c1|freakydoes anyone know of a real good groupware? (just not eGroupware?)03:52
soulcummmm yeah just dumped fc7 for ubuntu server04:01
soulcproper install for web server/ mysql php etc is LAMP?  and will I still have the mail options?04:02
faulkes-soulc: you can choose a lamp install that will include mail04:08
faulkes-typically that being postfix04:08
soulcgood I am tired of sendmail04:09
faulkes-awww, come on now, whats not to love about m4 and mc files ;)04:09
soulcha ha ha04:11
soulctired of the spoofed spam just so I can have email04:11
soulcso I am reinstalling04:12
soulchow do I tell the installer that I don't want dhcp04:14
ScottKIIRC have dhcp not be available.  It's easy enough to reconfigure later, I wouldn't sweat it.04:49
soulcso how do I configure network settings then I got it up and runnering04:51
ScottKBy editing /etc/network/interfaces04:53
soulcand where is the cgi-bin dir?04:53
soulcthanks I am used to fc04:54
ScottKNo problem.04:54
ScottKI think /var/www somewhere, but I'm a mail server guy.04:54
soulcauto eth0 is running dhcp right04:56
ScottKAs far as mail servers go, Postfix is what is primarily supported, but packages for all the popular open source MTAs are in the repositories.04:56
soulcso if I set it as inet04:57
ScottKHere's a working static config http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55309/04:58
lamontScottK: still awake?05:10
lamont345047 == please discover ipv6 configured networks05:11
* ScottK looks05:11
ScottKlamont: I thougth we tested this one and it was fine.05:11
lamontah, /me looks at the debdiff05:12
ScottKThat's the one that you coached me through removing IPv6 support from my kernel to make sure it was still harmless.05:12
lamontah, right05:13
lamontso specifying ::1 when the system had no ipv6 just meant that it ignored it, yes?05:13
ScottKIt just never matches anything05:13
lamontsadly, that breaks all the po-files.   Time to find all the other templates changes so we  can have a more complete time.05:17
ScottKAhhhh .... how does that happen?05:17
ScottKlamont: That sounds painful then.  I'd guess we want to do that one a little later then.05:19
soulcha ha ha05:48
lamontScottK: 433660 is more one of me just not wanting to deal with complicating things...05:48
lamonthow common is multiple instances, I wonder?05:48
ScottKIt's extremely useful for complex setups.05:49
ScottKI don't think there's much you can do with it that you can't do with shoving stuff around in main.cf and master,cf, but eventually complexit there will get you.05:50
ScottKMultiple instances is, I think, something you want to wait for Weitse to be happy with.05:50
ScottKVictor Duchovni has had a multiple instance patch that he was working to get into 2.4 and 2.5.  It didn't get in.  I have to assume there's a reason.05:51
ScottKlamont: ^^^05:51
lamontoh, most certainly05:52
lamontScottK: 153706... I'm wondering if maybe the right answer there is to add to the manpage that queue ids are case sensitive...  mebbe I'll just ask upstream about that...05:58
ScottKlamont: I think logging failure to find anything is a reasonable request.05:59
lamontyeah.  likewise, knowing that queueids could be case-insensitive would allow us to DTRT06:00
ScottKlamont: True, it wouldn't hurt to add it to the man page, but I think logging the failure to find the specified queue id is more important.06:01
ScottKI'd go for both.06:01
ScottKlamont: I need to get to bed.  Please shoot me /msg or email if you want me to take action on my bug triaging suggestions.06:04
ScottKlamont: Good night and good luck.06:04
lamontthanks, btw06:04
ScottKYou're welcome.06:05
soulcso does cgi-bin install with the apache server?07:36
sweetiesI am trying to upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04 but the docs say to install update-manager-core, but I can't find that package12:44
sweetiesI've checked my repositories12:52
sweetiesand aside from the fact that they are pointing to canadian mirrors, I don't see anything bad12:52
CaptObviousany ideas how I'd get vesafb-tng going?  is it a module that's included in the server distro by default?14:32
soso__fat请教,U7.1服务器 ,如何安装raid5上亚14:39
CaptObvioussoso__fat: you're unlikely to get chinese speakers in here14:40
soso__fatmy englishi ,is very very poor14:43
Iuliansoso__fat: You should try.14:44
Iuliantranslate.google.com is awesome, afaik14:45
CaptObviousnot sure it does chinese14:45
IulianCaptObvious: There are a lot of languages, including Chinese14:46
CaptObviouscool, didn't know that14:46
CaptObviousIulian: any ideas how I'd get vesafb-tng working in the server distro?14:50
soso__fathow install ubuntu-server7 on raid 5?14:55
soso__fatI search google,but .......14:55
soulcyo all15:34
soulcI have a 22" wide screen monitor and would like to set my terminal to a higher res I think that the default vid driver is limited I have tried editing the grub menu to add vga=792 or 791 but no dice15:36
mok0soso__fat: I am not sure that the installer supports raid15:36
mok0soso__fat: but you can try the alternate CD15:37
soulchow do I install a better vid driver don't really want all of the xwindows running so I am limited to the command line15:38
soulcwhich is fine I just don't know how to do these things in ubuntu as I used to run fc715:39
mok0soulc: you might try dpkg --configure xorg15:39
soulcwhich of course installed and ran EVERTHING15:39
mok0soso__fat: come back and ask again if it doesn't work15:40
soulcif that installs xwindows I really don't want it15:40
mok0soulc: You don't want x-windows?15:40
soulcI would prefer not to have all that running15:41
mok0soulc: you just want a higher resolution on the console?15:41
soulcand for some reason vga=792 doesn't work15:41
mok0soulc: it can be done, I don't know how15:41
mok0soulc: Did any of the other resolutions work?15:43
soulcwell I can change that later as I am ssh'd from my desktop15:43
soulchow about the cgi-bin dir15:44
soulcknow where or if it was installed?15:44
mok0soulc: perhaps your monitor doesn't want to switch to that resolution15:44
soulcdid it before in fc*15:44
soulcI think it is the driver15:44
mok0soulc: cgi-bin is in /usr/lib15:45
mok0dpkg -S cgi-bin15:45
soulcand what does that do?15:46
mok0soulc: it lists all packages that contain something with cgi-bin15:46
mok0soulc: somewhat like rpm -qf :-)15:47
soulcdamn I have a lot to learn15:47
mok0soulc: except it is a pattern search15:47
mok0soulc: not really15:47
mok0I switched from centos w/o problems15:48
soulcwell I need to learn how to configure postfix, and where config files are15:48
mok0 /etc/mail15:48
soulclike httpd15:48
mok0 /etc/apache215:48
faulkes-soulc: there are several good guides on help.ubuntu.com for setting up postfix that will help yo familiarize yourself with it15:49
soulcok good deal15:50
soulcso is the web server set up as a virtualhost?15:52
soulcis that site help.ubuntu.com have server specific documentation?15:54
soulcI wish there was a standard naming convention for apache etc15:56
faulkes-yes, there is server specific documentation there15:58
faulkes-iirc, help.ubuntu.com/community/Servers15:59
faulkes-is community howoto information15:59
faulkes-you can also find the official server guide there as well15:59
ScottKmok0 and soulc: In Debian/Ubuntu postfix config files are in /etc/postfix.16:20
mok0ScottK: You're right, sorry soulc16:20
mok0Just goes to show the deterioration of my memory span. I was fooling around with postfix configuration a week ago16:22
ScottKmok0: Do you have updated torque packages yet?16:22
ScottK(from my last round of comments)16:22
mok0ScottK: no, not yet16:22
mok0ScottK: there's an awful lot of linitan warnings all of a sudden16:23
ScottKAre we going to?  Not much time left.16:23
ScottKmok0: Newer lintian is more pedantic probably.16:23
mok0ScottK: I'd like that16:23
ScottKIf you want to pastebin me the list of ones you're still sorting out, I'd let you know which ones I think we can live with for now.16:24
mok0ScottK: There were some warnings about conffiles that I need to work out16:24
mok0ScottK: ... and I have to implement a chrpath cleaning of the binaries16:24
* ScottK looks16:26
ScottKdebian-changelog-file-is-a-symlink can be ignored.  That's due to Ubuntu specific changes to CDBS to save space on the CD.16:27
mok0ScottK: ok16:28
mok0ScottK: I hope we can skip the manpage warnings16:28
mok0ScottK: the ones that are missing a manpage are not really used, perhaps for testing and stuff16:29
ScottKYou should fix the formatting errors.16:29
zobboif there a mailing list or rss feed where I can easily see updates that I'll get when I'm doing an upgrade for 7.10 Server ?16:29
ScottKThe conffile ones must be fixed before the first upload16:30
ScottKzobbo: http://media.ubuntu-nl.org/rss/hardy.xml16:30
mok0ScottK: yes, they are actual errors16:30
zobboScottK: many thanks16:31
ScottKmok0: setuid-binary is on purpose I assume?  If so, add an over-ride for it.16:31
zobbomok0: I guessed ;) - but ta16:31
mok0ScottK: I have done that, but not tested yet16:32
mok0ScottK: (it needs to be suid)16:32
ScottKOK.  Then add an over-ride16:32
ScottKrpath I'm really not sure about.16:32
ScottKIf you can add the over-ride, fix the conffile stuff, and the man page typos, I think it's worth looking at uploading.16:33
mok0ScottK: well, they're all pointing to /usr/lib, so it shouldn't matter. But they are not allowed cf. policy, afaics16:33
ScottKSo I don't know that it blocks an initial upload, but could be bug fixed after.16:33
mok0ScottK: Great, I will see if I can get it done after dinner16:33
mok0ScottK: I'm glad the courier merge went well16:35
ScottKIt was much better when I applied the patch to the right version ...16:35
mok0ScottK: Fortunately (for me) I checked that it worked before uploading. But suddenly I feared I made the patch against the wrong sources16:37
ScottKWhich is always a good practice.16:37
mok0ScottK: I could not use debdiff, because dpkg-buildpackage does strange things to the *.po files (?)16:37
ScottKI've been doing more Main work recently and I've had to start making debdiffs again as a result.16:37
ScottKmok0: Yes.  It's an issue that really deserves investigation, but I've never have time.16:38
mok0ScottK: Just as long as the LoCo teams submit their updates to Debian it will be ok to ignore them :-)16:39
ScottKUnfortunately Debian and Ubuntu have very different translation workflows and it's very hard to give updated translations back.16:40
mok0ScottK: Oh, I see...16:40
ScottKWe don't use the Debian tools at all.  It's all magic in Rosetta here.16:41
mok0ScottK: I tried to copy the po files from debian to the ubuntu tree, build packages from both trees and suddenly there were diffs in the po files16:42
ScottKWhich does point at dpkg-buildpackage.16:42
mok0ScottK: Indeed16:42
lamontthe lintian bitching about libraries is unsurprising... personally, I'm waiting for the lintian-library police to tell me how to fix my package.16:44
lamontsince it's not immediately obvious16:44
mok0lamont: what's the bitching about?16:45
lamontsomethign of the form "links with library that it doesn't use"16:46
ScottKYeah.  I've been ignoring those too.16:46
mok0lamont: I've seen that.16:47
ScottKThough to be a bit pedantic the blame there lies with dpkg-shlibdeps and not lintian.16:47
mok0lamont: It's probably because the shared library is linked to libm, say. That you can do as a convinience so people don't need to know all the dependencies of the library16:48
ScottKIf we're gonna bitch, we ought to have the right targe.16:48
lamontScottK: it's not lintian.  it's generally that you link with a library that links with some other library16:48
lamontwhich was the result of the _previous_ round of library bitching (not linking with libs that you use)16:49
mok0lamont: perhaps you should try updating your version of libtool16:49
ScottKlamont: Are you going to upload 2.5.1~rc1 to Ubuntu?16:49
lamontmok0: you're presupposing that my package uses libtool16:49
mok0lamont: yes, isn't it?16:49
lamontScottK: yeah - I plan to sync it after today's dinstall16:49
lamontmok0: no16:49
mok0lamont: ugh16:50
lamontif upstream uses libtool, I don't revert it.  if upstream doesn't, I stay as far from that festering pile of garbage as I can16:50
lamontwhich is pretty much the same way I deal with auto-crap16:50
mok0lamont: harsh words on a saturday...16:50
lamontmok0: well, maybe I'm just old and crufty and not fully awake yet...16:50
lamontafterall, it's not even 10AM here.16:51
mok0lamont: :-)16:51
mok0lamont: 18:00 here...16:51
lamontScottK: btw, logcheck winds up way out-of-date with 2.5.16:53
lamonthrm.. come to think of it, most of my packages are old and crufty too.16:53
faulkes-don't be hating on us old people16:54
faulkes-we'll make you get off our lawns.16:54
lamontLOL, too16:54
* faulkes- wanders off muttering about "damn punk kids" and "newfangled internets"16:55
ScottKlamont: Well since it's a native Debian thing, they getter get moving then.16:55
lamontScottK: well, there's also this longstanding agreement with the logcheck guys that some day postfix will start delivering those files... maybe this is a good point to start that16:56
faulkes-quick question17:48
faulkes-n/m, answered it myself17:49
ScottKThat was quick.17:49
zobboit is possible to easily determine (or even not easily I guess, but must be scriptable) the last date an update and upgrade was successfully completed ?17:50
zobboignore that17:50
zobbolet me google for a bit17:50
ScottKThe answer to your question is yes btw.17:51
faulkes-ScottK: occassionally my brain works in fast mode, not often mind you18:01
faulkes-guess the gerbil drank his caffeine this morning18:01
zobbohmmm ... well - the best I've found so far is /var/log/apt/term.log ... but that's basically a full text log and I'd have to search through it to see if an upgrade occurred18:06
faulkes-zobbo: if the file is only written too when an update occurs, then you only need to look at the time the file was modified18:12
faulkes- /var/log/dpkg.log might be a better option18:13
zobbofaulkes-: thanks for the help. Problem I can see is that if I install an app as a one off (e.g. i just installed vim), that log file is updated then as well, but obviously the system is not upgraded18:16
zobboI could just run a cron script every hour to grep through that and set a time somewhere, if it sees an upgrade happening18:17
zobboor I could have a beer I guess18:17
faulkes-true, and my many years of experience would suggest, the appropriate course of action, would be to start drinking18:18
ScottKzobbo: What problem are you trying to solve?18:18
faulkes-<zobbo> it is possible to easily determine (or even not easily I guess, but must be scriptable) the last date an18:19
faulkes-update and upgrade was successfully completed ?18:19
zobboI've got 170 boxes and I want to be able to see from a central server the last time an "apt-get upgrade" was performed on them18:19
zobboI can handle the central server bit if I can find out how to get the info from each box18:19
ScottKzobbo: /var/log/auth* files ought to have that because you need elevated permissions to execute the command.18:21
zobboso grep through that (or dpkg) and look for upgrades and write that info elsewhere ?18:24
zobboI guess I could tie that in with zabbix18:24
ScottKThat or have the script mail the results to the central server and parse the message there.18:25
zobboScottK/faulkes thanks for the thoughts and help18:26
zobboI'll let you know how I get on (in about 3 months time at this rate ;) )18:26
ScottKzobbo: You're welcome.18:26
faulkes-hmm, coffee sounds good about now18:40
jondowdhello. after installing 6.06 lts, what is the terminal or cli command to perform security updates? thanks.18:59
ScottKjondowd: sudo apt-get update19:00
ScottKjondowd: sudo apt-get upgrade19:00
jondowdthanks ScottK - will those commands bring more packages than are needed for security reasons? is there a way to get just the 'security' updates (if there is such a distinction)?19:04
ScottKThat will bring both security updates and stable release bugfixes.  It will not bring general package upates19:05
ScottKThere is a distinction and you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list to not have the updates repository enabled, but I strongly suggest you don't do that.19:06
ScottKstable updates are tested carefully before upload.19:06
ScottKAdditionally, it does happen that security issues get swept into update packages.19:06
jondowdok. I'll do what you recommend - thanks for your help19:08
jondowdone problem i want to avoid is that in 2.6.22-14-server i get occaisional network failure, so I'm down-grading to 6.0619:11
jondowdas in "Bug description [edit]19:13
jondowdBinary package hint: linux-source-2.6.2019:13
jondowdWith linux 2.6.19 and 2.6.20 the network breaks every now and then (might be after some minutes or hours) and the /var/log/messages log mentions "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out".19:13
jondowdFrom /var/log/syslog:19:13
jondowdNETDEV WATCHDOG: eth1: transmit timed out19:13
jondowdeth1: Tx timed out, lost interrupt? TSR=0x3, ISR=0x3, t=356."19:13
faulkes-the issue could very much depend on the card driver19:14
faulkes-do you know what card is in eth1?19:15
ScottKjondowd: You have to do a lot more than apt-get upgrade to get to a new release.  Don't worry about that.19:18
jondowdper-fect ! (my download of ubuntu-6.06.2-server-amd64.iso is at about 94%) thanks again!19:22
[diablo]evening guys22:02
[diablo]does anyone know if the 6.06.2 release fixes the gfxboot issue for KVM guests please?22:02
[diablo]found that soooo frustrating22:03
ivoksbut that's easily avoidable22:06
[diablo]hi ivoks22:06
[diablo]ivoks, yeah I know... just remaster the cd22:06
ivoksor use qemu22:06
[diablo]blow that22:06
[diablo]the installation takes for ever22:07
[diablo]remastering is quicker22:07
ivokswell, with kqemu, should be enough for install22:07
[diablo]that's true, but I don't run kqemu22:07
[diablo]just kvm22:07
[diablo]actually I personally feel that this gfxboot issue should have been fixed for 6.06.222:08
[diablo]would have been so simple22:08
ivoksit's not gfxboot issue22:09
ivoksbut a kvm issue22:09
[diablo]a bit of both22:09
[diablo]I know it's been fixed in 8.04 alpha's22:10
[diablo]actually it works great in a kvm-60 guest22:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about db2 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:24
hsn_!package db2exc22:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package db2exc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:24
ScottKhsn_: It's in the partner repository22:25
hsn_how to add it?22:26
ScottKedit /etc/apt/sources.list  It'll be called commercial or partner depending on which release you are on.22:26
hsn_ah found it22:34
[diablo]btw, 6.06.2 DOES fix the kvm gfxboot issue23:54

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