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grezer34good evening everyone, can anyone here tell me what this error means ??03:19
grezer34dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0193' near line 1:03:19
grezer34 newline in field name `#padding'03:19
kgoetzthat file has an erronous \n03:20
grezer34ok ... how do you fix it03:21
grezer34I have tryed sudo dpkg --clear-avail && sudo apt-get update03:21
grezer34but that did not do anything03:21
grezer34and  sudo dpkg --configure -a03:22
grezer34I tryed to load a GUI on my server, and that dident work ether03:22
kgoetzopen up the file and remove it :)03:23
grezer34remove what03:23
grezer34line 1 ??03:23
kgoetzgrezer34: paste your top 10 lines into pastebin03:23
grezer34crap that means I have to use VI DAMM03:24
kgoetzwhy? just use nano03:25
kgoetzor 'head'03:25
grezer34there is nothing in the file all it says is #padding over and over03:26
kgoetzi dont have anything in that directory at all03:27
grezer34ok, so I should remove all the ... Junk and03:28
kgoetztry moving the file into your home, and see if that fixes it03:28
kgoetzi dont know whats in the file still, so i dont know what will brewak03:28
grezer34I am not good with vi, that is why I was trying to get a GUI03:29
grezer34I think I will try the install again :)03:29
grezer34I think it will be easyer :)03:29
kgoetz13:55 < kgoetz> why? just use nano03:29
kgoetz13:55 < kgoetz> or 'head'03:29
grezer34thank goodness I just installed it03:29
kgoetz"you dont need to use vi. ever."03:30
grezer34is nano like gedit ??03:30
kgoetztry it.03:30
grezer34 humm I just might03:36
grezer34I am going to reinstall :)03:36
grezer34thank goodness I just installed it yesterday :)03:36
grezer34thanks kgoetz03:44
grezer34have a good night03:44
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IsleVeganwhere is the file the dictates the video mode that shows the login screen on clients?06:00
IsleVeganmaybe it's called gdm or ldm06:00
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RichEdhello mr pygi07:26
pygihi RichEd :)07:26
pygihow are you doing?07:27
RichEdpygi: okay & yourself ? looking forward to the weekend07:29
pygiRichEd, a bit busy. Did two releases this week, looking at three more07:30
RichEdpygi: releases of ?07:34
pygiRichEd, oh, libburn and cdrskin07:34
pygisoon releases of libisofs, libisoburn and xorriso07:34
pygiinteresting, dont you think :P07:40
RichEdpygi: sarcasm so early in the morning ?07:54
* RichEd needs more coffee07:54
pygiRichEd, why would that be a sarcasm? :)07:55
pygiI was just trying to make you talk, since you're so silent :p07:55
* RichEd is multi-tasking, waking up, and thinking about breakfast07:56
* RichEd offers pygi a slice of fish-paste toast08:01
pygiRichEd, nah, thanks, a bit too tired to eat now :P08:04
highvoltagemorning RichEd08:44
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zzazahi all14:33
markvandenborreI have a strange problem here with a thin client server14:43
markvandenborrewindow borders seem to be gone, so obviously something is wrong with the window manager14:43
markvandenborreI'm running metacity14:43
markvandenborreat least, that's what I _should_ be running14:44
markvandenborre.xsession-erros is complaining about compiz not being found14:46
markvandenborrewhich is strange, to say the least14:46
stgraberogra: did you find the time to ping \sh ?17:27
lagaogra: ping17:41
stgraberogra: I updated : http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/bug with my last testing results19:04
rolando-veRichEd: PING19:57

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