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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about delorme - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:13
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yasahiroim having a small problem with amarok...00:26
anon32yasahiro, I hate it when that happens...00:27
yasahiroit can play my flac lossless files just fine... but mp3 files wont play..00:27
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:28
anon32have you read that? sorry to assume00:28
yasahirowell, i have installed the restricted extras... thats how i got dvd's to play00:28
anon32more specifically, do you have libxine1-ffmpeg installed?00:29
DhraakellianY or N?00:29
Dhraakellianor does it not really matter too much?00:29
yasahirolibxine1-ffmpeg is already the newest version00:29
anon32Dhraakellian, are you upgrading ubuntu versions?00:30
anon32it's probably harmless00:30
Dhraakellianfrom a sudo aptitude safe-upgrade on a fresh install00:30
anon32if it's a fresh install, go ahead and hit "yes"00:30
Dhraakelliansince adept updater was giving me grief00:30
anon32yasahiro, try starting amarok on the command line and see if it spews any errors00:31
Dhraakellianoh, and I'd just like to say for the record that irssi proxy totally rocks.  (still connected via the laptop, but using konversation on the desktop, where copying and pasting the errors is easier)00:31
yasahiroall that happened was a dialog came up saying amarok currently cant play mp3 files, and gives me an option to install mp3 support00:32
Dhraakellianand I'll stay connected even though I'm about to reboot due to a kernel update in that safe-upgrade00:32
echosystmdoes anyone know of a stable distribution with kde4?00:41
GerrySlyhey guys, is there a way to continue an interrupted sftp upload?00:42
GerrySlyI had a power failure whilst uploading a 1.6GB file and I was half way through, is there a way I can continue from where I left off?00:42
anon32where's the list of Hardy release goals?00:45
Dhraakellianechosystm: both Kubuntu and Suse let you install KDE4 stuff alongside KDE3.  For more help with KDE4 on kubuntu, try #kubuntu-kde400:46
echosystmbut is it available in the repo?00:46
Dhraakelliannot sure00:46
Dhraakellianhaven't tried it since some time around beta200:47
Dhraakelliannot with Kubuntu, at least00:47
Dhraakellianask in #kubuntu-kde400:47
echosystmseems like fedora is the only major distro that has kde4 by default00:48
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:48
DhraakellianF9, maybe00:48
DhraakellianF8 is still KDE3.500:48
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde400:48
echosystmf9 is not stable is it?00:49
Ubiquitousanyone there?00:51
Dhraakellianechosystm: I don't believe so00:51
DhraakellianUbiquitous: what's the issue?  I can't guarantee that I can help, but I can guarantee that I can't answer a question if you don't ask it00:52
ubuntunew updates messed up my grub, can someone help me ?00:52
ubuntuIt gives 'File Not Found' in booting.00:52
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anon32https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/HardyDesktopEffects <-- the hell? compiz as default? Also, why does the wiki run on HTTPS?00:58
NightBirdanon32: compiz is default in ubuntu already...01:00
NightBirdI think...01:00
LjLNightBird: correct (ubuntu though not kubuntu)01:00
nacho_habla alguien en español01:01
anon32NightBird, that's wonderful... now my ATI setup can be even more broken than it already is.01:01
NightBirdyeah... the next kubuntu may be using kde4 by default which comes with it's own set of eye candy01:01
PriceChildanon32, it only turns on for cards not in its blacklist...01:01
ubotuDesktop Effects are supported on graphics cards that use the default Intel and ATI drivers and the restricted !NVIDIA drivers, except for the following, which are blacklisted due to stability/compatibility issues: Intel 965, ATI Rs480 and Rv350, ATI Mobility x300, x600 and x700 - Join #compiz-fusion for anything not officially supported by Ubuntu01:01
* NightBird could be running compiz with his ati card with only minor problems..01:02
anon32mine's not in the blacklist, but it will definitely still crash my system01:02
anon32so yeah...01:02
anon32also, according to the specs, it will fall back to using software rendering?01:02
nacho_any people speak spanihs01:02
PriceChild!es | nacho_01:03
ubotunacho_: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:03
NightBirdanon32: I think compiz tries to fire up the gnome interface if it fails01:03
NightBirder... the gnome window manager01:04
anon32according to the spec, it will call XRender in the absense of OpenGL01:04
anon32that's software isn't it?01:04
NightBirdno, XRender requires support from the video card01:05
NightBirder... from the driver01:05
anon32maybe it doesn't fail that much then. Still would like to see it blacklisted for chips using the "radeon" driver though.01:06
fivetwentysixIf I install KDE 4.0 can i still use 3.5 ?01:06
NightBirddoesn't the open source radeon driver support aiglx anyways?01:06
fivetwentysixDo I have to do anything special or is the option always available by default on the sessions menu?01:06
anon32NightBird, yes, but the driver sucks01:06
NightBirdit'll appear as an option on the sessions menu01:07
anon32it randomly locks my system up for example01:07
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NightBirdanon32: that stinks... I'm assuming that fglrx doesn't support your card then too?01:09
anon32it does, but fglrx is broken01:09
anon32(gah, why does vsync make my screen tear diagonally?)01:09
anon32and... why do my displays have to run at the same resolution?01:09
anon32https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/dpkg-lzma <-- lzma will kill older systems01:10
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NightBirdah the classic trade off... which do you value more... speed or size...01:15
anon32https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/RestrictedManagerRewrite <-- what the restricted manager really needs to be able to do is handle custom xorg.conf's. And if not, fail gracefully.01:17
HirvinenA local root exploit in Gentoo. In Ubuntu as well: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20946001:23
ForgeAusNightbird whats wrong with balance?01:25
anon32Hirvinen, shit, you're right01:25
HirvinenYup. This is bad.01:26
anon32together with a remote unprivileged exploit, that would be major pwnage01:26
anon32and I'm sure there's at least one of those in firefox01:27
ubotuStreet mapping and GPS navigation software available for Ubuntu includes !GpsDrive (GTK, raster maps, free), !Roadnav (GTK, free vector maps from Tiger and OSM, free), !GoogleEarth (Qt, proprietary vector maps, proprietary)01:27
ubotuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository01:27
HirvinenMentioned exploit works also at least on older 2.6.17-12. Not on 2.6.20-16 though.01:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about geepeeyes - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:29
unagi!info geepeeyes01:29
ubotuPackage geepeeyes does not exist in gutsy01:29
anon32under desktop resolutions, the option 1280x800 doesn't exist, but if I just add it to xorg,conf, will it work?01:30
Hirvinen!ops | Sorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.01:30
ubotuSorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.: Help! Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or jussi01!01:30
ForgeAuslol windows doesn't even let me browse to that site01:33
unagianyone know how to use google earth with gps?01:35
gundam_rx78nt1man it's quiet in here...01:49
mixedwhat utilities are there in kubuntu to manage hard drive space? I have a 500 gig HD and am only using about 200 gigs01:50
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gundam_rx78nt1what do you mean by manage?01:51
mixedI want to view existing partitions, space used and space free then I suppose there's another utility that will allow me to create extended partitions on the free space01:51
gundam_rx78nt1qparted is one and if01:52
gundam_rx78nt1you want to see it on the command line, I believe df -h would do...01:52
mixedon SuSE there's a utility that gives a graphical view of the hard drive like qparted although you can only view the information, I'm going to see what utilities are available in synaptic01:54
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thistleI am running kubuntu 7.10 AMD64 on a Dell Vostro 1700 with the Intel 3945 abg wireless card.  KNetworkManager diesn'see the card at all.  KWiFiManager can configure the card for WEP but the wireless interface drops a lot of data and runs really slow.  The Dell D820 I'm on right now is running kubuntu 7.10 i386 with the same card and works great.  I'm not sure where to go with it.  Any ideas?02:03
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:08
heinkel_111dapper and edgy....what about an update02:09
heinkel_111!flash 64 bit02:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flash 64 bit - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:09
gundam_rx78nt1thistle: did you check if you can see wireless extensions with iwconfig and then confirm that it was up with ifconfig <cardname> up?02:10
gundam_rx78nt1Sorry if I am asking the obvious02:11
thistleI can get the card to come up.  It will associate the the access point but it drops data like mad.  I have been temped to see of the live i386 DVD had the same issue.  Could it be the AMD64 build?  There is a bug with nearly the same issue that has nearly the same description that has been open for quite a while.  It was assigned to the kernel team if I recall.02:15
thistlebetter to check the obvious.  it will bite you every time.02:17
mani213whats a good dvd player for linux?02:20
thistleIt may not be pretty but I normally use VLC.  It plays such a wide variety of content that I use it for almost everything.02:22
mani213vlc is not a dvd player isnt that only for avi files etc?02:22
thistleIt will play DVDs02:23
Thingusmani213: VLC plays almost every format there is.02:23
mani213what about ogle player?02:23
Thingusmani213: If you have the DVD codecs install, Kaffiene will play DVDS.02:24
heinkel_111is it possible to roll back to the4 previous verwsion of the flashplayer-plugin? It actually worked...02:24
unagi_kan kaffiene play iso?02:24
mani213lets say i dont have condecs installed then how would i install them?02:24
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:24
heinkel_111i am on kubuntu 7.10 AMD 64 btw02:24
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unagihow do i recover the password of my nick02:27
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unregisteredy is no 1 talking?02:29
NightBirdbecause no one is asking questions?02:30
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gundam_rx78nt1is there any kde application that can change the desktop resolution with a click of the mouse (I mean gives you a list of resolution options and you click the one you want)?02:39
gundam_rx78nt1I have laptop running 1280x800. My projector is 1024x768 and I would like to change the desktop resolution on the  fly.02:40
heinkel_111gundam, at least there is xrandr which does just that02:41
heinkel_111look for KDE + xrandr or maybe krandrd02:41
heinkel_111sorry krandr...just guessing WILDLY here ;)02:42
gundam_rx78nt1what does xrandr means?02:42
heinkel_111it is a program, it works from the command line so not exactly what you were looking for02:43
gundam_rx78nt1ok, let me see if it works.02:43
heinkel_111type man xrandr and get confused ;)02:44
heinkel_111try googling a little maybe, i am no expert at this and it is more than 1 year since i used it02:44
gundam_rx78nt1heinkel, grander is what I was looking for.02:48
spawn57what's with the flash play update ? ..02:48
spawn57flash plugin update ..in ubuntu gutsy02:48
ArtimusIs there something I have to add to xorg.conf to make xrandr work in Kubuntu?  "xrandr -s 640x480" does nothing.  Neither does 800x600.02:48
gundam_rx78nt1Artimus: try grandr02:49
heinkel_111spawn57---if you are using konqueror, DONT UPGRADE FLAsH02:49
X9nLinux1Anybody have an idea how much of people in / visiting this chatroom uses Linux on a Mac?02:49
heinkel_111some idiot has put in an update which breaks flash02:50
spawn57ah crap, it just got updated02:50
heinkel_111welcome to the club02:50
gundam_rx78nt1does anybody know of a program in kde that will go through your music collection and find duplicates?02:50
spawn57what happens with it, konqueror crashes?02:50
heinkel_111i feel that the kubuntu users are being left in the cold, it works with firefox so ubuntu will release the upgrade02:51
heinkel_111and distribute to kubuntu users as well02:51
gundam_rx78nt1hell, that isn't the only thing... do we want to make a list02:51
heinkel_111and screw us for using konqueror02:51
heinkel_111and kde02:51
spawn57is there a distro that's kde centric?02:51
spawn57..should I move to opensuse? ... i hate rpms though02:52
gundam_rx78nt1Broken things that worked in Feisty and why did I have to upgrade?02:52
gundam_rx78nt1spawn57: you can "tough it out" and learn with us so we can contribute to the community...02:53
heinkel_111spawn57: there is only one thing I can say, right now I feel sorry for kubuntu piggibacking on kubuntu02:53
ForgeAuslol I just thought of something, does Cygwin work under Wine?02:53
* heinkel_111 is considering debian02:53
spawn57debian is sweet, but it's slow02:53
spawn57that's why I used ubuntu02:53
heinkel_111after 3 years with kubuntu02:53
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heinkel_111i am having a hard time as a second-class cistizen in the ubuntu universe at least02:54
spawn57..yeah contributing, I dunno where to start though02:54
gundam_rx78nt1heinkel: I just don't like the changes they make from one version to the other without considering if we would like it.02:54
gundam_rx78nt1For example: kdm theme manager, worked in Feisty. Not in Gutsy.02:55
heinkel_111i don't like the fact that they upgrade for kubuntu users without taking into consideration that the upgrade should actually work for our system02:55
gundam_rx78nt1I have had more problems with gutsy on my desktop since I upgraded than I did when I messed up my installation of gentoo on the same box.02:56
heinkel_111that is work for kubuntu users that give a flying f%"#%!"# about mozilla and gtk based apps02:57
heinkel_111anyway, i have some shrimps that needs to be eaten. cya!02:57
gundam_rx78nt1oh well... unless I do a LFS, then I will never get the perfect distro.02:58
ubotuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto02:59
gundam_rx78nt1hello dcc.03:00
unregisteredwhos the op of this channel?03:01
gundam_rx78nt1I don't know.03:02
unregisteredcan i be op? just to try, i promise to be good03:02
Dr_willislfs perfect? Hmm...  Definitions may vary. :)03:02
Dr_willisThe ops are hidden.03:02
unregisteredhow to make them come out then?03:02
Dr_willisthey only op theirselfs as needed.03:02
alejandrospanish help03:02
hydrogenI bet if you continue to stay off topic you will find one pretty quickly03:02
dcchi poh03:03
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:03
dcci dont know what ur saying03:04
gundam_rx78nt1did you get that alejandro?03:04
dccwat ur name plssss03:04
Dr_willisdcc,  try making some sence.03:04
Dr_willisThis is not a social room.03:04
gundam_rx78nt1ok, does anybody knows of any application in kubuntu that will go through your music collection and find any duplicates?03:05
batis610i've just installed vmware... how can'i switch between my system and the virtual machine, because while virtual machine is running i cant use my system?03:08
X9nLinux1Can Edgy or Feisty be installed on an old B&W Tower?03:10
biovoreold B&W tower?03:10
X9nLinux1Can Edgy or Feisty be installed on an old B&W Mac Tower?03:10
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ03:10
biovorethe old macs.. no03:11
biovoreI there there is linux for them.. but this distro is ment for newer hardware.03:12
X9nLinux1its a new world G3 @.... maybe 3-400 mhz03:12
MadTonyppc was also AMiga don't forget03:12
Dr_willisOriginal amigas was 68000's03:12
MadTonyas were original macs..03:12
Dr_willis:) later they had ppc add on stuff. Never had one of those.03:12
Dr_willisIve had very bad luck with PPC linux on my imacDV03:12
MadTonyand the newer amigas are g303:13
MadTonythey've followed each others arc pretty closely03:13
MadTonyoh and there's a g4 amiga also03:13
MadTonyyes you can find the info on the net.......03:14
X9nLinux1yeah... like I can find a 1931 comic strip at the library of congress (eventually)03:14
X9nLinux1what I mean is... it takes a lot to ferret out info sometimes.  Not because there is none... but because there is so much to wade through at times before finding whatever item I really wanted at that moment.03:16
MadTonyI'll make it easier http://www.funnyphotos.net.au/images/microsoft-word-gansta-edition1.jpg03:16
MadTonywrong one, haha03:16
X9nLinux1Well, Dapper has given me a bit of grief on older iMac, so maybe putting feisty on the G3 tower might work better than the other configuration.03:22
NegatratoronDo any of y'all have time now to help with kubuntu crashing randomly?03:22
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batis610i'm in kde4... and i've removed the clock on my taskbar.... ow can i restor it please... i found taskbar settings nowhere!!??03:23
batis610i'm in kde4... and i've removed the clock on my taskbar.... how can i restore it please... i found the taskbar settings nowhere!!??03:23
adz21cbatis610: the clock is a plasma widget, go to add widgets and drag directly from the window to the panel03:23
adz21cbatis610: also kde4 questions belog in #kubuntu-kde4 :-)03:23
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batis610adz21c: thks03:25
adz21cbatis610: np03:25
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stdin!nickspam > danopia03:26
NegatratoronWell, I'll just start spilling the data that I have on the crashes and hope that some of y'all have some idea what's going on:03:29
NegatratoronI have an excerpt from /var/log/kern.log pastebinned:03:29
NegatratoronThe meaty error bit is near the bottom03:30
NegatratoronThe computer seems to crash when it's loading big things into the memory...03:30
Negatratoronwhich makes sense, because an excerpt from the excerpt from kern.log says:03:30
NegatratoronBUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 81e040f803:30
NegatratoronI really don't know what that means, but it looks like an issue with RAM allocation to my untrained eye :)03:31
NegatratoronI know that it's not a hardware problem, because Windows XP has no problems03:31
NegatratoronThe computer crashes regardless of what I have selected as a graphics card driver03:32
NegatratoronAnd now I'll wait and see if someone has anything to say...03:32
sub[t]rnlNegatratoron➜ what kernel are you using03:42
NegatratoronUname -a:03:42
NegatratoronLinux Kubuntu 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Fri Feb 1 04:59:50 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux03:42
NegatratoronThank you03:43
sub[t]rnlhrm, might want to file a bug.  Be sure to include your uname, dmesg, and a lspci --vvnn03:44
sub[t]rnl!bug | Negatratoron03:44
ubotuNegatratoron: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:44
NegatratoronOkay, thank you03:45
sub[t]rnldig around in launchpad and see if anything similar comes up before you post.  thanks03:45
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NutubuntuI can't seem to change screen resolution ... how do I fix that?04:02
sub[t]rnl!resolution > Nutubuntu04:03
ses59I am looking for some help on using kvm to install xp on my computer from iso on the hard drive04:06
ses59i have read some help sheets but still unclear on how to start setting up the kvm04:06
ses59i used package manager and installed kvm on gutsy04:07
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suboptI've got serious browser instability with GutsyGibbon (x86-32). The problem seems to have something to do w/Java. My browsers freeze frequently, usually when i click on a link that calls a Java popup. I've reinstalled Java and my browsers a few times now, but nothing seems to be helping. Any pointers?04:22
Dr_willisreinstalling rarely  helps under linux. :)04:28
Dr_willisCheck what java version you are using perhaps?04:28
TastyTomatohi, i can't get adept to run anymore04:46
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:47
TastyTomato Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should04:49
TastyTomato reinstall it before attempting a removal.04:49
TastyTomatogot it04:56
ubuntuhelp me please05:10
ubuntui have an ATI radeon sapphire x1650 card and it freezes kubuntu when it boots05:10
acee1234ive been trough unbunt/kubuntu chanells trying to fix display flickering and was told to disable compositing in my xorg  which fixed that issue but upon doing this i killed compiz any ideas i have an ati x140005:11
biovoreati == problems05:11
ubuntuso can i get a driver or something05:11
acee1234biovore:  if there was a way to change it in my laptop i would05:12
biovorewell there is ATI's driver.. but it sucks..05:13
biovoresome ATI cards are better then others though..05:13
ubuntuso what do i do05:14
biovoredon't do opengl stuff..05:14
ubuntuyou haventy given me an answer05:14
acee1234biovore: lesson dont buy compute with ati in it upon next upgrde05:14
biovoreI get all nvidia05:14
biovoreintel onboard graphics work fairly well on linux as well05:14
ubuntui built my computer05:14
ubuntuand i like ATI very much05:14
ubuntui have onboard graphics but i also am a hardcore gamer in windows05:15
ubuntuso thats why i need it05:15
xRaich[o]2xATI released harddrive specifications last year. by the end of the year there should be a complete free driver for a lot of ATI cards.05:15
biovorewell don't complain here.. we don;t make the ATI drivers05:15
biovorethat document was mostly BS05:15
ubuntuim not complaining05:15
ubuntuim asking for help05:16
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:16
biovorethats about the best you can do.. :-(05:16
acee1234so x1400 = no comp05:16
ubuntuthank you very much ubotu05:16
biovorecompiz requires nvidia or intell graphics05:17
ubuntuws that so hard biovore?05:17
acee1234its a bot...05:17
NutubuntuI am going to have to tar |untar my old ~ directory from an old drive taken from my old box, to my new Gutsy box. I'm concerned about overwriting dot-files or directories that handle kde or gnome stuff (ran both from time to time) ... and I don't know enough to know whether that's a risk. Anyone?05:18
ubuntuwhat is a bot05:18
xRaich[o]2xubotu is05:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:18
biovoreits a program that responds to commands05:18
ubuntuoh shit05:19
ubuntumy bad...05:19
ubuntulol this is my first time using linux05:19
Dr_willis!domo ari gatto :)05:20
Nutubuntuubuntu - the bot doesn't care :) (I had made friends with a bot in another chan, once, or thought I had -- after all, "he" always said hi to me when I /joined ...)05:20
ubuntulol i feel like an idiot05:20
ubuntuok but umm05:20
Dr_willisfor starters ya may want to pick a better nickname  /Nick NewLinuxDood05:21
ubuntuon that website trhe bot gave me... do i just input the command for ATI05:21
Dr_willisTo install the ati drivers, you have to install the proper ati packages.  The restricted-manager tool should of automated that however.05:21
NutubuntuDr_willis: he can probably have mine, I'm going to change it to I-am-SO-stupid-sometimes05:21
Dr_willisOf course with ati - a lot of  getting ATI to work right.. can be a gamble.05:22
=== ubuntu is now known as idontknowanythin
idontknowanythinbut like i cant even start kubuntu with the card in05:22
idontknowanythinso will that driver enable it?05:22
NIghtFireaside from bein a citified greenhorn a "dude" is also a sore on a cows behind.05:22
NutubuntuHey ... you're just the guy who talks to bots ... I'm the guy who can't read the instructions and formats /home ... :/05:22
idontknowanythinhey i feel like an idiot05:25
idontknowanythinim on the live CD lol05:25
idontknowanythinbe back in a bit05:25
NIghtFirewe all have to start somewhere05:25
PickledOnionhow can i get amarok to play ram or rm files?05:34
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Tinasonis it possible to automatically mount a usb drive at a certain location whenever its inserted?05:38
biovoreTinason: If you know the volume ID.. it get mouted to /media/<volume_id>05:43
biovoreelse you could write a udev rule for it..05:44
Tinasoni guess i could just create a symlink in my home folder to /mount/usb_stick ?05:44
Tinasoni mean, media/usb_stick05:44
biovorewell you can have a link on your desktop.. link to device or something like that..05:47
sub[t]rnlTinason➜ are you see an icon on the desktop when its plugged in or mounted?05:53
Tinasonyes, but i wanted to access the usb stick as a subdirectory in ~05:54
solidnaillinux vs mac who wins?05:54
sub[t]rnlTinason➜ ah, gotcha05:54
sub[t]rnlTinason➜ could always change the mount point to your home dir05:55
Tinasonthe option i found wont let me mount it anywhere except in /media05:56
Tinason...im sure theres another way to do it though05:56
Daisuke_Idosolidnail: please don't try to start a flame war in here, there's absolutely no point05:57
solidnailDaisuke_Ido mm how do you mean?05:57
Daisuke_Idoi mean exactly what i said, and leave it at that05:58
the-ermWhat is the best file system to backup to?  I'm backup up to an ext3 fs right now, but it takes a long time to remove old backups.  Would ext2 work better for that?05:58
sub[t]rnlDaisuke_Ido➜ I'd have figured you would be used to ignoring those types of questions by now. :>05:59
Daisuke_Idowhat can i say, i'm easily baited :D05:59
Tinasonthe-erm, am i the only aussie in here?06:00
Tinasonsorry, i didnt mean to address that to you, mate06:00
the-ermTinason: I don't know.06:00
Tinasonwell, anyway (slightly off topic,) let it be known that if john howard ever gets knighted by the queen i will throw up06:01
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c1|freakycan someone make an upside down question mark for me? (for copy&paste?)06:16
hemanathancan anyone tell me how to enable the firewall06:17
maduserget guarddog06:17
hemanathancan anyone tell me how to enable the firewall06:18
xRaich[o]2xhemanathan: Install guarddog06:19
hemanathanxraich[o]2x : how to install guard dog06:20
xRaich[o]2xsudo apt-get install guarddog. Or use Adept if you prefer GUI.06:21
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dorkfaceHi all, I have a .tff file with a font that I really want to use.  I tried searching google, but is it possible to convert .tff to .pcf, so konsole can understand it?06:51
epimethdorkface: dunno... sorry06:52
dorkfaceepimeth: no problem :)06:53
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hemanathanwhen i install guarddog i get an error message unable t start guarddog firewall06:57
hemanathananyone help me ya06:58
hemanathanwhen i install guarddog i get an error message unable t start guarddog firewall07:00
biovoreguarddog is just a graphical program that does stuff with iptables.. guarddog probably dosn't have permission to access iptables..07:04
biovore(guarddog probably needs to run a root)07:06
gundam_rx78nt1where do I go to edit default color scheme in kde?07:33
gundam_rx78nt1I am talking about the .kcsrc files07:33
hyper__chwhere are the quicklauncher bar entries stored?07:34
emilsedghgundam_rx78nt1: manually?07:36
gundam_rx78nt1emilsedgh: yes, manually.07:36
gundam_rx78nt1I got a color scheme that I need to compare with a default one.07:36
emilsedghgundam_rx78nt1: personal color schemes are in ~/.kde/share/apps/kdisplay07:37
emilsedghand system ones are in /usr/share/apps/kdisplay07:37
gundam_rx78nt1emilsedgh: thanks.  I installed a color scheme and it broke the icons for open office.  Instead of buttons I get text for the places of the buttons.07:41
gundam_rx78nt1has something to do with color schemes if I read correctly on the web.07:42
theThemeHey everyone, I'm trying to relink a torrent with ktorrent, but I can't find where it saves the .torrent file by default, does anyone know where it is?08:03
hyper__chtheTheme: you could search your system - but very likely it's somewhere in ~/.kde/...08:04
ForgeAushmm time to write out a fesity.iso!08:04
hyper__chhuhu Jucato08:06
theThemeI found them, but none of them are labeled...frustrating, they are in a folder called "tor15" for example and inside that folder there are number of files, but none that can differentiate them08:12
Daisuke_Idoit's a pain08:12
hyper__chthat's one reason I don't use ktorrent any longer08:12
Daisuke_Idohyper__ch: i'm always open for torrent client suggestions, what do you use?08:13
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: rtorrent.... ncurses based08:13
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: The TPB crew also uses it ;)08:13
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: only drawback - it does not have an ipfilter like ktorrent... you have to use iptables for that08:14
Daisuke_Idoi'm a little more inclined toward a more graphical client, just because i'm spoiled like that08:14
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: rtorrent is graphical ;)08:14
Daisuke_Idoi said *more* graphical :)08:15
Daisuke_Idonow, if i were setting up a box *just* for torrenting, i would go with something like that08:15
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: it's got even an ncurses interface by default and a few wuis08:15
hyper__chbest thing is, it's completely controlable from any ssh connection ;)08:16
hyper__ch(if you don't use a wui)08:16
Daisuke_Idoand that's why i would use it for a seed box08:16
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: ;)08:16
hyper__chand it doesn't hog the memory as badly as ktorrent08:16
maduserktorrent kicks ass08:17
hyper__chnot rtorrent's ;)08:17
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: you're strictly looking for a kde app?08:18
Daisuke_Idoactually, i don't even use kde anymore :D08:19
Daisuke_Idobut deluge doesn't like me, and azureus just isn't going to ever touch my pc08:19
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: deluge has become fairly popular and transmission will be hardy's default torrent client on ubuntu08:19
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: It's been a long time since I looked at deluge and never had a glance at transmission at all08:20
hyper__chDaisuke_Ido: and there's of course the option of running utorrent through wine ;)08:21
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* hyper__ch needs to adjust his uuforums title to hardy :)08:34
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cicerohello room08:42
hyper__chalthough I am not "room" I say hello back to cicero ^^08:43
cicerohello hyper.08:43
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cicerothis is my third day using kubuntu.08:44
=== Col_Panic is now known as jalbert
hyper__chcicero: when addressing someone, make use of TAB completion ;) meaning type the firstr 2-3 chars of that person's name and then press the tabulator key for auto-completion ;)08:46
cicerohyper__ch: ok08:47
cicerohyper__ch:  keen08:47
hyper__chcicero: that prevents typing errors and makes you type less ;)08:47
hyper__chcicero: three days using linux or three days using kubuntu?08:48
cicerohyper__ch:  tthnx. 3 days using linux/kubuntu. i had SuSE 8 a while back that i tinkered with but was running win2k.08:49
hyper__chcicero: and not given up yet? ^^08:49
cicerohyper__ch: i dont really like xp and my system cant handle vista, so i looked at some flavors of linux to acutally run my computer on, and liked ubuntu, and like kde a bit better than gnome.08:50
hyper__chhello sayucyof08:50
hyper__chcicero: try Xfce ^^08:51
cicerohyper__ch:  xfce?08:51
hyper__chcicero: just a lot of people testing out linux want an OS that behaves like windows, looks like windows, runs all the windows apps - with more security --> linux is the wrong choice then08:51
hyper__chcicero: another desktop environment...it's minimalistic compared to kde/gnome08:52
hyper__chcicero: "xubuntu"08:52
cicerohyper__ch:  i cant stand the windows philosphy of assuming that i want it a certain way and then forcing me to have to turn everything off. i would rather have a system i can figure out, and then turn on the features that i like best.08:53
hyper__chcicero: ;)08:53
cicerohyper__ch:  i know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to know what i like yet. :)  but i like the kubuntu desktop a bit better than the ubuntu.08:55
hyper__chcicero: each DE can be installed at the same time... another beauty of linux... in windows you're just set with one....08:55
hyper__chcicero: you got any issue?08:57
cicerohyper__ch:  ic. sometimes when i try to start the adept manager it says that there is a conflict with one already running even though i just started the comp.08:57
hyper__chcicero: didn't you shut it down properly the last time?08:58
cicerohyper__ch:  i use the logout and shut down buttons.08:59
hyper__chcicero: and you are running which version of kubuntu?08:59
cicerohyper__ch:  7.1009:00
hyper__chcicero: with kde4 or kde 3.5?09:00
cicerohyper__ch:  3.5..... ah... when i first installed kubuntu the system locked up and i had to shut it down hard.09:00
hyper__chcicero: when it says so the next time, open a terminal and run:   ps aux | grep adept09:01
hyper__chththat should tell all the instances of it running09:01
cicerohyper__ch:  k09:02
hyper__chcicero: also run:  lsof | grep adept09:02
cicerohyper__ch:  l as in lima?09:03
hyper__chtoday uuforums will hit the 500k member mark :)09:03
hyper__chcicero: ???09:03
hyper__chMembers: 499,61109:03
cicerohyper__ch:  lsof l as in lima.09:03
hyper__chcicero: you mean a capital i or a small L? --> it's a small L09:04
cicerohyper__ch:  yeah. thanx. small L09:04
hyper__ch(list open files)09:04
hyper__chlsof | grep adept --> list open files and filter the output so that each outputted line contains the string "adept"09:06
iDivineUmm, Yes, I recently had KDE4 and KDE, I was wondering, How do I take it off my system?.. I'm on Ubuntu now.09:08
hyper__chiDivine: uninstall the according kde packages09:09
cicerohyper__ch:  um... i dont understand any of it. lol. exept the permission denied. lol09:09
hyper__chcicero: ??? paste the command and output09:09
iDivinehyper__ch, How would I do that? I'm pretty new to Linux09:09
hyper__ch!pastebin | cicero09:09
ubotucicero: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:09
hyper__chiDivine: depending on how you insstalled kde09:09
iDivineThrough Synaptic09:10
hyper__chiDivine: simplest think is to open synaptic, search for "KDE" and mark the packages for removal09:10
bidossessihi folks09:10
hyper__chiDivine: however ayisu has compiled a list of kde packages in gutsy....09:11
bidossessii'm looking for an app that could take pictures or videos from my webcam. i know of cheese for GNOME, but i need something for KDE. any ideas?09:11
hyper__chiDivine: http://www.psychocats.net --> install pure gnome09:11
iDivinehyper__ch, Pure Gnome?09:11
hyper__chiDivine: yes... it will list all the kde packages there09:11
tommi_The #kubuntu-kde4 channel is dead... Anyone here with experience of KDE 4? I'm experiencing a problem with the sound...09:11
hyper__chkde4 ist still beta IMHO09:12
hyper__chbidossessi: kopete has webcam capabilites... maybe there's also an option for recording there09:12
hyper__chbidossessi: search adept09:12
bidossessihyper__ch, it's strange to open a chat application to take pics and videos off a webcam. is adept an application?09:15
hyper__chbidossessi: as long as you get done what you need who cares what an application was designed for?09:16
hyper__chbidossessi: adept is the kde equivalent of synaptic09:16
bidossessihyper__ch, common sense cares. something like cheese for gnome is designed especially with that idea in mind. i use gnome myself so iwouldn't know. thx anyway09:17
hyper__chbidossessi: why wouldn't you know because of using gnome?09:18
bidossessinever heard of adpet, that's what i meant09:18
bidossessirather new ubuntu user as well. my standard OS is opensuse09:19
cicerohyper__ch:  cicero    5583  0.5  3.2  33628 15656 ?        S    00:34   0:10 adept_notifier cicero    5864  0.6  2.9  27132 14368 ?        S    01:05   0:00 kdesu -u root -     c adept_manager root      5867  3.1  6.5  48764 31764 ?        S    01:05   0:02 adept_managercicero    5887  0.0  0.0   1756   480 ?        S    01:06   0:00 /bin/sh -c kons     ole --noclose -e /bin/sh -c "ps  aux | grep adept" cicero    5888 51.0  3.5  3355209:20
cicero17296 ?        R    01:06   0:00 konsole --noclo     se -e /bin/sh -c ps  aux | grep adeptcicero    5889  0.0  0.0   1756   480 pts/2    Rs+  01:06   0:00 /bin/sh -c ps       aux | grep adept09:20
cicerohyper__ch:  sorry for the long post09:20
hyper__ch!pastebin | cicero09:20
ubotucicero: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:20
cicerohyper__ch:  that was terh ps aux command09:20
cicerohyper__ch:  okay. page loaded. sorry about that.09:25
cicerohyper__ch: did i do that right?09:29
nevillewhere abouts are the graphic files for icons stored?09:29
nevilleAs in, what path leads to the folder that houses them?09:29
hyper__chcicero: I still have no url of the output09:29
cicerohyper__ch: url of the output?09:30
cicerohyper__ch: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55456/09:30
cicerohyper__ch: i am slow sometimes. thanx for being patient.09:31
hyper__chcicero: you do have adept running09:32
hyper__chso now wonder you get this output09:32
cicerohyper__ch:  it doesnt show on the desktop but when i try to start it, it says that it is running09:33
hyper__chcicero: sudo killall adept09:33
sub[t]rnlcicero➜ sudo killall adept_manager09:33
sub[t]rnl!aptfix | cicero09:34
ubotucicero: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:34
sub[t]rnlneville➜ normally in /usr/share09:34
sub[t]rnlneville➜ if your looking for something specific, try finding it with locate whatever or use find. example, find / -name '*.png' 2>&-09:35
nevilleAh, thanks alot for that09:36
ctx144khello all, i wanna change my shell-colors in name@domain:  -  for that i typed in console the follow code: PS1='\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]> '09:37
ctx144kits runing well09:37
ctx144kbut, if i paste that in ~/.bashrc it doesnt work in new shells09:38
ctx144kbut other commands like  alias la=`ls -la` work well...09:38
ctx144kso my question why PS1=foobar doesnt work09:38
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ start a new shell, and do export PS1 to see if its what you want09:39
cicerohyper__ch:  sorry. my mouse keeps going crazy like its possessed.09:40
sub[t]rnlexport $PS109:40
ctx144kok ill try09:40
ctx144kit doesent work too09:40
simion314i can't conect to ubuntu when i ping www.ubuntu .com the ip appears  there ( and after 1-2 minutes i get 2 responses from arctowski.canonical.com (
ctx144kas root it works well09:40
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ whos .bashrc are you editing, roots or users?09:41
ctx144kfirst root - there i havent any problems... now iam edit the .bashrc from the user - an there it doesnt work09:41
ctx144kother commands work in users .basrc...  so i think perhaps something other PS1 willbe load after bashrc - but i havent any idea09:42
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ are you using kubuntu?09:44
ctx144kne new install09:44
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ show me export $PS109:44
ctx144ka new install09:44
ctx144kbut from alternate-cd09:44
dhqis there anyway to remove a builtin hdd password09:44
=== cicero is now known as cicero_
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ open the users .bashrc, and comment out that section09:46
ctx144ki already did... all lines with PS109:47
ctx144kmoment ill paste my .bashrc09:48
sub[t]rnlyou shouldn't comment all lines that have it, you'll want your defined PS1 un-commented09:48
ctx144ksee my .bashrc09:49
ctx144ki know :)09:49
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ uncomment line 3609:49
sub[t]rnlsorry, line 9409:50
sub[t]rnland then comment out line 9609:50
sub[t]rnlno need to export a bash variable, you export variables that are created by you.09:51
cicerohyper__ch:  reHello. thanx. adept is working now.09:51
ctx144kit doesnt work as export and as nonexport09:52
simion314i can't conect to ubuntu when i ping www.ubuntu .com the ip appears  there ( and after 1-2 minutes i get 2 responses from arctowski.canonical.com (, after 10 minutes other 2 responses, i have no ideea, (except to try to reinstall)09:52
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ at the bottom of your file.. where you see # PS1='\[\033[01;31m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]> '  <--- remove the #09:52
ctx144kthat is the root-part09:53
ctx144ki need the users-part 2 lines under it09:53
sub[t]rnlthen remove the export09:53
ctx144ki did09:53
ctx144kit doesent workl as user !09:54
ctx144kas root it works perfekt09:54
sub[t]rnlshow me echo PS109:54
sub[t]rnldid you invoke a new shell?09:54
ctx144ki startet a new "konsole"09:55
sub[t]rnlshow me your .bashrc now09:55
ctx144kor a new login on command-line09:55
sub[t]rnlno, a new non interactive shell (without login) will invoke ~/.bashrc09:56
sub[t]rnllogin will call /etc/profile09:56
ctx144ksource ~/.bashrc09:57
ctx144kbut it doesent work, the other commands like "la" are working09:57
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ change it to this09:58
aleksanteriexport PS1=...09:58
aleksanterinot PS1=...09:59
ctx144ki did - it doent work !09:59
sub[t]rnlwait 109:59
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[00m\]:\[\033[01;34m\]\w\[\033[00m\]> '09:59
sub[t]rnlsave, then invoke a new shell10:00
cicerohyper__ch:  thanx again, hyper, and everyone else who helped. have a good day everybody. bbl.10:00
ctx144kit doesnt work10:01
ctx144kecho $PS1  <-  showsa the same as before10:01
sub[t]rnlshow me the output from ls -l .bashrc10:05
ctx144kok i founded the problem...10:06
ctx144kbut i dont bot why10:06
sub[t]rnli would guess spelling10:06
ctx144kthe loading of .bashrc stops after line 88-91:  http://rafb.net/p/TrpqEP38.html10:07
sub[t]rnli see it10:08
ctx144kwhen i uncomment that lines PS1 willbe set10:08
ctx144kbut... why?!?10:08
sub[t]rnlchange it to this at the bottom10:08
sub[t]rnlif [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then10:08
sub[t]rnl. /etc/bash_completion10:09
ctx144kah... i understand-- line-endings ^^10:09
sub[t]rnlwell, if you said its not getting loaded below those lines, fix them, or move the PS1 variables before it10:10
ctx144ki pasted that from an under windows created txt-file in ~/.bashrc10:10
sub[t]rnlis English your native language?10:10
ctx144kutf is disabled10:12
ctx144khmmm bash_completion willbe not loaded correct10:13
sub[t]rnlwell, for some reason in your .bashrc, your running the if -f bash_completion twice10:14
ctx144ki writed in bash_completion in last line follow:  echo "1233"10:14
ctx144kas root it works well, i get 1233 on screen after starting a new shell10:15
ctx144kas user after calling source /etc/bash_completion not10:15
sub[t]rnlremove the calling source, it already does that a few lines before10:16
ctx144kah ok10:17
ctx144ki see10:17
momalHas anyone had any sound problems with alsa since updates of few days back? seem to be getting "snd_pcm_open() failed:-19:No such device" using 7.10 only just recently like since today.10:17
ctx144ksub[t]rnl, thanks !!10:18
sub[t]rnlctx144k➜ anytime10:18
ctx144kubuntu/kubuntu are desktop-distros... wouldbe great when the developer would set such console-settings as defaut10:19
ctx144kthe same with ~.vimrc10:20
gundam_rx78nt1momal: I had so many problems with it until I came up and re-installed Fiesty.10:20
ctx144kset ruler / set bs=2 / set paste / syntax enable10:20
momalgundam_rx78nt1: heh... I refuse to do that Its only a fresh install this month. Something within the last 2 days of updates has messed alsa/xine up really bad >_<10:21
gundam_rx78nt1yep. I lost the alsa option for the xine engine for kaffeine and amarok.10:22
sub[t]rnltry re-installing the xine package10:23
momalyeah I have tried reinstalling everything to do with xine/alsa10:24
momaland still same problem10:24
sub[t]rnlhave you posted a bug?10:25
momalno... its a case of i need it fixed nowl ol10:26
jpatrick!it | ghery6310:34
ubotughery63: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!10:34
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dZen|n|Hello, I have a problem, I have compiz installed on kubuntu gytsy. My window decoration crashes all the time 2-3 timer pr day. My solution is to retstart kdm.10:46
nevilleIs it the default window manager?10:48
dZen|n|neville: what do you mean with that ?10:49
nevilleWell, when you start your computer, does it start Compiz by default?10:50
nevilleWould changing it back to the default, 2D window manager suit you fine?10:50
nevilleCompiz is still pretty buggy, and is only really useful for making friends jealous :P10:51
dZen|n|ok How do I disable it, so I can start it manually ?10:51
simion314hi, i still can't connect to ubuntu.com, restart my internet connection, boot in windows,  the ip appears when i ping but the answer is not comming, i can't read forums  to try to find such problems, i can see other web pages, this is strange10:51
nevillePress Alt+F2, and a little command box should pop up10:52
nevilleType into that kwin replace &10:52
nevilleThen logout and back in, and it should be back to normal10:52
dZen|n|oki thx.10:52
dZen|n|by the way I don't have any friends, im impressing my self10:53
nevilleHahaha, same here :P10:53
teo_where can i find the archives i have downloaded with apt-get ??10:54
dZen|n|well I am just impressed that kubuntu with compiz don't use so much ram as crappy vista10:54
dZen|n|I am used to use suse, so I am pretty new to ubuntu/kubuntu10:54
emilsedghteo_: /var/cache/apt/archives10:55
nevilleI've given Suse a go before, and maybe I'm just biased, but Kubuntu is actually alot easier to use in my opinion10:55
emilsedghcomparing vista to kubuntu isnt good...its like comparing a doll house with a huge building ;)10:56
nevilleLook, Vista isn't that bad10:57
simion314hi, i still can't connect to ubuntu.com, restart my internet connection, boot in windows,  the ip appears when i ping but the answer is not comming, i can't read forums  to try to find such problems, i can see other web pages, this is strange and stupid, why ubuntu? i can't use apt because it can't get to ubuntu10:57
nevilleI mean10:57
dZen|n|well kubuntu us great, the best linux dist. My friedns at work use gentoo, thet need to compile everything self. A system shouldnt bee so hard to use. We live in a fancy world :d10:57
emilsedghs/to/with :P10:57
nevilleIt's great for "borrowing" the D3D 10 .dll files for Wine for patch 'n play gaming :P10:57
dZen|n|simion314: ubuntu.com wokrd fine with me, do you have adsl ?10:57
simion314<dZen|n|>: yes10:58
nevilleYeah, Kubuntu is the best :D10:58
theunixgeekHow can I get desktop icons to display in Kubuntu, like Computer, Documents, etc?10:58
dZen|n|theunixgeek: right click add to desktop :D10:59
Lynouretheunixgeek: you just add them on your desktop, and they should show just fine. What happens in your case?10:59
emilsedghneville: i was just kidding, i never tried vista :P10:59
nevilleOh, really?10:59
nevilleWell, it left a bad taste in my mouth10:59
dZen|n|simion314: thoes your adsl link blinks ?10:59
nevilleAero is blegh11:00
dZen|n|I have to use vista at my work, my boss would not let me use linux :(11:00
theunixgeekLynoure: Like, links?11:00
nevilleHe's brave, allowing the use of Vista in productive environment this early :P11:00
simion314dZen|n|: yes, i can connect to google or wikipedia and when i try to ping it finds this ip addres []11:01
dZen|n|I have used it since day one...11:01
dZen|n|simion314: what do you get when you try to ping google.com ?11:02
simion314[]: it is working, it gets imediat response11:03
* aleksanteri has vista installed, unfortunately. he thinks it's the crappiest OS ever to be11:03
simion314[] i am thinking to try a proxy11:03
dZen|n|simion314: thoes it acctually ping ?11:03
dZen|n|simion314: you should get something like this:11:04
dZen|n|PING google.dk ( 56(84) bytes of data.11:04
dZen|n|64 bytes from fg-in-f104.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=243 time=29.7 ms11:04
dZen|n|64 bytes from fg-in-f104.google.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=243 time=31.5 ms11:04
dZen|n|64 bytes from fg-in-f104.google.com ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=243 time=29.7 ms11:04
stefano_Is There Someone who speack in Italian?11:04
jpatrick!it | stefano_11:04
ubotustefano_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!11:04
simion314yes i get a good response from ping11:05
dZen|n|simion314: thats weard try to flush your dns :D11:05
simion314<dZen|n|> now it works, i have no ideea wjat happened thx11:06
stefano_How can i change the tar.gz file in .deb?11:07
simion314<dZen|n|> it would fell like the ubuntu denied my connection11:07
dZen|n| /etc/init.d/nscd restart11:07
dZen|n|simion314: I tould you that it was weard :d11:08
dZen|n|Kheops: hello!11:08
nevillestefano_ Don't you just extract the files inside the tar.gz file, then run whatever executable was inside it from the console?11:08
Kheopswhat is with this little server11:08
Kheopshmmm  California US11:09
Kheopshmmmm i can login here ?11:09
dZen|n|are you on crack ?11:09
jpatrickKheops: you already are11:09
Kheopsjpatrick: i mean login11:10
Kheopsnot only join11:10
Kheopsi mean a server robot11:10
KheopsX Q11:10
jpatrickKheops: /msg NickServ help register11:11
jpatrick!enter | Kheops11:11
ubotuKheops: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:11
stefano_yes....but it's very complicated! Is There a WebSite which could teach me how can i do it?11:11
Kheopsnice channel11:11
Kheops330 nicks11:11
chanikaso I'm in the middle of a dist-upgrade from dapper to gutsy11:12
jpatrickchanika: wow, good luck11:12
chanikait couldn't resolve the conflicts at first, but I gave it a boost and then it removed konq and mail and some other stuff11:12
Kheopshmmm Kubuntu RUlez !11:12
holasaome one uses virtualbox11:13
chanikaany bets on how badly things will break when it's done?;)11:13
chanikaalso... anyone know even the first thing about connecting to an l2p vpn?11:13
Kheopshmm somebody knows a good fire wall on Kubuntu ?11:14
Lynourechanika: how you are upgrading? release by release?11:14
jpatrick!firewall | Kheops11:14
ubotuKheops: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).11:14
chanikalynoure: just dist-upgrade, all at once11:15
Kheopsi read right now11:15
Lynourechanika: uh...11:15
Kheopsvery good documentation11:15
Lynourechanika: and you cannot wait till hardy (8.04) where that would be actually supported?11:15
Kheopsgood job boys i use Kubuntu from the Begining11:15
Lynourechanika: Then my guess is quite many things will break, or at least you'll have to tweak a lot of config files. I'd go for an install and not upgrade if I really wanted to go from dapper to gutsy (and had separate home... or just good backups)11:18
Kheopsis still free distrubution ?11:18
jpatrickKheops: yes11:19
Kheopsgood because when he appeared i comand 20 cds :)11:19
Kheopsjust for test and it is powerfull11:19
Kheopswhere i can find a tutorial about iptables ?11:27
Kheopswith all explication11:28
jpatrickKheops: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo11:28
Kheopsi read11:28
Kheopsis how to set up11:28
Kheopsnot what and why should i do11:28
Kheopsi to read a tutorial who explain all11:28
Kheopswhat means ... etc11:29
supportmalam semua11:33
jpatrick!en | support11:33
ubotusupport: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat11:33
Wallgodhi all i just downloaded firefox and out its content in opt/firefox... but i m unable to start firefox11:44
Wallgodhow do i start firefox?11:44
Kheopsand then look at K Menu -> Internet11:46
WallgodKheops: do i reboot to start firefox?11:46
Kheopsand i hope is there11:46
Kheopsreboot and he will apear11:46
WallgodKheops: ok i ll try that... thanks11:46
Wallgodcan anybody please tell me how i can start firefox... i used the tar command to put it in /opt/firefox/11:55
Wallgodthere has to be somebody here who knows how to this...11:56
velh0Wallgod: use an easy GUI installer interface12:01
velh0like synaptic or adept12:01
velh0and install firefox12:01
velh0then reboot12:01
velh0and look at K Menu>Internet12:02
Kheopsdoes anyone knows a whois command ?12:06
Kheopsfor ips12:06
Kheopsbash command12:07
bug_hi all12:07
bug_need a bit help if i can12:07
bug_i'm trying to get ccsm to work with gutsy12:08
Kheopshmmm does anybody knows a whois bash command for Kubuntu ?12:08
bug_any help?12:08
=== nathan__ is now known as nellis
=== ubuntu is now known as ForgeAus
Repsa_JihI'm sorry12:11
ForgeAushey all :)12:11
ForgeAusum how do I mount a file?12:11
ForgeAusit complains its not in fstab or mtab12:11
ForgeAusmount: can't find /mnt/base in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab12:11
ForgeAusbase is a file and /mnt/base is where I was trying to put it12:12
=== roman_ is now known as petrovich
kreibSPDIF sound, can it be connected to the CD input on an amplifier?12:21
=== michael__ is now known as Stummvoll
ahmosHi when i try to capture a video by kiro i get this(warning: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failureto read/write /dev/raw1394!)12:26
ahmosso any ideas?12:26
ForgeAushow come when I try to load konqueror as root it complains No protocol specified?12:29
ForgeAusroot@ubuntu:/mnt/sda1/SFU/usr/share/locale# konqueror12:30
ForgeAusXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server12:30
ForgeAusXlib: No protocol specified12:30
Kheopshow did u try to runn konqueror as root ?12:30
ForgeAuswell you can sudo12:30
ForgeAusbut I was already in sudo -i12:31
llutzForgeAus: you have to export Xauthority before or, of course, use "kdesu konqueror"12:31
ForgeAusahh IC12:31
Kheopstry with K Menu12:31
ForgeAussame error12:31
ForgeAushow with kmenu?12:31
ahmosI think alt+f2 then type kdesu konqueror12:31
ForgeAuskonqeror wasn't even in the kmenu :( in feist from LIveCD12:32
KheopsK Menu -> Run Command ForgeAus12:32
Kheopsand type what llutz write12:32
Kheopskdesu konqueror12:32
Kheopsand it will work12:32
ForgeAusyes thanx :)12:32
Kheopsit's work ?12:32
ForgeAusahh much better :)12:33
ForgeAusno need to use commandline to remove files12:33
ForgeAusI feel much better :)12:33
ForgeAusdid I mention they were on an NTFS partition? lol12:33
Kheopsif u read KDE manual u will find a lot of interesting things12:33
ForgeAusits already fusemounted tho12:33
ahmosHi when i try to capture a video by kiro i get this(warning: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failureto read/write /dev/raw1394!)12:34
ahmosthere is a command I can't remmeber it like sudo chmod 666 ..... or something like that :D12:35
ForgeAushmmm I cant delete :(12:35
ForgeAuseven in here12:35
Kheopswhat are u trying to do12:35
ForgeAusremove some Services for Unix files leftover from my "interix" install in XP12:36
ForgeAusit wouldn't let me in XP so I thought I'd try linux12:36
Kheopsgive permision12:36
ForgeAusthe rest of Interix is missing12:36
ForgeAushow to give permission?12:36
Kheopsgive permision to folder12:36
Kheopsthat u want to delete12:36
=== X9nLinux1 is now known as X9nLinuxX
Kheopschmod 777 folder?*12:36
Kheopschmod 777 folder that u are trying to delete/*12:37
ForgeAuschmod: changing permissions of `SFU': Operation not supported12:38
Kheopsrun kdesu for konqueror and delete them12:39
Kheopsroot have all permision12:39
RoboCopi need a server with root access. but i dont have much data transfer and connectivity speed requirments. can any one recomend a good lowest cost dedi.. and with root acces. vps dds ..?12:40
ForgeAusthats what I thought but it doesn't work either12:40
ForgeAuseither that or konqi isn't running in root12:40
llutzKheops: go and read a little about unix-permissions on non-unix-filesystems :)12:40
Kheopshmm non unix ? :))))12:41
ForgeAusits NTFS12:41
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview12:41
llutzKheops: Xp = btfs = non-unix12:41
Kheopsi know12:41
Kheopsi have an ntfs partition12:41
Kheopsno problem12:41
ForgeAusit should b no problem12:41
ForgeAusI dunno why interix locked them up like that12:41
ForgeAusthey should be removable12:41
ForgeAusthats weird12:41
mohdwhat your name12:41
llutzKheops: then you used the correct mount-options. if not, you cannot use chmod easiliy12:41
rdwwhen i boot kubuntu through EasyBCD (i installed vista ;-( ) my progress bar gets stuck12:42
Kheopshe don't mount well12:42
Kheopsthe partition12:42
Kheopsunmount and then remount12:42
Kheopsllutz: do u know a bash command or something for ip whois details ?12:43
mohdi don t speking inglish12:43
llutzKheops: "man whois"12:43
Kheopslet me type :)12:43
KheopsNo manual entry for whois12:44
Kheopstry again12:44
llutzKheops: install whois first12:44
mohdplaying fight12:44
Kheopsgive me the link12:44
Kheopswhois repository12:45
llutz!enter | Kheops12:45
ubotuKheops: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:45
Kheopslnik ?12:45
ForgeAushehe maybe I need to use killbox to remove the files12:46
Kheopsllutz: give me the link12:46
llutzKheops: use adept12:46
Kheopsi use12:47
geggamjust curious... do newbs still come into IRC and ask how to run .exes ?12:48
RoboCopi need a server with root access. but i dont have much data transfer and connectivity speed requirments. can any one recomend a good lowest cost dedi.. and with root acces. vps dds ..?12:48
Repsa_JihHow do you run .dll's on Linux? ;)12:48
Repsa_JihMeh, wasn't a serious question, actually :)12:49
geggami know12:49
Kheopsllutz: do u know if Star Craft works well on Wine12:49
geggami come in here once every so often because the questions people ask here are a good metric to tell the progress12:50
llutzKheops: no, not interested in gaming nor in wine at all12:50
JucatoKheops: please ask about that in #winehq12:50
llutzgeggam: wat progress? what you see is, that most of the guys easily find IRC but are unable to use searchsites like google :(12:51
geggamthat will never change llutz12:51
geggamit was a problem in 99 and continues12:51
Kheopsky Jucato12:51
geggambefore 99 i cant tell u12:51
geggamat least u dont have rpm hell12:51
llutzgeggam: nope, inthose days more people tried to fix their problem themself. nowadays: "help me, now, perfectly!"12:52
geggamin those days the only nerds trying to do linux were nerds12:52
geggamnow its "cool"12:53
llutz_that_ is the point12:53
llutztime to use solaris :)12:53
geggamim a freebsd whore12:53
Jucatoor gnu/hurd... but you guys might want to continue in #kubuntu-offtopic :)12:53
Jucato(and please watch the language. thanks)12:54
mefisto__can I create dvd's with devede, but use qdvdauthor to create the dvd menu?12:55
ForgeAushmmm whats /etc/rc*?13:00
ForgeAushehe gnu/hurd, interesting :)13:00
rdwwhen i boot kubuntu through EasyBCD (i installed vista ;-( ) my progress bar gets stuck13:02
ForgeAushmmm easybcd? dunno enough about it, maybe you should try aeroboot! lol13:03
rdwit helped me to load my grub13:03
rdwfrom there it gets complicated :)13:04
ForgeAus(its ok lotsa googling to find that one I don't expect you to, besides its Japanese - but I think theres an english version, anyhow really nice looking boot manager :) gui one...13:04
kieferhrmm, I downloaded a .rar archive, its 85mb and is meant to contain like 20 files, when I open it it says 0 files 0 bytes, any advice?13:04
ForgeAusof course I havn't installed it as yet13:04
ForgeAusand the theme is a windows vista one :(13:04
ForgeAuskiefer are you sure you downloaded it all?13:04
ubuntuhey gues13:04
kieferabsolutley positive13:04
kieferwatched it hit 100%, thats why im stumped :S13:05
ForgeAushmmm and you have an unrar utility13:05
kieferused 'sudo apt-get install unrar-free'13:05
ForgeAusok well sounds like either the archive was corrupt (or more than that unrar-free program could handle) or something I don't know about...13:05
ubuntuGuys ,,, Its Just Amazing OS, Fk Ms Win13:05
kieferForgeAus: haha thanks anyway13:06
kieferubuntu: i already knew that ^_^13:06
ForgeAusubuntu ??? it???13:06
=== Sbucatone is now known as Sbucat
Sbucat:) hello13:07
ubuntuAll Doing My Jobs From The Mornning  & Live CD... !!!!!!13:07
ForgeAushehe using a LiveCD here too13:08
geggamtoo much coffee ?13:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Hesham
geggamu failed13:08
holasame one uses virtualbox13:08
HeshamHey Guys, How To Mount NTFS Drives On Kubuntu??13:09
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE13:09
ForgeAushmm wish this liveCD had krusader or mc13:10
ForgeAushmmm so whats /etc/rc* about?13:15
ForgeAusit runs this stuff during startup right?13:15
llutzForgeAus: it contain start-stop-scripts for different runlevels, used by sysvinit13:21
aharoonhow i enable UPNP service in my system?13:21
ForgeAusoh ok13:23
ForgeAussounds like something I shouldn't have got...13:23
ForgeAusI kinda undermined it by removing an init.d symlink13:23
ForgeAusdo you think it will still be a problem?13:24
ForgeAus(I know it won't load the delinked program but thats what I wanted)13:24
aharoonhow i enable universal plug & play service?13:24
llutzForgeAus: sudo update-rc.d -f <progname> remove         should do it13:25
ForgeAusaharoon in systemsettings (or kcontrol)  afaik13:25
ForgeAusahh ok13:25
llutzuPnP = security nightmare13:25
ForgeAusI'll put the symlink back then13:25
Kheopshow is going ? :)13:26
ForgeAus(that doesn't remove the app tho does it? just disables its rc* entry?13:26
llutzForgeAus: right13:26
ForgeAusthanx :)13:26
aharooni enable this service when i used windows to speed torrent download13:26
ForgeAusum wait I gotta boot into it to do that, otherwise have to chroot and not going through that from here13:26
ForgeAuscopying that t some info file for later memory13:26
HeshamIs There Big Differences Kubunto 6.06 LTS & Kubuntu 7 ?????????????13:27
JucatoHesham: yes. about 1 and a half year of updated packages and new features. if you need something super stable and don't mind using older version of packages, use the LTS. If you want something more up to date, use 7.1013:28
ForgeAusthanx llutz :)13:28
KheopsJucato: what is the command to see what version do u have ?13:29
JucatoForgeAus: nope13:29
llutzlsb_release -a13:29
ForgeAuswait maybe not13:29
JucatoKheops: the one llutz gave13:30
JucatoForgeAus: that's specifically for kernel version13:30
ForgeAusahh ok thanx Jucato, I'm still confused as you can tell13:30
Jucatoone step at at time... little by little :)13:30
Kheops6.06.1 yeah13:30
ForgeAus(I was using uname for some other distro)13:30
Jucatohm... 6.06.2 was out already afaik...13:31
JucatoForgeAus: well you can relate the kernel version to which version was available for a particular distro release.13:31
ForgeAusmusta been something I was reading about AndLinux or MacOSX13:31
Jucato(and not everyone has lsb_release, so "cat /etc/release" is probably more accurate)13:32
ForgeAusI need a ToH kernel to run it on my PC if I make it a Hackintosh13:32
ForgeAusunfortunately its illegal to do so :(...13:32
ForgeAusthe compatibility would be nice tho13:32
ForgeAusI considered seriously going to buy Leopard from the shop... its not as expensive as Windows and it gives Apple less grounds to prosecute me if anything happens13:33
rebuggerForgeAus: lol13:33
ForgeAusJucato, interesting coz when I tried that I got:13:35
ForgeAusroot@ubuntu:/# cat /etc/release13:35
ForgeAuscat: /etc/release: No such file or directory13:35
Jucatohm.. but lsb_release -a works?13:35
llutzcat /etc/*release13:35
ForgeAusmaybe its something about the livecd?13:35
aharooni looked in system settings and i didnt find anything called upnp13:35
ForgeAusahh yeah the * fixed it13:36
llutzfile name is /etc/lsbrelease13:36
Jucatoah ok...13:36
ForgeAusthis liveCD is Feisty :)13:36
Jucatooh well, even that is non-standard it seems :P13:36
ForgeAusok before I go I better fix fglxr (sp?)13:36
llutzJucato: the Ubuntu-Way (TM)13:36
Jucatoaharoon: I don't think you set it up there. if you're using ktorrent, there's a UPnP plugin that you have to enable and then configure it there13:37
aharooni installed the upnp plugin in ktoorent but i know it should be enapled by system first13:37
aharoonis it true?13:39
JavaBeansHi Al13:39
Jucatoaharoon: not sure... try enabling it there first. I don't think there's a global UPnP setting in KDE anyway13:40
aharoonwhere should i find it in system setting?13:40
JavaBeansCan anybody help me with my graphics card issue13:40
ForgeAusum is it normal for /lib/modules/2.6.17-11-generic/kernel/drivers/video/ to list aty instead of ati?13:40
JavaBeansI can't get above 1024*76813:41
ForgeAusI think I'll make a symlink just in case13:41
JavaBeansBut it finds my GeForce 780013:41
aharooni enapled it allready but i feal torrent download is slow too much it doesnt pass 4 kb\s but the regular downlad reach 31 kb/s  and the same torrent in windows download in 25 kb/s13:41
ForgeAusum how do I make a simlink to a folder?13:42
ForgeAusin konqueror?13:42
ForgeAuscommandline is ln right?13:43
ForgeAuscan you just copy -> paste as link?13:44
momalsnd_pcm_open() failed <-- can anyone help me for some reason suddenly I can't get any sound in kubuntu 7.1013:44
aharoonwhere is th proplem u think?? what makes torrent slow?13:44
ForgeAusactually I shouldn't do that here anyway13:45
ForgeAusif the link path is absolute it will be wrong anyway13:45
BluesKajHowdy all :)13:46
Kheopswhat's a  repository's key ?13:48
hyper__chwhat's kdebase-bin-kde3 needed for?13:50
BluesKajKheops, the repository key is a validation that the source packages are bugfree and legit ...I think. Sometimes the key can't be validated due to changes in pkgs.13:51
gundam_rx78nt1BluesKaj: I have found my problem with Amarok...13:53
BluesKajhyper__ch, copy and paste kdebase-bin-kde3 into adept searchbox then look at the 'properties' the explanation will pop up.13:53
BluesKajcool, gundam_rx78nt1 , what was it ?13:53
hyper__chBluesKaj: maybe someone would directly know13:53
gundam_rx78nt1when the update for alsa came out conflicted with the settings I had on amarok.13:54
BluesKajhyper__ch, we're not here to hold your hand , if you can follow instructions that's what we're here for.13:54
gundam_rx78nt1I wiped out the xine config files in my .xine directory and it workd.13:54
hyper__chBluesKaj: hmmm, why would kde4-core want to remove kdebase-bin-kde3 ?13:54
hyper__chBluesKaj: did I ask to hold my hand?13:54
gundam_rx78nt1oh, are we dancing here? LOL.13:55
gundam_rx78nt1BluesKaj: the funny thing is that someone last night had the same problem as I did.13:55
BluesKajhyper__ch, can you copy & paste ?13:56
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)13:56
hyper__chBluesKaj: sure I can ^^ -->  http://phpfi.com/29557313:57
Kheopssomebody to help here about Wine ?13:58
hyper__chKheops: depends on your problem with it13:58
Kheopsi instal wine13:58
=== jan_ is now known as PPSD
Kheopsdosen't work13:58
hyper__chKheops: and what doesn't work?13:59
PPSDis there a way to type in a unicode character in kde directly?13:59
hyper__chKheops: and what error?13:59
KheopsXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server13:59
KheopsXlib: No protocol specified13:59
KheopsApplication tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.14:00
KheopsMake sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.14:00
KheopsApplication tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.14:00
KheopsMake sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.14:00
Kheopserr:ole:apartment_createwindowifneeded CreateWindow failed with error 111414:00
hyper__chKheops: xserver is running?14:00
BluesKajhyper__ch, I tried kde4 side by side with the existing kde3 and they seemed to work ok until some pkges got taken over by kde4 excluseively , maybe that's what your question is about ...I wan't impressed with kde4 so I uninstalled it.14:00
Kheopswhat is xserver ?14:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xserver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:01
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto14:01
Kheopsu don't know what is that14:01
hyper__chBluesKaj: according to the description kdebase-bin-kde3 seems to be quite important... but are you implaying kde3 could still run with the kdebase-bin-kde4 version?14:01
hyper__chKheops: on the machine you're trying to run wine, do you have gnome or kde or xfce or fluxbox etc. running?14:02
BluesKajyes hyper__ch , but not all pkges ..but i don't know why14:02
=== vincent_ is now known as vincent__
KheopsKDE runs14:02
hyper__chBluesKaj: oh well, I'll try it14:02
=== vincent__ is now known as DeadStarXt
Kheopshyper__ch: ?14:03
Jucatohyper__ch: it's ok if kdebase-bin-kde3 is removed (when installing kde4)... you can ask in #kubuntu-kde4 for details14:03
hyper__chKheops: then I don't know... did you install it from the repos?14:03
BluesKajKheops, what graphics card are you using ?14:03
Kheopshmmmmm why it dosen't work ?14:03
nareshovHi, why can't I set Luxi Mono as my Konsole font even though I have it installed? It doesn't show up in Konsole's font-picker!14:03
KheopsGeForce FX 520014:03
hyper__chKheops: the budgetdedicated repos?14:03
Kheopsi install it corectley14:03
hyper__chKheops: last time I did it, it run without issues14:04
hyper__chKheops: winecfg14:04
Kheopshow i can run it ?14:04
Kheopssame error14:04
hyper__chKheops: dunno, maybe ask in #wine or #winhq (or whatever the channel is)14:04
ForgeAusfrom in windows14:05
ForgeAusto try my AndLinux to see if its fixed14:05
BluesKajKheops, what app are you trying to run in wine ?14:08
Kheopsstar craft14:10
Kheopsbut wine dosen't seems to work14:10
hyper__chKheops: what are your computer specs?14:10
hyper__chKheops: cpu and ram14:10
BluesKajKheops, how did you install wine , with apt or adept ?14:10
Kheopscommand line14:11
BluesKajok apt14:11
Kheopscpu and ram14:11
KheopsINTEL 3.1 Ghz14:11
KheopsRam 1 GB14:11
Kheopsis there enough ?14:11
hyper__chKheops: wouldn't installing windows in vmware or vbox be much more confortable?14:11
Kheopswhat's that ?14:12
hyper__chKheops: those are two different programs, that allow you to run other operating systems within14:12
BluesKajKheops, did you install any other graphics drivers besides the the default nvidia ?14:12
hyper__chKheops: e.g. you can run a windows xp within your ubuntu installation14:12
hyper__chKheops: the only thing is, it doesn't support (yet) direct x... but startcraft does not need that14:13
hyper__chKheops: with your processor and ram it should run ok14:13
Kheopsi don't have any secial drive14:14
Kheopsfor my video card14:14
hyper__chKheops: what videocard have you got?14:15
KheopsGeForce FX 520014:15
BluesKajok Kheops , pls check system settings/advanced for "restricted drivers"14:16
hyper__chdamn, you were quicker ;)14:16
Kheopsand them ?14:16
BluesKajKheops, do you have them listed?14:17
Kheopsi can't find systen advanced14:18
hyper__chunder the search bar14:18
Kheopsnot there14:19
Kheopstell me exactly14:19
BluesKajKheops, inthe Kmenu-system settings14:19
hyper__chKheops: open a terminal14:19
JavaBeansI have a GeForce 7800 and using the restricted drivers didn't fix my resolution14:19
hyper__chBluesKaj: maybe he need to install it first14:19
JavaBeansI can't get any higher than 1024*76814:19
KheopsBluesKaj:  : yes14:20
Kheopsbut is not there14:20
BluesKajJavaBeans, did you reboot ?14:20
hyper__chKheops: apt-cache search restricted --> post the output here:   http://www.phpfi.com  --> after that give the URL of the site14:20
Kheopsany restricted drivers14:20
JavaBeansI figured I need to change the xorg14:20
JavaBeansTo add the right horizontal sync14:20
JavaBeansOr add other resolutions14:20
KheopsBluesKaj:  !14:20
Kheopsi don't see any RESTRICTED DRIVERS there14:20
hyper__chKheops: open a terminal14:21
hyper__chKheops: apt-cache search restricted --> post the output here:   http://www.phpfi.com  --> after that give the URL of the site14:21
BluesKajok Kheops , no restricted drivers for your card , perhaps the proprietary ones on nvidias website will help ..I'm not sure14:21
Kheopstell me where i can find RESTRICTED DRIVERS14:21
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:22
hyper__chKheops: open a terminal14:22
hyper__chKheops: apt-cache search restricted --> post the output here:   http://www.phpfi.com  --> after that give the URL of the site14:22
Kheopswhat is that ?14:22
SlimeyPetehrm, ignore ubotu ;)14:22
BluesKajJavaBeans, sometimes installing monitor drivers helps , not just the graphics card drivers , if you're on a desktop14:22
Kheopscan somebody HELP ME TO RUN WINE ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???14:22
Kheopscan somebody HELP ME TO RUN WINE ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???14:22
JavaBeansYes, I am on a desktop14:23
JavaBeansI have a viewsonic monitor14:23
Kheopscan somebody HELP ME TO RUN WINE ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? ?!?!?!??!?!?!14:23
JucatoKheops: please stop doing that14:23
SlimeyPeteKheops: calm down.14:23
BluesKaj!shout | Kheops14:23
ubotuKheops: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.14:23
JavaBeansI'll see if I can find drivers for my particular monitor14:23
bomberhow about a nice kick/ban for starters14:23
hyper__chhiho Jucato14:24
LjL!etiquette > Kheops    (Kheops, see the private message from Ubotu)14:24
Kheopsso can This channel helps me ?14:24
LjLKheops: what's the question?14:24
SlimeyPeteKheops: someone may help you if you are patient and polite.14:24
Kheopslol ?14:24
Kheopsi'm very polite14:24
LjLKheops: lol is not a question14:24
Kheopsso i think not14:25
Kheopshelping here..14:25
SlimeyPeteKheops: you're not being polite.14:25
* BluesKaj backs off...some new ideas might help 14:25
Kheopsi'm very very polite14:25
SlimeyPeteKheops: what is your problem with wine?14:25
JucatoKheops: 1. wine is a very non-standard application. it's used, as you know to run Windows programs on a Linux machine, so don't expect that it's a common thing that everyone has and everyone can help14:25
bomberwhat have you done so far to get wine setup?14:25
SlimeyPeteis it giving you an error?14:25
LjLKheops: drop the arguing about politeness and ask your question please14:25
Jucato2. #winehq might be a better place for you to get help with Wine14:25
Kheopsi install it14:26
Kheopsfrom the official web site14:26
Kheopsand when i type winecfg14:26
LjLKheops: why?14:26
Kheopserror comes up14:26
rebuggerwhat error?14:26
Kheopsi duno how i can start that Wine program14:26
LjLKheops: WINE is available in the repositories14:26
Kheopsi paste here14:26
Jucatothat's #3... you install something from a 3rd-party source... so that lessesn the amount of help we can do14:26
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:26
KheopsLjL: i know14:26
Kheopsbut i install it from command line14:27
gundam_rx78nt1see ya'll later.14:27
LjLKheops: how did you install it, exactly?14:27
LjL*how* did you install it? what did you type?14:27
Kheopswhen i type /wine --version14:27
Kheopsman it is installed14:27
LjLKheops, mind answering my questions?14:27
Kheopsbut i don't know how it works14:27
LjLKheops: how did you install it?14:28
Kheopsas the web site write14:28
LjLwhich is?14:28
Kheopsto paste u14:28
Kheopswget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -14:28
LjLKheops: ok.14:28
Kheopssudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/dapper.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list14:28
ForgeAushey all :)14:28
ForgeAusbut it didn't fix my AndLinux14:29
Kheopssudo apt-get update14:29
Kheopssudo apt-get install wine14:29
Kheopsthat's all14:29
LjLKheops: which Kubuntu version are you on?14:29
ForgeAusstill hangs but fixed the error, now its just on * runing local scripts (rc.local)14:29
LjLKheops: what happens if you type « wine notepad »?14:29
ForgeAussomething ELSE in there is stopping it14:29
KheopsDescription:    Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS14:29
KheopsRelease:        6.0614:29
KheopsCodename:       dapper14:29
Kheopsif i type wine notepad ?14:30
LjLKheops: yes, in a shell - wine notepad14:30
LjLKheops: time to tell us what error14:30
Kheopsi tell 3 times14:31
Kheopsnobody helps14:31
LjLKheops: i must have missed it14:31
KheopsXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server14:31
KheopsXlib: No protocol specified14:31
KheopsALSA lib seq_hw.c:456:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory14:31
KheopsXlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server14:31
KheopsXlib: No protocol specified14:31
KheopsApplication tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.14:32
KheopsMake sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.14:32
KheopsApplication tried to create a window, but no driver could be loaded.14:32
KheopsMake sure that your X server is running and that $DISPLAY is set correctly.14:32
jpatrick!paste | Kheops14:32
ubotuKheops: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:32
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nopaste - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:32
LjLKheops: that shell isn't a root shell, is it?14:32
LjLKheops: why on earth are you running wine (or anything) in a root shell?14:32
LjLKheops: the problem is that wine won't run from a root shell. neither will any other graphical application, really.14:33
JavaBeansHey guys, just another quick question14:33
JavaBeansHow can I edit the xorg file without logging in as root?14:33
LjLKheops: root shouldn't be *enabled* for starters14:33
LjLKheops: run it as normal user?14:33
ubotuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:34
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)14:34
Kheopswhat should i do ?14:34
rebuggerJavaBeans: think, that doesnt work14:34
LjLKheops: run it from a normal user. not root.14:34
Kheopshow ?14:34
BluesKajJavaBeans, you need permissions to edit xorg14:34
Kheopsrelogin ?14:34
LjLKheops: if you know how to get a root shell, you should know how to get a *non* root shell...?14:34
JavaBeansYes, I understand14:34
JavaBeansThat's why I am asking how to obtain that privilage14:35
LjLKheops: are you running you *KDE* as root?14:35
JavaBeansBecause I need to edit it...14:35
LjLKheops: then just open a Konsole not as root. and type "exit" in the root one.14:35
hyper__chJavaBeans: sudo nano /etc/xorg/xorg.conf14:35
BluesKajJavaBeans, alt+F2, kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:35
Kheopsit's working14:35
hyper__chJavaBeans: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:36
KheopsLjL: i don't understand why wine don't work on root14:36
LjLKheops: unsurprising. please never run things as root, especially not a whole shell, unless you know *exactly* what you're doing.14:36
JavaBeansThanks for the help14:36
LjLKheops: because your X screen is owned by your user, not by root14:36
Kheopsgood to know14:37
LjLKheops: when you need to run something graphical as root, use "kdesudo". however, this isn't needed most of the times, *at all*, and may be dangerous.14:37
LjL!kdesudo > Kheops    (Kheops, see the private message from Ubotu)14:37
LjLKheops: to run programs in WINE, you can just type « wine /path/to/the/program.exe », generally speaking. not as root.14:37
BluesKajLjL, kheops is running dapper14:37
Kheopsi used kubuntu only for servers14:38
Kheopsdon't know about graphical or something14:38
LjLKheops: "kdesu" on dapper, not "kdesudo"14:38
Kheopsonly servers14:38
LjLKheops: well, on a server too, there's no real reason to use a root shell as a rule14:38
Kheopshmm i was running root always..14:38
Kheopsbecause i can do everything14:39
LjLKheops: you won't die out of typing "sudo" before programs that actually *need* to be root14:39
LjLi do that all the time, and i'm still alive14:39
Kheopsky man14:39
Kheopsnow it works ..10x to u14:40
Kheopsi type winecfg14:40
llutzKheops: scriptkiddies love guys like you ;)14:40
Kheopsand how can i play Star Craft ? :)14:40
Kheopsllutz: i don't run any script14:40
Kheopsand no male script14:40
llutzif you always act as root, you will sooner or later14:40
Kheopsbecause i know some pearl14:40
Kheopsand when i was young i do some exploits and flood archives14:41
Kheopshmmm LjL : how can i play Star Craft on this Wine14:41
rebugger(cant say anything to that.......)14:41
rebugger(just thinking of: .....arrrrrgg)14:41
JucatoKheops: I'm gonna say it again for the nth time.. "how to run ____ in Wine" questions are best asked in #winehq14:42
Kheopspfff pfff14:42
rebugger(ignorance should be kicked)14:43
llutzrebugger: i could say a lot, but i have to watch  language here ...14:43
rebugger^^ yes llutz14:43
yakuziBluesKaj: the problem i had? i solved it, on the guide (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219894&highlight=logitech+mouse) i found after a while loking i had to replace "option "CorePointer"" with "option "SencCoreEvents" True""14:43
Kheopsdon't use the ubotu to me :)14:43
Kheopsi don't like him :>14:43
rebuggersometimes i think..... "well, linux isnt for you - just forget it" ^^14:44
Jucatorebugger: more like "you aren't for linux" :)14:44
BluesKajhey yakuzi , cool ! , glad to hear you managed just fine :)14:45
* chanika continues the dist-upgrade madness14:45
yakuzii've to say, it's sad the mouse doesn't work like it should directly, but it's doable for a linux noob to get it working (if you aren't afraid of trying something)14:46
llutzJucato: "Linux is userfriendly, its just selective about its friends"   not selective enough </ot>14:46
rebuggerchanika: i stumbled on distupgrade ^^ tried to dist-upgrade a dapper to gutsy (in a vm) and didnt work...14:46
chanikawhat do I do about perl locale warnings?14:46
rebuggerlol llutz14:46
chanikarebugger: that's exactly what I'm forcing upon this poor laptop14:47
JavaBeansAfter I make a change to the xorg file within the terminal, how do I save the changes back to the file?14:47
LjLJavaBeans: with nano?=14:47
rebuggerchanika: i'm trying it in a vm before working on my vserver.... why the hell cant they give me a gutsy-install... if it wont work, ill have to go with debian414:48
llutzchanika/ rebugger why don't you install fresh, saves you lots of time (and more)?14:48
BluesKajyakuzi, in my experience 50% of probs are solved by users themselves (myself included) just some patience and judicious searches seem to work wonders :)14:48
rebuggerllutz: next week i get a vserver with dapper (they dont offer gutsy)14:48
rebuggerllutz: so i have to find a good way to upgrade to gutsy14:48
llutzrebugger: then better use debian4 (imho)14:48
llutzrebugger: debootstrap with gutsy maybe14:49
JavaBeansYeah, I'm using nano14:49
LjLJavaBeans: Ctrl+X, Enter, Enter. do you have a backup?14:49
JavaBeansThanks ;-)14:49
rebuggerrebugger: debian - i was just thinking about that, but would like to give ubuntuserver a try14:49
yakuziBluesKaj: trial and error always works ;-)14:49
rebuggerllutz: didnt ever try a debootstrap14:50
chanikainstalling udev would break libdevmapper1.0214:50
chanikaterminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'14:50
BluesKajJavaBeans, oh , din't realize you were using the cli14:50
llutzrebugger: give it a try if you don't want debian14:51
rebuggerllutz: any good howto?14:51
chanikahow do Ifix that error?14:51
llutzrebugger: i only had a german one... just ask mr. google14:51
rebuggerllutz: gib mir die deutsche :)14:52
rebuggerllutz: and i will google too14:52
BluesKajllutz, I had a die hard debian user tell me that (k)ubuntu was becoming too "suburban & mainstream" for his taste :)14:52
rebuggerllutz: everyone should use, what he wants ;)14:53
BluesKajof course he hadn't tried (k)ubuntu14:53
theunixgeekI followed http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/18/removing-kde-icons-in-gnome-remove-gnome-icons-in-kde/ to remove KDE  apps from the GNOME menus and vice versa; how do I undo it.14:53
rebuggerBluesKaj: well and hardliners are hardliners14:54
llutzBluesKaj: i put my hope on hardy, because gutsy here is the unstablest distro i had in about 13 yrs14:54
llutzrebugger: cannot find it anymore :(14:54
rebuggerllutz: well, no problem - ill ask mr. google14:54
chanikaupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.15-23-386/usr/sbin/mkinitramfs: line 152: mktemp: command not found14:54
rebuggerchanika: ran into the same problems - it will get worser ;)14:55
chanikaum, so Ican't install mktemp because aptitude is too messed up14:56
yakuzillutz: indeed, 7.10 isn't that stable... i had a few random shut-dows when doing just nothing :s, but that already some time ago i had it... maybe it's already fixed by an update :p14:56
chanikaE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.Reading package lists... Error!E: Malformed 3rd word in the Status line14:56
rebuggeryakuzi, llutz: it works like a charm ;).... nearly14:56
yakuziindeed, nearly, now i've my mouse working nicely and the few shut-downs gone ;-)14:57
Stratman4300got a quick question if anyones got a sec??14:57
llutzrebugger: so everone has it's own experience with it.14:57
rebuggerllutz: righty right14:58
rebuggerStratman4300: just ask the question14:58
Stratman4300probably a silly question....  but...  just switched from Debian last night...    configuring my panels.....14:59
yakuziyup...Feisty convinced me to try gutsy when it came out, and now i have to say i appreciate linux way more than windows.. win has too strange things and you can't solve them yourself :D14:59
BluesKaj!ask | Stratman430014:59
ubotuStratman4300: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)14:59
Stratman4300now i'm trying to adjust the size of my external taskbar.....  but i don't see the menu in the panel configurator to select which panel your configuring....14:59
Stratman4300ehh...  sorry....  new to IRC   =P15:00
Stratman4300did they do away with that menu???15:00
rebuggerStratman4300: just rightclick the panel, that you want to resize - and go to the settings15:00
rebuggerthen you can resize it15:00
llutzStratman4300: or run kcontrol instead of crippled systemsettings, there you should find all those setting-menus15:02
=== readyx is now known as ready
Stratman4300right i select my external taskbar....  click configur external taskbar...  and it takes me to the panel configuration....   i go to arrangment to adjust the size but it selects to main panel by default....   there isn't a menu to select which panel your configuring anymore....   it's always been there in debian....  thought maybe i was going crazy..  lol15:02
Jucatoit's a bug. you need to restart the panel to tell it that a new panel has been added/removed.15:03
JucatoAlt+F2, "dcop kicker kicker restart"15:03
Stratman4300ahhhh  gotcha....  thanks guys15:03
Stratman4300yup that did it...  thanks!!   :)15:04
velh0i need to press the power off button in my pc to activate hibernation in my kubuntu. how can I do that? thank you...15:08
JavaBeansHi all15:14
JavaBeansJust wanted to say thanks for the few that helped me with my graphics deal15:14
JavaBeansThe monitor was the issue15:14
mikiwhat happens with compiz after this changes in ubuntu i can't see window normaly in hardy?15:15
BluesKajyes JavaBeans , sometimes ppl forget about the monitor settings ...quite important actually'15:15
JavaBeansYeah, it was the last thing I thought about15:16
JavaBeansAlways go straight for Nvidia, lol15:16
BluesKajweel, ATI here and my monitor needed some custom settings to get my preferred resolution to work.15:17
JavaBeansWhen I was running windows it said that my refresh rate was 6015:17
JavaBeansAnd it would hide any other refresh rates that were not compatible15:17
JavaBeansYet I am running 65 right now15:17
JavaBeansIs that going ot damage my monitor in any way?15:17
BluesKajno, not 6515:18
rebuggerJavaBeans: no, but your eyes15:18
rebuggerJavaBeans: try > 7015:18
JavaBeansSo it needs to be higher?15:18
JavaBeansIt appears that my monitor was not made to handle that15:18
JavaBeansIt's a viewsonic 2235wm15:18
rebuggerwould be better for your eyes, to have it >70hz15:19
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BluesKajmy old mitsubishi is running at 75hz15:20
BluesKajTime to push some snow ..BBL15:20
NiteOwl255Can anyone assist me with getting kubuntu to work with my wLan?15:21
muesliis there a hardy specific ubuntu channel?15:22
=== ericwl is now known as ericwl_
rebuggerBluesKaj: snow? where are you from sibiria?15:23
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu15:24
NiteOwl255does anyone have experience setting up kubuntu with a wireless router?15:26
rebuggerNiteOwl255: well, why dont you just tell, what your problem is?15:27
ChaniI gave up, I'm gonna try and use my last blank cd to burn gutsy.... if the guy is still interested after all this insanity15:27
Chanihis windoze install is even more broken right now, so who knows, he might be willing to let me keep mucking with things15:28
NiteOwl255it seems that the network connection will not connect to my wireless router, I have a NetGear WG111t usb 802.g usb adapter trying to connect to my WRT54GL linksys router15:28
rebuggerNiteOwl255: so what have you done? is your wireless-adapter working?15:29
NiteOwl255it seems to be, it was showing me the available wrl network and I saw mine, tried to connect to it15:30
rebuggerhow is/was the signal quality?15:30
NiteOwl255in the progress it would get up to about %57 and would say trying to setup ip address or something but then it would say that I could not connect15:31
NiteOwl255the signal quality was very good15:31
rebuggerNiteOwl255: ok, thats no big problem15:32
rebuggerNiteOwl255: just try to reconnect15:32
rebuggerwhen it says: getting ip, it means you are connected15:32
rebuggerNiteOwl255: dhcp is running on the router?15:32
rebuggerNiteOwl255: so it can get an ip15:32
NiteOwl255but here's the thing, I use static IP so I went into manual settings and set the IP and everhting15:32
NiteOwl255I know it's set the the right IP, gateway and subnet but it still will not connect15:33
rebuggerNiteOwl255: well, havent tried it with static ips15:33
rebuggerNiteOwl255: i would suggest: keep playing around with the settings - you are near15:34
rebuggerNiteOwl255: or just enable dhcp for your wlan15:34
NiteOwl255here's another thing, in the network setting, under manual config15:34
NiteOwl255in the route tab, I set it to my wrl adapter I save the changes and even tried rebooting but it keeps going back to me ether controller15:35
NiteOwl255it seems like it's not keeping my setting or something15:36
rebuggerNiteOwl255: well sorry, cant help with that - never needed these options15:36
NiteOwl255thanks anyways15:37
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!15:37
blekoshi, does anybody use cnr, how can i install it?15:37
NiteOwl255really starting to piss me off, as far as I can see it should work but the one setting not stay to what I set it tells me that it's something else wrong maybe15:38
rebuggerblekos: wat is cnr?15:38
jussi01click n run15:38
blekosclick  n run15:38
ericwlNiteOwl255: NetworkManager will always prefer your ethernet cable over your WLAN if it's the issue.15:38
henkhi all, i just installed kubuntu and copied my .kde from a previous ubuntu installation... however, the menu editor doesn't seem to want to start... can someone tell me which app would that be? apparantly, there is no "menu-editor" command :)15:39
NiteOwl255but I've even tried disabling the ether controller but it re-enables it15:39
NiteOwl255why is that?15:39
ericwlNiteOwl255: and what if you just unplug the cable?15:40
luigi_can i add on kopete the italian server of ubuntu?15:40
Jucatohenk: kmenuedit15:40
NiteOwl255the cable is already unplugged15:40
Jucatoluigi_: you're using Konversation. why do you need to add it to Kopete?15:41
NiteOwl255stubborn thing I'm finding15:41
Jucatoluigi_: also, #ubuntu-it is on this same server. you just need to go to the channel. no need to add a new server15:41
luigi_noooo i need to add on konversation.. apologies!15:42
NiteOwl255it seems to want to connect wirelessly only with DHCP15:42
NiteOwl255shouldn't I be able to tell it what IP to use and stuff?15:43
luigi_Jucato your link doesn't work.15:43
ericwlNiteOwl255: OK, you lost me...15:43
NiteOwl255sorry, where did I loose you?15:43
Jucatoluigi_: what link? just click on #ubuntu-it or type /j #ubuntu-it15:44
ericwlNiteOwl255: let me try to repeat what I understood (or what I think I would do at your place :-) )...15:44
luigi_damn! someone can help me with a doubt with a wireless?15:45
ericwlNiteOwl255: you didn't change anything to your computer, only to your router, where you assigned a fixed IP address to the MAC address of your WLAN adapter?15:46
ericwlluigi_: don't ask to ask, just ask....15:46
dorkfaceHI all.  I have a .tff file that has a font that I really want to use.  I've searched google, but I couldn't find anything on converting .tff to .pcf.  Is it possible?15:47
dorkfaceor can konsole use .tff?15:47
NiteOwl255oh no, I've set my router to static IPs. So any computer wanting to contect to it have to be config to a specific IP range, subnetmask and gateway.15:48
NiteOwl255with DHCP the router provide that info to the computers trying to connect to it15:49
NiteOwl255I prefer to do it manually15:49
mixedanyone wants to help me remove windows from my distro?15:50
NiteOwl255this mean that on my kubuntu I have to tell it manually what IP, subnet and gateway to use15:51
ericwlNiteOwl255: OK, understood (not why you do this, but what you do).15:51
mixedI have Linux installed in a SATA drive and windows in an IDE HD, it's all set up as dual-boot, how can I remove the IDE HD from my distro and make linux boot up normal?15:51
ericwlNiteOwl255: sorry, not experience with static IPs and WLAN. If I want to have a specific computer always get the same IP, I just set it up accordingly in my router, using the MAC address.15:52
ericwldorkface: konsole can use ttf (I assume that's what you mean with tff).15:53
NiteOwl255I'm not familiar with that15:53
NiteOwl255but still is there a way for me to force the setting?15:54
dorkfaceericwl: ah, yes, I do.  :)  Do you happen to know how to be able to get konsole to use the file?  When I go into the font options, there are only a few fonts to select from, and no import option.15:54
Jucatokonsole can only use monospace fonts15:56
ericwldorkface: jucato is right konsole shows only monospace fonts installed on your system.15:56
dorkfaceericwl: So, I am basically out of luck? hehe15:57
ericwlNiteOwl255: if you use ifconfig, you'll say for each interface a HWaddr value (6 hexadecimal numbers, like 00:1C:C4:84:80:55)15:58
ericwlMost WLAN routers offer the possibility to link a fixed IP address to a MAC (or hardware) address.15:59
mefisto__dorkface: you probably wouldn't want non-monospace fonts, otherwise formatting using tabs and spaces won't look as intended.15:59
ericwlAnd you don't need to change anything to the computers.15:59
dorkfacemefisto__: ah16:00
NiteOwl255i guess, so there no way to get it working under the current config?16:00
dorkfaceThanks all, though :)16:00
ericwlPerhaps, just no experience with it...16:01
crislsizlanyone reading this?16:04
emilsedghcrislsizl: sure!16:04
emilsedgh!ask | crislsizl16:05
rebuggerno, lease try again later ;)16:05
ubotucrislsizl: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)16:05
crislsizli installed ubuntu on my kubuntu and it didnt work. now after i tried to uninstall it didnt work right either16:05
crislsizlnow i got the kubuntu bootscreen and login screnn16:06
crislsizli would like to now how either install kubuntu properly or uninstall it properlt16:06
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto16:07
sigma_1234is it possible to run ubuntu in kubuntu with virtualbox?16:07
crislsizli am a total noob!16:07
crislsizli got ubuntu16:08
crislsizland it works16:08
crislsizlbut i tried to install kubuntu on the command line16:08
crislsizland it seemed to work16:09
crislsizluntil i rebootet16:09
crislsizlboot screen and login=kubuntu16:09
rebuggeryou can set in the loginscreen, what do you want to use - KDE or Gnome16:09
suboptWhat should my JAVA_HOME be set to?16:09
crislsizli would like to have the whole environment in kubuntu16:10
rebuggercrislsizl: then set it to kde16:10
rebuggersubopt: what do you need it for?16:10
crislsizlnothing special16:10
crislsizli was curious16:10
suboptrebugger: cosmo.16:11
=== crislsizl is now known as noob
=== noob is now known as noob_crislsizl
noob_crislsizlis there a better room to ask such questions than here?16:12
blekosi want to run a .jar file, how can I install java? Do I need Java envirionmet?16:12
noob_crislsizlgo to add hardware and choose java16:12
marci can't run a setup.sh file16:12
rebuggerblekos: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre && sudo update-alternatives --config java16:13
blekosadd hardware??16:13
marcwith the parm ./setup.sh16:13
rebuggerblekos: java -jar ./file.jar16:13
rebuggermarc: chmod +x setup.sh && ./setup.sh16:13
rebuggermarc: or: sh ./setup.sh16:13
noob_crislsizlhow do i get a channel list for this irc???16:14
marcdoesn't work16:14
marcpermission denied16:15
rebuggermarc: sudo sh ./setup.sh16:15
marci am aalready in root.16:15
* Sbucat io odio i pignoli!16:15
rebuggermarc: well then you have a problem ;)16:16
ericwlmarc: what are the rights of setup.sh when you do 'ls -l setup.sh'?16:16
noob_crislsizlanyone want to help a helpless noob?16:17
rebugger!ask | #noob_crislsizl16:17
noob_crislsizlinstall kubuntu?16:17
ubotu#noob_crislsizl: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)16:17
rebuggermarc: should work16:18
rebuggermarc: just to be sure: exit the root-shell and type "sudo sh ./setup.sh"16:18
noob_crislsizlrebugger can u open a private message box, othereise its irritating16:19
rebuggernoob_crislsizl: no, i wont "personal support".... well, i would give... but just for big cash $$ ;)16:19
ericwlmarc: can you copy&paste the exact message you get when you call ./setup.sh?16:20
marcmarc@webserver:~/kylix3_open$ sudo sh ./setup.sh16:20
marc./setup.sh: 93: Syntax error: "(" unexpected16:20
ericwlmarc: Aha, script is buggy!16:21
marcmarc@webserver:~/kylix3_open$ sudo  ./setup.sh16:21
marc                                   BORLAND KYLIX 316:21
marcAbh�ngigkeiten werden �berpr�ft...16:21
marcWARNUNG: konnte nicht gefunden werden libX11.so16:21
marcKernel-Version >= 2.2.0....OK16:21
marcGlibc-Version >= 2.1.2....OK16:21
marcLibjpeg-Version >= 6.2.0....OK16:21
marc./setup.sh: line 350: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:21
marc./setup.sh: line 352: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:22
marc./setup.sh: line 354: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:22
marc./setup.sh: line 350: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:22
rebuggermarc - stop16:22
marc./setup.sh: line 352: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:22
marc./setup.sh: line 354: [: x11-2: integer expression expected16:22
marcLibgtk-Version >= 1.2.0....FEHLGESCHLAGEN16:22
marcIhr System erf�llt die Mindestsystemanforderungen nicht.16:22
marcSetup kann nicht fortgesetzt werden.16:22
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RoboCopi need a server with root access. but i dont have much data transfer and connectivity speed requirments and no restrictions. can any one recomend a good lowest cost dedi.. and with root acces. vps dds ..?16:23
ericwlmarc: I think you need to install libx11 (libx11-6 package under gutsy).16:24
=== milen is now known as blade
ericwlmarc: and you need to have libgtk1.2 installed16:25
thechriswma skips, amd64.  is there a fix for this or advice?16:26
ericwlmarc: and the script is really buggy (btw, 'sh ./setup.sh' fails because it's a bash script)16:26
marcyeah i think i must install the libgtk1.2 but whats the syntax for apt-get?16:27
thechrisodd, did they not put the #!/bin/bash in the file?16:27
ericwlthechris: you speak to me?16:27
thechrisericwl: yeah16:27
ericwlmarc: apt-get install libgtk1.2 (or use Synaptic)16:28
ericwlthechris: it's most probably there and that's why './setup.sh' and 'sh ./setup.sh' fails16:28
ericwlthechris: calling the script with 'sh ./setup.sh' overwrites the bang thing...16:29
ericwlthechris: (I meant  './setup.sh' *works* and 'sh ./setup.sh' fails)16:30
ericwlmarc: I need to go but you might face other issues, Kylix is pretty old stuff and might not work without some tweaking of the installation script on a newer Linux.16:31
=== marc is now known as MaskOfSanity
MaskOfSanityyeah but i will try it16:32
MaskOfSanityelse i will delete all kylix files.... it should be only a test16:32
ericwltweak = try ;-)16:32
MaskOfSanitybut it seems to start16:33
MaskOfSanityit works16:34
MaskOfSanitywhats a good alternate to kylix?16:35
MaskOfSanitya cpp ide?16:35
sourcemakerI habe installed virtualbox... but the modules is not found16:37
sourcemakerFATAL: Module vboxdrv not found.16:37
MaskOfSanityhmm.. but i think with kylix it should be able to run bcb projekts from windows to compile for linux16:37
suboptI think i need to *completely* reinstall Gutsy. I've got frequent browser lockups, and i've reinstalled both Java and the browsers several times. Is there some way to do a complete reinstall of everything i've got?16:40
sourcemakerSame Problem:  apt-get install --reinstall virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.22-14-generic16:40
sourcemakerekrengel: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault.16:40
sourcemakerekrengel: sorry... wrong user16:41
ekrengeli was like what did i do?16:41
jpatrick!enter | ekrengel16:41
ubotuekrengel: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:41
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odra_je zde nějaký Čech?16:43
BluesKaj!cz | odra_16:43
ubotuodra_: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.16:43
rodolfocual es el Kubuntu español?16:47
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.16:47
keonihas anyone else experienced their sound just stop working out of the blue running 7.10 or any any suggestions on how to fix it?16:59
SlimeyPetekeoni: yes I experienced that16:59
SlimeyPeteI have an ATI SB450 HDA16:59
keoniwhat was the cause?16:59
SlimeyPetekeoni: the version of ALSA in Gutsy doesn't support it (there's some sort of regression bug)17:00
SlimeyPeteI believe that the latest version does support it but I haven't tried it yet17:00
keonimy sound was working then i just noticed that i cannot unmute17:01
teguhhow to upgrade kde17:01
SlimeyPeteteguh: to kde 4?17:01
ubotuKDE 4.0.1 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.1 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.1.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.1.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde417:01
=== alien is now known as alien__
JavaBeansHey all17:01
keoniah ill just  see if i can find another sound card lying around somewhere17:01
SlimeyPetekeoni: probably best17:01
SlimeyPeteif you can find a Soundblaster you're good to go17:02
JavaBeansUnlike Ubuntu 7.10, Kubtuntu doesn't come preinstalled with Beryl, correct?17:02
SlimeyPeteJavaBeans: correct17:02
SlimeyPeteyou don't want Beryl these days anyway, compiz-fusion is the successor to beryl/compiz.17:02
JavaBeansoh, okay17:02
SlimeyPetebut it's not available by default either17:02
alien__can somebody help me to configure apache for php ?17:02
JavaBeansI'm a bit behind on the beryl deal17:02
JavaBeansI need to set compiz up then17:02
SlimeyPetealien__: just installing the php modules should work17:03
JavaBeansThanks :-)17:03
rebuggeralien__: there are enough tutorials - just ask google17:03
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion17:03
alien__SlimeyPete> alien__: just installing the php modules should work17:03
alien__i install apache and php17:03
SlimeyPetealien__: if you use apt/adept to install the apache php modules, you apache configuration will be set up automatically17:03
SlimeyPeteyeah but you need libapache2-php or similar17:03
SlimeyPete(sorry, I'm on Windows atm so can't look)17:03
alien__i install apache and php17:03
alien__but how to connect apache on php17:04
alien__when i put script in http://localhost17:04
SlimeyPeteyeah, but you need the php module for apache.17:04
SlimeyPetewhich is called libapache2-php or something similar to that.17:04
alien__which php module ?17:04
holasameone uses virtualbox?17:04
SlimeyPetehola: yes, I do17:04
SlimeyPetealien__: I'm sorry but I can't remember the exact name17:04
SlimeyPetethere are php4 and php5 modules available17:04
holaSlimeyPete: have you tried ssh from hot t client?17:04
JavaBeansDoes anyone here have a favorite Java IDE to use in Kubuntu?17:05
SlimeyPetehola: hrm... no, I don't think I have, sorry. I usually use a graphical login on the client.17:05
SlimeyPeteJavaBeans: Eclipse is popular (but *huge*)17:05
LynoureJavaBeans: eclipse is the one that you are most likely to see in the working life, still, I think17:05
SlimeyPeteJavaBeans: when doing my degree I just used vim and javac, worked fine ;)17:05
JavaBeansYeah, I've heard a bit about Eclipse17:06
JavaBeansWe normally use JCreator on Windows machines17:06
JavaBeansI am not a fan of NetBeans17:06
SlimeyPeteyou need a meaty workstation to use Eclipse without getting annoyed at it, though. It's quite big and slow.17:06
rebuggernetbeans rocks17:06
JavaBeansI also need to bring over some of my C# code17:07
JavaBeansNot sure if I can do that though17:07
SlimeyPeteEclipse seems like the Java equivalent of Visual Studio - tonnes of features but none of them work *quite* as well as you'd hope, and it'll eat as many resources as it can gets its hands on17:07
=== dent-42 is now known as m4d_fore
JavaBeansYeah, that sounds like visual studio lol17:07
JavaBeansNot that I don't love what Visual Studio does for the business world17:08
wernerSlimeyPete: right!!!!17:08
JavaBeansI don't want to hand code GUIs at work now17:08
wernerwhen i was dev in java, i also only used NetBeans!17:08
JavaBeansIt is still something that is good to know17:08
JavaBeansRight now I am just moving to the Linux platform for more system programming17:08
werner(now i'm only dev with QT417:09
JavaBeansI tried it out and decided I want to contribute if possible17:09
JavaBeansThe current projects I am bringing over will not benefit the community at large because the needs are specific to one company17:09
JavaBeansI just need to find out a few real needs of the community and look into what I would have time to do17:10
SlimeyPeteyeah, I wish my work was of more use to the wider community tbh (it's all closed-source internal stuff)17:11
alien__are you think on this17:11
SlimeyPetealien__: yes? :)17:11
alien__mod ?17:11
SlimeyPeteyes, that's the one17:11
SlimeyPeteif you want php5.17:11
JavaBeansYeah, I feel the same SlimeyPete17:11
alien__but i install php517:11
alien__i just need to configure it17:11
SlimeyPetealien__: if you install libapache2-mod-php5 it should configure itself automatically17:11
JavaBeansBut if I can get a small community online to work on a project for linux on the weekends and during free time I would feel good knowing I am doing something anybody can use17:12
SlimeyPetethough...hrm, hang on, I shall look at my own apache config17:12
JavaBeansI think Linux is well served enough in the graphical area at this point17:12
wernerJavaBeans: do you use sourceforge?17:12
JavaBeansI don't use sourceforge17:13
wernerJavaBeans: is there a reason why not?17:13
SlimeyPetealien__: you may need to add "Options ExecCGI" to the definition of your directory in your apache configuration17:13
JavaBeansNo particular reason, just haven't17:13
* SlimeyPete recently got slightly involved with a new project called pyroom17:14
JavaBeansThe only time I use something like that is at work, but it's not sourceforge17:14
wernerJavaBeans: there you may find a big community and everybody can join the project and dev-team ...17:14
JavaBeansI'll look around the site for sure, thanks a lot werner17:15
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=== Timmy is now known as TimS
SlimeyPetetrouble with sourceforge is there's so much on it and it's difficult to find anything interesting unless you know exactly what you want17:15
JavaBeansAt work we have our own system setup like that, so everything is internal17:16
wernerJavaBeans: i am dev within the SF-community and i am glad with the features of the platforme17:16
JavaBeansWhich is why I never really checked out sourceforge17:16
wernerJavaBeans: okay, i see :)17:16
JavaBeansBut if I am going to be doing this from home that would be awesome!17:16
alien__SlimerPete: i get error17:16
SlimeyPetealien__: what's the error?17:17
wernerJavaBeans: try it :)17:17
alien__Error: Conflicts with the instlaled package  "apache2-mpm-worker"17:17
SlimeyPetealien__: hmm. You could try "apt-get remove apache2-mpm-worker" first. It will tell you what it wants to remove. Check that it isn't trying to remove something which you want.17:18
Alex135I cant get limewire working, i had installed something realted to java before and now i cant get it working right... can someone help me?17:21
SlimeyPetetry "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre"17:22
Alex135already installed17:22
Alex135Firefox intalled something that started with a G... i dont remember the name17:22
Freddy2does desktop version include smp support? (useful for multi core cpus)17:23
alien__SlimeyPete: i install the mod and work but when i clink on test.php script it just give me to download test.php17:23
SlimeyPetealien__: yeah sounds like execcgi option is not set17:23
alien__how to set it ? :S17:24
SlimeyPetealien__: look in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf or in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ scripts17:24
Alex135whats the name of the plugin that firefox likes to install when it wants java?17:24
SlimeyPetelook for your directory (the one you are putting the file in eg /var/www)17:24
Alex135there are a few of them i know...17:25
SlimeyPetethere should be a "<Directory /var/www>" bit. Put "Options +ExecCGI" in that bit.17:25
SlimeyPetethen do "sudo apache2ctl restart"17:25
JavaBeansAlright, heading out for a while17:27
alien__<SlimeyPete> there should be a "<Directory /var/www>" bit. Put "Options +ExecCGI" in that bit.17:27
JavaBeansTake it easy all17:27
alien__how you mean "Put option +EXECGI17:27
werneralien: in the httpd.conf (or whatever ...)17:27
SlimeyPetewrite "Option +ExecCGI" between the "<directory /var/www>" and "</directory>"17:27
=== gladier_ is now known as gladier
alien__sorry i dont undrestnad what you mean :S17:30
alien__how to put, and where17:30
sourcemakerI try to use kvpn to login into a windows vpn network. The login is ok... but I do not receive any DNS?17:31
SlimeyPetealien__: look for <directory /var/www> in apache2.conf or in sites-enabled.17:34
werneralien__: open your apache configuration file and search for <directory /var/www>17:35
SlimeyPetealien__: you can use "kdesudo kate /etc/apache2/apache2.conf" to open the file.17:35
werneralien__: after that line write "Option +ExecCGI"17:35
werneror rt(f)m17:36
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP317:37
alien__Slimey, after which line i put Option +ExecCG17:39
alien__i opet site-enable and found17:39
alien__line var/www17:39
Alex135nvm i found what i needed... IcedTea was screwing up my system17:39
SlimeyPetealien__: after <directory /var/www/> and before </directory>17:40
mefisto__is k3b supposed to be able to rip movies from a dvd? the function in the tools menu doesn't seem to do anything17:42
waylandbillsda1 how do I tell that to grub?17:43
sigma_1234!info k9copy17:43
ubotuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.3-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 1409 kB, installed size 2748 kB17:43
mefisto__sigma_1234: I was just wondering about that k3b function in tools menu. Is it currently broken?17:44
SlimeyPetewaylandbill: eh? what do you mean?17:45
sigma_1234why does kubuntu not use lilo as a boot loader. i find it looks alot better graphically?17:45
SlimeyPeteif you want to change boot options, edit /boot/grub/menu.lst17:45
alien__i put that17:45
sigma_1234it probably just doesnt work17:45
alien__but when i opet test.php its just give me to download test.php17:45
SlimeyPetealien__: and you did "sudo apache2ctl restart"?17:45
waylandbilllinux occupies all of hda, added an sata drive and want to tell grub that windows is on the sata.17:46
werneralien__: have you enabled php in apache.conf?17:46
SlimeyPetewerner: package should've done that automatically,surely17:46
alien__where i must enable ? :S17:46
wernerAddType application/x-httpd-php .php17:46
SlimeyPetealien__: did you do the restart? if not, you need to. sudo apache2ctl restart.17:46
wernerSlimeyPete: ah, ok, here not :-) (debian)17:47
alien__Syntax error on line 6 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default:17:47
alien__Invalid command 'Option', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration17:47
ubotulilo is an alternative [Li]nux Boot[Lo]ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.17:47
sigma_1234!info lilo17:48
ubotulilo (source: lilo): LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can load Linux and others. In component main, is optional. Version 1:22.8-3ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 355 kB, installed size 1132 kB17:48
SlimeyPetealien__: "Options"17:48
SlimeyPetealien__: not "Option"17:48
waylandbillI just dont know how the sata differs from the ide when I write the config to do the chainload17:49
alien__okey, i was read this17:49
alien__<werner> alien__: after that line write "Option +ExecCGI"17:49
SlimeyPetewell, it's "Options" :)17:49
wernermy falut, sorry17:49
alien__i restart17:50
alien__but its the same :(17:50
wernerSlimeyPete: maybe he should check out AddType application/x-httpd-php .php ??17:51
sourcemakerdamm... I can use vpn in linux.. what's wrong... I try to connect with a windows vpn server but it does not work17:51
alien__now it works17:51
SlimeyPetewerner: yes, probably.17:51
sourcemakerThe connection is established.. but the route does not work... I can ping the server I require twice... then the route is wrong... no ping17:51
alien__thanks for help17:51
SlimeyPetealien__: :)17:52
wernerhave a nice day17:52
chupiei have kubuntu installed on my laptop and i want to use the monitor out port.. how would i go about using that?17:54
acee1234can anyone tell me how to keep my computer from freezing when i try to restart x or even log out using ati x1400 with restricted drivers17:55
acee1234i guess this room is dead17:57
RoboCopConfiguration failed. The following error occured:18:02
RoboCopCould not detect sqlite3! Please specify the path to the directory containing sqlite3.h via the command line option --sqlite3-includes="/path/to/file"18:02
mephistwhere am i ?18:03
mephistso...any body here?18:03
mephistsee u ...^^~18:04
ScorpKingRoboCop: what are you trying?18:08
RoboCopScorpKing INSTAL and ircd. inspircd18:09
ScorpKingRoboCop: sorry, i don't understand. are you trying to install mysql?18:11
RoboCopScorpKing no. i just got the msg i pasted18:12
ScorpKingRoboCop: look through the forums on http://www.inspircd.org/forum/18:13
=== jess_ is now known as iamanidiot
iamanidiotok i need help18:14
ScorpKing!ask | iamanidiot18:15
ubotuiamanidiot: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)18:15
iamanidioti have weird sound drivers and need to compile them but i have no idea how to18:15
iamanidioti have been told to read the install file but it makes no sense18:15
ScorpKingiamanidiot: open konsole and go to the directory where the source is then type ./configure18:16
mefisto__iamanidiot: but why do you want "weird sound drivers"?18:17
iamanidiotoh like it isnt supported natively by KDE18:17
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:17
ScorpKingiamanidiot: see if it's listed there ^18:18
henkhi all, I just installed Kubuntu Gutsy on this system and I have a strange problem with printing... cups' error log tells me lp0 give a permission denied and syslog gives me some strange inode permission error? does this ring any bells?18:18
ScorpKing!sound > iamanidiot18:18
iamanidiotok i got the configure command18:18
iamanidiotnow what18:18
iamanidiotmake install18:18
ScorpKingiamanidiot: yes - make18:18
henkstrange thing is, printing a test page while setting up the printer worked like normal...18:19
RoboCopScorpKing . i have located it. but in the app setup. it says .bash: --sqlite3-includes=/usr/include/sqlite3.h: No such file or directory18:19
ScorpKingRoboCop: doesn't it need a sql database?18:20
RoboCopScorpKing dont know18:20
iamanidiotdo i do make install next?18:20
ScorpKingiamanidiot: sudo make install18:20
iamanidiotok now it says to edit my /etc/modules.conf or conf.modules18:23
henkhm... doing a chmod o+rw /dev/lp0 solved my problem... but i don't think that's a smart thing to do?18:23
iamanidiotScorpKing: what do i do next?18:24
ScorpKinghenk: no. what do ls -l /dev/lp0 say?18:24
ScorpKingiamanidiot: the module should be installed now. read that sound link ubotu gave you18:25
iamanidiotScorpKing: it still says i have more to do in the readme18:26
ScorpKing!paste | iamanidiot18:26
ubotuiamanidiot: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)18:26
ScorpKingiamanidiot: pastebin it please18:26
ScorpKingthe readme ;)18:26
ScorpKingiamanidiot: what does ./snddevices do?18:28
iamanidiotis that a rehtorical ?18:29
iamanidiotok i did that command18:29
ScorpKingiamanidiot: that must be a file in the source directory18:29
iamanidioti dont understand step 418:29
ScorpKingiamanidiot: kdesudo kate /etc/modules18:29
iamanidiotrefused by server18:30
iamanidiotno protocol specified18:30
iamanidiotcannot connect to X server18:31
ScorpKingsome of that is normal18:31
ScorpKingiamanidiot: you logged in as root?18:32
ScorpKingah. that's the problem18:32
ScorpKingexit and try as normal user18:32
iamanidiothow do i exit18:32
iamanidiotjust close konsole?18:32
ScorpKingtype exit18:32
iamanidiotim in as myself18:32
ScorpKingiamanidiot: kdesudo kate /etc/modules18:33
iamanidiotikm in18:33
iamanidioti am in*18:33
ScorpKingwhat card do you have?18:33
ScorpKingok. now you can do step 418:34
iamanidiotand that would be?18:35
ScorpKingfrom line 73 on that pastebin18:35
iamanidiotand then save it?18:36
iamanidiotand then it says to compile the library and utilitie18:36
ScorpKingiamanidiot: it sais reboot and the follow the rest of the steps18:37
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
ScorpKingiamanidiot: any news?18:49
BluesKajyo yo18:50
ubuntu__whats up, dawg?18:50
ScorpKinghehe. hiya BluesKaj18:50
BluesKajno dawgs or yoyos here18:50
BluesKajhey ScorpKing18:51
ubuntu__is coolio a dawg?18:51
BluesKajuhmm, ubuntu__, do you have a relavent kubuntu question ?18:52
=== ubuntu__ is now known as ubuntu_
intelikeyguess not18:53
BluesKajgood, I can't stand that IM ghettospeak18:54
theThemeI'm having a problem running EAC under wine.  I've set up the profiles that I want to use, but whenever I try to load those profiles I get an "unhandled exception" error.  Has anyone had this problem?  I've read a lot of things that say that EAC runs flawlessly in wine18:54
intelikeyBluesKaj i resemble that remark :)18:55
BluesKajfor those of us unfamiliar with EAC, pls tell us what it is18:55
BluesKajintelikey, resemble ?  :)18:55
theThemeSorry, Exact Audio Copy18:56
intelikeydoing something that linux can't natively do theTheme ?18:57
=== carrie is now known as clj-desktop
=== clj-desktop is now known as rkyve
BluesKajtheTheme, whynot use cdrecord18:58
* intelikey realizes that there are some things. but can't imagine useing wine for audio18:58
theThemeI'm just familiar with EAC from windows, setting up profiles for secure copies and such.  I'd be willing to learn new software if somone could point me to a good guide, and I can get an exact FLAC copy18:59
WaltzingAlong!compiz > rkyve18:59
BluesKajintelikey, me either , why not just boot into windows if he loves the app so much19:00
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cdrecord - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:00
BluesKaj!info cdrecord19:01
ubotucdrecord (source: cdrtools): command line CD writing tool. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 10:2.01.01a33-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 539 kB, installed size 1224 kB19:01
toothpickI need flash with opera for my daughters webkinz...I can't have my wife having another reason to complain about linux.19:01
laurenso i installed kde4 on my ubuntu install... but kde (even without compiz) moves pretty slowly.... anyone have any suggestions?19:02
BluesKajtoothpick, why not use Firefox ?19:02
intelikeytoothpick both flash and opera are closed source19:02
toothpickI'll try firefox19:02
theThemeWell, thanks guys19:03
intelikeyor should i say neither flash nor opera are free19:03
theThemeI'll look into CDrecord19:03
toothpickLast little thing I'm running into when I mount a cd I get an error about not being able to save a bookmark in my home path .kde19:04
ScorpKingwhen using superkaramba X hangs (using 1.45GB RAM, 99% CPU) when the screensaver (slideshow) runs for a while and i come back to the box after about 30 minutes. is there a way to fix this or should i just not use superkaramba?19:04
intelikeytoothpick force your wife to read the M$ EULA :)19:05
toothpickintelikey: what alternative to picasa do you recommend for open source?19:05
BluesKajtoothpick, also, install the flashplugin-nonfree19:05
* ScorpKing loves digikam..19:06
intelikeytoothpick and the error probably means you ran something with sudo rather than kdesu     solution # sudo chown $USER -R $HOME/.kde19:06
toothpickok thanks19:08
toothpickprobably true, cause I didn't even know there was a kdesu19:08
toothpickjust was using sudo su19:08
ubotuIn KDE, use « kdesudo <program> » (Gutsy) or « kdesu <program> » (Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:08
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.19:08
NegatratoronHi-hi, and I have a question about /boot/grub/device.map...19:10
NegatratoronIn grub.conf, there exists the line:19:11
Negatratoronroot (hd3,0)19:11
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:11
intelikeygrub.conf ?   what distro ?19:12
NegatratoronDid I say grub.conf19:12
NegatratoronI meant menu.lst19:12
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do19:13
jussi01Negatratoron: whats the question?19:14
NegatratoronI'm trying to figure out how to phrase this all in one line :)19:14
intelikeywhat is the question ?       i was thinking that  why  might be the question...19:14
ScorpKinghow do i send mail from bash? i get "/var/log/exim4/mainlog:2008-02-10 21:12:33 1JOHbN-0004RJ-99 ** me@someserver.com R=nonlocal: Mailing to remote domains not supported". am i supposed to add smtp login info somewhere?19:15
NegatratoronWhen I boot, grub gives an error 17.  I can solve this by changing the "root (hd3,0)" to "root (hd0,0)".19:15
NegatratoronThe question is as follows:19:15
NegatratoronModifying device.map has no effect on anything.  Why?19:15
intelikeyonly read when updating the MBR ?19:16
intelikeyfor three houndred please19:16
kubuntu__can someone plz help me?19:17
sub[t]rnlhd0,0 is the grub equivalent of your hard drives first partition ex. sda1.  grubs hd0,1 would be sda2, et cetra. define the correct place in the menu.lst19:17
intelikeysorry. bad joke.     answer is the same though.   /boot/grub/device.map is only read when updating the MBR   i think.19:17
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=== vhozarf is now known as vhozard
vhozardi have xawtv and i want a config file ~./xawtv to make resolution 720x576, howto?19:18
sub[t]rnl!ask | kubuntu_19:18
ubotukubuntu_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)19:18
vhozardso: i have xawtv and i want a config file ~./xawtv to make resolution 720x576, howto?19:18
NegatratoronDoes anyone know of some way to force device.map to be read?19:19
intelikeyNegatratoron grub-install19:19
vhozardanyone: i have xawtv and i want a config file ~./xawtv to make resolution 720x576, howto?19:19
NegatratoronOkay, thank you19:19
jussi01!repeat | vhozard19:20
ubotuvhozard: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience19:20
intelikeyNegatratoron also of note.  the nomynclature of grub is wIErD </shivers>  if you have two ide drives on seperate cables /dev/hda and /dev/hdc  they are still (hd0)  and  (hd1)  to grub.19:21
NegatratoronI don't actually have any IDE drives, but thank you anyway19:22
vhozardi have xawtv and i want a config file ~./xawtv to make resolution 720x576, howto?19:22
intelikeyNegatratoron same for *ata19:22
nacho_hello any people speak spanish19:23
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:24
intelikeyvhozard i know that your question is the most important thing in the world.  but you are repeting it a little bit oftener than needs be.   have you tried to read the xawtv docs ?19:24
=== azid is now known as stinkychild
intelikeyvhozard maybe search for "xawtv runtime configuration" even.     if i had ever played with xawtv maybe i could help, but i haven't.19:25
teo_can some one tell me how to install php with gd library ??19:27
vhozardi searched, but i cant find19:27
=== jimster is now known as jimster_
vhozardand, yes, intelikey you are right i must calm down19:28
fdovingteo_: first install php the normal way, then install the package php5-gd19:28
intelikey!info php5-gd | teo_ this ?19:28
ubotuteo_ this ?: php5-gd (source: php5): GD module for php5. In component main, is optional. Version 5.2.3-1ubuntu6.3 (gutsy), package size 32 kB, installed size 164 kB19:28
vhozardmaybe, with screenshot someone van help: http://vhozard.googlepages.com/xawtv.jpg19:29
vhozardanyone who can help me with xawtv???19:32
vitokHallo Leute! Kann mir vielleicht jemand einen Tip bei der Grundeinstellung des BIOS geben?19:32
vhozardvitok, plz speak english19:32
vitokOh, i`m Sorry.19:33
gregor_or #kubuntu-de19:33
jussi01!de | vitok19:33
ubotuvitok: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de19:33
jussi01vhozard: pastebin the config file - cant garantee I can help, but Ill take a look19:34
JohnFluxis it possible to do an apt-get dist-upgrade    without it downloading _all_ the packages first?19:34
JohnFluxso that it installs the packages as it goes along19:34
jussi01JohnFlux: no, not that I know of19:35
intelikeyvhozard http://tldp.org  and type in a search for xawtv  ?19:35
vhozardjussi, thats the problem i dont know the config file (it doesnt come with installing via apt-get)19:35
intelikeyvhozard also usefull     dpkg -L xawtv | less   to list all files from the xawtv package19:36
vhozardill try19:37
chefjrhallo ...19:37
intelikeyvhozard sometimes that will show things in /etc that you may have over looked.   also any docs that come with it.   /usr/share/doc/*19:37
vhozardi'll searcg19:38
vhozardintelikey i cant find19:41
intelikeysorry.  that's all i can do for you on that one.19:42
thechrisflash amd6419:42
vhozardok, thanks anyway19:42
thechristhe script on the forums did not work19:42
RoboCopCould not detect openssl! Please specify the path to the directory containing openssl/ssl.h via the command line option --openssl-includes="/path/to/file"19:47
intelikeyRoboCop trying to compile something ?19:48
RoboCopintelikey ya19:48
RoboCopintelikey inspircd.19:49
LamerManhow can i kill a tcp connection from console?19:50
intelikeyhmmm i'm not seeing an openssl-dev package...19:50
intelikeyLamerMan ifconfig <interface> down19:50
intelikeyLamerMan kill the process that opened it ?19:50
LamerManone tcp connection, not the whole interface19:50
intelikeyheh. well you have to be specific, or you'll get what you ask for    :)))19:51
LamerManintelikey, just killing connection without killing processes or the whole network19:51
intelikeyLamerMan normally there is a process "holding the door open"   find and kill it.19:52
LamerManintelikey, i need it to debug that process :)19:52
sub[t]rnlor use netstat19:52
sub[t]rnltcpkill too :>19:53
sub[t]rnlsudo tcpkill host x.x.x.x19:54
intelikeyhmmm tcpkill  i don't have that, wonder what package it comes in ?19:54
LamerMansub[t]rnl thanks, i've been just recommended this program on another channel, i'll try it19:54
sub[t]rnlintelikey➜ apt-file tells me dsniff19:55
fdovingdsniff got a bunch of usefull stuff.19:56
sub[t]rnlnot a bunch, ettercap can do the majority of the entire dsniff package19:57
sub[t]rnlbut yeah, tcpkill is nice19:57
NutubuntuI've built a new box with new disks and want to transfer my /home/directory ... there was a handy tar cmd sequence that allowed piping tar from one mountpoint through untar into another, transferring the files and permissions structure along with the files themselves, but I can't remember it or (so far) figure it out from man tar ... I'm a n00b to tar.19:57
intelikeyi dont think i'll install dsniff right now.    "dmidecode dsniff laptop-detect libdb4.2 libice6 libnet1 libnids1.20 libpcap0.8 libsm6 libssl0.9.7 libx11-6 libxau6 libxext6 libxmu6 libxt6 x11-common"19:58
intelikeytoo many deps.19:58
sub[t]rnlwhat was the total install size it gave?19:59
RoboCop i need ssl.h     which package might be having it?19:59
sub[t]rnl!find openssl20:00
ubotuFound: libcurl4-openssl-dev, pyopenssl-doc, python-pyopenssl, python-pyopenssl-dbg, aolserver4-nsopenssl (and 11 others)20:00
intelikeyNutubuntu    tar -cf - "$1" | tar -xf - -C "$2"20:00
ubuntu>server irc<iiens<net20:00
Nutubuntuintelikey: thanks!20:02
shazowhiya, I just did a fresh install of the latest kubuntu hardy, and kdm loads fine, but when i log in, at "initializing system services", it fails with the error "Could not start ksmserver"20:05
nosrednaekimshazow: #ubuntu+120:06
sn00zerhello all, is there a way to find out why amarok is taking 92% of my cpu whenever the track changes?20:06
nosrednaekimshazow: if they can't help you there, file a bug20:06
shazownosrednaekim: thanks20:06
shazowvery convenient that the ubuntuforums decided to be taken down today :P20:07
nosrednaekimshazow: there is always the kubuntuforums20:07
shazownot as much luck there20:07
andreas__hi there. is there a project that offers "respins" of kubuntu? i don't want to download 700mb only to find out i have to download another 500mb for the same packages..20:08
nosrednaekimandreas__: what do you mean, respics20:08
=== tburdick is now known as themonotone
nosrednaekimremastersys might be able to do it.20:09
nosrednaekimandreas__: ooo I get cha...20:09
andreas__like these20:09
andreas__remastersys, let me have a look20:10
andreas__seems like i would have to have a working copy of mint...20:12
andreas__i first thought of jidgo, but i didn't found a jigdo template newer than the official release..20:13
intelikeyKrap. to install festival, i have to install both perl and python   ;/20:13
intelikeyso i guess i just won't install it.      but i may hack it....20:14
andreas__what do you have against perl and python20:14
biovorescripting languages..20:15
biovorethere all bloat20:15
andreas__ah yes. it will take another 50mb of your 500gb disk20:15
NickPrestaandreas__, intelikey runs a fairly minimalistic system, if I recall correctly :)20:15
intelikeyandreas__ 57.5MB of my 4g disk.20:15
andreas__ever considered slackware ;)20:16
intelikeyyep have 5.0 non-release release on cd20:16
fdovingdsl is nice.20:16
intelikeyhave dsl too20:16
andreas__ah 5.0 was a good one20:16
andreas__the best 1995 has to offer, as i always say20:16
fdovinghow is 12? i've downloaded the dvd, not had time to test yet.20:17
intelikeyandreas__ but i'm not gonna be downloading dvd's over dialup.   one cd was bad enough.20:18
andreas__slackware offers cds. you can get  a complete system (without kde) with the first cd20:19
intelikeyand a 57m dl is six days of bandnarrowness     that's part of what i have against perl & python20:19
intelikeywell that was exagerated just a little.  but you get the point.20:20
andreas__really doesn't matter thouth. give 12.1 a try when it comes out20:20
intelikeyi dont even have bash installed    "more bloat"  :)20:21
sub[t]rnlwhat are you running on, an etch-a-sketch?20:22
intelikeychalk board20:23
biovoreintelikey's computer has switches on the front for direct binary input :-P20:23
andreas__hmm, 4gb hard drive.. i'd say a p2 and 64 match that20:24
andreas__64mb ram20:24
intelikeyKernel: Linux 2.6.15-Area51-586 | Distro: Debian/GNU Ubuntu | CPU: P1MMX processor @ 100 Mhz | Mem usage: 8.1/123.5 MB (7%) | Swap usage: unavailable | Disk usage(/dev/root): 2.7/4.2 GB (64%) | Uptime: 4 days 23 mins 55 secs20:26
biovorehmm.. My gumstix has more horse power then intelikey's PC20:27
darkalienhello witch packet must i install that i can watch flv? my player is totem20:28
andreas__cheater; you have upgraded the ram20:28
andreas__darkalien: xine based players should work20:28
intelikeyandreas__ :)    it did have 32m when i installed.      and yes ubuntu hoary could be installed on 32m ram  but it wan't easy.20:29
andreas__to be more precise they need to utilize ffmpeg. videolan, mplayer, kaffeine should all work20:29
darkaliencan i watch it with totem ? its my favorite20:29
val0how do you check what SSL library you have installed?20:30
andreas__iff there is a xine-backend for totem or a gstreamer-plugin20:30
darkalienok mom20:30
andreas__i really don't know the state of the art for gstreamer20:30
darkalienflash demuxer plugin faild :(20:32
kenywie geht's20:32
andreas__ pkg-config --modversion openssl20:32
darkalienkeny du bist in einem englischem irc20:33
val0andreas__: thanks20:33
DiceyDaysDoes the kubuntu 7.10 alternate cd support install time encryption?20:35
noam_hi i have a question. as per http://mikearthur.co.uk/2007/12/30/konqueror-with-latest-adobe-flash-howto/ i tried making kmplayer play .swfs with /home/noam/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so, however this doesn't work, kmplayer still tries using mplayer to play those. is ubuntu's kmplayer special regarding configuration?20:35
=== reepicheep is now known as reepicheep_
=== reepicheep_ is now known as reepicheep__
noam_i see there are 3 kmplayerrc files...20:35
reepicheep__#name Francis Drake20:35
=== reepicheep__ is now known as reepicheep
=== reepicheep is now known as Francis
=== Francis is now known as FrancisDrake
=== FrancisDrake is now known as SirFrancis
intelikey!away > SirFrancis20:37
noam_christ! this solution does not work in ubuntu because kmplayer doesn't have npp compiled in20:39
noam_so we're screwed and we'll never have flash in konqueror again *burts out crying*20:39
andreas__there already is patch20:39
noam_for nspluginviewer?20:40
andreas__a patch.20:40
andreas__actually i'm surprised the kubuntu folks haven't applied it20:40
andreas__yes. konqueror with the 115 flash plugin20:40
andreas__afaik suse and fedora have it applied20:40
noam_in testing, and as far as i understand it sort of semi-working-ish20:41
intelikeya patch a ?20:41
intelikeyapache ?20:41
jpatrickandreas__: it's been applied and uploaded20:41
jpatrickandreas__: days ago20:41
andreas__well, good for you.20:42
andreas__and for noam_20:42
noam_what? so nspluginviewer shouldn't crash on flash when 115 is installed?20:43
andreas__it should never crash ;)20:43
noam_in the current condition of kubuntu 7.10, as represented by the state of the repositories, is nspluginviewer crashing?20:43
andreas__first of all, you should remove all those hacks you have found on random blogs on the internet  :P20:44
intelikeyon a perfect chalk board you would neven hear fingure nails20:44
noam_andreas__, and, is there a way to get flash working in konqueror?20:45
ForgeAushey intelikey :)20:45
intelikeyForgeAus shalom20:46
andreas__there is. just don't ask me how; i don't even run kubuntu at the moment. update your system, remove everything you have done yourself and hope20:46
intelikey!burp </troll>20:56
aharoonhi ihave proplem with ktorrent its download speed never increase than 3kb/s the same torrent on windows download at 20-25kb/s in kubuntu i download regular at 25 kb/s20:57
djdarkmanhello, I`ve noticed big difference between the CD version of kubuntu gutsy and the downloaded version, is this real?20:58
djdarkmanor is it just me?20:58
djdarkman*corretly between the CD and the DVD20:58
=== WarKat is now known as ][WarMag3][
intelikeylive CD's are alwasy sluggish20:59
djdarkmanyes but even after install???20:59
intelikeyshouldn't be   no20:59
ToothpickI seem to lose my internet connection (wireless broadcom) and rebooting is the only thing that brings it back.20:59
intelikeysame version ?20:59
nosrednaekimToothpick: are you using ndiswrapper?21:00
djdarkmanyes, but strangely, the CD version installs kubuntu incorrectly21:00
surgyhey scump21:00
djdarkmanmaybe it`s becasuse on the DVD i used the text mode install?21:00
intelikeythat's not so strange.    yes use the textmode    ubuquity leaves much to be desired21:01
nosrednaekimwell, the DVD has more crap on it..21:02
aharoonanyone have idea how to configure ktorrent to speed download?? or at least repair my sittuation21:02
CrashedHey guys, I'm running the live Kubuntu disc (I'm a linux newbie). I'm having a problem installing flash player.21:03
nosrednaekimCrashed: yes, flash installation is broken.21:04
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash21:04
intelikeynosrednaekim again ?21:04
CrashedThanks a lot intelikey.21:04
CrashedOh flash is broken? :(21:05
intelikeyit was,  but i thought they fixed it...21:05
CrashedI get a new computer, it's got no OS, so I pop in Kubuntu so I can *finally* watch youtube videos.21:05
jeismaanyone know anything about perl?21:05
CrashedAnd now you're telling me that I can't!? >:(21:05
nosrednaekimooo, maybe they fixed it.21:06
jeismaCrashed why can't you? you should be able to21:06
CrashedI don't know how to install it. :)21:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nickserve - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:06
Crashed.tar.gz, .rpm, and YUM. Which should I choose?21:06
nosrednaekimCrashed: go download the adobe deb for it.21:06
aharoon hi ihave proplem with ktorrent its download speed never increase than 3kb/s the same torrent on windows download at 20-25kb/s in kubuntu i download regular at 25 kb/s21:06
tim_can any one tell me how to retrieve my nickserv password21:06
nosrednaekimthere SHOULD be a .deb for it there21:06
CrashedThere is none on the page.21:07
intelikey!register > tim_21:07
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ are you behind a router?21:07
Toothpicknosrednaekim: don't think so, I'm using the proprietary driver though21:07
Toothpickso maybe21:07
nosrednaekimCrashed: then get the tar.gz21:07
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ do you have the proper ports forwarded?21:08
CrashedAlright, I open the tar.gz with Ark21:08
CrashedThen what do I do?21:08
nosrednaekimToothpick: nah... that would be Fw_cutter then...21:08
aharooni opened 3 port in router and set them in port , udp tracker port , upnp and nothing changed21:08
CrashedInside is a shell script and a .so file.21:08
CrashedWhen I try to run the shell script, it just shows me the script.21:08
nosrednaekimCrashed: untar it into a folder, go to that folder on the command line, and run the shell script21:08
nosrednaekimrun the shell script from the command line with "./shellscriptname"21:09
CrashedIs there a hotkey in Kubuntu to bring up the desktop?21:09
aharoon port , udp tracker port , DHT communication21:09
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ in the general tab in ktorrent, enable use DHT to get addition peers.  Set the port and have your router forward that port.  Enable protocol encryption as well, in case your isp is monitoring21:10
CrashedAhha. It is working. :)21:10
nosrednaekimCrashed: hrm, can't think of it off the top of my head, but i'm sure you could set one.21:10
CrashedOn Windows, I'd use the windows key + D.21:10
CrashedVery convenient.21:10
aharooni already did that nothing changed21:11
CrashedDoes Age of Empires run on Kubuntu?21:11
nosrednaekimCrashed: possibly under WINE21:11
CrashedI should probably just make this my permanent OS, but I wanna play some games.21:11
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ your settings within Download prefrences will also play a factor into your torrent speeds.  Especially maximum connects and maximum upload rate.21:11
CrashedHm. What kind of system requirements would you say you'd need for WINE?21:11
intelikeysub[t]rnl hehhe  that "in case your isp is monitoring" line set off three alarms here   lol21:11
sub[t]rnlwoops :P21:11
CrashedAMD 3000+, 768MB DDR RAM sound good?21:12
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ let me rephrase, in case your isp is monitorring torrent traffic.21:12
nosrednaekimCrashed: if it can play the original game under windows... it can play it under wine.21:12
nosrednaekimCrashed: at least on the hardware side...WINE might not have the capability for that game yet21:12
CrashedAh, I see.21:13
aharooneverything is set to 0 i changed ports of port, UDP tracker and fforworded them in router i set number of upload slots to 10 max upload rate to 321:13
CrashedHm, Flash player needs Mozilla.21:13
Toothpickyes, fwcutter, any ideas?21:13
CrashedI was using Konqueror.21:13
nosrednaekimCrashed: it says that?21:13
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ if everything is set to 0, then you have some problems.  Setting unlimited will hamper your speeds21:13
aharooni dont think the proplem with isp i download from windows at 25kb21:13
CrashedERROR: Your home directory does not have a Mozilla, Netscape, or Opera21:14
aharoonwhat is the pest setting?21:14
Crashedbrowser user directory. Run one of these browsers at least once21:14
=== drarem is now known as flake
CrashedKubuntu doesn't come with FireFox preinstalled, does it?21:14
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ theres a formula that you can find for the settings, based off your maximum upload/download rates21:14
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ are you using dialup?21:14
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "touch .mozilla"21:14
aharoondsl 25621:14
tim_is there anyway to reset my nickserv password? the intelikey link didnt help21:15
CrashedMan I love my new PC. I've been running an AMD K6-2 475 MHz, 64MB RAM, 12.5GB HDD, 8MB integrated graphics for the longest time.21:15
sub[t]rnlaharoon➜ well, thats a horrid download rate then.  if you find a torrent with a good ratio of peers/seeders that is over say 100, then you should be getting at least 20021:15
mefisto__I'm getting an error in konsole when trying to start konqueror and kaffeine "Inconsistency detected by ld.so" any idea how to fix it?21:15
nosrednaekimCrashed: yech :)21:16
CrashedRan it, it says nothing. And when I try installing Flash I get the same error. I'll just go install FF now.21:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nickserve - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:16
CrashedThis machine's got an x800XL :)21:16
matt__i seem to be having minor issues with katapult. It is supposed to use the entries for kmenuedit, correct? That is the only "catalog"  I have selected, but there is a lot of "spam" when I use katapult. I'm thinking that most of the "spam" is automatic entries made by wine or something? I've deleted everthing out of kmenuedit that I don't want, but still nothing.21:16
intelikeynosrednaekim err ummm if .mozilla is not a dir that will make a regular file which may be in the way of future actions    maybe   rm .mozilla ;mkdir .mozilla -p21:16
CrashedScores 4.9 / 5.9 on Vista, not that that matters too much.21:16
aharoonthe same torrent i tried  on my pc but i was in windows os it download at 20-25 kb\s the proplem with setting i guess21:16
nosrednaekimintelikey: hrm... so true whoops21:16
intelikeynosrednaekim commands listed there are safe even if the dir exists.21:17
CrashedCould the fact that I'm running Kubuntu off the Live CD be causing a slower download speed on my torrent?21:17
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "rm .mozilla"21:17
CrashedBecause there's like 900 seeders, but I'm only hitting 25 KB/s.21:17
aaron_thast shitty21:17
=== aaron_ is now known as gitrdun^
nosrednaekimCrashed: it could....21:17
CrashedNothing nos.21:17
nosrednaekimCrashed: good...21:17
CrashedGood? :P21:18
nosrednaekiminstall firefox then....21:18
CrashedI absolutely dispised FireFox on my K6-2 system. Now I'm gonna love it :D21:18
CrashedI can't spell at all today.21:18
nosrednaekimCrashed: usually, when you run simple commands on the command line, its better if they DON"T tell you anything.21:18
gitrdun^im on shrrooms i cant see21:18
CrashedNos: I'll remember that.21:18
matt__i seem to be having minor issues with katapult. It is supposed to use the entries for kmenuedit, correct? That is the only "catalog"  I have selected, but there is a lot of "spam" when I use katapult. I'm thinking that most of the "spam" is automatic entries made by wine or something? I've deleted everthing out of kmenuedit that I don't want, but still nothing.21:19
intelikeyCrashed what he's saying is that in linux "no error == no error"21:19
CrashedAlright, cool.21:20
mefisto__what does the error "Inconsistency detected by ld.so" mean? any idea how to fix it?21:20
nosrednaekimCrashed: how are you installing firefox? through apt-get?21:20
DiceyDaysxDoes the kubuntu 7.10 alternate cd support install time encryption?21:20
nosrednaekimDiceyDaysx: I think so.21:20
CrashedSo do you think $200 for a used AMD 3000+ (s939), 256MB (I think) x800XL, 768MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, + TV tuner was a good deal?21:20
DiceyDaysxnosrednaekim: K. Thanks21:20
Crashednos... is that what I should be doing? I always forget about apt-get.21:21
intelikeymefisto__ doesn't sound good.   what opjest is barking that error ?21:21
CrashedI just downloaded the FireFox tar.gz off the site.21:21
aharoonno ides here?21:21
mefisto__intelikey: when I try to start konqueror, and kaffeine (so far)21:21
nosrednaekimCrashed: thats the hard way.... run "apt-get update && apt-get install firefox"21:21
CrashedI ran sudo apt-get install firefox21:22
CrashedI was getting bitched at for not being root.21:22
intelikeymefisto__ what did you do   reload without reformating ?21:22
nosrednaekimCrashed: right... but did you update your package lists first?21:22
CrashedNo :(21:22
mefisto__intelikey: I don't know what you mean21:22
nosrednaekimCrashed: "sudo apt-get update"21:22
CrashedIs installing WINE just as easy as installing FireFox?21:22
nosrednaekimCrashed: yes21:23
nosrednaekimif its in the repositories, its just as easy (and WINE is)21:23
CrashedOh, awesome then.21:23
=== jess_ is now known as noobtube
CrashedShould I re-install firefox now that I've updated?21:23
intelikeymefisto__ the error makes me think that you have libs that don't match the library database cache       it's checking a lib "dot.so file" and saying "wow i shouldn't be geting that info from that file"21:23
noobtubeok how can i access my /etc/module.conf21:23
nosrednaekimCrashed: oh... it installed it before?21:24
CrashedYes it did.21:24
nosrednaekimCrashed: nah... no need then.21:24
CrashedThis is a fairly recent Kubuntu image.21:24
CrashedAlright, cool.21:24
nosrednaekimrun firefox... and then run that flash installer again.21:24
CrashedI just ran firefox, it looked like it was loading for a minute -- it's dissapeared from my task bar now.21:24
intelikeymefisto__ like maybe you installed another glibc package or something   "probably not glibc but something along that line"21:24
noobtubecan i get some help? how do i get to my /etc/modules.conf?21:25
mefisto__intelikey: I got this error after installing kdetv. It ran ok the first time, but after closing it, it wouldn't start. then I couldn't start konq or kaffeine21:25
nosrednaekimnoobtube: "kdesudo kate /etc/modules.conf"21:25
noobtubethank you21:25
CrashedFireFox is no where to be found.21:25
CrashedI run it, it loads, it goes away.21:26
intelikeyyep library hickup.  mefisto__   run# sudo ldconfig -v     see what it reviels21:26
andreas__run it from a terminal21:26
andreas__ther ejust might be a more helpful error message ;)21:26
aharoonis there any program for torrnet to try it?21:27
aharoonbetter than ktorrent21:27
mefisto__intelikey: what should I be looking for in the output?21:27
val0so what's the dealio with the kernel exploit? should we worry :D21:27
intelikeymefisto__ error messages21:28
intelikeymefisto__ even warnings21:28
intelikeyval0 which exploit ?21:29
CrashedChanged resolution, and it killed all my applications./21:30
CrashedAnyway, what's up with Firefox?21:30
val0intelikey: first article on /. today :D21:30
val0and it specifically mentions debian/ubuntu21:31
nosrednaekimCrashed: try running it from the command line, it should give you a decent error message21:31
CrashedI just type in 'firefox' ?21:32
CrashedNo errors.21:32
CrashedBut nothing happens.21:32
nosrednaekimit goes right back to the command line?21:32
CrashedAlmost instantly, yes.21:33
mefisto__intelikey: I get a long list like this: libnss_mdns6.so.2 -> libnss_mdns6.so.2 but no warnings or errors21:33
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "ls | grep .moz"21:33
nosrednaekimdoes it return anything?21:33
val0intelikey: did you find it or do you want me to send you a link?21:33
tarincan anyone help me setup gutsy as a webserver21:33
nosrednaekimCrashed: odd, you know, sometimes things behave wierdly off the liveCD... why aren't you installing?21:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about webserver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:34
CrashedI was going to install windows. :/21:34
nosrednaekim!LAMP | tarin21:34
ubotutarin: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)21:34
CrashedPlease don't hurt me for saying that :P21:34
intelikeymefisto__ are you still unable to open konqueror ?21:34
nosrednaekimCrashed: I won't... I have windows on here, I use it for Garmin navigation.21:34
CrashedHell, I should just install this and play around with linux.21:34
nosrednaekimCrashed: install XP first.21:35
CrashedWell, don't hurt me for this either, but I'm downloading XP.21:35
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o21:35
CrashedYeah I know :(21:35
CrashedIve been using such an ancient PC for so long that I haven't been able to even run XP.21:35
andreas__(vista is better anyway)21:35
CrashedI need to pick up a copy sometime.21:35
intelikeyval0 looks like if you have the infected kernel,  then yes.   there should be a patch in the repos very soon21:35
mefisto__intelikey: same error: Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/i386/dl-machine.h: 550: elf_machine_rel_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 8' failed!21:36
CrashedI don't want to install 98SE :]21:36
val0intelikey: the new ver of firefox has an issue too :( and adobe 2008 as well... great weekend! i don't wont to go to work tomorrow21:36
nosrednaekimCrashed: then install Kubuntu.21:36
CrashedThat I am doing right now.21:36
intelikeyval0 heh.  yeah.21:37
CrashedAlright, it's asking me what kind of partition I want for Kubuntu.21:37
nosrednaekimCrashed: what do you use your computer for? games? or mostly surfing and such.21:37
CrashedWhich option is the use-all option?21:37
intelikeyval0 that's yet another bid for using the LTS or debian stable.21:37
CrashedWell, it *used* to be mostly surfing. But now that I can play games, I definately want to catch up.21:37
CrashedStopp playing games since 2000. I really need to catch up :)21:38
CrashedI stopped*21:38
nosrednaekimCrashed: well, there are plenty of free games for Linux, if you don't already have some bought21:38
intelikeymefisto__ is that a 64 bit install ?21:38
nosrednaekimCrashed: you mean for partitioning?21:38
CrashedI want it to use my entire HDD, but I can't really understand.21:38
nosrednaekimCrashed: "guided - use entire disk"21:38
mefisto__intelikey: no21:38
CrashedI don't see that option.21:38
nosrednaekimwhat options do you see?21:39
Crashed'Erase entire disk' - I got that one.21:39
val0intelikey: as opposed to? (asking because i really don't know :D)21:39
CrashedResize master, partition #121:39
CrashedUse the largest continuous free space21:39
intelikeymefisto__ well i'm at a loss on that.   time to hit google and the bug reports.21:39
CrashedAnd manually edit.21:39
nosrednaekimCrashed: yeah..."erase entire disk"21:39
intelikeyval0 ubuntu latest21:39
CrashedAlright, thanks.21:39
intelikeyval0 or debian testing21:39
mefisto__intelikey: trouble is I don't understand much of what I've found, and no mention of a solution21:40
thiemsteronly 38 more members to go in the ubuntu forums for 500,00021:40
nosrednaekimCrashed: never seen that mix of options before though.... is this the 7.10, gusty (the latest release)?21:40
CrashedWould I be able to still talk on IRC while installing?21:40
nosrednaekimCrashed: yes21:40
CrashedAwesome :D21:40
CrashedWhat's the command to check?21:40
intelikeymefisto__ yeah. i'm not much help there either,  sorry.21:40
val0intelikey: oh i see, i always thought those were for people who know what they are doing, so i am not going anywhere near those!21:40
nosrednaekimCrashed: though if you are torrenting... you may not want to wipe the disk, cause thats "hopefully" where you are torrenting to21:40
CrashedWell, it says it's formatting everything.21:41
intelikeyval0 well ubuntu dapper drake LTS isn't affected by that exploit.  kernel is loder than the window of exploit21:41
CrashedWhy is my mouse scroll button binded to the clipboard?21:42
CrashedThat is very odd :P21:42
val0intelikey: cool, thanks for the info!21:42
nosrednaekimCrashed: command to check is "lsb_release -a"21:42
intelikeyCrashed middle click.21:42
CrashedHopefully WINE works with my favourite application.21:42
nosrednaekimCrashed: middle click in KDE is paste21:43
CrashedHm, this is 6.10, nosrednaekim.21:43
Goliath23hi. I heard that the newer nvidia drivers fix a problem with kde4 and provide better performance. the newest package I can get in gutsy is driver version 1.00.14 the nvidia homepage provides 169.09 ... is there a better way to install a newer version than taking the one from the nvidia homepage?21:43
intelikeyval0 2.6.17 through only.21:43
CrashedAh, that's good to know.21:43
nosrednaekimCrashed: fairly old....21:43
CrashedOh really?21:43
nosrednaekimover a year21:43
CrashedWrote this damn thing on a CD-R.21:43
nosrednaekim2 releases old,21:43
CrashedSaving my only CD-RW for Windows.21:44
intelikeynosrednaekim and Crashed as long as xorg has existed....   5 years ?21:44
nosrednaekimbut don't worry, it'll work fine.21:44
CrashedWhat kind of system resources does Kubuntu use?21:44
intelikeyoh sorry.  i'm out of sync there.21:44
nosrednaekimintelikey: hrm, didn't know that was a X thing. ^_^21:44
CrashedI remember it was bad news when I ran it on my K6-2. Took nearly an hour to boot up.21:44
intelikeynosrednaekim yes it's X not kde.21:44
nosrednaekimCrashed: should be speedy on that hardware...21:45
intelikeynosrednaekim actualy linux  not X   but i don't know the origen of that21:45
CrashedI'm thinking of dropping a light HTTP server OS on my K6-2. Turn it into a server.21:45
CrashedProbably wouldn't even be able to handle a website decently.21:45
intelikeyCrashed apache cherokee ?21:45
intelikeysure it will.21:46
nosrednaekimCrashed: oh yeah.... it should...21:46
CrashedMaybe I should do that then.21:46
CrashedDoes Kubuntu have any free, good software for TV tuners?21:46
intelikeyuntil they post your url on /.21:46
* intelikey runs cherokee on all his pinguins21:47
CrashedKubuntu is so shiny compared to 98SE.21:47
intelikeyi didn't say they were open to the public.21:47
nosrednaekimCrashed: depends on if the TV tuner is supported.there is Ktv and MythTv21:48
ubotuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out21:48
CrashedI've got a powerview TV tuner.21:49
VanDykecan't join #ubuntu21:49
CrashedOh jesus, that page looks like garbage. It looked fine in IE. I'm gonna love hating IE now :P21:49
CrashedAnd I should probably put 'Time since Crashed's PC arrival'21:50
intelikeyVanDyke banned ?21:50
VanDykeand the weird thing is21:50
VanDykeI've never been to that channel before21:50
nosrednaekim!hardware | Crashed, look for it in this page21:50
ubotuCrashed, look for it in this page: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection21:50
intelikeymaybe your nick/ip preceeded you...21:51
VanDykereally strange21:51
VanDykeintelikey: are you in that channel?21:51
CrashedI'm guessing my card isn't supported?21:52
intelikeyVanDyke there is a channel   #ubuntu-ops   for this sort of thing.21:52
VanDykeI just installed ubuntu 8.04 in my desktop21:52
CrashedIf it doesn't work, I'll have to use XP - definately. :(21:52
intelikeyand a #ubuntu+1 for that sort of thing21:52
VanDykeintelikey: thx bro21:53
intelikeyCrashed use what ever your concious will let you use.    mine and the EULA just don't jive.21:53
intelikeyVanDyke welcome21:54
nosrednaekimCrashed: it may have a different chipset, find the exact model with "lspci"21:54
intelikeyor lshw21:54
Crashedalright, time to restart to finish the installation.21:55
nosrednaekimc ya!21:56
VanDykeintelikey: got in :P21:56
nosrednaekimVanDyke: FYI... the hardy channel is #ubuntu+121:57
VanDykenosrednaekim: thx :)21:58
tzangergood afternoon22:01
tzangerjust a question about linux-image-ume - any benefit to running it on an intel laptop?22:02
nosrednaekimnever heard of that one22:03
nosrednaekim!find linux-image-ume22:03
ubotuFound: linux-image-ume22:03
nosrednaekim!search linux-image-ume22:03
nosrednaekim!info linux-image-ume22:03
ubotulinux-image-ume (source: linux-meta): Linux kernel image on 386 Embedded/Mobile. In component universe, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 24 kB, installed size 52 kB22:03
nosrednaekimtzanger: nah... don't use that.22:03
tzangernosrednaekim: ok, I'll just get the source for the regular vesion and turn up things like tickless22:04
nosrednaekimtzanger: k22:04
tzangerthanks :-)22:04
CrashedYay for installed Kubuntu :)22:05
tzangeractually I will try to set up the latest release of linux... -rt kills hibernate/suspend on this laptop22:05
nosrednaekimCrashed: coolo :)22:05
CrashedThanks a lot for all the help, nosrednaekim22:06
nosrednaekimCrashed: now... you want flash?22:06
CrashedYeah, I'm working on it right now.22:06
nosrednaekimyeah... you'll have to re grab firefox.22:06
CrashedAlready got it, and now it even works! :P22:06
nosrednaekimah.. one step ahead :)22:06
CrashedThese are some killer slow download speeds.22:07
CrashedI need to run a bandwidth test.22:07
CrashedI think my integrated network card is crap on this PC.22:07
nosrednaekimCrashed: yeah... you'll probably need to switch off of the main Download mirrors.22:07
nosrednaekimor that could be the problem.22:07
CrashedIt's a 10/100 card.22:07
CrashedSo it *should* be fine.22:08
CrashedOh cool.22:08
CrashedThat was really weird. I started off floating at 50 KB/s (flash install file).22:08
CrashedIt went down and floated at 20, but at the very end it was hitting 150 KB/s.22:08
nosrednaekimwell, the mirrors wouldn't affect the flash DL.. that would be  for firefox and other apps22:10
CrashedIs there a graphical process manager, like Windows's task manager?22:10
CrashedOne bandwidth test says I was capping at 700 kilobits per second (yeah, kilobits).22:11
CrashedThis one says 3000 kilobits, which is the connection I have.22:11
nosrednaekimCrashed: ctrl+esc22:12
nosrednaekimor maybe alt+esc.. I forget22:12
nosrednaekimCrashed: you ain't getting no sympaty from me...i'm on dial-up22:13
CrashedHeh, that must suck.22:13
CrashedYou pay your own bills, and/or you live in the middle of no where?22:13
nosrednaekimmiddle of nowhere22:14
CrashedYeah, that's the main problem people have.22:14
CrashedNo DSL or cable available in their area.22:14
CrashedCable is as cheap as dial-up these days.22:14
CrashedWhat kind of game can I run to test out my graphics card's power?22:15
nosrednaekimwell, we do have cable avail.... but it costs like $60 as compared to $12 per month for dial-up22:15
CrashedActually, I should install WINE.22:15
nosrednaekimCrashed: nah... save that.. try some free linux games.22:15
clintcCrashed: spring-ta will do it22:15
nosrednaekimCrashed: gl-117 is a sweet combat flight sim22:15
clintcCrashed: or scroched 3d22:16
nosrednaekimCrashed: not sure what games were in the edgy repositories22:16
clintcCrashed: spring-ta = cool real time strategy game22:16
CrashedIt feels so good being able to play flash games now :D22:16
nosrednaekim!find tremulous (edgy)22:16
ubotuFound: tremulous, tremulous-data, tremulous-doc, tremulous-server22:16
nosrednaekimCrashed: heh :)22:16
CrashedHey, this also means I can actually run some of my 3D opengl python projects too.22:17
clintcCrashed: spring-ta gives my nvidia 6800 a pretty good workout22:17
Crashedthe x800XL is supposed to be comparable to the 6800GT22:18
clintccan anyone suggest a really good dvd burner for working with k3b.. my lite-on just died and I need to replace it22:18
nosrednaekimCrashed: oh.. thats an ATI? did you install the drivers.....22:18
=== daryl_ is now known as kompaq
sayucyofnv :)22:19
CrashedI should install the drivers shouldn't I.22:20
clintcCrashed: here is a link for spring-ta: http://spring.clan-sy.com/ .. great game if you like rts22:20
CrashedInstalling it is pretty complicated.22:21
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx"22:21
nosrednaekimCrashed: its a heck of a lot easier in the latest version :)22:21
CrashedLatest version of Kubuntu or spring-ta?22:22
Crashedsudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglr22:22
CrashedE: Couldn't find package xorg-driver-fglr22:22
CrashedThat first paste was an accident.22:22
BluesKaj60 bucks for cable internet ...that a bit pricey nosrednaekim ...I'm in the boonies to some degree here and I pay 45bucks for so called 7mb speed which works out to 700kbs of course22:23
CrashedBell, Blueskaj?22:23
BluesKajyup Crashed , sympatico dsl22:24
CrashedBlueskaj: they're well known for delivering a fraction of what their 'up to' package.22:24
=== patrick__ is now known as oloughlin75
Crashed2008 is predicted to be the slowest year in internet latency anyway.22:24
nosrednaekimCrashed: put a x on the end of that....22:24
BluesKajmost ISP do the same22:24
CrashedOh, oops nos.22:25
CrashedThis cheap $5 optical mouse really stinks at accuracy.22:25
nosrednaekim!find fglrx22:25
ubotuFound: fglrx-control, xorg-driver-fglrx, xorg-driver-fglrx-dev, fglrx-kernel-source22:25
surgyis there any way i can record my screen? as in record everything displayed on my screen and then save it as a .mov or soemthing?22:25
oloughlin75Hello! Is there a way to install ndiswrapper on kubuntu? My realtek 8185L is not working and ndis wont compile when I download it.22:25
BluesKajwell ,the guy at my ISP support says its quoted in megbits not megabytes22:25
CrashedAlright, it looks like it finished.22:25
CrashedI assume I have to restart now.22:25
nosrednaekimCrashed: not yet22:26
CrashedOkay... I'll just happily play 'Gangster Life' then :)22:26
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: yes,you can grab it from the repositories..22:26
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: When I search for ndis nothing comes up?22:26
BluesKajCrashed, you on Rogers ?22:26
CrashedI am.22:26
nosrednaekimCrashed: you need to modify your xorg.conf first (hooray for text file editing)22:26
CrashedTheir service is pretty good.22:26
BluesKajyeah, my son uses them in windsor22:27
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: is this a fresh install?22:27
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: run a "sudo apt-get update"22:27
clintcsurgy: check here: http://www.freecharity.org.uk/2007/04/12/the-secret-to-screencasting-with-ubuntu-and-free-software/22:28
CrashedIs it /etc/X11/xorg.conf nosrednaekim?22:28
oloughlin75I am amazed mys ound works out of the box on the alpa release :)22:28
CrashedI should probably plugin my speakers.22:28
nosrednaekimCrashed: oooh, you are good :)22:28
nosrednaekimCrashed: "kdesu kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf" to edit it as root.22:28
CrashedWhat am I writing/editing?22:28
CrashedI don't seem to be getting permission errors by using nano.22:29
nosrednaekimCrashed: you need to change one thing and add three lines22:29
nosrednaekimCrashed: you will when you try to save it.22:29
CrashedGood call.22:29
CrashedI'm getting intense errors.22:29
surgywhats the command to take a screenshot?22:29
Crashedkate ran anyway.22:30
nosrednaekimmeh! command line text editor.... you my freind are bona-fide geek already22:30
CrashedSo, what specifically nosrednaekim?22:30
oloughlin75nosrednaekim: All I see for ndiswrapper is the frontend GUI version?22:30
clintcsurgy: ksnapshot22:30
Crashednosrednaekim: shucks, I'm blushing :P22:30
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: any "ndiswrapper-common"?22:30
nosrednaekimCrashed: just a moment..22:30
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: what version are you running? 8.04?22:30
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: ask in #ubuntu+1 then..I don'tknow why it wouldn't be available22:31
oloughlin75The frontend is loading I am not sure if it installed it22:31
CrashedI'm lovin' my new system.22:32
clintccan anyone suggest a dvd burner they really like?22:33
CrashedI've got some Benq DVD-+RW CD-=RW22:33
nosrednaekimCrashed: add the lines referened here to the end fo that file http://www.felipe-alfaro.org/blog/2006/09/06/ubuntu-edgy-ati-fglrx-dri-3d-acceleration-and-xorg-composite-extension/22:34
BluesKajCrashed, are you new to Linux or just kubuntu ?22:34
CrashedI hear they're piles of crap, but I've got it anyway!22:34
CrashedBluesKaj: both, really.22:34
andreas__clintc: get the cheapest. it shouldn't matter22:34
CrashedI've used linux here and there. I do a little SSH sometimes.22:34
CrashedDebian mostly.22:34
BluesKajwelcome to the wonderful world of Kubuntu22:34
CrashedThanks. You guys are the most helpful people I've ever encountered.22:35
holasamoeone uses virtualbox?22:35
andreas__free hugs for everyone!22:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about helpernack - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:35
ubotuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:35
oloughlin75What would I use to get my touchpad up and running properly? It doesnt do draging or scrolling?22:36
andreas__man synaptics22:36
nosrednaekimCrashed: and you'll also need to change the driver from the current "ati" to "fglrx"22:36
BluesKajwell we try to help and encourage22:36
nosrednaekimCrashed: in that file...22:36
Crashednosrednaekim: is it only adding those 3 lines?22:36
CrashedOh, I see.22:36
nosrednaekimand changing the driver from ati to fglrx22:37
CrashedA search for 'driver' did not return anything.22:37
andreas__oloughlin75: you'll have to edit xorg.conf / configure X11 properly with some tool22:37
CrashedA search for 'ati' came up with random words with 'ati' in it.22:38
oloughlin75andreas__: For the touchpad?22:38
andreas__oloughlin75, yes22:38
oloughlin75Alright ksynaptics wont work?22:38
andreas__in standard mode it emulates a simple mouse, but with the synaptics driver you will have all the features22:39
Crashednosrednaekim: sorry, but what exactly am I supposed to do?22:39
nosrednaekimCrashed: its in Section "Device"22:39
nosrednaekimchange vesa to fglrx22:39
andreas__ksynaptics needs afaik the synaptics driver loaded ( with a option to share some memory )22:39
nosrednaekimCrashed: sorry, you must have installed in safe-graphics mode22:39
CrashedSave, close, reboot?22:39
nosrednaekimCrashed: yeah.... but before you do, some instruction on what to do if X doesn't come up on reboot.22:40
CrashedRevert the changes using the command line?22:40
BluesKajCrashed, which ati graphics do you have ?,, in the terminal : lspci | grep video , if your not sure.22:40
nosrednaekimCrashed: boot recovery mode, and edit that file, changing the fglrx back to vesa22:40
nosrednaekimCrashed: precisely22:40
nosrednaekimhopefully that shouldn't neccesary though22:41
CrashedBluesKaj: nothing was returned from that command. But I have an ATI X800XL22:41
oloughlin75andreas__: How do I get the driver to load?22:41
andreas__edit xorg.conf22:41
andreas__Section Input Device22:42
CrashedAlright, rebooting.22:42
oloughlin75What do you use to edit it? Kate?22:42
andreas__i'm almost sure kubuntu has some tool for that, but i don't know of any22:42
nosrednaekimandreas__: not the version he isusing22:43
holasamoeone uses virtualbox?22:43
JavaBeansHi all22:44
JavaBeansHas the issue of the lost window decorations in OpenOffice been solved yet?22:44
nosrednaekimhey JavaBeans22:44
nosrednaekimJavaBeans: with compiz? yes22:44
JavaBeansAh!  Perfect22:44
CrashedThat was a quick reboot.22:44
nosrednaekimJavaBeans: go to #compiz,I forget the exact fix22:44
JavaBeansThanks alot guys22:45
Crashednosrednaekim: looks like there's no problems.22:45
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "glxinfo"and see if you have to Direct rendering22:45
andreas__oloughlin75, open xorg.conf , look for a inputdevice section and replace in the line with "Driver" whatever stands there with synaptics. for further information 'man 4 synaptics' could be helpful22:45
andreas__got to go. seeya22:45
CrashedA bunch of crap is outputted, but it all looks like opengl22:45
CrashedAh, direct rendering: yes :)22:46
nosrednaekimCrashed: look at the first 5 lines or so22:46
nosrednaekimCrashed: ok... great, that was relavtively easy :)22:46
oloughlin75Thanks andreas22:46
Crashednosrednaekim: how about WINE now?22:46
nosrednaekimCrashed: go ahead :)... but we don't support the actual installation of windows apps here, you have to go to #winehq for that.22:47
nosrednaekimmostly cause none of us here knows a thing about it :)22:47
CrashedHow would I install WINE though, apt-get install wine?22:48
nosrednaekimCrashed: put please try some free linux games first.... bzflag, gl-117, tremulous.... etc22:48
nosrednaekimCrashed: yup... there is a nice GUI frontend for apt too, called adept_manager22:48
CrashedI came across adept manager already.22:48
CrashedIt kept throwing itself on my screen.22:48
nosrednaekimthat would be adept_updater22:49
CrashedWell, that install wine command failed.22:49
oloughlin75where is xorg.conf located?22:49
CrashedPackage wine is not available, but is referred to by another package22:49
Crashedlocate xorg.conf22:49
CrashedUnix is like french :)22:50
CrashedYou put the verb at the front.22:50
nosrednaekimCrashed: lol22:51
nosrednaekim!info wine (edgy)22:51
ubotuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.22-0ubuntu3 (edgy), package size 9001 kB, installed size 42452 kB22:51
CrashedI have to download wine (edgy)?22:51
nosrednaekimCrashed: no... but yo may need to enable the universe repository22:53
Maxim000how I can mount .nrg? sudo mount -o loop,offset=307200 /image.nrg /dev/loop0 don't work :(22:53
Crashed!universe repository22:53
sayucyofSystem construction22:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about repositorie - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:53
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu22:53
Crashed!how to enable repository22:53
nosrednaekimread the above ^^22:54
sayucyofCrashed: i installed wine22:54
sayucyofSystem construction22:54
CrashedSystem construction?22:54
Maxim000writes - you must specify the filesystem type. if i specify iso9660 it writes wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop022:54
sayucyofthen advanced22:55
Maxim000so, how can I mount .nrg?22:55
CrashedSystem Construction doesn't seem to be in the System tab22:55
nosrednaekimCrashed: systemsettings22:56
nosrednaekimCrashed: and i'm not sure that the wine configurator is available in edgy22:56
CrashedI don't see system construction :/22:57
CrashedOh wait, system construction is system settings?22:57
nosrednaekimyep ;)22:57
CrashedWhat's after advanced?22:57
sayucyofoh yes22:57
nosrednaekimCrashed: there may be a wine configurator there, but it depends on your version, you're might be too old22:58
sayucyofwindows app22:58
CrashedNothing here.22:58
nialldoes anyone know how to get stage6 working?22:58
CrashedNo wine or windows.22:58
nosrednaekimdon't worry about it.... just read that tutorial on how to enable repositories.22:58
nosrednaekimniall: gentoo?22:58
nosrednaekimniall: whats stage622:59
niallstage6.com, it's a streaming video site which uses divx22:59
sayucyofCrashed: r u used kubuntu7.10?22:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about stage6 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:59
niallI can play divx media, and I can play other videos in embedded konquerer, such as WMV22:59
nosrednaekimsayucyof: no...6.1022:59
Crashed6.10, say22:59
niallbut my plugin isn't setup to support the .dvix MIME type22:59
sayucyofi said 7.1023:00
CrashedI can't just plugin my speakers, right? I gotta reboot first?23:00
nosrednaekimCrashed: nah....just pop them in23:01
CrashedI am love linux23:01
CrashedIt makes me speak German23:01
sayucyofspeaker? hehehe23:02
CrashedYay, sound!23:03
niallany idea how I could get embedded .divx files to play in my browser then?23:03
sayucyofWhat is sound card?23:03
Xbehaveby default aptitude installed recomened packages. is there a way of striping my install down to kubuntu + a list of packages ( just the programs of what ive intalled and deps) ?23:03
CrashedWhat's my sound card? Not a clue.23:04
nosrednaekimCrashed: sayucyof if it works, you dan't ask questions :)23:04
CrashedExactly :D23:04
CrashedThis repository thing is confusing.23:05
ubotuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.23:05
nosrednaekimCrashed: how so?23:05
CrashedI don't know what I'm doing.23:06
CrashedTo install Wine.23:06
oloughlin75I added "Driver" synaptics and it didnt affect the mouse function at all23:06
nosrednaekimCrashed: really, all you have to do is edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and get rid of the comments in front of the repositories you want to enable23:06
nosrednaekimcomments ==a # sign23:06
oloughlin75so i tried running the touchpad thing and it told me to add something, and not x isnt working23:06
CrashedWhich repository should I enable?>23:07
europlantskype work on kubuntu, please23:07
nosrednaekimCrashed: universe23:07
oloughlin75i need to do sudo nano ... to edit in comand line right?23:07
nosrednaekimoloughlin75: yea23:07
Crasheddamn permission denied. ungh.23:07
CrashedCan't I make 'crashed' root?23:07
europlant!!!skype work on kubuntu, please?23:07
nosrednaekimCrashed: for non-graphical apps, yes "sudo -i"23:08
Crashednosrednaekim: I have enabled that repository. What's next?23:08
nosrednaekim!skype | europlant23:08
ubotueuroplant: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto23:09
nosrednaekimCrashed: run "sudo apt-get update"23:09
Crashedyay for installing wine.23:09
Crashedyay for nosrednaekim23:09
CrashedInterestingly enough nosrednaekim and installing wine are the same length!23:10
CrashedHoly germanese23:10
CrashedThey don't have an english version of that page, sayucyof?23:11
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.23:12
nosrednaekimCrashed: hehe23:12
ignoramushey all.  got a question about the mplayer plugin for FF... Is there any way to adjust the volume?  All the other controls work, but click on the "volume" icon does nothing.23:13
Crashedholy crap.23:13
CrashedRunning 'winecfg' just made my speakers scream.23:13
=== paolo is now known as paoloTip
oloughlin75I like linux, but it is so much harder to get everything working properly23:15
Crashedoloughlin75: I'm in the same boat.23:15
SlimeyPete's all part of the experience.23:15
oloughlin75lmao - not a good part, though23:16
niallwhat you trying to get to work?23:16
CrashedHey, I'd like to know why Kubuntu is making my speakers beep randomly.23:16
oloughlin75right now the touchpad, i set the driver to synaptics in the xorg.conf, and i ran a utility that told me to add something else, which broke xorg23:17
CrashedNoo! My exe failed :(23:17
ignoramusoloughlin75: did you add "SHM" to your xorg.conf?23:17
nosrednaekimCrashed: yeah... wine is not very reliable23:17
oloughlin75Thats what I tried, and thats what broke it23:17
oloughlin75is it JUST "SHM"?23:18
ignoramusoloughlin75: are you still having problems?23:18
oloughlin75I am up and running, but I couldnt get the UI before23:18
oloughlin75i add "SHMConfig"23:18
nosrednaekimCrashed: I have to go.... good luck with Linux :)23:18
oloughlin75should it be just "SHM"?23:19
ignoramusno- you should add "Options" > "SHMconfig" > "on"23:19
Crashednosrednaekim: thanks a lot with all the help.23:19
CrashedI'll try to figure this out on my own :)23:19
ignoramusin /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:19
nosrednaekimCrashed: google is your freind... use it.23:19
CrashedGoogle hates me, actually.23:19
oloughlin75I thought that is what i did, but i will try again23:19
CrashedI bullied it during high school.23:19
nosrednaekimCrashed: heh well "don't be mean to the school nerd, someday he'll be your boss"23:20
nosrednaekimI hate to say that was by Bill Gates23:20
ignoramusoloughlin75: see my perfectly working xorg entry > http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55542/23:20
oloughlin75ignoramus: is it safe to copy and paste that into mine? :)23:21
oloughlin75i see what I did wrong now...23:21
oloughlin75Thanks a lot ignoramus!23:21
oloughlin75ill brb23:22
=== TheGonk is now known as yellowking
ignoramusoloughlin75: it's safe to add that SHM line, yes :)23:22
ignoramusoloughlin75: the other entries i've fine-tuned for my touchpad - you may have better results using other settings23:22
[mfk]i've a problem with the MBR of my hd023:25
ignoramusso anyone else having problems with volume on the mplayer-plugin?23:25
[mfk]who can help me?23:25
ignoramus[mfk] prolly someone :) what's the problem?23:25
sayucyof[mfk]: you used linux only?23:27
[mfk]i've installed from Wubi Kubuntu 7.10 on my USB-HDD, i cannot make the bootup on it because my motherboard doesn't support the bootup on USB device..however, i want to cancel the MBR, and then retry to install it (from the Lice CD)23:27
[mfk]no i've windows xp on hd023:28
ignoramus[mfk]: so you want to partition your internal HDD, right?23:28
[mfk]i want to install it on my external HDD23:29
ignoramus[mfk]: hmm... i see the dilemma... :/23:29
[mfk]but i want to cancel the MBR of the previous installation and understand where to install the bootloader during the next installation23:29
oloughlin75ignoramus: I just added your xorg.conf info for the touchpad and it hasnt done anything?23:30
sayucyofneed usb boot23:30
[mfk]yes i know but i've read it's possible to make a bootable cd that make the bootup on the USB device23:31
oloughlin75The touchpad thing I downloaded still tells me Shared Memory not accessible, please add SHMConfig on...23:31
ignoramusoloughlin75: you restarted x?23:31
oloughlin75ignoramus: yes23:31
ignoramus[mfk]: maybe this can help? > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8081123:31
ignoramusoloughlin75: please pastebin your entire xorg.conf23:32
[mfk]ignoramus: wait i open it23:32
mixedcan anyone recommend me an open source DB?23:32
[mfk]exatly :)23:33
heinkel_111mixed: MySQL23:33
[mfk]exactly :)23:33
oloughlin75ignoramus: http://pastebin.org/18972 is my xorg23:33
heinkel_111unless you need something very secure for a high number of users23:33
mixedis there any specific reason why you would prefer MySQL over postGRE?23:33
ignoramusoloughlin75: i think i see the problem.. hang on23:34
themonotonesqlite or postgresql23:34
ignoramusi've found that mysql sometimes is a resource hog (it managed my Amarok db)23:35
themonotoneI'm a fan of sqlite honestly :-) no need to setup a db and have yet another login23:35
[mfk]ignoramus: i'm printing it, i'm going to bed and i'll read it23:36
mixedignoramus, so which DB  you would recommend?23:37
[mfk]ingoramus: perhaps i'll make kubuntu dreams ;) however thanks. i believe this will help me to understand more about Kubuntu23:37
[mfk]goodnight to everybody23:37
ignoramusdr_willis is the better source, but i've had better luck with sqlite23:37
Dr_willisIve only used mysql with Mythtv23:37
sayucyof[mfk]: wait23:37
Dr_willisWhich to use - deopends on your needs.23:38
[mfk]sayucyof: okay :)23:38
oloughlin75ignoramus: Do you see what m problem is/?23:38
sayucyofwhy you dont want install mbr?23:38
ignoramusoloughlin75: see if adding this to your xorg.conf helps > http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55546/23:38
mixedthemonotone, would you know which DB is most widely use, open source wise?23:38
ignoramusoloughlin75: once added, you just have to restart X (Ctrl+Alt+Bkspc) to put it into effect23:39
sayucyofif you know  MBR fix command23:39
themonotonesure, bdb23:39
sayucyoffdisk /mbr  on windows cmd23:39
themonotoneits used on probably every unix box known to man by some program or other :-)23:39
[mfk]i simply want to cancel the MBR created on the installation of Kubuntu from Wubi!23:39
[mfk]sayucyof: i've tried but nothing, when i rebot i re-have the same MBR, cannot understand why!23:40
[mfk]i've tried also fixmbr command in dos23:41
sayucyofboot from hd0?23:41
[mfk]yes the mbr is on hd023:41
[mfk]it was installed there automatically from wubi23:42
=== paulj1 is now known as pauljw
=== ubuntu is now known as Odysseas
[mfk]i cannot understand why!23:43
Dr_willisi dident think wubi used  a mbr. I thought it some how alteree the windows boot files/configs.. but ive never used wubi. only read a little about it.23:43
[mfk]it's an enigma23:43
[mfk]i want my previous MBR back23:44
[mfk]than try to reinstall it23:44
[mfk]yes, lol!23:44
mefisto__error when trying to start konqueror or kaffeine: Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/i386/dl-machine.h: 550: elf_machine_rel_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xff) == 8' failed!23:45
ignoramusdr_willis: you think Super Grub Disk could help him?23:45
Dr_willisNo idea, if wubi altered the xp/whatever boot  ini files.. I dont see how.23:45
sayucyofread here23:46
Dr_willisIf it truely altered the mbr, then 'fdisk /mbr' should of installed the normal windows mbr.23:46
[mfk]exactly, should!!!23:46
ignoramus[mfk]: what kind of output do you get when running fdisk?23:47
Dr_willisi would have to say - check the wubi docs on what it does.  - I did not think it messed with the mbr.23:47
[mfk]ignoramus: nothing!23:47
oloughlin75SOOO easy to plunge into command line!23:48
ignoramusoloughlin75: did you get your touchpad working?23:49
oloughlin75ignoramus: Thank you a lot alot! Mouse works!23:49
ignoramusoloughlin75:  good! :)23:49
[mfk]i believe it was the easiest thing of the world23:49
ignoramus[mfk]: did you say you have windows on the internal hdd?  xp or vista?23:49
oloughlin75ignoramus: I had to take out the lin that you used that specified the ocnfigured mouse-- i erased that input device23:49
oloughlin75thanks a ton for the help23:50
ignoramus[mfk]: you should be able to use the XP Recovery part of the install disc to fix mbr, right?23:50
ignoramusoloughlin75: no problem23:50
[mfk]ignoramus & Dr_willis: i didn't disinstalled WUBI!!!! I'm really a dull!23:50
ignoramus[mfk]: dude, calm down.  what I'm saying is, "Do you have your XP install disc handy?"23:51
[mfk]yes i've tried it from my installation cd23:51
ignoramus[mfk]: if so, you should be able to insert the disc, and go through the recovery process to "Repair Windows" - it will overwrite your messed up mbr23:52
[mfk]i've done it but i'm supposing the problem is because i haven't disinstalled Wubi!23:52
[mfk]i try to reboot and i come back here23:52
ignoramus[mfk]: wubi's not even on that hdd!23:53
mixedhow do you install synaptic?23:53
mixedforget it, it's already installed LoL23:53
oloughlin75One more question, how do I install w32codecs? It is telling me it is referenced by another package23:54
ignoramusoloughlin75: sudo apt-get install w32codecs23:54
ignoramusoloughlin75: oh, i didn't see that last part... does it say what package?23:55
europlantThanks you to nosrednaekim, ubotu (robot:) and Crashed for advise of install skype, it is easy23:56
[mfk]mates i've solved!!23:56
[mfk]it was Wubi!!23:57
ignoramusoloughlin75: try running "sudo apt-get -f install"23:57
ignoramus[mfk]: how did you fix it?23:57
[mfk]now the MBR is returned as previuosly: when i've disinstalled Wubi i've seen it cancelled a file in c: called kubuntu.mbr, i believe this file was call at the boot from the boot.ini, a kind of .css into the .htm!23:58
[mfk]i'ìve simply unistalled Wubi :)23:58
ignoramus[mfk]: facepalm.jpg23:58
[mfk]the easiest things are always the most difficult to understand!23:59

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