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danbhfivewhy are bounties broken in launchpad?03:29
CarlFKhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy  webcam-server hit "Find Package" get "Timeout error  error ID         OOPS-769B423 " 03:56
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ubotuNew bug: #190116 in launchpad-bazaar "decouple branch naming from branch access control" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19011606:06
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Hobbseemorning carlos 08:11
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mrevellhi all09:56
Hobbseemornign mrevell 09:58
mrevellhey there Hobbsee09:58
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popeyhmm, more arabic10:38
ubotuNew bug: #190145 in rosetta "Last translator credit is not updated on export time" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19014510:40
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Mezjust an FYI: on edge, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/bzr-svn/+edit-packaging gives an error14:49
Mez(when changing)14:49
Mezlooks like atimeout14:49
kikoMez, sure it's a timeout? I think it's an actual error -- I got this a few days ago14:52
Mezkiko, it waits a few seconds and then stops ...14:53
Mezkiko, also another thing14:53
Mezwhy does it show "mez.ubuntu@gmail.com" (the forwarding address) when the actual email address in the changelog is mez@ubuntu.com14:53
Mez(and in fact, uses mez@ubuntu.com later on in the list14:53
kikoMez, wow, that's a question for bigjools14:54
kikowhere is he btw14:54
kikothat's pretty weird14:54
kikoMez, can you ask a question (see /topic)?14:54
Mezkiko, what's the relevance to /topic ? 14:55
* kiko !!14:55
Mezand yes, I can ask a question14:56
Mezwhat is your favourite color?14:56
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* kiko prods matsubara to keep his topic intact14:56
kikoMez, I don't really have one. maybe red14:56
Mezmeh - cant be arsed with the MP reference14:56
MezMonty Python14:57
kikois there an MP reference applicable!14:57
Mezasking questions14:58
Mezwhat is your name14:58
Mezwhat is your favourite color?14:58
MezWhat is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow14:59
Mezkiko, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/2417515:07
mruizhi cprov ... days ago I got an error with a package. Its upload was rejected... I fixed the problem, how can I request the new upload ?15:14
kikomruiz, just upload again15:14
kikothanks Mez 15:14
mruizthanks kiko 15:20
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kiko-phonebigjools, when you have a moment, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/2417516:31
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ahuilletit looks like this is not the right place to ask about some usage problems with rosetta? (namely, I have some stuff that has been sitting in the import queue for a long time and I'm wondering if everything's okay)16:55
kiko-phoneahuillet, it's the right place16:55
kiko-phonewhy does it look like the wrong place?16:56
ubotuNew bug: #190226 in launchpad "add notifications for newly available mailing lists" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19022616:56
ahuilletteh topic makes it feel like it's a devel-only channel16:56
ahuilletthough with 105 people in it... I got a bit confused ;)16:56
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kiko-phoneahuillet, is that better?16:57
ahuilletanyway, the situation is, I've subscribed my project freedroidRPG to launchpad recently in order to use rosetta, and I've uploaded three .pot files (different text domains for different stuff, nevermind the details) which took some time to be processed16:58
ahuilletthen I had some updates to those .pot files, and some already translated .po files for two languages (german and french), which I uploaded too16:58
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ahuilletand those .po files are sitting in the import queue, and I wondered what happened with them16:59
ahuilletthe documentation makes it feel like only the first upload of a .pot requires manual review, not updates of this pot, nor uploads of .po for this template17:00
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ahuilletand  basically I wondered what was going on :)17:05
ahuilletah, also, downloading .po files did not seem to work those last days... the site tells me to expect to get a mail shortly but no mail comes17:05
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kikojtv, carlos: ^^^ 17:05
kikoahuillet, if there's no answer here, please ask a question (see /topic)17:06
carlosahuillet: hi, let me check17:07
carloskiko: thanks for the ping17:07
carlosahuillet: hmm, the files are not approved because we don't have a way to discover its language from the filename17:09
carlosahuillet: https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/+imports17:09
ahuilletwhoow, big mistake of mine then17:09
ahuilletnote that the website did not tell me about it17:09
ahuilletwould be cool if it did :)17:09
ahuilletso the files are supposedly automatically processed, except when they're wrong, right?17:10
carlosahuillet: half fault ;-) that part is our fault, documentation should explain that better17:10
carlosahuillet: yeah, although for your concrete setup17:10
ahuilletnow just let me figure out how the files are supposed to be written (they've been generated by a python script)17:11
carlosthe only way to get it approved automatically is that we approve the translations also manually once17:11
carlosbecause you have three templates in the same directory17:11
ahuilletyes, I need the three templates.. is that a problem?17:11
carlosin which case is hard to know in which one a 'Spanish', 'French', etc.. translation should be imported17:11
carlosahuillet: just the layout17:11
carlosnot the fact that you have three templates17:12
carlosif you want everything autoapproved17:12
carlosI suggest you to have three directories17:12
carlosone per template17:12
ahuilletwith greatest pleasure, provided I know how to make three directories17:12
carlosand all translations named as 'es.po', 'ja.po', where 'es' is the Spanish language code, 'ja' the Japanese one, etc...17:12
ahuilletI didn't even know I could create three directories :)17:13
ahuillettranslation language is detected by filename, not the header of the file or so?17:13
carlosahuillet: I will fix what we have in our system, you just need to upload a tarball with those three different directories with the different files in each directory17:13
carlosahuillet: right, filename, there is no reliable header file for that in gettext17:14
ahuilletaha, ok... but that will require having the "download .po" feature fixed17:14
ahuilletsince there have been quite a few updates made in rosetta and I'd rather not lose them when making my new tarball17:14
carloswell, I used it today a couple of times without problems17:14
ahuilletok, will check on my mail provider's side then17:15
carlosso I wonder whether it couldn't be that your mail provider is tagging our emails as spam...17:15
* carlos does some checks17:15
carlosahuillet: which kind of request did you do?17:15
ahuilletnah, it's probably something else, I've got a special setup here involving lots of redirects and all17:15
carlosfull export of everything?17:16
ahuilletcarlos : "download .po for language XXX"17:16
carlosa concrete language download?17:16
ahuilletso if I understand well, step 1 make a full export of everything, merge it, step 2 you destroy freedroidRPG translations on the server, step 3 I make a tarball with three directories, each one having the .pot and fr.po de.po etc., step 4 I upload/you review17:17
ahuilletand then everything should be done automatically ?17:17
carlosno, we don't need to remove anything in the server17:18
carlosjust tell me the directories you want to use for each template that is currently in Launchpad17:18
carlosand I will fix it 17:18
ahuilletbut what's the link between directories in the server and myself?17:18
ahuilletI mean, why do I care about their names? they're only on launchpad server anyway17:18
carloswell, you need to use the same path I put in the server and in the tarball you upload17:19
carlosto do the automatic approval17:19
ahuilletyou mean everytime I have an update to do I'll need to submit a complete tarball?17:19
carlosthat's the way we link the tarball content with already approved files17:19
ahuillet(sorry for looking stupid, I don't know how launchpad works and there isn't much doc :p)17:19
carlosahuillet: no, only when you don't use a concrete template upload form17:20
ahuilletthis means when I upload a .po I'll need to do the tarball?17:20
carlosahuillet: no, if you do it directly at https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+pots/freedroidrpg/+upload instead of https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+translations-upload17:21
ahuilletgot it :) the difference isn't obvious17:22
carlosahuillet: but if you want to do a full update of all templates in one go, you need to use https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+translations-upload and the three directories I just told you about17:22
carlosahuillet: and that's our fault17:23
carloswe will try to improve it...17:23
ahuilletbut how will you make the difference if I upload say fr.po, how will you know to what directory it must go?17:23
carlosif you use https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+translations-upload17:23
carloswe don't have a way to know it17:23
carlosso we need to manually approve it17:23
carlosinstead, if you use https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+pots/freedroidrpg/+upload we know that it's for freedroidrpg template17:24
carlosand the same for the other templates17:24
ahuilletI understand this time :)17:24
ahuilletok, so about the directories... could you please move freedroidrpg.pot  and its friends to code/, freedroidrpg_data.pot&friends to data/, and freedroidrpg_dialogs.pot to dialogs/?17:25
ahuilletthen I redo the uploads of .po files17:25
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ahuilletpreparing the .po files for upload then :) 17:26
ahuilletand I confirm the mail thing seems to come from my mail redirection pipeline17:26
carlosahuillet: should I remove then those two files that were waiting for approval ?17:27
ahuilletyes please17:27
carlosoh, I saw you already set them as 'deleted' ;-)17:28
ahuilletheh.. yeah, quite possible17:28
ubotuNew bug: #190238 in launchpad "Team list displays merged teams" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19023817:28
ahuilletbtw one question about merging (let me know when I can upload the files) - if I upload a file that contains less translated strings that what is in launchpad17:34
ahuillethow will it behave? will merging be done "as expected"?17:34
kikocarlos? I think the answer is yes, but I'm not sure -- do the existing translations only survive as suggestions?17:35
ubotuNew bug: #190242 in launchpad "Merged accounts are left behind with cached karma totals" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19024217:36
carlosahuillet: you are free to upload them now17:43
carlosahuillet: if you specify that is a published upload, yes17:44
carlosin fact..17:44
ahuilletyou know the next question - what's a published upload ? :)17:44
carlossorry, the way you upload them is always in that way17:44
carlosso, yes, we will not lose the extra translations17:44
ahuillet"Here you can upload either a single PO template (.pot) or a tar file containing a PO template and a set of PO files (.tar, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2). The files you upload will be imported into Launchpad shortly."17:45
ahuilletthis page has that doc - it doesn't say you can upload a .po file directly17:45
ahuilletand doesn't mention the fact that the .po file should have the language two-letter code as its name17:45
carlosahuillet: that's for translators, and is what you do as the software developer, when you upload what you have in your source tree, but that's the default behaviour if you use the forms I pointed to you17:45
carlosI know, that's why I said that is our fault17:46
carloswhen you were confused17:46
carlosahuillet: most projects do it even outside Launchpad, so that's why it's not a big problem for them to get it running17:46
carlosbut still, we should clarify it17:46
* carlos files a bug17:46
ahuilletyeah, the whole rosetta thing seems to work quite well, it just needs a bit of doc17:46
ahuilletok, so I have one file marked "wait for review" 17:47
ahuilletuploading others now17:47
carlosahuillet: that's the default, we have a script that should auto approve it and then it will be imported17:47
ahuilletok, waiting for the script then17:59
ahuilletcarlos : ok, everything seems to be in order, and I confirm the mail thing is my fault and not launchpad's18:11
ahuilletthanks *a lot* for the help18:11
carlosyou are welcome18:11
ahuilletand for rosetta :) it looks really cool18:11
carlosplease, file any bug (bugs.launchpad.net/rosetta) or question request (answers.launchpad.net/rosetta) for anything that prevents you to be productive while using Launchpad for translations18:12
ahuilletyou favor that over IRC?18:12
carlosno, but that's better than wait until you are able to find us online ;-)18:13
ahuilletheh, sure :)18:13
carlosyou can always ping us here18:13
carlosjtv, danilo or me18:13
carlosare the ones focused on translations18:13
carloswell, danilos18:13
ubotuNew bug: #190250 in rosetta "clarify upload form to explain how auto approvals work" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19025018:15
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synicis the "Featured Projects" list on the frontpage random?18:42
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kikosynic, no, it's manually set up.18:56
kikosynic, do you have a featured project to nominate?18:56
synicnope, I was just curious18:56
ahuillethey, how do you choose your featured projects ? :):18:57
kikoahuillet, normally a project which is very actively using launchpad19:02
ahuilletI see... oh by the way, a little feature request19:02
ahuilletrosetta works with "preferred languages", and very often it will only display those of your preferred languages19:02
ahuilletit would be cool if there was an option to display everything19:02
kikothere are links at the bottom of the table19:03
ahuilletfor example as a developer who's not working on translations, but checking how they're going and all, it would be cool if I could see *all* of those that are going on, on the main status page (https://translations.launchpad.net/freedroid/trunk/+translations)19:03
ahuilletyeah, I know about them... it's no big deal but sometimes you really don't have a preferred language,that's all I meant to say19:04
kikoyeah, that's a good point19:10
kikothat as a project manager you normally want to see everything, right?19:11
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smor just as someone evaluating a project19:14
kikosm, how to decide what to present, though?19:15
kikothat's the hard thing there19:15
kikogenerating the full report is slow and makes the list really long19:16
kikowhere in fact most translators only care about their languages19:16
smI see.. what about a stats summary ?19:17
* sm looks to see what's there19:17
smyes.. on the main translations page for a project, there seems no way to judge the level of translation activity19:19
ahuilletyeah, translators only care about their languages, but project leaders care about them all.. making the "preferred language = show all" a global parameter is probably not the best idea19:19
ahuilletbut adding a link "show all" on the translations page would be cool19:19
smyet within a click or two, I see all the status.. seems that could just as well be exposed on the default page somehow19:19
ahuilletand, I guess, not too difficult19:19
ubotuNew bug: #190265 in rosetta "xliff support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19026519:21
kikonot difficult, but as I said, how do you decide?19:25
ahuilletby default you show the preferred language, and you provide a link "show full report"... or am I misunderstanding?19:26
kikothat's what we currently do.19:26
ahuilletnot quite, you provide a link to show the template with all languages19:27
ahuilletnot all languages for the (in my case) three templates19:27
smwhy not inline the content of each "View Template & All Languages" link19:27
kikoah, you have multiple templates19:27
smon the overview19:27
kikosm, because it's too big.19:27
smin what sense ?19:27
smthe page ?19:27
kikotoo long?19:27
kikoexpensive to generate19:27
kikouseless to most users19:27
smI guess I don't see that19:28
smI think you're talking about translators  - someone focussed on translating to one or more languages - I'm talking about project managers, users & evaluators19:30
smwho like to see the big picture.. it is an "overview" page after all19:30
kikoright. but how do I decide which of those hats you are wearing when you load that page?19:30
ahuilletthat's the question... what about a configurable option for that? "I want to see a full report for this project"19:31
smmy guess would be show all by default, and let translators set a preference to hide other languages.. they are the launchpad power users19:31
ahuilletbut this solution is probably too complicated for the importance of the problem19:31
kikosm, no, the contrary: most users are not project admins. :)19:32
kikoahuillet, precisely.19:32
smof course not19:32
ahuilletyou're both partly right I'd say :) most users are not project admins, but *many* users want to see a full report19:32
ahuillethow many, I don't know, but more than 1% I'm certain19:33
ahuilletkiko : got an idea.. there already is a "project admin" flag for users that have registered a given project right?19:34
ahuilletyou could use it to decide whether to display a full report or not19:34
smI'm not talking about just project admins, however I do think making the default work well for them is good, so that more of them move their projects to lp 19:34
smanyway.. my 2c. launchpad rocks and I appreciate it19:34
ahuilletand for other cases, just add a "display full report"  link19:35
AlohaWhy is the default wiki on launchpad wiki.ubuntu.com?19:42
kikoAloha, that's not quite true. it's just that by default you get an ubuntu wiki account. but that's bound to change very soon19:42
Alohakiko, cool19:44
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ubotuNew bug: #190289 in launchpad-answers "URL to ask questions should be +askquestion not +addquestion" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19028921:00
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bgrangerAnyone there?22:35
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