geserslangasek: thanks00:01
sistpotyslangasek: btw.: can you accept nvidia-settings into universe (it was removed due to conflicts with l-r-m, which tjaalton and me discussed afterwards and /me tried to get the result into shape)... formerly nvidia-settings source lived in restricted, but I've found nothing that doesn't speak against inclusing in universe00:20
sistpotyslangasek: however if you prefer, I'll mail to -devel first with what I've done and why00:20
rocketsIs there any chance of fakeraid support in the installer in hardy?00:31
slangaseksistpoty: in the middle of some other stuff now, sorry00:31
slangaseksistpoty: so email to -devel sounds ok00:32
sistpotyok, will do ... thanks00:32
cjwatsonrockets: subject to bug-fixing, the alternate/server installer should have most of the unnecessary00:34
cjwatsonmost of the necessary bits00:34
cjwatsonrockets: the desktop installer is unlikely to gain it for hardy00:34
rocketscjwatson, so if i install via the alternate cd, with hardy final, it should work?00:34
cjwatsonhmm, somebody does need to promote partman-dmraid and such to main once they're tested though00:34
rocketsI mean I've done it with dmraid + debootstrap.00:35
cjwatsonevand: ^-- could you look at that once you get this machine from rtg?00:35
rocketsIts very not-fun.00:35
cjwatsonrockets: I'm not willing to guarantee it yet because it's not in place yet00:35
cjwatsonbut we're not a million miles away00:35
cjwatsonpartman-dmraid is pretty crazy, but I have seen it working (the UI is not the best, just functional)00:36
DarkSun88Hi all.00:36
cjwatsonthat was when fjp was hacking on it at debconf last year though00:36
pochuIs there any policy regarding whether daemons should be enabled by default or not when you install a -daemon package?00:46
sladenpochu: enabled, otherwise pursumely you wouldn't have apt-get installed them00:53
pochusladen: That's what I guessed. I'm about to close as invalid bug 109434, but I can see the point from the reporter that you can enable/disable the server from the game menu, and that you may want to have the server installed without running, and only enable it when you are going to play with a friend. So I'm confused right now.00:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109434 in wesnoth "Installing a server for a game automatically auto-inits and runs every boot." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10943400:55
pochusladen: I also see the user case that e.g. I have a server, install the package and want it to be working out of the box...00:56
pochuBut thanks.00:56
sladenpochu: is this a game server that gets isntalled at the same time as the client part of the game?01:01
pochusladen: no, it's a different package which won't be installed with the game01:01
pochuThere's nothing even suggesting it.01:02
sladenpochu: there should be a way to disable it, but have that enabled by default01:03
pochusladen: perhaps a debconf question on whether enable it or not, defaulting to yes, as has been suggested in the report?01:07
sladenpochu: yes, if it's at a level that will not be displayed by default01:13
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calcwhich tool uses the debian/pycompat file?07:12
persiacalc: python-support07:14
persiaErr.  Sorry, that's debian/pyversions.  python-central might use it as well.07:15
twbWhere can I find the schedule for hardy freeze and release dates?07:16
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases07:16
twbThank you.07:17
calcpersia: oh ok07:21
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abbehi channel11:02
abbeI've made some packages for some free some free software, and I want to host them in my PPA11:03
abbeany ideas how to proceed11:03
Hobbseeabbe: #launchpad for ppa support, and you want to see the PPA quick start guide11:03
ubotuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.11:04
abbethanks Hobbsee , but I've activated my PPA, and I tried uploading but my stuff is rejected11:06
jpatrickabbe: see the QuickStart page11:07
abbejpatrick: okay, I'll review that page, thanks11:08
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abbewow this time, PPA is accepted, I made no changes at all11:16
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HobbseeSeveas: find me a staffer.  now.12:05
pochuThanks Hobbsee.12:05
elkbuntuHobbsee, there's at least one staffer aware of them12:06
Hobbseeelkbuntu: ah yes, looks like there is now.12:06
HobbseeSeveas: out of curiousity, did you page tomaw then?12:08
geserdoko_: how should I understand "Upload as gcj-4.3" from the gcj-4.2 changelog when the (binary) packages are still named *-4.2?12:28
pochusoren: I've updated gtk-vnc to 0.3.3. As I had to update your ext_key_event patch, would you mind reviewing (and if it's good, sponsoring) it? It's at bug 190446. TIA!13:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190446 in gtk-vnc "Please sponsor gtk-vnc (main) 0.3.3 into Hardy" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19044613:03
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SeveasHobbsee, I was away shopping, I didn't do anything :)13:47
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phaidroshi, how could I get rid of "wlan0_rename" and get a useful name for the device?16:10
phaidrosis udev 70-persistent-net-rules the correct approach here?16:11
abbephaidros: I also changed there only16:12
phaidroswell, anyhow system does not bother what is in the udev conf for that mac address :)16:12
phaidrosabbe: worked?16:12
abbephaidros: obviously, it worked :)16:12
abbephaidros: SUBSYSTEM=="net", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTRS{address}=="00:13:20:b7:55:0a", NAME="fxp0"16:13
phaidrosok, because I *get* the eth1 then, but it has no wireless extensions, meanwhile wlan0_rename still exists and has wireless extesnsions o.O16:13
abbephaidros: BtW, thats my wired NIC16:13
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phaidrosyeah, doesn't matter for the rule :)16:14
abbephaidros: wlan0_rename is your Wireless interface, right ?16:14
phaidrosabbe: yes.16:15
phaidrosthe resultung *eth1* seems like a virtual device I 've seen when using madwifi (with atheros cards)16:15
phaidrosis there another udev rule for wifi devices? or where comes the wlan0_rename come from?16:16
abbephaidros: try 'modprobe -r' to remove wifi driver and that interface16:17
abbephaidros: and then attempt modprobe again to load the wifi driver16:17
phaidrosalready tried that16:17
andersinIs there a way to access gutsy-backports in the PPA?16:19
abbephaidros: did you tried ifdown-ing the interfaces ?16:19
phaidrosabbe: yes16:21
phaidrosabbe: I am cinfused because the udev rule creates the eth1 device, but still wlan0_rename exists and is the only one with wireless extensions ..16:22
abbephaidros: okay does your wifi requires some kind of daemon running, hmm...?16:23
phaidrosabbe: what do you mean with daemon?16:24
phaidrosno daemon I know of :)16:24
ScottKandersin: No AFAIK, but PPA questions are better asked in #launchpad.16:24
abbephaidros: I mean, some background process, you should've been running in order for your wifi to work, like ipw3945d for ipw3945 wifi16:25
geserphaidros: have you restarted udev?16:25
phaidrosabbe: oh, ok .. first time in my life I see those demons : iwl394516:25
phaidroswhat are they for?16:25
phaidrosgeser: yes16:25
abbephaidros: they're for some firmware thingie16:26
phaidrosabbe: there are three: iwl3945 iwl3945/0 iwl3945/116:26
geserphaidros: check also if there is an other rule for eth1 in that file16:26
abbephaidros: I think they're holding your wifi interface16:26
phaidrosgeser: udev conf is fine, triple checken and usually works on my machines16:27
phaidrosabbe: but those processes should terminate when rmod'ing16:27
phaidrosok, after modprobe the 3 processes are back, even restarted udev again in between16:28
phaidrosand have 2 devoces, one eth1 (unusable, looks löike a virtual one), and still wlan0_rename with all functions16:29
phaidrosok, as I interpretate: I have seen on madwifi (driver for atheros) a master device (usually wlan0) and created virtual devices (eg ath0)16:30
phaidrosthe renamed eth1 looks very similar to the madwifi wlan0 ..16:30
abbephaidros: fgrep -Ri wlan /etc might help ;)16:31
andersinScottK: thanks16:31
phaidroshow or where do virtual devices get created with the new 80211 ?16:31
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phaidrosabbe: furhter than 75-persistent-net-generator.rules I can find nothing related o.O17:01
abbephaidros: sorry I went away17:04
abbephaidros: okay17:04
abbephaidros: you're running Gutsy or Hardy ?17:05
phaidroshardy ..17:06
phaidroswith gutsy I'd have gone to #ubuntu :)17:07
ScottKThen #ubuntu+117:08
phaidrosho ok :)17:09
phaidrosScottK: but I guess this is dev related because directly related to the new 80211 stack and its handling in ubuntu17:09
phaidrosso, here or +1 ?17:10
abbephaidros: /topic :)17:10
phaidrosabbe: ik, still undecided :)17:10
ScottKI'd say #ubuntu+1 would be better, but it's not otherwise busy here so I don't know that it matters much right now.17:11
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ubuntu-mateuszHi, I cant get help on #ubuntu my lvm2 installation doesnt boot, no error, it freezes on using mode 1920x80022:00
Mithrandirubuntu-mateusz: this channel is not for support, sorry.22:14
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avbhi all23:14
avbis it possible to backport latest audacious from -dev?23:14
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avbfrom hardy to gutsy23:15
minghuaavb: Please follow the instructions in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#head-37a793d5ee480081f1c9f19e07fcdcdae5e6a9ed23:22
avbah, thanks23:23
avbsorry, havent seen this page23:23
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jonohey all - anyone know the name of that ubuntu site that shows the latest bugs, forums threads etc and updates them in realtime?23:40

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