w00w00huhu =)00:08
themunkeecan anyone help me with viewing shared folders on windows from linux?01:00
nikolamthemunkee, samba, smbclient, smbfs packages01:16
nikolamand linneighborhood01:17
nikolamsystem-config-samba, samba-doc, samba-doc-pdf01:18
nikolamnp :)01:18
themunkeeafter i get all that, what do i do?01:19
nikolamsee some documentation. You have samba-doc-*01:20
themunkeewhere is the samba-doc located?01:24
cclampbluesyo how is everyone01:27
nikolamthemunkee, install everything from synaptic. use search, select packages and voila.01:32
themunkeei installed samba-doc01:32
themunkeehow do i look at it?01:32
themunkeeactually, nevermind01:33
themunkeejust figured it out01:33
themunkeei edited my fstab to automount my shared folder01:33
nikolamthemunkee, you eather have new icon for it (like applications) OR you can go back to synaptick, find it again, right click on it select installed files and find out where docs are :)01:34
themunkeeah, ok01:34
themunkeethanks much01:34
nikolamthemunkee, i personlly didnt used samba yet, so i will stop here :)01:34
nikolamhave a good night :)01:35
nikolamthemunkee,  see ubuntuforums.org , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba, https://help.ubuntu.com/5.10/ubuntu/faq/C/sect-samba-server.html01:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wirelesss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:42
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:42
theyycallmepostcan anyone lend me a hand with some rfcomm issues trying to get carwhisperer/bluesnarfer to work?01:51
cclampbluesam i still here?02:29
cclampbluesim trying to install the flash plugin for firefox... is there a gui method to do this?>02:38
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:39
adam_Hi!  Can anyone recommend a good FTP server, ideally with a GUI frontend?02:50
ubotuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd03:04
cclampbluestheres a afew to check out03:05
ubotuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/03:08
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:09
zoredachemaxamillion: I was speaking to a computer in another window... but the focus somehow slipped to this one04:11
maxamillionahhh, i know how that goes :)04:12
cclampblueshey is there a way to restart reset the mouse from the terminal?04:14
cclampbluesit keeps freezing04:14
cclampbluesnot moving at all04:14
ubotuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto04:15
cclampbluesanyone here/04:15
maxamillioncclampblues: i'm here ... just never experienced that issue so wouldn't know how to tell you to fix it04:16
cclampbluesit just started after i tried to install the flah plugin for firefox.04:16
cclampbluesthis os is infuriating04:17
cclampblueshello, what does the message: cpu freq changed mean?04:22
maxamillioncclampblues: nothing special, if you open a terminal and type cpufreq-info it will tell you information about your processors ability to chance its frequency dynamically, this is used for throttling of the cpu and generally for power management04:43
Death-FCIs there a way to install Adobe Flash onto an xubuntu system w/ only 192 meg ram? or even a viable alternative?06:11
soldatsgo to the adobe site and download the tar.gz file and follow the directions to install it for 32bit systems06:16
Death-FCwhen i double click on the install file, or even goto terminal and try "flashplayer-install" it does nothing :(06:25
soldatsdid you READ the directions06:26
soldatsit says to navigate to the dir in terminal and do /.flash_player_install06:26
soldatsor /.flashinstaller06:26
soldatsor something06:26
Death-FCyes sir.. i will attempt again and tell you result...  i did try the /.flash thing, didn't work, so i went into directory and tried flashplayer-installer that way.. w/ no luck..06:27
soldatsnav to the dir and do /.flashplayer-installer06:29
Death-FCwow, i feel stupid.. thx06:30
Death-FCmust have mistyped before lol06:30
Death-FCthx for yoru time06:30
melissa_!mp3 > melissa07:41
melissa_!mp3 > melissa_07:41
rami_Hello I screwed up my task bar, and it's really a pain to recustomize it again...is there a way to get back to default?12:28
deepshi, is it possible to get xubuntu to change it's default action with images, so that it gives me an application similar to the windows image previewer to look at my images in, and brwoe though, rather than loading up the gimp?13:38
hhyjiihello, i'm trying to install wicd on xubuntu 7.10 kernel 2.6 it needs python-gnome2-extras. When i try to install python.... it asks for libgdl-1-0, i try to install it but it needs for libgdl-1-common. When i try to install libgdl-1-common it asks for libgdl-1-0. Can you help?13:41
predaeusdeeps, right click on the image file and select "Open with other application" and tick the "always open with that application" box.13:44
deepspredaeus: know of any suitable applications?13:44
predaeusdeeps, hm I use gqview and disable the file browsing tab, so it only shows the image in the window and no controls. Easy fullscreen with F key and navigation with arrows.13:46
predaeusah page-up/down not arrows, sorry13:47
predaeushhyjii, are you installing with apt-get?13:48
* deeps gives it a try13:49
hhyjiino, I double click on *.dev file13:49
predaeushhyjii, using apt (apt-get) for installation will select the dependencies automatically.13:49
predaeushhyjii, you mean .deb?13:49
hhyjiiwidc XXXX...xXX.deb13:49
predaeushhyjii, hm yea sorry I don't know yet how to automatically isntall dependencies with dpgk. But I think there is an option.13:51
hhyjiiso i should go to console and write apt-get widc XXX.deb?13:51
deepsanyone in here know of any decent debian/ubuntu based linux distros other than xubuntu/fluxbuntu that are suitable to run on 750mhz/128mb?13:51
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solomonis there any way to get xubuntu's installer to not probe for X config?  when it does my laptop goes haywire and kills the install14:02
solomonthe lappy previously had a debian installation with X working and i've copied the xorg.conf from there, so i don't really need automagical x config14:02
hhyjiiok, I have wicd-XXX.deb file on my desktop. I go to console-mode, cd Desktop, dir - file wicd-XXX.deb is there. I write 'apt-get install wicd-XXX' and got error saying that, there is no package wicd-XXX. Same thing when i write 'apt-get install wicd-XXX.deb'14:06
ochosihhyjii: well you could try "dpkg -i wicd-XXX.deb" instead14:21
ochosihhyjii: apt-get only would try to get that package from the repositories, in case you don't have a repository you can either use gtk-debi-package installer (gui) or dpkg -i (command line)14:22
xnuwho is responsible for xubuntus art work?15:42
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TheSheepxnu: jmak15:52
iariMy laptop doesn't go into hibernation / Suspend mode. When I try switching to hibernate the screen goes black and there's a blinking '_' like DOS mode... I can't type or do anything except shutting down using the power button..17:45
xalastrashi... my router keeps on updating my dns and erases my isp's dns.. how can i block my router from doing that or.. keep my isp's dns always on?19:24
TheSheepno idea, I do a temporary workaround by removing write permissions for /etc/resolv.conf19:25
TheSheepbut i only works until I reboot :)19:25
xalastrasthat could be done automaticly anytime i start ubuntu again ^^19:26
zoredachexalastras: I think if you installed 'resolvconf' you could force dns.  you could also update the dhcp client config to force ddns19:27
zoredacheyou could also install a DNS server on your router, and just set it all to be and set the forwarders on the dns server19:28
lechehey, i got some issues with shutting down xfce and my panel... the logout dialog doesnt appear if i click on the small red arrow, theres just a dialog for closing the panel. at startup i dont have a panel, even if i shutdown -P now20:06
t105hi everybody, i have a question about installing xubuntu on a dell t105 server... which doesn't do because of sata issues ... ;] am i right here? (#ubuntu seems crowded)20:12
t105well... what to add? i've got the alternate x64 cd, it starts, but when it comes to booting, it says "can't find cdrom". cd is obviously there. but the installer doesn't get that right and moans "insert cd" ;/20:19
zoredachejust out of curiosity what will the server be for?20:27
zoredacheis the cdrom sata as well?20:27
t105there's nothing else in it, 2 sata disks and one dvd20:28
t105which is internally labeled a, b, and c for the cd drive20:28
lechehey zoredache :-)20:28
zoredacheand you say the model is a t105?20:28
t105arrived today ;)20:29
t105planning as a small business server with soft-raid20:29
deepsif you dont mind my asking, why xubuntu?20:29
deeps...as a server...20:30
t105not sure if { |k|x}ubuntu installers differ in some way?20:30
t105well - i dont need much20:30
t105shouldn't it ?20:30
zoredachegenerally I would suggest a server with no gui at all20:30
deepsindeed, im under the impression that xubuntu is a desktop os20:30
lecheright ^^20:30
zoredacheso an ubuntu cli only install20:30
deepsand there isn't a server relese of it20:30
t105well, there will be lokal work also to do20:30
lechewell, all you need is ssh20:31
t105it's not locked in some storage room, it's... und the desktop ;)20:31
lechedont walk, use ssh :-P20:31
t105well... i would20:31
t105but if you suggest, (x)ubuntu wouldn't fit... what else?20:32
lechei got some probs with my desktop xfce..20:32
t105i used suse before20:32
lecheas a server=20:32
t105well it will be mainly for data, but sometime i'm planning to install postgres20:33
lecheim running a ubuntu command line server20:33
lecheworks fine for me20:33
t105yay okay, but i can't even install, you see ;)20:34
zoredachet105: do you have a connection to the internet on the server?  You might give the netinstall disk a shot20:34
t105it just doesnt get the cd drive correctly20:34
zoredachethat is why I am suggesting the net install. after the initial boot it doesn't even try to use the cd20:34
lecheor, if your cd drive completly is crashed, try an usb stick (if its supported)20:35
zoredacheI suspect I would also double check to see if it works on the 32 bit version20:35
t105no the drive isn't crashed. it's /dev/scd1 and (after pressing f1 for help, i saw this message) it can't be mounted20:36
t105hm... netboot... let's see if it is supported...20:37
t105btw, it is 2 nvidia ck804 controllers20:37
lechezoredache, any idea to solve my shutdown problem?20:38
zoredacheleche: not really, no20:38
leche:-/ ok, but thx for reading :-)20:38
t105hm, seems no net boot option present20:40
t105a wait20:41
t105i can enable pxe...20:42
t105hm but that won't be cool anyway, if the cd is not supported? i wonder if the drives will be afterall!20:43
zoredacheeh?  I wasn't suggesting a pxe install I was sugging using the mini iso to install.  a pxe install is needlessly complex20:43
t105hm, which one is that?20:46
lechezoredache, which is the session management file in xfce?20:47
leche(i mean, the autostart file)20:47
zoredacheautostart stuff is in .config/autostart/ I believe20:48
t105ok i'll try that! is the x64 release already save for use?20:48
t105hm.. these are ubuntu-minimals. is there a chance i can install xubuntu with that?20:52
zoredacheone of the boot options will be to install a commmand-line only system20:53
zoredacheif/when you get the command line only system installed20:53
lechezoredache, where are things like the panel started?20:53
zoredachethen simply login and do an 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop'20:53
t105ok thanks!20:54
t105still, anyway: will there probably be controller issues?20:54
t105i know dell supports sles and red cap20:54
zoredachet105: I don't know.  If the minimal cd doesn't see your drive, then would either newer, or older cd20:55
zoredachenewer first.   It is possible the kernel in hardy may have support for your controller...20:56
zoredacheif i was really persistant I would go get the kernel source and .config for redhat, then repackage it for ubuntu20:57
t105they supplied a "build and update" utility cd. when booting it (some linux!, hehe) they give an option to install a system. guess what? win-xy, rh and sles. maybe these can't do it on their own, too. *fear*20:57
t105so, obviously linux is possible, at least their the cd boots20:58
zoredachewell the xubuntu cd boots20:58
zoredachet105: you said it booted right?  but that the installer couldn't remount it20:59
t105at least...20:59
t105well i come to the loader with those options21:00
t105but anything i try gets blown after the script tries to load the cdrom driver21:00
t105maybe the installer doesn't support sata, or isn't configured. so, maybe it's a bug? ;)21:03
lechezoredache, whats the process for the session manager in xfce? and, why dont i have a ~/,xsession file21:09
lechei think it has something to do with my session manager21:09
zoredacheleche: don't know21:11
lechezoredache, ok, ill stop bothering you now ^^21:11
zoredacheyou might look in .cache/sessions21:12
zoredacheI suspect if I couldn't figure something weird out like you are describing I would setup a second account and try logging into it21:13
zoredacheif the second account didn't have problems I would start comparing stuff between the two homedirectories21:13
t105question: which install option should i use with that mini-cd? i want to make a raid1....21:15
t105or ist that asked later21:15
t105"cli" or "install"21:15
lechezoredache, thx, that sounds like a good algorithm21:15
zoredacheuse cli21:16
zoredacheparititioning is common to all choices21:16
t105we're at "dhcp" ... looks good so far! ;)21:18
t105well, what's confusing... manual partitioning... but there's no raid option....21:24
zoredacheyou have to create a partition on each drive... there is a choice to set the type.  you need to set the type for use by raid21:25
zoredacheyou also should create a small ~150MB partition at the start of both drives21:25
t105it shows scsi1 (sda) and scsi2 (sdb) ---? is that right, since they are ata drives.. or is that due to sata interface21:26
zoredachet105: recent kernsl show drives on many new sata and ide controllers as scsi devices21:26
t105okay i just wondered =)21:27
t105oh.. and under sda there are two lines:21:27
t105nr. 1 primary 57 mb k fat16 /media/sda121:27
zoredachet105: don't worry about it too much. it shouldn't matter.  If you really are interrested you could go dig into the kernel source21:27
t105nr. 2 primary 2.2 gb b k fat32 /media/sda221:28
zoredachet105: yes there are probably existing partitions.  If you highlight the dirve and press enter, it should ask you if you want to create a new parition table21:28
zoredacheor you could just delete the existing parititions21:28
t105does that mean, i have some preinstalled partitions21:28
t105i think it's dells services stuff21:28
zoredachethe fat16 parition is probably the dell recover partition.21:28
zoredacheyou could leave it there if you wanted21:29
t105but that affects the size ... doesn't it? raid must be equal sized?21:29
zoredachethey don't have to be equal, but you will only get to use the ammount available on the smallest member21:30
zoredacheyou could leave some free space on the other drive21:30
t105hm okay21:30
zoredacheyou probably don't need it though21:30
zoredacheI always remove them on my dell servers.  everything that is on the partition is also on one of the resource cds that came with the computer21:31
t105just don't know IF i need it... i guess this is works together with their update-tool-cd in some way21:31
t105ah.. okay.. then: *blast*21:31
zoredacheit is usually just there diagnostic tools21:31
t105yeah and they're pretty... useless? just some ram testing21:32
t105you mentioned that small 150 mb partition... shall that be fat16? what will that be, /boot?21:33
zoredachethat will be ext3 for boot21:34
zoredachegrub is an easier bootloader to work with, but it doesn't like booting off a raid21:34
t105hm i've heard the like... which one will be used?21:35
zoredachesorry?  which what will be what?21:35
t105i mean, will grub be used ?21:36
zoredachegrub will be used if you create a seperate /boot.  If you don't, then it will use lilo21:36
zoredachewhat freaks me out about lilo, is that every kernel update causes a re-write of the boot-sector21:37
zoredacheI have had that kill computers several times21:37
t105so should i not create a separate boot partition (on both drives)?21:37
t105or create on both and use grub anyway21:38
zoredacheyou should create a small partition ~150mb on at least one of the drives...  you can create one on each if you like21:38
t105and sda1 will be ext3, mounted /boot, boot-flag: yes, no mount options... ok?21:39
t105ok, and on the second drive.... well... mountpoint /boot, tooo? or leave /21:41
zoredacheno, just change the mount point to nothing21:41
zoredacheor /boot2 or something21:41
t105ok. thanks so far... ah wait, the raid stuff will come later, right?21:46
zoredacheyou are still on the partitioner screen aren't you?21:46
zoredacheafter your /boot partition, you should create a new parition on each drive where you will put the raid parition21:47
t105i've confugured sda2 pri 239 gb for / and a 10gb swap on both disks21:47
zoredachejust go to t105 that isn't what you wanted to do21:48
t105yeah i see ;)21:48
zoredacheso sda1 should be the boot... select the your sda2 parition21:48
t105there was that "auto" option that created these21:48
t105so there are 3 partitions on each disk, sda1, sda2, sda5 and sdb1, sdb2, sdb521:49
t105sda1 is /boot and bootable21:49
zoredachesda1 is right..  after that, select your sda2 paritition21:50
zoredacheone of the options says something like filesystem21:50
t105its ext3 now21:50
zoredacheselect that, then hit enter... towards the bottem of the list there should be a choice for raid21:50
t105should it be volume for raid?21:50
zoredachesomething like that, yes21:51
t105the other option is lvm but thats not what i want i guess21:51
t105and sdb2 th like, right?21:52
zoredacheyes, make all the partitions except the first be raid21:52
t105even the 2 swap partitions?21:52
t105or should they be deleted21:53
zoredacheyou could raid the swap partitions21:53
zoredacheor you could have two seperate swap parititoons21:53
zoredacheI am not sure exactly what happens if drive fails though21:53
t105just don't know if the kernel will like that ;)21:53
zoredacheprobably badness...  Of course since it is software raid... you'll probably get badness anyway21:54
zoredachesoftware raid doesn't do much to insulate you from the failure... it just makes sure your data is good21:54
zoredacheso you may be fine to just leave them a two seperate swap partitions21:55
zoredacheit doesn't matter much, you should be able to change that later21:55
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j_foxPardon me, but I am encountering a 100% repeatable (on my system) crash in ubiquity on the xubuntu 7.10 i386 install liveCD, when I enter a particular partition scheme in on the install script. I was wondering if anyone happened to be fluent in the ubiquity program enough to tell me if this is a known problem in this version of ubiquity or a new bug which needs submitted in the bug tracking system for xubuntu, and also if this is due to my 21:56
t105i just read that raiding swap is one of a good idea....21:56
j_foxt105: I dont know about linux, but in windows, if you have just a bunch of drives with a swap file on each one, windows automatically uses the least busy drive for the swap data it needs to write, so using RAID actually would slow that down... again this is windows Im speaking of, not linux.21:57
t105hm.. raiding may actually slow down21:59
t105but at least the system doesn't go down, if one swap is broken. that's some kind of a trade-off, i think..22:00
j_foxif you have a drive going south the data in swap is not going to be your primary concern unless you are running a large business, yes?22:01
t105well... not that large, but it's a 24/7 system that shouldn't "beep" at night when i am asleep ;)22:02
j_foxI run several systems like that. if you don't want the beeps, then you need to stay away from hardware RAID for one. Ive had raid failure alarm go off and wake me up before x.x22:02
j_foxif you dont like a reboot beep, then it's a piece of cake to remove the piezo speaker from the system case - or mobo if it is integrated. and if its a home server, a spontaneous reboot to a functional system (from a hard crash) is better then a continuous alarm.22:03
deepsbetter yet, dont keep servers in the bedroom22:03
j_foxtrue that.22:03
t105no, the "beep" was a placeholder22:05
t105it could be just a console output: "unhappy. gonna die. bye, paps"22:06
j_foxmore on the subject, why are you worried so much about keeping data when something is corrupting it? especially in a home server situation I would be much, much more worried about the reason the data was being corrupted in the first place then recovering swap data if its gone south.22:07
j_foxI find little sense in what people seem to do on the most part, for example, someone buying a bargain basement $10 power supply and then putting three $100+ hard drives in it so they can raid their data.22:08
j_foxor not running the server off of a line filtering UPS22:08
j_foxprevent the corruption in the first place, dont worry about recovering from it as much.22:09
TheSheepand make backups :)22:09
j_foxto me thats part of preventing the corruption in the first place.22:10
j_foxbut you dont need to back up swap data...22:10
t105well, i was just exploring, how to prepare the partitions in the installer for use with raid 1. now that question arose, how to deal with swap: create a second pair of raid-volumes, or 2 separate swap partitions22:10
TheSheepthere are two kinds of people: those who make backups, and those who will be making backups22:10
j_foxPardon me, but I am encountering a 100% repeatable (on my system) crash in ubiquity on the xubuntu 7.10 i386 install liveCD, when I enter a particular partition scheme in on the install script. I was wondering if anyone happened to be fluent in the ubiquity program enough to tell me if this is a known problem in this version of ubiquity or a new bug which needs submitted in the bug tracking system for xubuntu, and also if this is due to my 22:10
j_foxI actually am much more of the school of thought of node-based computing, when you need data enough to do more then a hard drive with a backup or two of it.22:11
TheSheepj_fox: there was one bug where thunar volman was mounting the partitions and preventing their formatting22:11
j_foxcheck out the archive.org petabox. a think of a hive of worker bees, cooperative storage. data is stored in fragments across the worker bee nodes.22:12
TheSheepj_fox: try disabling the volman22:12
j_foxTheSheep: I already did that ;)22:12
j_foxI noticed that bug when I was using xubuntu 7.04 and I do that every time I install with a liveCD where there were already partitions on the dirve.22:12
j_foxthanks though22:12
TheSheepj_fox: other than that, I'm afraid you'd have to search the bug database22:14
j_foxyeah... Im horrid at searching is the problem.22:14
j_foxah well. I guess Ill just have to go with another more common partitioning scheme.22:14
TheSheepj_fox: or use the alternate cd22:15
j_foxThe problem is the same with the text installer. I have both.22:15
TheSheepj_fox: or leave room and add other partitions later22:15
j_foxthe odd part is Debian Etch will do them just fine,22:15
TheSheepnot that old22:15
TheSheepubuntu stable is still as stable as debian testing ;)22:16
j_foxThat's just it, the way I need to set it up to have what I want it can't wait (to my knowledge) until after Ive installed22:16
j_foxthe problem I have with debian is it feels like most of the other linucies, cobbled together and falling apart at the seams.  Try installing and getting nvidia 3D acceleration. you cant without getting out of X but it doesnt have an easy way of doing that. then you run into the whole problem of having to go to the console to install the nvidia binaries. Talk about troglodytic and just plain poor design22:17
t105*argh* it moans that there is no /root entry. well, i cant enter it with the "raid volume" option22:18
j_foxif I was you I would run JBOD and set up a near-raid snapshot backup scheme.22:18
t105there are just 2 lines: use as raid volume and boot y/n22:18
j_foxbasically making the second hard drive as a near-realtime (every few hours) live snapshot of the main, which is able to become primary should the primary fail I.E. bootable flag set et al22:19
j_foxif you want raid, that's honestly almost raid depending on how it's set up, and a lot more robust in certain situations22:20
j_foxand if you are after performance, if you balance the load right across mounts and physical drives, a jbod system can be better performing.22:22
j_foxgranted not by a lot but still]22:22
t105zoredache: didn't you tell me to create sda&b2 not with ext3 but with that raid option?22:23
j_foxAHA! the crash happens whenever I create a primary partition with the dont_use filesystem option. that's why I keep getting it.22:23
t105j_fox: well, there are just 2 drives, and as i don't want a hardware raid (try replacing THAT if it goes down, and they go down)22:24
j_foxyes I am *NOT* a fan of hardware RAID either.22:24
j_foxbut the issue remains, what do you hope to get out of software RAID that you cannot get out of two individual drives?22:25
t105however, i.. "just wanted a simple raid 1"... hell ;)22:25
TheSheepj_fox: you don't manage many servers, do you :)22:25
j_foxthere is no such thing as simple raid.22:25
j_foxTheSheep: I have in the past. I have found that for NON BUSINESS systems raid is entirely too much trouble22:25
t105well raid 1 is "just mirroring"... but even that can go wrong.22:25
j_foxwhen it comes to businesses and mission critical apps, then yes, hardware raid becomes a must.22:26
j_foxbut I prefer distributed filesystems and volume shadow copies.22:26
t105but then the controller cost 10 servers that i just have right here ;)22:26
j_foxmore RAIS then RAID - redundant array of independant/inexpensive systems22:26
j_foxI used to have a DPT PM2865U3 back in the day with 128MB cache ram. it cost me a pretty penny, and I had a 12 disc RAID 50 array on it.22:27
j_foxthat's the card that when ADAPTEC bought out DPT they renamed it the 3200S card and sold it as their own.22:27
t105with their own bugs? ;)22:28
j_foxactually no, they inhereted a lot of the bugs from DPT's firmware. they prettymuch used it with their logo... and actually used that firmware to base some later cards off of.22:29
t105sounds perfect for critical data22:30
j_foxit was actually a very good card as long as you knew its' exintricities.22:30
j_foxt105: what I dont get is why you are so hooked on the idea of having a raid1 volume on the system...22:36
t105well... for tha data to be more protected if one disk fails, maybe?22:37
j_foxmore protected then hourly snapshotting?22:38
j_foxor what if a power failure happens when the discs are writing... then both can be lost.22:38
t105the power will be taken care of ;)22:39
j_foxgood. too many people don't run at least a line-interactive UPS.22:39
t105and many don't know they have to change batteries rather often ;)22:42
j_foxLOL! definitely true!22:43
j_foxive seen UPSes with 10 year old batteries O.o22:43
t105lucky those packs didn't start "flowing"... acid on the floor is only good for dancing, i guess ;)22:44
j_foxthats why I started carrying baking soda around in my tech bag.22:44
j_foxI had to use it a few times.22:45
j_foxIm actually looking at getting some SAFT electric vehicle batteries for mine, they are the only big maker of NICAD batteries in the size needed for this.22:46
t105so coming back to raid. i couldn't make it with the installer right the way, because the partitions had no filesystem and no mount point. so / is on sda2 for now. i hope i can change it later to raid?22:46
zoredachet105: make it for raid..22:47
zoredachet105: I don't want to be frustrated at you, but it would be good if you scroll back and look at what I had told you...22:48
t105i tried, but the installer didn't let me. it said - "no root mount point selected, go change that before proceeding"22:48
zoredacheI said.  make the two identical volumes on each drive... make sure they are set to for raid22:48
zoredachethen a NEW option will show up in the paritioner menu to setup raid22:48
j_foxAHA! I didn't even realize what you meant by that until now22:48
zoredachechoose that item, and you will get set what type of raid you want, choose member volumes, etc.22:49
zoredacheafter that a new drive will appear in the partitioner22:50
j_foxdont feel so bad, I didnt get what zoredache was saying either >.<22:51
t105i didn't see that option... well ok it didn't bark at me so i was blind22:51
* j_fox strikes her dumb blonde look22:52
j_foxsorry zoredache it wasnt what you said I think both of us just didnt see what you meant.22:52
t105now it started installing, i had to reboot. shooting at midnight ;)22:52
j_foxhm. you must be... somewhere far away from me. LOL never been good with timezones.22:53
t105well.... there is a part in my memory that's completely erased. the part about modems and slow connections ;)22:53
t105well.... gmt+122:54
t105it's around midnight22:54
j_foxgmt+5 aka EST here.22:54
t105maybe i just forgot some special spells or something... #66: never set up a server at midnight22:54
j_foxshouldnt that be after midnight? because they turn into gremlins? :p22:55
t105#67: or use dry lunatic-grass powder22:55
j_foxer...or is EST gmt-522:56
t105#67b: fairy-tears will do, too22:56
j_foxmust be -522:56
j_foxok nice to meet you all, it's been a plearure, but the install is done, so I'm ditching this livecd session to config my install.22:57
j_foxpleasure even22:57
t105bye bye ;-)22:57
t105and  a good evening(?)22:58
j_foxlater :) and thanks for the conversation22:58
j_foxyeah its 5pmish here :) good night to you!22:58
j_foxooh 6pm22:58
t105well, the option was there ;-D23:01
t105now it's formatting etc.23:01
t105zoredache: thank you very much so far!!!23:01
zoredachet105: you don't happen to know about building debian source packages do you?23:02
t105no, not at all... you mean compiling or developing?23:03
zoredacheI am trying to take a tar.gz package, and build a .deb out of it23:03
t105hm no, sorry, completely not my area... i was already puzzled with rpm's that didn't work the other day...23:04
zoredacheso I can install it on tons of servers...  I am trying to not do it the lazy way where you just manuall compile and build a binary package...23:04
t105i would ask mr. google ;)23:04
t105hm.. wasn't there some sort of deployment project?23:05
zoredacheI am... he isn't being helpful...  The biggest problem is that the program I am trying to debify has tons of hard coded paths all over the place23:05
t105hm maybe go brutal an grep (or sed?) that stuff...23:05
t105maybe write some programme that reads all that strings and tests them23:06
t105and then replaces them in a new package?23:07
t105there could be som magic regexp for that?23:07
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t105i'm just a 4g programmer, but i would read that file(s) in, create some kind of virtual file system (with all found and matching strings) in memory, and let you manipulate that tree, and after that the files would be combined back together23:10
t105depends on how the strings are coded (null-terminated or whatever)23:11
t105so the package doesn't get blown if stringlength differs23:11
t105zoredache: there is a message "debootstrap warning"... failure with configuring base packages. this will be attempted 5 times.23:12
t105around 70% comes that message... it's so fast i cant read what is going wrong23:16
t105sorry 48% comes first error, and right after "console ..." the second time23:17
t105init..rd and init ram fs or something like that23:21
t105just can't install, it keeps throwing me out to that install menu23:22
t105is there a way to fin out, which part goes wrong and why.. whilst installing base system?23:31
t105something is wrong with ramfs-tools23:31
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