Ubuletteasac, please sponsor mozclient 0.04, nss & nspr and sm 1.1.8 (all branches pushed to lp, tarballs are on my site at their usual place)00:11
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asacUbulette: any regressions for existing nss/nspr depends?12:42
asacrdepends ;)12:42
Ubulettewhat do you mean ?12:45
Ubuletteasac, ^^12:46
asacjust wondered if you tested old firefox/xulrunner and evolution with the new nss installed12:49
asaci can test that too though12:49
asac(evolution with imaps or pops to trigger nss usage)12:49
Ubuletteit should work. the only possible issue is SEC_StringToOID (moved from libnss3 to libnssutils3) so some packages may need a respin. not sure which ones use this symbol12:51
asacwhy do we split the package?12:52
asacinstead of just shipping everything in libss3 ?12:52
Ubuletteit's not me, nss guys introduced a whole new lib with tons of functions but only this one moved, the others are new12:53
Ubulette-this one+this symbol12:53
asacyeah ... but we could keep those in the same package, couldn't we?12:53
Ubuletteit is12:53
Ubuletteboth are in libnss3-1d12:54
asacok if i there is no bin NEW package then most likely fine12:54
Ubuletteno NEW12:54
Ubuletteasac, could you push mozclient too ?12:59
asacyeah ... i will look and upload all13:00
asacUbulette: have you seen miro discussion on ubuntu-devel(-discuss) ?13:03
asaclet me look13:03
asacare you subscribed to any?13:03
asac(of the -devel lists)13:04
Ubuletteno, i have enough mails already.13:04
asacis miro in archive still using xul 1.8? don't we have 1.5 somewhere?13:05
asachmm looks like its using xulrunner-1.913:06
Ubulette?? it's using *your* xul1.9 patch13:06
asacyeah ... couldn't remember if that was already uploaded13:07
asacclaims that it crashes frequently?13:07
Ubuletteit doesn't for me13:07
* asac looking at bugs13:08
Ubulettesomeone reported a corruption since it's using xul1.9 http://geekport.com/files/mirocrop.png13:08
asacUbulette: you don't see private crashes, do you? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/miro/13:08
asachmmm ... miro uses xine?13:11
asacthats a blocker for main/CD i guess13:12
asaci think we only have gstreamer in main13:12
asacUbulette: i will talk to pitti how we can get you access to all private crashers13:14
asacUbulette: can you see bug 185194 now?13:16
ubotuBug 185194 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/185194 is private13:16
Ubulettehm, yes, with a lock at the top right13:17
asacok ... i will subscribe mt to all current private crashers of miro for now13:17
asacthe procedure for opening those up is like: review stacktrace for any sensible data ... then remvoe the CoreDump (if the retracer didn't do that yet) and open the bug13:18
Ubulettebtw, i do miro trunk (aka 1.5) in my ppa, your xul1.9 patch is no longer ok13:18
asacwhen will 1.5 be out?13:19
Ubulettenever, it's trunk. it's an always ahead version, like b4pre13:19
asacah ... so the next is 2.0 ?13:20
asace.g. 1.5 is dev version and final releases get full major versions?13:20
Ubulettenot sure. they have only 1 branch, it could be 1.113:20
asacis 1.5 their name?13:21
asacor is it something you picked?13:21
Ubulettetheir name13:21
asacany ETA for next release from trunk?13:21
Ubulette1.1 is out13:22
Ubuletteeven 1.1.2 for linux13:22
asacbut thats not a new branch forked away from trunk recently?13:23
asace.g. just a maintenance release for the 1.0 release13:23
asacok i think you should see all current crashers now13:25
asacmost look like xine13:25
Ubulettelooks flat to me. their trunk is just the dev branch, that is taggued from time to time13:26
asacstrange ... but still they use a version that wouldn't fit in between the previous and next release13:27
Ubulette1.5 is defined there13:28
Ubulettewhen they released, they change appVersion accordingly13:29
asacyeah ... wierd versioning scheme i would say13:30
Ubulettei've written to google to ask for permission to ship their icons for prism-webapps13:39
Ubulettethey said, expect 4 weeks for an answer13:39
asacwhich mail did you use?13:40
Ubulettethe form online13:40
Ubulettethere's no email, except press@13:40
asacmaybe you should check on -devel as well13:41
asacfor firefox we have an exception to ship a non-free icon13:41
asacno idea if we can derive a general line from it though.13:42
Ubulettei've asked on motu weeks ago, they told me to ask google13:42
asacUbulette: yeah ... i will raise this. maybe you need to ask technical-board for a decision if its ok to include non-free images in main/universe13:42
Ubuletteisn't this a different topic ?13:43
Ubulettei need both right ?13:43
asacyeah ... getting google permission is one half only13:43
Ubuletteicons are already in hardy through prism, but upstream removed them from svn13:44
asacyeah ... might be a bug :)13:44
asaclets see13:44
asaci don't think i can get an answer this weekend13:45
Ubulettenoone complained so far13:46
asacwhich doesn't imply that its ok :)13:46
asacworst case we add the icon package to multiverse (given that google grants the right to distribute those at all)13:46
asacbug 18087913:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180879 in prism "Desktop categories may need changing" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18087913:57
Ubulettei know but webapps are no part of prism13:58
Ubulettei've created prism-webapps for that13:58
Ubulettebut i'm stuck by icons13:59
asacthat page exists ... for whatever reason13:59
asacnothing published though13:59
Ubuletteprobably me, but obviously not complete14:00
Ubulettei've trashed the bzr branches for now14:00
asacany ppa package?14:00
asacjust wondering why that page exists14:00
asacok ... that might be one reason14:01
UbuletteI need to move the other webapps in there but because of the prism version, i'll have to bump mine14:03
Ubuletteor use an epoch14:03
asacyou could just use PRISM_VERSION+split as upstream version if you don't want to go epoch i guess14:05
Ubuletteprism is 0.8+, prism-webapps is 0.01 so either I do 1:0.01 or start at 1.0014:06
Ubulettebahh http://paste.ubuntu.com/4373/14:07
asacwhy can't you use 0.01?14:07
asacwhat has happened to mozsetup.py?14:08
Ubuletteprism-google-reader | 0.8+svn20071115r8030-0ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/universe Packages14:09
asacgo epoch then i guess14:09
Ubulettei really need to update prism as xul dropped support for xpm a while ago14:10
asacis that intentional?14:10
asaci mean why would they drop xpm?14:10
asac(or just for the window icon?)14:11
Ubulettethey obsoleted xpm and prefer png now14:11
asacyeah ... thats fine. but still xpm support should be avail14:11
asacmaybe its a build-option to reenable?14:12
asachmm ffox really doesn't open xpm images anymore14:13
Ubulettemozilla bug 41021514:13
ubotuMozilla bug 410215 in Widget: Gtk "GTK's .xpm decoding is weird, stop using XPM as the default window icon" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41021514:13
Ubulettehttp://kazehakase.sourceforge.jp/?date=20080129  "supported xulrunner 1.9 detection"14:13
Ubulettewe should do that at some point: http://beuno.com.ar/archives/4814:14
asacyeah ... imo we should wait a bit. not all distros may have 1.0 bzr yet14:16
asacand our branches are not that huge after all :)14:17
asacbut the new format rocks for sure14:17
asacthat wasn't possible at all with the old format. the new works almost as fast as git14:17
Ubulettewhat is this branch for ?14:18
asacall security backports we carry - that will land soon in mozilla CVS14:18
Ubulettemanual or scripted ?14:19
asacfor 1.5 branch14:19
asacthe upstream landing?14:19
Ubuletteno, this bzr branch14:19
asacwell ... upstream cvs doesn't receive any checkins atm :) ... so manual, yes.14:20
Ubulettedamn, this miro xul patch is a pain to update14:23
asacthe conflicts didn't look that hard14:23
asacwhats the problem?14:23
Ubulettecontext is too big so large chunks are rejected, almost everything14:24
asacah ok ...  i am used to that ;)14:24
Ubuletteand every few days, it fails again14:24
asacyou can split hunks in emacs quite easily14:24
asaclets get that patch to a reasonable state and submit it upstream i guess;)14:25
Ubulettehmm, miro ftbfs, i don't know why14:44
asacAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'uname'14:47
asacis that due to xul 1.9 patch?14:48
Ubulette  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/Pyrex/Compiler/Scanning.py", line 190, in initial_compile_time_env14:50
Ubulette    for name, value in zip(names, platform.uname()):14:50
Ubuletteit seems it's an error in python, not in miro14:50
Ubulettein python-pyrex14:52
asacmaybe uname has been moved to somewhere else?14:57
Ubuletteit's in os, but they used platform14:57
Ubuletteit seems to work if i change it to os.uname()14:59
asacthat upload?15:12
Ubulette     pyrex | | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Sources15:16
Ubulettebut in cli, it works15:16
asacwhat works in cli?15:17
Ubulette>>> import platform15:17
Ubulette>>> platform.uname()15:17
Ubulette('Linux', 'ix', '2.6.24-5-generic', '#1 SMP Thu Jan 24 19:45:21 UTC 2008', 'i686', '')15:17
asacsure you are running py2.5?15:18
Ubuletteand pyrex does just that15:18
asachmm ... no idea without looking15:19
asacmaybe platform isn't imported?15:19
UbuletteI think it is, at least there's an import at the top15:22
Ubuletteget https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~fta/democracy/miro.trunk   #47, use debian/rules get-current-source15:24
Ubulettefor me it fails with http://paste.ubuntu.com/4375/15:24
Ubulettei have to run, i'll be back in 2~3h15:25
Ubuletteasac, did you up something ?18:14
Ubuletteyou said midi ;)18:14
Ubuletteasac, did you try miro ?18:30

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