stgraberogra: We may have found the bug for iTalc :) (at least Tobias found a QRgb mistake in his code)11:49
lagaogra: ping11:50
stgraberRichEd-1: italc now works13:09
stgraberRichEd-1: upstream tells me he'll release a new version later in the day and I hope to have it ready for inclusion by Monday13:09
* RichEd-1 cheers for stgraber and Tobias for identifying & fixing13:10
stgraberRichEd-1: so oliver will have till Thursday to fill the MIR and have it moved to main (if he doesn't want to fill a FF exception too)13:10
* RichEd-1 cheers twice & jumps up & down at the news that it's on the inclusion path13:10
RichEd-1stgraber: where can I get a featutre list for the version you are working on ?13:11
RichEd-1and some high level info on how it works ...13:11
RichEd-1i.e. teacher loads app on normal PC desktop13:11
stgraberRichEd-1: http://italc.sourceforge.net/ seems to be a good start13:11
stgraberRichEd-1: the client part will be starting by default on the clients and the server part will be available to the member of the admin group13:12
stgraberRichEd-1: starting it will show the classroom UI with all the computers and the possible actions at the top of the window13:12
RichEd-1and version # of the code you are working on so i can make sure i have the correct documentation feature set ?13:12
stgraber1.0.6 which will be released today, functions are identitical as 1.0.3, 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 as those were only bugfixes13:13
RichEd-1(go on .. that level of detail is perfect ... it's for the suits in Intel who will never touch iTalc but want to tell people that "teacher admin" is available13:13
RichEd-1also, w.r.t. the component that runs on the client:13:13
RichEd-1#1 does it do any display on the local client13:13
RichEd-1i.e. will the smaller screen be any problem ?13:14
stgraberno, it's completely hidden so no problem client side13:14
stgraberthe only problem is if one wants to run the teacher part on a CMPC13:14
RichEd-1#2 any other potential issues with runnning this on the classmate13:14
RichEd-1i think ogra should test it asap on his notebook, taking over his cmpc13:14
RichEd-1stgraber: nah ... the teacher needs a workstation end of story13:15
RichEd-1the teacher is an adult13:15
stgraberwell, I haven't a CMPC or any of those small screen device around (still waiting for my EEE) but it shouldn't cause any problem as a client13:15
RichEd-1make a note to remind ogra to test when you "release the code to him"13:15
RichEd-1i'll mail him as well13:15
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achandrashekarHello.I am setting up two edubuntu servers (Athlon X2 2.2GHz's,2GB of mem,450GB HDD) to power a 60 person lab type environment. Id like more information how to cluster the boxes to power up the lab. Is there any type of how to for this?17:47
johnnyanybody here testing out hardy?17:51
achandrashekaranybody on the clustering?17:57
achandrashekarrephrase of my original question anyone familiar with openmosix framework for clustering and how it works with edubuntu?18:12
johnnyi've never heard anybody in this channel mention openmosix18:13
johnnyis that software still in devel?18:13
achandrashekarits a mechanism for clustering for ltsp and supposedly you need a recompilation of kernel to get it going. So I figured that "might" be what is being considered in terms of clustering18:15
PaladineI have been assigned the task of setting up an Open Learning environment so I was looking for some advice18:15
achandrashekarId like to get a set up going such that I CAN cluster two boxes, and/or use the idling clients to work in a powerful cluster18:15
johnnyit might be too advanced for most of the folks in this channel18:17
johnnytry #ltsp18:17
johnnyas well18:17
achandrashekarhmm..is there a development thread of edubuntu channel??18:17
johnnyand/or #ubuntu-server .. if there is one18:17
johnnyyour question isn't development atm18:17
achandrashekarie..i have read something about a development group working on this.18:17
johnnywell, email those folks to see where they hang out i guess18:18
achandrashekarokay..will have to join "yet another" list...lol18:18
Paladineis there an edubuntu mailing list? it might be easier for me to write everything in an email than to try and do it over irc18:18
achandrashekari "might" just get busy with trying to set it up myself and see what happens.18:19
achandrashekarand then seeing if there is any interest.18:19
stgraberPaladine: http://lists.ubuntu.com => edubuntu-user or edubuntu-devel18:19
Paladinethanks stgraber18:19
stgraberachandrashekar: I never heard of someone doing clustering with LTSP, some have multiple LTSP servers and do load balacing (that's the official and supported way)18:20
achandrashekarstgraber: http://openmosix.sourceforge.net/ltsp-omr4-1.html18:22
stgraberachandrashekar: is MOSIX working with 2.6 ? last I heard of it it was only for 2.418:23
achandrashekaryep...that seemed to be the issue. That was going to be the next lead in question..to see "how far" it had come..but it appears...it has been a slow road.18:24
stgraberI never saw openmosix running on 2.6, that will be your major issue with Ubuntu/Edubuntu as I doubt you can run a 2.4 kernel on Ubuntu (mainly due to udev)18:25
johnnyif openmosix hasn't advanced to a 2.6 kernel by now18:27
johnnyit sounds like a dead project18:27
stgraberlastest release is from December 9, 200418:28
johnnyyep.. dead18:28
johnnyachandrashekar, i wouldn't put much effort into that method then18:28
johnnythere must be a reason nobody has picked it up in so long18:28
stgraberjohnny: it simulates a big SMP computer, so if your software aren't threaded it's useless (it was the main problem with MOSIX and that kind of clustering)18:29
achandrashekarI see..hmm..i guess the question what the best methodology is to use the "combined" horespower of two systems to power up an ltsp env, And if there is a how to for that for edubuntu.. I guess your previous post about where to look is best?18:30
achandrashekarbest question to ask about methodology i mean...18:30
achandrashekarsorry poor grammar18:30
achandrashekari "could" power up 1/3 of the lab with one, and the other, and yet another..18:31
achandrashekarbut i figured id never have ALL nodes up at the same time..so why not come up with a solution to aggregrate the power..i suppose its a bit of wishful thinking.18:32
achandrashekarnodes used that is..not "up" ...my bad.18:32
Paladinek email sent to the list hopefully there will be hundreds of people all wanting to share their experiences with me :)18:49
pem725I have a quick question about root logins to the F1 terminal19:00
pem725I followed the directions detailed in the handbook but when I try to login - even after rebooting the server and my thin client - the root login and password are not accepted19:01
pem725any ideas why this might be happening?19:01
stgraberpem725: what exactly did you do ?19:04
pem725I did sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i38619:04
stgraberpem725: I don't have the handbook in mind and it's not always up to date (depending on where you are reading it from)19:04
pem725and then I issued a passwd command19:04
pem725entered a password and confirmed it19:04
johnnyand then you rebuild the image?19:04
pem725I am assuming I did this for the root user19:04
johnnythat's all i had to do19:05
johnnywas set it and rebuild the image19:05
pem725I might need to step through the process slower19:05
pem725when you login, do you login as root?19:05
johnnylogin to the thinclient?19:06
johnnybut only from the terminal19:06
pem725I will try it again19:06
pem725yes, thanks.19:06
pem725the reason I need to do this is to confirm that my via thin client is using the via xorg driver19:06
pem725my video performance is so bad on my thin client19:06
pem725horrible in fact19:06
stgraberpem725: so there is an easier way to do that than setting a root pw19:07
pem725I'm all eyes19:07
stgraberpem725: create a lts.conf file in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/19:07
pem725I have one for my via client already19:08
stgraberok, so you already have a general or default section at the top ?19:08
pem725is there something I can add to the already existing default section?19:09
stgraberjust add : SCREEN_01=shell19:09
pem725will that allow me to login as my regular user and then sudo su?19:10
stgraberno, it'll open a root shell19:10
pem725I guess I am confused here.19:10
pem725so the shell will already have root logged in19:11
pem725thank you very much.  Once I get this done, I will tackle sound and local devices19:11
pem725thanks for your help.19:11
stgraberpem725: here it doesn't seem to work with _01, I'm trying with _02 now19:14
stgraberpem725: ok, it works fine with _02, it'll open a root shell on tty2 (F2)19:17
johnnystgraber, do you have a hardy install?19:20
stgraberjohnny: yes running in Xen19:21
stgraberand my lappy on Hardy (but Ubuntu, not edubuntu)19:21
johnnycan you test something for me? it should only take 2 minutes19:21
johnnythat's fine..doesn't matter if it's edubuntu or whatever afaik19:21
johnnywhat version of gnome-settings-daemon does it currenlty include?19:21
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ dpkg -l | grep gnome-settings-daemon19:22
stgraberii  gnome-settings-daemon           
johnnyaha.. perfect19:22
johnnydo you have xnest?19:22
johnnyok.. su to some user  and then run19:22
johnnysome other user not currently running19:23
johnnyand then19:23
johnnyXnest -ac :119:23
johnnyXnest -ac :1 &19:23
johnnyand then DISPLAY="0:1"/usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon19:23
johnnythat's all19:23
stgraberXnest doesn't work as my test user doesn't seem to have the right to access my X instance19:24
johnnythus -ac ?19:26
johnnythat's what i had to do19:27
stgrabertest@castiana:~$ Xnest -ac :119:27
stgraberNo protocol specified19:27
stgraberFatal server error:19:27
stgraberUnable to open display ":0.0".19:27
johnnythat makes no sense..19:27
stgraberit makes sense, a software (xnest), tries to access my X server without my tester user having the right to do so19:28
stgraber-ac is valid for everything running in the Xnest, not on the main X server19:28
johnnyhmm.. i didn't do anything special on my server to make it work19:28
stgraberif you do :19:29
stgrabersu yourtestuser19:29
stgraberDISPLAY=:0 xeyes19:29
stgraberdoes it work ?19:29
stgraber(it shouldn't)19:29
johnnysu -19:29
johnnyis what i did19:29
johnnysure.. but  that's why i do 0:119:29
johnnywhich i seem to have rights to do :)19:29
stgraberhmm, in fact I was wrong, :1 is my current X server (or at least I have a :1 server running)19:31
stgraberthough trying with :2 doesn't work either19:31
stgrabertest@castiana:/home/stgraber$ Xnest -ac :219:31
stgraberFatal server error:19:31
stgraberCould not create server lock file: /tmp/.X2-lock19:31
stgraberhmm, let me clean a bit my /tmp19:32
johnnyi know in the dbus xorg file i only have display0 and display119:32
johnnyso i'm sticking with :0 and :1 atm19:32

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