tgeltershould I have seen a new theme when I updated to hardy?00:00
tgeltersimple enough00:00
tgelterthat'll come down the pipes at some point though, yes?00:01
Tuv0kthe website has all the details about that00:01
Tuv0kubutnu artwork, the wiki?00:02
tgelterTuv0k: "the website"?00:02
Tuv0kwhy do people hate google?00:04
Tuv0kCovered in brief detail (yet to be filled out) the Ubuntu Wiki describes that every LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, next of which will be the 8.04 release next year) should have a fresh theme to it.00:05
Tuv0kthat webpage00:06
PiciTuv0k: People come in here looking for answers, not looking for people to tell them to google it.00:06
Tuv0kppl shoudl use googel first00:06
Tuv0kas has always been the norm00:06
Tuv0kthis is the devlopemnt channel, not #ubuntu00:06
Tuv0kand, btw, he got answers00:07
Tuv0kyou and he may not like those answers, but they are the correct answers00:07
Tuv0kI did not type rtfm00:07
Tuv0kor some such blow off00:07
Tuv0kI even did the work for him00:08
lz7yeah you explained it all nicely00:08
Tuv0kI think he'll speak up if his feelings were hurt00:09
ethana2truecrypt finally has a gui00:20
ethana2is 5.0 it in the repos?00:20
Dr_willis!info truecrypt hardy00:20
ubotuPackage truecrypt does not exist in hardy00:20
Dr_willisThe bot may not be updated to use hardy info yet.00:20
ethana2oh, ok00:21
Dr_willis!info kubuntu-desktop hardy00:21
ubotukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.63 (hardy), package size 17 kB, installed size 44 kB00:21
Dr_willisGuess it is. :)00:21
Dr_willis!find truecrypt hardy00:21
ubotuPackage/file truecrypt does not exist in hardy00:21
ethana2looks like we made our own GUI..  they did take a while..00:21
ethana2Easy Crypt..00:21
ethana2so, now that i don't have anything to hide anymore.. they have more than one gui for linux00:22
PiciDr_willis: you dont need to specify 'hardy' for !find/!info in this channel, it knows ;)00:22
Dr_willisPici,  i wanted to be extra sure. :P00:23
ethana2actually.. you can always come up with something worth keeping private.. like journals00:24
ethana2in any case, I'm glad we finally got this far, it's a nice development00:24
lz7omg i have reconfigured and rebooted my router during downloading daily build... and finally MD5 is correct! i can't believe...00:27
Picilz7: the package was fixed yesterday.00:27
lz7with my slow connection i even not trying to download dvds00:28
PiciNevermind me, I'm thinking of something else.  Too used to people asking Flash questions in #ubuntu.00:28
HelvascaHey, is anyone else having trouble with Network in Natilus?00:33
lz7yes its not work00:33
lz7!bug 18575600:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185756 in nautilus "Couldn't display "network:///" - Nautilus cannot handle network:locations" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18575600:35
Helvascathanks lz7 its a big one00:37
Dr_willisI noticed that the fuse-smb tool dosent work either.00:38
HelvascaDr_willis: reported it?00:39
Dr_willisWell it sort of worked..once.. then dident. :) then i had to go to work.00:40
Dr_willisHavent updated in 4 days. so not tried again.00:40
Dr_willisactually - it may of been it was broke on the upgrade i did.  I need to try it again on this clean install to be sure.00:41
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lime4x4is network device handled differently in hardy compared to gusty?00:52
lime4x4trying o figure out why daul nvidia nics mcp55 ethernet nics are detected and configured but can't access the net or local network00:57
Helvascacan you connect with ifconfig?00:59
lime4x4i run ifconfig from the command line and it shows the cards00:59
lime4x4i had to install an old pci linksys network card to connect to the net01:00
lime4x4the nvidia nics worked fine in gusty just not hardy01:01
lime4x4even did a fresh install of gusty then upgraded to hardy and they stopped working01:01
lime4x4then did a fresh install of hardy01:01
brianhlime4x4:I'm having same problem with my intel wireless - I have to configure it manually01:04
brianhlime4x4: what does ifconfig say?01:05
lime4x4i used the manual settings thru system/adminstration/network01:05
lime4x4here is a copy of the ifconfig command http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55159/01:05
lime4x4i have 2 built in nvidia nics. i have one disabled in the bios thinking that was the problem01:06
lime4x4just odd that there detected but can't use them01:07
brianhlime4x4: looks like you have 2 nics on same subnet - that could be the problem01:07
lime4x4i also had them on the same subnet with gutsy and it worked.01:08
lime4x4plus if i remove the linksys card i still can't connect to the net01:08
brianhlime4x4: strange - usually with 2 cards on same subnet it doesn't work reliably01:10
lime4x4i know but it worked fine in gutsy cause i needed 2 nics and still do01:11
lime4x4cause one nic i setup a bridge on for virtual box01:11
lime4x4but the nvidia nics didn't work once hardy was installed even when i have only on enabled01:12
lime4x4this is strange i changed the subnet of eth0 to  now when i try to ping my router it can't. it's trying to use the ip of eth001:19
lime4x4i have to sudo ifconfig eth0 down to ping my router or any computers on my network01:19
verb3kAlpha 4 gives me a resolution of 800x600 after installing Nvidia driver, while my card can handle 1024x768 , how can I fix this?01:20
lime4x4but yet when i eth0 up i can access the web01:20
brianhlime 4x4: are you using eth0 from virtual box?01:21
bardyris anybody able to use sftp in nautilus with a different port then 22?01:21
lime4x4no i tried that as well just for the hell of it and it doesn't work01:22
lime4x4i actually removed the bridge to help diagnosis this problem01:22
verb3kanyone please?01:24
lz7what is avahi? i mean ubuntu configured eth1:avahi interface for me, but how to use it?01:26
lz7what service is available?01:26
lz7on that interface01:26
verb3kAmaranth, can you help me?01:28
ethana2i hear epiphany doesn't have a 2.21 compatible version of epiphany-extensions yet01:54
Dr_willisavahi is part of the zeroconf  auto-configuration stuff I belive. :) not really sure how/what it does.01:55
Dr_willisone of those works in progress things I belive.01:55
Dr_willisBut hes gone.. so phhhhhhht. :)01:55
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unagiis hibernation slated to be fixed for those with problems in the next release?01:58
RAOFHibernation will be "fixed" when laptop manufacturers follow standards.01:58
RAOFI'd expect more laptops to work correctly, though.01:59
RAOFunagi: You might want to see Matthew Garrett's LCA talk, however, which dealt with exactly that.01:59
Helvascathere is a way to get it working using s2hdd or something like that02:00
RAOFFor sufficiently woolly definitions of "it", I think.02:01
Helvascammm its not an ideal fix02:02
RAOFThere are a variety of suspend/hibernate frameworks, and different ones seem to work better for different hardware.02:02
Helvascaits what we have to live with02:02
q_a_z_steveok, so I tried to jump from dapper to alpha 4... X is obviously out of the question for now. My question, then is: How do I get dpkg --configure -a to run successfully to fix that which definitely didn't install correctly prior to my reboot (which was necessary due to power issues in my area)02:05
q_a_z_steveWhat can I tell you about what I see, in order for some help02:05
q_a_z_steveRAOF: can you help me get eth0 back?02:12
* DanaG uses suspend to RAM.02:15
DanaGIt works sometimes, but other times it doesn't.02:16
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lz7hardy keep forgeting keyboard layout switching keys, i have to recheck it to work02:22
ethana2lz7: what layout?02:23
lz7usa/rus, and i use alt_shift to switch02:24
ethana2oh, ok02:24
ethana2the keyboard layout system in hardy does seem a bit problematic02:24
ethana2i would expect many major issues to be fixed by alpha502:25
ethana2if all your problems remain the same major ones, you don't get enough focus on minor regressions and such02:26
ethana2i understand they prioritize well02:26
ethana2of course, that also means that our problem likely won't be fixed until Screens and Graphics and networking in nautilus work again02:27
DanaGI've also had it not remember my layout.02:27
DanaGOh, and Timidity keeps freezing.02:27
ethana2timidity?  midi player?02:28
DanaGI'll ctrl-backslash it to try to get a core dump, but it doesn't give me one.02:28
DanaGYes, midi player.02:28
ethana2ooh, i like the idea of playing source files02:28
ethana2instead of compiled sound files ;)02:28
ethana2maybe i just want a media player that can do rosegarden project files ^_^02:29
DanaGI hate-eth the new CFS scheduler.02:32
DanaGMakes Compiz slower; makes unminimizing windows in Compiz make all of Compiz freeze for a moment; makes Timidity freeze; makes audio drop out (in PulseAudio, and even in bare ALSA if I close my lid).02:32
shirishguys why is it that I'm not getting any updates to the grub2 package :(02:33
lz7does gnome trying to switch to SI ? my 250 gb drives now showing on my desktop like "250.1 gb media" and not a 232 gb like was before... and, some programs use gibi... probably better user to decide for all programs, like if he prefer giga or gibi02:35
lz7good size of files still in old school kilobytes =)02:37
shirish! info grub202:38
ubotugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.95+20071101-1 (hardy), package size 3 kB, installed size 84 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64)02:38
shirishsee, it still shows the 1.95+20071101-1 version & not the 1.96+2008020? don't remember the exact date but something like that. It did get built yesterday.02:39
RAOFlz7: I think there's a general, low-grade push for SI over powers-of-two-that-are-close-to-powers-of-ten.  But no one's pushing it particularly hard.02:40
RAOF!info grub-pc hardy02:40
ubotugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.95+20071101-1 (hardy), package size 848 kB, installed size 2356 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64)02:40
DanaGIs there a "what opens this type of file" app?02:40
DanaGI wanna find out what to open AutoCAD dwg files with.02:40
RAOFDanaG: There's xdg-open, which will *open* them for you.  Maybe it's got a --which switch?02:40
shirishRAOF: Can u find about what blocks grub-pc hardy for the jump02:40
DanaGNope, doesn't work for not-installed apps.02:41
RAOFDanaG: Of course; it doesn't have their mime-types registered!02:41
DanaGThat's the point: I want to find out what package will provide something to open it.02:42
shirishRAOF: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/1.96+20080203-102:42
RAOFThat sounds like a job for gnome-app-install!  Or possibly command-not-found...02:42
RAOFDanaG: That would be an excellent feature, and if it doesn't already exist it would not be *too* hard to implement.02:43
RAOFOf course, if it doesn't exist now it's not going to be in Hardy, but it could make Hardy+1.02:43
DanaGgnome-app-install --mime-type=AutoCAD02:43
DanaGnot offering packages for AutoCAD02:43
DanaGno entry in mime map02:43
DanaG(got "AutoCAD" from 'file')02:44
DanaGGaack, I'm also getting momentary freezes on maximizing things.02:45
RAOFshirish: Looks like it's just waiting in the new queue; it'll get through there sometime.02:45
DanaGAll of compiz will freeze for a split second when I unminimize stuff.02:45
lz7actually drives showing like 250 on desktop but like 232 in "Places" at the same time... :/02:45
* DanaG has a redundant "Bookmarks" folder with an out-of-place old-looking icon.02:46
DanaGOh, and every time I unminimize an app, compiz-fusion moves around the snowglobe's ground.02:47
lz7btw compiz 0.7 is out02:47
RAOF...And in Hardy02:48
* RAOF is obviously out of touch with the cool compiz users. "Snowglobe"?02:48
lz7already? you mean pre-release version? and... title windows artefacts is still there02:49
DanaG aptitude changelog compiz                      Ign ChangeLog of compiz        E: Couldn't fetch URL http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs       /pool/main/c/compiz/compiz_0.7.0-0ubuntu1/changelog        E: Couldn't find a changelog for compiz02:49
RAOFlz7: You mean the clearlooks bug that's... a clearlooks bug? :)02:50
lz7dissapearing maximize/close buttons02:50
RAOFYah.  From memory, that's a clearlooks bug?02:51
lz7how to know what version of compiz i running? i tried compiz --version, it says compiz 0.5.5 ??02:51
lz7i dont know02:51
ethana2it should be 0.7 new02:51
Dr_willisi though .7 just came out02:52
ethana2Do the MOTU need any help with it?02:52
RAOFHeh.  "compiz --version" says "metacity 2.21.8" for me :P02:52
Dr_willislike came out today... :)02:52
ethana2yes ^_^02:52
Dr_willisthey added it to the repo that fast eh.02:52
ethana2maybe i overestimate the speed of source02:52
ethana2i don't know; i would think it was awesome if they had02:53
ethana2for hardy alpha anyway02:53
RAOFThe Ubuntu compiz packagers are fairly heavily involved upstream.02:53
ethana2sweet-- now the KDE folks were talking about some wm shortcomings of compiz02:53
ethana2anyone know what they were talking about?02:53
RAOFIt doesn't have a context menu with 13 different window options? :P02:54
* Dr_willis has no clue.02:54
RAOFIt's not as complete a window manager as, say, metacity.  There are still some corner cases it doesn't handle as well.02:54
lz7what problem i have with compiz is games freeze X with effects enabled02:54
lz7maybe its fixed in 0.702:55
ethana2like snap to on bottom and top simultaneously freaking out?02:55
RAOFRight.  Not actually a Compiz problem, likely.02:55
ethana2i usually switch from compiz before executing GL games like trem02:55
Dr_willisive had windows do a mazamize animation.. and get stuck wiggling about for a few min. :)02:55
RAOFethana2: That'd be a wobbly bug; that works OK with non-wobbly windows :)02:55
ethana2is this actually needed?02:55
ethana2hmmmm.. i don't use wobbly02:56
ethana2due to what Dr_willis just said happening to me a lot02:56
RAOFethana2: It shouldn't be, but X & driver (& compiz) bugs exist.02:56
ethana2wait, it doesn't even need two edges to do that02:56
ethana2it just freaks out when i try to pull a window along an edge02:57
ethana2keeps resetting my cursor location02:57
ethana2as if the window is resisting me, you know02:57
Dr_willisResistance is Futile!02:57
ethana2you know how the wobbly thing resist ones cursor?02:58
lz7!bug 15385702:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153857 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[rv350] games crash X or freeze system if compiz is turned on" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15385702:58
ethana2i don't see a point to that, ever02:58
ethana2well why would i even want my DE in RAM while playing a game?02:59
ethana2the ps3 doesn't have enough ram for that02:59
ethana2once they get GL up on gallium on the SPE's, that will be an issue02:59
ethana2the whole DE should hibernate- gaming mode02:59
ethana2the best of consoles, the best of the desktop, 15 seconds away from eachother02:59
ethana2i love ideapool...03:02
shiris1RAOF: Is there a way to see the queue as to what updates are coming up next & when?03:03
ethana2that would siphon effort off of actually /making them happen/, imo..03:04
shiris1or anybody else if they know, ethana2 & DanaG03:05
DanaGWell, there's probably a list of what's been committed but not yet compiled, or compiled but not yet been sent to mirrors.03:05
RAOFshiris1: No.03:05
RAOFNot quite, IIRC.  That's a mailing-list version of the upload notification.  Those packages may well still be stuck in the new queue for an indeterminate period of time.03:10
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shirishDanaG: RAOF is right, I got the notification on the ML about 15 hours ago, the same one which u are talking about.03:13
shirishRAOF: just like the build queue it would be nicer if there was an updates queue which one could look into :(03:15
RAOFThe new queue is what you're after, but it's not necessarily done in that order and it's got no ETA on it.03:16
shirishRAOF: so the only thing one can do is sit, wait, pray & hope it comes ?03:16
RAOFIt's going to come (presumably; unless it gets rejected), but yes.  It gets done when it gets done.03:17
shirishhmm.... ok it comes when it comes.03:18
lz7cat /proc/cpuinfo showing incorrect cpu speed 1200 idle or 1800 on load, this is default values, but cpu is overclocled, it should be 1600 and 2400. and kern.log showing "time.c: detected 2401.920 MHz processor" cpu is core 2 duo03:22
lz7mmm showing=shows03:23
RAOFIt's probably reporting what the ACPI tables (or whatever it is) report your throttling states are, and hence doesn't know you've voided your warrantee :)03:24
theacolyteso does hardy support nvidia 8800 cards?04:08
=== awalton__dos is now known as awalton__
RAOFthecrypto: Yes, it does support 8800 cards.  You either want nvidia-glx-new (binary blob), xserver-xorg-video-nv (open source, no 3d), or you can try xserver-xorg-video-nouveau from my PPA, which may well not quite work right.04:38
ethana2my sister got a virus05:14
ethana2on her windows machine05:14
ethana2natures way of saying 'get a better frigging operating system!'05:14
DanaGAnybody know where to find fontconfig  2.5.0-2ubuntu1?05:17
DanaGThat's the last version that had working 'legacy' hinting.05:17
DarkMageZDanaG, source or binary package?05:18
DanaGEither is fine, as long as I'd be able to build the source.05:18
DarkMageZthey've even got the binary packages ?05:19
DanaGI don't know, actually.05:20
DanaGAnd I don't know how to build from those three files.05:21
DarkMageZDanaG, this might be more useful for you then,https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fontconfig/2.5.0-2ubuntu1/+build/46397305:22
DarkMageZclick resulting binaries :p05:22
DanaGOOh, thanks!05:22
DanaGWhat is 'udeb'?05:23
DarkMageZignore udeb unless you know what it is05:23
DanaGAah, that's a good answer.05:24
DanaGAnd I just read the description: Minimal.  (Probably for the Debian installer mode that looks like X but really isn't.)05:24
RAOFDanaG: Indeed; they're packages for the installer.05:25
DanaGI've also wondered what that pinkish theme in the Debian Etch installer (I tried in a VM a while ago) is.  It's not installed on the final system.05:26
DanaGIt's one of the few things I've seen do pink well, to where even though I'm male, I might even consider using it.05:27
DanaGGentoo does its purple well, too.05:27
DanaGNow to log out and back in to see how well that fontconfig works.05:28
hydrogenthis doesn't do pink well enoguh for you?05:28
DanaGdamnit, that time Xorg got 'super' stuck down.05:31
DanaGdamn again, that time it was both shift and super.05:34
DanaGThat's royally screwed up.05:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:36
DanaGHmm, fonts are still not working with 'legacy'.05:55
DanaGI'm going to try the Feisty debs.05:55
DanaGstupid keyboard stuckiness.06:11
DanaGEvery one of those times of me quitting was due to my 'super' key getting stuck.06:11
DanaG!smash Xorg06:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about smash xorg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:12
DanaGoops, command is for a different channel.06:13
DanaG(22:13:07) nerfle: ME ANGRY! ME SMASH Xorg!06:13
DanaGI am sick and tired of my ******* keys getting stuck!06:18
AssidDanaG: i got a shift and enter key thatd oes that06:20
Assiderr.. brb.. more issues06:20
ethana2i've learned not to use my backspace06:20
DanaGWell, at least my fonts are back to the way I like them.06:22
DanaGI had to go back to the Feisty debs.06:22
DanaGAND AGAIN!06:26
Assidsup DanaG06:28
DanaGJust "Super".06:29
DanaG"Super" keeps getting stuck.06:29
DanaGAnd it's kinda' hard to type with 'super' stuck down.06:29
Assidnew keyboard time06:29
hydrogenalt gets stuck here06:29
Assidbtw: any of you guys use mythtv?06:29
Assideverytime i click on watch tv .. it just refreshes.. and does nothing06:30
DanaGIt's not my keyboard.06:30
DanaGIt's Xorg.06:30
DanaGCtrl-alt-backspace fixes it.06:30
DanaGThat's why I keep popping out and in.06:30
DanaGEvery single one of those times was 'super' (or 'super' and 'shift') getting stuck.06:30
Tuv0kAssid, /join #ubuntu-mythtv06:30
Tuv0kbut yes I use it06:30
Tuv0kall the time06:30
AssidTuv0k: im there.. but having no luck06:31
Assidi got a hauppage 15006:31
Tuv0kme too06:31
Assideverything seems fine but when i click on watch tv.. it just refreshes06:31
Tuv0kI don't see you in that channel?06:32
Tuv0kremove and readd your card to the backend06:32
Assidoh wait.. ubuntu-mythtv06:32
Assidi was in mythtv-users06:32
Assiderr.. it detects my card fine06:32
Assidthats the funny part06:32
Tuv0kthats beside my point06:33
Tuv0ktry it, then report06:33
Assidaccording to system status.. my tuner status is unavailable06:33
Assideh ?06:33
Tuv0kare you going to now heed the advice which you sought?06:34
lz7i was waiting for more than 1 year for linux to support my tv-tuner lol pathetic06:35
lz7and it is not in 7.10 yet, only in hardy06:35
Tuv0kshould have bought a supported card06:36
DanaGstupid xorg.06:36
Tuv0knot the other way around06:36
Assiderr. let me first check if the darn cable wire is working.. i just added it and "crimped it" never really tested it06:36
Assidelectrician said "should work "06:37
Tuv0kare thedirections I gave too involved?06:37
Tuv0kI have the same card06:37
Assidremoving and re-adding ?06:37
Assidi set it up for client server06:37
Tuv0kI told you what was required, yet you dally?06:37
lz7and btw hardy not supported my tv-tuner yet lol, only s-video input...06:37
lz7but it is ok, i use tv-tuner only to play ps2 on my pc06:38
AssidTuv0k: when it was scanning.. it found some channels..,  so i just dont get how the status goes off06:38
Assidbut ok.. removing and re-adding06:38
Tuv0kyou have to log out to do that?06:39
lz7no i know i should check my hardware for compatibility with linux, but how to check it? i doubt any vendor tell that06:39
lz7before i buy06:40
Tuv0khow about checking mythtvs website?06:40
Tuv0klike most ppl do?06:40
Tuv0kyou know, reading06:40
lz7hauppage even not selling in my country06:41
DanaGOh, for **** sake, when will the keyboard insanity end?06:41
lz7and to be compatible, you need OLD models06:41
lz7they not selling anymore, and i want new06:41
Tuv0kwhat country you live in where you can't order from ebay?06:41
lz7i dont buy ebay stuff06:42
DanaGAND AGAIN!06:42
DanaGAND AGAIN!06:42
DanaGAND AGAIN!06:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153412 in ubuntu "inferior subpixel hinting on gutsy compared to previous versions of Ubuntu - no way to revert to previous hinting method" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:51
DarkMageZDanaG, having fun with fonts?06:52
Assidokay it seems it was on /dev/video1 now no more video006:52
ethana2oh hey, do we have a list of acpi hardware we have drivers for?06:52
DanaGMore like, having fun with my damn Super key.06:52
Assidso i fixed that.. and also rebooted.. seems to show up ok.. BUT i still get the watch live to only refresh06:52
DarkMageZlol. don't you mean Windows Key :p06:52
ethana2when windows has long died, we won't have to change the name that way06:53
DarkMageZthe only way microsoft could fold is if the USA collapsed AND then it suffered a lack of customers06:54
DarkMageZthey can continue their business purely off the interest from the bank :p06:55
Assiderr. who was i speaking to?06:55
Assidi gotta do something about my memory06:55
lz7use logs!06:56
Assidjust installed kvirc :(06:56
ethana2DarkMageZ: i said windows, not microsoft06:56
ethana2DarkMageZ: although i would like to see them both go, I guess06:56
DanaGOh hey, did anybody else here like the Feisty font rendering better than the Gutsy font rendering?06:57
Assidoh found it.. Tuv0k06:57
DarkMageZethana2, that's an interesting thought. microsoft dropping their windows product.06:57
DarkMageZyou'd require some massive market shifting.06:57
ethana2DarkMageZ: like the massive shift to OSX and Linux, that would do it ;)06:58
DanaGAnd it happened AGAIN.06:58
DanaGIt's like russian roulette pressing the damn key.06:58
ethana2back in 30, taking shower06:58
DarkMageZethana2, you'd need to develop an active directory replacement, so that businesses would transition.06:59
lz7OSX? "Many popular operating system platforms -- most notably Windows and Macintosh -- are in fact created by agents of mind control."06:59
DanaGFonts are still ugly!07:03
AssidTuv0k: i did what you asked me to do.. but i still cant see it07:04
DanaGI want my nice crisp rendering back (i.e. why do you need to put colors to the sides of already perfectly vertical lines?)07:04
Assidethana2: thats mostly because people are pissed off with windows07:04
DanaGs/i.e./e.g./  (ignore the fact that '.' is a wildcard.)07:04
lz7DanaG: what is with your fonts? mine are ok07:05
DanaGIt's personal preference.07:05
DanaGI loved the font rendering in Feisty, but since then, it's become more like Cleartype: fringey and eyestrainey.07:05
AssidDanaG: on ?07:06
DanaGon?  What about "on"?07:06
lz7i use 110 dpi, subpixel smoothing (but it is not matter), slight hinting (it makes fonts bold) look niiice... and i liked cleartype in windoze07:06
DanaGOn both Gutsy and Hardy.07:06
Assidthe fonts your referring too ?07:06
DanaGDejaVu Sans.07:06
Assidoh .. yeah..07:06
Assiddejavu sans book07:07
DanaG... and there goes my damn Super key getting stuck yet AGAIN!07:07
DanaGIt's enough to make me want to break something.07:07
Assidsans aint bad either07:08
lz7DanaG: maybe you should revert back to 7.10 or try another keyboard, my keyboard work ok07:08
DanaGTry with compiz-fusion.07:08
lz7yeah i tried compiz07:09
lz7probably xorg having problem with some keyboards07:09
lz7and maybe it is even keyboards fault07:09
lz7manufacturers tend to produce broken hardware07:10
lz7what subpixel order to choose? RGB, VRGB, BGR, VBGR?07:12
DanaGIt's NOT the **** keyboard.07:13
lz7mmm i see, anything but RGB makes my letters colored07:13
DanaGAnd the font rendering is a deliberate change in rendering method in the fontconfig libraries.07:13
lz7i like to see more fonts, it looks like i use serif for system, for chat, for web... and some web fonts are heavily broken... probably trying to reproduce some MS fonts07:18
lz7but some fonts in ubuntu better than in windoze07:22
ethana2i moved hundreds of fonts over07:22
lz7like on dailytech.com07:22
ethana2i had lord of the rings and halo and star wars fonts... ^_^07:23
lz7well... probably web uses less than 5 fonts... all sites07:24
lz7most use times new roman07:25
lz7and thats all07:25
animehardy + compiz == no window decorations... hints?07:30
animeGConf backend: There is an unsupported value at path /apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens/options/initiate_edge. Settings from this path won't be read. Try to remove that value so that operation can continue properly.07:32
ethana2did you mean 'hardy + compiz != window decorations'?07:32
animefor me, no the first was correct07:33
animethe state of not having them :P07:33
ethana2== is a question07:33
ethana2wait, what language?07:33
anime== means exactly equals07:33
* anime shrugs07:33
ethana2yes.  well, /apps confuses me07:33
ethana2where is that?07:34
animelets see.. /me taks look at scale07:34
ethana2only in gconf?07:34
animesomething about scale07:34
ethana2opening it07:34
ethana2okay, open the gnome config editor07:34
ethana2then follow that path07:34
ethana2and do something about that bad key07:34
ethana2so when gnome has a full blown registry, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?  ^_^07:35
animeprobably bad07:36
Assidanime: emerald --replace &07:36
Assidrun that07:36
animedoesnt do anything07:37
animeno errors either07:37
animetried playing with window decorations to no effect07:37
animenvidia restricted driver on07:37
animeshoot i gotta exe copmiz via a skip_tests or w/e07:37
anime[well technically thru the fusion-icon but same difference]07:37
Assidanime: metacity --replace &07:38
animeyeah i know how to get out of it07:38
animei want the decorations actually working lol07:38
Assidapt-get install emerald07:38
animegot it07:38
animegrabbed some themes too07:38
Assidand emerald --replace & doesnt do anything for you?07:39
animedoesnt work under gtk or emerald07:39
animeAssid, correct07:39
Assidhave you restarted X after you loaded emerald ?07:39
lz7where i can get more themes for hardy07:39
animei spose we could try that one07:39
animelz7, install gnome-art07:39
lz7thank i try that07:39
Assidi wish the usplash would be as per the resolution of X instead of 1024x76807:40
Assidor whatever that ubuntu loader is called07:40
Assidalso.. anyone know how to set numlock to be ON  when ubuntu starts07:41
Assidhow come gnome doesnt have a nice gui for this like kde does?07:42
lz7dont know about that problem i always control my numlock in bios and set it to off07:42
animeso yeah that didnt work07:43
animelz7, numlockx07:43
animeturns on auto ?07:43
Assidanime: supposed to07:44
animedidnt work eh07:44
animebtw smplayer is awesome front end to mplayer which in turn is full of win07:45
lz7does it support grabbing s-video tvtuner input like original mplayer?07:45
Assidokay not sure if this is a smartt move.. moved my desktop to hardy.. and its my primary work desktop07:45
DarkMageZAssid, i did the same at alpha 2 :p07:46
Assiderr.. how do i allow07:47
Assidhow do i allow listening vnc connections..07:47
Assidlike i am on a public ip.. but i got some clients on a nat.. on windows..i have themn use ultravnc.. and i enable "listening vnc viewer"07:48
Assidbasically they add client.. and i connect to them07:48
lz7omg gnome art just downloaded 240 themes... if i try all of them i will die07:48
lz7i guees it is what i asked "more themes" lol07:50
qziois there any known issues with gnome-appearance-properties?07:56
ethana2it can add themes?07:56
ethana2..I'm about to find out, qzio ^_^07:57
ethana2well, it died07:58
ethana2if that counts07:58
ethana2hey, did you guys hear?07:59
ethana2about time :)  This is awesome07:59
ethana2wow, that's old07:59
ethana2but i just now came across it.  ..disregard..   but it's still awesome08:00
lz7another openoffice?08:01
lz7or is it not java based?08:02
ethana2That's from last year-- the IBM OO.o derivative08:02
ethana2and they gave their full backing to .odt08:02
ethana2it's mostly the same code I think08:02
ethana2and for some reason it showed up in my gmail feed today08:02
ethana2what the heck.08:02
ethana2ohhhhh....  that was just an article on OSNews related to the Blue Gene internet thing.. I see08:03
ethana2I got too excited to realize it was 3 months in the past08:04
ethana2but seeing as its ramifications will shape our future, I declare it 'current news'..08:04
lz7i even not understand and never was able to understand what is all about MS Office, adn OOO is bloated and slow... i wrote all my essays for years in simple notepad like editor08:05
ethana2If you don't use the DE to do the work08:05
ethana2bloat is inevitable08:05
ethana2..and Java, well, there you go08:05
ethana2Wait, can you compile Java?08:06
void^java is compiled to a platform independent bytecode08:08
ethana2then it doesn't run /on/ the CPU08:09
ethana2which is instantly horrible08:09
ethana2if you really wanted to, could you compile it to x86 or ppc with the gnu compiler collection?08:10
void^just in time compilation is used08:11
void^microsoft has implemented the same thing in .net (which everyone seems to love)08:11
ethana2firefox went through this08:11
ethana2they learned their lesson08:11
ethana2jack of all platforms, master of none08:12
ethana2..and until FF3 is out, I think I shall use epiphany08:12
RAOFethana2: Incidentally, JIT compiled code can be faster than precompiled code.  You can do more fancy optimisation.08:13
lz7void^: "do like we said, not like we do" does MS office 2007 .NET based?08:13
ethana2but OO.o doesn't work with the global menu bar08:14
ethana2I mean, I don't know about the mac one, but it doesn't work with the one for gnome08:15
ethana2..installing abiword08:20
RAOFethana2: That would be because the global menu bar is a pretty much unsupported Gnome hack, probably :)08:20
lz7how to install theme with gnome-art? i click install, it do nothing08:21
ethana2RAOF: it won't be for long08:21
ethana2if you're in appearances08:22
ethana2install wants a file stored locally08:22
RAOFlz7: Sorry, I know what you're talking about now.08:22
ethana2if you haven't downloaded a theme, you have nothing08:22
RAOFlz7: Last time I checked, it was fairly easy?08:22
lz7 ethana2: i'll try that08:23
lz7RAOF: i can't understand08:23
RAOFlz7: You're thinking System->Preferences->Art Manager, yes?08:24
ethana2wow, i don't have that08:24
ethana2but it sounds like it's awesome, i've wanted it08:24
ethana2i'll see if i can add it08:24
RAOFaptitude install gnome-art08:24
RAOFHeh.  Downloading background 44/1208:25
ethana2found it08:25
ethana2but thanks, RAOF ;)08:25
ethana2ooh, this should be awesome ^_^08:26
lz7oh i managed to get it to wok, yes it look cool08:26
ethana2oh man, I have so wanted this08:27
* ethana2 cackles to himself08:28
ethana2man, this is awesome!  /Serious/ props to whoever coded this08:30
ethana2I _love_ you08:30
ethana2..in a .. not wierd.. way08:30
ethana2of course08:30
ethana2almost done downloading 1208 backgrounds...08:55
mrtimdogHas anyone else seen this error: gstreamer plugin 'playbin' not found? It's from gmusicbrowser trying to use the perl gstreamer stuff.10:04
Helvascahave you made sure its installed?10:09
mrtimdogHi. Yes, it's installed.10:13
mrtimdogplaybin plugin is part of gstreamer0.10-plugins-base.10:15
=== keffie_jayx is now known as effie
=== effie is now known as effie_jayx
mrtimdogOk, so gst-launch-0.10 playbin uri=... works, could be a libgstreamer-perl problem...10:32
Le-Chuck_IT1Hi all. Is it normal that if I put tomboy in my session it opens the search window, and if I start it from my terminal after login it will not?11:17
=== assid is now known as Assid
Assiderr.. can someone help me configure my webcam11:41
Assidkopete doesnt really activate it11:41
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:41
Assidi got one of them cheap chinese makes11:46
Assidalso the other day i had someone webcam with me.. i couldnt see them11:47
Assidis there any wy to get these cheap chinese webcams to work?12:12
Assidwindows used to detect it as a HP webcam12:12
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:12
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in #ubuntu-classroom in 9 minutes12:50
dholbachMasters of the Universe! :)12:51
dholbachhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted :)12:51
Dr_WillisThat like the He-Man Womans haters club?12:51
PiciDr_Willis: as in the Universe repositories.12:52
dholbachDr_Willis: errr, whatever the club you're talking about, it's not the one I refer to :)12:52
Dr_Willisdholbach,  dont rember the old 'our-gang'   show eh. :) with spanky and alfafa and buckwheat.12:53
* Dr_Willis is showing his age.12:53
tretlehey..... I'm using hardy and there seems to be an old bug which has cropped up again with rhythm box detecting itself as a upnp media server.13:00
tretleIm new to coherence but I know that the ip loopback adress is definately wrong13:00
tretleshould be
tretlethis is why hardy is not compatible with the ps3 as a media server right now13:01
muszekis GVFS still unstable?  right after alpha4 came out I was advised against upgrading from Gutsy because I could lose data.13:01
tretlewhen you change it to the ps3 see's rhythmbox's upnp media server and you are able to stream music from ubuntu to the ps313:02
tretleI had fixed this issue before but cant seem to find where the coherence.config file is anymore13:02
=== marko-_-_ is now known as marko-_-
tretleI thought I would say somethig here to raise awareness of the issue and let people know why their ps3's arnt picking up coherence13:03
tretleId say the xbox360 has the same issue though im not 100% as i dont own one13:03
DrPHPerr.. the latest update broke my install13:31
selckinfix it13:31
DrPHPgrub is gone loco13:31
DrPHPall i did was try to suspend ... and after that itsgone nuts13:32
DrPHPafter trying to suspend. the cursor just kept blinking.. soi said oh crap.. and pressed the reboot button13:32
DrPHPafter that.. grub doesnt wanna boot into the kernel13:32
DrPHPsays something like cylinder is bigger than what bios supports13:32
DrPHPafter a few dozen restarts.. i am now getting error 1613:33
DrPHPactually around 5-8 restarts13:33
DrPHPand i can no longer boot into windows either .. cause grub refuses to do its magic13:34
DrPHPokay i finally got the boot menu13:34
DrPHPerror 18: selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by bios13:34
DrPHPit used to work.. i was just on the machine13:35
DrPHPselckin: any idea?13:37
tretledid u try editing grub?13:39
tretlethe e button13:39
DrPHPwell i dont know what to do there13:39
DrPHPi tried e.. then typed reboot13:39
tretleif its (hd1,1) change it to (hd0,1) and press b13:39
DrPHPmachine rebooted.. and things got worse13:39
DrPHPnot getting grub anymore.. now im getting error 16.. no more grub menu13:40
DrPHPi gottta reboot a few dozen times then it may work13:40
selckinboot with a livecd and check if your hs isn't dead13:40
DrPHPwhen i was in grub.. i was able to type kernel / <tab> and it showed me the files fine13:41
DrPHPthat was during the other error13:41
tretlewhen you get into the grub menu just highlight whichever one you want to boot, press e press e again and change the harddrive map (hd1,1) and experiment usually either hd0 or hd1 though an, the fact that ur dual booting windows makes me think you followed the guide that switched around these headers so whenever you get a grub update you will need to change them arund again13:42
DrPHPbut it had come up for a few times earlier13:43
DrPHPthats the real odd part13:44
DrPHPand i was able to boot windows at the very least13:44
DrPHPit keeps going between error 16 and error 1813:44
tretlehmmmm... u couldalways just try letting your pc cool off and plugging it out for awhile....... sounds crazy but sometimes it helps13:45
tretlewith hardware issues that is13:45
DrPHPnow i got read error13:45
tretlethat sounds exactly like the issue i said earlier13:45
tretleI suffer from it myself13:46
tretleanytime a new kernal is upped i need to modify grub to boot up again13:46
DrPHPyour kidding me right?13:46
DrPHPfark so im screwed..13:46
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:46
DrPHPlive cd.. edit grub13:46
tretledont even need a live cd13:47
DrPHPi dont get to the menu anymore13:47
DrPHPit dies before that13:47
tretlethen u do need it :D13:47
DrPHPoh yeah and the new kernel (i booted once with it)13:49
DrPHPit happened AFTER i tried to use suspend13:49
DrPHPokay you wanna know something crazy13:50
DrPHPi removed the power and sata cable.. put it back13:50
DrPHPand it worked13:50
DrPHPhardware issue ?13:50
DrPHPcrap. thats my main drive13:50
tretlestart backing up then13:51
tretle :D13:51
selckintime to backup13:51
DrPHPi just did!13:51
DrPHPi just formatted and installed this13:51
muszektretle, DrPHP: about that "every time kernel upgraded, I had to edit menu.lst" issue.  I've had the same problem on my old desktop (I think it started appearing around late hoary/early breezy).  I managed too fix it (afair some command in menu.lst), but can't really tell you, as I don't own that computer anymore.13:51
DrPHPand its a new drive13:52
selckincould have been just the cable being loose13:52
DrPHPthey wont accept it for warranty.. cause it starts up fine13:52
muszekI trust new drives less than drives that are proven to work13:52
DrPHPbut on its own13:52
selckintry to read out SMART stuff13:52
DrPHPim gonna restart 2-3 times to see what happens13:53
DrPHPthis kernel is slower to boot :(13:54
_rubenDrPHP: use the manufacturer's appropriate tools to check if its ok or not13:54
DrPHPand i see something like hda is not ready13:55
DrPHPi dont have an hda drive13:55
DrPHPall sata ports13:55
_rubenhda is usualy the cdrom drive13:55
DrPHPaah right.. but why is it trying to seek that13:55
_rubensome process accessing /media/cdrom which has automounting enabled usualy13:56
DrPHPshoudl suspend be working on a desktop ?13:56
_rubennever tried, but suspend + linux = tricky in general from what i've gathered13:56
DrPHPso far i only get a blinking cursor13:57
DrPHPits a quad core .. with sata drive and 2gb ram13:57
DrPHPshouldnt take this long13:58
DrPHPi wontder if it suspends to ram or disk13:58
=== joerlend__ is now known as XiXaQ
DrPHPoh yeah.. my webcam doesnt wok14:00
DrPHPdoesnt work even14:00
DrPHPi dont think it made the /dev for it14:01
DrPHPokay i klled ubuntu again by trying to suspend14:04
DrPHPx doesnt boot14:04
DrPHPerr bbl14:06
DrPHPthanks _ruben14:06
luksmannhello there15:42
Assidhow goes it15:44
Assiderr can someone help me with my webcam please .. my webcam uses the gspca module15:45
Assidbut i cant seem to get it to do anyting15:46
Assiddmesg says the following : No supported image sensor detected for this bridge right after it catches it15:46
Assidalso anyone know any decent / nice messengers for yahoo ?15:48
Assidamsn is nice for msn15:48
rskAssid: pidgin for yahoo15:50
Assidrsk: doesnt let me get rid of the grouping.. and also it doesnt let me do some file transfers15:51
luksmannmy w-lan is driving me crazy...15:55
Assidmine doesnt wanna use the usb device15:58
Assidinternal one is wifi b :(15:58
luksmannwell...my wlan connection doesn't work as long as I am in my room - scanning for AP brings no results. as soon as I move one room towards my AP everything works fine - NM connects. when I go back to my room connection stays alive16:00
luksmannand although I am connected to my AP network scan from terminal still shows no AP anywhere near16:01
Assidwhats the strenght of the signal in your room16:02
luksmann54/100 ...so should be stable enough16:02
Assidweird.. dlink router by chance?16:03
luksmannno...some belkin n-draft...16:03
luksmannany ideas?16:06
Assidor its native support16:07
luksmanni am using a standard intel 3945 ABG wlan card....16:09
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
luksmannso ndiswrapper shouldn't be needed...16:11
lz7what new in 24.7 kernel?16:13
lz7and i see new nvidia drivers, and xorg-something16:13
Assidi cant get my webcam working yet tho16:14
Assidso im bummed :(16:14
Tuv0kclicking "set system time" does nothing16:16
Tuv0klirc-modules still missing a file to use pvr-150 remote16:16
Assidheya Tuv0k16:21
Assidthanks.. i got my card working16:21
Assidhavent worked with the remote yet tho16:21
Tuv0kglad I could help16:22
Tuv0kthe remote is trick as there is a bug yet to be fixed16:22
Tuv0kI have mine working though16:23
Tuv0kyou have to get the ir blaster file, and put it in the firmware directory16:23
Tuv0kthats the short and sweet of it16:24
Tuv0kbut this is a topic for the other channel16:24
Assidk.. when i get my set top box.. i will ask the question16:24
Assidfor now i cant really use it16:24
Assidby any chance you had any experience with webcams16:25
Tuv0kyou don't understand16:25
Tuv0kthat file will enable not just the blaster BUT THE REMOTE16:25
Tuv0kwhich is why I typed it16:25
Assidsorry my bad16:26
Tuv0k2nd time you dismiss the fix16:26
Tuv0kand yes, I have a working cam as well16:26
Assidthe blaster is the receiver ? i dont know whats the blaster actually16:27
Tuv0kand I don't use a set top box16:27
Assidfriend of mine bought the device a year or so back.. i bought it off him cause he got a mac now16:27
Tuv0kits unimportant as far as enabling the remote16:27
Assidhttp://assid.pastebin.com/m5469a7b5 -- dmesg - i got a SN9C120 webcam16:30
Assidi cant get this to work right16:30
Assidworked fine until day before when i was on widnows16:30
Assidit works on the gspca modules16:30
Tuv0kstart there16:31
Assidthey go nuts if i mention im running hardy..16:31
Tuv0kI bet lol16:31
Tuv0kwhat kind of cam is that?16:31
Assidi tried asking a simple question like "any other messengers besides kopete and pidgin16:31
Assidone of those cheap chinese ones actually16:31
Tuv0kwell thaat narrows it down huh?16:32
Assiderr wait16:32
Assidlemme see if i can find something16:32
Tuv0kwhat response did you get to your query about IMs?16:32
Assiderr.. first they said pidgin.. im like "besides pidgin and kopete" and then again pidgin.. for icq had to keep explaining "i dont want pidgin"16:34
Assidthen i get "yahoo messenger from yahoo" which is as good as deprecated cause its ancient as hell16:34
Assidfinally when it came to why i dont like pidgin.. (like i cant get rid of the groups for example) they said try the later version.. to which i said im running hardy16:35
Assidnext thing im told to come here for hardy questions16:35
Tuv0kyeah, I find #ubuntu totally useless16:35
Tuv0kI have no idea who they are helping16:36
Tuv0kbut it seems I'm beyond their scope of support16:36
Assidits like they want n00bs in there.. ONLY16:37
Assidand then they ask why are they asked the same questions again and again16:37
Assidto which ofcourse they will use the bot16:37
Assidi mean some guys .. okay.. they are nice.. they help16:38
Assidso anyways.. care to help me with my webcam?16:39
Tuv0kI haang here #ubuntu-bugs and #ubuntu-mythtv16:39
Tuv0kyou'veyet to identify your cam16:39
Assidyeah im still tyring to find the exact tsame thing16:40
Tuv0kisit usb?16:40
Assiddmesg shows it.. as mentioned in the pastebin16:40
Tuv0klsusb reports what>16:40
Assiderr.. i cant copy OUT of xterm?16:43
lz7where is log of recent updates?16:44
AssidBus 006 Device 005: ID 0c45:6130 Microdia16:44
lz7found it16:45
h3sp4wnIs there anyone who has managed to netinstall hardy xen from another os16:46
Tuv0kAssid, what app are you attempting to use it with?16:46
Assidamsn.. kopete.. etc16:46
Assidright now trying with ekiga16:47
Tuv0ktry updating the kernel16:47
Tuv0kthere is a newer one out16:48
Assiderr i got the latest one16:48
Assidstill has same issue16:48
Tuv0kerrr you don't16:48
Tuv0klook I can't help you if you don't listen16:48
Tuv0kthis is the 3rd time16:48
Tuv0kLinux amd 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 00:56:31 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:48
Assidassid@intelquad:~$ uname -a16:49
AssidLinux intelquad 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 01:29:58 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux16:49
Assidi am..16:49
Assidthat log is a bit older16:49
Tuv0kwhy is your pastebin different?16:49
Tuv0kand i apologize16:49
Assidpastebin'd it before i updated16:50
Tuv0kcurrent logs help16:50
Assidok one sec16:50
Tuv0kforget it16:50
Tuv0kthe dmesg is not revealing anything relevant anyhow16:50
Tuv0kwe know the system is seeing the cam16:50
Assidquestion is why cant i access it :(16:51
Tuv0know pick an app, to get it to work with16:51
_Shade_are there any problems with mp3 support in hardy on 64 bit machines? i can't manage with it16:51
Tuv0kits much easier to troubleshoot one app than 316:51
Tuv0k_Shade_, none16:51
_Shade_Tuv0k: oh.... i have some problems though :)16:52
Assidokay ekiga first.. if it works there.. we can try on amsn .. cause i dont wanna close and start the apps everytime16:52
Tuv0kAssid, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gspca/+bug/11308816:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 113088 in gspca "Microdia 0c45:613b webcam not properly supported" [Undecided,New]16:52
Tuv0kthats the result of googleing your cam specs from your pastebin, and viola16:53
Tuv0klearn to use google, it will save you headache16:53
Assidi did google.. saw some ubuntuforums16:53
_Shade_Tuv0k: just installed the 64 bit version, and then ubuntu-restricted extras and still no sound16:53
Assidcame across another site .. which said its part of the linuxprojects16:53
Tuv0k_Shade_, curious, because nothing special is needed to play mp3s16:54
Tuv0k Assid your issue has been resolved16:54
Tuv0ksee above links16:54
_Shade_Tuv0k: any advice then?16:55
Tuv0k_Shade_, what system were you using before, what is the nature of your sound card?16:56
Tuv0kcan you play ther medium16:57
AssidTuv0k: check this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4197330&postcount=416:57
Tuv0kvideos ?16:57
_Shade_Tuv0k: it was kubuntu gutsy@32 bits.... and the sound card.... an integrated one but plays nicely exceppt mp3's :)16:57
Tuv0kvideos have sound?16:58
_Shade_Tuv0k: don't know yet... i need some avi or stuff :)16:58
coz_guys ... is there any news for  "gimp-svg"  for hardy?16:58
Tuv0kthrow in a cd or dvd or sometihing16:59
lz7i can't connect to launchpad and ubuntuforums16:59
_Shade_Tuv0k: i think i cant play any movies neither - no sound and vision16:59
Assidlz7: launchpad is a tad slow17:00
Tuv0k_Shade_, total media black out for you then?17:00
coz_lz7, ubuntuforums.org  works here17:00
Tuv0keverything is operation here as wekk17:00
_Shade_Tuv0k: i guess so but the oggs are ok :)17:00
Tuv0kok, so the soundcard is fine, you are just having codecs issues17:01
coz__Shade_, open a terminal    alsamixer  to be sure it is recognizing the card by name properly17:01
Tuv0k_Shade_,install this package ubuntu-restricted-extras17:02
Tuv0kthen report17:02
h3sp4wn_Shade_: I would recommend the fluendo mp3 decoder17:02
_Shade_Card: HDA Intel                                                              │17:02
_Shade_│ Chip: Realtek ALC88817:02
Tuv0kdude your card is fine17:02
h3sp4wnIt sounds alot crisper you just have to register17:02
Tuv0kmake sure said package is installed17:02
coz_yep _Shade_ it s fine17:02
Tuv0kand fluendo is also installed on my machine as well17:03
Tuv0k_Shade_, acknowledge?17:03
_Shade_btw i have never heard about this one17:03
Tuv0k_Shade_, acknowledge?17:04
Tuv0k_Shade_, acknowledge17:05
Tuv0kmoving on17:05
_Shade_Tuv0k: i have the package installed already17:05
AssidTuv0k: which webcam do you use17:06
Tuv0ka real one;)17:06
Assidokay lets see if i can change it17:06
Assidthis gives shitty pictures anwyasy..17:06
_Shade_i just updated the kernel... might it be the case?17:07
AssidTuv0k: any suggestions for some good messenger clients.. like how amsn i17:07
Assidamsn is17:07
coz_Assid,   http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml17:08
UnDaany1 there?17:08
lz7ubuntu.com not acessible too, strange...17:08
Assidcoz_: jabber? proxy through that?17:08
UnDahey i got kubuntu hardy17:08
UnDabut i cant open configure17:09
coz_Assid, should work but I would read up on each of the clients to see how configurable they are17:09
UnDai get error17:09
Assidany personal suggestions?17:09
UnDaany help?17:09
coz_Assid, well pdigin is fine for me17:09
Tuv0kAssid, I would never use amsn, I on;y use pidgin, but yeah there are jabber clients and such17:09
lz7what is that? i just updated kernel, and few minutes later... new kernel lol17:09
coz_Assid, pidgin17:09
Tuv0kand you can remove groups in pidgin17:09
Tuv0khe knows about pidgin ppl17:10
Tuv0kthats why he is asking for OTHERs17:10
AssidTuv0k: last time around.. i asked in the pidgin channel and they said NOT GOING TO HAPPEN17:11
Assidand that was in caps17:11
Tuv0kthey are a nice bunch aren't they?17:11
Tuv0kwhy not just hide empty groups?17:11
Assidi dont want groups at all17:12
Tuv0kI haveno experience with amsn17:12
Tuv0kI stay away from all things ms*17:12
Assidits nice.. good msn windows clone17:12
Assidyeah well easier said than done17:12
Tuv0kyeah, I'm good17:12
Tuv0kits quite easy infact17:13
Tuv0khence my presence here:)17:13
_Shade_i just rebooted 0 just to be sure and still no mp3 support17:13
Assidso how do i hide grouping17:14
Tuv0klook before asking please17:14
Tuv0kits all in front of you17:15
Tuv0kyou know, options preferences etc17:15
Tuv0kI'm not much of a "hand-holder'17:15
Tuv0kbut I will try my best to get you on the right track17:15
Tuv0kAssid, how long have you been using Linux?17:15
Assidas a server.. years17:16
Assiddesktop.. on and off17:16
Tuv0kAssid, do you understand where I'17:16
Tuv0km comming from?17:16
Tuv0kI do not intend to be rude17:16
Tuv0kJust efficinet17:16
lz7l' m?17:16
Assidwoot got it17:16
Assidoh wait17:16
Assidwrong client17:17
coz_Assid, i see nothing in pidgin that applies to groups so far17:17
Assidcant find it in pidgin.. but hold on..if you say its possible (without deleting them groups)17:17
Assidcoz_: thats what i see.. Tuv0k says its possible17:17
roe_didn't the topic used to announce what the current release is?17:18
Tuv0kused to yeah17:18
coz_Assid, so far i see nothing refereing to groups at all  unless you check with the man file   let me look17:18
Tuv0kAssid, got "buddies">"show"17:19
Tuv0kit was not preferences or options17:19
Tuv0kgot = goto17:19
Tuv0kI hate my keyboard17:19
UnDacan any1 support me here plz >.<17:19
Tuv0ka nonreply means no one has answers for you atm17:20
Tuv0kor current envolved helping others17:20
Tuv0kplease be patient17:20
UnDaany1 usin kubuntu hardy?17:21
Tuv0kI don't even know what your issue is from what you have already typed17:21
lz7(22:09:08) UnDa: but i cant open configure  --- what that means?17:21
coz_UnDa,  I use gnome not kde17:21
Tuv0kwhy don't you vist #kubuntu?17:21
AssidUnDa: gnome here mate..17:21
UnDathey sent me here T.T17:21
coz_UnDa, it would probably help to know  what the problem is17:21
_Shade_can i do ANYTHING else to get these mp3s/videos working?17:21
Assidhardy with kubuntu.. trust me.. you get kicked around17:21
Tuv0kwhat coz_ said17:21
UnDaim having libpython2.5.so cant be found problem17:22
UnDan cant configure anythin17:22
coz__Shade_,  which video client are you using17:22
Tuv0kmissing library17:22
AssidUnDa: i think thats in  launchpad.. did you check there?17:22
Assidif you already installed python2.517:22
Assidapt-get install python2.517:22
coz_UnDa,  if you are on hardy   it would help to do sudo apt-get update  then   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:23
Tuv0k_Shade_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26549917:23
UnDalemme see17:23
lz7_Shade_ sudo apt-get install vlc17:23
coz_UnDa, there are going to be  daily  download most likely17:23
Tuv0kvery likely17:23
coz_UnDa, and it would be important to do both commands17:23
AssidTuv0k: dont see anything of groups.. only empty groups17:23
_Shade_coz_: nvidia but i think it is not the point since audio files doesn't work as well (i mean the restricted formats)17:23
coz__Shade_, no guy  what I meant is are you using mplayer  vlc  etc etc17:24
Tuv0kAssid, meaning, you can check to show empty groups, or uncheck to hide empty groups17:24
Tuv0kthen the only time groups are shown, is when you have buddies assigned to them17:24
UnDapython installed17:24
Assidright..  i do have groups with contacts in them17:25
Tuv0kfor ex.17:25
Tuv0kI have hide empty groups and hide offline buddies17:25
_Shade_coz_: i --try-- to use kaffeine... ah you said video client sorry... i thought you meant videocard :)17:25
coz_UnDa, did you do  sudo apt-get update  then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?17:25
coz_UnDa, do that now17:25
Assidi dont want to see the grouping at all.. even if i have contacts within thenm17:26
UnDaima try that17:26
Tuv0kAssid, I don't think I've ever seen such a thing17:26
Tuv0kits seems, illogical ;)17:27
coz__Shade_,  so you are using KDE?17:27
Assidcheck kopete.. you can hiode grouping but keep the contacts within them17:27
Tuv0kI would never use kopete17:27
_Shade_coz_: yes i do17:27
Assidalso in windows' yahoo client17:27
Tuv0kcan't remember windows17:27
Assidblue screen?17:28
Tuv0kah that windows17:28
Assidthere we go17:28
Assidbrb.. dinner17:28
coz__Shade_, mm  ok you might want to google      ubuntu restricted formats   however  some of the stuff there is not for hardy  but much of it can be used  but  just read through that link and use sensible judgement when downloadin stuff17:28
Tuv0kbreakfast here17:28
Assid11pm here17:28
UnDai hope it get fixed with the dist upgrade17:29
UnDabtw is ubuntu hardy any diferent from 7.10?17:29
Assidumm yes17:29
* Assid types with 1 hand17:29
coz_does that include all 5 fingers?? :)17:30
Assid4 fingers17:30
Tuv0kUnDa, might want to acquaint yourself with ubuntu17:30
Tuv0ktry "the google'17:31
Tuv0kyeah, its an inside joke17:31
Assidlike the shitznitz17:31
Tuv0klol not quite17:32
Tuv0kppl not aware of how to search the web refer to google as some sort of mystical device17:32
Assidwe need sound support on irc...17:32
coz_Tuv0k, it is my friend17:32
Tuv0kmine as well17:33
UnDadoes it looks like this1? http://www.silverwingsonline.com/ubuntu1.jpg17:33
Tuv0kits gotten me throw 10 years of lniux use17:33
Assidpissed me off.. im gonna go break googles car17:33
Tuv0kits how I avoided many a flame17:33
Tuv0kUnDa, wow!, thats pretty!17:34
Tuv0kbut you have to do some editing to get it to look like that17:34
UnDaso it sint like that >.>17:34
coz_UnDa, very attractive17:34
Tuv0khowever, I notice we now have a newlogin sound17:34
Tuv0kits not a wallpaper17:35
Tuv0kits a versionof the distro17:35
Tuv0kare you serious with this line of inquiry?17:35
Assidmethinks he is17:35
UnDai kno its attractive thats y i asked cuz if it looks like that it will really rck17:35
Assida convert from windows UnDa?17:36
UnDa?? wht u mean?17:36
Tuv0kyeah, myth updates!17:36
coz_UnDa, is that yourdesktop screenshot/17:37
AssidTuv0k: oh yeah that reminds me.. how come we dont have the latest myth tv ?17:37
Tuv0kI doo:)17:37
Assiderr one sec.. restarting X17:37
Tuv0kwhy wouldn't we?17:37
UnDalol no17:37
UnDai whish xD17:37
Tuv0kSetting up mytharchive-data (0.20.99+trunk15685-0ubuntu1)17:38
UnDagoogled it >.> look at this17:38
coz_UnDa, ok is that your desktop ^^17:38
Assidthats kde417:38
Assidand no thats not his17:38
Assidkde4 looks sweet17:38
UnDabut my kde not like that T.T17:39
Tuv0kthat screen shot looks nice17:39
AssidTuv0k: yeah..17:39
Tuv0kbut KDe4 is lacking17:39
Assidplasmoids are great eyecanbdy17:39
Tuv0kI'll sick with gnome and compiz for now17:39
Assiderr brb.. X restart.. forgot17:39
coz_Tuv0k, same here fewer headaches17:39
Tuv0kbetter eyecandy;)17:40
coz_Tuv0k, well plasma looks very cool and kde4 certainly has promise but I have not heard of anyone without issues on kde$17:40
UnDakde4 is sweet17:40
Tuv0kI ran it, I had it installed on this machine17:40
Tuv0kthat lower taskbar has to go17:41
Tuv0kor be able to be resized17:41
Tuv0kplasma was broekn at the time17:41
coz_Tuv0k, well there you go... not ready for use17:41
Tuv0kI wanted to like it17:41
coz_Tuv0k, lol17:41
Tuv0kbut it seemed like I was using a DE from 200117:41
UnDaim usin win n kubuntu so its sorta the same thing17:41
UnDathe prob is the menu >.>17:42
Tuv0konce you go compiz, kinda hard to go back to 2d effects17:42
Tuv0ktrasnparent or now17:42
UnDamy mouse crazy so its hard 2 use that menu17:42
coz_yeah compiz fusion is only getting better  i think everyone is just trying to catch up17:42
Tuv0kthe new kde menu system was silly imo17:42
UnDahad compiz, trying new things17:42
Tuv0kcompiz is not only sexy, its functional17:43
Assiderr.. emerald dies every so often  :(17:43
Tuv0kI uninstalled emerald 8 months ago17:43
Assidi need some nice hi-def wallpapers17:43
Tuv0ktorrent some17:43
Assidemerald should start working properly soon.. i hope17:44
Tuv0kany of you use "gimmie"?17:44
Assidgimmie ???17:44
Assidnope.. unless thats slang for give me17:45
UnDawht u usin 2 decorate win borders them?17:45
UnDai used emerald n it worked17:45
UnDawell 7.1017:45
Assidthere we go speaking of which.. it just died again17:45
Tuv0kMythZoneMinder interfaces with Zoneminder, a CCTV solution.17:45
Tuv0kYou can view the status of ZoneMinder and watch live camera shots and17:45
Tuv0krecorded surveillance footage.17:45
coz_Assid,   http://interfacelift.com/17:46
Assidi tried some other stuff of mythtv17:46
Assidand damn it caused dependency issues17:46
Assidi think it was the weather plugin17:46
Tuv0kyes it was17:48
Tuv0kits now fixedas I'm installing it now17:48
UnDaupdate ended n i still have same problem17:48
UnDaima try restarting 2 see if it changes something :S17:48
UnDabut i dun think so17:48
Tuv0kUnDa, are you new to linux/ubuntu?17:48
Assidsweet will try it17:48
Assidnautilis doesnt handle nfs:// ?17:49
coz_Assid, here is another high res  link   http://www.mandolux.com/archive/index.html17:49
Tuv0kAssid, not atm , nautilus networking is still broken17:49
Tuv0kwhat is unda talking about?17:49
Assidnot too sure17:50
coz_so guys has there been any news   for "gimp-svg'  on hardy?17:50
Assidwe need  xterm here .. so if your using nautlits.. you can open a terminal to that path17:51
Tuv0kubuntu desktop wallpaper has a photo of a bareassed woman17:52
coz_Tuv0k, from the ubuntu calendar?17:53
Tuv0kits not bad17:53
Tuv0kcould be bigger17:53
coz_Tuv0k, yeah there was an issue  a while back coupel of years i believe when that was considered "not family friendly"17:53
Tuv0kits not vulgar17:54
Tuv0knothing more oddthan any museum17:54
AssidTuv0k:in ubuntu ?17:54
Tuv0ksome people must not let their kids go to museums17:54
Assidi dont see it..17:54
coz_Tuv0k, I feel the same but there was period of time  that it was  considered bad  I even had some of my nude p aintings removed from ubuntuforums because of that17:54
Tuv0kyou may not have ubuntu calender installed17:55
coz_Tuv0k, I hope they are new pictures the old ones are kinda  well....old :)17:55
UnDahey i got same problem17:55
Tuv0kcoz_, considering the level of religious fanaticism is this country, are you surprised?17:56
coz_Tuv0k, no  just dissapointed17:56
UnDaisnt there a kubuntu+1?17:56
Tuv0kcoz_, I have February and march desktops17:56
Tuv0kcoz_, indeed17:56
coz_Tuv0k, mm I will have to look at them17:57
coz_Tuv0k, I prefer painting my own stuff but they may do :)17:57
Tuv0kit'd be nice to go back to the days of intellectuals and enlightenment17:57
coz_Tuv0k,  live the dream  :)17:57
Tuv0kThe one I'm looking at now is a woman laying on her stomach17:58
Tuv0kvery classy17:58
Tuv0kcoz_, lol17:58
Assidnice butt too17:58
Tuv0kwe are hurling towards the dark ages at an alarming rate17:58
nanonymewoman laying on her stomach mentioned17:58
Tuv0kAssid, yeah, not bad huh?17:58
nanonymewhat were you talking about, actually? ^^17:59
Tuv0kFeb-Mar desktops17:59
nanonymemight take a look at it when i get my hands on a Linux with X again18:00
Tuv0kactually its March18:00
sverihm, how do i activate ubuntu-calendar?18:00
Assidneed more wallpapers18:00
Tuv0kuh install it?18:00
sveriTuv0k: yea, and then?18:00
Tuv0kAssid, apt-get install gnomeart18:01
Assidi did18:01
Tuv0ksveri, rt click the desktop to change background18:01
Tuv0kAssid, good118:01
Assidi dont see any "MORE" thanwhats already there by defult18:01
Tuv0kAssid, starting to like you18:01
Assiddefault even18:01
`MatirIs KDE4 on AMD64 broken in any way during install?  I get an error about not installing kdeutils-kde4.18:01
sveriTuv0k: i assumed that, but i cant see something ubuntu related18:01
Tuv0kAssid, gnomart is an application that downloads art fromgnomelook18:02
Tuv0kthat app18:02
Tuv0ksveri, in synaptic search ubntu calender18:02
Tuv0kyou'll see the differnet wallpapers for the months18:02
Assidgnome-art right ? i got that18:02
Tuv0kchoose some18:02
Tuv0kthen they will be available to change to18:02
sveriyea, i did :D18:03
Tuv0kAssid, there is all types of wallpaper there right?18:03
sveriat least for februar and march18:03
Tuv0kwell the brown dekstops, are ubnts18:03
=== dreamnid_ is now known as dreamnid
AssidTuv0k: gnome-art isnt linked in my menu's :( had to run from run/cli18:05
Tuv0kAssid, that sucks18:05
Assidunless im going blind.. where "should" it have been18:05
Tuv0kits not in mine either!18:06
Assidwould explain why i didnt run it18:06
Assidwe;ll downloading 1208 backgrounds18:06
Tuv0kI use the gimmie menu app18:06
Assidwhy not list the thumbnails first ??? and then choose what i want.. like how kde does it18:07
coz_I am going to assume that none of you guys know if gimp-svg will be avaiable for hardy?18:07
Assidyou keep referring to gimmie.. is it god?18:07
Tuv0kcoz_, thats correct18:07
coz_Tuv0k, ok :)18:07
coz_later guys18:07
lz7Assid: it IS list thumbnails 1st18:07
Tuv0kAssid, I like it18:07
Tuv0klater coz18:07
lz7still no access to ubuntu.com etc18:08
Tuv0kyou've got bigger issuesit seems18:08
Tuv0kubntu changed the homepage18:09
Assidargh.. i cant run zend :(18:09
Tuv0kit has a happy new year chinese dragon ubuntu icon18:09
aLeSDhi all18:09
Assiderr.. 1 month late.. but ok18:10
aLeSDI have upgraded to the new version but the ati drivers doesn't give me drm18:10
aLeSDbut before all gone well18:10
aLeSDI mean ... the first EE I see in the log is : (EE) fglrx(0): atiddxDriScreenInit failed, GPS not been initialized.18:11
Assidwhat the hell? ubuntu mobile ?!?18:11
Assidi want one of those18:12
aLeSDbut maybe this one could be better [drm] failed to load kernel module "fglrx"18:12
underwatercowIs there a reason that even after I install sun-java6-jdk, it still uses java 1.5.0? I shouldn't have to change it in the path should I?18:13
underwatercowthe jre too18:13
Tuv0kAssid, just saw that myself18:13
AssidTuv0k: care to try something for me please18:13
underwatercowjavac is version 1.6.0_04, but java is running 1.5.018:14
Assidcan you try and install the zend ide18:14
Tuv0kwhat is it?18:14
Assidide for php by zend18:14
Tuv0ksorry, i won't be installing that18:15
Assid:( core dumps18:16
Assidand i shared a folder.. but i cant get it to be seen on the network18:17
Tuv0kAssid, you have many issues over there18:20
Assidfor samba ?18:20
Tuv0kyou have many, no?18:20
Assidyeah.. quite a few apparently18:21
Tuv0kAssid, you get your myth updated18:22
Tuv0kAssid, more updates are in thepipe18:22
Tuv0kperformance updates18:22
Assidrepos updated already ?18:23
Tuv0kof course18:23
Tuv0kget used to apt-get update18:23
Assidkvirc died on me :(18:29
Assiderr so did the updates make it to the repositories?18:30
Assidalso how do i set processor affinity ?18:30
lz7and i want to know how to build DVD DL image with layer break file18:31
lz7from a dvd dl,  for later burning on dvd+r dl18:31
Assiderr.. did you guys know there was a gnome control center ?18:32
Assidokay my machine seems to be lagging.. but my processor isnt used18:33
aLeSDhi all18:36
aLeSDwhy I haven't my ati drivers in the restricted-drivers module now ?18:37
Assid1059mb cached in ram.. damn.18:37
aLeSDI mean after the dist upgrade ?18:37
aLeSDTuv0k: I upgraded ubuntu to alpha4 . Before I had my ATI proprietary driver working ...18:39
aLeSDnow I can't see the ATI driver in the gnome windows for the propetary driver18:39
aLeSDand I haven't anything in /dev/drm18:39
AssidTuv0k: i dont see any mythtv updates mate18:39
aLeSDso I can't start 3d18:39
Assidalot of kde ones tho18:40
Assidapparently they want to update the nvidia drivers once again18:40
aLeSDI mean what's the driver that creates the /dev/drm devices ?18:40
Assidokay anyone here coding php ?18:40
Assidand wants to try out zend ide for me please18:40
Assidit just doesnt install18:40
AssidPici: yeah i know.. but zend ide doesnt install on hardy18:41
aLeSDof better where could I find frglx.ko cause I havent it for the 2.6.24 kenel18:41
lz7System Monitor->Resources scrolling of graphics is with delays18:42
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
DanaG!find Python.h18:45
ubotuFound: python-htmlgen, python-hachoir-core, python-hachoir-metadata, python-hachoir-parser, python-hachoir-regex (and 13 others)18:45
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots18:48
DanaG!locate Python.h18:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about locate python.h - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:48
AssidTuv0k: i dont see mythtv updates18:52
Tuv0klook harder18:54
Assiddunno.. it did all the updates18:54
Assidmostly all kde stuff.. and nvidia didnt see mythtv there18:54
Tuv0klook in synaptic man18:54
Tuv0kI'm setting up the new myth weather now18:55
Tuv0kand I hate it18:55
Assiderr how do i get the search tool do search thunderbird18:56
Assidits greyed out and i cant choose it18:57
Assidoh boy.. this isnt good18:59
AssidFeb  9 00:28:41 intelquad kernel: [17649.820549] hda: status error: status=0x59 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error }18:59
enycAssid: aah yes that definitiely isnt good19:00
Assidthe sony rom sucks :(19:00
enycAssid: sony rom?19:00
Assidyeah its a sony dvdrom19:00
enycAssid: as PATA primary master?19:01
Assidyeah.. and liteon one as secondary19:01
Assiderr.. primary slave19:01
enycAssid: ok19:01
Assidi dont have a secondary IDE connectivity on my mobo19:01
Assid1 ide interface only19:01
enycAssid: PATA has some really weird issues with drives on the same channel sometimes ;-)  depends on the combination of  drives/firmware/motheboard/use19:01
Assidcan that posssibly slow my machine down ?19:02
Assidthose drive seek errors19:02
enycAssid: depends whats going on.  it should just stop whatever process is waiting on the drive ;-)19:02
Assidnah its going on since i booted19:02
Assidi got a pretty decent rig.. and it starts slowing down after a bit19:03
enycso is something trying to access the drive?19:03
enycis there a disk in it?19:03
enycok hrrm19:03
enycid first upgrade the firmware on both drives19:03
Assidso either theres a memory leak somewhere or somethings gone haywire19:03
enycthen try things like swap the master/slave or attach only 1 optical drive19:03
lz7locale is broken, LANG=C, LC_CTYPE="C", LC_NUMERIC="C", etc19:06
enycwhat is the C locale anyway? ive never understood that19:06
Assiderr.. bbiab19:07
lz7i don't know but it should be en_US.UTF-819:07
enyclz7: hrrm there all these files in /usr/share/locale/ and stuff puzzling19:09
enyclz7: ive had trouble like that with debootstrapped system ...  even if install locales-all etc.19:09
enyclz7: workarounded by coping whatever it was off another system hrrm19:11
lz7hmm there is no en_US dir in /usr/share/locale...19:11
enycive never understood the whole locale/language thing... i understand what UTF-8 is tho19:11
enyclz7: i think that can be normal tho err19:12
enyclz7: hrrm on dapper6.06 its normal to have only "locale-archive" in /usr/lib/locale/ but many many dirs in /usr/share/locale/19:14
enyclz7: i dotn know whats different in hardy etc. etc.19:14
aLeSDthe sw mixing doesn't work anymore :(19:21
_Shade_how to enable nvidia restricted drivers in hardy? my xorg.conf seems very small :)19:21
Tuv0k_Shade_, same as gutsy19:23
Tuv0kplease read documentation19:23
theacolyteso, does heron support nvidia 8800's on installation?19:23
theacolytecouldn't find any good docs19:23
Tuv0kread docs about nvidia period19:24
Tuv0kif it uses the nvidia driver19:24
Oli``theacolyte: I didn't have any issues19:24
Tuv0kand it does, then it applies19:24
theacolyteHow about hand feeding me the answer since at least I tried? ;)19:24
theacolyteI mean, with 7.10 you boot, black screen, you have to do black magic19:25
Tuv0kthis is not #ubuntu, its expected if you are here, you knowhow to read the docuemntation and search the forums, google as well19:25
theacolyteI've gotten it to work19:25
theacolyteTuv0k: that was sarcasm, which obviously passed well over your head, if I have a question about Heron, this is the channel to ask it19:25
theacolyteand your superior attitude be damned19:25
theacolyteOli``: when you installed it, did it boot right into the live cd portion?19:26
_Shade_does hardy have restricted manager for kde?19:26
Oli``theacolyte: urm, I can't remember back that far... I started on alpha 2... it certainly didn't take any time to do or I'd have remembered it being a pain19:26
Tuv0kthis is not the channel to holdyour hand19:26
theacolyteTuv0k: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=sarcasm&btnG=Google+Search19:26
Oli``theacolyte: oh yeah, the free driver works fine19:26
theacolytenice, thanks Oli`` :)19:26
Oli``theacolyte: and the restricted driver works fine too, just takes two clicks and another reboot to install (like gutsy)19:27
Tuv0kjust because one is lazy, does not make them inferior19:27
theacolyteTuv0k: I'd suggest googling sarcasm, sense of humor, and civility19:27
theacolytenice, I'll give it a whirl then19:27
Tuv0kjust try harder19:27
theacolytesocial graces works as well19:28
_Shade_is there any restricted manager for kde in hardy?19:37
_Shade_as it was in gutsy19:38
Tuv0kthink about that for a second19:39
Tuv0khave you even tried looking?19:39
_Shade_yes i have19:40
Tuv0kyou've searched the repos?19:40
Tuv0kthe wiki19:40
Tuv0kthe forum19:40
lz7the irc19:40
theacolyte_Shade_: you'd be doing yourself a favor to ignore him19:40
theacolyteor use him as a punching bag19:40
_Shade_Tuv0k: sudo apt-cache search restricted19:41
_Shade_thecrypto: :)19:41
_Shade_theacolyte: i meant19:42
_Shade_so... does it exist or... ?19:42
theacolyteIf I had it installed, I'd be more than glad to help, instead of being a bastard and redirect you to another resource19:44
_Shade_theacolyte: which is... ?19:45
aLeSDis it normal that the audio sw mixing doesn't work anymore ?19:46
manchicken_Amaranth: Wuddup?19:47
ewomerhas anyone fixed the flash player issue in firefox19:49
manchicken_ewomer: Which one?19:51
manchicken_The one where FF just doesn't recognize the player?19:51
ewomerthe one with this error19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_NewStream() invoke: Connection reset by peer19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_URLNotify() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_Destroy() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:52
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_New() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_Destroy() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NPP_Destroy() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomer*** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: NP_Shutdown() invoke: Connection closed19:53
ewomerwell errors19:53
selckinlearn to use a pastebin19:53
Pici!paste | ewomer19:53
ubotuewomer: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)19:53
ewomerlike that19:55
ewomerthis is the error when i go to speedtest.net19:58
lz7window title issues in compiz is still here, with new 0.7 version, like wrong distorted colors for title (was dissapearing controls), theme is "human"20:01
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:01
lz7Pici: are you advicing me not to use irc to make bug reports?20:03
Picilz7: You and anyone else paying attention,.20:03
lz7i dont like registrations cuz if i get banned i need to re-register20:07
lz7and i not like forums20:07
lz7but i like irc20:08
enyclz7: ;-)20:08
PiciEr.  Why would you get banned from Launchpad?20:11
lz7i always get banned everythere, cuz i tend to not obey orders20:12
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qzioi got a problem with my settings windows crashing, like gnome-appearance-properties for example.20:16
qziogetting segmentation fault (core dumped)20:17
qzio"glib-critical **: g_markup_parse_context_end_parse: assertion `context->stat != STATE_ERROR' failed"20:17
lz7i even was banned on #ubuntu-ru20:19
assidim on my laptop and for some reason i cant press shit ctrl or alt20:25
assidno multiplpe key combinations work20:26
assidi tried running metacity instead of compiz20:26
assidbut im still facing this issue20:26
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
assidyo DanaG20:27
assidyour keyboard issues hit me20:27
sam7_Hello, i hope i'm on the good IRC meeting for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS20:31
assidirc meeting/20:31
assidwhat meeting/20:31
sam7_I look for the IRC meeting animated by Kwii20:32
DanaGI'm here now.20:35
DanaGThat keyboard thing is REALLY annoying.20:35
mataharii have some problems with hardy - i am very confused. I wanted to test the graphics with my nvidia card and enable the nvidia-driver20:44
mataharii always did this in the xorg.conf, but there is nearly anything inside anymore20:45
mataharinow, how can i enable the driver?20:45
mataharii already installed nvidia-glx-new and linux-restricted-modules20:45
lz7hardware drivers applet20:48
lz7they renamed that thing once again lol20:49
matahariwhere can i find this?20:49
lz7system->administration menu20:49
lz7btw isnt it should auto enable itself if you install driver with synaptic? hm20:50
lz7maybe not20:50
mataharii can't find the admin menu20:51
matahariit's strange20:51
matahari(i use kubuntu - maybe i have to install something first)20:51
lz7mmm just todays someone mentioned theres is no applet for kde yet20:51
lz7if im not wrong20:51
mataharibut it must be possible to run this gnome-program in KDE?20:52
lz7!find restricted20:54
ubotuFound: jockey-common, jockey-gtk, linux-restricted-modules, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-5-386, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-5-generic (and 12 others)20:54
lz7its called jockey-gtk20:55
mataharilooks good20:56
lz7is it work? tell20:57
matahariseems so20:57
mataharinow let#s see if the driver works :-)20:58
mataharinow the keyboard doesn't work anymore21:00
matahariit's dead21:01
lz7yeah some ppl here having problem with keyboard too21:01
lz7try to restart X21:01
lz7does it work21:02
lz7i mean ctrl+shift21:02
DanaGctrl-alt-backspace restarts X.21:02
DanaGBut it closes everything, of course.21:02
DanaGMake sure to save work.21:02
mataharino chance21:02
mataharikeyboard doesn't work anymore neither gutsy nor hardy21:02
lz7i can't understand21:03
mataharineither me21:03
lz7is it work during POST?21:03
mataharilet me check again21:03
matahariokay, now it seems to show reactions21:03
mataharinow sweat is running down21:04
mataharii thjought i killed my keyboard21:04
matahariokay, keyboard seems to work again21:05
mataharithanks a lot21:06
matahariit works now21:06
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ethana2...Ubuntu seems to be using Brother DCP-7025 drivers for our DCP-702021:42
ethana2as it doesn't /work/, I would be comforted if it specifically used something at least called a DCP-7020 driver21:43
neo22I don't think any of the desktop effects are actually working for me.21:50
siimodesktop effects are useless anyway21:50
neo22I don't care about them much. But they make other people like kubuntu.21:51
neo22I did like my cube thought :(21:52
neo22Also, how come no screensavers are showing up in the screensaver window?21:55
lz7who is here?21:56
lz7my screensavers are showin21:57
neo22I only see Blank Screen and Random.21:57
neo22This is using alpha 4 and kde 4.21:57
lz7gnome here21:58
neo22this is probably more appropriate for the kde 4 channel21:58
lz7but i never really understand why these thingies are called "screensavers" and what they are trying to "save"21:59
lz7some kind of misconception21:59
dr-raku[trying to save] the world21:59
neo22Burn in? But not.21:59
lz7tryint to save screen by displaying moving pictures? and save power by disaplying 3D pictures?22:00
dr-rakuyeah; 3d doesn't waste the battery [on a laptop, for ex.] at all! :))22:01
lz7"You can use GPLed software to implement DRM, guide nuclear missiles, or run your own organized crime syndicate <...>" (fsf.org) NICE!22:08
lz7i take it!22:08
lz7or you can sit on irc all you life dreaming of "software freedom"22:09
lz7that count too22:09
lz7sorry it must be offtopic22:10
enyclz7: ;-)22:16
void^once upon a time crts suffered from burn in problems when the same picture was displayed for a couple of hours, hence the idea of screensavers22:16
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
lz7which crts? i owned vga display back in 80286 days, and still dont know what is burn in22:20
mohbanahey guys i know this might sound stupid asking it but i use vista for gaming and i can't get my ps3 controller working on it because a 64bit doesn't exist i would have got in contact with the guy who madethe 32bit ones but i dont know who he/she is.  Anyhow out of curiousty i managed to get ut working on a gusty amd64 i.e. it responds to me pressing the buttons but what really puzzle is that on vista 64 its detected because i can see it i22:49
mohbanan game controller but it simply doesn't respond to me pressing any of the buttons.  if anyone has any clue as to what i can do then go ahead.  thanks alot22:49
Picimohbana: Er. Ask in ##windows22:50
DanaGbug 12440623:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12440623:07
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone here know why the ondemand governor doesn't have a down_threshold?23:49

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