Riyonuk Where can I get the ubuntu "My Computer" icon?00:38
ubuntuloverOOoohh... So, here is the ancient Ubuntu Art-lounge.12:05
ubuntuloverHello, Ubuntu-Arting-Gods!12:05
ubuntuloverCan we - users - hope that 8.04 will have friendly interface, without striking eyes and windows 2000-looks?12:08
ubuntulover*without striking eyes COLORS12:08
ubuntuloverHey! Guys, r u here?12:21
ubuntuloverIs it shows how Ubuntu 8.04 will looks like??? http://vdepizzol.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/ubuntu-hardy1.jpg12:21
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JanCdoes anybody know who this is from: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Hardy/Alternate/Fela_Kuti and/or which license is used for Artwork on the wiki?13:49
JanCpeople are discussing a T-shirt design for the ubuntu-nl hardy release party, and some people have used the heron in their design proposals, but we (at least I) want to be sure that's allowed...13:52
JanChm, I guess AshCogs = https://launchpad.net/~cogneato ?13:56
kwwiiJanC: yes, apparently so14:14
kwwiiJanC: if you contact the author let me know, I was thinking about discussing putting it in as wallpaper sometime next week14:14
JanCthe author of the T-shirt design will probably mail him (I pointed him to that launchpad page)14:16
kwwiiJanC: cool14:28
kwwiithere is another person who makes paintings/drawings of the mascot each release on deviantart14:28
JanCfor makign a package, you would have to ask him for a proper license and not just permission, I guess  ;)14:29
kwwiiJanC: right...also I would ask for it to be tweaked a bit, etc.14:49
JanCkwwii: he seemed to be fine with changes, from what I read14:51
JanCbut packages need a specific license...14:52
thorwilso now the next meeting thread is about docks and dumping or not dumping files on the desktop16:37
prwhere can I find the latest mockup of the artwork on Hardy? (I can't find it in the wiki)21:38
mhbkwwii: hi21:46
Skiesslhttp://skiessi.googlepages.com/titlebar.png I made something, you can keep it23:10
kwwiihi mhb23:38
mhbkwwii: wow, I wouldn't expect you to reply so late at night23:40
kwwiiI just came back from band practice ;-)23:41
mhbkwwii: I like the idea of having special icons for the panel23:42
mhbkwwii: but the update icon is not really that clear to me23:42
mhbto me, it's an arrow pointing to an explosion23:43
mhbwhich doesn't make much sense to me.23:43
kwwiimhb: yeah, that icon is a long way from good23:43
mhbkwwii: I've been thinking about a nice update icon for some time now, I've pondered a circle-of-friends like symbol merged with the "update" arrows - http://img129.imageshack.us/my.php?image=update3sk1.png like this23:44
mhbbecause the icon should say both "update" and "desktop"23:45
kwwiione thing about the new icons though is that they do not use several colors23:45
mhbI know.23:45
kwwiibut the idea is interesting23:45
mhbI wanted to ask you23:46
kwwiialthough i would worry about it getting mixed up with the real logo23:46
mhbwhat's the easiest way of merging say the "arrow" part with the kubuntu official logo, which is several layers deep23:46
mhbis there an easy way to do this, without playing with nodes for several hours?23:46
kwwiijust select both pieces and then, in the path menu in inkscape choose union23:47
kwwiijust do that to each piece again and again23:47
mhbI guess I'll try to play with the 2D version, too23:48

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