focus on the confirmed ones and get them upstreamed07:28
tjaaltonor ask to try with hardy07:28
bryceI did that a lot today07:28
bryceit was interesting just how large a portion of the bugs were plain old out of date07:28
brycesort of makes me think how unproductive a lot of the bug reporting efforts are - the bug report never gets seen upstream, yet the issue got fixed anyway, so the effort of reporting the bug merely generated work, with no benefit.07:30
brycenot really their fault though of course07:30
tjaaltonI think our documentation should be changed to use 'lspci -nn | grep VGA', which should be enough. -vvnn creates too much noise07:31
tjaaltonthats partly because there are too many bugs open07:32
tjaaltonso if we only had those that we are certain about, it would be easier to identify new ones and forward upstream07:32
tjaaltonhaving a release biannually doesn't really help :P07:36
brycein any case, I feel like we're making good progress with them07:37
bryceI'd like to get to a point where I can focus on creating fixes more than just managing bug loads07:38
tjaaltona reasonable goal indeed :)07:57
tjaaltonyay, we are below 1600 bugs (1580)07:58
brycenice; where is that totaled?07:59
tjaaltonthat's my start page when triaging07:59
bryceah cool08:01
brycelooks like most bugs are in lrm08:02
tjaaltonyeah :/08:52
tjaaltonati needs a cleanup as well08:53
tjaaltonmaybe I should put the BTFH hat on and start bashing :P08:53
brycehehe :-)09:12
tjaaltonbryce: did you notice my comment about the bug list you showed me? only one of them has been tested against the ~latest driver, and the rest should be fixed according to upstream (I actually closed some of them)09:19
tjaaltonthis was about intel vs. i81009:19
bryceoh cool, no I missed that09:20
tjaaltonso it looks like i810 could be dropped IMHO09:20
brycewas that this page?  http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogasawara/qa-hardy-list-archive/sort-by-package/current-buglist.html09:20
tjaalton12:04 < bryce> 114331  135093  147189  157610  16887  131972  and probably others09:21
tjaaltonnope, that :)09:21
tjaalton147189 is the one that seems to be valid now, and I forwared it upstream09:22
brycethere were some more 8xx ones I looked at in doing the triage today.  I don't remember whether I asked for them to be re-tested or if they looked legit09:24
brycebut yeah, I think we're getting close to being ready to deprecate it09:26
tjaaltonI asked Shaun (147189) to try the latest driver09:26
tjaaltonsince it seems that the past week there has been some changes that should fix issues with i83009:27
Ngooh, new -intel this morning :)09:38
bryceheya Ng09:38
Nghey hey :)09:38
Nghow evil am I for using EXA, greedy migration and "ExaNoComposite" "false"?09:39
Ngseems to make EXA as nippy as XAA09:39
tjaaltonfor me just the greedy stuff is enough (965)09:40
tjaaltonbryce: we actually toyed with the idea to use EXA only for 965 and use greedy :)09:40
tjaaltonthis was on #ubuntu-desktop yesterday09:40
brycenot a bad idea actually09:44
tjaaltonand XAA for the rest09:46
tjaaltonI'm not sure if it's doable, but..09:46
bryceyeah, I was wondering if that's feasible myself09:47
brycebedtime...  night09:48
tjaaltongreedy makes it use CPU more, so I haven't tried what happens to the battery lifetime09:48
Ngthere's something odd about the new driver09:48
tjaaltonNg: oh? describe09:49
Ngtjaalton: it's quite hard to describe, but things like the fading in of menus is more like a flicker09:49
Ngand it almost seems like colours are made up of 8bit gif dithering09:49
tjaaltonNg: you had 945?09:51
Ngnah this is 85509:51
tjaaltonah ok09:51
Nggonna try pulling out those options09:53
Ngit's possible my eyes have just gone funny ;)09:53
Ngno, that didn't help :/09:54
Nggoing back to XAA doesn't seem to have helped either09:58
tjaaltonok, so it seems like a regression then09:59
Nga pretty hard one to describe, but for example glxgears - the green gear looks like it alternates between light green dots and dark green dots instead of all of the pixels being a uniform green10:02
NgI should still have the old package, I'll give that a try again just to be sure I'm not mad10:04
Ngnope, definitely not mad :)10:06
Ng2:2.2.0+git20080107-1ubuntu2 is better10:06
jcristaushould be pretty easy to bisect then10:07
tjaaltonyes, since that version had all the commits up to ~Jan 31.10:07
Ngfiled as #18986810:14
tjaaltonlooks like the only possible commit which broke this is "Allow non-strict free order for bo_list" a70b59bd44d14e77c9e522dbe225b62a8bcf305010:37
Ngtjaalton: I'd be happy to test a build without that :)10:48
jcristauNg: git-revert a70b59bd; make :)10:48
tjaaltonNg: I'll reply to the bug, 'patch -R < foo' should work too :)10:51
tjaaltonyeah, menus work fine on my 96511:01
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Ngbah, wgetting that git link downoads 30kb of html11:44
tjaaltonhmm? not here11:44
Ngin a browser I get a patch11:45
tjaalton928 bytes11:45
Ngthis is a patch to i830_memory.c, right?11:46
Ngit's not reverse applying cleanly. just looking at why11:47
tjaaltonit's not that huge either, so you can just edit by hand if all else fails :)11:48
NgI sure wish patch could tell me why though11:50
* Ng shrugs. visual inspections suggest I reverted it by hand fine, but the patch still doesn't apply. gonna build it and see what happens ;)11:53
Ngtjaalton: nope, still doing it without that patch, afaics12:00
tjaaltonNg: look at the commits since the one 13 days ago, list found here http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel.git;a=shortlog;h=xf86-video-intel-2.2-branch12:08
tjaaltonand apply one at a time on top of the working driver12:08
tjaaltonbut I guess you don't have the sources anymore?12:08
tjaaltonyou can find it here: http://users.tkk.fi/~tjaalton/dpkg12:10
Ngcool, ta12:11
seb128is there a known bug about middle click events being duplicates sometimes on hardy?13:36
tjaaltonI don't remember seeing one15:01
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Ngthat's 85517:16
Ngit's very distressing how many variants there are of each model. I've never seen anything remotely like that bug ;/17:17
tjaaltoncould be the same commit that causes the breakage17:35
tjaaltonNg: even more important for you to find out which commit broke it :)17:41
Ngtjaalton: yeah, I'll try and work through the patches this weekend17:48
tjaaltonhmm, I could forward it upstream in the meantime17:48
Ngcool, thanks18:33
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tjaalton\o/ the only remaining bug regarding i830 is fixed with
tjaaltonso now we only have the regression with 855 :)19:36
tjaaltonso, we could drop -i810 with 2.2.1 final19:37
tjaaltonI don't think it's of much value anymore, unless someone really insists on using xinerama19:37
tjaaltongoing through lrm bugs btw.. man, there are plenty19:38
brycewhen I was looking at fglrx the other day, I just searched on "fglrx" so I could focus on just that subset19:40
tjaaltonthe good thing is that many bugs are marked against many lrm versions, so it's trivial to mark wontfix the old ones 19:40
tjaaltonbug 36625 might have the information needed to finally fix the nvidia/fglrx uninstall issues..19:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 36625 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "can't remove nvidia-glx" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3662519:41
tjaalton(bumped the version, was against 2.6.17)19:41
tjaaltonseems like if mesa has been updated or tried another revision of the driver, this could happen19:43
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bryceafter FF I want to really hammer on some bugs - hopefully I'll have this xrandr gui done by then!19:58
brycethere's been a lot of people coming to us about keyboard and mouse problems...  makes me think we need to look into that more seriously20:00
ubotuNew bug: #22255 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.17 (restricted) "Potential deadlock when the connection to the AP is lost?" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2225520:02
tjaaltonwe should switch to input-hotplug (=evdev).. :)20:02
tjaaltonie. waiting for gravity20:03
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