Hobbseenow, how do i check the activity log of a spec?03:45
Hobbseeand how do i remove a spec from a milestone?03:49
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HighNoI am hosting a project at sourceforge and need help to nicely integrate it into launchpad10:27
HighNois some up to a help session?10:27
kiko-afkHighNo, well, I'm a bit afk, but ask away10:29
HighNoI added the project to launchpad - see https://launchpad.net/blueproximity  I guess the next step would be to let launchpad get the source but that doesn't work. I guess it requires a special file structure in the packages svn rep which I don't have at the moment.10:31
HighNoYou can see there is no structure at all at http://blueproximity.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/blueproximity/10:31
kiko-afkHighNo, okay. ask a question (see /topic) and we'll have thumper reply when he's up10:32
kiko-afkHighNo, are you moving to bzr and looking to do a one-time conversion? or a continuous one?10:32
HighNoI liked sourceforge so far so leaving the main repository there would probably my choice. I think I have to add a branch in launchpad, right? I tried once but it somewhat failed.10:34
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HighNohm, I am sorry. I should have read answers first...10:37
kiko-afkno reason to be sorry10:37
kiko-afkyou've done everything right10:38
kiko-afkthe source import has failed and that's why I want us to ask tim (thumper)10:38
kiko-afkhe might point us to the relevant bug!10:38
HighNoI'll try to change the file structure to 'branches/trunk' and put everything in there10:38
HighNoi think that's what https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/1769 tries to tell me10:39
kiko-afknice logo!10:39
kiko-afkHighNo, okay, cool10:40
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HighNokiko-afk: thx10:44
HighNokiko-afk: the program is even nicer :-) if you've got bluetooth and a little time you might give it a shot :-)10:46
kiko-afkHighNo, I only have it on a thinkpad of mine which is currently broken :-(10:48
HighNokiko-afk: bad - broken thinkpads are seldom. but they make great linux machines. [being typed on an R51]10:52
kiko-afkthey are amazing10:52
kiko-afkit's really sad that it's broken10:52
HighNomine is almost broken - it's 4 years of daily use. the display shows random noise on the right side's green pixels... quite annoying. But it has been under heavy use being carried everywhere. I think its OnTime is >16h per day over the time11:01
affluxwhat's the syntax for closing multiple bugs in ubuntu changelogs with only one (LP: ...)? 11:41
kiko-afkafflux, I think it's comma-separated11:50
affluxokay, thanks11:52
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HighNohm, is blueprints also a place to put online docs for your project? I've just seen that little 'list documentation' link13:14
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mok0When I go to my Overview page, and choose "List assigned packages" on the Action menu, that list is incomplete. Why is that?21:29
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sladenI've hit an issue with trying to add two "other distro/project" entries to the bug tracker 21:34
sladenone for Fedora and one for RHEL21:34
sladenwhich, because they're on the same (bugzilla.redhat.com) and the same component (linux) fails21:35
jcastrosladen: yeah I noticed that today on that bug as well.21:48
jcastrosladen: might be a good idea to file a bug, that sounds like a useful feature21:49
methodAfter a successful build in PPA, should there be a .deb, or do you have to wait?22:17
steveireCan I get some PPA help? I have the source of xine-lib-1.1.10 and I want to upload it to my PPA for gutsy. What should I use for P and V as described here: https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart23:15
gesersteveire: you mean in the dput example?23:16
geserthat's simple the .dsc file of the source package you want to upload23:16
steveiregeser: Someone in -motu said I should change something in the changelog from hardy to gutsy to make it be built for gutsy/23:17
steveireThough I can't find any reference to hardy in debian/23:17
gesersteveire: yes, as the entry in the changelog determines in which release it get build23:18
gesersteveire: where did you take the package from?23:18
steveiregeser: hardy.23:18
steveireapt-get source libxine23:18
geserxine-lib got synced from Debian unstable, so has no changelog entry for hardy23:19
steveiregeser: OK, so what do I need to insert?23:19
geserAdd an new changelog entry (with dch -i -D gutsy)23:20
steveirein the source dir or debian/ ?23:20
geserin the source dir23:20
geserdch will find the changelog entry in debian/changelog23:20
steveireOk, I've got vim. I presume I should put in some kind of message? What would be suitable for this situation?23:21
geseras version use something like 1.1.10-1~gutsy123:22
steveireNot 1.1.10-1~gutsy1-ppa1?23:22
gesersteveire: that will work too23:22
steveireWhat's the difference? What depends on my choice?23:22
gesersteveire: perhaps something like "Backport to gutsy."23:22
gesersteveire: there is no much difference, you have one more variable to increase the version for further uploads23:24
steveireOK, is there some reason to use - instead of ~?23:25
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gesersort order, ~ is sorted below everything else23:25
geserso -1~gutsy1 is lower than -123:26
geser-1~gutsy-ppa1 is larger than -1~gutsy1 but -1~gutsy1~ppa1 is smaller than -1~gutsy123:26
steveireso -1~gutsy1 will not be installed over -1?23:26
steveireOK, so you're saying I should use a '-'.23:27
gesersteveire: but someone using your PPA will update to the version in hardy if him updates his Ubuntu23:27
gesersteveire: it depends what you want to archive23:27
gesergutsy has 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 which will get update to 1.1.10-1~gutsy1 from your PPA23:28
steveiregeser: That's fine. The backporting process is taking longer than I expected. My packages shouldn't be used when hardycomes along.23:28
steveireUnless kde4 requires higher versions by then23:29
steveireI'll use 1.1.10-1~gutsy1-ppa1 so.23:29
steveireWhat should I use for P?23:31
steveirexine-lib or libxine1?23:32
gesersteveire: let's do this discussion in only one channel23:35
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steveiregeser: Can't open /home/stephen/Random/libxine/xine-lib-1.1.10/xine-lib_1.1.10-1~gutsy1-ppa1_source.changes23:38
steveireThat's on trying the dput command23:38
geseris the file there?23:38
gesermy guess would be that it should be in /home/stephen/Random/libxine23:39
steveireI think I'm making it now. The guide doesn't say to run debuild -S, but that's what I'm doing now23:39
steveireI just did debuild -S and now there's a xine-lib_1.1.10-1ubuntu1_source.changes. It's not named right. Do I change it?23:41
geserdid you change the version while editing the debian/changelog?23:42
geserthe file name suggest you didn't do it23:42
steveireI don't think  the instructions say to do it. I haven't done anything not in the instructions. Is there something else?23:43
gesersteveire: not very clear but it's a little bit coverted in "Versioning" after "Creating your source package"23:45
steveiregeser: It doesn't say to edit the changelog, but it doesn't matter. I've done that now.23:46
gesersteveire: it talks about versioning and the first changelog entry is the version of your package23:46
steveireSo now I have a xine-lib_1.1.10-1ubuntu1-ppa1_source.changes. Hopefully I've done it right23:46
steveiregeser: I didn't know that.23:47
geseralmost, use ~ instead of - between ubuntu1 and ppa1 (-1ubuntu1~ppa1) so it is lower than a potential -1ubuntu1 from the official archive23:47
steveireIsn't that different from what you said above? should I use -gutsy or -ubuntu?23:50
steveireThe changelog automatically used -ubuntu23:50
steveireActaully it automatically used ~1ubuntu23:51
gesersteveire: there are many different ways to achieve the same result (if you know how versioning works)23:51
steveiregeser: xine-lib_1.1.10-1ubuntu1~ppa1_source.changes ok??23:52
steveireI presume there's some kind of backlog system? https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+archive/+builds?build_state=all&build_text= reports no active builds after I uploaded it.23:58

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