DPici'm not sure if it's appropriate but could the LoCoActivism page get a spot in the ubuntu weekly newsletter? 00:30
boredandbloggingDPic: let me look at the page02:48
boredandbloggingDPic: is there anything ubuntu or loco specific on that page?02:52
DPicboredandblogging: It's just an activism guide for loco teams12:38
Mike_Feravolodoes anyone know where to get some decent templates for a event flyer14:41
boredandbloggingjenda: ping18:07
Mike_Feravolodo you know where to find any templates for Open Office or Scribus20:22
Mike_FeravoloThe ones included with Scribus are even lamer then the one from the Washington State Software Giant20:24
DPicboredandblogging: so was the loco activism page not really relevant to the ubuntu weekly newsletter?23:02
boredandbloggingDPic: I understand why you made the page, none of it is specific to Ubuntu23:05
boredandbloggingor Linux23:05
boredandbloggingmaybe if you provided examples of how locos can apply them23:06
DPicyeah, i'm hoping it will become more free software specific as more people edit it and such23:07
DPici was thinking that UWN could get it some needed attention saying something like "free software can now have a voice in government" but i guess that it would be more appropriate to have it in UWN after it has been finished up23:08
DPicdo oyu have any ideas on how else i could get the page out to more people?23:09
boredandbloggingyou've done the mailing list thing already23:09
boredandbloggingthe planet?23:09
DPicah good idea23:09
DPicanything else? 23:09
boredandbloggingget your loco to help out as well23:09
DPicwhat can i do with the planet?23:10
boredandbloggingare you a member?23:10
DPicyes, but i don't have a blog23:11
boredandbloggingthen now would be a good time to start one23:11
DPici've tried to start blogs before but i always end up failing to keep up with them23:12
DPicschool and life and all23:12
boredandbloggingthats fine, but this would be a good cause, just start one up at wordpress.com and get your cause some attention23:12
boredandbloggingif it dies out later, oh well23:12
DPicalright i guess so23:13
DPici understand wordpress might be better but is using blogger frowned upon? 23:13
boredandbloggingseriously doubt anyone is going to care23:14
DPicalright, i figured as much23:14
DPicdo you have any suggestions for the page? do you like it so far? 23:16
boredandbloggingits got good content23:17
DPicjust needs a lot of tweaking? 23:18
boredandbloggingfor example, make the press release something a LoCo can actually use23:19
DPicwhat do you mean something a loco can actually use? 23:23
boredandbloggingcreate a real press release23:25
DPicsorry, i'm a little confused. there's an example press release on there. do you mean do something with that, or are you tlaking about making a press release to accounce the creation of the page? 23:35
boredandbloggingreplace the example press release with a real press release LoCo can use23:36
DPicsorry if i'm just being dumb, but can't the example be used now? how should i change it? no matter what, loco's are going to have to edit it for whatever they're announcing23:40
boredandbloggingprobably, but it gives them a good starting poing23:42
DPicsorry, still confused-- what gives them a good starting point? the example press release? the example press release already exists...how should i change it? 23:44
boredandbloggingpretend you were writing a press release23:44
boredandblogginga real ubuntu releated press release23:44
DPicahhh i see23:45
DPicso just change the example text there to something about ubuntu? 23:45
DPichaha sorry about that23:45
boredandbloggingno problem23:46

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