afmmaking progress.  remote works again.  and i have a red light on my blaster now....00:26
afmcan anyone tell me if a glowing red light means my irblaster is configured properly?  seems to me it would only come on when executing a command01:01
michael__hello. does anyone know what path lirc would be in mythbuntu?02:57
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bkingxGreetings All!!03:35
bkingxI wonder if it is possible to use a low-end machine to install mythbuntu for playback of videos only.  I really have no need to record TV Feeds.03:37
superm1sure why not?03:46
superm1michael__, what path lirc is?03:46
superm1what do you mean?03:46
Tuv0kmassiv emyth update, cool03:48
* Tuv0k crosses fingers03:48
Tuv0kfunny since the backend just crashed bringing compiz down03:49
Tuv0kI wonder if compiz will ever be stable03:49
Tuv0kErrors were encountered while processing:03:50
Tuv0k /var/cache/apt/archives/mythtv-common_0.20.99+trunk15849-0ubuntu2_all.deb03:50
bkingxThanks superm103:52
superm1Tuv0k, why did that happen?03:52
Tuv0kdunno why, but apt-get -f install got around it03:53
superm1did apport make a bug report about it/03:53
Tuv0kall I was doing was excuting the dist-upgrade03:53
superm1hm not good03:54
superm1well if anyone else gets hit by it, hopefully a bug report gets filed03:54
neopsycheplease help03:56
neopsychefeeling like i have been stabbed.03:56
neopsycheemotionally trashed03:56
neopsycheubuntu is merciless03:56
neopsycheno support for simple solution for analog tv card recording@!03:56
neopsycheTried to install KALVA = no luck03:57
neopsycheTried to install xdtv = no luck03:57
neopsychetried to talk to mythbuntu people = no luck03:57
superm1neopsyche, need more details?03:59
neopsychesuperm1: trying to install this: http://hafizpariabi.blogspot.com/2007/12/install-kalva-in-kubuntu-gutsy.html04:00
neopsycheon gutsy04:00
neopsycheSO annoying04:00
superm1well i can help with myth stuff, not with that04:01
superm1dont support anything not in apt in here04:01
Tuv0kfinally got mythweather working again04:12
Tuv0kthe radar maps are too big for the interface04:12
Tuv0kand the 18 day display spills over as well04:12
Tuv0kmythfilm stopped working from earlier04:12
Tuv0kmythvideo and its settings, will not even allow me to enter their settings04:13
Tuv0kother than that, I think everything else appears to be working04:13
Tuv0kjust a report04:13
Tuv0kI know I know, its not finished04:13
Tuv0kthats fine04:13
afmany serial ir blaster experts in here?04:14
afmi've got the lirc_serial driver loaded, everything config's...lirc starts up no errors, send commands when executed with irsend no errors, but I can't seem to change the channel, and i have a glowing red ird04:16
Chewie614need a little help....anyone around?04:33
acecaseI just installed and everything is great except my mouse is very slow. the system isn't lagging though, just the mouse.04:43
acecaseI had this problem the last time I installed ubuntu and I managed to find a solution with google but I have forgotten and now I can't find anything04:45
Helvascaacecase: change your mouse sensitivity04:54
Waistlesshey hopefully you guys can provide a quick fix to my problem...05:42
Waistlessthe information for any specific program in the guide is being cut off, regardless of the font. For example...05:43
Waistless(provided as is, without quotes) "Host Dean Miller and his team cover the length and breadth of Queensland, and come up with all sorts of suggestions for how to spend our wee"05:45
Waistlessit's just cut off, and there's still plenty of room left for the text after reduced font05:45
Waistlessseems to me it's some sort of limit, like a word or line limit in the theme XML or something. does anyone know how to solve?05:46
WaistlessI've been using google frantically but found no solution05:46
Waistlessthey all tell me to reduce font which I HAVE...05:47
Waistlessanyone? I'd really appreciate it ;)05:48
Waistlesswhoops... my mistake. Looked at the guide data on another box and it appears to be cut off intentionally.... must be the bloody TV stations doing it on purpose. perhaps I should use some XMLTV guides instead of EIT.06:04
Helvascawhats the go on getting the box to power up using say a remote?06:09
neopsychehello, can anyone please help me install mythbuntu?07:39
neopsychei already installed it but i dont htink its owrking07:40
rhpot1991_laptophow isn't it working?07:45
neopsychehello, can someone help me with myth07:58
HelvascaWhere does myth tv save its channel fconfig too?08:02
rhpot1991_laptopHelvasca: mysql database08:04
neopsychewhere do i have to start?08:05
rhpot1991_laptopneopsyche: first explain your problem, then maybe someone can help, its also kinda late so many people might not be paying attention now08:06
neopsychei basically just want a pvr, with data recorded that i can later convert to flv for the web and other uses08:06
neopsycherhpot1991_laptop: thanks for getting intouch08:06
neopsycherhpot1991_laptop: i need to install and configure it first.08:08
neopsychei tried installing other tv programs.. but now tvtime isnt working08:08
neopsycheand xawtv ist the only on ehtat is working08:08
rhpot1991_laptopsorry I'm unfamiliar with those08:10
rhpot1991_laptoptechnically mythtv can do that for you08:11
rhpot1991_laptopthough you are going to need to hack up mythweb or your own transcoding job to convert to flv08:11
rhpot1991_laptopI have also heard the flash video *should* work on truck versions if you have a ffmpeg with mp3 capabilities08:12
rhpot1991_laptoptrunk builds are here: http://www.mythbuntu.com/auto-builds08:14
rhpot1991_laptopthough they may be less stable08:14
HelvascaIf im running a duel card setup, do the equiv channels on each card need a differnt number?08:21
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NAiLuh, does mythbuntu require a monitor (not TV) to install?12:52
DorwardI'd assume not, since the boot screen works on my TV, but I used a monitor when I set mine up.12:57
NAiLI see the boot screen and boot progress just fine, but when it starts X the TV just goes blank12:58
NAiLThat'd be a nice thing to mention in hardware requirements...13:00
NAiLAre there any alternate ways to install mythbuntu?13:55
Tuv0kNet::UPnP::ControlPoint is not installed!18:04
adaptrwell, is it ?18:04
Tuv0kif I knew what it was I would not be here18:09
adaptris it or is it not installed18:09
Tuv0kwhat is the programs name that should be installed?18:10
adaptrhow should I know ? aptitude search is YOUR friend18:10
adaptrbut it's a perl module, so you should probably CPAN it18:11
Tuv0kthx, I'll wait for superm118:11
superm1Tuv0k, when did that happen?18:23
Tuv0kafter the updates it started showing up in my email18:24
Tuv0kthen when I run mythtv-status18:24
superm1what's that?18:24
Tuv0kI've been googling and installing different apps, to no avail18:24
Tuv0kit basically shows what shows will record next are recording etc.18:25
superm1well it sounds like its missing a dependency then18:25
Tuv0kit's worked up until last night18:25
Tuv0kafter the updates18:25
Tuv0kis what google is telling me18:26
superm1well is that in apt?18:26
Tuv0klooked for cpan18:26
Tuv0kwhich is a perl module18:26
Tuv0kno luck searching synaptic for a relevant package18:26
famicomHi there all!18:27
superm1that looks like what you are looking for18:27
Tuv0ki installed that, as the closest thing I could find18:27
Tuv0kI searched upnp18:27
superm1well did you install Net-UPnP systemwide?18:28
Tuv0kinstalled that as it claims to be a "control point"18:28
superm1or in your home directory18:28
Tuv0k"NET-Upnp" I don't see that to install18:28
adaptrgoogle for cpan, you need to install the module via cpan18:29
famicomAre there any project leaders around18:30
famicomI got some stuff i need to backport to mythbuntu regarding CAMs18:31
superm1famicom, join the dev channel18:31
Tuv0kwow, what a headache18:41
Tuv0kmythtv-status suggests mthtv-perl18:52
Tuv0kthere is no mythtv-perl?18:52
superm1is the proper name for it18:53
superm1whomever wrote mythtv-status misnamed it18:54
Tuv0kwell that is installed18:54
neopsychehi all18:56
neopsychewas waiting for some people to show up18:56
adaptrfilthy lurker18:57
neopsychei have been trying to configure myth on my system and really dont know where i went wrong.. so now.. i uninstalled it ..and am hoping to re-install it.. can anyone here help me through it?18:57
superm1well if you're starting out fresh, make sure to blow away the mysql-server install too18:59
superm1and it's database18:59
adaptrbecause ?18:59
adaptrah, perhaps somebody can answer my highly technical question, then :)18:59
superm1adaptr, to rule out password inconsistency issues19:00
superm1neopsyche, additionally, rm -rf /home/mythtv and rm -rf ~/.mythtv19:00
adaptrwhy do I need a database on a frontend, if the only thing that's stored in it is video *metadata* ? and why does it *require* a backend when I don't *use* the backend ?19:00
superm1to rule those out for issues too19:00
superm1adaptr, you dont need a database on the frontend19:00
superm1if apt thinks you do, stop using aptitude19:01
adaptrI only have one box, and the only remotely relevant stuff I see in the db is the frontend settings19:01
superm1and use apt-get or synaptic or adept19:01
superm1oh well that's just myth's architecture19:01
adaptrerm, no.. mythfrontend refuses to *run* without a backend and database19:01
adaptryes, and I must say that it is sucking up on me19:02
superm1realistically you "can" get away without mythbackend *AFTER* you set it up using mythbackend19:02
neopsychemysql? blow away?19:02
adaptrreading 2200 videos takes 0.5 seconds on the cmdline, yet browsing them takes a friggin minute19:02
superm1but you'll need it installed off the get go19:02
neopsychesuperm1: ? above19:02
superm1adaptr, you can have it not grab the metadata from sql when opening mythvideo19:02
superm1neopsyche, sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server*19:02
superm1and tell it to drop all databases when it asks19:03
neopsychehehe.. what do you call a newbie who has just started understanding opensource licencing. :-)19:03
neopsychegnubie :-D19:03
adaptrsuperm1: I have both metadata and browsing disabled, but that means I have to manually open the videomanager whenever i add content - which is about 25 times a day19:03
neopsychesuperm1 WHOAH! but i have a website installed on my system.. wont that kill it?19:03
superm1neopsyche, well you didn't say that :)19:04
superm1neopsyche, the alternative then is to drop the mythconverg database19:04
neopsychesuperm1: yeah.. its database driven19:04
neopsycheok.. let me see19:04
superm1and any users that were created for accessing it19:04
superm1adaptr, turning on browsing shouldn't hurt19:04
superm1its the metadata that would hurt that time19:04
adaptrsuperm1: not that I'm griping to you about it, but doesn't it seem insufferably moronic to not add code that scans the entire library for changes every minute or so?19:05
adaptrsuperm1: heard yesterday, is not true - metadata slows down, browsing kills19:05
adaptrI do hope somebody with $clue can add that to 0.21 :)19:06
superm1adaptr, well i suppose i haven't had enough videos to ever notice troubles19:06
superm1but turning off metadata sped things up for me19:06
adaptrI have 2200 or so, and it is very noticable19:06
superm1for just a frontend to videos, elisa might make more sense for you then19:07
adaptrimagine what 'll happen when I have 10000 ?19:07
adaptrelisa ?19:07
superm1it's another project similar to myth19:07
adaptryeah, I don't do TV stuff19:07
superm1it's in apt19:07
adaptrokay, thanks - will check that out19:07
superm1well at least its in hardy, i'm not sure on gutsy19:07
adaptrscanning the video locations with inotify is trivial, and doesn't even need a polled update19:07
adaptrI would personally have included that from 0.0119:08
adaptrwell, off to watch some more ER :)19:08
Assidi need some help with my mythtv config.. the audio keeps getting cut after a few seconds19:17
adaptrwith which player ?19:21
adaptrand does the volume get turned down or does it stop outputting sound ?19:22
Assidit just umm stutters19:23
Assidno audio for like 1 second19:24
adaptrCPU load is normal ?19:24
adaptrvideo card is from this century ?19:24
Assid8600gts.. quad core Q6600 cpu19:25
Assidlet me disable compiz and try.. however i really doubt thats the reason19:25
neopsychesuperm1: there does not appear to be a myth db on my tables19:25
adaptrit's called mythconverg19:26
adaptrand it's a *database*19:26
adaptrnot a table19:26
superm1neopsyche, well if its not there yet, that's okay19:26
Assidokay.. problem arises even if compiz is off19:27
superm1just make sure there are no mythtv users ther eyet either19:27
adaptrAssid: onboard audio ?19:27
neopsychesuperm1: so.. where do i start to get this right?19:27
Assidadaptr: yes19:27
Assidbut i got a decent mobo19:27
superm1make sure those two directories arent around19:27
superm1that i said19:27
superm1~/.mythtv and /home/mythtv19:27
adaptrAssid: irrelevant - what kind of audio ?19:27
superm1and then start out at www.mythbuntu.org/add-to-ubuntu19:27
superm1er http://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu19:27
adaptr...or just pop in the mythbuntu CD :)19:28
Assidlspci shows this :  00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)19:28
neopsychesuperm1: ?19:29
superm1neopsyche, follow directly what it says19:29
Assidhas support for 5.1 audio19:29
superm1that will get the majority of items installed, and then you can do everything from inside mcc19:29
Assidim using hauppage 150  - 05:02.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC16 (CX23416) MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)19:29
adaptrAssid: yes, ICH8/9 audio  - good luckkance :)19:31
Assidluckkance ?!19:32
adaptrI have realtek HDA (Intel HD audio spec), and it's automatic, and excellent ...19:32
adaptrslightly different from "riddance", but same root19:32
Assidi think it works realtek drivers19:32
Assidatleast it did on windows19:32
adaptrno.. it doesn't19:32
adaptrthe Intel ICH chipset needs quite horrible (for Linux) drivers19:33
adaptrat least, the later (ICH8+) ones, with Intel HDA19:33
Assidbut normal audio sounds good.. like i play some other files.. and its flawless19:34
adaptrokay.. so perhaps "normal" audio doesn't use the same interface - did you try selecting a specific interface for myth ?19:35
adaptr /dev/adsp instead of "default", for example19:35
adaptrdspa, whatever it was19:35
Assidhrmm will check it when i get back into this roomm19:43
Assidgotta vacate it now.. house repairs means i gotta sleep in a different room19:43
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afmanyone in here good with troubleshooting serial irblaster?21:05
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emoryI'm trying to run update on a fresh mythbuntu install and it keep locking up after it fails to start mysql, no errors no nothing... any ideas?21:22
emoryIs the channel dead?21:23
galileoI may be in the wrong place, so feel free to point me somewhere else.  I'm trying to set up my HVR-1600 (I know...  I know...) and I'm having no luck getting it to do anything at all.22:12
galileoI know the drivers are in progress; I know the ATSC won't work; I know it may not play nicely with my mythtv.  I just want to see it tune a channel and show some video for my own personal satisfaction.  :-)22:12
wotten_Hey guys23:02
wotten_I'm getting a partial lock when trying to tune a digital channel......23:03
wotten_how can I fix it?23:03

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