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BizurkeAnyone who has got the 8.04 alpha.  Does PulseAudio currently work? I've heard there was no volume at all until they completely finish the integration?00:00
astro76Bizurke: #ubuntu+1 for hardy00:01
cyroulhi everyone00:01
Pirate_HunterDoes anyone know what is the command to clean files (dependencies) in ubuntu that might not be in use by nay other app after deletion?00:01
PriceChildPirate_Hunter, sudo apt-get autoremove00:01
cyrouldo you know if it exits a lightscribe support ?00:01
astro76Pirate_Hunter: apt-get autoremove00:02
brianhBizurke:You may get better answer in #Ubuntu+100:02
PriceChildPirate_Hunter, deborphan my also be of use00:02
Pirate_HunterPriceChild, astro76: thanks can't believe i forgot that command00:02
blackv2what's the file I'm looking for that tells me what caused the freeze? it did it 5 or 6 times yesterday too when I was installing vector in VirtualBox.00:02
shawn_selig29"Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer."------> whats this mean, im trying to dl latest version of ubuntu?00:03
Pirate_HunterPriceChild: deborpha..... huh???00:03
astro76cyroul: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LightScribe00:03
Blueycan anyone help em with my dial up modem?00:03
PriceChild!alternate | shawn_selig2900:03
ubotushawn_selig29: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode installation CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD.  It can also be used as an upgrade CD. - See also !minimal00:03
PriceChild!desktop | shawn_selig2900:03
ubotushawn_selig29: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors00:03
PriceChildwhoops (shawn_selig29 ignore that last one)00:03
shawn_selig29so should i use that if i encountered vid problems with regualr cd?00:03
PriceChild!livecd | shawn_selig2900:03
singlesunBluey, was it a windows modem?00:03
ubotushawn_selig29: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.00:03
cyroulastro76: thanks00:03
PriceChildshawn_selig29, yes. Especially if you have less than 300 mb of ram00:04
Blueysinglesun: yes00:04
shawn_selig29i got 1 gb ram00:04
shawn_selig29so ill check that when i downalod00:04
_Oz_I am sooooooooo sold on ubuntu.00:05
PriceChildshawn_selig29, the desktop cd will run perfectly00:05
singlesunBluey, someone correct me if im wrong but I dont believe that linux supports winmodems because most of those types of modems are actually software based.... you would most likely need to buy an external modem00:05
_Oz_It's going to go on all of my computers.00:05
PriceChildshawn_selig29, well... still slow because its a live cd, but it will work fine.00:05
shawn_selig29i had troubles on my laptop with some error going to a black screen..i forgot wat it said00:05
shawn_selig29its dling alternate cd.....it should work same right when its installed?00:06
amenadoi do not have XP, has anyone tried and succeeded in using winnt loader to load ubuntu instead of grub? any insights on the experience?00:06
_Oz_can dell inspiron laptops w/ integrated wireless get online?  It seems ubuntu and wireless and don't get along so well?00:06
Blueysinglesun: it is an Agere lucent win modem. the Ubuntu site said to use martian. so i did, but oi need help with martian00:06
amenado_Oz_-> off course they do work fine..tested in many times00:06
hondo you know a video sharing website using ogg?00:06
_Oz_amenado: I couldn't get the PC I'm on now online with a wireless card even using ndiswrapper.00:07
brianh_Oz_: What card does it have?00:07
amenado_Oz_-> which wifi chip does it have?00:07
singlesunBluey, sorry man im not sure what else to tell ya on that.. i dont mess with modems, but the times that I did, i just went and got a check v92 external serial port modem for working with linux00:07
shawn_selig29so alternate cd has everything regular cd has except its text base installer correct?..as far as applications go?00:07
singlesunanyone to help Bluey out with the modem issues and martian?00:07
_Oz_an old 801.11b PCI card (for a desktop)00:07
_Oz_I wanted to get wireless working on it so I could use it as a sort of media server00:08
amenado_Oz_-> which wifi chip does it have? brand?  lspci may tell you00:08
broken_I really need some help,it may be offtopic though. I wanted to use the tftp command to flash my router but the command I was given for linux doesn't work.00:08
Pelogood evening folks00:09
amenadogood evening Pelo00:09
Nagatoi have a question00:10
marcelo_Odon't we all00:10
astro76broken_: what's the exact command you are trying?00:10
Nagatohow would i make a script that does sudo ifdown wlan0 && sudo ifup wlan000:10
Pelolucky you , care to share ?00:10
Nagatoon startup00:10
Nagatofor some reason my internet doesn't work unless it's recycled like that00:10
PeloNagato, http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.php00:10
nickrudshawn_selig29: yes00:10
NagatoPelo, on startup00:11
Nagatowriting the script isn't the problem00:11
amenadoNagato-> paste in pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file,00:11
Blueyi need to at least kno where the root directory is for the first step in martian00:11
PeloNagato, put a link to it in /home/username/.config/autostart00:11
PeloNagato,  or add it to menu > system > prefs > sessions00:12
PeloBluey,  the root dir is /00:12
shawn_selig29ill bb when i get it installed, thxs, shawn00:13
BlueyPelo: so for the first setp in martain i need to put in $ /make all?00:13
NagatoPelo, alright, i'll try that. thanks00:13
PeloBluey, I don't know what marain is00:13
BlueyPelo: martian. its for dial up modems...00:14
PeloBluey, is this someting you are compiling from source ?00:14
theCarpentercan anyone tell me how to change the editor that the 'edit' command calls?00:15
Dr_willistry exporting the EDITOR variable to be what you want?00:15
bill_Does Compiz have an install specifically for Gutsy?00:15
astro76theCarpenter: sudo update-alternatives --config editor00:15
BlueyPelo: i am trying to connect with my modem useing Ubuntu. it doesnt let me connect at all with my modem.  there were instructions on the Ubuntu site, and it said to use martian, so i dlownloaded it00:15
pocketdrummerHey, does anyone know how to Password protect a folder? Kind of like you have to do when you open synaptic?00:16
Pelobill_,  compiz is already on gutsy, it's desktop effects in the appearance menu , under prefs,  yuou can add other compix dialog from synaptic00:16
PeloBluey, did you check in the repos first ?00:16
genii theCarpenterChange the symlink in /etc/alternatives/editor to point to whatever editor you prefer00:17
genii theCarpenter: Change the symlink in /etc/alternatives/editor to point to whatever editor you prefer00:17
DraiconeHow can I get glade 3 in Ubuntu?00:17
geniiSorry for double posting, reason obvious :)00:17
Pelo!dialup | Bluey  this didn't help ?00:17
ubotuBluey  this didn't help ?: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up00:17
bill_Pelo I'm having trouble getting some features working. I guess I will deselect them all and try one at a time.00:17
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amenadopocketdrummer-> hmm..i wonder if setacl would work, i have not tried it myself yet00:18
Pelopocketdrummer, , your /home folder is specify to your username, other users on your computer don'T technicaly have access to it00:18
DraiconeI tried compiling glade from source but now I don't know how to open it00:18
theCarpenter /etc/alternatives/editor yields 'nano' (which is what i want) but it still pops up vim when i try to 'edit <filename>'00:18
PeloDraicone, type glade in the terminal00:18
Schuenemannhi, how do I install ruby 1.8.9 to ubuntu?00:19
astro76theCarpenter: oh whoops, it's editor as I mentioned in the command I gave, edit is something else entirely00:19
Blueyiv already been to the how to. thats where i found martian.00:19
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PeloSchuenemann, check in synatpic , if that is not the version you want , check the ruby website,  dl a .deb if they have it or complie from the source00:20
Pelopocketdrummer, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel00:20
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SchuenemannPelo, compiling from source is my worst nightmare00:20
amenadotheCarpenter-> try  set -o nano00:20
PeloSchuenemann, compiling is easy,  only 3 commands  realy00:20
pocketdrummerPelo, what if I just want to keep people who visit my how out of the folder?00:21
SchuenemannPelo, that's very... optimistic :-)00:21
lymecaWhat should I do if I erased my MacBook's EFI boot partition and UBuntu won't load?00:21
Pelopocketdrummer, just make a guest user for loging in00:21
geniitheCarpenter: The symlink /usr/bin/editor           then still points to vim00:21
amenadopocketdrummer-> did you consider what I suggested?00:21
pocketdrummeramendo: I'm not sure what it was, lol. I'm new at linux.00:22
geniitheCarpenter: On my box for instance /usr/bin/editor points to /etc/alternatives/editor which in turn points to nono00:22
PeloSchuenemann, compiling is just 3 commands,   ./configure , make and make install,  , that's excluding the dependencies you might have to install00:22
amenadopocketdrummer-> its the same concept used in windows,  access control list == acl00:22
Elevator_HazardOk so my usb audio sound seems to be working pretty nicely now... removed pulseaudio but now the sound is filled with static.00:22
aetherfunkIs there by chance a DJ, as in somebody who mixes, in here?00:22
astro76pocketdrummer: I think access control lists are definitely way overkill, simple permission would be fine but you need a separate guest account as Pelo mentioned to make either way work00:23
surrealdealno, but my aunt is a recording engineer.00:23
* maximilion reports for ensign duty00:23
cfeddethakyou for your service.00:23
maximilionAnyone in the mood for some mmusbaudio help?00:23
* Pelo hands maximilion a shovel and points to a pile of sh... 00:23
amenadopocketdrummer-> now you know your choice.. :P00:23
* maximilion has limits, he only shovels csh.00:23
Elevator_HazardI'm sure others have had this static problem - actually they have I see posts about it all the time but no good answer that works for me yet.00:24
SchuenemannPelo, oh, wait. It seems there is version 1.8.6 with package name ruby1.8, not just ruby (which is 1.8.2)00:24
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maximilionElevator_Hazard: Static/noise? on a usb sound card?00:24
theCarpenteredit <filename> gives nano, editor <filename> gives vim.00:24
Elevator_Hazardmaximillion: yup.00:24
* Pelo is looking for installing somekind of printer driver that would output a raw hpgl to his pen plotter00:24
Alpha-Toxiclol Pelo, long time no see :)00:25
* aetherfunk wonders if there is a single DJ I could reach tonight, for instant chat.00:25
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Very strange. I would check that the outlet the pc is stuck into is grounded.00:25
theCarpenterEdit: edit <filename> gives nano, editor <filename> gives vim. but the symlink 'editor' gives nano00:25
* Alpha-Toxic wonders if Pelo remembers him00:25
astro76theCarpenter: man edit, it's not what you are after00:25
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Hmm wait, is this on a laptop?00:25
Elevator_Hazardmaximillion: desktop.00:25
PeloSchuenemann,  1.8.6  is probably more recent then 1.8.2,   1.8 is the version,  the last digit is probably just some update for security or fixes00:26
PeloAlpha-Toxic,  what are you doing here ?00:26
nonlocalHi. I am having a problem with nautilus not starting. Resultantly, no wallpaper, desktop icons, the 'Places' menu items don't work, etc. I have tried killing the nautilus process, and reinstalling the nautilus package, but so far no luck. Any suggestions would be great. (Gutsy Gibbon)00:26
maximilionOK. Never had a USB sound card that picked up interference00:26
Elevator_Hazardmaximillion: one thing you should know is that using alsa its liek this, but pulseaudio its fine. I'd use pulseaudio but most of the time sound won't work.00:26
Woofcatany know if its possible to install another debian based system over toop of an existing linux mint install00:26
* Pelo introduces Alpha-Toxic to everyone , as the man who first help him compile 00:26
Elevator_Hazardmaximillion: listening to KoRn isn't as good if there is static...00:26
SchuenemannPelo, 186 is the latest00:27
surrealdealusb cards somtimes suck like that00:27
Extendnonlocal : logoff and login to console then rm -rf *.gnome*00:27
Alpha-Toxichah :)00:27
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Have you tried plugging in a 'dead' cable into any mic/line in jack?00:27
Extendthen relogin and see00:27
nonlocalnautilus-debug-log.txt is full of 0x8177880 2008/02/08 19:23:04.6415 (USER): debug log dumped due to signal 700:27
nonlocalExtend: thanks I'll try that.00:27
Woofcatany know if its possible to install another debian based system over toop of an existing linux mint install00:27
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: doesn't seem like that has much to do with alsa though..?00:28
maximilionElevator_Hazard: At least that helped (and / or using sound settings to disable mic from influencing mix out) on XP00:28
sinsunhow to change root's passwd?00:28
astro76!root | sinsun00:28
ubotusinsun: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:28
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Well, maybe pulseaudio does not read mic inputs at all?00:28
Alpha-ToxicPelo: i was reinstalling my irc client and freenode is one of the first servers I add, so... i ended up here00:28
nonlocalExtend: er. ls shows: ls: *.gnome*: No such file or directory00:29
Woofcatany know if its possible to install another debian based system over toop of an existing linux mint install00:29
maximilionIf Also works correctly and doesn't mute inputs, it might pick up interference00:29
astro76!repeat | Woofcat00:29
ubotuWoofcat: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:29
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: hmm that mic thing could be the problem - I tried rubbing my finger on the mic just now with sound playing but it didn't make noise in my headset like it usually does....00:29
PeloAlpha-Toxic, well it is lovely to see you00:29
astro76Woofcat: also everyone's probably wondering what your question has to do with ubuntu00:29
Woofcatdestination os00:29
astro76Woofcat: you can install anything over anything, not sure what you are asking00:30
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: that didn't work >.00:30
Woofcathow astro7600:30
Woofcatwith no cd's00:30
maximilionOK, now for my sound problem :) Installed mmusbaudio, lsusb lists my usb sound card, sound is perfect in desktop, Quake 3 says "sound not initialized". Help! :)00:30
astro76!install | Woofcat00:30
ubotuWoofcat: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:30
Woofcatcan i jush chage the repostirories00:30
Woofcatand pray?00:30
geniiWoofcat: No00:30
astro76Woofcat: oh so that's your real question00:30
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: I actually just saw something about sound and quake 3 game engines...00:30
astro76Woofcat: no00:30
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Cool! url?00:30
astro76Woofcat: but there are ways without a cd, see the link ubotu gave youi00:31
geniiWoofcat: If no cd then make a linux boot floppy, then use debootstrap from there. Lots of info on how to do it with debian00:31
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: I'm retracing my search steps...00:31
Woofcatgenii: no devices outside of hdd and internets00:32
Elevator_Hazardmaxmilion: ah ha: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Quake_3_engine_games_(Howto)00:32
maximilionElevator_Hazard: was it this one ? http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/q3a/#nosound00:32
Woofcatmaybe usb but i have been un able to get it to boot00:32
maximilionah, ok. Thanks! Will check it out00:32
pab_Could someone tell me where the config file for vino-server is?  Client only sees 1/4 of the display (hate scroll bars!).00:32
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: pretty sure it was the one I gave you, looks like that's what you need anyway.00:32
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Did you plug into the line in also?00:32
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: ?00:33
geniiWoofcat: How did you get ubuntu on it originally then? Or is it some eMachine or so00:33
astro76pab_: you probably need to use gconf-editor00:33
Woofcatgenii: removing harddrive00:33
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: I have some big speakers... I should test those puppies I suppose.00:33
Woofcatand placing into seperte computer00:33
pab_I'll take a look astro7600:34
geniiWoofcat: The other computer. Does it also run linux?00:34
* Woofcat mutters about there being no way to make it boot onto even like a gentoo min install00:35
Woofcatcan i make a seperate partition00:35
Woofcatand some how dump an install disc to it00:35
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Thanks, worked the same with and without esd, but I will try software if it works...00:35
Woofcatthen boot that?00:35
geniiWoofcat: Depends how much room you have00:35
Lr5_Is there any way to block commands like "sudo shutdown -h now"?00:35
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: gah I can't seem to find my speakers...00:35
Lr5_I tend to use them on wrong computers00:35
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: through alsa that is...00:36
alexkreuz_does anyone know how to disable xchat from starting automatically when x starts?00:36
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Admin/Hardware Information?00:36
maximilionElevator_Hazard: hmm, Prefs/HW info...00:36
Woofcatgenii 30GB (minus install)00:36
maximilion!es | chino00:37
ubotuchino: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.00:37
maximilionThat was quick :P00:37
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: gah... can't get sound because I dont' know what its calle00:38
surrealdealoooh. just run kmix00:39
surrealdealit's probably muted at startup00:39
geniiWoofcat: Then make another partition for debian (or resize the current one smaller and then use free space for new one). Boot to ubuntu. format the new partiton ext3. do chroot/debbootstrap method to new partition and put debian on it.00:39
Elevator_HazardWell I'm looking in what I think is the gnome equivelant.00:39
Elevator_HazardThe problem though is not wiht speakers its with my headset and static.00:40
Elevator_Hazardits messed up with alsa00:40
pjkhave an apache prob - can anyone help me please00:41
Elevator_Hazardpjk do we know what your problem is? :P00:41
geniipjk: More specific details of the problem would be helpful :)00:41
Woofcatgenii will you be online for awhile?00:42
geniiWoofcat: yES00:42
Elevator_HazardI would sick ubotu on him but I don't know the command that does what I'm wanting it to do.00:42
geniibah, capslock00:42
WoofcatI thank you for your help, but i might need some aid in the "put debian" on it stage.00:42
Woofcatvia network?00:42
pjkpublishing to /var/www directory - no access to it - not sure what poerms. should be on that directory to publish, or is it a group problem.00:42
geniiWoofcat: No, debbootstrap is like a minimal netinstall way.It will go grab everything from internet00:43
xstyrwhat do u mean /var/ww isnt there?00:43
pjkgenii: publishing to /var/www directory - no access to it - not sure what perms. should be on that directory to publish, or is it a group problem.00:44
geniipjk: Should belong always to user www-data to be seen from http00:44
Woofcatmoving 20 GB to ext3.00:44
Elevator_HazardGah I'm so tired of this sound junk.00:44
pocketdrummerWhat the heck is floodbot?00:45
geniipjk: Make user that publishes a member of group www-data00:45
Elevator_Hazardgah my cat just ate a gold fish! dangit he's learning that human food is tasty!00:45
Picipocketdrummer: prevents users from flooding the channels with pastes and other sundry things.00:46
geniigold fish are human food?00:46
pjkgenii: being a member then - would that allow me to publish to the directory of concern00:46
Elevator_HazardThat's what I wondered about cat food.00:46
pocketdrummerpici: oh ok00:46
pab_astro76, nice.  But I still can't find where to set vino-server's geometry.00:46
geniipjk: Yes00:46
Elevator_HazardCat food tastes terrible, very salty.00:46
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:46
pocketdrummerSo, how does the acl work? After it's set, when I click on the folder, does it prompt me for a password?00:47
Elevator_HazardCat food is very salty I found out while having problems with static on my usb headset.00:47
Elevator_Hazardin ubuntu of course.00:47
pjkgenii: so i can leave the owner/group as root:root, and just add me to www-data group00:47
xstyras you do, natureally..00:47
astro76pab_: I'm not sure of vino's capabilities, you might need to use a regular vnc server00:47
geniipjk: What is it thats owned by root:root ?00:47
astro76pab_: it's gnome's vnc server and just designed to display the logged in desktop as is00:48
geniipjk: If you mean the host dir /var/www   yes leave that00:48
pjkgenii: /var/www directory00:48
CrazyPhil_Hi. How can I do in Gnome to make him remember the window position?00:48
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
pjkgenii: will try that - many thanks00:48
astro76pab_: what is your goal?00:49
geniipjk: Keep me posted :)00:49
astro76!devilspie | CrazyPhil_00:49
ubotuCrazyPhil_: devilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie00:49
pjkgenii: will do - cheers00:49
pocketdrummerYou know, the floodbot is spamming more than anyone else, lol.00:49
CrazyPhil_thanks :)00:49
geniipocketdrummer: Yes, the irony of that didn't escape me either00:49
danbhfiveanyone familiar with the process of encoding files for upload to youtube?  I'm having trouble00:50
pab_astro76, I thought vino was gnomes default vnc server, but I'll look around.  When I remote into the box with the server, I can only see 1/4 screen and have to scroll....I hate that!00:50
astro76pab_: it should be using the resolution the desktop is using, does the client machine have a smaller display?00:51
montewere do i get frost wire00:51
Pici!frostwire | monte00:51
ubotumonte: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire00:51
keithclarkI don't understand how to simply share printers in linux.  In windows it's very easy, but in Linux it just doesn't seem to work.  Any ideas?00:51
pab_astro76, yes it does have a smaller screen.00:52
montepici: yea00:52
Woofcatgenii how can i chroot /dev/sda100:52
Frogzoowhere would I find "shift previous" & "shift next" on a keyboard ?00:53
alexkreuz_does anyone know how to disable xchat from autostarting when i restart x?00:53
geniiWoofcat: what partition are you booting to right now? Because normally that is already the sda1 one00:53
maximilionElevator_Hazard: alsa-utils?00:53
Frogzooalexkreuz_: it's in xchat's options, or in sys -> prefs -> sessions settings00:54
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: what's that?00:54
Woofcatgenii sda200:54
maximilionNo idea, just googled "ubuntu alsa settings" :P00:54
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: heh thanks I'll do a sudo apt-get install and see what happens.00:54
maximilionor try Alt+F2?00:55
geniiWoofcat: Ok :) Just checking. Did you do: sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1          already?00:55
Woofcati used gparted00:55
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: heh I already got that package.00:55
Woofcatso i assume yes genii00:55
geniiWoofcat: OK so far so good. Is it currntly mounted somewhere?00:55
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know how to change the default movie and music players?00:56
Woofcati'll do that then00:56
geniiWoofcat: OK00:56
Elevator_HazardThis static is so annoying, I can barely enjoy my music :(00:56
ERRor_studenthelp me please...00:56
astro76!ask | ERRor_student00:56
ubotuERRor_student: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:56
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Well, google the same, seemed alsa-mixer in console and other useful links popped up00:56
montecan some one tell me were to get frostwire00:56
astro76monte: ubotu gave you the link... try to catch it this time ;)00:57
Elevator_HazardI was thinking it could be from using a usb splitter (I'd imagine the splitter is very busy as it has external harddrive plugged into it which is actually running ubuntu) but no because pulseaudio works...00:57
astro76!frostwire | monte00:57
ubotumonte: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire00:57
geniiWoofcat: then install onto the ubuntu system the package debootstrap00:57
keithclarkOk, no worries, I'll boot back to windows to do my printing jobs.  Thanks.00:58
maximilionElevator_Hazard: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/13626100:58
geniiWoofcat: 1 minute need to access some reference material00:59
maximilionI googled for "ubuntu alsa noise"00:59
maximilionBut I guess you need to know how to mute the mic00:59
astro76monte: ubotu gave you the link twice now00:59
montewere do i put it01:00
montein the internet i am new at this01:00
Woofcatgenii chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory01:00
Picimonte: Just download the .deb file and double click on it.01:00
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: one thing could be some other mic on this computer...01:00
montethank u01:00
Picimonte: It says that right there on the page ubotu linked to anyway...01:01
geniiWoofcat: Please don't improvise. Follow instructions exactly as I give them and no more please.01:01
Woofcatlol ok01:01
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: Nevermind that coulnd't be.01:01
ERRor_studentwebcam not detect at feisty..01:01
montethank u01:01
geniiWoofcat: debootstrap installed?01:01
Woofcatinstalling genii01:02
geniiWoofcat: ok01:02
geniiWoofcat: What directory did you mount sda1 to?01:02
maximilionElevator_Hazard: Hmm yes, if you have integrated sound on the mobo you must disable it in BIOS.01:03
geniiWoofcat: Ok01:03
maximilionHow do I make the console understand that I installed quake 3?01:03
ERRor_studentyou can help me..01:03
Elevator_Hazardmaximilion: I really don't wnat to mess with that :( sound is just peachy on windows xp...01:03
maximilionie. link 'quake3' to the quake3 files in the quake3 directory, so I can use esddsp?01:04
Elevator_Hazardsymlink? Or mess with your PATH var?01:04
jetscreamermaximilion: ln -sn /usr/local/games/quake3/quake3-smp quake301:04
jetscreameror whichever01:05
maximilionjetscreamer: Thank you very much sir!01:05
maximilionlovely :)01:05
jetscreamerls /usr/local/games/quake3 and choose which one you want to link to01:05
maximilionI thought ln wouldn't do it.01:05
maximilionWill try it right now :)01:06
jetscreamerquake3 and quake3-smp are just scripts that start up the quake3-x86 or whatever01:06
keithclarkOk, problem solved....windows xp shares printers with no issues at all.  Thanks.01:06
StarseedIs anyone having issues with flash freezing up firefox ?01:06
traitfehlermeldung bei start von kde01:06
traitbetrifft kde_thumbnail01:06
trait"einstellung konnte nciht gespiechert werden"01:06
Pici!de | trait01:06
ubotutrait: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de01:06
astro76!de | trait01:06
traitwie bekomm ich die weg?01:07
traitah k01:07
traitsuper danke01:07
pocketdrummerIs there a way to change your default applications? Like what normally comes up when you launch a video or song?01:07
geniiWoofcat: phone, afk a few minutes. But I'll be back01:07
maximilionjetscreamer: File Exists. Ok. Why quake3-smp and not quake3?01:07
Picipocketdrummer: either right click on the file and change the open with in its properties, or System>Preferences>Preferred Applications (in Gnome)01:08
jetscreamermaximilion: like i said, whichever.. .the smp is multi proc, the other isn't01:09
jetscreamerso if you have core2duo...01:09
maximilionNo, but a dualcore opteron.01:09
sbhHow to I edit the services that are used (init scripts started at startup)?01:09
jetscreamerok then smp is probably better for you..01:09
Pici!boot | sbh01:09
ubotusbh: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:09
pocketdrummerpici: wow, I didn't even notice Preferred Apps was even there, lol. Thanks01:10
sbhThanks! :)01:10
jetscreamerbut i can't swear how good q3 smp is01:10
jetscreamermaximilion: #ioquake3 btw01:11
sbhPici: that's not it01:11
Picisbh: What are you looking for?01:11
pocketdrummerpici: hmm, for some reason, it's still playing from Totem and not the other (mplayer isn't even an option). Do you know how to fix that?01:11
sbhI have MPD installed, I want it to start at startup01:11
maximilionjetscreamer: Just downloaded it. Will it connect to kosher q3 servers? Run OSP?01:12
ERRor_studenti have suyin webcam, but not detect at ubuntu feisty??01:12
z-doghow do you save menu.lst it says i don't have permision?01:12
jetscreamercan't swear, but you can /join #ioquake3 and ask01:12
Picisbh: If you installed the mpd package from the repositories, it should automagically add itself to your startup.01:12
jetscreamerz-dog: add sudo in front01:12
jetscreameraka be the root01:12
sbhPici: ah ha. How can that be modified?01:12
sbhthanks in advance01:13
Picisbh: also, bum is the gui program to manage that.  Or check man update-rc.d01:13
ERRor_studentsbh: using chmod +x on mpd in /etc/init.d/01:14
keithclarkIt's just too bad that sharing resources in Linux was not as easy as in Win XP.  They should look at that in the future.  Especially for home LANs01:15
pocketdrummerDoes anyone know what the best Driver in MPlayer is best for an nVidia 7800GT?01:15
geniiWoofcat: Here?01:16
=== nalioth__ is now known as nalioth
maximilionjetscreamer: quake3 is directly under /home (which is where I put my symlink, right?) Might that mess things up? Should I move the game to a certain place?01:17
* genii sneaks some coffee01:17
singlesuni already have ubuntu on this pc... and am trying to install on my laptop.. <-- which had xubuntu on it.. until i wiped the hardrive... (turned up nonfatal errors at the end)... now I cant install ubuntu.... do I need to wipe the drive with another app or is the drive dead?01:17
astro76maximilion: if you make a ~/bin/ directory and put it there it will be in your path01:17
hummesseI know this is off topic, but anyway. I saw a music vid i liked and i want to know who made it. I completely forgot and i forgot all of the lyrics too. Its a stop-motion video with the lead singer walking backwards most of the video. While she's walking her sorrounding, which are mostly blue, changes stop motion style. Can anyone give me a name og something?01:17
malbertommalbertoa_11@hotmail.com my msn01:18
maximilionastro76: put the symlink there?01:18
jetscreamermaximilion: doesn't matter where you put it as long as you change the ln command to reflect the true path01:18
jetscreamerwhen you create a symlink01:18
vrkhanshi, i am using vlc but it is not playing the movie properlu it is showing multilpe horizontal line in half the screen , i dont know how to fix it, video is fine, because i played in window on same vlc , and it played perfect over there.01:18
jetscreamerjust hit tab a lot01:19
Frogzoo!offtopic | hummesse01:19
ubotuhummesse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:19
z-dogi am in my01:19
astro76maximilion: yes, the next time you login that directory will be in your path so you can type the command anywhere, and you can type quake3 anywhere to launch it01:19
traitcan somebody tell me how to mount an usb-hd at start?01:19
traitcan i write i somehow into the fstab?01:19
astro76maximilion: but do make sure quake doesn't already use a command with that name first01:19
z-dogcomputer how do i save menu.lst01:19
hummessei know. Just the most active channel i can find, please bare with me01:19
jetscreamerby 'it' i mean the quake3 directory01:19
roxja-ittrait: should automatically mount in /media01:19
maximilionastro76: It doesn't, I tried alt+f2 ;) Roger, symlink in ~/bin01:19
keithclarkHoly cow, sharing files is even more difficult.01:20
astro76maximilion: did you log out and back in?01:20
vrkhansdoes any one else having same problem in vlc01:20
astro76maximilion: oh I got you01:20
maximilionastro76: hmm wait. ~  = '/home/username/'?01:21
z-doghow do i get permision to save menu.lst i just opened it and added "acpi=noacpi" so i can find my router01:21
astro76maximilion: yes, you can type the ~ though, as in: mkdir ~/bin01:22
Pici!sudo | zMooTh01:22
ubotuzMooTh: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.01:22
astro76maximilion: bash will expand it01:22
Piciz-dog: See ubotu above ^01:22
traitroxja-it, what to write after /dev/01:22
=== copernic is now known as nokan
traitwhich device is it?01:22
malbertomubonut me dice como se puede entender es esppañol01:22
traitthe extern hd01:22
maximilionastro76: Just checking so I got everything right. back in 201:22
astro76!es | malbertom01:23
ubotumalbertom: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:23
astro76malbertom: /join #ubuntu-es01:23
malbertomayuda en ingles+01:24
LjLmalbertom: ... pues habla ingles :)01:24
tritiummalbertom: then speak in English, please01:24
vrkhansplease help me.01:24
maximilionastro76: did "ln -sn /home/bitbrain/quake3/quake3 quake3" in the ~/bin directory. symlink is there. Just says command not found.01:25
maximilion(quake3 in the ........quake3 folder is the 'executable' ... lots of quake3s :))01:26
Picimaximilion: is ~/bin in your $PATH ?01:26
maximilionheh, no it isn't :P01:27
maximilionI'll move it for now.01:27
astro76maximilion: hmm it should be if it exists when you login01:27
astro76maximilion: assuming you haven't removed that section from your ~/.profile01:27
Piciastro76: Is it there by default nowadays?01:28
astro76Pici: yep it's in /etc/skel/.profile , checks if ~/bin exists and adds to path if so01:28
ick5555how do i change the ubuntu live user so that any program can't just get root access?01:28
maximilionnah, vim says it's there (at least it's in the profile as text), $PATH says no. I moved the symlink to /usr/games anyway and it worked :)01:29
_Oz_from a methodology standpoint, I have a question.  I have winetricks.  I am creating a launch for "sh winetricks".  I want to store winetricks somewhere other than the desktop.  What is the most logical place to put it?  Should I just create a folder like "apps" and put it there?01:30
astro76maximilion: if you've created a .bash_profile, .profile won't be read, that's the only other thing I can think of01:30
maximilionright, well ~/bin didn't exist before anyway, so won't mess with it now01:31
astro76maximilion: also another good choice that's already in your path is /usr/local/bin01:31
astro76maximilion: that's outside the realm of APT01:32
maximilionastro76: because: Something happened! When I used esddsp --mmap I got a different message in q3 console! yay!01:32
=== john_ is now known as Ekstron[
=== Ekstron[ is now known as Ekstron
maximilion"sound memory manager started. /dev/esp not found."01:32
maximilionastro76: So now I can probably use that page elevatorsomething linked me to :)01:33
malbertomspanish please01:34
Picimaximilion: /j #ubuntu-es01:34
nickrud!es | malbertom01:34
ubotumalbertom: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:34
Picier, /me hits tab a few times01:35
keithclarkI thought that networking was the biggest strength of Linux.  I see it as the biggest show stopper.  There are no home users that can set up a home network to share resources easily.  It takes a degree in Ubuntu/Linux.  Sure it is secure, but it is also useless to the average person.  You may want to think about that.  I can setup a home network in Win XP in about 2 minutes with no issues at all.01:35
malbertomwath no is in english01:35
LockesRabbwhenever i move my mouse to the top right corner, it zooms out to show my four workspaces01:35
LockesRabbhow do i disable that?01:35
LockesRabbhelp :(01:35
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: This is not a place for comments like that.  If you have a problem that we can help you with feel free to ask..  You may also take your comments or discussion to the #Ubuntu-offtopic room01:36
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, I asked for help with silence as the response.;01:36
keithclarkOn numerous occasions01:37
badkittykeithclark: Hmm I don't know about that.. Im sure there are home users that can do this.. many of them aren't responding or arent here to help at the moment.. Sure network setup in windows is simple... then again so is gaining root access01:37
ubuntufreakHow to disable IPV6 in Ubuntu 7.1001:37
LjL!ipv6 > ubuntufreak    (ubuntufreak, see the private message from Ubotu)01:37
keithclarkNo, it is not if you set it up correctly....but that is not the point01:37
roxja-ittrait: do an fdisk -l to identify your usb01:37
malbertomenters espacio lux mandriva and ubuntu01:37
danbhfivekeithclark: yeah, samba is a mystery to me, and it seems other ubuntu users01:37
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Still does NOT excuse the comments  and opinions in this channel01:37
malbertomespacio linux01:37
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, I'm sorry then01:38
ubuntufreakThanks LjL01:38
danbhfivekeithclark: here is a link that was posted to an ubuntu mailing list that I'm on, maybe you will find it useful: http://www.europe.eclipse.co.uk/Ubuntu/Ubuntu-on-win-network.htm01:38
surrealdeali predict that solaris will overtake both windows and linux in the desktop market.01:38
_Oz_keithclark: it's actually quite easy to get an ubuntu computer on a windows network01:38
* nickrud thinks surrealdeal is well named01:38
LjL!ot | surrealdeal01:38
ubotusurrealdeal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:38
naliothubotu: tell surrealdeal about offtopic01:38
keithclark_Oz_ I just want two Linux machines to talk to each other and it is really confusing and complicated.01:39
LockesRabbwhenever i move my mouse to the top right corner, it zooms out to show my four workspaces, how do i disable it? someone please help :(01:39
surrealdeali want to port ubuntu apps to another os, is that off topic?01:39
astro76this is ubuntu support, not linux development01:39
garrettkajmowiczI'm running 6.10 and when I play midi files with pmidi the system completely locks up on me (numlock stops working).  I have a soundblaster Live! sound card.  Any idea why this is happening?01:39
LjLsurrealdeal: pretty much. this is an ubuntu support channel. also, there is no such thing as an "ubuntu app" mostly, some are linux apps, most are posix-portable ones.01:40
danbhfivesurrealdeal: you should go to the chatroom for the os you are porting to01:40
surrealdealwell, ok...01:40
_Oz_keithclark: I knew nothing about ubuntu 3 days ago.  I am now running ubuntu on a windows network (four other XP computers) sharing files with no problems.01:40
nickrudsurrealdeal: this channel is narrowly aimed at support,  #ubuntu-offtopic might have some interested people01:40
_Oz_It took about the same amount of time as setting up a windows network.01:40
LockesRabbsomeone help me >.<01:40
nickrud!ask | LockesRabb01:40
ubotuLockesRabb: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:41
keithclark_Oz_ You are smarter than I.  I am just a simple user..........01:41
_Oz_keith: I'm an idiot, trust me.01:41
=== reconnect is now known as recon
Jack_SparrowLockesRabb: See compiz  it is a feature.. not a bug01:41
_Oz_I'm no programmer, I'm not a linuxhead, etc. I just wanted an alternative to vista.01:41
LockesRabbokay, going to compiz channel then01:41
macropodI got bad superblock boot error01:41
_Oz_you want me to show you how to get your ubuntu computer talking to your windows network?01:41
keithclark_Oz_ I have no issues with an alternative to Vista.  I would not go there, but I thought as an alternative to XP......but it just doesn't seem to fit the bill at least for me.  I've tried but it is like hitting my head against the wall.01:42
astro76LjL: looking at ##linux logs, surrealdeal more than knows that, he was trolling01:42
LjLastro76: i was pretty sure. he left without blood been shed though, so *shrug*01:42
LockesRabbthere's nobody in the compiz channel01:43
nickrudLockesRabb: #compiz-fusion ?01:43
LjLLockesRabb: only 168 people01:43
macropodanyone who has experience in Ubuntu boot errors..  due to bad disk ?01:43
badkittymacropod: Not I but if you have a bad disk... shouldn't you burn a new one? Or do you mean bad hard disk?01:44
Owner_Hello. Is it possible to use the standard desktop install cd to initiate a text based install01:44
Jack_SparrowLockesRabb: do you have ccsm installed?01:44
AnanthAny one know spamassassin?01:44
_Oz_keith: I expected ubuntu to feel like hitting my head against the wall but it has not been that way at all.  I have M$ Office and Excel running more or less natively.  I have Photoshop CS2 running now as of today.  Everything has been very simple, the networking has been simple.  No crashes, no security vulnerabilities.  I just had to reinstall the XP computer from scratch because of a nasty virus I couldn't beat.01:44
macropodI mean harddisk unfortunely =(01:44
_Oz_And I have to emphasize, I'm truly a linux idiot.  But you don't need to know hardly anything at all to use ubuntu, very much just like you would windows.01:44
badkittymacropod: Ok so what are you trying to do? Get a good clean install? Fix the disk? Recovery????01:44
keithclark_Oz_ I love everything about Ubuntu and Linux except networking....it just does not work.  At least for me.01:45
_Oz_what about networking doesn't work for you?01:45
macropodThe disk is pretty new and computer worked fine yesterday... now when turning bad sectors01:45
_Oz_is it wireless?01:45
astro76keithclark: what is your actual problem?01:45
keithclark_Oz_ Everything.....01:45
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Please stop with the comments01:45
_Oz_can you get online with it?01:45
Owner_Hello. Is it possible to use the standard desktop install cd to initiate a text based install01:45
_Oz_jack sparrow, I'm trying to help him if that's ok.01:45
LjLOwner_: no, you need the alternate cd01:46
badkittyThats captain jack sparrow Oz01:46
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Obviously you dont like it, and more importantly, you dont intend to try and make it work01:46
macropodfsck gives me: attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while reading block 51601:46
keithclark_Oz_ I thought I was being positive....everything works and I love but networking...01:46
_Oz_sorry, badkitty, you're right...  captain jack sparrow.01:46
ick5555how do i change which user is booted when mastering a livecd?01:47
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Please feel free.  But has made no effort to go in that direction01:47
badkittyHAHA! sweet!01:47
_Oz_keith, let's try to help you by asking you a specific question and you give a specific answer.  ok with you?01:47
drpckenis there an app that will let me remote into my tightVNC server on my XP box?01:47
=== Owner_ is now known as sp219
keithclark_Oz_ go nuts....01:47
_Oz_ok. question one: can you get online (internet) with your ubuntu install?01:48
sp219drpcken, xvncviewer01:48
keithclark_Oz_ I'm talking to you!  The problem is local.  Within the LAN.01:48
drpckensp219, thanks!01:48
sp219no problemo01:48
astro76keithclark: please answer his question, it has a point01:48
keithclark_Oz_ I cannot see other machines or share resources01:48
* _Oz_ sighs01:49
LjLkeithclark: you could be connecting from another computer, it's a reasonable question to ask.01:49
_Oz_you're a really hard guy to help.01:49
bazhangkeithclark: networking is fine with ubuntu and linux--that you are having problems means they need to be worked out01:49
_Oz_let's try this again.01:49
_Oz_question one: can you get online (internet) with your ubuntu install?01:49
keithclark_Oz_ Sorry, typing and meaning are two different things01:49
badkittyAtleast you dont have tourrettes of the hands01:49
_Oz_all I need is either "yes" or "no"01:50
badkittysorry wrong window01:50
_Oz_ok. good! we're halfway there.01:50
gw0gvq_I have a dual boot PC windows and ubuntu but I cant get the menu up to edit it01:50
keithclarkhumour back01:50
_Oz_next question: can you "see" any other computers FROM your ubuntu computer?01:50
badkittygw0gvq_: Do you mean GRUB?01:51
nickrudgw0gvq_: hit escape when you see something about grub during the boot01:51
_Oz_very good.01:51
_Oz_We are 3/4 of the way there now.01:51
maximilionHi again :)01:51
gw0gvq_ok ty01:51
_Oz_question 3: are you running ubuntu 7.10?01:51
LjL#ubuntu, the channel with a completion bar01:51
_Oz_on your computer.01:52
badkittyOn his foot01:52
_Oz_are you running v. 7.10 of ubuntu.01:52
maximilionSeems the quake 3 sound problem is that alsa expects a /dev/dsp, which is there, but is an "x-char", not a folder.01:52
keithclarkPCLinuxOS on the Printer machine01:52
_Oz_go to your desktop and create a folder called "Ubuntu Shared".  You do this by right-clicking anywhere in the background and choosing "New Folder"01:52
keithclarkMy foot runs Vista01:53
_Oz_report back, keithclark, when you have done this.01:53
maximilionGoogling suggests that doing "aoss quake something" might fake it. Do I dare get-apt aoss?01:53
badkittyOh you must be triplebooting then kieth01:53
keithclarkYes Sir/Mam01:53
astro76maximilion: it won't hurt01:53
webitohi! installing ubuntu.. i sill want to have my windows.... how do I must prepare my partitions?01:53
ak5_hello, how can I change my resolution on a live cd?01:53
Jack_Sparrow_Oz_: Nice to see you were paying attention earlier...01:53
astro76maximilion: it's a alsa oss compatability thingy, won't do anything unless you run it01:53
webitotype ext3 mount point /     should I select logical or primary for ubuntu?01:54
AnanthHello, I need some help on spamassassin,01:54
maximilionastro76:, okay, I will try :) I got ioquake3, but I'd like to get into this :)01:54
ipxmaximilion: Ive gotten problem with quake3 sounds, it seems like my two sound devices swap names (/dev/dps & /dev/dps1) so I have to change the "snddevice" variable in quake3 console to the other one when they swap01:54
badkittywebito: doesn't matter01:54
ipxmaximilion: are you having a similiar problem?01:54
badkittywebito: If you have a primary great01:54
webitobadkitty which is better?01:54
badkittywebito: Probabaly primary01:54
keithclarkOk, done.01:54
_Oz_very good.01:54
maximilionipx: I am yet to hear any sound at all :)01:54
_Oz_ok, here's the next step, keithclark.01:54
webitoif I select primary it will affect my windows partition?01:54
keithclarkAnd All.......I'm not that bad of a guy.01:55
LjLwebito: with primaries only, you can have at most 4 partitions. with logicals, you can have more. however unless you have a compelling reason to think you'll end up with more than 4 partitions, just go with primaries.01:55
garrettkajmowiczI'm running 6.10 and when I play midi files with pmidi the system completely locks up on me (numlock stops working).  I have a soundblaster Live! sound card.  How do I stop my sytem from locking uip?01:55
_Oz_Right-click on the Ubuntu Shared folder, and select Share Folder01:55
_Oz_ 01:55
_Oz_Ubuntu will ask for your login password01:55
_Oz_ 01:55
_Oz_After a short delay, a dialog saying' Sharing Services are not installed' will appear01:55
badkittywebito: Once you make the partition insert y our liveCD boot to it and install it to that directory. Ubuntu will set up the boot menu for you01:55
FloodBot3_Oz_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:55
ipxmaximilion: shut down all your firefox-windows, all your movies/music thats playing01:55
_Oz_sorry, floodbot3 -- it's for the greater good in this case.01:55
ipxmaximilion: I have to shut down firefox and amarok to be able to get sound01:55
TallHunkDani need help01:55
_Oz_keithclark: report back when you see that dialog box01:55
badkittywebito: and whamo - dualboot xp and ubuntu01:55
maximilionastro76: ldconfig deferred proc... do I need to wait for some kind of confirmation? :P01:55
maximilionipx: Nothing is playing.01:56
TallHunkDani installed miro and this is the error message - the offending font is Tahoma901:56
TallHunkDanhow can i replace the default font for miro01:56
ipxmaximilion: no music-player running? even if stopped..01:56
badkittywebito: The thing I forget off hand is if you have to create the swap partition before or if ubuntu will make one for you.. probably both are fine01:56
maximilionfresh startx :)01:56
highvoltIs there a way to non-destructively make a logical partition primary?01:56
webitobadkitty 2 gb is enough for swap?01:56
badkittywebito: Sure that is plenty01:57
TallHunkDan/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/miro/frontend_implementation/Application.py:61: PangoWarning: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Tahoma 9'01:57
TallHunkDan  gtk.main()01:57
TallHunkDanWARNING  downloader: connection closed -- quitting01:57
webitoshould i put less swap?01:57
badkittywebito: How much ram do you have01:57
maximilionwebito: I have 1GB, it's fine01:57
ihatewhitewomenwhich torrent prgram in linux download the fastest? like scam bandwidth etc? :d thank you01:57
yao_ziyuani suggest that ubuntu uses Nimbus as the default theme01:57
ipxmaximilion: have you made sure the variable snddevice in q3-console is correct?01:57
webitoI have 2 gb of ram01:57
_Oz_keithclark: hold that thought...  have to attend to something...  be right back.01:57
maximilionBe right back.01:57
webitowith swap 1gb  should it be enough?01:57
astro76webito: 1gb would be more than enough unless you want to hibernate01:57
LjLwebito: if you ever intend to use hibernation, make it >2gb01:58
astro76highvolt: no you'll have to copy it01:58
badkittywebito: Yeah i think the swap is supposed to be half your physical ram?01:58
keithclark_Oz_ holding..............01:58
LjLbadkitty: is that a new magic number?01:58
ak5_webito: they say 2x the amount of ram if it is a laptop, otherwise if you are going to run a lot of memory hogging programs 2gb is enough, with normal usage 1gb01:58
badkittyLjL I dunno thats what I remember reading somewhere01:58
yao_ziyuanthis is Nimbus for Ubuntu 7.1001:58
josspykerwebito: LJL his comment is correct01:59
badkittywebito: ANyway I am using 1 Gig and its fine01:59
LjLbadkitty, ak5_: those magic numbers mostly make no sense. with today's amount of memory, what really matters is the ability to hibernate (AND to have some swap available, swap is not useless at all, just making it as big as the RAM itself will normally be more than fine)01:59
badkittyLjL: I certainly see your point02:00
=== _daemon is now known as daemon
astro762x really only "applied" when systems were less than 512 MB but it still wasn't a good "rule"02:01
sp219wtf measley 400 KB/s ubuntu download02:01
keithclarkI apologize to everyone here for being a goof.  I was just frustrated and could have asked in a better way.02:01
zelrikriandoanyone uses kino?02:01
ihatewhitewomenwhich torrent prgram in linux download the fastest? like scam bandwidth etc? :d thank you02:01
danbhfiveihatewhitewomen: try transmission02:01
yao_ziyuancurrently, i keep both a gnome-based distro and a kde-based02:01
astro76ihatewhitewomen: how about a non-offensive nick?02:02
yao_ziyuanthe gnome-based is ubuntu 7.10 with the Nimbus theme: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Nimbus+(+Ubuntu+7.10+packages+)?content=7021202:02
yao_ziyuanthe kde-based is fedora 802:02
yao_ziyuanbecause only fedora can give me both kde 3.5.8 and chinese input02:02
maximilionOK, I have sound in Quake 3 - but repetitive, like the buffer is too small02:02
maximilionConsole says: "Sound muted." and then inits to buffer size 8192 samples.02:03
LjLihatewhitewomen: please change your nickname02:03
LjL!etiquette > ihatewhitewomen    (ihatewhitewomen, see the private message from Ubotu)02:03
gw0gvqwhenever i try to edit grub i cannot it just wont show for me to edit02:03
Piciyao_ziyuan: This is a support channel, if you have a suggestion for a new default theme, I suggest you file a bug or take a look at  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/02:03
=== ihatewhitewomen is now known as stfuops
sp219!etiquette > sp21902:03
maximilionastro76: Tried disabling ESD in Gnome, didn't affect anything. I started quake3 with "aoss quake3"02:04
astro76sp219: /msg ubotu etiquette or whatever02:04
sp219yeah sorry >_<02:04
sp219in that case02:04
LjLastro76: the bot will tell them02:04
sp219i must fix my nick02:04
=== sp219 is now known as sp218
=== sp218 is now known as sp219`brb
LjL!nickspam > sp219`brb    (sp219`brb, see the private message from Ubotu)02:04
stfuopswhich torrent prgram in linux download the fastest? like scam bandwidth etc? :d thank you02:04
yao_ziyuanit is not that ubuntu's default theme is not pretty enough, but that there is currently only one pretty theme (the default)02:04
=== intarwebz_ is now known as intarwebz
maximilionPici: Do you have any ideas?02:05
yao_ziyuani want two pretty themes, so i can always switch back and forth when i get tired of one of them02:05
keithclark_Oz_ you left me hanging?!02:05
ak5_hey can someone tell me if a 7.10 live cd supports ssh out of the box and how to implement it?02:05
maximilion(About quake 3 sound)02:05
astro76maximilion: sorry I don't have any experience with it02:05
PriceChildstfuops, pm please02:05
kingnothingI'm having some performance issues watching HDTV (1080P) videos on 7.10. can anyone give me a hand fixing it?02:05
Picimaximilion: No ideas, sorry.02:06
Pelokingnothing, what format are these videos in ? what are you using to view them ?02:06
maximilionWill do a man aoss, see if that brings something02:07
kingnothingpelo: they're .mkv files, i've tried using vlc and totem. totem performs better, but it's still choppy when there's a lot going on, and the audio drops in and out. cpu is an opteron 165, 2gb ram02:07
TallHunkDanhelp on miro please -> /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/miro/frontend_implementation/Application.py:61: PangoWarning: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Tahoma 9'02:07
TallHunkDan  gtk.main()02:07
TallHunkDanWARNING  downloader: connection closed -- quitting02:07
gw0gvqhow can i change my default for my pc to boot up into windows its a dual boot02:08
Pelokingnothing, , the only thing I can suggest is to install all the gstreamer0.10 packages , that might help some, also try to view the movies with xine02:08
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, sorry to have offended.  Maybe I will find help later...thanks02:08
josspykergw0gvq: edit grub02:08
Jack_Sparrowgw0gvq: you can edit the default in grub02:08
kingnothingpelo: ok, i'll give that a shot. doesn't totem use xine for the backend?02:09
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: He will be back shortly...02:09
sparkyWhat program can I use to convert files from AVI to WMV?02:09
gw0gvqi cant seem to get grub up to edit it jack sparrow02:09
kingnothingsparky: why in god's name would you want to convert TO wmv?02:09
keithclarkjack_sparrow, my apology still stands02:09
Pelokingnothing,  by default  totem uses gstreamer as a backend, but you can make it use xine if you wish, the package name is totem-xine,  but it will remove the gstreamer support02:09
sparkykingnothing, the Xbox 360 only recognizes WMVs :/02:09
kingnothingsparky: oh :(02:09
sparkyIf I didn't have to, I wouldn't :(02:10
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: We would love to help you....02:10
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Apology accepted and we will do our best to help you.. We do try to maintain a quality room for all.02:11
keithclarkjack_sparrow, I just find this whole thing so frustrating.  From the realm of the known into something totally foreign02:11
MagoonDCan I increase the mouse sensitivity because its real slow even when its set to fast?02:11
keithclarkAnd I take it out on those who can help me most.02:11
PeloMagoonD, check in xorg.conf there migth be a variable that you can try manualy increasing, but beware , it might just screw you up02:12
MagoonDoh ok02:12
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Np...  we will get you fixed up... and running great.02:12
gw0gvqHow can I edit grub jack sparrow if it wont let me edit it please02:12
andresjstrange thing: in Firefox, some sites it tells me "Additional plugins required." but when I click in Install, it tells me that Adobe Flash Player is already installed, so I can't play some games and some sites don't work as well... This just happened recently, maybe a week or two ago.02:13
keithclarkThank you for your help and understanding Jack_Sparrow02:13
MagoonDwhere is the xorg.conf file located?02:13
Jack_Sparrowgw0gvq: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:13
* Pelo just came in to check if chat would connect, his internet is behaving very oddly, fast bittorrent but almost no browsing 02:13
danbhfiveMagoonD: locate xorg.cong02:13
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: If you want to stay around you can get this done now..  or hit it early tomorrow and be done02:13
PeloMagoonD, /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:14
gw0gvqbut i cant put it in because i cant seem to get grub up to edit it02:14
MagoonDok should i back it up before I modify it?02:14
Jack_Sparrowgw0gvq: Ok,, got it.. you cant catch grub by hitting escape after the memtest...  try a couple more times02:15
Pelogw0gvq, grub menu.lst is a admin permission file,  edit it by typing  gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst in the terminal02:15
PeloMagoonD, always a good idea02:15
maximilionastro76: Hmm, here's something... aplay -l lists my USB sound card fine, but "alsamixer" yields "no mixer elems found!"02:15
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, it is only 9:00 pm in my time zone.  I can wait if convenient to you.02:15
MagoonDcool thanks02:15
kingnothingis there any video player that takes advantage of smp?02:15
Pelosmp ?02:15
kingnothingmultiple processors02:15
maximilionsymmetric multiprocessing02:16
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: LEts see if someone can do this.. wife has dinner on the table...02:16
Pelokingnothing, i'm not sure this would be handle at the application end of things02:16
gw0gvqyes pelo i tried that but i'll try again02:16
TallHunkDan/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/miro/frontend_implementation/Application.py:61: PangoWarning: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Tahoma 9'02:16
TallHunkDan  gtk.main()02:16
TallHunkDanWARNING  downloader: connection closed -- quitting02:16
Jack_SparrowPelo: gw0gvq was not at cli...02:16
TallHunkDanhelp on miro02:16
sparkySo does anyone know of an AVI to WMV converter?02:16
PeloJack_Sparrow, I would assumed as much :-)02:17
Dr_williswhy would you want to convert from avi to wmv?02:17
Dr_willis!info avidmux02:17
ubotuPackage avidmux does not exist in gutsy02:17
Jack_SparrowPelo: Think you can help keithclark setup file sharing on home network?02:17
Pelosparky, I think avidemux might let you do that02:17
joshritgerwhy does adobe flash player use almost 100 cpu usage. It is a video from  online?02:17
sparkyWell, the Xbox 360 only recognizes WMVs :/02:17
joshritgerIt is adobe flash player 902:18
PeloJack_Sparrow, I "know" I can't help him set up file sharieng on a home network02:18
kjozanyone here have some experience with running parallels ? (XP as guest OS) running under Ubuntu (Host)02:18
sparkyI have Gutsy, and evidently avidemux doesn't work on Gutsy :/02:18
Pelojoshritger, it does so on certain site, don't know why , you are not the only one02:18
sparkykjoz, install VMware Player02:18
Pelojoshritger, actualy it's not so much flash but firevox.,bin if you check the processes02:18
kjozVMware Player a lot better ?02:19
joshritgerPelo: it is from hulu.com, a beta site for watching tv shows.02:19
TallHunkDanhelp on miro02:19
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, you are a very kind person but if I could offer on kind piece of advice....and maybe not justly....have a little tolerance for us frustrated new guys.  I know I was a tough one.......I understand that.  I hope this comes off as a good thing.02:19
kjozParallels is horrible, trying to get wireless working on it02:19
joshritgerPelo: any better way to watch these videos?02:19
Pelokjoz, you might want to look for a parallel channel,  it's the newest player02:19
yurimxpxmanare there any good word processors for the tty?02:19
reportingsjrThis isn't really for help, but anyone know any good games for linux?02:19
Pelojoshritger, I prefer torrents myself02:19
reportingsjrWith good graphics, want to test my system :)02:19
joshritgerPelo: I have to sign in before I can watch them, would a diff browser be better? Any suggestions?02:20
sparkykjoz, works just fine, though as anything else, it's a bit laggy.  You'll have to either create or download the guest OS, but that's the only challenge02:20
Pelo!games > reportingsjr02:20
LjL!gbood > reportingsjr    (reportingsjr, see the private message from Ubotu)02:20
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Understood, but sometimes we need to get tough to get someones attention long enough to help them.02:20
keithclarkJack_Sparrow.....it worked.02:20
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: No malice intended02:20
Pelojoshritger,  I don'T realy have a suggestion , you can try with epiphany or with opera maybe see if it is better02:20
keithclarkNone taken02:20
joshritgerthanks for the help Pelo02:21
PeloLjL,  stop making stuff up02:21
reportingsjrPelo, Well, I was looking for a game that is graphics intensive.02:21
LjLPelo: what, you never played gbood?02:21
LjLreportingsjr: compiz02:21
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, thanks, I feel so much better.  Even if my problem is not solved, I feel better.02:22
reportingsjrLjL, A _game_ :p. I have compiz already.02:22
Peloreportingsjr, there is someting with bubble in the title, the graphics looked nice,  don't remember the exact name, check in add/remove under games02:22
PeloLjL, no , I just lke playing with ppl's nerves02:22
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Glad to hear it.. It was frustrating for me when I started too.02:22
LjLreportingsjr, fire up your favorite tag-supporting package manager and look for things that are tagged "game" and "3g"02:22
LjL... 3d even02:23
dcesiel_Hey could someone help me get my intel 3945 working?  It's been working and it stopped after a few recent kernel upgrades02:23
* Pelo wonders how much LjL has had to drink 02:23
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark: Hope to see you back soon and get you fixed up.. I gotta go, I am getting that LOOK.. from the wife02:23
keithclarkJack_Sparrow.....Yup, I believe it.  You are ingrained with only one way to do things.  Change is difficult to say the least.02:23
LjLPelo: one pretty expensive beers... but the thing with typos is that once you start you can't stop02:23
Pelodcesiel_, the quickest solution is for you to boot the previous kernel02:23
keithclarkJack_Sparrow, go eat!02:23
PeloLjL,  yeah, just like peanuts02:24
dcesiel_Pelo: I would just like to get this working02:24
Jack_SparrowThanks.. goodnight02:24
Pelog'night Jack_Sparrow02:24
swj /msg NickServ IDENTIFY +essiso02:24
maximilionnn Jack_Sparrow02:24
LjLswj: suggestion, change that02:24
* Pelo notes swj 's password02:24
maximilionThanks a lot!02:24
sparkyNow use /ns set password new-pass02:24
LjLswj: other suggestion, do it in the server tab next time02:24
sparkyIs there another program that can convert to WMV? Because I don't think I can run avidmux under gutsy02:25
Dr_willisi run avidmux under gutsy all the time02:25
alanbshepard70ubuntu stopped mounting my ipod when I plug it in. The ipod gets recognized by the system but never mounts like it did when I installed ubuntu. I made no system changes between working and not working.02:25
danbhfivesparky: I just tried avidmux under gutsy, its fine02:26
swjThanks! good thing02:26
sparkyHmm ok.02:26
swjI did'nt remember the whole password02:26
sparkyI suppose trying couldn't hurt02:26
Dr_williswhats so special about wmv?  as far as i know wmv is just a conatiner. for whatever codev the video is.02:26
sparkyOh, and thank you mouseboyx02:26
Dr_willisof course that goes for a lot of the extensions. :)02:26
swjshows how much I use IRC02:26
swjsparky thanks for the quick command to change password02:27
alanbshepard70How can I fix this issue? I tried a few tips found on google and in the forums but none worked. They mainly involved fstab. I can mount the ipod using fstab but It's mounted with root permissions and I can't use it that way. Also I have to do it manually each time.02:27
Dr_willisalanbshepard70,  withthe proper fstab entry/options the user can mount/unmount the device.02:28
Peloalanbshepard70, you need to set the proper permission in fstab then , paste the relevant fstab line here so we can have a look02:28
_Oz_keithclark still around?02:28
Peloalanbshepard70,  jsut the one line , not the whole thing02:29
maximilionalsamixer: no mixer elems found. Thread recommends I install alsa stuff. Should I "purge" old stuff first, and how?02:29
maximilionHi Dr_willis02:29
keithclark_Oz_ you bet02:29
alanbshepard70/dev/sdc2 /media/ipod auto auto,users,umask=0000 0 002:29
_Oz_keith, ok02:29
_Oz_are you still at that dialog box?02:29
_Oz_I had a sick baby that needed my attention, I'm sorry I left you hanging.02:29
keithclarkyou bet02:29
_Oz_please be patient, we're all volunteers in here.02:29
Peloalanbshepard70, the last 0 should be a 1 I beleive02:30
shawn_selig29hi guys02:30
_Oz_ok, keith, at the dialog box02:30
_Oz_Leave both the Unix & Windows network support options ticked, and click Install Services02:30
=== metelliu1 is now known as metellius
shawn_selig29i need somebody to help me walk thorught the ubuntu alternate cd text mode install02:30
alanbshepard70Pelo: ok thanks I'll try it. Do I need to log off and reboot for settings to take effect or can I test it right away?02:30
_Oz_keith: samba will now be downloaded and installed02:30
_Oz_wait for the installation to complete and you'll get a "changes applied" message02:31
Peloalanbshepard70, there is a command to reload fstab for the changes to be taken into acount but I can never remember it02:31
maximilionIs "sudo apt-get purge install <package"s> correct?02:31
maximilion(Well, apart from the misplaced "02:31
Pelomaximilion,  sudo apt-get remove packagename --purge02:31
keithclark_Oz_ I have two choices....SMB or NFS02:31
alanbshepard70Pelo: Ok I google that command. If this works how can I get ubuntu to auto mount the ipod whenever I plug it in so I don't have to manually do it?02:31
_Oz_choose SMB02:32
maximilionPelo: But can't you install at the same time? "Replace completely?"02:32
_Oz_are you still at that dialog box?  leave both of them ticked02:32
_Oz_smb and NFS02:32
Peloalanbshepard70, I'm not sure,  I was just correcting the permission bit on that line,  if it mounted before for root it will now mount for the current users02:32
alanbshepard70Pelo: Ok.02:33
keithclark _Oz_ I cannot share both....I have a choice02:33
Pelomaximilion, --purge is to completely remove the settings and other things associated with the pacakge, so instaling with a purge seems a bit odd to me02:33
_Oz_you're one step further than I thought you were02:33
keithclarkno problem02:33
maximilionPelo: Just want to "reinstall" alsa stuff02:33
_Oz_yes, choose SMB02:33
_Oz_now another dialog box pops up, keith02:34
_Oz_called "share folder"02:34
_Oz_do you see it?02:34
maximilionPelo: Which is the proper way? Just sudo apt-get install alsa-blah as if it had never been installed before?02:34
Pelomaximilion, remove --purge first,  then install again02:34
feldI installed Gutsy on a RAID1->Encrypted->LVM->LVMROOT/SWAP/HOME and it won't boot all the way through02:34
oboy03i accidentaly made my resolution to something my monitor cant handle, now im in the live CD, how can i change my resolution02:34
keithclark_Oz_ yes02:34
_Oz_remove the tick on the "read only" box02:34
feldWhat does the grub need to be so it will let me decrypt the LVM partition so it can finish booting?02:34
_Oz_then hit "OK"02:34
keithclarkI don't get that02:35
Pelooboy03, mount the hdd,  find /etc/X11/xorg.conf remove the offending resolution02:35
zappitelli16Hey I need to install Gstreamer plugins to view a video clip, but when I try to confirm installation, it says that gstreamer conflicts with other applications. Does anyone know how to locate the conflicts and remove them?02:35
keithclark_Oz_ I just want to share a printer here02:35
Pelo!lvm | feld02:35
ubotufeld: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO02:35
_Oz_which computer is the printer hooked up to02:35
maximilionHmm, says libasound2 replaces alsa-headers. Is that normal? (I'm following a howto to make alsamixer not return 'no mixer elems found.'02:36
_Oz_the ubuntu machine?02:36
andresjstrange thing: in Firefox, some sites it tells me "Additional plugins required." but when I click in Install, it tells me that Adobe Flash Player is already installed, so I can't play some games and some sites don't work as well... This just happened recently, maybe a week or two ago.02:36
keithclarkMaybe I should talk to those guys?02:36
zappitelli16Hey I need to install Gstreamer plugins to view a video clip, but when I try to confirm installation, it says that gstreamer conflicts with other applications. Does anyone know how to locate the conflicts and remove them? Thanks.02:36
Pelomaximilion, you are out of my league at this point02:36
maximilionCouldn't install either one of them, alsamixer still says 'no mixer elems found' and alsamixergui won't start.02:37
_Oz_you're almost there, keith02:37
oboy03Pelo: i cant edit it while in liv cd02:37
_Oz_just stay with me02:37
keithclark_Oz_ ok02:37
Pelomaximilion, check your user permission, make sure you are allowed to use sound devices02:37
_Oz_you need to go to one of your XP computers now02:37
_Oz_before you do that02:37
Pelooboy03, yes you can,  you need to edit the one from the hdd , not the one from the live cd02:38
_Oz_launch a terminal02:38
Pelomeoblast001,  you are here02:38
_Oz_go to applications -> accessories -> terminal02:38
neopsychehi i need to change kdelibs4c2a to kdelibs4c202:38
maximilionPelo: Well here's the problem: Sound works fine everywhere, except in one game, quake 3. I want to learn how to fix it, so I will be able to play other id games.02:38
_Oz_tell me when you have the terminal window open02:38
meoblast001Pelo: yes.... with my half broken computer that is making me ANGRY02:38
oboy03pelo: You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.02:38
neopsychecan anyone help with above problem?02:38
keithclark_Oz_ terminal done02:38
Somebodyi've broke dpkg, how do i fix it02:38
Pelomaximilion, are you running quake through wine or is this a linux version ?02:38
_Oz_keith: what's your username in ubuntu?02:38
meoblast001Pelo: i just did a fresh install of Ubuntu deleting most of my preferences and stuff and my error did not get fixed.... im gonna upload a video of my error if you want to see it02:39
zappitelli16Hey guys I need some help,  I need to install Gstreamer plugins to view a video clip, but when I try to confirm installation, it says that gstreamer conflicts with other applications. Does anyone know how to locate the conflicts and remove them?02:39
Pelooboy03,  open the file from the command line using gksu gedit /path/.....02:39
maximilionPelo: Pure Linux quake 3 original02:39
_Oz_in the terminal type this:02:39
_Oz_sudo smbpasswd -L -a keith02:39
SomebodyE: I wasn't able to locate file for the autopanopro package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.02:39
neopsychewhat is backporting.. is this what i need to do?>02:39
_Oz_then press 'enter'02:39
maximilionPelo: Game works fine, and with aoss I manage to get sound... very choppy02:39
_Oz_it'll ask you for your password02:39
_Oz_type it in02:39
_Oz_then it asks for new SMB password02:40
Pelomaximilion, check in the sound settings make sure that the proper device is selectedfor all the sound events02:40
_Oz_type in your original password again02:40
_Oz_then you have to re-type it :)02:40
_Oz_so far so good?02:40
maximilionPelo: If you mean in Preferences, yes it works02:40
Pelomeoblast001, just tell me what the error is02:40
neopsychedoes anyone know how to 'downgrade' a package?02:40
Pelomaximilion,  and is there anything in the quake prefs that you can set ?02:40
Pelo!sound > maximilion check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu  there might be something in there02:41
meoblast001Pelo: the font on my login screen is super huge..... and the gnome panel is super huge for a split second on login.... and occationally the title bars are super huge too02:42
Peloneopsyche, look in synaptic,  search for the pacakge,  right click , properties  there shoudl be someting in there, or in the menu ( once the package is selected)02:42
oboy03Pelo: is this correct gksu gedit hda1/etc/x11/xorg.conf02:42
Pelomeoblast001, ok , very odd, first I hvae ever heard of this,  gimme a minute to think on it02:42
_Oz_now type this: sudo smbpasswd -L -e keith02:43
meoblast001Pelo: k.... and i reinstalled the OS and it still does it02:43
Pelooboy03, should be someting like  /media/disk1/etc....02:43
Pelooboy03,  assuming the hdd gets mounted to your desktop02:43
maximilionPelo: I think the only problem is that I have no alsamixer: No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.02:43
meoblast001Pelo: i run a Dell Inspiron 6000 i38602:43
maximilion(When I try to open the volume control)02:43
Pelomeoblast001, gimme the specs of your comp02:44
Pelomeoblast001,  video card ?02:44
maximilionPelo: aplay -l lists my device, and Prefs/Sound has USB audio on all events02:44
Pelomaximilion, do you have a volume icon in the top pannel ?02:44
maximilionyes, with a cross02:44
Pelomaximilion, trhis is a usb audio card ?02:44
maximilionred x02:44
maximilionyes, and mmusbaudio installed fine02:44
_Oz_I think I lost keith02:45
Pelomaximilion,  taht sounds like a muted volume ,  right click02:45
meoblast001Pelo: sadly... i dont know that one02:45
meoblast001Pelo: i think its intel02:45
tokerhi all.. what tool do I need to use to add a user to the system?02:45
maximilionPelo: Mute box is unchecked02:45
Pelomaximilion, rather,  open a terminal, type   alsamixer , make sure all sliders are up and not muted02:45
neopsychePelo: thanks02:45
meoblast001Pelo: this is a recent update and i believe it may be a Ubuntu bug.... since it carried on to my new install02:45
Pelomeoblast001, open a terminal and type lspci , see what is listed02:46
maximilionPelo: As I said, I can't. It returns "no mixer elems found"02:46
oboy03Pelo: no luck02:46
bazhanghmm strange question; I have two updates, one is firefox, the other is the flash one--but the other day Riddell helped me through upgrading the flash non-free; will this second update negate the first one and possibly bork my system flash wise?02:46
Pelomeoblast001,  did your comp work well before witu ubuntu I mean ?02:46
meoblast001Pelo: it did work well before02:47
maximilionPelo: Which is why I followed the howto and tried to reinstall alsa stuff, but all of it was up to date02:47
bazhangwell going to update anyway and see what happens ;]02:47
meoblast001Pelo: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller02:47
Pelooboy03, boot the recovery mode of your installed ubuntu ,  type sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf  edit it from there02:47
Pelomeoblast001, well installing 915 resolution might help a bit possibly but I donT, think so02:47
oboy03Pelo: how do i go to the recovery mode?02:48
sp219`brbchose recovery mode from the boot menu02:48
Pelomaximilion, sorry I am out of ideas, maybe someone else02:48
oboy03boot menu of the live CD?02:48
meoblast001Pelo: ill just get over it..... or downgrade to feisty..... if i had time to download it02:48
meoblast001Pelo: or i could just stop using computers since they piss me off anyways02:49
shawn_selig29im finally installing latest gusty ubuntu version on my laptop..i hope itll run good02:49
Pelooboy03, no take out the live cd and boot from the hard drive, you can select the recovery mode from the grub boot menu, if you don'T usualy get the boot menu on startup,  type esc just after the bios stuff and taht will get you in the boot menu02:49
zappitelli16Hey does anyone know how to troubleshoot gstreamer installation?02:50
Pelomeoblast001,  I recommend the latter,  RL as so much to offer and you can actualy touch the women02:50
Peloshawn_selig29, best of luck02:50
Pelo zappitelli16 what is wrong with the gstreamer install you have now ?02:50
_Oz_what's the last thing you did02:51
meoblast001Pelo: your confusing me..... why are we talking about touching women and whats RL02:51
zappitelli16I tried to download a video file, and it said I needed additional plugins, when I tried to install them, An error message came up saying they conflicted with other packages.02:51
Pelomeoblast001, RL = real life , as opposed to computer02:51
Pelozappitelli16, what was the file ?02:52
meoblast001Pelo: im working on real life too and its pissing me off just as much02:52
Pelomeoblast001,  you are out of options02:52
meoblast001Pelo: my high school years might just be starting but i can tell that ppl are gonna hate me forever02:52
meoblast001Pelo: ive considered suicide02:52
zappitelli16said I needed Gstreamer extra plugins, and Gstreamer ffmpeg video plugin, but wouldn't tell me which files were conflicting.02:52
Pelomeoblast001, not in this channel please02:52
meoblast001Pelo: k02:53
meoblast001Pelo: you brought it up02:53
_Oz_let's everyone calm down02:53
Pelomeoblast001, high-school is hell for everyone, don'T worry so much about it, you'll get throught it02:53
Pelomeoblast001,  and buy other ppl donuts,  it makes them like you a bit more02:53
Pici!ot | Pelo meoblast00102:54
maximilionPelo: np. I'm sure I will fix it by getting some volume control package. But I don't know what to install. :(02:54
ubotuPelo meoblast001: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:54
meoblast001Pelo: ive tried the buying friends thing... .doesnt last long...02:54
Pelozappitelli16, open synaptic,   menu > system > admin > synaptic pacakge manager , search for gstreamer0.10 ,  install everythng you see02:54
_Oz_keith: /join #keithhelp02:54
meoblast001Pelo: didnt mean to go off topic..... i just dont know how to fix this02:54
bazhangwell the update went well--seems two fixes dont do any harm ;]02:54
Pelomaximilion,  I suggest you check in the forum for your usb sound card model , or try in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport02:55
danbhfive!who > _Oz_02:55
Pelomeoblast001, check in menu < ysstem > admin > restricted driver manager, see if there anyting there that wants to be installed02:56
meoblast001Pelo: just a modem i dont use02:56
JamesinatorWhen I first start Ubuntu, my network is disconnected and doesn't connect automatically. I have to manually do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" every time I log in. How can I fix this?02:57
Po_Tae_toesguys i just installed ubuntu and i coudent update at the time  of install  so i was wondering ware i should go from hear02:58
Pelomeoblast001, I suggest you try asking in here periodicaly, different days, different time of day, different crowds with varrying skill sets and such , also give the quake ppl a try , they might have a work around02:58
Po_Tae_toesi mananaged to install this irc program but thats it02:58
JediMasterif I setup an encrypted LVM on setup, will I need to provide the passphrase every time the machine boots?02:58
PeloPo_Tae_toes, don't worry about it too much the updates will come when they become avaialble02:58
meoblast001Pelo: thats what ive been doing02:58
Po_Tae_toesok well what about helping me run my laptop thorugh svideo cord into my tv i wanna plau a movie can i get help with that?02:59
Dr_willisPo_Tae_toes,  first of all  - what video card is in the laptop.03:00
ubotuFor help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)03:00
* sigma waves hell03:00
Po_Tae_toesty so much guys03:00
mttrmeoblast001 have to tryed posting on the ubuntu forum... you might get a better of quick responce03:00
sigmaer.... hello*03:00
* Pelo glares at sigma 03:00
meoblast001mttr: ill try that03:00
Po_Tae_toesi have a intel graphics card03:00
Po_Tae_toesdr willis03:00
* sigma informs Pelo that his name means hair03:00
JamesinatorWhen I first start Ubuntu, my network is disconnected and doesn't connect automatically. I have to manually do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart" every time I log in. How can I fix this?03:00
webbhawkdotcomI have a question03:01
neopsycheHi, i wanted to uninstall kdelibs4c2a but now it says it will install a bunch of other packages too such as open office and amarok .. and others .. and i need them! So what do i do to get kalva working.. which is exactly what i need.. but has dependency problem kdelibs4c2 instead of kdelibs4c2a03:01
Vad1How can I alt+tab out of full-screen games?03:01
neopsycheplease help anyone.03:01
webbhawkdotcomdid ubuntu ever finish there remaster scripts03:01
=== flavio__ is now known as Flavio
mttrjamesinator.. did this start just randomly or has this been a on going issue03:01
Dr_willisPo_Tae_toes,  you may want to check what the bot just posted. I have No experience with intel cards.03:01
mouseboyxVad1, try ctrl+alt+right arrow.03:02
Jamesinatormttr: Ongoing, this Ralink wireless card has been a constant headache03:02
Vad1mouseboyx: ok, brb03:02
bazhangneopsyche: what is kalva and where are you installing it from03:02
zappitelli16okay pelo I installed all of the gstreamer packages now what?03:02
Vad1mouseboyx: actually I tried that, doesn't work03:02
Pelozappitelli16, try your file agai03:02
Po_Tae_toesi rember on windows right click on destop go to exstended destop03:02
Po_Tae_toesbut il check the bots post03:02
mouseboyxVad1, most game don't come with support for that, sorry, I wonder this myself.03:02
mttrWhat about puting in the start up script.. would kind of solve the problem.. not elegant.. but could work03:02
neopsychebazhang.. kalva is a lightweight tv viewing and timed recording application for analog tv cards.03:03
zappitelli16the error still comes up, it says that the conflicting software must be removed first03:03
bazhangneopsyche: I had two questions03:03
Jamesinatormttr: I believe you mean the Sessions list, and no, that would prompt me for a password every time since the command needs to be run as root or under sudo.03:03
Pelozappitelli16, is this a file you are streaming &?03:03
neopsycheI am trying to install the .deb file from http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=2338103:03
zappitelli16nevermind, It worked now, I just redownloaded it.03:04
neopsychebazhang: hold on .. can only give you information at a certain speed.03:04
Peloneopsyche, download it to your desktop and then dbl click on it03:04
neopsychePelo: this i have done.03:04
Peloneopsyche,  and the issue is ?03:04
kandinskiis the medibuntu repository still needed in 7.10?03:04
neopsychePelo: but now it has a dependency problem needing kdelibs4c2 instead of kdelibs4c2a03:04
mttrwhat about modprobe type approach03:04
Jamesinatormttr: You'd have to elaborate.03:04
bazhangneopsyche: not a good idea to downgrade things that have other apps depending on them03:05
sigmaI believe my bluetooth adapter is boycotting linux >_>03:05
neopsychePelo: how can i 'downgrade' without having to uninstall the other apps ?03:05
Peloneopsyche,  open synaptic  (menu > system> admin > synaptic package manager ) and do a search for those pacakges03:05
neopsychePelo: already have done this.03:05
neopsychePelo: what should i do next?03:05
olpc_nnim on the olpc $100 laptop03:05
Peloneopsyche,  sorry I missread your dependency line03:06
sigmait refuses to let linux control it.... yet it works :O its freaky.... right now I'm using a bluetooth mouse that was paired in windows. It works perfectly, but I can't control the connection through linux bluetooth module03:06
mttrwell i had a simular problem with pclinux.. it turned out a sky2 module was not being loaded for some reason.03:06
Peloneopsyche, what is this app anyway ?03:06
neopsychePelo: kalva03:06
mttrjust trying to remember how i fixed03:06
neopsychePelo: bazhang.. what do you propose?03:06
bazhangneopsyche: this is why new users should not go mucking about and installing lots of third party software--safer to stay within the repos and find something that works equally well03:06
bazhang!info kalva03:07
ubotuPackage kalva does not exist in gutsy03:07
neopsychebazhang: could you recommend a simple program to record tv using an analog tv card03:07
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:07
neopsychebazhang: that is within the repos03:07
neopsychebazhang: could you recommend a simple program to record tv using an analog tv card from within the repos03:07
olpc_nnthat goes for distros with apt-get i personally prefer emerge03:07
neopsychebazhang: Not myth tv as this is overkill for my needs.. something equivilant to kalva03:07
bazhangneopsyche: simple? er not so much--there are solutions, but not one click type deals03:07
Peloneopsyche, don'T know realy you shoudln'T have to downgrade a dependency , as the newer ones are suppose to be able to support apps that needed the previous ones03:08
olpc_nnyum is a bit anoyinh03:08
neopsychebazhang: kalva is a one click type deal03:08
IndyGunFreakyum can't carry apt's jockstrap03:08
PeloI have to go, geetting late03:08
=== amidanie4 is now known as amidaniel
Pelog'night all03:08
neopsychePelo: why do you think it is giving me the error03:08
Pelog'night IndyGunFreak03:08
Peloneopsyche,  no idea03:08
IndyGunFreakPelo: ciao.. have a good night03:08
neopsychePelo: heres a message from the software author regarding installation on ubuntu03:08
JediMasteranyone know if you need to give the keyphrase every time you reboot if you setup ubuntu with the encrypted LVM option?03:09
KlrSp1anyone know how to fsck an ntfs drive?03:09
neopsychePelo: As my main distribution is a SUSE 10.0 and my breezy badger is only running in a vmplayer I can not give any garantee that this package will install and function for you.03:09
bazhang!info xawtv03:09
ubotuxawtv (source: xawtv): X11 TV application. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.95.dfsg.1-6ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 241 kB, installed size 704 kB03:09
PriceChildJediMaster, because its encrypted.... and the password isneeded to unlock it?03:09
bazhangsee above neopsyche03:09
jscinozhey guys, my display has a strange refresh rate of "59.99" and this causes problems with a game that requires it to be a "normal" refresh rate (ie 60 or 75). is there any way i can force it to 60?03:09
bwahaany solution for ubuntu + asus k8vmx motherboard ?03:09
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
neopsychebazhang: xawtv is not equivelant to klava as there is no gui timed recording function and no recording to formats such as FLV / Xvid etc.03:10
KlrSp1jscinoz: yes, i believe a modeline is what you're looking for? or you can set your vert and hor. refresh ranges03:10
soldatsjscinoz: you should be able to do it in the mode section in xorg.conf03:10
jscinozklrsp1 and how would i do that?03:10
ick5555is aufs available in ubuntu?03:10
jscinozok thanks03:10
bazhangneopsyche: arent you the one who was asking about setting up myth tv a while back?03:10
neopsychebazhang: the recording branch of xawtv is xdtv .. which .. ALSO doesnt work on ubuntu.03:10
neopsychebazhang: perhaps.. but i have realised that myth tv is not most suited to my needs.03:11
KlrSp1jscinoz: in your xorg.conf file03:11
neopsychebazhang: myth tv has lots of extra things i do not need.03:11
bazhangneopsyche: too tough to set up?03:11
neopsychebazhang: i am looking for a program like either kalva or xdtv03:11
jscinozklrsp1 whats the synax of the mode line?03:12
jscinozatm it just uses nvidia-auto-select03:12
neopsychebazhang: not necessarily too tough .. just that why would I want all that.. when mostly i just want to press record when i need to .. and perhaps a simple calender.03:12
bazhang!info tvtime03:12
ubotutvtime (source: tvtime): A high quality television application. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-0.3ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 678 kB, installed size 1932 kB03:12
KlrSp1jscinoz: google helps...03:12
neopsychebazhang: why is it so difficult to install kalva and xdtv03:12
bazhangneopsyche: mythtv is simple compared to the headaches you will face after you have broken the dependencies for amarok, etc. installing klarva03:13
neopsychebazhang: tvtime does not have the recording feature which is exactly what i have been going on about for the last few minutes.03:13
ader10How do I replace the regular flash with gnash? (I didn't install flash from command line, I used firefox's plugin automated thing)03:14
wers I want to make the icons that appear in alt+tab larger. something like the ones in xfce. any idea on how to do it? :D03:14
mttr<meoblast001>  /etc/init.d/networking.sh is there a file like that in that directory..03:14
neopsychebazhang: could you please help me install tvtime.. does tv time have a simple interface for my pc.. instead of the stupid interface .. (stupid in the sense that i dont need it) for the external tv.03:14
neopsychebazhang: *misteak.. i was referring to myth tv03:15
neopsychebazhang: above. not tvtime03:15
maximilionHi bazhang :)03:15
bazhangneopsyche: you want help installing some thirdy party stuff that will assuredly break you ubuntu install? likely not to be found in this channel03:15
neopsychebazhang: no! i just asked you to help me install myth tv.03:15
mttrmeoblast001   /etc/init.d/networking.sh is there a file like that in that directory..03:16
Mobushello #ubuntu03:16
neopsychebazhang: I just asked you to help me install myth tv.. is this not supported?03:17
* maximilion is suspecting his USB sound card didn't get autodetected on install, installed mmusbaudio, worked everywhere but in 1 game... now I can't start "alsamixer". 03:17
MobusI'm upgrading to 7.10 right now, does that have any sort of dual monitor support with it?03:17
neopsychebazhang: your comment.. neopsyche: you want help installing some thirdy party stuff that will assuredly break you ubuntu install? likely not to be found in this channel03:17
jscinozis there a vga mode (for the consoles) that is 1280x800?03:17
neopsychebazhang: after considering .. i asked you to help me install myth tv.. could you help me?03:17
Pici!mythtv | neopsyche03:17
ubotuneopsyche: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV03:17
bazhanghttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=736&num=1 neopsyche best do some reading first and see if you are serious about this--a time investment is involved as is plenty of reading03:17
neopsychebazhang: why cant i just install a simpler program then?03:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about monitor - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:18
bazhanghttp://www.ehomeupgrade.com/entry/2934/how-to_build_your neopsyche also here03:18
ader10Flash uses 90 percent of my cpu. Might be important: 64bit, doesn't matter what flash version it is, and in both firefox and opera. Help please, I'm having a hard time using any flash site without compromising system functionality!03:18
jscinozHey guys, i just installed alien-arena from the official repos, but the sound is horribly crackly any ideas how to fix this?03:18
neopsychebazhang: why .. in all the infinite wisdom of the ubuntu community in all these years .. has nobody included xdtv in the repositories.03:18
bazhangneopsyche: no idea--never watch tv myself so really cant help you with the whys and wherefores03:19
neopsyche(infinite wisdom regarding xdtv.)03:19
maximilionbazhang: I think it's an easy fix - probably alsa or gstreamer weren't properly installed before mmusbaudio... will a reinstall of alsa stuff fix it?03:19
bazhangneopsyche: infinite wisdom watching tv...03:19
neopsychebazhang: I dont see what 'watching tv' has to do with it. I am mainly looking to use this to 'RECORD' tv not to watch it live.. which is why i need programs other than tvtime etc.03:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flgrx - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:20
Pici!ati | Mobus03:20
ubotuMobus: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:20
neopsychebazhang: what do you mean infinite wizdom watching tv?03:20
bazhangneopsyche: I am not sure what you are on about--mythtv is not some insuperable obstacle03:20
havok01 /j #ubuntu03:22
neopsychebazhang: my issue is .. WHY on a distribution that is one of the premier distributions of linux operating system.. is there no simple solution.. MOST people dont want a FRONTEND/BACKEND hours of setup .. most people want something for their tv card similar to tvtime.. but with RECORD function .. so they can press a button.. configure the codec they want . and quite simply RECORD their video....03:22
neopsyche... ITS hard to beleive that on a distro as popular as UBUNTU there is not software for this.. makes a person want to move to SUSE!03:22
gw0gvqplease can you tell me how i open a terminal only i know nothing about linux but want to03:23
ader10Flash uses 90 percent of my cpu. Might be important: 64bit, doesn't matter what flash version it is, and in both firefox and opera. Help please, I'm having a hard time using any flash site without compromising system functionality!03:23
bazhangneopsyche: they have a channel as well-----> #suse03:23
neopsychebazhang: how is myth tv better than kalva for my needs.03:23
neopsychebazhang: YES i know they have a channel.. i just so happen to have already installed ubuntu and at this point finding a solution on ubuntu makes more sense alongside the hundreds of hours of package installations and configurations as well as other data on my system .. wouldnt you say?03:24
Picineopsyche: Do you have a support question? or are you just venting?03:25
Blue_SassleyPici, I think he is venting03:25
nrossinI need help.  I logged out of my account, the screen went completely blank, and now nothing.  I can't Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.  I'm using a different terminal but can no longer switch back to terminal 7.  What can I do?03:25
bazhangneopsyche: glad to help if you have a question other than the philosophical 'why doesnt ubuntu do this'? type03:25
neopsychePici: i have asked support questions.. but have not got answers to try to solve it .. i have had more than 3 attempts to redirect me to other packages that dont suit my needs.03:25
neopsychebazhang: how can i install kalva03:26
Picineopsyche: Then perhaps we dont know what your needs are/we dont have answers for you.03:26
bazhangneopsyche: you want a single package or two that ubuntu do not have kalva and xdtv or whatever03:26
nrossinHow do I kill the xserver on tty7?03:27
nrossinIt locked up.... again.03:27
* maximilion guessed wildly: xkill doesn't work?03:27
Johnny_5nrossin: u could Ctrl-Alt-F1 log in and su reboot03:27
neopsychebazhang: anything any package that is simple to install that will record tv from my analog tv card.. which has an interface in gui for doing so.. and is based on ffmepeg or mencoder03:27
questionallthingSide Note: I just got my broadcom wireless working. yay for me.03:28
nickrudnrossin: try sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart in that terminal03:28
questionallthingok done self back patting03:28
neopsychebazhang: the package should specifically be for recording tv03:28
Johnny_5nrossin: that's what i would do if nothing else worked03:28
maximilionPici: What is the "audio" group called in Ubuntu?03:28
nrossinnickrud: I can't get to that terminal, it's fully locked up.03:28
zelrikriandoI need help with kino...03:28
nickrudnrossin: in the terminal you are in, I meant03:28
nrossinJohnny_5: I would do that, but would that cleanly unmount all my drives?03:28
Picimaximilion: audio03:28
neopsyche Pici: see above.. do you know what my needs are now ?03:28
maximilionPici: I can find no such group.03:28
neopsychebazhang: thanks for the help.. if you could .. can you compile kalva for gutsy?03:29
Johnny_5nrossin: sorry that's all i got03:29
nickrudnrossin: I was assuming you were in another console, since you specified the tty703:29
nrossinnickrud: Okay, so that started gdm in tty3, but what happened to everything on tty7?03:29
bazhangneopsyche: let me take a quick look03:29
neopsychebazhang: ok thanks03:30
nickrudnrossin: should be back in tty7, possibly 8.03:30
nrossinnickrud: Ah, nevermind... I didn't the intelligent thing and found out for myself :)03:30
questionallthingQ: How do I retrieve my root password? I don't remember setting it up in installation for 7.10 Client.03:30
Pici!root | questionallthing03:30
ubotuquestionallthing: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:30
neopsychebazhang: http://hafizpariabi.blogspot.com/2007/12/install-kalva-in-kubuntu-gutsy.html03:30
questionallthingwell i type sudo and i can do it nicely but i want to actually be a root user just so i can dig further03:31
questionallthingmore for self exploration then anything03:31
nrossinNow, I never really use different consoles, but is there a benefit to running time consuming terminal commands in a separate console?03:31
Johnny_5questionallthing: go to a terminal type: sudo passwd root03:31
nickrudquestionallthing: sudo -i03:31
Pici!noroot | Johnny_503:31
ubotuJohnny_5: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)03:31
questionallthingoh ok :)03:31
maximilionPici: My problem really is that sound card is recognized, sound works, but alsamixer says "no mixer elems found", so I have NO volume control.03:31
ader10Flash uses 90 percent of my cpu. Might be important: 64bit, doesn't matter what flash version it is, and in both firefox and opera. Help please, I'm having a hard time using any flash site without compromising system functionality!03:31
nickrudah, ompaul's blanket prohibition :)03:31
bazhangneopsyche: I saw that but it is for kubuntu--I am guessing you are using ubuntu and not the kde variant03:32
Picimaximilion: I'm not an expert on sound issues... so..03:32
Pici!sound > maximilion (Please see the private messsage from ubotu)03:32
neopsychebazhang: i have kde variant but gnome is my gui of choice03:32
maximilionPici: Been there.03:32
neopsychebazhang: i have kde installed as second session03:32
Johnny_5ader10: how old is ur comp?03:32
neopsychebazhang: surely if it can be compilied for kubuntu it could be compiled for ubuntu?03:33
_Oz_i'm running compiz now.  SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo cool!03:33
Picineopsyche: You can run any KDE application in Ubuntu.03:33
neopsychePici: thanks03:33
neopsychePici: can you compile kalva for gutsy?03:34
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Jordando both the server and desktop versons of ubuntu support clustering or just the server version?03:34
Picineopsyche: I'm not running Gutsy anywhere.  And furthermore, I dont have any tv cards.03:34
neopsychePici: im hoping someone with more experience than me can compile it for gutsy.03:34
neopsychePici: what are you running?03:34
neopsychebazhang: note.. http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg603553.html03:35
Picineopsyche: Hardy and Gutsy Server.03:35
bazhang!info ktvapp03:35
ubotuPackage ktvapp does not exist in gutsy03:35
neopsychePici: oh03:35
neopsychebazhang: ktvapp does not exist in gutsy03:35
Jordandoes ubuntu desktop version support clustering or just the server version?03:36
neopsychebazhang: any success with the compling?03:36
z-doghi guys do any o you know whete03:38
nickrudnever met the man z-dog03:38
neopsychePici: home page http://kalva.berlios.de/03:38
z-dogtodown load dmfe driver03:38
neopsychebazhang: home page http://kalva.berlios.de/03:38
kadamGood evening!  Is there a way to determine if I need nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-new?03:38
neopsychealva's main goal is to be quite simple to setup and easy to use. But apart from that it provides quite some useful features.03:39
neopsyche- ... divx4/mp3 Avi from v4l(2) compatible tv cards03:39
leprasmurfhello all.  my laptop is acting up, I think because of to many improper shutdowns, anyone know of any docs for maintenance routines?03:39
neopsychecan anyone else help with the issue of installing kalva?03:39
seacatleprasmurf, fsck03:39
leprasmurfI don't really want to tear my house up for a knoppix disk, can I fsck a system without a boot disk?03:39
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160998 neopsyche with a cli implementation03:39
Po_Tae_toesim trying to play a movie file on my other computer its a avi file the avi files on my ubuntu laptop play fine with vlc media player can some one help me with this:?03:40
neopsychebazhang: thank you that is very helpful03:41
bazhangPo_Tae_toes: what system on other computer03:41
leprasmurfseacat: can I fsck without a boot disk?03:41
bazhangPo_Tae_toes: you want help running something in ##windows from the #ubuntu channel :]03:41
ader10Flash uses 90 percent of my cpu. Might be important: 64bit, doesn't matter what flash version it is, and in both firefox and opera. Help please, I'm having a hard time using any flash site without compromising system functionality!03:41
zero-9376anyone know of a tool i can use to send keyboard events to a window (im deleting duplicate images with fdupes and have already pressed 1 then enter about 1 million times)03:42
Po_Tae_toesno i need help runing somthing from a windows computer on my ubuntu computer...;03:42
seacatbazhang, That's not what he is asking.03:42
neopsychebazhang: i dont understand how it recrods though03:42
Po_Tae_toesthanks neopsyche03:42
leprasmurfPo_Tae_toes: so your ubuntu install won't play the avi?03:42
bazhangseacat: enlighten me03:42
neopsychebazhang: whats cli implementation?03:42
dookdooki upgraded to gutsy, but i think it has too many problems (sound doesn't work now, hard drive is constantly accessing and monitor support is crashing X).  i'm thinking i need to revert to feisty.  if i download feisty and re-install it, is it gonna wipe my home directory and any other software i have installed?03:42
Po_Tae_toesi mean seacat03:42
neopsychePo_Tae_toes: what are you thanking me for?03:42
oriezI tried to fix my microphone problem but accidentally I rebooted and all the sound devices are gone..03:43
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:43
oriez no sound at all03:43
neopsychebazhang: whats cli?03:43
bazhang!cli | neopsyche03:43
ubotuneopsyche: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:43
neopsychebazhang: oh... commandline03:43
TDKIs there a way I can tell if Ubuntu is recognizing my USB Joypad/03:43
neopsycheubotu: thanks03:43
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)03:43
leprasmurfTDK: dmesg after you plu it in03:43
Po_Tae_toesthe same kind of file plays fine on my computer its jjust when i point my network to the file it wont streem over my network03:44
neopsychebazhang: accidentally thanked bot instead of you03:44
TDKleprasmurt:  Ahh, thanks much.03:44
neopsychebazhang: that helps.. but idealy i need to have the gui .. as this is easier.03:44
bazhangPo_Tae_toes: any errors you getting?03:44
Po_Tae_toesno it juist doesnt play03:44
Po_Tae_toesi opens up vlc03:45
Po_Tae_toesi mean03:45
Po_Tae_toes it03:45
leprasmurfPo_Tae_toes: have you tried copying the file over to your ubuntu computer and playing it locally?03:45
bosanachello people why always when i close Terminal i lost my logs ?03:45
Po_Tae_toestakes too long03:45
joshritgerI had an old version of wine running but I couldnt get anything to install. I decided to try and get a newer version from their website, I tried to install by adding their repository and by using their .deb package. I get nothing even though it says it is installed, no shortcuts and nothing happens when I try to install an executable.03:45
seacatbosanac, What logs did you loose?03:45
bosanacPeople i'm running Linux Ubuntu 7.10, and why always when i close Terminal i lost my logs another time when i open it the logs are gone :S03:45
z-doghey guys where can i d03:46
bosanacseacat: so when i go (up) i can't see the logs :S03:46
dookdookso, gutsy is still really flakey?03:46
Po_Tae_toesit it a setting with vlc player maby>????03:46
chadis there a way to make the app switcher show windows from all desktops rather than just the current desktop?03:46
chadi cant find a setting for such03:46
seacatbosanac, Please explain with a little more detail.03:46
Po_Tae_toesi might need a avi codec for vlc ?/03:46
bosanacseacat: huh i lost the logs like somebody always type "history -c"03:47
bazhangchad: using compiz?03:47
bosanaci can't see that03:47
leprasmurfPo_Tae_toes: avi is a container, you might need a codec such as divx or xvid03:47
seacat!codecs | Po_Tae_toes03:47
ubotuPo_Tae_toes: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:47
Po_Tae_toesok ill look thear03:47
chadbazhang: aye03:47
zelrikriandonever play a flv file with mplayer !03:47
bosanacseacat: so :S how to i keep the history03:47
bazhangchad that would be the scale effect if I remember correctly you can check in ccsm03:48
neopsychecan anyone help me install kalva?03:48
kadamMy NVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra seems to be running rather slow.  I have the common kernel thing installed and the nvidia-glx-new package.  Is there something I'm missing?  I swear it's almost like hardware acceleration's off, but I couldnt' say for sure... Does anyone have a few minutes that might be able to help me verify/troubleshoot some things?03:48
neopsychecan anyone help me compile kalva?03:48
seacathistory should be there,  just type:   history   and see.03:48
bosanaci wants when i press UP03:48
bosanaci wants to have the history03:49
garciahola necesito ayuda03:49
seacatbosanac, Shift-PageUp03:49
garciaalguien habla español03:49
bazhang!es | garcia03:49
nickrudbosanac: the terminal scrollback only exists for that instance of the terminal. You close the terminal, you lose that scrollback03:49
ubotugarcia: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:49
chadbazhang: hmmm, not seeing it if it is there03:49
Dr_willisbosanac,  thats how history works.. you up arror and it  shows the history buffer..03:49
garciaok gracias03:49
bosanacseacat: are you stupid?03:50
bosanaci told you03:50
bosanaci can't keep any logs03:50
FloodBot3bosanac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:50
chadbazhang: i assumed it would be under 'application switcher' in ccsm, but no dice there either03:50
seacatbosanac, Yes03:50
bazhangchad: if you have ccsm installed then be sure to be to get the compiz extra plugins03:50
nickrudbosanac: those are not logs ...03:50
bosanacso i dunno what they are03:50
bosanacbut i wants to keep them03:50
garciainstale ubuntu y ya no puedo entrar a windows03:50
bosanacsomething like "apt-get blabla..03:50
nickrudbosanac: they are called the scrollback buffer03:50
z-dogwhere can I download the dmfe driver for ubuntu 7.10?03:50
bosanaci lost it03:50
bosanacwhen i close it03:50
bazhangbosanac: lose the attitude03:50
Dr_willislogs, commandhistory, and the 'terminal' scrollback buffer are totally  unrelated.03:50
seacatbosanac, And not history either.03:50
Dr_willissimiler. :) but not related.03:51
neopsychecan anyone help me install kalva?03:51
bosanacokay so what to write in terminal to have it back that ?03:51
nickrudbosanac: try this:  ctl-r  apt-get03:51
neopsychecan anyone help me compile kalva?03:51
seacatbosanac, Shift-PageUp03:51
nickrudseacat: not after the terminal is closed03:51
bosanacseacat: stop helping me please03:51
Dr_willisbosanac,  i imagine you have totally lost what  ever you had in the history/buffer/whatever of the terminal.03:51
bazhang!attitude | bosanac03:51
ubotubosanac: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:51
seacatbosanac, Sure, no problem.03:51
Dr_willisof course im confused as to the actual original problem..03:52
z-dogwhere can03:52
* maximilion has a bucket03:52
maximilionNight fellas :)03:52
nickrudDr_willis: loss of scrollback when closing the terminal03:52
Dr_willisnickrud,  yep.. its gone :) as far as i know.. Unless gnome-terminal has some fancy settings.03:53
bosanac<bazhang> !attitude | bosanac03:53
bosanacyou can't help with me03:53
neopsycheargh! ;-) is there NO simple solution for recording analog tv on UBUNTU!03:53
z-dog¿where can i download the dmfe driver for ethernet for gutsy?03:53
nickrudDr_willis: nope, it's gone03:53
bosanacyou can't help with that03:53
bosanacyou can't help me with that bazhang03:53
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i just use mythtv. :) that way it zaps out the commercials.03:53
bosanactell me the correct commands what to write in to Terminal03:53
bazhangneopsyche: there is--I just gave you the script to run03:53
neopsycheDr_Willis: myth tv = not simple03:53
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i found it simple. :P03:53
Dr_willisneopsyche,  but im a leet-haxor-dude i guess.03:54
neopsychebazhang: where do i put that script?03:54
oreomikeanyone know why 'cancel' in the 'do you want to run in low graphics mode' dumps you to a logged in root prompt?03:54
Dr_willisneopsyche,  the mythubuntu package makes it very easy to get going. :)03:54
nickrudbosanac: will you listen for one moment:  the scrollback buffer, what you see when you scroll back to the stuff that runs off the terminal to the top, only exists for that one terminal. You close the terminal, it's gone.03:54
neopsycheDr_willis: i installed myth tv and i dont know what the *#$)(*)#(* (insert preferred swear word here) is going on03:54
Dr_willisneopsyche,  the guys in #mythbuntu may know a more straight forward way to do it.03:54
lnknpk04I think my grub got screwed up.  I restarted my pc and now instead of booting it just sits at a black screen with a cursor.  How do I restore grub so everything boots?03:55
bazhangneopsyche: there are numerous solutions available for you--its up to you to try them out--doing a step by step in this channel is not in the cards so please stop venting here03:55
neopsycheyes.. but its too complicated for my needs.. my needs are exactly that of the program KALVA03:55
neopsycheDr_willis: see above03:55
oreomikelnknpk04: can you alt-f2?03:55
Dr_willisnever heard of kalva.. so if its not in the repos.. install it from source. i guess.03:55
neopsychebazhang: thanks03:55
neopsychebazhang: ok03:55
lnknpk04on that screen.  Let me check03:56
Dr_willis!info kalva03:56
ubotuPackage kalva does not exist in gutsy03:56
oreomikeI meant ctrl-alt-f203:56
chadbazhang: already installed03:56
kercyrIs it true that you can't do a text-based install from the livecd?03:56
nickrudkercyr: yes03:56
PeddyWhen I try to open a folder in Nautilus with music  in it (i.e. a ripped album), nautilus becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit it. Has anyone heard of this before and knows whats going on?03:57
seacatkercyr, That is correct, you need alternate CD03:57
bazhangchad you need to set a hotpoint now--I usually choose top right corner but that is up to you03:57
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oreomikeno one has any idea why gnome would drop me to a root-loggedin shell on boot if I cancel the prompt to run in low-graphics mode?03:57
bazhangchad check the scale effect under keybindings to set the hot point03:58
oreomike'cannot determine monitor type, run in low graphics?'03:58
chadbazhang: why do i need that? i can already access app switcher via alt-tab ..03:58
lnknpk04oreomike: I press ctrl+alt+f2 and nothing happens, still just blinking cursor, blank screen03:58
chadi just want it to include all desktops instead of just the current one03:58
neopsycheDr_Willis: http://hafizpariabi.blogspot.com/2007/12/install-kalva-in-kubuntu-gutsy.html03:58
seacatoreomike, You more than likely have xorg.conf problem03:58
PeddyWhen I try to open a folder in Nautilus with music  in it (i.e. a ripped album), nautilus becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit it. Has anyone heard of this before and knows whats going on?03:58
neopsycheDr_Willis: could you help me compile kalva for gutsy?03:58
bazhangchad that does what you asked for--why you want to do that I have no idea ;]03:58
thebighamIs intel X3100 capable of displaying 1080p through HDMI??????03:58
chadbazhang: you're talking about an expose style effect that scale provides03:59
seacatoreomike, xorg.conf is probably loading wrong driver for display adapter03:59
oreomikeseacat: I rebuilt xorg.conf and I'm working fine now, but I don't like a root shell being available03:59
chadi'm talking about the alt-tab switcher03:59
chadi want to do it so i can alt-tab between windows on different desktops... that seems strange? :)03:59
seacatoreomike, YOu don't have what?03:59
Dougla1Can someone help me please? I installed Ubuntu yesterday and I'm for the first time using IRC... I'd like to configure my video card correctly03:59
bazhangchad yeah okay03:59
jessidhello, is it possible to have a mail server using ubuntu???04:00
nickrudchad: have you tried super-alt-tab?04:00
chadnickrud: nope04:00
seacatoreomike, sudo04:00
c1|freakydoes anyone know of a good webgroupware?04:00
neopsycheDr_Willis: ?04:00
seacat!root | oreomike04:00
ubotuoreomike: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:00
dookdooksound isn't working on my gutsy upgrade, any suggestions on what to do?04:00
Dougla1Would someone gimme a hand?04:01
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i am RTFMing right now. :)04:01
nickrudchad: can't remember exactly which combo it was, super shift tab, super alt tab , super tab, one of those rotated all windows from all desktops04:01
neopsychelol ok ;-)04:01
bazhangdookdook: open a terminal and type alsamixer04:01
neopsycheDr_willis: ok ;-) lol04:01
Dr_willisneopsyche,   looks like it has a few odd depenecies..  thats about it.. i dont even have a tv tuner card installed any more on my mythtv box04:01
dookdookbazhang, and?04:01
seacatdookdook, Check for sound card modules;  lsmod |grep snd04:01
lnknpk04I think my grub got screwed up.  I restarted my pc and now instead of booting it just sits at a black screen with a cursor.  How do I restore grub so everything boots?04:01
chadnickrud: hmm that goes into shift switcher .. which seemingly does the same thing, albeit in sort of a wild fashion04:02
lnknpk04ctrl-alt-f2 doesn't do anything04:02
chadnickrud: but at least this will save me the mouse .. tnx04:02
dookdookseacat, what am i looking for?04:02
seacatlnknpk04, Boot livecd04:02
neopsycheDr_willis: the main problem it says my dependency on specific kde thingy is wrong.04:02
neopsycheDr_willis: downloaded the .deb04:02
* nickrud forgot just how ugly ati aiglx was04:02
lnknpk04seacat, i figured that would work, but once i'm in there i wasn't sure how to restore grub to its good working self04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: upon installation it says it needs kdelibs4c204:03
lnknpk04seacat, at least i'm assuming grub is the issue in the problem04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: but i only have  kdelibs4c2a and kdelibs4c2 is no longer in repos.. etc.04:03
Dr_willisneopsyche,  that deb is for an OLD OLD release of ubuntu04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: what to do?04:03
seacatdookdook, lspci |grep audio04:03
Dr_willisneopsyche,  use the source. recompile04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: can you help me make new deb?04:03
chadnickrud: ahh, ctrl-alt + tab04:03
neopsycheDr_willis: can you help me recompile?04:03
Dr_willisi just got the source and am compiling it now. :)04:03
seacatlnknpk04, May be a hardware issue04:04
neopsycheDr_willis: cool!04:04
friedtofu is there much of a difference in 1.67 Ghz core 2 duo vs 2.0 Ghz core 2 duo?04:04
seacatlnknpk04, Try a boot disk.04:04
dookdookseacat, lspci | grep audio returns nothing04:04
lnknpk04seacat, it happened right after an update wanted me to restart so i was thinking it was software, will try live cd real quick04:04
mjw-friedtofu about 330MHz.... :)04:04
bazhangfriedtofu: not that much to make a difference04:04
Dr_willisneopsyche,  for a start i had to do a  sudo apt-get install kde-devel  qt3-dev-tools  qt3-apps-dev04:04
seacatdookdook, lspci04:04
dookdook[~]$ lspci | grep -i audio04:04
dookdook00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)04:04
oreomikeseacat|ubotu: sorry, stepped away.  root was logged in04:05
pppoe_dudeanyone know why my wacom tablet stops working properly if i unplug/replug until i restart X?04:05
bluefoxxso im wondering, is there any reason linux would work perfectly with one LAN card, and yet refuse to use another of the exact same model, or my onboard LAN? cause thats my situatiuon right now, i have about 7 extra LAN cards, all 3com but one, and the one on my pc is a 3com 3c905tx, works fine on my comp but i have a second that i know works, and yet ubuntu refused to utilize it, even though its the same model, i tried all of them04:05
bluefoxxon a second comp and they all work, but they dont work on this comp in ubuntu[pupyp used them all fine]. why might this be?04:05
neopsycheDr_willis: sounds way advanced.. im a windows refugee.. so it has been challenging.. with this whole compile thing i dont know where to start... but thanks for helping .. legendary.. perhaps we should post the .deb to the site for future users04:05
neopsycheDr_willis: (when its done)04:05
kercyrIf I can see the Ubuntu logo, there shouldn't be any reason I can't do a gui install, is there?04:05
nickrudbluefox83: have you tried modprobing the right driver?04:06
seacatoreomike, root was logged in?  Really?04:06
friedtofumjw bazhang - do you think its worth it to go from 1.67 to 2.0 Ghz?04:06
bazhangfriedtofu: what price point?04:06
Dr_willisneopsyche,  you may want to go read some of the mythty/mythbuntu docs/guides then - they are decently well done.   I dont even have a tv tuner card installed any more to test this thing once it does compile04:06
robdigpppoe_dude: i don't know why, but my guess would be that X notices it's gone, but hal doesn't notice when it goes or comes back04:06
mjw-friedtofu depends how much it would cost04:06
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neopsychefriedtofu: what you need it for / budget?04:06
seacatoreomike, What is your question?04:06
bluefoxxnickrud, even on the ubuntu live CD the other ones wont work, not even my onboard[sux, i need the extra PCI slot til li get a PCI-E card]04:07
oreomikeseacat: yes.  Booted laptop, never logged in as me, before gnome could prompt me for login it said run in low-graphics mode, I said cancel, it gave me 'root@localhost #' shell04:07
pppoe_duderobdig, any ideas on how to fix it?04:07
pppoe_dudewithout restarting X04:07
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Dr_willisneopsyche,  you would proberly have better luck in posting to the kalva forums asking for a more recent deb.04:07
robdigpppoe_dude: sorry, no04:07
neopsycheDr_willis: its ok.. if you send me the .deb i can test it ;-) myth tv is not what i am looking for for the very reasons explained on the http://hafizpariabi.blogspot.com/2007/12/install-kalva-in-kubuntu-gutsy.html among others04:07
neopsycheDr_willis: but thanks04:07
Dougla1Some one answer me, please I beg for some help!04:07
oreomikeI set the laptop to auto-login as me, but I've always used sudo for root04:07
Dr_willisneopsyche,  im not making a .deb - im just gettting the wouce to compile right now.04:07
neopsycheDougla1: what help?04:07
Peddyplease give me a hand...04:08
neopsycheDr_willis: wouce?04:08
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pppoe_duderobdig, thanks04:08
friedtofumjw bazhang - 1.67 to 2.0 is +$100, from 1.67 to 1.83 is +$5004:08
Dougla1I'd like to install my ati video card in ubuntu04:08
neopsychePeddy: what?04:08
Peddyplease give me a hand...04:08
PeddyWhen I try to open a folder in Nautilus with music  in it (i.e. a ripped album), nautilus becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit it. Has anyone heard of this before and knows whats going on?04:08
Dougla1I don't know how to configure04:08
mjw-friedtofu this is for a laptop?04:08
friedtofuneopsyche - mainly office programs i suppose, and perhaps occasional games (but not heavily 3d hardcore intensive)04:08
bazhangfriedtofu: seems worth it if you have the $$$ ;]04:09
friedtofumjw - yeah it is a laptop04:09
Dougla1I want to play 3d games04:09
neopsychefriedtofu: your existing processor should be fine for that04:09
zelrikriandoDougla1: play with compiz cube :)04:09
neopsychefriedtofu: but depends on a lot of theings04:09
oreomikeseacat: any idea why I'd get a root prompt without logging in?  isn't that the worst thing an app could do?04:09
neopsychefriedtofu: like ... what do you have, laptop/04:09
kadamoh my gosh... Ubuntu should render at least as fast as Windows, right?  I seem to be having massive lag...  And no, I don't have Compiz installed 8)  Anyone know what might be my issue?  Something dumb, even?04:09
neopsychefriedtofu: if desktop and the processor is free then yes ;-)04:09
neopsycheDr_Willis: so you cant send me .deb?04:10
Dougla1zelrikriando I have to configure my video card but I don't know how... :(04:10
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i dont even know how to make a .deb :)04:10
friedtofuneopsyche: it'll be for a laptop04:10
zelrikriandoDougla1: which one?04:10
Dougla1ati readeon xpress 110004:11
Dr_willisneopsyche,  the source did compile. and kalva did run. so  i would say download the source.. get all the developer files you need.. and compile it.   -04:11
friedtofuneopsyche - what do you mean "if desktop and the processor is free then yes ;-)"04:11
zelrikriandoDougla1: good luck :)04:11
Dougla1its an onboard model04:11
neopsycheDr_willis: oh, well if you manage to compile it.. please let me know how04:11
oriezI can't open the volume control.. whenever i try i'm getting a error: No Volume Control Gstreamer plugins and/or device found04:11
neopsychefriedtofu: you said you wanted to upgrade.. if soemone is giving you the processor or you getting it for next to nothing then yes.. otherwise i dont think it would be worth it.04:11
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i allready did..:) i downloaded the source. installed all the depenedneciues.. and did the normal ./configure, make, make isntall song and dance. :)04:11
Dougla1do you know where I would find some help?04:11
erawfish!ti | Dougla104:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ti - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:12
neopsycheDr_willis: could you talk me through it?04:12
erawfish!ati | Dougla104:12
ubotuDougla1: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:12
friedtofuneopsyche - yeah. its $50 to go to 1.83 and $100 to 2.0 ghz04:12
nickrudDougla1:  system->admin->restricted driver , enable ati. Reboot.  run fglrxinfo , make sure it says ati driver not mesa.  install xserver-xgl compizconfig-settings-manager , log out and back in04:12
oriezI can't open the volume control.. whenever i try i'm getting a error: No Volume Control Gstreamer plugins and/or device found.04:12
neopsychefriedtofu: well.. if it were 100 dollars for 4ghz then i would say yes ;-D04:12
Dougla1Thanks a lot nickrud, I'll try this04:13
neopsychefriedtofu: but if only a small dif then no ;-)04:13
Dr_willisneopsyche,  proberly not in any great detail. i got 10000+ dev packages installed.. so you will proberly need to start grabbing the various dev packages .. and download the source for a start compiling it and see what else it wants04:13
friedtofuhaha. so 1.67 ghz core 2 duo is already lightning fast?04:13
bazhangfriedtofu: pretty darn fast04:13
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash04:13
nickrudmy gosh Dr_willis you are a glutton!04:14
friedtofubazhang - haha thanks04:14
Dr_willisnickrud,  shot gun method of grabbing dev packages. ;)04:14
JohnMM!package lvm04:14
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package lvm - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:14
JohnMMhow do you search for packages with the bot?04:14
Dr_willis!find lvm04:14
soldats!info lvm04:14
ubotuPackage lvm does not exist in gutsy04:14
ubotuFound: clvm, lvm2, autopkgtest-xenlvm, llvm, llvm-cfe (and 3 others)04:14
neopsycheDr_willis: thanks.04:15
bazhangJohnMM: you dont either packages.ubuntu.com or apt-cache search keyword in the terminal04:15
JohnMM!info lvm204:15
ubotulvm2 (source: lvm2): The Linux Logical Volume Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.02.26-1ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 312 kB, installed size 880 kB04:15
neopsycheDougla1: google your card maby?04:15
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neopsycheDr_willis: how do i download source? is that the tar.bz2 package?04:16
soldatsneopsyche: in apt-get there is a command to download the source of a package04:16
noobjoe<</msg ubotu etiquette >>04:16
Dr_willisneopsyche,  This may be a VERY long night for you. :)04:16
Dr_willisneopsyche,  yes.. thats the source04:17
neopsycheDr_willis: ok.04:17
neopsycheDr_willis: lol04:17
neopsycheDr_willis: need help.. kalva is perfect for my needs .. but for some reason;; IT REFUSES TO WORK ON MY SYSTEM!!!04:17
chubs730what's a kalva?04:17
neopsycheDr_willis: so what do i do with the source now.04:17
bazhang!caps | neopsyche04:18
ubotuneopsyche: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:18
neopsycheubotu: SHOUTS AT UBOTU :-D04:18
Jack_Sparrowneopsyche: Please take it down a notch04:18
neopsycheadjust the volume04:19
oriezI can't open the volume control.. whenever i try i'm getting a error: No Volume Control Gstreamer plugins and/or device found.04:19
Jack_SparrowEasy enough...04:19
regulate back04:19
neopsycheoriez: its a good think i can open volume control.. that way i can take it down a notch ;-)04:19
=== spr0k3t__ is now known as spr0k3t
neopsycheDr_Willis: wheres the first place to start to compile from source?04:19
broken__Can someone take a look at this, http://pastebin.ca/897023 what does that look like?04:20
Dr_willisneopsyche,  make a directory.. put the source in there. uncompress it..  read its readme/install docs.. and of course You should be installing the various -dev packages...  (ive think ive said about 10 min ago what i was installing) :) you may have to install quite a few things to get the thing tocompile.04:20
Dr_willisneopsyche,  for a start install the 'build-essential' package04:21
bazhangbroken__: I cant access that site--perhaps you could paste it elsewhere or describe the problem here04:21
nickrudbroken__: a wine app that couldn't run because your direct rendering is broken04:21
Dr_willisneopsyche,  for a start i had to do a  sudo apt-get install kde-devel  qt3-dev-tools  qt3-apps-dev04:21
broken__I see, I'm guessing thats fglrx's fault.04:21
nickrudbroken__: if you have xserver-xgl running that would cause it04:22
lnknpk04neopsyche, when you unpack the source alot of times there's a file in there called 'readme' or something along those lines.  alot of times it tells you step by step how to compile04:22
seacatneopsyche, First, download the tarball;   apt-get source <package.name.here>04:23
Dr_willisseacat, its not in the repos at all. :)04:23
Dr_willisi did a   wget http://download.berlios.de/kalva/kalva-0.8.90.tar.bz204:23
dragonis there a way i can update ubuntu from dapper drake to gutsy through the repos?04:23
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: What video card are you working with04:23
seacatDr_willis, neopsyche Download it from where ever;  tar -zxvf tarball.tgz  ; configure ; make ; sudo make install04:24
nickrudDr_willis: I've been thinking, with that many dev packages installed you oughta spend a couple hours learning to make a deb with cdbs ;)04:24
bazhangdragon: yes but it is a long process--you could wait until april and go directly from dapper to hardy04:24
seacatDr_willis, neopsyche Download it from where ever;  tar -zxvf tarball.tgz ; cd tarball/ ; less README ; less INSTALL ; configure ; make ; sudo make install04:24
quaalwhy can i not use my shift/ctrl keys to select files through a vnc session. shift works when typing into the vnc session though?04:25
dragonwell reason i ask is so that i can get the latest ver of wine to play WoW and other games04:25
Dr_willisnickrud,  i would just be happy if i coulf figure out a nice simple way to get all the dev files needed for a given source package easially. :)04:25
neopsycheseacat: easier?04:25
Ashfiredragon, you have to go through all the versions, one by one04:25
seacatneopsyche, than what?04:25
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
neopsycheseacat: can you help install kalva?04:25
dragonok so how would i do that till i get to the latest ver?04:25
ohphey all04:25
bazhangdragon: if you start upgrading now you should be done by april ;]04:25
ohpI just installed eeeXubuntu04:26
lnknpk04neopsyche, seacat just gave you the instructions on how to do it04:26
neopsycheseacat: kalva is like the "holy grail" app to install at the moment for me04:26
seacatneopsyche, ./configure      make       make install04:26
nickrudDr_willis: if you're recompiling a known package , apt-get build-deb <package> (or a similar package gets lots)04:26
dragonwow im that behind?04:26
ohpit's working great04:26
nickrudDr_willis: but doh, you already knew that ;(04:26
bazhangohp join #eeepc and share the good news ;]04:26
neopsycheseacat: can you talk me through the make > make install process?04:26
Dr_willisnickrud,  :) yep..  but if its  a known package.. i just use the debs heh.04:26
seacatneopsyche, After unpacking the file and CDing to the resulting directory, you will find README  and possibly INSTALL as well.04:27
ohpcool thx04:27
ablyssif anyone using hotmail for their email.. you might find it interesting to note that the default ubuntu firefox's HTTP_USER_AGENT is not accepted as a compliant browser for full mode mail reading04:27
seacatneopsyche, The computer will do it for you, just give the command.04:27
bazhangdragon: yup04:27
lnknpk04neopsyche, what he was saying was go into the command line and type in the stuff he said.  everytime you see a ; in his statement you would hit enter04:27
nickrudablyss: you should sue04:27
Jack_Sparrowablyss: It is easy enough to spoof it into working04:28
dragonok so can i update from one to another in sucsesson or do i have to wait inbetween updates?04:28
ablyssnickrud, nah, i just download firefox and run it with from directory04:28
nickrudablyss: better yet, use gmail04:28
broken__Jack_Sparrow, this is a buddies laptop ...and I Just found out its the ATi Xpress 20004:28
bazhanguser agent switcher aslo works ablyss04:28
seacatneopsyche, First, unpack the tarball,  next, cd to the resulting directory .....  etc.04:28
neopsychehow do i 'CD" to the directory?04:28
broken__Jack_Sparrow, so I am guessing, since I have the same card and haven't been able to get dri working ... that I won't be able to do anything.04:28
Dr_willisneopsyche,  egads.. this is going to be a VERY VERY long night for you.04:28
ablyssJack_Sparrow, its rather annoying really I went months and months using it w/ out knowing what was going on04:28
seacatneopsyche, cd directoryname/04:29
randomshi. how do i configure my kernel i ubuntu? i cant find it in /usr/src like others linux distrubutions?04:29
neopsycheDr_willis: lol windows refugee remember. ;-)04:29
randomsim btw in comsole, no x11 installed04:29
ablyssbazhang, the user agent switcher that I got has to be switched everytime you start firefox.. rather annoying too04:29
Dr_willisneopsyche,  you may want to spend an hr reading a few bash tutorials befor trying this compilation song and dance.04:29
bluefoxxso can someone tell me what a "optical data systems ODS466 10 bast-t tranceiver" is for?it has a LAN port on it and a gameport type thing on the other end[google yeilded nothin]04:29
nickrudrandoms: install linux-source-2.6.2204:29
ablyssnickrud, plus I have two gmail accounts04:29
neopsycheDr_willis: oh.. i have it onw04:29
bazhangablyss: you can change the default for certain sites04:29
Jack_Sparrowablyss: You need to spoof for some sites for news like msnbc04:29
seacatneopsyche, If you give me the exact file name, I can give you specific commands04:29
nickrudablyss: you can't just forward the hotmail?04:30
=== Ziroday is now known as Daenim
randomsnickrud: ok, thnx04:30
oreomikebluefoxx, sounds like an old 10base2 token ring adapter04:30
neopsycheseacat: now i am in the dir .. what do i type?04:30
Dr_williswhat is that command that tries to compile/make a deb from source..04:30
bluefoxxoreomike, what would it be for?04:30
bazhangbluefoxx: ask in #hardware04:30
Jack_Sparrownickrud: See you Monday.. take care04:30
broken__Jack_Sparrow, would you happen to know if anyones gotten the Xpress 200M chip with dir?04:30
bluefoxxbazhang, ok, will do04:30
seacatneopsyche,  less README04:30
oreomikenetworking before 100base-t ethernet existed04:31
nickrudJack_Sparrow: see you tomorrow04:31
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: not off the top of my head04:31
neopsycheseacat: now it says README (end)04:31
Genius16oreomike: you lie!04:31
ablyssnickrud, i guess so.. oh well i'm tired will mess with it another time04:31
nickrudbroken__: me.04:31
broken__nickrud, seriously?04:31
seacatneopsyche,  less INSTALL04:31
* broken__ sees a sliver of h ope04:31
oreomikeGenius16, I tell confident guesses, not lies04:31
Jack_Sparrownickrud: I know I always say monday...04:31
dragonso can i update one at a time in rapid updates or do i have to wait inbetween them?04:31
randomsim trying to change my console resolution, i add vga=794 but it dosent work, i can only choose crappy resolutions, any ideas?04:32
nickrudbroken__: yes, its in my laptop. Instructions follow (unless you used the one from the ati.amd site, then all bets are off)04:32
broken__nickrud, if you have to go, then I won't hold ya here.04:32
neopsycheseacat: now it gives.. generic installation instructions04:32
Genius16oreomike: everybody knows token ring was a book!04:32
neopsycheseacat: what do i need to read/do now?04:32
nickrudbroken__: nah, Jack was leaving04:32
seacatneopsyche,  read....04:32
broken__Ah ok see ya Jack_Sparrow ;)04:32
PeddyWhen I try to open a folder in Nautilus with music  in it (i.e. a ripped album), nautilus becomes unresponsive and I have to force quit it. Has anyone heard of this before and knows whats going on?04:32
quaalwhy can i not use my shift/ctrl keys to select files through a vnc session. shift works when typing into the vnc session though?04:32
bazhangdragon: you have the bandwidth then no need to wait ;]04:32
broken__nickrud, alright I'm ready for instructions.04:32
seacatneopsyche,  ./configure04:32
soldats /.configure04:32
dragonok so where do i start this journy of updates?04:32
oreomikeGenius16, Ah yes, the writings of good old JR Token, and the tail of the "ring"04:33
pawanwhere is paint brush04:33
bazhang!upgrade | dragon04:33
ubotudragon: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:33
nickrudbroken__: system->admin->restricted manager, install ati . Reboot.  Log in, run fglrxinfo in a terminal, make sure you're using ati driver 8.37.6 . Done04:33
seacatpawalls, gimp04:33
oreomikeGenius16, he must have been a pothead04:33
Genius16oreomike: the tale of 2400 baud.04:33
broken__nickrud, how can I be sure i'm using 8.37?04:33
oreomikeGenius16: GAH!  How did we ever manage at those speeds04:33
nickrudbroken__: fgrlxinfo will tell you04:34
Genius16oreomike: prodigy for dos.04:34
oreomikeGenius16, imagine an internet with text-only BB's!04:34
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: It may be necessary to establish a symbolic link for the /usr/lib/dri folder, ..... If you are using an ATI Radeon Xpress 200M on an AMD64 CPU and the fglrx ...   see the link for ati binary drivers04:34
neopsycheseacat: on typing configure it says command not found04:34
joe_i need help installing ventrilo04:34
soldatsrandoms: you need to edit your xorg.conf and input the correct resolutions with the correct refresh rates otherwise it wont work. otherwise an easire way is in terminal "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" the choose defaults to be safe then choose the resolution you want and restart the Xserver by doing "ctrl+alt+backspace:04:34
pawanpaint brush program for ubuntu04:34
bazhangheh Jack_Sparrow cannot get away ;]04:34
oreomikeneopsyche: ./configure?04:34
nickrudJack_Sparrow: only if some crazy person is using the ati site driver04:34
seacatneopsyche,  ./configure04:34
joe_so i need help installing ventrilo04:34
* IcemanV9 checked his ATI version -> 2.0.5814 (8.25.18)04:35
bazhangpawan the gimp04:35
neopsycheseacat: ok. now its doing something04:35
neopsycheseacat: now im back at command prompt04:35
* nickrud respects IcemanV9 , he doesn't upgrade willy nilly 04:35
seacatneopsyche,  make04:35
bazhangjoe_: install from where04:35
joe_i i used this tutorial04:36
joe_and cant find04:36
soldatspawan: there is an mspaint eqivilent like qpaint or something search for "paint" in synaptics04:36
FloodBot3joe_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:36
IcemanV9nickrud: that's the latest on dapper (LTS) :)04:36
bazhangjoe_: what is h/o04:36
joe_and libwine-alasa04:36
joe_hold on04:36
neopsycheseacat: ake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.04:36
joe_i cant find those files anywhere04:36
bazhangpawan tuxpaint ;]04:36
seacatneopsyche,  ./configure04:36
seacatneopsyche, Watch for errors04:37
bazhang!info tuxpaint | pawan04:37
ubotupawan: tuxpaint (source: tuxpaint): A paint program for young children. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.17-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 149 kB, installed size 388 kB04:37
neopsycheseacat: checking whether g++ supports -Wmissing-format-attribute... no  (ETC?)04:37
joe_so anthing i can do to find those files?04:37
neopsycheseacat: checking for g++... no04:38
neopsychechecking for c++... no04:38
neopsychechecking for gpp... no04:38
neopsycheseacat: are these problems?04:38
broken__nickrud, ... it seems I was already using dri.. lol!04:38
joe_so yeh i need help04:38
nickrudneopsyche: please, use one line.   Install  build-essential to kill those errors04:38
bazhangneopsyche: did you install build-essential?04:38
IcemanV9build-essential would solve the problem04:39
soldatsjoe_: watch your language please04:39
neopsychebazhang: how do i install build essential?04:39
badkittysudo apt-get install build-essential04:39
_Oz_anyone here running a twinview setup (dual monitors)?04:39
bazhangjoe_: not much help if you curse like that04:39
badkitty_Oz_: I am04:39
joe_but in all seriousness04:39
joe_where can i find those files04:39
_Oz_badkitty: how do you force windows to open in the right-hand display rather than the left?04:39
_Oz_I have the nvidia x-server file thingie.04:39
neopsychebazhang: what command should i type to 'install build essential?'04:39
Starnestommyneopsyche: sudo apt-get install build-essential04:40
soldatssudo apt-get install build-essential04:40
badkitty_Oz_: Now that I don't know04:40
neopsychenickrud: what do i type to install build essential? sudo apt-get install buld-essential ok ;-04:40
dragonodd i tried updateing from dapper drake to edgy eft but on the update screen it says my system is up to date04:40
bazhangneopsyche: same as all else sudo apt-get install packagename04:40
mjw-_Oz_ I am, on a matrox card04:40
seacatneopsyche,  sudo apt-get install g++-3.404:40
nickrudlol neopsyche I hope you had a lot of sleep, you're gonne be at this a while :)04:40
mjw-_Oz_ NOT a setup experience I'd recommend for the faint of heart04:40
badkittymjw: How many heads does it have? Matrox is c0004:40
joe_is there an ubuntu irc where there arnt over 9000 people04:40
joe_so i can get some help04:41
neopsychenickrud: ok ;-) Virtual caffeine is like .. getting a program to work ;-)04:41
nickrudseacat you should recommend build-essential , and ubuntu is using 4.1 right now04:41
Genius16joe_ were not that busy in "kubuntu" just dont bring your "gnomes"04:41
mjw-badkitty just two....in 2003, it was pretty much the only dual headed DVI fanless card available (Matrox P650)04:41
_Oz_I got my nvidia twinview setup working easily04:41
neopsycheROTFL! dont bring gnomes!04:41
_Oz_it was not hard at all04:41
IcemanV9joe_: to find a file; whereis <file name> OR which <file name>04:41
badkittyjoe_: Actually this seems to be the bast channel to get help with ubuntu stuff. If there is too few people, then no one will be around to help you04:41
_Oz_there are just a few behaviors I'd like to change and don't know how exactly04:41
_Oz_in windows I could say one monitor was primary over the other04:41
_Oz_in ubuntu, I don't see a way to do that...  I have nvidia x-server which lets me configure some things but not that.04:42
badkittymjw-: Now they have cards with 16 heads and stuff eh?04:42
badkitty_Oz_: For sure there is a way, I just don't know off hand..04:42
mjw-badkitty so I've heard, i'm not sure why'd you use them otherwise anymore. time has left them behind, and the binary-only linux drivers are just pretty pathetic04:42
VadiHow can I check what version of nVidia drivers have I got?04:42
neopsychenickrud: hehe.. the cdrom drive wants to eat my gibbon :-D04:43
dragonso do i skip edgy eft? since it wont let me update to it claming i got the latest updates?04:43
seacatneopsyche,  sudo apt-get install  build-essential  g++-4.104:43
badkittymjw-: I just stay with nvidia myself.. Do I really need 16 monitors?04:43
neopsycheseacat: i should do that instaead of installing from the gibbon biscuit?04:43
kilgariffVadi:  nvidia-settings04:43
soldats_Oz_: try opening an app with the terminal and force it to display 0:2 or 0:1 i dont remember if that refers to dual monitors. best way is to play around.04:43
mjw-badkitty if I had to do it again, I'd just get a 24 inch LCD singlehead. but it was more cost effective to do two 17" LCDs dualhead in 200304:44
IcemanV9badkitty: unless you'll give a cool presentation using 16 monitors ;)04:44
nickrudseacat: build essential brings in gcc, g++ , libc6-dev , make other stuff04:44
Vadikilgariff: thanks dude04:44
obionehey guys []04:44
seacatnickrud, Thank you.  I stand corrected.04:44
seacatneopsyche,  sudo apt-get install  build-essential04:44
badkittyIcemanV9: I once saw a video of some guys playing quake on a 16 monitors using a soap mouse04:44
nickrudseacat: saves time :)04:44
neopsycheseacat: what does g++4.1 do?04:44
mjw-badkitty I would never get another matrox card though for general use. the linux drivers are quite inferior.04:45
seacatneopsyche, It's the compiler.04:45
neopsycheseacat: it asked me for my cd04:45
neopsycheseacat: so i put it in and now its reading04:45
seacatneopsyche, But just do sudo apt-get build.essential04:45
neopsycheseacat: its intalling04:45
neopsychei think04:45
neopsyche* installing04:45
badkittymjw-: I can only imagine04:45
dragonhow come i cant update my ubuntu ver when i use the command gksu "update-manager -c"04:46
neopsycheseacat: installing build essential from cd04:46
mjw-badkitty ie the OpenGL implementation is basically broken, so no compiz-fusion fun04:46
neopsycheseacat: but not that other thingy you asked me to add04:46
Vadikilgariff: one more thing.. nvidia settings say I got 100.14.19. Website says latest 169.07 is latest.. is the gutsy stock driver really old or?04:46
seacatneopsyche, It doesn't matter04:47
StarseedDamn, don't know what happened, everythings falling apart in ubuntu .. Skype stopped working , xine stopped working , flash crashes .. yikes..04:47
soldatsdragon: try gksudo update-manager -c04:47
kilgariffVadi:  I'm not sure, lemme check04:47
soldatsit opens the gui for updating04:47
soldatsdragon: or in terminal try sudo apt-get update04:48
Dr_willisneopsyche,  this MIGHT work --> http://rapidshare.com/files/90314282/kalva_0.8.90-1_i386.deb.html04:48
neopsycheDr_willis: thanks04:49
Dr_willisneopsyche,  and if it blows up your pc.. well --- too bad. :P04:49
neopsycheDr_willis: but could you possibly download that and email it to me .. as i dont have rapidshare account and free option never works for me04:49
neopsycheDr_willis: oh04:49
dragon ok now what?04:49
Starseedguess I'm going to give it a second go , re-install04:49
robogeekis anybody familiar with hald on hardy?04:49
neopsycheDr_willis: i think i already downloaded that04:49
Dr_willisYou dont need an account to get things..04:49
ogrehey guys, I was just wondering how to stop virtualbox from  grabbing my mouse? it says "Right Ctrl" what the heck is right?04:49
seacatneopsyche, Is this machine not online?04:49
neopsycheseacat: its installed now04:49
neopsycheseacat: this machine is online04:49
neopsycheseacat: my machine?04:50
Vadiogre: it's the ctrl key that's on your right04:50
bazhangneopsyche: hahaha04:50
IcemanV9ogre: your right ctrl key04:50
seacatneopsyche, Good.04:50
Vadiogre: there are 2 ctrl keys, one on the left side, one on the right side. Press the right ctrl04:50
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
ogreVadi:  ahahahaha thanks ;P04:50
kilgariffVadi:  I've never noticed that before.  I'm downloading the driver from the nvidia site just to check04:50
Dr_willisIf thers some other site better then rapidshare - let me know. :)04:50
neopsychebazhang: what you laughing at!??04:50
Vadiogre: and install the virtualbox addons04:50
neopsyche lol04:50
Dr_willisi rarely use them04:50
badkittyseacat ...Im trying to picture what that would look like .. using a seahorse as a reference of how to translate regular animals to those that live underwater04:50
Vadikilgariff: Ok, thanks.04:50
neopsycheseacat: cool.. what now?04:50
ogreVadi:  whats the name of the package?04:50
neopsycheseacat: Setting up build-essential (11.3ubuntu1) ...04:51
Vadiogre: it's not a package. In the virtualbox vm window, click on 'devices', and 'install virtualbox addons'04:51
Vadiogre: if your wm is windows, it'll start an installer, if linux, open up a folder, and you need to run the .run file04:51
nickrudneopsyche: an intermediate step:   system->admin->software sources , make sure the first four items on the first tab are enabled, and the cdrom is disabled. On the Updates tab, make sure security and updates are enabled04:52
dragonok i did the try sudo apt-get update04:52
dragonwhats next to do?04:52
ogreVadi:  thanks04:52
nickrudneopsyche: that will allow you to not use the cd, and make sure you have the latest safest versions of ubuntu software04:52
IcemanV9dragon: sudo apt-get safe-upgrade04:52
neopsychenickrud: done.04:53
neopsychenickrud: whats next?04:53
nickrudneopsyche: continue with seacat04:53
dragonE: Invalid operation safe-upgrade04:53
lnknpk04in case anyone else finds they cant boot after this last round of updates, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65832904:53
dragonthats what it told me04:53
acecaseI have a fresh install and my mouse is lagging like crazy. CPU/RAM usage is minimal and the system is very responsive but the mouse lag is bad. I can't seem to find anything useful in the forums or with google this time.04:53
neopsycheseacat: whats next?04:53
IcemanV9dragon: what version of ubuntu?04:53
gandhiicurious as to how and who updates the files in the repositories?   Is there a policy in how often they are updated?04:53
dragondapper drake i did the sudo apt get update thing and it seemed to work but didnt change anything04:54
seacatneopsyche, ./configure   ;   make   ;    make install04:54
IcemanV9dragon: ah. then use sudo apt-get upgrade04:54
Vadigandhii: normal packages are updated with the new ubuntu release. Security patches as soon as needed are applied though04:54
seacatneopsyche, The system is fully updated, right?04:54
kilgariffacecase:  Could it just be miconfigured in preferences->mouse?04:54
Vadigandhii: If you'd like the latest programs, I'd recommend getdeb.net.04:54
nickrudgandhii: for main, there's a security team that applies known security fixes. For universe and mulitiverse, it's catch as catch can. They're working on building a good team for that, though04:54
acecaseHelvasca in the mouse settings? I have played with all those settings.04:54
seacatneopsyche, If not,   sudo apt-get update04:55
dragonits telling me bash: try: command not found04:55
neopsycheseacat: now its giving a bunch of other stuff04:55
gandhiiah...   so you mean apps like wine or blender won't be updated till the next April?04:55
dragonopps lol04:55
kilgariffVadi: brb, installing new driver04:55
acecasekilgariff If I slide the speed up in mouse settings it just makes it unusable because it still lags so it looks like it teleports from one side to another :)04:55
IcemanV9dragon: misspelling?04:55
Vadikilgariff: k04:55
neopsycheseacat: checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X libraries. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!04:55
kilgariffacecase: awesome :)04:56
nickrudgandhii: precisely. The philosophy is don't add new bugs to a release,04:56
neopsycheseacat: checking for shl_unload in -ldld... no04:56
seacatneopsyche, sudo apt-get update04:56
neopsycheseacat: do i need to04:56
pajamiangandhii: if you want to keep wine updated to the latest release then just add the winehq repository.04:57
marx2k_why WHY WHY does linux not have a decent newsgroup binaries downloader :(04:57
gandhiibut I noticed that the update to OpenOffice was reflected in the repositories fairly quickly though..04:57
dragonodd it does the sudo apt-get update just fine but then when i  do  sudo apt-get safe-upgrade it says04:57
nickrudgandhii: however, gutsy-updates will sometimes get new versions, as does backports and proposed. I personally don't use proposed and backports because they often add new bugs.04:57
dragonE: Invalid operation safe-upgrade04:57
nickruddragon: someone was confusing a command for another front end to apt04:57
IcemanV9dragon: not on dapper04:58
nickrudgandhii: system->admin->software sources , updates tab04:58
neopsycheseacat: W: GPG error: ftp://ftp.las.ic.unicamp.br unstable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 07DC563D1F41B90704:58
Genius16marx2k_ ive wondered myself, you'd think one would be plastered up everywhere? i havent looked very hard though. =04:58
nickruddragon: safe-upgrade is used with aptitude, a front end that's not recommended for use with ubuntu04:59
neopsycheseacat: does that matter?04:59
gandhiioh right..  I get ya04:59
IcemanV9dragon: if you want to update your dapper, then type sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get autoclean04:59
factotumaptitude is a front end for apt-get?04:59
GemmersI'm considering putting ubuntu on my laptop but I have concerns about power management and battery life04:59
gandhiifilled up one of the many many holes in my linux knowledge04:59
nickrudfactotum: no, apt-get and aptitude are front ends for apt, as is synaptic05:00
factotumlol okay05:00
neopsycheseacat: on configure some of he settings still say "no" and it still cant find the x library05:00
cleit0nhey.. hi i install skype in ubuntu 7.10 ?05:00
neopsycheseacat: what should we do now?05:00
mjw-!laptop | Gemmers05:00
ubotuGemmers: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:00
nowimprovedi get this error when i try to burn a cd Cd record has no permission to open device"05:00
badkittycleit0n: sudo apt-get install skype (after you enable the medibuntu repo)05:00
GemmersI've had a look around some Docs and my laptop shows partial support05:00
seacatneopsyche,  lsb_release -a05:00
GemmersI've currently got 512MB ram and a 1.5GHz processor so that should be fine right?05:00
* IcemanV9 personally uses aptitude for everything05:01
seacatneopsyche, What does it say?05:01
GemmersThe main concern is with regards to power saving and management05:01
mjw-Gemmers I installed xubuntu on an old dell latitude c510, pretty much all the power management stuff worked fine, except screen savers don't work on it (but blanking does)05:01
dragonis that it?05:01
VadiGemmers: yeah. That's what I got too.05:01
nickrudnowimproved: you should be in the cdrom group, try typing   groups  in a terminal , see if it's listed05:01
VadiGemmers: Same specs I mean05:01
badkittyGemmers: Thats fine for linux yah.. what are you trying to do?05:01
GemmersThat's cool05:01
neopsycheseacat: Release:        7.1005:01
neopsycheCodename:       gutsy05:01
mjw-Gemmers I run xubuntu on a 1GHz celeron with 256MB, works great. regular ubuntu should be fine on that05:01
cleit0nbadkitty: medibuntu?05:01
IcemanV9dragon: yea05:01
GemmersCheap easy as computing, no vista no windows05:01
dragonhow can i tell if it worked?05:02
GemmersI love the idea of how it's apparently much more easier to use ubuntu, so much so I'm trying to get my mum to use my laptop05:02
GemmersAnd viruses shall not be an issue05:02
z-dogguys when i compile my dmfe driver i get two errors05:02
neopsycheseacat: any idea?05:02
nickrudIcemanV9: so did I, but one of the actual canonical support guys told me the upgrade 'uber-geeks' are actively pushing apt-get over aptitude, some changes coming down the pike that won't make it to aptitude real fast05:02
Peddyhas anyone had any luck with the Pidgin-Rhythmbox plugin?05:02
IcemanV9dragon: you'll see in the terminal when you issued the command05:02
thug_lifehow do i get the user list05:03
factotumyep ubuntu with a stripped out xp vmimage for some cs3 apps has been great05:03
robogeekis anybody familiar with hald or autofs in hardy?05:03
badkitty!medibuntu | cleit0n05:03
ubotucleit0n: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:03
IcemanV9nickrud: it's good to know ... hm05:03
GemmersBut do you use ubuntu on a laptop, I was worried that you need special software to save battery life05:03
the_alamoi am having trouble getting to irc.gnome.org or irc.gimp.org. is anyone else having this problem?05:03
neopsycheseacat: wht do you need to know the release for?05:03
neopsycheseacat: is there an issue with that release?05:03
mjw-Gemmers no most any laptops from recent years will work fine out of the box, check the links ubotu gave you, someone may have tested your laptop specifically at some point05:04
nowimprovednickrud, it is05:04
IcemanV9nickrud: will it backport to older version (as far as dapper) ??05:04
neopsycheseacat: what do i need to do ?05:04
GemmersIt has been tested but are there any tips to optimise battery life05:04
GemmersAre there settings in ubuntu I can use?05:04
nickrudIcemanV9: unlikely, it's stuff for hardy05:04
neopsycheseacat: is there an issue installing certain programs.. should i install them manually?05:04
GemmersA hibernate setting perhaps?05:04
mjw-Gemmers turn screen brightness down, turn timers for screen blanking down, etc.05:04
IcemanV9nickrud: ok. i'll test it out in hardy then. thks.05:05
Gemmersscreen blanking?05:05
VadiGemmers: install powertop - it's on getdeb.net05:05
pawanany good paint program05:05
neopsycheseacat: hello?05:05
GemmersNote I have not used ubuntu before but I am very keen to install it05:05
VadiGemmers: then type 'sudo powertop' in the terminal. It'll do a bunch of power-saving suggestions.05:05
neopsychepawan: paint program for what?05:05
thug_lifeyou can't /ctcp with xchat ?05:06
chubs730__pawan: xpaint05:06
Dr_willisive noticed some of the powertop 'suggestions' dont apply to all setups.05:06
pajamianthug_life: I can ctcp just fine05:06
thug_lifeWith x-chat gnome?05:06
mjw-thug_life I know ctcp doesn't work with pidgin, but I thought it worked with xchat05:06
dragoni dont see where it supose to of updated it05:06
pajamianthug_life: regular x-chat, I never liked the xchat-gnome interface.05:06
thug_lifeI'll try the reg version05:07
|myxb|how can i connect to internet via wm6 smartphone using bluetooth?05:07
neopsychecan someone help me continue to install a program05:07
neopsycheDr_Willis: can you continue to help me .. i think maby seacat is doing something else05:08
seacatneopsyche, You need to solve the GPG error problem.05:08
badkittyneopsyche: Please go ahead and proceed with the question05:08
neopsycheits ok.. seacat is back05:08
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i dont even know where you left off.   :)05:08
ubotugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts05:08
neopsycheseacat: is that the problem.?05:08
pawanany other05:09
=== |myxb| is now known as myxb
nickrudneopsyche: I looked back, did you add that repo for any particular reason?05:09
doverhey guys, im having a problem installing ubuntu for the first time05:09
nickrudneopsyche: you can ignore that error though05:09
badkittydover: errors?05:09
doveri downloaded both discs but i got no luck with either05:10
neopsychenickrud: yeah.. just to install the studio desktop .. but not much else05:10
doverbasically i dont even get to the installation point05:10
neopsychenickrud: yeah i thought so05:10
badkittydover: Is the disc not booting or what is happenning?05:10
neopsychenickrud: does that mean i can continue without gpg issue05:10
pawanany other05:10
neopsycheseacat: nickrud says its no prob05:10
nickrudneopsyche: disable it if you don't plan on using it again. You will still keep the packages you have installed.05:10
bazhang!find paint05:10
ubotuFound: gpaint, tuxpaint, tuxpaint-data, tuxpaint-stamps-default, cinepaint (and 13 others)05:11
doverif i use the text based installation i get to the point where i detect the keyboard type05:11
doverthen the screen goes blue and just stays that way05:11
bazhangpawan see above05:11
kercyrIf you're suggesting a wireless adapter to someone who runs 7.10, what would you suggest?  Cheaper the better.... 802.11g...05:11
IcemanV9dover: hardy?05:11
pajamiandover: restart and run the memcheck05:11
badkittydover: What about the regular disc what happens with that?05:11
neopsycheseacat: ok05:11
thug_lifehas anyone got the creative zen working on 7.10?05:11
seacat!GPG | neopsyche05:11
ubotuneopsyche: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts05:11
neopsycheseacat: i think i have solved the prob05:11
doverwell, i see the title screen i guess, with the orange bar at the bottom, looks like its loading...05:11
neopsycheseacat: but its fine on the default repos so why do i need to fix gpg i have disabled the offending repos05:12
doverthen at some point the orange bar stops moving and my screen gets kinda weird05:12
doverlike the images screw up05:12
mjw-dover what kind of graphics card do you have05:12
doverand it just stays that way05:12
seacatneopsyche, sudo apt-get update05:12
badkittydover: Ok so it starts to boot ... thats nvidia?05:12
badkittydover: that card should be fine05:12
badkittydover: How long do you wait before you give up on it?05:13
mouseboyxdover, there are problems sometimes05:13
dovera few minutes05:13
mouseboyxsometimes you have to use the nvidia-glx instead of nvidia-glx-new and vice versa05:13
badkittydover: Is your system fast or slow? The liveCD can take a while to load sometimes.. I've noticed it can be very termpermental05:13
doverits a 2.6 P405:14
pajamiandover: I highly suspect you have bad RAM on your computer, I would recommend you run memcheck86 from the boot menu of either CD.05:14
doverlike, 4 years old maybe05:14
nuffini wish my nvidia card was supported.   have to use the nv driver.05:14
cyphaseWhat does everyone think about having the Add/Remove Programs dialog only show one of each type of app by default? It could be a simple checkbox to show the rest. So, instead of showing 5 different browsers, it would only have firefox, or instead of 5 different feed readers, it would only have one (e.g. Liferea)05:14
Dr_willisneopsyche,  been trying other upload sites -> http://www.load.to/?d=2FDgvRKuti        is that same file. :)05:14
neopsychenot sure.05:14
badkittydover: Running a memcheck wouldn't hurt..05:15
doverweird that windows will install even with bad ram lol05:15
seacatnuffin, The nv driver is the supported driver module for Nvidia cards.05:15
Dr_willisdover,  with bad ram and windows.. you just notice it crashing a little bit more. :)05:15
neopsycheDr_willis: yes05:15
dragondo i have to reboot for the update to show?05:15
badkittydover: Well I doubt it is bad ram.. youd have bigger problems .. like nothing loading at all..05:15
seacatnuffin, In other words, your card is supported.05:16
neopsycheDr_willis: the same05:16
mjw-dover have you tried to boot the graphical livecd in safe graphics mode?05:16
pajamiandover: it may not be bad RAM but that's the first thing I'd check.  It's very unlikely to be a problem with graphics card compatibility if the text based install on the alternate install CD fails.05:16
doversame thing happens05:16
neopsycheseacat: ok so now config right?05:16
nuffinseacat the nv is the generic and doesn't support dirrect acceleration or 3d05:16
jetscreamerxvrefresh= and xhrefresh= , dover05:16
seacatneopsyche, yes05:16
jetscreamergoogle knoppix cheat codes dover05:16
seacat!nvidia | nuffin05:17
ubotunuffin: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:17
neopsycheseacat: ok.. now?05:17
neopsycheseacat: some of them still say no.05:17
nuffinseacat all i'm saying is that nv supports the family not any one card.  that's all.05:17
jetscreamerdover: the autodetection sucks for nvidia05:17
mjw-dover: pajamian has a point. the text installer should not be failing even if it was a card issue. That's likely a sign of hardware problems or some really bizarre piece of hardware you have05:17
seacatnuffin, Install missing dependencies05:17
GemmersDoes 7.10 have a feature similar to that windows aero thing?05:18
nuffinnuffin my card is not supported anymore05:18
Dr_willis!compiz | Gemmers05:18
ubotuGemmers: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:18
Dr_williscompiz blows aero away05:18
GemmersThank you05:18
GemmersNice script bot btw05:18
Joe__having some issues helping somoene.  LiveCD, Gutsy, HP dv9500, the wireless doesn't work at all.  It can see the router, but never connects05:18
kilgariffVadi:  You still there?05:18
Dr_willis!thankyou | Gemmers05:18
ubotuGemmers: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:18
Gemmersvery nice05:19
Gemmersvery very nice05:19
thug_lifewhere is the router?05:19
Shroothywhos on05:19
kilgariffguess not :)05:19
Genius16i am!05:19
neopsycheseacat: it said could not lock i think its because of synaptic05:19
* alfermp is away: Away05:19
Joe__router is nearby, they have no problems under vista but want to try ubuntu and maybe switch05:19
seacatneopsyche, Yes, you will need to finish up with the synaptic package manager.05:19
neopsycheseacat: it seems to be hung on.. 99% [Waiting for headers]05:20
Genius16*gasp* someone has teh netwerk prob-leums!05:20
jetscreamernuffin or whoever  ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/169.07/README/appendix-a.html05:20
thug_lifemaybe it's the liveCD - wireless on my install of 7.10 works fine.05:20
doverwell, ill burn memtest to a disc and see if its a ram issue05:20
Joe__yes, but you could have a different card05:21
GemmersMy ubuntu CD is done yay. It's a lightscribe disk so maybe I shall find an image05:21
pajamiandover: it's on both the install cds, just select it from the boot menu05:21
mjw-dover the liveCD has a memcheck boot option built in05:21
neopsycheseacat: ?05:21
doveroh...lol, ok05:21
GemmersIs there a specific image that anyone recommends05:21
jetscreamernuffin: or, ftp://x.org/pub/X11R7.0/doc/html/nv.4.html05:21
seacatneopsyche, let it finish.05:21
nuffinjetscreamer i'll look but they dropped support for my card years ago05:22
Joe__is there another channel that deals specifically with wireless or hp issues?05:22
neetoI asked this in #apache, but no one answered, so I'm gonna try my luck here: does anyone know, using apache, how you tell it to list hidden directories (directories that start with dots) over HTTP?05:22
neopsycheseacat: can i do this update with synaptic too?05:22
seacatneopsyche, Yes05:22
Hisotaso can anyone help me set up my cdrom in fstab and mtab?05:23
neopsycheseacat: rr http://repository.akirad.net akirad-gutsy/main Translation-en_ZA05:23
neopsyche  Connection failed05:23
Dr_willisHisotaso,  you dont mess with mtab :)05:23
pajamianneeto: I think it's a setting in httpd.conf ... there's a setting that tells it what files *not* to list and somethign like .* is included in that.05:24
Dr_willisHisotaso,  my entry in fstab --> /dev/hdc /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0 005:24
squidlydoes anyone know of a way to convert a 32bit ubutnu install to a 64bit install?05:24
neetopajamian: I'll look at it05:24
nickrudsquidly: reinstall05:24
squidlynickrud: that's the only way.. blast.05:24
Hisotasothanks willis05:24
nuffinjetscreamer not listed there.    but thanks for the try.05:25
squidlywhat about installing over my current install?05:25
jetscreamernuffin: not listed on which05:25
Hisotasoive been playin with fstab and mtab because im having issues with a multi disc install in cedega05:25
jetscreamerthe xorg or nvidia05:25
nickrudsquidly: that's what I did.05:25
seacatneopsyche,  You need to remove or comment out that repo05:25
pajamiansquidly: I went the other way (64 bit to 32 bit) and the only solution I found was to install from scratch.05:25
nickrudsquidly: if you do a reinstall, think about a separate home partition if you haven't already. Makes reinstalls, or running more than one version  painless05:26
squidlypajamian: that I can understand.05:26
Hisotasocan anyone share their cdrom line out of mtab please?05:26
jetscreamernuffin: exactly which card05:26
GemmersDoes anyone know where I can find the ubuntu 7.10 ccd label05:26
squidlynickrud: yea the thing I'm more worried about is my sqldb's and my mythtv directories05:26
nuffinjetscreamer the first URL  the second lists nv as supporting the familey05:26
squidlythe rest of it I can deal with05:26
GemmersI want to use lightscribe for the first (and probably for the only time)05:26
CreationistDoes anyone know how I can apply a custom album art cover to an entire album of .MP3 files?  Amarok only lets you use Amazon or custom pictures for individual files.05:27
jetscreamernuffin: if nv supports it, the nvidia driver supports it also05:27
nuffinjetscreamer RIVA128 agp05:27
jetscreamerah ok maybe not05:27
nickrudsquidly: redirect them to /home/mythtv and /home/databases  on the next install  ;)05:27
dmanCreationist: by default Amarok applies the album art to all songs in that album...05:27
mjw-nuffin maybe it's time for a video card upgrade :)05:27
alexkreuzcan anyone tell me how i mount smbfs drives on the desktop as icons?05:27
neopsycheseacat: done now05:27
neetopajamian: since I'm not running redhat, httpd.conf means nothing, but in apache2.conf there was a setting that would hide .ht* files, but not anything else starting with a dot... :/05:27
squidlynickrud: well the myth dirs are on different disks. they pull a lot of data. I was more worried about my setup's for the and db files05:27
seacatneopsyche, sudo apt-get update05:28
neopsycheseacat: done05:28
Creationistdman: It only does that if you use Amazon to find the art.  If you want to set a custom cover, you can only do that one file at a time.05:28
neopsycheseacat: eading package lists... Done05:28
squidlyI wonder if I could just change my deb.conf and apt-get update05:28
nuffinjetscreamer and no one has been able to provide any indication that my card has been supported sense X11R605:28
berenddoes anyone have saviour05:28
nickrudsquidly: I'm not familiar with mythtv and it's dbs, but I'm sure it's possible to get a safe backup05:28
dmanCreationist: I've done it with a custom cover. it was for an album w/ 500 songs. all have it now.05:28
pajamianneeto: sorry, I actually run centos for my servers (and use ubuntu as the desktop) I just figured the conf file was named the same, I'll see if I can find the directive, though...05:28
neopsycheseacat: trying to configure now05:28
neetopajamian: no worries man, I was just letting you know05:29
squidlynickrud: yea. I was much more looking for an inplcae upgrade05:29
Creationistdman:  How did you do that?  I can't change the art when I have more than one file selected.05:29
squidlyOk, I guess I'll do it on a vmware install and then write up a howto :D05:29
IcemanV9ever since hoary, there is no guided partitioning for a separate /home partition :-/ I wonder why it was left out?05:29
pajamianneeto: sure, no problem, the filename will be different but the content will be largely the same.05:29
neopsycheseacat: still cant find x-libraries path and some of the parts say 'no'05:29
neetopajamian: ok05:29
dmanCreationist: the same way as usual. select one track and change its album art. it should automatically apply to allt he others05:29
squidlypajamian: may I ask why you went from 64 back to 32 bit?05:29
nuffinjetscreamer but like i said, thanks for the attempt.  you would have nailed it if it was supported  ;/05:30
Creationistdman: Yeah, I would have assumed so too... but it's only applying it to that one file, not the entire album.05:30
jetscreamernuffin: looks like you get to use nv and that's it05:30
dmanCreationist: odd. is the album naem the same?05:30
the_alamois GimpNet broken?  i want to ask #epiphany a question but i can't connect.  so either the server is down or there is something wrong with my computer05:30
nuffinjetscreamer see above ^  :)05:30
lanzellothanyone ever heard of kernel update making wireless not work?05:31
Onyxcrossover office is a beautiful thing.05:31
neopsycheseacat: ?05:31
Creationistdman: yes, identical.... all the songs are listed under the same album in Amarok too05:31
Onyxlanzelloth: Yes.05:31
pajamiansquidly: it was fiesty at the time, but I found lots of problems with 64 bit on the desktop, mainly having to do with things such as flash and java being a pita to get working, plus not being able to use w32codecs for videos, etc.05:31
seacatneopsyche, fully updated now?05:31
neopsycheseacat: do i need to reconfigure the x path:/05:31
jetscreameryeah.. (messy)  nv says it supports your gpu nuffin . are you saying it doesn't?05:31
neopsycheseacat: yes updated05:31
lanzellothOnyx: there was a kernel update a couple days ago?05:31
dmanCreationist: that is weird...05:31
squidlypajamian: ahh okies.. yea this will be a backend server. no gui stuff needed ;)05:31
Onyxlanzelloth: In Ubuntu?  Yeah, I think so, but I don't use Ubuntu's kernel.  I build my own.05:31
nuffinjetscreamer no. i'm not.  i'm saying it supports it almost as well as vesa does.05:32
alexkreuzcan anyone tell me how i mount smbfs drives on the desktop as icons?05:32
dmanCreationist: maybe you messing with it before screwed something up . your solution might just be to do it manually fo that album.05:32
seacatneopsyche, ./configure05:32
pajamiansquidly: ahhh, ok, I do run some centos servers as 64 bit and I have no problems with that.  My feelings is that 64 bit is good for the server but not for the desktop.05:32
nuffinwhich means no hardware accel. jetscreamer05:32
seacatneopsyche, What package are you trying to install?  What is the name of the package?05:32
mjw-nuffin the riva128 is just an old card. heck, how much memory does the one you have even possess? A lot of acceleration-type stuff will crap out if too little memory is present05:32
squidlypajamian: not until some of the more commanly used things are moved to 64bit like java and flash05:32
jetscreamernuffin: you might get better performance running 16 bit instead of 32 (that thing does 32 eh?)  yeah no 3d05:32
Genius16alexkreuz: do you have the drives mounted somewhere with samba already?05:32
pajamiansquidly: exactly05:33
squidlyI actually run my main desktop as a multilib 64bit gentoo install05:33
alexkreuzyes i got that part already05:33
neopsycheseacat: Kalva05:33
ERRor_studenthelp me05:33
squidlybut for servers I like not having to deal with a lot of compileing05:33
ERRor_studenti have a webcam suyin, but not detect on feisty05:33
lanzellothOnyx: oh.. now the applet thing can detect wireless networks but can't join into one, you think this is related to the kernel update?05:33
Genius16alexkreus: if you're running gnome you could always do a symbolic link to the desktop.05:33
lanzellothOnyx: it was working fine a couple days ago05:33
mjw-nuffin switching to a depth of 16bpp helped fix rendering issues for me with an old ATI Radeon Mobility chipset. There was too little video memory for acceleration at 24/32bpp05:33
pajamiansquidly: I tried that, but I found that the pain of getting 32 bit things to work on a setup like that was not outweighed by the performance differences of 64 bit vs 32 bit.  I just run 32 bit now and everything works painlessly.05:34
dragonok doing that update where i am supose to update to edgy eft did nothing im still on dapper drake05:34
nuffinmjw- it's a "real" agp interface and 32m ram i think...05:34
z-doghow do you fix the two 'nh' errors in the dmfe driver file05:34
Onyxlanzelloth: You probably just need to do a network encryption configuration again.  You probably lost the keys when you did the kernel update would be my guess.05:34
squidlypajamian: for me it works well with gentoo. but then everything is pretty much compiled as 64bit05:34
dmanCreationist: i just did it to experiment. worked fine.05:34
mjw-nuffin the wiki page says the riva128 it came with 4-8mb05:34
Genius16alexkreus: ln -s /path/to/samba/mount /home/$USERNAME/Desktop/WhateverFolderName05:35
Creationistdman: Well, that's the beauty of Linux... just because it works for 50 other people, doesn't mean it will for the other 50 ;)05:35
bazhangCreationist: indeed no problems here either05:35
pajamiansquidly: yes, I can see that it would work better with gentoo sinc eyou can control the compilation of everything.05:35
alexkreuzGenius16 let me try that05:35
nuffinmjw- the pci does,  but the agp is higher05:35
squidlypajamian: yep. I once I get my server in my noc at work, I will help with developmenting and making 64bit packages for ubuntu05:35
squidlyI love the distro. its like debian only newer :D05:36
* squidly ducks05:36
neopsycheseacat: any ideas?05:36
dmanCreationist: true enough. do yuo have an album art image in the folder. or more than one?05:36
Creationist...because I certainly am being forced to do each file individually05:36
seacatneopsyche, DOwnload the .deb from  http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4524&release_id=1130705:36
mjw-nuffin try bumping the depth down to 16 in your xorg.conf, it might help05:36
pajamiansquidly: yep, the 64 bit packaging in ubuntu is largely good, though.  The main problems is with proprietary stuff that you can't get source code on.05:36
ubudany software that can play different code of dvd?05:36
Creationistdman: No, I have the album art images in separate folders and I'm trying to apply them to the albums in my collection.... not working.05:36
squidlypajamian: very true. that is mostly were the world would be needed05:36
Genius16ubud: different code of dvd?05:36
seacatneopsyche,  dpkg -i kalva_0.8.90-1_i386.deb05:37
dmanCreationist: i did put the album art in the same folder as the files. maybe that helps?05:37
Genius16ubud: vlc i believe05:37
jetscreamernuffin: what pci id does lspci | grep -i nvidia  return?05:37
pajamianneeto: IndexIgnore05:37
wersin terms of quality, is openwengo better than skype?05:37
CreationistWhy the hell doesn't Amarok have the option to "Set custom cover" when right-clicking an album... it offers to fetch the cover from Amazon, but you don't have the option to choose your own?05:37
neopsycheseacat: what about it?05:37
neetopajamian: in apache2.conf?05:37
lanzellothOnyx: that's not it, i tried that05:37
neopsycheseacat: i already downloaded that package05:37
nuffinmjw- no can do.  it does 24,15,8,...  no 16 avalable05:37
Creationistdman: Do you have to name it something specific?05:37
pajamianneeto: in one of the .conf files somewhere05:37
alexkreuzGenius16, thanks if nothing else this should be fine, but is there a way to mount it so that it actually shows up as a real folder and doesn't show up as a deletable shortcut?05:37
Genius16alexkreus: work for you?05:37
diiii want to preserve a livecd's contents after i've booted. does anyone know how i could do that? i got it to work with aufs, but ubuntu 7.10 has unionfs and the code i had working with debian fails (even though it mounts without errors on ubuntu /w unionfs)  mount -t unionfs -o dirs=/mnt/sda1:/mnt/cdrom/=ro none /05:37
seacatneopsyche,  http://prdownload.berlios.de/kalva/kalva_0.8.90-1_i386.deb05:37
seacatneopsyche,  dpkg -i kalva_0.8.90-1_i386.deb05:38
neetopajamian: thanks man05:38
pajamianneeto: mine has this: IndexIgnore .??* *~ *# HEADER* README* RCS CVS *,v *,t05:38
dmanCreationist: not that i know of. mine was just random letters.05:38
Creationistdman: I want the art to be embedded in the MP3, though, so when I tranfer it to my mp3 player, it works well.05:38
squidlypajamian: ubuntu actually saved my old boss several times from him self :D05:38
pajamianneeto: if you were to take out the .??* then it would list hidden files and directories05:38
jetscreamernuffin: i mean gpu model, not pciid05:38
alexkreuzlet me elaborate, while this gives me quick access, from the file manager it still doesn't show up as a "Mapped Drive"05:38
Genius16alexkreus: i know there is in KDE but im not so sure in gnome. id assume there is a similar way to, but im only familiar with KDE05:38
alexkreuzi see thanks for the help though05:38
italyswhy isn't alsaconf included with edgy even though alsa-utils is installed?05:38
alexkreuzi appreciate it05:38
neopsycheseacat: dpkg error cannot acccess archive05:38
alexkreuzthis is good enough for now05:38
Creationistdman: Hmm... even fetching a cover from Amazon doesn't apply it to the entire album.05:38
jetscreameralsaconf is in alsa0utils05:38
lanzellothCreationist: amarok?05:39
en3r0anyone here use the boradcom43xx wireless card?05:39
italysi understand that05:39
neopsycheseacat: what do you want me to do with that package?05:39
bazhangis edgy still supported even?05:39
Creationistlanzelloth: Yeah05:39
dmanCreationist: i'm not sure if Amarok does that. i think so, tho. You should try #amarok for experts05:39
pajamiansquidly: cool, I have only been using ubuntu since feisty, but I've found it to be that good that I'm now recommending it and installing it on friends computers, etc.05:39
italysalsaconf doesn't exist05:39
jetscreamerhey you're not dman the famous mapper are you05:39
CreationistMaybe I'll stop using amarok... I always have problems with it.05:39
dmanjetscreamer: not that i know of. who is he?05:39
lanzellothCreationist: i think sometimes it lags, the cover thing05:39
squidlypajamian: same here. I started with 6.02 (i think) and have been useing it ever since.05:39
seacatneopsyche, Install it,  dpkg -i   should install it.   Did you get an error?05:39
luckyshothey guys, i just installed ubuntu on an iBook G4 and realize there is no word processing application pre installed suchas openoffice etc. Can someone tell me how to install this?05:39
nuffinjetscreamer (rev 22)05:40
squidlyI've been giveing it to friends to use. though my gf gets a kde desktop on my system05:40
seacatneopsyche,  Did you first download the file?05:40
ethan961luckyshot, there should be05:40
neopsycheseacat: yes.. if i click on the .deb to install it i get an error05:40
Creationistluckyshot: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org05:40
Genius16ethan961: i hope there is!05:40
lanzellothCreationist: that'd be sad, amarok is prolly the best there is05:40
italyshow do i get alsaconf installed05:40
en3r0anyone here use the boradcom43xx wireless card?05:40
seacatneopsyche,  dpkg -i kalva_0.8.90-1_i386.deb05:40
italysi tried compiling it by hand but it's missing some library that is installed05:40
squidlyin a couple of weeks i'm helping a friend with an install fest, ubuntu and xubuntu05:40
luckyshotCreationist, thanks05:40
ubotuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Edgy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdgyUpgrades - Downloading: http://us.releases.ubuntu.com/6.10/ - Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdgyReleaseNotes05:40
nuffinjetscreamer or you mean the   NVidia / SGS Thomson   ?05:40
Genius16luckyshot: if you would like to find the package manager (synaptic) in the menus you can search for open office05:40
Creationistlanzelloth: Well, it's the best idea there is.. .. but with killer bugs like I always seem to have, it's not a viable solution for me yet.05:41
Genius16man im slow... oh wait, im drunk!05:41
pajamiansquidly: been on RH and then FC before that, I stopped using FC when they scrapped Fedora Legacy.05:41
squidlypajamian: I stoped useing roothat back around rh505:41
seacatneopsyche, IF that does not work, you'll need to compile from source.  But dpkg -i should do the job for you.05:41
hi__how can i set the label of a vfat partition?05:41
squidlyor was it rh605:41
Genius16fedora core before redhat?05:41
lanzellothen3r0: read this yet http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=405990 ?05:41
squidlycant remember05:41
werswhat is i686? :D05:41
squidlyGenius16: RH was before FC05:41
Genius16yeah i knows05:42
neopsycheseacat: how will dpkg-i solve the dependency problem?05:42
squidlywers: i686 is a p4+ class proccessor05:42
nuffinhi__ from windows is prolly the best way05:42
werssquidly, how about celerons?05:42
Genius16"been on RH and then FC before that" thought i was drunker than i should be am05:42
squidlyhi__: you can use fdisk to do it but its a pain.. and I don't recomend it05:42
squidlywers: iirc they are 686 class cpus05:42
mjw-I believe i686 is used to refer to anything pentium pro or higher05:42
hi__i thought this would be an easy task05:42
seacatneopsyche,  What dependency?05:43
nuffinfdisk to lable an fs ?05:43
pajamianGenetics: hehehe05:43
squidlynuffin: well lable the partision. :)05:43
pajamianGenetics: I meant that I had been on RH and then FC before switching to Ubuntu05:43
squidlyvfat does not have anyreal use IMHO any more05:43
Genius16can gparted set the labels? im not sure. \05:43
pajamianerrr Genius1605:43
italysso uh05:43
jetscreamerdman: http://shaderlab.com/q3map2/manual/images/dmanshot_files/05:43
Genius16pajamian: what did i break?05:43
squidlyGenius16: Idk I dont use gparted05:43
italyswhat is the latest version of ubuntu05:44
seacatneopsyche, WHat does it say you need?05:44
jetscreamernuffin: just show me the line05:44
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:44
* squidly is a cli freak. :)05:44
en3r0i have enabled firmware for the broadcome 43xx chipset family, and i says in use with a green light, yet detects nothing05:44
neopsycheseacat: the package asks for kdelibs4c2 and I have kdelibs4c2a of which dependant upon are open office / amarok as well as many other packages i need05:44
jetscreamernuffin: or, it's just one line...05:44
pajamianGenius16: nothing, tab key nick completion struck me, I said Genetics when I meant Genius1605:44
bazhanggutsy italys05:44
italyswhat is the numerics of gutsy05:44
dmanjetscreamer: nope, sorry =] looks good tho05:44
squidlypajamian: lol tab completion ftw! :D05:44
neopsycheseacat: how can that issue be resolved?05:44
bobbydhow do I set open nfs mounts under Ubuntu?05:44
* pajamian loves tab completion, but it does get you in trouble from time to time, esp in a channel with 1100+ users.05:45
bazhang7.10 italys05:45
squidlybobbyd: what do you mean by open an nfs mount05:45
squidlypajamian: heh.. yea save here05:45
dmanpajamian: agreed05:45
mkquistbobbyd: do you mean mount an nfs partition?05:45
nuffinjetscreamer it's just one line and that's all of it really   NVidia / SGS Thomson Riva128 (rev 22)05:45
bobbydsquidly: I have some nfs directories exported on my server, but I can't remember how to access them from my laptop under Nautilus05:45
squidlybobbyd: with Nautilus IDK but you need to mount them first05:46
neopsycheseacat: ?05:46
seacatneopsyche, sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2  kdelibs4c2a05:46
mjw-nuffin: run lspci -vvv and it should show how much video memory you have if you wade through it05:46
Genius16you typically need to mount nfs05:46
bobbydsquidly: and how do I mount them?05:46
squidlymount -t nfs server:export /local/mount/point05:46
neopsycheseacat: Package kdelibs4c2 has no installation candidate05:46
bobbydsquidly: there's no graphical way to do that?05:46
Genius16bobbyd: to make it perm its a bit more complicated05:47
italysdoes gutsy include alsa-conf?05:47
italyser alsaconf05:47
bazhang!info alsaconf05:47
bobbydGenius16: I know how to do that in fstab, but I'd like to not edit text...05:47
Genius16bobbyd: theres no graphical samba tool to mount partitions that im aware of05:47
adorablepuppyI've had this problem since Feisty and still have it in Gutsy. My Templates aren't registering in the "Create New" context menu. I'm not imagining it, I've got a document in there, but it still tells me I've got no templates installed. Anyone have any idea what would cause it?05:47
ubotuPackage alsaconf does not exist in gutsy05:47
squidlybobbyd: not that I konw of off the top of my head. I'm much more of an old school tuxer. I harldy use a gui for anything other then having about 20 consoles open05:47
=== atC^aw is now known as atcla
bobbydGenius16: it's not samba, it's NFS05:47
bobbydsquidly: :(05:47
bazhang!find alsa05:48
ubotuFound: alsa-base, alsa-utils, gstreamer0.10-alsa, libesd-alsa0, libsdl1.2debian-alsa (and 37 others)05:48
Khisanthadorablepuppy: well there is Places->Connect to Server05:48
Genius16bobbyd: either way?05:48
squidlybobbyd: sorry. I dont use gnome either.. I use fluxbox. CLI ftw baby :)05:48
luckyshothey guys, is there any guide on instaling compiz on ubuntu someone can pass to me?05:48
bobbydI'm sure I've done thins in the GUI in ubuntu on my other laptop05:48
neopsycheseacat: is there a way to fix that?05:48
adorablepuppyKhisanth: What's that got to do with document templates?05:48
bazhang!ccsm | luckyshot05:48
bobbydsquidly: boo!05:48
ubotuluckyshot: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion05:48
pajamianGenius16: bobbyd: there is a network manager similar to the one in windows that I believe will graphically find and mount both samba and nfs partitions.05:48
Genius16luckyshot: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=582535&highlight=compiz+Kubuntu&page=405:48
squidlybut then considering I dot 99% of my admin on remote servers cli is the best way for me05:48
seacatneopsyche,  You need to add repo05:48
neopsycheseacat: which one?05:48
bobbydpajamian: do you know where that is?05:49
squidlybobbyd: sorry.05:49
seacatneopsyche, I don't know.05:49
mjw-nuffin you'll want to find this sort of entry: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55313/05:49
pajamianbobbyd: let me look, one min ...05:49
Khisanthadorablepuppy: you were right below Genius16's response :)05:49
Genius16luckyshot: the gnome version is pretty much the same05:49
nuffinmjw- i guess you wanted this http://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d5d6c89a9  ?05:49
luckyshotGenius16, thanks ill try it out05:49
pajamianbobbyd: Places menu05:49
neopsycheseacat: why would i need to add a repo to get the old version .. is it possible to get the old version running along side the new version?05:50
Genius16neopsyche: thats crazy talks!05:50
squidlyoh shit.. it's amost midnight. ive gotta get ready to head to my gf's place05:50
Genius16neopsyche: dont listen to me... id suggest you use magic.05:50
mjw-nuffin well try 15bpp is my best suggestion. that card may not even be able to use all 32mb for a framebuffer05:50
squidlyGenius16: lol. I've done that when I needed to do some pen tesing05:50
lnknpk04hey seacat, I finished booting my box with the live cd (mine was only booting to a blank screen with a cursor).  I can access all of my files, but I had a hunch based on my reading what the problem could be.05:51
RyanPriorI've got an NTFS external hard drive. Some folders cannot be deleted, always resulting in I/O errors. Is there some way I can force the folders to be deleted? If the drive has errors, is there some way I can fix them?05:51
neopsycheGenius16: er.. right05:51
Peddycan somebody *please* help me with screen refresh rates05:51
Genius16squidly: i know its me... but what? im lost:(\05:51
neopsycheseacat: thanks for the help05:51
nuffinmjw- ok.  but why not use 24 bit colour ?05:51
RyanPrior!patience | Peddy05:51
ubotuPeddy: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:51
neopsycheseacat: now.. back to the copiling05:51
squidlyGenius16: sorry. I've had multiple versions installed sideby side when I was doing penetration tests. (legal hacking)05:51
lnknpk04with upgrades, if my linux headers were updated, could that have a negative impact on my grub menu.lst?05:51
PeddyRyanPrior: huh?05:51
seacatneopsyche, http://pastebin.ca/89708505:52
neopsycheseacat: how do i fix those issues in compile?05:52
mjw-nuffin because the server may basically be running out of video memory in trying to enable acceleration05:52
Genius16squidly: oh. yeah i was just being a dork.05:52
PeddyI won't say please then :P05:52
nuffinhmm could be i guess.05:52
Peddycan somebody help me with screen refresh rates?05:52
seacatneopsyche, Are you in USA?05:52
squidlyGenius16: lol. over all its usualy a bigger pain then its worth05:52
squidlyPeddy: what about refresh rates?05:52
Genius16squidly: ive had multiple versions of the same program installed a bunch of times too. mostly its like "shit! how do i uninstall this SOB?"05:52
Peddysquidly I can only get mine up to 52 for some reason05:53
squidlyGenius16: rotf. I've been there too.. or my favorate is "oh shit, it linked to the wrong version"05:53
Peddysquidly: I have an LCD monitor connecting with a DVI connection05:53
neopsycheseacat: pastebin doesnt show anyting05:53
neopsycheseacat: no05:53
neopsycheseacat: not in usa05:53
squidlyPeddy: what video driver are you using? what vid card do you have?05:53
Genius16peddy: what videocard and driver you using?05:54
Peddysquidly: I have the nvidia 8800 gts05:54
Peddysquidly: I am using restricted drivers05:54
squidlyPeddy: oh.. sounds like somehting in you xorg.conf is not set write05:54
Peddysquidly: installed through restricted-drivers manager*05:54
Peddysquidly: yeah05:54
Peddysquidly: should I paste it in a pastebin?05:54
seacatHow does one find what repository a package comes from?05:54
squidlyPeddy: one sec05:55
Genius16squidly: you type too fast for me to beat you to it... so im just gonna suggest... magic.05:55
mjw-nuffin what do you get when you do: glxinfo | grep direct05:55
Peddysquidly: sure05:55
squidlyGenius16: lol..05:55
nuffinmjw- was i right about how much ram it has btw ?   cause that's what M$ reports on it.05:55
squidlyPeddy: ok /msg me your Section "Monitor" of your xorg.conf05:55
Genius16seacat: thats an awesome question! i have no idea (other than searching ubuntu's page of packages) and would also like to know the answer!05:55
Frogzoowhere's acroread gone?05:55
squidlyGenius16: its called being on irc WAY to much :)05:55
JohnMM!info acroread | Frogzoo05:56
nuffinmjw- ummm right now.  -root: glxinfo: command not found05:56
ubotufrogzoo: Package acroread does not exist in gutsy05:56
Genius16squidly: yeah. this is like the 4th time in a year ive logged into ubuntu's irc... oh and im like pretty drunk.05:56
squidlyFrogzoo: use xpdf. its works just as well05:56
mjw-nuffin it's split into 16M prefetchable and 16M non-prefetchable....so it is 32M, the way it's segregated like that makes me wonder if it's old enough that some of the memory may be for 3D textures only and can't be used otherwise05:56
squidlyGenius16: perfet time to code then!05:56
PeddyIdentifier"Generic Monitor"05:56
PeddyVendorname"Generic LCD Display"05:56
PeddyModelname"LCD Panel 1280x1024"05:56
PeddyVertrefresh56.0 - 65.005:56
FloodBot3Peddy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:56
Peddy  modeline  "640x480@60" 25.2 640 656 752 800 480 490 492 525 -vsync -hsync05:56
squidlyGenius16: I come up with some really messed up solutions on when I was drunk05:56
Frogzoosquidly: I know, but I want acroread..05:56
squidlyFrogzoo: okies just an idea :D05:57
luckyshothow do install my 3D video drivers? and how do i know what video drivers i need too?05:57
seacatGenetics, Packages in question:  kdelibs4c2  kdelibs4c2a05:57
Peddysquidly: what just happened?05:57
RyanPriorluckyshot: The Restricted Manager ought to be able to sort out your 3D drivers.05:57
squidlyPeddy: you accidnetly flooded the chan05:57
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
RyanPriorluckyshot: System -> Administration -> Restricted Manager05:57
squidlypastbin your config05:57
mouseboyxsquidly, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be3alRoxkOo05:57
VadiIf I boot off livecd, will I be able to size down my /home and make the root bigger?05:57
nuffinmjw- that might explain why my scrollback buffer is kinda short in console....   makes sense05:57
* Peddy apologises to everyone for being an xchat noob05:57
luckyshotRyanPrior, i am int hat window and my video card is not listed05:57
luckyshotdoes that mean all is good?05:58
squidlyPeddy: heh.. no worries we all were there05:58
jetscreamernuffin: have you 'tried' ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/71.86.04/ ? according to the driver selector thing on nvidia.com, that supports riva128 . that's why i was trying to find out your pci id, to see if it's listed, but...   ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/71.86.04/README/README  (app-a) APPENDIX A05:58
neopsycheseacat: ???05:58
Peddysquidly: ok I'm just gonna use pastebin :P05:58
squidlymouseboyx: I LOVE THAT!!!05:58
Genius16squidly: coding is too much like work to me. unless im programming a crawler to pull pr0n. haha05:58
Peddysquidly: http://pastebin.com/d72a7c2af05:58
RyanPriorPeddy: It's no problem! Welcome. If you do anything out of line, we'll tell you about it and stop crying pretty quick. :-)05:58
squidlymouseboyx: that saved my sanity when I was on hell desk :D05:58
mjw-nuffin you should have glxinfo (well, mesa) installed if you hope to have ANY OpenGL acceleration at all. apt-get install mesa-utils05:58
squidlyPeddy: ok looing now05:58
RyanPriorluckyshot: In that case, it would appear that your video card is not supported.05:59
mjw-nuffin honestly you can pick up, say, a Geforce2MX for pennies used though, I wouldn't expend a lot of effort on such an old card05:59
nuffinmjw- k  but htat will have to be some other time.   i'm not installing x on this particular system.    (several shoes here)05:59
seacatneopsyche,  kdelibs4c2  and  kdelibs4c2a are probably in universe repos05:59
RyanPriorluckyshot: Unless it's an Intel integrated graphics card, in which case you might not need a restricted driver.06:00
italysso uh06:00
italyshow do i get alsaconf installed06:00
Peddysquidly: when I select my monitor and connection in displayconfig-gtk it lets me choose 70hz06:00
luckyshotRyanPrior, im using an iBook G406:00
Peddysquidly: so when I hit ok, it just resets when I try and go back :-\06:00
GemmersI'm back hurrah06:00
GemmersUm I've just downloaded ubuntu desktop version06:01
GemmersThere's no other version for my notebook is there06:01
squidlyPeddy: well your config looks good.06:01
seacatneopsyche, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment lines that end in universe06:01
neopsycheseacat: whats the repo i need to add (universe) ?06:01
RyanPriorluckyshot: Ah, I don't know much about Mac hardware myself, so that's not useful to me, but it's a good thing to mention whenever you ask for helop.06:01
seacatneopsyche,  I think so06:01
mkquistGemmers: no06:01
nuffinmjw- actually this box had an ati card in it,  that's why it now has my old standby riva  ;/06:01
BlistokHey all. I have a hard drive that's going out that I want to directly clone to a new hard drive. How can I grab a byte-for-byte image of the drive and restore the image to a new one? Can I just cat /dev/drivedevice > driveimage? If so how do I restore it?06:01
luckyshotRyanPrior, okay thanks06:01
seacatneopsyche,  Try it and see,06:01
RyanPriorluckyshot: Good luck. :-)06:01
Peddysquidly: and displayconfig-gtk shows it as 50hz?06:01
squidlywhat does nvidia-settings show?06:01
* Gemmers wipes forehead06:01
pajamianBlistok: not cat, dd06:02
mjw-nuffin Geforce2mx might be the cheapest option that will probably be fairly well supported. ;)06:02
calamaribeen trying to get a wireless adapter working.. got it.. but I had to stop my firewall.  anyone know how to get firestarter to configure so that its settings apply to both eth0 and eth1, not just eth0?06:02
seacatneopsyche, and then:   sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2  kdelibs4c2a06:02
Peddysquidly: I mean its rather pointless buying a gfx card like that if you can only get like 40fps ^^06:02
squidlyGenius16: I like to code its fun. but then i'm a freak like that06:02
neopsycheseacat: ok.. i uncommented backports06:02
nuffinBlistok dd06:02
squidlyPeddy: try commenting out the modelines and restarting X06:02
Blistokpajamian: ah. ok, looks like I have a manpage to read06:02
pajamianBlistok: dd if=/dev/foo of=driveimage.img06:02
Blistokpajamian: much easier. thanks! how do I restore that image file to the new drive?06:02
nuffinBlistok or dirrect with no image   dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb06:03
pajamianBlistok: if dd dies saying it can't read a block or something add conv=noerror as well, it will copy in spite of the errors that way.06:03
seacatneopsyche, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment lines that end in universe  (not backports)06:03
Gemmersdoes anyone here actually run ubuntu on their notebook06:03
squidlyPeddy: did you get my pm?06:03
CrazyPhil_Hello. How tu use ascii code in Ubuntu? Like Alt+1234. Thx06:03
nickrudneopsyche: you don't need backports, those sources you had were fine. What can't you find?06:03
RoyGemmers: I do06:03
pajamianBlistok: other option, mount the drive and just a use cp-a06:03
RyanPriorGemmers: I run Ubuntu on my notebook.06:03
pajamianBlistok: errr cp -a06:03
squidlyim currently running at 70hz06:03
mjw-Gemmers : yes, on an ~2002 dell latitude c51006:03
Frogzoohey no acroread in the gutsy repos ?! - can only find the .deb from adobe's site...?06:04
neopsychenickrud: E: Package kdelibs4c2 has no installation candidate06:04
GemmersRoy, did you notice any difference in battery life06:04
nickrudneopsyche: http://pastebin.ca/897085 these were, anyway if they are yours06:04
RyanPriorGemmers: The "Desktop" edition is also suitable for notebooks. It contains drivers for mobile graphics cards, wireless drivers, ACPI, and so on.06:04
Dr_willisFrogzoo,  its in medibuntu repos i beliuve06:04
mkbernardis it possible to have a samba share without hacing to login to the server?06:04
RyanPriorGemmers: Often Ubuntu gets worse battery life than Windows due to less complete support for ACPI power saving features and power saving support in general.06:04
Blistokpajamian: ok, thank you... what's the reverse for that dd command?06:04
Dr_willismkbernard,  you can set up all sorts of samba shares. Theres whole books on the topic. :)06:04
neopsycheseacat: universes are already uncommented06:04
Dr_willismkbernard,  the samba-doc package has the html book 'using samba' thats worth a read for advanced samba ussage.06:05
pajamianBlistok: dd if=imagefile of=/cev/whatever06:05
nickrudneopsyche: it's kdelibs4c2a , you probably also will need kdelibs4-dev for compiling06:05
pajamianBlistok: or...06:05
Gemmers<RyanPrior> Gemmers: Often Ubuntu gets worse battery life than Windows due to less complete support for ACPI power saving features and power saving support in general. | that's my conern06:05
neopsychenickrud: pastebin shows blank page06:05
RoyGemmers: The battery standby time is longer than what I used to get when I ran Vista on it.06:05
doverwell, tried memetest and it doesnt look like my memory's an issue06:05
Adman1965Hey guys06:05
Adman1965I have a simple question06:05
nickrudneopsyche: I copied that from your post earlier ;)06:05
neopsychenickrud: no.. i have E: Package kdelibs4c2a i need the other one06:05
doveracould ANY piece of hardware keep ubuntu from even installing?06:05
GemmersI wish it would be longer since ubuntu uses less resources06:05
nuffinBlistok command   man dd    :)06:05
pajamianBlistok: mount the image and copy the contents off of it, you can loopback mount the image with: mount -oloop imagefile /media/mountpoint06:05
Dr_willisdover,  ive heard of some machines/hardwares that do have issues.06:06
mkbernarddoes each user have to have an account on the box, or is there a way to add a username and password just for the smbd?06:06
RoyMy battery stand-by time in Ubuntu is 2 and a half hour compared to 2 hours in Windows.06:06
Blistokpajamian: thanks!06:06
neopsycheseacat: what do we do now?06:06
doverso what did they do?06:06
Dr_willismkbernard,  thers ways to have public samba shares.06:06
nickrudneopsyche: install kdelibs4-dev , it will pull in the matching binary06:06
doverthey just dont install it?06:06
Adman1965does anyone know a graphics card that will do 1600x1050 on 7.10?06:06
doveror get anotyher version of linux?06:06
neopsycheseacat: back to compiling... how / what must i do now?06:06
leprasmurfhello all...I'm about to go to bed, what is the most thorough scan of my system that I can run while I sleep?06:06
Adman1965i am looking to make sure before i purchase06:06
RyanPriorGemmers: Windows often uses a slew of tricks to improve battery life, which require special drivers to utilize fully. Often Ubuntu doesn't have support for those, so while it is in some ways more efficient than Windows, it is less able to take advantage of the special hardware features.06:06
seacatneopsyche, edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment lines that end in restricted06:06
RyanPriorGemmers: That's obviously a problem that's being worked on, but it is an honest problem right now.06:06
mkbernardadman, filesystem check06:06
Genius16leprasmurf: restart at least 40 times and wait for a disc scan06:06
pajamiandover: it is technically possible for any piece of hardware to cause all sorts of strange and unpredictable problems.06:07
lanzellothhi, how do i add 'start terminal here' in right click menu in nautilus?06:07
GemmerssoRoy how did you manage that06:07
Adman1965I am thinking about a 7300LE06:07
leprasmurfGenius16: I already did an fsck in single user mode06:07
italyswhen i try to compile alsa-utils, it can't find libasound even though it's installed06:07
Dr_willisand edit the .bashrc to make the changes permenet06:07
italysany suggestions?06:07
doverman...some luck...lol my buddy says get ubuntu, its really easy to install, i doubt you'll have issues06:07
GemmersHey I'm not against ubuntu in any kind, hence I wouldn't be downloading it and trying to install it right now06:07
CrazyPhil_Adman1965, most Nvidia card support this resolution, back to geforce 2-3. Ati you need a pretty recent one06:07
ASTX813Anyone had experience connecting a Palm via Bluetooth?06:07
nickrudneopsyche: http://pastebin.ca/897085 weren't these yours?06:07
FrogzooDr_willis: aight thx06:07
Oni-Dracula|lappdoes anyone know of a command line option for xawtv that allows one to set a camera's format (NTSC or PAL)06:07
pajamiandover: it usually is, but if you have bad hardware all bets are off.06:07
Genius16leprasmurf: lol. yeah i mean if you're running linux you shouldnt need to run any scan for a typical user.06:07
squidlyASTX813: bluetooth is a pain imho. but nice once you get it running ;)06:07
RyanPrior!anyone | ASTX81306:08
ubotuASTX813: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:08
mkbernardwell what if i dont want it to be public per se, but just have the user account owned only by the samba process06:08
Adman1965Cool.  Thanks.06:08
ASTX813Pain, indeed06:08
pajamiandover: what hardware do you have in your system?06:08
Genius16metal and silicon!06:08
mjw-dover you didn't stick in an old XT hard disk controller for the heck of it did you? ;)06:08
dovermobo's a p4p80006:08
squidlyok ive gotta run everyone06:08
squidlytalk to you all later good luck and have a nice weekend06:08
neopsycheseacat: are uncommented except for backports06:08
GemmersI need to upgrade my notebook ram first06:08
GemmersAnd also there's a slot that looks like it's ram but I don't think it is06:08
RoyI kept the default settings Gemmers and it worked like a charm.06:08
neopsychenickrud: not sure.. i cant see them06:08
seacatneopsyche,   sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2  kdelibs4c2a06:08
leprasmurfGenius16: understood, but my system is kinda suffering from to many improper shutdowns.  it keeps hanging on shutdown due to a bug in the wireless06:08
doverXT hardisk controller?06:08
pajamiandover: that's old, ubuntu can certainly run on it, but older hardware like that is more likely to have problems.06:08
Dr_willisHmm. Whenever i copy styff over samba to my linux box. from the vista machine.. the network gets SOO slow/clogged that xming is Useless... odd.06:08
nickrudneopsyche: strange, I simply copied and pasted what you posted06:08
neopsychenickrud: i need to install klava.. how is installing that 94+mb file going to help?06:08
GemmersPerhaps it's VGA ram, but I don't think so06:09
mjw-dover just kidding...06:09
Genius16leprasmurf: an automated scan wouldnt fix that.06:09
nickrudneopsyche: you need to have the right libraries and headers to compile with06:09
leprasmurfGenius16: earlier tonight I was experiencing major weirdness with connectivity and such, which prompted me to try some maintenance06:09
neopsychenickrud: where?06:09
Dr_willisneopsyche,  still dident try that deb i built eh? :)06:09
neopsycheDr_willis: you built a deb?06:09
neopsycheDr_willis: where?!06:09
ASTX813Well I've made no progress beyond getting the Palm listed as a trusted device in the bluetooth applet06:09
_Oz_what's the trick for creating a multisided cube in compiz-fusion?  I can only get one "pane"06:09
Genius16leprasmurf: network weirdness? i love the internets and stuff. what was happeneing? this is wireless i take it?06:09
leprasmurfGenius16: so I don't have to worry about random corruptions, or anything outside of the journal that might not be checked?06:09
GemmersIt's sort of like a RAM slot but not, perhaps it's for wireless06:09
pajamiandover: did you run the test from the boot menu to make sure the install CD is not corrupted?06:09
neopsycheDr_willis: is that the .deb from the file share?06:10
Dr_willisneopsyche,  ive sent you 2 different fileshare and some other site links to the deb packages over the last hour.06:10
nickrudneopsyche: oh, seacat pasted for you, sorry06:10
Peddysquidly: are you still there? I restarted x06:10
doveri also checked the disc06:10
Dr_willisneopsyche,  the last one was not a fileshare. it was some other place. :)06:10
leprasmurfGenius16: yeah, wireless.  I used to think it was 'cause of wpa_supplicant, but I disabled wpa on my home wifi and it still happens06:10
neopsycheDr_willis: i thought that was the original deb i downloaded earlier from another source06:10
squidlyPeddy: yea for a sec06:10
pajamiandover: how old is the cd rom drive on the box you're installing onto?06:10
squidlydid that fix it for you?06:10
Genius16leprasmurf: id say if you're having a problem with the inner-nut-webs its not going to effect your system as a whole.06:10
doverhmm.....maybe 2 years06:10
squidlyPeddy: hmm..06:10
Dr_willisneopsyche,  why would i send you that one. :P06:10
neopsycheDr_Willis: is this yoru new deb? .. http://www.load.to/?d=2FDgvRKuti06:11
pajamiandover: not too bad, how old is the motherboard/cpu (the p4/800?)06:11
leprasmurfGenius16: whenever I connect to my home wireless, and subsequently try to shutdown my computer, the shutdown scripts start to run, but hang with some error I have written down somewhere06:11
Peddysquidly: I set it in displayconfig-gtk, it appears to be working, but when I open the program again its still 5006:11
Dr_willisneopsyche,  looks like it.06:11
Genius16leprasmurf: what problem are you having? what are the symptoms? also what wifi card do you have?06:11
doverid say thats about.....4-5 years06:11
leprasmurfGenius16: and the only way to fully shutdown at that point is to do a hard shutdown06:11
Peddysquidly: for some reason there is no profile that loads? does this happen for you?06:11
pajamiandover: ok, well, how much RAM do you have?06:11
Genius16leprasmurf: message me the error message?06:11
FY1what is the default root password? I've never had to SU until now, and I don't remember setting one when I installed ubuntu06:12
leprasmurfGenius16: hang on, gotta find it06:12
Genius16leprasmurf:  or spit it out here whatevers.06:12
squidlyPeddy: nope.06:12
Dr_willisFY1,  there is none.06:12
Dr_willis!root | FY106:12
ubotuFY1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:12
neopsycheDr_willis: after clicking download .. it takes me to a page to uplaod..06:12
pajamiandover: that should be plenty, hrmmm ....06:12
Peddysquidly: ok06:12
doveryeah...i know lol06:12
FY1that's gay06:12
FY1oh well06:12
pajamiandover: what about the power supply?  how old is that?06:12
Dr_willisFY1,  no its not.06:12
FY1Maybe some people like the power of SU06:12
jesenkoi'm sorry complete noob with IRQ  here just have one question if i have any problems is this the place to come to find out the answer06:12
neopsycheDr_willis: can you put it on a public ftp?06:13
Genius16su > sudo06:13
doverhmmm...i think its as old as the mobo, if not it would be a bit less06:13
FY1don't assume everyone is linux newbie06:13
Peddysquidly: do you have any idea what might be happening?06:13
mjw-!justask | jesenko06:13
ubotujesenko: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:13
FY1and they won't delete shit that's needed06:13
Dr_willisFY1,  its still there.. aparently you dont know know enough linux to see the obvious way to enable it.06:13
neopsycheseacat: i have uncommented.06:13
Dr_willisFY1,  do what you want.   This is linux.06:13
squidlyPeddy: not off the top of my head. and I'm sorry I wont be around i've gotta run to my gf's06:13
Peddysquidly: ok have fun ^^06:13
Dr_willisneopsyche,  the download worked for me. I just waited the 4 sec. and clicked on download. :006:13
doverprob a bit less, im pretty sure i switched cases after i had already built this system06:13
squidlyPeddy: sorry.06:14
Peddycan someone please help me to set my screen refresh rate?06:14
Peddysquidly: np06:14
neopsycheDr_willis: doesnt want to work fo rme06:14
nickrudFY1: or, you haven't heard of sudo -i06:14
Peddysquidly: thanks for helping so far :006:14
pajamiandover: well, everything seems to be fine in the specs you're giving me, but it is always possible that something is failing and you don't know about it.06:14
neopsycheDr_willis: could you email it?06:14
Dr_willisneopsyche,  you got bigger issues then. :)06:14
Genius16squidly: whats the 411 on his refresh prob?06:14
squidlyPeddy: but fyi the nvidia drivers do set automaticaly for the screen resolution you have06:14
Peddysquidly: even if displayconfig-gtk doesn't think so?06:14
squidlyGenius16: its running at 50hz running the nvidia drivers.. and he wants to push it up06:14
jesenkodid anyone get this wireless card working or do they have a way to fix it the forums don't have nothing that work my lsusb display is this: Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0bda:8197 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.06:15
dovercould it be something as stupid as having 2 soundcards and 2 lan cards or somethinng like that?06:15
Dr_willisneopsyche,  try that dcc send.06:15
dovermy onboard lan stopped working a few months ago so i bought a seperate lan card06:15
mjw-ugh, 50Hz refresh, now there's ripe slice of hell for you.06:15
squidlyPeddy: my drivers do change when I change resoltuion automagickly06:15
neopsychedcc send06:15
RoyI have the same issue, I have the nVidia chip and I want my refresh rate from 50 hz to 60 hz06:15
neopsycheDr_willis: dcc send?06:15
neopsycheDr_willis: im using chatzilla.. cant see dcc06:15
Peddysquidly: what do you mean your drivers change?06:15
hotmonkeyluvis there a recommended utility/program that can cycle through a folder of pictures and make them the desktop?06:16
Dr_willisneopsyche,  you may want to start using xchat06:16
pajamiandover: if your onboard lan has failed then it is not unreasonable to assume that something else on your motherboard may be failing as well.06:16
pajamiandover: however...06:16
squidlywhen I change resoltuions or an applicaion chagnes my resolution the refresh rate gets reset for me06:16
neopsyche_Dr_willis: please dcc now06:16
pajamiandover: did you properly disable the onboard lan in the CMOS setup or did you just leave it and toss another card in?06:16
Peddysquidly: oic resolution06:16
doverstill dont understand how windows NEVER gives me problems, but i install ubuntu and it just wont install06:16
Peddysquidly: but refresh rates are different :P06:17
squidlyyou could try chagne the line HorixSync to 6006:17
neopsyche_Dr_willis: im in xchat now06:17
squidlyPeddy: yes06:17
neopsyche_Dr_willis: can you send the file now/06:17
jesenko did anyone get this wireless card working or do they have a way to fix it the forums don't have nothing that work my lsusb display is this: Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0bda:8197 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.06:17
squidlylike right now i'm at 1440x900 and 70hz06:17
Ashfire908what is a good samba admin tool?06:17
CrazyPhil_squidly> I have experience low refresh rate problem in the past. It was cause by a bad recognition of my screen specifications (horizontal and vertical HZ) in the xorg.conf file.06:17
mjw-jesenko you might want to try searching the ubuntu forums for the specific make and model of your usb wireless card. speaking from experience support for realtek usb wireless is tricky right now06:17
doveri should go check ou my cmos i guess06:17
dovermake sure its disabled06:17
Peddysquidly: lcd monitor?06:17
squidlyCrazyPhil_: or the edi from the monitor06:17
squidlyPeddy: yes06:17
dovercause if ubuntu is trying to install driver for something that doesnt work...06:18
neopsycheDr_willis: can you send file to my other id?06:18
Peddysquidly: what drivers are you using? nv or nvidia or what?06:18
jesenkomjw i tried mo luck nobody got it working there and one person that has it didn't work06:18
pajamiandover: yes, make sure it is properly disabled, also I would remove the 2nd sound card just to be safe (you can always try adding it back in later)06:18
Dr_willisi dont even know if i can send. :)  been years since i tried.06:18
squidlythe nvidia drivers06:18
mjw-dover or it might be trying to poke the lan controller or enable it and it's hanging the system06:18
squidlyI dont like the nv drivers..06:18
doverwell one is onboard and the other one is a seperate sound blaster06:18
angelhey all, my cd/dvd drive isnt mounting properly can anyone give me a hand?06:18
Peddysquidly: I'm gonna try set the res in the nvidia utility06:18
Dr_willisneopsyche,  could try  http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=45746006:18
squidlyPeddy: that usualy works well06:19
Dr_willisneopsyche,  i found 15 other file-shareing sites. :)06:19
Peddysquidly: refresh*06:19
squidlyPeddy: yes06:19
doverwell, ill probably see you all soon again lol, ill go check my cmos and try to install again after06:19
pajamiandover: well either disable the onboard in the cmos or remove the soundblaster.  Like I said, you cna always put it back later, but you want to try to eliminate problems now to see what is really causing it.06:19
Peddysquidly: isn't the refresh rate meant to depend on the monitor, not the gfx card?06:19
neopsycheDr_willis: thanks.. is downloading?06:19
squidlyPeddy: its dependent on both.06:19
neopsycheDr_willis: it is downloading ;-)06:19
biouserdo you guys have any favorite word-procs for mathematical typesetting ie Latex-helper wysiwyg-ish06:19
FloodBot3neopsyche: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:19
squidlybut your card can do much faster then 50hz06:19
_Oz_I just found automatix06:20
neopsychenoted.. no flooding06:20
_Oz_what a fantastic app06:20
Peddysquidly: wow nvidia-settings isn't even loading ...06:20
Dr_willis_Oz_,  its best to NOT use that.. forget you ever saw it06:20
neopsycheFloodBot3: accidental06:20
adubhow do i setup a pptp connection i dont want to setup a vpn server i want to connect to one06:20
Dr_willis_Oz_,  its not really needed any more.. and it never really was needed.06:20
squidlyPeddy: whats happeneing when it trys to load?06:20
rebecca2930hey guys is ubuntu based on snapshots of testing or unstable debian?06:20
Peddysquidly: nothing and in terminal nothing either06:20
_Oz_dr_willis: heh, it says in the FAQ that people on #ubuntu would advise against it.  :)06:20
biouser_Oz_, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:20
lnknpk04hey folks, my gutsy desktop wont boot.  just sits at a blank screen with a cursor.  I can boot into live cd and even did a grub reinstall to doublecheck that it wasn't grub.  any other ideas?06:20
squidlyPeddy: that is odd.06:21
_Oz_why are you opposed to it?06:21
marx2k_Damnit, the Flash install script keeps uninstalliung itself with every aptitude update I do06:21
pajamian_Oz_: it can cause problems down the road.  Besides you really don't need it for anything.06:21
Dr_willis_Oz_,  yep..  it has been known to totally trash systems befor.   And you dont want to get started on the 'personal conflicts' of the maker. and  his 'critics;06:21
marx2k_I have to keep reinstalling it06:21
marx2k_pissing me off...06:21
Peddysquidly: yeah06:21
rebecca2930lnknpk04, how many hard drives do u have?06:21
_Oz_oh well.  I already ran it.06:21
_Oz_it seems fine though.06:21
Dr_willis_Oz_,  lets just say that it really dosent do anything that just setting up the medibuntu repo dosent allready do06:21
squidlyPeddy: try reinstalling the drivers they may have not installed right06:21
roddersghey guys anyone have problems with WINE?  Everytime I open a file on the file system it freezes06:21
mouseboyxCan you install linux on an n64?06:21
=== xt|away is now known as xt828
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:21
squidlybut sorry i've really gotta run06:21
alex_penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis06:21
biousermedibuntu repos06:21
Dr_willis_Oz_,  untill you try to upgrade some day.06:21
lnknpk04rebecca2930, i have one HD with 3 partitions.  / minus the /home, swap, /home06:22
mjw-!flashissues | marx2k_06:22
ubotumarx2k_: The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If the update fails to install Flash, try « sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree »06:22
Dr_willis_Oz_,  and your system fails to load/work/boot/start x.06:22
angelhey all, my cd/dvd drive isnt mounting properly can anyone give me a hand?06:22
jesenkomarx search ubuntu forum i had same problem i don't have link but the the forum advice helped i don't have a problem anymore06:22
Peddysquidly: wow it *just* finished loading06:22
Peddysquidly: how messed up is that :P06:22
squidlyPeddy: not really messed up06:22
marx2k_I shall do this.. I will see what happens06:22
pajamian!automatix | _Oz_06:22
ubotu_Oz_: automatix is not recommended, supported or needed. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »06:22
rebecca2930lnknpk04, do u have any other operating systems on your computer?06:22
roddersgangel - what's happening06:22
squidlyit can be nasty to load at times06:22
biouserLATEX-helper favorites?06:22
lnknpk04rebecca2930, no i do not06:22
Peddysquidly: lol06:22
Peddysquidly: my system is fast06:23
_Oz_willis: thanks for the tips.  I am just playing around with compiz stuff on that computer.  so if it all goes to hell, no big deal.06:23
zelrikriandoLaTeX rulz06:23
Peddysquidly: usually :P06:23
rebecca2930lnknpk04, may i pm u?06:23
angelroddersg, well, my CD/dvd just isnt mounting, gives me an error message if i try to open from "computer"06:23
Dr_willis_Oz_,  and with automatix.. its just a matter of time. :)06:23
squidlyPeddy: I've got dual opterons 248's.. and sometimes the nvidia-setting take up to 20 seconds to load06:23
_Oz_PC Magazine wrote an article in which automatix's virtues were extolled.06:23
roddersgangel - what's the message?06:23
Peddysquidly: one-upped :D06:23
angelroddersg, "[mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab06:23
angelmount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist"06:23
pajamian_Oz_: yep, and pc-mag is all knowing.06:24
Dr_willis_Oz_,  i saw pc magazine refer to OS-X as "Free Bsd Linux" - their 'IQ' is in question. :)06:24
biouserword processor for mathematics?06:24
Peddysquidly: 20 seconds is nothing mate06:24
roddersgcheck your /etc/fstab file, maybe you are missing something there06:24
Peddysquidly: 3 minutes06:24
roddersgcan you copy and print out the line here?06:24
Dr_willis_Oz_, of course they also dident mention the legality of the thing.. or the security implications.. :)06:24
angelroddersg, how?06:24
neopsycheYOU Uber !06:25
Dr_willisneopsyche,   NOW go read some bash tutorials! and learn the fundamentals!06:25
roddersgangel: use "less /etc/fstab" and look for the line that shows the cdrom e.g.06:25
_Oz_so what's the replacement for it that's built into ubuntu?06:25
neopsycheWell done to Dr Willis for providing the ONLY working .deb for Kalva ON UBUNTU GUTSY!06:25
roddersgangle: /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660     user,noauto     0       006:25
lnknpk04rebecca2930, thanks for offering your help.  I've pm'ed you already06:25
Dr_willis_Oz_,  you enable the medibuntu repo. and just apt-get install the stuff same as you would any other normal package. no script needed06:25
=== cwraig2 is now known as cwraig
adubdoes anyone know how to connect to a vpn server through linux??06:25
angelroddersg, well that might explain a few things06:25
pajamian!medibuntu | _Oz_06:25
ubotu_Oz_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:25
angelroddersg, etc/fstab: No such file or directory06:26
seacatneopsyche,  Did you do,   apt-get update    after uncommenting those repos?06:26
roddersganyone have problems with WINE frezine06:26
Dr_willis_Oz_,  the operative word is 'legal reasons' :) for all this song and dance.06:26
roddersganglel, you must look for the /etc/fstab,  missing first "/"06:26
seacatDr_willis,   Isn't the command    apt-get update   ?06:26
neopsycheseacat: no06:26
neopsycheseacat: I dont think so06:26
Peddysquidly: ok it just finished loading, the settings haven't stuck :(06:26
seacatneopsyche,  do it now.06:26
rebecca2930lnknpk04, did u try grub-install command or something like that?06:27
Dr_willisseacat,    sudo apt-get install whatever06:27
seacatneopsyche,   sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2  kdelibs4c2a06:27
angelroddersg, "/dev/cdrom        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       006:27
angel/dev/           /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto  0       006:27
Dr_willisupdate, then upgrade, or install.06:27
biouserno one has a pet mathematical type-setting program?06:27
lnknpk04rebecca2930, no, i did the grub command, root (hd0,0), and then setup (hd0)06:27
roddersgangel - your second line /dev/ for the floppy is wrong06:27
roddersgthat's the cause of your error06:28
tokercan any one tell me what tool I need to use to add a user to the system?06:28
orpheanbiouser, latex :)06:28
lnknpk04rebecca2930, then i restarted with the same result06:28
angelroddersg, ok, how do i fix it06:28
neopsycheseacat: its ok.. Dr_willis made a .deb for me06:28
Jewsus_How do I uninstall Ubuntu Studio?06:28
winter-mutehi, I am trying to play dvds, but I get a52 CRC errors. I have installed the restricted pacakgeset as well.06:28
rebecca2930lnknpk04, did u first do is open grub and do find /grub/boot/stage1??06:28
Dr_willistoker,  i normally just do 'sudo adduser bgates' or whatever. :)06:28
roddersgangel: hmmm, use /dev/fd0 for the flopy06:28
winter-muteanyone knows how to fix CRC errors?06:28
pajamiantoker: sudo useradd newusername06:28
lnknpk04rebecca2930, yes i did, i apologize, i didn't type out that step for you06:28
tokerDr_willis, Thanks I will give it a shot :)06:28
angelroddersg, so i need to edit that file?06:28
roddersgyou might need to use sudo vi /etc/fstab06:28
lnknpk04rebecca2930, thats how i confirmed my boot was hd0,006:28
tokerMandriva has a nice GUI for that :)06:28
roddersgyes you do06:28
Dr_willisI wonder how adduser differes from useradd06:29
=== santri is now known as co_caem_kedingin
winter-mutereally annoying06:29
Dr_willistoker,   theres a gui somewhere inubuntu.. but i can type the command faster then i can find the menu item06:29
roddersgafter that, try mounting your cdrom again06:29
seacatneopsyche, Ok, good.06:29
neopsycheDr_WIllis: some of the tabs seem to be mission06:29
neopsycheseacat: hmm.. some of the tabs in kalva seem to be missing06:29
FlannelDr_willis, toker, pajamian, adduser is friendlier, it uses useradd as a backend for some stuff, and adds sane defaults for a lot of the values06:29
tokerDr_willis, yes I know what you mean.. I can't find it anywhere.06:29
Dr_willisneopsyche,  no idea. Could be some support files/stuff you need. it ran.. and i closed the app.. is all i did with it.06:29
lanzellothhi guys, is it more useful to learn phyton or shell scripts?06:29
neopsychei see ;-)06:29
rebecca2930lnknpk04, ive had issues where sometimes itll tell me hd1,0 etc but it may be hd0 or hd2 etc06:30
roddersganyone know the command to restore the .Desktop folder?06:30
Dr_willisFlannel,  heck - i rember a 'superadduser' under  some disrto. :)06:30
tokerok I added the user I think.. how do I check.. and how do I set thier password?06:30
Dr_willistoker,  sudo  passwd username06:30
sayersHello I am having troubles lowering the brightness of the screen06:30
Flannelroddersg: .Desktop? ~/Desktop is your desktop, not ~/.Desktop06:30
winter-mutewhoops :) css installed06:30
angelroddersg, still not letting me edit it.06:30
seacatneopsyche,  Dr_willis Were dependencies  kdelibs4c2  &  kdelibs4c2a  resolved?06:30
lanzellothsayers: kubuntu?06:30
sayerslanzelloth: no06:30
Dr_willisseacat,  i proberly had them allready installed.. I got tons-o-stuff installed on this machine06:31
rebecca2930lnknpk04, so id try editing the menu.list06:31
neopsycheseacat: no06:31
pajamiansayers: sounds more like you need a monitor repair shop than #ubuntu06:31
tokerok Thanks for the help.. I guess I am gonna see if I can log in now with that account :)06:31
lnknpk04rebecca2930, have you encountered any problems of this kind after doing an update?  I have seen some threads suggesting this and this happened right after a required restart from an update06:31
seacatDr_willis, Ok, very well.06:31
neopsycheseacat: so should i still try install them06:31
sayerspajamian: no the monitor works fine, its that the function key on the laptop does not work06:31
_Oz_on one computer, I am installing medibuntu.  on the other, I have gone with automatix2.  I will compare.06:31
lanzellothpajamian: sayers, i can lower my screen brightness in ubuntu but it doesn't work in kde06:31
neopsycheseacat: perhpas that will solve the problem of missing buttons06:31
roddersgFlannel correct, just modified xserver.xorg and need to restore it06:31
seacatneopsyche, Ask Dr_willis06:31
neopsycheThanks for you help seacat06:32
seacatneopsyche, I dono06:32
roddersgangel - you have to be root to edit the fstab06:32
rebecca2930lnknpk04, did u do setup (hd0) or something like setup (hd0,0)?06:32
Dr_willisI compiled the program.. thats it. end of my   responsability06:32
seacatneopsyche, NP06:32
dragonjoin #winehq06:32
angelroddersg, yeah i have a sudo password.06:32
Dr_willisI dont even have a tv tuner installed any more to test it out.06:32
Genius16roddersg: yeah. for cereals06:32
lnknpk04the setup command was 'setup(hd0)06:32
nickrud_Oz_: depending on what you install with automatix, you may or not have problems at upgrade to next release. That seems to be where the problems usually crop up.06:32
pajamiansayers: ahhh, ok, I'm sure there's an app for it, but I don't know myself.06:32
roddersgwhat cereals?06:33
Terrasqu1anyone have any experience with the hardy alpha? Is it usable in normal day to day use?06:33
sayerspajamian: is there a way to act like im using that key06:33
Dr_willis_Oz_,  thers not to medibuntu to install. :)  You just set up the repository and install the extra packages you want.06:33
rebecca2930lnknpk04, if u did setup (hd0,0) not good it installs the bootloader in the partition and not the mbr06:33
Dr_willisnot much to medibutnu to install.. i mean. :)06:33
pajamiansayers: sorry, I don't now.  I've not had to adjust the brightness on my laptop and normally use a desktop.06:33
roddersgangel - if you are on GUI then try typing "gksudo gedit /etc/fstab" in a terminal window, you may need to enter your password06:33
* nickrud just uses the codecs and dvdcss, cherry pick debs without setting up a repo06:33
lnknpk04i def. did setup (hd0) b/c i was reading the commands off of the browser in the live cd06:34
sayerspajamian: well its a I want better battery life thing, powertop is supposed to help06:34
Peddysquidly: thanks for the help, nvidia-settings fixed my problem (even though the other progs are still displaying otherwise) but I can tell the difference. Bye.06:34
lnknpk04rebecca2930, i'm very paranoid about triple checking that sort of thing when working in CL06:34
rebecca2930lnknpk04, what are your drives sata or ata ??06:34
pajamiansayers: I understand, I'm sure there are ways to do it, probably a howto for laptops somewhere, but I don't know personally.06:34
lnknpk041 drive, sata06:34
pajamiandover: yes?06:34
doveri went and disabled all my onboard crap06:35
doverand it actually loads06:35
doverso either my onboard sound or lan was screwing it up06:35
dovernothing was disabled tohugh06:35
pajamiandover: cool, glad I could help.06:35
mjw-dover: huzzah06:35
doverno im gonna format re-install both windows and ubuntu06:36
pajamiandover: good luck06:36
doverthanks every106:36
doverpersonaly, i hope i dont ever have to talk to you again lol06:36
doverno offence ;)06:36
Genius16i hate installing windows.06:36
pajamiandover: LoL, I understand, but we're here in case you need us.06:36
Genius16it takes like 6 hours to get it installed and up to date.06:36
nickruddover: if you never _have_ to, wonderful :)06:37
Genius16and like 538 reboots06:37
rebecca2930lnknpk04, because it seems that ubuntu is change its kernel to be a new sata system kernel so name conventions are different06:37
doverthanks again06:37
doversee ya06:37
pajamianGenius16: LoL06:37
Genius16pajamian: can you tell i just reinstalled windows yesterday?06:37
lnknpk04rebecca2930, thats lovely :).  Is that a very recent change?06:37
Genius16pajamian: or the day before. i dunno. my mom had spyware so i had to make a house call.06:37
lnknpk04rebecca2930, after i did an fdisk -l it still showed the same name as before06:37
pajamianGenius16: I haven't installed windoze in ages, stopped using it quite a while ago.06:37
lnknpk04rebecca2930, at least, i believe it did06:38
roddersganyone knows why WINE freezes when I try to open a file in a WINE application?06:38
rebecca2930lnknpk04, try changing the bios to boot a different hard drive first grub may be in one of the other hard drives06:38
pajamianGenius16: and you couldn't talk her into trying ubuntu?06:38
Genius16pajamian: here here... word. and stuff.06:38
lnknpk04rebecca2930, only one HD06:38
Genius16pajamian: i didnt even try. i just said if her husband goes lookin for porn again im stealing her laptop06:38
lnknpk04rebecca2930, that HD has 3 partitions.  Sorry if i wasnt clear previously06:38
Genius16pajamian: she's actually pretty good. she's never herself contracted spyware, just when her husband gets on her computer. i wont touch his computer... im afraid it will infect me.06:39
pajamianGenius16: I usually ask them what they do with thier computer and tell them if it can/can't be done in ubuntu, then I offer to install it for them and configure it, etc and tell them if it doesn't work out they can always switch back to windoze.06:39
pajamianGenius16: so far I haven't had to switch anyone back to windoze yet.06:40
Genius16pajamian: yeah preaching to the choir06:40
angelroddersg, hey, question. i dont even have a floppy drive do i even need a mount point for it?06:40
Genius16pajamian: i got my friend of years and years, hardcore windows dude (even liked microsoft) to finally dual boot.06:40
rebecca2930lnknpk04, ive had a problem in debian sid it writes to the menu.list (hd0,0) but really its (hd2,0) on my machine06:41
pajamianGenius16: yeah, I know, just saying how I approach people to switch them over.  I will always wait until a re-install is needed as I figure that's the best time to get them to agree to try it.06:41
angelroddersg, couldnt i just delete that whole line?06:41
lnknpk04rebecca2930, going to go try it now.  thats just plain weird ;)06:41
roddersgangel - if you don't have a floppy drive, just delete that line06:41
Genius16pajamian: the best part about telling them what you can/cant do in *nix is you dont have to say "no" much.06:41
lnknpk04rebecca2930, let you know how it goes!06:41
rebecca2930lnknpk04, good luck06:41
roddersgangel - you could comment it out too06:41
angelroddersg, i dont ever plan on having one. i dont even know a place that sells em here.06:42
Genius16ok. im "the room is spinning" drunk.06:42
Genius16who needs help?06:42
_Oz_I don't totally "get" what medibuntu is.06:42
_Oz_I followed the instructions and used the terminal to...  get it somehow.06:42
_Oz_now what?06:42
_Oz_where are the apps?06:42
angelroddersg, ok now when i try to mount it says "mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist"06:42
roddersgGenius16 - how about WINE?  Its freezing when i try to access the filesystem06:42
Genius16_Oz_: isnt it a repo with all kinds of bad ass shit for videos and stuff?06:42
lanzelloth_Oz_: did you get an .iso?06:43
_Oz_genius: yes. what's a repo?06:43
_Oz_lanz: no06:43
pajamianGenius16: yep, I haven't yet.  Last one was using skype and didn't tell me when I initially asked her what she does with it.  It was good though because skype runs on Linux, but she was a bit disappointed that it didn't have webcam support yet, but she is fine with waiting for skype to add it to the linux version.06:43
Genius16roddersg:  how are you accessing the filesystem? which filesystem exactly?06:43
astro76_Oz_: I usually just need w32codecs and libdvdcss2 from there, if you want to see what's in it open up Synaptic, and click on the Origin tab06:43
pajamian_Oz_: the apps will be in synaptic now along with all the other apps available for ubuntu.06:43
_Oz_thank you.06:43
Genius16_Oz_: a repo is a place where programs go to be happy and merry with linux. its a great land that makes it easy for us to install them.06:43
roddersgGenius16 - normal WINE installation, progs work etc.  but when I do a file open, wine freezes06:44
_Oz_so it seems like I should be using synaptic more than the ol' "add and remove" under applications.06:44
astro76_Oz_: yes I believe add/remove only shows gui software06:44
Genius16roddersg: like you're running notepad and you go "file---open" and BLAM! your poo gets sexed?06:44
pajamian_Oz_: add and remove is fine, but synaptic works better.  They should be in add and remove as well.06:44
roddersgGenius - correct06:44
roddersgthought it was the nvidia driver but that's not it06:45
roddersgangel - can you type that fstab line again06:45
Genius16_Oz_: yeah add/remove is just a few of the wonderous programs that are in the repos. add/remove is cool though, if you dont want to go to "advanced" mode and by that i mean "noob" mode. if you're still using add/remove you're gonna learn a bit.06:45
rebecca2930lnknpk04, how many operating system do u have on your machine??06:45
_Oz_what's a better description of a repository?06:45
_Oz_not sure I conceptually "get it"06:45
Genius16roddersg: i dont know why it'd be a display driver. have you ran "notepad" in console and crashed it to get what errors wine is giving? thats the easy way06:46
lnknpk04rebecca2930, heres a weird result.  i changed the info in menu.lst from hd(0,0) to hd(1,0) and this time instead of a blank screen with a cursor the grub menu actually came up, but gives Error 2506:46
lnknpk04rebecca2930, i only have gutsy06:46
david_JI have a laptop in which I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse combo...06:46
david_JDo I need seperate entries in the Xorg.conf for the wireless stuff?06:46
astro76!repositories | _Oz_06:47
ubotu_Oz_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components06:47
roddersgGenius16: Ok, just opened notepad, just opend a file and it freezed, no messages on the terminal window06:47
ubotupdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)06:47
roddersgGenius16: After a whle it says "Open" not responding06:47
roddersgGenius16: can type in stuff and save the file though06:48
CaptainMorganwhat's a good pdf app for ubuntu? the default is not capable of keeping open multiple pdf's...06:48
Genius16roddersg: and you ran notepad by running int he terminal "wine /home/#USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/windows/notepad.exe"06:48
CaptainMorganerr - in one window that is06:48
angelroddersg,“E325: attention, found a swap file by the name "etc/.fstab.swp"06:48
roddersgnope, just did a wine notepad06:48
Genius16if so, did you install wine through the repos? or compile from souce with any "modifications" to the code?06:49
_Oz_thanks, astro.06:49
roddersgangel - you have not closed your fstab file06:49
angelroddersg, i see nothing about it open06:49
Genius16roddersg: well er that works too. that whole "wine notepad"06:49
roddersgwine is through repos (dapper 6.06-2)06:49
pajamianroddersg: have you tried it with a fresh .wine directory?06:49
adubi need to install glib06:49
adubwhat do i need to apt-get to install this06:49
Genius16roddersg: didnt want you to be running notepad and opening a terminal.06:49
roddersgyes I have pajaminan06:49
pajamianroddersg: ok, what version of wine are you running?06:49
Genius16the drunk in me says "what havent you done to fix it?"06:50
roddersgwine 0.9.906:50
angelroddersg, should i just delete the swp file?06:50
pajamianroddersg: that is really old06:50
roddersgangel, your fstab file is still open in your editor, close it06:50
Genius16pajamian: he is running 6.0606:50
roddersgpajamian - I agree, i was running 7.04 amd64 and downgraded.  wine ran ok in 7.0406:50
Genius16i have to jew-a-nate. i mean pee.06:51
roddersgthe latest version from WineHQ is even worse, so I re-installed from the repos06:51
pajamianroddersg: goto www.winehq.org and follow the instructions for installing wine into your version of ubuntu, you will get the latest version of wine direct fromt he source.06:51
angelroddersg, i have no idea whats going on there. i see no other versions of it running06:51
roddersgpajamian - done that, that version is even worse, it wouldn't let me save it06:52
pajamianroddersg: you probably need to file a bug with winehq, then.06:52
roddersgstrange, but I can still save my files, just can't open and browse the directories06:52
astro76Genius16: excuse me?06:52
roddersgthought it was the alsa etc but that didn't work either06:52
Genius16astro76: im drunk? yeah thats the only explination.06:52
pajamianroddersg: or at least ask in a wine-specific channel.06:52
_Oz_what exactly is happening with "apt-get"?06:52
_Oz_what is that doing, precisely?06:53
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)06:53
astro76Genius16: keep it clean and non-offensive or I suggest giving it a rest for the night06:53
lnknpk04what directories in my filesystem would i need to copy to be able to retain my installed programs after a reinstall.  My /home is already on another partition06:53
roddersgwas trying to get the wine-specific channel, do you have that handy?06:53
pajamian_Oz_: apt-get is like a command line version of synaptic.06:53
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?06:53
Genius16astro76: i could have said "you-a-nate" but thats not nearly as funny.06:53
mouseboyxpajamian, the synaptic is like a gui version of apt-get...06:53
pajamianroddersg: at a guess I would say #wine, but I really don't know.06:53
astro76!ops | Genius1606:53
ubotuGenius16: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!06:53
roddersgok got it, winehq06:53
pajamianmouseboyx: wow, you figured that out, heh?06:54
mouseboyxlol What came first the chicken or the egg?06:54
roddersgangel - what's happening, is your system ok yet?  I'm about to pop to winehq06:54
pajamianmouseboyx: I put it that way because he knew what synaptic was already.06:54
mouseboyxI know i was just giving you a hard time pajamian06:55
angelroddersg, no it is not fine yet. i have one etc/.fstab.swp that i dont need. how do i get rid of it. i have no open editors06:55
lnknpk04rebecca2930, did i stump you?06:55
roddersgangel do a sudo rm /etc/.fstab.swo06:55
astro76angel: just delete it, you'll need sudo: sudo rm /etc/.fstab.swp06:55
roddersgangel do a sudo rm /etc/.fstab.swp06:55
roddersgangel, here is my line from the /etc/fstab --> /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660     user,noauto     0  006:56
angelroddersg, that got rid of those pesky buggers06:56
rebecca2930 lnknpk04 no how many Oses do u have on the machine?06:56
lnknpk04rebecca2930, only one, Gutsy06:57
roddersgangel: mind you I have a dvd rom, and there is a link from /media/cdrom to /media/cdrom006:57
angelroddersg, mine is a cd dvd rom06:57
rebecca2930lnknpk04, was it loaded at one time on a different partion??06:57
roddersgangel: also, my cdrom is on the 2nd IDE interface as master06:57
roddersgangel: where is your cdrom located?06:58
lnknpk04rebecca2930, no.  Nothing has changed since initial install06:58
angelroddersg, same cable as my hard drive, second plug06:58
roddersgok, then use /dev/hdb instead06:58
rebecca2930lnknpk04, hmmm weird06:58
pajamianangel: that's known as primary=slave, fyi.06:58
angelpajamian, dont i get enough bonus points for being a girl?06:59
lnknpk04rebecca2930, yeah.  Since my /home is on a separate partition, think i should try reinstalling the OS?  I just dont want to lose my installed programs06:59
pajamianangel: :-)06:59
xstHelp! When I tried to boot this morning I got a "GRUB ERROR 18". I usually don't have any problems on booting. What to do?!07:00
angelroddersg, ok im trying it.07:00
angelroddersg, still doesnt believe it is there07:00
angel"hdb doesnt exist07:01
chaosrlhey guys! is there any way to prevent websites from resizing firefox?07:01
roddersgok, let me think on how to detect your cdrom07:01
mjw-chaosrl the custom geometry extension might help07:02
chaosrlmm ok thanks07:02
astro76lnknpk04: http://www.debianadmin.com/clone-your-ubuntu-installation.html07:02
lnknpk04astro76, thx for the resource.  I'll read it through :)07:02
astro76chaosrl: yes first go to about:config in firefox07:02
chaosrlastro76: i'm there07:03
astro76chaosrl: then double click dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable07:03
iNuswoanyone else here using a ca0106 model sound card? (Sound Blaster Audigy LS)07:03
astro76chaosrl: I usually also set at least .close .minimizable .resizable and .titlebar07:03
chaosrlastro76 what do close, minimizable and titlebar do?07:04
rredd4how do I ssh from my new macbook (leopard), into 7.10?  When I ssh, it rejects my password and I know that it is correct.07:04
robc4xst, you still having problems?07:04
rredd47.10 is on my pc07:04
robc4xst, look here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WartyWarthogInstallNotes07:04
astro76chaosrl: prevent web sites from closing, minimizing, or resizing the window, or disabling the titlebar07:04
chaosrlastro76: hmm ok. thanks, this is exactly what i needed!07:05
roddersgok angel, you still here?07:05
angelroddersg, im waiting patiently07:05
roddersgcan you do a ls -l /proc/ide07:05
roddersgis hda and hdb listed07:05
MongooseWAwhat folder do you dump fonts into in linux?07:06
angelroddersg, angel@rylan-desktop:~$ ls -l /proc/ide07:06
angeltotal 007:06
angel-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 2008-02-09 15:00 drivers07:06
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?07:06
roddersgyour drives are not on ide07:06
lnknpk04rebecca2930, ok.  This has reached a new level of weird.  I got to a grub screen after I changed the menu.lst to say hd(1,0).  once there I was getting an error 25.  so i hit the e key to edit the first boot option (ubuntu 7.10) and changed hd(1,0) back to hd(0,0) and it booted07:06
chumpok did the updates own alot of people or was it just me?07:07
chaosrlMongooseWA System->Preferences->Appearance->Fonts->Details...->Go To Fonts Folder07:07
lnknpk04rebecca2930, it was hd(0,0) to begin with!07:07
angelroddersg, so, my computer is somehow held together with what gremlins?07:07
robc4lnknpk04, did this happen after a kernel update?07:07
pajamianangel: your drives are either scsi or sata07:07
roddersgangel - I really don't know, how did this happen07:07
robc4because mine did the exact same thing after last nights update07:07
MongooseWAthanks chaosrl07:07
lnknpk04robc4, i believe it did07:07
iNuswo~am having a problem with my sound. Alsa drivers have been configured/installed according to alsa wiki for the model. a) no sound plays at all b) symptoms include when any file or media is played that includes audio it (the media) freezes after a few seconds c) on streamed media if after the media freezes I click the timeline anywhere it will play shortly again then freeze again. Any ideas where I should start looking?07:07
chaosrlMongooseWA no prob07:07
angelroddersg, so how do i go about fixing it?07:08
roddersgpajamian - can you please help angel, have to go to lunch, otherwise will get killed07:08
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter07:08
pajamianroddersg: I'll try07:08
roddersgangel - have to go, see you in about 3007:08
angelroddersg, thanks a ton enjoy your lunch07:08
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE07:08
pajamianangel: hrmmmmm07:08
astro76roddersg: pajamian: just jumping in here but this is normal in Ubuntu for ide drives to appear as scsi, it uses libata07:08
rredd4how do i transfer files from my pc (ubuntu 7.10) to my new macbook?07:08
angelpajamian, so what kind of voodoo is mucking up my computer07:08
pajamianastro76: by all means jump in07:09
lnknpk04robc4, is this a normal thing that can happen if you are installing the updates that ubuntu prompts you to install?07:09
pajamianangel: what do you get with: ls -l /proc/scsi07:09
chaosrlrredd4 do you just need to xfer documents, etc?07:09
dogpigeoncowhi. i have a problem with running counter strike in Wine, IS there a spesific chanel for problems such as this????07:10
chaosrldo you have an external hd?07:10
angelpajamian, "angel@rylan-desktop:~$ ls -l /proc/scsi07:10
angeltotal 007:10
angeldr-xr-xr-x 2 root root 0 2008-02-09 15:04 ata_piix07:10
angel-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 2008-02-09 15:04 device_info07:10
angel-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 2008-02-09 15:04 scsi07:10
angeldr-xr-xr-x 2 root root 0 2008-02-09 15:04 sg07:10
FloodBot3angel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:10
rredd4chaosrl no07:10
robc4lnknpk04, yes, after a kernel update, it runs grub-update. If you want to check if thats the problem, backup your menu/lst, run grub-update, and check your newly created /boot/grub/menu.lst07:10
chaosrlrredd4: are you meaning to someone connect the two together wirelessly?07:10
Ryuhohey i want to run compiz in my bash program but it get's stuck once i execute it, how do i properly call a program in bash?07:10
dogpigeoncowhi. i have a problem with running counter strike in Wine, IS there a spesific chanel for problems such as this????07:11
chaosrlrredd4: somehow* not someone07:11
iNuswoam having a problem with my sound. Alsa drivers have been configured/installed according to alsa wiki for the model. a) no sound plays at all b) symptoms include when any file or media is played that includes audio it (the media) freezes after a few seconds c) on streamed media if after the media freezes I click the timeline anywhere it will play shortly again then freeze again. Any ideas where I should start looking?07:11
lnknpk04robc4, will do.  Thx for the heads up07:11
pajamianangel: ok, that is promising07:11
rebecca2930 lnknpk04 show me your fstab setting on www.phpfi.com07:11
Atyab^Girlhello everyone07:11
rredd4chaosrl  wanted to ssh, not accepting my password, not sure why07:11
robc4lnknpk04, this might cause the problem to come back though07:11
robc4it did for me07:11
rredd4chaosrl  pc is ethernet, macbook is wireless07:11
pajamianangel: how about: ls -l /dev/sd*07:11
robc4I had to manually fix it07:11
adubconfigure: error: Cannot find pcre.h. Please install libpcre07:11
chaosrlrredd4: that's what i was afraid of; i'm very inexperienced with ssh, sorry :(07:11
adubi keep getting that configure error07:11
lnknpk04robc4, if it does, it would be fixed by just copying my backed up menu.lst, correct?07:12
nickrudrobc4: what fix did you use?07:12
chaosrlmaybe someone else could help here07:12
Atyab^Girli'm having trouble setting up my connection on the pc! i use 'sudo pppoeconf" and set it up.. when am done only gaim opens up though i cant browse the net something to do with my DNS i guess since if i get a resolved site's ip i could get into it07:12
rredd4chaosrl any other way?07:12
robc4lnknpk04, it *should*07:12
angelpajamian, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55316/07:12
lnknpk04rebecca2930, I'll grab the fstab in a min.  Running into the other room07:12
chaosrlrredd4: crossover ethernet would probably be faster, but i'm not sure how to go about doing it with a mac either07:12
lnknpk04robc4, *should* scares me lol.  think i should just leave well enough alone?07:12
astro76rredd4: you've installed openssh-server on the ubuntu machine?07:12
=== HashBox_ is now known as HashBox
pajamianangel: this is good you definately have scsi drives on your system, or drives that at least appear to ubuntu to be scsi07:13
robc4lnknpk04, yea, I would, but if it happens again after you install a kernel update, that is the problem07:13
robc4ity has happened to me the past two kernel updates07:13
nickrudrobc4: I'm getting ready to run the update, from what I've seen here the (hd0,0) changes? Is that what you saw?07:13
iNuswois anyone there that can help me with a sound problem or am i a ghost right now?07:13
lnknpk04rebecca2930, seems to be working now :)07:13
angelso, just change hdb to scsi?07:13
rredd4astro76 not sure, but I have connected pc to pc via ssh07:13
robc4nickrud, yes, it changes to (1,0) for me07:13
lnknpk04robc4, thx so much.  gonna restart and make sure it works07:13
pajamianangel: chabe hdb where?07:14
nickrudrobc4: what did you have as # groot= in your menu.lst ?07:14
astro76rredd4: if you've ssh'd to it before then you have it07:14
rebecca2930lnknpk04, what did u do??07:14
astro76!sound | iNuswo07:14
ubotuiNuswo: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:14
angelpajamian, well in /etc/fstab if it says hdb doesnt exist, and my computer things its scsi couldnt i change it there to scsi?07:14
pajamianangel: keep in mind I haven't been following your entire conversation07:14
robc4nickrud, its commented out, so it doesnt matter07:15
robc4nickrud, maybe it needs to be uncommented07:15
pajamianangel: sdb, but before you change /etc/fstab you should try to mount it manually to see if it's correct.07:15
iNuswoastro i'm a little bit beyond that07:15
nickrudrobc4: yes it does, that's what update-grub uses to rebuild the boot stuff. It should stay with one #07:15
rredd4astro76 not sure why my password is not being accepted when I ssh from the mac.  When I go to terminal and sudo or root, password is accepted.07:15
robc4ahh alrighty07:15
pajamianangel: do you have a cd in the drive?07:15
angelpajamian, good call, i have a cd ready and everything07:15
astro76iNuswo: fair enough, I checked first that no one gave you that recently ;)07:15
nickrudrobc4: does yours have 1,0 ?07:15
rredd4astro76 terminal on ubuntu pc07:15
robc4nickrud, well its groot=(hd1,0)07:15
robc4change it to 0,0 probably07:16
nickrudrobc4: change it to 0,0 , then update-grub won't screw it up again07:16
guyvdb_Hi, I want to change the associated application of a file in gnome. The file is *.as (action script). Under properties -> Opens With i choose "Text Editor" now when i doulble click it i get message: FileName indiactes type "Applix SpreadSheet" content indicates "C Source" and file will not open07:16
pajamianangel: ok, create an empty directory for a mount point: mkdir ~/cdtest07:16
astro76rredd4: does this work on the ubuntu machine: ssh localhost07:16
robc4nickrud, perfect, thanks07:16
robc4nickrud, let me run it real quick07:16
nickrudrobc4: now I just have to get ready to rebuild my video drivers ;(07:16
angelpajamian, ok07:16
pajamianangel: then do: sudo mount /dev/sdb ~/cdtest07:16
Atyab^Girlany1! pppoe help?!07:16
iNuswolatest alsa drivers have been installed from source, and they were working until the first reboot after install07:16
pajamianangel: and see what happens07:17
rredd4astro76 refused07:17
pajamianangel: if all goes well you should be able to access your cd from that directory07:17
iNuswowhen i go to play any media file however, the media will play for a few seconds then freeze07:17
greaman1is this channel located most on europe no north america?07:17
guyvdb_Can anyone help on file association in gnome?07:17
angelpajamian, "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"07:17
astro76rredd4: ok so it seems the problem is definitely local to the ubuntu machine07:17
pajamianangel: ok, one min ...07:17
rebecca2930lnknpk04, what did u do to fix it??07:17
nickrudgreaman1: depends on the time of day, it rotates but yes, mostly europe, north america and australasia07:18
robc4nickrud, that did the trick, running update-grub fixed it07:18
BoltClocki installed gutsy last month and have been unable to solve my graphics problems since then - but today i wish to solve my gutsy sound problem. its muted, but when i double-click the icon it tells me it couldn't find any devices or elements to control. i dont know what my sound card is, but can anyone help me with this?07:18
robc4nickrud, you think thats something that should be brought to the developers attention?07:19
greaman1nickturd is eopeand like uk people smarter than canadian or americans?07:19
pajamianangel: I'm going to try something to make sure my syntax is correct, etc...07:19
angelpajamian, ok, thanks!07:19
nickrudrobc4: I'm sure they're aware. It's odd that some groot's were bad from the install07:19
astro76!ot | greaman107:20
ubotugreaman1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!07:20
rredd4astro76 how to fix?  when i type ssh localhost on the mac, connection refused also.  the mac connects to the pc, just won't accept password07:20
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE07:20
pajamianangel: ok, I think we have the wrong drive, then, can you paste your /etc/fstab?07:21
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:22
astro76rredd4: have you edited /etd/ssh/ssh_config or added a ~/.ssh/config ?07:22
angelpajamian, "http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55317/"07:23
DarkmystereHow do i set up a Ad-hoc network between a ubuntu host and a windows host?07:23
rredd4astro76 no and don't know what to add07:23
astro76rredd4: it should work with no changes, and you did say it worked before07:23
BoltClocksound in my new gutsy installation is muted, but when i click the icon it tells me it couldn't find any devices or elements to control. i dont know what my sound card is, but can anyone help me with this?07:23
Atyab^Girli'm having trouble setting up my connection on the pc! i use 'sudo pppoeconf" and set it up.. when am done only gaim opens up though i cant browse the net something to do with my DNS i guess since if i get a resolved site's ip i could get into it07:24
pajamianangel: what do you get with: ls -l /dev/hda*07:24
simon__Hi, I'm having trouble with my intel graphics card. everything is slow and choppy. When I try to run glxgears, it crashes X.07:24
angelpajamian, no such file or directory07:25
pajamianangel: can you run mount with no args and paste the output of that, pls?07:25
pajamianangel: one min ...07:27
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?07:27
pajamianthis is very strange, everything in your fstab is pointing to hda and hdb, but you're mounted on /dev/sdb107:27
JosiahWI know this is a bit off topic but can someone suggest a really good webhost for php/sql sites... one that offers SSH access07:27
tchmnkyzhey there, anyone got a decent dual-head with nvidia 7000 series cards and gutsy?07:28
angelpajamian, this computer astounds me sometimes07:28
greaman1i am finding deluge faster speed than azureus which came out way before deluge.. is that normal? thanks07:28
pajamianangel: heh, you're not kidding07:28
pajamianangel: ok, gimmie another minute hete07:28
angelno prob. thanks a ton for helping me out07:29
JosiahWgreaman1: deluge is a far better torrent applicaiton than azureus IMO... and much faster07:29
astro76JosiahW: dreamhost, uses debian, full shell07:29
greaman1JosiahW someone told me azureus was better in other channel07:30
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.07:30
pajamianangel: do you have two hard drives in your computer?07:30
angelpajamian, yep, one on an IDE cable and the other is USB07:30
Tredje0yeSo it seems my world file is corrupt :P It seems four lines have been accidenntaly meshed together to one07:31
JosiahWastro76: do you have to have dedicated server for full debian? Or is that on all hosting plans?07:31
Tredje0yeWhere can I find the "world" file?07:31
pajamianangel: is the USB drive mounted to /media/disk-6?07:31
astro76JosiahW: all plans07:31
angelpajamian,  yes thats the one07:31
pajamianangel: ok, in that case I still can't find your cd-rom drive :-(07:32
angelpajamian, haha, stealthy bugger.07:32
JosiahWastro76: does their support team speak english? without an accent?07:32
astro76JosiahW: the support is fantastic07:33
angelpajamian, its weird, the drive used to work fine.07:33
angeljust stopped working one update.07:33
angeli havent bothered to figure it out till now.07:33
Atyab^Girli cant browse the net though Gaim connects perfectly! whts up with that? could any1 help out plz07:33
pajamianangel: yes, it is.  ubuntu has all of a sudden started seeing your ide drives as scsi instead07:33
pajamianastro76: care to take a stab at what is causing this?07:34
greaman1JosiahW you there?07:34
astro76JosiahW: if you have more questions I can answer in #ubuntu-offtopic07:34
JosiahWgreaman1: yes i am here07:34
angelpajamian,  stumped?07:34
pajamianangel: yep07:34
pajamianangel: but it's not hard to stump me07:34
Atyab^Girlpajamian astro76 could u help me out with my connection problem plz07:34
angelyouve been a gem, thanks07:35
angelastro76, care to take on the issue of my stealth sneaky CD DVD drive?07:35
pajamianAtyab^Girl: can you restate your problem, please?07:35
Atyab^Girlpajamian i'm having trouble setting up my connection on the pc! i use 'sudo pppoeconf" and set it up.. when am done only gaim opens up though i cant browse the net something to do with my DNS i guess since if i get a resolved site's ip i could get into it07:36
pajamianAtyab^Girl: ok, I'm afraid I don't know much of anything about setting up pppoe with linux.  I have always used external dsl routers that handle all the pppo[a/e] authentication in the router itself.07:37
Atyab^Girlpajamian hmmm07:37
Atyab^Girlwell thanks fore trying to help then :)07:37
Atyab^Girlu know where i could get help bout such an issue?07:37
pajamianAtyab^Girl: it's possible someone else here may be able to help.07:37
tr55731Atyab^Girl: what's the content of your /etc/resolv.conf ?07:38
Atyab^Girlpajamian ok thank you :)07:38
aboedAtyab^Girl: using "usepeerdns" at /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider ?07:38
Atyab^Girltr55731 im kind of a newbie as u noticed so could u tell me how to do tht07:38
RoyI am facing a weird issue with my keyboard. I have enabled 'lock screen when screen saver is active'. Now my issue is whenever I try to unlock the screen, my keyboard simply refuses to work, I can't enter my password. Every time this happens, I have to make an improper shutdown. I have the desktop effects disabled. Can someone give me a hint or a clue as to why this is happening?07:38
pajamianAtyab^Girl: I do get quite a few results if I google for: ubuntu pppoe07:38
Atyab^Girlpajamian i tried tht.. no luck yet07:38
tr55731Atyab^Girl: in a terminal, type:  cat /etc/resolv.conf07:38
Atyab^Girlaboed i dunno07:38
Atyab^Girltr55731 ok just a sec07:38
qinjuehangRoy: Does your mouse work07:39
Royqinjuehang: Yes, my mouse work07:39
rredd4astro i can ssh from my pc laptop to desktop pc, but not from the mac?07:39
qinjuehangRoy: Does Num lock and similar buttons work?07:39
RoyIt's only the keyboard07:39
Tredje0yeAre all current versions of gnome unstable?07:39
aboedAtyab^Girl: type "cat /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider"07:39
RoyNo, they don't qinjuehang.07:40
qinjuehangTredje0ye: I only have problems with OpenGL in Gnome normally07:40
astro76rredd4: and you can't ssh from the desktop pc to itself?07:40
Tredje0yeExcuse me ^^;; Allow me to rephrase:07:40
astro76rredd4: hrmm.. not sure07:40
Atyab^Girltr55731 nameserver:
greaman1does deluge encription forced?07:40
Royqinjuehang: Any hints?07:40
Atyab^Girlaboed ok just a sec07:40
rredd4astro76  ssh: connect to host localost port 22: Connection refused07:40
Tredje0yeAre all current versions of gnome masked as unstable? cause all ebuilds that satisfy the emerge "gnome" are masked according to emerge :P07:41
pajamianTredje0ye: you're in #ubuntu, I think you may want #gentoo07:41
tr55731Atyab^Girl: that is surely the wrong nameserver. pppd should put the nameserver of your provider there. look at the file aboed said.07:41
astro76rredd4: oh.. have you messed with iptables or firestarter or otherwise added firewall rules ?07:42
qinjuehangRoy: You are using a normal keyboard?07:42
Royqinjuehang: Yes, I am.07:42
Tredje0yeOh, shiz xD07:42
qinjuehangRoy: can you post your xorg.conf in pastebin?07:42
vegananarchisthow do you uninstall something you installed using the terminal07:42
Royqinjuehang:  How do I go about it?07:43
Tredje0yepajamian: I had to install gentoo cause ubuntu wouldn't work :p online that is. Thanks for pointing it out for this insomniac07:43
qinjuehang vegananarchist: "sudo apt-get remove (package name)"07:43
Atyab^Girlaboed k it gave me a long list07:43
Atyab^Girli write it back here?07:43
vegananarchistand does anyone know where i can get help with drupal07:43
qinjuehangRoy: "cat /etc/x11/xorg.conf"07:43
neopsychecan someone please help me install mythtv?07:43
neopsychetheres nobody helping in the myth channels07:43
qinjuehangpaste it to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org07:43
Royqinjuehang: Sure07:44
tr55731Atyab^Girl: no, just look for the "usepeerdns" entry07:45
Atyab^Girlk lemme check07:45
angelpajamian,  i found a thread in the forums that seems to be about the right idea. doesnt make much sense though07:45
Royqinjuehang: It says no such file or directory.07:45
pajamianangel: what's the link to the thread?07:45
Atyab^Girltr55731 i checked theres nothing next to usepeerdns.. theres under it my username thts all07:46
pajamianhave to run for a bit, bbl.07:46
qinjuehangIs "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf"07:46
angelpajamian, i managed to get my ide_cd and Cdrom to show up in lsmod07:46
angelhave fun , see ya later.07:46
RoyGot it qinjuehang :)07:47
DarkmystereHow do i make my Apache server availble to others?07:47
Darkmysterelike across the city or what ever07:47
qinjuehangRoy: And...the url is? :O07:47
=== ajmorris|AFK is now known as ajmorris
qinjuehangDarkmystere: You need a Domain name07:47
tr55731Atyab^Girl: maybe it scrolled out of the terminal. try  grep usepeerdns /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider07:48
DarkmystereOh how i get a free one?07:48
Royqinjuehang: I have pasted it in the pastebin07:48
lymecaAre the Gobuntu repositories separate from Ubuntu?07:48
qinjuehangDarkmystere: I don't think you can get a free one. They are a few dollars per month typically.07:49
Atyab^Girltr55731 its the same.. the reply were "usepeerdns" and thts it07:49
qinjuehangRoy: I need the link to see it07:49
qinjuehangRoy: :o07:49
DarkmystereI thought i could just make it like a ftp or somthing that its based off my computer07:49
tr55731Atyab^Girl: if the reply was usepeerdns, then its IN there07:49
Royqinjuehang: What is :o07:49
qinjuehangRoy: Emoticon lol07:49
Atyab^Girltr55731 well then why i cant connect!07:49
RoyCan I paste the link here qinjuehang?07:49
qinjuehangyea u can07:50
tr55731Atyab^Girl: don't know07:50
Royqinjuehang: This is the link http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55319/07:50
Atyab^Girltr55731 when i go to google for example! it doesnt connect.. i come to this pc resolve google and use the op on linux it works07:50
Atyab^Girltr55731 when i got to "network" settings.. theres nothing saved! in the location.. might tht be the prob ?07:50
tr55731Atyab^Girl: which nameserver setting do you have on "this pc"?07:50
qinjuehangRoy: What is your keyboard brand?07:50
qinjuehangRoy: And model?07:51
Atyab^Girltr55731 the reply to the command u gave me were
RoyI have a Compaq Presario notebook.07:51
Atyab^Girltr55731 ***07:51
tr55731Atyab^Girl: no, on the one that works07:51
emoryCan anyone here answer a mythbuntu question?07:51
Atyab^Girltr55731 this one is windows xp.. and a complete different ISP07:51
qinjuehangRoy: I have that too, no problems...07:51
tr55731Atyab^Girl: i see07:51
Atyab^Girltr55731 when i do "plog" the con terminates.. and it shows me tht the dns server is something like
tr55731Atyab^Girl: try this: sudo sh -c "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf"07:52
pajamianok, back for now, didn't have to run out for as long as I thought07:52
emoryCan anyone here answer a mythbuntu question?07:54
pajamianangel: did you get them to show with modprobe?07:54
prakritiis there any way to get the the configurations dialogs of screensavers?07:54
angelpajamian, it showed in lsprobe07:54
prakritithe ubuntu screensaver tool doesnt seem to have a config button07:54
pajamianangel: you mean lsmod?07:54
pajamianangel: without having to modproblem them?07:54
pajamianerrrr modprobe07:54
angelthat was after modprobing them07:55
Atyab^Girltr55731 /etc/resolv.conf permission denied07:55
pajamianok, what output did you get when you did the modprobe?07:55
tr55731Atyab^Girl: you mistyped07:55
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?07:56
tr55731Atyab^Girl: try exactly this: sudo sh -c "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf"07:56
Atyab^Girltr55731 runing back and forth between rooms... sorry bout tht..! trying again07:56
qinjuehangprakriti: You mean to configure screensavers like WinXP? No.07:56
angelpajamian, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55320/07:57
prakritilike WinXP?07:57
prakritiI'm not sure what WinXP has to do with it.07:57
Royqinjuehang: Any hints as to why this is happening?07:58
prakritiI can't figure out how to get to the configuration diaologs of any of the screensavers07:58
qinjuehangRoy: I have no idea, but if u ask me, Gnome's password entering screen is sorta unstable.07:58
RoyI see.07:59
Atyab^Girltr55731 k did tht.. asked me for mypass and tyhen nothign happened! got me back towhere i write the command07:59
qinjuehangRoy: Try using an external kybd?07:59
RoyI will.07:59
prakritidoes gnome-screensaver not support any config?07:59
tr55731Atyab^Girl: alright, then try resolving some hostnames07:59
tr55731Atyab^Girl: ping -c 4 google.com07:59
Atyab^Girltr55731 k lemme try08:00
biouserto answer my own question from a couple of hours ago, TEXMAKER is a great easy to SWYG LaTeX-helper that is in the ubuntu repos08:00
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE08:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about texmaker - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:00
Atyab^Girltr55731 unkown host google.com08:01
tr55731Atyab^Girl: hmmm08:01
tr55731Atyab^Girl: what kind of braindead ISP is that?08:01
Atyab^Girltr55731 tell me about it08:01
Atyab^Girltr55731 anyway i guess ill call the support so they come on monday and fix this damn issue08:01
Atyab^Girltr55731 thanks for ur help i appreciate it08:02
tr55731Atyab^Girl: okay08:02
Atyab^Girltr55731 once aghain thanks very much :)08:02
=== co_kenter_fs is now known as justice
pajamianangel: I'm not entirely sure that it actually found your cdrom drive when you loaded the modules, it may have just loaded them because you told it to (with modprobe)08:04
angelpajamian, ah,08:04
pajamianangel: try this, though: ls -l /dev/hd* /dev/sd*08:05
pajamianand paste the output08:05
pajamianwe'll see if anything new has shown up08:05
angelpajamian, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55321/08:06
jxxxtanyone tell me why my password does not work please???????08:06
angeldoesnt look like08:06
angeljxxxt, typing it wrong?08:06
pajamianangel: nope, nothing new08:06
jxxxtok I figured it08:06
angelpajamian, darn08:06
jxxxtangel I changed my nick for this machine.. dumb huh??08:07
angeljxxxt, it happens08:08
DaveyJi'm trying to convert a .dv file to something a bit more portable (its only about a minute long) -- i tried dv-avi and all ffmpeg options but the video's sound comes out distorted. anyone have any suggestions?08:08
DaveyJeven divx or xvid would be fine08:08
crolle17can somebody recommend a tool for recording the audio-out?08:08
pajamianangel: I'm afraid I can't help anymore right now.  If you're still having the problem and still on later tonight I may be able to look at it again.08:09
SupaFlyhey just wondering can someone shed some light on this question please: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4297734&postcount=108:09
angelpajamian, thanks a bunch for trying to help me out.08:09
DaveyJcrolle17: the audio out of what08:09
pajamianangel: yw08:09
angelpajamian, the only thread that was on the right track doesnt seem to actually solve it.08:09
crolle17DaveyJ, my audio-card08:09
DaveyJhow about a tape recorder08:10
astro76SupaFly: the most you should have to do is reconfigure x08:11
SupaFlyah ok ty08:11
astro76!xconfig | SupaFly08:11
ubotuSupaFly: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes08:11
chaunchybigfisthey guys I am in need of some help08:11
SupaFlyyup, was expecting that cause ive got a ATI card curretnly, but im getting a Nvidia card with my new pc08:11
chaunchybigfistinstalling compiz-fushion on kubuntu 7.1008:12
CVD-PRc ya late08:12
chaunchybigfistI have the drivers and everything installed, but when I set up the xsserv configuration that alot of the tutorials tell me to do, compiz loads up weird and none of the effects work, then when I reboot displaydoesnt work leaving me with a broke linux08:12
chaunchybigfistcan anyone help me?08:13
crolle17DaveyJ, ??? where are you from?08:13
jscinozQuick question, i'm looking for a backup program that can create complete disk images (ie including partition table) and can make differential updates to these images. does such a program exist?08:13
angeli have a CD / DVD drive that is supposed to be at hdb but refuses to mount. anyone know anything on how to go about fixing it?08:13
* greaman1 is a paki08:14
emoryAnyone know why a MythBuntu system would lock up with a blnking cursor pre-grub?08:14
emoryfresh install...08:14
elknof1good day everybody..08:15
chaunchybigfistCan anyone help me with my problem with installing compiz-fushion?08:15
elknof1hope someone can help...  im trying to share files via nfs08:15
huff3rlots of mythbuntu/grub queries today08:15
emoryIts a pretty cool concept08:15
emoryI just haven't seen it boot yet08:15
crolle17somebody here more intelligent than DaveyJ?08:16
angelas of yet my sneaky stealthy CD drive problems have yet to be solved08:16
huff3rwe're all e-Phds here08:16
elknof1between osx 10.5 and 7.1008:16
crolle17oh lawd...08:17
chaunchybigfisthey huff3r08:17
emoryhuff3r: you have any idea why it wouldn't work?08:17
angelanyone feel up the challenge of hunting down my naughty cd drive?08:17
DaveyJcrolle17: sorry i'm not smart enough... if i was i'd probably suggest using audacity and selecting your recording source output as a general mix... but your poorly worded question caused me to be stupid08:18
chaunchybigfisthey daveyJ08:19
elknof1anyone knows how to share files between 7.10 and osx 10.5 via nfs?08:19
jootAngel, My cd dvd just did it when I installed so I do not know how to help you sorry :-((08:19
=== greaman1 is now known as solidnail
angeljoot, welcome to the club08:20
jootAngel, Yeah! We the unknowing...08:20
panfistwhat would be the best performing, most well supported on-board video chipset for use with ubuntu08:20
angeljoot, even the forums are of no solace, i found one thread of people with this same issue but no solution08:21
DigitalNinjaHow do I burn a double layer DVD?08:21
elknof1use k4b08:21
angeljoot, try this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=327622&highlight=mount%3A+special+device+%2Fdev%2Fhdb+does08:21
panfistnvidia has better support than intel?08:21
elknof1yeah... since 7.10 i think so..  at least best performing...08:22
jootAngel, there probably is one hell of a good script that will fix it. Look for zcat[1] or maybe seveas they are pretty good08:22
elknof1and its working great with me08:22
chaunchybigfistCan anyone help me with my compiz-fushion problem>08:23
angeljoot, are they people? where would i search for them?08:23
chaunchybigfistI really want my desktop to be 3d accelerated08:23
panfistdo any video cards have support for hardware accelerated video playback?08:23
elknof1chaunchybigfist: whats going on whit fussion?08:23
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?08:23
elknof1panfist: yeah, nvidia, pretty sure...08:23
jootAngel, yes they are if you are in xchat gnome you can see if they are on right now08:24
elknof1panfist: and is one click away to configure...08:24
bullgard4panfist: No, nvidia does not have a better support than intel.08:24
jootAngel, click diccusion. users08:24
DaveyJchaunchybigfist: #compiz08:25
elknof1anyone knows how to share files between 7.10 and osx 10.5 via nfs?08:25
angeljoot, working on it08:25
sosocoradeon x1150 ,i want to 3d desktop08:25
angeljoot, seveas appears online but doesnt seem to be active.08:25
angeljoot, zcat no08:25
panfistbullgard4 does intel have an onboard video chipset that is capable of effects in compiz fusion while the comp is playing back h264 hd? right now with my ti4200 agp it stutters with desktop effects enabled08:25
chaunchybigfistelknof1 I send you a message in a dialog box08:25
bullgard4!nfs | elknof108:25
ubotuelknof1: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.08:25
jootAngel, a lot of these peopl "idle" so they sleep with the programme running08:26
bullgard4panfist: I am not using compiz fusion.08:26
angelanyone ooouuuttt there that wants to help me and Joot fix our Phantom CD drive problems?08:26
panfistthanks for the info08:27
jootAngel, or do something else like rewrite a system hah!!08:27
=== ubuntu is now known as ArtuRr
elknof1chaunchybigfist: i just trying out this os, and i using pidgin, haha   have no idea how to check the dialog box...08:27
angeljoot,  lol. the thread said it might be something with the bios. so i am going to try that. if i log back in i will be BVBBQ08:27
jootAngel, OK08:28
chaunchybigfistok well Ill postr it here08:28
elknof1chaunchybigfist: i guess it is supposed to be like in a tab08:28
chaunchybigfist well I followed this online tutorial and after i made the adjustments to the xserv file, I rebooted and the display stopped working, and before reboot none of the effects for compiz-fushion worked08:28
elknof1chaunchybigfist: but its not...08:28
NoemiHola, ¿Quieres jugar conmigo?08:28
Noemi1º- http://lordserer.blogspot.com/08:28
Noemi2º- clica en el cuadradito derecho08:28
Noemi3º- vuelve a la pagina y en la barra de google que veras08:28
Noemipon casadasbcn08:28
Noemi4º- Ves a Mujeres buscan hombres08:28
FloodBot3Noemi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
chaunchybigfistlet me tfind the exaxct one I used08:29
Kohlerwhenever I try to move my cursor over any kind of music file, nautilus goes grey and becomes unresponsive. Can anyone please help me?08:29
menllyosis there any way to "slow down" all text one gets to see during boot ? i notice some [fail] messages but i cant see what fails cause the text is going too fast to read...08:30
jootmenllyos, some of the "fails are unimportant08:31
menllyosthat could be, but i still would like to know what fails08:31
Kohlerwhenever I try to move my cursor over any kind of music file, nautilus goes grey and becomes unresponsive. Are there any logs or anything I can check?08:32
jesse__Kohler: just ask your question once, someone will help you if they can08:32
DarkmystereHow do i set Apache to use that domain?08:32
Kohlerjesse__ ok08:33
Voyage_i want to use a proxy for every protocol and port, specially for 80 and 8080 for all applications. how can i setup it?08:33
jootmenllyos, you could prolly trundle through your sys logs I have attempted that a few times unsuccessfully or use the if it aint broke theory08:33
jesse__Kohler: search the internet, run nautilus in some sort of debug mode with terminal output, or try removing the packages that might be involved in the process.08:33
jesse__Kohler: iirc, there are special packages that enable that functionality in nautilus08:34
elknof1i guess i'll need to do some more research, i just havent succeed with this nfs-osx-7.10 issue...08:34
Kohlerjesse__, I have searched the net, posted on 5 different forums. I am not aware of how to run nautilus in debug mode. Could you please tell me how?08:34
elknof1good night (here) to everybody..08:35
jesse__Kohler: lol, i dont know either :P08:35
jesse__Kohler: is there any bug about it?08:35
Kohlerjesse__ lol ok. iirc? acronymfinder has so many definitions :P08:35
Kohlerjesse__ there are some which may be the same08:35
BVBBQjoot, damn no such luck.08:35
hanasakiwhat isa good gnome tool gui that will do ftp?08:35
Kohlerjesse__ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/17235008:36
jesse__Kohler: "if i recall/remembher correctly" :D08:36
crolle17can you give me an advise how to record line-out of my audio-card?08:36
jootBYBBQ, are you using ununtu gusty ver??08:36
Kohlerjesse__ thanks at least its not 'if I really cared' :D08:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about squid - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:36
joot!mount cd08:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mount cd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:37
jesse__Kohler: heh, never thought of that08:37
BVBBQjoot, i believe our problem is a bit tougher than what ubotu can handle08:38
Voyage_how do i manullay set proxy setings ?08:38
jootBYBBQ, You are right I think...:-((08:38
Kohlerjesse__ what makes it weird is that it doesn't even have to be a real mp3 file, it can just have a .mp3 extension :P08:39
medflyhi folks :-)08:39
medflyi've inserted an AGP card into my computer (nvidia), installed nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel-source, used "sudo X -configure" btu for some reason X still complains "no screens found"..08:39
Voyage_i want to use a proxy for every protocol and port, specially for 80 and 8080 for all applications. how can i setup it?\08:40
BVBBQi may have to write a song about my phantom CD drive08:41
Kohlerjesse__ I only have to move my cursor across it and it happens. Btw when I run nautilus from a shell, it just returns to the shell immediatly with no messages.08:41
medflyuh, i'll try to just reboot, maybe ubuntu starts things in a different magical way :p08:41
jesse__Kohler: yeah i know, i hate that :P08:42
Kohlerjesse__ can I ask you an unrelated question about networking lol?08:42
=== yassin_ is now known as yassin
Kohlerjesse__: in my syslog it says 'Unable to find the Master Browser name STEVE<lb> for the workgroup STEVE.08:43
jootsolid_liq, can you help BVBBQ with that cd prob???08:43
jesse__Kohler:  your best asking the entire channel than just one channel member08:43
Kohlerjesse__: in my syslog it says 'Unable to find the Domain* Master Browser name STEVE<lb> for the workgroup STEVE.08:43
BVBBQsolid_liq, yes please do, its driving me up the wall.08:44
Kohlerhey everyone. I was looking at my syslogs and I notices the following message in daemon.log. Unable to find the Domain* Master Browser name STEVE<lb> for the workgroup STEVE. Does anyone have an idea what's going on? my windows comp has not been able to access my ubuntu shares for some time now :P. Please, any ideas or theories are appreciated :)08:45
hanasakithere any good package that brings email, firewall, user admin via ldap spam filterning, NAS, all togehter08:46
jootBYBBQ, ther are a lot of different time zones so watch the log on log off and ask again at about forty five minutes other wise you will get warned for repeating08:46
BVBBQkohler, if someone online knew anything about trying to help they would normally say something. it is likely that  no one knows08:46
KohlerBVBBQ, I only asked once.08:48
Voyage_i want to use a proxy for every protocol and port, specially for 80 and 8080 for all applications. how can i setup it?08:48
BVBBQkohler i see thrice08:48
Voyage_i have the proxy ip08:49
KohlerBVBBQ I was talking to jesse__, the first time I was asking him alone, the second time it was a correction (I added the word Domain), and the first time I asked the whole channel like he advised.08:49
Kohleror she08:49
BVBBQfair enough i was just giving some advice08:50
Kohlerok thanks08:50
solid_liqBVBBQ, what cd problem?08:50
BVBBQsolid_liq, well, after updating from edgy my cd drive fails to mount08:51
solid_liqBVBBQ, is there a disk in it?08:51
BVBBQsolid_liq, yes there is,08:51
solid_liqBVBBQ, do you mean automount?  or mount period?08:51
solid_liqBVBBQ, from edgy?  to what?  feisty or hardy?08:52
BVBBQsolid_liq, mount period, its plugged in as slave on my ATA but does not show up when searched for in any way08:52
BVBBQproblem started when i upgraded to feisty,08:53
jootBYBBQ, goodnight and goodluck :-))08:53
BVBBQthx joot08:54
solid_liqBVBBQ, do you see anything about the drive in   dmesg | less    ?08:54
BVBBQsolid_liq, whoa, lots of text gimme a sec to paste bin and stuff.08:55
solid_liqBVBBQ, no don't do that08:56
solid_liqBVBBQ, do this:  dmesg | egrep -i 'ata|ide|atapi'08:56
BVBBQsolid_liq, im no pro but i dont see anything to do with CD drives there08:56
=== BernardB` is now known as BernardB
BVBBQsolid_liq, i get nothing from that command08:57
solid_liqBVBBQ, do this one:     dmesg | egrep -i '\<ata\>|\<ide\>|\<atapi\>|\<hd[a-d]\>'08:58
solid_liqBVBBQ, just copy and paste it08:58
BVBBQsolid_liq, "rylan@rylan-desktop:~$ dmesg | egrep -i '\<ata\>|\<ide\>|\<atapi\>|\<hd[a-d]\>08:58
BVBBQthats what i get08:59
normeodoes anybody have any experience with the nforce2 chipset/geforce4 mx gfx card? I'm having trouble installing, restricted driver does not work properly08:59
chaunchybigfistnow im having a problem08:59
solid_liqBVBBQ, nothing at all?09:00
BVBBQsolid_liq, nadda09:00
solid_liqBVBBQ, paste the output from the command:    uname -a09:00
BVBBQsolid_liq, Linux rylan-desktop 2.6.20-16-generic #2 SMP Sun Sep 23 19:50:39 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux09:01
solid_liqBVBBQ, and what kind of processor do you have?09:01
crolle17for backing up the bookmarks i have to save ~/.mozilla/firefox/qw9l9yyf.default/bookmarks.html, right? (concerning the firefox)09:01
BVBBQsolid_liq, i have a pentium d 80609:01
BVBBQ32 bit09:01
solid_liqBVBBQ, hmm, give me a min09:02
BVBBQsolid_liq, thanks09:02
boohoohow do I found out where a library is located? There's some code that in the Makefile has -lz09:02
boohooI wanted to know where this -lz is pointing to09:02
Voyage_how can i use a proxy for downloads by adept package manager?09:02
hintswenI need help trying to access some partitions (I'm using 7.04 live cd)09:03
hintswenI need to know what to do to let me write to my other partitions09:04
normeodoes anybody have experience getting the nforce2/geforce4 mx gfx working correctly, google erth only displays a blue circle09:04
normeosorry for asking again had to switch irc clients09:04
solid_liqBVBBQ, hmm...  you should try installing a different kernel, because it looks like you're missing some drivers09:04
BVBBQsolid_liq, a different kernel you say. sound pretty involved.09:05
solid_liqBVBBQ, not really, you just apt-get install it, and reboot09:05
BVBBQso, apt-get install what?09:06
BVBBQkinda been wanting to try ubuntu studio.09:06
solid_liqBVBBQ, do:   apt-cache search linux-image     and pick one that should work on your machine, install it, and reboot to see if the drive works with that kernel (make sure you select it in grub if it's not set to the default)09:06
hintswenubuntu sttudio? :S wow i really need to use ubuntu more often09:06
BVBBQsolid_liq, so which should work?09:07
Myster1im dying to try that out09:07
Myster1but i get to get ubuntu right first09:07
tarelerulzIs there a version of yahoo messenger for Linux that is more update.  It says tested on woody. if so what about amd64 not i386.  maybe a .tgz file ?09:07
hintsweni need to backup my whole drive to a partition on my second drive :(09:08
solid_liqBVBBQ, linux-image-386 maybe?  I'm not sure, I'm on gutsy, and the kernel package names have changed09:08
BVBBQsolid_liq, 386 you say,09:08
solid_liqBVBBQ, that just means x86 architecture09:09
BVBBQsolid_liq, so just apt-get linux-image-38609:09
hintswenanyone help me get write access to a partition?09:09
solid_liqBVBBQ, apt-get install linux-image-386 ; reboot09:09
BVBBQok, and to select that one after?09:09
Myster1anyone know approx how long it would take to upgrade feisty to gutsy using update manager?09:10
BVBBQsolid_liq, when i restart do i just hit esc when grub is loading right?09:10
BVBBQand look for linux image 38609:10
tarelerulzWhat doe the x86 mean any ways. I have seen  i386, i586, i686 and now amd64 ,but x86 is new to me.09:10
solid_liqBVBBQ, you know that screen that comes up after your bios screen?  that's the grub bootloader...  like if you've set your machine up for dualboot, you've seen it before09:10
jcg42Should the time in the BIOS be set to UTC or local time?09:10
chicagonpgMyster1 If I remeber right it will be like 30mins09:11
BVBBQsolid_liq, was just checking to make sure09:11
solid_liqBVBBQ, it won't be called linux-image-386, that's a pseudo package which pulls in an appropriate kernel.  when it's downloading, look at the actual name, and that's what you'll want to select09:11
* hintswen sighs09:11
bullgard4[dhelp] Will dhelp search all html files in my Ubuntu computer or only documentation html files?09:11
doktoreashello everybody09:11
hintswenhi dr. nick09:12
Myster1thanx chicagonpg09:12
doktoreasanyone can suggest a solution to create a streamin video server?09:12
hintswenanyone wanna tell me how to get write access to a partition? :P09:12
Nathan`i'm having usb mouse issues on gutsy, it just stops working and i have to reboot09:12
Myster1im hoping gutsy may have my sound problem fixed09:12
hintsweni don't feel like waiting for 10 dvd's to burn09:12
Myster1nathan what brand mouse09:12
hintswenmore like 20 actually09:13
Nathan`just a dell ball mouse09:13
BVBBQsolid_liq, wish me luck09:13
hintswenGood Luck09:13
huff3ri use ubuntu 'cause i can't get my sound card to work under Windows09:13
chicagonpgNot a problem09:13
solid_liqBVBBQ, good luck, it's not that hard tho ;)09:13
hintswensolid, my good friend... xD09:13
BVBBQsolid_liq, one thing i have learned about this computer and ubuntu, nothing goes easily.09:13
hintswenwill you tell me how to get write access to a partition?09:14
Myster1lol huff3r... right now i have the reverse going on09:14
shagbaghey everyone, does anyone use 'Octave' the maths pkge?09:14
normeoanyone have any experience getting nvidia geforce4mx to work with gutsy? I'm having trouble, looked at the forums, nothings worked, still using software acceleration on some things and google earth only displays a blue circle for the earth09:14
Myster1its weird sometimes i boot up and its fine other times not09:14
=== popey_ is now known as popey
Myster1like now09:14
solid_liqBVBBQ, it'll get easier as you get more familiar with working with linux ;)09:14
Myster1and my head set forget it09:15
Nathan`Myster1 do you have any ideas?09:15
BVBBQsolid_liq, ah it has. just things like drives suddenly stopping to work. gets on the nerves09:15
Myster1fiesty pickes it up but just wont work\09:15
Myster1not really Nathan09:15
sauvinOPS: OP UP.09:15
Wibble-hi - is it possible to remove the decorations from one window? I want my maximised VNC to take up the full screen of my second monitor.  But vnc's full screen will split it across the two.09:16
solid_liqBVBBQ, the upgrade process isn't always smooth with ubuntu unfortunately09:16
orwellhi !!09:16
hintswendoesn't anyone know :(09:16
BVBBQsolid_liq, true, but it is nice to know why a computer works, instead of trusting on the gremlins to keep it going09:17
hintswendon't tell me i'm gonna have to wait for 20 dvd's to burn instead09:17
BVBBQsolid_liq, i got a download to wait for so i am going to make breakfast and pray a little.09:17
hintswen*smashes head against table a few times*09:18
solid_liqBVBBQ, you on dialup?09:18
okaasanis there some nifty way to make fsck/checkroot run at shutdown instead of boot09:18
BVBBQsolid_liq, im in china09:18
solid_liqBVBBQ, oh okay09:18
okaasanbecause being greeted with a "Hey, /dev/sda hasn't been checked in 36 mounts, please wait half an hour and then you can print your chemistry homework" is really lame09:19
Myster1i mean i know what to do just not how to do it09:19
okaasanbut when I shut my comp down at night would be a perfect time for it to go09:19
* hintswen smashed head against keyboard09:21
Wibble-okaasan: That is a superb idea! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=446533 suggests you might be able to do it playing with sysv-rc09:21
L3ttuc3Wibble- okaasan i agree.09:22
hintswenjust wondering... can anyone see this?09:22
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
leubuntuI'm using 7.10 and have made every update since installing.. Now I'm getting make dep problems when making new updates.. Anyone have any experience or can direct me for help?09:22
L3ttuc3hintswen - yeah. bit offtopic.09:22
Wibble-okaasan: I suspect you will still need to run it on bootup, because that is the only time to recover from a bad shutdown - but you could probably run it with different params on shutdown to make the 30-day check run then.09:22
Myster1well im gonna reboot until mysound comes back09:23
hintswenaah just making shure. cause no mater what i've said before that i haven't had a single reaction >.<09:23
hintswenmyster wait09:23
hintswenknow how i can get write access to a partition?09:23
hintswendam :( lol09:23
hintsweni'm gonna be stuck here all night09:24
L3ttuc3hintswen what kind of filesystem?09:24
hintswenit's a partition i set up in windows ages ago09:24
Myster1what hintswen09:24
hintswenfor my music, it's a partition on my second drive09:24
lazy247xwhy is my cpu speed different in ubuntu than windows??09:24
hintswenI want to copy my whole windows drive into a folder on that partition to save me from burning 20 dvd's09:25
L3ttuc3hintswen fat32 or ntfs? usually you use mount /devicename/partition name -o remount,rw? something like that. someone correct me if i had it wrong.09:25
hintswengonna format and go through it later09:25
hintswenntfs i think09:25
Extravertlol the firefox update breaks the preferences and downloading09:25
hintswenyeah, ntfs09:25
L3ttuc3hintswen sorry, no space between partion and name. usually something like /dev/hda1 or hda2 hdb1 hdb2 sda1 sda2... you get the idea...09:26
Myster1hint ubuntu picked up my left over ntfs partitions and mounted them under media09:26
L3ttuc3hintswen is it already mounted?09:26
leoich brasuch e hilfe09:26
lazy247xwhy is my cpu speed different in ubuntu than windows??09:26
hintswenL3ttuc3, no idea09:26
huff3rletuce pray09:26