metguruhey all! I am having problem with the X window system, and was wondering what command I would use to configure the x window system.00:02
gamechiefhello can anyone help me00:19
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:26
gamechiefanyone here00:29
gamechiefanyone there00:31
deepsask a question, thoes who know the answer may emerge from the woodwork when you do00:32
t105well - netinstall turns out to be a complete mess ;(01:11
Danger_is there a support chan for the eee pc03:33
j1mchi all - would someone with a default "interfaces" file be willing to post their /etc/init.d/network/interfaces file to pastebin?03:36
Danger_dont think mine is in there03:38
Danger_is there a support chan for the eee pc03:41
j1mcDanger_: i'm sorry, but the file is in /etc/network/interfaces03:42
j1mcwould you mind posting yours to pastebin?03:43
Danger_auto lo03:43
Danger_iface lo inet loopback03:44
Danger_thats it03:45
j1mcheh... ok.  thanks.03:45
Danger_not worth pastebin03:45
j1mcDanger_: have you tried something like #eeepc03:45
Danger_thats what i aM ON03:45
Danger_right now03:46
j1mcoh... ok.  this is the #xubuntu channel, tho03:46
Danger_thats what i am running03:46
Danger_there is a distribution foir the eee-pc03:46
Danger_google xxxubuntu eee-pc03:47
pizzaboyhi. i'm on ubuntu. i wanted to make some changes to the menu. but i can't see where. can anybody help me?03:48
pizzaboyi want to change the actual menu items, like rename 'Network' to possibly 'Internet'03:49
pizzaboyi already looked in /usr/share/applications but that doesn't let you change category names03:49
j1mcpizzaboy: are you on Xubuntu or Ubuntu03:49
j1mcpizzaboy: there's a menu editor, but . . . it's not perfect.03:49
pizzaboyoh, no.03:50
j1mcSettings > menu editor.03:50
pizzaboythat doesn't let you do it.03:50
pizzaboyit just has 'include' where all your applications are03:50
j1mcyeah, it does, but . . . you have to use it to open up a separate file that contains the menu information.03:50
j1mcand then, the changes you make don't really stick like they should.  :(03:51
pizzaboyhow do i do that?03:51
pizzaboywell there must be a way03:51
pizzaboyto rename categories, add new ones03:51
pizzaboymove stuff between them03:51
j1mcpizzaboy: i'm pretty sure that the only way to make the changes stick is to change the information in the .desktop files.03:51
j1mcbelieve me, i've tried.03:51
j1mci tried changing up the menus, but every time i did, they would get reset after i did some updates.03:52
Danger_what is the file thast is editd by the autosart applications03:52
j1mcDanger_: good question . . . i'm not sure.03:53
pizzaboyoooh, yeah03:53
pizzaboythat makes sense. updates would put it right back03:53
pizzaboyok, that answers my question03:53
Danger_i have two instances of the camera controll03:53
pizzaboyepic lulz03:53
j1mcthe changes need to be made in the .desktop files for xubuntu, at least in it's current setup.03:53
pizzaboyi enjoy epic lulz on a daily basis03:54
Danger_and yes the eee-pc keys are tiny03:54
pizzaboyis there no synaptic in xubuntu?03:55
pizzaboyor anything similar?03:55
Danger_ys  there is synaptic03:55
pizzaboynot under settings03:55
AzMooHey, I've got an ltsp setup in my office here that's working great, but when I take the client off-site to another one of our branches it wont finish booting. It gets the IP and the boot image, shows the Ubuntu loading splash, and then drops to a blank screen (completely blank, like the monitor's turned off). If I ctrl+alt+f1 then I can see a linux console so it's obviously booted and stopped. Does anybody know where I should be looking?04:48
ubuntuhey. how do i select the packages that i would like to install when installing xubuntu for the first time?05:07
ubuntui didn't get a prompt for that when using the live cd...05:07
ubuntuwow, i got the nick ubuntu. i guess the live cd defaults to that...05:09
AzMooubuntu: it sure does. I'm pretty sure you can't select packages at install. After installation is when you configure that stuff.05:11
ubuntuso, i HAVE to install the packages it comes with, and then remove them later on.05:11
ubuntuthat seems silly05:11
ubuntuand not as clean05:11
ubuntuwhen i remove all those programs05:11
ubuntualright, thanks anyways.05:12
ubuntubye bye05:12
blake__this is really weird. i'm not getting any sound in xubuntu. it uses the system beep as if it has no audio driver, but in firefox flash movies have sound.05:37
blake__programs like pidgin have no sound though...05:37
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sullehey annyone here?07:01
soldatsvery few07:10
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newbie_00hi all09:19
newbie_00is there any one know default user and password for xubuntu ?09:19
daurnimatoryou make it during install09:37
kwhkit's simply too quiet .....14:01
maxamillionkwhk: it often is14:01
maxamillionkwhk: on one hand we can interpret that as good news, on the other ... as bad ... all depends on how you look at it :)14:01
kwhkmaxamillion: oh yes, you're right.14:02
kwhkmaxamillion:  other rooms, like ubuntu, gnumeric, are not as quiet as this one.14:03
kwhkmaxamillion: do u use pidgin?14:04
maxamillionkwhk: very true, and part of me says its because they have a much larger user base which i'm sure plays a big part in that fact but at the same time i like to think we have less issues here14:04
maxamillionkwhk: yes, but not for irc14:04
kwhkmaxamillion: do u need to type "kwhk" yourself when u talk to me?14:06
maxamillionkwhk: nope, just type k and then hit the tab key14:08
kwhkmaxamillion: oh yes, thanks.14:09
maxamillionkwhk: i use irssi because i'm somewhat of a command line junkie14:09
kwhkmaxamillion: i was so stupid.14:09
maxamillionkwhk: naw, no worries14:10
deepsthat's not very smart14:19
deepsi just used the software update manager to apply some updates14:19
deepswhich included a new kernel14:19
deepsand there's nothing warning me that i need to reboot for the changes to take effect14:19
deepsinstead leaving me to believe that my system is safe14:19
kwhkdeeps: if i remember correctly, there was an icon appearing at the right-top corner telling me that i need to reboot the system to effect the changes.14:21
kwhkdeeps: that was an icon with two blue arrows.14:23
maxamilliondeeps: do you know for how many years that feature never existed ... that is something that package managers only started doing in the last 8-12 months14:23
deepswindows does it *-)14:23
maxamillionwindows also makes you reboot after installing a driver for _anything_14:24
maxamillionbut we are by no means going to begin a windows vs. gnu/linux flamefest in this channel14:25
kwhkmaxamillion: u still there?14:34
maxamillionkwhk: yeah14:35
maxamillionkwhk: i'm at work so i kinda come and go ... but i'm here at the moment14:35
maxamillionkwhk: what's up?14:35
kwhkmaxamillion: i have one question about thunar. it doesn't show exactly the date and time of the file modified. instead, it tells only like today, yesterday, wednesday, ... .  right?14:37
maxamillionkwhk: i think there is a setting to change that14:44
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lecheyes its really quiet here... its hard to get the questions you asl answered14:50
sigma_1234is xubuntu really faster than ubuntu?16:20
sigma_1234i find it alot more cluttered16:22
excalibashello, i am trying to share the internet connection fom my xubuntu machine to my xbox, can someone point me to the right direction please?17:18
excalibasi have internet on my xubuntu (wlan0 with ndiswrapper) and i can connect to the xbox (lan ftp) how can i "bridge" the internet connection?17:20
zoredache_you only have one network interface?17:21
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maxamillionexcalibas: there is a firewall application called firestarter (its in the repositories and you can install via apt-get/aptitude/synaptic/etc.) and it has a built in graphical tool that will do that for you as well as handle configuring the dhcp server for the xbox to connect to17:21
excalibaszoredache, i have wireless and wired17:21
zoredacheand the wired interface is connecting to the xbox?17:21
excalibasyes, i can ftp with wired and internet with wireless i will try firestarter17:22
little_richardI've lost the audio in Xubuntu, can somenore help me?17:25
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yishanyone there?20:18
maxamillionyish: hi20:19
yishoh hi maximilion20:19
yishyou're the only one on here?20:20
maxamillionyish: its possible that i'm the only one not idle20:20
yishoh ok.20:20
yishI'm relatively new to IRC.20:20
yishso if they are idle they can't see the conversation?20:20
maxamillionyish: they can still see the conversation, they just probably aren't active on their computers right now or not paying attention to the channel20:21
yishare you one of the developers of xubuntu? or do developers monitor this list?20:22
yishAlso what are the best times of day with the most activity on this channel?20:22
maxamillionyish: i used to be a contributor developer, but not an "official" one ... i don't have the time for it anymore, but some of the developers do monitor here from time to time20:24
maxamillionyish: why do you ask?20:24
Sadiehi.. on my applications menu the "Quit" button used to give me a list of options on what i wanted to do.. it now just logs me off.. any idea why it does this?20:28
duck_what filesystem should a bootable xubuntu usb drive use?20:32
manchickenSo, are folks playing around on Hardy yet?20:42
yishi'm back20:59
yishis there an irc channel where I can talk to the developers of xubuntu?21:00
yishI am blind21:00
yishand I want to use xubuntu21:00
yishbut the Orca screen reader doesn't work with it as of now21:00
yishorca uses at-spi for accessibility21:00
yishalso are there any audio games for xubuntu?21:01
manchickenI don't think so...21:01
manchickenI think there may be some of the old-time text-based games in the repository that would work in the terminal with Orca.21:02
manchickenBut that's the closest thing I can think of with that.21:02
yishaudio games have no pictures, graphics or animation in them. blind people play them using sounds only. sounds in the stereo field for example, I have to center an enemy in order to kil it. every keypress in the game usually talks where applicable and uses stereo and volume changes to play games. but there are no audio games for ubuntu or xubuntu21:02
manchickenI don't think so, have you tried happypenguin.org?21:03
yishI would like to talk to the developers of xubuntu about orca, audio games and things because I bet xubuntu would run really fast on my system with 512mb ram 2.0 ghz processor and 80gig hard drive21:27
t105hm... just found a bug in a xfce-addin... dunno how it is called in english, maybe quicklaunch? it apparently is french origin.. well i inserted an item, but didn't enter the right command... then saved and *poof* all my menubars disappeared21:29
t105well... i guess i need to locate the config file for this.. but... where to look?21:31
ronin_Anyone here have some suggestions for irc clients21:35
ronin_Bitchx seems to run in terminal by default... I21:35
ronin_I'm not sure how best to use the gtk gui for it21:35
t105something is realy broken... there are no task- /menubars visible. the panel configuration does not start... i found the config files and the panels.xml, removed quicklauncher and its rc ... restarted... but no luck22:22
t105.xsession-errors states "WARNING **: xfce4-panel is not running22:26
t105and earlier: "WARNING **: Can't find the xfce-panel menu to popup22:27
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grooveim having trouble getting most websites to look right. wikipedia looks like the text is double spaced, and google will look tiny. extreme size differences between different websites. ive tried multiple dpi's and system fonts. any advice?23:42
groovei also set different fonts in firefox and set minimum font size23:42
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