nixternalI just love going and working on a clients system, doing the updates, making sure everything is working OK, leave, and then an hour later get a call saying "I just rebooted and it is saying something about Power Manager not configured"00:15
nixternalthis guy has 50 Gutsy boxes....10 are Kubuntu and the rest are Ubuntu, all of them the same spec, and now he calls me saying that the Ubuntu boxes are complaining of this power manager issue00:16
nixternalnow I am sitting in class ignaoring all phone calls :)00:16
txwikingerwhy didn't you configure the power manager then nixternal? :)00:26
nixternalbecause it was working before I left00:42
txwikingernixternal: where is the memory leak in KDE?00:46
nixternalwhere isn't the memory leak in KDE is the better question00:46
nixternalthat is, if you are referring to KDE 4?00:46
txwikingerI had KDE4 running on my test machine for a couple of weeks without doing anything00:46
txwikingerToday the load was 3900:47
txwikingerplasma had almost 800MB00:47
txwikingerbut KDE3 on gutsy is not clean either00:47
nixternalI get a leak every now and then in KDE 4, typically when using Konqueror to edit wiki pages is when I notice it00:48
txwikingerI have all my processes go into D status all the time00:48
nixternalbut it is neat, I can watch it get to a point and then clean itself up00:48
nixternalI would type an entire sentence, wait a few seconds and then it would appear00:48
txwikingeryes I have that all the time00:50
txwikingerxorg is using 1871MB00:50
txwikingerI wonder if it makes sense to forward koffice2 craches with backtraces that missing debug symbols to kde00:51
nixternalcheck #koffice00:52
nixternalI think they do want people to send in bug reports, but for missing debug symbols, you would think they know about it00:52
nixternaluh oh..I have to give a talk in class about Rapid Application Development...so glad I read my PyQt4 book :p00:53
txwikingerI will give a talk about bug triage in the next LUG meet00:53
nixternalthe professor keeps talking about VB...so I bet I can make up stuff and tell him that is how we do it with "Linux" :)00:54
nixternalyou know, bug triage is a really good LUG topic00:54
txwikingerwell python and pyqt works on the evil empire machines too00:54
nixternalI might through together a proposal to give a couple of bug talks00:55
nixternalI started my first PyQt app today, and I got quite a bit finished already00:55
apache|mobileRiddell: wallpaper configuration working properly via kiosk. kubuntu-default-settings-kde4 are going to be prepared this very afternoon. This message wasn't written by me either by a1ex.08:05
apache|mobilethat last sentence sounds strange08:10
* apache|mobile notes to never let a1ex write messages again08:11
emonkeyapache|mobile, good morning09:19
apache|mobileahoy emonkey09:19
mhbapache|mobile: a1ex? what's that?09:34
mhbis it a human or a robot minion of yours?09:35
Riddellapache|mobile: what needed to be done?09:40
apache|mobilemhb: human robot I'd say ;-)09:41
apache|mobileRiddell: well, was a bit too fast, plasma isn't exactly dynamic in 0.109:42
apache|mobilewe just need to create a kde4rc in /etc/09:42
apache|mobileset the Directories-default and that's it09:42
* apache|mobile needs to restart kde09:42
apache|mobileI just broke my systray :S09:44
apache|mobileRiddell: for plasma we need to talk to aseigo, right now it's having some issues - one can't just configure the desktop containment (panel wouldn't load), also it is necessary to set fixed geometry values for panel applets09:46
buzi'm wondering about the printer auto installation10:30
buzshouldnt it perhaps ask for paper size? printing letter on a4 looks kinda weird10:30
RiddellI'm not sure how that's done, I would hope it was done through locale settings10:31
buzswitzerland certainly does not use letter10:32
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie
Riddellquite right too10:32
=== effie is now known as effie_jayx
buzdoes anyone outside the us even use it?10:32
Riddellcouldn't say10:33
buzseems like it would be best if it asked10:33
apache|mobileshould use KDE default setting10:33
buzwhere would i find that10:33
buzyeah paper format is set to a410:34
emonkeyhey buz, cheers from Winterthur10:35
buzhehe cheers from Thalwil :P10:35
buzso i'm not the only kde users in switzerland :P10:36
emonkeydefinitely not, there are a lot. :)10:36
buzmost linux using friends insist on gnome being so much better *shakeshead*10:37
buzand the rest use those minimal thingies like fluxbox10:37
Tonio_Riddell: ping ?10:39
buzmpf systray is acting up again10:40
Riddellhi Tonio_10:40
RiddellNightrose, apache|mobile: http://dot.kde.org/1202415649/10:40
buzi couldnt get it to play music but then again it's pretty broken on linux too10:41
apache|mobileRiddell: thanks :)10:41
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mornfallHi. Anyone got a link handy to current adept 2.x source package? (The patched kubuntu one.)10:54
mornfallI'd like to check how is the lock recovery implemented...10:55
Riddellmornfall: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/adept/2.1.3ubuntu2310:56
mornfallHm. What is the idea behind dynamic_cast< QObject * >( this )?11:05
Riddellmornfall: I think that patch was by manchicken11:14
mornfallIt's used in several places. I was just curious, since that is a noop at best.11:15
Riddellnetwork-manager 0.7 in my ppa if anyone wants to test, it didn't work for me (but neither did the gnome applet)11:15
mornfall(And it could have been a static_cast too, since it's up-cast...)11:15
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mhbcan you make use of the default KDE icon set in Qt apps?12:03
mhb(methinks not, but I wish to be wrong)12:04
Riddellyou can but you have to load from absolute paths12:05
mhbhmm, well with the inconsistency of Crystal and Oxygen it makes little sense anyway12:13
ForgeAuswhats the point of having Adept become more like Synaptic when theres a Kynaptic project?12:14
mhbwho's making adept more like synaptic?12:14
ForgeAuswell its lots more like it than it was in edgy anyhow12:14
ForgeAusI didn't get aquainted with adept pre-edgy12:14
mhbadept 3.0 is even more further away from Synaptic12:15
RiddellI think you're confusing adept manager with adept installer12:15
ForgeAusgood to hear mhb :)12:16
apachelogger__Riddell: should kds-kde4 become part of kds or get it's own source package?12:40
Riddellapachelogger__: I'd just keep the same source package12:41
Riddella different binary though12:41
ScottKRiddell: I haven't been following the details, but it seems like there are some different package naming conventions we're using from Debian with the KDE4 stuff.  If you can get some of them to UDS, a spec for Hardy +1 to get things harmonized would, I think, but really useful.12:49
RiddellScottK: they're entirely different, since we want kde 3 and 4 to be co-installable12:55
RiddellI expect we'll change that in future12:55
ScottKRight.  Sounds like good work for UDS?12:56
Riddellyes indeed12:56
mhbso the plan is to drop KDE3 from the repos completely in hardy+1?12:58
Riddellwe don't have a plan, that's what UDS is for12:58
mhbI thought you may have decided it at the last one12:58
buzi dont see kde4 being ready to replace kde3 completely by fall12:59
apachelogger__right, making plans without me :P12:59
mhbapachelogger__: that's politics :o)12:59
ScottKmhb: We've already got a substantially different plan than what we had a UDS.12:59
* apachelogger__ notes that setteling on favorites for kickoff is one awful thing to do... we probably should do this in a post-inst12:59
* Hobbsee grumbles at the idea of kde4 and uds13:00
apachelogger__or kickoff could just not display broken entries ;-)13:00
Hobbseethe session i was most looking forward to w.r.t that i did'nt even get to attend!13:00
_StefanS_Tonio_: hey :)14:27
Tonio__StefanS_: yop !14:27
_StefanS_Tonio_: I plan on doing kdmtheme tonight, I've gotten some $@³¼$ work out of the way (it has benn bugging me for the past week)14:29
Tonio__StefanS_: I may not be there toonight, but I'll connected all the we in case you might need informations14:32
Tonio__StefanS_: I plan to release a kdesudo-kde4 saturday14:32
_StefanS_Tonio_: cool14:32
_StefanS_Tonio_: oh nice :) - did you code the dialogs from scratch, or were you able to subclass something existing?14:33
Tonio__StefanS_: toma helped me to remove the inheritance making the dialog a member of the class and also helped on the big problem, which was writting to the process stdin14:34
Tonio__StefanS_: the new kprocess doesn't have a method for that yet, which was my issue14:34
Tonio__StefanS_: that required specific qt4 knowledge I don't, of course, have14:34
_StefanS_Tonio_: okay then :) - well its cool it came that far despite the troubles !14:35
Tonio__StefanS_: yep :)14:35
Tonio__StefanS_: now I have to do the Xauthority things and compatibility with kde4 kdesu14:35
Tonio_all that I can do14:35
_StefanS_Tonio_: yep, I guess its just old wine on new bottles kinda thing..14:35
ForgeAusthat reminds me I need to install crossover :)14:42
ScottKDebian klamav maintainer just agreed to let me take it, so I'm going to push our package up to Debian.15:45
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=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
txwikingerapachelogger__: Any more kde4 bugs that need forwarding?16:18
Jucatomoin nixternal16:22
nixternalgo ScottK go!16:22
nixternalI am exploiting the hell out of our community for educational benefit :)16:23
nixternalhe is the new Debian klamav maintainer16:23
jpatrickah, right, cool :)16:23
Jucato<ScottK> Debian klamav maintainer just agreed to let me take it, so I'm going to push our package up to Debian.16:24
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manchickenmornfall: That's a side-effect of an anal programmer whose C++ is weak trying to get rid of warnings :)17:11
manchickenIt shut up the warnings :)17:12
manchickenAnd it did work :)17:12
_Shade_hi there17:18
_Shade_is there any issue with mp3 support in hardy on 64 bit boxes?17:18
jpatrick_Shade_: not that I know of..17:27
_Shade_jpatrick: i have no mp3 support as well as restricted video formats and sound in flash17:28
jpatrick_Shade_: have you installed libxime1-ffmpeg?17:29
jpatrick!info libxine1-ffmpeg | _Shade_17:31
ubotu_shade_: libxine1-ffmpeg (source: xine-lib): mpeg related plugins for libxine1. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 435 kB, installed size 908 kB17:31
_Shade_jpatrick: i'm just trying to install it but it seems there's no such package for hardy17:33
jpatrick_Shade_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/libxine1-ffmpeg17:34
_Shade_oh typo, sorry17:35
jpatrickmy fault, I made the mistake first17:36
_Shade_jpatrick: ok it seems to "play" it now, the only thing is that i had change the sound server before so i think i need to log in again to get it working17:38
jpatrick_Shade_: yes, I think a restart of the sound server is necessary to make it pick up the new plugin17:39
_Shade_jpatrick: oops no sound at all now... how do i get back to arts?17:41
jpatrick"< jpatrick> _Shade_: yes, I think a restart of the sound server is necessary to make it pick up the new plugin"17:41
jpatrick_Shade_: set it in System Settings17:42
_Shade_there's no ARTS there17:42
_Shade_only alsa, open sound system etc17:42
jpatrick_Shade_: yeah, pick alsa17:43
_Shade_ok testing :)17:43
jpatrickapply and happy listening17:44
_Shade_something weird is happening17:44
_Shade_i clicked apply and the dialog appeared saying "restarting the sound server"... it reaches 100% and doing it again and again17:45
jpatrickjust let it finish17:45
_Shade_well it seems to finish and then the progress bar is at 0 again and going up to 100 :)17:46
_Shade_btw i don't know if it's hardy or the 64 bit version (which is rather doubtful but who knows) but it is damn fast17:48
_Shade_jpatrick: ok i had no sound after the server restart because the alsamixer had the output set to zero :)17:59
_Shade_now everything seems to be ok, thanks18:00
jpatrick_Shade_: aha, glad that's fixed :)18:00
_Shade_jpatrick: if this is enough to install the package you mentioned... does it make sense to install ubuntu-restricted-extras at all?18:02
jpatrick_Shade_: i'd install kubuntu-restricted-extras18:03
smarter_jpatrick: !!!18:05
_Shade_i discovered a bug by the way :)18:05
jpatricksmarter_: ?18:06
smarter_jpatrick: just wanted to say hello in an original way :)18:06
_Shade_if you plug the removable device in and the hal window appears and you chose to browse its contents, it says that the media device is a file, and not a folder18:06
smarter_jpatrick: how is it going?18:07
jpatricksmarter_: bonjour, ça va?18:07
smarter_jpatrick: bien et toi?18:07
jpatricksmarter_: tres bien18:07
nixternalwow, I can actually understand what you are saying18:07
mhbshould I try?18:07
jpatrick_Shade_: won't be able to confirm, don't have hardy or removeable media18:07
jpatricknixternal: c'est tres facil :p18:08
mhbnixternal: I can make you understand nothing quite easily :o)18:08
smarter_jpatrick: do you have some time to re-re-ack bespin and kepas? :}18:08
jpatricksmarter_: what did you break this time?? :D18:09
nixternalmhb: something hit me last night...you will be within walking distance of UDS and I am jealous!18:09
_Shade_jpatrick: i can lend borrow you one :)18:09
smarter_jpatrick: for bespin nothing, some guy didn't know that Library GPL == Lesser GPL18:09
jpatricksmarter_: oh, you removed a space18:10
smarter_very important :)18:10
jpatricksmarter_: hehe18:10
mhbnixternal: definitely not walking distance, but still, you're right :o)18:10
smarter_jpatrick: for kepas, the package revision didn't explicitely said that it was repacked18:11
jpatricksmarter_: je peux voir... that18:11
smarter_ça? :)18:11
jpatricksmarter_: was thinking to much spanish :)18:12
jpatrick_Shade_: lend borrow me?18:13
_Shade_err lend or borrow? :)18:14
_Shade_i had to sleep on english lessons or what :)18:14
jpatrickah, right18:15
_Shade_so i can LEND you if you want :P18:15
smarter_could someone running hardy please try this: http://pastebin.com/d6fe52a52 and report what is the output of ./qtsql ?18:27
smarter_expected result: "QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QPSQL7 QPSQL QMYSQL3 QMYSQL QSQLITE QSQLITE2"(according to bug #179261), result on my system: "QSqlDatabase: available drivers:"18:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179261 in qt4-x11 "libqt4-sql does not include QODBC" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17926118:28
stdinsmarter_: lucky you, I've been working on that today and may have a fix :)18:28
smarter_stdin: really?18:28
smarter_that's cool :)18:28
smarter_it prevents me from using qdevelop which I'm also packaging :/18:28
stdinyep, I have a new Qt in my PPA you can try18:28
smarter_I'll try18:29
stdinyou just need to install libqt4-plugin-odbc18:29
stdindeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/tsimpson/ubuntu hardy main18:29
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
stdinyou need to load the plugin though, QPluginLoader plugin("/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/sqldrivers/libqsqlodbc.so")18:31
stdinor else build it directly into libQtSql18:31
manchickenSo is there something I can install (e.g. kubuntu4-desktop) that'll just install kde4 desktop?18:32
stdinmanchicken: kde4-core is a good start :)18:33
stdinthere isn't a "kubuntu" meta-package yet18:33
manchickenDidn't quite think so.18:33
nixternalapachelogger__: how do you setup plasma panel to do the double rows?18:35
stdinsmarter: http://stdin.pastebin.com/df5995fc seems to work foe me now18:37
smarterstdin: works here too, thanks :)18:38
* stdin makes a debdiff18:38
smarterwhat did you changed to make it work?18:38
stdinsmarter: added an option to build odbc as a plugin (after fixing the configure script to detect it)18:39
stdinthen just packaged it as libqt4-plugin-odbc :)18:40
NightroseRiddell: thx @ dot :)19:26
mhbNightrose: that was one freaky interview19:37
Nightrosemhb: hehe yea19:37
Nightrosebut good wasn´t it?19:37
RiddellI don't understand why they interviewed him19:37
Riddellsurely they should be interviewing gentoo people19:38
NightroseRiddell: the one who did the interview is a freind of markey19:38
Nightroseand besides...19:39
Nightroseit is not any official gentoo newsletter19:39
NightroseI just think it was nicer than the usual interview with standard questions19:40
Nightrosemore natural19:40
NightroseRiddell: meh - now i have this strange font thing in konqueror as well19:41
smarterjpatrick: ping19:53
ScottKRiddell: I'm going up for core-dev on Tuesday (2000 UTC) and if you can, it'd be nice to have you show up and speak in favor.19:53
nixternalI will show up and speak19:56
jpatrickScottK: +1 from me :)19:56
nixternalonly if fed though...I am starving and I don't have food :/19:56
jpatricksmarter: I'm on it19:56
jpatrickyay, kde-style-domino got through Debian NEW19:58
RiddellScottK: how exciting19:58
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | KDE 4.0.1! http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Meeting Sat 11:00UTC
nixternalmake it earlier and I will stay up for it tonight :)19:58
ScottKRiddell: I didn't ask you to sponsor me when I applied because you hadn't sponsored any Main uploads for me, but since then you have...19:59
RiddellScottK: remind me again which?19:59
mhbmmm, core-dev20:00
mhbthe ambiguity20:00
mhbit actually means "core packager", but they make it sound like "most. important. ever." :o)20:01
ScottKRiddell: python-qt3, python-qt4, and scribus.20:02
RiddellScottK: all good packages!20:02
ScottKThat's what I wanted to hear.20:02
Riddellmhb: tech board do require a commitment to helping with the core goals of ubuntu, rather than just packaging20:02
mhbRiddell: what I mean is: this tier system is a good way of giving credit to important people, but I find it rather packager-centric20:03
nixternalcore-dev is the most important evern in the distro world, w/o it we wouldn't have main, we would have 4 guys sweating over universe, 2 or 3 pushing their non-free garbage to multiverse, and Canonical pushing Parallels :p20:04
nixternalhad to take the cheap shot20:04
mhbsay you are a great artist and you really are able to do the best icons for Ubuntu, yet you are not labeled as a part of the core just because the label is for packagers only20:07
nixternalbut core-dev is just that, the actual developers, not the artists, documentation writers, LoCo members, and such20:07
mhbnot developers20:08
nixternalwhy not developers? they develop do they not?20:08
mhbyou can't get there if you never made a package20:08
nixternalor developed a package20:08
mhbwhich is okay, there's little point of being there if you never made a package20:08
nixternalyou can't get there if you have never done package development20:09
mhbin the normal world20:09
nixternaltypically you go from contributor -> MOTU -> core-dev20:09
mhbdo you call people who make packages "developers"?20:09
nixternalI do20:09
mhbyou cal them "maintainers20:09
nixternaldo you call people who make houses, cars, and candy bars developers? they do20:09
mhbor "packagers"20:09
nixternaldeveloper: a person who develops20:10
nixternaldoesn't say what they develop20:10
nixternalbeing a packager requires more than just doing a copyright, control, changelog, and such20:10
nixternalyou have to at least understand 1 or more languages to create patches, develop install scripts, and such20:10
mhbwhat I mean is:20:11
mhbyou label a set of people that are packagers "core developers"20:11
mhbwhat about all the other people that make significant contributions, but are not packagers?20:11
nixternalthey are the core developers for one reason, all of their work is in main, ie. what makes our *buntu installs work20:11
mhbdo they have a "core artist", "core marketing person" labels?20:11
nixternalwhat about them? they can strive to become a core-developer20:12
mhbyou're not counting them as part of the "core"20:12
jpatrickwe have code-doc :)20:12
nixternalwhat are they contributing to the core?20:12
mhbnixternal: so you think they're not important now?20:12
nixternalI think everyone is important20:12
mhbnixternal: well not, you refuse to label their work as important unless they do packages20:13
mhbit's not the core, it's some outer assistance, who cares...20:13
mhbthat's not true, but I'm trying to show that labels are dangerous20:13
nixternallabels are for materialistic people I guess... I could care less what the label is, just do the work and have fun20:13
nixternalcontributing it contributing, it all has its importance, of course some are more important than others20:14
mhbnixternal: well, yes20:14
nixternalthe core extends from the "core packages"20:14
mhbnixternal: but are those labeled as "core developers" more valuable than others?20:14
nixternalthey can be, yes20:14
mhbof course they can20:14
mhbbut are they?20:14
nixternalI think so20:15
nixternalw/o them, then what do we do?20:15
mhbyou see20:16
nixternalwould be no jobs for marketing if we didn't have core people working on core packages, no need for documentation, no need for, well anybody really20:16
nixternalevery community has them, every company has them20:17
mhb"core developers" are definitely more important than "sometime packager"20:17
mhbnixternal: but you cannot really say that I (who tries to avoid packages) am less important than them, because we do incomparable work20:18
ScottKnixternal: Does this remind you of the eternal "Who's the most important guy on the ship?  The ones in combat or engineering?" argument?20:18
mhbbut still, you said a while ago that they are more important than me.20:18
nixternalnobody is more important than you mhb :)20:19
nixternalput it this way, your work would definitely be useless w/o the core developers20:19
mhb"core developers" is actually a label that says "most important"20:19
mhbthat's what it means20:19
ScottKmhb: They key thing about core-dev is being trusted to upload anything into the archive.  I think that is mostly about packaging and judgement, but ability to understand code is important too.20:19
nixternalno it isn't, it is a label that says "hey, I have proven myself competent, trustworthy enough to work on the core packages of *buntu"20:20
mhbthere's not a word about packages in there20:20
mhbit's just "core developers"20:20
nixternalanyone can be a developer20:20
mhband that's what I'm pretty upset about :o)20:20
ScottKNot that the other skill sets aren't equally important, but they're somewhat orthogonal to the "Do I trust you to be able to upload anything?" question.20:20
mhbbut not anyone can be a "core developer"20:20
nixternalbut that doesn't mean they are working on the core of ubuntu20:20
mhbjust packagers20:20
nixternalso you are saying then is that packagers aren't developers..is that what you are trying to distinguish?20:21
mhbnot all developers are packagers, yes20:21
mhbbut all people labeled as "core developers" are packagers20:21
ScottKnixternal: We're just monkeys stuffing coders marvelous code into packages.20:21
mhbwhich means all developers who're not packagers are not part of the core20:21
nixternalI guess so20:21
nixternalpackagers are developers though20:22
Tm_Tnixternal: hi :))20:22
Tm_Tand hi to others too20:22
nixternalmarketing people are developers, documentation writers are developers, artists are developers20:23
mhbbut noone is part of the core unless he does packages20:23
mhband that's what I find silly.20:23
nixternalthey can contribute to the core, but they don't maintain or control the core20:23
Tm_Teven us "irritating users" are developers ;--P20:23
mhbwell, back to being a totally worthless guy :o)20:26
mhbScottK: good luck tomorrow (or when it starts)20:27
mhbah, splendid20:27
ScottKmhb: It's Tuesday.  Thanks.20:28
mhbI'm still struggling with the idea of making a new "Update your computer" icon20:31
nixternalthat icon reminds me of a "syncronization" icon or such20:32
nixternalthough I have noticed that many OSs and applications tend to use it for an updating symbol though20:33
nixternalwould be better if it was animated20:33
mhbI've managed to make sure KDE is using a different icon for "Refresh" and "Reboot"20:33
nixternalotherwise I would think it is just a quick launch for my synchronization application20:34
ScottKMaybe a small explosion (click on this or your computer will melt).20:36
nixternallike something along the lines of the image in the top left of the mac updater20:36
mhbI can't really say the "globe" helps20:38
mhbwhat does it mean?20:38
nixternalsoftware updating20:38
nixternalgranted I would think of "webpage refreshing" with it20:38
mhbI don't really associate a globe with software20:38
nixternalsomething like a software box with those arrows20:38
nixternalor the package icon used with Adept20:39
mhbwhat you should tell is "you're refreshing your desktop"20:39
mhbbut not rebooting20:39
nixternalreboot icon should be a boot with the letters "RE" superimposed :p20:39
mhbheh, that'd be too english-centric20:39
nixternalbut set it up like the keyboard locales with the flags20:40
nixternaleach LANG gets its own meaning :)20:40
mhbI'm not sure how you say "reboot" in Germand, but it would be something with "wieder"20:40
mhbaaah, inspiration20:44
nixternalwow, just made a laugh a destructor...WATCH OUT!20:44
jpatrickgreat website that^^20:48
nixternalI love how our professor tries to trick us with "Explain why requirements models are logical models rather than physical models."20:49
jjessei use imaginary numbers then20:50
Tm_Tnixternal: any news about our shipment?20:50
nixternalhaven't gotten anything yet Tm_T20:50
Tm_Troger :)20:50
Tm_TI will be bit "away" for some time (lost my adsl connection perhaps for a week) :-P20:51
mhbguess what made me sad21:01
mhbno, I mean after I looked at the picture21:02
Tm_Tmmmgh, still me?21:03
mhbclose, but no21:03
jpatrickthe fact that it's our logo?21:04
smartermhb: It's the kanonical logo? :)21:04
mhbsmarter: yeah.21:05
mhbI felt at first that a cycle with our colours would do a good update icon21:05
mhba) it's a cycle, symbol of refreshing, updating b) it still resembles Kubuntu, i.e. that what is to be updated21:06
mhbbut I guess canonical would protest, so I have to build on this idea a little more21:07
mhbI think I'm getting close21:17
mhbso, do you like the idea?21:18
mhbof course, the implementation is crude21:18
Nightrosehmm i think something is wrong with ktorrent kde4´s desktop file - I can´t open a torrent with it from within firefox and when i download it and open it from dolphin I get an error and ktoorent gets opened with the torrent correctly - can someone try confirm that?21:24
mhbarr, torrents be bad for your health :o)21:26
mhbnah, just kidding. I can't.21:26
NightroseI wnatz my torrentz *g*21:27
Nightrosewell it works when I download them and open from dolphin - but that is not really comfortable21:27
_StefanS_hey manchicken21:44
_StefanS_manchicken: still working on adept for kde3?21:44
manchickenI haven't been for a while.21:45
jpatricksmarter: you may want to add another user id to your key (smarter@ubuntu.com for example)21:57
smarterjpatrick: I've an ID for my @ubuntu and @gmail address21:58
smarterbut I don't think I send the @ubuntu one online21:58
smarterAnd I hope that spammers don't read ubuntu irc logs :)21:59
jpatrickdon't worry, @ubuntu addresses get spammed anyway22:00
* coreymon77 writes down the emails on his spam list22:00
jpatrickhi vorian22:01
vorianhello jpatrick22:01
daskreech!info lemonpos hardy22:02
ubotuPackage lemonpos does not exist in hardy22:02
daskreech!info lemonpos-kde4 hardy22:02
ubotuPackage lemonpos-kde4 does not exist in hardy22:02
jpatrickdaskreech: it's in NEW22:02
vorian!info kgrab-kde422:02
ubotuPackage kgrab-kde4 does not exist in gutsy22:02
vorian!info kgrab-kde4 hardy22:03
ubotuPackage kgrab-kde4 does not exist in hardy22:03
daskreechah ok :)22:03
voriansilly ubotu22:03
vorianvery exciting though :)22:03
voriani'll have to open a little store so I can use it22:03
* daskreech has one you can borrow22:04
vorianis it mexico too?22:04
daskreechNot if the wrong people ask22:05
jpatrick!yay | jp's first package in Debian: http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=jpatrick@kubuntu.org \o/22:12
ubotujp's first package in Debian: http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=jpatrick@kubuntu.org \o/: Glad you made it! :-)22:12
voriancongrats jpatrick :)22:13
smarterjpatrick: congrats :)22:13
jpatrickstill have to get the other 6 in my todo in but, oh well :) thanks22:13
smarterjpatrick: I'm still not sure what I should do with the oxygen cursor set22:14
jpatricksmarter: what did apachelogger_ say?22:14
smarterthe package is now in sid(http://packages.debian.org/sid/oxygencursors) but the package has a still a not standard name and some .svgs files left in the .diff.gz22:14
smarterapachelogger_: what did you say? :)22:15
jpatricksmarter: I think merging the package from sid in and making the necessary changes would be the best way22:16
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
jpatrickhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55282/ - heh, we have a whole row of Kubuntu devs now :)22:45
jpatrickI'm off to bed, night!22:48
smarter'night mate22:49
Riddelljpatrick: kubuntu bingo?22:49
jpatrickRiddell: and looks like you're the winner at the top!22:54
* nosrednaekim has added himself as a agenda item :)23:42
Riddellnosrednaekim: got a wiki page?23:46

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