BizurkeI've read that until PulseAudio is completely integrated there is no volume. Does this mean there is no volume control at all or that PulseAudio is just limited in the current state?00:02
ethana2we have basic volume control00:06
Bizurkegreat :-)00:06
Tuv0kanyone using deluge?00:06
Tuv0kare you 64bit, and is it stable?00:07
Tuv0ktrashmission is slooooow00:07
Dr_willisI find that with most clients - its the  # of connections/settings and so forth that make them slow.  Not the actual client00:08
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RAOFBizurke: Once you've set things up in System->Preferences->Sound, everything should work.00:09
RAOFBizurke: If you want the more specialised/cool features of pulseaudio (per-stream volume, swapping streams betwenn devices, etc), you'll want to install the padevchooser package, which pulls in all that UI.00:10
BizurkeI just wanted to make sure that I will have volume control in general00:10
RAOFYes, it will.00:10
RAOFTo make everything work like you'd hope you probably want to seth the default mixer track in System->Pref->Sound to the pulseaudio output.00:11
rocketsIs hardy going to have fakeraid support in the installer?00:27
lz7http://img404.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot1an8.png --- window title corruption bug with compiz enabled, and i think now it is "human" theme bug, cant reprodice this on custom themes00:27
lz7http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot1bm0.png --- another screenshot, whole window title is missing00:30
lz7oh.. this is actually 2 screenshots in 100:31
lz7i cant use compiz since ubuntu 7.0400:32
lz7and its not fixed in hardy00:33
* enyc keeps hearding about huwan themee00:34
lz7happens with "mist" theme too00:37
lz7crazy http://img519.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot3uo8.png00:38
lz7wrong title colors00:38
RAOFrockets: Probably not the live installer.  It should work in th ealternate installer, but I've never tried.00:40
Bizurkewow.. upgrade from a fresh (today) 7.04 is going to take a good while00:40
rocketsRAOF, ok, thats fine.00:40
c1|freakyif i manually installed a kernel module, dont i have to reinstall that anymore after a kernel upgrade (apt) in hardy anymore?00:56
DanaGGaack, stupid Super key.01:14
DanaGThe 'key gets stuck' issue has pissed me off to the point where I'm now booted into Windows (even though Metacity would've still worked).01:15
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ethana2DanaG: when i run into stuff like that, I use gutsy liveCD's ;)01:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:19
DanaGIt's a rather major issue for me.01:20
ethana2so its been around01:20
ethana2and we're trying to fix it before hardy is out01:20
DanaGIt renders xorg (with compiz) unusable.01:20
DanaGI've only started having this issue since, oh, about a week or two ago.  I've been using Hardy since the first or second 2.6.24 package was released.01:21
DanaGI've had to go *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*       *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*          laaa deeee daaaa......        *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*           .... laaa dee. DAMNIT!  *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*01:22
ethana2As this is a LTS release, I expect a great focus on reliability and stability for the release..01:22
ethana2i ran into something like that01:22
ethana2gdm starting a new X every 6 seconds01:22
DanaGNot that.01:22
ethana2my dual seat, well i know its different01:22
DanaGIt's me killing X because a key has gotten stuck and rendered the desktop unusable.01:22
ethana2but i get the frustration01:22
DanaGIn about 6 hours yesterday evening (from 5 PM until at least midnight), I probably restarted Xorg about 15 or 20 times, if not more.01:24
DanaGHere's my status message I've now set in Pidgin, with line breaks removed:01:31
DanaG*Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*    (key gets software-stuck...)   *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*          laaa deeee daaaa......        *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*           .... laaa dee DAMNIT!    *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*   .........   /me gives up and boots Windows for now.     Here's why:   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/12440601:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:32
ethana2so when i plug in the brother DCP-7020 printer/scanner, it tells me to use the driver for the DCP-7025.. and it doesn't work right01:52
ethana2so then I can choose between LPR and CUPS drivers and I don't even know what LPR is01:52
ethana2..so I click on CUPS, DCP-7020, debian, and it gives me a .deb which I install..01:54
ethana2oh no, that's the LPR driver01:55
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ethana2ohhhhhhh....   http://solutions.brother.com/linux/sol/printer/linux/cups_wrapper_install5.html  ...joy01:59
ethana2Is this something I should file a bug on?  "I'm too lazy to install a driver for my Brother DCP-7020, please make it Just Work"02:01
DanaGWhat can I do about the keyboard stuckage?02:09
lz7ppl mentioning disablin key repeat in gnome02:10
lz7well... in DE02:11
lz7DanaG: they also mention different reasons for that issue, starting from dhcp client, to usb bus overload and kernel bugs02:15
lz7did you tried another distro?02:17
lz7i have a bunch of options in bios related to usb compatibility also, if your keyb is usb02:20
DanaGIt's actually a laptop keyboard... PS/2.02:21
DanaGThe issue only started about one or two weeks ago.02:21
DanaGIf even that.02:21
DanaGI think there was some Xorg update in there somewhere.02:21
lz7if this is xorg update... then do a fresh install and don't update... problem solved02:22
Picior.... file a bug.02:22
lz7already filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/124406 and this thread is not assigned to anyone even02:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:23
Dr_willisHmm. I need to search the hardy bugs for any fusesmb issues.02:30
Dr_willisonce i figure out how to use launchpad.net to just show  hardy bugs. :)02:31
DanaGI'm also having that keyboard issue.02:34
DanaGIt's a real showstopper, in my opinion.02:34
DanaGOh wait, I see, you were linking somebody else to it.02:34
rocketsAnybody here running hardy as their main OS?02:39
RAOFrockets: Yeah, I'm stupid enough to do that.02:40
rocketsRAOF, how's it going?02:40
RAOFBasically, it's an issue of knowing enough to not break it.02:41
RAOFIt's *extremely* easy to break accidentally and automatically.02:41
rocketsRAOF, how does one avoid breaking it?02:42
rocketsOr rather, what does break it?02:42
lz7i dont see much difference in hardy vs gutsy, them both broken02:43
rocketsi find gutsy very broken as well.02:44
rocketsfeisty was better02:44
lz7so hardy is perfectly fits to idea to use it02:44
RAOFrockets: By being *very* careful when you upgrade; you need to make sure nothing important is getting removed.02:45
RAOFBy using aptitude; it's generally more verbose about what it's doing, and why.02:45
RAOFAnd by having backups!02:45
rocketsRAOF, im just pining for b4302:46
PiciAnd often the first suggestion it makes when dependencies are messed up may not be the 'right one'02:46
rocketsbcm43xx sucks.02:46
rocketsim hoping b43 is much better02:46
rocketsim almost tempted to run 6.06 until hardy comes out :-P02:47
rocketsi feel like it might be more stable :-D02:47
lz7well i have no stability issues, if not play games with compiz enabled whatever02:48
lz7i'm even impressed02:48
DanaGI have that **** keyboard stuckage.02:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:49
DanaGThat one's a showstopper for me now.02:49
rocketsI just cant connect to about02:49
rockets50% of wifi networks02:49
lz7well i noticed some apps crashing in hardy, but its even hardly noticable cuz my main app pidgin never crashed lol, but i know how to crash it btw02:49
rocketsfor no apparent reason02:49
UnNaturalHighrockets, do you have a bcm4318?02:50
DanaG*Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*    (key gets software-stuck...)     *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*          laaa deeee daaaa......          *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*           .... laaa dee DAMNIT!       *Ctrl-Alt-Backspace*   .........02:50
DanaG/me gives up and boots Windows for now.02:50
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, I have a dell wireless 1390, dont remember which bcm that is02:50
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, 431102:51
UnNaturalHighahhh, my bcm4318 works great02:51
UnNaturalHighI am sure they will eventually get yours working well02:51
rocketsi hope so.02:51
rocketsits a little better in ndiswrapper02:51
rocketsbut not by much02:51
UnNaturalHighrockets, to be honest in windows broadcom chipsets suck too02:52
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, works fine for me in windows.02:52
UnNaturalHighbroadcom just make terrible wireless chipsets imho02:52
rocketsIll try to connect to wifi02:52
rocketsreboot to XP02:52
rocketsand connect fine02:52
rocketsto the same network02:52
UnNaturalHighrockets, are you running the latest kernel from the hardy repo's?02:52
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, im not running hardy at all.02:53
rocketsi was just saying02:53
rocketsthat i hope b43 in hardy02:53
rocketsfixes the problems ive had02:53
UnNaturalHighrockets, why not upgrade to the hardy kernel?02:53
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, because i dont want to break things?02:53
rocketsor are you saying02:53
UnNaturalHighrockets, I only run 10 packages from hardy02:53
rocketsrun hardy kernel, with gutsy everything else?02:53
rocketsI feel like that's somehow an awful idea.02:53
UnNaturalHighrockets, running kernel will not break things, except you may have to upgrade a nvidia package too02:53
UnNaturalHighrockets, or just compile a vanilla kernel02:53
rocketswell, good thing I don't have an nvidia card then.02:53
rocketsspeaking of which, maybe i can run the hardy fglrx02:54
UnNaturalHighrockets, b43 is vastly superior to bcm43xx02:54
lz7i even cant understand why gutsy repository not updated you cant even install latesl kernel or drivers or apps02:54
lz7there is no "hardy" kernel02:54
lz7its gutsy kernel too02:54
rocketslz7, thats how releases work, they dont change version numbers within a release02:54
UnNaturalHighrockets, I haven't tried the fglrx, I run the ati one02:54
Picilz7: If you want a rolling release, try Debian, Ubuntu doesnt work like that.02:54
rocketsif you REALLY want a rolling release02:55
rocketsuse gentoo.02:55
rocketsthey update within like an hour of source releases :-P02:55
UnNaturalHighrockets, use arch over gentoo02:55
rocketssame reasoning though.02:55
UnNaturalHighrockets, if you want we can add the hardy repo and pin it?02:55
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, huh?02:55
UnNaturalHighrockets, I can show you how to add the hardy repo and pin it so you can run just the kernel from the hardy repo02:56
rocketswell im not booted into linux right now02:56
rocketsbut is it just a config file?02:56
UnNaturalHighso you came here just to complain about ubuntu from windows?02:56
PiciIts not really a good idea.02:56
UnNaturalHighPici, what is that?02:56
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, no, i came here to ask some questions, and i happen to be running windows right now.02:57
PiciUnNaturalHigh: Mixing and matching kernels.... and then subsequently expecting support.02:57
rocketsPici, who expected support?02:57
UnNaturalHighPici, works fine, and I don't get ubuntu support02:57
UnNaturalHighubuntu support is non-existent when you don't pay anything02:57
PiciI guess I spend too much time in #ubuntu explaining why its not a good idea.... just in the habit ;)02:58
* UnNaturalHigh runs every distro under the sun02:58
rocketsis b43legacy bcm43xx?02:58
UnNaturalHighI just run ubuntu on one of my laptops02:58
UnNaturalHighrockets, no02:58
rocketsso whats b43legacy then02:58
rocketsive read that page02:59
rocketsit doesnt really explain the difference between b43 and b43legacy02:59
UnNaturalHighrockets, check out softmac vs mac8021103:00
rocketsi already know what those things are03:00
rocketsif thats the difference, then awesome.03:00
rocketshmm. any ideas on how to install ubuntu if i dont have any blank cds.03:01
lz7use blank dvds03:01
rocketslz7, very funny.03:01
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone else here find the up_threshold of the ondemand governor to low for laptops?03:01
UnNaturalHighrockets, http://lubi.sourceforge.net/03:02
UnNaturalHighI can't say if it works, but I was considering trying it03:02
UnNaturalHightell me how it goes03:03
UnNaturalHighlooks stable though03:03
rocketsUnNaturalHigh, lubi assumes i already have linux installed.03:03
rocketsi dont on this pc03:03
rocketsand wubi creates a weird type of install id prefer to avoid.03:03
UnNaturalHighUNetbootin installer of 32-bit Ubuntu 7.10 for Windows ???03:04
UnNaturalHighI'm out, going to workout03:06
* DanaG curses the keyboard again.03:11
DanaGYay, metacity.  At least now my <grrrrrrr> keyboard won't get stuck.03:17
ethana2ok, we're getting a little tired of waiting and are going to resume attempts to get this dual seat rig functional03:20
ethana2anybody want to help?  ^_^03:20
ethana2i'm using the xorg.conf and the gdm.conf-custom given to me here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/best-way-to-build-a-computer-for-2-users-567529/page2.html#post304511903:22
ethana2and modifying them for my machine03:22
ethana2is there any major change I should know about with this version of xorg?03:22
DanaGEvdev is broken, for one.03:23
ethana2that could be a real problem03:23
ethana2because I'm asking it to handle six devices03:24
ethana22 keyboard, 2 mouse, multimedia buttons HID, USB power button03:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173833 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "evdev mouse fails on hardy: cannot open input pEvdev" [Medium,Confirmed]03:24
ethana2..if the power button on the multimedia keyboard counts as something evdev..03:24
ethana2reading bug..03:24
ethana2that does look like a serious problem03:27
ethana2An old version of Ubuntu would likely use old graphics card drivers, and I need as new as I can get03:29
ethana2but this version, being in alpha, has broken stuff right in evdev03:29
ethana2I'm going to have to say that I'm content with not succeeding now if I know I will later03:30
DanaGAs long as the evdev brokenness isn't "by design"....03:31
ethana2hmmm...  One week until feature freeze03:34
ethana2If a comprehensive reworking of Screens and Graphics doesn't make the cut, I don't know exactly what I'm going to have to do03:34
DanaGI want a "changing wallpaper over time" feature as in Fedora 8.03:35
ethana2DanaG: have you tried using screensavers for that kind of thing yet?03:36
ethana2DanaG: or do you actually use desktop icons?03:36
DanaGI do use desktop icons -- especially when things crash and that's the only way to open a terminal.03:36
ethana2the KDE folks say you can use anything as a background that you can code03:37
ethana2anything at all03:37
ethana2and still use desktop icons and plasma03:37
ethana2..that'll be nice to get that feature into the pool, spur some competition there03:38
DanaGWhat would I have to do to suggest the feature?03:39
ethana2this may be a copout, but I think I'll just install userful for now03:45
Dr_willisuserfull - wasent very usefull.. wheni tried it last week.03:52
ethana2E: desktop-multiplier: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 103:55
ethana2Dr_willis: how many seats are you running?03:56
Dr_willisI belive i couldent even get the thing to boot properly....03:58
ethana2well, it did manage to crash compiz03:58
Dr_willisor am i getting similer named disrtos confused..03:58
ethana2...and my system actually seems more responsive now, suprise surprise03:58
Dr_willisIm on 3rd shift now.. im confused a lot lately03:58
DanaGWhat should I do to make the suggestion of the wallpaper-changes-over-time thing?03:58
ethana2DanaG: that feature will be all the rage in a few months with fedora, KDE4, and Eubuntu03:59
ethana2DanaG: so I don't think you have to do anything03:59
ethana2Dr_willis:  rephrase ~ How many seats are you /trying/ to run?03:59
DanaGBecause that thing immediately struck me as beautiful, when I installed Fedora 8 in a VM.04:00
DanaGI'm also using the Fedora 8 theme, "Nodoka", with a less "OMG-so-bright-I-need-sunglasses" blue (from the "Jellyfish" theme on gnome-look).04:02
ethana2i think i remember nodoka looking spiffy04:02
ethana2like an ars technica review or something04:03
DanaGnew word I use: nifty-spiffy   (hyphenated).04:05
Dr_williswas trying to do just 2. but Im so busy with other stuff right now.. i cant even rember what i did. :)04:05
Dr_willisi cant enen rember why i was trying to do 2 heh..04:05
DanaGThat's the first blue theme I've ever found that didn't feel lame or cliche or overused.04:05
ethana2DanaG: I've heard that opinion before04:06
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DanaGThat's with the darker blue, for me.04:06
ethana2so it's a widget and window decorator theme, right?04:07
RAOFDanaG: Yeah, nodoka looks cool.  I've got a Debian package on mentors for it.04:07
ethana2search doesn't work in gnome art manager04:09
ethana2is nodoka even in there?04:10
RAOFethana2: No, it isn't.  It's a new gtk engine, and as such requires building.04:19
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crimsunI'm liking svn trunk clearlooks + Clearlooks-flat-compact from gnome-look04:31
ethana2RAOF: I see...  cool04:45
ethana2well, it looks like the userful people aren't pulling a cedega04:54
ethana2they're actually innovating04:54
ethana2so I shouldn't mind supporting them..04:55
ethana2and be especially grateful for their free two seat non commercial license.04:55
ethana2...so I'll be hoping it works on hardy soon04:55
ionstormi got a good question, I have a hyperthreaded cpu, if I disable the hyperthreading will I notice a performance decrease?05:06
Dr_willisproberly.. and why would you want to.. :)05:06
Dr_willisdepends on what you are doing also.05:06
ionstormwell for some reason my load time is always 2.00 +05:07
ionstormwith the hyperthreading enabled05:07
ionstormwith it disabled I idle at 0.00 not 2.0005:07
ionstormjust a lame bug that annoys me lol05:07
Dr_willisI noticed  when i had  upgraded this box to  hardy, that it was only seeing 1 cpu.05:07
Dr_willisa clean reinstall - now it sees both.05:07
ionstormmine see's both but load averages are wack05:08
ionstormwhy would I idle at 2.00 ?05:08
Dr_willisim not even sure what those #'s really mean05:08
ionstormnm then hehe05:09
DanaGI wish there were a known solution to my keyboard bug, that didn't involve ditching compiz.05:09
ionstormgnome needs its own compositing05:10
ionstormbuggy too05:10
DanaGWell, at least THIS bug has been fixed.05:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188171 in gnome-settings-daemon "user keyboard layout not loaded" [Low,Fix released]05:12
DanaGI haven't had any severe issues with compiz until this latest keyboard issue.05:12
DanaGAnd it's not compiz's fault -- it only started happening after some xorg update.05:12
ionstormreconfigure xorg05:12
DanaGNo, I'm not about to trash my nice touchpad config and such.05:13
ionstormbbiab reboot05:13
cyphaseWhat does everyone think about having the Add/Remove Programs dialog only show one of each type of app by default? It could be a simple checkbox to show the rest. So, instead of showing 5 different browsers, it would only have firefox, or instead of 5 different feed readers, it would only have one (e.g. Liferea)05:16
UnNaturalHighDanaG, you sure have a lot of problems with ubuntu05:16
ethana2cyphase: people need to see choice to know they have it, most of the time05:17
cyphaseethana2: and you don't think a checkbox would be enough05:17
cyphaseright in the main dialog05:18
cyphaseor maybe, it wouldn't be default, but you'd have that option05:18
cyphase"Only show one of each type of program" [ ]05:18
cyphasesomething like that05:18
ethana2but then you have to pick which one05:18
ethana2epiphany or firefox?05:18
ethana2abiword or openoffice writer?05:18
ethana2...and so on05:19
Dr_willispornview, or gwenview, or irfanview, or ....05:19
ethana2or, you know, Kwriter or Konqueror if you're on kubuntu05:19
Dr_willisoh wait.. irfanview is windows. :P05:19
ethana2wow, is that an actual app?05:19
Dr_willis!info pornview05:19
ubotupornview (source: pornview): Image and movie viewer/manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2pre1-7ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 225 kB, installed size 668 kB05:19
Dr_willisYes. :)05:19
Dr_willis!find hotbabe05:19
cyphaseethana2: well, firefox has been picked05:20
Dr_willismedibuntu has a hotbabe - load meter. :)05:20
ubotuPackage/file hotbabe does not exist in hardy05:20
cyphaseso has openoffice, and evolution, and totem, etc etc05:20
ethana2firefox uses twice as much RAM as epiphany05:20
ethana2and gecko is gecko05:20
cyphaseethana2: but it's been picked05:20
cyphaseethana2: whether you or i agree or disagree is irrelevant in this regard05:20
ethana2hmm, well, it may even make add/remove snappier05:21
ethana2i don't know what i think exactly on that...05:21
ethana2whatever, I guess05:21
cyphasejust an idea i had05:21
ethana2they know what they're doing05:21
ethana2hey, cyphase05:21
Dr_willisspeaking of browsers..  i find it odd that the ubuntu firefox extensions 'thing' installs extensions globally. - thats good in ways.. and bad in ways. :)05:21
ethana2make sure your ideas end up in ideapool05:21
cyphaseideapool? what's that?05:22
ethana2google it05:22
ethana2 /very/ handy05:22
ethana2I've put tens of ideas on that05:22
ethana2that's where they go05:22
* DanaG wants sunrise-midday-sunset-night-{loop} wallpaper.05:24
DanaGYeah, but I want it real time.05:25
DanaGIn other words, I do want the thingy Fedora 8 does.05:25
DanaGs/do //05:25
Dr_willisHmm... DanaG  that gives me a interesting idea for a wallpaper changing  'female' :) in the morning she has on an apron,, and later in the day a maid outfit... and.. i better stop now.05:27
ethana2 /clear05:27
DanaGBut the required infrastructure is the same.05:28
hydrogenDr_willis: I think we can all imagine what she has on in the late evening!05:33
DanaGDr_willis: there's the package 'hot-babe' in medibuntu; I'll let you google that one for yourself.05:38
coz_DanaG, that one surprised me05:41
coz_DanaG, i was actually hoping it would just slightly better but it was still surprising :)05:42
DanaGYou can probably make other graphics for it.05:42
coz_DanaG, ah oh!!   just up my alley then lol05:43
Assiderr did something go horribly wrong in the update within the last 15 hours06:36
Dr_willisNot noticed.. not heard much in here about any issues06:36
Assidi did some updates last night before going to bed.. and now i boot up and my machine is horribly slow06:36
Dr_willisyou are the first ive heard of it.. Someone was mentioning some load issue with  his multithreaded cpu earlier today06:37
Assidhrmm must be related.. i got a quad core06:37
Dr_willisi got an amd x2 but havent noticed.. not on linux right now however06:38
Dr_willisthere was a kernel update  this morning... or yesterday..06:38
ethana2Dr_Willis: BSD, OpenSolaris, Windows, or OSX?06:38
Dr_willisethana2,  right now on vista. :0 getting ready to play some Teamfortress 206:38
Dr_willisim used to 3rd shift.. I am up till 7am.06:38
ethana2We must have a gaming-mode06:38
Dr_willisand its only 2 am now.06:39
ethana2where the DE is hibernated06:39
ethana2so you free up all your ram06:39
ethana2it would be great for fullscreen blender06:39
Dr_willisethana2,  sounds like some of the hacks i recall for Windows years ago...06:39
ethana2we can do it better06:39
Dr_willisi rember an almost identical idea/thing for Quake when it came out06:39
ethana2windows doesn't run on the PS2, PS3, xbox, and Wii06:39
Assidi thought xbox ran some sort of windows06:40
ethana2it uses some nt kernel06:40
ethana2as does the 36006:40
ethana2but the 360 uses demonic code signing ^_^06:40
ethana2which makes the hardware absolutely worthless to me06:40
Assiderr this is bad06:41
Assidbash: /usr/bin/top: Input/output error06:41
Assidsame thing if i run gedit from terminal06:41
AssidE: /var/cache/apt/archives/bash_3.2-0ubuntu14_i386.deb: failed to sync updated files list file for package bash06:42
Assidthat just failed06:42
Assidis the filesystem being corrupted?!?!06:42
Assidyou guys have a clue whats happening here?06:43
AssidDr_willis: i think the updates yday were for amd64 if im not mistaken06:44
Assidweird how it came down to me .. considering im not using that kernel06:44
Assidim gonna go reboot06:44
Assidi cant work like this.. eveyrthing takes hours to do06:45
DanaGSomething fun to listen to when it's late: Coast to Coast AM.06:50
DanaGJust take everything with a grain of salt.06:51
DanaGOr heck, you may need a whole shaker of salt.06:51
ethana2or hey06:52
ethana2throw in Half Life06:52
DanaGSeen it.06:53
DanaGSOmebody pretending to be Gordon Freeman.06:53
DanaGI wonder if George Noory found that out later.06:53
ethana2time to dig up those old Twilight Zone episodes06:53
ethana2..."there's this key I have..06:57
ethana2no matter what door you stick it in, the same room is on the other side06:57
ethana2it seems to be a hotel room in..  arizona maybe.."06:57
DanaGTime to get GPS.06:58
ethana2Hey, remember that Free Software laptop idea?06:58
ethana2Is there a channel for discussion on that?06:58
ethana2rgeening: ...what?07:00
DanaGIt can't be all THAT hard to find one, can it?  Intel wifi, Intel graphics.  Right?   ... or am I missing something?07:00
Assidokay back07:00
ethana2i still think it has to be non-x8607:00
Assidwhen i was shutting down i got an error like ext3-fs ... some kinda inode error07:01
ethana2i take it no such channel exists then?07:01
rgreeningnot sure. Do a gogle for pandora07:01
rgreeningpandora is the codemane for a free linux based mini laptop.07:02
rgreeningmight be what you ar elooking for07:02
ethana2i'm not seeing it07:02
Assiderr. how do you get the index service to index thunderbird?07:03
Assidthe option to do so is disabled07:03
rgreeningThat should get you some info07:05
ethana2thaaaat's not what I'm looking for07:05
DanaGWow, that's fugly.07:06
rgreeningIt's open source and runs linux and is a laptop ... hahaha07:06
DanaGI'd rather an OLPC laptop.07:06
ethana2DS w/ MMU07:06
ethana2..aaand no stylus07:06
rgreeningPandora is meant to be an answer to Handheld gaming with Laptop functionality07:06
rgreeningHow about the EEE PC07:07
rgreeningAsus puts it out I thinbk07:07
ethana2high end07:08
DanaGCeleron == no speedstep.  Lame-o.07:08
ethana2you know that new SSD tech?07:08
ethana216 GB of that07:08
DanaGCome on, how about an old Pentium M?07:08
ethana2SPARC T207:08
ethana2and it must have a GPGPU07:09
ethana2don't do anything serious on that CPU07:09
ethana2not on a mobile07:09
ethana2I think the trick to go anywhere special07:11
ethana2is to use Free Software as a chance to blow open the ISA market07:11
Assiderr anyone know where the path's are set ?07:11
ethana2Assid: do you want mine?07:11
Assidi cheked in /etc/profile and /etc/bash.bashrc07:11
ChaosParserHardy and BCM4311 chipset wifi, ndiswrapper, or b43 driver?07:11
Assidethana2: no.. i want to know where they are being set07:12
Assidbashcompletion apparently07:13
hyper_chhiho, what's the best way to upgrade to hardy? Reinstall of the system?07:40
Assidhow do i get the tracker to search thunderbird emails?07:40
DanaGPath may be in /etc/environment.07:42
DanaGI usually manually enable completion both for my account and for root.07:42
AssidDanaG: ?07:44
DanaGLook at the .bashrc for root.07:44
DanaGAnd look at your own .bashrc.07:44
DanaGBoth have completion disabled by default.07:44
DanaGI also enabled the 'll' and 'la' aliases.07:44
DanaGI also added cls='clear;reset;clear07:44
Assidany idea on how to get tracker to search thunderbird emails?07:46
=== ajmorris|AFK is now known as ajmorris
DanaGMmm, tetris.   ▟▘▗▙ ▝▙ ▗▟  ▙▖ ▄▄  █07:49
Assidi wonder if i should get rid of tracker and use google instead07:50
Assidthis is kinda sucky07:50
ethana2oh, well then07:50
ethana2I remember being dissapointed07:50
Assiddoesnt track my emails07:50
ethana2that google desktop for linux didn't have the deskbar07:50
ethana2but now we have desklets and plasma07:50
Assiddont mind.. not that into much into deskbar07:50
ethana2it's all i used ^_^07:51
ethana2if plasma widgets don't have snap-to, my mild OCD will drive me insane07:51
ethana2i think i'd just prefer a sidebar, really07:51
AssidOCD ?07:52
Assiderr.. i just wanna be able to search my emails07:52
Assidvery very important07:52
DanaGI just use the old deskbar applet, from when it was still a **** popdown menu.07:52
Assidis there some kinda plugin or something i gotta get to have to work with thunderbird? id ont get it.. the option is in the preferances07:53
Assidhey DanaG you still gettig that recursive deleting issues?07:55
DanaGI think I am.07:55
Assidman i filed soo many bugs since then.. i think launchpad hates me now07:56
DanaGStill getting it.07:57
Assidif you really want to break something.. give it to a windows user07:58
Assidokay seriously.. what do i do about my email tracking07:58
Assidits pretty darn important to me07:58
DanaGBeagle may be able to do it.08:00
Assidyou dont think i should use google?08:03
Assidokay awn doesnt update me when pidgin windows are updated08:04
ChaosParserEh, if you really want to break something, give it to an AOL user.08:04
ChaosParserAnyone know how to get rid of these funky jungle looking window shadows in compiz?08:04
hyper_chdon't use compiz and they are gone ;)08:05
DanaGAnybody know how to prevent my keyboard from getting stuck?08:05
DanaGIt's a relatively new problem for me, in Xorg.08:06
Assidhyper_ch: ?08:06
ChaosParserhyper_ch: I couldn't live without desktop wall.08:06
AssidDanaG: new keyboard08:06
hyper_chChaosParser: sounds lke you're addicted ;)08:06
DanaGIt's not the keyboard!08:06
DanaGIt's an Xorg issue.08:06
Assidthen ?08:06
Assidwhats happening?08:06
Assidalt and ctrl not working?08:06
Assidshift neither?08:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:07
DanaGThat's what.08:07
ChaosParserhyper_ch: What can I say, I'm a useable desktop size queen, and we're talking about a notebook with a 14.1 widescreen display.  :-p08:07
DanaGLook at the last two.08:07
hyper_chChaosParser: there's somewhere an option...08:07
ChaosParserhyper_ch: reflection!08:07
hyper_chDanaG: maybe update that bug report also to hardy?08:07
hyper_chChaosParser: ;) it's been a while since I had a look last at ccsm08:08
Assidi DanaG i had a imilar issue08:08
Assidi fixed it myself.. cause no one woud help me08:09
Assidwell.. mainlky cause i couldnt type straight08:09
Assidbut this is what you do08:09
Assidopen a terminal08:09
Assidmetacity --replace08:09
Assiddont put &08:09
hyper_chDanaG: oh, yo already did :)08:09
DanaGI didn't edit the description, though.08:10
Assidthen.. type reboot so it rebootsd without saving08:10
* hyper_ch wonders whether he should try hardy with Xfce, KDE or Gnome...08:11
Assiderr awn should me modifiable so you can set how long you want the icon to keep bouncing if it gets updated08:12
Assidupdatedb: fatal error: load_file: Could not open file: /etc/updatedb.conf: No such file or directory08:16
Assidsomething wrong with this?08:16
Assidthis is from a fresh install of alpha4 and updates08:17
hyper_chAssid: I guess it does not exist08:17
Assidyeah.. question is why08:18
Assidand can someone pastebin theirs please08:18
hyper_chAssid: because install did not make one?08:18
Assidhyper_ch: right.. shouldnt it have?08:18
Assidi tried to reinstall slocate .. didnt help08:18
hyper_chAssid: http://phpfi.com/295306 --> from gutsy08:19
Assidsweet thanks08:20
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Gnome! :-p  The rest are ugly.08:20
hyper_chChaosParser: xfce looks beautiful08:20
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Meh.  I like my desktop wall, network manager, and pink flames when I minimize.08:21
hyper_chChaosParser: network manager? what for?08:21
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Wifi!08:22
hyper_chAssid: I neither have a updatedb.conf in my old hardy try08:22
hyper_chChaosParser: what do you need a network manager for? ^^08:22
Assidhyper_ch: so the package has an issue08:22
hyper_chAssid: for me it's an alpha1 release08:23
hyper_chAssid: I didn't go on using it since my dvd-rom had problems08:23
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Honestly.  xfce for older hardware is wonderful.  but I prefer Gnome's overall look and feel.08:23
hyper_chAssid: but now I found out there's a "fix" for it08:23
hyper_chChaosParser: xfce is also on newer hardware wonderful08:23
Assidporting it from gutsy ?08:23
hyper_chChaosParser: the thing I miss is that I cannot drag/drop multiple files on the desktop08:23
hyper_chAssid: ???08:24
Assidtaking gutsy's updatedb.conf file ?08:24
hyper_chAssid: btw, make a bug report08:24
Assidyes.. doing that08:24
hyper_chAssid: I pasted mine from gutsy... told you so08:24
Assiderr. i was referring to your "fix" as in taking it from gutsy08:25
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Eh, Gnome is easier to grasp conceptually.  I tried throwing xfce on my imaging server at work instead of Gnome, and it confused the poor windows geeks too much.08:25
hyper_chAssid: no, my dvd-rom has a problem08:25
hyper_chAssid: I need to re-initiate it08:25
DanaGAnother thing:08:25
hyper_chChaosParser: why does a server need a gui at all?08:25
hyper_chChaosParser: *shiver*08:25
DanaGTry copying stuff to a  nearly-full volume, then running out of space.  Now try to use Nautilus to free up space.  You can't!08:25
DanaGEvery new window is blocked by the "out of space" dialog.08:26
hyper_chDanaG: run nautilus as root08:26
DanaGThe SAME dialog, in fact.08:26
hyper_chDanaG: gksu nautilus08:26
hyper_chDanaG: and then delete some stuff08:26
DanaGIt's still a bad bug.08:26
hyper_chDanaG: there's still some space reserved for root because of that08:26
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Ubuntu + DRBL + Clonezilla.  - And well, it doesn't.  But it was a linux project put together by windows users that I stole and fixed as much as I could.  :-p08:26
hyper_chDanaG: it's not a bug but the way linux works08:26
DanaGBut before gvfs, you COULD go to a new nautilus window!08:27
DanaGIt's not a "can't do anything because root is out of space".08:27
Assidi agree with DanaG bad bug on that08:27
DanaGI'm speaking of things like my portable media player.08:27
Assidhyper_ch: done: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/slocate/+bug/19040008:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190400 in slocate "slocate doesnt include updatedb.conf" [Undecided,New]08:27
hyper_chfor root there's a bit of space reserved so root can still operate08:27
hyper_chso normal users run out of space, nothing can be done through them anymore08:27
hyper_chChaosParser: what's drbl and clonezilla?08:28
DanaGThat's not the issue.08:28
DanaGThe issue is gvfs blocking every nautilus window for that volume.08:28
ChaosParserhyper_ch: PXE booting imagine software + LTSP.08:29
hyper_chAssid: it works with the gutsy conf?08:29
Assidhyper_ch: seems to yes08:29
hyper_chAssid: ok :)08:29
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Think Ghost + Thin clients.08:29
Assidthanks hyper_ch08:30
hyper_chso drbl is the thin client setup?08:30
hyper_chDanaG: dunno08:30
DanaGTry it with a flash drive or something, some time.08:31
ChaosParserhyper_ch: DRBL is Diskless Remote Boot Linux.08:31
hyper_chChaosParser: oh, I thought that's called PXE08:31
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Technically, PXE is just booting off the nic.08:32
hyper_chChaosParser: dunno ;)08:32
ChaosParserhyper_ch: DRBL is the environment, while PXE is the method.  :-p08:32
ChaosParserhyper_ch: hyper_ch: http://drbl.sourceforge.net/, http://clonezilla.sourceforge.net/08:33
hyper_chChaosParser: and what does clonezilla do?08:33
hyper_chah, disk imaging08:33
ChaosParserhyper_ch:  Fantastic project.  Captures images in minutes, throws them down faster than ghost.08:33
hyper_chand uses endless space08:34
hyper_chso I cannot have 4 backups a day dating back for 90 days08:34
hyper_chwithout having a cupboard full of harddisks08:34
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Eh, we aren't using it for backups. ;)08:35
hyper_chChaosParser: what then?08:35
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Teaching.08:35
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Reimaging is faster than reinstalling.08:36
hyper_chChaosParser: if it never changes ;)08:36
ChaosParserhyper_ch: It also has the advantage of being able to blow down broken images.08:36
ChaosParserhyper_ch: We have a variety of images with different issues/functionality, and use them to teach troubleshooting effectively.08:37
hyper_chChaosParser: as said, as long as you don't change them08:37
hyper_chand reinstalling doesn't take much time either.... 20min for the system, and then running your shell script ;)08:37
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Sadly, we aren't talking Linux.08:37
DanaGI have too many config files for that to work for me even for Linux.08:38
hyper_chChaosParser: you support evil monopolistic companies?08:38
ChaosParserhyper_ch: They pay me. :(08:38
hyper_chyou sell your sould to evil ^^08:39
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Not really.  I work in harware support.  The hardware jut happens to use windows.08:40
hyper_chsee, you keep justifying yourself... you wouldn't be required to do so if everything you do is morally ok *g*08:40
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Morals are useless unless they are absolute.08:41
ChaosParserhyper_ch: Since people never are... morals are pretty useless.08:41
hyper_chyou feel the urge to justify yourself because you know what you are doing is wrong ;)08:42
hyper_chwhy don't use just switch them to Linux and use a WinXP theme for kde/gnome08:42
hyper_chI bet 95% of the people wouldn't notice08:42
ChaosParserWould if I could. :-p08:43
DanaGXP theme is ugly.08:47
hyper_chyeah, windows classic is the best08:47
DanaGI use Windowblinds, actually.08:47
DanaGTheme: Eminence.08:47
DanaGIt's actually a reeeally nice theme.08:48
hyper_chI'm not at all into eyecandies08:48
hyper_chthe only thing I need is a wallpaperchanger08:48
DanaGOh yeah, and look down at the bottom of this page for links to once by vr6fern.08:53
DanaGSome are funny... Vista wasteland, for example.08:53
hyper_chwhy is the io of encrypted drives so bad :(08:53
ethana2it's going to be nice when Halo trial hits platinum in WINE09:13
ethana2we're going to have to invade some blood gulch server09:13
ethana2i gave up gaming09:14
ethana2to move to linux.09:14
ethana2nostalgia, you know09:14
hyper_chgaming is a waste of time ;)09:14
ethana2but still ^_^09:15
hyper_chbetter to do something constructive or go to dinner with your gf09:15
ethana2as if i had one09:15
ethana2good one, hyper09:15
ethana2..i would if i did09:15
ethana2as for being constructive, well, I should try to take on coding again09:16
hyper_chethana2: less gaming, more social contacts and that leads to a gf09:16
ethana2yeah, I know09:16
ethana2we recently moved to Alaska09:16
ethana2and i intend to move right back where i came from09:16
hyper_chok, now Alaska is a challenge09:16
ethana2before i go establishing any real relationships09:16
hyper_chwithin a 100 miles radius there are lke 3-4 girls?09:17
ethana2oh no, they're up here, make no mistake09:17
ethana2this is Anchorage09:17
ethana2..but in 6 months, /I/ won't be09:17
hyper_chgetting back to?09:17
ethana2Omaha, NE09:18
ethana23400 mile drive09:18
hyper_chnew england?09:18
ethana2middle of the 4809:18
hyper_chI dunno what's NE is09:18
hyper_chor the 4809:18
ethana248 continuous states09:18
hyper_chwell, now I know but still no clue where that is09:18
ethana2right in the middle09:18
ethana2you don't have to if it's not your nation09:19
ethana2it's not like we own the world09:19
hyper_chyou do not?09:19
ethana2not if I can help i09:19
ethana2i'm eying moving out09:19
hyper_chmaybe you should tell that Mr. Bush09:19
ethana2to like Israel or Japan or Korea09:19
hyper_chhe and his buddies think they do own the world09:19
ethana2meh, he's burnt out09:19
ethana2republics aren't good enough for the future09:20
ethana2I want a government run on Drupal09:20
hyper_chwhy israel, japan or korea? those sound like very different countries from one another09:20
ethana2well yes, they are09:20
ethana2but they are countries filled with races of innovators09:20
hyper_chok :)09:20
ethana2and as such, there exists an atmosphere of innovation09:20
ethana2The C2D design came from intel's israeli labs09:21
hyper_chand you like fish?09:21
ethana2fish are fine, I don't like fish-/ing/09:21
ethana2...part of why I don't want to stay up here ;)09:21
hyper_chthere's plenty of fish in japan and korea I tend to think09:22
hyper_chyou're going to murder whales!!!09:22
ethana2Actually, the Japanese steal our Salmon09:22
ethana2and Alaskans are kinda angry09:22
hyper_chcan you blame them?09:23
ethana2i've also considered creating my own micronation but i figured it less practical09:24
ethana2i just want an ISP that's not evil09:24
hyper_chan old oil platform?09:24
ethana2and a nation that doesn't expect me to use non-metric units or windows09:24
hyper_chwith satelit uplink?09:24
ethana2I was thinking the middle of a desert09:24
ethana2silicon /everywhere/09:24
hyper_chso, gotta get some groceries otherwise I won't have food09:25
ethana2have fun09:26
hyper_chspending money is fun09:26
hyper_chearning money not so much ;909:26
ethana2what software do you use to keep track?09:26
ethana2like, of your food?09:26
hyper_chkeeping track of what?09:26
ethana2parsing recipes, expiration dates..09:27
ethana2rate of consumption for various ingredients09:27
ethana2food expense predictions09:27
ethana2shopping list generation09:27
hyper_chI use the grey matter in my brain for that09:27
ethana2 /nevermind/, go keep yourself from starving09:28
acusterHey all,09:39
acusterI'm getting, from dist-upgrade:09:39
acusterudev: Breaks: libdevmapper1.02 (< 2:1.02.08-1ubuntu7) but 2:1.02.07-1ubuntu2 is to be installed09:39
acusteris this a temporary mis-match or a bad setup on my end?09:39
acusterand if the latter, anyone have pointers on how to fix it?09:40
Assiderr i think theres a memory leak somewhere09:54
Assidthe ram usage keeps going up and up09:54
Assidright now its at 660mb.. but it keeps going higher09:55
hyper_chnot good being logged in as root10:06
rootnope, my nickname's root10:08
Assiderr ok10:08
rootothersite i'm normal user ;D10:08
Assidanywyas.. anyone having similar issues?10:08
rootnever mind :D10:08
rootwhat kind of issues?10:08
Assidram usage going up10:08
hyper_chAssid is leaking ;)10:08
Assidthe more i use the system the slower it starts getting10:08
hyper_chAssid: sounds like you're on Windows ;)10:08
Assidhaha.. yeah.. the whole reason why i left that as my primary system10:09
rootAssid: how much MB of ram do you have?10:09
Assid2gigs only :(10:09
hyper_chnot enough10:09
root2 gigs?10:09
Assidalready 700 megs used10:10
rooti have 3/4 of gig. and it runs f@st!!10:10
Assidyou have compiz and awn enabled?10:10
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.22-14-generic running KDE 3.5.8, CPU: AMDSempron2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), , RAM: 998/1010MB, 146 proc's, 2.33h up10:10
rooti ave total 75710:10
Assidnautilis eats 118mb virtual memory10:11
rooti have 22" lcd and i don't  need compiz10:11
roottotal 757, used 74110:11
=== root is now known as not_a_real_root
hyper_chuse konqueror instead of nautilus10:11
Assiderr thats bad10:12
hyper_chkonqueror rules10:12
Assidkde aint bad.. i realy wanted the whole mac look10:12
Assidgnome was best for that10:12
not_a_real_rootafter few months the Theuida is going to come out10:12
Assidi use kde apps when i need to tho10:12
not_a_real_rootit'll be somekind of natilus10:12
not_a_real_rootbut more friendly10:13
hyper_chI didn't say to run kde, only konqueror10:13
hyper_chmultipane is just the best10:13
hyper_chopening multiple system locations within one windows10:13
hyper_chso you can easily drag and drop10:14
hyper_chsort of like norton commander / midnight commander / krusader but with more than just 2-panes10:14
hyper_chand it also supports ftp and ssh10:14
not_a_real_roothey, i need help with processor issue in hardy10:15
not_a_real_rootwhen i turn on gui of system monitor, processor jumps on 100% 'till i close it10:15
Assidhyper_ch: which package ?10:16
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: use htop10:16
hyper_chAssid: konqueror10:16
hyper_chAssid: but it will install some kde dependencies10:16
Assidyep have it already10:16
Assidi use alot of kde apps too10:16
hyper_chAssid: multipane: on the bottom of konqui, right-click... then you can split horizontally and vertically... just as you like it10:17
hyper_chAssid: and the splitted windows can be splitted again10:17
Assidyep i noticed10:17
hyper_chAssid: and for ssh use:  fish://user@server10:17
not_a_real_rootlol :D10:18
Assidbut i really want my machine NOT to slow down the more i use it10:18
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: for ssh/scp connection10:18
not_a_real_rootyup, but fish? this is just too much for me :D10:18
not_a_real_rootdo you think that acer Aspire 7720G-302G50 is good for ubuntu?10:19
Assidi hate when nautilis mounts something.. i end up with the mounts on the desktop10:19
Assidgoes over all my other icons :(10:19
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: dunno, what are the specs?10:19
not_a_real_rootAssid: so do me.10:19
Assidanyone here a commiter to the repositories?10:20
Assidi really wanna suggest updating the postgresql package10:20
Assidheck even the pgadmin package10:21
hyper_chAssid: during a release the packages will not get upgraded10:21
hyper_chAssid: only security fixes will be applied10:21
hyper_ch(and bug fixes)10:21
not_a_real_rootirssi rulez on hardy :D10:22
Assiderr okay 8.3 is already updatd10:22
Assidnow to see pgadmin10:22
hyper_chirssi also rules on etch10:22
not_a_real_rootknow this10:22
Assidsweet its updated10:23
* Assid is happyt10:23
Assidi dont know when it gotr updated.. but im glad it did10:24
Assidnow if someone can fix the memory leaks im good10:24
Assiderr brb.. gotta get ready10:24
Assidirssi ? bah.. i use kvirc10:25
Assidyou know what.. i think the memory leak is in compiz.. and how it behaves with the memory on the video card10:26
Assidatleast for the reason why it slows down10:26
hyper_chcompiz sux10:26
not_a_real_rootprogrammers don't use compiz10:26
hyper_chthe only use I see for it is to make Windoze users jealous10:26
Assidhehe.. i like it10:26
not_a_real_rooti agree with u :D10:26
not_a_real_rootwho neeeds python-made clipboard10:27
martallinot_a_real_root: programmers use?10:27
hyper_chwhat, you got a brand new $ 2000.- notebook and vista ultimate is still tht sluggish... look my 4 year old notebook and ubuntu is blazing fast10:27
not_a_real_rootyou don't understand10:27
martallidoctors don't use compiz, either10:28
not_a_real_roothyper_ch: so is acer Aspire 7720G-302G5010:28
Assidbut i like those effects10:28
hyper_chmartalli: emacs10:28
martalliwe use kde lol10:28
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: that doesn't tell me anything10:28
martalliemacs: all the gui you need =)10:28
hyper_chreal programers use emacs... but it lacks a good editor10:28
martallihyper_ch: LOL10:28
Assidi fi dont use compiz i might as well use kde10:28
not_a_real_rootbest editor for me is VIM10:29
hyper_chmartalli: http://xkcd.com/378/10:29
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: http://xkcd.com/378/10:29
not_a_real_roothyper_ch: so is laptop acer Aspire 7720G-302G50 good for ubuntu? it supports 2X250GB sata hdd10:29
martalliI have been a nano fan since the days of pine (guess it was pico back then)10:29
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: nvidia or intel?10:30
Assidpine was the email client wasnt it10:30
Assidpico was the underlying system10:30
not_a_real_rootintel :f10:30
martalliAssid: yes, it was "easy to use".  pico was the editor.  Very straightforward for "users" at the computer lab in college10:31
hyper_chnot_a_real_root: no ATi - that's good ;)10:31
Assidnano aint bad10:31
martalliOnce I discovered pico was available on the CLI, it was easier to recommend than emacs or vi for people working on text files10:31
Assidokay how do i go back to without using emerald10:31
not_a_real_roothyper_ch: i think that acer aspire uses graphical card of ATI Mobility radeon wich one can be removed and replaced with other if it's broken, that's good :D10:32
martallinano is a great editor, but I use it mainly for quickly editing etxt files in the cli, since I am not a cli maven like in the old days10:32
martallihow is kde4 in hardy?10:32
Helvascai use nano10:32
hyper_chmartalli: it's buggy10:32
not_a_real_rootVIM or pico10:32
not_a_real_roothejla marko-_-_  :D10:33
not_a_real_rooti'm mc2, i'm e, 2,7182 is my name :D10:33
* not_a_real_root is away10:37
alromaithiguys i just installed hardy Kubuntu10:51
alromaithitheir is no compiz so i manually installed it through adept but still compiz doenst work and when i enable it everything is frozen i also cant see the menubar intop of any window my  only soloution is to disable Compiz10:52
* not_a_real_root is back11:04
not_a_real_rootirc.ubuntu.com = irc.freenode.net?11:08
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not_a_real_rootirc.ubuntu.com = irc.freenode.net   ?????11:09
Assidhrmm theres a kdesvn.. is there a similar thing for gnome/nautilis?11:14
scizzo-Assid: there are plugins for it I belive11:23
scizzo-Assid: apt-cache search nautilus-script-collection-svn11:25
Assidyep just got it11:25
Assiddont see how to manage it.. i dont see any links or anything in nautilis as i did in konquror11:25
scizzo-Assid: think there is a right click menu11:27
scizzo-Assid: I don't think you should compare konqueror with nautilus like that....konqueror is way different11:27
MidMarkhi, there is a method to have back screen settings working in hardy?11:28
Assidnope dont see anything in the context/right click menu11:28
MidMarksorry talking about kubuntu11:29
ha-nocrihello, i've a problem with boot kernel 2.6.24-7 (ubuntu hardy alpha 3) after update from Gutsy - with recovery option system halt with "Begin: Waiting for root file system... ..."11:31
Assidscizzo-: how do i access it.. i dont see it in the right click11:32
scizzo-Assid: think there is a script menu on right clicking11:36
scizzo-Assid: not 100% sure11:36
Redhammer_the_Olhello, was wondering if anybody else's installation fails to load gnome after the nautilu update11:40
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C1P8why when i try to install alpha 4 the sistem crashs? I cant terminate upgrade, and the process will not terminate (so cant install anithing trough sinaptic)12:13
lz7cuz it alpha? you may try to locate crash reason and file a bug report, or try a daily build12:19
C1P8mhh ok...12:20
C1P8there's a way to come back?12:21
C1P8to close the upload process and still stay on gutsy?12:21
C1P8it crashed on "restart"12:21
lz7if not reason, but at least what stage of install crashed...12:21
lz7i dont think you can downgrade12:22
C1P8but i cant finish upgrade...12:22
lz7hmmm if it crashed on restart, it probably completed upgrade?12:23
C1P8not completed12:23
C1P8crashed only the operation12:23
C1P8i've 637 uploads disponible in the tray...but when i try uploads it says "upload of system not suspended...complete? i click yes and it freeze again12:24
C1P8(and it's impossible to obtayn an exclusive lock)12:25
lz7i googled this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62305812:27
lz7but im not sure if it will work12:27
C1P8i'll try12:28
lz7hmm i dont know about uploads12:28
lz7you even cant start apt-get, am i correct?12:29
C1P8so i cant terminate the installing process?12:29
lz7can you kill it?12:29
C1P8i start but it says "another apt process still running"12:29
C1P8also if i restart, shut down etc12:29
C1P8the process is not complete...12:29
lz7maybe you should just remove lock file12:30
C1P8sudo apt-get remove libx11-612:31
C1P8E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?12:31
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:33
Dr_willisbe sure you did close out all the apt tools. :)12:33
C1P8done ^^12:36
C1P8but i think i'll soon reinstall gutsy by CD12:36
C1P8(after saving home folder)12:36
acusterhey all, any suggestions for:12:39
acusterudev: Breaks: libdevmapper1.02 (< 2:1.02.08-1ubuntu7) but 2:1.02.07-1ubuntu2 is to be installed12:39
acusteron a dist-upgrade12:39
wolf4914If I install Alpha 8.04 will I be able to upgrade once it is stable without reinstall?12:57
cwilluusually, yes13:05
sveriis alpha4 already in a usable state, or are there still some showstoppers from regularly using it?13:18
lemosveri: there are13:18
lemosveri: wait for the release13:18
sverisome real showstoppers?13:18
lz7 sveri: it depend on what are showstoppers for you13:18
lemosveri: there's missing features with gvfs - that are in my opinion showstoppers13:19
sverii dont mind some broken packages13:19
sveriwhat would bother me are regular crashes13:19
lz7some apps crash regularry but not os13:19
lz7apps like applets etc13:19
sveribtw i use kubuntu13:19
sveriso gnome doesnt bother me :-)13:20
scizzo-sveri: I would have waited for the release13:24
scizzo-sveri: development version should never be used on regular use systems13:24
scizzo-sveri: no matter if you use kubuntu or ubuntu13:25
sveriscizzo-: yea, i know all the rules, but i always am too courious about new things13:25
lz7gutsy may break just like "development" version. like it was update which disables java and wxwidgets app from run. so whats a difference?13:26
scizzo-lz7: read the topic13:26
lz7i have13:26
lz7so, gparted from livecd fail to format my drives, but in hardy it works, so it is gutsy broken, not hardy, see the logic?13:28
scizzo-lz7: you are actually going to have a discussion about why not to use development version of ubuntu with me?13:29
lz7i already have discussion13:29
Oli``gvfs is really getting to me.14:31
sidelilexcuse me, I have just upgraded to hardy. I have a few problems: some fonts are awful (while before they weren't). Does anyone have the same problem?15:02
cwillucan you be more specific?15:07
cwilluOli``, you too :p15:08
Oli``cwillu: oh I was just having a general moan. all my problems are reported on launchpad15:09
cwillugoodie :p15:09
sidelilcwillu: yes, sorry. Not every font is ugly, just some of them. For example the "code" font (e.g. in the wiki), or the font in skype (i guess it's the same)15:10
cwilluugly in what way?  not antialiased?15:10
cwillucan you post a screenshot?15:10
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slackernIm so looking forward to the release, not sure if it's the new scheduler or what it is that makes Hardy feel so much faster on this machine15:15
sidelilcwillu: sure. Where can I post the screenshot?15:16
sidelilHowever, this is not the main problem. I have also some problems with nautilus: if I open the home folder, it runs thunar instead of nautilus. Moreover, all the icons are different and I can't change the icon of a folder.15:18
=== priest is now known as kekzpriester
bardyrHey, is anyone able to access a sftp site with nautilus using another port then 22?15:34
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lz72.6.24.1 out16:13
shirishhi all, is bzr & bazaar two different packages or not?16:15
shirishboth resolve to the same page, but both are at different versions.16:15
Gnineseahorse stopped complaining about not being able to sync keys16:25
Gnineon 64bit at least16:25
bardyris anyone able to access a sftp site with nautilus using another port then 22?16:26
Oli``bardyr: I have nothing to test against - sorry16:28
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willwhhi guys I just did a fresh install and went with hardy17:23
willwhI used unetbootin and everything is runnign pretty well17:24
willwhmy 8800gt works "out of the box"17:24
willwhalthough I can't seem to get mp3 codecs installed?17:24
lz7sudo apt-get install vlc17:24
willwhlz7, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-app-install/+bug/18949017:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189490 in gnome-app-install "gnome-app-install crashed with AttributeError in modifyUserInterface()" [Medium,Fix committed]17:31
lz7i have like 80/20 % cpu load but in processes tab highest i see is only gnome-monitor with 1-3%17:33
bardyrwillwh, install ubuntu-restricted-extras and what do you mean with your 8800gt works out of the box?17:41
bardyryou still need to install the binary driver17:41
lz7omg i'm not the only one with window title corruption in compiz https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/compiz/+bug/9950817:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99508 in compiz "Window titlebar displayed not right with compiz enabled" [Medium,Confirmed]17:45
WorldBFreeis there a way to boot up hardy from an image stored on my hd instead of a cd if i already have a working grub?17:47
phaidrosusing hardy I get a wifi device called wlan0_rename (iwl3945)17:53
phaidroslooking into udev conf and setting the mac address to eth1 doesn't help to much17:54
phaidrosthe eth1 is created but not usable and wlan0_rename is still there and has wirless functionality17:54
phaidrosany suggestions here?17:54
phaidrosvor me it looks like the new eth1 is similar to a wlan0 device when using madwifi/atheros.17:55
lz7i dont know about your problem but i can use eth devices too with default install, i fix it by adding auto eth0 lines to interfaces file17:56
phaidroslz7: wifi or cable?17:56
phaidrosthats a different one. the missing line in network/interfaces prevents the startscript from bringing the device up17:57
phaidroshumm, seems I'm stuck with a wlan0_rename interface :)17:58
phaidrosnot that it is mnot usable, but annoying :D17:58
willwhbardyr, sorry for the delayed response, all I meant was, on first boot, I was not presented with low graphics mode18:00
willwhI could enable compiz right away and worked18:00
willwhinstalling the binary driver now - thanks for the tops18:00
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lz7lol how it worked without drivers installed? :/18:06
hyper_chkde folks here?18:42
lz7after successful install of new video driver X loading in safe mode, any ideas?19:10
willwhlz7, me too19:10
willwhI just installed latest nvidia driver from their site19:10
lz7same here19:11
lz7btw kernel work fine :P19:11
willwhmy xorg19:12
willwhmy mouse is acting strange too19:13
willwhI can't click on stuff on my panel19:13
willwhalthough my menus will open19:13
willwhif I hold down lft click on my mouse19:13
willwhbut not just left clicking, they just snap shut19:13
Assidi installed the plugin for nautilis for svn .. but i cant seem to see it in the rightclick/contect menu19:14
* Gnine solution to sleep issue - no sleep19:14
Gninegood memory. we on version .7 now19:15
Gninelatest update on my 64bit hardy is close to flawless. amd and nvidia ftw19:17
Assiderr im thinking of reformatting one of the additional drives i have19:31
Assidsince i plan to keep digital media on one of the partitions.. should i just increase the cluster size?19:35
qziois there any known problems with gnome-appearance-properties?20:22
qzioi get a glib error -> seg fault :(20:23
* Assid is back20:23
Assidman.. i think ive been doin more testing and less coding recently20:23
Assidthats bad20:23
lz7i'm not doing coding and dont think its bad20:24
Assidlz7: whats your job profile?20:24
lz7Assid: i'm not a programmer, but if you are, then probably its bad for you20:25
lz7not doing coding20:25
Assidman emerald is such a killer on resources20:26
nanonyme!info pulseaudio20:45
ubotupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9.9-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 260 kB, installed size 996 kB20:45
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:57
ubotuGoogle is a very popular search engine: http://www.google.com  -  Google also has a Linux-specific search engine: http://google.com/linux21:04
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:05
q_a_z_steve hey why doesn't gutsy find my user's accounts from dapper? I'm trying to get up to Alpha 4 if possible, but need to go slowly I guess...21:07
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes21:09
ubotuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/jv6tc for more information.21:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cpan - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about perl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:12
qziois there some smart way to downgrade back to gutsy?21:14
qziolike... with apt-pinning or something21:16
scizzo-qzio: there is not a good way to do that really21:28
qzioscizzo-: oh? im just trying apt-pinning out21:28
qzioi hope it works....21:28
qzioscizzo-: or will it brake stuff even more?21:28
scizzo-qzio: it might break things a bit more yes21:29
qziolets hope not21:29
qziooh, yeah, i've heard about a dpkg/apt-ish program that can install .deb but resolves dependencies via apt..21:29
qzioscizzo-: apt-pinnning - using the /etc/apt/preferences file to force package installations21:30
qzionot a good idea? :(21:32
scizzo-no one can garanti anything really21:32
qziothats ok... my box is fsckd up already :(21:33
qzioupgrade to hardy - stuff stopped working, gnome-* seg faults etc21:33
qziogtk is really really not working ok.21:33
scizzo-qzio: well like I said hard to garanty anything21:39
qziomm :)21:39
qzionext time I'm buying hardware it'll be linux-safe... this macbook isn't 100% :/21:39
scizzo-shoulnd't be a big problem on them21:40
qziowell mine is not working 100%21:41
qziosuspend/sleep for example21:41
qziosometimes it works..21:41
qziomost of the time, nope just a black screen..21:41
qziomodules not loading/unloading correctly21:41
qziothe keyboard is fsckd.21:41
qziobut the ubuntu - wiki for the macbook is great21:42
qziosuspend/sleeps seems to be some issues with the new kernel, but the old doesn't work for me either so...21:42
scizzo-well to start at point one...what is the problem with the keyboard?21:43
qzioit kinda looses my settings or something, not sure, sometimes it's correct, sometimes not21:44
qzioits like, sometimes when i boot, it's fsckd, but i change settings back/forth and then it works..21:45
scizzo-qzio: you haven't error searched it that much?21:45
qzionope, it started thur when i upgrade to hardy21:45
scizzo-qzio: hmmm right21:46
qziobut man i had trouble upgradeing... my sun-java6-bin package was a pain in the ass, i was forced to downgrade it and then after a while of aptituding it started to work..21:47
qzioim doing backup of the important stuff right now, thinking of a clean re-install21:48
qziofollowing the ubuntu wiki of the macbook.21:48
qzioim not sure which version to choose tough..21:48
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tapasnormal 2d operation is rather slow on this here amd 64 ubuntu system22:24
tapaswith an nvidia geforce 7600gt and nvidia driver installe22:24
tapasit feels like there's almost no 2d accelleration at all22:25
tapasopen gl runs fine though :)22:25
scizzo-tapas: you are using a lot of renderaccel and so on in the xorg.conf file?22:29
* DanaG still has that godawful key stuckage to deal with.22:30
tapasscizzo-: my xorg.conf is as minimal as possible22:30
scizzo-tapas: you are not even loading the nvidia module?22:31
scizzo-aaa there it is22:32
scizzo-this file really looks strange to me22:32
scizzo-I would redo the config really22:32
tapashmm, ok22:34
tapasit's what hardy gave me :)22:34
tapasexcept for the nvidia line22:34
lz7format of xorg.conf changed with new xorg version22:36
lz7goal was to get rid of xorg.conf completely if i correct22:36
tapaswhich is a good thing :) unless one can still override stuff usign it22:38
tapass/unless/as long as/22:39
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theunixgeekIf I sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, will all default Kubuntu apps also be installed?23:46
ethana2theunixgeek: i think so23:49
theunixgeekethana2: thanks23:49
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