swjwas the meeting today?02:32
DShepherdare the logs up for the meeting that was held today?05:28
DShepherdor yesterday rather..*depending on your timezone*05:28
troy_sTopic: Next Meeting20:03
troy_sContent:  Let's talk about docks and concepts that have more or less been in the Avant Window Navigator since its inception.20:04
thorwilhi troy_s. to me, this is the lowest point since i have been on the list20:08
troy_sthorwil: You haven't been on the list for long -- lol.20:08
troy_sthorwil: Good to see you ...20:08
troy_sthorwil: Have you been busy?20:08
thorwiltroy_s: i have been busy with not getting much done of anything :)20:09
troy_sthorwil: Good times.20:09
thorwiltoo many things i would like to work on and sometimes that leads to me doing nothing in the end20:10
troy_sthorwil: The list is rather mind numbing -- it seems we have a good share of people who can't take the two seconds to edit a reply down to the relevant quotes.  Better still, the one work all-lowercase response is ...20:10
thorwilat least my launchpad logo is done20:10
troy_sthorwil: Well that's good.  Did you push it to the submissions page?20:11
thorwiltroy_s: right below yours :)20:11
troy_sthorwil: I was going to provide two -- one with the literal rocket (as the folks who are the 'art directors' generally are sooooo bloody literal that it is embarrassing) and slightly more abstracted simplistic one.20:12
thorwiltroy_s: heh, that was my plan, too20:13
thorwiltroy_s: but right now i can't be bothered to do a rocket20:13
thorwila not too bad rocket on the bottom20:13
thorwilonly the fin in the back seems off, or is that just me?20:14
troy_sthorwil: Toyed with a few rockets.  I still might do a 1950s inspired retro rocket.  That said, the absolutely stupid decision to need 14 pixel representations is a crippler.  Rather like GNOMES idiotic 22 pixels.20:15
thorwil14px = fly shit20:16
thorwiltroy_s: your rocket looks fat and happy :)20:16
troy_sthorwil: Equals a really really brutal decision.  God... I need to de-egg that piece of crap I did...20:16
troy_sthorwil: It ended up fatter for a compositional reason, that said, I am de-egging it now.20:17
thorwili just love https://help.launchpad.net/logo/submissions?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=medigeek_LP192b.png20:18
thorwilcloned communists watching a military rocket launch20:19
troy_sthorwil: Ok that is a hilarious descriptive take on it.20:20
troy_sthorwil: That said, I doubt I could rework anything like that with that degree of complexity - esp with the 14 pixel crap.20:20
thorwiltroy_s: do you happen to know the name of that african tribe where the males sometimes jump in the group in a stiff pose?20:22
troy_sLOL.  No sorry.20:22
thorwiltroy_s: just as i wrote the question i remembered: massai20:23
thorwilor rather masai20:25
thorwilperfect: http://www.eaaircharters.co.ke/Images/Masai.jpg20:28
thorwili have this idea of an abstracted depiction of this group jumping as a wallpaper - maybe just as boot screen20:29
troy_sthorwil: I have seen quite a few African stylized tie ins with Ubuntu, and to a certain degree I find the effort to be optically literal.20:34
thorwiltroy_s: optically literal?20:35
troy_sthorwil: Rather like Apple or Orange using fruit, etc.20:35
troy_sthorwil: Follow me?20:35
thorwiltroy_s: if you're saying it's a natural match, yes20:35
troy_sthorwil: It is a literal interpretation on a notion that doesn't necessarily require it.20:36
troy_sthorwil: One could probably sort through the 100s of brands that use monikers of existing 'real-world' items.20:36
troy_sthorwil: Of those that do, I would be willing to bet that in nearly all instances, the design firms hired by them abstain from attaching the moniker to the object in question.20:37
troy_sthorwil: I think people have mistaken the insistence on brown in Ubuntu as some sort of African tie-in.20:37
troy_sthorwil: When in reality (as straight out of sabdfl's mouth himself) it was a reference to sepia originally.20:38
troy_s(although he didn't state it as such -- his connection was drawn in reference to photography -- which in this case happened to be sepia toned.)20:38
thorwiltroy_s: the african tie-in seems like an easy way to get some emotion in20:38
troy_sthorwil: Perhaps too easy?20:38
thorwiltroy_s: i believe the brown was just a matter of not blue. or green ;)20:39
troy_sthorwil: I would wholeheartedly agree that one of the most important missing components is an emotional buy in, however.  That statement is spot on.20:39
thorwiltroy_s: perhaps. but see, what i have in mind is basically a group of people jumping in unison. so you could see masai, but you don'T have to20:39
troy_sthorwil: It was originally tied in to photos though.  I remember discussing it with Mark and actually asking for the original reasoning.20:39
troy_sthorwil: Brown is quite brilliant, so I figured it had to be a mistake.20:40
troy_sthorwil:  Have you ever read a book labelled "Visual Literacy"?20:42
thorwiltroy_s: nope20:42
troy_sthorwil: It is sort of a low level book on art and design, but it has some rather eye opening constrained exercises in it (as it is geared toward being a teaching device)20:43
thorwiltroy_s: impossible to find. author?20:45
troy_sthorwil: It's interesting because it takes a very constrained environment -- say 'you must use six squares' and then expects the students to generate emotion with them.20:45
troy_sthorwil: Very easy to find... hold on.20:45
thorwiltroy_s: had lots of such constrained tasks in first 2 semesters. allthough many where not about the impact, but rather finding variations20:47
troy_sthorwil:  It is interesting if only because it cuts down to the essence of communication -- it isn't higher level like many design references that focus on composition or the grid / colour theory / etc.20:47
thorwilwell, i studied industrial design, not graphics or communication design after all :)20:47
thorwili suddenly feel encouraged to break my concept down to a common energetic movement or impulse within a group ;)20:51
troy_sthorwil: Even if Paul Rand put a logo up on that Launchpad site, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would not get selected.20:52
thorwilhmm, amazon.com allows search inside the book, but amazon.de doesn't20:52
troy_sthorwil: I believe .com has a bigger set of collections and the infrastructure in place while the other's don't yet.20:53
thorwiltroy_s: it's not like i live in a first world country, anyway ;)20:53
troy_sthorwil: Lol.  yeah.20:54
troy_sthorwil: Weird though -- I noticed quite a few differences between the .com and the .ca.20:54
thorwiltroy_s: i do think that many non-designers do recognize clean lines and to-the-point concepts.21:01
thorwilthen again, xerox has a x-men beachball now :)21:03
troy_sthorwil: Our community has created an unwieldy mass of disproportionately 'art/design challenged' people.21:04
troy_sthorwil: Thanks to the rejection of all things artsy in the name of all things hard-science-theory-developer-centric-ism.21:04
thorwiltroy_s: as much as i might agree, beware of sounding like a diva ;)21:05
troy_sthorwil: As is probably exemplified with the ridiculous number of 'Use colour xxx' or 'Shapes should be yyy' on the mailing list -- the individuals that FOSS has attracted in the past rely on such "hard facts" to shape their world.21:06
troy_sthorwil: Diva or otherwise, it's a bloody hard trend.21:06
troy_sthorwil: As a gross oversimplicity, it seems we have a brilliant bunch of minds that have let another aspect shrivel up and die.21:07
thorwiltroy_s: designers are likely as trapped in a way of thinking as developers are21:08
thorwilgotta go, cya!21:08
troy_sthorwil: Toodles.21:08

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