cvaI'm having a captions issue. Captions work fine if I'm running the frontend on the backend server, but not from a separate ubuntu frontend. The ubuntu frontend shows "no captions" if the source is my PVR350 (connected to my directv receiver) and "ATSC CC1 English on", but no captions display or "no captions" if the source is one of my HDTV cards.01:32
cvaThe issue is with recordings and with live tv. The only suggestions I've found tend to be an all or nothing with captions and not just different frontends. Any idea what could be causing this?01:32
degresevenHello, I am unable to use the livecd, it looks like graphics are not being properly detected. I see the mythbuntu loading screen & then when X starts its just a bunch of colorful lines. I've tried selecting different resolutions, graphics safe mode, tried different graphics card & monitor... nothing helps. any ideas?01:33
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MythbuntuGuest95Has anybody had luck with the HVR-1600 beta drivers in mythbuntu?02:47
alsadkwhats the right way to install and configure mythtv?04:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about configure - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:07
superm1alexvd, follow the wiki04:07
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV04:07
alsadki have kind of problem04:08
alexvdsuperm1: me?04:08
superm1oh sorry alexvd04:09
superm1didnt see that there as two names that started with al04:09
alexvdflattered that you actually remember me?04:09
superm1just pressed "al<tab>04:09
alsadkafter to screens of configuration04:09
alexvdgoing back to sleep04:09
alsadk2nd screen contains finish04:10
alsadkand no more04:10
superm1alexvd, somethign with newer nvidia drivers04:10
superm1that was at alexvd :)04:10
alsadki have builtin vga04:10
alexvdyep storage groups wizard,04:11
alexvdgood memory04:11
superm1alsadk, can you start out from the beginning, how'd you install?04:11
superm1from cd04:11
superm1or from apt04:11
superm1and how far are you into configuring things04:11
alsadkfrom add/remove04:11
alexvdhave to get the media mvp working and post instructions for you04:11
alexvdas well04:11
superm1alexvd, actually someone else did that last week :)04:12
superm1alexvd, it should be on the wiki now from what he told me04:12
alexvdcool even better for me04:12
alexvdhey did they fix the channel icons yet?04:12
superm1alsadk, okay so what program did you install from add/remote04:12
alexvdi know they have the script in trunk04:12
superm1mythbuntu control centre?04:12
superm1or mythtv something?04:12
alexvdbut i dont want to upgrade04:12
superm1alexvd, not sure, i'm switched over to trunk myself right now in preparation for the freeze04:13
superm1and to make sure the builds are working rihgt04:13
superm1right even04:13
alexvdright you ready to release 8,0404:13
superm1alsadk, okay, well its really a lot easier if you install the mythbuntu control centre, you can verify your system roles04:14
superm1and make sure that all the right packages got installed04:14
superm1and configure properly inside there04:14
superm1alexvd, way too much left to do for it :)04:14
alsadki install it either04:14
superm1alsadk, well with it in place, you can make sure that you have the "master" backend role setup04:15
alsadkbut i cant got the rest of configuration04:15
superm1not just the regular backend role04:15
alexvdahh ok hey maybe you should wait anyway until DirecTV releases that new box and this way it would integrate smoothly. That should be a blockbuster product04:15
superm1alexvd, well unfortunately there is a schedule to follow on our end :)04:16
alexvdthe guy from happaauge who is writing the driver said it should be released soon04:16
alsadkok i have backend &forend04:16
alexvdunderstood :)04:16
superm1alexvd, which driver for which box?04:16
superm1alsadk, okay so check and make sure that the backend is running04:17
superm1alsadk, you can check by looking at the process listing in the gnome system monitor04:17
superm1and then if its not, look at the log04:17
superm1and see why its not running04:17
alexvdhappaugge is going to release a usb recorder for directv that will have linux drivers. No more capture card required04:17
alexvdlots of buzz at CES04:18
superm1that's really sweet04:18
superm1any talk of resolution drop downs or anything like that that are happening with it?04:18
superm1or if it does full res etc04:18
alexvdno kidding... he was on the mythtv-users list talking to iamlindoro about it04:19
alsadkbash: /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log: Permission denied04:19
alexvdwell i dont know about that04:19
superm1alsadk, you need to open it in a text editor or reader04:19
alexvdI thought it was going to record .264 and all that good stuff04:19
alexvdi have no idea what kind of DRM they are going to put on it04:19
superm1well if its having linux drivers, the only thing i could think is a watermark04:20
alsadkAccess denied for user 'mythtv'@'localhost' (using password: YES)04:20
alexvdman I will buy 4 as soon as it comes out.04:20
alsadkis this the reson?04:20
superm1alsadk, that sounds like the reason04:20
superm1did you mess with passwords at all?04:20
superm1for mysql etc04:20
alexvdI think they had lots of talk on avsforum04:21
alsadki just put another pass while config but i fix it04:21
superm1alsadk, well there are unfortunately a lot of places that the passwords get used04:22
superm1to take some out of hte mix04:22
superm1rm -rf ~/.mythtv04:22
superm1that will remove any user specific settings04:22
superm1rm -rf /home/mythtv/.mythtv04:22
superm1and then make sure that the password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt is correct04:23
alsadk rm -rf /home/mythtv/.mythtv04:24
alsadkrm: cannot remove directory `/home/mythtv/.mythtv': Permission denied04:25
superm1do it with sudo then04:25
superm1gets rid of the settings so you can start fresh04:25
alsadkwhats next04:26
isomorphismQuestion:  I had to force quit MythTV while playing a DVD with AC3 passthrough enabled.  Now I have no sound.  This happened before, and I reinstalled to fix.  Any suggestions or ideas to fix this issue?04:28
isomorphismbump   Anybody?04:34
alsadksorry i here want help either04:35
alsadkthe problem didn't fix04:36
isomorphismI'm just hoping I can avoid a reinstall.04:37
alsadkthere is 3 screens 1 for choseing lang the others for something else04:38
alsadkhow u install it?04:38
alsadki want help04:38
isomorphismalsadk:  I don't know if anyone is trying to help you, but what is it that you are trying to do exactly?04:39
alsadkhow u install it ?04:39
alsadki want to continue the configuretion of mythtv04:40
isomorphismto install mythtv?04:40
isomorphism"sudo apt-get install mythtv" will install it.  Then, from the terminal, "mythtv-setup" will run through the initial setup.04:41
alsadki install it but there is know ready program to deal with04:41
isomorphismI'm having trouble understanding your english, but are you trying to set up mythtv or run the frontend?04:42
isomorphismin the terminal, you should type "mythtv-setup" without the quotes.  It should also be listed under System|Administration|MythTV Backend Setup04:43
alsadki do it but there is just 3 screens one of them for lang04:45
alsadkno screen for satllite04:45
isomorphismSo, you're trying to configure Satellite TV?04:45
alsadki can't get that screen and others04:46
alsadkhow can i get it?04:46
superm1isomorphism, try restarting your receiver04:47
superm1like power cycle it04:47
isomorphismDo you have the main configuration screen?  It starts with general.  Also has options for Input selection, and others?04:47
superm1if that doesnt do it, power cycle the machine (like power it off, unplug it plug it in)04:47
isomorphismsuperml:  I power cycled the receiver as well as rebooted the machine.04:47
superm1isomorphism, hm usually for me that does the trick to reset it04:47
isomorphismsuperm1, It has something to do with the state the system was in when I had to force kill mythtv.04:48
superm1you tried to toggle the digital output mixer?04:48
isomorphismoccasionally it gets stuck on Dolby Digital mode and will even play dolby digital, but nothing else.04:48
alsadki didn't get the screean where there is 'input' etc04:48
alsadkhow can i get it?04:48
isomorphismalsadk, what screen do you have?>04:48
superm1isomorphism, on my box let me show you what i do (and has eliminated these types of problems)04:48
superm1isomorphism, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4336/04:49
superm1i made an .asoundrc that looked like that04:49
alsadk3 screens the 1st for choseing lang04:49
superm1and then set all my output devices to be default04:49
superm1that forces everything to go out via spdif either in PCM mode or in DD mode, no matter04:50
isomorphismsuperml:  I'll give it a shot and see if that helps to restore things.  If it won't help restore, at least I have something I can try to avoid it in the future.04:50
superm1isomorphism, you'll have to kill mythfrontend and start it back up to have it take effect04:50
isomorphismalsadk:  So, after choosing your language, what screen do you have?04:50
superm1i've debated making it the default for installs, like ask if you want to use spdif and then create that file04:51
alsadkscreen for mysql setting04:51
superm1but i'm not sure it works for everyone04:51
isomorphismsuperm1:  Shouldn't I have to restart alsa all together for it to take effect?04:51
superm1isomorphism, i dont believe so04:51
superm1because its in your home director04:51
superm1directory even04:51
isomorphismsuperm1:  Well, it's better than what I have now, which is no sound and no clue.04:51
superm1so apps source it04:51
alsadk2nd screen for mysql04:53
isomorphismsuperm1:  Well wouldn't you know it.  I slapped that into my .asoundrc and I suddenly have live TV sound.  The receiver still reverts to dolby digital when I stop playback, so it's not a perfect fix, but it's good enough for now.04:54
superm1isomorphism, try something in DD04:54
superm1and see what happens04:54
superm1it should hopefully come back to normal mode when it leaves it04:54
isomorphismalsadk:  So, did you get the mysql information entered correctly on that screen, or is this the screen that you are stuck on?04:54
isomorphismalsadk:  What part of this screen are you stuck on?04:55
alsadki didn't stuck on it04:56
isomorphismalsadk:  I don't understand what you're stuck on...  Are you stuck on the MySQL screen?04:57
alsadki get after it a screen with to options i ignore this options and chose finish04:57
alsadkafter that i try mythtv frontend and get the same screens04:58
isomorphismalsadk, what 2 options are you ignoring?04:58
isomorphismthe ones that repeat language and mysql setup?04:58
alsadki think the 2 options not important04:59
superm1alsadk, that means that its not able to connect to your mysql server04:59
isomorphismalsadk, This indicates that you are not connecting to your backend or the sql database.   Is the mysql database on the same machine that you are running mythfrontend on?04:59
superm1that same error you kept encountering in your backend log05:00
superm1your password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt must not be correct for what was set05:00
superm1or its being overridden by the one in ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt (if its there again)05:00
isomorphismare you sure that you are using the correct mysql password ?05:00
alsadkits correct05:00
superm1did you use any non alpha-numeric characters in it by chance?05:00
superm1eg #,/,&05:01
isomorphismtry "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database" and make sure that you have the correct password entered.05:01
alsadki run it on standalone comp05:01
isomorphismsuperm1, Well, it still isn't reverting to the 'non-DD' state when audio stops, but at least I have sound from all sources tried so far.  Thanks!05:02
superm1awesome isomorphism :) np05:02
superm1isomorphism, let me know if you do end up discovering any shortcomings of that method05:02
isomorphismalsadk, Have you tried starting mythfrontend from the terminal to see if it reports any particular errors?05:03
alsadki did it05:03
isomorphismsuperm1, I will do so.05:03
superm1alsadk, at this point, it may just be easier to reinstall mythtv-database and mysql-server so that this all gets reset05:03
superm1alsadk, sudo apt-get remove --purge mythtv-database mysql-server*05:03
superm1and then reinstall them05:04
superm1and just use the defaults for passwords etc05:04
isomorphismsuperm1, The only short-coming I can see so far is kind of weird.  It seems like there is a background process hanging somehow locking on to the receiver to hold it in Dolby Digital mode.  After playing a non DD file, it takes about 3 seconds, but it reverts to DD.  If I switch the input to a different ubuntu machine, I don't have this behavior.  (nor did I have it before the dreaded force quit)05:06
superm1isomorphism, what type of audio card are you using?05:06
alsadkdid u mean all or just mysql-server and how?05:06
superm1alexvd, i mean mythtv-database and any mysql-server packages05:07
superm1that * at the end will catch all the mysql server packages that are installed05:07
isomorphismsuperm1, it's an integrated audio deal on my cheap old Aopen mobo.  I believe it's a Realtek ALC650, though is listed in Alsa as Via 8235 (chipset I guess?)05:10
superm1ah okay.05:10
superm1it must be caught in some really weird state05:10
superm1can you consider booting a live disk on the machine?05:11
superm1and then see if the live disk clears all the card's buffers and registers properly?05:11
isomorphismsuperm1,   I'm pretty sure that a live disc would fire right up after enabling the iec958.  In fact, this is not the first time this exact thing has happened.  Last time I fought with it for a week or so, didn't come up with a perfect solution, so I backed up data and reinstalled.05:12
alsadkwhats next05:12
superm1alsadk, okay so once those are gone, it will ask you to drop the database05:13
superm1make sure you say OK05:13
superm1and then reinstall those packages05:13
isomorphismsuperm1, I could try to see if the live disk would restore it, but I think that I'll save that for tomorrow..05:13
superm1isomorphism, very well.  best of luck :)05:13
isomorphismsuperm1,   Thanks again.  I'm off for the night.  Best of luck to you and alsadk getting things worked out.  ;-)05:16
alsadkwill you using another computer to run mythtv?05:18
alsadkor something near for it05:18
alsadkwhat i do?05:18
superm1well will you?05:19
superm1or just this one05:19
alsadki chose no05:19
alsadki want on just single computer05:19
alsadkwhat is the name of MySQL administration account :05:21
alsadkits root by defualt did i have to change it ?05:21
superm1hopefully you didn't change it :)05:29
alsadkand the pass what i put05:36
alsadkwhat i put as pass any pass i want or what?05:37
superm1dont put a pass05:45
superm1unless you set one05:45
superm1(that's probably where you messed up before)?05:46
alsadkok  i didn't this time05:46
alsadknow what?05:46
alsadki didn't find mythtv backend05:48
superm1well hopefully it should start up properly this time05:49
superm1when you configure it05:49
alsadki didn't find mythtv backend i was used frontend and get those 3 screens?05:51
superm1but you were able to configure it this time?05:53
superm1or no05:53
superm1you still need to run mythtv-setup05:53
alsadksudo: mythtv-setup: command not found05:54
alsadkbash: /usr/bin/mythtv-setup: No such file or directory05:54
superm1alsadk, do you not have mythtv-backend installed still?05:55
alsadkdid u have a good tutorial for installing mythtv?05:55
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV05:55
superm1walks you straight through it all05:55
alsadkyes i have not05:55
alsadkdid u try another app05:56
alsadkdid use mythbuntu or mythtv?06:07
superm1alsadk, i'm a developer for mythbuntu06:10
alsadkoh wow06:10
alsadki didn't like win ubuntu pic change to mythbuntu on startup06:11
ubotuMythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV06:11
superm1you can change that in the control centre06:12
superm1just turn off the artwork06:12
alsadkoh ok06:12
alsadkso whats the deference between mythtv and mythbuntu?06:13
superm1mythbuntu simplifies a lot of the things that you would have to do manually normally06:14
superm1all the development happens right in the archive though06:14
superm1so the same packages are used, they are just more nicely configured and such06:14
alsadkhow to completly remove mythtv?06:14
superm1apt-get remove --purge mythtv*06:17
superm1will get rid of most of the items06:17
superm1and then apt-get remove --purge libmyth*06:17
superm1should get the rest06:17
alsadkwhats rid?06:18
alsadkok i want to install mythbuntu06:19
alsadkwait  lib to be removed06:20
superm1well if the machine is just going to be for mythbuntu (nothing else)06:20
superm1you're best off grabbing the CD06:20
superm1and installing that way06:20
superm1it will make sure that you have no conflicts while it installs etc06:21
alsadkno i used the comp06:21
alsadki want mythbuntu as another app06:22
alsadknow give me instructions of installing06:24
superm1make sure to remove mysql-server as well06:24
superm1do a quick search in synaptic for mythtv06:25
alsadki did06:25
superm1and make sure you've got everything out already06:25
superm1then follow the directions on http://mythbuntu.org/06:25
superm1for "Add to Ubuntu"06:25
alsadkin which lang u devolp mythbuntu?06:27
superm1python mostly06:27
alsadkis it want a pro to be devolper?06:27
superm1"is it want a pro?" i dont understand that question06:28
foxxbuntualsadk, no, I devolp some for Mythbuntu as well...and superm1 can vouch I am very much not a pro06:28
foxxbuntusuperm1, I think he's asking if he needs to be a pro to be on the dev team06:29
alsadkok is python platform-independent lang06:29
superm1yeah it is06:29
superm1but additionally, we need people for artwork and stuff like that still too06:29
foxxbuntualsadk, its not native to all platforms however06:29
alsadkis it like java/06:30
alsadki talk about paltdform-independent?06:30
superm1well yes in a sense, its an interpreted language06:30
alsadkif i wrote a prog on linux is it work on windows without having to have windows to do that?06:32
alsadkin python06:32
superm1alsadk, sometimes06:33
superm1alsadk, it would depend on how it was written06:33
Assidyou start misreading when you go nuts with something that "should" work06:33
alsadkwhere i go after open www.mythbuntu.org06:33
superm1there is a link/tab on there06:34
superm1for "Add to ubuntu"06:34
alsadki am an ubuntu user i want a programming lang that i can wrote desktop apps with it for money but with out having to have windows, which lang can do that?06:36
Tuv0kwrong channel?06:36
Tuv0ktry the google06:36
superm1alsadk, yeah this is the wrong channel for that kind of discussion.  this is for mythtv related support.  poke around in #ubuntu, and #python if you are looking to use python06:37
superm1and like Tuv0k look a little online06:37
alsadkcan i find u on #ubuntu or #python right now06:38
superm1alsadk, no i'm just here working on some development things and support every so often.  there are people in those channels though who should be able to help06:40
alsadkok thanks06:41
alsadkwhats about translating did u want some one to translate mythbuntu to other lang?06:43
superm1alsadk, yes that would be very helpful06:44
superm1alsadk, what languages do you speak?06:44
superm1alsadk, that would be great.  the biggest area that would need help is the installer06:45
superm1have you used rosetta before?06:45
alsadkthats my lovely native language06:45
alsadkwhats rosetta?06:45
superm1its a tool on launchpad06:46
superm1have you used launchpad before?06:46
alsadkwhats launchpad ?06:46
superm1lets see if this speaks about it :06:47
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/06:47
alsadkmaybe i will learn how to translate apps from video in a forum and getting started06:47
superm1i've never used launchpad myself to do translations (i only speak english), but i understand its very straightforward06:48
superm1register an account at launchpad to start06:48
alsadkis there a tutorials or what?06:49
superm1hm let me take a look around06:49
superm1give me a sec06:49
superm1that should start to walk you through it06:53
alsadkthere is something06:54
alsadkin arabic we write from right to left06:54
superm1well the thing is someone likely already started the arabic translation for the basic installer, its just another 60 strings or so06:55
superm1that we have for mythbuntu specific items06:55
superm1that would need to be translated06:55
alsadkso is there a chance to get the boxes to left and words to right06:55
superm1it should be feasible (as this effort was already started for that basic installer)06:55
Assidokay my tuner status shows as not recording.. but when i click on watch live tv.. it just goes black and comes back06:56
superm1i'm having a hard time finding the correct source package though for it06:56
alsadkis it want a whole changes06:56
alsadkmain changes?06:56
AssidTuv0k:  you about?06:57
superm1alsadk, it shouldnt be too many changes necessary.  could you check back tomorrow or so, i'll sort out exactly where you would need to make changes06:57
superm1i need to get to bed soon anyhow06:57
alsadkwhere i go06:58
alsadkafter add to ubuntu?06:58
superm1system->administration->mythbuntu control centre06:59
superm1and turn on the master backend role and the frontend role06:59
superm1and then things should be able to progress06:59
alsadkno i mean the page06:59
alsadkis there a tutorial07:00
superm1yes there is a pdf on the website07:00
superm1it will walk you through some of the basics at least07:00
alsadkfor configuretion?07:01
alsadkmysql conection fail07:03
superm1well that's just crazy after all of this :)07:05
alsadkits seems like no mythtv-server07:06
Assidokay can someone help me with this please07:08
superm1mysql-server you mean?07:08
superm1Assid, check that you associated a video source to an input connection properly07:08
superm1and look at your logs in /var/log/mythtv07:09
superm1alsadk, as long as you had removed everything (with the purge) properly before07:09
superm1things would have been set up07:09
superm1when you chose the master backend role07:09
Assidsuperm1: i did.. atleast i think i did.. it says "not recording" in the status for my tuner07:09
superm1Assid, well see what the backend log is saying is wrong07:10
superm1its usually informative07:10
superm1to these types of troubles07:10
Assidi hate it wheni cant copy paste out of xterm07:12
superm1you can07:13
Assidhttp://assid.pastebin.com/d6297a06d  <-- superm107:13
Assidsuperm1: sometimes it doesnt work07:13
superm1ctrl shift c in gnome terminals07:13
superm1or highlight paste07:13
superm1Assid, okay your error is right there07:14
superm1its trying to write the file to your home directory07:14
superm1well does the mythtv group have permissions to do that?07:14
Assiderr nope07:14
superm1there's your problem :)07:14
Assidim guessing thats the store ? i setup07:14
Assidhow ddo i delete that?07:15
Assidi cant remove that entry to put it back to default.. delete key does nothing07:15
superm1or 0.20.2 (fixes)07:16
Assiderr.. ubuntu-hardy07:16
Assidi think i got it.. d did it07:16
alsadkdid i need to configure mysql-server07:16
superm1yeah thats 0.21 then Assid07:16
superm1alsadk, nope that should have been done for you07:17
superm1(as long as it was purged with the database removed when you uninstalled it before)07:17
Assiderr.. how do i go up channels? i finally got something on the damn thing07:18
superm1up/down <enter>07:19
superm1or type number <enter>07:19
Assidnow i need a proper box to get me good quality here07:26
rhpHi all. I am experiencing crashes of mythfrontend when I try to export recordings to DVD. Also selecting the different steps is quite slow, but after "Create DVD" the mythfrontend window disappears. I do not see any logging that could indicate problems. Ideas?07:28
alsadkthe progress seems stop?07:29
rhpIt seems as if someone just programmed a exit(1) somewhere.07:32
superm1alsadk, i'm headed to bed.  if the other folks in here can't help you out, i'll be on at some point tomorrow okay?07:34
superm1Assid, perhaps you can try to help out alsadk, just getting started but having a few hang ups07:34
alsadkgood night07:34
Assidalsadk: sure i'll try but dont hold your breath ;)07:36
Assidwhats the issue07:36
alsadki try to install mythbuntu07:36
alsadkthe progress stop07:37
alsadkin mysql-server07:37
Assiddoes it ask for any setup information07:37
Assidim not sure of mythbuntu.. am using ubuntu hardy + mythtv07:37
alsadkSetting up mysql-server-5.0 (5.0.45-1ubuntu3.1) ...07:38
alsadk * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld07:38
Assidand after that ?07:38
Assidso it stops it.. question is why07:44
alsadkchown: cannot access `/var/run/mysqld': No such file or directory07:44
Assidignore it.. and move on.. maybe we can start it from init07:44
Assidchown /var/run/mysqld07:45
Assidand try again07:46
Assidstart it upo07:46
alsadkchown: missing operand after `/var/run/mysqld'07:47
alsadkTry `chown --help' for more information.07:47
Assiderr sorry07:48
Assidmkdir /var/run/mysqld07:48
Assiddo that as root07:48
alsadkchown: missing operand after `/var/run/mysqld'07:50
alsadkTry `chown --help' for more information.07:50
Assidi said mkdir07:54
alsadki did07:54
Assidthat error is chown07:54
alsadkchown: missing operand after `/var/run/mysqld'07:55
alsadkTry `chown --help' for more information.07:55
alsadkwhats chown: missing operand after `/var/run/mysqld'07:56
Assidchown is to change ownership07:56
Assidtype this07:56
Assidsudo mkdir /var/run/mysqld07:56
alsadki did its work07:56
alsadkchown: missing operand after `/var/run/mysqld'07:57
alsadkTry `chown --help' for more information.07:57
alsadksudo chown root /var/run/mysqld07:59
alsadk * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld                              [ OK ]08:02
Assidokay now start it08:02
alsadkhow ?08:02
alsadkits not finished08:02
Assidso whats on the screen08:03
alsadkblank box08:03
alsadkblack box blankng08:03
DorwardI'm trying to get my ATI Remote Wonder working. Keypresses are being sent, but my mappings file is being ignored. So somethings work, but others don't. As an experiment I tried remapping 1 to | so that 1 (which does work) would send a mute command. It continued to send a 1 command. So it isn't a problem with the remote not sending out signals for some buttons. Any ideas?09:36
alsadki want the configration for mythbuntu control center13:01
sshirleyDoes anyone here have a HDHomeRun?14:47
sshirleyI am wondering if it would be wise for me to get one. At the moment I do not have a HDTV but I think I will in a couple of months. But I want to build my MythTV. A HDHomeRun can grab analog channels from cabletv, right?14:48
pdragonno, HDHomrun is HD only14:57
pdragonyou could just have a regular analog tuner and an HDHR tho14:57
pdragonjust get a regular happauge 15014:58
pdragonor 500 if you need a dual tuner14:58
sshirleyI bought a PVR500 recently for $170. I want to return it if I get something for HD. I guess I could return the PVR500 and get a PVR150 and then get the HDHR.15:14
pdragonnaw... keep the 50015:40
pdragonthen you can watch and record on analog at the same time15:40
pdragona 500 is just two 150s put together into 1 card15:40
pdragoni just have a 150 myself. so if i'm recording something, i can't watch another channel while it's recording15:41
jduggan_hey guys16:33
jduggan_is mythvideo broke in trunk?16:33
jduggan_the last trunk build had a similar issue16:33
jduggan_in videosetup16:33
jduggan_video manager, even16:33
jduggan_when you try manually entering imdb number, either from the menu or after the auto search fails you cant type the imdb number16:35
jduggan_its like the cursor isnt in teh raised window16:36
jduggan_reproduceable on two frontends16:36
jduggan_is anyone else seeing this?16:36
Tuv0kalthough I don't use that particular feature to hat extent16:37
jduggan_yes its a bug16:44
jduggan_video-ui.xml needs changing16:44
sslashesis there a bug with the current dpms settings? mythtv normally turns dpms on when in the menus (for obviouse reasons), but it does not seem to disable it when in livetv anymore16:53
sslasheson the most current mythbuntu release16:54
sebrockhow do I delete 'one' video source from the mythtv-setup?18:19
sebrockseems the only option is to delete all?18:19
superm1hit d18:20
sebrockI knew it was there somewhere18:21
Tuv0knice bunch of myth updates today18:21
sebrockIm just very very tired today18:21
superm1more on their way soon18:21
sebrockwhere can I see these updates?18:21
superm1the next batch should be a performance bump too hopefully18:21
superm1sebrock, Tuv0k is on hardy18:21
Tuv0kcheck synaptic?18:21
sebrockwaiting got the final there18:22
Tuv0kI could use performance updates18:23
superm1once the next set hits the archive, should be able to master a new alpha disk18:24
sebrockmm.. I got a PVR-500 with 2 tuners. I have sucessfully added the two analog tuners, but now I would like to add one of the S-VIDEO inputs. But backend complains when starting saying it cant find inputs for the capturecard...18:29
sebrockanyone knows how to add the SVIDEO correctly?18:30
sebrockor is it not possible to have both S-VIDEO and Analog Tuner on /dev/video0 at the same time?18:32
superm1one or the other18:35
sebrockso it's not possible to configure this so all inputs on the card, 2x analog tuners and 1 S-VIDEO work at the same time?18:39
sebrockactually there is 2 physical s-video inputs and one analog input, all sharing 2 tuners?18:41
sebrockso I guess I have to change one of my analog capture-lines to a SVIDEO then?18:42
Tuv0kmyth weather is odd18:44
Tuv0kit won't take numbers to accept zipcodes for setting area18:44
Tuv0kbogus characters appear instead of numbers18:44
sebrockI thought mythweather was kinda broke18:44
Tuv0kyeah, it was fine the way it was, now, I have to set the location for each screen myth weather displays18:46
sebrocksuperm1: am I right about the above statement, just so I dont try this all night (I get obsessed sometimes)18:49
superm1sebrock, yeah19:05
sebrockok tnx19:05
superm1sebrock, you can only have two things going at one time19:05
Tuv0kmythhfilm does not return control of then frontend, leaving only, blue screen of death19:13
Tuv0kignyte is the cause19:14
Tuv0kok, mythweather does not work at all here19:15
Tuv0kresulting in a frontend crash19:16
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
franck3djoin #mythtv-users22:02
wottenHey all22:15
wottenCan I designate certain tuners for PIP?22:15
toorimawotten: i have never seen a setting for that but I'm pretty sure it takes next available so the ordere you add the tuners in will make a diff22:18
toorimaguess its only an issue if u have sd and hd tuners or diff sources for em22:19
wottenI have 3 DVB tuners and 1 analog tuner.....22:19
wottenI want to keep the analog tuner out of the mix22:20
toorimathe only way I know of doing that is by adding the analog tuner last so it has the lowest priority22:21
toorimabut their might be other ways22:21
alexvdall I cant seem to figure out how to properly set permissions so that I can setup a share and copy files to my videos directory22:52
alexvdall I want to do is copy my videos from windows share to mythbuntu disk or videos folder22:53
alexvdhow do i set permission on the folder so that mythtv user and alexvd have full read and write22:57
alexvdI guess I would need to be able to give others read and write22:57
alexvdI did a sudo chown mythtv:alexvd /var/lib/mythtv/videos22:58
alexvdthat set the group and user22:58
alexvdthen i did sudo chmod 755 to /var/lib/mythtv/videos but that doesnt give read write it only gives read only and nothing for others22:59
superm1alexvd, chmod 775 /var/lib/mythtv/videos should do it23:03
superm1along with the correct ownership23:03
superm1look what user is creating the files23:03
superm1you can always chmod 777 it if you dont care about any permissions on it whatsoever too23:03
alexvdsuperm1: yeah I was doing 75523:03
alexvdi just did 77723:03
alexvdand it also worked but i dont think i want to leave that23:03
alexvdwow its horribly slow via ssh23:06
NAiLAny particular reason why I can't download mythbuntu from mythbuntu.org? :P23:19
NAiLAnd, is there any way to install mythbuntu by bootstrap?23:20
lime4x4i was able to vnc into my mythbox now i can't i get the following error "no password configured for VNC auth23:24
NAiLdoes anyone have a mirror for an amd64 iso? I can't download it from mythbuntu.org23:35
NAiL(or a torrent file)23:35
afmevening all23:38
afmlooking for a little help.  had my remote (mceusb2) working after installation, and attempted to get a serial irblaster to work and broke it23:39
afmi dont even see any ouptup from an irw as root23:39
afmoutput rather23:39
NAiLnobody with a torrent file handy?23:53
NAiLnm, for some reason I can download the iso just fine in IE, but not in firefox...23:58

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