xiflifeless: what "problematic limitations"?00:20
ecognitoHi.  Would anyone have any code that hooks post-push to send an email?00:34
beunoecognito, maybe you're looking for: https://launchpad.net/bzr-email/00:35
ecognitoThat sends an email on a commit.  I want it on the push, so it will notify the members of the group automatically when there is something useful to pull.00:37
lifelessxif: no versioning of symlinks,directories,renames[hg does renames now, but by copy+delete semantics]01:16
lifelessabentley: ping01:27
lifelessabentley: I'm seeing the index as being about 30% of runtime using my branch to checkout --lightweight bzr.dev with no accelerator tree01:28
lifelessabentley: where is your branch again; I'll merge it in and test01:28
jkakarI'm really impressed that bzr detects criss-cross merges and helps me figure out how to make completing the process as painful as possible.  bzr rocks!  It sure does! :)01:48
lostylostwhere abouts is the main configuration for bzr kept?02:03
lifelessbzr --version will tell you02:04
lostylostthanks! sorry in a hurry, otherwise I would have scoured more02:04
lostylostIs anyone here familiar with the email post commit hook plugin?   the post_commit_to setting is put in bazaar.conf?02:24
lifeless'bzr help email' should describe how to configure it02:24
lostylostYeah, I tried that, I am quite new to bzr, it says to set the post_commit_to setting but not exactly where. I am thinking in bazaar.conf?02:25
lifelessyes, bazaar.conf or locations.conf02:26
lifelessdocs.bazaar-vcs.org has complete documentation on the config files02:26
ubotuNew bug: #190096 in bzr "doc use of revert --forget-merges to create commits without history" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19009602:30
lostylostthanks lifeless02:30
abentleylifeless: http://code.aaronbentley.com/bzr/bzrrepo/fast-iter-files-bytes02:45
abentleylifeless: that branch caches nodes, and when I accidentally disabled the cache, it seemed about a second slower.02:47
lifelessabentley: caches nodes?02:48
lifelessabentley: do you mean an additional cache on top of the index?02:48
abentleyIt shouldn't help but it seems to.02:48
lifelessabentley: ok; I'm doing a quick-fix to reduce index queries, I hope it will fit well with what you;ve done (its about a 30-minute thing), I'll post it in a minute02:48
lifelessbasically just tweaking get_components_positions to only ask the index once per component rather than 3 times02:51
abentleylifeless: I don't think I use get_components_positions at all.03:00
* igc food03:01
skvidalI have an unbound branch I'm working on03:06
skvidalis there any way to have bzr push just go to wherever I branched it from?03:06
skvidalso I don't have to specify where?03:06
abentleyskvidal: You only have to specify the first time.03:07
abentleyIt remembers after that.03:07
beunoskvidal, and if you want to overwrite the current one, just add   --remember03:07
lifelessabentley: _get_component_positions was teh core workhorse before your patch; I'd hope you either refactored or deleted or something :)03:07
lifelessabentley: anyhow its doing a test run across all tests then I -> send and forget03:07
abentleylifeless: Not yet, because so far, I'm only supporting packs.03:09
lifelessk, well I'll look at your patch shortly, I may have some feedback for you ;)03:11
abentleySo far, the best time I've gotten out of yours is 4.554, which is at least 500 ms faster than my best time without indices.03:15
abentleywithout your index fixes, I mean.03:16
lifelesswell thats promising03:16
abentleySorry, 50ms, not 50003:16
lifelesspushing a new version now03:16
lifelessup to 1/2's the number of IO round trips03:17
abentleyooh, 4.51403:17
lifelessrevno 3221 is pushed03:18
abentleyI don't see it.03:21
lifelessabentley: on people ?03:22
abentleyNo, on bazaar.launchpad.net03:22
lifelessit will be up to 6 hours behind03:22
abentleybut, but, it supports the smart server.03:22
lifelessrather useful huh? But the lp guys tell me that I won't get a button to tell it to mirror till > lp 2.0 at least03:23
lifelesspack streaming is ~=. The index stuff is however much nicer in bzr+ssh now03:23
lifelessI should get bzr+http up on my people branches.03:23
lifelessgive the sysadmins something todo.03:23
lifelessseriously speaking I will need a place to test that if we ever want it to come up to scratch speed wise03:24
abentleyWhy do you prefer it?03:24
lifelessI make new branches continually03:24
abentley(and yes, I've got it now.)03:24
skvidalabentley, beuno: thank you for the help - it does work happily now03:24
lifelessUntil we fix the cost of uploading new branches to the hosted site, it is prohibitive for me03:25
lifelessthat index fix is sent to the list as well03:25
abentleyHmm.  Maybe I have bzr+ssh on rookery...03:25
lifeless4.6 seconds!03:26
lifelessthat knit index fix shaves 1 second user time03:26
abentleyThe best time I've seen with 3221 is 4.58903:28
lifelesswall clock I have 5 seconds down from 6 seconds03:28
lifeless(I'm using the patch I just sent to lp with my rev 322103:28
lifelessI'm going to merge your branch now and compare03:28
abentleyooh, 4.38003:29
abentleySo wall clock time is ~4.4 - 4.703:30
lifelessyour branch gives me 4.4 wall clock03:31
lifelessso 6 seconds bzr.dev, 4.4 yours and my range-map, 5 range-map + knit-index-tweaks03:31
lifelessI'm looking at your branch's code now, and callgrinding03:31
lifelessoh, it has storage in it :(. I'll go reply to that thread now.03:32
abentleyI'm following your (kind, (file_id, version)) suggestion for the index_keys, and that seems to work nicely.03:32
abentleylifeless: I don't insist on Storage for this code, but I still think it's the right idea for other reasons.03:33
abentleyAnyhow, that's why I said not to freak when you saw it.03:33
lifelessabentley: ok! I'm not freaking, just fixing up a procrastinated mail-reply I owe you :)03:34
abentleylifeless: bzr+ssh kinda works on rookery.  Gives bzr: warning: unsupported locale setting03:48
abentley  Could not determine what text encoding to use.03:48
spivLANG=C "fixes" that.03:52
mwhudsonspiv: do your magic thing to pull plz03:57
mwhudsonsorry, push03:57
abentleyspiv: why does get_data_stream_for_search return a single read function for the results?03:59
abentleyIt seems to require buffering stuff in a StringIO04:00
abentleyI would have thought something more like what you did with containers.04:00
lifelessabentley: a comment on the approach; rather than a lot of static methods, did you consider just generalising *KnitIndex's responsibilities to be for (type, id) rather than just a single id ?04:03
lifelessabentley: a fairly trivial adapter could implement that for normal Knits on top of the current _KnitIndex04:04
lifelessabentley: and the current KnitGraphIndex could actually become simpler and faster by not doing StripPrefixAdapter usage04:04
lifelessabentley: actually, skipping the (type) and just allowing a file_id into the keys would probably be cleaner in the short term with the way that maps to a single logical index04:05
abentleyI guess I hadn't really thought about it.04:06
abentleyI was focusing on making Storage present an apparently-unified index for all item kinds.04:07
lifelessin this particular case if you called 'Storage' 'MultiKnit' or something04:08
lifelessand had it implemented in knit_repo and pack_repo as appropriate, I think it would fall out quite nicely; particularly if we move our callers to it.04:09
lifelessok, your branch is definately nice and fast04:10
lifelessget_build_requirements is 33% for me04:10
abentleySure, I can rename it.04:10
lifeless20% in _read_and_parse04:11
abentleyAnd I do want to support it for both knit_repo and pack_repo.04:11
lifelessabentley: (well I meant renaming and not having all those static methods :))04:11
lifeless18% in _parse_regioj04:12
lifelessI'll focus on _parse_region04:12
lifeless15% in _parse_lines though, perhaps its time for a C extension there04:13
lifelessabentley: if you could eyeball my knit speed patch, its quite a win in and of itself04:13
abentleyThose static methods are a bit thorny for me, because I'm using them in ways I wouldn't want to use a KnitGraphIndex.  But I can't remember the details ATM.04:14
lifelessright, this is what I mean about generalisation04:14
lifelessKnitIndex can be unchanged04:14
lifelessMultiKnitIndex creates new knit indices and calls onto them04:15
lifelessGraphKnitIndex gets renamed to something like LegacySingleGraphKnitIndex04:15
lifelessa new GraphKnitIndex is one that supports a single key space from the get-got04:15
lifelessand KnitVersionedFile gets its api changed, and is given the new index type directly04:16
lifelessthis avoids needing to get at internal index methods from your super-efficient class, because it is now part of the structure rather than an outsider04:16
lifeless(paraphrase: roll the Knit api forward to be more powerful(04:17
abentleyI see what you're saying.04:20
abentleyMan, I have got to find the time to work on my gtk merge-directive-applying tool.04:21
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abentleylifeless: The next key bit I see for my branch is ensuring it doesn't consume all available memory.05:02
abentleyAfter that, compatibility with standard knits.05:02
c1|freakyit's a  pitty the trac plugin doesn't really work05:03
johnnywell.. trac doesn't work very well with distributed vcs05:04
johnnyit only works really well with subversion, it was written too tightly around it05:04
johnnythey are working on it05:04
johnnyfor the next version of trac05:04
abentleyYeah, it's got too many wrong assumptions about the APIs a VCS might use.05:04
johnnyany of the plugins are hacks05:05
c1|freakyis there anything like trac for bzr?05:05
c1|freakyor is there at least some kind of webinterface to browse files etc.?05:05
abentleyFor example, in order to tell you what files have changed, it gets the two versions and compares whether they've changed.05:05
abentleyInstead of just asking the VCS which files have changed.05:05
johnnyii'm sure there is a way to browse files for bzr ...05:05
johnnygotta be05:06
spivc1|freaky: there are a couple of web interfaces to browse files in bzr branches.05:06
Debolaz2Is the launchpad code available?05:06
c1|freakyclosed source05:06
spivc1|freaky: there's loggerhead, which launchpad uses (e.g http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr/trunk)05:06
johnnynot yet05:06
johnnymaybe some day05:06
c1|freakyand what is the best webinterface for bze repos?05:06
spiv(And loggerhead is open source.)05:07
c1|freakyok im having a look at it05:07
spivThere's also the "bzr webserve" plugin, but I think loggerhead looks nicer.05:07
johnnyin the cases where they are multiple options, very rarely is one better than the other to everybody05:07
johnnyat that point it's usually a matter of opinion05:07
johnnyjust like all open source stuff :)05:07
c1|freakyspiv: where can i download it05:07
johnnypull it via bzr05:07
c1|freakyhow to do that?05:08
c1|freakyill search for it05:08
johnnythere we go :) that's a good answer :)05:08
spivc1|freaky: https://launchpad.net/loggerhead05:08
c1|freakythank you05:08
johnnyok.. grocery store time05:08
abentleylifeless: I bb:approved your patch.  Guess the list is slow.05:09
lifelessabentley: cool; I'll submit it now. I'm about to head trainward05:09
lifelessany changes needed - my mail client is closed05:10
* lifeless waves05:14
PengThere's also bzrweb.05:16
PengAnd I think another.05:16
freakyyhi im c1|freaky05:16
freakyyim trying to run loggerhead but it says05:16
freakyyImportError: No module named bzrlib05:17
freakyysomeone knows what is missing?05:17
mwhudsonis bzr installed?05:17
mwhudsonare you running loggerhead with the same python as the one that has bzr installed?05:17
freakyyone moment05:17
Pengfreakyy: There's also bzrweb, and I think another one.05:19
freakyyhm i have to set up every repo with loggerhead05:20
mwhudsonyou can point it at a directory of branches05:22
freakyyi can't find the port setting05:24
freakyyhttp://bzr.code-1.de everything working now :D <-- loggerhead with http proxying :D06:05
etteyafedAnyone know of a good CGI interface for bzr?06:05
etteyafedLike to manage a bzr tree from a web server.06:05
etteyafedAbsolutely must be GPL/FOSS though.06:05
bob2https://launchpad.net/loggerhead is a viewer06:06
etteyafedThat would be useful. I also need a management interface though. I was planning on writing it in house but if there is something available I would like to consider it and at least look at the design.06:08
bob2what do you mean by management?  there's things like bundlebuggy and cart.06:10
etteyafedI could probably Adapt logerhead for that really.06:10
etteyafedI mean doing things like bzr add, commit, resolve, merge, update, etc, and be able to configure default arguments for each of the commands.06:11
etteyafedbut with a web interface06:11
etteyafedso no shell login is needed06:12
freakyydoes cart yet have a developer team or a website?06:12
etteyafedObviously there are other things on the server side and security side that I have already implemented to make something like that work for multiple users in a secure way. Do cart or bundlebuggy do those things (the bzr mgmt stuff)06:13
etteyafedI am really just looking at getting bzr vcs functionality to our users without making them login to the system and learn all the commands.06:14
bob2it kinda sounds like a cms is more waht you want06:14
etteyafedno this is for the vcs of source code06:17
etteyafedcode maintained by users for users on a remote server06:17
etteyafedso bzr is the way to go I think, or some other vcs, but I prefer bzr06:18
bob2there's olive, a tortoise*-alike06:18
etteyafedolive is, as you know, run locally06:19
etteyafedand not on the server, nor is it cgi06:19
etteyafedit is in GTK I am pretty sutre06:19
etteyafedTrust me. I know what I need. I just don't know if it already exists in some form or not.06:20
etteyafedI think cart might work very well if I add some things here and there, but I am not sure since I have not really looked at it yet.06:24
PengHow would one work with that? How would you edit files?06:30
Debolaz2How does bzr deal when I want to make a lot of small changes, but then later squash them into a big change for inclusion into the main branch?06:35
etteyafedPeng: Well you log in, and you then have edit rights to any files that you own and create files in your personal space, project, or in a team space of a team you are a member of. The editing is done in a JS test editor or in an editor of your choice that can be configured in your profile and when you are done the edited version of the file would be sent back to the server. In order to use a local editor you would obviously need to 06:36
etteyafedPeng: And the bzr commands are available to any user to use on any branch that they have rights to.06:37
Pengetteyafed: Your first line ended with "In order to use a local editor you would obviously need to".06:44
etteyafedPeng: install a launcher script that will collect the edited file from the a temp dir (like /tmp in a *nix)06:44
etteyafedmust have gotten cut off by the server06:45
PengIRC line length is limited.06:45
etteyafedSure is06:45
PengYour client should've been smart enough to break it for you.06:45
etteyafedMy client knows that and should have cut it sooner06:45
etteyafedbut that limit varries form server to server and apparently pidgin has decided not to ask the server and just assumes a "resonable default" or something06:46
etteyafedbut I have found that even in the case of line limits you are something like -40 chars in reality. not sure why, but I had that same problem with an irc bot.06:47
AfCYikes! What on earth does07:59
AfCbzr: ERROR: Pack 'f8987ec441dc91318f8fd1a99e6c5f42' already exists in <bzrlib.repofmt.pack_repo.RepositoryPackCollection object at 0xb74a174c>07:59
fullermdI s'pose it could mean you found a hash collision.08:00
AfC[was during an attempted `bzr push bzr+ssh://...`, both sides bzr 1.1]08:02
fullermdYou could probably repack the far side to get rid of it...08:02
fullermdYeah, assuming it's not all in one pack already.  That would get rid of the colliding name.08:03
fullermdNot sure why you'd end up with it in the first place, short of a real collision (which is impressively unlikely).08:03
fullermdBut it's a workaround.08:03
AfCI kicked off a `bzr check`. We'll see if it reports anything, and then I'll try again.08:04
AfCHm. Second attempt at push "just worked" (and quickly, too).08:05
* AfC wonders if there was network damage somewhere along the way, and what the likelihood of repository damage is.08:06
igcnight all - have a good wekkend08:07
etteyafedlike brain damage, its hard to tell ;)08:12
etteyafedunless its profound08:12
etteyafedthen its all screwed anyway08:12
AfCWell, I did a full branch to a blank repository and have the test suite running. That's a reasonably astute check.08:13
etteyafedyeah. figure you have X revisions times x files of x bytes in size / packets transmitted  blah blah blah - 3.14 = the chance of any one revision getting messed up08:17
etteyafedby some unknown network data coruption08:17
etteyafedthat is in its own rather unlikely08:18
etteyafedbecause malformed packets are generally disgarded08:18
etteyafedso I like bzr how about you :). yeah I am nuts and going to bed.08:19
mtayloretteyafed: there is corruption at the nic level08:28
mtayloretteyafed: which sadly, I have actually seen multiple times this last year08:28
mtayloretteyafed: essentially, the NIC checksum offloading was lying :)08:28
etteyafedthat is just terrible. I have not come across such things I am happy to say, at least not that I knew of. I have had to replace bad cards though.08:30
fullermdIt's unpleasantly un-rare, especially with cheaper NIC's.08:33
AfCI just tried adding a branch to launchpad, and it bombed out with «The URI scheme "bzr" is not allowed.» That's famous.08:40
AfCPfft. So much for bothering to add data to that thing.08:40
mwhudsonAfC: for a mirrored branch?08:41
AfCmwhudson: yeah. I was just trying to Do The Right Thing as I happened across the fact that I had previously registered a branch there some time ago. So I thought I'd add a few more, and boom. Most impressive.08:44
mwhudsonAfC: hmm08:45
mwhudsonAfC: file a bug, i guess08:45
appcineHi. I'm currentöy using svn as the single developer on multiple projects. I need to work in a centralized environment. Why should I switch to  bazaar? I branch a lot in svn, which is a pain and I hear you've fixed. And refactor a lot, but I think svn rename works ok.08:52
fullermdWhy do you need to work in a centralized environment?08:54
Debolaz2appcine: Bah, just mentioning branching and subversion in the same sentence gives me nightmares. :(08:55
fullermd(That's not an attempt to be combative, BTW; it's to quantify the real constraints.  'centralized environment' means too much and too little most of the time)08:55
bialixhdima: privet08:58
appcinefullermd: Well, because I'm behind a firewall09:03
appcinefullermd: I need a drop-point09:03
appcinefullermd: so, that's what I need more than a CVCS :)09:04
fullermdOK.  Which way is that a problem?  Do you mean "I need a repo outside the firewall, so I can see it from somewhere else", or "I need a repo inside the firewall, 'cuz I can't see out"?09:06
appcineI have three client and a svn server today. The three clients are on separate networks with no portforwarding possibilities and they all have dynamic ips. So, I need _something_ to use as a drop-zone or whatnot, be it a svn server, ftp http :)09:09
fullermdOK.  Well, you can use a central branch and checkouts, which will give you pretty much the svn workflow (just better dealing with branches etc, and faster ops since checkouts have a local cache)09:10
fullermdYou could step back from that a bit and use regular branches, but push to the central server "when necessary" (if you can quantify that 'when necessary' well enough, and trust people to do so)09:10
fullermdAnd of course you can mix and match; use checkouts on a central branch, but also make local branches for stuff.09:11
appcineOk, sounds good to me :) By the using the svn workflow, what am I missing really?09:13
fullermdWell, you're missing all the power and flexibility of ultimate-distribution full-mesh style workflows.09:13
fullermdYou're also missing the irritation and frustration of ultimate-distribution full-mesh style workflows    ;)09:13
fullermdThe key thing to grab onto is that it's not all-or-nothing.  You can have a SVN-style workflow that everybody BUT you uses, and you can still work more distributed yourself, just tieing into the central branch when you have stuff to land.09:14
fullermdAnd you can change over time how you do stuff; the way you set it up initially doesn't have to tie you in forever.09:14
etteyafedis there a way I can push to a branch so that that branches working tree is updated and maybe commited at the same time?09:16
fullermdSo you can set it up pretty much like you use svn now, and worry about changing one thing at a time.09:16
appcinefullermd: Sounds about perfect09:17
appcinefullermd: The reason I'm here ist hat people say that branching is so easy in bzr. How do oyu do it in bzr?09:17
appcineWell, branching and that people say it's renaming facilities are better, even though I've never eally had any problems witht hat in svn (unless in a huge refactoring session adn you forgot to branch :)09:18
etteyafedappcine: I use bzr branch FROM_LOCATION [TO_LOCATION]09:19
appcineetteyafed: Then cd TO_LOCATION and hacka awy?09:19
etteyafedappcine: but there are other ways of accomplishing basically the same thing09:20
Odd_Blokeetteyafed: To update the working tree, look in to the push-and-update plugin.  I'm not sure what you mean by 'commited at the same time'...09:20
etteyafedOdd_Bloke: Well it doesn't need to be commited, and that is actually kindof wrong09:20
etteyafedOdd_Bloke: But this plugin is it part of bzr?09:20
fullermdappcine: Right, just that.  'bzr branch trunk work_on_foo ; cd work_on_foo ; <work>'09:21
Odd_Blokeetteyafed: You'll have to install it yourself, but it is a bzr plugin.09:21
fullermdappcine: Now, that creates a local branch.  If I want to make that an additional central branch that I can work lockstep with other people on, I'd push it up to the central server, then use 'reconfigure' to change my local branch into a checkout of it.09:21
etteyafedI am looking for it at this very moment09:22
appcinefullermd: So I kep working on trunk and refactor in work_on_foo, then I merge them how? bzr merge work_on_too trunk?09:22
fullermdappcine: You _could_ directly create a remote like "bzr branch bzr+ssh://server/foo bzr+ssh://server/bar", but I don't think there's any optimization of that, so it would probably copy all the info across your network twice   :|09:22
Odd_Blokeetteyafed: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-push-and-update09:23
fullermdappcine: Well, depends on which way you merge.  If you're done with 'foo', you can "cd trunk ; bzr merge ../work_on_foo", check the result, and commit it.09:23
fullermdappcine: Or if you've done a lot of trunk, and you've got more left to do on foo, you can do it the other way; be in foo and "bzr merge ../trunk" to resolve the differences then (and save yourself trouble later), then keep going on.09:23
fullermdAnd if foo is multi-part of course, you can merge it into trunk as in the first example, then keep working on it and merge again later.09:24
appcineSounds easy enough. I'm printing the manual now, so I shouldn't exhaust you .. but there is one last thing I'm wondering about :)09:24
appcineDoes bzr have anything like svn hooks?09:24
appcineLike, If I commit to the server, can it automatically do something?09:25
fullermdYes and no and much better and sorta.   :)09:25
fullermdCurrently, none of the hooks fire on the server side; they're all client-side.  We've just had (or are still having) a thread on the list about moving that forward.09:25
fullermdSo I'd expect movement on that over the next few months.09:25
appcineI'll give it a run for its money then :)09:26
appcineThanks a lot for the introduction09:26
fullermdNo prob   :)09:27
etteyafedOdd_Bloke: How do I install that?09:30
etteyafedjust user the script?09:30
Odd_Blokeetteyafed: Assuming you're on a *NIX, "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr-push-and-update/trunk ~/.bazaar/plugins/pushandupdate"09:32
etteyafedyeah linux09:32
etteyafedheh. I branched to my home dir.09:33
etteyafedill just mv it09:33
Odd_BlokeMove it to something along the lines of "~/.bazaar/plugins/pushandupdate".09:33
Odd_BlokeThe "pushandupdate" can change, but needs to be a valid Python module name.09:34
etteyafedOdd_Bloke: Sweet. Thanks. Now I can don't have to bounce back and forth between terminal windows to get a change in the main tree.09:37
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etteyafedServer hooks would be awesome. but I need sleep, so I guess ill dream about them.09:40
Odd_Blokeetteyafed: Glad I could help. :)09:41
fullermd. ..09:47
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Dejanguys, is it possible to download bzr documentation in some form?10:04
Dejani mean ok, i can mirror it via wget10:05
Dejanbut it is strange the documentation cannot be downloaded (at least i could not find the place) in some form of chunked html or pdf10:05
Dejanbzr is excellent10:05
datoDejan: it *should* come bundled with your packages, debian's and ubuntu's eg. ship it10:06
datoDejan: if you installed from source, you can *build* the html, using docutils10:07
Dejandato, i am getting the source at this moment10:07
Dejanit is kinda slow for some reason10:07
Dejan(bzr branch http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev bzr.dev is on 30% and it is so for 20min)10:08
Dejani guess ktorrent is the reason :)10:08
datoDejan: I'm afraid it's just slow, but the doc also comes in the tarballs10:09
Dejandato, i tried to find tarballs on the website10:10
Dejanno doc packages there10:10
Dejanto download10:11
Dejani must check if they have some "request for enhancement" place10:11
Dejanso i can file a request :)10:11
datoDejan: the tarballs have a doc/ subdirectory10:12
Dejanah, i have it!10:15
Dejanin /usr/share/doc/bzr-1.110:15
Dejansorry mate, i was lazy to check that10:15
Dejanactually it is even better than i thought10:17
Dejanit is in asciidoc format10:17
Dejanso i can build documentation myself10:18
jjrojosomebody can help me for start using bazaar?11:05
turnipHiya. Is there any simple way to do this... I want to pull some vendor code into my project but still be able to update it. Their repository is subversion - so I want to import the code into my bzr branch, and then occasionally update it from their repository?11:14
Zindarbzr-svn is what you want11:20
turnipok cool. so say I have a working copy at "myproject", and I do "bzr pull svn://whatever myproject/vendor". Then can I later do "bzr update myproject/vendor" and it will get the latest changes from the upstream svn?11:22
cammoblammoI'm running bzr 1.0 and I want to upgrade the branch format. Which is the best/safest/recommended at this stage?11:23
jelmercammoblammo: Just running "bzr upgrade" will upgrade the branch to the default format11:24
cammoblammojelmer: Hmm, I did that and I got "bzr: ERROR: Cannot convert to format <RepositoryFormatKnitPack1>.  Does not support rich root data."11:26
jelmercammoblammo: Ah, this is a branch created by bzr-svn you're trying to upgrade?11:26
jelmercammoblammo: try "bzr upgrade --rich-root-pack"11:26
cammoblammojelmer: Cool. Are any of the formats preferred on low memory (32MB) machines?11:27
jelmerI think packs are more efficient wrt memory usage, but 32Mb may still be a little bit low11:28
cammoblammojelmer: Ha, that seems to be working.11:28
cammoblammojelmer: It seems to go okay, I've just got to give it time!11:28
cammoblammojelmer: Great, that seems to have worked. Thanks!11:30
jelmerlooks like we need to file a bug about upgrade not choosing the right default11:31
cammoblammojelmer: I'm using the debian sid version. Should I file a bug there?11:33
jelmercammoblammo: yes, please do11:34
turnipFurther to my question above, I am having trouble working out how to do what I want to do... I am really looking for something like Piston: http://piston.rubyforge.org/ which works with bzr11:40
turnipIn other words, I want to "mount" an upstream checkout in my branch and be able to update it11:40
datobzr shell allows normal commands like vi and ls11:41
fullermdturnip: If it were me, I'd keep a pristine vendor branch and merge it in as necessary.11:41
jelmerturnip: this is something that you can do with by-value nested branches11:41
turnipjelmer: can you point me to some docs for that please?11:42
jelmerI'm not sure there are any11:43
jelmerI've got to go for a bit, will be back in ~30 minutes11:43
jelmerI'll see if I can find some docs on it then11:43
turnipjelmer: thanks11:44
turnipfor now I'll try branch-and-merge way fullermd described11:44
fullermdBy-value nested branches are roughly the same thing, just with a little more magic.11:45
fullermd(at least, AIUI)11:45
cammoblammojelmer: I've reported that bug to Debian. In answer to your question, the branch was originally an svn repo that came to me via bzr-svn.11:46
turnipfullermd: this <http://jelmer.vernstok.nl/blog/archives/164-Bazaar-and-Subversion-nested-tree-support.html> seems to be what I want, if only it explained how it worked ;)11:51
datoabentley: I guess I'm late for the party, but... thanks a lot for `bzr shell`11:52
johnnyanybody seen cvsps-import hang on wait4() right after it says it is generating a dump file?11:57
turnipfullermd: I have done a "bzr branch ~/svnupstreamproject" and then a "bzr merge ~/svnupstreamproject ~/myproject/vendor/upstreamproject" but it says: bzr: ERROR: Repository KnitPackRepository('~/myproject/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository KnitRepository('~/svnupstreamproject/.bzr/repository/') - any ideas?11:58
turnip(it wasn't those commands exactly but you get the idea)11:59
fullermdYes, bzr-svn projects use a rich root format, so you'll need to move your project over to one too, to merge in the code.11:59
fullermdTry upgrading it to rich-root-pack.11:59
fullermdAlso, I don't think merge can take a second arg for the target; you'll have to bzr mv the files into whatever subdir manually after the merge.12:00
fullermd(that's the part the nested tree stuff should magicize)12:01
turnipfullermd: Yep I realised that afterwards. I was cd-ing into the myproject/vendor/upstreamproject before running merge. However now I get: "bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified."12:03
fullermdRight.  Merge figures out the common base to work from, but those branches have no common base, so you need to tell it manually.12:04
fullermdAdd "-r0..-1", to tell it "from the beginning, to the end"12:04
turnipfullermd: Thanks for your help. I've gotta go eat now but I'll be back in a bit :) cheers12:07
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johnnyhmm, having trouble with the cvsps imports again13:41
johnnyit just hangs on13:41
johnnyCreating cvsps dump file: infoshopkeeper_bzr/staging/infoshopkeeper.dump13:41
garyvdmHi - I would like to implement my own WorkingTree format. Is there some doc that specifices what methods need to be implemented?13:47
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko
garyvdmI want to implement this: http://bazaar-vcs.org/DraftSpecs/RestingTree13:48
johnnygaryvdm, prolly the python src..13:48
johnnyif it is properly docced13:48
johnnyi haven't checked13:48
johnnyi'm still new to bzr13:48
alf_makinawhen I dot a bzr add, the file is not added13:49
alf_makinaalthough it's shown to be added if I do a dry-run13:50
luksis it listed as added in bzr st?13:51
alf_makinait's in unknown13:51
luksand if you do 'bzr add FILE', what does it say?13:52
alf_makinato init my branch I've made a bzr co svn+ssh://...13:55
luksno idea how does that work on a svn checkout13:55
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
jelmeralf_makina: "bzr st" lists no files at all?13:58
alf_makinajelmer: it lists all files as unknown14:00
alf_makinaall unversionned files14:00
jelmerhow exactly did you create this branch?14:00
alf_makinabzr co svn+ssh://...14:00
jelmerok, the fact that it comes from svn shouldn't matter14:01
alf_makinaI'm new to bzr and try to use bzr for local commits and then push to the svn repo14:01
jelmerhave you tried to use "bzr add <absolute-path>"14:01
alf_makinawell, I've just tried bzr upgrade --dirstate-with-subtree14:01
alf_makinaand it seems to have broken my repo :-/14:02
jelmerBroken it how?14:02
alf_makinacommit failed14:02
alf_makinaand bzr st shows that everything has been deleted14:02
jelmerwhat version of bzr are you using?14:03
jelmerand bzr-svn?14:04
alf_makinaok, I've revert the upgrade14:05
alf_makinaand tried a bzr add with full path, it's not better14:05
jelmerYou can't revert the upgrade, you'll have to recheckout14:06
alf_makinathere's a .bzr_backup directory created14:06
alf_makinaI've deleted the .bzr a put back the .bzr_backup14:07
abentleydato: you're welcome14:10
alf_makinajelmer: it seems to work for other files14:15
alf_makinaI check this14:15
jelmeralf_makina: The file doesn't happen to be in the ignore list?14:16
alf_makinano, I've already check this14:16
jelmersorry, no idea then14:18
alf_makinait's weird, I've several java file which can't be added :-/14:19
* Mez converts 17035 svn commits to bzr with "branch"14:20
Mezgonna take about 5 hours :(14:21
jelmeralf_makina: Please ask on the mailing list14:23
fullermdIt goes faster if you have a prime number of commits.14:23
jelmerhey Mez14:24
Mezjelmer, hey14:24
* jelmer is still amazed by the amount of knowledge fullermd has present14:24
fullermdYou don't have to keep it all present if you just make it up as necessary   ;>14:24
Mezfullermd, ....14:24
fullermdIf there's a prime number of commits, see, it gets perfect distribution of the hash lookups...14:25
Mezjelmer, am I doing it right though ?14:25
fullermd(you can't just make up some random thing.  It's gotta sound plausible.)14:25
jelmerfullermd: :-)14:25
Mezfullermd, lol14:25
jelmerMez: should be, yes14:25
jelmerMez: Be sure to run it inside a shared repository though14:25
jelmerMez: And use the python-subversion from hardy, that doesn't have the memory leak..14:25
Mez"inside a shared repository" ?14:25
jelmerbzr init-repo --rich-root-pack foo14:26
Mezwhere foo is?14:26
jelmercd foo && bzr branch svn://svn.bla../trunk trunk14:26
jelmerwhere foo is a not yet existing directory14:26
Mezah, I'm not pulling from the svn server14:26
MezI'm going from a local co of a branch in a svn server14:26
Mez(downloading 4Gigs isnt going to be good)14:26
jelmerthat has the same effect14:27
jelmerit'll just check what svn url the local co is using14:27
Mezjelmer - reallY?14:27
jelmersince svn checkouts don't contain any history14:27
Mezthere doesnt seem to be that much traffic being used though14:27
jelmerit's quite efficient14:28
Mezwhat does the --rich-root-pack do anyways ?14:28
jelmerMez: It's the format to use14:29
Mezits not an option listed in the bzr help init-repo though14:29
jelmerMez: It's only in bzr >= 1.014:30
jelmerin that case, use --dirstate-with-subtree14:30
jelmerhowever, 1.0 or 1.1 is going to be a lot faster14:31
Meztis ok, 1.0.1 is in backports14:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184386 in gutsy-backports "Please backport bzr-svn (0.4.5-1) from Hardy" [Undecided,Fix released]14:31
jelmeryou want the backport for bzr-svn as well, otherwise bzr-svn breaks14:32
MezI thought i was just using a checkout!14:33
CardinalFang1.1 speaking to 1.0 "bzr+ssh", "branch", How can I find out what "bzr: ERROR: Generic bzr smart protocol error: Generic bzr smart protocol error: bad request '54'" means?14:33
Mezjelmer - ah - it was only backported 28 minutes ago14:34
Mezhasnt made it to the archives yet14:34
fullermdCardinalFang: You sure that's 1.1, and not a bzr.dev?14:35
CardinalFangEh, no, I'm not sure.  It probably is dev, around snapshot time.14:36
CardinalFangSo, don't use dev.  Got it.14:36
fullermdThere is (was) an interop issue with .dev against older servers.  It was fixed...   a day or two ago?14:37
jelmerMez: Ah, whoops. Is there something like an "incoming" directory for ubuntu?14:37
Mezjelmer... everything gets put through the buildds... so it depends14:38
BlogedGood day....14:40
BlogedI'm using bzr as an central repository14:41
BlogedBut this morning my colleagues PC crashed during committing a branch14:41
BlogedNow committing to that branch is impossible14:42
jelmerBloged: what error do you get when committing?14:42
Blogedbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'as_dict'14:42
BlogedAnd a traceback14:43
jelmerPlease file a bug report including the traceback14:43
jelmerI'm also happy to ahve a look now14:43
BlogedOk will file bug14:43
jelmerbut this is also definitely a bug14:43
Mezjelmer, hasn't even hit waiting for buildds yet14:45
jelmerah, so that's where status for packages can be followed14:45
Mezjelmer, one of the palces14:46
Mezhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr-svn/ = another14:46
BlogedJelmer and anyone intrested in the bug:14:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190204 in bzr "After PC crash during commit, commit impossible in that branch" [Undecided,New]14:53
PengDoh, I just wanted to say something to CardinalFang.14:59
PengBloged: Try 'bzr break-lock sftp://branch/url'.15:00
ubotuNew bug: #190204 in bzr "After PC crash during commit, commit impossible in that branch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19020415:00
PengBloged: The lock file exists but is empty, which bzr doesn't handle well, since the only way it can happen is if the computer crashes or something.15:01
PengBloged: You're the second person to experience this this week.15:01
PengI guess bzr is getting popular among people with unreliable servers? ;)15:01
BlogedPeng: break-lock doesn't work15:02
BlogedOr unreliable OS's15:03
BlogedSince it was the workstation that crashed...15:03
BlogedShould I remove the lock file?15:04
PengHold on.15:05
* Peng plays hold music.15:07
PengOk, the mailing list message really didn't say anything very useful.15:10
PengI don't know if it's safe to manually delete the lock yourself. bzr break-lock might help make other things consistent too.15:12
BlogedYep but break-lock fails too15:12
BlogedThe lock directory is empty BTW15:12
* Peng shrugs.15:14
PengThere are multiple lock directories, FWIW.15:14
PengA quick look suggests break-lock doesn't do anything else, but I'm not sure.15:15
PengYou could back it up and then try deleting broken-looking locks.15:16
PengI really don't know how careful you need to be here.15:16
BlogedI can't find any dirs with lock information in them :$15:18
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ubotuNew bug: #190209 in bzr "branching lp: uris does not use system http proxy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19020915:31
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vinc456hi, i'm running on debian stable and currently have Bazaar (bzr) 0.11.0)'16:20
vinc456installed. I'm planning to use bzr for a group project at school and am wondering if I will have any issues if my classmates are running on 1.116:21
beunovinc456, you are likely to have many problems if you're using 0.11. I would suggest to upgrade yourself to 1.0+. I believe it's available in backports for debian16:23
vinc456i see, thanks16:23
garyvdmI'm running this code: http://pastebin.org/1870716:28
garyvdmI would expect it to create the lock dir at mybranch/.bzr/remotetree16:28
garyvdmbut it is creating it at mybranch/remotetree16:29
garyvdmWhy is this?16:29
jelmergaryvdm: I think you're specifying root_transport16:29
jelmerrather than transport16:29
garyvdmok - let me try use bzrdir.get_branch_transport()16:31
garyvdmbzrdir.transport works. Thanks jelmer16:39
ubotuNew bug: #190221 in bzr "bzr commit should sanitize input arguments on case-insensitive filesystem" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19022116:40
=== jam__ is now known as jam
ubotuNew bug: #190229 in bzr "SubversionException on bzr branch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19022917:01
=== kiko-phone is now known as kiko
abentleygaryvdm: I think that would not be a WorkingTree, because you don't need/want to support commits.  The interfaces you need to support is the17:44
abentleyTree interface, which is in bzrlib/tree.py, and is tested in bzrlib/tests/tree_implementations17:44
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ubotuNew bug: #190271 in bzr "hgimport crashes with a weird error: LookupError: data/wigner/articulo_wigner17/12/2007.tex.i: no node 0db46aa6c98e8b6b5f97c988d98bb17fb8b08c2f" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19027119:31
fbondHi, is it possible to merge several different revisions from a remote branch and have them appear as separate revisions, with no single "merge revision" owning them all?20:08
fbondDo I simply cherry pick each revision, one at a time?20:08
fbondOr, I guess rebase would do, too ... ?20:11
Odd_Blokefbond: Cherry-picking each revision would work.20:16
Odd_BlokeI've not had much experience with rebase, but I don't think it's what you're looking for.20:16
fbondHmm.  rebase seems to have done the right thing, actually...20:17
SlimeyPeteHi. I've not used bazaar before. I'm trying to push a branch but am getting a "Permission denied (publickey)" error.20:56
=== mrevell-bbl is now known as mrevell
SlimeyPeteah, hang on, found the problem20:57
vinc456hi, i'm running on debian stable and just installed a backported version of bzr 1.1. The previous version of bzrtools is not compatible and each time i use bzr I get the error 'Bzrtools is not up to date with installed bzr version 1.1.0.candidate.1.'21:04
vinc456can i turn off this message without uninstalling the bzrtools package?21:04
lifelessabentley: I woke up with a clear explanation of what about storage feels wrong; its about layering basically, and I think we can probably find some layer that is sensible for writing some higher level stuff in; but much higher level stuff just won't vary at the same point21:18
lifelessabentley: I'll reply to the thread with more verbiage when I'm awake and not runnin around trying to buy a dishwasher21:19
* abentley is slightly confused, because I thought you'd come around.21:19
abentleyThat if it was renamed, and we enhanced Indices...21:20
lifelessfor that specific case; not for the grand plan - and thats part of why I can now explain myself I think21:20
lifelessas part of this you are very likely onto something and we can find a good compromise21:21
bedrosI'm new to bzr and got a simple question, can I checkout a single file out of a branch in a central repository and edit it w/out copying the whole branch into my hard drive21:24
bedrosanyone awake here?21:29
abentleyYou can't check out a single file.  Bazaar versions snapshots of working directories, not single files.  You can extract a single file with "bzr cat", though.21:32
johnnyhas anybody here used the cvsps-import. I'm having trouble with with it hanging right after Creating cvsps dump file:21:33
johnnymaybe something is wrongw ith my download?21:33
=== bedros is now known as bedros_
bedros_thanks, but here's the scenario I have, if I create a branch for a collection of family photos, and decided to edit a single photo on my Mac, I want to check out a single photo edit it and comit it. I don't have room for the entire photo collection on my mac21:38
bedros_do you guys think there's a plugin or API I could use to checkout  a single file. or that's not possible with the architecture of bazaar21:39
johnnyit's not possible with any of this gen of systems i bet21:41
johnnyi knowi's not possible with monotone21:41
johnnygit can do partial checkouts i think , but you still get the whole working tree21:42
bedros_I'm familiar with perforce and I could do just that perforce server. I just checked subversion, and it's also not possible to check out a single file21:42
johnnyperforce isn't known for good design tho21:42
bedros_I could do "export" or "cat" as someone suggested to get the content of a file,21:45
johnnybut that is just that file without versioning21:47
abentleybedros_: It's 2/3 practicality and 1/3 philosophy.21:52
abentleyPracticality is, it's easy to do something half-assed, but really hard to get right.  Especially considering things like merging.21:52
abentleyPhilosophy is, when you're versioning source code, you should test your code.  And how can you test it properly if you don't check it all out?21:54
johnnyi ended up getting my cvs download via scp, i hope that doesn't cause any problems21:56
bedros_thanks abentley, I found that svn 1.5-dev is going to support single file checkout; there's also discussion about bzr supporting partial checkout22:00
SymgeosisI'm new to Bazaar. I'm trying to merge somebody else's branch into trunk but I keep getting the error "nothing to do" any idea what I'm doing wrong? There are certiainly revisions that have been made to the other branch that have not been made to trunk.22:10
SymgeosisSome help on merging two branches would be really appreciated. Please.22:14
jearlSymgeosis: What precisely did you try?22:15
Symgeosis bzr merge http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~keith-hughitt/helioviewer/keith22:16
SymgeosisI'm trying to merge Keith's changes into trunk.22:16
SymgeosisI'm in trunk's dir so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.22:16
jearlSymgeosis: Are you sure you haven't already merged :)22:18
SymgeosisYup. I checked the commit logs.22:18
SymgeosisSo I'm really confused.22:18
jearlSymgeosis: Is your trunk branch available somewhere?22:19
SymgeosisI think I figured it out. I'm such a noob. =/22:19
jearlSymgeosis: Good, because I was confused too?22:20
johnnyit's too bad that cvsps doesnt support :pserver: :(22:20
jearljohnny: As someone that has spent a bit of time converting repositories I am glad that cvsps doesn't support pserver.22:22
jearljohnny: if your conversion is simple enough that it wouldn't take all day with cvsps you can use tailor.22:23
PengSymgeosis: Do "bzr st".22:24
PengSymgeosis: (short for "bzr status")22:24
PengSymgeosis: You have to commit after merging. If you already performed the merge but didn't commit, it would probably say "nothing to do", but it wouldn't show up in the log.22:25
SymgeosisPeng, yeah I figured that out thanks. Though now I'm trying to figure out how to fix conflicts. Interesting learning how to use a VCS.22:25
PengSymgeosis: Ack, I missed you saying you figured it out.22:26
SymgeosisPeng, np. Thanks anyways.22:26
PengSymgeosis: "bzr help conflicts" has information.22:26
johnnyjearl, if i can figure out tailor :)22:34
SymgeosisOkay, if this is a really noobish question I apologize, but is there a nice tool (command line or otherwise) that can compare the conflicts and then ask which version you'd like to use?22:34
johnnyjearl, i downloaded the cvs tree via scp -r22:34
johnnyi seem to have all the ,v files, isn't that enough?22:34
SymgeosisI know I can simply open them both up in a text editor but I was wondering if there was a more streamlined way to merge conflicts.22:34
jearljohnny: For cvsps you need the CVSROOT directory too.22:35
johnnyi have it22:35
johnnypretty sure at least22:35
johnnyi see it, and it has ,v files too22:35
jearljohnny: OK, then you are probably good22:35
johnnyi try to run bzr cvsps-import and it just hangs on Creating cvsps dumpfile:22:37
johnnyi straced it and it's just in wait4()22:37
johnnyi accidentally let it go all night and it hadn't moved22:38
PengSymgeosis: There are numerous GUI diff and merge programs.22:39
PengSymgeosis: Meld? KDiff3? I dunno, there are a lot.22:39
SymgeosisPeng, okay. Never worked on a project with other people so this is a whole new can of worms for me.22:39
johnnythe simple diff3 :)22:39
johnnySymgeosis, make a sandbox branch to test with22:41
johnnyso you can play around with things without screwing up other folks22:42
johnnygood stuff22:42
johnnySymgeosis, you'll have more politics issues than code issues :)22:42
SymgeosisJohnny, nah. The team is small and we're all employees so it's whatever the boss decides. =)22:43
SymgeosisWell, technically, I'm an intern and an employee but until recently I was the only coder as the original coder left before I came on.22:43
johnnyjearl, so any ideas on that?22:49
johnnydo i need a specific cvsps version?22:49
jearljohnny: check CVSROOT/config and see where the Lockdir is pointed at.22:51
johnnyi have a bunch of other  files in there, but not that22:52
jearljohnny: I would try and see if you can actually check something out of CVS22:52
johnnyhave one :)22:53
jearlsomething like 'cvs -d /path-to-cvs co <packagename>22:53
johnnyaha. it's trying connect via ssh22:53
johnnythat obviously won't work22:54
johnnyi thought you meant remote checkout.. definitely have one of those, but not this one22:54
johnnyit's trying to connect to my dir22:54
jearljohnny: Yeah, you need to try and check something out of your newly created repository that you copied down via ssh22:55
johnnyjohnny@beep ~/projects/redemmas $ cvs -d test/ co infoshopkeeper22:55
johnnyssh: test: Name or service not known22:55
jearlDo you have a CVS config file that sets a default cvs server or something.22:56
johnnyi have ~/.cvspass and ~/.cvsps22:57
johnnybut i deleted ~/.cvsps22:57
jearljohnny: I would also try a full path22:57
johnnyhmm.. ok22:57
jearljohnny: I just tried it on my setup.22:57
jearljohnny: you need a full path to the cvs repository22:57
johnnyok, so now i see more22:58
johnnycvs [checkout aborted]: cannot stat /var/lib/gforge/chroot/cvsroot/cvs-locks/infoshopkeeper: No such file or directory22:58
johnnyobviously that won'to work :)22:58
jearljohnny: you have a lockdir set22:58
johnnyset how/where ?22:59
johnnyaha.. CVSROOT/config22:59
jearljohnny: There should be a "config" file in the CVSROOT22:59
johnnycan i remove that safely?22:59
jearljohnny: you can either comment that line out or you can create the directory.23:00
johnnyit also has SystemAuth=yes23:00
johnnywill that cause any problems?23:00
jearljohnny: I tend to create the directory because I rsync the CVS stuff and it puts it all back23:00
johnnyyeah.. i dont have remote rsync access23:00
johnnythis is not from my own servers23:00
jearljohnny: I don't know about SystemAuth, one second23:00
johnnyi'm just glad that they didn't disable scp, otherwise i wouldn't have anything23:01
johnnythe project admin hasn't added me to their project to get the full backup23:01
jearljohnny: ssh is very handy23:01
jearljohnny: I think you can comment out SystemAuth too.23:02
jearljohnny: Basically the idea is to keep trying to check out the project from the local repository, when that works then bzr cvsps-import should work.23:03
johnnyjearl, cvsps needs full path but cvsps-import doesn't23:13
ubotuNew bug: #190324 in bzr "ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'report'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19032423:15
johnnyjearl, ok hopefully i can start playing now :)23:19
johnnydidn't seem to see an option to name the target branch tho23:20
jearljohnny: cvsps imports ALL branches23:27
jearljohnny: The main branch will be in branches/HEAD23:28
jjrojocan anyone explain to me how i make bzr in launchpad23:31
jjrojoi don't end to understand the help23:32
jjrojoplease, i try to migrate from sourceforge23:35
johnnyok.. time to get into actually using bzr :)23:38
johnnythanks jearl23:38
jearljohnny: My pleasure.23:38
jearljohnny: I am glad that worked for you.23:38
ubotuNew bug: #190331 in bzr-svn "bzr-svn incorrectly reports "no repository present"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19033123:50

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