superm1where are the translation files stored for people who wanted to help translate?06:51
superm1i was poking around launchpad and not coming to them06:51
cjwatsonsuperm1: they're under /ubuntu/hardy/+source/debian-installer09:16
xivulonI took the liberty to add debug boot parameter to /etc/init.d/ubiquity09:53
xivulonhope it's ok09:53
xivulondiscussed that with evand a couple of days ago'09:53
sorencjwatson: Can you give me a hint? (I think) I need to add _netdev to the fstab options of any iscsi mount point (and add a bit of code to mountall.sh to match it, but never mind that for now)... Which d-i component should I be looking at?10:08
cjwatsonsoren: anything that ships /lib/partman/fstab.d10:12
cjwatsonthough I guess you don't want to change all of them individually!10:13
cjwatsonsoren: partman-target/finish.d/fstab_hd_entries is probably the place to start10:13
* soren looks10:27
sorencjwatson: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by changing them individually? I'm not going to involve the user in this, I hope.10:28
sorencjwatson: Oh.10:28
sorencjwatson: I get it.10:28
cjwatsonI should possibly have investigated first rather than doing stream-of-consciousness10:28
sorenNo worries :)10:29
* soren taps his finger while bzr finishes fetching partman-target10:30
sorenAh, right, networking is brought up by udev these days! So if I just start open-iscsi before mountall, I'll probably be fine.10:45
* soren tests it10:45
tjaaltonnew kernel is out, perhaps a time to roll out a new d-i as well?11:05
* soren seconds that wish11:08
tjaaltonwhizzbang features for the masses! :)11:09
sorencjwatson: I'm assuming apt-install won't let me install universe packages?11:09
sorentjaalton: Yeah, virtio ftw!11:09
cjwatsonsoren: hmm, I think probably not11:12
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r874 ubuntu/ (10 files in 4 dirs): * Move to 2.6.24-7 kernels.11:18
sorencjwatson: Ok, that's good.11:23
sorencjwatson: Because then I have an explanation for my final iscsi related problem.11:23
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r875 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20070308ubuntu2811:32
cjwatsonsoren: are you installing from CD?11:32
cjwatsonsoren: I think if you install from netboot (possibly netboot mini.iso) it'll let you use universe11:32
sorencjwatson: I'm using the mini.iso, actually.11:32
cjwatsonsoren: or you could add universe to /cdrom/.disk/base_components11:33
cjwatsonthat's a little odd then, not sure11:33
sorenI'll check and see what's up.11:33
t105hello ... has anybody a clue with that one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/3752711:36
t105i'm having that during net install from the mini-iso11:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 37527 in initramfs-tools "Unable to install initramfs-tools in Dapper 64" [Medium,Confirmed]11:36
t105yeah thanks, botty ;)11:36
cjwatsont105: this is usually because something else failed to configure. We need to see the *full* /var/log/syslog (you can extract it using "Save debug logs" from the installer's main menu) to diagnose further11:37
t105but it seems, the regular installer is broken in some way, too: i cant install from sata-cdrom11:37
t105ah okay i'll grab the info11:38
cjwatsonthe comments at the end of the bug indicate that not using a separate /boot partition may be a workaround11:38
t105i'm at the point in the installer, where i can start a mini-httpd11:38
cjwatsonproblems installing from particular types of devices are typically kernel bugs11:38
t105yes i read that, but i'm not sure if i can do that. because i'm using a net install11:38
cjwatsonI don't see how a net install is relevant11:39
t105so as i understand i would have to start up some different system11:39
t105and copy some files and edit menu.lst11:39
cjwatsonthat doesn't make sense to me, I'm afraid11:40
cjwatsonthe suggestion is simply to avoid specifying /boot as a separate partition in the installer's partitioner11:41
t105quote: The workaround suggested by BitJam worked for me as well: I restarted the installation using only /, not telling it about the existing /boot, then declined to install grub (why does it claim that's a fatal error?), then booted into another system to move the new kernel files into the real /boot partition and edited menu.lst to point to them.11:41
t105well, i'm confused about "booted into another system..."11:42
t105while... there is none =)11:42
cjwatsonthat's somebody who is really desperate to use a separate /boot11:42
cjwatsondoing so is not usually required, except on old systems11:42
cjwatsonyou don't need to mess around with any of that if you're just doing a standalone install on a reasonably current machine11:43
t105ah ok. but theres one thing... my root will be on a raid111:43
cjwatsonand I assume that something with a SATA CD-ROM is fairly current11:43
t105yes it's a dell t10511:43
t105it is sata-only11:43
t105theregular cd starts fine, but the installer is dumb on mounting the cd it is loaded from ;)11:44
cjwatsonit is my understanding that /boot can be placed on RAID1 as long as you use LILO11:44
cjwatsonthat's actually unlikely to be installer dumbness11:45
cjwatsonthe CD booting just indicates that your BIOS can find it11:45
t105yes lilo was the possibility... some helpful guy on #xubuntu suggested that lilo is ill11:45
cjwatsonwhereas the installer needs the Linux kernel to be able to find it too11:45
cjwatsonhence, probably a kernel bug11:45
cjwatsona newer release of Ubuntu, or even the 6.06.2-to-be CDs that are in testing at the moment, might help11:45
t105hm. what i read regulary that there is a problem with enumeration and sata-controllers...11:46
t105i've downloaded xubuntu installer yesterday, that seems pretty up-to-date?11:46
cjwatsonin any case, if you post your syslog I can have a look at the initramfs-tools problem11:46
cjwatsonXubuntu what version?11:47
cjwatsonyou pointed to a dapper bug, I assumed you meant that11:47
t105err... no11:47
t105sorry for confusing11:47
cjwatsonplease post syslog then11:47
t105ok lets see (it takes some time to go through all these steps again)11:48
t105p.s. i'm using the net install atm11:50
t105{ in the regular install (alternate cd) i can't seem to do anything, it just says "insert cdrom". when i press "help", there are some messages unable to mount the cd dir }11:53
xivulonany issue if I move wubi to gpl-v3? main reason is to exchange code with win32-loader12:05
t105the first error occurs (i switch to the log console): debootstrap: cannot find /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic, then update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic12:07
t105dpkg: subprocess post-installation script returne error exit status 112:07
t105p.s.: using the amd64 7.10. minimal cd12:10
t105cjwatson: how can i post syslog to you? it's pretty long, i guess irc is flood protected12:11
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsont105: attach it to the bug; certainly don't put it on IRC12:12
t105the area where initramfs fails is:12:12
t105ah ok i need an account hm12:13
cjwatsonyou could also use paste.ubuntu.com, but it should really be attached to the bug otherwise it's liable to get lost12:13
cjwatsonthe log posted at the start of the bug sort of looks like the kernel didn't get installed, but it isn't entirely clear12:14
cjwatsonsoren: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KvmVirtManagerEtc doesn't indicate it, but gfxboot just displays a blank screen for me in hardy too; is that known?12:15
cjwatson(I forget if I've asked you before)12:15
sorencjwatson: Your kernel is not up-to-date, I'm guessing?12:15
sorencjwatson: Ah.. bootstrap-base, which calls install_extra, which installs the queued packages from apt-install, has installer-menu-item 6500. apt-setup has 7000... So no universe for queued apt-install stuff.12:16
cjwatson-5 I think12:16
sorenIs there a Contents file for all the installer stuff?12:16
sorencjwatson: You need -7.12:17
cjwatsonbase-installer will use universe if you do the base_components thing above, though12:17
cjwatsonah, ok, thanks12:17
cjwatsond-i Contents> I don't think so unfortunately12:18
sorencjwatson: Ah, yes, sure. I'm not trying to force it for local testing. I just wanted to identify if moving open-iscsi to main would fix my problem, and that seems to be the case.12:18
* soren -> lunch12:18
t105cjwatson: ok, here we go: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/3752712:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 37527 in initramfs-tools "Unable to install initramfs-tools in Dapper 64" [Medium,Confirmed]12:32
* t105 gets some food12:50
cjwatsont105: so were you installing onto a partition that already had some data on it?12:55
CIA-24apt-setup: cjwatson * r119 apt-setup/ (17 files in 8 dirs):12:57
CIA-24apt-setup: * Pre-populate apt's lists directory with signed Release files for12:57
CIA-24apt-setup:  archive.ubuntu.com (and mirrors) and security.ubuntu.com, to protect12:57
CIA-24apt-setup:  against downgrade attacks right from initial installation.12:57
xivulonevand, on winfoss replacement, had a preliminary look and nsis does not support onmouseover/onmouseclick.13:03
xivulonso the alternatives are, wrapping a dll plugin for the control (nlikely for friday), have a simpler dialog with 3 radio buttons + next + cancel (difficult to deuglify), have a go with pywin (~2MB)13:05
xivulonsecond option seems more plausible13:07
xivulonit will look a bit like our old interface: http://omattos.co.uk/ubuntuscreens/4.JPG13:08
xivulonexcept that the 3 radio will be for "Demo and Full Installation", "Install within Windows",  "More Info" and icons to match13:09
CIA-24apt-setup: cjwatson * r120 apt-setup/debian/changelog: releasing version 1:0.31ubuntu313:11
xivulonIcon 1 = Tango CD, Icon 2 = ???, Icon 3 = Tango help, Header =???13:13
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2442 ubiquity/ (5 files in 4 dirs):14:01
CIA-24ubiquity: * Fetch http_proxy and no_proxy from gconf (if possible) immediately14:01
CIA-24ubiquity:  before configuring apt.14:01
evandxivulon: given those options, perhaps heno would be more willing to use buttons for the option titles.14:16
evandimho, a clicking a radio box, then a button, is far too much work :)14:17
* cjwatson wonders what the self.popcon is not None business in on_advanced_button_clicked is all about14:30
cjwatsontrying to see how it could ever be other than None without getting past that ...14:30
cjwatsonoh, I see, ubiquity.components.summary does it14:31
cjwatson(I'm adding a proxy configuration bit to the advanced dialog, per networkless-installation-fixes14:31
tjaaltonyeah, noshell-hack works14:36
xivulonevand, sure we can have buttons as well, but those are basic buttons no pixmap in there14:40
evandthat shouldn't be a problem, but I'm curious to see what heno says in his reply given the options.14:43
t105cjwatson: err... was asleep some time =] not really existing data. it was just the 4th or so try, i just kept the partitions. reformatted them. dunno about /boot, but i'd suppose its overwritten anyway?15:10
cjwatsont105: problem is that if there's already an initramfs on /boot then update-initramfs will try to update it, and will break because the kernel isn't installed at that point15:14
cjwatsont105: are you sure you didn't skip past a warning about installing to an unclean partition?15:14
cjwatsonsomething like this:15:14
cjwatson_Description: Proceed with installation to unclean target?15:14
cjwatson The target file system contains files from a past installation. These files15:14
cjwatson could cause problems with the installation process, and if you proceed,15:14
cjwatson some of the existing files may be overwritten.15:14
t105yes there was a warning like that15:15
cjwatsonit meant it15:15
cjwatson"could cause problems with the installation process" :-)15:15
t105but i could only proceed... or not?15:15
cjwatsonit's a boolean question, you can answer no15:15
t105becaus it happened the first time, too15:15
cjwatsonyou need to format that partition15:16
t105it appeared the first time when everything was virgin, and all other times didn't change15:16
t105so i thought it has no effect15:17
cjwatsondepending on the status of the previous installation, you may be lucky15:17
cjwatsonthe breakage is not guaranteed15:17
t105hehe, not guaranteed?15:18
cjwatsonI'm not sure I believe you that everything was virgin when it appeared the first time, TBH15:19
cjwatsonthe check is very simple15:19
cjwatson"does /target/bin/sh exist?"15:19
CIA-24base-installer: cjwatson * r323 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog library.sh):15:19
CIA-24base-installer: * If base-installer/use_unclean_target is asked, emit a warning to the15:19
CIA-24base-installer:  logs so that we know about it when diagnosing problems.15:19
t105well i just said "reformat everything", but installer keeps on moaning that there is data.. hm15:20
cjwatsonI think you must have missed something15:20
cjwatsonsomehow or other15:20
t105well i said "no" to the unclean install question, went back to the partitioning screen and changed everything to reformat15:21
cjwatsonI would recommend rebooting at that point to make sure15:21
cjwatsonit is possible to do it without that but there are ways to get it wrong15:22
t105sounds wise15:22
cjwatsonsoren: shouldn't there be a bug closure for that AMD family 16 thing in base-installer?15:22
sorencjwatson: Hm... Yes, I guess there should.15:24
sorencjwatson: It was marked as private, but I guess that shouldn't matter. Don't know why I thought it should.15:26
cjwatsonoh, maybe best to upload without then15:27
cjwatsonit can be useful for tracking though15:27
cjwatsonlet me know, I'll do an upload shortly15:27
CIA-24net-retriever: cjwatson * r342 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.18ubuntu215:27
t105cjwatson: there was an extra option for the partition: delete all data. formatting alone did nothing. well it takes ages to delete, but maybe that's needed. i guess rebooting makes no sense, since partitioning is in the workflow and doesn't ask to reboot15:29
cjwatsonoh, I have to admit I have no idea whether that's been tested recently15:30
cjwatsonreboot and tell the partitioner to format the partitions right from the start15:30
t105there was an option "leave existing data" or "format  partition". the latter had no effect, i think he wasn't evven formatting anything15:30
cjwatsonthe latter sets a flag and causes the partition to be formatted later15:30
t105hm. :confused:15:31
t105is there an option for that? i started boot: cli15:31
cjwatsonan option for what?15:32
t105for the installer15:32
cjwatsonto do what?15:32
t105to partition first and what you said15:32
t105cjwatsonreboot and tell the partitioner to format the partitions right from the start15:32
cjwatsonyes, of course15:33
t105yes but thats what i did... i manually configured the partitions and so it went15:33
cjwatsonyou can either use the guided partitioning options (erase whole disk, etc.) or use manual partitioning and make sure it says "Format the partition: yes" in the detailed view for each of the partitions you're going to mount15:34
t105yes i did enter everything manually15:34
t105because root will be on a raid partition15:34
t105just boot has an own small partition for grub15:35
cjwatsonI guess it's possible there's some craziness going on with RAID15:35
cjwatsonit might be worth clearing everything out first with mdadm15:35
cjwatsonthough that shouldn't affect /boot15:35
t105because someone suggested lilo is somewhat ill whilst can boot from raid15:35
cjwatsonthere are no errors in the log that might indicate trouble formatting disks, though15:35
t105nah, i don't remember the exact word but... so i said ok, let's use grub15:36
t105maybe it is easier to recover if /boot is a regular partition?15:37
t105and not on raid115:37
cjwatsonI thought you said you did have /boot on a regular partition15:37
cjwatsonthat would be likely to simplify things, yes15:37
t105so i did, /boot is a small ext3 partition15:38
sorencjwatson: I think we should put the bug nr. in the changelog. If the bug ever gets unprivated, it'll be useful. If not, no harm done.15:39
cjwatsonsoren: ok, go for it15:39
t105but as i said, in manual partition config i told him to reformat /boot. i thought all data would be lost? but obviously it didn't format it15:40
cjwatsonthis is getting to the point of being extremely hard to figure out what's going on without sitting in front of the machine and watching you operate it :-/15:40
t105heell yes ;-)15:41
cjwatsonto get past it, I'd be inclined to boot in rescue mode, mount /boot, and rm everything on it15:41
t105i will wait till "delete all data" on root is ready, then i'll delete all data on /boot, and let's see what happens15:41
CIA-24base-installer: soren * r324 base-installer/debian/changelog: Add reference to bug 187869 in debian/changelog.15:41
ubotuBug 187869 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/187869 is private15:41
t105yes kinda like that. but.. deleting 240 gig takes ages...15:42
t105i don't want to stop him right now ;)15:42
t105who knows... *magic*15:42
t105i'll go to the drugstore meanwhile *g*15:43
cjwatson240GB? hope you have backups :)15:43
cjwatsondo you mean "Delete the partition" rather than "Delete all data"?15:44
t105no, data15:45
cjwatsonand this is 7.10?15:46
t105there is none, btw ;)15:46
t105well its german btw, so i translate back on the fly ;)15:46
cjwatsonwhat is the German text? I can look it up15:46
cjwatsonit always helps to know exactly what you're doing15:46
t105it sais.. dfelete all data on partition15:46
t105Lösche Daten auf RAID1 Gerät #015:47
t105so my daughter pulls me... brb ;)15:47
cjwatsonyou're using the crypto erase thing15:47
cjwatsonyou might as well let it go now I guess, but it isn't what you want15:48
cjwatsonthe way to erase the contents of a partition is to format it15:48
cjwatsonthe crypto erase tool might well not even work properly on RAID; I'm honestly not sure15:49
cjwatsonI wonder how you ended up seeing that; that option is only presented if you tell the installer to make that partition encrypted15:49
sorencjwatson: Hmm... preseed is not in bzr?15:57
sorencjwatson: Is that on purpose?15:57
cjwatsonit's not modified in Ubuntu16:00
cjwatsonand looks like we've never imported it16:00
cjwatsonyou can either go through the dance to register and import it, or else just upload a modified source package16:00
CIA-24hw-detect: soren * r77 hw-detect/ (debian/changelog debian/disk-detect.templates disk-detect.sh): Add preliminary iSCSI support.16:02
sorenI'll just upload it for now, and add the import thing to my todo list. I'm under a bit of time pressure.16:03
cjwatson(that's what I'd probably do too, though I have got a bunch of stuff imported in the past)16:06
sorenISTR that you did special magic to import certain bits? Something about you having history that wasn't available elsewhere?16:07
CIA-24hw-detect: soren * r78 hw-detect/debian/changelog: Releasing 1.58ubuntu216:14
sorencjwatson: It seems more appropriate if it's the installer team that imports preseed, though. </lameexcuse>16:17
t105cjwatson: back. ehm.. no, i didn't select any encryption stuff. as the base package failed, i went back to the oartition menu, and voila there was that option. but not mentioned about encryption16:17
t105btw, "erase" is still 84%. i suppose: the data, if any, is gone. ;D16:20
evandIs it reasonable to make the free space slider work over the entire partition, stopping at the min and max sizes, and converting that value to the percentage of the maximum percentage of the free space behind the scenes?16:28
evandOr would it be more clear to continue working in percentage of available space.16:28
evandcjwatson: ^16:29
cjwatsonsoren: you can be in the installer team if you like16:40
cjwatsonsoren: as long as you're prepared with mail filters, since ubuntu-installer is subscribed to all ubiquity bugs16:40
cjwatsonsoren: I did by-hand imports for ones that had historically had lots of Ubuntu uploads16:41
cjwatson(based on Launchpad imports) but that's not the case here16:41
cjwatsonevand: my gut reaction is that the former gives you a better idea of scale16:41
evandyay, I was hoping you'd say that16:41
evandnow to just figure out how to do it16:42
sorencjwatson: Re becoming member of installer team: I was afraid you were going to say that :)16:42
evand(getting the real size of the partition that is, as the question itself is of no help)16:42
sorencjwatson: I'll think about it.16:42
evandI've already got the min and max stopping done, so that's not an issue.16:42
t105*whooot*? i'm trying to repartition my hds, but i can't delete a new raid md1... but i cant't: "probably in use"16:48
t105the partition tool seems to get confused... hm16:49
t105well ok it is deleted, but i can't remove the first raid1 entry.16:51
t105let's see, if it is still there after reboot . i deleted ALL partitions and i hope he git it16:54
t105q: is there a way to start partitioning from the installer in a way i can delete all partitions? because i have no chance to do that from the regular install routine, as it keeps asking for root before writing partition tables17:06
t105kinda boot option boot: partman17:09
seb128is there a known bug about having no LANG or LANGUAGE set to /etc/environment on new installs?17:17
cjwatsont105: not as a boot option; normally you would just delete all partitions, create the new ones, and *then* say "Finished with partitioning"17:25
cjwatsont105: it only issues the warning you're talking about if you try to proceed past partitioning without creating some partitions that the rest of the installer can work with17:25
cjwatsont105: that said, if that isn't working, then a possible workaround would be to delete all the partitions, then select "Configure the Logical Volume Manager"; that ought to cause it to prompt you whether you want to write changes to disk, at which point you'd say yes17:28
cjwatsonthen you can create the partitions you want17:28
cjwatsonseb128: that was intentionally removed, and it only writes to /etc/default/locale now17:29
cjwatsonseb128: the changelog is:17:29
cjwatson  * No longer write locale settings to /etc/environment after #389466 was17:29
cjwatson    fixed.17:29
evandlocalechooser sets /etc/default/locale presumably rather than /etc/environment.  Is this an error?17:29
cjwatsonseb128: is that bug fixed in Ubuntu's gdm?17:29
evandah, nevermind17:29
cjwatson   * Parse /etc/default/locale in gdm pam files, for now (closes: #389466)17:29
cjwatsonseems to be fixed in our gdm too17:29
cjwatsonauth    required        pam_env.so readenv=1 envfile=/etc/default/locale17:30
seb128cjwatson: no it's not, which means currently english is used for everybody on login17:30
cjwatsonseb128: so what's the line above doing? :-)17:30
cjwatson/etc/default/locale is becoming standard, and is neater - I think we should honour it17:30
seb128cjwatson: well, /etc/init.d/gdm has17:31
seb128if [ -r /etc/environment ]; then17:31
seb128  if LANG=$(pam_getenv -l LANG); then17:31
seb128    export LANG17:31
seb128  fi17:31
seb128  if LANGUAGE=$(pam_getenv -l LANGUAGE); then17:31
seb128    export LANGUAGE17:31
seb128  fi17:31
seb128which was how we used to set the LANG and LANGUAGE to use17:31
seb128cjwatson: is pam_getenv supposed to use /etc/default/locale?17:32
seb128because pam_getenv -l LANG gives nothing17:33
seb128and there is no LANGUAGE set /etc/default/locale neither17:33
cjwatsonhmm, might be worth bugging slangasek about this; I think pam_getenv -l should nowadays also check /etc/default/locale17:34
cjwatsonits manual page hints at that17:34
cjwatson        # We set LANGUAGE only if the languagelist is a list of17:35
cjwatson        # languages with alternatives. Otherwise, setting it is useless17:35
t105cjwatson: the problem was, i deleted all partitions, but somehow an old raid device survived and i couldn't get rid of it. i made a simple root partition, started, rebooted, and then i was able to delte partitions and NO old raid was there.17:35
cjwatson        if echo "$LANGLIST" | grep -q ":"; then17:35
cjwatson                sed -i 's/^# LANGUAGE=$/LANGUAGE=\"'"$LANGLIST"'\"/' $DESTFILE17:35
cjwatson        fi17:35
cjwatsonseb128: in other words it's not an error if LANGUAGE isn't set there17:35
t105cjwatson:  btw, i'm doing a fresh install. i selected another mirror (ireland) this time, so let's see if it works17:36
cjwatsont105: ok, I'm sorry but at the moment you're outside my experience17:36
seb128cjwatson: ok17:37
t105i was just wondering if there might have been some inconsistent mirror last time my install broke17:37
t105does that happen?17:37
cjwatsonit is possible, but would not match your symptoms17:38
t105because... i did everything as the first time but used other mirror, now it sais "install ok"17:39
t105and voila, kernel is up17:40
t105*phew* that was one hard thingy17:42
t105now it's installing xubuntu ;-)17:43
t105cjwatson: thank you very much!17:43
cjwatsonglad to help, even though I'm still not entirely sure what went wrong ...17:45
t105yes, me too17:48
t105but as i read the syslog i had the feeling, that some packages where installed in wrong order - or wrong place17:49
t105whatever that had caused17:49
cjwatsonno, I understand where that impression came from but it's not the case17:50
cjwatsoninitramfs-tools is installed before the kernel, correctly so - however it is a bug in initramfs-tools that it fails to handle being configured on a system that has /boot/initrd.img-BLAH but not /lib/modules/BLAH17:51
cjwatsonevand: this grub-installer stuff in summary.py is breaking for me17:51
cjwatsonevand: I can see one obvious fix (it's handling subp.communicate output wrongly), but it seems weird for it to be using os-prober to get the list of possible targets for grub at all?17:52
t105hm. looking at the problems those other people had, maybe there is a bug in initramfs-tools?17:52
cjwatsont105: yes, there is17:52
cjwatsont105: that is why there is a bug open on initramfs-tools ;-)17:52
evandcjwatson: Ok, I'll take a look at it.  The use of os-prober is to get human readable names.17:53
cjwatsonevand: right, but it only works if there's something there already17:53
t105well... then this is a monday bug. or a bug depending on nationality (server) {insert wild guessing here}17:53
cjwatsonI think I understand17:53
cjwatsont105: I think I explained it adequately above, at least to my own satisfaction ;-)17:54
evandright, so if a partition isn't going to be there in the future it doesn't include it in the list.17:54
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2443 ubiquity/ubiquity/components/summary.py: handle the output of subp.communicate correctly; [0] is stdout, then splitlines to get a list of items one per line17:55
cjwatsonevand: how does that look? beforehand it crashed for me (os-prober's output was empty)17:55
evandah, much better.  Sorry about that, I thought I tested os-prober being empty, but apparently not.17:57
cjwatsonlooks better now. slightly odd that it still defaults to (hd0) which isn't in the list though17:57
cjwatsonmaybe default to the first disk instead? but otherwise it looks great, an excellent improvement17:57
evandthat's still somewhat I work in progress.  I have to finish off the KDE bits and obviously do some more testing.  But I've been stock piling ubiquity branches as of late :/.17:58
evandah, will do17:58
evandand thanks17:59
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2444 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog ubiquity.install-any): * Update installed file list for apt-setup 1:0.31ubuntu3.18:52
cjwatsonhmm, apt-setup's signed Release handling is a little bit broken wrt pockets; will fix when I get a chance19:27
cjwatsonin fact, very broken. argh.19:28
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2445 ubiquity/ (87 files in 6 dirs):20:06
CIA-24ubiquity: * GTK frontend:20:06
CIA-24ubiquity:  - Add proxy configuration to the advanced dialog (LP: #131421).20:06
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2446 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/summary.py):20:19
CIA-24ubiquity: * Import DebconfError correctly in summary component (thanks, Jesus L.20:19
CIA-24ubiquity:  Alvaro; LP: #177442).20:19
evandcjwatson: do you think this is reasonable? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4359/21:56
t105cjwatson: i found some strange entries in my debug.0 : "... CFI: Found no ck804xrom @ffc00000 device at location zero22:47
t105JEDEC: Found no ck804xrom @ffc00000 device at location zero"22:47
t105googles has some resources about that... nvidia... driver... >=4 gb ram .... kernel-patch?... well that kind of stuff no one wants to run into ;)22:48
t105i guess there is no chance including nvidia-stuff in the installer22:49
t105hm, sata-nv IS in ubuntu... strange23:14
cjwatsonevand: I think you should be able to use PARTITION_INFO $oldid rather than iterating over PARTITIONS23:52
cjwatsonevand: I'm having a hard time figuring out what totsize actually is - it doesn't seem to be the total of anything. Is it the original size of the partition being resized?23:53
cjwatsont105: can't help you here, try #ubuntu-kernel23:53
cjwatsonthe installer is strictly userspace :)23:53
cjwatsonevand: maybe use $hcursize instead?23:54
cjwatsonin fact - looks like you could just use the value of new_size, unless I'm misunderstanding something; the current size returned by GET_RESIZE_RANGE should be the same as what you get back from iterating over PARTITIONS23:55
cjwatsonbut I haven't seen the ubiquity code so am not entirely sure23:56

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