vinc456i'm trying to publish a directory that is located in /var/www/471Project. The web and sftp servers are running fine AFAIK. What is wrong with the command "bzr push --create-prefix sftp://localhost/var/www/471Project:9922"00:07
jearlI think that you need sftp://localhost:9922/var/www/471Project/00:08
vinc456that works great, thanks!00:09
vinc456i spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong by myself, i should have asked earlier ><00:10
rollyI've put the :port in the wrong place a million times :|00:12
CardinalFangIt is kinda wonky.00:14
CardinalFangOh, wait, it's exactly right.  Always after the hostname.00:15
* CardinalFang misunderstood.00:15
vinc456i guess it makes a lot of sense now that i look at it00:20
PengBazaar uses URIs as HTTP does, so yeah, the port goes after the hostname.00:22
vinc456i've been using my server for mostly personal use but now need01:34
vinc456      to set up a repository for classmates. i'm pushing my branch through01:34
vinc456      sftp but my sshd server only accepts public key authentication. should i01:34
vinc456      ask each group member to generate their own keys and i'll add them to01:34
vinc456      the accept list or is there a better way?01:34
vinc456sorry, about that01:34
vinc456i was thinking of generating a single key for the team. can i give repository access without shell account access or are ssh keys always associated with a user on the system?01:35
Pengvinc456: You can prevent a shell user from doing anything other than bzr.01:44
Pengvinc456: The contrib/bzr_access script might help.01:45
vinc456i'll look into it, thanks01:45
keiri just got bit by line endings... nothing like a merge conflict over the whole file! anyone working on this?01:46
keirahah! trick is to normalize line endings of .OTHER, .THIS, and .BASE, then use meld.01:49
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johnny!meta bzr06:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about meta bzr - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:10
johnny!meta dev-util/bzr06:10
johnnyso, this PQM thing can only identify the committer by putting it in the description?07:02
johnnyor is that just a launchpad thing?07:03
johnnyaha.. ok07:07
johnnyi'm suprised not to see monotone mentioned at all here http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrGpgSigning07:13
johnnythey don't use gpg , but what they are doing is similiar07:14
johnnyi also miss their certs :)07:15
johnnysup with rich-root-pack in bzr 1.1? i'm not sure with format i should use07:57
mtaylorjohnny: you should use rich root pack07:59
mtaylorjohnny: what is it about monotone that you miss... and why would you expect to see anything about it on the bazaar page on GPG signing? (just curious)08:00
johnnyis there support to add arbitrary fields to revisions?08:01
johnnyi didn't notice it08:01
johnnylike committer08:01
mtaylornot as far as I know08:01
johnnyin monotone, you can08:01
johnnythey are called certs08:01
johnnyi've been using it for a few years for a project i work with some other folks on08:02
johnnythat's not the same as i'm trying to use bzr for08:02
mtaylorwhat extra fields do you normally use?08:02
johnnywhich is for this bookstore coffeehouse collective08:02
johnnywell you have that fixes thing08:03
johnnywe use X-Bug or similiar08:03
mtayloryeah - I do that with a post-commit hook08:03
johnnyyou can integrate test results in them as well08:04
mtaylormm. that's interesting08:05
johnnyeven branch is a cert to them08:05
johnnyso branch membership of a revision is solely determined by it08:05
johnnyand this metadata is signed via keys08:06
mtaylorso does monotone have a monolithic central repos then ?08:06
johnnyit's dvcs08:06
johnnygit took many concepts from it08:06
johnnyit uses sqlite as a backing store instead of the fs08:06
mtaylorinteresting choice08:06
johnnysystem accounts are not used08:06
johnnyaccess is given to the db by the keys08:07
johnnythat have been accepted08:07
mtaylorso if I make a local branch of code, do those keys come along so that you could interact with my branch?08:07
johnnyif a rev is signed by somebody you do not trust, but is in the rev, it is pulled in, but unused08:07
johnnyif you added me to the acls08:07
mtaylor(not bad)08:08
mtaylorjust different. :)08:08
johnnyit really is amazing, everything is signed that is stored08:08
johnnyit is scriptable via the lua programming language08:09
mtaylor:) we have a guy at work that puts lua in everything08:09
mtaylorI haven't quite drunk that cool-aid yet08:09
mtaylorbut he really likes it alot08:10
johnnymerging is completely different than the way bzr does it08:10
johnnywhich seems more like cvs/svn08:10
johnnywith the conflict markers08:10
johnnymtn doesn't do it that way yet08:10
mtaylorwhat does it do?08:10
johnnyyou can have multiple heads of a branch existing at one time08:10
johnnyso a pull doesn't have to be updated to08:11
johnnyif there is a conflict, you can ignore it08:11
mtaylorit still has to do something with the file, no?08:11
johnnyif you choose to merge, you get an external differ08:11
johnnyand you do what you gotta do, and accept hte merge or don't08:11
johnnywe always merge our heads08:11
johnnybut it isn't required08:12
mtaylorbk is like that08:12
johnnywe also use identifers for branches like so08:12
johnnythus they are unique08:12
johnnylike the java stuff.. altho we dont use java08:13
johnnyselectors are accepted everywhere, which are like the options in other systems08:13
johnnybut it's more of a generic query mechanism08:13
johnnyand there is even a db execute command, so you can query the db directly via sql08:14
johnnyso if the interface doesn't do what you want, you could get the info anwyays08:14
mtaylorso what brings you to look at bzr ?08:15
johnnyi think bzr will be a bit friendlier to the folks who are working on this project08:16
johnnyand it is faster08:16
johnnyand having the support of an org like canonical behind it is very good08:16
mtayloryeah - definitely use rich-root-packs then08:16
johnnythat project i use monotone on.. is for real developers08:16
* mtaylor pretends to be insulted by that :)08:17
johnnythis one, is for folks who aren't really programmers by trade or at least not used to work together08:17
johnnysorry.. bad choice if words08:17
johnnyi meant like hardc0re08:17
* mtaylor pretends to be insulted by that :)08:17
mwhwhat's the mtn community like?08:17
johnnyreally smart08:17
johnnybut small08:17
johnnygit stole their thunder08:17
mwhi have this image that it's fairly propellor-head-ish08:17
johnnyit is08:17
johnnyvery smart guys08:17
johnnybut i think it is worth it for the bzr community to pick up good ideas from them08:18
johnnymonotone is written in C++ .. which is unhackable and will continue to be unhackable by most people i work with08:18
johnnywhich means we can't really modify it08:19
mwhsure, all good ideas are up for being stolen imho :)08:19
johnnyof course.. those are the guys i trust writing a C++ app . but still.. :(08:19
johnnythe project i want to use bzr with as i mentioned.. are mostly folks who've never used a revision control system before08:19
mwhwould the way mtn works be amenable to writing a python client?08:20
mwh(just curious)08:20
johnnythey are still working out their internal interaces08:20
johnnythey call it automate08:20
mtaylorcould always wrap the c++ lib for use from python at the least08:21
johnnybut it is usable with boost, so maybe you can wrap a python library around it more directly08:21
mtaylorI'm not a huge boost fan, actually08:21
johnnyneither are they :)08:21
johnnythey are migrating out many parts08:21
johnnysince awhile08:21
mtaylorit's neat ... I'm impressed anyone extended stl to do what boost.python does08:21
mtaylorbut it's completely impossible to debug08:22
johnnymonotone will never have the kinda buildup like bzr has08:22
johnnywith launchpad and all that08:22
i386monotine == segfaultville08:22
johnnythere's one project i wanted to do with monotone that i just plain don't have time for08:22
johnnyi386, really? i've never had one08:23
i386openembedded ?08:23
johnnyafter 3 years08:23
johnnywe have more revs even than openembedded08:23
i386We must be talking about completely a different monotone vcs08:23
johnnyaltho not for long i'm sure08:23
johnnyand at least 50 branches08:23
johnnyhmm.. i'm not counting the language ones, since there isn't anything complicated goin on.. it's always push and pull08:24
johnnyno merging or anything08:24
i386have they fixed it being slow yet?08:25
johnnyslow doing what? transfer? not quite :(08:25
johnnyso we still distribute the db08:25
johnnysad that it has to be that way :(08:25
i386what is with that?08:26
i386Having a database I need to download is dumb08:26
johnnythey need some protocol design help perhaps :)08:26
johnnyi was toying with this idea of wrapping it up in an xmpp server08:26
johnnyi just don't have time08:26
i386No. Dont!08:26
i386I love XMPP and I do love VCS08:26
i386but they don't belong together08:26
johnnyi don't think it'll be any slower :)08:27
i386(that goes for email and vcs)08:27
johnnyhmm.. how so?08:27
johnnyemail is a totally different thing08:27
johnnyi'm sure it's better than their hacked up netsync protocol08:27
i386doesn't hg use email ?08:28
johnnymonotone used to use email.. with this depot thing08:28
i386downloading a huge 100mb database08:28
johnnybefore .1408:28
i386then installing that database08:28
i386is stupid08:29
i386especially when I just want to checkout some code to have a look at it08:29
i386by the time im thinking about downloading that database08:29
i386Ive lost interest08:29
johnnyyeah.. they are working on partial pull08:29
johnnylast i recall08:30
johnnyhaven't been paying much attention08:30
johnnybeen busy running the coffeeshop and helping those folks08:30
johnnyand thus bzr08:30
johnnyfor now at least08:30
johnnytransfer is always possible08:30
johnnyonce using one of these systems08:31
johnnythat doesn't make me stop missing the way monotone works aside from that tho08:32
i386Im glad im not having to maintain it :)08:33
i386This build engineer has enough problems on his plate :)08:33
Pengjohnny: Bazaar does support revision properties, but you have to add them through code, not through a command like in svn. No file properties yet.08:41
Pengjohnny: Mercurial supports having multiple heads too. It was created at the same time as Git, and I think it was also partially inspired by Monotone.08:41
* Peng is caught up on backlog now.08:41
Pengi386: Hg doesn't use email any differently than bzr.08:41
mwhjohnny: what _do_ you miss about monotone?08:46
johnnyall of that stuff i mentioned.. except the slow download time i386 mentions :)08:47
bob2is netsync any faster than bzr?08:48
PengIt can't be.08:49
PengSome projects (Pidgin) put tarballs up with the history, because it's too slow and resource-consuming to download it through mtn.08:50
PengBzr isn't a speed demon at networking (yet), but it's not that bad.08:50
* Peng feels like a troll for saying that. :08:51
johnnyyeah.. definitely not any faster08:52
johnnyif monotone would have been faster, we might not have git08:53
PengEven if it was faster, would anything have been fast enough for the kernel?08:58
PengWell, BK, I guess..08:58
johnnyyeah.. bk was very fast :)08:59
johnnywe used that before switching to monotone08:59
* johnny looks for init scripts for bzr08:59
PengInit scripts?09:00
johnnysomething to start bzr serve on boot09:00
PengUsually people run it from xinetd.09:00
PengOr, well, *usually* they use dumb http and sftp, or bzr+ssh (which requires no configuration except having bzr in ssh's PATH).09:01
johnnyhmm.. i dont run anything else from there09:01
johnnyi like the smart server idea09:01
PengWell yeah.09:02
PengIt's faster. :)09:02
johnnybut as none of my other programs use xinetd09:02
bob2wonder if anyone has benchmarked git vs bk09:03
bob2or is allowed to anymore09:03
johnnygit is fast enough09:03
Pengbob2: Last I heard, you're not allowed to develop another VCS if you use bk. But a nondev could probably benchmark them.09:04
aadis Peng: i suppose the license also disallows publishing benchmarks09:33
Pengaadis: If so, bleh.09:42
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easytigeris there way to publish a bzr repo like with cvsweb etc?14:18
dejv_ntbI'm trying to set up bazaar branch on ntfs-3g filesystem and I always get this message:14:25
dejv_ntb$ bzr init14:25
dejv_ntbbzr: ERROR: Transport error: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/mnt/data/skola/.bzr' [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/mnt/data/skola/.bzr'14:25
dejv_ntband if I try to repeat it, I'm getting this:14:26
dejv_ntb$ bzr init14:26
dejv_ntbbzr: ERROR: File exists: u'/mnt/data/skola/.bzr': [Errno 17] File exists: '/mnt/data/skola/.bzr'14:26
bob2easytiger: loggerhead does some of what cvsweb does14:27
dejv_ntbWhat can I do to start versioning that directory?14:27
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easytigerbob2: cheers14:55
easytigerwhere can i find it though14:56
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radishHi folks.  Anyone have any idea why trying to access a repository hosted on IIS would return the error "Not a branch"?16:44
radishCan anyone help?16:59
ubotuNew bug: #178131 in trac-bzr "trac-bzr (all branches) broken with trac-0.11b1 and bzr 1.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17813117:11
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ubotuNew bug: #190725 in bzr "Bzr can't init branch on ntfs-3g filesystem" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19072517:30
jelmerabentley: Have you looked at DrProject (www.drproject.org)? It's a fork of trac19:47
jelmerabentley: never mind, looks like they are mainly focused on educational use19:48
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johnnyso, how is auth done for the smart server?19:50
mwhudsonhowever ssh does it, generally19:50
johnnyhmm.. back to creating system accounts ;(19:51
johnnyit'd be nice to use the keys as auth directly19:51
johnnyso i can say, i trust revisiosn from user@example.com19:52
mwhudsonif signed, presumably?19:53
mwhudsonyou don't _have_ to use openssh of course, launchpad has bzr+ssh access and certainly doesn't create a system account for each launchpad user :)19:54
mwhudsonbut that's pretty heavyweight19:54
johnnyhow does that work ?19:57
johnnyhmm..then again.i guess i trust all my users so far19:57
dejv_ntbdoes bzr's design to recover from this error:19:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190725 in bzr "Bzr can't init branch on ntfs-3g filesystem" [Undecided,New]19:57
johnnythanks mwhudson makes me feel better for the future if nothing else19:58
mwhudsonjohnny: it uses twisted.conch to implement a custom ssh server20:00
johnnytwisted is neat20:00
johnnyhmm.. it seems to be that bzr has too many options for init20:05
mtaylornot updating child fraction21:25
mtaylorwhat's that mean? ^^21:26
jelmermtaylor: internal bug21:26
mtaylorjelmer: is there something I should gather or report?21:26
mtaylorit _seems_ to be working21:26
jelmermtaylor: It's in the progress bar21:27
lifelessits not even a bug22:06
lifelessis it?22:06
lifelessjohnny: you don't need any options to use init, unless you want to do something out of the ordinary22:06
jelmerlifeless, oh? I thought it was a sign of bad API use22:08
lifelessI thought it was simply when the resolution was too small22:08
igcmorning all22:17
appcineWhat should one install to use the bzr "smart" server? :)22:27
appcineI'm running an Ubuntu server (HTTP, svn, sftp, ssh today)22:27
mwhudsonappcine: an ssh server and bazaar22:28
appcinemwhudson: Check.22:28
appcineSo .. now I can setup a central repositry with just those two components?22:28
appcineI'm getting the following: Generic bzr smart protocol error: Permission denied22:32
appcineWhen running bzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://user@server/~user/projects/myproject22:33
lifelessappcine: we don't support ~user yet in bzr+ssh22:33
appcineAnd googling on bzr errors just produce the source code :P22:33
lifelessappcine: try bzr+ssh://..../home/user/22:34
appcineAh, ok22:34
appcineWas looking in the "Bazaar in five minutes" guide, though I could use the Launchpad example :D22:34
lifelessit has to be resolved on the server (obviously); patches gratefully considered :)22:35
appcineAh, so I did this just to discover that my webhost doesn't have bazaar installed .. :P22:36
lifelesslook for BZR_REMOTE_PATH22:37
appcineOk, thank you :)22:38
mwhudsoncan you set bzr_remote_path by location in your config?22:39
mwhudsoni guess i could figure this one out myself, but i'm lazy :)22:39
lifelessmwhudson: dunno $grep $code22:40
appcineI'm also getting this btw: bzr: warning: unknown encoding . Continuing with ascii encoding.22:40
lifelessthat means on the far end you don't have your locale present22:41
lifelessyou probably want to explicitly set LANG=C in your shell rc file22:41
lifeless(on the far end)22:41
appcineIt's set to UTF-8 atm22:41
appcineShouldn't bzr recognize that?22:42
lifelessthe unix locales are not present22:42
lifelessnothing to do with bzr22:42
mwhudsonit can't if the locale files are not present on the other end22:42
appcineWhat's the other end? :)22:42
mwhudsonon the server22:42
lifelesse.g. you might have EN_AU_UTF822:42
lifelessor however thats spelt22:42
appcinemwhudson: This is just local stuff22:42
lifelessand that requires specific country data even though it is utf822:42
appcinemwhudson: Like "bzr init" gives me the message22:42
lifelessappcine: oh, well your machine is misconfigured then in this same way :)22:43
appcinelifeless: Mac OS X, default install22:43
appcineBlame apple!22:43
lifelesshmm, I have no idea at this point :)22:44
appcineI'm nto too hot on the idea of changing things around since everything else works fine22:44
appcinebut, what impact would it have for me that it doesn't recognize my locale?22:44
lifelessits probably something quite simple22:44
lifelessbecause I know it works for other bzr users without that error22:45
lifelessthe impact is that non-ascii paths will give you more trouble/be unsupported for you22:45
appcineNo non-ascii paths here22:46
lifelessthen it will be annoying but ok22:46
lifelessI do recommend you try to track it down22:47
lifelessthere may be some diagnostics in ~/.bzr.log22:47
appcinelifeless: Nice log. Only encoding related I find is: "encoding stdout as bzrlib.user_encoding 'ascii'"22:49
lifelessright, its fallen back. I'll file a bug to add diagnostics there22:49
lifelessMy guess would be at a misspelt locale environment setting22:49
appcineGreat tool btw. Just started using it right now, but it's very convenient.22:49
appcineWhile working without bzr on my server I'm trying pushing stuff to it .. like bzr push sftp://user@host/path22:50
appcineCan I just keep doing that for every commit until they install bzr?22:50
appcineOr is it like .. really, relly stupid ? :)22:50
lifelesssftp should perform quite well22:50
appcineI'm getting an empty dir with a .bzr subdir22:51
appcineno other files followed22:51
lifelessthats correct22:51
lifelesswe're pushing across updates to a database22:51
lifelessthink of them as journal entries22:51
appcineAnd the journal entries would be .. like patches?22:52
lifelessif you had an something the size of an iso that you were changing, you wouldn't really want a 720MB upload when you changed a byte or two22:52
appcineThat I can invoke use to create the source code somehow?22:52
lifelessyou can get a working tree on the server by 'bzr checkout .' in the branch22:52
lifelessthe push-and-update plugin will push and then ssh in and run bzr update in that location for you22:53
appcinebzr checkout . on the client computer?22:53
lifelesson the server22:54
appcineThat's my problem -- I don't have bzr installed on the server :)22:54
lifelessif you want the files present on the server22:54
lifelessbut why do you want them there, is it your website ?22:54
lifelessso, think of the website as another client22:55
appcineI am, sort of :)22:55
lifelessits a client that wants a mirror rather than to edit, but its still a client of the system, and so it needs bzr22:55
lifelessuntil then I'd just rsync your website up22:55
appcineYes, and I'll get it .. but unil then :)22:55
appcineUsing export for today then :)23:00
ubotuNew bug: #190801 in bzr "locale-setting error should log details to .bzr.log" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19080123:00
cr3how come there's no dapper .deb under the ppa: http://ppa.launchpad.net/bzr/ubuntu/pool/main/b/bzr/23:47
mtaylorcr3: because... um.23:48
mtaylorcr3: hell, I dunno23:48
spivpoolie: There's a trivial patch on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/129786 that looks like something that would be good to have in 1.223:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129786 in bzr ""bzr push" fails with vsftpd" [Medium,Triaged]23:59

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