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bod_crimsun, his system isnt finding any sound/audio devices at all00:00
pinsmackbod_:  http://pastebin.com/m717256e00:00
patti_anyone having trouble with the new flashplugin?00:00
bod_pinsmack, try this       lspci | grep -i audio00:00
Pici!flashissues | patti_00:01
ubotupatti_: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »00:01
bod_crimsun, my bad,.,. damn capital letters00:01
alecwhI installed the php documentation (apt-get install php-doc), but I have no idea on how to actually use it. I've tried php-doc, phpdoc... what command do I use?00:01
pinsmackbod_: 00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)00:01
bod_1 sec00:02
Qwexernvm I got it to work, think cuz I'm streaming a show through firefox, festival wouldnt work but found some code to change that00:02
crimsunpinsmack: but that's not the output for the shell script.  That's "lspci".00:02
pinsmackwhat's ispci?00:02
crimsunpinsmack: where is the script downloaded, your Desktop?00:03
Starnestommypinsmack: lspci lists pci devices.  NOte that it begins with a lowercase "L", not an "I"00:03
sedrawhere i can find the artwork team channel?00:03
bod_pinsmack, type this                               asoundconf set-default-card MCP5100:03
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how I could set up a network between an XP computer and an Ubuntu 7.10 computer so I can use the printer on the XP computer?00:03
bod_pinsmack, type this                      asoundconf set-default-card MCP5100:03
pinsmackbod_:  nothing happened00:04
bod_!lspci | pinsmack00:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lspci - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:04
Jangarihas anyone installed sound-studio before?00:04
bod_pinsmack, good,. have you got sound?00:04
Jangariin fact what about the mp3libraries for sox?00:04
pinsmackbod_:  D: no00:04
Qwexerpocketdrummer cant you already see the xp comp in Ubuntu? I just plugged into the network and could see it immediatly00:04
bod_pinsmack,  try this      asoundconf reset-default-card00:05
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crimsunbod_: when you've finished, please have him run the script I mentioned00:05
pocketdrummerWhere did you look to see that computer?00:05
zlajahey i need help00:05
bod_crimsun, yer,. il send him your way when im done,.,.lol,.,.;~)00:05
bod_zlaja, what is your problem?00:06
zlajamust instal wine00:06
Qwexerpocketdrummer places->network00:06
zlajaidk how to do it00:06
pinsmackbod_:  no sound00:06
CarlFKhow do I tell if a laptops usb is 1 or 2?  here is the usb part from lshw: http://dpaste.com/34245/00:06
DoubleDewAnyone ever used the remote desktop?00:06
bod_pinsmack tell me the output of this                asoundconf list00:06
geniizlaja: sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get install wine00:06
bod_!wine | zlaja00:06
ubotuzlaja: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.00:06
CarlFKI am hoping version: 03 is USB200:06
bod_zlaja, use the link00:06
pinsmackbod_:  NVidia00:06
yfkhow can I change the filenames bash feeds media players?00:07
maihemhas anybody else had speed problems with gb.archive.ubuntu.com? I'm on Virgin Media broadband.00:07
bod_pinsmack, it says NVidia???00:07
pinsmackbod_:  yep00:07
zlajai type00:07
zlajait ask00:07
zlajafor pw00:07
FloodBot1zlaja: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:07
Pici!enter | zlaja00:07
zlajaidk pw00:07
ubotuzlaja: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:07
metguruhey all! I am having problem with the X window system, and was wondering what command I would use to configure the x window system.00:07
bod_crimsun, why is his chip model NVidia  not an actual chip model00:07
pocketdrummerI just lost who I was talking to... xIRC crashes regularly....00:08
bod_zlaja, if you dont have permission to install things on that computer,. then you cant do it00:08
geniibod_: Nvidia DOES make it's own chips.00:08
Pici!sudo | zlaja00:08
ubotuzlaja: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.00:08
Starnestommyzlaja: it should be your user password00:08
alecwhI installed the php documentation (apt-get install php-doc), but I have no idea on how to actually use it. I've tried php-doc, phpdoc... what command do I use?00:08
kenanhow do i change the printer quality in ubuntu gutsy?00:08
bod_genii, 00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)      thats his lspci result,.,. it his a chip model00:08
noolnesshello folks00:09
Sunmanhi - i have a huge problem with ubuntu. it froze and upon restart it threw out "Error 16: inconsistent filesystem". None o fthe kernels, or recovery modes work. I know a solution would be to run fsck but I cant even load from a liveCD00:09
maihemhi noolness00:09
DescentIntoMadneProblem with wireless - need help!00:09
crimsunbod_: because codec and dsp models are described by hex codecs, not generally human-friendly strings.00:09
Starnestommyalecwh: I think it miht instell man pages00:09
noolnessanyone know of a repository that keeps the latest nvidia drivers around prepackaged so i can be lazy?00:09
Starnestommy*might install00:09
crimsunbod_: sorry, hex strings*00:09
noolnessthe nvidia drivers that come with ubuntu appear to be as old as the hills00:09
yasermetguru,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:09
geniibod_: Yes, the MCP51 part is the identifier there00:09
alecwhStarnestommy: how would I access documentation, say, for ceil()?00:09
Sunmanso if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it, im kinda desperate :-(00:09
maihemnoolness: I thought they were fairly up to date but used older ones for some cards?00:10
metguruyaser: thanks a million00:10
crimsununfortunately the "MCP51" is not descriptive00:10
Starnestommyalecwh: man ceil?00:10
saftsackhi, is there any recommended greylisting program? (sendmail)00:10
Webumetguru, i think you're looking for "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" :)00:10
bod_crimsun, if i look at my     asoundconf list   it shows capital letters and numbers, the same length as his MCP51     why does his     asoundconf list   show the word NVidia?00:10
alecwhStarnestommy: =(00:10
bod_genii ^^00:10
Webumetguru, oops sorry a double one ;D00:10
alecwhStarnestommy: no luck00:10
bod_genii, read my post to crimsun00:10
noolnessmaihem: not sure i checked the version number and it appeared to be extremely old, but i could be mistaken00:10
brianhDescentIntoMadne: What's problem00:10
DescentIntoMadne@BrianH - sorry had to chenge nick as I am troubleshooting wireless prob00:11
crimsunbod_: because the 'list' operation pulls from /proc/asound/cards, which exposes the driver [source code]-specific string for his family and codec.00:11
maihemnoolness: look for packages with nvidia in their name and see what the highest versioned one is. If it is higher than the version you're using then perhaps best to leave it as is00:11
kenanhow do i change the printer quality for my hp psc 750 in ubuntu gutsy?00:11
metguruWebu: yes, and thanks00:11
DescentIntoMadneI installed 6.06 on a 3 year old Dell PC. Looks like the network card is found, yet I cannot connect to router even if I drop the authentication.00:11
Starnestommyalecwh: whoops, it actually installs the pages in /usr/share/doc/php5-common/00:11
Yanch0i just plugged in a usb key but got no drive popping on (similar to what does in windows) any idea how I can get it please? this is the result of lshw -C bus http://yancho.pastebin.com/d5d1f863e00:12
maihemnoolness: just guessing though00:12
bod_crimsun, im so cinfused,. it should be showing the nubers,.,. anyway he's all ypours00:12
crimsunpinsmack: have you downloaded http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh ?00:12
bod_pinsmack, sorry cant help anymore,.,. i suggest you listen to crimsun00:12
Starnestommyalecwh: er, /usr/share/doc/php-doc/00:12
|ns|nR8latest flash update broke my flash00:12
noolnessmaihem: well the reason i want to update is that the backlight doesn't work in my notebook because the nvidia drivers are messed up...so an update could be nice...but i am not even sure if they fixed the bug yet00:12
sedraanyone know a good video converter on linux?00:12
Pici!flashissues | |ns|nR800:12
ubotu|ns|nR8: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »00:12
pinsmackcrimsun:  now i did00:12
crimsunpinsmack: and have you executed it?00:12
|ns|nR8thanks Pici00:12
pinsmacki forgot how to00:13
alecwhStarnestommy: HTML documents. >_> I was hoping for like a cli interface.00:13
brianhDescentIntoMadne: Have you tried ifconfig00:13
Starnestommypinsmack: sh script.sh?00:13
yaserSunman, manyones00:13
crimsunpinsmack: open a Terminal, then use:  bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh00:13
kavelotis it difficult to move all GNOME panels configuration from one user account to the other?00:13
Picialecwh: use your favorite cli web browser then ;)00:13
pinsmack                                                        Newer version detected: 0.4.3600:14
pinsmackTo view the ChangeLog, please visit http://bulletproof.servebeer.com/alsa/scripts/alsa-info.changelog00:14
pinsmackALSA-Info script has been updated. Please re-run it.00:14
pinsmackmehmet@mehmet-laptop:~$ To view the ChangeLog, please visit http://bulletproof.servebeer.com/alsa/scripts/alsa-info.changelog00:14
pinsmackbash: To: command not found00:14
Sunman i have a huge problem with ubuntu. it froze and upon restart it threw out "Error 16: inconsistent filesystem". None o fthe kernels, or recovery modes work. I know a solution would be to run fsck but I cant even load from a liveCD00:14
bod_!pb | pinsmack00:14
DescentIntoMadneBrianH - no, haven't tried it. Just ran it - it shows eth0 (wired card) and lo - loopbacl00:14
ubotupinsmack: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:14
DescentIntoMadneso I guess according to ifconfig there's no wireless LAN card?00:15
trekkmedoes anybody now of an console based audiorecorder which i coud run in detach?00:15
yaserkavelot, there are some files(4 i think) in home dir, gconf, gconf-d, gnome, etcc, copy these and you will copy configuration00:15
brianhDescentIntoMadne: try iwconfig00:15
alecwhPici: >_>00:15
DescentIntoMadneiwconfig is showing eth100:15
kavelotgood, thanks00:15
kavelotwhat about firefox configuration (extensions and so on)? I just need to copy the .mozilla dir?00:16
yaserkavelot, yep, the same for evolution00:16
geniikavelot: Yes, extensions are all in there00:16
crimsunpinsmack: please re-download it.00:16
brianhDescentIntoMadne: can you paste iwconfig output into pm?00:16
noolnessthe latest driver is 169.09 while the ubuntu driver is 100.14.1900:17
kavelotgood, thanks00:17
pocketdrummerOk, I'm tired of getting kicked. It says this when I connect "-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else00:17
pocketdrummer If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>" Then I do that, and it says I'm accepted. A few minutes later, xIRC closes.00:17
DescentIntoMadnebrianh - can't as I am running ona separate computer.00:17
Starnestommypocketdrummer: xIRC or XChat?00:17
pinsmackcrimsun:  ok so i downloaded it00:17
pinsmacknow what?00:17
noolnesswhich has a release date of September 18, 200700:17
Sunmancan anyone help me with an "inconsistent filesystem" error00:18
crimsunpinsmack: where did you download it?  your Desktop?00:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about freezing - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:18
brianhDescentIntoMadne: try this  sudo iwconfig essid nameofyouressid00:18
pinsmackyes crimsun00:18
X-Sleepy-Xdoes anyone know how to get the computer connected to the TV? i have a ATI x1659 card and i dont know how to make it display on the TV...00:18
DoubleDewanyone used vncviewer?  i need some help00:19
disinterested_my friend on a new install of gutsy is having problems with his comp freezing00:19
crimsunpinsmack: type this:  bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh00:19
brianhDescentIntoMadne:  sorry forgot one thing  sudo iwconfig eth1 essid nameofessid00:19
* X-Sleepy-X pardons the bad english00:19
facundobatistaHi all00:19
DescentIntoMadnelets see: IEEE 802.11b/g ESSID: "Mywireless" Nickname:"Broadcom 4306" Mode: Managed Access POint: Invalid Bit Rate=1 Mb/s RTS: thr:off Fragment thr:off Link quality:0 Signal Level:0 Noise Level:0 Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0 Tx: 0 Inv. mis:0 Missed beacon:000:19
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  lots of us use vnc and the various viewers. :) got a specific problem/question? ask the channel and see who knows the answers.00:20
pinsmackcrimsun:  http://pastebin.ca/89569900:20
crimsunpinsmack: sec.00:20
facundobatistaI'm trying to upgrade a Feisty to 7.1000:20
brownie17please help i set up a samba shared folder over my network and my windows vista laptop detects it but when i try to access it, it asks for a username and password. i tried my ubuntu username and password and that didn't work. what do i do?00:20
facundobatistaand I keep getting authentication problems, :(00:20
facundobatistaif I remove the gpg keys, and import them again00:21
facundobatistanow I get a "The following signatures were invalid" message00:21
DoubleDewWell my friend and I just set up a server at his house...how to I remote in....he went to system->preferences->remote desktop and set it all up, but when I type vncviewer [ipaddres]:0 it pops up with the password dialog but will not let me enter anything into it00:21
KiD_ChAoShow do i find the MAC of the access point im connected to00:21
facundobatistaI get this problem even doing a "apt-get update"00:21
X-Sleepy-Xfacundobatista: have you tried doing that + removing the repos?00:21
KiD_ChAoSsomething in terminal i can't remeber00:21
DescentIntoMadneBrianH - that last command I get nothing00:22
facundobatistado you know what can be wrong?00:22
KiD_ChAoSwhen testing the wifi adapter00:22
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  i think on his end using vnc that way. it will ask him to allow the connection. I rarely use that gnome-share-desktop feature.00:22
crimsunpinsmack: hmm, you need a newer driver version with some fixes.  Have you installed the "linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)" package?00:22
SirBob1701hmm just reformatted and forget how to set it so a new window opens in the same monitor as your mouse (dual monitor rig)00:22
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  if you cant ENTER a password - Then theres a compiz issue that prevents the selection of that password field. i recall.00:22
X-Sleepy-Xany1 know how to set up the ati output to the tv?00:22
box_doing sudo apt-get install build-essential it fails getting it from the cd how can i make it use the internet only ?00:23
brianhDescentIntoMadne: looks like your card isn't seeing the network at all.  Are you sure the access point is on?00:23
pinsmackcrimsun:  how would i know?00:23
sousaola pessoal00:23
pinsmackthat i did?00:23
crimsunpinsmack: "sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)"00:23
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  disable compiz if you have it enabled.00:23
WebuKiD_ChAoS, try "iwconfig" or "iwlist ethX scan"00:23
dookdooki apt-got build-essential, but when i 'man bsearch' it looks like the man pages for the associated c libraries aren't installed...anyone know which package i should apt-get?00:24
DoubleDewDr_willis: how do i go about that, and what is compiz?00:24
DescentIntoMadnethe wireless router works okay as I am connecting to it as we speak via a Mac PC.00:24
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  thats the fancy wiggly-windows eye candy thats in Ubuntu. It has some quirks00:24
Dr_willis!compiz | DoubleDew00:24
ubotuDoubleDew: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:24
Dr_willisDoubleDew,  - right click on desktop -> change wallpaper --> Select the last tab ---> disable/off on desktop effects.00:25
WebuKiD_ChAoS, first one shows your wireless interface status and last one scans for networks and shows the results :)00:25
pattihey all-started w/install of xubuntu, changed to ubuntu, but still have the start up bar from xubuntu? anyone know how to change it?00:25
KiD_ChAoSthanx webu00:25
brianhDescentIntoMadne:  I've heard lots of horror stories on Broadcom wireless but don't have any experience with it.  Anyone else?00:25
pinsmackcrimsun:  i did00:25
pinsmacknow what?00:25
burn_hi guys, i installed Emerald Theme Manager, and got a few themes but they are not activating...any ideas?00:25
X-Sleepy-XDoubleDew: are you using ATI? i had to install xserver-xgl and i also chosed to install compizconfig-settingmanager00:25
WebuKiD_ChAoS, remember to replace X with your wireless interface number you want to use (for the last command) :)00:26
sousahello karote00:26
singlesunhow do i tell what driver my wireless card is using from bash?00:26
crimsunpinsmack: please reboot.00:26
X-Sleepy-XATI TVOUT anyone?00:26
SirBob1701hmm just reformatted and forget how to set it so a new window opens in the same monitor as your mouse (dual monitor rig)00:27
Sunmancan anyone please help me with an "inconsistent file system" error00:27
Dr_willisX-Sleepy-X,  theres some ati tv out tools in the repos. Ive never used any.  Check the !ati factoid also00:27
rodrigo__Hola que tal?00:28
rodrigo__hay alguien que hable español?00:28
X-Sleepy-XDr_willis: ok thx, will do00:28
rodrigo__perdon soy nuevo en el chat00:28
sousabom rodrigo00:28
burn_Hi guys, my emerald theme manager isnt activating the installed themes...any help?00:28
Pici!es | rodrigo__00:28
uboturodrigo__: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:28
sousatb eu00:28
rodrigo__muchas gracias00:28
facundobatistaPici, nice trick, :)00:29
DescentIntoMadneBrianH - it is an old card so I won't be surprised. I also got an USB wirelessTrendnet that I tried getting to work as Realtek RTL8187B which it did in Windoze. I got lost somewhere in how to incorporate the drivers in teh kernel etc..00:29
Dr_willisburn_,  you did set t use emerald with 'emerald --replace' ?00:29
burn_Dr_willis: I gotta run that command in terminal right?/ hehe sorry will try now and see....00:30
singlesuncan anyone tell me the command to show the what driver my wireless card is using?00:30
trekkmecan i use streamripper to get audio input inro a file from my mic-in ? man streamripper says :  -I interface   - Rip from specified interface (e.g. eth0), which leaves me to wonder how to specify my mic-in port...00:30
pinsmackcrimsun:  rebooted00:30
X-Sleepy-XDr_willis: i didnt find anything useful about the ATI in synaptics00:30
X-Sleepy-XDr_willis: i have all the repos active00:30
burn_Dr_willis: THANKS! :) it is working now :)00:31
brianhDescentIntoMadne: old cards aren't necessarily bad.  It means there's more chance someone's been able to write a driver00:31
jonathan_hello everybody00:31
Webusinglesun, this is not the best answer but you should find it from "dmesg" where system detects it the first time :)00:32
brianhDescentIntoMadne: Did you try iwlist eth1 scan00:32
X-Sleepy-Xdoes anyone use the OKI B4100 printer?00:32
pinsmackcrimsun:  you there?00:33
DescentIntoMadneBrianH - any idea how to do the other card, it has a linux driver (rtl8187) and I also got the win drivers but can't get ndiswrapper to work00:33
crimsunpinsmack: sec.00:33
crimsunpinsmack: what's the output from "cat /proc/asound/version"?00:33
X-Sleepy-Xjonathan_: do you use a OKI B4100 printer?00:33
DescentIntoMadneBrianH - says it deosn't support scanning00:34
brianhDescentIntoMadne: try tail -f /var/log/messages   -- then plug it in and see it it's recognized00:34
singlesunWebu, i will check dmesg.. thanks00:34
Webusinglesun, no problem :)00:34
pinsmackcrimsun:  Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.15rc3.00:34
RiyonukWhere can I get the ubuntu "My Computer" icon?00:35
yfkwhere is ALSA heading?00:35
CarlFKhow do I make a web cam work?  (I have 3 to try out)00:35
crimsunpinsmack: good.  Now:  "rm ~/.asoundrc*"00:36
DescentIntoMadneBrinH - it does see it as ehci_hcd USB device00:37
pinsmackcrimsun:  the first time nothing happened00:37
pinsmackthe second time00:37
pinsmackrm: cannot remove `/home/mehmet/.asoundrc*': No such file or directory00:37
yaserCarlFK, sudo apt-get install gspca-source00:38
genii!webcam | CarlFK00:38
ubotuCarlFK: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:38
burn_Dr_willis: i typed that already in terminal, but once i close the terminal, it goes back to normal theme00:39
crimsunpinsmack: good00:39
brianhDescentIntoMadne: I think your system thinks it's a hard drive.  Not promising00:39
CarlFKyaser: thanks.  figured there was something like that00:39
crimsunpinsmack: now:  "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset"00:39
CarlFKer, genii really :)00:39
burn_i typed back "emerald --replace" to use Emerald Theme Manager in terminal, but once i exit terminal, theme goes back to normal00:39
crimsunpinsmack: then:  "speaker-test -c2 -Dplughw:0"00:40
Josep1hey, ummm I'm pretty new to ubuntu, and trying to get my keyboard to work with either ams or a notations program, and I'm lost about how to start00:40
Dr_willisburn_,  thats because when you close the terminal., its closing emerald.  :)  use emerald --replace &  and the exit command. DONT use the close button00:40
seanyhas anyone worked with LDAP on 7.10?00:40
burn_Dr_willis: hehe thanks again man, so when i restart my laptop, it will continue using Emerald? or do i have to save it in the sessions?00:41
Josep1midi keyboard that is00:41
Dr_willisburn_,  it needs to be launched from a session i belive.00:41
crimsunpinsmack: any luck with audible audio?00:41
Dr_willisburn_,  i normally dont use compiz00:41
chimpFor some reason after a reboot i've lost access to my sound card, is there a way to autodetect/install it?00:42
pinsmackcrimsun:  i did the sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils reset00:42
wpkJosep1: try Rosegarden00:42
pinsmackwhat now?00:42
YongBoysome body work with Cisco Network Register?00:42
burn_Dr_willis: so i should try saving current session right? and that should work?00:42
crimsunpinsmack: the next command (noted above)00:42
Dr_willisburn_,  one way to find out.00:42
WebuYongBoy, I'd suggest to try #cisco :)00:42
DescentIntoMadneBrianH: looksl ike it thinks it is usb thumb drive :(00:43
burn_Dr_willis: okay will try that then :)00:43
pinsmackcrimsun:  which command?00:43
YongBoyWebu thay doesent know :D00:43
waltersomeone can help me00:43
WebuYongBoy, oh :D00:43
crimsun19:40 < crimsun> pinsmack: then:  "speaker-test -c2 -Dplughw:0"00:43
YongBoyI wont to talk with someone about integrating Subscriber Manager with Cisco Network Register.00:43
seanyYongBoy: what are you trying to do?00:43
walteri cant transcoding videos from .avi to .mpg00:43
brianhDescentIntoMadne:  There may be a way to get either of your cards to work but I probably can't help you more than Google00:44
Josep1does anyone want to help me with my midi usb keyboard00:44
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YongBoyvia DHCP Lease Query00:44
pinsmackcrimsun:  does this time per period ever stop?00:44
crimsunpinsmack: when you press ctrl+c, yes.00:44
pinsmackwhen should i?00:44
DescentIntoMadneBrianH: after changing the USB port - now it is on ehci_hcd address 300:44
seanyYongBoy: aren't they both cisco products? they don't talk to eachother?00:44
crimsunpinsmack: I presume it's still inaudible, then?00:45
DescentIntoMadneso no chance of getting ndiswrapper on this thing?00:45
pinsmackTime per period = 5.97340200:45
pinsmack 0 - Front Left00:45
pinsmack 1 - Front Right00:45
JardW[ COLOR! ]00:45
pinsmackit's been stuff like that00:45
brianhDescentIntoMadne: Probably a chance but I've never used it00:45
crimsunpinsmack: if it's still inaudible, please re-run the alsa-info.sh script.00:45
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DescentIntoMadneThanks Brian, been there, this forum is the last resort :)00:45
YongBoyhm, all two products are Cisco prop.  all staf working but one feature doesent work00:46
pinsmackcrimsun:  show me what to write plz00:46
pocketdrummerwhat is the hostname and port for this?00:46
DescentIntoMadneHelp with NDISWRAPPER anyone?00:46
crimsunpinsmack: you haven't mentioned whether it's audible  :P00:46
pinsmackcrimsun:  no sound is coming out00:46
seanyYongBoy: probably over my head as well, have you opened a ticket with TAC?00:46
burn_Dr_willis: hey man it worked, i just added that emerald command in the sessions?start up and it loads emerald hehe00:46
Webupocketdrummer, you mean this network?00:46
crimsunpinsmack: type this:  bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh00:47
Josep1I've been looking on the internet a bit.... I figure that it's okay to keep asking without being annoying: Can anyone help me set up my usb midi keyboard00:47
seanyYongBoy:  they're normally pretty good about that stuff00:47
YongBoyin my country only parnters open tickets.00:47
YongBoyi don't got credibilitets to do that00:47
pinsmackcrimsun:  http://pastebin.ca/89572000:47
JardW[ hay Belle ]00:48
seanyYongBoy: i think you need to find some one who can then, and either have them do it for you, or have them give you the rights to do it00:48
putnumi have a problem at home with ubunto. It appears that it finds my video card(ati) and monitor but it has to much contrast. Its like the whites are very bright any ideas why?00:48
YongBoyi know that00:48
crimsunpinsmack: sec00:49
DescentIntoMadneanyone: help installing usb network card via ndiswrapper or linux driver00:49
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:51
lime4x4is there a chat room for hardy?00:51
compwiz18lime4x4: #ubuntu+100:51
LjL!hardy > lime4x4    (lime4x4, see the private message from Ubotu)00:51
putnumis there a good how to on how to get a aethus wireless card setup using wpa?00:51
pocketdrummer_Hey, does anyone know how to network Ubuntu with XP?00:51
crimsunpinsmack: ah, I see.  We need to differentiate between headphone and microphone jack senses.00:51
crimsunpinsmack: it's fixed in a current driver snapshot.00:51
putnumpocket: check out samba00:52
pinsmackcrimsun:  uh. what?00:52
BarracudaHi I install java onto unbuntu by using apt-get. How do I uninstall java. Is there a command that I can use for quick uninstall???00:52
crimsunpinsmack: it means the version you have isn't fixed; the current (most recent not yet released) is.00:52
aragorndang it, im so new at xchat. i just got it installed. and now i lost my menu bar! lol00:52
smallfoot-firefox released touday00:52
pocketdrummer_Does anyone know why it would say "remote closed connection?"00:52
geniiBarracuda: use the same command but with "remove" instead of "install"00:53
amenadoBarracuda-> apt-get remove java00:53
seanyBarracuda:  dpkg -l | grep java   , then dpkg -r or -p <package name>00:53
ubotuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo00:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about midikeyboard - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:53
Josep1!midi keyboard00:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about midi keyboard - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:53
Pattihey all00:53
seanyhas anyone had any luck getting LDAP authentication to work on 7.10?00:54
pinsmackcrimsun:  so i have to wait untill it is released?00:54
crimsunpinsmack: I'll work on getting an updated version into hardy.00:54
pocketdrummerdo you know why it would say "REMOTE CLOSED CONNECTION" when I'm chatting here?00:55
crimsunpinsmack: no, you can use ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/alsa/snapshot/driver/alsa-driver-hg20080207.tar.bz200:55
Dr_willispocketdrummer,  sounds like the irc server is dissconecting you00:56
Josep1would anyone like to help me set up my usb midi keyboard00:56
ubotuTrouble playing MIDI files? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo00:56
joshritgeris there a guide on how to purge my system of all the files left behind when uninstalling apps?00:56
seanypocketdrummer: i think you're seeing the messages that some one else is leaving, or the server is dropping you00:56
Dr_willisNot a lot of inof on midi heh.00:56
pocketdrummerIt's been dropping me for two days now00:56
Josep1I already tried that00:56
pocketdrummerI don't know why00:56
Dr_willispocketdrummer,  you sure your nick isent registered to someone else? try changing nicks00:56
seanyjoshritger: look at the man page for dpkg there is a purge flag00:56
PaTeeLAjoshritger: sudo apt-get autoremove i believe00:56
pocketdrummerWell, I set it up and it registered it to me without giving me a problem, then all the sudden this starts happening.00:57
joshritgerPaTeeLA: will that remove all the hidden files in my home directory too?00:58
Pelodoes anyone know of an app to identify the buttons on a mouse ? some little thing whre I click a mouse button and it says : " that is the primary button", " this is the middle button" , this is the fourth button and so on ?00:58
Josep1anyone know about midi keyboards00:58
pinsmackcrimsun:  what's the sudo code i need put in?00:58
raichleahi all, I just removed my java install and then installed sun-java6-jdk.  Now I can compile progs with javac but I get this when I try to run a prog @gilgamesh:~/java$ java practice00:58
raichleabash: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory00:58
PaTeeLAjoshritger: i'm not sure00:59
raichleaany suggestions?00:59
crimsunpinsmack: there's no "sudo code"; you need to compile it.  See DebuggingSoundProblems on the wiki.00:59
Dr_willisraichlea,  what does java -version say?00:59
Peloraichlea, install sun-java6-jre00:59
jorgenptI upgraded to gutsy, and now I can't do things like (when SSH-ing to the machine) DISPLAY=:0 mplayer foo.avi - I get Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server01:00
brianhPelo:type xev in a terminal01:00
raichleapelo: ok, will do that now01:00
jorgenptAnyoen know how to fix it?01:00
pinsmackcrimsun:  LINK MEH01:00
raichleaDr_willis: @gilgamesh:~/java$ java -version01:00
raichleabash: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory01:00
Dr_willisdont ya need to do 'ssh -X remote machine'01:00
Dr_willisraichlea,  i would try what Pelo  said.01:00
PaTeeLAanyone know how to restore or insall the default ubuntu splash?01:01
raichleapelo: sun-java6-jre is already the newest version.01:01
raichleasun-java6-jre set to manual installed.01:01
jorgenptDr_willis: I want to start it _on_ the machine I've ssh-ed to, not on my local machine01:01
Pelobrianh, thanks, Now I know that my what I would have expected to be button 4 is also recognised as button 2 ,01:01
Josep1well, no one seems to be bothered by my constant asking....  anyone know how to get a usb midi keyboard working with ams or  rosegarden?01:01
putnumhey guys when i boot into ubunto i get a error message about a timer and then i get a box that floats around on my screen that says out of synch then after a few min it loads x why is this?01:01
Peloraichlea, sorry, I had understood from your question that you only had -jdk installed01:02
raichleapelo: I wasn't sure which I did it through synapti c and couldn't remember01:02
Dr_willisjorgenpt,  i normally 'ssh -X remotebox' get a shell, then i run the stuff on the remote box.., it appears locally. with ssh -X you dont need to export the display.. Or are you tryint to make it run and appear on the remote? In that case  You may need to go to the remote vox and use a 'xhost +localhost' command. thats a X security feature you may be having problems with01:02
crimsunpinsmack: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems01:03
Peloraichlea, open synaptic , do a search for sun-java6 ,  see what is installed,  if there is a -dev package also install it, in fact , save yourself the trouble and install  all the sun-java6 packages that are available01:03
josiahcan someone bot me the multimedia link please01:03
raichleapelo: ok doing that now01:03
crimsunpinsmack: I'm kinda busy ATM; ping me privately if you have questions.01:04
aexissoldats, if you've had to "lead" a network connection to one specific server, all while masking it's destination with ANOTHEr server's address, thus making the user think he connected to one address, when he's really connected to another one, how would you do it?01:04
Pelojosiah,  for the codecs ?01:04
DWonderlyWhat is the best way to uninstall something? use the synaptic package?01:04
Pelo!codecs > josiah check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu01:04
jribDWonderly: yes01:04
pinsmackaww man01:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vcd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:05
BarracudaThanks guys for showing me how to remove java. I got it working01:05
PeloDWonderly, all the packages in the repos are made for ubuntu so they will be your best option, if not available in the repos,  look for deb packages on line,  then bin , the the sourcecode01:05
pinsmacki don't know what to do :/01:05
Josep1I am working on using my yamaha psr E403 midi keyboard with ams or rosegarden: anyone got any ideas?01:05
CaBlGuYwhat package I need for playing VCD?01:05
PeloCaBlGuY, xine plays vcd properly01:05
Gokulcan someone please guide me on installing sun/java/jre on my 64 buit gutsy system?01:05
Legendarioanyone else here with gutsy that have update the flashplugin and it's not working anymore?01:05
DWonderly I'm having probems with my Xserver after uninstalling compiz. Would uninstalling it, rebooting then reinstalling it help anything?01:05
jorgenptDr_willis: Oh, is xhost +localhost persistent?01:05
CaBlGuYPelo:  got it installed..   not playin my VCD...01:05
crimsunpinsmack: ping me privately, then.01:05
CaBlGuYneed the proper codec..01:05
PeloGokul,  not sure they are available, , check in synaptic01:05
crimsunpinsmack: /msg NickServ help identify01:06
GokulPelo: checked, couldn;t find anyything01:06
PeloCaBlGuY, vcd or KVcd ? cause I know linux players have problems with the compression of kvcd01:06
LegendarioGokul, install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras01:06
CaBlGuYPelo:  just plain VCD...  not K..01:06
Dr_willisjorgenpt,  nope. :)01:06
CaBlGuYJust need to know what codec package to install..01:07
PeloGokul, get the source from the sun website then ,  not sure it if is available for amd64 however, 64 bit ubuntu is a bit lacking in certain things01:07
Yanch0i just plugged in a usb key but got no drive popping on (similar to what does in windows) any idea how I can get it please? this is the result of lshw -C bus http://yancho.pastebin.com/d5d1f863e01:07
tannerhow can i tell if my expresscard slot is working?01:07
broken__What was the temporary fix for flash again?01:07
broken__I cannot find that page.01:07
PeloCaBlGuY,  it's not a codecs thing , if you can'T play it in xine, try in vlc but I don'T think that will make much differentce01:07
PeloCaBlGuY,  try opening the cd as a data cd and play the largest file on it in totem01:08
pinsmackcrimsun:  are you really that busy? if so i can give you my aim or something01:08
CaBlGuYPelo:  tried that to but no go there as well..   maybe an issue with the disk..  I'll have to check it out..  thanks01:08
crimsunpinsmack: I'm pretty busy.  IRC's probably lowest latency ATM.01:08
Pelobroken__, go to the adobe website and get the tar.gz file01:08
LjL!flashissues | broken__01:08
ubotubroken__: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »01:08
jorgenptDr_willis: Any way to make it persistent - or automatic?01:08
jorgenptPerhaps .xprofile. :-)01:08
Dr_willisjorgenpt,  .bashrc or .bash_profile also01:08
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Dr_willisjorgenpt,  that could be considered a large security hole.01:09
jorgenptTo allow X-connections from localhost on a box which is NATed and only has a single user?01:09
Ward1983vlc plater wont show any video anymore01:09
Ward1983what can i do to fix it?01:09
Ward1983reinstall didnt help01:09
PeloWard1983, can yo play videos in other players ?01:09
Ward1983Pelo, yes01:10
Dr_willisjorgenpt, it may not be an issue on your setup - but its a very bad security practice.01:10
PeloWard1983, try asking in #vlc , I'm guessing you probably messed up some settings01:10
Legendariothanks LjL, i had the same flash question01:10
CaBlGuYgot it goin..   thanks Pelo..01:10
broken__Thanks Pelo  LjL01:10
Josep1 I am working on using my yamaha psr E403 midi keyboard with ams or rosegarden: anyone got any ideas?01:10
Ward1983Pelo, i allready did, no reply yet, i think they're all afk01:10
jorgenptOh, and why oh why does my X alternate between printing "(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1024x768"" and "(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1280x720"" with no errors or warnings in between?01:11
broken__I do have an issue now, I haven't been able to solve. I am having jerky video in all my video players except for mplayer.01:11
broken__And this happened after I removed XGL.01:11
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how to network in linux?01:11
PeloWard1983,  from memory ( i don't have vlc installed atm ) , check in the settings under video or someting, look for xorg or someting similar, make sure that is the one selected01:11
Ward1983Pelo, do you happen to know how i reset all settings? even the ones that dont get resetted by reinstall?01:11
slashzulhow do you format a new ubuntu usb device ?01:11
Ward1983Pelo, will try, thanx01:11
amenadopocketdrummer-> some tries, what is your problem?01:11
slashzulit doesnt mount until I format it with ext301:11
Pelobroken__, do you have the desktop effects turned on ?01:11
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broken__Pelo, I do not.01:12
_Marek_hi all01:12
PeloWard1983, I know that you can use synatpic to uninstall completely, this should make the next install be completely fresh with al the defaults01:12
_Marek_anyone using broadcom wifi 43xx native drivers on gutsy?01:12
Ward1983Pelo, X11 or XVideo?01:12
Pelobroken__, what kind of videos are they ? what format ?01:12
PeloWard1983, x1101:12
broken__Pelo, just standard avi.01:12
nickrudWard1983: you can try removing ~/.vlc  directory, any personal settings would be stored there01:13
desertcwhat does the drm.ko kernel module do?  I know it's something to do with video01:13
broken__Pelo, it seems to be happened to all video format.01:13
_Marek_or is there any way to get a 2.6.24 kernel on gutsy?01:13
BetaTestI heard about Ubuntu Ultimate Edition, so question is, is it worth it?01:13
Ward1983nickrud, thanx, will try that too if the first doesnt help :-)01:13
Pelobroken__, try searcing synaptic for gstreamer and install all the gstreamer0.10 pakcages you see01:13
nickrud_Marek_: I'm using the 4311 with the bcm43xx driver in the kernel01:13
* Pelo is watching "Shake hands with the devil" and it is not pretty 01:14
jorgenptAlso, Dr_willis, if I do xhost +localhost, I still get connection refused from DISPLAY=:0 on the box. :(01:14
raichleapelo, now I get this:01:14
raichlearaichlea@gilgamesh:~/java$ java practice.java01:14
raichleaThe program 'java' can be found in the following packages:01:14
raichlea * cacao01:14
raichlea * j2re1.401:14
raichlea * kaffe01:14
raichlea * jamvm01:14
FloodBot1raichlea: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:14
tanneranyone here using a Thinkpad T61?01:14
Peloraichlea, I'm gonna recommend you look for a java channel at this point01:14
Pelotanner, ask a question about your issue, you're more likely to get an answer01:15
raichleacan anyone suggest one?  It seem to be a problem with the java install on ubuntu... not so much java per se..01:15
Peloraichlea, try #java01:15
Peloraichlea,  but they are likely to be able to tell you what you are missing01:15
nickrudraichlea:  you installed   sun-java6-jre  and   sun-java6-plugin (on x32?)01:15
broken__Pelo, they are all installed, and I've also tried reinstalling VLC and other video players. BUt nothing.01:15
raichleanickrud: yes and sun-java6-jdk01:16
nickrudraichlea: then ran sudo update-alternatives --config java  ?01:16
Pelobroken__, I'm stumpêd01:16
Jay955evening al01:16
tannerPelo: i fixed it, i believe01:16
broken__Pelo, me too, on my laptop it works. And its worked on this computer before...01:16
raichleapelo: #java doesn't seem to be a channel01:16
broken__Perhaps I will see an error if I start in the command line.01:17
broken__One second.01:17
Peloraichlea, try ##java01:17
Peloraichlea, there are 225 ppl in there right now01:17
raichleanickrud: raichlea@gilgamesh:~/java$ sudo update-alternatives --config java01:17
raichleaThere are 2 alternatives which provide `java'.01:17
raichlea  Selection    Alternative01:17
raichlea          1    /usr/bin/gij-4.201:17
raichlea +        2    /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java01:17
FloodBot1raichlea: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:17
Ward1983Pelo, nickrud, i think i must have compiled something while trying to utilise the output of my capturecard (yes it has a output) :-(01:17
Ward1983no luck yet01:17
Peloraichlea, please stop pasting to the channel01:18
Jay955can anyone help me.... i did a fresh install of ubuntu and i have a hard time to share a harddrive so that my xp system can access in order to store files on01:18
broken__Pelo, well one avi worked, and the one that didn't this is the error: [00000342] a52 decoder: A/52 channels:6 samplerate:48000 bitrate:44800001:18
broken__No accelerated IMDCT transform found01:18
_Marek_nickrud, is it 2.6.24 with native patch to make it work or is it through ndis?01:18
nickrudWard1983: ah, I'm out then. I don't even think about trying to help with self compiled stuff01:18
compengii installed compizconfig-settings-manager but my Desktop Effects vanished, so i need everytime i reboot to enable compiz, what should i do?01:18
PeloJay955, that is a samba issue I can't realy help but try looking up samba in the forum www.ubuntuforums.org there is also a #samba channel01:18
nickrud_Marek_: standard ubuntu provided generic kernel. I ran bcm43xx-fwcutter and all was good.01:18
Jay955ok thanks01:19
Ward1983nickrud, if the packages would be up to date i wouldnt need to compile :-) (i can just uninstlal them anyway)01:19
seanyraichlea: you can also get java 701:19
Pelobroken__, that's a bit over my head I'm afraid,  I would try googling the error msg or at least the keywords in it01:19
seanyraichlea: do a search for icedtea01:19
nickrudraichlea: I can see that you don't have the sun jre selected, but you might have the jdk selected ....01:19
broken__Pelo, I think it looks like its missing an audio codec.01:20
broken__I"ll search, thanks.01:20
raichleanickrud: I will try to reinstall the jre01:20
seany!ask ldap01:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ask ldap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:20
nickrudraichlea: java -version should tell you what you're running ...01:21
protcronthello i want to change the "protocront@localhost"  to display just only instead, does any body can give me help01:21
cylexanyone know how to setup users in apache22?01:21
protcrontin shell01:21
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maximilionOK, tired of the bongo sound at splash login screen, how to remove? Not on help.ubuntu.com :(01:21
raichleajava-version gives me a message saying it can be found in the following packages and then lists a bunch01:21
cylexprotcront: echo $PROMPT01:22
DoubleDewDr_willis: is there a way to switch back and forth between remote desktop and local desktop?01:22
cylexprotcront: and change the necessary by set PROMPT01:22
_Marek_nickrud, i wonder whether ubuntu 8 will rely on 2.6.24 or 2.6.25, since 2.6.25 will have native support01:22
compengii installed compizconfig-settings-manager but my Desktop Effects vanished, so i need everytime i reboot to enable compiz, what should i do to return it and add it to start up01:22
_Marek_nickrud, http://www.mail-archive.com/bcm43xx-dev@lists.berlios.de/msg05748.html01:22
cylexDoubleDew: Alt-F701:23
seanycylex: what do you mean users?01:23
protcrontcylex: i typed echo $prompt and it displays nothing01:23
seanycylex: like, htaccess?01:23
maximilionPlease, could someone help me remove the bongo sound at login? Thanks in advance for any help.01:23
cylexseany: http://localhost/~user   <-- I want this01:24
maximilion(or replace the login sound with my own)01:24
nickrud_Marek_: I'm not using the b43, but the bcm43xx . Older true but it works here01:24
=== chicker_ is now known as chicker
cylexprotcront: vim .bashrc01:25
seanycylex: mod_userdir   http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/public_html.html01:25
cylex PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${USER}@${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD/$HOME/~}\007"'01:25
cylex    ;;01:25
cylexseany: thx01:25
cylexprotcront: change the necessary01:25
DoubleDewcylex: that doesn't work for me01:25
DoubleDewcylex: that is supposed to work while on the remote desktop screen?01:25
fred9hi, i can't compilate with gcc (direcory not found), but i have already installed build-essential01:25
josiahhow do you get libdvdread2?01:26
cylexDoubleDew: sorry dunno01:26
_Marek_nickrud, seems like the only reasonable way without breaking the update process01:26
DoubleDewAnyone know the command to switch back and forth between local and remote desktops while screen is on the remote one?01:26
josiahsudo apt-get install libdvdread2 doesnt doit01:27
nickrud_Marek_: have you been here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:27
_Marek_nickrud, yeah01:27
Tredje0yeHello. Remember me? My network is still not working, and the LiveCD was unable to connect to the internet as well.01:27
seanyprotcront: all of that stuff should be in the ~/.bashrc01:28
Tredje0yeI was however able to extract log files from /var/log if anyone would care to take a look at it01:28
seanydoes any one have any info about getting LDAP working on 7.10?01:28
seanyTredje0ye: can you put them in a paste bin?01:28
nickrud_Marek_: don't know what to say then. It worked for my 4311 just fine01:28
maximilionAbout changing/removing login sound: Looked in gconf-editor under Apps/gnome-session, no setting there. Can someone help please?01:28
protcrontseany: okie01:29
Tredje0yeWell, I could :/ But wold you mind downing the logs.zip file from my web-server? ^^;; I made a mii-tool log to01:29
nickrudjosiah: are you sure you're not looking for libdvdread3 ?01:29
raichleapelo: I tried to join ##java but I get an error saying I have to be identified01:29
Jack_Sparrowmaximilion: isnt that in the login manager?01:29
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience01:29
fred9 i can't compilate with gcc (directory not found), but i have already installed build-essential. Any suggestion?01:30
josiahnickrud: yes I have libdvdread3 installed.01:30
nickrud!register | raichlea01:30
uboturaichlea: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration01:30
nickrudraichlea: ##java apparently requires same01:30
desertc"My voice is my password.  Identify me."01:30
wil_hi... I am trying to migrate to ubuntu... I want to write a very simple script with 2 commands in it... what extention do I need to run 2 terminal commands? Need to know the linux equivalent of .bat01:31
nickrudjosiah: it should be sufficent, since it replaces 2 . What requires it?01:31
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: Very cool movie... but ot just the same01:31
Jack_Sparrowwil_: bash01:31
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_Marek_nickrud, do you have 4311 rev 01?01:31
desertcJack_Sparrow: Uplink, computer simulator video game.  Thanks though.01:31
Peloraichlea, you'll have to register with the network to join then , not a problem  type  /msg nickserv help register and follow the instructions01:31
th0rwil_: it isn't the extension that matters...the first line has to be #!/bin/sh01:32
josiahnickrud: I didnt know... was just making sure I had everything I would need :)01:32
nickrudwil_: linux doesn't use extensions like that;  you would type   chmod u+x /path/to/file  to make it executable01:32
maximilionHi Jack_Sparrow :) All threads pointed to the Preference menu ... it's in Admin/Login Windows :)01:32
Jack_Sparrowwil_: YEp, they have a room that can help you with just about anything01:32
raichleapelo: thx01:32
desertcwil_: change it to an executable file with the chmod command01:32
maximilionLogin Window Preferences*01:32
wil_:S lol, I like linux, but finding everything so confusing!01:32
nickrud_Marek_: bcm94311mgc01:33
Jack_Sparrowwil_: You didnt understand windows at first either..01:33
=== reconnect is now known as recon
_Marek_nickrud,  which revision?01:33
th0r Jack_Sparrow how about you find another room to run people out of01:33
nickrud_Marek_: not listed in lspci, I'll take a look at lshw01:33
Jack_Sparrowmaximilion: Glad you got it....01:33
Pelowil_,  you'll get use to it01:33
nickrud_Marek_: doh, rev 101:33
wil_lol... I know, but now that I do, it makes it a lot harder to migrate my knowledge to linux!01:33
desertcwil_:  then, run the script by typing the path and file name, or  " ./filename " instead.  Most people use .sh as a common script "file extension", although it is unnecessary, technically.01:33
Jack_Sparrowth0r: PM please01:33
Sunman hi - i have a huge problem with ubuntu. it froze and upon restart it threw out "Error 16: inconsistent filesystem". None o fthe kernels, or recovery modes work. I know a solution would be to run fsck but I cant even load from a liveCD01:34
_Marek_nickrud, so it seems we just need to install 2.6.24 to gain native support01:34
desertcSunman: why can you not boot from a liveCD ?01:34
nickrud_Marek_: I'm fine with using a blob for now, to maintain kernel compatiblitiy01:34
Tredje0yeseany: Hey, you there? I setup http://dreamsindigital.org/logs01:34
Sunmandesertc: I have no idea. it loads for a while and then just gives me a blinking cursor01:34
maximilionJack_Sparrow: I now have a decent OSX Tiger style going... will perfect it tomorrow :)01:35
_Marek_nickrud, i wonder if there is any way to install 2.6.24 from source while preserving most settings from default gutsy 2.6.22 and then have it thrown out if a newer kernel arrives01:35
PeloSunman, consider this may be hardware related01:35
Tredje0yeIt contains dmesg, kern, syslog, messages, debug, and mii-tool spew01:35
seanyTredje0ye: reading...01:35
desertcSunman: then it is most likely a hardware issue, since the liveCD does not touch your hard drive installation01:35
nickrud!info kernel-package | _Marek_01:35
ubotu_marek_: kernel-package (source: kernel-package): A utility for building Linux kernel related Debian packages.. In component main, is optional. Version 11.001 (gutsy), package size 498 kB, installed size 2192 kB01:35
fred9 i can't compilate with gcc (directory not found), but i have already installed build-essential. Any suggestion?01:35
Tredje0yeseany: tnx ^^;;01:35
smallfoot-when i try to update, it say hash mismatch01:35
wil_ok, I put the #!/bin/sh as the first line... renamed it to .sh, and typed chmod u+x normal.sh whilst in the correct directory.... it does a new line with no feedback. when I run the .sh file, it opens in archive manager and comes up with a error :(01:36
seanyTredje0ye: you need to change the permissions on those fles01:36
Sunmanwhat hardware issue would cause such an error?01:36
Pelofred9, search for gcc and install any -dev related packages01:36
_Marek_nickrud, thanks :)01:36
desertcwil_: need to run it from the command line interface (terminal) to see the output01:36
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
fred9Pelo thanks, i'll try that01:36
desertcwil_: you don't need #!/bin/sh as the first line, by the way, nor renaming with .sh01:37
Tredje0yeseany will d01:37
wil_desertc: ahh :( just trying to follow advice01:37
nickrudwil_: how did you run the file?   ./<file>  in the same dir is good01:37
Tredje0yeseany: Done ^^;;01:37
desertcwil_: good advice, but I'm just tryiing to make it easy for you to get it right01:38
broken__Anyone had this error while playing video: No accelerated IMDCT transform found01:38
Josep1Does anyone know how to set up a midi keyboard with ams?01:38
wil_desertc, it is just one command! I just want to run it by double clicking.... it would be quicker for me to type the command than have to go to console and do that every time :(01:38
desertcwil_: Are you in a terminal when you run this script, or are you trying to double click it?01:38
Pelobroken__, have you tried searching the repos for IMDCT ?01:38
broken__I can't actually find anything on the internet really about it.01:39
Ussr1943has anyone ever been able to create a grub bootdisk from within live ubuntu?01:39
wil_desertc,  I want to run one command that does metacity --replace and one that does compiz --replace so I can quickly enable and disable it whilst keeping all my settings because I have a old windows app that I need for work that is not compatible with it... but I dont want to get rid of compiz! I love it01:39
raichleanickrud:  I found the java file, it was in /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-  is there a way to alias that so I don't have to type that every time?01:39
prodigelHi. I'm trying to find where kde saves it's file assoctiations. Anyone can help. I'm trying to follow a link in a kde app and it opens the php files wiith quante01:39
desertcwil_: ah - there we go.  well, go into a command prompt and see what the error is01:39
desertcsorry, I should say Terminal CLI, not command prompt.01:40
Peloprodigel,you might want to ask in #kde or #kubuntu01:40
prodigelalso I'm using gnome as my gdm01:41
wil_desertc, I went to terminal and when I type normal.sh it just says command not found :(01:41
* Pelo glares at desertc for using MS terminology in this channel 01:41
desertcwil_: type " ./normal.sh " like I said before01:41
wil_desertc, I know I can just type compiz --replace, but I really want to have it as a desktop icon I can just click on... it is a learning experience, but annoying01:41
nickrudraichlea: if you have the   update-alternatives set properly, you end up with /usr/bin/java  pointing at  /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/bin/java01:41
PaTeeLAhey does anyone know how to get the default ubuntu splash installed?01:41
Josep1would anyone care to help me01:41
wil_desertc, sorry, I missed that one... ok that works fine.... but how do I do that from a icon?01:41
nickrudraichlea: which is a link to the one you speak of01:42
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: HE can just create a launcher with that and have an icin on his desktop right01:42
broken__What is beagled-helper? It is always loading my CPU To the max when I look at HTOP01:42
raichleanickrud: how do set the update-alternatives?01:42
nickrudJosep1: send me a keyboard ;P01:42
desertcJack_Sparrow: yep01:42
PriceChildbroken__, its a search indexer. It has a low priority though so won't affect other applications.01:43
nickrudraichlea: sudo update-alternatives --config java , and press the number on the same line as the sun-java601:43
broken__PriceChild, I don't know about its' using up 90% cpu.01:43
wil_after doing chmod, both script files run perfectly well doing ./name.sh I just need to know how I can click on them!01:43
wil_also, what does ./ actually mean?01:43
Jack_Sparrowwil_: right click your desktop... create launcher01:43
Bruno_can you connect an ipod touch just to charge the battery to a linux box?01:43
PriceChildbroken__, it will only use cpu if nothing else needs it01:43
broken__My temps have risen as if they are at max load.01:44
Ward1983i'm compilign something and i get this error: configure: error: Missing header file ffmpeg/avcodec.h.01:44
Ward1983how can i fix it?01:44
nickrudwil_: it means  the current directory  ( . ) menas current directory more accurately01:44
Ward1983(dev packages are isntalled)01:44
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)01:44
broken__PriceChild, could I remove it from ym system?01:44
Ussr1943Has anyone been able to create a grub bootdisk from within a live distro of ubuntu?01:44
desertcwil_: okay, try this now:  right click on your GNOME Panel (with the menu), and do Add to Panel, then click on Create Launcher01:44
raichleanickrud: seems to have worked, thanks01:45
nickrudbroken__: but before you do that, you might want to read up on nice , so you can see why the fact it's using 90% isn't really relevant01:45
MGrundeI'm having trouble with my reiserfs drive.  reiserfsck says it's a hardware issue and tells me to buy a new drive, but I would really like to save my data.  Is this possible?01:45
broken__nickrud, read up on nice?01:45
desertcwil_: then type in the full name of the script, " /home/blahyouruser/normal.sh " and you might have to run it as Type "Application in Terminal"01:45
Ward1983Jack_Sparrow, thanx for the link01:46
seanyTredje0ye:  have you messed with "ethtool -K eth0 tso off" or a variant ?01:46
Josep1nickrud: do you know how to setup a midi keyboard with ams or rosegarden?01:46
wil_desertc, I clicked on browse, found it and it works fine!01:46
Jack_SparrowWard1983: np01:46
wil_thanks, that is brilliant!01:46
wpkJosep1: set it as recording device01:46
nickrudbroken__: it's a way to tell an app "As long as nothing else wants to use the cpu, you can use as much of it as you like, but as soon as another app wants to do something you WILL yield up the cycles"01:46
desertcwil_: see you around!01:46
Josep1k, lemme look01:46
Ward1983Jack_Sparrow, i did "sudo apt-get build-dep packagename" and its downloading about 50megs lol01:46
wil_desertc, I have to say.... and dont hate me... that is the one thing so far I still like about windows.... create a file, call it .bat and run!.... but I wouldnt go back for anything!01:46
Tredje0yeseany: No01:46
Jack_Sparrowwil_: Welcome to ubuntu..01:47
Jack_SparrowWard1983: Yep01:47
nickrudJosep1: nope, but I'd like to try :)01:47
wpkJosep1: in Studio -> manage MIDI devices or sth.01:47
desertcwil_: it's called freedom - you'll learn to like it  ;-)01:47
wil_thanks so much!01:47
broken__nickrud, why can't programs just remain dormant if not being used?01:47
broken__I've never used the search once.01:47
geniiMGrunde: Perhaps try  irc://irc.oftc.net/#reiser401:47
tinmanHmm, How do I get 1 package and not the dependencies using atp-get/01:47
begemo1Hello, everyone!01:48
nickrudbroken__: it's a daemon, it does stuff in the background. That's the whole point of a multitasking os, more than one app can run at a time.01:48
begemo1Please, give me advice - HowTo fix width of the "Name" column ib Nautilus?01:48
Tredje0yeseany: On the last install I tried using it tho cause I've been dealing with this prob for a couple of weeks now ^^;;01:48
Pelotinman,  you won't be able to use the package if you don'T get it's dependencies01:48
desertctinman: why would you want to do that?01:48
Pelobegemo1,  not sure you can01:48
tinmanI am on a slow connection and i will need to get them seperately01:48
begemo1Really?? :(01:48
seanyTredje0ye: what about adding pci=noapci?01:48
tinmanelse, I will disconnect before I get all of them01:48
scurry7hello_ im having gdm problems...(it will not load)its been working before just fine. where do i check first???????01:49
nickrudbroken__: another way to look at it is if your processor is doing nothing, it's wasting time. Find something for it to do when nothing else needs it01:49
Pelobegemo1, you can always try and look in gconf-editor under app/nautilus01:49
desertcscurry7: log files01:49
broken__nickrud, what I don't like is my cpu temps being as high as they are on max load.01:49
Josep1I have managed to get midi-out, but recording is being tricky in rosegarden01:49
Jack_Sparrowtinman: If you have a friend with broadband you can get them from there and move them over01:49
geniitinman: Use instead trickle to allot whatever bandwidth you care to to the apt-get process etc01:49
Josep1wpk: what do you mean Studio?01:49
franciscodoes any one know a command to open the cd/dvd drive??? the botton isnt working.01:49
begemo1Pelo: Oh, lock - is best idea ! ! ! Many thanks, Pelo!01:50
nickrudbroken__: then true, you can go to system->prefs->session and turn off the tracker. It won't run at the next login01:50
tinmanJack_Sparrow: friends don't even have connection :]01:50
Odd-rationalefrancisco: use a paperclip01:50
oboy03bazhang: you there?01:50
desertcfrancisco: unmount the drive first01:50
Jack_Sparrowtinman: Just trying to offer a suggestion01:50
MGrundegenii: Thank you01:50
broken__nickrud, thanks.01:50
tinmangenii: th problem is not bandwidth, i will disconnect at certain times (weird internet packlage)01:50
tinmanJack_Sparrow: k01:51
desertcfrancisco: unmount the drive first - the drive won't open when the disk is mounted01:51
slacker-Assuming I've got a bunch of parallel directories with files in them and hardlinks across the directories. If I run rsync -A on one the directories seperately does it still maintain the hardlinks?01:51
Josep1wpk: when I hit record,  a metronome starts on my keyboard01:51
franciscook ill unmount01:51
aroonianyone know how to fix this: Couldn't load Perl module Image::Magick.  Images will be skipped01:51
seanyTredje0ye:   i mean adding pci=noapci to your kernel boot options and see what happens01:51
nickrudfrancisco: if all else fails, try sudo eject01:51
chimpFor some reason after a reboot i've lost access to my sound card, is there a way to autodetect/install it?01:51
Tredje0yeseany: hmm.. that sounds like it just might work01:51
Sunmansorry to keep bothering you guys. for some reason after a few reboots the livecd worked. how do i mount my hd and how do i run fsck just on that mounted hd.01:52
oboy03hi guys01:52
Tredje0yeseany: cause I remember having a similar option enabled01:52
seanyTredje0ye: i would make sure you know how to boot into single user mode though01:52
desertcfrancisco: right click on the disk icon on your desktop, or do it from Nautilus01:52
sveakexhey, what is the very small ubuntu called? i think i saw an iso which was around 10mb big? :s01:52
seanyTredje0ye: incase you get a panic and need to fix something :-p01:52
putnumhow do i download kde for ubuntu?01:52
franciscook i got it01:52
Odd-rationalesveakex: That is the mini.iso01:52
nickrudSunman: first, you don't run fsck on a mounted drive.  Second,  sudo fsck /dev/<device>01:52
franciscoit wouldent let me unmount01:52
Darkmystereis there something like My Screen Recorder Pro for Ubuntu?01:52
putnumits apt-get install kde right?01:52
sveakexOdd-rationale: thanks01:52
franciscosudo eject worked01:52
Jack_Sparrowputnum: just kde or the kubuntu-desktop01:52
franciscothanx guys01:53
PeloSunman, opening gparted and and selecting your hdd should automaticaly mount all available partitons01:53
oboy03if there is a problem with ubuntu does that mean the whole OS is done?01:53
fribuntuCan someone tell me, when exactly the .profile file is interpreted? I am trying to set the locale-variables on a per-user basis, but I always end up with the system defaults, even when I reboot the machine!01:53
Odd-rationalesveakex: Basically, it was only the nesceary packages to boot. All the rest ~600 mb is download off the net when you install01:53
Sunmannickrud: then how do i run fsck without mounting it?01:53
Sunmanoh ok01:53
jrni'm looking for a bittorrent tracker program - can't find one with google... is there any ubuntu/debian package of a good tracker? (no it is not for illegal stuff, i need it to offer a alternative download source on my hp)01:53
Pelooboy03, no, what is the problem ?01:53
Tredje0yeseany: ^^ Well I'm green, so I got the LiveCD on backup incase "OMZG! I fudged the setup", which is standard with greenhorns ^^01:53
nickrudoboy03: almost never01:53
oboy03y'know like in windows something you installed went wrong you got to reformat your whole pc01:53
desertcfrancisco: What did it say when it would not let you unmount??  that's unnecessary to do sudo just to change disks!01:53
Dr_willisoboy03,  i imagine it depends on the exact problem01:53
Dr_willisoboy03,  you rarely need to do a reformat.. If you follow proper procedure01:54
franciscoit dint say anything.. just wouldent work01:54
Josep1well, I don't know how, put I figured it out,  thanks everyone01:54
Pelooboy03, you can reformat just the windows partition you do not need to reformat the whole hdd,01:54
oboy03bec yesterday i was having problems with updates wihich forced me to reformat ubuntu01:54
seanyTredje0ye:  well, you shouldn't need to reinstall or anything, if you screw up you can just boot into a different mode with out that boot flag and you should be good01:54
putnumsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop doesn't work01:54
geniitinman: The problem is whatever app needs the dependencies installed before itself so that all the groundwork is laid for it to operate. There is no real way to separate out the dependencies using apt-get or sohe/apt/archives. But what might work is to get a list of the dependencies find their .deb packagenames and then use perhaps wget or ftp or whatever to download them separately at other times into /var/cac01:54
Dr_willisoboy03,  i imagine there was some easier fix.01:54
oboy03so that means i still dont know how to troubleshoot :)01:54
jrnand btw is there any ubuntu-feed-browser?01:54
geniiinto /var/cache/apt/archives01:54
putnumsays couldn't find package01:54
Ussr1943any have expirience with creating a grub bootdisk in ubuntu live?01:54
oboy03I see01:54
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: Did you just end up with a blank screen or something like that01:54
aroonianyone have anything to do about solving this error when i try to run skencil?  http://pastie.caboo.se/14904901:55
jrni hate synaptic..01:55
tinmangenii: i am actually trying to get mysql server and not the client, and i think it works without the client01:55
nickrudoboy03: but you have made the first step, reinstall is the last resort :)01:55
chuy_maxis there a command that reverses line characters?, something like: linux -> xunil01:55
Darkmystere_!find recorder01:55
ubotuFound: ksimus-datarecorder, libhttp-recorder-perl, sound-recorder01:55
oboy03i can still see my desktop but some programs are now missing01:55
Tredje0yeseany: Alright, will try that boot option on next boot.01:55
oboy03i mean missing yesterday01:55
oboy03now i have a fresh install01:55
Dr_willischuy_max,  i recall a 'tac' command/script ages ago :)01:56
Joelitohi guys01:56
Dr_willischuy_max,  tac being the reverse of cat. :)01:56
oboy03and hope i encounter no problem this time01:56
seanyTredje0ye: after that i might start messing with fixing autonegotion settings01:56
desertc!hi |joelito01:56
ubotujoelito: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:56
ChrisHarding_hey, im a bit of an ubuntu n00b but i just have a quick question i was hoping someone could answer01:56
oboy03but having problems is good too, you get experience right?01:56
jrnthe bt-tracker should have an console 'interface'01:56
ubotuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf01:56
seanymaybe seeing if you could fix the speed of the other port to something specific and seeing what happens01:56
lilg111111does anybody know how to get the sd card reader to be recognized in gusty01:57
ChrisHarding_i downloaded the 7.10 gutsy gibbon iso and burnt to disc, im trying to run it as a live disc. however, when i try, it appears to be loading for a while then just sits there. also, caps lock and scroll lock flash in synch with each other.01:57
oboy03so reformat solution here in linux is rarer than in windows?01:57
desertcoboy03: It's generally a learning experience in Linux when you have problems, whereas I always end up forgetting some check-box in other operating systems01:57
maximilionGlossy P theme is called GTK2-Glossy P: Do I need to install something via Synaptic? (7.10)01:57
JoelitoI need a color picker01:58
amenadoChrisHarding_-> its slow so just wait longer01:58
franciscodoes any one know how to fix this: You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of "DVD_VIDEO".01:58
wpklilg111111: it should be working out of the box01:58
Joelitolike those that uses your mouse pointer to know the rgb color01:58
chuy_maxDr_willis, naaa, that reverses the lines, not the characters, I just found it :D, it's rev01:58
geniitinman: If it says the client is a dependency then they aren't fibbing. The server needs some files or whatever in the client package as a prerequisite to operate01:58
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:58
wpklilg111111: connect, put card inside01:58
nickrudJoelito: gcolor201:58
ChrisHarding_<amenado> really? is that really it?01:58
Joelitonickrud: gcolor2?01:58
sveakexOdd-rationale: i don't seem to find it anywhere? :s01:58
lilg111111wpk, i have the sd card in the slot01:58
sveakexthe mini.iso01:58
nickrudJoelito: yes, it's a color picker you can install01:59
Odd-rationalesveakex: One moment...01:59
oboy03so for example i update a program to a higher version, say a chess program, and it did not install well, does that mean the previous version is already out of shape?01:59
Joelitonickrud: ok, going for it...01:59
Odd-rationalesveakex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:00
nickrudoboy03: In general, you won't be updating to a higher version except when updating the entire release02:00
DILhas anyone seen the IUbuntu ndiana Jones desktop02:00
Odd-rationalesveakex: But I wouldn't reccommend using it unless you have decent internet connection. Other installation could be a pain.02:00
oboy03so at fresh install its best not to update anything?02:00
nickrudoboy03: I should say, you won't be updating software piecemeal, except in very extreme circumstances02:00
Sunmannickrud: i have three devices sda1 - linux, sda2 "extended" and sda 5 "linux swap". fsck only runs on the first one... which one is my hd?02:00
sveakexOdd-rationale: i want to try it on a vm :)02:01
oboy03like now im only updating the imporatant security updates02:01
nickrudoboy03: if you have something installed, and an update is released by _ubuntu_ , it will automatically be updated on your machine with your permission02:01
desertcoboy03: all of that upgrading gets handled for you by Synaptic Package Manager.  no need to concern yourself with when to upgrade02:01
sveakexOdd-rationale: my internet is fast enough, i have done a few arch and gentoo installs02:01
aroonianyone know how to fix this: Couldn't load Perl module Image::Magick.  Images will be skipped02:01
Odd-rationalesveakex: Once installation is finished, it is no smaller than an ordinary installation. If you already have the cd, use it.02:02
oboy03so you mean i dont even have to choose anything in software sources?02:02
nickrudSunman: they are all your hard disk. sda1 is the partition where linux is installed, sda2 is a container for logical partitions, and sda5 is the partition that is used for memory swap. Only the first needs fscking02:02
ErealzI just maid a link on my desktop  and id like to to add the programs icon where might I find it?02:02
oboy03because i chose iportant security updates02:02
oboy03then it said i should update these, and i updated02:02
Odd-rationalesveakex: The live or alt cd, that is02:02
sveakexOdd-rationale: so it downloads all packages and installs? the turn out is the same?02:02
lilg111111does anybody know how to get the sd card reader to work in gusty02:02
PaTeeLAErealz: in the usr/bin02:02
Jack_Sparrowoboy03: Have you made any changes to your sources.list02:03
nickrudoboy03: yes. Those are the updates I'm talking about. I was (indirectly) cautioning against updates from other sources, which is the main cause of the os breaking02:03
Odd-rationalesveakex: Yes. I thought it would be smaller two when I first used it.02:03
Joelitonickrud: Nice, thanks :p02:03
PaTeeLAErealz: sry /usr/share/icons?02:03
Jack_Sparrowlilg111111: THe plug in ones almost all work, the built in ones are more hit and miss02:03
oboy03no changes in source.list02:03
nickrudoboy03: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training has a book that will tell you much of what you need to know02:03
dark_Harmonicslilg1111 I've had lots of problems getting the built in ones working too02:03
sveakexOdd-rationale: i thought it was an empty installation where i got to install everything02:04
daraknorI've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7.10 but I still don't have direct rendering with either intel or i810 drivers. I've read a number of guides and I'm rather stuck. Any suggestions or methods of confirming that AIGLX was loaded properly?02:04
Odd-rationalesveakex: The only advantage is that once installed, you don't need to upgrade because it already downloaded the latest packages.02:04
Jack_Sparrownickrud: I just checked that out..  something new... and useful02:04
dark_Harmonicsi tried on a nc6000 to get the card reader to activate and followed the guides i could find without any positive results02:04
sveakexOdd-rationale: well that is a very good advantage :)02:04
nickrudJack_Sparrow: yeah, I ran across it a couple days ago. Read a bit, didn't see any glaring errors02:04
lilg111111jack sparrow and Dark harmonics should i give it up02:04
Odd-rationalesveakex: It *can* do that if you specify "CLI" in boot up before install. But so can the alt cd.02:04
oboy03so what do u usually guys do with ubuntu?02:04
dark_Harmonicsgive a search for your model type and that card reader lilg111102:05
oboy03just as a desktop? server? gaming?02:05
dark_Harmonicsthere might be something model specific02:05
dark_Harmonicsbut i wouldnt waste too much patience on it02:05
Jack_Sparrowlilg111111: I did, I spent $9 for one that does something like 20 dif cards02:05
desertcJack_Sparrow: that's really quite a gift from canonical, huh?02:05
dark_Harmonicsthat cheap Jack?02:05
Odd-rationaleoboy03: I use Linux on my tablet pc which I use for school.02:05
sveakexOdd-rationale: but the alt cds packages are 4-5 months older ;)02:05
Jack_Sparrowdesertc: YEp02:05
nickrudoboy03: I do all my work on it. Run a couple local servers (like web and mysql) . And use a couple servers out there that use debian. I keep it all in the family :)02:05
_elementaloboy03 Web development and network administration on the lappy, assorted servers on the towers02:05
dark_Harmonicsdo you have the model number from yours Jack?02:05
Jack_Sparrowdark_Harmonics: You can sometimes get them free after a rebate from Frys02:06
Jack_Sparrowdark_Harmonics: LEt me look for it02:06
Odd-rationalesveakex: As long as you have fast and reliable internet connection. You should be good. You don't want to lose connection during install02:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about training - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:06
oboy03so once i get used to ubuntu it would be superior to windows? even on vista?02:06
bad_cableswhat is the simple most easy ftpd to install and set up?02:06
Ussr1943has anyone had success with creating a grub bootdisk on a live ubuntu distro02:06
Odd-rationaleoboy03: Not better, different02:06
Omnimon-XOkay: I have a problem. Something similar has happened before, but It went away by itself. My Webserver and my IRC server are both down02:06
Dr_willisoboy03,  depends on the job you are doing.02:06
mon^rchI need some help please... when using the user switcher applet, if the "lock screen" option is on when I switch between users there is only a blank white screen. BUT (hehe) if I type my password I can get back to my session. why the white screen?02:06
nickrudoboy03: not for gaming or serious sound work yet02:06
Omnimon-XThe last time it happened, someone tried to bruteforce my webserver02:07
_elementaloboy03, superior on some things, inferior on others02:07
sveakexOdd-rationale: yeah it is very fast and stable :)02:07
bad_cablesi just want to deposit files on this box... no security02:07
dark_Harmonicsanybody know how to whisper in here?02:07
bad_cablesonly from the LAN02:07
daraknorI've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7.10 but I still don't have direct rendering with either intel or i810 drivers. I've read a number of guides and I'm rather stuck. Any suggestions or methods of confirming that AIGLX was loaded properly? log file reports success, glxinfo is still not using direct rendering02:07
LockesRabbu there?02:07
Dr_willisdark_Harmonics,  you use /msg on irc.02:07
dark_Harmonicsi forgot all my irc crap from years ago02:07
nickruddark_Harmonics:    /pm <nick>02:07
iDivineCan Sony Vegas be ran on Ubuntu?....02:07
nickruddark_Harmonics: lol,   /msg <nick>02:07
Jack_Sparrowdark_Harmonics: The first one I see only says ucr-61 and may only do 10 to 15 types02:07
_elementaloboy03, what do you usually do on windows?02:07
Odd-rationalesveakex: Go for it then! Are you planning to put it on virtualbox?02:07
oboy03games, internet02:07
desertcnickrud oboy03: Don't cut Free Software short!  It is very possible to do high quality sound editing in Linux and there are many games available, too.02:07
dark_Harmonicsthanks for the replys :)02:08
Dr_willisdepends on the games. :)02:08
bad_cableschibitracker yo02:08
Dr_willisIs savage2 out yet?02:08
bad_cablesAldrin yo02:08
Sunmannickrud: thanks. well, it came up clean. now i am just confused.02:08
bad_cablessound on linux is 333t02:08
oboy03i will now mainly use linux for the internet02:08
nickruddesertc: not cutting it short, just pointing out that those are the only things that linux trails in my experience02:08
_elementalgaming is still a windows universe, there are games but they don't compare02:08
Jack_SparrowiDivine: You can check the winde data base of supported programs, but I seriously doubt it02:08
putnumcan i not get kde by using ap-get ???02:08
daraknoryeah i'm trying to get WoW and a few other things working but i can't get support for OpenGL :/02:08
sveakexOdd-rationale: yeah, i don't want to overwrite arch, i am curious how it is to build a ubuntu system :p02:08
desertcDr_willis: 100s of games in the Ubuntu repository - just one click and you have them installed.  Is that available on Win or Mac or even Nintendo?02:08
* nickrud refuses to get his machine drunk02:08
Odd-rationaleputnum: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:08
Omnimon-XCan anyone help me with my server problem?02:08
aroonianyone have anything to do about solving this error when i try to run skencil (a python based program)?  http://pastie.caboo.se/14904902:08
oboy03i just wanna harness the full potential of linux, so i can have alternatives on the future02:08
Dr_willisdesertc,  but if you want to play spore when it comes out.. and theres no wine support. or natgive client.. you are SOL.02:09
Dr_willisdesertc,  it all depends on what you want to play.02:09
Josep1hmmmm  Banshee is not playing....  it just sits there when I press play... any ideas?02:09
brandon_how do u install a wireless adapter?02:09
oboy03almost every 6 month i reformat windows due to slowing, virus, need to defrag. i wanna be free from those02:09
desertcDr_willis: Sure, and if you want to play a Nintendo game, it's not available on Ubuntu either, but that is because Ubuntu != Nintendo.02:09
sveakexOdd-rationale: after i finished i might try Linux From Scratch or Slackware02:09
_elementaloboy03, start learning now then, the more you use it the more flexible it becomes.02:09
Jack_SparrowDr_willis: Exactly why I have a windows partition and dual boot02:09
Odd-rationalesveakex: it is very easy. after install, just start apt-getting things. No big deal.02:09
franciscoi dont think my dvd drive is configured, dose anyone have any ideas?02:09
oboy03yes i will02:09
unagianyone know why my volume in ubuntu is significantly lower than in windows?02:10
LockesRabbfrancisco, guess what? i hacked your compiz!!!!!!!!!02:10
Odd-rationalesveakex: BTW, nice to see a fellow archer in the channel02:10
ABC123Hey, I was just wondering if there was any way to create a shortcut to a folder in gOS?02:10
Omnimon-XCan anyone help me fix my server problem?02:10
oboy03actually i've been using it since nov 200702:10
daraknorarooni, did you update your libc libs since python was installed?02:10
franciscowhat do you mean??02:10
desertcDr_willis: That's why I have a Nintendo partition and a dual screen.02:10
amenadobrandon_-> very carefully.. use a pci card if possible as opposed to those usb wifi adapter02:10
oboy03i just need a hands on training02:10
LockesRabbfrancisco, i know your real name -- its bruce02:10
aroonidaraknor, no i dont know how to do that; can you tell me how?02:10
bad_cablesunagi: it is a fundamental difference in the way that audio professionals view line level signals02:10
sveakexOdd-rationale: hehe, i don't think it will be so hard, it just for fun :P02:10
brandon_sang i got a usb02:10
nickrudJosep1: you using the jackd sound daemon? Sound (professional) sucks in linux right now. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/cleanup-audio-jumble has some hope for later02:10
putnumodd: it keeps saying coudn't find package kubuntu-desktop02:10
Odd-rationalesveakex: I can point you to some guides that might help you out...02:10
Sunmanthe interesting thing is, i can see my hd and can browse it perfectly02:10
Sunmanand yet i cant boot from it.02:11
daraknorarooni, I suspect you need to reconfigure the python package to update the library references02:11
=== genii_ is now known as genii
putnumi think because i use a proxy here at work to get out02:11
sveakexOdd-rationale: that would be awesome :)02:11
Omnimon-XCan anyone help me with my server problem?02:11
daraknorI've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7.10 but I still don't have direct rendering with either intel or i810 drivers. I've read a number of guides and I'm rather stuck. Any suggestions or methods of confirming that AIGLX was loaded properly? log file reports success, glxinfo is still not using direct rendering02:11
desertcnickrud Josep1:  Also, Renoise, a popular sound tracker-mixer came out for Linux the other day02:11
putnumhow can i install my proxy02:11
bad_cablesunagi: linux is more quiet to try and reduce the possibility of cliping and therefore the chance of making a bad recording to tape02:11
daraknorOmnimon-X, ask real questions please02:11
Tredje0yeseany: Thanks for the help =) I will reboot and test the settings now02:11
aroonidaraknor, cool; do you know how to do that02:11
_elementalrecording to what?02:11
Omnimon-XI did, but I don't want to type it all again02:11
IndyGunFreakputnum: i believe you need to apt-get install kde02:11
_elementaltape? wth is tape?02:11
oboy03i'll be back guys, security update is done and need restart02:11
franciscook mister lockesRabb! help me fix my dvd drive!!02:11
bad_cables::to a fostex R8 ?02:11
Odd-rationalesveakex: Can I pm them to you?02:12
bad_cablesor a minidisk02:12
nickruddesertc: like I said, there's hope (been saying that since I was able to ditch the $20 oss driver I bought for my first machine)02:12
seanyTredje0ye: ok, you don't happen to know anything about LDAP do you? want to return the favor? :-p02:12
sveakexOdd-rationale: sure02:12
LockesRabbi have seen bruce checkin out 2 girls 1 finger, and he actually likes it!02:12
putnumi need to put my proxy in02:12
daraknorOmnimon-X, it is in your chat history i bet. try hitting up a lot02:12
putnumhow can i do that02:12
franciscobruce who is that02:12
LockesRabbbruce, just download the codecs for your DVD player02:13
putnumbecause my connection goes through a proxy server02:13
Sunmanalso when i run fsck /dev/hda ut gives me a message saying that the superblcok could not be read - what could that mean?02:13
nickrudSunman: sorry, you scrolled off and I forgot who I wanted to talk to :) What's the error?02:13
putnumand i have not setup that yet02:13
bad_cableswho in here knows what is the most simple FTP server to run... security is not a concern02:13
daraknorarooni, sudo dpkg-reconfigure python2.502:13
aroonidaraknor, you rock02:13
daraknorarooni, sudo dpkg-reconfigure python02:13
nickrudSunman: what's the complete error? on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org02:13
maximilionCan I "rpm -ivh" with Synaptic?02:14
maximilionI have a bunch of rpms on a CD02:14
amenadomaximilion-> nope, use alien then use the dkpg -i02:14
aroonidaraknor, skencil still core dumps though :(02:14
desertcputnum: type your question all on one line.  no one can read it since it is mixed up in three pages of other text02:14
daraknorI've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7.10 but I still don't have direct rendering with either intel or i810 drivers. I've read a number of guides and I'm rather stuck. Any suggestions or methods of confirming that AIGLX was loaded properly? log file reports success, glxinfo is still not using direct rendering02:14
Josep1Hey, I was just about to install some security updates to ubuntu, when my computer came up with a screen with lines on it  and logged me off,  what does that mean?02:14
putnumhow can i tell ubuntu that i go through a proxy server?02:14
maximilionamenado, ok - or Terminal ;)02:14
LockesRabbbruce, follow instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs02:14
theacolyteSo is there ANY way to install using a live CD with an nvidia 8800 card?02:15
daraknorarooni, on reconfigure did it say LD was being updated?02:15
Josep1it was the craziest thing02:15
amenadoJosep1-> try again02:15
putnumi use vmware to run my linux02:15
Josep1I am02:15
theacolyteThere's like 400 posts about it and it seems like it's some sort of black magic02:15
Josep1It's not the first time it has done that...  is it crashing?02:15
desertc(and consider buying entertainment that does not restrict you with digital restrictions)02:15
bad_cableswhat is the most lightweight browser besides lynx... Dillo?02:15
aroonidaraknor, no; there was no input whatsoever :(  spun the cycles for a bit but thats it02:15
Sunmannickrud: so the fsck /dev/sda1 came out clean. fsck /dev/hda returned this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55162/02:16
q_a_z_stevenickrud: can you help me get eth0 back, I tried to move to Alpha402:16
maximilionOh god, how do I cd to the dvd drive in the terminal? Nothing in /mnt... help! :)02:16
Omnimon-XOkay: I have a problem. Something similar has happened before, but It went away by itself. My Webserver and my IRC server are both down02:16
Omnimon-XThe last time it happened, someone tried to bruteforce my webserver02:16
Omnimon-XIs there any way to find out why it is happening?02:16
amenadomaximilion-> what do you have?02:16
desertcbad_cables: Opera is lightweight02:16
poningrumaximilion: cd /media/whatever02:16
nickrudSunman: hda is the entire disk, not a partition. it is not fsck'able02:17
maximilionah, thanks both! :)02:17
bad_cablesdesertc: this is a via 1U 686 @ 800 with a 64k cache =(02:17
nickrudSunman: so, back to the real issue: You can't boot?02:17
Josep1amenado: is the sscreen with different color lines on it, and then logging me off/seeming like it restarts my computer like crashing?02:17
poningrubad_cables: ouch02:17
poningrutry elinks02:17
nickrudq_a_z_steve: did you reinstall gutsy?02:17
poningruSunman: whats wrong?02:17
q_a_z_stevenickrud: I was moving up from dapper02:17
jw144000Can anyone help me with installing Gutsy Gibbon to an external hard drive?02:17
poningrubad_cables: rather elinks202:17
desertcbad_cables: I run Opera on my cell phone.  What's the matter with your 1U server?02:18
poningrujw144000: sure do you have the live cd?02:18
daraknorOmnimon-X, running services attracts attention. IRC is a tough service to keep up most of the time. "bruteforcing" refers to someone trying to crack your passwords through guessing. That happens on machines with almost no services02:18
nickrudq_a_z_steve: ah. You know, you should report that as a bug on launchpad, and have them work with you on it02:18
bad_cablesdesertc: it runs X ;)02:18
Mutationdoes anybody know java here?02:18
jw144000poningru: Yes02:18
poningrudesertc: opera mobile != normal opera02:18
gyaresuanyone tell me what i've messed up with packages? http://pastebin.com/mccd173902:18
Omnimon-Xdaraknor: I'm not a n00b.02:18
Sunmannickrud:yes. i can browse my hd. withe a livecd. but not boot from it02:18
DoYouKnowerr. wrong channel. already said hi here02:18
Omnimon-XI've checked the logs02:18
daraknorOmnimon-X, then ask real questions.02:18
nickrudq_a_z_steve: they are desperate for feedback on dapper->hardy upgrades. You should ask on #ubuntu+1 about it02:18
Omnimon-Xand there isn't anything in them.02:18
poningrujw144000: make sure the external hdd is connected to your computer and boot from the live cd02:18
q_a_z_stevenickrud: report what, I have no details as of yet, it's just kind of broken hard.02:18
Omnimon-Xthat relates to crashing a server02:18
daraknorI've attempted to use XGL and AIGLX on 7.10 but I still don't have direct rendering with either intel or i810 drivers. I've read a number of guides and I'm rather stuck. Any suggestions or methods of confirming that AIGLX was loaded properly? log file reports success, glxinfo is still not using direct rendering02:18
gyaresuThis machines been my hacking laptop for ages and hardly get's any love (cause it 'just works).02:19
Josep1has anyone else had ubuntu give you lines on the screen then log off and restart? (not to the bios, just ubuntu)02:19
poningrujw144000: then during the install just install it into your external hdd02:19
desertcbad_cables: my cell phone runs X02:19
daraknorOmnimon-X, see my question contains info, version numbers, etc02:19
q_a_z_stevenickrud: #ubuntu+1 is almost silent02:19
amenadoJosep1-> maybe the gdm got corrupted, logon and try again02:19
nickrudSunman: does windows boot?02:19
jw144000poningru: Some sites say I need to remove my internal HDD, is this neccessary?02:19
Omnimon-XI'm running Apache Web Server 2, and UnrealIRCd version 3.2.702:19
Sunmannickrud: i dont have windows.02:19
=== Darkmystere__ is now known as Darkmystere
nickrudq_a_z_steve: try taking it to #ubuntu-motu , the worst they can say is file a bug report02:19
Omnimon-Xand they are both down02:19
Josep1well it's working now, I just want to prevent it,  I'll see what a gdm is02:19
Omnimon-Xand I can't connect.02:19
nickrudSunman: so, you have to have some kind of error.02:19
bad_cablesdesertc: no like... i used to run DSL 3.x on this and it flew, now i run Xubuntu but on my TV @ 1360x768 with a webradio 24/702:19
poningrujw144000: no thats only to make sure that you dont accidentaly install it to the internal drive02:19
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:20
daraknorOmnimon-X, can you log into the machine?02:20
maximilionamenado: 'Use Alien'? (rpm command not found...)02:20
nickrudq_a_z_steve: but that's not to say I won't help you get your net back up if I can :)02:20
poningru!alien | maximilion02:20
ubotumaximilion: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)02:20
amenadomaximilion-> you have to download alien package02:20
Omnimon-Xdaraknor: its on this computer, so yes. -_-02:20
bad_cablesdesertc: what cellphone you got ther ?02:20
q_a_z_stevenickrud: sweet, well right now I can't see anything other than lo in ifconfig02:20
daraknorOmnimon-X, try sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start02:20
Omnimon-XIt IS started02:20
Omnimon-Xand so is unreal02:20
CarlFKwhat is the name of the kernel source package to satisfy:  "To successefully compile the driver, kernel source three have to be\ installed and configured to match currently running kernel."02:20
Sunmannickrud: what do you mean? yes : "Error 16:Inconsistent filesystem"02:20
CarlFKand do I really need the source, or just the headers ?02:21
Jack_Sparrowamenado: Alien is dangerous02:21
q_a_z_stevenickrud: I can't even tell if I have BitchX, installed anymore, to irc from there02:21
daraknorOmnimon-X,  then run netstat -nlp and see if the ports are open02:21
amenadoCarlFK-> apt-get install build-essentials02:21
maximilionamenado: Thanks! and replace "rpm -ivh" with "dpkg -i" in the terminal?02:21
amenadoJack_Sparrow-> why so?02:21
bad_cablesim just gonna install wuftp02:21
tehdaveanyone have flash die on them with the update to flashplugin-nonfree?02:21
maximilionJack_Sparrow: Is there a better way to install rpm packages?02:21
gyaresuCarlFK: You need the package 'build-essential' and the same kernel headers as the version you're running02:21
nickrudq_a_z_steve:   add auto eth0    <newline>   iface eth0 inet dhcp   to /etc/network/interfaces , then run sudo ifdown eth0 ; sudo ifup eth002:21
amenadomaximilion-> yes.02:21
Jack_Sparrowamenado: See the ubunto link?02:21
aroonihow do i install a .package file?02:22
thepaini have a problem02:22
Jack_Sparrowmaximilion: Trying to install rpm's is gonna cause you grief02:22
amenadoJack_Sparrow-> yes I have seen it, I dont fear it02:22
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
nickrudSunman: and when you    sudo fsck /dev/hda1 , what do you get?02:22
CarlFKgyaresu: how do I get the same kernel headers  ?02:22
thepaini can't boot xp after installing ubuntu02:22
DILwhere is it02:22
geniimaximilion: The best way of course is to install rpm packages on a system which uses rpm as it's native package type, unlike ubuntu02:22
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:22
thepainafter i reinstalling the grub02:22
maximilionWell, I'll just tell the developer to make an exception for me and not send dvds containing rpms ;)02:22
nickrudSunman: put /boot/grub/menu.lst on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org02:22
geniimaximilion: I've had mixed results using Alien02:23
Josep1thepain: Do you know if xp is in your menu.lst?02:23
Sunmannickrud: wait a second i think it just randomly started working. i ran a recovery mode with the previous kernel and it went through. after i tried to do the very same thing at least 10 times earlier. this system works in mysterious ways02:23
nickrudalien is the rpm bursting from the guts of ubuntu02:23
maximiliongenii: Aha. And there is no alternative to alien?02:23
Jack_Sparrowmaximilion: GEt the source and compile it yourself02:24
Omnimon-Xdaraknor: what do you mean by open? They are being forwarded to my computer, and they show up02:24
gyaresuCarlFK: Do an 'apt-cache search headers |grep`uname -r`02:24
geniimaximilion: Not really. Although you could use something like 7zip to open up the rpm and then selectively decide what goes where from in that archive02:24
maximilionCommercial software, I doubt if they will send me the source ;)02:24
Dr_willisthe program 'mc' can browse the contents of a rpm file. :) its just a cpio archive I recall.02:25
Jack_Sparrowmaximilion: What kind of app is it02:25
maximilionOh well, it can wait til morning.02:25
Sunmannickrud: well, everything worked. all of a sudden. with no clear explanation as to what the hell was happening to it for the last few hours. *shrug*02:25
maximilionNight all, cu in 8 :)02:25
Josep1Sunman: I don't know what you're talking about,  but I feel your pain a lot02:25
nickrudSunman: lol, you did something right in your flailing.02:25
trosephNeed help with shell script02:25
Dr_willistrollboy,  summerize the problem a bit?02:26
tehdaveIs there a program/plugin for fileunroller to read .rar files in linux?02:26
Josep1got to restart02:26
Dr_willistroseph, ,  summerize the problem a bit?02:26
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:26
Dr_willissorry trollboy  :) wrong nick.02:26
tehdaveJack_Sparrow: Thanks02:26
Sunmannickrud: well hopefully, it wont happen again. thanks!02:26
trollboyI was gunna say, "I was born in a small town in ohio in the blizzard of '78..."02:26
CarlFKgyaresu: thanks.02:27
trosephDr_willis: I need to make a shell script that makes 100 directories named 1-10002:27
bad_cablesi like it when i apt-get install appformorons2060 and it sais "please do not ask the appformorons2060 team for help"02:27
trosephDr_willis: It throws an error on line 3 says there is no such file or directory02:27
Jack_Sparrownickrud: Have you built any Myth systems.  I was given a P4 2.6 and it had an ATI TV Pro card in it..02:28
DanThirstsome one mind helping me with a umask setting (want it so i can read/write with out having to sudo once the drive is mounted)02:28
MGrundeI'm having trouble with my reiserfs drive.  reiserfsck says that there are bad blocks and that it's a hardware issue and tells me to buy a new drive, but I would really like to save my data.  Is this possible?02:28
trosephDr_willis: I don't know variables very well02:28
nickrudJack_Sparrow: no I haven't tried yet.02:28
amenadoMGrunde-> buy a new drive and then slave the old one to recover data02:28
Jack_SparrowMGrunde: dd command can read that and save as much as it can.. I do believe..02:29
MGrundeamenado: already running on a new drive with the bad one slaved.02:29
trollboyJack_Sparrow, I've heard bad things about getting those ATI TV cards to work under linux02:29
DanThirster fstab - umask=????02:29
trollboythus why I've not built my mythbox yet ;-)02:29
aragorni accidentally hid the menu at the top of this window and forgot how to get it back. can anyone help? [sorry for my stupidity]02:29
Jack_Sparrowtrollboy: I read the wiki and it seems to work just fine with myth02:29
amenadoMGrunde-> then recover02:29
trosephDr_willis: sould you please IM me suggestions or what I might be doing wrong?02:29
MGrundeJack_Sparrow: With dd, do I need free space equal to the whole drive, or just the amount of data on the drive.02:30
MGrundeamenado: That's the part I'm having trouble with.  The drive won't mount.02:30
CarlFKother than "call support tomorrow" anyone have any advice:   http://dpaste.com/34255/  - insmod: error inserting 'vga2usb.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module02:30
nickrudaragorn: right click the text window, view->menu bar02:30
Jack_Sparrowtrollboy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Edgy_Backend_Frontend looked promising too02:31
trollboyI may have tor e-examine.. I'm rebuilding my media server soon anyway02:31
trollboyyou tried MythBuntu yet?02:31
Jack_SparrowMGrunde: IF it wont mount I dont know what will read it.. that is free anyhow02:31
Jack_Sparrowtrollboy: I just got the card today.. I may do it next week.. will let you know how it works out02:32
trollboyWunderbar, danke02:32
CaptObvioushow do I get gnome to start on boot?02:32
trollboy CaptainMorgan generally it SHOULD autostart02:32
aragornnickrud: thank you so much02:32
trollboydid anything funky happen with your install?02:32
CaptObviousI know, it doesn't for some reason02:32
CaptObviousit works fine with startx though02:33
daraknorOmnimon-X, i still don't know what doesn't work on your system02:33
Omnimon-XEverything's fine, but there's something crashing my servers02:33
Omnimon-XI can't connect at all02:33
daraknorI don't know what you mean02:33
trollboydid you install GD?02:33
trollboydoes it attempt to load?02:33
Dr_willistroseph,  theres some shell command that can generate a list of #'s then you can just do a for loop, or use xargs - I would say check the advanced bash scripting guide tutorial. (its in the repos under abs-guide)02:35
trosephDr_willis: I got it: for i in {1..100}; do mkdir $i; done02:35
Dr_willistroseph,   :)  yep. thats about it.02:35
trosephDr_willis: I was in the #bash channel for like 3 seconds. haha02:36
trosephand done02:36
trosephand I was like "I'm... Dumb."02:36
CaptObviousany tips on getting gnome to start on boot?02:36
Dr_willisCaptObvious,  you mean GDM?02:36
putnumhow can i edit a conf file with root if i cannot login to gnome as root?02:36
CaptObviousputnum: sudo02:36
Dr_willissudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm      - and select gdm?02:36
geniiputnum: sudo02:36
arifall of you are geeks!!!!02:37
Dr_willisif gdm is FAILING to start when its told to.. thats a different issue02:37
putnumsudo the conf file?02:37
Dr_willisarif,  thank you.02:37
DrFrankensteinyes arif we are.02:37
putnumi have to edit it02:37
arifim a geek too02:37
arifthat was a compliment02:37
trosepharif: nah, I don't think so.02:37
putnumis it vi?02:37
arifsee ya geeks02:37
putnumsudo vi conf ?02:37
Rx_looking for a music editing program any ideas?02:38
StarnestommyRx_: audacity?02:38
Rx_not sure02:38
jasoni was wondering if some one could help me, i instaled screenlets and when i go to run the ap this error comes up "Unable to connect or launch daemon. Some values may be displayed incorrectly."02:38
DrFrankensteinanyway... hi. lately I've been having a program crashing because of an unresolved symbol, and after some research I think it might be related to this:02:38
Rx_something for sample/synth/mixing etc02:38
DrFrankensteinso it seems mono has overriden it or something02:39
DrFrankensteinanyway, is there a way to change that linking back to the libz in /usr/lib?02:39
vistaboywho are you??02:40
jasoni was wondering if some one could help me, i instaled screenlets and when i go to run the ap this error comes up "Unable to connect or launch daemon. Some values may be displayed incorrectly."02:40
jasonsorry for the dubble post02:40
JoelitoDoes anyone know how to add your avatar in the pidgin's chat windows?02:41
vistaboyi am a chinese02:41
CarlFKis there a package that will give me kernel version 2.6.22-14?  I think I may need that to build a driver: http://www.epiphan.com/downloads/index.php02:42
=== devotchk1 is now known as n00dl3
m55how can you make unix commands case insensitive02:42
PaTeeLAJoelito: u mean like a buddy icon02:42
JoelitoPaTeeLA: yes.02:42
DrFrankensteinyes Joelito, it's in Accounts -> Modify02:42
m55ex mv *name* folder/ gets Name.txt & name.txt02:42
DrFrankensteinthen edit one of your accounts02:42
PaTeeLAJoelito: drag an image onto it02:42
DrFrankensteinand check "use this icon for...." (might differ, I have the french version)02:43
BetaTestWhat's this Ubuntu Ultimate Edition I hear about?02:43
DrFrankensteinBetaTest, not an official version, I guess02:44
JoelitoPaTeeLa, DrFrankenstein: Yes, I know that part, the only thing is missing is that in the chat windows I only see my contact's buddy icon02:44
mshadlei am getting "bus error" on almost everything that relies on network connectivity now, and it worked without an issue not too long ago.02:44
nickrud!cn | vistaboy02:44
ubotuvistaboy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:44
MGrundeDoes dd_rhelp/dd_rescue copy the entire partition, freespace and all, or does it only copy files?02:45
DWonderlyI need help with OpenGL. I was running compiz with AIGLX working. However, now I have uninstalled compiz and I was to run GLX. How do I get this to change over? I know it's not working because every time I try to run something in OpenGL (Like glxgears) it crashes my session02:45
nickrudm55: you would type mv *[Nn]ame*02:46
m55nickrud: thanks02:46
honif you want to share files between linux and mac os, what would you install on your linux machine?02:46
KiD_ChAoSdoes anyone use iwconfig much? i've got a nitty gritty question02:47
nickruddoesn't osx have ssh somewhere?02:47
honnickrud: the point?02:47
nickrudhon: if so, you can install openssh-server on ubuntu, and use scp to move files around02:47
KiD_ChAoSiwconfig eth1 ap 00:15:62:BB:5C:A102:48
honnickrud: that's not nice.02:48
daraknorDWonderly, i have problems with OpenGL too :(02:48
honI do that as last resort.02:48
KiD_ChAoSthis command should associate me with the givin AP but i doesn't seem to switch...why?02:48
whoaitsphilcan anyone help me or refer me to something as far as how to install a file that i downloaded that is a .sh file?02:48
nickrudhon: then samba?02:49
nickrudwhoaitsphil: what .sh file?02:49
Starnestommywhoaitsphil: in a terminal, do sh scriptname.sh02:49
tininCan I run ubuntu ppc in a virtual machine in my 86 pc?02:49
Odd-rationalewhoaitsphil: First make sure that the file is executable. do chmod +m file.sh02:49
iDivineWhat's the best music player (best looking), in your opinion? Don't say mpd.02:49
daraknorwhoaitsphil, chmox +x filename.sh, then ./filename.sh02:49
daraknorchmod +x02:50
nickrudwhoaitsphil: but first, make sure that there's no ubuntu equiv.02:50
honI am looking for the best option. is it samba or nfs, or is there anything else?02:50
nickrudiDivine: muine02:50
Odd-rationalewhoaitsphil: Also, be careful. Some scripts can do harmful things to you system02:50
daraknorhon ftp or scp if you want interactive sessions02:51
iDivinenickrud, I'll check it out, thanks02:51
tininiDivine Amaro2 (its like amarok 1.4 + bmpx) when it works02:51
iDivineAmarok 2* ?02:51
whoaitsphilwhen i do chmod +m it says invalid mode02:51
tininAmarok 2* iDivine02:51
tininits really nice02:52
hondaraknor: samba is already faster than scp. My question is: what is the best option?02:52
tininand has web radios02:52
honthe machines are on the same LAN02:52
whoaitsphilwhen i type sh filename.sh it says can't open filename02:52
Javidanyone know how the various cell company broadband cards work on ubuntu?02:52
daraknorhon: depends on how you do authentication realistically02:52
geniiwhoaitsphil: try bash ./filename02:53
daraknorhon: ftp is the absolutely fastest02:53
hondaraknor: ftp is slower than nfs.02:53
whoaitsphilhmm it says no such filename02:53
whoaitsphilbut its on my desktop i'm looking at it02:53
whoaitsphiland i'm in my desktop directory in terminal02:53
daraknorhon not on the protocol level02:54
geniiwhoaitsphil: eg: cd ~/Desktop;bash ./filename.sh02:54
nickrudwhoaitsphil:   chmod u+x <file>  &&   ./<file>02:54
hondaraknor: thanks for trying though :p02:54
Sonjawhenever i turn my computer on, i get error 17 cannot mount, so i end up pressing e for edit, e again, then change it to (0,0), and then press b to boot. any way i can permanently avoid this sequence again to boot normally, tell my computer to go to 0,0 ?02:54
Dr_williswhoaitsphil,  linux IS case senesitive also...02:54
geniiwhoaitsphil: Also it may need to be executable or also owned by username you trying to run it as, etc02:54
whoaitsphilaha that one worked genii02:54
mshadlesonja: edi t/boot/grub/menu.lst02:54
thepainhello i can't boot xp after reinstalling grub(because i can't boot ubuntu previosly)02:55
Dr_willis!fixgrub | thepain02:55
ubotuthepain: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:55
nickrudSonja: look for #groot  in /boot/grub/menu.lst , edit that, then   sudo update-grub02:55
KiD_ChAoS'iwconfig eth1 ap MAC' should associate me with the givin AP but my wireless doesn't seem to switch to the new AP. Why?02:55
nickrudSonja: leave the # at the beginning by the way02:55
thepaincan anyone help me02:55
Dr_willisthepain,  read the web sites the bot sent yoy. it explains how to fix it.02:56
KiD_ChAoS'iwconfig eth1 ap MAC' should associate me with the givin AP but my wireless doesn't seem to switch to the new AP. Why?02:56
geniithepain: Just ask your question and see02:57
KiD_ChAoSi want answers and i want them right now!02:57
Jack_Sparrowwhoaitsphil: Just a note, deskto and Desktop are different, you may have been in the wrong place02:57
Javidanyone know how the various cell company broadband cards work on ubuntu?02:57
nickrudKiD_ChAoS:  ecneitap02:57
DanThirstheyyyy any one wana halp me with fsab :P02:58
=== Darkmystere_ is now known as Darkmystere
thepainDr_willis: the is nothing written inside menu.1st02:58
jw144000I just installed Ubuntu on my external hard drive and now I can't get to Windows because I keep getting a "Grub Error 25", can someone help?02:58
thepainDr_willis: there is nothing written inside menu.1st02:58
poningrujw144000: did you make sure grub got installed on the external hard drive?02:58
KiD_ChAoSnickrud, i've been in the waiting room all day, i need to see the doctor02:59
nickrudthepain: that's menu.lst , not menu.1st (L not One)02:59
jw144000poningru: When the partition window came up, I selected my external hard drive02:59
nickrudKiD_ChAoS: what did you do, hold it up to a mirror :)02:59
WebuKiD_ChAoS, are you sure about good enough signal level?02:59
poningrujw144000: yes but the grub install window also needed to select the external hdd02:59
poningruI said that02:59
=== DrFrankenstein is now known as DrShower
poningruanyways we can fix this03:00
KiD_ChAoSyes Webu, i can switch to the givin ap if i use the gui but not in terminal03:00
poningrujw144000: did you have windows in your internal hdd?03:00
Starseedhmm, Tomboy is kind of neat ..03:00
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=== Veinor|away is now known as Veinor
poningrujw144000: do you have your windows cd?03:01
jw144000I have a Windows XP home cd03:01
WebuKiD_ChAoS, so "iwconfig eth1 ap MAC" and after that "iwconfig" doesn't show right MAC? Does it try to connect an another AP?03:01
geniiKiD_ChAoS: from man iwconfig "This address is the cell identity of the Access Point,  as  reported  by wireless scanning, which may be different from its network MAC address.03:01
yaserhow can i reset all sound settings to default?03:01
thepainDr_willis: there is no XP list there03:02
KiD_ChAoSgenii, i thought i could put the MAc of the AP that i retrieved from iwlist scanb03:02
KiD_ChAoSgenii, i thought i could put the MAc of the AP that i retrieved from iwlist scan03:02
KiD_ChAoSWebu, no it doesn't it stays on whatever im on regardless of signal stregnth03:03
neetoHow do I enable a sound card?03:04
Javidanyone know how the various cell company broadband cards work on ubuntu?03:04
Tredje0yeHey there. I've got this standard rtl8139 NIC as apart of my SiS chipset. It's pretty standard and in most cases will work instantly. But for me however thats not the case. I can't connect to my router for the life of me. I've tried connecting using the network manager, ifconfig, route, mii-tool, adding "pci=noacpi" in the boot options03:04
jw144000poningru: So basically, I'm gonna have to reformat and reinstall everything on my internal HDD?03:04
geniiKiD_ChAoS: You should be able to, yes, since it's the MAC reported by "wireless scanning"     Are you using some format like:   aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:00     for mac?03:04
poningrujw144000: no you dont have to do that03:05
poningrujust fix the mbr03:05
poningrujw144000: on a call be there with you soon03:05
WebuKiD_ChAoS, you might try "iwconfig eth1 ap off" -> "iwconfig eth1 ap MAC" -> "iwconfig eth1 channel X"03:05
* genii wonders if case matters when specifying mac address03:05
poningrusorry hold on03:05
KiD_ChAoSyes genii03:05
KiD_ChAoSgenii, the exact mac with the ':'s03:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about img - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:05
KiD_ChAoSWebu, where X is the channel # of the AP im connecting to03:06
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Is your router/modem set up with some featur in it's firmware like "Clone my machine address" ?03:06
WebuKiD_ChAoS, yeah :)03:06
geniiand if so did you use it etc03:06
KiD_ChAoSgenii, no03:06
WebuKiD_ChAoS, so basically you're manually setting the right channel as well.03:06
phuzionanyone know how to burn .img files?03:06
KiD_ChAoSic Webu03:06
geniiAway a bit03:07
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion03:07
danbhfiveis it still possible to post bounties?03:07
KiD_ChAoSgenii, im running a hotspot at a hotel, 27 different APs and all are on the same SSID, so in order to test each one for connectivity i would like to connect via MAC to assure myself im connecting to the right one03:08
Javidanyone know how the various cell company broadband cards work on ubuntu?03:08
thisisfalseIm intrested in monitoring ram usage, and alerting when boundries have been crossed. what indicates whether memory usage is healthy or not? Is it the buffers or swap used?  or something else?03:08
=== slacker- is now known as slacker
WebuKiD_ChAoS, that sounds interesting :)03:09
=== unstable is now known as sid
danbhfivethisisfalse: I would think that no swap is the ideal03:09
jasoni was wondering if some one could help me, i instaled screenlets and when i go to run the ap this error comes up "Unable to connect or launch daemon. Some values may be displayed incorrectly."03:09
jasonwhat is daemon03:09
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yeah it's been a nightmare. a pay-as-you-go hotspot but i've made no money yet.03:09
thisisfalsedanbnfive, yes, but the command 'free' gives you a lot of stuff...which is important?03:09
KiD_ChAoSi mean i've made money but not to cover the cost of my initial investment03:10
dsmith_anyone recommend 3d modeling software?03:10
iDivineHow do I eat children?03:10
iDivineerm, wrong chat03:10
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Are you using some kind of auth on the APs? eg: WEP, WPA   etc03:10
KiD_ChAoSgenii, no all open03:10
thisisfalse3d studio max03:10
StwangeI'm trying to set the Windows button + D as my show desktop shortcut, but "gconftool-2 -t str –set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/show_desktop “d”" doesn't work (Value type is only relevant when setting a value) and gconftool-2 –set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/show_desktop “d” doesn't throw an error, but doesn't work either. any ideas?03:11
WebuKiD_ChAoS, oh i see.03:11
ahaveI need help configuring a wifi usb adaptor in ubuntu, anyone care to assist?03:11
danbhfivethisisfalse: well, it looks like buffers is what is actually being used, cache is just in case stuff loaded into memory,  I don't think its complicated, If you still have free ram, then you are getting as much as you can with memory03:11
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Does ifconfig show the ethernet adapter up before you are issuing these iwconfig commands?03:11
dsmith_poser seems overkill03:12
hou5tonok .... I have been advised the Ubuntu 7.10 is just not interested in webcam support for the 7.10 release, and that I will probably never get it to keep working.  Until the people putting out the distro care about it, it is not going to happen.  Any thoughts?03:12
Javidanyone know how the various cell company broadband cards work on ubuntu?03:12
danbhfivehou5ton: have you tried easycam?03:12
broken__My friend has an issue with her computer, whenever she restarts it it goes into "power safe mode" but when doing a shutdown and start it will work just fine, how can you get rid of the power safe mode upon reboot?03:12
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Also are you using sudo with the iwconfig03:12
KiD_ChAoSgenii, yes like as im talking to you im connected to one AP, but when i issue the switch i never do03:12
hou5tondanbhfive:   you name it ... i've tried it .... been all over the forums for DAYS03:12
KiD_ChAoSyes always sudo03:12
broken__Sorry *power save mode03:13
geniiKiD_ChAoS: I suspect the issue is you are already connected.03:13
hou5tondanbhfive:   apparantly there are many others with the same kinds of issues and error messages.03:13
danbhfivehou5ton: I just finished installing a pirated and spanish language version of XP to get my cheapo webcam working03:13
hou5tondanbhfive:   I've tried three different webcams with three different chip sets03:13
KiD_ChAoSgenii, yes i was going to try and issue the 'off' switch first then try to reconnect03:14
KiD_ChAoSgenii, i'll try now03:14
geniiKiD_ChAoS: perhaps try something like: sudo iwconfig <ethname> off; sudo iwconfig <ethname> aa:bb:cc etc03:14
KiD_ChAoSone sec03:14
hou5tondanbhfive:   it actually will work at first ... for a little while ... and then quits ... and then the only way to get it working again is with a new install03:14
hou5tondanbhfive:   something about Ubuntu 7.10 that just doesn't get it03:14
danbhfivehou5ton: hmmm, I don't know, at least you have some sort of support, but I can't help ya03:15
hou5tondanbhfive:   wonder what other distro I should try?03:15
=== MaxPayne is now known as alanhaggai
WebuKiD_ChAoS, there's also an option "iwconfig eth1 mode X" but i'm not so sure about it, you might take a look at this man page: http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl8_iwconfi.htm03:15
broken__How can I get rid of power save mode upon reboot?03:15
danbhfiveanyone know about posting bounties for ubuntu?03:16
iDivine-;noooo BACK03:17
drpckenhey guys everytime I reboot i get /dev/sd5 was not cleanly mounted. Check force::: and then i proceeds to fix whatever the problem was.  I have no sd5 to my knowledge, and when I look at my places its not their either03:17
olivia23how can I tell if i have dapper or gutsy?03:17
Optimus55is there any way to get ubuntu apps in windows?03:17
WebuKiD_ChAoS, playing with different options might work, there's also commands "ifup" and "ifdown", i think they should apply to your wireless interface eth1 as well. So you could do a "ifdown eth1", set what you want and then "ifup eth1" :)03:17
drpckenall i have is sd1 and sd2 which are two partitions03:17
danbhfiveolivia23: lsb_release -a03:17
KiD_ChAoSWebu, ok03:18
drpckenand then a usb drive but its called XTREME03:18
Rellicoptiumus55, wine runs some windows apps03:18
danbhfiveOptimus55: you can try cygwin03:18
olivia23danbhfive: can i install dapper packages in feisty?03:18
olivia23danbhfive: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/utils/disktype , trying to install that03:19
WebuKiD_ChAoS, if it simply won't work, it might be your card and/or it's driver though it "worked" with a GUI.03:19
Optimus55Rellic: sorry i mean the other way around. not windows in ubuntu, i mean ubuntu apps in windows03:19
geniidrpcken: What does the result of:   sudo fdisk -l |grep sda5                               report?03:19
Optimus55danbhfive: does cygwin support linux applications in window?03:19
olivia23danbhfive: nvm, got it03:19
danbhfiveOptimus55: yeah03:19
broken__How can I stop a monitor from going into power save mode upon reboot?03:20
KiD_ChAoSWebu, wierd 'ifdown eth1' comes back as 'eth1 not configured'03:20
danbhfiveolivia23: its in gutsy03:20
Optimus55danbhfive: thanks03:20
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Another thing which occurs to me is that your APs may be each individually assigning DHCP IPs to clients which conflict with each other03:20
WebuKiD_ChAoS, at least my Windows laptop always selects the strongest open AP if there's many avaible with the same SSID and channel.03:20
danbhfivebroken__: doesn't that happen because the monitor is turned off?03:20
drpckengenii, /dev/sda5            3434        9729    50572588+  83  Linux03:21
danbhfivebroken__: or rather, the signal is cut03:21
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yes that was why we made them all the same SSID to ensure the end-user with windows the best signal03:21
CrazyPhilHi. Sorry for the noob question. What does meen "switch to a tty" ?03:21
WebuKiD_ChAoS, hmmph, they might now work with wireless interfaces, sorry i'm not able to test it out since i don't have any wireless interfaces here :/03:21
WebuKiD_ChAoS, might not*03:21
KiD_ChAoSgenii, no we have our router handle all the DHCP03:21
broken__danbhfive, a friend is experiencing this issue, she says it only happens when she restarts from ubuntu but not a cold reboot.03:21
geniidrpcken: Then boot to recovery mode and run fsck /dev/sda503:21
danbhfiveCrazyPhil: TeleTYpe I think, I think it just means to start a terminal03:22
CrazyPhilok thanks03:22
danbhfivebroken__: maybe it's a bios issue03:22
nickrudCrazyPhil: it means press ctl-alt-f1 -> f6 , ctl-alt-f7 to get back to the gui03:22
drpckengenii, will do, what is sda5 though? i only have 2 partitions03:22
ahavetrying to configure my wifi usb adapter... what is my next step after i obtain the chipset?03:23
WebuKiD_ChAoS, yeah, even using different softwares like WifiHopper i wasn't able to select which one i'll connect (on my Windows laptop).03:23
geniidrpcken: Obviously you don't. To see a complete list of all your partitions, do just: sudo fdisk -l03:23
danbhfivebroken__: I remember way back that bios's had two boot modes, quick and normal, where quick was used on reboots, maybe quick boot doesn't work.  You should be able to turn it off in bios03:23
lokiridoes burning ubuntu to cd-rw vs cd-r have a difference?03:23
drpckengeni, you're right03:23
danbhfiveahave: are you using ndiswrapper?03:24
drpckengeni, says its a Linux system03:24
=== DrShower is now known as DrFrankenstein
drpckeni'll do what you said03:24
ahavedanbhfive, idk. how can i tell?03:24
bullgard4English help wanted. What is meant by 'bouncing' in the following sentence: "Via some abstraction (either acpid, gnome-power-manager or kpowersave or something), the userspace makes that decision and initiates the suspend to RAM process by either calling a suspend script directly or bouncing via HAL."03:24
HPubuntuLaptopI'm having some laptop issues here03:24
KiD_ChAoSWebu, genii, could it be that my driver for my wireless card is fwcutter?03:24
Rellicfor security sakes and stuff is it still a good idea to make multiple partitions for /root /boot, etc?03:24
KuroachiaIs there something that I'm missing? I'm running 7.10 and I want to burn an .iso to a dvd and when I right click on the file I don't have a burn command like people are saying online.03:24
danbhfiveahave: from whatever directions you are following03:24
Starnestommybullgard4: it's telling the system to suspend using HAL03:24
KiD_ChAoSi switched from ndiswrapper to fwcutter03:24
geniiKiD_ChAoS: I doubt it could be the cause, since the adapter seems to work otherwise.03:24
nickrudbullgard4: it means calling it indirectly via hal03:24
KiD_ChAoSgenii, yes right03:25
Kuroachiaand when I pop the blank DVD in ubuntu prompts me to create a DVD but when I go to make a dvd an error comes up saying  "burn:///" is not a valid location.03:25
ahavedanbhfive, i do not have directions..03:25
drpckenalso, i always disable system beep with rmmod pcspkr, but when i reboot the system beep returns03:25
ahavedanbhfive, which is why i am here03:25
WebuKiD_ChAoS, sorry i don't know much about the drivers, but it's possible that your driver or card just wants to switch the strongest one regardless what Ubuntu tries to set.03:25
HPubuntuLaptopI just bought an HP Pavilion laptop with a widescreen LCD 15" display, I'm having trouble finding out which display to enter at boot (I put "Nvidia GeForce 7 series, because I have a 7150) but I can't figure out what to put for the monitor03:25
kercyrI've come to the conclusion today that if you want effortless wireless connectivity, I should invest in a wireless bridge.03:25
Jolly_Fat_Manhow do i do an md5sum to an entire cd?03:25
danbhfive!wireless > ahave03:25
bullgard4Starnestommy, nickrud : Thank you.03:25
Hinata`Hi there when do ctrl+alt+f1 to get on console, I get an error message that is really annoying me and prevent me from using it to debug my computer: http://pastebin.com/m2e2383bb is there a way to prevent this message to show up?03:25
Pici!verify | Jolly_Fat_Man03:25
ubotuJolly_Fat_Man: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:25
geniiKiD_ChAoS: incidentally fwcutter is just a tool to snip the windows firmware for an adapter so that ndiswrapper can use it. so you are really still using ndiswrapper, really.03:25
KiD_ChAoSoh i c03:26
ahavedanbhfive, thx03:26
neclimdulwow everyone has wireless questions today03:26
nickruddrpcken: create a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ named pcspeaker, and add the line   blacklist  pcspkr     to it. That will prevent it being reloaded on boot03:26
geniidrpcken: You can just blacklist the pcspkr module if you never want to hear it03:26
WebuKiD_ChAoS, from iwconfig man page: "Force the card to register to the Access Point given by the address,03:26
Webuif it is possible. When the quality of the connection goes too low, the driver may revert back to automatic mode (the card finds the best Access Point in range).03:26
RoyCould someone please give me the entire command as to how to remove a particular application in wine when the wine uninstaller fails?03:26
geniinickrud: Beat me to it :)03:26
Bandithow can i tell which sound device my mic is?03:27
nickrudgenii: I write that one in my sleep now :)03:27
ubotufluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox03:27
WebuKiD_ChAoS, that's for "iwconfig ethX ap MAC"03:27
HPubuntuLaptopcan anyone help?03:27
neclimduli've got a really crappy integrated wireless adapter and a pcmcia card. I want to block ubuntu from using the internal one but can't seem to figure out how03:27
RoyCould someone please give me the entire command as to how to remove a particular application in wine when the wine uninstaller fails?03:27
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yeah that could be but im looking into the 'sens' within iwconfig right now.... it all comes down to it working in the gui but not in terminal03:27
Bandithow can i tell which sound device my mic is?03:27
no0tic!repeat | Roy, Bandit03:27
ubotuRoy, Bandit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:27
danbhfiveRoy: what's the reason it matters to you?  I think all that is left behind are links/files/registry crap03:28
neclimdulanyone know of a way to blacklist one of my adapters? (they use the same firmware)03:28
DiceyDaysI am on amd 64 and I am trying to install vista 64 in virtualbox. Yet I get this error message in vista start up- "Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this cpu is not compatible with 64-bit mode". Does virtualbox only run 32bit?03:28
ogrek guys, im trying to run a vm. it says im missing a module. im using virtualbox heres the modprobe feedback http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55166/ any help would be appreciated I have no clue what im doing03:28
Roydanbhfive: I need to remove them because the uninstaller is missing.03:28
geniiKiD_ChAoS: So if your router assigns the dhcp numbers for the entire network including all the APs are they set up in something like repeater/bridge mode? Since most APs of course are getting the IP from the router then assign different ranges to their clients03:28
WebuKiD_ChAoS, i see, it sounds a bit funny and strange at the same time if GUI claims to be connected to a specific MAC.03:29
RoyThat application is incompatible03:29
bluekbHow do I find out when a package was installed?03:29
KuroachiaAnyone know what I should do about burning an iso?03:29
jrib!burn | Kuroachia03:29
ubotuKuroachia: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:29
SergeantScarhey all03:29
thepainin making dual boot system, how can i make that it used xp bootloader?03:29
drpckennickrud, it won't let me create a file in /etc/modprobe.d/03:29
drpckenthere's no option03:30
jribogre: add your user to the vboxusers group03:30
KiD_ChAoSgenii, there are a few AP that we couldn't hardwire to the switch but the are just AP's as well with WDS so the router still assigns IPs to those APs through there WDS counterparts03:30
SierGood evening, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop edition on a pc , and after I click on the Install(first item), the screen turns blank.. I already press F4, and changed from VGA to multiple different resolutions, and still no luck :( My video card is a 8800GT.. Any help, please?03:30
jribogre: wait, maybe it's something else, but check that too03:30
Roydanbhfive: Any hints?03:30
ahavedanbhfive, ndiswrapper is for using windows drivers?03:30
nickruddrpcken: you have to do    sudoedit  /etc/modprobe.d/pcspeaker , you need admin privs to write in /etc03:30
sidWhat is a simple way to sync a directory on windows vista, and one on gnome?03:30
* genii sips a beer and thinks about the 27 APs and the iwconfig conundrum03:31
ahavedanbhfive, my card is supposed to linux capable :  http://www.data-alliance.net/servlet/the-90/high-dsh-power-long-dsh-range-AWUS036H-Alfa/Detail03:31
nickrudbluekb:    sudo less /var/log/apt/term.log , type   /<packagename> in there03:31
poningrujw144000: you there?03:31
poningrusorry dude I'm on call right now03:31
KiD_ChAoSgenii, yes im going to start drinking too03:31
WebuKiD_ChAoS, :D03:31
villnewhey all, anyone know how to set up dosemu to log data (in this case text commands) sent from a program being run in dosemu to a serial port? I can find mention in the manual that it can do this but nothing saying how :(03:31
danbhfiveRoy: I just don't understand why you care, unless you are reinstalling or something, but I really don't know.  maybe you can try in #wine03:31
jw144000poningru: I'm here03:31
ogrek guys, im trying to run a vm. it says im missing a module. im using virtualbox heres the modprobe feedback http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55166/ any help would be appreciated I have no clue what im doing03:31
poningrujw144000: all you have to do is pop in your windows cd and boot from it03:31
ogreoops sorry03:32
jw144000then what03:32
poningruand when you get to the first screen select the repair option by pressing r03:32
HPubuntuLaptopI'm about to install Ubuntu on a new HP laptop... it didn't come with a Vista disc, it's just installed, I didn't use the key yet, so is there any way to download vista later and use my key?03:32
danbhfiveahave: well, if it worked in linux, then I think it would already be working.  and yes, ndiswrapper is about using the windows drivers in linux03:32
HPubuntuLaptopin case I have issues with Ubuntu03:32
poningruthen type in your administrator password if it asks you03:32
magickHPubuntuLaptop, didn't you get a restore CD?03:32
geniiKiD_ChAoS: Nothing immediate comes to mind besides the issues I've mentioned already. I have no other things to try at this moment. But I'm still trying to think of what the issue could be.03:32
HPubuntuLaptopno it didn't come with one03:32
poningrujw144000: then do a command called fixmbr03:32
HPubuntuLaptopsystem restore is in the computer... like in a partition I think03:32
poningrujust type in fixmbr03:32
jw144000poningru: I'm using a storebought copy of Windows XP home edition....it's not a restore CD that came with my PC, does that matter?03:32
SergeantScari wanna drink...  but have test tomorrow03:33
SergeantScarbut im happy cause i finally got my computer running awesome!!! yay!!03:33
jw144000My PC has System restore on the hard drive03:33
tazhi stealthcorba.... are u there?03:33
danbhfiveHPubuntuLaptop: call them up, and ask for the windows disk, its within your rights I believe03:33
poningrujw144000: no that does not matter03:33
stealthcobraYes Honey Taz03:33
ahavedanbhfive, it has worked previously on another ubuntu box i once had.. just not now.03:33
magickHPubuntuLaptop, I highly doubt a big market company like HP would give out a laptop without the cd.. its there, just look for it03:33
poningrujw144000: just make sure the external hard drive is not connected when you do this03:33
nickrudevil evil evil jw14400003:33
no0ticHPubuntuLaptop, probably you can burn restore dvd03:33
villneweither that or if there is a way to log data sent to a serial port to a file - thought I'd found something that would do it with the program ttylog but that only does data coming in through that serial port and i need to log data going out :(03:33
ahavedanbhfive, is there no other way than without ndiswrapper?03:33
singlesunSergeantScar, congrats ;)03:33
tazha ha ha setlhcbra.. how was ur day03:33
magickHPubuntuLaptop, if not, do as danbhfive said and ask for it03:33
no0ticmagick, they don't, I assure you03:33
stealthcobrabad day!03:33
stealthcobraLinux give me hard time03:34
SergeantScarthanks very much!! oops. got to restart!03:34
ahavedanbhfive, i would rather not use a wrapper and just use it natively03:34
KiD_ChAoSyeah i started using iwlist scan and was amazed it allowed me to see the MACs of all the APs there and also iwconfig to show me which mac i was on but i need more functionality damnit!03:34
jw144000nickrud: Why are you calling me evil?03:34
tazsorry setalcobra... anyway any one know how to using with remote ?? can u help with ??03:34
nickrudjw144000: not you , your situation. evil HP03:34
magickno0tic, so i'm guessing they want you to rely on their recovery partition right?03:34
WebuKiD_ChAoS, do you happen to use a Broadcom chipset card btw?03:34
jw144000nickrud: Oh, OK. Actually, it's Dell, not HP03:34
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yes i do03:34
jw144000In my case03:34
Danger_is there a support channel for the eee-pc03:34
danbhfiveahave: well of course, native will always be better than ndiswrapper.  Have you installed linux-modules-restricted?  or checked the restricted driver manager maybe?03:34
stealthcobrahow do we use remtoe between desktop to desktop?03:34
DiceyDaysOkay I read the virtualbox pdf manual, and it says that virtualbox 1.5 (which I got) supports 64 bit Vista. So how do I setup virtualbox to handle 64 bit vista? Thanks for any help.03:35
Sierany solutions for my specific question? :P03:35
no0ticmagick, yes, but you can burn a dvd from that03:35
nickrudjw144000: thanks for letting me know not to buy dell (although I haven't booted my tiny vista partition in months, it's there in case the hardware fails)03:35
jw144000poningru: I'll be back in a few minutes03:35
WebuKiD_ChAoS, just wondering, actually with WiFiHopper on Windows laptop i was ably to try connect a specific MAC address, but after connecting it always threw me to the strongest one :/03:35
ahavedanbhfive, restricted driver manager? no. what is that?03:35
poningrujw144000: k03:35
Danger_dell argh03:35
geniiDiceyDays: Do you have a 64 bit cpu?03:35
DiceyDaysgenii: Yeah03:36
jrib!please > sier (read the private message from ubotu)03:36
magickno0tic, this is probably in their plan to overtake dell.. cut the cost of a CD 50% of the people won't even use.. slow computer from spyware -> buy a new one.03:36
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yeah windows would switch it on you...i hate that03:36
Siergot it to work.03:36
Sierthanks all :)03:36
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
danbhfiveahave: from a terminal, run restricted-manager03:36
WebuKiD_ChAoS, me too actually, hope it's not a Broadcom feature :/03:36
DanThirst>_> any one pro at fstab? lol03:36
tazany one can help please.. .. how do we using remote betweed desktop to desktop ??03:37
jw144000nickrud: Heh. It's retarded that they won't give you actual installation CDs, but instead opt on putting system restore on the hard drive. It's as if they didn't think about what I'd need to do if I needed to reformat and reinstall everything, luckily I have a Windows XP CD or I'd be SOL03:37
Kuroachiaubotu: It turned out I was missing a package which is why I couldn't burn the dvd, thanks tho.03:37
ahavedanbhfive, command not found03:37
SierI just had to press CTRL+ALT and +.. in order to change the freq of the video card :) just in case someone is stuck at the same point.03:37
nickrudjw144000: dell gave me two disks ;P03:37
KiD_ChAoSWebu, yeah otherwise i like my card...it's pretty strong, i don't know the exact mwatts on it but i like it03:37
ahavedanbhfive, it should be known i have a linuxICE build of ubuntu so perhaps this is not included?03:37
nickrudDanThirst: no experts here (they spend time building ubuntu) but what's your issue?03:38
j1mchi all - would someone with a default "interfaces" file be willing to post their /etc/init.d/network/interfaces file to pastebin?03:38
WebuKiD_ChAoS, that's great :) What kind of AP's do you happen to use? Buffalos?03:38
DanThirstk i'v got this drive mounting but i want to be able to rw with out having to sudo03:38
bluekbHow do I get the install date of packages, or the chronological order of package updates?03:38
jw144000nickrud: LOL, I have a bone to pick with these people. BRB03:38
nickrudDanThirst: put your /etc/fstab on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org , and tell us which one you're talking about03:39
danbhfiveahave: yeah, that would do it03:39
DanThirstjust one line can i paste it in here03:39
CreationistAnyone else have these bugs:  Application launcher icons on a panel rearrange themselves whenever I login.  I am also unable to setup any program to launch automatically when I login.03:39
nickrudDanThirst: one line, sure03:39
geniiDiceyDays: Since this is more a virtualbox issue (or possible Vista 64 specifically runing on virtualbox) than an Ubuntu issue I would recommend seeking specialised help, possibly at the virtualbox forum or irc if they have one03:39
KiD_ChAoSWebu, http://www.engeniustech.com/datacom/products/details.aspx?id=17303:39
danbhfiveahave: what's lspci | grep Ethernet        say?03:39
DanThirst/dev/hdb1 /home/dan/storage auto auto,rw 0 003:39
DiceyDaysgenii: Okay. Thanks03:39
DanThirstnickrud: like i said it mounts fine but03:39
nickrudDanThirst: what partition type is it?03:40
ahavedanbhfive, nothing03:40
DanThirstext3, i had it as ext3 but i was messing round with it03:40
DanThirsti'll put it back03:40
tazany one will help ??03:40
WebuKiD_ChAoS, that looks powerful and professional :O03:40
DanThirst(the drive is ext3 as well)03:40
nickrudDanThirst:   sudo chown <you>:<you> home/dan/storage03:40
KiD_ChAoSlol...pain in my ass03:40
nickrudDanThirst: that's it :)03:40
DanThirsteh ?03:41
nickrudDanThirst: do that with the partition mounted by the way.03:41
DanThirstwill i have to do that every time i log on03:41
nickrudDanThirst: no, just the once03:41
ogrejrib:   sudo usermod vboxusers -G ogre ?03:41
danbhfiveahave: so this is linux in your car?03:42
jribogre: no, that would not work.  What's the output of 'groups'?03:42
nickrudDanThirst: permissions in fstab are for windows partitions, ext partitions use the standard unix permissions03:42
Foxrayhi i'm trying to move all my stuff out of this really annoying 8gb maxtor ball bearing hdd to an 8gb CF card, how would i go about cloning the drive so it would work?03:42
DanThirstgiving me no such file or dir03:42
danbhfiveahave: I don't know about your problem though, I would try this (ndiswrapper): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RTL8180L?highlight=%28WifiDocs%2FDevice%2903:43
bluekbnickrud, sorry, missed your comment earlier.  I have no /var/log/apt dir03:43
DanThirstnickrud:  should i be replacing you:you with any thing03:43
nickrudDanThirst:     sudo chown  dan:dan   /home/dan/storage03:43
stealthcobraYELL HELP?03:43
ogrejrib: ogre adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin admin netdev powerdev .. when i try to add group though it says it already exists03:43
ahavedanbhfive, as soon as i get everything working. yes03:43
jribogre: sudo adduser ogre vboxdrv03:43
jribogre: ugh, that's wronk03:44
jribogre: sudo adduser ogre vboxusers03:44
nickrudbluekb: I have that here, it's a log of apt's actions.03:44
stealthcobrawave high03:44
Pici!ask | stealthcobra03:44
ubotustealthcobra: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:44
nickrudDanThirst: you have files in there already?03:44
bluekbnickrud, unfortunately that directory does not exist for me.03:44
DanThirstyay i have some where to store my porn03:44
nickrudDanThirst: then you're done03:44
DanThirstthanks nickrud i03:45
joh6nnso, i'm seeing the weirdest damn behavior from apt-cache, and i have no idea what's causing it: any search i run has lots of blank lines mixed in with the output, and once the search is done, bash acts like i held down the enter key03:45
nickrudPici: do you have a dir /var/log/apt ?03:45
DanThirstwhat was that command or method you had me use ?03:45
DanThirstsomething like chmod?03:45
nickrudbluekb: what version of ubuntu are you running?03:45
CVD-PRHey there can i ask about java development  in ubuntu/linux?03:45
stealthcobranever mind i am outta here03:45
nickrudDanThirst: chown , change owner03:45
Picinickrud: yes, I do.03:46
DanThirstohh ok thank you i'll remember that03:46
cfedde_CVD-PR: what's to ask?  other than... it works.03:46
bluekbfind /var/log/ -maxdepth 1 -type d |xargs ls -d      gives the output  /var/log/  /var/log/bittorrent  /var/log/cups  /var/log/dist-upgrade  /var/log/fsck  /var/log/gdm  /var/log/ksymoops  /var/log/news  /var/log/ntpstats  /var/log/samba  /var/log/unattended-upgrades03:46
bluekbnickrud, the directory you suggest does not exist.03:46
nickrudbluekb: I asked another regular, he has it. What version of ubuntu are you running?03:46
DanThirstthanks agan nickrud03:46
bluekbnickrud, Fiesty Fawn03:47
bluekbI think.03:47
singlesunsadly i think i prefer fdisk to this new gui for partitioning03:47
nickrudbluekb: it may have been added recently then.03:48
iieieiewhat would i put in the terminal to get libgpod 0.6.0?03:48
CVD-PRCan someone recomend me one of this: eclipse or netbeans to do console and Gui03:48
iieieiei cant seem to install it03:48
nickrudbluekb:   lsb_release -a will confirm03:48
iieieieim very tired and cant think straight03:48
bluekb7.04, nickrud03:48
TiconderogaHow do I share files between Windows XP Pro and Ubuntu 7.10? Like shared folders over a Router based network. I have been able to get as far as both computers to see each other, but access is not possible. Username and password bit just wont accept.03:48
KiD_ChAoSiieieie, smoke some dope03:48
ogrejrib:  here is a screenshot of the error that virtualbox is giving me http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/8121/screenshotmj4.png03:48
m0u5ehow do i find out what graphics card I have on this laptop?03:48
drpckenwhich apt command will tell me if any version of an app is even installed?03:49
nickrudbluekb: ok, then  ls -ld /usr/share/doc/<pkgname> should be accurate03:49
m0u5edrpcken: apt-cache show <appname>03:49
drpckenthanks! you guys rock :)03:49
nickruddrpcken: apt-cache policy <packgname>03:49
bluekbnickrud, trying that03:49
uid000hello, i was wondering if someone could help me out with the nvidia binary drivers03:49
m0u5eso anyone know how i would find out what gpu I'm using?03:49
iieieieguys Could anyone please tell me how to get libgpod 0.6.0?03:49
joh6nndrpcken: dpkg -s <packagename>03:49
uid000i have just replaced a Ti 4200 with an FX 520003:50
joh6nniieieie: apt-cache search libgpod03:50
flakeif I lose my panel and main panels, how could I get them back03:50
joh6nnand then apt-get install <foo> , where foo is whatever the best result from the search is03:50
scott_is there a program that will take photos and convert them into a video sideshow03:50
jribogre: what package did you install for virtualbox?03:50
bluekbnickrud, thank you.  I have confirmed why I think nvidia is not working: kernel update.03:51
uid000before removing the Ti 4200, i disabled the proprietary driver, reenabling 'nv'03:51
bluekbI didn't realize it.03:51
joh6nni'm seeing the weirdest damn behavior from apt-cache, and i have no idea what's causing it: any search i run has lots of blank lines mixed in with the output, and once the search is done, bash acts like i held down the enter key03:51
bluekbNow, to figure out how to update the nvidia drivers.03:51
nickrudm0u5e: cat /proc/cpuinfo03:51
m0u5eoh crap, i have an SGI03:51
TiconderogaMaybe I'll just re-read the community docs then...03:51
lazy247xi need help install glxboot?? -- it doesnt want to display splash screen.. i been on it for 3 days now??03:51
uid000now i can't get the binary driver to work with the new(er) 5200, and i'm pulling my hair out03:51
nickrudbluekb: if you are using the ubuntu drivers , install linux-generic that will keep them up to date03:51
jribjoh6nn: is it reproducable in a new terminal?03:51
geniiJohn_R: Perhaps your Enter key is sticking03:51
m0u5enickrud: i need to know my graphics card :X03:51
nickrudm0u5e:  lspci | grep -i vga03:52
joh6nnjrib: reproducible over and over again, in xterm and konsole03:52
nickrudm0u5e: gpu, cpu what's the diff :)03:52
uid000any suggestions?03:52
jw144000poningru: I did exactly what you said, and when I typed fixmbr at the command prompt, it did nothing03:52
joh6nnclosed both of them, reopened them, still happening03:52
bluekbnickrud, I had trouble with the ubuntu drivers;  had to install from nvidia's downloads.03:52
geniiJohn_R: Sorry, misdirect :)03:52
poningrujw144000: what did it say?03:52
jribjoh6nn: only with apt-cache?03:52
ogrejrib:  1 sec03:52
nickrudbluekb: then you have to do a complete new install, or at least recompile the kernel modules03:52
m0u5eargh... i have a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter03:52
jw144000Well, I typed R to get to the recovery console, then it went to this command prompt, I typed fixmbr and it did nothing03:52
geniijoh6nn: : Perhaps your Enter key is sticking03:52
m0u5eanyone know how to get it to work w/ compiz? :X03:53
joh6nnjrib: best as i can tell.  other commands i've tried seem unaffected03:53
poningrujw144000: err I meant fixboot03:53
poningrujw144000: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/termsf/p/fixboot.htm03:53
joh6nngenii: not as far as i can tell; i'm not having problems with any other commands03:53
bluekbnickrud, complete new install of what?  Ubuntu?  Or the drivers?03:53
jw144000OK, so just type fixboot at the command prompt?03:54
oboy03I installed ubuntu using my entire hardisk, can i install another linux OS without removing ubuntu?03:54
oboy03or should i partition again?03:54
nickrudbluekb: the nvidia drivers from their site03:54
CVD-PReclipse o netbeans?   GUI and console  :-)03:54
nickrudm0u5e: try installing xserver-xgl , logging out and back in03:54
uid000hi, all. i'm wondering if i could get some troubleshooting help with an nivida gf fx 5200 and the nvidia binary drivers?03:54
m0u5enickrud: xserver-xgl runs really slow thouhg03:54
lazy247xhelp with GFXboot.. please??03:54
m0u5enickrud: i tried it, but it was even slower than using the generic drivers03:54
nickrudm0u5e: that's how you get compiz with sis I read03:54
m0u5enickrud: :(03:55
nickrudm0u5e: it's also why I'm not running compiz on my ati chip03:55
m0u5enickrud: *sigh*03:55
bluekbaugh.  I forgot which driver I needed...03:55
iieieiehow do i update amarok? its 1.4.7 and when i try to in the terminal it says it takes no arguments...03:55
m0u5enickrud: didn't ati release source code a few months ago?03:55
m0u5eiieieie: try sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade03:56
nickrudm0u5e: yes, but the aiglx support leaves a lot to be desired. I'm using the new one for the suspend support03:56
oboy03I installed ubuntu using my entire hardisk, can i install another linux OS without removing ubuntu?03:56
m0u5enickrud: @_@;03:56
tristanmikeHi all, does anyone know about a broken flash player after an update ?03:56
nickrud!flashissus | tristanmike03:56
joh6nnoboy03: yes, but i'd recommend backing up any important files before you try03:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flashissus - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:56
nickrud!flashissues | tristanmike03:56
ubotutristanmike: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »03:56
whoaitsphildoes anyone here use Crossover Office for anything?03:56
m0u5eoboy03: resize the partition?03:56
tristanmikethanks nickrud :D03:56
uid000does anyone know what's going on with the following nvidia messages in syslog:03:56
uid000Feb  7 21:44:12 kessel kernel: [   40.886353] NVRM: RM/client version mismatch!!03:56
uid000Feb  7 21:44:12 kessel kernel: [   40.886362] NVRM:    aborting to avoid catastrophe!03:56
oboy03yes can i resize it?03:57
m0u5ewasn't the flash issue fixed today?03:57
joh6nnoboy03: it would require you to resize your ext3 filesystem, which is relatively safe, but anything that messes with partitions and filesystems has risks03:57
m0u5eoboy03: try gparted03:57
Webu!flashissue | m0u5e03:57
oboy03example i wanna install opensuse too03:57
ubotum0u5e: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »03:57
whoaitsphili'm trying to use crossover office to run world of warcraft on ubuntu but i'm having trouble installing the expansion...it doesn't recognize that the original game is installed so it won't let me install the expansion03:57
iieieieit still says the update command takes no arguments03:58
oboy03it says partition hardisk and use freed space to install03:58
singlesunthe attempt to mount a filesystem with type swap in IDE1 master, partition #5 (hda5) at none failed. <--- this error was given from that partitioning gui ubuntu uses... can i somehow access fdisk? to format or someone know how to fix?03:58
oboy03is it safe?03:58
joh6nnoboy03: STOP!03:58
tristanmikenickrud, does that require a reboot ?03:58
joh6nndo not, repeat, DO NOT run gparted from your current install03:58
joh6nnrun gparted from the liveCD03:58
xenthroQ: i have 2000 photos i dont want to sort through. some of them are very blurry. is there a package/script/plugin SOMETHING/ANYTHING that will separate the blurry from non-blurry ones?03:58
oboy03im not doing it yet anyway :)03:58
joh6nnok, good03:59
Erealzanyone use truecrypt03:59
xenthroErealz, yes03:59
=== Veinor is now known as Veinor|away
drpckeni'm trying to access share folders on my XP machine.  I have samba installed on my ubuntu, and can see my xp machine under Network but when I try to access it it says Folder Contents could not be displayed.  What am I missing?03:59
scottyis there a program that will convert photos a video sideshow03:59
iieieiesomeone please tell me how to get the latest version of amarok03:59
joh6nnxenthro: when all else fails, ask www.freshmeat.net03:59
Erealzxenthro I just installed vir 5.003:59
iieieiei tried to use apt-get update amarok but it said that it takes no arguments03:59
TiconderogaDo any of you know how to share file folders between XP and Ubuntu?03:59
Piciiieieie: What version do you have?03:59
ErealzI notice it didn't install a link on my desktop or menues03:59
tristanmikeTiconderoga, check out Samba03:59
ErealzI maid my own link03:59
iieieiei need the newer one to use my ipod03:59
drpckenTiconderoga, thats what i'm trying to do now04:00
masequisat one time someone showed me how to spell check in chatzilla, but I've forgotten how.  Can anyone remind me?04:00
Erealzbut I can't find the icon04:00
xenthrojoh6nn, thanks, will look there04:00
TiconderogaWhat is Samba?04:00
Erealzwhere woulld it be located at?04:00
Piciiieieie: If you are running Gutsy, than that is the latest version in the repositories.04:00
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:00
whoaitsphili'm trying to use crossover office to run world of warcraft on ubuntu but i'm having trouble installing the expansion...it doesn't recognize that the original game is installed so it won't let me install the expansion...anyone have any experience with crossover office?04:00
ushimitsudokiErealz: Search Google Images for the icon ... the package doesn't have one (as far as I could tell)04:00
joh6nniieieie: apt-get install amarok, not apt-get update amaork04:00
xenthroErealz, just hit ALT+F2 and type in truecrypt04:00
joh6nnapt-get update does something else04:00
Erealzah yea that just start it up04:00
drpckeni have samba installed but i'm getting an error on my ubuntu when trying to access xp, Folder contents could not be displayed04:00
TiconderogaI already have both computers seeing each other in the workgroup, ubuntu one is set with smb. I just can't login...04:01
iieieiei tried, but it claims that it is already the latest version04:01
iieieieeven though it isnt04:01
flakehow can I copy my kde to give me another session option before logging into it so I can change things around and if I mess it up, I can just delete the session and go back to kde04:01
ErealzI just wanted the nice lil icon on my desktop or dockbar04:01
uid000anybody have any insight into the following nvidia message in syslog:  NVRM: RM/client version mismatch04:01
joh6nnany search i run in apt-cache has lots of blank lines mixed in with the output, and once the search is done, bash acts like i held down the enter key; anyone know what might cause that?04:01
TiconderogaI've been to those links, none of them did any good.04:01
KiD_ChAoSshould i go to Suse?04:01
jetscreamerlook at session manager in control04:01
joh6nnflake: say again?04:01
hanophix33can anyone tell me why some websites dont "fit" in firefix?04:02
joh6nnhanophix33: what website?04:02
DWonderlywill 32 bit ubuntu work on a AMD64 chipset?04:02
hanophix33cnn.com for example04:02
jribDWonderly: yes04:02
hanophix33the headlines are on 2 lines04:02
drpckenhanophix33, is it your font perhaps?04:02
oboy03can i use ubuntu to virus scan a windows hardisk?04:02
KiD_ChAoShanophix33, your resolution is probably set to 600 X 480 please correct04:02
masequisDWonderly: yes.04:02
oboy03what program to use?04:02
singlesunDWonderly, yes i am running 32 bit on mine, because i dont like the java and flash issues of 64... lol04:02
hanophix33kid_chaos:  on proper resolution04:02
jriboboy03: clam av04:02
DWonderlysinglesun that is why I was wondering.04:02
masequisDWonderly: in fact I recomend it..04:03
deuchiHello everybody04:03
joh6nnhanophix33: what's your resolution?04:03
singlesunDWonderly, ;) its better... i promise you that04:03
KiD_ChAoShanophix33, trying using dual monitors, that ought to fix it04:03
DWonderlyThanks Guys. I'll be back once I get it running :) YOU GUYS ROCK!04:03
TiconderogaApparently Samba is already installed.04:03
hanophix331024 76804:03
drpckenTiconderoga, yes i'm having hte same issue04:03
jw144000poningru: I typed in fixboot c: and it said it couldn't find the drive04:03
joh6nnhanophix33: any extensions installed?04:03
drpckeni can see my xp box but can't access it04:03
TiconderogaI can send printing jobs from Ubuntu to XP and that works fine, I'm just stuck on file sharing.04:03
hanophix33joh6nn:  ubufox04:04
joh6nndrpcken: are you sure you have the permissions and what not all set up? i've never used samba, but i'm guessing it doesn't just give access04:04
lotiadrpcken: do you have samba installed.04:04
joh6nnjoh6nn: screenshot?04:04
uid000hi, i'm fairly stuck here getting the nvidia drivers to work.  wonder if anybody has any troubleshooting tips.  just upgraded an older (ti 4200) card to a slightly less old (fx 5200) card.04:04
lotiaTiconderoga: i mean do you have samba installed?04:04
poningrujw144000: dude did you try to bootup?04:04
Erealzhey real quick how do you move a pic/file to another dir04:04
poningrufrom windows?04:04
masequisWhen I rebooted my box today it took a LONG time to get to login.. maybe fschk? but I've never seen it take that long before.04:04
drpckenlotia, yes i have sama installed04:04
TiconderogaSamba is how my Ubuntu communicates with the Windows Printer04:05
poningrujw144000: http://askbobrankin.com/fix_mbr.html04:05
poningrusee that explains it very well04:05
jw144000jw144000: I went to the recovery console by pressing R, it took me to the command prompt, I typed fixboot c: and it said it couldn't find the drive04:05
drpckenjoh6nn, you mean my permissions on the xp box?04:05
iieieiesomeone please help me update to amarok 1.4.804:05
masequisuid000: Did you simply install from Synaptic?04:05
joh6nnErealz: mv path/filename newpath/newfilefame04:05
iieieieits not letting me04:05
uid000masequis: i've tried several things04:05
joh6nndrpcken: i'm just taking shots in the dark.  but yeah, on both the XP box, and in the samba config files04:05
deuchiI have a serious problem, I have followed all the instructions to install Ubuntu with Vista ... but it still bugging, I installed grub into the disk where ubuntu is installed and I use EasyBCD to modify the boot.ini of windows to access to grub04:05
uid000masequis: here's how it went04:05
joh6nndrpcken: i'm guessing they'd have to be synched04:05
deuchiI seriously don't know how to do now ...04:05
masequisuid000: mmm.. what card was it again?04:06
drpckeniieieie, first run  sudo apt-get remove amarok04:06
uid000it /was/ a ti 4200, and is now a fx 520004:06
drpckeniieieie, then run    sudo apt-get install amarok04:06
hanophix33joh6nn:  any idea for me?04:06
drpckenthat should put the latest on for you04:06
drpckeni did it today04:06
KiD_ChAoSi need help building a sinister LKM04:06
joh6nnhanophix33: can you upload a screenshot of what you're seeing somewhere?04:06
singlesunamarok is the best ;)04:06
nickruddrpcken: isn't 1.4.7 the latest in the repos?04:07
uid000masequis: before removing the old card, i disabled the restricted driver in the restricted driver applet, reenabling 'nv'04:07
jw144000poningru: I typed the fixboot command after I went to the recovery console and it said it couldn't find the drive04:07
jw144000never mind04:07
hanophix33joh6nn: to where?04:07
uid000then i installed the new card and then reinstalled the restricted driver.04:07
poningrujw144000: if the fixmbr thing 'did nothing' I am pretty sure that means it was done04:07
jw144000I didn't see the link you posted04:07
joh6nnhanophix33: anywhere you have access to.  if you haven't got anywhere to upload it, no worries04:07
poningrujw144000: http://askbobrankin.com/fix_mbr.html04:07
drpckennickrud, yes you are right, i just checked and mines 1.4.704:07
poningrujw144000: pretty sure it was fixed04:08
drpckennickrud, oops :)04:08
poningrujw144000: try booting from that hdd04:08
whoaitsphildoes anyone play World of Warcraft on their linux box?04:08
nickruddrpcken: but you were right, that's the correct way to get the latest _supported_ amarok ;)04:08
uid000masequis: i have tried using synaptic to completely remove all nvidia drivers and reinstall them04:08
drpckennickrud, second day using Ubuntu, i'd say that was pretty good advice ;)04:08
uid000masequis: i'm at wit's end04:09
jw144000poningru: I still get the grub error04:09
masequisuid000: mmm.. what error are you getting?04:09
hanophix33joh6nn:  i dont have anywhere to put it04:09
poningrujw144000: try it with the fixmbr but without the C:04:10
uid000masequis: in syslog, i'm getting:04:10
uid000Feb  7 22:24:23 kessel kernel: [   43.985995] NVRM: RM/client version mismatch!!04:10
uid000Feb  7 22:24:23 kessel kernel: [   43.986002] NVRM:    aborting to avoid catastrophe!04:10
poningruerr fixboot without the C:04:10
hanophix33but it makes some webpages look pretty confusing, especially when lines screw up formats04:10
TiconderogaAll this reading of the samba stuff put me back at square one. I'm still stuck with not able to login either from windows to ubuntu or ubuntu to windows. Windows, the login just repeats, Ubuntu just says no permission.04:10
masequisuid000: oy.. that can't be good.04:10
uid000masequis: X is giving me:04:10
uid000(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module! Please ensure04:10
uid000(EE) NVIDIA(0):     that there is a supported NVIDIA GPU in this system, and04:10
uid000(EE) NVIDIA(0):     that the NVIDIA device files have been created properly.04:10
uid000(EE) NVIDIA(0):     Please consult the NVIDIA README for details.04:10
uid000(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***04:10
FloodBot1uid000: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
Hinata`is there any way to prevent that message: [ 3004.663637] hub 1-0:1.0: over-current change on port 2 to show and annoy me in ctrl+alt+f1 mode?04:11
scott_can anyone till ne if there is a program to convert photos to a video sideshow04:11
uid000masequis: i even popped in a different hard drive and did a fresh install.  the driver works fine there.04:11
StarnestommyHinata`: try bdoing ctrl+alt+f2 instead04:12
=== Azer_ is now known as Azer
jasoncan any one help me with runing screenlets on my ubuntu gutsy?04:12
=== Veinor|away is now known as Veinor
joh6nnscott_: try searching at www.freshmeat.net, or with apt-cache search04:12
jw144000poningru: brb04:12
jasoni get a error when i start the program04:12
Starnestommyjason: I think you may need to be running compiz-fusion, but I'm not sure04:12
masequisuid000: just doing what you've probably already spent 2 hours doing.. little google'n.04:12
jasoni just installed it04:12
Hinata`Starnestommy: it does that everywhere I got in ctrl+alt+f1-604:12
uid000masequis: heh, yep04:12
jasonand i inabbled the widget  check box too04:13
singlesunscott_, i think open office has a slideshow ... substitute for powerpoint04:13
iieieiesomeone please! i need to update amarok to 1.4.804:13
jasonit is a errror anout dameon or somthing like that04:13
scott_thank you04:13
uid000masequis: just don't understand what could cause it to not work, when it works find in a fresh install. clearly something having to do with the previous card being replaced04:13
iieieiei cant seem to do it through command line04:13
masequismaybe something in xorg.conf?04:14
StarnestommyHinata`: I think it looks like a problem with a usb hub04:14
iieieiei am a newbie04:14
Jay955is there a way to map a drive to my secondary drive04:14
masequisuid000: some options in xorg.conf?04:14
iieieieand cant do it by downloading the tar.gz04:14
joh6nnhanophix33: hard to say without being able to see it04:14
barrumbadoim not really a newbie04:14
joh6nncnn is loading just fine for me, so it's definitely something to do with your box04:14
uid000masequis: i copied the working xorg.conf from the fresh install over the install on the orig hard drive.  no dice04:15
drpckenhmm my xbox media center can connect via samba to my xp machine, but ubuntu cannot04:15
singlesuniieieie, cant you just go into the command line  "sudo apt-get install amarok" ?04:15
Optimushello, i feel like an idiot asking this, but, will standard 32bit ubuntu work on an amd64 system?04:15
uid000Optimus: yup04:15
barrumbadoi think it would Optimus04:15
jasonhas any one tryed screenlets for gusty ubuntu? i havr a problem i think its becouse i dont have damoin instaled should i try that?04:15
singlesunOptimus, i also am running 32 bit on my 64 amd and i like it better04:15
barrumbadosorry jason i havent04:16
joh6nnanybody have any guess what would make apt-cache start spitting out blank lines in any search?04:16
Hinata`Starnestommy: yeah I know and I can't really correct it04:16
Starnestommyiieieie: you may need to wait until 1.4.8 gets in the repositories.  1.4.7 should be fine.04:16
drpckeniieieie, http://www.mepislovers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1223404:16
iieieieits not fine..04:16
barrumbadoanybody know how to setup vpn04:16
Hinata`Starnestommy: I only want to block it from showing04:16
iieieiebecause 1.4.7 doesnt work with my ipod04:16
iieieiei need 1.4.804:16
Optimussinglesun: yea, getting stuff to work on the 64bit is just a pain in the but04:16
Hinata`(sorry for my bad english)04:16
singlesuniieieie, looked for a .deb of it?04:16
Oxygenetikisn't there an LGBT Ubuntu??04:16
iieieieim not sure what that is...04:16
Webuiieieie, 1.4.7 is the latest Amarok avaible from Ubuntu repositories, if you want to use 1.4.8 you need to compile it from source by yourself or just wait until 1.4.8 gets in the repositories.04:16
drpckensinglesun, i just sent it to him04:16
singlesunOptimus, yep i messed with it for about 2 weeks and chunked it... just didnt like it04:16
iieieieembarassingly enough04:16
CVD-PRmira q paso aqui?04:16
jasonoh well ill figure it out later04:17
nickrudiieieie: likewise, but I'm waiting for the hardy release rather than use some randomly built package by who knows who04:17
singlesundrpcken, cool ;) i was just about to look it up04:17
barrumbadoanybody know how to setup vpn on ubuntu gutsy04:17
iieieiecompile it from source?04:17
iieieiei downloaded the source04:17
drpckensinglesun, this is it right? http://www.mepislovers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1223404:17
m0u5e compiling from source would be your best bet04:17
drpckensinglesun, i've never compiled from source :)04:17
singlesundrpcken, checking04:17
iieieiebut opening up the install text its like alien text to me04:17
astro76iieieie: amarok 1.4.8 is in gutsy-backports04:17
iieieiei cant understand it04:17
iieieiegutsy backports? what does that mean?04:18
m0u5ecompiling from source is easy, all you have to do is 1)./configure 2) sudo checkinstall04:18
singlesundrpcken, well i will test it on mine real quick04:18
* nickrud considers using a backport for the first time in years04:18
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging04:18
astro76iieieie: you can enable backports in system > admin > software sources04:18
drpckeniieieie, whats the feature you are looking for thats not in 1.4.7, i'm just curious04:18
singlesunim curious as well04:18
uid000masequis: i think somehow the nvidia driver package must not've uninstalled cleanly and is leaving something behind04:18
iieieiecapability with my ipod04:18
nickrudsupport for 3d gen nanos for me04:19
drpcken:-/ doesnt it already support?04:19
nmy i know you04:19
putnumhow can i make my apt-get work behind my proxy server?04:19
iieieieits a new 80gb ipod classic04:19
masequisuid000: are you sure the latest nvidia driver supports the fx5200?04:19
nhow are you04:19
singlesunhmm... well either way my player is still not supported.. haha04:19
bluekbHow do I shut down all X servers?04:19
nickrudbluekb: ctl-alt-f2 , log in,   sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop .   use start when you're done04:20
uid000masequis: well when i did a fresh install of ubuntu on a separate hard drive, everything was fine. so i'm sure it does04:20
hanophix33joh66n: http://mosaicwd.hypermart.net/Screenshot.png04:20
hanophix33joh6nn: http://mosaicwd.hypermart.net/Screenshot.png04:20
jw144000poningru: It said that it couldn't find the drive when I typed in fixboot04:21
masequisuid000: a fresh install I beleive won't use the nvidia 3d driver tho will it?  I thought it defaulted to vesa and I had to use synaptic to get nvidia native?04:21
bruenigthat is one ugly firefox theme04:22
uid000masequis: sorry--i wasn't clear.  i tried a fresh install of ubuntu. then i enabled the nvidia binary drivers, and they worked.04:22
hanophix33joh6nn:  you there?04:22
poningrujw144000: are you sure you have your hard drive is ok?04:22
joh6nnhanophix33: yep, taking a look now04:22
poningrujw144000: do you have usb hard disk unplugged?04:22
jw144000poningru: I don't understand04:22
jw144000I have it unplugged04:23
ubotuCompiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »04:23
masequisuid000: ah.. man.. that sucks..04:23
uid000masequis: heh yeah :-)04:23
=== eclecticus__ is now known as eclecticus
KiD_ChAoSKDE or gnome?04:24
joh6nnhanophix33: what happens if you press ctrl+- ?04:25
oboy03how do i do a recovery point?04:25
jorje_villafan I can't get linux to behave properly on my computer. I have tried multiple distros, and ubuntu has worked the best.... My issues are that I get weird graphical behavior and occasional freeze-ups. The odd graphic stuff happens whenever, but usually gets worse and is often accompanied by a freeze up when I have multiple programs open. Also, after rebooting following a freeze-up it runs REALLY bad. I put in new 2gb  of ram to see if t04:25
jw144000poningru: Why do you think my hard drive can't be recognized?04:25
singlesunjorje_villafan, im no expert on this, but are you making sure you have the right video card drivers?04:26
creeedI connect a second monitor with the laptop and I wanna switch to it without restarting the X-server, any help please?04:26
hanophix33joh6nn:  thought u had it, but it doesn't format correctly until font isnt readable04:26
connnkyi just rebooted my ubuntu box and my eth0 is no longer grabbing an ip and i'm seeing something called eth0:avah.  why is avahi creating a fake nic and assigning it a random ip?04:27
joh6nnhanophix33: yeah, i figured as much.  the only thing that's wrong then, is just that 1024x768 isn't the optimal resolution for your monitor.  try setting it at a higher resolution04:27
joh6nnotherwise,,, you just have to live with it04:27
connnkyand more importantly, how can i stop it?04:28
barurot69hey guys!, is there an old ubuntu that could run on pentium 3 laptop with 192MB RAM on it?04:28
hanophix33joh66n:  cant go any higher04:28
uid000barurot69: try xubuntu04:28
CVD-PRwhat is when i receive a red mesage?04:28
ubotuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:28
singlesunbarurot69, why not use xubuntu?04:29
jw144000poningru: Are you there?04:29
Jack_Sparrow!minimal > barurot6904:29
Webuconnnky, usually avahi appears if you can't get an IP from your DHCP.04:29
poningrujw144000: yeah04:29
poningrusorry dude dont know04:29
jw144000My external hard drive is unplugged04:29
jw144000But it's saying it can't recognize the drive when I type fixboot04:29
jw144000My internal one04:29
poningrutry the fixmbr thing again04:29
connnkyWebu, interesting... thanks04:30
joh6nnhanophix33: then you're out of luck, i think.  ; (04:30
poningruare you sure you did it right?04:30
jorje_villafansinglesun, I do not have a video card. I believe that my video is from a SiS chip. How do I tell if I have the right driver?04:30
Webuconnnky, it disappears if you reboot or do "ifdown ethX" and "ifup ethX", but yeah, do you have any clue why can't you get an IP from your DHCP?04:30
joh6nnany search i run in apt-cache has lots of blank lines mixed in with the output, and once the search is done, bash acts like i held down the enter key; anyone know what might cause that?04:30
jw144000you type fixboot then the drive, right? I did that and it wouldn't recognize the drive04:30
hanophix33john6nn:  http://mosaicwd.hypermart.net/Screenshot-1.png04:30
jw144000It didn't even ask for my password or anything, just took me to a command prompt04:30
creeedI connect a second monitor with the laptop and I wanna switch to it without restarting the X-server, any help please?04:30
_Oz_hello all04:30
_Oz_I'm a recent Ubuntu convert04:30
_Oz_I must say...  I am highly impressed04:31
singlesunjorje_villafan, sorry man... im not sure then. im not too good with onboard video etc.04:31
_Oz_The only thing I can't do is run Photoshop04:31
_Oz_Everything else works like a charm.04:31
hanophix33_oz_:  will you ever turn back to the dark side04:31
hanophix33_oz_:  have u tried WINE?04:31
singlesun_Oz_, can you run photoshop through wine?04:31
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.04:31
_Oz_hano: unfortunately, I am running an XP desktop to my right. :)04:31
connnkyWebu, i'm not sure.  i might have done something to shorewall to block dhcp but the rest of my gentoo machines stiff get ips04:31
jorje_villafanNp, I'll try to look it up now anyways04:31
_Oz_Yes, I'm running WINE.  I can't get PS CS2 to run correctly in it.04:31
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: one version of photoshop runs in wine04:31
jw144000poningru: brb04:31
poningrujw144000: I dont think it found the windows drive04:32
jw144000No, it didn't04:32
hanophix33_oz_:  i thought there recent update fixed that04:32
jw144000It didn't find it04:32
DiljanI run all my windows apps via VMware server and 2Xapplication server04:32
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: See the people in #Winehq  they can help you dial it in04:32
_Oz_jack sparrow: CS2?  I found a tutorial, but I can't get it to work the way the tutorial suggested.04:32
poningrujw144000: what windows version is it?04:32
poningruits not vista is it?04:32
jw144000Windows XP Home Edition04:32
Diljanthat way there is no need for dual booting04:32
masequisuid000: Have you tried uninstalling the linux-restricted-modules package?04:32
_Oz_Thanks, Jacj04:32
uid000masequis: sadly, yes.04:32
Webuconnnky, (avahi is a package so it's a feature, it just tries to set you some kind of an IP i believe)04:32
poningrujw144000: not the cd but the one in your hdd04:32
=== awalton__dos is now known as awalton__
nboleh kenalan gak04:33
jw144000poningru: The Windows in my HDD is Win XP Home Edition04:33
barurot69thanks guys for the info04:33
hanophix33joh6nn:  did u see my last link04:33
uid000masequis: is is so frustrating.  it should be so trivial04:33
JazaI have a question is there a quicktime equivalent program on ubuntu?04:33
joh6nnhanophix33: yeah man. that sucks04:33
SkwerlI'm currently running standard Gutsy. If I were to install the server version, would I lose my users, packages, and other data?04:33
Webuconnnky, you might try to run "sudo dhclient ethX", replace X with # of your eth interface :)04:33
joh6nni think you're just SOL04:33
hanophix33joh6nn:  yea04:33
_Oz_One other Q: is there any way to get a laptop w/ integrated wireless card onto my network?04:33
hanophix33can anyone help me with the firefix problem?04:33
_Oz_Ubuntu's biggest weakness seems to be wireless networking04:33
masequisuid000: yeah.. I've felt lucky that my nvidia installs have gone smoothy..04:33
JazaI'm trying to get a certain wen sites but they won't work unless I have quicktime04:33
hanophix33_Oz_:  whats going on with u04:33
joh6nn_Oz_: what kind of wireless chip does your laptop have?04:34
oboy03does ext3 get fragmented like ntfs?04:34
singlesun_Oz_, that is all LInux's biggest weakness especially when it comes to wpa04:34
poningrujw144000: I dont know what to tell you04:34
uid000masequis: yeah, they generally do which is why i always buy nvidia04:34
_Oz_I have a desktop computer with a PCI wireless card but I can't get the card to work.04:34
hanophix33Jack_Sparrow:  http://mosaicwd.hypermart.net/Screenshot-1.png04:34
_Oz_It's a Linksys card.04:34
Tgifi dont have any problem with wireless04:34
joh6nnoboy03: ext3 will fragment much much more slowly than ntfs04:34
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Dont blame us, blame the mfg's that dont supply drivers.. Yes you can get wifi to work..04:34
poningrujw144000: what you can do is re install grub04:34
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:34
joh6nnoboy03: so yes, it will fragment, but for most things, you won't need to worry about it04:34
uid000masequis: i've just never tried swapping out one card for another on a system before04:34
_Oz_Jack: I'm not blaming anyone...  Ubuntu is GREAT! ...  I just wish I could get online wirelessly.04:34
hanophix33_Oz_:  ndiswrapper, windows driver installer04:34
Jack_Sparrowhanophix33: What am I looking at04:34
_Oz_Yeah, I tried ndiswrapper, hano...04:34
jw144000poningru: Where do I type !grub at04:35
connnkyWebu, yah tried that a few times, avahi keeps coming back and dhclient still wont talk to my dnsmasq04:35
_Oz_the card is kind of old.  That's probably why I can't get it to work.04:35
hanophix33Jack_Sparrow:  Firefox fonts screwing up formatting04:35
poningrujw144000: hehe no04:35
_Oz_It's an 801.11b card04:35
masequisuid000: I just did it a few days ago.. and I didn't even have the forsight to uninstall the driver before.. of course.. maybe that's why mine worked?04:35
_Oz_not even G04:35
poningrujw144000: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:35
hanophix33jack_sparrow:  or firefox screwing something up04:35
Oxygenetikoh man! i did "sudo rm -rf /" in ubuntu (without quotes)! It's the best command ever! I'm SO HAPPY NOW! :D04:35
poningrujw144000: reinstall the grub04:35
Jack_Sparrowhanophix33: Only in firefox?04:35
creeedI have a intel GMA X3100 graphik-chip and I wanna switch to the second connected screen of my laptop eithout restarting the X-server, please help?04:35
poningruthen have it try to autodetect windows04:35
masequisuid000: I went from a 7600gt to an 8600gt..04:35
hanophix33Jack_Sparrow:  havent tried anything else04:36
masequisuid000: just swapped them and booted..04:36
_Oz_One thing I'm still kinda clueless on is the file structure.  Is there a simple, easy to read, easy to understand document that explains how Ubuntu's file structure works?  I installed Office 2003 via Crossover and I can't figure out where in the hell the files are installed. :)04:36
hanophix33Jack_Sparrow:  ctrl +- doesnt do much until fonts are unreadable04:36
oboy03can i make a recovery point without using CD or dvd?04:36
Jack_Sparrowhanophix33: I am thinking you lost your window decorator... I would check with the people in #Compiz04:36
Jaza I have a question is there a quicktime equivalent program on ubuntu?I'm trying to get a certain wen sites but they won't work unless I have quicktime04:36
=== Veinor is now known as Veinor|away
joh6nn_Oz_: are you coming from a different linux distro, or from windows?04:36
hanophix33Jack_sparrow:  gracias04:37
_Oz_from windows04:37
isomorphismHi all, I lost audio after force quitting mythtv while playing a DVD using AC3 passthrough.  All audio is through an external receiver.  This has happened before and I resorted to reinstalling.  Any suggestions as to how to fix this?04:37
_Oz_I am relatively clueless on linux04:37
Webuconnnky, i see, avahi is just a failsafe, looks like your DHCP doesn't answer. Your ethernet interface should be ok and working (ifconfig)?04:37
singlesun_Oz_, i suggest the book "Running Linux"04:37
uid000masequis: i wish this had got that easily04:37
jw144000poningru: I'm a newbie to Linux and I don't want to screw anything up04:37
poningrujw144000: I still think that the windows cd should be able to do fixmbr04:37
_Oz_Is Ubuntu the most popular flavor of Linux OS' these days?04:37
poningruyou should retry it04:37
uid000masequis: i think the gefororce 5xxx and the 4xxx must not use the same driver04:37
jw144000poningru: BTW, I never saw an option to install grub when I installed Ubuntu on the external HDD04:37
hanophix33_oz_:  we enjoy it, obviously04:38
joh6nn_Oz_: then i'll try and make it as simple as i can: "/" is roughly equal "C:\".04:38
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training    Might be of use04:38
singlesun_Oz_, based upon the channel listing at the moment this is the most popular channel.. so?04:38
jw144000do you type fixmbr and then the drive?04:38
poningrujw144000: I think that was my fault you were supposed to press advanced button04:38
TiconderogaI don't think my question is being understood. I have instead, drawn up a diagram of the problem, including snap shots from both ends. http://www.techsonic.net/images/issue01.png04:38
masequis_Oz_: Welcome.. but you're going to say unholy words for a half a year.. but in the end.. you'll come to love it.04:38
oboy03yeah try the training manuals its very informative im reading it ryt now04:38
joh6nn/etc is rougly equal to the registry; it's where most of your configuration and setup files get stored.  /home/yourname is like My Documents04:38
singlesunmasequis, i still say unholy words04:39
jw144000poningru: So try fixmbr and not fixboot?04:39
poningrujw144000: yeah04:39
jw144000poningru: And include the drive name?04:39
joh6nnand /usr is roughly equivalent to C:\Program Files04:39
masequisuid000: THe very ugly alternative is to download the driver...04:39
poningrujw144000: no dont think so04:39
_Oz_joh6nn: thanks for the / to c:/ comparison :)04:39
uid000masequis: i might try that.04:39
iieieiedoes anyone know how i can update libgpod to be 0.6.0?04:39
_Oz_I have some very minor linux sysadmin experience so I understood that.04:39
uid000masequis: if all else fails to a clean install of the whole OS04:39
jw144000poningru: So if that doesn't work, and I still get this grub error, what should I do?04:39
joh6nn_Oz_: no problem04:39
masequisuid000: frustrating tho that it works on a new install.. some package is hosed..04:39
_Oz_But where does Crossover install Office 2003?  It drives me nuts that I can't find the files.04:39
jw144000poningru: It sounds like I won't have a choice but to reformat and reinstall everything04:40
joh6nn_Oz_: you comfortable on the command line?04:40
poningrujw144000: uh... no just reinstall the mbr04:40
JazaI have a question is there a quicktime equivalent program on ubuntu?I'm trying to get a certain wen sites but they won't work unless I have quicktime04:40
connnkyWebu, i think maybe if i can stop avahi from starting at boot i will have better luck debugging.  so heres a noob question: how to i control startup services from the command line in ubuntu?04:40
poningrumaster boot record04:40
masequissinglesun: me too.. but not as frequently :)  Ubuntu is like cake compared to some of those early distros.04:40
singlesun_Oz_, a little suggestion is going to Places > Home and then in the menu telling it to "show hidden files"04:40
jw144000poningru: BRB again04:40
BetaTestEvidently there's a "super" key... where is it? Is it the Windows key between ctrl and alt?04:40
singlesunmasequis, you are telling me... lol i just got done messing with slack and gentoo a few minutes ago... lol04:41
connnkyBetaTest, yes04:41
_Oz_singlesun: yeah, already did that, that's how I found .wine04:41
iieieieplease someone help me update libgpod to 0.6.004:41
BetaTestOh, thank you04:41
flakehow can i copy my kde session to a test one so if I lose my panels and k-menu, i can delete the test session?04:41
_Oz_thank you though04:41
_Oz_I have to say, I am really impressed04:41
_Oz_I am a disenchanted windows user04:41
iieieiei enabled all the repositories04:41
iieieiebut it still wont let me update to the latest ver.04:41
_Oz_I like XP well enough, but vista pushed me over the cliff04:41
uid000masequis: i found some nvidia kernel modules that didn't get removed when i purged the package and dpkg tells me they don't belong to anyone.  i'm deleting them now. maybe that'll do it.04:41
_Oz_I installed Ubuntu as a lark and wasn't expecting much04:41
_Oz_turns out it's a highly effective, highly stable OS which allows me to do everything except run photoshop04:42
Jack_Sparrow!info libgpod04:42
ubotuPackage libgpod does not exist in gutsy04:42
masequisuid000: wow...04:42
_Oz_I won't upgrade anymore with M$'s path04:42
_Oz_no more Vista.04:42
flake_Oz_  gimp roxx04:42
_Oz_So I have to make a choice.04:42
hanophix33_oz_:  i thinking about switching all my comps over04:42
_Oz_Either Linux, or Mac.04:42
Webuconnnky, ouch i'm not so sure about that, maybe someone else knows that better :/ Make sure you don't block ports 67 and 68, they're usually used for DHCP.04:42
joh6nnflake: i don't understand your question04:42
SkwerlWhy not run Linux on a Mac?04:42
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Learn gimp...   IT is a little clunky but realy works once you know it04:42
isomorphismAnyone have any suggestions for my lost audio problem?04:43
masequis_Oz_: apple wants MORE money than MS tho.. but they have a level of quality..04:43
hanophix33Jack_Sparrow: is gimp better than PS?04:43
_Oz_Being that I'm a Windows guy and used to how that works, it seems Linux is a better fit rather than Mac.  Mac is a little too... fruity for me.  Linux seems like it's built and supported by people who treat computers as tools, not touchy-feely lifestyle devices.04:43
singlesunfruity... haha04:43
flakelet me ask another way..  i want to add kpfx or whatever it's called to try it out, will have to remove panel and remove main panel - can I get them back if for some reason the kpfx disappears?04:43
iieieiei need libgpod 0.6.0 for my ipod to work04:43
_Oz_Jack: yeah, thanks for that tip about Gimp, but I've been using Photoshop for 10 years.  I absolutely must run it.  I can't switch.04:43
iieieiebut for some reason i cant get it04:43
Jack_Sparrowhanophix33: It gets the job done, it is just things are not where I was used to finding them04:43
* singlesun makes notation that Mac is fruity 04:43
flakecause i like my kde3 setup, it's prefect04:44
masequis_Oz_: fruity indeed.. but awfully shinny fruit.. I've been tempted.. tempted my fried.04:44
joh6nn_Oz_: if you try the gimp, be sure to try the gimpshop version of it, or you'll be lost04:44
hanophix33_Oz_:  Same here, I need PS.....I cant do without it04:44
=== gouki_ is now known as gouki
_Oz_gimpshop? where can I find that?04:44
Jangariin the repo?04:44
BetaTestHm... I just installed Compiz Fusion, but now all of the eye candy is gone, like the wobbly windows and the whatnot, even though the Extra visual effect is selected04:44
_Oz_Yeah, I guess it's not even worth discussing.  I absolutely must be able to run Photoshop.04:44
poningru_Oz_: http://www.gimpshop.com/04:44
BetaTestAny way of getting them back?04:44
iieieieneed help installing libgpod 0.6.004:44
JazaI have a question is there a quicktime equivalent program on ubuntu?I'm trying to get a certain wen sites but they won't work unless I have quicktime04:44
_Oz_I understand that Crossover supports PS 7.0 at the "silver" (rather than gold) compatibility level which isn't good enough.04:44
masequisuid000: spinning cubes yet?04:45
Jack_Sparrowhanophix33: I prefer corel... to any of them..04:45
connnkyWebu, got it sorted, thanks man04:45
rich1if i have a symbolic link for java libjavaplugin_oji.so can i remove the link libjavaplugin.so?04:45
Gurengood evening, i need some help04:45
_Oz_I think the lowest I could go is Photoshop CS2.04:45
Webuconnnky, but in general avahi shouldn't do anything since you can assign as many virtual interfaces to a physical interface you want (eth0:1, eth0:2, eth0:3). eth0 will stay as the main physical interface.04:45
joh6nn_Oz_: www.gimpshop.com. : ) alternatively, try Pixel: http://www.kanzelsberger.com/pixel/?page_id=1204:45
Gureni created an extended partition, i mounted it but can't wrtie to it, any ideas why?04:45
_Oz_I found a tutorial explaining how PS2 could run under Ubuntu but I just can't make it go despite the explicit instructions.  Just doesn't seem to work for me.04:45
uid000masequis: that didn't do the trick. but i'm trying something else.  something i noticed on the fresh install gave me an idea04:45
Webuconnnky, oh that's great to hear, no problem :)04:45
isomorphismStill looking for help restoring my audio, anybody?04:45
Gurenit has a lost+found folder and that's it ...04:45
ogrejrib:  sorry my battery died. I am the guy with virtualbox problem. I should say however that vmware isnt working either so its not a virtualbox specific problem. heres a screenshot of my vbox error though. http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2985/screenshotdr2.png any suggestions?04:45
nemilarhey, why isn't Sudo asking me for a password when I sudo?04:45
nemilarThat doesn't seem secure...04:45
masequisuid000: oohh... do share if it works..04:45
Gurennemilar, maybe because u already typed the password once?04:46
connnkynemilar, it caches your pass for a few minutes04:46
flakenemilar - there is a timeout..04:46
nemilarGuren: no, it just doesn't ask04:46
bullgard4[ACPI] What is meant by 'trap' in the following sentence: "This usually causes some sort of system management trap, which makes sure that the memory is put in self-refresh mode and actually sequences the machine into suspend."?04:46
crimeboyanyone knows how my gutsy pidgin dont show any icons?04:46
Jack_SparrowGuren: Probably permissions problem.... just for fun.. try gksudo nautilus and see if you can write to it04:46
nemilarflake  connnky it doesn't ask at all04:46
connnkynemilar, type whoami on the command line04:46
masequisnemilar: you have already entered the super user pw at some point.04:46
connnkyare you already root?04:46
Jack_Sparrowcrimeboy: It is in the pull down menu or the upper task bar04:46
=== Veinor|away is now known as Veinor
nemilarmasequis no i haven't, and sudo doesn't ask for the superuser password, it asks for your user's passwod04:46
nemilarconnnky: no, I am not root04:46
_Oz_is there a way to stop ubuntu from asking me for a password whenever I access the filesystem or system tools?04:46
masequisnemilar: ah.. right.04:47
nemilarlol _Oz_ you and I need to switch places04:47
connnkynemilar, have you messed with the sudoers file?04:47
Cursed_6_dsHi! i have HP Bussiness Series 6720s laptop, and i just plugged in the ethernet cable, problem is that it doesnt recognise the network, even tried by setting static ip....04:47
Jangariwait for 8.04, _\04:47
masequisnemilar: the sudo'rs04:47
_Oz_nemilar: heheheh04:47
Jangariwait for 8.04, _Oz_04:47
hanophix33does anyone use AWN?04:47
GurenJack_Sparrow, u .. nothing happened?04:47
flake_Oz_  - you don't want to do that unless you're not connected to a network and no one else has access to your puter04:47
nemilarconnnky: no04:47
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: You will find that you hit that problem less as you learn more about what goes where04:47
crimeboyJack_Sparrow: both04:47
uid000masequis: i think i have something04:47
_Oz_how soon will 8.04 come out? and, can I upgrade from within ubuntu or must I install anew?04:47
uid000masequis: checking...04:47
DrFrankensteinapril 200804:48
nemilar%sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL  @ connnky masequis04:48
GabiruhTankianhey hey hey, quem ler isso vira gay!04:48
connnkynemilar, you go tme man04:48
Jangariapril (that is, 04)04:48
Cpudan80_Oz_: April04:48
JazaI have a question is there a quicktime equivalent program on ubuntu?I'm trying to get a certain wen sites but they won't work unless I have quicktime04:48
_Oz_OK, Jack04:48
Gurenroot can write to it04:48
DrFrankensteinJaza, Totem04:48
Jack_Sparrowcrimeboy: Then I dont understand the question04:48
=== cE_cRi_cO is now known as cE_cheerful_15
Cpudan80_Oz_: you could download the alpha version -- but that is not advised04:48
masequisuid000: the suspense!!04:48
Webu_Oz_, 8 = 2008 .04 = April, 4th month :)04:48
iieieiesomeone please help me install libgpod 0.6.0!04:48
Jangaribut you wouldn't want to log in as root or anything drastic, you might easily fvck something up04:48
Jazathanks DrFrankenstein04:48
ubotuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience04:48
Cpudan80Have they figured out what the color scheme will be yet?04:48
GurenJack_Sparrow, so do i jut chown the folder?04:48
poningrucan someone give jw144000 this link http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=3340?04:49
Cpudan80Please not orange/brown again! Anything but that!04:49
Webu_Oz_, upgrading from previous release shouldn't be a problem :)04:49
poningruhe is trying to fix his mbr to windows04:49
GurenJack_Sparrow, I mean the partition?04:49
CVD-PRany here has used the libswt3.2-gtk-java?04:49
_Oz_how do you upgrade, webu?04:49
crimeboyJack_Sparrow: pidgin dont show any icons, show only an icon of NOIMG04:49
_Oz_Is it from within Ubuntu?04:49
=== flake is now known as drarem
Jangariit'll tell you when 8.04 comes out, _Oz_, and upgrading will b amatter of clicking 'upgrade'04:49
Cpudan80Jaza: Yeah, sudo apt-get install quicktime I think04:49
Webu_Oz_, yes, just a few commands, i think you can do it from GUI as well :)04:49
crimeboyand tray icons dont show too04:49
_Oz_Nice, jangari04:49
Cpudan80!quicktime | Jaza04:49
bullgard4_Oz_: Ubuntu 8.04 will come out in April 2008. You can upgrade from within Ubuntu. It is preferred that you upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04. You do not need to install anew.04:49
ubotuJaza: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:49
_Oz_This is so superior to XP04:49
Webu_Oz_, or let's say you can do it even easier from GUI.04:49
Jangariyes, yes it is nice04:49
Jack_SparrowPeople, play nice, I have been here way too long...  wife just came home.. I MUST go.. sorry04:50
_Oz_We just need better driver support04:50
Cpudan80thought it would be more specific04:50
connnkywhere do I set the dnsdomainname in ubuntu?04:50
ogrek guys. i cant get any VM app to run. this includes vmware,virtualbox,and qemu. I know how to make a vm and have done so many times on feisty. anyone know what the problem could be?04:50
uid000masequis: okay i think i'm in business04:50
_Oz_Thanks for the help!  Enjoy your evening04:50
Webu_Oz_, you could update from a 8.04 disc as well, but as long as you have 7.10 installed with Internet it's easier to do it within same Ubuntu :)04:50
poningruconnnky: system->admin->network and under the dns tab04:50
masequisuid000: !! what'd you do!!!04:50
rich1if i have a symbolic link for java libjavaplugin_oji.so can i remove the link libjavaplugin.so?04:50
ogreactually i get them to run just not power on a VM04:50
kavelotI'm trying to install build-essential with apt-get, but it tells me to change de ubuntu CD-ROM... isn't it possible to install it via internet?04:50
connnkyponingru, i dont have access to a gui04:50
esoterikwhats the trick to getting flash working in firefox after todays update that broke it04:51
_Oz_Webu: that's what I really like about 7.10 (although it's the only version I've used).  Everything is so seamless.  Install programs and updates right from the interface.04:51
psycholvlancan anyone help me?04:51
SkwerlI'm currently running standard Gutsy. If I were to install the server version, would I lose my users, packages, and other data?  (Sorry for the repost, not sure what the statue of reiteration is..)04:51
jw144000poningru: I typed in fixmbr at the Recovery Console and it didn't work04:51
_Oz_I installed it on my wife's old Dell desktop.  Gave it new life.  It easily has the power to run Ubuntu.04:51
poningruconnnky: /etc/resolv.conf04:51
ogreesoterik:  i just installed it from the site04:51
Webu_Oz_, that's nice to hear :)04:51
poningrujw144000: are you using ubuntu live cd right now?04:51
poningrudo this: http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=334004:51
jw144000poningru: Yes04:51
iieieiehow do i install libgpod 0.6.004:51
esoterikogre: which, the nonfree flash?04:51
uid000masequis: although i /do not/ understand what is causing this.  when i did the fresh install, and i looked at lsmod, i saw that i2c_viapro (which is probably specific to my motherboard's chipset) was loaded and depended on nvidia04:51
uid000like so:04:51
Cursed_6_dsanyone care to help me on setting up my internet?04:51
psycholvlanI'm having driver issue.... well mainly desktop effects not wanted to enable.... driver is working... i got my resolution and it detected the monitor04:52
masequisuid000: wow... what the hell is that..04:52
ogreesoterik:  there is directions o there. just choose flashplayer for linux04:52
uid000masequis: no i'm sorry not depening on nvidia, but loaded nonetheless04:52
connnkyponingru, interesting.  is that the only place?  i just have my name server info in there.04:52
poningruconnnky: yes that is the only place04:52
connnkyponingru, i'm hoping it isnt getting the incorrect info from that... sigh04:52
joh6nnall right, i'm tired04:52
psycholvlani had desktop effects working before but now I'm on a different monitor and I can't get it to work04:52
connnkyponingru, ok thanks man04:52
* joh6nn waves04:52
poningruconnnky: how do you have it there?04:52
GurenJack_Sparrow, figured it out, just needed to change permision in nautilus, thx04:52
Jangariesoterik: a much more reliable way is to download and install it directly from adobe04:52
jw144000poningru: So what do I do now?04:53
WebuCursed_6_ds, feel free to tell a bit more of your configuration :)04:53
poningrujw144000: did you see that link I linked to?04:53
poningrujw144000: http://www.arsgeek.com/?p=334004:53
poningruread that04:53
psycholvlanwell anyone know why graphic driver appears to be working but desktop effect fail to enable???04:53
uid000masequis: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55170/04:53
esoterikjangari: it was working fine until the update today, just wondering if reinstalling flash fixed it for people04:53
connnkyponingru, my resolve.conf: search xxx.homeip.net nameserver, but my dnsdomainname command gives me rentspot.com04:53
uid000however, i2c_viapro isn't getting loaded automatically now04:54
poningrupsycholvlan: which drivers?04:54
pyrakgparted and fdisk can't "open" my sd card04:54
psycholvlanI used envy to install them...04:54
psycholvlanonly way i can get them working04:55
uid000masequis: if i unload nvidia with "rmmod nvidia" then depmod -a, the modprobe invidia, the i2c_viapro gets loaded.04:55
psycholvlani had it working at home... i brought my computer to my friends and using a different monitor04:55
Jangaridunno, esoterik, i never have flash problems anymore, i used to get them all the time04:55
uid000masequis: and all is good04:55
psycholvlani'm not sure if the monitor even it is detected or the graphic driver updated it self and the updated one has issues04:55
poningrupyrak: hmm what does dmesg say?04:56
masequisuid000: wow.. I would tihnk that would happen when x loads it?04:56
jw144000poningru: When I tried to install the ms-sys package, it said it couldn't find it04:56
ogrek guys. i cant get any VM app to play the virtual machine this includes vmware,virtualbox,and qemu. I know how to make a vm and have done so many times on feisty. anyone know what the problem could be?04:57
psycholvlanalso... under nvidia settings... under OpenGL/GLX Information it said Fail to query the GLX server vendor04:57
frazzledpenguinHello all, I'm running ubuntu 6.06 and the software i'm trying to install (zimbra) requires that I install "libperl". But when trying to apt-get libperl it tells me that it can't find it. Does anybody know what this is and how I can install it?04:57
masequisuid000: well, now I bet you feel like a victory gin..04:57
uid000masequis: well the nvidia km is gettting loaded. however it is supposed to depend on i2c_core, which for some reason, isnt' getting loaded04:57
uid000masequis: 1984 reference?04:58
masequisuid000: indeed.04:58
iieieiehow do i install libgpod 0.6.0!?04:58
psycholvlanso noone know how to fix nvidia-glx issues?04:58
uid000masequis: chocolate rations have just been increased.04:58
masequisuid000: You must try harder.  It is not easy to become sane.04:58
Javidwe have always been ar war with Microsoft. we have always been allied with Debian.04:58
bullgard4What is meant by 'trap' in the following sentence: "This usually causes some sort of system management trap, which makes sure that the memory is put in self-refresh mode and actually sequences the machine into suspend."?04:58
pyrakponingru, see pm04:58
poningrujw144000: are you connected to internet?04:59
uid000masequis: know, understand, AND accept.04:59
poningrujw144000: do you have mutliverse enabled?04:59
psycholvlanplus when i type in compiz under the terminal I get this04:59
psycholvlanChecking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.04:59
psycholvlanTrying again with indirect rendering:04:59
psycholvlanChecking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.04:59
psycholvlanaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity04:59
FloodBot1psycholvlan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:59
jw144000poningru: It's unchecked04:59
jw144000I don't have it enable04:59
uid000masequis: still don't know what to do, though.  the i2c_core dependency isn't sticking across reboots04:59
jw144000I don't have it enabled04:59
poningrujw144000: enable it04:59
poningruthen install it05:00
masequisuid000: I have to admit I only know how to fumble around with modules when I have to.. I'm not really sure how all the dependancies get worked out.05:00
bitmonki wonder if anyone has ubuntu working on a mac with boot camp and parallels from the same partition.  i am sure using a lot of space and dealing with a lot of awkwardness having a 10G parallels vm and a 10G native partition..05:00
bitmonkalso i have found limited information via google, and wonder if there is any well known documentation on booting from a ZFS volume05:01
jw144000poningru: It still says it can't find it05:01
bitmonkfrom what i can tell, right now, re: parallels + boot camp, the install i performed for boot camp throws a grub prompt asking for the kernel location when i try to boot it in parallels.05:02
jw144000poningru: it says it can't find the package ms-sys05:02
bitmonki sort of wonder if perhaps parallels isn't just seeing that individual partition as a whole drive, maybe i need two boot options in grub for the two environments?05:02
softtoweranyone know how current ThinkPad T61s handle latest Ubuntu?05:02
albertolempirahey guys is there a way so i don't see KDE's apps on my GNOME menus? thx05:02
poningrujw144000: uh... my ubuntu found it05:02
poningrujw144000: go to synaptic05:03
poningruwhat do you see there?05:03
Jangariyou can remove anything from the menus albertolempira, in system > administration > main menu05:03
masequisuid000: I've been known to be so crude as to add modprobes to init.d scripts. :)05:03
bitmonkalbertolempira: you can probably edit the menus by hand, but it's been a long running goal for both KDE and GNOME communities, and for distros like ubuntu, to help people to use the disparate suite of apps offered by both communities and more..05:03
oranye_iam dana05:03
jw144000poningru: synaptic? where is that05:04
bitmonke.g. not every app in GNOME or KDE necessarily has a corresponding app built on the other tech.05:04
uid000masequis: yeah, i've done that in rc.local once or twice.  usually /etc/modules gets it though05:04
poningrujw144000: system->admin->synaptic05:04
bitmonkand in many cases you'll find good apps which are not built specifically with either stack.05:04
TiconderogaSwat is even more confusing then Samba.05:04
albertolempiraJangari: thanks, iguess it was a dumb question05:04
Jangarinot really,05:04
albertolempirabitmonk: yea, i think you're right... well, thanks05:05
masequisTiconderoga: isn't swat a configurator for samba?05:05
Jangariunless you wanted to maintain two different sessions, one KDE with KDE apps and one Gnome with Gnome apps, which is a little more difficult to do without creating a separate login,05:05
jw144000poningru: I don't see ms-sys05:05
softtoweroranye_: hi05:05
Jangariokay, it's time to drink alcohol, bye05:05
poningrujw144000: do you have the universe checked?05:06
TiconderogaYou know what, I found a way to connect to my Windows computer from Ubuntu and I didn't even need Samba. Lol Places > Connect to server... It friggin mounted it and I am granted access.05:06
poningruand press reload05:06
jw144000poningru: No, I don't have universe checked05:06
Tgifapt-get me -a beer05:06
poningruthats why05:06
poningruTgif: what? pssh get it yourself05:06
ogrek guys. i cant get any VM app to play the virtual machine this includes vmware,virtualbox,and qemu. I know how to make a vm and have done so many times on feisty. anyone know what the problem could be? heres a screenshot of virtualbox error http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2985/screenshotdr2.png please please please please please please please please please05:06
L33tChhay.. i'm struggling to get videos to play. totem player says it can't handle divx and mplayer had some screen saver problem but played the video without sound... then after i installed mpeg libraries it wouldnt play any more... any ideas?05:08
jw144000poningru: For whatever reason, the instructions on this page said to uncheck universe05:08
ogreL33tCh:  use vlc05:08
poningrujw144000: what? what page?05:09
L33tChok... will a simple, apt-get install vlc give me all i need?05:09
jw144000poningru: The link you gave me, but it's installing it now, n/m05:09
ogreL33tCh:  yes05:09
CVD-PRhey after instaling eclipse-java eclipse its not in the menu05:09
CVD-PRany help05:09
L33tChthank you :)05:09
poningrujw144000: no checking it off means actually checking it05:09
poningruenable the universe!!05:09
ogreno prob05:09
bitmonkalbertolempira: my experience with free desktops is that you can always edit some text or xml file by hand.  it's been a while since i've used one primarily but i'm sure that's largely true.05:10
bitmonkand there are probably gui editors.  pretty sure gnome has a menu editor for years now.05:10
psycholvlandoes anyone know how to fix nvidia-glx issues?05:10
ogrek guys. i cant get any VM app to play the virtual machine this includes vmware,virtualbox,and qemu. I know how to make a vm and have done so many times on feisty. anyone know what the problem could be? heres a screenshot of virtualbox error http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2985/screenshotdr2.png please please please please please please please please please05:11
* Oxygenetik dresses yellow and hunts some grues05:11
masequisL33tCh: I prefer mplayer.05:11
=== meeper_ is now known as meeper
jw144000poningru: When I type in the command to fix the mbr, should I type in -m to write the Windows XP MBR?05:12
psycholvlanok i guess noone knows... just hope it works when i get home05:12
RoyThis is something strange. I uninstalled a specific program from wine but the menu entry for the program is not removed. It's still there.05:12
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
poningrujw144000: do exactly what that page says05:13
papuccino1Hello. Need help making SFV files from multiple parted rar files.05:13
ubuntuloverHello, colleagues!!!05:13
ubuntuloverTell me please, how to lock "Name" column in Nautilus in some width, that it would be not resizable by itself?05:13
papuccino1Someone pm me please05:13
poningrujw144000: sudo ms-sys –mbr /dev/sda05:13
KiD_ChAoSim scared05:14
badkittyLame question I know, but how do I get rid of that annoying background image in the window decorations?05:14
sierponingru,  thanks :) I was looking for that a couple minutes ago.05:14
RoyCan someone tell me who to remove the menu entry for a program that has already been uninstalled in wine?05:14
papuccino1Rightclick > Aplications >Edit Menus05:14
KiD_ChAoSsudo iwconfig eth1 ap MAC doesn't switch me to a different AP like it should, why not05:14
papuccino1That's how you choose which to keep and which to delete.05:15
poningrusier: err what?05:15
RoyThank you papuccino1 :)05:15
papuccino1No prob.05:15
papuccino1Still need help making SFV files, Can anyone help me out?05:15
sierponingru,  the mbr thing..05:15
poningrusier: oh cool05:15
jw144000poningru: My windows partition is on sda205:16
KiD_ChAoSwhat can Suse do that ubuntu can't?05:16
Roypapuccino1: That way I can hide a menu entry which has been uninstalled but how can I delete them?05:16
ubuntuloverCan't figure out how to lock "Name" column in Nautilus in some width, that it would be not resizable by itself?05:16
mikedotyHey, where does ubuntu put images after I import them from my camera dudes?05:16
softtowermikedoty, somewhere in you home folder05:16
poningrujw144000: no just do sda05:16
poningrunot partition05:16
DezineCan anyone suggest software to blog with? What I mean is, like Windows Live Writer for Windows.. what are my options?05:16
mikedotyHm, ok.  It must not have imported them for some reason.  thanks =)05:17
masequismikedoty: most likely in your user home Pictures dir.05:17
ubuntuloverDezine: Maybe it's Flock browser?05:17
DezineHm, I could use that.05:18
jw144000poningru: I just did it and it wouldn't do anything but give me a list of commands05:18
DezineBut in that case I think blogging right into wordpress would be the same.05:18
papuccino1Roy, rightclick the item you want to delete, and click delete xD05:18
DezineCan you blog with OpenOffice?05:18
RoyOh! Thanks papuccino1 :)05:18
softtowerDezine: you can blog with anything. Blogging is just typing text.05:18
DezineWell.. I want to be able to post from the software.05:19
_Oz_Is there any way to get actual M$ Word and Excel icons for Office 2003 progs running in Crossover?  Dumb, I know, but the wife would appreciate the familiarity.05:19
uid000got a kernel module question for the general audience: i'm having a problem where the nvidia proprietary kernel module isn't being loaded in the right order, and it breaks X.  if, after boot, i rmmod nvidia && modprobe nvidia, then everything is fine.  any suggestions on what's going on here, or how to troubleshoot?05:19
poningrujw144000: yeah use -m05:19
softtowerwell... copy&paste takes just seconds, right?05:19
poningruI dont think you did a double --05:19
papuccino1Oz, search for the icon pack "microsoft office"05:19
DezineI guess I'll Google, thanks!05:19
papuccino1You can then just change the icon of the program in Ubuntu.05:19
shrapnelany obvious reason why wireless would work with WPA but not on unencrypted wifi?05:19
drpckensofttower, www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts    LMAO05:20
DG19075Dezine: i see 2 apps when opening Synaptic and entering Blogging as a search term: Drivel and BloGTK05:20
jw144000poningru: so it would be sudo ms-sys -mbr /dev/sda -m05:20
poningrujw144000: sudo ms-sys -m /dev/sda05:21
tanneris anyone running hdhomerun over wifi?05:21
friedtofuanyone have opinions on dell laptops? - - namely dell xps 1330?05:21
CVD-PRwhy i have to download the ecp;ise source to install the eclipse?05:22
KiD_ChAoSwhat can suse do that Ubuntu can't!05:22
badkittyI have a really ugly image showing beneath my window decorations, any idea how to get rid of it?05:22
_Oz_where should I save the icon pack to?  (for M$ office)05:22
StarnestommyKiD_ChAoS: nothing05:22
_Oz_I'm not clear on how to reassign the icons, or where to store the icon pack.05:22
bazhangdezine you can also install a firefox plugin that allows you to blog from the lower half of the browser window, blogfire is the name iirc05:22
tannerfriedtofu: my room mate has the 15" model and is pleased with it05:22
oboy03is there a problem with firefox update?05:23
Scunizifriedtofu, check out http://www.dell.com/content/products/category.aspx/vostronb?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd05:23
oboy03my pc seem to hang on firefox05:23
papuccino1Oz, save them in Usr\shrre05:23
papuccino1*share I mean.05:23
badkittyI hear there is a way to blog from gmail as well05:23
friedtofutanner - there arent any heating issues right?05:23
hydehi men!05:23
barrumbadoi need help with VPM05:23
barrumbadoi need help with VPN05:23
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: we cant say here ;]05:23
barrumbadoin Ubuntu05:23
hydei con help you05:23
barrumbadohey hyde05:24
BetaTestHow do I enable the visual effects? I installed Compiz-Fusion, but that only disabled everything05:24
tannerfriedtofu: he hasn't complained of any; i myself am partial to the thinkpad line =)05:24
k1how do i?05:24
bazhangccsm BetaTest05:24
_Oz_in /share?  says access denied, papuccino105:24
raphi_kAre you automatically connected to this channel when using this irc server?05:24
barrumbadohyde i would like to be able to log into my Ubuntu at home from work using dialup05:24
bazhang!ccsm | BetaTest05:24
shrapnel_Oz_, try /usr/share/pixmaps/ or /usr/share/icons/05:24
ubotuBetaTest: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:24
friedtofuhaha - ok -05:24
barrumbadohyde i would like to be able to log into my Ubuntu at home from work using dialup05:24
SJr|NbookWhats a good program I can use to benchmark a systems CPU and memory preformance05:24
papuccino1Oz, type "gksu nautilus" in terminal. It should open a window browser where you have BIG PIMP access to everything. There ya go.05:25
karlNYamenado: you know if mib_hoimx7d7 ever fixed his grub errors - and how?05:25
mouseboyxsudo passwd root05:25
ogrek guys. i cant get any VM app to play the virtual machine this includes vmware,virtualbox,and qemu. I know how to make a vm and have done so many times on feisty. anyone know what the problem could be? heres a screenshot of virtualbox error http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/2985/screenshotdr2.png please please please please please please please please please05:26
BetaTestThank you05:26
papuccino1How'd it work Oz?05:26
mouseboyxogre, you have to run it in root05:26
_Oz_how do I actually change the icon?05:26
mouseboyxgksu virtualbox05:26
_Oz_it's the standard generic crossover icon for MS Word and I want to replace it with the icon I saved in /user/shared/icons05:26
papuccino1exactly what I was going to say Ogre.05:26
KiD_ChAoSwhat distro do you use bazhang ?05:26
bazhangogre: any reason not to get gutsy? vmware works well there--of course you need enough ram and cpu cycles to make it work well05:26
papuccino1Use root access.05:26
uid000hi all, to rephrase the last question.  if i rmmod nvidia, before staring gdm everything is good.  otherwise X won't start.  what gives?05:26
singlesunive been using ubuntu for some time... can someone tell me more about xubuntu without me having to read all the crazy stuff... (i know its a scaled down version that uses xfce instead of gnome) but hwo different is it besides that?05:27
mouseboyxIt should do this by default, but just, in the launcher put gksu in front.05:27
Starnestommyogre: I think you need to install vboxdrv05:27
Administratorogra, running mac with virtual is not ok05:27
ogrebazhang:  I am using gutsy05:27
bazhangKiD_ChAoS: kubuntu, pclinuxos, mandriva, (now) wolvix, dreamlinux, mint, ms-suse, fedora (past)05:27
karlNYHow much manual configuration is needed to set-up "tutos2" ?05:28
friedtofusinglesun - i believe not only does xubuntu uses xfce, it also uses more lightweight applications... but i cant be too sure05:28
bazhangogre: in your question you said 'on feisty'...05:28
masequisuid000: you rmmod then modprobe right?05:28
dn4_how do I kill a terminal?05:28
ogrebazhang:  yeah i was saying it worked in feisty05:28
masequisuid000: remove then reload?05:28
singlesunfriedtofu, in regards to command line and everything else it still uses the same commands generally correct... its not some sick convoluted thing right?05:28
dn4_or how do I view all terminalsr unning?05:28
BetaTestbazhang: I already have it installed, but it doesn't do anything05:28
jw144000poningru: I'm back in Windows now.05:28
dn4_like psaux or something?05:28
Starnestommydn4_: w or who05:29
Ticonderogadn4_, try stabbing it with knife?05:29
uid000masequis: rmmod then modprobe works, but i discovered that i don't even have to modprobe.  what I start X the nvidia modules gets inserted again automatically05:29
bazhangogre: sudo apt-get install vmware-server05:29
poningrujw144000: awesome....05:29
ogreStarnestommy:  its not in the repos05:29
* poningru is going to sleep now05:29
masequisuid000: ah.05:29
bazhangBetaTest: what card (graphics) and what driver05:29
papuccino1Need help creating an SFV with cksfv. Anyone out there?05:29
dn4_basically I use a terminal05:29
ogrebazhang:  vmware-server isnt working either05:29
dn4_and it is fuct to all hell05:29
jw144000poningru: Ahh....I kinda wished we could have gotten this situation with grub on my HDD figured out05:29
dn4_so I gotta kill the terminal but I do not know what the terminal is called05:29
_Oz_how do I actually change the icon?05:29
papuccino1Also, is there a SFV maker with a GUI instead of terminal only code?05:29
_Oz_it's the standard generic crossover icon for MS Word and I want to replace it with the icon I saved in /user/shared/icons05:29
jw144000so I could boot Ubuntu on the external HDD05:29
Starnestommyogre: er, try virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic05:29
karlNYdn4_: GUI terminal?05:30
dn4_so I Cannot do killall -9 terminal05:30
dn4_yes karlNY05:30
BetaTestbazhang nVidia, and it worked just fine up until I wanted to get the cube working, so I installed Compiz-Fusion05:30
bazhangogre: you need to enable the canonical gutsy partner repos and install from there--also doesnt work is not very descriptive if you really want help05:30
BetaTestAfter installing it, it doesn't do anything05:30
papuccino1Oz, right click program link, and select properties.05:30
SJr|NbookHOLY EFF05:30
jw144000poningru: But thanks for your help05:30
bazhangBetaTest: this is gutsy?05:30
papuccino1The option for it is there Oz.05:30
mouseboyxOr get the deb from the virtualbox website05:30
SJr|NbookI have to pay $185 dollars to renew a domain05:30
dn4_what is the command to see all the applications running?05:30
karlNYdn4_: try CTRL+ALT+ESC and the mouse might turn into an xkill cursor05:30
Starnestommydn4_: ps aux05:30
TiconderoganVidia have a history of not being very friendly with Compiz...05:30
ogreStarnestommy:  I have that already but it says i need vboxdrv05:30
softtowerred__: hi05:30
singlesunSJr|Nbook, will i be finding a dead link ... lol05:30
karlNYdn4_: ps -ef or ps auwx05:31
Starnestommyogre: sudo modprobe vboxdrv05:31
Ticonderogadead links for the win.05:31
BetaTestbazhang it is05:31
papuccino1dn4, press alt+f2 system monitor05:31
Administratorogre, i said running mac with vm is not ok05:31
bazhangBetaTest: you have the nvidia or the nv driver?05:31
StarnestommyAdministrator: why?05:31
BetaTestBoth, I believe05:31
_Oz_papucinno: I see it but I only see a bunch of generic icons, no option to apply icons I downloaded05:32
Administratormaybe coz bios things like that, it refuse to boot05:32
dn4_now that really messed things up05:32
bazhangBetaTest: then hit alt-f2, both drivers? that would not work05:32
dn4_be back alter05:32
mouseboyxYes, mac probably doesn't support vm drivers.05:32
mouseboyxi mean devices05:32
BetaTestOh, sorry I misunderstood05:32
BetaTestI'm not sure which one of the two drivers I have05:32
overcluckeris there a collection of 'portable' applications that can be run off a usbdrive on any ubuntu system?05:33
ogreStarnestommy:  FATAL: Module vboxdrv not found.05:33
singlesuni need some way to completely erase the data off this drive... i mean... completely clean... not just formatted05:33
bazhangBetaTest: you need the nvidia drivers--which card--please be more precise than 'nvidia', e.g., 6800, 7300, 8800, etc05:33
BetaTestbazhang 615005:34
singlesunany thoughts on free free drive cleaning apps that do a Good Job?05:34
SJr|Nbooksinglesun hmmmm no05:34
mouseboyxsinglesun, http://mirror.href.com/thestarman/asm/mbr/WIPE.html05:34
clintonsinglesun: hammers ensure your drives get clean and stay that way05:34
SJr|Nbookmy domain registration expried and now they want 185 bucks to renew it.05:34
SJr|NbookOr else they will.05:34
jakdjoin #offtopic05:34
jw144000Can anyone help me get grub installed on my external HDD so I can run Ubuntu from it?05:34
Administratorsinglesun, then you need to use some program to fill your drive with 00005:34
Aquahallicevenin' folks... when doing apt-get install it's going and looking at my cdrom wanting the original disk for some reason..... can I make it not look for cd and just d'load the package??05:34
singlesunclinton, i suppose so would a very large electro magnet... lol05:34
clintonsinglesun: hammers are much easier to come by05:34
singlesunclinton, i will keep that in mind, next time I dont want my computer :P05:35
bazhangAquahallic: disable that as a install source in synaptic05:35
Aquahallicahh.... thank you05:35
tcpdumpgodyeah Aquahallic that'd be the thing to do05:35
mouseboyxsinglesun, open the hd and break/bend the disk.05:35
singlesunmouseboyx, thanks for that ;)05:35
clintonsinglesun: It usually goes like this for me: "family member: Clinton!  my computer is slow/broken/wierd, can you look at it for me?"  Me: "Sure!  let me get my hammer"  Family:"Oh, um, that's OK it isn't that bad"05:36
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.05:36
singlesunclinton, and i see that even still ubuntu manages to run for you on a hammer beaten machine.. lol05:36
singlesunbrb... one sec.. wife05:36
jw144000Can anyone show me how to install grub on my external hard drive so I can boot Ubuntu off of it?05:36
clintonsinglesun: actually ubuntu gave up, I'm running gentoo05:36
bazhangclinton: your family call you by your irc nick? ;]05:36
ogrevmware isnt giving me any output to work with05:36
clintonbazhang: my irc nick *is* my name05:37
mouseboyxwait singleson r.m -r.f /05:37
badkittyjw144000: Hey dude05:37
frazzledpenguinHello all, I'm running ubuntu 6.06 and the software i'm trying to install (zimbra) requires that I install "libperl". But when trying to apt-get libperl it tells me that it can't find it. Does anybody know what this is and how I can install it?05:37
jw144000badkitty: Hey, how's it going?05:37
bazhangmouseboyx: not a good suggestion--that could lead to a /kickban05:37
clintonbazhang: you think I would call myself clinton as a nickname? :P05:37
badkittyjw144000: Had to go to sleep the other day got everything working?05:37
oboy03i just saw beryl on youtube, and it was cool05:37
badkittyoboy03: compiz-fusion is the new beryl05:38
Aquahallicthx folks... worked like a champ...:)05:38
oboy03any comments on it? how do i use it?05:38
jw144000badkitty: Well, I'm trying a different approach: I'm trying to boot Gutsy Gibbon off of a 80GB external hard drive.05:38
ubuntuloverTell me please, how to lock "Name" column in Nautilus in some width, that it would be not resizable by itself?05:38
bazhanginstall ccsm oboy0305:38
Ademani've never had to screw around with ndiswrapper before, but now i have to, is it a problem using ndiswrapper in 64 bit ubuntu?05:38
ogreanybody know why no VM app will power on for me? tried as root. no luck05:38
badkittyjw144000: how come?05:38
bazhang!ccsm | oboy0305:38
ubotuoboy03: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:38
oboy03hey bazhaang how are u doin?05:38
kavelotdoes ubuntu has some kind of rc.shutdown ?05:38
jw144000badkitty: I went through too much trouble with trying to get it installed on the external HD. I did get that partition magic program, though05:38
BetaTestSo bazhang, any help?05:39
bazhangogre: wont work is not very descriptive--what cpu and how much ram05:39
mouseboyxkavelot, you could get ssh and run sudo shutdown now on the machine05:39
kavelotno, sorry05:39
kavelotI mean a script that will be executed when shutdown05:39
badkittyjw144000: Did you aprtition your hard drive??05:39
badkittyjw144000: PM me05:39
mouseboyxI thought that mean Remote control...05:39
clintonkavelot: write a /etc/init.d/ script05:40
ogrebazhang:  intel duo core 1.6 with 1.5Gb ram05:40
bazhangBetaTest: not sure of the exact driver for that card: nvidia latest or older--the proprietary restricted drivers manager should help with that05:40
uid000i'm troubleshooting the binary nvidia driver and wonder if anyone could help.05:40
masequisuid000: I finally remembered what that file was..   /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/modules.dep05:40
uid000X won't start unless I rmmod and modprobe the nvidia driver first05:40
=== Veinor is now known as Veinor|ZzZ
bazhangogre: how much ram are you allocating to the distro and what distro are you trying to run in vm?05:40
clintonuid000: I have that problem on my machine at work.05:40
uid000masequis: yeah i checked that. everything looks kosher there05:40
masequisuid000: /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile/nvidia.ko: /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/i2c/i2c-core.ko05:40
uid000clinton: any suggestions?05:40
shiftlesshi guys, can someone help me, i have been pulling my hair out for days trying to figure this out.. i am on ubuntu 7.10 and i want to configure my text consoles to have the default VGA font with the codepage 437 mapping05:40
clintonuid000: In fact, I added the rmmod and modprobe lines to /etc/init.d/gdm start05:41
mkquistclinton: sidenote - funny earlier, hammer.... =p05:41
clintonuid000: it's a bit hackish, but it *just works*05:41
joecurleehi everyone, i am running ubuntu 7.10... installed dvd codecs via automatix... dvds play fine but no audio. I'm using an asus m2a-vm hdmi mother board with integrated ati graphics card05:41
ogrebazhang:  vmware-server doesnt give me any useful output to tell you. i can take a screenshot if that would help. ive tried xp and leopard with 512 for xp and 1gb for leopard05:41
uid000clinton: hmm. . that thought crossed my mind.  seems like there's a better way though ;-)05:41
clintonmkquist: :)05:41
masequisuid000: see!! edit init scripts!! :)05:41
joecurleeany solutions would be very much appreciated :)05:41
_Oz_Thanks to all for the help.  Much appreciated.05:41
_Oz_Good night!05:41
bazhangogre: mac os x is not supported here and is not legal05:41
_Oz_(By the way, got the emblems installed.  Much better.)_05:42
JazaIs there a way to install flash player 9 using RPMs or tar files?05:42
clintonjoecurlee: you shoudln't have used automatix05:42
badkittyjoecurlee: Suggestion: Dont use automatix05:42
ogreokokok. well what about xp?05:42
mkquistjoecurlee: are we to assume that ur sound is good other than that?05:42
joecurleebadkitty: really? why not?05:42
ogrebazhang: okokok. well what about xp?05:42
badkitty!automatix | joecurlee05:42
ubotujoecurlee: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »05:42
bazhangjoecurlee: may as well reinstall; your system is borked05:42
mkquistJaza: yes05:42
shrapnelany obvious reason why wireless would work with WPA but not on unencrypted wifi?05:42
joecurleemkquist: yes sound worked fine-ish in test mode05:42
Starnestommyjoecurlee: it's been known to cause all sorts of problems05:42
mouseboyxjoecurlee, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:42
badkittyjoecurlee: It breaks systems05:42
joecurleeoh crap05:43
badkittyespecially mine a couple times :-(05:43
joecurleethat's not cool05:43
karlNYHow much manual configuration is needed to set-up "tutos2" ?05:43
Jazacan you explain how or give me a link where I can find that info?05:43
joecurleeok so how to undo everything and do this the right way?05:43
mkquistJaza: d/l the tar, extract and run installer in terminal. ur can just run it as user, works fine if ur the only one using machine05:43
clintonjoecurlee: re-install and come back to learn the right way :)05:43
bazhangjoecurlee: reinstall05:43
joecurleei'm so very close to getting media server complete after several days of work :)05:43
mouseboyxjoecurlee, follow the guide on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu05:43
clintonjoecurlee: your media server will never function properly now05:43
Jazaok thanks05:44
ogrebazhang: okokok. well what about xp?05:44
joecurleeeven if i uninstall all installed packages via the automatix uninstaller?05:44
kavelotreboot+shutdown is runlevel 0 or 6?05:44
clintonjoecurlee: there is no guarantee it correctly uninstalls since it circumvents the package mangaement system05:44
Starnestommykavelot: reboot is 6, halt/shutdown is 005:44
bazhangogre not sure-- perhaps others here know--never touch ##windows myself ;]05:44
badkittyjoecurlee: It's possible that you have a decent setup, but I would lose automatix as fast as you can before it screws up your system05:44
joecurleewow that's total crap. wish i would have known that before installing05:44
kavelotbut reboot includes "shutdown" or not?05:44
elkbuntujoecurlee, every time you use the automatix application it can damage your system.05:45
clintonbazhang: I joined windows once to get a question on pricing, and I was told to install Linux!  ah the irony05:45
badkittyjoecurlee: Automatix had the pleasure of upgrading my distro to something that didn05:45
kaveloti mean, when I reboots, all scripts runlevel 0 are called?05:45
BetaTest22:04:27] <bazhang> I can't find the  proprietary restricted drivers manager, can you help?05:45
clintonkavelot: reboot is a shutdown/startup, so yes, it includes shutdown05:45
joecurleeso recommended course of action: completely reformat my drive with ubuntu and follow directions with mediabuntu?05:45
kavelotok, thanks05:45
clintonjoecurlee: yes05:45
bazhangthere was someone in here yesterday who was running feisty that had four different iterations of ubuntu as source--all thanks to automatix05:45
joecurleek thanks. will do :(05:45
hydeco za.....05:45
ogrebazhang:  ok what if it were a linux distro then? ok just for fixing it sake i will install a ubuntu vm on top of ubuntu. then what is it?05:45
badkittyjoecurlee: unfortunatly05:45
clintonjoecurlee: this time you will get it right tho :)05:45
hydeznacie takie znaki? : ążźćółę05:46
joecurleeso much work i've already put in to this thing... sigh05:46
bazhang!nvidia | BetaTest05:46
ubotuBetaTest: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:46
bullgard4What is meant by 'trap' in the following sentence: "This usually causes some sort of system management trap, which makes sure that the memory is put in self-refresh mode and actually sequences the machine into suspend."?05:46
Starnestommybullgard4: probably some sort of checking function05:46
bazhangogre: probably 768MB for ubuntu just to be safe, one would expect the xp would want as least as much, what with all the anti spyware stuff going ;]05:47
joecurleethanks everyone, helpful as usual!05:47
bazhanghyde: english please ;]05:47
L33tChawesome... vlc works great... but now how about rmvb files? anything i can do to get them to rn properly?05:47
clintonbullgard4: What is "this" ?05:47
hydenie umiem angielskiego ! :)05:48
bazhangL33tCh: realplayer05:48
ogreanybody know why no VM app will power on for me? tried as root. no luck  tried diff distro for vm no luck. worked fine in feisty. what has changed?05:48
L33tChah, didn't think there was a linux version.. thanks05:48
BetaTestHmm.. bazhang the right driver is already in use05:48
Starnestommyhyde: #ubuntu-pl ?05:48
hydewiem wiem05:48
hydei know05:48
bazhangBetaTest: then alt-f2 compiz --replace05:49
bullgard4clinton: [ACPI] "Firstly, the address of the kernel wakeup code is written to an address contained in the FADT. Secondly, two magic values from the DSDT are written to registers described in the FADT."05:49
BetaTestI've done that, but that doesn't get it to work05:49
jw144000Can anyone help me install grub on my external hard drive so I can boot Ubuntu?05:49
masequisuid000: my modules.dep file.  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55181/05:49
BetaTestI've tried restarting,also no good05:49
bazhangjw144000: dual boot?05:49
clintonjw144000: Do you have a full ubuntu installation on that hard drive?05:49
jw144000clinton: Yeah05:49
badkittyjw144000: You sure you dont want to dual boot with your internal drive?05:49
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
uid000masequis: thanks, i'll compare to mine05:49
clintonjw144000: sudo chroot <device> /bin/bash05:50
ogre5 freakin' days trying to get ANY VM app to work no luck :/05:50
clintonjw144000: replace device with /dev/hdb or whatever it might be05:50
clintonogre: maybe you're taking the wrong approach?05:50
bazhangis there a #vmware channel? I know there is a #vbox05:50
ogreclinton:  ive tried asking a many times05:50
hydeplease help me ←↓→05:51
jw144000badkitty: I'll leave that as an option, but before I do that, I wanna get back that hard drive space I lost from not installing grub on the external HDD before05:51
brazilian812i need some help with ubuntu 7.10 and HAL05:51
clintonogre: vmware is a bit offtopic here05:51
ogrebazhang:  both channels are ghost towns05:51
BetaTestogre PM me, I'll try to help you05:51
uid000masequis: yep mine's the same05:51
Jonathan83brazilian812 whats up05:51
bazhangclinton: nah its alright--he just needs to be more descriptive ;]05:51
ogreBetaTest:  ok i use my regged nick bbias05:51
L33tChok about realplayer... where can i find it? my apt cache doesn't hold it and the site just downloads the exe05:52
=== ogre is now known as imbecile
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
brazilian812Jonathan83: whenever i sign in, i get a "failed to initialize HAL" error message05:52
bazhangL33tCh: there is a linux version--tar.gz if memory servers me well ;]05:52
=== BetaTest is now known as BehiiMehii
bazhangL33tCh: the exe version will yield bupkis ;]05:53
L33tChhmm, ok, thanks.. will search for it05:53
L33tChhehe, yup05:53
jw144000clinton: I lost over 42GB on my internal hard drive, when I messed up and failed to install Grub on my external hard drive. How do I get it back.05:53
clintonjw144000: um, grub has nothing to do with hard drive space.05:53
bazhang!grub | jw14400005:53
ubotujw144000: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:53
mouseboyxOr, you could download a super grub bootable cd.05:54
=== MyNickName is now known as l0wrd
Jonathan83brazilian812 look here  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-75328.html05:54
Jonathan83same issue05:55
bazhangjw144000: listen to mouseboyx05:55
SJr|NbookWhat package do I reconfigure to select sources for apt?05:55
imbecileclinton:  and its not just a vmware problem so its not offtopic. its any vm app05:55
StarnestommySJr|Nbook: edit /etc/apt/sources.list05:55
clintonSJr|Nbook: nano /etc/apt/sources.list05:55
bazhangSJr|Nbook: in synaptic the first four repos should do05:55
SJr|NbookIt's ubuntu server, and the sources.list file doesn't exist.05:55
SJr|Nbookthere is a utility you can use, atleast in debian that will do it.05:56
CreationistDoes KDevelop mesh well with Gnome?  If not, is there a Gtk alternative?05:56
l0wrdwhen will there be a new version of uBuntu05:56
bazhangSJr|Nbook: you may also want to enable canonical gutsy partner for the ooh server..that is different05:56
Starnestommyl0wrd: in April05:56
SJr|Nbookhmmmm I think it's 6.0605:56
bazhangapril this year l0wrd05:56
imbecileBehiiMehii:  did you get my pm?05:56
mouseboyxl0wrd, every 10 months05:56
clintonmouseboyx: 10?05:57
bazhang6 months but whos counting ;]05:57
StarnestommyI thought it was 805:57
clintonit's 605:57
mouseboyx6.06 7.04 805:57
shrapnelCreationist: I used to use anjuta, that uses GTK05:57
mouseboyxnvmd i forgot about05:57
l0wrdit doesnt really matter i guess, i get pretty regular updates.05:57
joecurleereformatting in process :)   any recommendations on how to improve dvd rip quality ("upconvert" if i must use the term)... i'm displaying content on a 40" samsung 1080p lcd flat panel... dvds look like crap05:57
* imbecile cries in the corner05:57
Oxygenetikohhh GTK05:57
bazhangmouseboyx: 6.10 would be so unhappy ;]05:57
clintonmouseboyx: you're clueless :)05:57
=== trypglyph is now known as BDSM
mouseboyxAll the versions are pretty much the same thing anyway05:58
l0wrdjoecurlee; you need to set your screen res to 1920x108005:58
Oxygenetikohhh versions!05:58
l0wrdjoecurlee; and it will help if the movies are played in HD.05:58
imbecileanybody know why no VM app will power on for me? tried as root. no luck  tried diff distro for vm no luck. worked fine in feisty. what has changed? possible bug?05:58
Oxygenetikohh virtual machines!05:58
bazhangl0wrd: he used automatix ;[05:58
joecurleel0wrd: i did... what do you mean played in hd?05:58
joecurleeno not using automatix05:59
joecurleereformatting :)05:59
SJr|NbookSo how can I regenerate a sources.list file from scratch05:59
clintonimbecile: you and ogre will be good friends05:59
Creationistshrapnel: Is that a RAD system?05:59
joecurlee*used* automatix for about 10 minutes :)05:59
Creationistshrapnel: I'm looking for a decent RAD environment to use as I learn Ruby05:59
Oxygenetikohhhhh automatix05:59
imbecileclinton:  one & the same05:59
l0wrdjoecurlee: you need an HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive and HD movies.  thats the best way to go.05:59
Oxygenetikohhhh Bly-ray05:59
shrapnelCreationist: that's entirely different. =)  Try Aptana Studio.05:59
clintonimbecile: lol05:59
bazhangOxygenetik: amusing yet annoying join #ubuntu-offtopic please ;]05:59
joecurleeyes i have blu-ray06:00
shrapnelCreationist: well, okay, not RAD, but IDE06:00
OxygenetikOhhhh RAD!!06:00
shrapnelCreationist: RAD for Ruby?06:00
OxygenetikOOHHHH RUBY MAN!!06:00
joecurleebut i'm ripping my entire dvd collection... planning to have several computers purely for storage in a closet (or at least several drives)06:00
bazhangOxygenetik: stop now06:00
imbecilethis is sad :( I might have to run ubuntu in a VM instead. I have windows only app I need for work :(06:00
clintonimbecile: have you tried wine ?06:00
imbecileclinton:  yeah that was my first try06:01
l0wrdor reactOS in qemu/06:01
clintonimbecile: what app is it?06:01
l0wrdtry running it on ReactOS in QEmu06:01
bazhangimbecile: vmware fails to work for you in gutsy?06:01
imbecileclinton:  its a work specific app for geology06:01
imbecilebazhang:  yes06:02
bazhangimbecile: how installed?06:02
clintonimbecile: can you tell me the name of it?06:02
imbecilebazhang: repos06:02
bazhangimbecile: what error if any?06:02
imbecileclinton:  its not finished yet so no. i might get sued by my boss06:03
clintonimbecile: that's comforting06:03
Oxygenetikohhhhh bazhang!06:03
mouseboyxIs mysql faster than using files?06:03
SJr|NbookHow can I get a sources.list for ubuntu 6.0606:03
Creationistshrapnel: I use FreeRIDE as my IDE... but I'd like an easy way to create GUI apps with Ruby06:03
imbecilebazhang:  no error. wmware -server  just refuses to power on06:03
mouseboyxrun vmware-server in terminal06:04
bazhangimbecile: you got the free key from vmware.com and the install went okay?06:04
ErtainHas anyone tried Fuppes?06:04
clintonimbecile: quite honestly, if the app works for you under Windows only and it is a critical applictation - you might consider running Windows or having a separate Windows box.06:04
imbecilebazhang:  it says i have an error then displayes nothing then says :end of error message06:04
badkittyimbecile: Dual Boot?06:04
imbecilebazhang:  yes i did06:05
bazhangimbecile: try as mouseboyx suggests and run from terminal : vmware-server06:05
shrapnelCreationist: ah.  I think there are Qt/GTK/wxWidgets bindings, and at least Qt and GTK have form designers (Qt Designer and Glade).06:05
* Creationist could never stand using vmware.06:05
SJr|NbookI love vmware06:05
badkittyI agree I like vbox much better06:05
nemilarimbecile: you might take a look at www.techthrob.com/tech/linux_virtualization.php06:05
imbecilebadkitty:  i just got rid of my dual boot and figured id just run windows on a VM :(06:05
* Creationist much prefers VirtualBox..... simple and to the point and just plain works.06:05
badkittyAlthough vmware in windows is nice06:05
badkittyimbecile: I just got rid of my dualboot too06:06
tcpdumpgodWho rocks the party that rocks the party?06:06
mouseboyxI just got my dual boot back.06:06
nemilarI used to dual boot, but VM works great06:06
badkittyhey .. vbox doesn't have applications like vmware does..does it?06:06
nemilarbadkitty: what do you mean applications?06:07
badkittynemilar: I mean appliances06:07
nemilaroh, lol06:07
nemilarno I don't think so...at least not for the personal license, anyway06:07
imbecilebazhang:  mouseboyx no output for it06:07
imbecilebazhang:  mouseboyx: I'll take a screenshot06:08
=== BDSM is now known as trypglyph
=== m0u5e_ is now known as m0u5e
shrapnelisn't an appliance just a single-purpose OS distro in a virtual machine image?  Can't any VM have appliances?  I prefer qemu, myself.06:08
bazhangimbecile: okay ;]06:08
badkittyshrapnel: Well yes, the trouble is finding them06:08
badkittyshrapnel: Haven't tried that one yet.. pretty good?06:08
shrapnelbadkitty: I gave it a shot after vmware gave out on me and its setup script started failing.  I like it a lot.  more free, speedy, supports a bunch of stuff, has a kernel accelerator module.06:09
joecurleei just looked down at my soon to be obsolete series 2 tivo... anyone know of anything I can salvage (besides hard drive) from the tivo?06:10
shrapnelbadkitty: I usually run a win98 guest on an Athlon 2500 and it's pretty usable.06:10
Alohadoes gutsy have any bugs regarding edit fields in firefox not showing correctly?06:10
mouseboyxAloha, not that i have experienced.06:11
badkittyshrapnel: I use vmware in diwnows - or DID before I killed it today, I just installed vbo which I have had luck with before.. maybe I'll try qemu one of these days06:11
nemilarAloha: gusty has lots of bugs... FF 3 was buggin' out of me until the update yesterday, too06:11
m0u5eAloha: that would probably be a firefox bug, rather than a gutsy bug06:11
jw144000clinton: May I PM you?06:11
imbecilemouseboyx: bazhang: http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/6076/screenshotxg3.png    because the program doesnt crash i get no error output in terminal06:11
badkittynemilar: I reinstalled gutsy today and at first, firefox wouldn't let me download or do any addons etc.. update fixed the problem06:11
mouseboyximbecile, What happens in the terminal?06:11
kavelotis there a way for ubuntu to examine partitions and try to generate a menu.lst for grub based on OSs it finds?06:12
mouseboyxpaste what happens in the terminal here: http://pastebin.com/06:12
imbecilemouseboyx:  nothing it runs fine. says nothing06:12
bazhangimbecile: the answer is leopard--illegal iirc and not supported here06:12
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:12
badkittykavelot: Im pretty sure that is how it sets up grub for the first time.. as far as how to do this after the install Im not sure06:12
Isaac_Flash drive install question:  I heard you can install Ubuntu to a flash drive just like any other hard drive.  Does Ubuntu not recognize my flash drive because it is too small?06:12
imbecilebazhang:  same for windows and linux as well06:12
nemilarkavelot: I believe that's what the update-grub command does06:12
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:12
nemilarIsaac_: that seems unlikely06:13
kavelotgood, thanks06:13
bullgard4Where can I find a description of kacpid? (There exists a acpid man page but no kacpid man page.)06:13
nemilarIsaac_: you should look at the output of the 'dmesg' command to see if it says anything about your flash drive06:13
Alohabullgard4, is it a binary?06:13
bazhangimbecile: no problems here--must be the source of the ##windows software--only legally obtained versions work if memory serves06:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about twss - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:14
Isaac_So it would recognize it as a viable drive in the install menu, just tell me it's too small?06:14
Creationisthehe, dang06:14
imbecilemouseboyx:  bazhang: its not just vmware its vbox and qemu06:14
bullgard4Aloha: If you answer my question I will answer your question.06:14
bazhangimbecile: show me a screenshot of linux in vmware and then that would help alot ;]06:14
m0u5ehow would i enable direct rendering on an SGI card?06:14
Isaac_What flash drives would be good to use?06:14
nemilarIsaac_: wait... you're trying to install Ubuntu onto a USB flash drive?06:14
mouseboyximbecile, have you rebooted since you installed it?06:14
Isaac_nemilar yes06:14
Alohabullgard4, i was asking because debian policy requires binaries in packages to have a man page06:14
bazhangIsaac_: www.pendrivelinux.com has what you need ;]06:14
Creationist!usb < Isaac_06:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about usb < isaac_ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:14
nemilarIsaac_: ahh okay that is a different story ... I thought you just couldn't get your flash drive recognized inside Ubuntu06:15
Aloha!botabuse | Creationist06:15
ubotuCreationist: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:15
imbecilebazhang:  it is a legal copy and like I said the bug is OS independent. i cant even GET to the install06:15
imbecilemouseboyx:  yes06:15
CreationistAloha: Ah, that's how ya do it.06:15
CreationistAloha: But I wasn't abusing him... I was trying to help.06:15
bazhangimbecile: the linux vm not working screenshot? do you have one?06:15
Isaac_I thought it would work just like any other external hard drive install.06:15
Isaac_Assuming the flash drive was big enough06:15
bazhangIsaac_: sadly no06:16
CreationistIsaac_: There are tutorials on how to do it, but I apparently can't use the bot to show you where they are :).06:16
nemilarIsaac_: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar have you seen this?06:16
imbecilebazhang:  okay i will make a linux vm. why the heck are you pushing it so far with the linux thing?06:16
mouseboyximbecile, I don't know what to say, if it were me i would install leporard instead of ubuntu.06:16
MrObvious!wine > do0zman06:16
m0u5ehow would one enable direct rendering to their graphics card?06:16
KuroachiaCan anyone point me in the right direction (or perhaps answer the question, it's relatively basic) how can I save some text so that the terminal runs the same commands every time I want to do something?06:16
mouseboyxm0u5e, it depends on what graphics card you have.06:17
nemilarKuroachia: sounds like you want the 'alias' command06:17
m0u5emouseboyx: an SGI06:17
bazhangimbecile: see the /topic ? #ubuntu is linux iirc06:17
mouseboyxWhat is the GPU?06:17
bazhanggraphics mouseboyx06:17
mouseboyxWhat is the GPU of your card?06:17
bullgard4Aloha: "Ubuntu Package Contents Search Result: You have searched for kacpid in gutsy, architecture i386. Can't find that file, at least not in that distribution and on that architecture." But kacpid is a process on my Ubuntu 7.10.06:18
Kuroachianemilar: I am making several iso's so I was hoping I could have the terminal or something automate the cycle, is that what I can do with 'alias'?06:18
badkittym0u5e: Nvidia, ATI, Matrox???06:18
nemilarKuroachia: oh, no... that would require a script06:18
m0u5eits an SGI06:18
mouseboyxI don't think there are linux drivers for it.06:18
nemilarKuroachia: if you don't mind spending a little time on it, you could probably hack together a bash script to do that, using some tutorials on the web, in about 5-10 minutes06:18
imbecilebazhang:  you are totally just writing it off. next you will say its an issue with vmware. its all vm apps06:18
Isaac_Well shoot!  Can I still install Ubuntu to my external USB 160 gigabyte hard drive?06:18
bazhangIsaac_: sure06:19
Kuroachianemilar: I figured as much, I was hoping to perhaps save the commands as a text document that I could then run. Bash script you say? All right, I'll take a look. Thanks!06:19
tcpdumpgod<imbecile> what kind of problem are you having?06:19
nemilarKuroachia: that's essentially what bash script is06:19
m0u5eits a silicon integrated systems (SiS) 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter06:19
mouseboyxgrep vesa /etc/X11/xorg.conf  m0u5e06:19
Isaac_Then why won't it work with a pen drive?  I was told they had MBRs too.06:19
Isaac_I mean, why won't it work as a normal install?06:19
mouseboyxIf this returns something then you are using the generic driver.06:19
badkittym0u5e: Your kidding right?06:19
bazhangimbecile: well using leopard which is not supported here (or anywhere) is not a good way to ask for help06:19
m0u5ebadkitty: no i'm not06:20
nemilarIsaac_: if memory serves, old flash drives don't have mbrs, or for some reason don't serve as bootable06:20
tcpdumpgodlol @ (or anywhere)06:20
m0u5emouseboyx: nothing06:20
tcpdumpgodHe's got the leopard man!06:20
imbeciletcpdumpgod:  i cant get any VM app to work. vmware/qemu/vbox all seem like theyre running till i try to power them on06:20
tcpdumpgodimbecile, i'll try to help you.06:20
badkittym0u5e: Can that card handle direct rendering?06:20
Isaac_Can you recommend a brand that can serve as bootable?  Essentially just like an external hard drive, I can install it normally?06:20
tcpdumpgodimbecile, i know it's unix based, i can probably work w/it.06:20
mouseboyxhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=488185  has some stuff m0u5e06:21
m0u5ebadkitty: glxinfo tells me its not enabled... don't know if it can handle it @_@;06:21
fattmoleyI need help. Also I have an ubuntu question.06:21
nemilarfattmoley: ask away06:21
imbeciletcpdumpgod:  its a distri independent error. no matter what type of vm i try to run it wont work06:21
tcpdumpgodimbecile, you're saying that even though VMware is powered off and closed on your machine... (or anywhere)........06:21
tcpdumpgodOkay... so VMware works fine.06:21
bazhangIsaac_: a brand--you mean of hdd? or a linux distro 'brand'?06:21
tcpdumpgodBut you cant run any virtual machines?06:21
fattmoleyi recently installed a flash update and now flash in firefox seems to be hosed.06:22
fattmoleyalso what is the irc command to reply06:22
nemilarfattmoley: a lot of people are having that problem06:22
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:22
Isaac_A brand of flash drive that basically I can install Ubuntu to normally, like I would install it to any disk drive.06:22
bazhangIsaac_: ah the usb key thing?06:22
Isaac_I tried that nemilar, it never did work.06:22
tcpdumpgodYeah fattmoley i just experienced that just about two seconds ago.06:22
nemilarIsaac_: that's for flash, the plugin from adobe06:22
tcpdumpgodIm going to go to a previous version.06:22
imbeciletcpdumpgod:  yeah i cant run any. im gonna try to setup a ubuntu vm on the top of ubuntu just so bazhang understands its not cuz of leopard/xp or any of the vm apps. it IS ubuntu specific06:23
fattmoleyhow do you roll back to the previous flash version?06:23
nemilarfattmoley: I think people are fixing the flash issue by installing the version from Adobe's website, but someone here should second that before you do it06:23
carlhow do I edit my xorg in terminal06:23
mouseboyxnemilar,  thats what i did/06:23
Isaac_I'm not sure bazhang.  All I know is I want a flash drive that I can install Ubuntu to (without that pen drive tutorial, which doesn't work for me for some reason).06:23
Creationistcarl: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:24
badkittynemilar: I just did a fresh install and my flash somehow got installed.. perhaps it was the ubuntu-restricted-extras??06:24
tcpdumpgodSo you're booting an Ubuntu vmware image correct imbecile ?06:24
Creationistcarl: or sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:24
bazhangIsaac_: it is not really the brand--there are several distros that allow that but it is very experimental at this point--you can buy a usb flash key with a distro pre-installed--otherwise it is pendrivelinux.com06:24
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Isaac_Are there any flash drives with a normal MBR, that would be recognized as a hard drive during a normal Ubuntu install from live CD?06:24
Creationistcarl: but make SURE you make a backup of it first     sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup06:25
Isaac_I see.  Oh well, thanks anyway.06:25
tcpdumpgodIsaac_, im sure there are.06:25
badkittyIsaac_: The main thing is that your BIOS can boot to USB06:25
bazhangimbecile: my vmware works really really well--and this is on ubuntu--I would suggest the error lies outside of ubuntu ;]06:25
Isaac_Yes, my BIOS can boot from USB.06:25
badkittyIsaac_: Have a looksie http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar-p206:25
nemilarEditing your xorg.conf file by hand will break your X configuration even if you do everything correctly. <--- the truth06:26
bazhangIsaac_: the tutorials there are also what some people use for the eeepc which does not have a cd drive--their webpage and wiki is at www.eeeuser.com ;]06:26
badkittynemilar: haha06:26
mouseboyxnemilar, completely untrue.06:26
imbeciletcpdumpgod:  im running ubuntu and am trying to setup a ubuntu vm on top of it because bazhang keeps trying to blame other distros.. heres the screenshot as proof http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/5894/screenshot1rs7.png06:26
carlI need tohe code to do the xorg it's self in the terminal where I can edit it in the terminal06:26
badkittymouseboyx: I think he was being sarcastic06:26
matt_i need some help installing a good media center on ubuntu with out rebooting06:26
nemilarhaha yeah....  for the most part06:26
fattmoleyHey I also have a problem with Ubuntu taking an extremely long time to boot and a blank screen until the desktop shows up06:27
mouseboyxI never back up anything, lol and I have been able to fix everything06:27
Toaster`fattmoley: make sure you have updated sources.  falsh and firefox was borked for me, but I just refreshed and it re-installed fine06:27
Isaac_But when I try to install Ubuntu to the flash drive, the installer doesn't recognize the flash drive as a hard drive.  Are there any flash drives that will be recognized as a normal hard drive by Ubuntu during a normal install?06:27
imbecilebazhang:  http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/5894/screenshot1rs7.png that better? this is a fresh install btw (2 days old) and I have not messed anything up06:27
nemilarIsaac_: a flash drive is not a hard drive06:27
badkittyfattmoley: I have heard other people having that issue as well06:27
Isaac_Can it be used as a hard drive though?06:27
badkittycarl: eh?06:27
tcpdumpgodimbecile, have you tried here? : http://www.google.com/search?q=%22unable+to+change+virtual+machine+power+state%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a06:27
tcpdumpgodbrb, i need a ciggy06:27
imbecilebazhang:  like i was saying vmware worked perfectly for me as well before gutsy06:27
nemilarIsaac_: they are both storage devices.  That is all they have in common06:27
Isaac_As in, are there any flash drives that mimic hard drives?06:27
imbeciletcpdumpgod:  ill check it out thx06:28
m0u5eso... anyone know if its possible to convert something packaged for redhat 7.2 so that it could be run in ubuntu?06:28
badkittyIsaac_: What are you saying.. did you look at my tutorial page i gave u06:28
tcpdumpgodim fairly sure you'll find what you need there, no problem imbecile :)06:28
Invisible_UbuntiI loaded compiz and now my Gnome session is borked I can switch to any app I had open before is there anyway to unfreeze it without doing a full reboot? I have some file downloading but can see how far they are alng06:28
Isaac_Several times06:28
mouseboyxm0u5e, use alien.06:28
nemilarm0u5e: the alien program will do that, but it's not recommended06:28
Isaac_Never worked for me.  I've tried it before.06:28
m0u5ehmm okay thx, (the issue is that SiS only has a redhat version)06:28
bazhangimbecile: that is an unusual looking vmware; do you have the most recent version? mine is alot recent looking in terms of interface etc06:28
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: might try  killall -9 compiz06:28
wsguedeusing the terminal, how do i switch from ubuntu to xubuntu?06:29
bazhangm0u5e: not a good idea--what app?06:29
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: after that run the metacity command06:29
mouseboyxcould you have both deb and rpm system?06:29
m0u5ebazhang: not an app, drivers06:29
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, doesn't seem to have a effect every app i load I can't switch to once I leave it to go to a new app loaded06:29
nemilarmouseboyx: that sounds like trouble06:29
mouseboyxBut cool.06:30
bazhangm0u5e: major breakage city06:30
m0u5ebazhang: lol i know06:30
imbecilebazhang:  got it from the repos this morning06:30
m0u5ebazhang: don't see any other choice thougH :/06:30
wsguedeusing the terminal, how do i switch from ubuntu to xubuntu?06:30
mouseboyxwsguede, I don't understand.06:30
nemilarm0u5e: if they're kernel modules, then it's probably a /really/ bad idea06:30
ethan961think so?06:30
Isaac_Oh well.  Thanks y'all.  Guess I'll just have to put up with this big external hard drive for an external Ubuntu install...........06:30
imbecilebazhang:  its vmware-server the only vmware they had in repos06:31
Invisible_Ubuntiwsguede, they may have changed it but it used to be xwmconfig i think06:31
nemilarIsaac_: google it, dude06:31
m0u5enemilar: lol06:31
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, any other idea's lol06:31
Isaac_Sure wish they'd make a hard drive as small as a pen drive though.  Seems they could if they wanted to these days.06:31
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: that command did nothing?06:31
bazhangimbecile: the canonical gutsy partner?06:31
Isaac_All I'd need is four gigs or so06:31
wsguedemouseboyx: i have ubuntu installed, but its slow on my older machine, i want to switch to xubuntu, w/o doing the cd install06:31
nemilarIsaac_: stop whining and GOOGLE it06:31
nemilarIsaac_: everyone here gave you options06:31
mouseboyxOh, wsguede then sudo apt-get install xfce06:31
wsguedeInvisible_Ubunti: sudo?06:32
bazhangIsaac_: you can buy them cough mandriva cough already preinstalled..06:32
jw144000Can anyone help me to install grub on this external HD of mine? I installed Gutsy on it but wound up getting a grub error, which overwrote the MBR on my internal HD (I have it fixed though)06:32
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, nothing I can't switch back to that console i have to open a new one to type anything again and I won't be able to switch back to xchat06:32
ethan961it was pretty abysmal when I had dual RPM and DEB set up on my system06:32
imbecilebazhang:  im not sure which one it was. it was one of the default repos though. the only repo i added was reocard06:32
mouseboyxOh, wsguede then sudo apt-get install xfce4, my bad06:32
bazhangimbecile: reocard? which one is that?06:32
ethan961For rpm alien works plenty good enough for me06:32
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: ahh.  you can enter commands by switching to a TTY (hold control+alt and press F3) ; then to get back to graphical control+alt+F706:33
nemilarIt's F7 right, not F806:33
imbecilebazhang: the eyecandy one with AWN stuff. just eyecandy stuff06:33
nemilaryeah it's f7, Invisible_Ubunti06:33
mouseboyx wsguede [sudo apt-get install xfce4] everything inside brackets in a terminal.06:33
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, says Compiz: no processkilled06:33
wsguedemouseboyx: will this erase my settings?06:33
mouseboyxI don06:33
mouseboyxt know.06:33
bazhangimbecile: would you mind posting your sources list?06:33
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: killall -9 compiz & killall -9 compiz.real06:33
mouseboyxProbably not. you will have gnome and xfce406:33
wsguedemouseboyx: we will find out06:33
mouseboyxthen you just logout and slect xfce4 session06:33
imbecilebazhang:  I really do think its a bug. ive made plenty of vm before so i know its not that06:34
imbecilebazhang:  no problem give me a sec06:34
NeT_DeMoN_whats the off-topic channel?06:34
nemilar#ubuntu-offtopic NeT_DeMoN_06:34
NeT_DeMoN_nemilar thanks06:34
bazhangimbecile: the vmware-server is in the canonical gutsy partner if you only have the first four then perhaps you have some other version06:34
carlhow do I install compiz06:35
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, still the same I did ps aux and I don't see any compiz running I think just the windows settings are temp borked06:35
KuwangerSo, um, does ubuntu provide support for usplash?  Because, usplash doesn't seem to actually support transparency.06:35
Invisible_Ubunticarl, think its installed by default06:35
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: do you see metacity running?06:35
mouseboyxIf your really worried about X11 speed then get jwm.06:35
bazhangKuwanger: you want to change it? want a factoid?06:35
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: ps aux | grep -i metacity06:35
crdlbcarl: it's already installed; if you want help using it, jion #compiz-fusion06:36
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, nope06:36
badkittycarl pm me ill help06:36
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: try this, in the TTY:  export DISPLAY=":0.0" && metacity --replace &06:36
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, I started it to see if it worked didn't config anything lol playing around and broke lol06:36
Kuwangerbazhang: Well, I probably *will* change it.  I'm just annoyed that transparent_color in usplash_pixmap means nothing.  And I wonder if the "simple runlength encoding" actually exists, since I've yet to see anything use it to store the pixmap data.06:36
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, wow thnx.. what did that do?06:37
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: worked?06:37
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, yea, you told it to put metacity back to my display?06:37
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: it set your DISPLAY variable, so your TTY knew which X session to control; and them metacity ran with the command to replace any existing window managers06:38
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nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: by existing I mean, currently running06:38
imbecilebazhang: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55185/06:38
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, ok, now question if you would06:38
kunzyHey, i was booting up just fine, then i took my pc to school to kinda show what all ubuntu was about.  Then i got home and when i connected it back up, GRUB booted back up but XP was no longer a choice.  Where is the file that manages the GRUB boot menu and i am also going to need help to add my XP option for my master IDE HDD06:38
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, when I started compiz it was in a terminal why just closing it did it do that?06:38
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: don't ask me... I hate compiz.  too buggy06:39
mouseboyxkunzy, its /boot/grub/menu.lst be careful!06:39
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, that is the way it looks, just wanted to see what all the fuss was about but I don't see a + to actually using it just from looking at it didn't see any flashy or breaking graphics06:39
kunzymouseboyx: Thanks, i will see what i can find.  I think the file itself got corrupt because i have to manually add the -noapic option manually now06:40
Invisible_Ubuntililo > grub for ease to use!06:40
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: if it works it can be useful/fun...some of the guys here swear by it06:40
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, I'll check it out bored while awaiting asus to actually send me a working mobo back for my main PC 3rd times the charm!!06:41
WGGMkIm having a problem with my sound. It seems every time an application that uses sound (after the sound has been played) will hang the sound, like after Banshee is finished a song it hangs, or if you try to skip a song, it hangs. Although pidgin will not hang, but sound will no longer work untill i shut down pidgin. Any thoughts????06:41
mouseboyxkunzy, that was redundant, but its something like   <title Microsoft Windows XP Professional root            (hd0,0) savedefault makeactive chainloader     +1>06:41
kunzyIm aiming to learn all i can so after i am comfortable with GRUB i am probably going to switch to lilo06:41
mouseboyxthe hd0,0 will change depending on which Hard drive it is.06:42
Invisible_Ubuntikunzy, lilo is 1000x easy imo but I started Linux on slackware which is harder to use then ubuntu06:42
nemilargrub > lilo06:42
nemilarjust 'cause it is.06:42
mouseboyxdoes slackware come with X?06:42
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, why you say that?06:42
Invisible_Ubuntimouseboyx, slackware can use any x window06:42
imbecilebazhang: agree that its a bug? and like i said its not just vmware that doesnt work. no virtualbox no qemu and im sure no other VM app would work either06:43
kiefercurious if there is anyone about who can help me troubleshooting steam06:43
Invisible_Ubuntimouseboyx, comes with out of install, xfce, gnome, kde, blackbox, fluxbox and some others.06:43
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: GRUB is more modern06:43
zcat[1]trying to figure out how terminals get started these days.. used to be /etc/inittab .. if I want tty1 to drop straight to a 'top' or 'tail -f /var/log/squid.log' how would I do that?06:43
nemilarInvisible_Ubunti: I don't know any of the specifics, I just know it's better :)06:43
mouseboyxsudo apt-get install jwm06:43
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, :P its better because of the looks but config file wise lilo is easier i think for new people06:44
kunzymouseboyx:  What do i put in for the kernel or is that not neccesary06:44
mouseboyxnone for windows.06:44
zcat[1]lilo is so 1995 ..06:44
kunzymouseboyx:  also, what are the options savedefault makeactive chainloader     +1   for?06:45
bazhangimbecile: are these older vm's you are trying to run?06:45
mouseboyxCopying this file will break the install.06:45
kunzykunzy:  Yea, i figured06:46
Invisible_Ubuntinemilar, one thing I'm noticing though is diffrence in kubuntu and ubuntu is that by installing restricted drivers for totem/ubuntu doesn't give mpeg/xvid/mp4 playback like it does for kubuntu06:46
kunzymouseboyx:  Yea, i figured06:46
zcat[1]answered my own question anyhow.. /etc/event.d/tty*, thanks guys :)06:46
imbecilebazhang:  they dont  even have an os installed yet. just made today06:47
mouseboyxhte last 5 lines are for windows.06:47
bazhangimbecile: how did you upgrade from feisty? via the net? and did you first uninstall the older version of vmware?06:48
bullgard4Where can I find a description of kacpid? (There exists a acpid man page but no kacpid man page.)06:48
imbecilebazhang:  fresh gutsy install06:48
kunzymouseboyx:  Yea, i think i got it.  Pretty sure anyways.   Just need to sudo copy the edited one in again and test it.   Any idea how it could have been changed without me doing it?06:48
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bazhangimbecile: you completely overwrote feisty?06:49
imbecilebazhang:  yes06:49
Invisible_UbuntiWhats a better Torrent app besides the default BitTorrent you can't even see how many leechers/seeders per Torrent etc?06:49
ubuntuanyone know where i could get some help getting my wireless card working?06:49
ubuntui mustve uninstalled it by mistake...06:50
Invisible_Ubuntiubuntu, how did you install it the 1st time?06:50
imbecilebazhang:  i just installed from live disk yesterday06:50
CreedZOMG NO MORE WRITERS STRIKE!!! http://digg.com/television/THE_WRITERS_STRIKE_IS_OVER_206:50
ubuntuwell it worked when i installed ubuntu06:50
ubuntuits the ipw2200 driver i think06:50
bazhangimbecile: well that eliminates that as a possible cause of failure--hard to explain how mine works so flawlessly though06:51
bazhangCreed: spam elsewhere please06:51
imbecilebazhang:  i know :( it worked for me before too. thats why i think its a hardware specific bug w/ ubuntu06:51
Creedsorry, did a /amsg bazhang06:52
ubuntui was following a guide on howto update the ipw2200 driver and then i restarted and it doesnt have the wireless netwrok adapter listed anymore06:52
zcat[1]boing ... I'm back06:52
bazhangimbecile: either that or the backports/awn stuff you have enabled--that is a striking difference in our installs06:52
zcat[1]Hehe.. just configured a sweet firewall/transparent proxy / dansguardian for the church up the road...06:53
imbecilebazhang:  I didnt even have those repos enabled when i first was trying to fix it06:53
Invisible_Ubuntiubuntu, sounds like the driver didn't work so you should use the onld one06:53
zcat[1]it's even a caching proxy too...06:53
ubuntuwell how do i go back to the old one?06:53
bazhangimbecile:  all this in a single day? ;]06:53
Invisible_Ubuntizcat[1], cool want ot setup my linux box now?06:53
bullgard4What is meant by a 'kernel thread'?06:54
_LanceI got a question here, anyone know why Ubuntu no longer detects discs in my cd drive, It worked yesterday but now it does not, I'll also note that it does work in windows, plz help06:54
zcat[1]Invisible_Ubunti, I can try and helpp.. what's to do?06:54
WGGMkzcat[1]: you have a bit of experience with dansguardian?06:54
ubuntuim really stuck here as i cant use my laptop and i have to run the live cd to go online which is what im doing now06:54
imbecilebazhang: bazhang 2 days.. actually 5 days trying to get a freakin'  virtual machine up06:54
jjgalvezI just built the webcam driver for my Asus laptop but it built as standalone, where do I copy the driver to and how do I make it load automatically?06:54
zcat[1]bullgard4, y'know how the internet is like a series of tubes.. well the kernel is like a bundle of threads, see... :)06:54
Invisible_Ubuntizcat[1], was being a little sarcastic :P  I don't know what needs to be done just passing time before my main PC is back up and running I think I'll load linux on it :P06:54
imbecilebazhang:  with Virtualbox it gives me a more verbose output but problem is that output is wrong. it tells me I need a package I already have installed06:55
zcat[1]WGGMk, vaguely.. I set it up twice 'cos I was so keen to try alpha3 I forgot I haven't backed up all the work I did on it :)06:55
_Lanceanyone at all have any idea?06:55
Invisible_Ubuntizcat[1], so fair I have web working, sound, nvidia driver with a specail boot loader, login screen and gtk theme thats as far as I've got in 2 days06:55
WGGMkzcat[1]: would you happen to know why dansguardian would just hang when trying to start or restart it? or where I could look to investigate the problem??06:56
Creationisthow do I search for a certain filename in the terminal?06:56
ubuntuanyone have any ideas like in windows there is system restore is there anything like taht in ubuntu?06:56
zcat[1]WGGMk, shuffle your blacklists.. DG sorts them, and the sort algo it uses is really inefficient with already-sorted lists ... or does it just hang 'forever'?06:57
WGGMkCreationist: try "locate <filename>"06:57
_Lance 06:57
bazhangimbecile: this is really troubling--vmware is so necessary these days--I wish I could help out more--perhaps just post a message to the other channels and they can help (eventually)--what is your computer make and model?06:57
_Lanceanyone at least help me on why my computer can't come back on from suspend or is that a common bug?06:58
WGGMkzcat[1]: not sure what you mean by 'shuffle' but yes, it hangs forever when starting from webmin, and when executing "sudo /etc/init.d/dansguardian start" it will stay at "Starting DansGuardian..." and ill never get the [ok]06:58
zcat[1]ubuntu, in ubuntu there's 'keep your home in a different partition and just reinstall if things get too messed up06:58
Trebor11Hello, uh..  I've been trying to get alsa to dmix on my computer for a few days now and I've been extremely unsuccessful.  I followed the instructions on the alsa wiki page and it didn't help me at all..  Anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong?06:58
imbecilebazhang:  I know :( if i cant get it working I HAVE to install windows. it is a gateway mx692006:59
kunzymouseboyx:  ok, got it working.  Thanks for the help.  Much appreciated06:59
zcat[1]WGGMk, no idea sorry, not even sure where to start.. everything 'just worked' for me..06:59
zcat[1].. twice, even!06:59
jjgalvezwhere do kernel modules go?06:59
sulleHow do i check for what ubuntu i got?. drapper, edgy etc?.07:00
mouseboyx Your welcome, I like to help07:00
imbecilebazhang:  its also my only computer too so I cant just run ubunto on another box07:00
zcat[1]jjgalvez, /lib/modules/somewheredependingonthekernelandwhatthemoduleis07:00
WGGMkzcat[1]: everything worked for me as well, for a very long time. then my ISP dropped out and I was forced to restart my server completely (not sure why) and it hung while booting.. hooked up the monitor and say it was hanging at DansGuardian07:00
ubuntuok well i didnt keep my home in a different partition and i cant format the laptop so is there any way that i can get the original drivers that came on my install cd?07:00
CreationistWGGMk: Thank you.. was trying to use find ;)07:00
sulleHow do i check for what ubuntu i got?. drapper, edgy etc?. what do i type?.07:00
Invisible_UbuntiCreationist, hey again how you doing?07:00
WGGMkCreationist: np07:00
joecurleehi, just reinstalled ubuntu, followed instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu for dvd playback, but can't get dvds to play :(07:01
zcat[1]WGGMk, backup whatever config you have, and reinstall DG (and perhaps squid too)07:01
joecurleesupposedly totem doesn't recognize the format07:01
WGGMkzcat[1]: uggh, thats a couple of months of cache07:01
jjgalvezzcat[1] the module of for the build in webcam that came with my asus laptop its a D-Max camera07:01
bazhangimbecile: if you lived nearby I would *loan* you my eeepc ;]07:01
zcat[1]WGGMk, that's about all I can suggest.. perhaps dig around in /var/log and see if there's any clues there?07:01
joecurleesays it "does not have the appropriate plugins"07:01
ubuntuanybody plz help?07:02
imbecilebazhang:  maybe a bad install disk???? I pray that is it. could that HONESTLY be the problem? id hate to reburn and reinstall for nothing07:02
Invisible_Ubuntijoecurlee, just go to synaptics package manger and install all the restricted repo's and it shoudl work on most media players07:02
joecurleethought I already did that but I'll check it out again07:02
Trebor11sulle: if you're on ubuntu desktop, you can just click system>About Ubuntu and in there there's a "Version and Relese Numbers" button which will tell you what you have07:02
WGGMkzcat[1]: its not "URGENT" to have it up, im planning a migration to a system setup with LVM.. wasnt as keen about it when I first deployed the server.. ill just wait to migrate07:02
Invisible_Ubuntijoecurlee, did that and its running fine on Gnome Player for mp3's and mp4, mpeg, xvid07:02
bazhangimbecile: for ubuntu? or for the windows /heh leopard ones?07:02
sulleTrebor11: thnx =)07:03
WGGMkzcat[1]: just curious, incase it happens again, but ill take a walk around the log files07:03
imbecilebazhang:  for ubuntu. i have a legit windows copy07:03
bazhangjoecurlee: ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?07:03
joecurleejust installed w64codecs.. checking restricted extras07:04
WGGMkIm having a problem with my sound. It seems every time an application that uses sound (after the sound has been played) will hang the sound, like after Banshee is finished a song it hangs, or if you try to skip a song, it hangs. Although pidgin will not hang, but sound will no longer work untill i shut down pidgin. Any thoughts????07:04
zcat[1]ubuntu-restricted-extras is such a cool idea.. who needs easyubuntu any more.. !07:04
bazhangimbecile: that might be it, but I would try to do it without the eye candy stuff first as the other geology stuff is so mission critical for you--then add it if it does not work and perhaps dual boot07:04
joecurleenope, installing now :)07:04
ubuntudoes any1 else have the intel 2200 wirless card?07:04
=== ubuntu is now known as bah
regulateimbecile: do you have the vmmon module loaded?07:05
imbecileregulate:  let me check07:05
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
fattmoleySo is there going to be some kind of fix for this flash problem that doesn't involve the command line? I'07:05
fattmoleyd really like my flash back.07:06
joecurleebtw: when ubuntu asks for the gutsy gibbons disc, make sure you don't set it on top of another disc and push the tray shut... sounds like a finger in a garbage disposal07:06
bazhangimbecile: I dont doubt your windows is legit; but leopard? that sounds fishy ;]07:06
imbecileregulate:  is it a package?07:06
imbecilebazhang:  yeah that of course is not. just wanted to check it out07:06
zcat[1]joecurlee, you did that too, huh?!!  makes a hell of a racket!07:06
regulateimbecile: lsmod| grep vmmon07:07
joecurleeyes... computer is above me right now, didn't see the other disc... plus it's late and I've had plenty of rum07:07
fattmoleyHow do I fix flash? Help?07:07
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash07:08
fattmoleyI installed a flash update and it had hosed flash in firefox07:08
bod_hey guys ive got a big proble,. i was trying to install flashy using these instructions (http://splashy.alioth.debian.org/wiki/installation) but during the sudo apt-get update i did after installing flash, it seemed to of broken some packages, now my system will not boot in normal or recovery mode, when booting in recovery mode i get this error :     Kernal Panic - not syncing : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on unk wn-block(0,0)07:08
bod_       please help07:08
fattmoleyhow do I fix it07:08
imbecileregulate:  I think that may be a problem nothing happened when i c/p that command07:08
zcat[1]fattmoley, yeah.. adobe keep changing their download again, every time the deb developers update the flash installer07:09
jeroen__could someone pls help me ?07:09
imbecileregulate:  any suggestions?07:09
zcat[1]I'm starting to think they do it deliberately just to mess with us!07:09
jeroen__I had a working box with wireless07:09
bahhey can any1 help me compile the ieee80211 package? im having a bunch of errors07:09
bod_oooppss,.,. flashy = splashy      (Please help)07:10
joecurleecrap!  "E:/var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-bin_6-03-oubuntu2_amd64.deb: subprocess pre-installation script returned error exit status 1"07:10
jeroen__now eth1 disappeared as device after I tried to change the AP in the graphical menu07:10
regulateimbecile: sudo vmware-config.pl07:10
Somebodyhi, anybody seen ms new search engine, ms. dewey?07:11
bullgard4What is meant by a 'kernel thread'?07:11
zcat[1]my work here is done... kids in the afterschool program are gonna hate me now :)07:11
jeroen__no one here willing to help me ?07:11
bazhangSomebody: better ask in ##windows07:12
fattmoleyhow the hell did you do that?07:12
imbecileregulate: sudo: vmware-config.pl: command not found07:12
joecurleesweet jesus... dvd is playing :) :)07:12
badkittyjoecurlee: Did you reinstall?07:12
bazhangbod_: what's the issue? ;]07:12
bahis there any other chat where i can get help?07:12
joecurleeWITH SOUND! sweet!!!!07:12
bod_hey bazhang, il pastebin so as not to repost07:13
CSonicGoHi, I'm having a small problem, I have a floppy disk from a student and he needs to check the disk for errors07:13
CSonicGohow do I go along doing this?07:13
bazhangbah: under gutsy?07:13
joecurleei'm extremely happy now. thanks all... now I can sleep in peace :D07:13
=== cE_cRi_cO is now known as cHeRyL_
bahbazhang: yes07:13
bazhangjoecurlee: no more automatix for you haha07:13
joecurleebadkitty: yes (just saw your message sorry)07:13
bod_bazhang, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55186/07:13
jeroen__if I do a dmesg | grep eth07:13
jeroen__I see an error07:14
joecurleebazhang: no kidding, that thing sucked... no sound at all07:14
jeroen__eth1: no IPv6 routers presebt07:14
soldatsjeroen__: dmesg | grep eth0    ??07:14
jeroen__I also don't see anz entrz in /etc/network/interface07:14
jeroen__soldats: no, I don't work with eth007:14
joecurleefull screen still looks like crap though... not surprised as it's not "upconverting"07:14
jeroen__eth1 was linked to wifi007:14
bahwhen i run the live cd i get this: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dmesg | grep ipw220007:15
bah[   87.868000] ipw2200: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Network Driver, 1.2.0kmprq07:15
bah[   87.868000] ipw2200: Copyright(c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation07:15
bah[   87.868000] ipw2200: Detected Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection07:15
bah[   88.464000] ipw2200: Detected geography ZZM (11 802.11bg channels, 0 802.11a channels)07:15
bah and on my install i just get errors07:15
FloodBot1bah: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:15
joecurleei have a $50 upconverter dvd player that works almost perfectly when switching to 1080p if i can find software to install that does the same I'll be even happier07:15
jeroen__soldat: eth0 seems ok07:15
regulateimbecile: have you tried /etc/init.d/vmware start ?07:15
CSonicGodoes anyone know how to check a floppy disk for errors? :(07:16
bod_bazhang, any thoughts?07:16
imbecileregulate: bash: /etc/init.d/vmware: No such file or directory07:17
jeroen__I am sad that there is no one here to help me :(07:17
regulateimbecile: what vmware product do you have installed?07:17
regulateor you think you have installed07:17
=== eclecticus____ is now known as eclecticus
imbecileregulate:  vmware-server from repos07:17
joecurleelater thanks again for help :)07:17
bazhangbod_: did splashy ever work? or once you rebooted you got this error? are you backed up?07:18
bod_bazhang,  ???07:18
bod_oh sorry07:19
RcommanderOn my Asus g1s in Gnome ubuntu all my FN keys works fine, however in Kubuntu they don't seem to work right??07:20
bod_bazhang, unforunately my backup was scheduled for today, so i have no backup, and i never got splashy working, although theres something on the site i dont understand here (Note that to enable the framebuffer on your kernel, you will need to add a parameter to the kernel arguments: vga=791. Read the framebuffer documentation of the kernel, or Splashy's README file, on how to use different resolutions. You will also need the keyword s07:20
bod_plash as an argument. This is respected by Splashy 0.2.x and up)07:20
linlynx6ok there is my probleme I want to install ubuntu manual partition and I have already opensuse 10.3 install here I got a 73 mb fat 16 for windows, 89968mb ntfs for windows 1390 swap for linux and 11614 mb what I do and 16985mb what I do07:21
xTheGoat121xEvening everyone07:21
bazhangbod_: that would be the boot parameters such as noapic if I recall correctly--anyway you can run a livecd then back up that way?07:21
bod_bazhang, but the kernal panic is unable to mount my hd,. im booted into ubuntu on my other hard drive atm, and i cant see my main drive07:22
WGGMkIm having a problem with my sound. It seems every time an application that uses sound (after the sound has been played) will hang the sound, like after Banshee is finished a song it hangs, or if you try to skip a song, it hangs. Although pidgin will not hang, but sound will no longer work untill i shut down pidgin. Any thoughts????07:22
regulateimbecile: /etc/init.d/vmware-server start07:23
bazhangbod_: right, so what about using a livecd and booting up from that, then copying the back up files over to a usb stick or elsewhere07:23
Rcommanderanyone have an idea about the G1s?07:24
bod_bazhang, i have never taken a backup before, my backup would have been all the files,. i dontknow which ones to copy without copying the broken splashy? and will the livecd be able to mount my hard drive?07:24
bazhangbod_: well boot up from the livecd first and see; then we can try and troubleshoot from there07:25
bod_bazhang, ok il try,. c u in a bit07:25
imbecileregulate: i think were getting closer    Virtual machine monitor failed  Virtual ethernet   failed Module vmnet is not loaded.  Please verify that it is loaded before running this script.07:25
regulateimbecile: apt-get install vmware-server-kernel-modules-`uname -r`07:27
arathald_Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble getting PPTP VPN working on ubuntu -- I'm getting the error message "Could not launch call manager after 3 tries." -- can anyone help me out with this?07:28
imbecileregulate: E: Couldn't find package vmware-server-kernel-modules-2.6.22-14-rt07:28
regulateimbecile: oops, try again without the -rt at the end07:29
imbecilebazhang:  i think were getting closer    Virtual machine monitor failed  Virtual ethernet   failed Module vmnet is not loaded.  Please verify that it is loaded before running this script.07:29
bazhangimbecile: so I read ;] I have been following along ;]07:29
bullgard4What is meant by a 'kernel thread'?07:30
imbecileregulate:  thing is you didnt put rt at the end. this is the command you gave me. sudo apt-get install vmware-server-kernel-modules-`uname -r`07:31
tanneranyone know how to get hotplugged eSATA drives to automount?07:32
regulateimbecile: vmware-server-kernel-modules-2.6.22-14 install that07:32
imbecileregulate: vmware-server-kernel-modules-2.6.22-14 is already the newest version.vmware-server-kernel-modules-2.6.22-14 set to manual installed.The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:  python-qt3 python-sip407:35
=== cE_cRi_cO is now known as cHeRyL_
regulateimbecile: hmm ok.  try modprobe vmmon ; modprobe vmnet07:35
fragged[away]Whats a good program to install to test wine? Internet explorer 6.0?07:36
imbecileregulate:  FATAL: Module vmmon not found.FATAL: Module vmnet not found.07:37
regulateimbecile: did you do that as root?07:37
timandtomWill linux install and boot ok if the only hard drive in the computer is set as the slave?(I don't tend to mess with hard drives, didn't realize that not all of them have the same settings, so I took the jumpers off to enable cable select for master/slave. Turns out that means Slave on this hard drive)07:37
imbecileregulate:  yes07:38
regulateimbecile: find /lib/modules -name vmmon.ko07:40
=== cHeRyL_ is now known as cHeryL_
imbecileregulate:  /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/vmware-server/vmmon.ko07:41
imbecileregulate:  its not really making sense is it?07:42
regulateimbecile: do you have a 2.6.22-14-rt directory under /lib/modules?07:43
nemilartimandtom: it'll install but I wouldn't count on it booting07:43
timandtomnemilar: Ah, dangit >.> That would explain why it isn't working very well...07:43
nemilarlol, just set it to master and it should be fine07:43
imbecileregulate:  2.6.22-14-generic  2.6.22-14-rt  2.6.22-14-server07:44
timandtomnemilar: Yeh, I'll do that tomorrow... Hafta find the hard drive online. It's an older one, so I don't have the packaging. Only 8gb :P Just getting bros computer set up so he can play flash games07:44
makafter restoring the packages how do i install the packages...07:45
regulateimbecile: mkdir /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-rt/vmware-server07:45
PKdoRany body running ubuntu on a PS3?07:46
astylerdoes cable select work for ide HDD in linux?07:46
regulateimbecile: then cp -a /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-server/vmware-server/vm*.ko /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-rt/vmware-server/07:46
astyleror do i need master jumper07:46
regulateimbecile: then try loading them again07:46
badkittyastyler: I dont know, Im assuming it should be a BIOS thing??07:47
astylerbadkitty: true, it didnt show up in bios and that has nothing to do with linux07:47
astyleri was only thinking linux because it didnt show up in partition manager07:48
fragged[away]nemilar, incorrect07:48
makafter restoring the packages how do i install the packages...07:48
nemilarfragged[away]: ?07:48
fragged[away]timandtom, you can boot off a slave, provided your BIOS is set to boot primarily off that disk07:48
badkittyfragged[away]: Your not away!07:48
makafter restoring the packages  from apt on how do i install the packages...07:49
arathald_can anyone help me with this PPTP problem?07:49
gorlakon 7.10 ubuntu install anyone know a command that would cause the CD to stay closed, or basically lock, so that it wont open if the button is pressed?07:49
timandtomfragged[away] :D Awesome. thanks07:49
fragged[away]and if you have a boot flag set on the drive... bios can be a prick to get working at time especially with hard drives because they incorrectly label disks as C:/07:49
PKdoRhow can I istall VM ware Workstaion on Ubuntu?07:49
fragged[away]but Ubuntu uses nice settings which boot off a ID rather than a certain drive which means you /should/ be able to freely move around the ubuntu disk,07:49
regulatePKdoR: download it, untar it. run vmware-install.pl07:50
fragged[away]Is VMWare free these days?07:50
regulateserver is07:50
gorlakthe player is07:50
gorlakand server07:50
regulateand player07:50
nemilaryou can get a free key for personal use07:50
gorlakworkstation i believe you need to buy and some of the other ones07:50
makafter restoring the packages  from apt on how do i install the packages...07:50
imbecileregulate:  it deleted my previous vm i have to set another up. a few minutes please07:50
fragged[away]whats the difference between server / player / workstation?07:51
regulateimbecile: did the modules load with modprobe?07:51
nemilarlol it's called client, not player07:51
jootmak, apt-get install <package>07:51
imbecileregulate:  how do i do that again?07:51
gorlakplayer only 'plays' the saved virtual computers, workstation lets you create and change major settings, as for server im not sure07:51
PKdoRfragged[away]: Not Free, I thing they ither Have or will soon have a OpenSource version07:51
gorlakah, client =)07:51
regulateimbecile: modprobe vmmon and modprobe vmnet07:51
FlynsarmyIs there a terminal command to open another terminal window?07:51
nemilaromg there is a VMware Player07:52
astyleron an unrelated note vm pays ridiculously well07:52
arathald_i much prefer virtualbox07:52
nemilarVirtualBox is pretty good07:52
gorlaki use vmware workstation, it works really well07:52
jootmak, or goto synaptic package manager and mark the package for installation07:52
arathald_i couldnt get several things working on vmware, which virtualbox did no problem07:52
fragged[away]nemilar, actually it IS a client but according to http://www.vmware.com/products/player/ its probbably called a player, I'm getting sick of you blurting out stupidly incorrect answers all the time07:52
gorlaki might have to give virtual box a spin then07:52
badkittyarathald_: same here07:53
nemilarfragged[away]: hey, a) I corrected myself07:53
badkittyI hear qemu is good too07:53
fragged[away]ah I see,07:53
arathald_vbox does hardware emulation much better in my experience07:53
imbecileregulate:  modules still not loaded07:53
regulateimbecile: modprobe -v vmmon07:53
arathald_so, anyone up for helping with a VPN problem?07:53
regulateimbecile: what does it say?07:53
PKdoRI also Love VBox But It cat yey make SnapShots Of VMWare Virtual Discs's07:53
imbecileregulate:  I should tell you that no VM app works for me07:53
regulatewhy are you running a -rt kernel?07:54
imbecileregulate:  ubuntustudio07:54
regulateyou'll need to compile the modules for your kernel07:55
imbecileregulate:  ahh so that is it?07:55
PKdoRgorlak: I highlly recommend VirtualBox Very Highly07:55
imbecileregulate:  ogre@HappyLappy:/lib/modules$ sudo modprobe -v vmmon07:56
imbecileFATAL: Module vmmon not found.07:56
arathald_no VPN help? :(07:56
xukunIs there something like visio for linux07:56
regulateimbecile: dpkg -L vmware-server | grep config07:56
regulatexukun: dia07:56
fragged[away]xukun, is that the Microsoft Developer Environment? Try Eclipse or something, personally I like geany for my intermediate python skills but I'm newb :)07:57
imbecileregulate:  want me to pastebin the output?07:57
regulateimbecile: please07:57
wolfman2323hi.. ive just installed ms office using wine.. when i started ms access.. it has an error and wont run...   any suggestions07:57
fragged[away]wolfman2323, Office 2003? afaik access doesnt work, but word etc will07:58
arathald_fragged[away]: visio is a visual diagramming software for stuff like flowcharts and circuit diagrams07:58
fragged[away]oh I see, shows how much I use office ;)07:58
badkittyxukan visio: That is the MS product that does like weird layout stuff right?07:58
nemilarfragged[away]: office 2k3 can work in wine07:58
arathald_btw visio absolutely blows07:58
copacabananever install office07:58
Flannelxukun: Do you want UML modelling? or flow charts? or what?07:58
arathald_its  huge pain to use07:58
badkittyXukan: and flow charts?07:58
imbecileregulate:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55188/07:58
fragged[away]wolfman2323, it might be an idea to look at Crossover Office, or a raw virtual machine unless somebody can suggest a better option07:59
fragged[away]nemilar, I KNOW office 2003 MOSTLY works under wine, but from what I've heard access wont07:59
arathald_not sure why you'd want acess anyways :D07:59
xukunFlannel, yes flow charts is what I,m going for07:59
wolfman2323o.. so its useles.. hehehe.. how could i un install?07:59
fragged[away]arathald_, often small businesses use access,07:59
wolfman2323ive tried it many time..but.. ms is still in wine..08:00
fragged[away]which sucks seeing as its targeted at single-user use and often people try to use many computers at once08:00
arathald_fragged[away]: I wans't being entirely serious, I was making a comment about it :P08:00
badkittyxukun: DIA08:00
wolfman2323fragged..how could i uninstall ms office in wine..08:00
badkittyxukun: http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html Try this.. its a list of alternatives for everything08:01
fragged[away]speaking of wine, can anybody name a free tool that I can use to verify it works? i dont know much about the windows environment and care nothing for wine, this is for a non-profit organization trying to get them to go linux instead of Windows 98 for computers they give to low-income families08:01
qinjuehangwolfman2323: If you don't have any other programs you can just delete the .wine folder08:01
fragged[away]wolfman2323, .wine/Program Files/Office should have it08:01
fragged[away]think of .wine as being like your C:/ under windows08:02
nemilarfragged[away]: notepad comes with wine I believe08:02
imbecilefragged[away]:  im doing the same thing08:02
wolfman2323i have other program running in wine.08:02
nemilarfragged[away]: not really sure what you meant by "works"08:02
Flannelfragged[away], wolfman2323: .wine/drive_c/ is your C:/08:02
=== reburn is now known as proppen
bod_bazhang, hey dude, sorry that took so long,. im still unable to boot into that dive, and i cant use the livecd because i had to use te text installer in the first place08:02
fragged[away]Flannel, cheers for correction ;)08:03
wolfman2323ive tried to uninstall.. and it run the process of uninstalling.. but.. when ive checked wine..in application.. its still there...08:03
fragged[away]:O notepad restards X11!08:03
fragged[away]damn this POS graphics card08:03
nemilarhaha that's bad08:03
xukunbadkitty, thanks I will try Dia08:04
badkittyxukun: :-)08:04
ackbahrHi there!08:04
imbecileregulate:  see anything?08:04
badkittyxukun: SOmeone else mentioned it too so he gets thanked too ;-p08:04
xukunbadkitty, I know08:05
blagI keep getting a bash syntax error in one of my scripts, "line 439: syntax error near unexpected token `fi' ", anybody want to help?     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55190/08:05
xukunregulate, Thanks for the tip m808:05
ackbahrI tried installing Condor recently, but it didnd't work right and I lost interest in it, but now everytime I use the upgrade manager, it gives me errors with Condor, although I can't apt-get remove it either! How can I get rid of its annoying remains?08:05
fragged[away]imbecile, mmm so what are you rigging up for this group?08:05
kendrickhrm, how does one ask ubuntu to grok new locales?08:06
kendrickon debian, i could do dpkg-reconfigure locales and it'd bring up a menu08:06
kendrickwhen i do that on ubuntu, it just starts reprocessing the ones i've already chosen08:06
fragged[away]I'm not entirely sure how much they will like Linux, its complicated and different, which means that peopole cant buy cheap commercial games etc but its also a lot better than any 98 box these days... I'm still a lil scared by dialup/printer support08:06
qinjuehangackbahr: did you try apt-get autoremove08:06
imbecilefragged[away]:  just getting donated computers and throwing ubuntu on them and giving them to needy people and offering help getting them started08:06
kendrickwhy buy games? you can play them all on facebook :)08:07
ackbahrqinjuehang: Didn't, will tell you about it in a minute....08:07
arathald_gah!!! I hate VPN.... It's a good concept, and very useful, but I can't for the life of me get it working08:07
qinjuehangkendrick: Ubuntu doesn't have shockwave too...08:07
ackbahrqinjuehang: Didn't work.... But still tells me "1 partly removed" in the list of things to do!08:08
kendricki've never had any problems playing games on facebook using firefox08:08
supershorthi all08:08
blagackbahr: try using System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager, clicking on the checkbox next to Condor (you'll probably have to search for it using search) and then click "Completely remove"08:08
supershorthow do i delete stuff from /opt/08:08
qinjuehangarathald_: I'm looking for someone to test VPN with too08:08
ackbahrblag: Thanks, will try that08:09
fragged[away]imbecile, mmm, I'm donating a computer to a group that pass them on so I'm not the middle man :D!... what kind of configuration are you using? I've set up xubuntu on a box and I've set it to automatically log in, made sure hardware works etc and then set up wine, I'm giving them the box and I just want them to play around and see if there interested in using a linux based operating system, any software recommendations?08:09
|katana|hi.. I want to create a server with 2 HD in raid 1. I got a question though building up my motherboard: There's 4 sata connectors on the MB close to each other08:09
arathald_qinjuehang: well, im not even setting up a server, im trying to connect to my schools vpn08:09
blagI keep getting a bash syntax error in one of my scripts, "line 439: syntax error near unexpected token `fi' ", anybody want to help?     http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55190/08:09
kendricksudo locale-gen THE_LOCALE08:09
jerns1hello, I have installed ubuntu on an old pIII laptop and I'm trying to free as much ram as I can. She doesn't need ssh-agent and seahorse-agent to be started everytime ; I cannot find it in the session starting programs. How can I disable it ?08:09
|katana|and another one close to the pci-express, which reads "sata-raid"08:09
fragged[away]blag, try #bash or #bash-support or w/e08:09
ackbahrblag: Looks like it's working!08:10
qinjuehangarathald_: Ooo I see. I should try that too. I think my school has VPN (thanks for reminding)08:10
bazhangbod you still around?08:10
* kendrick wanders08:10
|katana|the manual says if I want to install raid 0/1/JBOD, i'd need to connect a sata-disk to this one and another one to the 'external' SATA port..08:10
supershorthia l08:10
Neural_OverloadHello everyone08:10
supershortanyone get my question08:10
arathald_essentially, I live off camput at my Fraternity house and I want my server to behave as though on-campus (there's a good chance just VPNing in will allow my server to have an static, unique, external ip)08:10
qinjuehangjerns1: sudo apt-get install bum08:10
fragged[away]jerns1, sshd is not installed on xubuntu nor ubuntu server not sure about everything else, as for freeing ram etc try xfce4 for a good ram:useability DE/WM08:10
blagfragged[away]: thanks08:10
regulateimbecile: basically you need those two modules compiled for your kernel08:10
supershorthow do i delete shit from my /opt/ file cos i have lampp and want to delete shit from there08:10
blagackbahr: That and Update-manager is what I use.  They're nice.08:11
* fragged[away] shits in supershort's /opt/08:11
supershortsays i dont have permissions08:11
bazhanglanguage fragged[away]08:11
Neural_OverloadI'm having problems installing the x64 version of ubuntu. When I try to start the installer, it just goes to a black screen.08:11
qinjuehangsupershort: Did you try sudoing?08:11
supershorthow do sudo?08:11
imbecilefragged[away]:  im just giving them a fresh ubuntu install. i suppose i could just have it auto login but i figure it isnt very secure & besides they should know their username & password. its my friends brainchild08:11
supershortsudo -del?08:12
qinjuehangNeural_Overload: Try F6 and adding "linux acpi=off"08:12
supershortim new to linux08:12
jerns1supershort: sudo rm08:12
fragged[away]|katana|, from what I hear software raid is better than most mb raids, as for external hdd, there should be an esata on the backplate of your mobo if thats what its talking about, but that seems rather silly to require that08:12
imbecileregulate: so it IS an issue with ubuntustudio?08:12
jerns1supershort: man rm08:12
illusionofartHi, trying to update to Edgy from 6.06 LTS with the Update Manager and having problems. Running gksu "update-manager -c" from the Terminal and Alt+F2 does nothing. Can someone point me in the right direction?08:12
regulateimbecile: yes. i bet you can install a -generic kernel tho08:12
qinjuehangsupershort:  Be really careful with sudo rm commands ppl post (this one looks safe)08:13
Yanchoi just plugged in a usb key but got no drive popping on (similar to what does in windows) any idea how I can get it please? this is the result of lshw -C bus http://yancho.pastebin.com/d5d1f863e08:13
badkittyillusionofart: I think you have to add the repo then do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:13
imbecileregulate:  how can i do that?08:13
fragged[away]supershort, sudo is the administrative command, you can use rm as a stanrdard user to remove things which is also a lot safer (unlike windows, linux will /allow/ you to remove system files)08:14
badkittyYancho: Do you know the device name?08:14
jerns1qinjuehang thanks, but it's nowhere to be found in bum08:14
Yanchobadkitty nope :|08:14
regulateimbecile: apt-get install linux-image-generic08:14
fragged[away]Yancho, dmesg | tail, mount /dev/sd* /MOUNTPOINT etc08:14
qinjuehang jerns1: I guess its not there then...?08:14
illusionofartWhat would be the repo for that one?08:15
jerns1qinjuehang: ps aux | grep seahorse states otherwise08:15
Neural_Overloadqinjuehang, I'm going to start IRC on my other computer so we can talk and try to work on getting it to display video.08:15
qinjuehangNeural_Overload: Ok I'm glad to help :)08:15
imbecileregulate:  i cant say how helpful you have been. you are a really smart guy. thank you very much!08:16
=== cE_cRi_cO_ is now known as cHeRyL_
bazhangimbecile: ubuntustudio? oy, thought you were running ubuntu08:17
=== cE_cRi_cO_ is now known as cHeRyL_
sullehow do i connect to a new irc server?. In that way i am able to be on 2 servers in same irc ?. :P08:17
Yanchofragged[away] : http://yancho.pastebin.com/d5f20bb7008:17
imbecilebazhang:  i installed ubuntustudio packages over an ubuntu install08:18
=== cE_cRi_cO_ is now known as cHeRyL_
supershorthas someone used proftpd before?08:18
bazhangimbecile: well it would be the rt kernel that was the issue then08:18
Overloadqinjuehang, this is Neural_Overload08:18
razordeadsulle, you should be allowed to connect more than once to the same server08:19
OverloadI'm going to disconnect my other client08:19
jerns1qinjuehang: I found it in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/08:19
OverloadAnd restart and try with the "linux acpi=off" command08:19
imbecileregulate:  bazhang: linux-image-generic is already the newest version.The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:  python-qt3 python-sip408:20
fragged[away]Yancho, 'mkdir ./temp; mount /dev/sda1 ./temp' or if sda1 will not work, just sda08:20
qinjuehangjerns1: I'm afraid I don't know what happened then...I never meddled much with services08:20
regulateimbecile: i bet it all works if you boot into that kernel08:20
Yanchofragged[away] all in one line?08:20
qinjuehangfragged[away]: Why do we mount in a hidden folder?08:21
fragged[away]the ; breaks commands 'ls; ls' will do two ls's08:21
badkittyfragged[away]: Thats only if his drive is sda1 though08:21
imbecileregulate:  how do i boot into that kernel now?08:21
fragged[away]badkitty, his dmesg reports that it is08:21
fragged[away]I mean, unless he has a 1024mb root and that was displayed in tail08:21
badkittyfragged[away]: Oh k08:21
imbecileregulate:  sorry but i didnt get this nick for nothing08:21
regulateimbecile: reboot. the grub menu should list the -rt kernel08:21
fragged[away]qinjuehang, bad practice I guess?08:21
regulategotta sleep08:22
regulate &08:22
qinjuehang Overload: Oh sorry, didn't catch that08:22
fragged[away]Was optusnet mirror permanently removed from sourceforge or just while its down?"08:22
Yanchofragged[away] : mount: you must specify the filesystem type08:23
fragged[away]:E are you using a custom kernel or stock?08:23
fragged[away]and is the flash drive a MP3 player also or just a flash stick?08:23
Overloadqinjuehang: I tried to start the lice cd with the "linux acpi=off" command but I still get a black screen08:23
qinjuehangOverload: Is there any error message?08:24
qinjuehangOverload: Or blinking cursor08:24
OverloadI press enter08:24
qinjuehangOverload: Try safe graphics mode?08:24
Overloadand then a black screen08:24
OverloadSame thing happens08:24
qinjuehangOverload: What is your processor08:25
OverloadAMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+08:25
Yanchofragged[away] never touched kernel / flash stick08:25
ogrebazhang:  WOOOOOOOTT!!! its working!08:26
bazhangogre nice work! ;]08:26
OverloadI also have an Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card08:26
ogrebazhang:  now how do i make it so i boot off of generic kernel automatically?08:26
illusionofartWhat repo should I add if I'm trying to upgrade to edgy?08:26
bod_bazhang: hey erm,. im still dead,. but in livecd now,. oh and i have 10 secs of lag,.,.sorry08:27
qinjuehangOverload: You share your problem with many others ;)08:27
ogreregulate:  you are the man. thank you08:27
OverloadCool, I hope that means I can install ubuntu08:28
bod_illusionofart: wouldnt edgy be a downgrade?08:28
illusionofartbod: I'm running 6.06LTS08:28
qinjuehangOverload: I think you have to use alternate cd.08:28
badkittythat is edgy isnt it? 6.06?08:29
bazhangillusionofart: from dapper? you may want to wait a couple of months as there will be a dapper to hardy direct upgrade path both LTS08:29
fragged[away]Yancho, is it just storage or a MP3 player also?08:29
Yanchofragged[away] just storage08:29
bod_illusionofart: oh,.,. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     i think08:29
badkittyillusion why not upgrade to gutsy?08:29
fragged[away]mhm, are you from a Windows background or Mac?08:30
qinjuehangOverload: And after you install it, boot to recovery mode and run " sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new; sudo nvidia-xconfig", it should work.08:30
bod_bazhang: are you getting my messages?08:30
qinjuehang sudo nvidia-xconfig08:30
* fragged[away] has to get a mac just to learn a little about MacOS : / 08:30
qinjuehang And I gotta go now, bye.08:30
=== fragged[away] is now known as fragged
Yanchofragged winndows08:30
illusionofartI'll upgrade to newest one I can but I thought I had to go one at a time08:30
bazhangbod_: sure :]08:30
OverloadHow do I install it though? I haven't gotten past the black screen problem yet08:30
fraggedmhm anybody know if Ubuntu has NTFS-Read support in kernel?08:30
StaticVectorhowdy howdy08:30
StaticVectorso you like the ubuntu?08:31
StaticVectori love the ubuntu08:31
StaticVectorit is the greatest08:31
bod_bazhang: good good,.,. im using the livecd now,.,. fancy helping?08:31
kandinskiis there any practical difference between Timevault and Flyback?08:31