mathiazjdstrand: well... there isn't so much documentation. It should just work00:02
mathiazjcastro: ^^00:02
mathiazjcastro: obviously it doesn't...00:03
jcastromathiaz: I will confirm with the new ppa version tomorrow and get back to you00:04
jcastroI have a few friends with AD/Linux setups and I just sent them a mail to get a hardy vm ready to test likewise.00:05
mathiazjcastro: awesome. That is going to be of great help.00:07
jcastromathiaz: I did AD integration in the past at my last job, and that was so painful I am taking an interest in getting feedback for this feature.00:08
antdedyetany known new efforts going into the recent openness of the M$ Exchange protocol?03:09
antdedyetAlso, while I'm fishing for info ... Has there been sign of new efforts on the public domain release of DJB software?03:10
antdedyeton the latter question, I've have not seen new events as of earlier today on a few of the qmail community pages.03:11
kgoetzwhich protocol?03:12
antdedyetkgoetz: looks like the licensing agreement was for Samba related communications only, not Exchange.03:18
kgoetzantdedyet: as i understand it yeah :/03:19
antdedyetThe mental note on Exchange being opened was a wishlist during a conversation I had with a sysadmin buddy about the file and printer sharing protocols.03:21
antdedyetWe both hate Exchange, except he gave in so he could use the mobile PDA stuff.03:22
* antdedyet just uses an old brick for a phone03:22
^Elfboyhow do u kill a program when kill #### dont work03:30
antdedyet^Elfboy: "kill -9 $pid" doesn't work?03:30
^Elfboymark@thesource:~$ ps x03:31
^Elfboy  PID TTY      STAT   TIME COMMAND03:31
^Elfboy 3943 ?        S      0:00 ./psybnc03:31
^Elfboyneed the -9 ?03:32
kgoetzin what way does it 'not work'?03:32
^Elfboywell i added it with the -9 and it work03:33
landoanyone here know how to get an ubuntu server working with godaddy04:39
landoim not sure if i need to install dns software04:39
^Elfboyok  how do i move 1 folder too another folder04:40
^Elfboyin tem04:40
kgoetzlando: 'working with'?04:40
^Elfboymv wiith foldername to other foldername04:40
landowell.. i just bought a domain from godaddy... and im wondering if it is as simple as adding my ip to the godaddy domain management04:41
^Elfboylike mv x to a04:41
seanh_lando: what do you mean?04:42
seanh_you want to use your box as a dns server?04:42
landoi want to host my site from my box but have a godaddy domain name04:42
seanh_if you're using godaddys dns servers then all you need on your server is apache04:43
seanh_and probably a firewall04:43
faulkes-lando: yes and no04:44
faulkes-the A record will work04:44
faulkes-the PTR record likely won't as that is assigned to provider specific DNS04:45
faulkes-well, actually, the A record may create problems with lame delegations, I can't remember if bind only does that for PTR's though04:45
landoi mean mhm04:46
faulkes-so, for instance, if you try to send mail out via your domain, the reverse (ptr) won't resolve and many sites will reject the mail (although that is dependent on a number of factors)04:46
faulkes-lame delegations though are generally more bothersome messages than drop dead non functioning issues04:48
landoah... u make no sense to me faulkes- ...04:48
landoi have added my ip to the a record.04:49
kgoetzlando: short answer is yes, but may not work as you expect04:49
* faulkes- is so glad he has access to a portable /2304:51
faulkes-solves so many issues when you have your own ip space04:51
faulkes-anyways, it's late here, so off to bed I go, night people04:55
kgoetzlater mate04:55
^Elfboyman u guys are going to get sick of me06:20
^Elfboywhat would i need to get to show server info like hd ram and all that stuff06:21
kgoetztheres a few tools.06:22
kgoetzdf -h/ free -m for example06:22
IulianIt's more better to read the manula.06:23
IulianAlso I bet you didn't read the topic.06:25
^Elfboyyes i did06:26
IulianAww, by the way, good morning all.06:26
Iulian^Elfboy: Then you should be fine :)06:27
IulianYea, I just woke up.06:27
^Elfboyand if ubuntu server use gentoo portage this wold be ezer:)06:27
IulianUbuntu is ubuntu and gentoo is gentoo.06:28
* Iulian *yawns*06:28
kgoetzchecking your ram is easier with portage?06:28
^Elfboyi wnet with ubuntu server cose i did not fell like taking the time to set up netwoing and all that06:28
^Elfboyeverthing is ez06:29
^Elfboyemerge is better the apt-get06:29
kgoetz*cough* troll06:29
^Elfboyi was just statin my point06:30
^Elfboynot "troll"06:30
^Elfboymy server is ubuntu06:30
^Elfboyfor a reason06:30
pschulz01Question about /etc/network/if-ip.d06:44
pschulz01Do all of the scripts get called everytime an interface is brought up?06:45
Gargoylemormin all08:03
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ivokshow about moving some parts of bacula to main, and leave some in universe?10:31
ivokslike GUI console; we could leave that in universe10:31
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spiekeyany comments how i best upgrade libnss_ldap on dapper to a higher version?11:50
spiekeyi need to get libnss_ldap version 245 on my box11:50
Kamping_Kaiseryou can try backporting, but it may be a bit core to backport safely11:50
spiekeythat sounds liek a real manual task?! :)11:51
Kamping_Kaiseri expect it will be. (being part of libnss)11:51
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, do you need 245 specifically?11:53
spiekeyanythign above would be fine12:03
Kamping_Kaiserwhats special about it?12:04
spiekeyi have this problem: http://osdir.com/ml/ldap.padl.nss/2006-09/msg00014.html12:05
Kamping_Kaiseri suspect you'll have to go with option 1.12:06
Kamping_Kaiserbut hang around, someone else might know otherwise :)12:06
Kamping_Kaisernight mate :)12:07
KanashimiHey there. Trying to install bw_mod by compiling it with apxs2, I have apache2-prefork installed on the system as well as installed the apache2-prefork-dev package. When I try to load the module though I get the error: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_bw.so: undefined symbol: apr_atomic_cas      Is there some additional dev package I need to still install?12:07
Kamping_KaiserKanashimi, you have to install hte module against the source of the apache version you have installed12:08
Kamping_Kaiserbut really gnight ;)12:08
spiekeyKamping_Kaiser: removing groups from nsswitch is not possible, whats the point in my ldap auth system then? ;)12:08
KanashimiHmm, I'm using the normal apache2 package and the normal dev package.12:08
Kamping_Kaiserspiekey, to auth users :)12:09
spiekeyonly the bloody vmware seems to have problems with it12:09
Kamping_Kaiserbut i do understand what your saying12:09
KanashimiGood night though if you're on your way out.12:09
KanashimiShouldn't the apache2 package and the dev package be the same given that both are of the most up to date version?12:10
sorenspiekey: Backporting the package is not that hard.12:19
sorenspiekey: I'm off to lunch now, I can help you afterwards.12:19
spiekeythanks! That would be great!12:27
sigma_1234where can i get the pdf version of the ubuntu server handbook?12:27
sigma_1234which link do you recommend from there?12:35
spiekeyi dunno :)12:37
sigma_1234i found one for 6.10 . how different is the latest version?12:40
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jjessei hate that i always miss these mtgs16:38
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mathiazhi jjesse16:58
ScottKjjesse: re your mail...  Yes.  We've defined some roles. We need to do more of it.16:59
jjessehello mathiaz and ScottK17:03
jjesseyes i agree we ned to do more of it, wish i had more time to help and learn17:03
* faulkes- yawns17:03
faulkes-time to grab a coffee17:04
ScottKHello jjesse17:04
dendrobatesjcastro: are you around?17:33
faulkes-ScottK: the roles that have been defined, is this in a doc somewhere?17:47
mathiazfaulkes-: on the GettingInvolved page17:47
ScottKfaulkes-: I have no idea.  I pay as little attention to documented process and procedure stuff as I can get away with.  mathiaz would be a better person to ask.17:48
faulkes-ok, so just there17:48
=== ScottK changed the topic of #ubuntu-server to: Ubuntu Server discussion and support || For general (not server specific) support visit #ubuntu || Get involved: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved || Guide to asking questions on IRC: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html || Ask questions that get answered: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html || Be patient. Don't ask to ask, just ask. || server guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/ || https://wik
ScottKUrgh. Need to shorten it.17:51
mathiazScottK: yeah... that'd be a good idea ;)17:51
=== ScottK changed the topic of #ubuntu-server to: Ubuntu Server discussion and support || For general (not server specific) support visit #ubuntu || Get involved: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved || Guide to asking questions on IRC: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html || http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html || Be patient. Don't ask to ask, just ask. || server guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/ || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam
ScottKThat fits.17:51
faulkes-mathiaz: will do re: second draft to list and w/ your comments18:00
jcastrodendrobates: yep18:37
sommerjdstrand: around?19:23
sommerI whipped up a short ufw section, and was wondering if you'd be willing to take a look at it?19:24
sommerit's pretty short, covers some examples from the man page19:25
sommercool, I can email it to you since I haven't committed it yet19:25
sommeris it cool to send it to your address in lp?19:26
sommercool, thanks19:26
ScottKjdstrand: Did you see what we did for the security status of clamav in Dapper today?19:26
jdstrandScottK: no19:26
ScottKjdstrand: Look at the top line https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/clamav/+publishinghistory19:27
ScottKThat wiped out at least a dozen CVEs.19:27
jdstrandthat's fantastic19:29
ScottKThat was a multi-month project to get all the rdepends updated and testing.19:29
jdstrandgreat! :)19:29
ScottKIf you want to show up and cheer for my core-dev application at the Tuesday tech board meeting ...19:29
jdstrandI can cheer-- but you should know I'm not core-dev yet ;)19:30
jdstrandkeescook: is though19:30
zulill bring my pom poms19:31
jdstrandScottK: did you document all that went into that?  I'd be happy to look at it and comment (somewhat) intelligenty on it for core-dev19:31
ScottKYes I did19:32
ScottKJust a sec for links19:32
ScottKhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Clamav?action=show https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/clamav/+bug/19018719:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190187 in clamav "Dapper clamav has multiple security issues that require upgrade to new version to fix" [High,Fix released]19:34
ScottKThat didn't work out very well19:34
ScottKhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Clamav?action=show - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/dapper/+source/clamav/+bug/19018719:34
ScottKI've removed the Dapper packages from the PPA because they are in the archive now, but they're listed in the bug.19:35
dendrobatesjcastro: when you tried likewise yesterday, was in on ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu server?19:38
jdstrandScottK: cool, I made a note of it and will read through it19:39
ScottKjdstrand: Thanks.19:39
jdstrandI may need reminding on Tuesday ;)19:39
ScottKGot it.19:39
jcastrodendrobates: desktop19:39
dendrobatesjcastro: there is a known bug when using network-manager.  Jerry is working on a fix.19:40
jcastrodendrobates: ah ok, thanks.19:41
mathiazjdstrand: you can also stop by to support my core-dev application19:50
jdstrandmathiaz: sure :)19:50
jdstrandsommer: just read through your ufw section19:53
jdstrandshall I respond here or in email?19:53
jdstrandor diff?19:53
sommerjdstrand: either works for me19:57
jdstrandok, how about here :)19:57
jdstrandfirst-- thanks!19:57
sommerthank you19:57
jdstrandyour quote in the manpage doesn't format properly in yelp (on gutsy)19:57
jdstrandthat wasn't right19:58
jdstrandyour manpage quote isn't formatted properly in yelp19:58
jdstrand(that's better)19:58
sommerya, I played with it a little to fit in the grey box19:58
sommerthere may be a better way to represent that... I didn't do too much digging19:59
jdstrandthis should be changed 'replace _port 22_ with _ssh_'19:59
jdstrandto 'replace _22_ with _ssh_'19:59
jdstrandie 'port' is required in either case19:59
sommerah, I'll change that20:00
jdstrand(it's only not required when using the simple syntax)20:00
jdstrandtwo other ideas:20:01
jdstrand1. ufw will support custom rules in its /etc/ufw/*.rules files, so it is not mutually exclusive to iptables20:01
jdstrand(ie you can add a NAT rule in there, but still use ufw for everything else if desired)20:02
jdstrand2. you might mention the 'ufw logging on' and 'ufw logging off' in the Logging section20:02
jdstrand"If using, ufw..." or some such thing20:02
sommerya, I was thinking about that too :)20:03
jdstrandI don't know if you want to use '1' or not, but the whole point of ufw is to make things easier, but without getting in the way of the admin20:04
sommerI think it could be mentioned, maybe in context with the section on masquerading20:04
jdstrandit has a robust way of dealing with chains and startup, so using just the files that are there without the cli would likely be quite useful for people20:04
sommergotcha, I'll make those adjustments20:05
sommerthanks for the feedback, great stuff20:06
jdstrandyou are really good at docs, so keep up the good work.  another idea might be, since ufw is now installed by default, is to reorganize a bit20:06
jdstrandthat is up to you of course20:06
sommerreorganize?  the firewall section?20:06
jdstrandie, if ufw were higher up, it would be easier to talk about the iptables rules on their own, or in the context of ufw20:06
jdstrandTools would like become 'Other Tools20:07
jdstrandbut then, maybe I am biased-- it's just an idea20:07
* jdstrand knows he is biased :)20:07
ScottKjdstrand: We ought to think about backporting ufw when you think it's ready.20:07
sommersure, I'll take a look at it, I don't think the firewall section has really had any attention since it was first written20:08
jdstrandScottK: it works fine on gutsy20:08
jdstrandit does need python 2.5 though20:08
ScottKjdstrand: So feisty and edgy should worl20:08
jdstrandthere are just a couple of python 2.5 things, so going to dapper wouldn't be horrific...20:09
jdstrandI'd have to think about that20:09
jdstrandScottK: I imagine once we get closer to hardy release, we can revisit backporting20:10
ScottKsommer and jdstrand: One question I'm having right now is "I've got my iptables rules already, is UFW better or can I just ignore it"20:10
mathiazI agree with jdstrand idea to put ufw first in the documentation20:10
ScottKjdstrand: Yes.  When you're ready.  Although backporting to Gutsy sooner is one way to get more testing.20:10
mathiazit's the default and preferred way to handle firewalling.20:10
jdstrandScottK: simple answer is if your firewall configuration is already working for you, don't change it20:10
mathiazpresenting iptables later on for customization makes sense.20:10
jdstrand(that is the sysadmin in me)20:11
sommermathiaz: agreed, I'll give it some lovin this weekend20:11
jdstrandsommer: you may want to check out the /etc/ufw/*rules files to see how they work with custom rules20:12
sommerjdstrand: sure20:12
jdstrandsommer: the manpage only casually references it20:12
jdstrandI can change that if needed20:12
sommerjdstrand: I'll dig into them, but I think for now the man page covers them enough20:14
jdstrandsommer: also, especially if talking about FORWARDing stuff, look in /etc/default/ufw20:14
sommerroger that20:15
faulkes-question: are there likely to be any interactions between ufw and virt support20:16
faulkes-I know that at least in some cases, rules get added, such as with dnsmask and what not20:16
jdstrandsommer: NAT and segmented network firewalling are not supported in the cli, but everything is in place to allow an admin to do this with the ufw chains20:16
faulkes-so that virt networking (dhcp, other stuff) works20:16
jdstrandfaulkes-: how is it added?20:17
faulkes-as I havent seen the virt stuff on gutsy yet, I know that at least on centos, when I boot up xen, rules get added to iptables to allow networking to the virtuals20:18
jdstrandfaulkes-: if just added to the INPUT chain, shouldn't be a problem20:18
jdstrandthe current chain setup is:20:18
faulkes-iirc, no, it's not added to the input chain20:18
jdstrandINPUT -> ufw-before-input -> ufw-user-input -> ufw-after-input -> policy of INPUT20:19
mathiazfaulkes-: you may wanna check kvm in hardy to figure out how things are done20:19
jdstrandfaulkes-: testing in this regard would be great20:19
mathiazfaulkes-: the state of virtualization in gutsy isn't going to change.20:20
mathiazfaulkes-: it's on hardy that things can get fixed.20:20
jdstrandbut if you simply do -A INPUT, it traverse all those chains and if no match, then hits this rule20:20
faulkes-that's from one of my centos boxen running xen's20:21
jdstrandfaulkes-: ufw currently doesn't do anything with FORWARD20:21
jdstrandexcept set the policy in /etc/default/ufw20:21
faulkes-granted, I should be comparing apples to apples20:21
* faulkes- nods20:21
jdstrandfaulkes-: flip that from 'DROP' to 'ACCEPT' and no worries20:21
jdstrandbut testing is great!20:22
faulkes-was just a question because I know last meeting someone mentioned they needed to get dnsmasq working20:22
faulkes-and other stuff, related to virt/kvm stuff20:22
faulkes-and yes, testing would be great20:22
faulkes-I'm working to try and get soe suitable hardware available on which I can do that20:23
jdstrandfaulkes-: ufw doesn't help, but it also doesn't hinder in this regard20:23
* faulkes- nods20:23
jdstrand(I forgot to mention, you'd need to flip ip_forward in the normal way)20:24
* faulkes- nods20:24
jdstrandsommer: oh, not sure if it's worth mentioning in the docs, but ufw also supports ipv620:26
sommerjdstrand: ya, I thought about that, but personally I have 0 experience with it... been meaning to setup up an ipv6 network :-)20:27
sommerI'll add something about it20:27
jdstrandI have 1 experience20:27
sommerpersonally I think it's just a myth... ;-)20:27
jdstrandI got a bug report on it20:28
jdstrandthere is at least 1 user20:28
sommerheh, but it didn't work for him?20:28
faulkes-yes, I was here when he was encountering the issue iirc20:28
jdstrandno-- but I didn't expect it to when he filed20:28
ScottKI know at least one person running a Debian Lenny server on IPv6 without issue.20:29
ScottKAll the stuff I'm upstream for I wrote to work equally well with IPv6 (although I've no proof it does).20:29
ScottKFor Hardy, but LTS, we really do need to be thinking IPv6.20:30
* faulkes- would concur20:30
sommerit always seems like one of those things that people mean to do, but until they are forced to it's just put off20:30
sommeror maybe it's just me...20:30
faulkes-sommer: no, it's not just you20:31
ScottKWell the forced to part is likely to come up during Hardy's lifetime.20:31
faulkes-although the root servers recently started ipv6 support20:31
ScottKSome, not all.20:31
* jdstrand was truly planning to implement it, and had various hooks to do it, but the report came in too soon ;)20:31
faulkes-yes, some not all of the root servers20:32
faulkes-I think what we're saying is that we want to be forward looking on the ipv6 issue, rather than reacting to it20:32
faulkes-just my opinion though20:32
* jdstrand nods20:33
faulkes-iirc isn't there a mandated switch-over to ipv6 for the u.s. gov?20:33
ScottK"You don't need to become an expert in IPv6 stuff to be safe if you use UFW." would be a killer angle for uptake.20:33
jdstrandeasy there-- it only handles firewalling20:34
faulkes-ease of use tends to trump most cards20:34
faulkes-jdstrand: just you wait, we'll have it replacing init and xinetd as well20:35
ScottKBut from an IPv4/6 security perspective I'd think firewall is the key thing I have to figure out.20:36
faulkes-but I agree with ScottK, it is a killer angle which would help adoption20:36
ScottKjdstrand: Do you support rate limiting?20:37
jdstrandScottK: no qos type stuff yet20:37
jdstrand(or more)20:37
jdstrandthe backend is not much more than iptables-retore stype stuff20:38
ScottKI was thinking iptables type stuff.20:38
jdstrandthere is software that already does a lot of this other stuff20:38
jdstrand(eg shorewall)20:38
jdstrandbut that software is itself not super easy to get going20:38
jdstrandso I wrote ufw in such a way that switching out the backend would not be too difficult, if a more fully featured backend that existed could be used20:39
ScottKhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55267/ is what I use to keep ssh dictionary attackers from knocking on my door for to long20:39
ScottKI think that's sensible without the rest of the script.20:40
jdstranddrop that into /etc/ufw/before.rules (adjust the -A INPUT) and voila20:41
incorrecti am debating if i should build myself a custom kernel for my game server using pre-emptive and high res timer20:41
ScottKObviously that doesn't scale for boxes that lots of people have shell access to, but for the case where it's a small number of admins, it's an easy win.20:41
incorrecti am also debating about using the 2.6.24 kernel20:41
faulkes-ScottK: have you considered denyhosts?20:46
faulkes-although it's more general purpose in nature, it's what I use for dictionary based stuff20:46
ScottKfaulkes-: I did.  For my purposes 4 lines in iptables did what I needed, so no need to actually install an entire package and add low level complexit.20:47
* faulkes- nods20:47
leonelScottK: I have that too  but I've added  fail2ban  to block the  smtp auth  attempts20:48
ScottKI rate limit smtp auth attempts in postfix.20:49
ScottKheya leonel.  Thanks again for all your help on clamav.  We'd not have Dapper up to date now without your help.20:50
incorrectanyone know where i can get the server config from without having to install?20:51
leonelScottK:  no, thank you !20:52
mathiazincorrect: it should be in the git tree on kernel.ubuntu.com20:55
mathiazincorrect: you can also install the binary package and the config will be under /boot20:56
incorrectwithout having to install :)20:56
mathiazincorrect: there isn't any need to download the source deb.20:56
mathiazincorrect: well - you can get the deb and extract the config file from it20:56
incorrecti am looking at building a 2.6.24 kernel20:56
incorrectseems to have some good features20:56
incorrectjust wanted to make sure i don't spend hours tweaking20:57
leonelScottK: was a great job with clamav  thank you21:01
ScottKleonel: You're welcome.21:03
incorrectlinux-image-server_2. doesn't contain a kernel21:05
danpis it possible to cross-compile packages for amd64 on an i386 xen guest?21:58
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ivokszul: here?22:15
ivokszul: i'm already rewriting bacula's make_catalog_backup22:15
ScottKivoks: Did you see my mail to the server ML about amavisd-new?22:17
* antdedyet wonders if he will ever find reason to use anything other then backuppc for backups22:17
danphmm, i guess not22:17
danpmy test didn't go so well22:17
ivoksScottK: yes22:17
ScottKivoks: OK.  Over to you now then for tasksel update.22:17
danpit seems i would need to be able to run x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc22:17
ivoksantdedyet: backup of 15TB of data22:17
ivoksbackuppc is just a fancy name for rsync script every unix admin already has :D22:18
ivoksScottK: i'll update it during this week22:19
danpi tried "RESTORE" the other day. it took 30 minutes to copy 400M22:19
ScottKivoks: Great.22:19
antdedyetivoks: what about bacula allows you to do 15TB where backuppc would not?22:19
ivoksantdedyet: it stores on tapes22:19
faulkes-and tapes can be taken off-site, stored in a safe place in case of emergency22:20
ScottKantdedyet: ivoks has 6 days until feature freeze.  Please distract him after that. ;-)22:21
antdedyetivoks: oh, yuck. :( I had enough of tape storage with StorageTEK PowderHorns :(22:21
antdedyetScottK: ah, ok :)22:21
faulkes-or, if you are the goverment, lost with all your information on them22:21
antdedyetfaulkes-: nothing wrong with storing an on-disk backup server off-site.22:21
faulkes-if you have the bandwidth to regularly backup 15TB, go for it22:22
antdedyetfaulkes-: incremental backups!22:22
antdedyetAnyway. :)22:22
antdedyetI will try out bacula when someone forks over tape drive.22:22
antdedyetI am interested in the mentoring program when you guys get something set in stone, btw22:23
ScottKfaulkes-: Did you mean for your reply to my forums message to go to me or the ML?22:24
faulkes-hmmm, I may have just hit reply, i did mean for it to go to the ML22:25
ScottKIt didn't go there.22:26
* faulkes- nods22:26
* faulkes- will fix22:26
mathiazantdedyet: I'd love to here what you'd expect from such a program (if you reply to my email that would be great as I'm heading soon)22:27
faulkes-thanks for the headsup22:27
antdedyetmathiaz: sure thing; I will convert from lurker into activist. :)22:27
* ScottK is a huge fan of mail clients with "Reply to List".22:28
faulkes-well, I keep mail seperated for a number of things22:37
faulkes-normally I just use mutt22:38
ScottKRight, I keep mine separate too.  If I'm in the ML folders, I always hit reply to list (except of course when I don't).22:38
ivoksman... i love python22:39
ivoksbest thing since wheel22:39
nxvl_workScottK: which mail client did you use?22:39
nxvl_worknot a big fan of qt22:39
* ScottK is not a fan at all of Gnome. So there you are.22:39
ivoksmathiaz: i'll rewrite make_catalog_backup, new script will read bacula's config and wound't need to get username and password as arguments22:40
ivoksonly name of catalog22:41
mathiazivoks: seems like a good option to me.22:43
ivoksit kind of pita to setup cause bacula's config can have multiple catalogs and spaces make no differens (nor do lower/uper casse latters), but it should be done in couple of hours22:45
zulivoks: sweet23:36
ivoksi got it! :)23:46

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