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WaiXanYou see20:07
jribtell me the output of 'ls -l /home/zander/shot'20:08
WaiXanzander@zander-desktop:~$ ls -l /home/zander/shot20:08
WaiXan-rwxr-xr-x 1 zander zander 629 2008-02-09 20:52 /home/zander/shot20:08
jribhow about 'echo $PATH'20:09
WaiXanzander@zander-desktop:~$ echo $PATH20:09
jribnow run 'sudo cp /home/zander/shot /usr/local/bin' and tell me the output if any20:09
WaiXanNon output20:10
WaiXan*no output20:10
jribok, now 'ls -l /usr/local/bin/'20:10
WaiXanzander@zander-desktop:~$ ls -l /usr/local/bin/20:11
WaiXantotal 020:11
jribthat doesn't make sense20:11
jribwhat happens when you do 'sudo echo hi'?20:11
jribso your sudo is broken20:11
jribtell me the output of 'groups'20:12
WaiXanzander@zander-desktop:~$ groups20:12
WaiXanzander adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev scanner fuse lpadmin admin netdev powerdev20:12
jribwhat version of ubuntu?20:12
LjLsomeone finally made sudo a link to /bin/true?20:13
jribLjL: any ideas before I go fishing?20:14
WaiXanthe whole sudo is broken20:15
LjLjrib: not really, but i'd check the md5s of all files in the sudo package, not knowing any better20:15
jribWaiXan: did you know this before?20:15
WaiXanjrib: Yes20:15
jribWaiXan: no ideas why?20:15
WaiXanjrib: No.. I've just installed ubuntu20:15
jribWaiXan: did the install succeed without error?20:16
WaiXanjrib: Yes it did20:16
jribWaiXan: are you able to open "system -> administration -> users and groups" for example?20:17
WaiXanjrib: No I can't20:17
jribWaiXan: any errors?20:17
WaiXanI'll check20:17
LjLjrib: how about an strace of sudo20:18
WaiXanjrib: It came one before but not now20:18
jribLjL: go for it20:18
WaiXanI'll try to restart. That might help?20:19
LjLWaiXan: pastebin the output of « strace sudo true » first please20:19
LjLbah, it's the same stuff as i get20:21
WaiXanBut What the hek20:22
jribWaiXan: try to do 'sudo -K' and then see if you get an error again20:23
WaiXanjrib: It didn't gave me any output at all20:23
jribWaiXan: k, but try the Users and Groups program again20:24
WaiXanNothing happend :{20:25
LjLps aux20:25
jribdon't know then20:25
WaiXanIt's just starting then terminating20:25
WaiXanI might reinstall ubuntu20:25
WaiXanI'll do that. Thanks. See you later20:27
LjLWaiXan: give me « ps aux » and also « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »20:27
LjLnevermind the latter20:28
LjLWaiXan: just « apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop »20:28
jribor not20:32
LjLi didn't have very much anyway20:33
waixanjrib: Nu är jag klar med ominstallationen21:42
waixanjrib: Sorry.. It was swedish. But I'm done with reinstall21:42
waixanHow did I sudo move the file?21:47
jribhow patient21:49
LjLjrib: helt så23:00

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