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PengWhy does the PPA link on http://bazaar-vcs.org/Download link to edge?00:05
PengThe link on http://bazaar-vcs.org/DistroDownloads doesn't.00:06
beunoPeng, I suppose it's a mistake00:08
beunoPeng, removed it00:09
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c1|freakycan i see a demo of bzr webserve somewhere?01:54
m3gapeople, are there any known issues in doing 'bzr pull' over http from gutsy's bzr when the machine it is pulling from has hardy's bzr?03:08
m3ga'bzr check' on heron says it has 28 revisions, i pull on the gutsy machine, it says 'all ok' but 'bzr check' says 27 revisions. wtf?03:10
Pengm3ga: Perhaps you uncommitted?03:18
Pengm3ga: If you run "bzr uncommit", the revision is removed from the branch's history, but not the repo.03:18
Pengm3ga: If you're using a shared repo, maybe there are differences among other branches?03:19
Pengm3ga: See https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive about adding Bazaar's apt repo to your sources.list so you can get 1.1 on Gutsy.03:19
Pengm3ga: 1.0 and 1.1 should interoperate fine, but 1.1 is 17% more awesome.03:20
c1|freakyis there a tool for bzr like trac for subversion - with a homepage and screenshots?03:21
c1|freakybecause the the bzr-trac plugin doesnt work or look ugly03:21
jelmerwell, there is launchpad03:25
jelmerwhat's wrong with trac-bzr03:25
PengTrac sucks at DVCSes?03:26
PengWhich I've heard might get better in the next release.03:26
* Peng shrugs.03:26
jelmerYes, trac sucks.. but afaik there's nothing better03:27
c1|freakyjelmer: some views don't work as i've heard from someone else and theres a "," in front of the rivision number which i dont want03:27
jelmerc1|freaky: All of the views work for us...03:27
jelmeruses trac-bzr03:28
c1|freakyi still don't like that ","03:29
jelmerit should be possible to patch the trac-bzr plugin03:30
* TFKyle thinks bitlbee needs a better logo :P03:31
c1|freakyi can't write python code03:33
jelmerTFKyle, :-) We do actually have a more formal one, http://www.bitlbee.org/style/logo.png03:33
rollyIs it the case that "bzr commit" will always create a new revision with revno+1?03:44
rollyPut it another way, if I commit changes in a working tree, will the new revision always be "bzr revno" + 1?03:45
rollyeven if there is a shared repo somewhere, right?03:45
PengShared repos are irrelevant.03:45
PengThey're just a performance optimization.03:46
rollyOK I thought so. Thanks03:46
rollyComing from SVN world, which is very different03:46
PengIf you're using a checkout and it's out-of-date, I don't know if bzr will stop you from committing or if you could commit and wind up with a revno incremented by more than 1.03:46
rollyAh, yeah03:46
rollyI'll check that case out03:47
PengWhy do you want to know?03:47
rollyI'm writing some scripts to automate versioning my database, and I'd like the generated scripts to be saved with the next revision in the filename, like "r345-DATA-FORWARD-CRUD.SQL"03:50
rolly(scripts that get run right before commit)03:51
PengYou create new files for every revision?03:56
rollynot the actual dumps, but the diffs03:59
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patternany opinions on scmbug?05:07
patternscmbug "will glue any source code version control system (such as CVS/CVSNT, Subversion, and Git) with any bug tracking system (such as Bugzilla, Mantis, Request Tracker, Test Director)."05:10
patternoh... it's pre-alpha05:11
patternnevermind :)05:11
m3gaquestion : If I do most of my development on a laptop, with all my bzr branches under a 'bzr' directory in $HOME, what is the best way of backing up all the bzr directories to my desktop machine?05:22
m3garsync is not really an option because I want to avoid anything which isn't actually maintained by bzr.05:22
bob2there's multi-pull in bzrtools, so you could pull them all into ~/bzr/desktop/ or something05:25
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m3gahi all, does the  http://bazaar-vcs.org/releases/debs/gutsy apt repository have a signing key? the web page http://bazaar-vcs.org/DistroDownloads says no, but I'm hoping that is out of date.06:44
PengYou should use PPA now.06:45
PengSee https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive06:45
m3gaPeng: can i just replace 'hardy' with 'gutsy' and it will work on 'gutsy'?06:48
Pengm3ga: Yes. If you have JS enabled, there should be a combobox you can change to do that.06:50
m3gahmm, still being told 'bzrtools bzr : Install these packages without verification [y/N]?'06:50
m3gaI'm using apt-get06:51
m3gaok, have the right gutsy lines in sources.list, but I still get 'Install these packages without verification [y/N]?'06:52
m3gaam I missing a key?06:52
* Peng skims the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. >.>07:16
Pengm3ga: JS as in JavaScript in the browser you used to view that page.07:16
Pengm3ga: On keys, I have no idea.07:16
m3gathanks Peng. i accepted it without the key. if its malware poolie is in *big* trouble :-)07:18
vinc456is it possible to "bzr push sftp://centralhost/srv/bzr/X-repo/X-trunk" except specify a port?07:20
bob2the naive bzr push sftp://centralhost:1234/ seems to work07:21
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mkanat[mkanat@control 02:55:43 loggerhead]$ bzr up08:55
mkanatbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Emwhudson/loggerhead/production/.bzr/repository/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()08:55
mkanatAny ideas?08:55
mkanatWow, what good timing.08:55
mkanatmwh: ping08:55
mwhmkanat: hello08:56
mkanatmwh: When I try to bzr up my production loggerhead branch, I get: bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Emwhudson/loggerhead/production/.bzr/repository/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()08:56
mwhmkanat: do you have a checkout?08:56
mkanatI do.08:56
mwhwell, you don't have commit rights to that branch08:57
mwhso i suggest you unbind08:57
mkanatmwh: I can't update because I don't have checkout rights?08:57
mwhi think that's a bzr bug08:57
mwhbut if you can't write to the branch then there's not a lot of _point_ having a checkout08:57
mkanatmwh: I suppose so.08:58
mkanatmwh: It was just the workflow I'm used to.08:58
mwhfair enough08:58
mkanatmwh: By the way, have you found out anything about what causes the crazy memory consumption?08:58
mwhmkanat: i haven't, i'm afraid :(08:59
mwhmkanat: i've been busy moving half-way around the world...08:59
mkanatmwh: Oh! From where to where?08:59
mwhuk to nz08:59
mkanatAh, wow, that really IS half-way around the world.08:59
mkanatmwh: Have you noticed that ./start-loggerhead.py binds to stderr and doesn't let go, or something?09:00
mwhanyway, it's 2200 on a saturday so i'm afk really09:01
mwhmkanat: yes09:01
mkanatmwh: Ah, okay.09:01
mwhstart-loggerhead is terrible09:01
mkanatIs there something better I can use?09:01
mkanatI'll leave you be. :-)09:08
DebolazIt's an mkanat :)09:16
mkanatHa! Hey there Debolaz. :-)09:16
mkanatOkay, bedtime. :-) Night folks.09:18
m3galifeless: any idea how to fix my 'bzr upgrade' issue from the bzr mailing list?11:32
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brongerI want to merge branch A into branch B.  I deleted a file in A, and modified it in B.  Now, I get a conflict, a ".THIS" is appended to the filename in B.  How can I resolve it?12:00
bob2depends how you want to resolve it.  if you want to accept the deletion, "bzr rm foo ; bzr resolved foo".12:02
brongerYes, it should be deleted. But foo doesn't exist anymore.  Bazaar has renamed it to foo.THIS.  Should I re-rename it first?12:03
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bob2bronger: ah, no, just "bzr rm foo.THIS ; bzr resolved foo"12:16
brongerToo late.  ;-)12:18
bob2hrm, I meant, "yes", you can either rename it or use the new name :)12:19
brongerWell, actually, I did the same.  But any "remerge" brought the conflict back.  So I just commited everything after "resolve".12:19
brongerA lot of spam here ... maybe someone should move this to a Jabber server.12:20
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tcaUsing saved location: sftp://tomcato@solfege.org/home/tomcato/public_html/solfege/bzr/solfege.dev/13:42
tcatomcato@solfege.org's password:13:42
tcabzr: ERROR: No such file: u'/home/tom/src/solfege.repo/.bzr/repository/packs/57ef8c47990febd43519344e914a055a.pack': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/home/tom/src/solfege.repo/.bzr/repository/packs/57ef8c47990febd43519344e914a055a.pack'13:42
jelmerHi tca13:43
tcaI did "bzr push" from a lightweight checkout of a repo, to push to the mirror.13:43
tcaHi. Should I vorry?13:43
jelmertca: I've seen this error before, but I thought it was fixed13:44
jelmerafaik there is no data loss or anything to worry about13:44
tcaI'm using bazaar 1.1.013:45
jelmertca: I'm not very familiar with the internals of packs. Any chance you can file a bug about this?13:45
tcaI can, but I don't know what I did that should cause this.13:46
tcaA second push command worked file. What are the .pack files?13:56
tca...worked fine, i mean.13:56
jelmerthe pack files contain the revisions13:58
jelmertwo or more files sometimes get combined into a single file13:59
tcaIn ~/src/solfege.repo/.bzr/repository/packs I only have 7 .pack files, but the repo has more than 700 revisions.13:59
jelmeryes, a pack file can contain a lot of revisions13:59
val477Hello! I tried to install bzrGtk 0.93.0 on Windows XP. When I run setup.py install, I get 'error: package directory 'olive' does not exists'. Any idea?15:05
ubotuNew bug: #190501 in bzr "Unable to handle http code 204" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19050117:11
ubotuNew bug: #190512 in bzr ""bzr: ERROR: No such file" on bzr push" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19051218:06
jelmertca: Thanks18:09
jelmertca: And thanks for solfege :-)18:09
VTleinadQuestion:  I am trying to set up bazaar on my hosting so I can work on projects with my group members for a class.  The problem is to log in to the hosting, the username is username@domain.com so when I try to run 'bzr ls bzr+ssh://username@domain.com@domain.com/path/to/repo' it doesnt get the username right.  Is there another way to specify the log in name like the -l option in ssh?18:17
VTleinadfor reference, when I run that command, it asks for the password for domain.com@domain.com instead of username@domain.com18:20
bob2maybe url encode the first one (%40)?18:23
VTleinadwow that works. Thanks so much18:26
bialixjelmer: hi19:56
jelmerbialix: Hi!19:56
bialixI have a question about bzr-svn19:56
bialixsome svn branches of TortoiseSVN required authentication with login 'guest' and empty password19:57
bialixunfortunately I have no luck to get this branches with bzr-svn19:57
bialixbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: ".": PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/tortoisesvn/TortoiseOverlays/version-1.0.1'19:58
jelmernot even if you include "guest@" in the URL?19:58
jelmerwhat version of bzr-svn are you using?19:58
bialixC:\work\Bazaar\bzr-gtk>bzr branch svn+http://guest@tortoisesvn.tigris.org/svn/tortoisesvn/TortoiseOverlays/version-119:58
bialixbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: ".": PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/tortoisesvn/TortoiseOverlays/version-1.0.1'19:58
bialixright now 0.4.8dev019:58
bialixrevno 90019:59
jelmerhave you tried the trick documented in the FAQ?19:59
bialixno, I don't have svn installed20:00
bialixso I need one20:00
bialixok, I'll try to install and check this trick20:00
bialixjelmer: after installing svn and caching auth I'm still can't branch with bzr-svn20:13
* jelmer tries20:13
bialixI'm installing 1.4.5 svn client20:14
jelmerit works here20:14
jelmerhow does the svn command line client prompt for the password?20:15
jelmerwindows dilaog box?20:15
bialixno, usual getpass in console20:15
bialixbtw, the page of Kevin Light with windows bzr-svn package is gone: http://home.comcast.net/~klight/bzr/  :-(20:17
jelmeryeah, I mailed him about it20:17
bialixI'm have installer for bzr-svn 0.4.6, but not sure about the rest20:17
jelmerbialix: if you have python-subverison 1.5 bzr should also be asking you for a password20:35
bialixhm, I think it's not released yet20:35
jelmerno, it's not, but you can use trunk20:36
bialixfor non-python programs I'm afraid to use trunk. I did svn co and get the sources20:38
johnnyanybody here that are refugees from monotone ?20:38
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rjwfHi Bzrlers, ;-)21:16
rjwfI am having problems with "bzr get lp:viewmail", it resutls in21:17
rjwflp:viewmail is redirected to bzr+ssh://hack-robf@bazaar.launchpad.net/~hack-robf/viewmail/trunk/21:17
rjwfbzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://hack-robf@bazaar.launchpad.net/~hack-robf/viewmail/trunk/".21:17
rjwfAlso pushing to that branch fails with21:18
rjwfbzr: ERROR: Target directory bzr+ssh://hack-robf@bazaar.launchpad.net/~hack-robf/viewmail/trunk already exists, but does not have a valid .bzr directory. Supply --use-existing-dir to push there anyway.21:18
rjwfMight it be related to my LP name, i.e. hack-robf?21:19
Pengrjwf: Bzr version?21:19
rjwfBazaar (bzr) 1.2.0.dev.021:20
rjwfShould I use 1.1?21:20
PengI meant "uh-ohs, bzr.dev is broken", not "don't use bzr.dev".21:21
rjwfI will check if I am uptodate ...21:22
PengOh wait. You were trying to pull. I just tried pushing and it worked.21:23
rjwfNo, I was not uptodate, now it looks like it is working.21:23
PengI see "Server is too old for fast get_parent_map, reconnecting.  (Upgrade the server to Bazaar 1.2 to avoid this)". Perhaps you were having a problem with that.21:24
rjwfYes I see it also now.21:24
Peng(Older servers barf on a certain request. If your bzr.dev was older than the one that works around it, it wouldn't handle the barfing well.)21:25
rjwf"bzr get" also works now, great.21:26
rjwfWhere can I see which version the server is at?21:26
* Peng shrugs.21:26
rjwfWell, I will just remember this and update BZR before the next time ;-)21:27
rjwfmany thanks and bye21:27
brongerI wonder which is the best way to keep a Launchpad branch and an SVN repo synchronized.  What do you think of this:21:37
bronger_bzr pull bzr+ssh://bronger@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bronger/bobcat/main21:38
bronger_bzr merge --pull https://svn.origo.ethz.ch/bobcat/21:38
bronger_bzr commit -m "Merged from SVN trunk."21:38
bronger_bzr push bzr+ssh://bronger@bazaar.launchpad.net/~bronger/bobcat/main21:38
bronger_bzr push https://svn.origo.ethz.ch/bobcat/21:38
siretartbronger_: this is more or less what tailor does21:38
siretartkeeping meta-data21:39
Odd_Blokebronger_: You might want to look into getting the SVN branch mirrored in LP.21:40
bronger_Odd_Bloke: but this seems to be unidirectional, right?21:41
Odd_Blokebronger_: Yes, I should probably have read your workflow slightly more closely. :p21:42
MattJ____Yay Bronger :)22:21
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CardinalFangI suppose it's discouraged to move tags.  "bzr tag --force reused_tag" .22:43
ubotuNew bug: #190568 in bzr "bzr-svn exception plugin error in commit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19056822:56
CardinalFang"Conflicting tags:\n    reused_tag"23:09

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