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man-dihello egonw 09:47
egonwmoin, I saw that 'vil' is working on Bioclipse packaging for ubuntu... does anyone her now know more about that, by any chance? (if not, I'll just wait until he is back online)09:47
egonwhi man-di09:47
man-diegonw: long time not seen09:47
egonwindeed :)09:47
egonwbeen really busy with lots of things (new job)09:47
man-diegonw: I wanted to mail you about cdk ....09:47
egonwlittle time for classpath and debian/java...09:48
egonwah, excellent09:48
man-diI havent seen vil as long as I dont saw you09:48
man-diso I dont know his status09:48
egonwoh :(09:48
egonwwe'll at least he registered a LP bioclipse project...09:48
egonwwhich is the main reason I'm here :)09:49
egonwbecause we wanted to use LP for helping us plan/manage the development process...09:49
egonwstarted doing that for the CDK too:09:49
man-diI'm still of the opinion that its better to put anything into debian first and then merge/sync it09:49
egonwah, same here...09:49
egonwmerging from debian to ubuntu is easier than the otherway around...09:50
man-diusing launchpad for upstream development, thats nice indeed09:50
man-di(personally I'm not really convinced by launchpad but thats another story)09:50
egonwread my blog on how we plan to use it...09:51
egonwas complement to SF09:51
egonwoh, btw... since you wanted to email me about CDK... CDK is now mentioned in Nature :)09:51
man-diI wanted to ask about your packaging status for it09:52
egonwah :(09:52
man-diand your current problems09:52
egonwI set up a clean source tree...09:52
egonwwithout any third party libraries09:52
egonwthe orig.tar.gz so to say09:53
egonwbut have not had time for updating the debian/rules etc09:53
man-diif you want me to take over the packagin, I'm fine with this09:53
egonwthat would be great09:53
egonwif you have the time for it...09:53
man-diI just need your orig tarball, upload it somewhere and mail me the URL09:53
man-diI will get to it09:53
egonwat this moment, I like the time to get into the latest packaging best-practices09:53
man-diand I can use it as testcase for eclipse09:54
man-didoes it still work with 3.2 or does it need 3.3?09:54
egonwfor eclipse?09:54
egonwthat's bioclipse... not the cdk09:54
egonwcdk does not need eclipse rcp at all09:54
man-dieven better09:54
egonwbut, bioclipse does need cdk09:54
man-dimakes it easier09:54
man-dilets get cdk into the archive first09:54
egonwok, what about doing this on LP?09:55
egonwor you'd prefer to use aloith for it?09:55
man-didebian packaging?09:55
egonwboth fine with me09:55
man-dicdk has already some stuff on altioh in pkg-java svn09:55
egonwbut needs clean up and update09:55
egonwbut would be a perfect start09:56
man-diI wanted to mail you because I'm cleaning up old stuff in svn currently09:56
egonwman-di: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2002409:57
egonwyou need the cdk-1.0.1.tar.gz09:57
egonwof a bit below 4MB09:57
egonwabout packaging bioclipse... what's the state of packaging XOM?10:00
* egonw is off to packages.d.o10:00
man-dican you please mail taht to me. I use my mutt as TODO list10:01
egonwlibxom-java 1.1-210:01
egonwyes, mom10:01
man-diXOM is packaged10:01
egonwman-di: email sent10:23
man-diI might not be able to look at it this week but I will come to it10:29
egonwok, I'm really happy to see you might find time for it10:32
egonwit's been high up on my todo list... for very long, as it is not directly important to my day job...10:32
egonwand CDK/Bioclipse development itself has taken much of my relatively few spare hours...10:33
man-dithats okay, really10:33
man-dibut I need you too as tester :-)10:33
man-diI have no clue about that bio stuff at all10:33
egonwno problem10:33

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