cjwatsonStevenK: mkay, no problem00:05
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Mithrandircjwatson: TTBOMK, we don't.07:39
* Hobbsee stomps on Mithrandir's feet in greeting07:48
dholbachgood morning07:55
asacmjg59: depends. the only point for looking at 0.6 would be that 0.7 will most likely not ship in hardy.07:57
mjg59asac: And that's the plan for UME as well, right?07:58
dholbachMithrandir, StevenK: if you look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~dholbach/sponsoring you'll see that there are a bunch of hildon-desktop patches that need sponsoring - you might just roll them all into one upload07:59
asacmjg59: most likely. we could treat mobile different if there is a use-case i guess08:00
asacmjg59: will hardy be a LTS for mobile too?08:00
asace.g. i would instantly go for 0.7 if hardy wouldn't be LTS08:00
mjg59asac: I don't think it's counted as an LTS, but it is the first version that's likely to be pushed to vendors08:02
mjg59I think you'd need to speak to Tollef or David for a better idea what's going on there, though08:02
amitkasac: No, it won't be an LTS in the traditional sense, since development will continue later09:02
asacif development can continue later we should definitly cosider to go for NM 0.709:03
Person1873is ubuntu mobile intended for PDA's or smartphones?09:04
amitkThe plan is to continue in the PPA later09:04
asacthe features are there ... my only concern for not switching in LTS is that code base will still evolve significantly till final 0.7 and then we might have issues backporting security fixes09:04
amitkPerson1873: not yet. The first target is the Intel Menlow platform. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/FAQ09:05
asacamitk: but we could go ppa directly if we decide to use 0.7 for mobile and 0.6.6 other archs09:05
Person1873do you know of any linux distro's that might be able to replace windows mobile?09:05
amitkasac: yes you could09:06
amitkPerson1873: you will need to know the underlying hardware that needs to be supported first, openembedded, maemo, have support for pdas, etc.09:08
Person1873ok, i'm not sure about my new PDA its HP09:09
Person1873i think i might be i the wrong place09:10
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GrueMasterHappyCamp:  I think I figured out the MIC issue.  There is a bug in it that reads the regular expression defines in ~/.image-creator/sources_cfg even though they are commented out.  Deleting this file and reinstalling has fixed the issue (I think - project is building now).17:46
Java-JimCan anyone tell me, if it is possible to have 3d acceleration on on crown-beach board at the moment? I read about a proprietary driver in the mailing list archives. Is it available somewhere?18:06
sodarock_homeGrueMaster: good to hear18:27
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GrueMasterIf I get some spare time, I'll look over your config parsing routine and see about patching it.  Of course, I don't know python yet...18:29
sodarock_homeGrueMaster: well the parsing of sources_cfg is just execing it as python code.18:30
PrajGrueMaster: will investigate the MIC issue with sources_cfg - can you give me context when it fails?18:31
GrueMasterApparently, I had an older version in ~/.image-creator (as root).  When I ran image-creator --command=create-project --platform=menlow-lpia-ubuntu-hardy-ppa --project-name=ubuntu-hardy-20080208-1 --project-path=/root/ubuntu/hardy/ubuntu-hardy-20080208-1 it would pull the gutsy sources.list only.18:34
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ToddBrandtHi all: I have an OS architecture question for you wrt moblin-applets21:16
ToddBrandtI want to get rid of the need for the user to have to log in as root in order to execute the moblin touchscreen and date&time applets21:16
ToddBrandtSo my solution is to turn both of them into little daemons with the same functionality, but that are instantiated by the DBUS daemon when their one DBUS function is called21:17
ToddBrandtso moblin-touchscreen is instantiated via a connection to its system DBUS connection and a call to "calibrate_touschreen", it then kicks off the daemon, it runs the calibration as root, then exist when it's done21:18
ToddBrandtbasically the same things for moblin-time, which is the time applet21:19
ToddBrandtdoes this sound like a good ubuntu friendly approach?21:19
inuka_deskping amitk, awake?21:32
inuka_deskping, bryce21:58
GrueMasterAnyone know how to get root access on the latest ubuntu-hardy images?22:26
inuka_deskGrueMaster, login as ume and do sudo su (all password are blank).... does this not work anymore?22:41
GrueMasterNope.  Hasn't worked for several weeks now.22:41
GrueMasterError message is that it can't resolve host ume.22:41
GrueMasterI've been working around it by booting single, then editing /etc/hosts.22:43
inuka_deskoh, I had the same issue before, I think I booted into single and changed the password I am not sure if that works22:43
inuka_desk:) yeah22:43
GrueMasterI'm not sure if the problem exists with Moblin or not.22:45
GrueMasterI have just this morning been able to build images again.22:45
inuka_deskGrueMaster, thats good I kept on installing the fsets by hand  so far22:46
bryceinuka_desk: heya23:13
inuka_deskbryce, I got a PPA related question, if I ulpad a package to the PPA to build, it will first look at the packages in my PPA when it installs the dependencies right?23:14
bryceinuka_desk: it will look in the same PPA that it's in, but not any other PPA's23:20
bryceinuka_desk: so you need to get dependencies (e.g. libdrm) uploaded there first23:20
inuka_deskbryce, I have libdrm uploaded, when I specified the exact version of the libdrm I uploaded to the ppa it failed saying dependency not found , I took the exact version string out for libdrm-dev from the control file it built but it looked like it was building against a different version of libdrm when I looked in the log23:21
brycehmm, yeah I also ran into problems getting the libdrm to be recognized in the ppa23:22
bryceit's probably a question for Mithrandir or StevenK23:23
inuka_deskbryce, ok thanks hope one of them is awake23:23
inuka_deskping, Mithrandir23:24

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