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kieferHey, Im interested in joining the Ubuntu Documentation Team :)12:12
kieferAnyone around?12:46
ubotuNew bug: #190452 in ubuntu-docs (main) "Make sure people who tries out Ubuntu, will install and will always use it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19045215:38
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j1mchi all - is anyone around?  i have a xubuntu docs question.20:39
j1mcbasically, within the xubuntu docs, there's some server docs: xubuntu-hardy/generic/server/C ...  i'm just wondering whether i should keep them as part of the overall xubuntu doc package.20:41
j1mcdo the kubuntu doc folks keep the server docs included, too?20:41
jjessej1mc: yes we do20:49
jjessewe use what is in gneric/ as well20:49
j1mcjjesse: thanks.  do you plan to merge in the latest ubuntu-doc server changes for this release?20:52
j1mcdo you taken any special approach in merging in the changes from the most recent release?20:54
nixternalj1mc and jjesse:  Kubuntu doesn't include nor ship the server docs anymore22:17
nixternalserver docs have been separated into their own package22:17
nixternal!info ubuntu-serverguide22:17
ubotuubuntu-serverguide (source: ubuntu-docs): The Ubuntu Server Guide. In component main, is optional. Version 7.10.4 (gutsy), package size 1984 kB, installed size 25356 kB22:17
jjesseso generic/serverguide isn't included in kubuntu?22:24
j1mcjjesse: nixternal ... i keep up with the changes to the ubuntu branch, but not the kubuntu branch . . . do you think that the generic/serverguide thing got included in kubuntu and xubuntu just as part of the conversion to bzr?22:30
j1mci see separate branches for kubuntu, edubuntu, ubuntu and xubuntu ( https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-doc ) but don't see a separate branch for the serverguide.22:31
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nixternaljjesse: no, it was removed a couple releases back22:37
nixternalj1mc|away: very well could have been included that way22:37
jjesseah ok22:47
jjessesorry afk most of the time22:48

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