coreymon77nosrednaekim: hey! youre finally applying for membership01:21
coreymon77Riddell: since i cant make it to the meeting tomorrow, i need my sleep01:21
coreymon77Riddell: i hereby give my 900000000% +1 to nosrednaekim, he really deserves it01:21
nosrednaekimoooooo wait.... 6am tomorrow morning? youch....01:22
coreymon77nosrednaekim: yup01:22
coreymon77nosrednaekim: id love to be there, i just cant01:22
coreymon77nosrednaekim: but i give you my +1 now01:22
coreymon77Riddell: okay?01:22
nosrednaekimI think its acceptable if you send it to the mailing list.01:22
claydohthat reminds me tu set up my wireless connection so I can join in tomorrow...01:23
coreymon77nosrednaekim: trust me, i know, i applied through the mailing list, they made an exception for me since i could never make it to the meetings01:23
coreymon77man, id really like to be there for nosrednaekim, but i just cant01:23
coreymon77that really sucks01:23
nosrednaekimhaha, hope I can be there....01:24
nosrednaekimclaydoh: hey, would you mind asking them to consider membership after 11:3001:24
coreymon77Riddell: ping01:25
coreymon77Riddell: you there?01:25
coreymon77nosrednaekim: then i could be there for you too!01:25
nosrednaekimcoreymon77: nah... its past midnight there.01:25
claydohthey should, but I will try to remember that for you :001:25
coreymon77claydoh: where did Riddell go?01:25
nosrednaekimcoreymon77: he lives in UTC time... its past midnight there01:26
claydohcoreymon77: dunno, prob asleep?01:26
coreymon77so, im on irc past midnight01:26
coreymon77just not at 6 am01:26
coreymon77claydoh: how long is the meeting expected to go01:27
coreymon77nosrednaekim: because we are in the same time zone right?01:27
nosrednaekimcoreymon77: hour ussually01:27
nosrednaekimcoreymon77: EST01:27
claydohdunno, usually from what I see, it is about an hour, tho some loot to have gone longer01:27
coreymon77nosrednaekim: so you are asking them to delay the member consideration for a good 4.5 hours?01:28
claydohI have not made it in a while, many meetings are after a night shift for me, so I can't make it01:28
nosrednaekimno.... 11:30 UTC01:28
coreymon77which is?01:29
coreymon77nosrednaekim: for us01:30
coreymon77oh, still cant make it01:32
ForgeAushey cory :)01:35
* claydoh thinks sleep is overrated :) 5-6hrs is plenty01:36
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Jucatolooks like I won't be able to come to the meeting *again*... sorry :(09:03
Jucatooh wait... 11+8 = 19... 7pm... might make it after all :(09:04
Jucatoer :)09:05
apachelogger__nixternal: multirow is done automagically, when space doesn't last anymore09:47
apachelogger__jpatrick: I saied merging btw, and get the debian maintainer to have a look at our changes, since they are probably as useful to them as to us09:50
Hobbseeoh, so that's why i can't go to bed yet.10:19
* jpatrick waves to the channel10:23
jpatrickapachelogger__: poke pusling in #debian-qt-kde then :)10:24
jpatrickHobbsee: you do syncs?10:54
Hobbseejpatrick: not usually.  there's a sync script, though.  why?10:54
jpatrickbug #19032010:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190320 in ubuntu "Please sync kde-style-domino 0.4-1  (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19032010:54
Hobbseejpatrick: it tends to be more effective to wait for them to us ethe proper scripts10:56
Hobbseei'll only tend to sync things if it's something massively broken and important10:56
jpatrickI used requestsync10:56
Riddell** Kubuntu meeting in three minutes #ubuntu-meeting10:56
Hobbseejpatrick: Riddell can sync xwith teh proper scripts11:01
jpatrickHobbsee: are your hands frozen or are you !leet? :D11:02
Hobbseethe latter.11:02
Hobbseejpatrick: i don't work for canonical.11:03
jpatrickHobbsee: didn't say you did11:03
Hobbseejpatrick: to expand on that, using the leet scripts that work well require access on canonical machines, which only employees have.11:04
jpatrickHobbsee: ah, I see.11:04
mhbsmarter: still working on it11:07
jpatrickkiefer: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HelpingKubuntu11:14
kieferThanks mate11:14
jpatrickkiefer: take a look at that, and tell us what you'd prefer to spacialize in11:16
kieferOkay, just finished reading it and heres my thoughts-11:18
kieferIm currently studying for a diploma in IT (Programming and Software Dev.) So programming is a possibility, Im a pretty good Doc Writer (If I do say so) so that sounds like a good starting option, and as for artwork...well...im crap - lol :P11:18
jpatrickkiefer: nixternal is your man if you want doc work11:19
kieferWould that be a good place for me to start?11:19
jpatrickI think the focus now is KDE 4 docs11:20
kieferSome simple programming work would also be happily accepted, Im always willing to learn new things11:20
kieferIve been writing C/C++ code for about a year11:20
kieferand Java for about 2 years11:20
Jucatore KDE 4 docs... the most important part is actually creating them afaik... but yeah, nixternal is the one you should poke about tit11:21
Jucatodamn typo...11:21
jpatrickkiefer: bzr co --lightweight http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/kubuntu-hardy11:21
kieferHow should I go about contacting him?11:21
jussi01kiefer: bug fixing is also always a good thing ;)11:21
jpatrickkiefer: he's in here, sleeping11:21
kieferalways :)11:21
Jucatokiefer: when he's awake (in a few hours), just mention his name :)11:21
jpatrickkiefer: that command will get you the lastest documentation, that you can look around at11:22
kieferHaha will do, im in Australia, and its like 10pm here, Ill be awake till about 4am11:22
kieferOkay sweet, ill grab it now11:23
kieferThanks :)11:23
jpatrickkiefer: as for programming, you could ask mhb11:25
Jucatokiefer: oh then tomorrow.. around.. um... hm.. Hobbsee what time (your time) do you usually catch nixternal?11:25
Jucatojpatrick: for python, that is11:26
* Hobbsee thinks11:26
Hobbseelunchtime or something?11:26
kieferWell im always around so i will no doubt cross paths with him soon :P11:28
Jucatohe'll be awake in a few (1 or 2) hours I bet11:28
kieferYeah ill be around, im watching Bad Boys atm, and it only just started so, ill be around11:29
kieferAnd mhb, when should he be around?11:30
Jucatohe's one of our python go-to guys... he should be around around this time iirc...11:32
jussi01he was just in the meeting before11:32
mhbkiefer: no clue11:32
kieferLmao damn..11:33
Jucatooh yeah right... he's here11:33
kiefermhb: Well tell him to PM when he is around :)11:33
kieferPM me*11:34
mhbkiefer: I'll have something now, I'll PM you later today, if you don't mind11:36
kieferNo problem, Im gonna be around for a few hours anyway :)11:37
mhbI'm off, will be back later today.11:41
mhbmy +1 to Mike if he appears :o)11:41
kieferYeah Im off to make some food (Japanese noodles ftw :P) I'll be back in an hour or two to get more indo on how I can help :)11:45
jpatricknosrednaekim: !!!!!!!!11:47
jpatricknosrednaekim: #ubuntu-meeting11:48
nosrednaekimthe alarm did wakemeup...lol11:48
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Lureups, forgot about meeting...12:37
Hobbseebad Lure.12:38
=== jpatrick changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to the Kubuntu developers channel | KDE 4.0.1! http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Meeting Wed 20 23:00UTC
* Hobbsee almost forgot12:38
LureHobbsee: kids need me too ;-)12:38
* Lure -> lunch, bbl for plasma meeting at least12:38
HobbseeLure: you're very wanted, then ;)12:39
jpatrickWed 20 23:00UTC < right date?12:39
JucatoI was about to ask.. what day would that be...12:40
jpatrickon our two-week thing, yes12:40
claydohI might be able to make it to the next meeting too !12:45
claydohi think I have that day off, usually am working12:45
* Hobbsee won't be12:45
Hobbseenot that it makes much difference at this point, but still12:45
JucatoHobbsee: it makes much difference... you're one of the very few people whose +1 is a heavyweight :)12:47
Jucatowe only have +0.5 :D12:47
Hobbseesure, but only on memberships and such now12:48
* Hobbsee wonders how easy it is to get teh old kmenu back13:05
nosrednaekimHobbsee: easy13:05
nosrednaekimif you are talking about KDE413:06
JucatoHobbsee: just use the Application Launcher Menu13:06
Hobbseeah right13:07
Hobbseenosrednaekim: yes13:07
nosrednaekimHobbsee: yes, there is a "traditional" menu applet13:07
Jucatoit's called the.. um... hm...13:07
Hobbseeah goody13:07
JucatoApplication Launcher Menu13:07
* Hobbsee would only switch back at 4.1, most likely13:08
Hobbseeset it up a lot like gnome13:08
Hobbseeassuming all the bits were there13:08
nosrednaekimJucato: so is the other one ;)13:08
Jucatonosrednaekim: the kickoff one is "Application Launcher" only...13:08
Jucatonotice the word "Menu"13:08
nosrednaekimJucato: oh excuse me... never mind :)13:08
nosrednaekimya... it was cut off in my little add applet dialog ^_^13:09
claydohwow apparently I am now the lead for my (extremely inactive)LoCo team13:13
andersinIs there a naming scheme for packages containing plasma applets (e.g. start with kde4-plasmoid-.....)13:51
* mhb is back, if anyone wanted a word with him14:24
mhbkiefer: ping14:24
mhbis it me or has Ubuntu (again) developed an utility without looking at Kubuntu and checking for a common backend?14:30
mhbis research really the uncool thing to do?14:31
mhbor why do people totally forget it?14:31
claydohthe disk manager thing?14:31
claydohI just read that now14:32
claydohI agree14:32
claydohis there anything better for QT/KDE?14:35
smarterWe have mountconfig in guidance14:36
mhbclaydoh: we have the very same config tool14:36
mhbclaydoh: for 3 releases at least14:36
mhbso the sane thing to do would be to come over and say "hi, we want that too, could we arrange for a common backend so we have to write less code"?14:37
claydohlol sane14:38
mhbbad word... "wise" maybe14:38
mhbI'd understand if they used a different language or something... but when they use Python like us and they fail to contact us14:39
mhbit's a perfect example of a bad planning14:39
claydohno, sane was good :)14:40
mhbI expect them to say "sorry, our code is almost finished now, we're not going to do anything for any common core, if you want it, *you* do it"14:42
mhbtypisch ubuntisch ... man, one silly post and I'm so mad :o)14:44
kieferWow that was a great movie... Im back :)14:58
mhbkiefer: which one?15:00
kieferBad boys and Bad Boys II :P15:00
* jpatrick considers dumping Debian development15:00
mhbwhy so?15:01
mhbjpatrick: I thought you've just started15:01
Jucatooh mhb, just the guy I'm looking for. do you have any recommended learning resource for Python for an intermediate C++ programmer like me?15:02
mhbJucato: web or book?15:03
mhbI myself learned the basics from "Learning Python"15:03
Jucatoweb or ebook.. can't afford to buy another book at the moment :(15:03
jussi01isnt there an ebook in the repos?15:03
Jucatodive into python? is it good?15:03
jussi01!info diveintopython15:04
ubotudiveintopython (source: diveintopython): free Python book for experienced programmers. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 340 kB, installed size 4220 kB15:04
Jucatothe part about "experienced programmers" is the one that scares me :D15:04
nosrednaekimyeah.. dive into python is good!15:04
mhbjpatrick: so what's the problem?15:04
kieferIve skimmed through dievintopython, and if you have done some C/C++ you should be able to comprehend most of it15:04
Jucatoyeah jpatrick?15:04
jussi01where is the book once you install the package?15:04
Jucato[Notice] -jpatrick- Sorry, I'm not here (not here ...) <-- hehehe15:05
Jucatojussi01: /usr/share/doc15:05
nosrednaekimjussi01: thats the purpose of dpkg -L ;)15:05
jussi01Jucato: ahh, thanks15:05
Jucatokiefer: yeah I've done C++.. but not so extensive. only finished my book last month, so I'm still a bit green15:05
kieferHaha ohk, it tends to use lingo/jargon from other languages and show you their pythin counterparts15:06
Jucatoof course, Dive into Python is updated May 2004 according to the site :)15:06
Jucatopythin... nice way to pronounce it ;)15:06
jussi01Jucato: I also have a free one from the web, more aimed at beginners, but you might want to look at it - byteofpython15:07
kieferHaha, Acer520 laptop keyboard - a little annoying15:07
jussi01Jucato: I can email it across if you like15:07
jpatrickmhb: they have some "relibtoolize all KDE packages"15:07
Jucatojussi01: if I can't find it in 5 minutes :)15:07
jussi01Jucato: kk :P15:07
jpatrickmhb: and I've tried five different ways I've found of doing it, and it doesn't cut the cheese...15:08
Jucatojussi01: of course I found it and downloaded it already :P15:08
Jucatothanks mhb, kiefer, jussi0115:09
JucatoI actually have a python book, "Practical Python"... unfortunately it left me more bewildered than enlightened after reading it15:09
Jucatoit does have some pretty nifty "practical" projects though15:09
mhbjpatrick: packaging isn't much fun anyway15:10
jpatrickhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2005/12/msg00439.html - background15:10
mhbjpatrick: I myself am trying to minimize my participation in FLOSS projects so I can kind of live the other life15:11
Jucatomhb: good luck with that...15:11
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jpatrickJucato: as for Python books, I tried many and didn't like them, coded by just fiddling with it15:12
Jucatojpatrick: although I'm wondering why they are worrying/addressing that *now*, when KDE 4 practically resolves that admin/ problem, and we're not going to have much more 3.5.x releases in the future15:12
mhbkiefer: so, you wanted to talk to me about...15:12
Jucatojpatrick: heh I'm not the tutorial type of guy I've realized... so I'm looking for good (e)books. :)15:13
jpatrickJucato: that message is 3 years old15:13
Jucatojpatrick: lol! didn't look at the date hahaha15:13
jpatrickJucato: and yes, cmake kills off any "relibtoolize" hell15:13
kiefermhb: sorry i was reading something - Yeah i was interested in developing, starting with something simple, PM me maybe?15:16
mhbkiefer: I'm pretty sure we can talk here15:16
mhbit's on topic, after all15:16
nosrednaekimpython bindings were just released for plasma.... ^_^15:16
kieferHaha *Looks around the room cautiously* *whispers: you think its safe?*15:16
nosrednaekimkiefer: what languages do you know?15:17
apacheloggerjpatrick: what exactly is the problem with the admin dir?15:17
kieferBeen programming C/C++ for about 1 year, and Java for 2 or so years though i havent done C/C++ for a while15:18
jpatrickapachelogger: read mail15:18
kieferAnd a tiny bit of ASM, nothing very helpfull though lol15:19
mhbkiefer: I'm pretty sure it's safe... I mean I was creating sites with pornographic content even before I was of age :o)15:19
mhbmakes a good reference :o)15:19
apacheloggerjpatrick: "evil and unnecessary files in it" not that this would explain it :P15:20
kieferSo, I was told if i wanted to get in on developing and contributing, i would need to speak to you mhb15:20
mhbkiefer: sure15:20
Jucatohhahah I specifically mentioned python :)15:21
Jucatoso don't blame me :P15:21
kieferBut, the only issue is-15:21
mhbmost of the apps we do are Python/QT, because you can do more in less time with python15:21
kieferim a native windows guy, i only migrated to kubuntu a month or so ago, still learning my way around15:21
mhbsame as with any higher-level language15:21
kieferYah, i took a peak a some python source, didnt seem to complex15:22
jpatrickapachelogger: basically a KDE package should not Depend: on a ton of other stuff, but the things it actually needs15:22
mhbkiefer: nah, it's pretty simple, that's the beauty of it15:22
kieferit shouldnt take me long to grasp the basics of Python15:22
kieferHaha ^_^15:22
apacheloggerjpatrick: other stuff would for example be?15:22
jpatrickapachelogger: and for some reason, admin creates a recursive dependency hell15:22
apacheloggerwell, recursive does mean it depends on the package eitherway, doesn't it?15:22
kieferI was hoping to get something simple to do first off, as i dont wanna commit to something i cant do15:23
mhbkiefer: of course, if you preferred the classic way of C++, you can join the KDE upstream project (those guys who participate in KDE)15:23
mhbbut I guess starting with Kubuntu is a good thing15:23
mhbthen perhaps finding the thing you like most15:23
mhbwe're very beginner-friendly here15:23
kieferhaha ive noticed15:24
jpatrickapachelogger: example: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55342/15:24
kieferim rather keen to learn python15:24
kieferive found there are few languages that cant be grasped in a short time after learning languages like C/C++ and Java15:24
apacheloggerjpatrick: well, pretty obvious it's recursive...15:26
apachelogger...which makes it a kinda pointless issue IMHO15:27
apacheloggerpointless issues should either be fixed 100% automagically or not at all15:27
jpatrickapachelogger: yep, I know, but they're so keen on it15:27
* jussi01 does a hardy dance :D "its hardy time, hardy time... "15:27
apacheloggermhhh, makes me not wanna join development I guess15:27
mhbkiefer: well, the main python project we have (which sadly doesn't have much attention) is guidance15:28
apacheloggerjpatrick: would be a perfect job for people which get paied for the time they invest ;-)15:28
mhbit's a set of python/kde configuration tools15:28
apacheloggermhb: is there actually any port going on right now?15:29
* apachelogger is wondering whether embedding the KDE 3 version in the KDE 4 systemsettings would work15:29
kiefermhb: Sounds cool, is there anything I can be responsible for? Im also getting into Doc writing..15:29
mhbkiefer: get the source code by "apt-get source kde-guidance" and take a look at it15:30
kieferWill do15:30
mhbkiefer: try to read the code and understand what it does15:30
mhbI think the "userconfig" module is especially good for that - it's rather simple15:30
kieferAlright, ill get back at you in 5-10 mins15:30
mhbapachelogger: no.15:30
* apachelogger goes testing15:30
mhbapachelogger: I've done some systemsettings KDE4 testing myself15:31
kiefermhb: where will the source be DL'd to?15:31
mhbyour local directory15:31
kieferOhk, cheers15:31
apacheloggermhb: got anywhere?15:31
mhbapachelogger: yes and no.15:31
apacheloggercool ;-)15:31
mhbapachelogger: the good thing is that systemsettings' entries are just .desktop files15:32
mhbapachelogger: the bad thing is the parser is very strict, so they must be bound with another .desktop file which must contain a link to a KDE4 KCM module15:32
mhbso you can't just create a .desktop file with a "Exec=" option and wish that it executes correctly15:33
mhbit doesn't15:33
mhbif it doesn't contain a link to the KCM library, it ignores the .desktop file15:33
apacheloggermhb: could we create some wrapper libraries?15:34
apacheloggervery basic code, just to invoce the actual cm15:34
mhbwell, we could create a "dummy" KCM library that executes what we want it to15:34
mhbthat could be possible15:34
mhbbut it's not trivial15:34
apacheloggerso we probably should patch the parser15:35
mhbyes, that's option 215:35
mhbI expect it to be a bit easier15:36
mhbbut you'd still have to do some code digging before you hit the gold15:36
kiefermhb: So ive skimmed through some of the source, and most of it seems pretty self explanitory - Nothing i cant cope with15:42
mhbkiefer: I guess we should start with Qt/KDE introduction15:47
kieferIf you think thats whats needed, im really following your guidance here lol15:48
mhbkiefer: well those apps need porting to a new version of Qt, Qt4 (they're written in Qt3). The first task would be to design the UI in a Qt4 GUI building tool called "Qt designer"15:48
kieferdo continue..15:48
mhbit has a package in Kubuntu called "qt4-designer"15:49
kiefershould i be getting that now?15:49
Jucatobtw there's also https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay/PyKDE from Riddell15:50
mhbyou can launch the app using the command "python userconfig.py" or "python mountconfig.py" in the respective directory15:50
mhbso I guess your first "real" job should be to open mountconfig, launch the Qt4 Designer app and recreate the UI of mountconfig in that application15:51
mhb(I've already got userconfig covered, that's why I recommend mountconfig)15:51
kieferokie doke15:52
kieferill have a look at mountconfig while qt4-designer is installing15:53
mhbkiefer: the Qt designer app is really great, because you can drag and drop GUI elements pretty fast15:53
mhbyou'll get to know what they are called and stuff...15:53
kieferHaha, So it should be pretty simple? just mimic the existing interface right?15:53
kieferSounds easy15:53
mhbkiefer: actually the old "mountconfig" makes a mistake of having the UI hardcoded15:54
mhbthat's not a good practice because modifying it later is hard15:55
kieferohk, yeah i can see where your coming from15:55
mhbusing the Qt Designer you can create & edit stuff really easily, and it'll produce a file that can be used directly by your app15:55
Jucatodynamically loaded too right?15:56
kieferwow, handy15:56
kieferLemme paste-bin it15:57
mhbkiefer: hmm16:01
mhbkiefer: it looks like somebody started with UI porting already16:02
mhbthat's good16:02
kieferLol. the early bird gets the worm16:02
mhbyou can try opening mountconfig-qt4.ui in Qt Designer16:02
kieferOkay, will do - its installing now16:02
kieferwould the .ui file be in the mountconfig dir?16:05
kieferi only see 'fuser_ui.ui"16:05
mhbyou use Gutsy, I presume16:05
mhbokay, plan B16:06
mhbyou need to fetch the most up-to-date code by:16:06
mhbsvn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/extragear/kde3/utils/guidance (it creates a guidance/ directory with the code)16:06
mhbit uses the Version Control System called SVN to check out (fetch) the most recent version of guidance in the KDE SVN server16:08
kieferohk, im installing svn atm :P16:08
kieferokay done, where did it place the guidance/ dir?16:11
mhbin the current directory again16:11
mhbI hope16:11
kieferhaha ...yep it did16:11
mhbdoes it still produce the error when you run "python mountconfig.py" ?16:12
kiefer...yeah, unfortunatly16:13
mhbhrm, must be some library16:13
mhbis your system fully updated?16:13
kieferi believe so yeah16:13
=== hunger_t is now known as hunger
kieferthough, i am rather kubuntu newb16:14
kieferso i wouldnt trust what i say lol16:14
mhbcould you try running "sudo apt-get update" in the console16:14
mhb(which refreshes the list of packages)16:14
kieferyup, a big list16:15
mhbthen try "sudo apt-get build-dep kde-guidance"16:15
mhbthat should update (or install) all packages that are needed to build guidance16:15
mhbI hope it helps16:15
kieferhaha i guess we'll find out soon :P16:15
kiefermy net speed is suprisingley fast tonoght...16:16
kieferwell, for wireless anyway ^_^16:16
kiefer179kb/s isnt bad considering its a pretty weak signal, the walls in my house are rather thick16:17
mhbRiddell: out of curiousity - are we going to see an official announcement about UDS soon?16:26
kiefermhb: okay, all guidance build packages now installed...16:27
mhbkiefer: did it help?16:27
kiefermhb: yup, works perfectly now :P16:28
mhbthank God16:28
Riddellmhb: at some point yes, dunno when16:28
mhbRiddell: okay, thanks.16:28
kiefermhb: So should I move onto building a copy of it in qt4-designer now?16:29
mhbkiefer: well, first open the "mountconfig-qt4.ui" file and check how complete it is16:30
kieferwill do16:30
kieferwhere should "mountconfig-qt4.ui" be located?16:31
mhbin the mountconfig/ directory16:32
mhbin the SVN checkout16:32
mhbis it there?16:32
kieferthe only 'ui file in there is fuser_ui.ui    :S16:33
mhbthat means only one thing16:33
kieferthe world is coming to an end?16:33
jjessei broke it?16:33
kieferaliens exist?16:33
mhbthat I myself have tried to do it earlier16:33
mhblet me paste bin it16:34
kieferthough i must warn you, while i greatly appreciate all the time you spending helping me out here, its almost 3:30am here, and i need sleep soon lol16:35
mhbah, sorry16:35
kieferHaha no problem, ive still got 15-30 mins in me16:36
kieferwith the pastebin text, i should save that as a *insert file extension here* file?16:37
mhbhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55356/ for the fuser_ui-qt4.ui16:37
mhbas a .ui file16:38
mhbboth of them16:38
kieferokie doke16:38
mhbso I guess the best thing to do16:39
mhbwould be to look at those two16:39
mhband create a .ui file for serviceconfig16:39
mhbI haven't tried that one yet :o)16:39
mhbnow you have reference examples, which is even better :o)16:39
kieferyeah :P cheers16:40
mhbso I propose you go to sleep today and try it tomorrow or whenever you have time16:40
kieferhaha, ill poke around for a bit then head off16:40
mhbgreat ... I hope we'll meet again :o)16:40
kieferme too :)16:40
kieferSo to clarify, my goals for 2moz are: *Insert goals here please :) *16:42
nosrednaekimtwo words "world domination"16:43
kieferthats been a goal for a long time ^_^16:43
mhbkiefer: just try and sketch the serviceconfig UI in the Qt4 designer app16:43
kieferokay, ill hop to it in the morning, for now i think your right - bed time *yawns*16:44
mhbonce you think it behaves well (there's a Preview option there so you can check how it looks like), we'll move on16:44
kieferNight guys16:44
kieferokay awesome :)16:44
mhband thanks16:44
mhbhope you don't change your mind in the morning :o)16:44
Jucato(too late)16:44
Jucatomhb got himself an apprentice :)16:45
mhbJucato: well16:45
* Jucato imagines mhb in a Donald Trump way :)16:45
mhbJucato: I've lost ~3 of those real fast16:45
Jucatook, now that Trump image fits perfectly then :P16:45
* Jucato imagines mhb point... "You're fired"16:45
mhbhehe :o)16:45
mhbit's usually "thanks for the enthusiasm, I hope to hear from you soon"16:46
mhband they never come back16:46
mhbnot that I'm angry :o)16:46
mhbthat's how it works16:46
mhbfor every 3 of them there's one nosrednaekim that stays16:46
mhband that counts16:46
Jucatooh nosrednaekim was your apprentice?16:47
mhbnosrednaekim: congratulations on so many +1s at the meeting16:47
* Jucato stays away....16:47
mhbno, not really16:47
* nosrednaekim is now a multimillion $ reality show winner....16:47
Jucatodo you still need nixternal's +1? same as claydoh?16:47
nosrednaekimyeah, I think so16:47
Jucatowon't be too hard :)16:47
Jucatojust give nixternal a shiny holographic vista sticker and you're good to go :P16:48
mhbnosrednaekim: too bad my +1 doesn't count (yet), otherwise you'd get it :o)16:48
Jucatomhb: you'll have your chance... council changes in May :D16:48
mhbbetter start my campaign soon16:49
nosrednaekimmhb: I think you've been doing the campaign for the past two years :)16:50
nosrednaekimmhb: BTW, how is the new restricted manager going?16:51
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!16:52
Jucatomhb: what campaign? as if you had any competition around :)16:53
* jussi01 goes to nominate, just so mhb can feel good when he wins...16:54
Jucato3 months too early? :)16:54
jussi01Jucato: you can never start too early :P16:55
* Jucato winds back the clock to 200616:55
Jucatook start now :)16:55
mhbjussi01: well, there will be 2 places anyway16:57
mhbnosrednaekim: I wanted to hack on it right now, but I mentored a newcomer for a while16:57
mhbnosrednaekim: it's pretty much working, just 2 larger things to do: download progress and notification icon16:58
jussi01hehe, dont think Im really experienced enough to go for it really...16:58
mhbI guess so.16:58
nosrednaekimI thought adept_batch had download rate?16:58
mhbnosrednaekim: it does16:58
mhbnosrednaekim: but you need to download firmware, too16:58
mhbnosrednaekim: for some drivers16:58
* jussi01 goes to reboot, from the live cd to hardy16:58
nosrednaekimoh.... right.16:58
mhbnosrednaekim: and that has to be done within r-m16:58
Jucatospeaking of adept batch...16:58
Jucatomhb: I think there's a bug, dunno if it's really adept_batch, but looks more like language-selector-qt. since it's python, you might want to check it out or send someone to check it out :)16:59
mhbJucato: in hardy? # ?17:00
Jucatobug 12918617:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129186 in adept "language-selector-qt false success notification" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12918617:00
mhbthere's a bug in Kaffeine that forced me to use Totem for viewing MPFC yesterday17:00
Jucatosince gutsy...17:00
JucatoI'm actually thinking it's language-selector-qt, despite my last comment. seems like Adept Batch does return a value depending on success or failure, but the selector doesn't do anything about it if the user cancels downloading17:01
Jucatoer.. not my last comment, but the 2nd to the last :P17:02
* Jucato will have to ask mornfall or yuriy for some small adept help next week if he still can't figure out how Installer works by then...17:04
nosrednaekimhttp://en.andregondim.eti.br/?p=5 << ubuntu catch-up ^_^17:10
mhbnosrednaekim: I've ranted about it a while ago17:11
mhbnosrednaekim: it's not nice of them to dismiss our implementation and hack their own backend without trying to ask us on cooperating17:11
nosrednaekimheh... was some of the code borrowed from our mount config?17:11
mhbnosrednaekim: they've never asked about sharing code17:12
Jucatomaybe they just took :)17:12
mhbnosrednaekim: so unless they took it without saying, they developed their own backend17:12
mhbwhich means someone will have to create a common backend soon17:13
mhbor otherwise, their app will get all the fixes and we'll just bit rot17:13
mhbI'm afraid they're going to say "sorry, our backend is finished, if you want to have a common core, *you* write it"17:13
nosrednaekimwhich is painfully typical.17:14
mhbso some good-natured Kubuntu fellow will have to fix their incorrect approach to research17:14
coreymon77hi everyone17:39
coreymon77how did the meeting go17:39
mhbit was not much17:40
coreymon77did nosrednaekim get +1?17:40
mhbyes but there wasn't enough council members17:41
coreymon77he deserves it17:41
coreymon77he deserved it before i ever did17:41
coreymon77i would have been there, it was just too early for me17:42
mhbRiddell: do you think that someone would add the packaging bits to the jockey kde frontend if I managed to finish the code soon?17:44
* ScottK guesses jpatrick or apachelogger_ would be all over it.17:49
ScottKAm I wrong?17:50
apachelogger_mhb: ye can bet your keyboard on that :P17:50
mhbapachelogger_: groovy.17:53
apachelogger_mhb: finished, just need the code :P17:56
mhbapachelogger_: I'm trying17:58
* apachelogger_ is branching k-d-s18:10
manchickenSo, I've heard that there are going to be better Perl bindings for KDE4.18:14
manchickenOoh: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Perl+Qt4?content=6974718:18
manchickenYea :)18:19
mhbI love Python.18:19
manchickenThat's cool.18:19
manchickenPerl and Python know how to play nice from what I've heard :P18:20
apachelogger_I love Ruby.18:20
manchickenThey're both pretty strong glue languages.18:20
mhbof course, Lisp is nice, too :o)18:20
manchickenRuby is neat, syntactically, but its runtime is slow and buggy still.18:20
manchickenPerl has been around for 20 years now.  Python's been around at least half as long.  Ruby needs to take time to catch up.18:21
* manchicken doesn't follow Python as much since it doesn't pay his bills...18:21
manchickenWoah woah woah, this guy replaced all of the Qt4 array-type classes (e.g. qvector, qlist) with Perl arrays...18:22
manchickenThat's kinda stupid.18:22
manchickenNot even the Qt3 bindings did that.18:22
manchickenThe Qt3 bindings had everything except for the network and filesystem classes.18:23
manchickenAnd threading classes.18:23
manchickenWhich made them great for GUI scripts, but not so much for applications.18:23
manchickenThe Perl Gnome2 libraries even give you VFS access.  That's nice.18:25
jpatrickmanchicken: I'm a perl+Python+Ruby guy18:25
manchickenI'd like to see better Perl bindings for KDE.18:25
manchickenjpatrick: Cool.  I'm mostly Perl, but I've played in Python and Ruby, too.18:25
manchickenWhat's hilarious is that I bet I could use Qt3 libraries for the GUI and gnome2::vfs libraries for the actual asynchronous I/O and they'd work better together than just Qt3 or Qt4 bindings by themselves.18:27
ubotuKDE bug 132994 in general "Pluto is not a planet" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]18:27
manchickenVery nice.18:27
ScottKjpatrick: Got your SRU proposal ready for that?18:27
manchickenBut the fix hasn't been released yet?18:27
jpatrickScottK: :)18:28
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* apachelogger_ needs a Riddell18:49
apachelogger_jpatrick: do you think splitting k-d-s in kde3 and kde4 makes all that much sense?18:50
jpatrickapachelogger_: yes, not everyone wants KDE 418:50
ScottKDear all KDE4 fanboys: Please don't break my existing, working KDE3 install that I use every day for actual $WORK and needs to not die.18:51
apachelogger_jpatrick: yeah18:51
apachelogger_but the paths are different anyway18:51
ScottKapachelogger_: If you want something to do, updating eric to 4.1.0 might be nice.18:52
apachelogger_also, if we split, either -kde4 needs to depend on the kde3 or we have to duplicate the data18:52
apachelogger_ScottK: eric?18:53
ScottKIt's an Python IDE written in QT.  It's an alternative to Idle (thing Monty Python references).18:53
* apachelogger_ raises his finger18:54
* jpatrick hugs his vim18:54
jpatrickScottK: see what I said about Ruby and apachelogger_ ? :-)18:54
ScottKWhich finger?18:54
apachelogger_the one I press the J button with :P18:55
ScottKjpatrick: I'm pretty sure I'm about to advocate kde4-style-bespin if you want to be looking it over again to we might get it uploaded.18:56
* apachelogger_ is wondering18:56
apachelogger_didn't I advocate?18:57
apachelogger_or did I wait for someone else, since I was ready to upload?18:57
jpatrickScottK: I thought I did18:57
apachelogger_I think I wanted an update18:57
apachelogger_so apparently I did wait for jpatrick to advocate :P18:57
ScottKjpatrick: You did, but he had some stuff to fix, so it needs it again.18:58
jpatrickScottK: if he did +118:58
ScottKjpatrick: Please go to REVU and mark it.18:58
jpatrickI am, it's just lagging18:59
jpatrickScottK: done19:01
ScottKK.  Just finished the test build here.  Let me check a few things and then I'll probably upload it.19:02
LureRiddell: sorry for missing the meeting today - I am fine giving my +1 for nosrednaekim and claydoh19:16
* Lure still needs to integrate one nosrednaekim's patch in guidance ;-)19:16
LureRiddell: re: kmilo brightness support: I can easly give you debdiff for dcop, but problem is that gutsy testers claim that it does not help :-(19:18
ScottKjpatrick: Sadly no.  That wasn't it.  The man page error persists.19:23
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nixternalRiddell: claydoh and nosrednaekim get a +1 from me20:01
nixternalmornin' by the way :)20:04
jjessewill addiotnal widgets only bereleased through the extragears package or can somoene get them from something like kde-look?20:04
jjesseits afternoon nixternal20:04
nixternaljjesse: yes20:04
nixternalto both actually20:04
nixternalI think widgets will be able to be pulled in from the Get Hot New Stuff stuff20:04
jjessebut not in the hardy time frame?20:04
nixternalya, I just woke up about 30 minutes ago :)20:04
nixternalso hardy+120:04
jjessewill the extragears package be installed via default20:05
jjessealso what is the name of the icon in the top right of my desktop?20:08
apachelogger_Riddell: kde4 stuff pushed sto k-d-s, please have a look at it20:08
jjessethat allows me to add packages, zoom out, etc?20:08
Lurejjesse: Plasma Toolbox20:12
jjessethanks Lure20:12
Lurejjesse: from here http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/FAQ20:12
jjesseah thanks page is helping out20:24
jjessewhy aren't default kde applications in spell check?20:26
jjessesuch as Kopete shows up as misspelled in open office20:26
ScottKjjesse: Open Office isn't a KDE application is I would guess the reason.20:28
jjesseyeah i but i iwsh ther was a way for the kde apps to already in spell check20:29
jjesseheck the "ubuntu apps"20:29
selckinmake it :)20:30
smarteriirc, there's an "ubuntu" dictionnary in the OOo shipped by ubuntu20:49
ScottKsmarter: I still got the same error on your bespin package.  Let me know when you've got it shaped up and I"ll look again.20:52
smarterScottK: that's strange, I followed what lintian said ([:u] instead of ΓΌ), I don't know if there's another way :/20:55
ScottKKmanpart displays it correctly, so I'm not going to worry about it then.20:57
smarterScottK: how do you get this warning?20:57
ScottKRan lintian -Ii against the .deb20:57
ScottKThat's a big i and an little i20:57
smarterit doesn't output anything20:58
ScottKDo you have the version from gutsy-backports or Hardy?20:58
smarterI'm running hardy20:58
smarter--help says v1.23.4220:59
ScottKWeird.  Same version I've got.21:00
* ScottK is gonna go ahead and upload it.21:00
smarterhold on a sec'21:00
smarterI ran lintian on kde4-style-bespin_0.1\~svn080206-0ubuntu1_source.changes and got "md5sum-mismatch-in-changes-file", it disappeared after another debuild -S -sa21:02
smartershould I reupload?21:02
ScottKIt probably means you changed something.21:03
smarterI'm uploading, we'll see the debdiff ;)21:03
smarterScottK: it is empty :o http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/diff.py?upid1=1874&upid2=188321:10
* ScottK is gonna upload unless you want another shot at it.21:11
smarterScottK: go ahead :)21:12
ScottKDone.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.21:13
smarterthank you too (:21:14
coreymon77nosrednaekim: you around?21:14
smarterThe QDevelop package is close to be ready now I think21:14
smarterI'm talking with the upstream author to get ride of the get-orig-source21:14
smarterthe fact that he is french help a lot :)21:15
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seelehow do you know which kde project to submit a bug under in launchpad?22:45
=== uga|away is now known as uga
nixternalheh, watching Jonos talk at SCALE, and the LOCO map he is showing is mine..need to tell him that I didn't copyright for him to use :p22:53
nixternalseele: you kind of need to know I guess...it can be a pita at times22:53
nixternalyou need to know what apps belong to kdebase, kde* this and that22:54
seeleyeah.. which i dont really know22:54
mhblaunchpad is not all roses22:54
nixternalso true22:54
mhbdo you know of any profound git vs. bzr article?22:54
nixternalI don't even understand it fully and I have been messing with it for a few years now22:55
nixternalmhb: there is an article out there that actually goes over quite a few of the revision control systems22:55
nixternalit is fairly recent too22:55
mhbbecause I thought git is harder to use, but then I read the tutorial and it seems quite easy to use22:55
mhbalso "git dissect" seems awesome22:55
nixternalgit is pretty nice, so is mercurial22:55
mhbthere's a lot of apps adopting git22:56
mhband you know I am very much against having two apps do the same thing22:56
mhbif git were as good as bzr, I'd say use it.22:57
mhbof course, I'm very much like Linus sometimes.22:57
mhb(w.r.t. opinions, not skill :o)22:58
ScottKIf I ran into bzr anywhere but Ubuntu I'd consider it.22:58
tomaquote alert22:58
=== OneTwink is now known as apachelogger
mhbtoma: quote alert?22:58
nixternalwhenever I push or pull large updates with bzr, I kind of feel like I am watching a "Windows Update"...a little movement, but who knows what is going on :)22:58
mhbI meant I'm a self-centered bastard, not a good programmer22:59
* nixternal goes to put on some lotion22:59
mhbnixternal: well if there was an app that does the same thing but faster (and git is by all references faster)22:59
seeleit puts it on its skin, or it gets the hose again22:59
ScottKnixternal: TMI23:00
mhbwhat do you folks think?23:01
mhbdo you have any XP with git? Bad ones, preferably?23:01
selckingit is great23:02
mhbselckin: well23:03
ScottKBoth git and bzr take some mindset adjustments when coming from cvs/svn that I haven't had the spare brain cycles to get through yet.23:03
nixternalseele: hahaha, quit watching Joe Dir!23:03
nixternalerr, Joe Dirt, pronounced Deertay23:03
selckinones you get over that ScottK you'll never want to use anything but git23:03
ScottKMay be.  Dunno yet.23:04
nixternalScottK: I am with you and those brain cycles...SVN is just so much easier for me23:04
mhbselckin: I would be happy if you were right23:04
mhbselckin: however, I am a science-type guy, and I like facts23:04
nixternalya, I heard people say the same thing about Mercurial23:04
nixternalbut why is the executabled called 'hg'?23:05
selckingit is just a better mercurial23:05
nixternalhg clone http://some.where.on.the.net/23:05
mhbnixternal: you don't know?23:07
mhbnixternal: man you were bad at chemistry23:07
nixternalyup, failed it and never took it again23:07
nixternaland that was about 20 years ago too23:07
mhbnixternal: we had to take it23:07
mhbnixternal: for about 5 years23:08
mhbat high school23:08
nixternalI got around it by taking Biology and Botany23:08
mhbhg is a chemical name for mercury23:08
ScottKname/symbol for the pedantic in the room.23:08
mhbScottK: me?23:09
mhbor what do you mean?23:09
mhbah, now's the bad part - the bad old guy is going to shoot Farrell23:10
ScottKhg is a chemical symbol, not a chemical name.23:34
mhbScottK: and I am Czech, not English.23:34
ScottKOf course.23:35
ScottKThe pedantic one was me.23:35
mhbScottK: but thanks, next time I'll try to say it correctly.23:35
mhbsilent again? aww23:50
seaLnenixternal: so did you work out if the kubuntu tshirts would fit you?23:51

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