brycetjaalton: do you want to revert the patch until there is a bug id we can reference?00:16
brycetjaalton: I've asked stevenk for a bug id or commit id but he doesn't have one00:16
bryceI'll make sure in the future that patches the mobile team uploads come sourced with bug id's, etc.00:18
brycehere we go:  http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-commit/2008-February/014648.html00:34
bryceI've added a note about that in the changelog, and checked all steven's stuff into git00:48
* jcristau can't see a patch by mjg59 there00:50
brycejcristau: <tjaalton> bryce: mjg59 said that it was from upstream00:51
jcristauah ok00:51
brycejcristau: it appears mjg59 modified the patch to apply against xserver 1.400:51
jcristauonly saw the changelog on hardy-changes, so i was confused00:56
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bryceI fixed up the changelog and stuff in git, but didn't push out a new release01:24
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tjaaltonbryce: no the patch is ok, I'd just wish they would end up in git as well :)07:03
tjaaltonoh cool, you did that07:03
bryceI'm kinda bummed about my libxrandr changes07:04
tjaaltonthere are a couple of patches (by Hong Liu) that are probably worth having if they don't end up in the stable branch..07:04
tjaaltonchanges to libxrandr?07:05
brycecarl worth had game night, with me and keith and some other folk, and I told keith that I'd have a patch for him soon for it07:06
tjaaltonok, cool07:06
brycebut he said since libxrandr is a protocol library, it can't take additional logic code, so it'd have to be done as a separate library07:06
brycewhich is disappointing since I'm already about 80% done with it this way, and it's only a week until FF.07:08
bryceunfortunately if Xorg can't take the libxrandr patch, then gnome certainly won't take the gnome-control-center patch, so all of this will have to be ubuntu-specific :-/07:08
bryceit's particularly a shame because I could have saved a lot of time just copying the xrandr code in directly to gnome-control-center, but I figured this way others (like KDE) would be able to benefit from the library as well07:10
tjaaltonwould upstream take a separate library then?07:11
brycewell yeah, that's what he was saying I should do07:11
brycebut one of the objectives was to end up with no code I had to be the maintainer of ;-)07:12
tjaaltonhehe, right07:13
bryceah well, at least ubuntu will have a cool xrandr gui07:14
tjaaltontoo bad that there has to be two separate apps for the configuration (user-settings and system-wide), but there's no easy solution to that I guess07:19
bryceit sort of makes sense though, since conceptually we have two distinct workflows07:20
tjaaltonbut two entries on the menu07:20
bryceand also, the way things are going we'll have less and less system-wide configuration to do07:20
tjaaltontrue, maybe dc-gtk could be dropped from the menu?07:21
brycethat's sort of what I've been thinking07:21
bryceit's mostly broken at this point for most people.  It may still make sense for the failsafe situation but in general it's mostly vestigial07:22
tjaaltonspeaking of which, I think we should streamline the failsafeDexconf even more. What worries me is that when people end up in it and change their configuration, the resulting xorg.conf looks a lot different to the one they had after installation07:22
* bryce nods07:23
tjaaltonbecause I think that with the current xserver the only thing that would have to be changed with the failsafe-mode was the driver. rest is autoconfigured reliably anyway07:23
brycedo you feel like working on cleaning that up?  It's been on my todo list to regen it based on the current dexconf, but I may not have time to get it done before FF07:23
tjaaltonso, maybe just feed the real dexconf with the failsafe driver?07:23
tjaaltonthat would cut duplication a lot07:24
brycethat might work; I'm trying to remember what else drove me to having a separate copy07:24
bryceoh, I also wanted to make it write to xorg.conf.failsafe instead of xorg.conf07:25
bryceah, and I put in code to disable dri, etc. etc. but that may not be necessary (probably those don't get enabled with vesa anyway)07:26
bryceI'd also forced it to 800x600 and 16 bit.  Dunno if it's better or worse to let xserver autodetect vesa's max07:27
tjaaltonhmm, I'm not sure what the server would do if it can't get the mode from the monitor07:29
bryceI believe it defaults to 1024x76807:29
bryceat least, I've noticed in bug reports that it seems to be doing that when failing to detect the monitor07:29
brycelike for instance, I think that's what was screwing things up when it was thinking something was connected to s-video but couldn't get edid out of it07:30
tjaaltonhmm, vesa shouldn't care about s-video07:33
tjaaltonanyway, I'll take a look at it and see what can be safely dropped07:48
brycecool thanks07:48
bryceI think the week after FF I'll devote to sorting out the displayconfig-gtk bugs, and fixing bulletproof-x stuff07:49
tjaaltonhmm, failsafeDexconf still uses discover :)08:18
tjaaltonif installed08:18
tjaaltonsorry, make that failsafeXServer08:19
tjaaltongotta run ->08:23
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