ohpanyone here install the eeepc ubuntu iso?00:33
ohplive iso00:33
soldatsohp: i know some people in #ubuntu have try asking for support there?00:43
soldats!hi | yish00:43
ubotuyish: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!00:43
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deadnecrohey just wondering if there is anyone online atm that could help me with formatting my new hard drive02:14
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the_alamocan someone tell me if GimpNet is down...  i have been trying to connect to #epiphany all day but i can't; so either something is wrong with the server or my computer and i am trying to narrow it down/05:33
J-_still trying to connect.05:35
maxamillionthe_alamo: it appears their network is down05:36
the_alamothanks for checking!!05:36
the_alamohopefully they get it up and running soon.05:37
j1solutionsanhyone here?05:43
maxamillionj1solutions: i am ... kinda05:43
j1solutionsah, ok05:44
j1solutionsanyone that can help with a very slow boot in 7.10?05:44
j1solutionsfresh install05:44
Atyab^Girlhello everyone07:12
Atyab^Girlhope anyone of you could help me with my prob07:12
Atyab^Girli'm having trouble setting up my connection on the pc! i use 'sudo pppoeconf" and set it up.. when am done only gaim opens up though i cant browse the net something to do with my DNS i guess since if i get a resolved site's ip i could get into it07:12
Voyage_i want to use a proxy for every protocol and port, specially for 80 and 8080 for all applications. how can i setup it?08:43
Voyage_i want to use a proxy for every protocol and port, specially for 80 and 8080 for all applications. how can i setup it?08:48
Voyage_i have the proxy ip08:49
siggjenyou should look into iptables08:53
Voyage_ how can i use a proxy for downloads by adept package manager?09:02
hyakuheiHey all, There is some service running in Gnome that picks up my media buttons that isn't running in Xfce... any ideas ? (I have volume hotkeys and media playback hotkeys - Dell Vostro1400)10:12
Voyage_how can i make adept package manager to use a proxy on port 8080?11:01
siggjenuse iptables11:03
Voyage_well iam in kubuntu. let say apt. or lets say i want all applications to use my.ip.proxy.net:8080  . how to do it?11:05
siggjengoogle proxy iptables11:06
siggjenyou should find lots of examples11:06
* Voyage_ waits for an answer11:06
Voyage_ i did that and i can browse by my.proxy.com:8080 but i can use other apps like apt. that still uses port80.............11:15
siggjenyou did alter iptables?11:16
Voyage_how to do that11:20
siggjenstrange that no hit on google could tell you11:20
Voyage_any one have any info about ircd apps?11:29
siggjenirc daemons?11:30
Voyage_i cant compare hybrid ratbox and inspircd . need max stability/security and max features. and easy one.. any suggestions?11:43
Voyage_how muchdollars will cost me for a minimum dedi server?14:27
th0rVoyage_, you can make a server out of just about any computer....it is a good way to recycle older computers14:28
PsynoKhi0Hi, is anyone familiar with the Load_Cycle_Count issue here?14:42
Ven]n^ive installed planetpenguin-racer with apt-get but nothing happens when i click on it in the menu.. any ideas?14:43
Ven]n^*** ppracer error: Couldn't initialize video: No video mode large enough for 800x600 (Success)15:01
Ven]n^solved it15:03
age6racerHi all I'm having trouble with my desktop. xfce can't seem to keep control of it and as soon as I change it back it just loses it again. I have no icons or right click menus it's really annoying.15:51
soldatsare you sure your saving sessions on logout. make sure you have the "allow xfce to manage the desktop" and the "save sessions on logout" checked then log out then in and check16:14
soldatshmm i hate it when people ask a question the leave within a few minutes of no answer16:14
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Noob_JI'll be installing Gutsy on my old Compaq pentium II in an hour or so and I was wondering if Compiz Fuision is already loaded into Gutsy as I've read.17:29
DaveWhen I put by system into standby mode and come back out of it, by wireless connection does not work.  I am useing a static IP with wpa2 personal connection.  any advise?18:36
nikolamI had the same problem with my USD ADSL modem under linux. I fixed it with making 1. script for shutting down connection and its device device and 2. script for turning device and connection back on. Next, you can make it part of standby/resume script and also you can make them as commands so you can start them manually (+x in /usr/sbin)18:52
marchHallo :D19:21
lecheHallo March20:07
PsynoKhi0Hi, is anyone here familiar with the Load_Cycle_Count issue on laptops?20:17
Angelus_Hi all!20:56
Angelus_Can anyone help me with a network problem? :)20:56
PsynoKhi0Hi, maybe20:56
Angelus_well i guess you'll hate hearing this, but it was working fine yesterday20:57
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Angelus_i've got a xubuntu box set up with a wired ethernet connection20:57
Angelus_i can't see the internet on it 0.o20:57
Angelus_it looks like the DNS lookup is broken20:58
Angelus_when i do pings with symbolic addresses nothing happens20:58
Angelus_with IP addresses it returns 0 success, but at least it starts pinging20:58
Angelus_i tried ifdown -a and ifup -a20:58
Angelus_also i've tried setting the DNS server by hand in resolv.conf20:59
Angelus_no joy20:59
Angelus_any clue?20:59
PsynoKhi0sudo dhclient eth020:59
Angelus_bound to a LAN ip21:00
Angelus_it shows up on my router too21:00
Angelus_lookups still borked21:00
siggjencan you ping the router?21:00
Angelus_no result21:01
siggjenwhat ip did you get?21:01
Angelus_i set it up on purpose on my router21:02
siggjensounds ok21:02
siggjenand router is ?21:02
Angelus_something like that :)21:02
Angelus_i'm on my mac on the wireless LAN21:03
Angelus_and its working fine21:03
Angelus_access the router ok as well21:03
Angelus_i just checked my NAT tables on the router21:03
siggjenyou are sure the cables are ok and plugged in?21:03
Angelus_its connecting with the router21:04
siggjenany firewall running?21:04
Angelus_otherwise it wouldnt be getting the DHCP permanent address that i set21:04
Angelus_its just a default xubuntu install21:04
Angelus_you're right about it looking like a firewall problem21:06
Angelus_any clue?21:06
siggjeniptables -L21:06
Angelus_ACCEPT 0 -- anywhere anywhere21:07
Angelus_that's the chain for OUTPUT21:07
siggjentry iptables -F21:08
siggjenbut sould be ok anyway21:08
Angelus_okay don't hit me, but i think i found the problem21:09
Angelus_one sec21:09
siggjeni believe that was several d:21:10
Angelus_nope just one.21:10
Angelus_stupid moblock on a rampage. i must have left it running last night.21:11
Angelus_it was stopping everything :(21:11
Angelus_peerguardian alternative21:12
Angelus_for linux21:12
Angelus_must uninstall it21:12
Angelus_<-- st00p0d21:13
siggjenwell it's got firewallish qualities d:21:13
Angelus_* sigh *21:14
Angelus_ooh i remember21:15
Angelus_where's the default system beep sound on xubuntu21:15
Angelus_i have a software that's supposed to beep me when it receives an event from a telnet session21:15
Angelus_but i can't find a place to set the default beep 0.o21:15
Angelus_so its just. silence..21:16
siggjeni like silence21:16
Angelus_i need the beep21:17
siggjeni start to understand that now d:21:17
Angelus_didn't mean to be rude21:18
Angelus_but i've been trying to find a place to set the default system beep for hours21:18
siggjenyou're not rude21:18
Angelus_xubuntu doens't have it for some reason21:19
siggjeni'm not in xubuntu atm so i can't help you search21:19
PsynoKhi0what should a script to turn of cpu frequency scaling when launching a specific app look like?21:29
PsynoKhi0turn off*21:29
Angelus_thanks siggjen :)21:45
Angelus_now to fix the beepage and the silly moblock problem21:45
siggjengood luck21:46
PsynoKhi0darnit this harddrive stuff is getting on my nerves21:51
PsynoKhi0yes, hdd in a laptop21:52
siggjenwell there should be a fix for that?21:53
PsynoKhi0yes there should be however it's not working here, apparently21:53
siggjenthat's no good21:54
PsynoKhi0the "hdparm -B 254 /dev/hda" has no effect, I still get a rapid increase in Load_Cycle_Count when the computer is idle21:54
PsynoKhi0though I wonder if I should have hdparm activated under "Services"21:59
chris710how can i make konqueror the default file explorer?22:14
chris710cos i downloaded it and i don't want thunar...22:15
marchDoes anyone know if there exists a deb for Thunar 0.9? I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. I tried to compile libexo but it didn't work :( So I can't compile Thunar...22:30
siggjenmarch: try to install it from repositories instead of compiling yourself22:39
marchthanks - I'll try that :)22:39
siggjenmaybe it's in the hardy release22:40
marchYes - it ist.22:40
siggjenthen you can either upgrade now and take instability, or just wait till it's finished22:41
Rayois there any way to add extra applets to the xfce panels? similar to third-party windows vista sidebar applications...22:51
soldatsrclick the panel and choose add23:01
Rayois it possible to add third-party applets to that list?23:02
marchI'll better wait siggjen. :)23:08
ubotuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu!23:29
WebGuest1I poped in looking for a quick answer to a probably stupid question23:30
Rayoif you know it's stupid, please don't ask23:30
soldatsno, the ubuntu community prides itself helping everyone23:31
WebGuest1I was trying out the Liver CD version of xubuntu 6.06.1 and I was just wondering if there were any temp files or anything that might be written to the HD23:31
WebGuest1naw it's probably just stupid bucause I just over looked the answer inmy own searching23:32
soldatsit runs from the livecd only23:33
Rayosomebody ban him23:33
WebGuest1cool didn't think it would but just wanted to check. Thanks23:33
soldatsnp :)23:34
WebGuest1What do most consider the best distro option for running from a CDRW or saving to another external source? Like Puppy.23:37
soldatsWebGuest1: anything you feel comfortable with23:40
Rayosomebody plz ban him =\23:40
WebGuest1why? theis is where your suposed to go for help...Right?23:41
Rayono, not that kind of help...23:41
soldatsWebGuest1: do you use xubuntu?23:42
WebGuest1Ok sorry to bother. I know they are noobish questions but shit I've only been looking into this pretty much most of the day. soldats: I have the 6.06.1 distro today got it burnt and had it up and running. Just have not resigned to do a full install yet.23:44
WebGuest1looked good and i had no problems launching. And about every program I would personally need is allready there. I was happy with it.23:45
soldatsawesome well i hope you stick with it.23:46
soldatsto be a little nicer about it. if you have a question directly related to xubuntu or ubuntu please ask here. if its a general question with linux id suggest asking in ##linux. no offense im glad your using xubuntu and i hope you continue on your learning curve23:47
soldatsWebGuest1: uhh thats to you^^23:47
Angelus_hey guys23:49
Angelus_anyone know where i can set the system beep?23:49
Angelus_i have a piece of software that calls the default system beep but there's no sound because its not set23:49
Angelus_and i can't find where its supposed to be set up in xubunty23:49
Angelus_in xfce there's xfSound i think23:50
soldatswhat app and system beep in what terminal?23:51
Angelus_its a java app i wrote23:51
Angelus_its supposed to beep with the system beep23:51
Angelus_because it calls the default sound bell23:51
Angelus_but for some reason i can't find where in xubuntu this sound is set. and i think its disabled by default23:52
Angelus_it works in KDE and gnome :(23:52
Angelus_so its not an API thing23:52
WebGuest1some of what I read today led me to believe that ubuntu or xubuntu could be set up to run from cd and save to flash drive. is that possible?23:52
soldatsWebGuest1: yes23:53
Angelus_WebGuest1: yes. there's eeexubuntu which can do it for you automatically as well23:53
soldatsAngelus_: gotcha. i think at one point i set my system bell to off but i cant remember where.23:53
Angelus_soldats: nod. Kinda frustrating23:54
soldatswish i could be more help. have you asked in #xfce yet23:55
WebGuest1All right thank you both for putting up with me.23:55
soldatsWebGuest1: no problem23:55
Angelus_will do now23:56
HipShotoh, thank goodness, can you guys help me with installing stuff in xubuntu?23:56
soldatslike what stuff23:56
HipShotWell, I'm trying to install video and sound drivers23:57
Angelus_you mean restricted drivers?23:57
Angelus_wmvcodec and libdvdcss2?23:57
HipShotoh no, i mean, for the laptop23:57
HipShotso I could have better resolution and have sound23:57
soldatsHipShot: for sound make sure you have alsa selected in the volume manager23:58
HipShotthe drivers provided don't work for this gateway laptop23:58
HipShotwell, i went and drivers to download23:59
HipShotbut I don't know how to run them23:59
HipShotit ends in .run23:59

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