arcticpenguin380why isnt reiser4 in ubuntu00:31
cjwatsonbecause it is not upstream, and it is not compelling enough to develop the local expertise that would be necessary to integrate and support it ourselves in the absence of support from the main kernel developers00:32
cjwatsonif and when it is integrated into mainline Linux, we'll almost certainly include it00:33
arcticpenguin380ext4 is in the kernel but not avalibalbe for installation00:34
mjg59arcticpenguin380: ext4 is not guaranteed to maintain a consistent on-disk format yet00:35
mjg59Until that's guaranteed, we can't offer it for installation00:35
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mwolsonmaintainer of the emacs22 package speaking02:32
mwolsonwould a main sponsor be willing to act on Bug #172389, which has had a new version languishing for 4 weeks?02:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 172389 in emacs22 "Please upload emacs22 22.1-0ubuntu10" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17238902:32
mwolsonthe patch attached there fixes a handful of other bug reports in addition to that particular one02:32
MacSlowhow can one force a autoreconf if a new option for configure has been introduced?04:06
TheMusoMacSlow: Depends on how the package gets built now.04:08
TheMusoThere is the autoreconf command, which might help in what you want to do.04:08
MacSlowTheMuso, I know how to do it all "outside" of dpkg with the normal upstream codebase04:09
MacSlowTheMuso, but I want to avoid adding the diff to the configure file to a debian/patch/foo_bar.patch04:10
MacSlowI just added the diff to the configure.in04:10
MacSlowand added a one-line diff to the debina/rules file04:10
MacSlowbut during "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" configure is not automatically recreated (thinking of it, it makes sense that it's not recreated)04:11
crimsunI presume you're passing -f.04:11
MacSlowcrimsun, would that need to be passed to dpkg-buildpackage?!04:12
crimsun(to autoconf)04:12
mwolsonthanks to whoever just uploaded emacs22 22.1-0ubuntu10; it is much appreciated04:17
crimsunmwolson: yw.04:17
MacSlowcrimsun, there's no autoconf-related dh_something command or is there?04:23
crimsunMacSlow: not AFAIK.04:24
crimsunI certainly don't claim to be an authority on debhelper, however.04:24
MacSlowso there's no way around adding the diff to configure itself?!04:25
TheMusoNo I don't think there is any dh magic to help.04:25
crimsunMacSlow: well, err, what I've done in the past is use "autoreconf -f" [or "autoconf -f"]04:25
MacSlowcrimsun, I know about that04:26
crimsunit does bloat your Build-Depends, but it has always worked for me.04:26
MacSlowI just wanted to avoid doing this bigger delta to upstream04:26
MacSlowbut I hate taht04:26
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MacSlowa ~3000 line diff just for a newer version of the configure file04:37
RAOFMacSlow: Isn't autotools wonderful? :(04:43
MacSlowRAOF, well it's more me "fighting" with the deb-tool infrastructure04:44
* MacSlow regrets not being a seasoned MOTU à la seb128, dholbach & Co04:44
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RAOFIt would be rather nice to have a dh_autoconf or somesuch; basically a special-cased patch system.04:45
RAOFBecause you'd like the build to be repeatable as possible, so you don't particularly want to autoreconf during package build, but it's really ugly to have the huge diffs.04:47
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tjaaltonmjg59: hey, will you push the DIX patch upstream?07:40
sorenpitti: Archive day today?07:41
mjg59tjaalton: Which one?07:42
mjg59tjaalton: Oh, the scaling one? It's in bugzilla already07:42
tjaaltonmjg59: the one that stevenk applied on xserver07:42
mjg59I didn't write it :)07:42
tjaaltonwhich bug?07:42
tjaaltonright, it was "from", not "by" :)07:43
mjg59Don't have it to hand, I'm afraid07:43
tjaaltonok, I'll dig it up07:43
tjaaltonmjg59: you mentioned a while ago that synaptics needs some love.. any news on that?07:44
mjg59Still working on the Xi code for that07:44
dholbachgood morning07:55
Hobbseemorning dholbach07:56
dholbachhey Hobbsee07:56
* Hobbsee sigh08:00
Hobbseeplease do *not* run cron.daily when i'm not at dinner!08:00
pittiGood morning08:03
pittisoren: archive day> yes08:03
pittihendrixski: sure, see first paragraph of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash08:04
Hobbseemorning pitti!08:06
pittihey Hobbsee08:09
* pitti waves to dholbach, too08:10
* Hobbsee hugs pitti08:10
* pitti tickles Hobbsee08:10
* Hobbsee stomps on pitti's feet08:10
=== carlos_ is now known as carlos
* pitti jumps away in time and steals the long pointy stick08:11
pittihey carlos!08:11
carlospitti: hi08:11
MithrandirHobbsee: you're aware that cron.daily is supposed to run at like 0600 in the morning?  At which point you should not be at dinner.08:12
HobbseeMithrandir: yeah, but the laptop is never on then, so i'm expecting it runs when it gets turned on08:12
* pitti sighs at new -- 223 items08:13
warp10Good morning08:16
Mithrandirpitti: if you do two of those, there'll only be 221 left! :-)08:17
pittiMithrandir: hey -- I should've thought of that!08:18
pittigood morning warp1008:18
warp10Hey pitti!08:18
Mithrandirpitti: and then you can do two more and there'll only be 219 left.  And so on. :-P08:18
pittihm, seems that nobody else processed NEW during the week :/08:18
sorenHm... Do I want "Intel 3945ABG Wireless Card" or "Dell Wireless 1505 802.11a/g/n" ?08:26
Hobbseethe former08:26
thegodfatherprobably intel08:26
seb128pitti: I didn't but I can give you a hand on it today08:26
RAOFPerformance or guaranteed-working.  Choices... :)08:27
seb128any thunderbird user around?08:27
thegodfathersoren: 11n is still in draft08:27
sorenpitti: Which one did you get in your Dell?08:27
Hobbseeseb128: yeah08:27
thegodfathersoren: not a full RFC/standard/spec08:27
sorenthegodfather: That's a good point.08:27
* Hobbsee --> dinner08:27
seb128I'm probably missing something obvious, but how do I update the messages counts?08:27
pittisoren: I have the 394508:27
sorenpitti: And you're happy?08:27
pittisoren: I had the alternative of a 496508:27
pittisoren: it's working fine, at least with the gutsy kernel08:28
Hobbseesoren: iwl3945 seems to work fine.08:28
Hobbseeon hardy08:28
pittisoren: the iwl3945 driver (hardy) has troubles with my home's wifi08:28
seb128like evolution does on send&receive08:28
sorenOh. It says the 4965 is only for Core Solo.08:28
seb128to know which folders have unread mails08:28
pittisoren: but it worked fine for all wifis in London08:28
sorenpitti: Interesting.08:28
seb128pitti: what sort of issue?08:28
sorenpitti: Yours is the Latitude D430?08:29
pittisoren: once I do have a connection, it works fine here, too08:29
seb128nm0.7 doesn't work on my home wifi, I had to downgrade to 0.608:29
seb128using my d63008:29
pittibut often it doesn't see the essid08:29
seb128it was working fine in london08:29
pittiso it takes some rounds of rmmod/modprobe/sudo iwlist scanning until it works08:29
pittisoren: d430, yes08:29
Hobbseeseb128: are you subscribed to the folders?08:30
Hobbseeseb128: oh, change mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new to true, in about:config08:31
Hobbseeand make sure you're subscribed to the folders you want08:31
seb128Hobbsee: ok, no wonder people think thunderbird is faster if it doesn't update anything :-p08:31
pittisoren, seb128: nm0.7 works well here (same as 0.6)08:33
MacSlowseb128, any idea how to force "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot" regenerate configure from configure.in, which is altered by an included patch?08:55
seb128cdbs-edit-patch 90_autoconf_update08:56
seb128rm -rf autom4te.cache08:56
MacSlowseb128, I want to avoid addint a ~3000 lines diff to my patch just for having --enable-gconf be used08:56
seb128run autoconf usually is not that much change08:56
seb128we do it for lpi in lot of packages08:56
pitti(provided that you use the same autoconf version)08:56
MacSlowpitti, seb128: well I'm on current hardy here08:57
seb128that doesn't matter08:57
seb128using the same autoconf than upstream does the diff smaller09:00
seb128but you don't care about 30 lines or 3000 lines changes09:00
seb128that's still small in the diff.gz09:00
MacSlowI could live with 30, but not with 300009:01
seb128why not?09:02
seb128don't look at the GNOME packages in ubuntu and debian then09:03
MacSlowOk I won't :)09:03
seb128we have many autoreconf patches with ten of thousand lines of changes09:03
MacSlowI try to keep patches comphrehendable09:03
seb128that's just running autoconf there and doing a patch with the changes, what is the issue,09:03
seb12890_autoconf_update is a patch with autoconf update as indicated by the name09:03
seb128who would like to read that?09:04
seb128that's the reason why we split the code change and the autoconf run09:04
seb128you have your small patch for changes you wrote09:04
seb128and one for the autotools update that nobody read, they just know that's an autoconf call to update09:04
MacSlowhm... well for two days now I'm trying to get the patch into shape so I can hand it over to you, mvo or pitti for uploading09:05
MacSlowand I still don't know how to make sure the new strings will show up for translation in LP09:05
seb128just ask on IRC if you are blocked, I'm happy to help you09:05
MacSlowthere's no .pot file anywhere in libwnck-2.21.9009:06
seb128easy enough, just make sure the file with the strings is listed in po/POTFILES.in09:06
MacSlowit is09:06
mvoMacSlow: if you pass the patch to one of us and tell about the outstanding issues, we are happy to help getting around those packaging issues09:06
seb128the pot are created at build by running intltool-update -p usually09:06
MacSlowit's not adding new source files... just adding some strings in existing sources09:06
seb128cdbs does that for you09:06
seb128just build and look after the build to the po directory09:06
seb128if you have _() correctly around those they will be translatable09:07
MacSlowwell the build does not work (incorporate my changes, due to the --enable-gconf not being applied to configure)09:07
MacSlowseb128, I know how to use all the gettext stuff in the upstream-land... but getting that "through" the debian-tool-chain-infrastructure is... *sigh*09:08
seb128MacSlow: come on, there is nothing to do, just build your package and look to po/ and the pot is there09:09
seb128MacSlow: and for the configure update I gave you the exact commands to type 15 minutes ago09:10
seb128MacSlow: anyway I'm happy to do the packaging changes and check that the template is correctly updated, just send me the patch you have with the corresponding bug number09:11
MacSlowseb128, ok verified that the libwnck.pot does have the newly introduced strings09:13
MacSlowtrying the configure-stuff now09:13
TheMusopitti: Nothing seemed to change for me re jockey. I even removed the firmware, and the driver didn't end up spewing firmware needed dmesg output.09:13
pittiTheMuso: changed> it doesn't detect and show the driver for you?09:14
TheMusopitti: Not in the window, nothing is listed.09:15
pittiTheMuso: ok; can you please send me jockey-gtk --debug --list output again?09:16
TheMusopitti: Ok.09:16
MacSlowseb128, hm... compilation currently fails due to not foudn gconf-includes... trying to figure out why09:29
seb128MacSlow: where is your patch.09:30
MacSlowseb128, for libwnck-2.21.90... http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/changelog http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/90_autoconf_update.patch09:33
seb128and what error do you get?09:34
MacSlowon compilation of pager.c:41:32 error: gconf/gconf-client.h: No such file or directory09:35
MacSlowsomehow the stuff from configure does not get pulled in09:35
seb128you did Makefile.am changes09:35
MacSlowit works with doing th stuff again upstream09:35
seb128not only configure09:35
seb128change the 90_autoconf_update to be 90_autoreconf_update09:35
seb128and run autoreconf -v -f instead of autoconf there09:35
MacSlowautoreconf should have been better09:36
seb128that will update the Makefile.in too09:36
MacSlow I'll redo the 90_thing with autoreconf -v -f09:36
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MacSlownext try09:39
MacSlownope that failed with the same error09:40
seb128is GCONF_CFLAGS set in the Makefile?09:42
MacSlowseb128, see http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch09:43
seb128MacSlow: still broken?09:44
seb128let me try09:44
MacSlowright in the first 30 lines or so09:44
MacSlowthose changes there work with libwnck-2.21.90 when building it normaly (without the debian-tools)09:44
MacSlowno clue why it fails otherwise09:45
seb128MacSlow: looks like you did run autoreconf in your autoreconf patch09:46
seb128MacSlow: can you put your dsc and diff.gz online?09:46
seb128I just tried the patch with an autoreconf -v -f run and that build fine09:46
MacSlowbut wasn't that what you told me?09:46
seb128<seb128> change the 90_autoconf_update to be 90_autoreconf_update09:47
seb128 and run autoreconf -v -f instead of autoconf there09:47
seb128you have a Makefile.am change, so you need to autoreconf, you were just speaking about configure this morning when I told you to run autoconf only to update09:47
MacSlowyou meant me to edit the fiile 90_auto(re)conf_update directly?!09:48
seb128drop the patch09:48
MacSlowI assumed you meant recreate it and use "autoreconf -v -f" instead of "autoconf"09:48
seb128cdbs-edit-patch 90_autoreconf_update09:48
seb128autoreconf -v -f09:48
seb128rm -rf autom4te.cache09:48
seb128yes, that's what I did09:49
MacSlowok... so know I have a freshly grabbed libwnck-2.21.9009:51
MacSlowI copied changelog and 02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch09:51
MacSlowno 90_autoconf_update or 90_autoreconf_update yet09:51
MacSlowI now create that by calling cdbs-edit-patch 90_autoreconf_update (followed by the stated commands in the created shell session)?!09:52
MacSlowseb128, ?09:53
MacSlowis there a difference between calling "debuild" or "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot"?09:55
seb128MacSlow: yes, do those09:55
MacSlowit fails here still09:55
dholbachMacSlow: debuild makes use of dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot and writes a build log (it's a wrapper)09:55
pittiMacSlow: debuild does some extra magic, cleaning environment, and selecting GPG keys, etc.09:55
seb128calling lintian too09:55
* MacSlow hates this day09:55
pitti-rfakeroot shouldn't be necessary in hardy any more, BTW09:55
seb128MacSlow: copy the dsc and diff.gz online09:56
dholbachMacSlow: calm down - it's not that bad :-)09:56
MacSlowdholbach, dude you have no idea how unproductive I feel right now09:56
dholbachMacSlow: take one step, then the next - you'll figure it all out and it'll be fine09:57
MacSlowdholbach, I just followed seb128's described steps exactely and it failed09:57
seb128MacSlow: copy the dsc and diff.gz and I'll help you09:58
MacSlowI mean how much damage can I cause by copy&pasting seb128's commands09:58
seb128MacSlow: it'll be easier with a quick glance09:58
MacSlowseb128, they are of use although the build failed?09:58
seb128yes, precisely09:58
seb128I want to try with the same version here09:58
MacSlowhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/libwnck_2.21.90-0ubuntu2.diff.gz http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/libwnck_2.21.90-0ubuntu2.dsc10:00
MacSlowthere you go10:00
TheMusopitti: Interesting that. I use it out of pure habbit, and likely will nver stop using rfakeroot. :)10:02
pittiTheMuso: well, I grew up with debuild, and I'm a lazy typer :)10:03
MacSlowpitti, Ctrl-R for the rescue I always say10:03
seb128MacSlow: ok, I confirm the bug10:04
MacSlowseb128, so my setup here is broken?10:04
MacSlowany idea what's causing it?10:05
seb128MacSlow: looking at it10:07
seb128MacSlow: bah, I figured10:16
MacSlowis it nasty?10:16
seb128MacSlow: you dropped the debian/rules --enable-gconf use10:16
MacSlowbut how?10:17
seb128don't ask me10:17
seb128you diff.gz give a rules not using this option10:17
seb128you like took the source10:17
seb128copied the patch10:17
seb128the changelog10:17
seb128run autoreconf10:17
seb128and forgot to update rules?10:17
seb128you likely rather10:17
MacSlowbut it's in the file 02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch10:18
seb128patches are applied by the rules10:18
MacSlowhow could that have been "dropped"?10:18
seb128you edit rules directly10:18
seb128what you did is racy10:19
seb128the rules is read before the patches are applied10:19
seb128so the change is not used10:19
seb128rules is a Makefile10:19
MacSlowso how would what I did in 02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch be done the "right" way?10:20
seb128edit directly debian/rules and drop the change from the patch10:20
seb128patches are for source change10:20
seb128the packaging is a debian thing, we directly edit the debian directory10:20
MacSlownow for the 1432nd try10:21
MacSlowhere goes the debuild10:23
seb128is it working now?10:23
MacSlowdid not break yet10:23
seb128that show a bug in your code BTW10:24
seb128if --enable-gconf is not used the build try to build with gconf anyway and breaks10:24
pittiTheMuso: ah, thanks; got the bug10:26
MacSlowseb128, so the configure.in stuff is broken?!10:26
seb128MacSlow: yes10:26
TheMusopitti: np10:27
MacSlowseb128, at least the build of the libwnck with my additions now finally worked here10:27
pittiTheMuso: I'll add a test case for this, fix it in trunk, and then go back to your box to verify it later; if you can leave my login for a day?10:27
MacSlowseb128, I'll look into the configure.in issue10:27
TheMusopitti: I can leave it running for a day if you need.10:28
MacSlowseb128, once that's done I'll ping you again or email you or mvo for upload if you're ok with the rest of it (ok three icons and the translations are still missing)10:28
MacSlowseb128, that those can come later10:28
pittiTheMuso: as you prefer; alternatively I can just send you updated .debs for testing; more work for you, less power consumption :)10:28
MacSlowseb128, anyway did you try the newer version of libwnck?10:29
pittiTheMuso: (well, I'll need testing from you for the graphical bits and the root operations anyway)10:29
TheMusopitti: The mini doesn't use a lot so its no big deal.10:29
TheMusopitti: Righto, I can leave it on overnight at least, so you can do what you need to.10:29
pittiTheMuso: cool, thanks; I'll mail you10:29
TheMusopitti: No problem.10:29
TheMuso...and I'm off for the night, and the weekend.10:30
dholbachTheMuso: have a great weekend!10:31
TheMusodholbach: You too.10:31
seb128MacSlow: I think the issue is  ENABLE_GCONF case, you look for yes but don't handle the auto case there10:34
MacSlowseb128, there's implicit support for "auto"?10:36
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
seb128MacSlow: enable_gconf is not set in your case if the configure option is not used, you can add a [enable_gconf=yes] to set a default case10:51
seb128MacSlow: but your configure will still be buggy I think10:51
seb128if test "x$enable_gconf" != "xno"; then10:51
seb128        PKG_CHECK_MODULES([GCONF], [gconf-2.0 >= 2.20.0])10:51
seb128that should be conditional to whether the gconf-2.0 is installed10:51
seb128because you set the CFLAGS anyway there10:52
seb128MacSlow: setting the default value to yes should do the trick10:54
Riddellasac: network-manager-kde 0.7 in my ppa if you want to test, it didn't work for me (but neither did the gnome applet)11:15
asacRiddell: gnome applet didn't? how?11:16
asacRiddell: do we have a bzr sync for nm kde 0.7? where is that maintained?11:17
Riddellasac: no, I just stole the source from suse11:17
Riddellasac: gnome applet didn't show any devices for me11:18
asacso they do in house development?11:18
asacRiddell: anything in /etc/n/i ?11:18
Riddellasac: just "lo"11:18
asaccan you paste syslog somewhere? does nm bring down interfaces if you start it?11:19
asacRiddell: ^^11:19
Riddellasac: Feb  8 11:24:14 wido NetworkManager: <WARN>  nm_dbus_manager_init_bus(): Could not get the system bus.  Make sure the message bus daemon is11:25
Riddellrunning!  Message: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory11:25
asacRiddell: huh .. which version?11:25
Riddellis what happens when I /etc/init.d/dbus stop and start again11:25
asacis there still a nm around?11:25
Riddelldbus 1.1.2-1ubuntu2  network-manager 0.7~~svn20080121t191418+eni1-0ubuntu0~pre711:25
asacisn't system bus hal?11:26
RiddellI imagine hal uses it11:27
=== Kopfgeldjaeger is now known as KGJ|frustriert
asacRiddell: do you still have the 25NetworkManager in /etc/dbus-1/event.d ?11:31
asacRiddell: 0.7 is restarted by /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart atm11:31
sorenpitti: Your laptop has the trackpoint thing, doesn't it?11:37
pittisoren: both a touchpad and a trackpoint11:38
sorenpitti: Awesome. I just ordered mine, and it suddenly occured to me that I wasn't sure if it had such a thing.11:39
Riddellasac: when I run /etc/init.d/NetworkManager I get http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/nm11:54
asacconsole kit11:57
asacis that related to nm?11:59
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsonRiddell: does kdm register a ConsoleKit session?12:13
cjwatson(sorry if I missed the discussion due to network trouble)12:13
Riddellcjwatson: it tries to, seems to be having some issues though12:14
Riddellasac: not that I know of12:15
persiatjaalton: Are you planning to update nvidia-legacy so that bug #72979 can be executed?  I'm perhaps a little confused about activity from just reading bug reports.12:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 72979 in nvidia-settings "Please remove nvidia-settings from gutsy" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7297912:32
tjaaltonpersia: refresh :)12:38
tjaaltonpersia: I just uploaded a new revision which installs nvidia-settings in nvidia-glx-legacy12:39
tjaaltonso nvidia-settings can be removed from hardy12:39
persiatjaalton: Excellent!  That bug has been bothering me for a rather long time.  Thank you.12:39
tjaaltonno problem, now some lunch ->12:40
cjwatsonmvo: current apt-key/ubuntu-keyring is having trouble adding the CD signing key; it says "gpg: error reading key: public key not found"12:42
cjwatsonmvo: I think that this line is wrong?12:43
cjwatson            if $GPG --list-sigs --with-colons $add_key | grep ^sig | cut -d: -f5 | grep -q $master_key; then12:43
cjwatsonmvo: shouldn't that be $GPG_CMD --keyring $ADD_KEYRING, rather than $GPG?12:43
cjwatsonsince the key isn't necessarily in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg yet12:43
mvocjwatson: let me check12:50
dholbachMOTU Q&A session in #ubuntu-classroom in 10 minutes12:50
mvocjwatson: you are right (of course). fixing it now, I will upload a new apt today that will also include the networkless-install bits13:04
cjwatsonmvo: thanks! I just uploaded an apt-setup that seeds /var/lib/apt/lists with signed Release files13:11
cjwatsonmvo: is there any more to AptAuthenticationReliability, or can I mark it implemented now?13:11
mvocjwatson: I think that was it, we should be done (modulo bugs of course)13:12
cjwatsonmvo: maybe the notification on failed updates?13:12
mvocjwatson: right, that one is sitting here in my local disk, I'm a bit unsure if we should enable it. there is a warning now in update-notifier/update-manager if the last update of the sources.list did work for a certain amount of days (7 currently)13:13
cjwatsonif s/did work/did not work/, I think that's good enough for me13:14
mvoyeah,  s/did work/did not work/ indeed :)13:15
cjwatsonwe could enable the warning and turn it off if it annoys people13:15
mvoand check how much people actually see it, how widespread the problem is13:16
mvothat sounds like a plan13:16
ScottKpitti: The trimmed amavisd-new (removed the milter) is uploaded, so it should be ready to be promoted.13:20
pittiScottK: ah, neat; I checked this morning and didn't see it yet13:20
ScottKI just uploaded.13:21
ScottKpitti: Do you have a moment to discuss another issue.13:21
pittiScottK: sure13:26
ScottKpitti: I've been looking after clamav for some time and as I'd imagine you're aware there is quite a security problem in Dapper.13:26
ScottKI've got a list of 12 or 13 CVEs that are open and valid against the current Dapper clamav.13:27
ScottKIt's old enough to be unmaintainable for any reasonable effort MOTU might be able to muster.13:27
ScottKIn dapper-backports, we uploaded the current clamav package (with some small changes to work on Dapper) and updated all the rdepends.13:28
ScottKIt's been several weeks now with no bugs filed.13:28
ScottKpitti: My proposal is that these updates be copied from backports to dapper-updates.13:29
ScottKAt this point our choices boil down to this or leave the vulnerabilities.13:29
ScottKIf you think this is worth considering, I can file a bug with the CVEs and a complete package list.13:30
pittiScottK: I do think that it is worth considering13:33
pittiScottK: depending on how much positive feedback we got?13:33
pittiScottK: I think we should open/find a bug suitable for SRU, copy -backports to -proposed, and call for testing13:33
ScottKMyself and a few other people tested all of these uploads in a PPA before they were backported and documented the test results.13:33
pittiah, great13:33
pittican you please include a pointer to these results into the bug?13:34
ScottKWill do.13:34
pittioh, that looks like great documentation13:35
DktrKranzpitti, do you think this is applicable to normal issues too (not concerning security vulnerabilities) ? . I saw some requests to release upgrades for completely broken apps (mainly youtube clients)13:35
pittiScottK: if it really has been proven that well already, that should suffice for verification13:36
jdongDktrKranz: when the original is so defective that it "couldn't possibly get any worse"... I'd like for a procedure like this to be documented to take a new version trhough backports->proposed->updates13:36
ScottKpitti: OK.  I do think we've tested it pretty thoroughly.13:37
ScottKpitti: I've also uploaded a New amavisd-new-milter source package to maintain that binary in Universe.13:37
DktrKranzjdong, really. I tried to isolate single patches for some of these packages, but changes are invasive as much as backport new release.13:38
pittiScottK: what's the X in claws-mail-clamav?13:38
ScottKIt doesn't exist in Dapper13:38
frafuHello, as you probably know, an accessibility tab has been added to the mouse control panel in GNOME 2.22 (and consequently, it is also available in hardy). However, the new accessibility features are in a separate module that is currently as a new module in the build queue for universe.13:39
pittiDktrKranz: if the regression potential for a package is zero because it doesn't work at all, I'm fine with updates; if it works under some conditions, upgrades have to be evaluated to avoid regressions13:39
ScottKpitti: If you look at the PPA  - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive - you'll see we've got packages for all the releases for testing.13:39
frafuMy question: Should I file the mir right away, or do I have to wait for mousetweaks to be available in the universe repo?13:40
pittiScottK: ah, I see13:40
pittiScottK, DktrKranz: well, in this case my feeling is that the updates should go to -proposed in the first place, and not to -backports; WDYT?13:41
jdongpitti: do you think this workflow should be documented as an exception on the StableReleaseUpdates process, or do you feel this is rare enough that we can seek approval informally from you on a case-by-case?13:41
persiafrafu: it's better to wait until it is in universe, but you might get started on the wiki entry beforehand, given the tight timing for hardy.13:41
pittijdong: I think we should keep the workflow, and rather add the condition to the list of acceptable SRUs13:41
ScottKMakes sense13:42
ScottKI do think for situations where the package supports a service that makes random non-compatible changes it ought to be SRUable.13:42
frafupersia: I have already written the mir in the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportMousetweaks13:43
DktrKranzpitti, going through -backports sounds like an additional step to be taken, since we should test packages on -backports and -proposed.13:43
pittiif it worked in breezy, then it already falls under the 'major regression' case13:43
pittiDktrKranz: right; -backports isn't really meant for bug fixes, it's for new features13:43
jdongDktrKranz: I don't think going through backports is unreasonable for introducing a new upstream version of anything, if it came from Hardy13:44
frafuIt would be odd to have the gui in hardy but no the functions because mousetweaks is missing.13:44
ScottKjdong: It depends on if something's fundamentally broken or not.13:44
jdongScottK: hmm... actually on second thought, I don't think going through backports is a good idea13:45
jdongthe backports buildd's build against all components13:45
jdongso it can't be guaranteed  to be "just like -updates"13:45
elmojdong: err, what?13:46
jdongelmo: backporting a packages from main is allowed to build against multiverse ;-)13:47
jdongit was like during Breezy or so that we had issues with changing definitions of sections and the decision was just to do away with sections altogether :)13:48
elmojdong: umm, seriously?13:48
jdongelmo: yeah...13:48
* jdong can sense elmo's blood boiling :)13:49
DktrKranzpitti: suppose we have a package in gutsy broken beyond any repair, and hardy new upstream version fixes the issue, which version should we adopt to avoid clashing with existing packages?13:49
* ScottK steps to the other side of the room, away from the late jdong.13:50
DktrKranzusing ~gutsy as backports do?13:50
Hobbseejdong: what crack are you proposing now?13:50
jdongHobbsee: none :) I'm just recapping on crack from 1.5yrs ago :)13:51
ScottKHobbsee: Actually it's DktrKranz's crack.13:51
Hobbseeand a soyuz bug, it appears13:51
ScottKMy fault though.  I started it.13:51
jdongDktrKranz: rmadison azureus; and yes ~gutsy113:51
DktrKranzScottK, heh :)13:51
jdongHobbsee: It was intended functionality, not a soyuz bug (this time :D)13:52
pittijdong: hm, so what's the current status of bug 184386? that's a bit confusing13:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184386 in gutsy-backports "Please backport bzr-svn (0.4.5-1) from Hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18438613:52
Hobbseejdong: so it was a crack decision.  got it.13:52
jdongpitti: don't backport for now, awaiting a sync of 0.4.7-1 to hardy, at which point, backport13:52
pittijdong: also in relation to bug 188781 ?13:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188781 in bzr-svn "[backport-request] bzr-svn not installable when backports enabled" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18878113:52
jdongpitti: those two are dupes13:52
pitti   bzr-svn |    0.4.7-1 | hardy/universe | source, all13:53
jdongHobbsee: well considering the restrictions placed on the origins of backports, IMO not all that crackful13:53
jdongpitti: oh, already synced :) guess I'm not on the ball13:53
pittijdong: so "the bzr-builddeb issue" (whatever that is) is ok?13:53
jdongpitti: ask dholbach, I'm not sure :D13:53
pittijdong: I did it this morning, I think13:53
jdongpitti: gimme a quick second to make sure bzr-svn 0.4.7 actually works on Gutsy13:54
pittijdong: marked as dup, thanks13:54
pittijdong: ok; no rush, we can do it later13:54
dholbachpitti, jdong: bzr-builddeb on backports is all sorted out - I thought I had replied on all the bugs13:54
=== greeneggsnospam is now known as jsgotangco
pittidholbach: yeah, it just wasn't clear to me what the issue was13:55
jdongpitti: what's unclear to me is how it was resolved13:56
dholbachit might have been the bzrtools dependency or something13:56
jdongthe issue I assume was bzr 1.0 does not work with bzr-builddep $existingversion13:56
jdong bzrtools (>= 0.18),13:56
jdongyep it's surely a dep13:56
jdongpitti: btw, bzr-svn 0.4.7-1 is good for gutsy-backports13:57
pittiso, if everything is alright, I wait for jdong's final ack for bzr-svn, and then we backport13:57
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro_
jdongpitti: ready to do this all again with bzr 1.10? :D13:58
* pitti ♥ bzr13:59
jdongdon't we all :)13:59
pittiand bzr-svn is so great13:59
jdongeven my TODO list is managed via bzr :)13:59
pittimy /etc backup, too13:59
sorenpitti: Er... Why was netcat-openbsd rejected?14:04
pittisoren: it was a duplicate in the queue14:05
pittisomeone synced it without NEWing14:05
pittislangasek: ^ might have been you? if you sync new pacakges from Debian, please keep a list and immediately NEW them (U pkg1 pkg2; q accept pkg1 pkg2)14:06
sorenThat was you, I think :)14:06
pittisoren: I synced the second one, yes (the bug was still open)14:06
sorenAh, ok.14:06
sorenAh, yes, I see there's an accepted one from bigon. Ok, good.14:06
sorenAwesome, actually.14:07
ScottKpitti: Bug #190187 for clamav in Dapper.14:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190187 in clamav "Dapper clamav has multiple security issues that require upgrade to new version to fix" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19018714:09
seb128pitti, thekorn: is that a known issue?14:09
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/launchpadbugs/lptime.py", line 61, in __new__14:09
seb128    raise ValueError, "Unknown date format (%s)" %time_str14:09
seb128ValueError: Unknown date format (2008-02-08 14:12:50 CET)14:09
pittihell, gutsy-backports/NEW is crowded14:10
seb128pitti: the retrace is breaking on that an untagging bugs which are not retraced14:10
pittiseb128: oh, I got the same this morning on drescher, but I already talked about this with thekorn and we couldn't reproduce it anywhere but drescher14:11
seb128python2.4 thing again?14:11
ScottKpitti: If you'd be willing to copy the clamav + rdepends straight to dapper-updates, I will definitely commit to be here to fix any problems (I'm already bug contact on all the packages.14:11
pittiseb128: I hacked the instance on drescher14:11
seb128pitti: could you do the same on ronne?14:11
sorendoko: I've been thinking about kvm and gcc.. Qemu compiled with gcc-3.4 is very well tested. The new code generator is brand new and has seen only very limited testing. I'm not sure if I'm completely comfortable making such a drastic change just to make it compile with gcc-4.x.14:11
pittiScottK: yeah, seems we got much testing on that one14:11
seb128pitti: or rather the retracers14:11
pittiseb128: no, it's not 2.4 specific14:11
seb128pitti: or point me the change and I'll do the retracers update14:12
pittiseb128: it worked just fine in my dapper chroot14:12
pittiseb128: I replaced the raise with "t = time.gmtime()[0:6]" and added import time14:12
pittiseb128: i. e. ignore the date14:12
seb128ok, thanks14:12
pittiseb128: that's not the chroots, right? just the digger?14:13
seb128pitti: /tmp/tmpNW8_bN/usr/bin/apport-retrace14:13
seb128pitti: that's the retracer no?14:14
dokohrm. that would move 3.4 and 4.0 to main again14:14
sorendoko: I know.14:14
pittiseb128: I think we just need to replace the p-lp-bugs instance on ronne with the current version, too14:14
seb128pitti: do you have a script doing the update?14:15
pittiseb128: erm, no, they shouldn't be in /tmp/14:15
sorendoko: At this point, the "new world order" of qemu is hardly a few weeks old.14:15
pittiseb128: only one to create a completely new retracer14:15
pittiseb128: I can do it now if you want14:15
dokopitti: any opinion?14:15
seb128pitti: would be nice, thanks14:15
pittiseb128: oh, according to the log it failed in the chroot, not in the digger14:16
pittiI'd really hate to promote two gccs again14:16
seb128pitti: what I though14:16
sorendoko: Why is 4.0 needed?14:16
dokolibgcc2 for hppa14:17
pittiit's not feasible to give 4.2 a try and only use 3.4 if that actually breaks?14:17
sorenpitti: I'd really rather do it the other way around.14:17
pittiwe still have plenty of time until the release14:17
sorenpitti: We *know* 3.4 gives good results.14:17
sorenpitti: I can promise to revisit this on at least a weekly basis.14:18
sorenpitti: Hoping to switch to 4.0 before release, but not promising that that will be the case.14:18
soren4.4, I mean.14:19
sorenOr 4.3.. Whichever is the default nowadays.14:19
sorenI forget :)14:19
pittisee, that's part of the problem -- plethora of compiler versions :)14:19
pittiseb128: hm, that already was the latest version in the chroot14:20
pittiso that's a real bug, I think14:20
pittiseb128: I just apply the nasty hack then14:20
seb128pitti: thanks14:20
sorenThere are two sides to this really: I really, really want kvm to be as solid as possible, and you want to keep old compilers out of main. At this point, I'm not sure whether those two wishes can be fulfilled at the same time.14:21
pittiseb128: I h4x0red the hardy/i386 chroot now14:22
sorenpitti, doko: From #kvm:14:25
soren15:23:02 < danpb_ltop> soren: the new code generator is faaaaar from complete14:25
soren15:23:14 < danpb_ltop> soren: there's going to be a long time with a hybrid of the old & new generators14:25
soren...so I'm not getting my hopes up.14:25
pittioh, too bad14:25
pittiso, I guess it's up to doko whether we can maintain 3.4 for hardy?14:26
ScottKpitti: Do you want me to subscribe ubuntu-archive on the clamav bug to get it in your work flow or is it OK as is?14:26
pitti(still gives me a bad taste, though wrt. mantainability of qemu in the first place, if it is still using such ancient code)14:26
sorenpitti:That's not the issue at all.14:27
sorenpitti: It's not that the code is not compatible with 4.0 and beyond.14:27
elmosoren: pitti's point still stands14:27
pittiI might understand it wrongly14:27
pittiScottK: fine for me, I have a tab open14:28
elmowe have nothing else in main that requires gcc-3.414:28
elmoand now kvm and it's "2nd generation virtualization" is pulling it back in...14:28
elmoI'm trying not to giggle, really, I am, but...14:28
ScottKpitti: OK.  Thanks.  I'll just leave it to you then.14:28
sorenpitti: During build time, qemu depends on a particular layout of the machine code, gcc spews out. gcc-4.0 changed dramatically in that respect, and there's no way to force it to do what we want it to.14:28
frafuCould anybody please tell me what branch I have to checkout in order to add mousetweaks to the hardy desktop seed?  The following document only talks about the case of core-devs and read-only!?14:29
dokohmm, 4.9 is so new14:29
persiafrafu: You don't need to do that.  The MIR approver will update the seeds.14:29
pittipersia: no, not the approver14:30
pittitaking care of the seeds is the responsibility of the requestor14:30
persiapitti: Who does then?  A sponsor?14:30
sorenelmo: My point is that it's not a matter of "ancient code" per se.14:30
pittiyeah, someone who knows the package and where it should go to14:30
persiapitti: Ah.  That makes sense.14:30
pittipersia: of course, if I'm asked to do it, I'll do it14:30
pittibut it's not the default14:31
frafuIn fact I am looking at how to do point 5 of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionProcess14:31
pittiI'm just not sure whether we can touch the seeds right now, they are currently undergoing restructuring (cjwatson?)14:31
persiafrafu: mousetweaks is required to make part of gnome-control-center work properly, right?  You might consider asking for the dependency to be added there, rather than changing the seeds.  This would also fix the case where the "ubuntu-desktop" package was not installed.  Try asking in #ubuntu-desktop.14:32
cjwatsonpitti: don't let me block you; I'll deal with merging14:32
cjwatsonpitti: I'm waiting for a Launchpad fix before I can finalise it14:32
=== MetalMusicAddict is now known as _MMA_
pittiyay dependency chains :) ok, I'll add it then14:32
persiapitti: To the seed?  Should not the GUI depend on the daemon to implement point 5, rather than a seed change?14:33
pittifrafu: mousetweaks is in universe, though14:33
pittipersia: yes, that would make more sense14:33
frafuNo; it will also work without mousetweaks, but if you try to activate the a11y features of the new mouse control panel you get a dialog telling you to install mousetweaks14:33
pittipersia: (see, that's why the requestor is responsible, not the approver :) )14:33
persiapitti: The light dawns...14:34
pittifrafu, persia: so maybe the two of you can discuss where it belongs (with a comment from seb128 maybe) and then you tell me what to do?14:34
persiafrafu: Submit a debdiff against gnome-control-center to ubuntu-main-sponsors with the additional dependency.  This will put it on the right list to get it included in all the right places (pitti will be chasing point 6)14:34
Mezpitti, from successful completion of a backport on your part, how long does it take to hit the archive ?14:34
seb128pitti, frafu, persia: a gnome-control-center depends seems correct until we get recommends installed then we can use that there14:35
pittiMez: source> about an hour, binary> depends on buildd speed; usually less than a day14:35
persiaseb128: Sounds sane.  Thanks for the input.14:35
pittiMez: unless it's stuck in NEW, of course14:35
Mezpitti - hope not14:35
Mezpitti, well you backported it 28 mins ago... so I'll wait14:35
thekornpitti, seb128, this date/time error is really weird,14:36
thekornthere might be a problem with the timezone information14:36
pitti  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/launchpadbugs/connector.py", line 95, in NewComment14:37
pitti    return getattr(self.module, "Comment")(*args, **kwargs)14:37
pittiTypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'attachment'14:37
pittithekorn: ^ another failure from the retracer14:37
pittiknown already? or do you want a bug?14:37
frafumousetweaks is not in universe yet; it is waiting for a build depend for the hppa architectures; the other architectures are already built14:38
pittithekorn: ah, I explicitly call it with ..., attachment=att); seems the API changed?14:39
thekornpitti, no, not known, can you please open a bugreport14:39
persiafrafu: Right.  Submit the debdiff for now, and the sponsor will apply it once it has passed binary NEW.14:39
pittithekorn: i. e. NewComment() doesn't accept an optional parameter attachment any more?14:39
thekornpitti, let me check14:39
Mezpitti, another question - how do I find the build queues for backports pocket?14:40
thekornpitti, damn, the argument changed into "...attachments=set()...",14:41
ScottKMez: It's the same queue14:41
thekornbut then it's a bug, I did not want to change the API14:41
pittiMez: try https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+builds14:41
pittithekorn: ok, shall I report that one then?14:41
pittithekorn: I stopped the retracers for now, since that sounds like it'll break all retraces14:42
thekornpitti, I will fix it now14:42
frafuSo I submit a debdiff against gnome-control-center in launchpad; correct? (I am new to this, so I prefer to ask to be sure)14:42
MezScottK, pitti, thanks... *sighs as what he's looking for doesnt seem to be in any state on the build*14:43
pittithekorn: oh, great, thanks; I'll manually patch the retracers then14:43
persiafrafu: That'd be my recommendation, assuming the MIR was approved (I haven't checked).14:43
pittiScottK: moved to -updates, thanks!14:45
ScottKpitti: Wonderful.  Thanks for getting to it so quickly.14:45
pittifrafu: I don't see a MIR for mousetweaks on https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mir/+subscribedbugs14:45
pittiScottK: exemplary verification and documentation14:46
* ScottK wonders if he should mention to pitti that he's up for core-dev on Tuesday and that might be worth a mention ...14:47
* pitti fanboys ScottK's nomination14:47
frafuYes; I thought I had to wait for mousetweaks to be in universe before applying to mir; I have already prepared https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MainInclusionReportMousetweaks14:47
frafupitti: should I add it now?14:48
pittifrafu: ah, please14:49
pittifrafu: yes, that was correct14:49
thekornpitti, ok, this might fix the attachment issue, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4340/14:49
frafupitti: ok;14:49
pittithekorn: thanks a lot14:52
cjwatsonRiddell: I'm adding proxy configuration to the advanced dialog in ubiquity, but I've run out of time to do the Qt side as well; could I get you to do that bit?14:53
cjwatsonit's pretty small, I'm just way out of practice with qt4-designer14:53
Riddellcjwatson: can do14:55
cjwatsonthanks - I'll mail you a reminder once I've done the GTK side14:55
sorendoko, pitti: alternative plan:14:57
dokoinclude the gcc-3.4 source in kvm?14:58
sorenHow'd you guess?14:58
sorendoko, pitti: I work on a patch to kvm to make it refuse to do anything at all if hardware acceleration isn't available. That should alleviate the need for gcc-3.4.14:59
pittisoren: so that people can install qemu from universe instead?14:59
pittithat sounds great14:59
* pitti hugs soren14:59
sorendoko, pitti: However, we want to do some thorough testing, so we'd like to keep the door open for the option to include gcc-3.4 if it turns out to be troublesome.14:59
pittisoren: we can always do that as last resort, yes15:00
sorenpitti: So the action plan now? Can we push kvm to main, dropping gcc-3.4 dependency when I'm done with the patch (which might be shortly after ff)?15:01
sorenOr should we hold off kvm until the patch is done? and how does that work w.r.t. feature freeze?15:01
persiasoren: Would it be possible to keep the fallback mechanism, but only use it if qemu is installed (from universe)?15:01
sorenpersia: Not entirely.15:02
sorenpersia: I wanted to, but it's not.15:02
pittisoren: traditionally we did promotions/demotions way past FF15:02
persiasoren: Ah.  Oh well.15:02
sorenpitti: Ah, no worries, then.15:02
sorenpitti: Ah, right, I remember something about a partman-auto-crypto-lvm-magic thing that went in and out of main quite frequently shortly before gutsy released. *cough* :)15:03
pittisoren: excellent plan, thanks15:04
pittiso we can have the cake and eat it, too15:04
pittierk, p-lp-bugs Unknown date format did it again15:07
pittiquick, I need a crash bug to retrace for testing :)15:09
Amaranthpitti: start compiz15:11
sorenAmaranth: I was going to say evolution :)15:12
Amaranthcompiz, evolution, OOo, take your pick ;)15:12
pittiI'll watch it for  abit15:12
Amaranthi can't think of any reproducable crasher, that must be a good thing15:12
NgI can!15:13
hendrixskimorning all15:13
Ngalt-space on a borderless window makes some part of compiz segfault :)15:13
Ng(bug #185784)15:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185784 in compiz "gtk-window-decorator SIGSEGV opening window menu on undecorated windowa" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18578415:14
hendrixskipitti, Xchat tells me that you sent me an answer about making repositories with the .ddebs but I can't scroll up enough to find it.  :-(  may I ask you to repost the answer?15:15
pittihendrixski: I don't remember a question about .ddebs15:15
pittihendrixski: oh, s/making/using/, yes15:15
sorenpitti: Will you make it all the way down the queue to, say, dnsmasq-base today?15:16
sorenpitti: Also, can I have a pony?15:16
pittihendrixski: look at the first paragraph on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash15:16
zulpitti: hello is libxen3 still in binary new?15:16
pittisoren: I keep getting distracted from NEW, but I'm at it; i'll get to dnsmasq, though15:16
* soren hugs pitti15:16
sorenpitti: Lovely, thanks.15:17
pittizul: yes, it is15:17
zulpitti: ok thanks15:17
pittisoren: netcat-openbsd binary-NEWed15:17
zuli wont bug you then15:17
hendrixskipitti, I saw that page before, I don't see on it hwere it says how to make repositories with .ddeb files :-(15:17
sorenzul: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=libxen15:17
sorenpitti: Whee!15:17
hendrixskibecause when I run apt-ftparchive, all it puts in the Packages file is the regular .deb's and none of the .ddeb's :-(15:18
pittihendrixski: right, I misunderstood it as "where to get them"15:18
hendrixskipitti, it's Ok. I probably didn't ask the question very well.  here's where I'm at:15:18
pittihendrixski: bzr get http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/bzr/ddeb-retriever/15:19
hendrixskiI made a bunch of them, when I installed dpkg-create-dbgsym and ran dpkg-buildpackage15:19
pittihendrixski: that is the code which builds ddebs.ubuntu.com15:19
pittihendrixski: and it calls apt-ftparchive appropriately15:19
pittihendrixski: please let me know if you have questions about it15:20
hendrixskisweet.  I'm getting it right now.  So I just run the ddeb-retriever script in the directory where the ddebs are and it'll make the Packages.gz?15:22
pittino, ddeb-retriever itself runs much more15:23
frafupitti: mir-bug for mousetweaks has been filed and it shows up in https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mir/15:23
pittihendrixski: it calls archive_tools.create_indexes() which is the function you wnat15:24
hendrixskipitti, ah, ok.. 'cause I just ran it and got import errors... google says I need to install python-apt ... but if I only need archive_tools.create_indexes()  I can figure out how to use it by reading through the code, right?15:26
pittiyou'll still need python-apt, I think15:26
* hendrixski apt-gets it15:27
pittihendrixski: but you don't actually need to use my code15:27
pittihendrixski: but you can look at it how to call apt-ftparchive15:27
pittihendrixski: (it took me some hours to get that working, too; it's very nonobvious)15:27
pittisoren: any idea why dnsmasq is split into -base and dnsmasq in that weird way?15:29
sorenpitti: WHy is it weird_15:29
hendrixskipitti, heh, yeah, I spent a few hours googling for it yesterday, and even asked about it at my LUG meeting last night... nobody could find it  so that's when I posted the question on this channel last night.  We figured there must be a third party tool for it :-p15:29
pittisoren: dnsmasq should be arch: all, but isn't15:29
pittisoren: and hardly has any files15:30
sorenpitti: Gah, I told him to change that..15:30
pittisoren: and dnsmasq-base has binaries15:30
sorenpitti: It's to make the upgrade path sane fo ranyone who's used to having dnsmasq installed.15:30
pittisoren: the common pracice is that -base is arch: all and has the non-arch stuff (conffiles, mo files, etc.) and dnsmasq has the binaries15:30
pittisoren: that's even more confusing; why would someone rename dnsmasq to -base when there's no other package?15:31
sorenpitti: Right. dnsmasq-base has all the binaries and stuff so that stuff like libvirt can depend on it without suddenly installing a running dchp and dns server on the system.15:31
pittisoren: aah15:31
sorenpitti: And for people who are used to having dnsmasq installed, they'll get the expected results.15:31
pittiso that should be s/-base/-bin/?15:31
sorenIt could be.15:31
sorenI took the packaging from an upstream rc.15:32
pittiok, that clears it up a bit15:32
pittiso apart from dnsmasq not being arch:all it looks alright15:32
sorenI can change it here, and tell him to do the same before he uploads to Debian.15:32
sorenWould you prefer that_15:32
* soren is going nuts over changing keyboard mappings..15:33
sorenWould you prefer that?15:33
pittisoren: sounds good; I'll accept it for now15:33
sorenpitti: WHy shouldn't dnsmasq be arch: all?15:33
sorenpitti: It has not binaries.15:33
sorenpitti: Er.. It has not arch-specific binaries.15:33
pittisoren: for that very reason :)15:33
sorenYou want me to change it to arch: any because it has no binaries? wtf?15:34
pittiit should be arch:all15:34
sorenIt... is?15:34
pittisoren: no, I'd like you to change it to arch:all15:34
* soren is confused15:34
sorenMy local version here is arch:all.15:34
pittisoren: no, in NEW I have dnsmasq_2.40-1ubuntu1_{sparc,powerpc,lpia,ia64,i386,hppa,amd64}.deb15:35
sorenHow does that make sense? It's been there all the time?15:35
sorenWhy would it be regarded as NEW?15:35
pittisoren: that has arch:any for dnsmasq15:36
pittisoren: -base is NEW15:36
sorenpitti: Hmm... so it does.15:36
sistpoty|worktjaalton: I've seen that nvidia-settings is removed... can you ship the headers/lib from the restricted-modules package then?15:37
sorenpitti: Ok, I'll change that with my next upload. You also want me to rename -base to -bin?15:37
pittisoren: don't worry about the renaming if it introduces a delta to debian; it just confused me a bit15:37
sorenpitti: I'll see if I can make upstream do the same. That'll make everything much easier.15:37
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: no, those are not available anymore15:38
sistpoty|worktjaalton: sure they are... I just checked the latest nvidia-settings upstream15:38
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: at least the nvidia installers don't have them15:38
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: where's that?15:38
sistpoty|worktjaalton: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/nvidia-settings/15:39
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: ok, so the real solution would be to drop n-s from the drivers and ship the latest upstream?15:40
sistpoty|worktjaalton: I guess so15:41
sistpoty|worktjaalton: though I don't know the relationship between the library and the restricted modules (in case of hidden dependencies)15:41
tjaaltonI don't think there are any15:42
sistpoty|workthen I guess that would be the best solution... *shrug*15:42
* persia notes this will be confusing for users who have been told to ignore the independent n-s since pre-Dapper15:43
tjaaltonand I closed all the open bugs against it :)15:44
tjaaltonalthough most of them were about conflicts15:45
tjaaltonor wrong api version15:45
sistpoty|workpersia: l-r-m could recommend nvidia-settings, so nvidia-settings could happily live in universe? (I've seen no signs of it being non-free so far)15:47
persiasistpoty|work: Would it still work that way with recommends-by-default?15:48
pittifrafu: FYI, I just binary-NEWed mousetweaks15:48
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: it was Suggests before15:48
sorenpitti: Ah... I was nice enough to send the patch to fix the architecture (and a few other things) things to dnsmasq upstream, but didn't apply them here. Go figure.15:48
sistpoty|workpersia: yes15:48
pittisoren: lol15:49
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: how about just providing the headers from nvidia-settings source?15:49
frafupitti: good news :-)  thanks15:49
sistpoty|worktjaalton: and have nvidia-settings binary come from l-r-m?15:50
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: binary, desktop-file etc15:50
sistpoty|worktjaalton: sure, why not15:50
tjaaltonman-page too15:50
persiaThat sounds more reasonable to me.  Easier to ensure nvidia-settings works with whichever are the current drivers.15:51
sistpoty|workthen there would only be a libnvsomething-dev packages from the nvidia-settings source... I like the idea15:52
tjaaltonpersia, sistpoty|work: I'm away most of the weekend, so it would be cool if you have time to make those changes15:53
sistpoty|worktjaalton: sure, will do15:54
tjaaltonmaybe I should fix lrm before it hits all the mirrors..15:55
tjaaltonhmm actually there isn't anything to fix :)15:56
tjaaltonI was just confused15:56
sistpoty|workyes, only get nvidia-settings source back in, but I'll take care for this15:56
tjaaltonsistpoty|work: yep, thanks16:01
pittithekorn: your fix has a small bug16:09
pitti    self.__attachments = set(attachment)16:09
pittiTypeError: 'Attachment' object is not iterable16:09
pittithekorn: that should be set([attachment]), I think16:09
pittithekorn: also, I think16:12
pitti        if isinstance(attachment, LPAttachment):16:12
pitti            self.__attachments = set([attachment])16:12
pittithekorn: that should be s/self.__attachments/attachment/16:12
pittithekorn: since below you always iterate over attachment16:12
pittithekorn: alternatively, replace the following line ('if attachment:') with 'else:' ?16:13
pittithekorn: the former is incorrect; else: is fine, I think16:13
* soren boggles at https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/udpkg/+question/2322616:18
maximilionHello :) Ubuntu was easy enough to get running proper, now I feel like coding :) If I want to make a 3D game, which 'engines' do you recommend?16:18
pittizul: libxen NEWed16:18
* soren hugs pitti again16:18
zulpitti: thank you16:18
sorenThanks very much!16:18
* soren begins the upload spree.16:19
maximilionHmm, seems the guy that recommended I ask here didn't know if this was only for devs of the distro.16:19
maximilionSorry if this is the wrong place. If so, could someone give me a hint (forum, channel...)?16:19
jdongmaximilion: I don't know where specifically it's best to ask that question, but this channel is certainly not going to give you meaningful answers :)16:22
maximilionThat's ok. Is this channel only for OS coders, or other contributors?16:23
pittimaximilion: it's mostly used by developers *of* ubuntu (see topic), not developers *on* ubuntu16:24
pittimaximilion: however, there is a debian/ubuntu games team which might have some input16:24
maximilionYep, got it. Well, I'm far from that level yet ;)16:24
maximilionSee you anyway :)16:24
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ulaashi! how to install ubuntu on a sata raid card not have modules by default but have source code to build?17:12
slangasekpitti: but AFAICS, syncing a package is orthogonal to reviewing a package for NEW processing?  Or is it implicit that if the package was accepted in Debian, it doesn't need further review before accepting?17:15
pittislangasek: yes; we generally assume that stuff that went through Debian NEW is distributable17:16
pittislangasek: otherwise it'd cost us weeks at the beginning of a release17:17
slangasekmm, fair enough17:17
ulaashow to install ubuntu on a sata raid card not have modules by default but have source code to build?17:22
slangasekulaas: this is not a support channel; please see #ubuntu for support17:23
ulaasslangasek: already did. sorry17:25
seb128slangasek: is pam_getenv supposed to use /etc/default/locale nowadays?17:37
cjwatsonits manual page hints that it ought to in the future17:38
cjwatsonI think the future is now :)17:38
seb128slangasek: on new installation pam_getenv -l LANG doesn't return anything which makes gdm always use english17:38
slangasekseb128: uh, the point of moving the lang stuff to /etc/default/locale was to have a file that wasn't under PAM's purview, that was guaranteed to be sourceable as shell and would only contain the locale settings17:43
slangasekseb128: so please adjust gdm to source the file directly?17:43
seb128slangasek: will do, I was just wondering if pam_getenv was still supposed to return something useful17:45
cjwatsonslangasek: lots of things seem to do pam_env.so [readenv=1] envfile=/etc/default/locale17:45
cjwatsonlike shadow and gdm; I did the same in openssh 'cos it seemed like the usual practice17:46
slangasekseb128: I would argue not, but then I think pam_getenv was written by Mithrandir so he may have had different plans17:46
slangasekcjwatson: yes, the convention is that PAM services that care about the env should pull from both files; but for things that aren't PAM, the locale setting is exposed in a separate file with different syntax requirements17:47
slangasekah, no, looks like hartmans wrote pam_getenv17:49
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ScottKpitti: I'm looking at dapper-upates and I see that clamav was copied over, but I don't see any of the reverse depends copied?18:06
pittiScottK: erm, there are more source packages?18:07
thekornpitti, this patch should fix the lptime issue for me, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4350/18:07
ScottKpitti: It was listed in that bug.18:07
thekornit is a little rough but works ;)18:07
ScottKpitti: Do you want me to do it with also affects ...18:07
pittiScottK: what was the bug# again? I'll do it right now18:08
ScottKpitti: Bug #19018718:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190187 in clamav "Dapper clamav has multiple security issues that require upgrade to new version to fix" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19018718:08
pittiScottK: sorry, I missed that18:08
ScottKNo problem.18:08
ScottKThanks for tending to it.18:08
pittithekorn: heh, great18:08
pittiScottK: all copied over18:15
ScottKpitti: Thanks again.18:16
* swingr is away: Gone away for now.18:23
evandmeh, can we pop up a warning when we discover the user has installed the nvidia package from nvidia.com, perhaps in Jockey?  It is still evil, right?18:24
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jdongwhat's the status of bug 177570?18:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177570 in hal "[hardy] two batteries display when left clicking on g-p-m" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17757018:52
jdongit seems like the cause and proposed solutions are pretty complete already18:53
jdongcan someone with expertise weigh in on what to do?18:53
mjg59jdong: It probably needs to be reassigned to the kernel18:54
jdongmjg59: ok, so the solution is to only build one of the two interfaces?19:03
mjg59jdong: That's the simplest one, yes19:05
mjg59Though it can also be worked around in hal19:05
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jdongmjg59: would you be willing to comment on the bug report?19:17
jdongmjg59: have you had a chance to review bug 188261 yet?19:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188261 in pm-utils "[debdiff] pm-utils modunload nonfunctional" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18826119:37
Alohawhat is the scope of ubuntu support?19:45
jdongAloha: can you clarify/rephrase?19:46
Alohajdong, like what kind of problems does paid support help you with? like if i rm -fr / my computer will they walk me through something. or if my network card or sound card doesn't work will they walk me trhough that?19:47
jdongthat's more clear a question, but I don't have an answer :)19:48
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mjg59jdong: I'm back in the UK next week and should have time to deal with bugs then20:08
sladengood answer!20:09
mjg59This week is implementation20:10
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sistpotyhm... if I'll reupload nvidia-settings (which was killed today), should I include all changelog entries in the .changes file (since it's a new package then)?21:03
ScottKYou're keeping them all in debian/changelog, right?21:05
sistpotyScottK: the only ubuntu change was from me... so I "reimported" the unstable package, add a new upstream version and currently try to make it build21:06
sistpoty(in a way tjaalton agreed with me today)21:06
ScottKIn that case I'd just put whatever wasn't previously in Ubuntu in .changes.21:06
sistpotyhm... okey... though I guess LP will treat is as completely new (*hopefully*)21:07
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dokoslangasek: please accept bash-completion (NEW) and move it to main (splitted out from bash)22:34
=== kylem_ is now known as kylem
slangasekdoko: done23:21
geserslangasek: can you move sivp to multiverse as it build-depends on scilab from multiverse or should I open a bug for it? sivp is in contrib in Debian23:56
slangasekgeser: done23:58

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