jscinozwhen the topic says "DO NOT RUN HARDY" is that saying something is majorly borked atm? o r was it meant to say "do not run hardy on production machines"00:48
selckinread the parts before it00:49
coz_jscinoz,  yeah if you are not sure of how to resolve dependencies then........00:49
jscinozah :P00:49
coz_jscinoz, i am running hardy at this moment00:50
jscinozi'd probably be running hardy atm, but i hear that audio is kinda borked because the switch from alsa to pulse isnt finished00:50
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
RAOFjscinoz: That'd be incorrect.  There isn't a switch from ALSA to pulseaudio.  There's a switch from ESD (which practically nobody used) to PulseAudio (which is now enabled).00:58
AmaranthRAOF: Although technically it is a switch from ALSA to Pulseaudio since everything just used ALSA directly rather than deal with ESD :P01:28
RAOFAmaranth: Heh.01:29
FliesLikeABrickis anyone here running hardy on an Eee, or any other machine with an Attansic L2 ethernet adapter, for that matter?01:29
WorkingOnWisehow do I disable Composite in X so Compiz-Fusion will not work?01:29
FliesLikeABrickwhy not just turn off compiz-fusion in your preferences01:30
AmaranthWorkingOnWise: just login to a failsafe GNOME session and turn it off01:30
DarkMageZWorkingOnWise, or Section "Extensions"01:30
DarkMageZEndSection in xorg.conf01:30
RAOFBut then you won't be able to use Metacity's new compositor :)01:31
WorkingOnWiseFliesLikeABrick: I turned it off 3 times by selecting Metacity as and GTK, but every login CF is back on.01:31
FliesLikeABrickWhen I upgraded from 2.6.24-4-generic to anything newer, support for my ethernet card disappeared01:31
FliesLikeABrickwhat source package would that bug get reported to?01:31
WorkingOnWiseDarkMageZ: I think thats what I'm looking for. Thanks01:31
WorkingOnWiseDarkMageZ: would that go in Section "Device"?01:33
AmaranthWorkingOnWise: no, it is a separate section of its own01:34
WorkingOnWiseAmaranth: what do I call the section?01:34
DarkMageZWorkingOnWise, see how i declare a section. then declare a variable and its number then close it?01:35
WorkingOnWiseall the sections begin  with Section "SomeName"01:35
WorkingOnWiseI was under the impression that all sections had to have a name, then the declaration, and then EndSection01:37
lime4x4is there a problem with the forcedeth.ko module?01:42
FliesLikeABrickwhat package should I put a bug in for if a module hasn't been working >= 2.6.24-5-generic ?01:48
davideexcuse me I installed hardy and there is a new entry in the grub menu: there are both the usual kernel-...-generic and kernel-...-386. What is the last one? It doesn't boot if I run the 386 one. Thank you02:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about motd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:14
cwilludavide, this probably doesn't help you now, but the motd is apropos02:15
davidesorry, I didn't understand what you said02:17
cwillu"""If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependancies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY"""02:18
cwilluThat said, the generic kernel is the one you want02:19
scizzo-well one more reason to wish for to enter hardy02:19
cwilluand I hope you're interested in having a bunch of learning experiences from here until hardy goes final in march :p02:19
cwilluscizzo-, it'll go in as far as I know02:20
scizzo-well good to know its a local exploit02:20
scizzo-not a remote one02:20
cwilludoesn't take much to turn a local exploit into a remote exploit though02:20
cwilluthey have patches against 2.6.22 as well, so I'd expect to see gutsy, fiesty, etc updates pretty quick02:23
FliesLikeABrickwhat are you guys talking about? I missed the beginning of the topic02:24
DoYouKnowis there a problem in hardy where the installation window goes off the edge of the screen?03:02
DoYouKnowI am using vmware workstation 603:05
DoYouKnowstill figuring out if this is the guest os or the virtual machine that's causing this...03:05
* cyphase just looked at xorg.conf in hardy03:13
cyphasevery empty :)03:13
cyphaseanyone know if anyone is working on displayconfig-gtk for hardy?03:16
DanaGI wish some official developer would comment on the the keyboard-stuckage (yes, I know that's not a real word) bug.03:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:42
ethana2it's official: the drivers for the Brother BCP-7020 printer are borked04:04
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
starscallingdoing upgrade process via apt-get upgrade and now sudo broken - any anything useing it05:20
starscalling; ;05:20
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.05:20
johnnyhi, anybody here able to run Xnest in hardy?05:27
bullgard4Does dhelp work all right in Hardy? (It does not seem to output any results in Gutsy.)06:01
nekostarRemoving sun-java6-bin ...06:02
nekostar/usr/share/icons/sun-java6.png is not a directory06:02
nekostardpkg: error processing sun-java6-bin (--remove):06:02
nekostar subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 206:02
nekostarsolution: sudo mkdir /usr/share/icons/sun-java6.png && sudo apt-get --purge remove sun-java6-bin06:02
bullgard4!punctuation | nekostar06:03
ubotunekostar: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:03
nekostarnot appropriate for that06:04
johnnyyeah.. i agree06:04
johnnypeople misuse !puncuation in #ubuntu-*06:04
nekostartell me about it06:04
nekostarand make that #ubuntu*06:04
johnnyerr true06:05
nekostar!punctuation > johnny06:05
johnnyi'm stymied everywhere i turn, to try to get sabayon working with 2.2106:05
johnnyand it's too late to switch sabayon to Xephyr06:05
nekostarplayed with it06:06
nekostardidnt see the point06:06
johnnythe point of?06:06
johnnyi use sabayon at our bookstore cofeehouse06:06
johnnyit is good to maintain profiles for various user types06:07
johnnysingle user machines, not useful at all06:07
nekostarnever tried doing that stuff - no one gets to use my compy but me :D06:07
aLeSDhi all06:48
aLeSDI have a problem with ubuntu 8.04 : the mixing sw doesn't work anymore06:49
aLeSDis alsa the soundsystem, isn't it ?06:50
nekostarseems nice07:20
nekostarcompiz runs and loads faster07:20
aLeSDnekostar: r u using an ATI ?07:20
nekostari would say while not perfect my upgrade was fairly painless... and i had lots of non-vanilla-install packages in07:20
nekostaraLeSD no07:20
nekostaros[Linux 2.6.24-7-generic - Debian lenny/sid - Ubuntu DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[9 minutes] | cpu[Genuine Intel(R) CPU            2160  @ 1.80GHz SMP (2 processors), 2690.119 MHz (10764.57 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ/P/PL Memory Controller Hub (rev 02)] | video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) at 3080x1050 (32 bits)] | opengl[GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 powered by NVIDIA Corporation with dr07:20
nekostariver 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.09] | xchat[Version: 2.8.4] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.46]07:20
nekostarby default updating from gutsy it installed the i386 package07:21
nekostarbut installed generic and vua la there were my cpu's :D07:21
nekostartho sudo did break on the way in - spammed problem and solution a bit earlier - sun-java6-bin was looking for its icon to actually be a folder for some reason in the root of the /usr/share/icons folder so i made a folder called that and it seems to be perfectly happy now07:22
nekostarcouple other little things - better take out libgpod etc before upgrading and i was good to go07:23
nekostarthough ive yet to see a button to go from the add/remove applications >> synaptic..07:24
aLeSDnekostar: does the sound sw mixing work for u ?07:26
nekostaraLeSD mm?07:27
nekostari get sound yes07:27
aLeSDnekostar: two application in the samen time07:27
aLeSDcause in my case the use of the device is exclusive .... and I can't use more application ... :|07:28
nekostarworks fine07:28
johnnyi've only got hardy in a vm07:28
aLeSDnekostar: what kind of hw ?07:29
johnnytrying to test an xnest bug, but i can't even get it to work :)07:29
nekostarredo your sound07:29
nekostarits probably on oss07:29
nekostarmake it into alsa07:29
nekostaraLeSD my sound card is audigy 207:29
nekostarive still not enough power with ym cpu tho07:29
aLeSDcreative supports hw mixing07:29
nekostar1.8ghz dual core c2d oc'd to 2.707:30
nekostaraLeSD yeah07:30
aLeSDmy card not07:30
nekostaralsa-oss is a alsa wrapper for oss applications07:30
ethana3PA can use all OSS and ALSA drivers, right?07:30
aLeSDyes ... but I'm using rhytmbox and audiology07:30
aLeSDthey uses alsa07:30
nekostarchange the driver they use07:30
aLeSDI think it's the change to portaudio07:31
nekostarset them up for oss07:31
nekostarand use the wrapper or so07:31
nekostarE: /var/cache/apt/archives/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us_2.3-5_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/myspell/dicts/hyph_en_US.dic', which is also in package openoffice.org-hyphenation07:31
nekostar ~___~07:31
aLeSDwhat is the alsa configuration file ?07:32
nekostardo you have the pulseaudio in?07:39
nekostarmake sure to have pulseaudio-module-gonf and pulseaudio-module-hal07:39
nekostarseems to have problems with exclusive locks for dpkg/apt/07:39
aLeSDhi again07:48
aLeSDsomeone here has an ATI ?07:49
ethana3i do07:49
ethana3Radeon 9200SE PCI 128MB07:50
aLeSDhey the audio works !!! ... I have to change all the output to pulseaudio ...07:50
aLeSDethana3: does the 3d works for u ?07:51
ethana3pulse audio is the sound server in gutsy07:51
ethana3where else are you going to send it?07:51
ethana3right to the metal?  for shame07:51
ethana3aLeSD: what card do you have, by the way?07:52
aLeSDethana3: to alsa directly07:52
aLeSDATI Technologies Inc Radeon Xpress 1250ù07:52
aLeSDATI Technologies Inc Radeon Xpress 125007:52
aLeSDethana3: my problem is the kernel driver07:53
ethana3I don't know what chipset that card uses..07:53
ethana3DRI module?07:53
ethana3ooohh..  I've never had a problem like that07:53
aLeSDthe xorg module can't dind it07:53
ethana3lsmod | grep dri07:53
aLeSDcould u run a lsmod | grep fglrx07:53
ethana3fglrx?  good heavens no07:54
crdlbthose cards use completely different drivers07:54
ethana3I use radeon07:54
ethana3oh they do?  seriously?07:54
crdlbthe 9200 cannot use fglrx, and the Xpress 1250 must use fglrx if you want real 3d support07:54
aLeSDok .. I'm using fglrx ... and before the turn to 8.04 it worked07:54
ethana3that explains my problems..07:54
aLeSDcrdlb .. where is my fglrx.ko module ?07:55
aLeSDI can't find it in the restricted drivers package07:55
crdlbhiding in /lib/linux-restricted-modules07:55
crdlbit's supposed to be copied to /lib/modules/ at boot, but sometimes doesn't work, particularly if you tried using the ATI installer or envy07:56
aLeSDcrdlb: I'm using only the ubuntu packages07:56
aLeSDdpkg -L linux-restricted-modules07:58
aLeSDnothing more07:58
crdlbdpkg -L linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)07:59
aLeSDdpkg -L linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) | grep fglrx08:00
aLeSDno .ko08:00
aLeSDcrdlb: is it strange ?08:00
RAOFaLeSD: No, not at all.  The restricted modules get linked on boot by l-r-m08:01
aLeSDRAOF: help08:02
aLeSDI can't find in my system any fglrx.ko08:03
RAOFIs your driver in xorg.conf set to fglrx?08:03
RAOFWas it at boot?08:03
aLeSDRAOF: yes ... I have it .. I have a strange symlink08:04
aLeSDlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 14 2007-12-30 05:47 /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.443.1/fglrx.ko -> 2.6.x/fglrx.ko08:04
aLeSDit doesn't exist08:04
RAOFThat's not an answer to my questions :)08:05
aLeSDIs your driver in xorg.conf set to fglrx? yes08:05
RAOFAlso, I didn't know fglrx used dkms.08:05
aLeSDWas it at boot? what do u mean08:05
RAOFAs in: have you changed it since you booted?08:06
aLeSDRAOF ... I need only my fglrx.ko08:06
RAOFRight.  Finally, does /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common have anything in DISABLED_MODULES?08:06
atrustrying out compiz in hardy. it works graphically, except that it seems to often lock modifier keys like shift or super down, such that i have no way of releasing them and using the desktop normally anymore.08:07
aLeSDwho did it ??08:07
RAOF!ohmy | aLeSD08:07
ubotuaLeSD: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:07
RAOFAlso, :P!08:08
aLeSDso I have to comment it out andreinstall restricted-modules .. ?08:08
crdlbno, just reboot08:08
crdlbor run: sudo lrm-manager08:09
RAOFaLeSD: Just remove fglrx from DISABLED_MODULES, and... or sudo /etc/init.d/linux-restricted-modules start :)08:09
aLeSDcrdlb: does it will compile the module ?08:09
RAOFLink it, yes.08:10
aLeSDlex@explorer:/var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.443.1$ sudo /etc/init.d/linux-restricted-modules-common restart08:13
aLeSDalex@explorer:/var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.443.1$ sudo lrm-manager08:13
aLeSDalex@explorer:/var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.443.1$ modprobe fglrx08:13
aLeSDFATAL: Error running install command for fglrx08:13
aLeSDalex@explorer:/var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.443.1$ lsmod | grep fglrx08:13
aLeSDRAOF: ... ok my way : where is the file that all the scripts have to link to ?08:14
RAOFaLeSD: You probably need to modprobe -r the open-source kernel module.  Or just reboot.08:15
RAOFIt's (generally) not *necessary* to reboot, it can just be easier :)08:16
aLeSDI'll be back08:17
aLeSDRAOF: but pls ... could u tell me where is the module ?08:17
aLeSDno the link ... I want the .ko08:18
DarkMageZRAOF, E: Couldn't find package ia64-libs08:18
DarkMageZopps, wrong channel ッ08:18
RAOFWhy would he want the .ko?08:19
DarkMageZcause it's nessesary for fglrx to work08:20
DarkMageZi thought that's what modprobe loaded08:20
DarkMageZand what lrm put in the correct place when not disabled08:21
fr500hey again08:21
RAOFYeah, but he'd already got the module in the right place care of... oh, actually no.  He didn't run what I told him to :)08:22
aLeSDok ok08:22
aLeSDu win08:22
aLeSDI have 3d08:22
crdlbRAOF is made of win08:22
RAOFHe's on FIRE!08:23
DarkMageZi worry about RAOF's internet connection tho. bloody tpg :p08:23
RAOFEh, not so bad.  Not too expensive, fast enough.  Generally. :)08:24
DarkMageZstaff no speak enlish08:24
fr500do you think there is a way to hook up a qvga screen to a normal pc as a display08:24
fr500for experiments :p08:24
RAOFOh, as long as the tubes are connected to me I need not speak to them!08:24
DarkMageZi hope you pray often enough to make sure that happens.08:25
aLeSDalex@explorer:~$ compiz08:27
aLeSDChecking for Xgl: not present.08:27
aLeSDDetected PCI ID for VGA: 01:05.0 0300: 1002:7942 (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])08:27
aLeSDChecking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.08:27
aLeSDTrying again with indirect rendering:08:27
aLeSDChecking for texture_from_pixmap: not present.08:27
DarkMageZi remember when i was with them... i remember the conversations i had with one of their level 2 support staff...08:27
aLeSDaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity08:27
DarkMageZfglrx? not going to happen in hardy08:27
DarkMageZaLeSD, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/17366308:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173663 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] compiz will not launch with fglrx driver - falls back to metacity on xserver 1.4 (1.3 is ok)" [High,Confirmed]08:28
crdlbinstall xserver-xgl08:28
RAOFDarkMageZ: I haven't had any problems with that, which is nice.08:28
RAOFDamnit!  I *still* have to support Xgl? :(08:28
DarkMageZRAOF, no. feel free to drop the package.08:29
* crdlb wonders if ATI will "fix" (I use this word loosely) fglrx in time for hardy08:29
DarkMageZis xorg server 1.4 officially released yet? NO08:29
crdlbit was officially released months ago08:30
crdlbin Xorg 7.308:30
DarkMageZreally? i though xorg server 1.3 was used in xorg 7.3. odd.08:30
nekostarhardy is quite nice for the record08:30
crdlbthey're out of sync08:30
nekostarstable enough to be called windows08:30
* nekostar runz08:30
DarkMageZnekostar, yeah. you better run. *shakes fist*08:31
aLeSDDarkMageZ: so I have to wait or install xgl ?08:31
DarkMageZaLeSD, there's always the 3'rd option08:32
aLeSDDarkMageZ: I'll love it08:32
* crdlb isn't going to like this08:32
aLeSDwhat about the 3rd ?08:32
crdlb(unless it's "go back to gutsy" :P)08:32
DarkMageZaLeSD, hostage situation at ATi/AMD headquarters08:32
johnnynow if only i could get Xnest working08:33
* crdlb was wrong08:33
johnnyso i can get my gnome app workin in a gnome 2.2108:33
aLeSDI'll wait08:33
DarkMageZ:( no-one ever takes the 3'rd option08:33
johnnyanybody here having Xnest working?08:33
johnnyultimately trying to test a gnome-settings-daemon bug08:34
johnnyi have it replicated in my gentoo install08:34
johnnynow i just need to see if it works in hardy08:34
nekostarmm really tho quite impressive08:36
aLeSDall is working ... less flash that doens't use pulseaudio and skype that doesn't use pulseaudio08:36
* nekostar checks utub08:36
nekostarmine's working08:37
nekostarbut wow its ugly08:37
nekostarhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INttODEPzp0&eurl=http://www.inuyasha-lives.info/amazingvid/    Christianity Taught by an Atheist -Interview with an atheist  bit shaky08:38
aLeSDnekostar: why did u disactivated the sw mixing in alsa ?08:39
nekostari didnt08:39
nekostari dont have to mess with that stuff08:39
aLeSDwhy the alsa sw mixing is disactivated ?08:39
DanaG!info libflashsupport08:39
ubotulibflashsupport (source: libflashsupport): Support library for sound output of Flash 9 with pulseaudio. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB08:40
DanaGOh, PulseAudio disables dmix so it can measure latency on various audio devices, for the sake of synchronization.08:40
aLeSDI mean all the application that support pulseaudio have sw mixing ... but the old ones no.08:40
DanaGDmix would introduce a delay that PulseAudio wouldn't be able to measure.08:40
aLeSDDanaG: ah ... ok08:40
DanaGYou can install libasound2-plugins and do asoundconf set-pulseaudio08:41
DanaGBe aware that some apps don't get along well with PulseAudio.08:41
aLeSDDanaG: is  libasound2-plugins trasparent ?08:41
DanaGLook up "perfect setup" on the PulseAudio wiki.08:42
DanaGI have to go to bed now, though.08:42
aLeSDDanaG: thanks ... I'm just waking up08:42
DanaGPacific timezone for me -- it's 1 AM.08:43
DanaGOr rather, 12:43.08:43
nekostarwell the important part is my anime plays fine08:43
nekostarand now i go to darn bed08:43
aLeSDok I will wait that skype and flash will use pulseaudio08:49
aLeSDcan I return back to 7.10 ?08:49
aLeSDno way. don't look back08:59
aLeSDwow vmware doesn't compile the module ...09:02
sverihey folks, i installed hardy yesterday and it works great :-)09:47
sveribut if i want to install kde4-core it tells me kdebase-bin-kde3 will be removed, is that ok?09:47
binskipy2uanyone here using Ubuntu Ultimate?09:57
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qziohm, in gutsy - if you go change background -> vistual effect there is like a custom settings button10:05
qziothe thing isnt here in hardy (fresh install)10:05
qzioi want to change some settings for compiz/gnome10:06
Airplanehi all10:06
=== Airplane is now known as ^BiplanO^
^BiplanO^my gnome doesn't save my screen resolution settings and my keyboard layout settings!10:07
qzio^BiplanO^: im using the default screen resolution, but i think i have the same problem with the layout (which im not using the default...)10:13
^BiplanO^I have to set them everytime I start gnome10:13
^BiplanO^moreover icons associated with file types don't work in nautilus10:15
=== _emgent is now known as emgent
HelvascaIs it just me, or is batteryy life better in alpha 4?10:31
^BiplanO^Helvasca, maybe you stopped smoking10:32
Gninesystem > administration > screen and graphics - no show | program crashes.  native resolution of 1280x800 is lost after X restart. failure started after setting an external monitor on gateway mt-3422 using nvidia geforce go 6100 with restricted driver11:18
Gninerelated to bug 18856211:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188562 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_datalist_id_set_data_full()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18856211:22
qziohm... compiz i.e the rotating cube works fine11:40
qziobut scrolling in firefox is dead slow11:40
qziohmm http://www.google.se/url?sa=t&ct=res&cd=4&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FHuawei_E220&ei=8uKuR6vlF5iYwwG_wfF6&usg=AFQjCNFGC6DtrdVo5TNeI8R9t-NMJIXcJA&sig2=MBdoFVbbaa--oaGG7niRew crashes for me 100% of the time11:41
qziowtf? nm11:42
cwilluhow do I use 'find' to list files _older_ than a certain number of days?  I can't seem to get -mtime to do what I need12:09
_Pete_howdy, hardy experts here ? I just upgraded to that and now the machien wont boot. The problem is that root = md0 and that's for somereason is not activated12:16
_Pete_anyideas how to fix it ?12:16
c1|freaky_Pete_: u can edit grub menu entries12:29
c1|freakythere u can change the arguments given to the kernel, the partition and hd which is bootet from etc.12:30
_Pete_c1|freaky: yes ?12:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 102933 in mdadm "/dev/md0 fails to mount on boot (dup-of: 103177)" [Undecided,Invalid]12:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 103177 in initramfs-tools "boot-time race condition initializing md" [Critical,Fix released]12:52
_Pete_I think it's same bug12:52
c1|freakyoh ok12:52
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic12:55
shirishguys, is Hardy in a soft freeze state or what?12:56
hyper__chhiho nice folks :)12:58
mohbanaok guys whats a good cvs tool that allows me to deelete projects?13:13
hyper__chsvn ;)13:13
mohbanai cant use that because uni only has cvs13:13
selckini'd say cvs.13:13
hyper__chno clue... never used cvs13:13
hyper__chare there official kde4 repos for hardy?13:14
mohbanacvs is not gui based is it?13:14
hyper__chthere are cvs gui tools13:16
hyper__chdid you search the repos?13:16
bSONhas anybody got vmware player to work on hardy? i get an error when trying to build the kernel module: conflicting types for ‘uintptr_t’13:19
shirishmohbana: there is gcvs as well as some other ones which are shown there.13:19
hyper__chbSON: tried the version in the gutsy partner repos?13:20
bSONhyper__ch: no haven't done so yet, but don't they ship with a pre-built module for the gutsy kernel?13:20
hyper__chbSON: dunno13:20
hyper__chbSON: I'm currently using also the gutsy medibuntu repos13:21
bSONhyper__ch: i'll have to look i guess.. thanks13:21
hyper__chbSON: but you could be right about it13:21
mohbanai forgot to mention i want to manage a remote repo13:22
hyper__chbSON: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=430087613:25
bSONhyper__ch: these are several other problems... but thanks anyway, i might add mine too13:27
hyper__chonce you got it working, post how :)13:27
bSONok i'll do ;)13:33
mohbanasomeone please help how do i get ccess to a remote cvs so i can delete certain projects i just need a gui front end13:34
hyper__chI tend to think you shouldn't be able to delete certain commits13:34
mohbanai am using eclipse is there a way i can complete overwrite a certain project with what i have in my workspace13:35
mohbanaok fixed13:38
hyper__chwhat's kdebase-bin-kde3 needed for?13:51
gilstercan someone give me a hand with DVD-RAM writing in ubuntu?13:59
hyper__chgilster: what's the problem?14:00
gilsterhyper_ch: i got a DVD-RAM disc i want to be able to format it in standard UDF so i can click and drag files to it and burn them on-thefly14:01
hyper__chgilster: never tried that14:05
hyper__chgilster: and yu mean you got a dvd-rw dics ;) ram and rw are not the same ;)14:05
gilsteri mean i have DVD-RAM discs14:06
hyper__chthere are no dvd-ram discs ;)14:07
gilsterwhat? what are you talking about....14:09
gilsteri got a pack of DVD-RAM discs. what are you going on about.14:09
hyper__chgilster: dvd-rw yes, dvd-ram no14:09
gilsterlisten DVD-RAM not DVD-RW14:09
gilsterif you dont know the answer just tell me you dont know.... dont say there are no DVD-RAM discs that makes you look like an idiot14:12
gilsterok, so, does anyone here have experience with the old  DVD-RAM discs14:18
gilsterhyper__ch: in case you missed that, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-RAM14:24
assasukasseHi everyone, does anyone know if the package sl-modem-source has been fixed in hardy? is from gutsy tribe 2 that i can't compile it..14:25
cwilluassasukasse, checked launchpad?14:48
assasukassecwillu: yes, there is a bug there that is open from ages14:49
assasukasseseems the package maintainer left or is unavailable..14:49
assasukasseand the package has a compilation error from about 4 months14:49
theunixgeekI followed http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/18/removing-kde-icons-in-gnome-remove-gnome-icons-in-kde/ to remove KDE  apps from the GNOME menus and vice versa; how do I undo it.14:53
qziohm.. is firefox super-slow only for me?14:55
qzionew fresh alpha 4 install, firefox/firefox-3.0 is ultraslow, like it's on swap or somthing..14:55
qziowhen i rotate the cube and enters a workspace where i have a firefox window, it laggs14:56
qziorotate any other window, mutiple terminals etc its smooth and with out lag14:56
mueslihey guys15:25
mueslii noticed that my system couldn't boot since 2.6.24-3 anymore15:26
muesliit spits out a couple of ata related errors and mentions that it disables irq #18 (libata)15:26
muesliit eventually fails mounting the root device15:26
mueslii added acpi=off to the kernel options which made it boot again15:27
qzioanyone else have a laggy firefox when using compiz, but normal when not?15:28
qzio3d acc is spelndid, but firefox is superslow when i set visual effects15:28
Redhammer_the_Olhi does anybody else have sound problems with alpha4 and audigy2 pci card ?16:56
mohbanawhy do i keep having to reinstall the nvidia drivers each time i upgrade? this is going to be fixed in future releases?17:26
lz7i doubt it will be fixed, cuz this is by design17:27
lz7i dont know a details however17:28
lz7and, this is only applies to kernel updates17:28
hyper__chis ubuntuforums down?17:31
robogeekis anybody here familiar with hald & nis & autofs on hardy heron?17:32
enycrobogeek: ooer sounds fiddly ;-)  no not me ;-)17:38
robogeekI have an NIS/Autofs setup I copied from 7.10 to 8.04a4 and on 8.04a4 the system goes direct into high load average17:39
hyper__chlocal root-exploit for linux 2.6.17 to and --> http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/2/10/817:49
lz7yeah tested that yestarday. looking like improvement for me, really tired of typing sudo lol17:50
Assidw00t.. a few dozen crash reports sent this week17:57
Assidam uploading a 20odd mb crash report as we speak17:58
hyper__chwohoo, I'm a cousin of Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer.....17:58
hyper__chwell, there's a report on TV in which two danes claim that all people with blue eyes are related :)17:59
Assidif we follow that.. everyones related thanks to adam and eve17:59
hyper__chAssid: well, there's no scientific proof yet for that18:00
Assiderr.. how do i make a shell script that opens a terminal (if someone clicks it from the gui)18:00
Assidbesides the button that says "open in terminal" when you run a shell script18:01
hyper__chor make a linker with "konsole"18:01
Assidhrmm lemme try18:02
hyper__chAssid: got it already18:03
hyper__chAssid: got dcc enabled?18:03
Assidim trying to make it ssh to my servers18:03
hyper__choh, this only opens a terminal windows18:04
AssidTimeout error18:05
Assid 18:05
AssidSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad. We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.18:05
Assidwtf.. i just uploaded 20 megs18:05
Assidwhere did that go18:05
hyper__chubuntuforums is also down18:05
hyper__chdunno if that is related18:05
hyper__chwell, you can link that starter to a shell script which then opens up a ssh connection18:06
Assidso 2 shellscripts18:07
hyper__chin the advanced tab I just checked open in terminal and to keep the terminal open18:07
hyper__chno, what I've sent you is not a shellscript at all18:07
Assidjust reported a reproducable bug18:07
hyper__chit's just a command "konsole" to be executed18:07
hyper__chand instead of just executing "konsole" you could link it to a shell scirp:   sh /path/to/actual/script.sh18:07
nanonymekonsole probably has some -c or something which lets you give it command line, right?18:07
nanonymeas in "run this command inside konsole"18:08
Assidokay got it.. launcher with terminal does the job18:12
mohbanawhy do i keep having to reinstall the nvidia drivers each time i upgrade? this is going to be fixed in future releases?18:19
Assiderr.. why cant i right click and create a new launcher from INSIDE nautilis ?18:19
hyper__chAssid: because nautilus sux ;)18:20
hyper__chAssid: btw, that launcher that I sent you is for KDE ^^ forgot, this is an all *buntu channel18:20
Assidhyper__ch: err. i made my own by rightclicking on the desktop18:21
hyper__chAssid: ^^18:21
Assidam not using the file you sent me18:22
hyper__chAssid: there should be somewhere an option to run it in a terminal and leave the terminal open18:22
Assidhyper__ch: yeah i got that part18:22
Assidbut i cant make launchers from nautilis.. documents and folders only18:22
hyper__chAssid: then you just need to link it a bash script that does what you want18:22
hyper__chAssid: nautilus sux... told you so before ;)18:22
Assidhyper__ch: i got all that.. im good to go18:22
* Assid goes to rant to the gnome people18:22
DanaGRant about what?  Sorry, I just entered.18:23
hyper__chwhen I had Gnome I still used Konqueror all the time18:23
hyper__chhuhu DanaG18:23
WorkingOnWiseanyone here know how I can get Croquet in a deb for Hardy AMD64?18:27
Assiduhho.. i killed 1 server18:28
hyper__chdamn, difficult decision to make...18:36
DanaGargh, no news on my keyboard bug.18:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:55
hyper__chthe US has legalized p2p bittorrent traffic shaping18:55
hyper__chso much for the land of the "free"18:55
DanaG"Since I see many comments about people losing e-mails and other sorts of data due to this bug, I believe this bug should be marked as at least high priority."18:55
DanaGI wish ISPs would do this:18:56
DanaGsay, "Hey, run bittorrent on specific port X, and we'll set it to low-priority -- and in exchange, we won't actually throttle it".18:56
DanaGThat way torrents take low priority to make it more fair, but you don't get explicitly choked.18:57
hyper__chISPs shouldn't seem it necessary to trhottle p2p traffic at all18:57
hyper__chin the end they have a contract with the customer over bandwidth usages18:58
hyper__chif the contract says 10mbit down and 2 mbit upload then the isp must be able to provide that18:58
hyper__choverbooking of their pipes can't be blamed to customers18:58
hyper__chother traffic will also increase... online streaming of music and videos and stuff... and as that is legal - they don't have an excuse for throttling that anymore18:59
hyper__chwhile the web used to be irc, email and webpages with a few images 5 years ago18:59
DanaGI can apply their "Up To" logic to myself:19:00
DanaGI can run up to 50 miles per hour........19:00
DanaGbut only if going straight down.19:00
DanaGIt's just as valid as some ISPs' speed claims.19:00
hyper__chthings have changed.... you can get video streaming from most websites... news sites... sites like youtube....19:00
hyper__chsweden is pretty avantgard their19:01
hyper__chin the cities cable customers get 100mbit connectiosn with no throttling19:01
hyper__chthe swedish ISPs have seen the need of high speed bandwidth and have acted upon that19:01
hyper__chall others that will not satisfy their customers needs will lose customers19:02
ethana3so i should consider moving to sweden19:02
hyper__chsweden is nice19:02
ethana3as well as korea, japan, or israel..  got it19:02
alex_mayorgaone more reason19:02
hyper__chjapan would be also nice19:02
hyper__chdunno about korea or israel19:02
johnnykorea had the best penetration last i heard19:03
johnnyacross all19:03
DanaGOh hell, I just want 10 / 10 up/down megabits.19:03
alex_mayorgaanyone with functional bluetooth?19:03
johnnymaybe it's changed19:03
hyper__chwasn't there a guy who fell into a coma because of playing too much WOW?19:03
DanaGI use bluetooth.19:03
hyper__chI got 20/2 mbit19:03
hyper__chI'd also prefer 10/1019:03
DanaGI now have 5mbit down, 512kibit up.19:04
alex_mayorgaDanaG, how did you fix the "Couldn't display "obex://" ?19:04
DanaGHold on, let me try it.19:04
DanaG...if I can find my bluetooth adapter, that is.19:04
alex_mayorgaI get that whenever I try to browse my phone19:04
alex_mayorga1Mb/256Kb here19:05
hyper__chwhy not use USB for the phone for browsing?19:05
alex_mayorgaso don't move to Mexico19:05
hyper__chwell, mexico is warmer than switzerland ;) and it has smoe nice beaches19:05
alex_mayorgahyper_ch, because it does have bluetooth and so does the laptop :)19:05
alex_mayorgaand also where supposed to be testing this new animal :S19:06
hyper__chbut bluetooth is slow19:06
DanaGCouldn't display "obex://[00:1E:75:52:22:C8]/".19:06
alex_mayorgathanks on confirmin :)19:06
johnnyis that a gio thing?19:07
DanaGBut for USB, you have to pay the **** provider.19:07
hyper__chDanaG: pay the provider?19:07
alex_mayorgabug 14871219:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148712 in gnome-bluetooth "Gusty, Hardy: Not seeing bluetooth services even after pairing" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14871219:07
DanaGYeah, Verizon wants 20 or 30 bucks for a USB cable plus ringtone software, for my phone.19:08
DanaGI refuse to pay that.  Instead, I got myself a bluetooth adapter.19:08
alex_mayorgayay, those pesky propietr+ay cables19:08
alex_mayorgaat least bluetooth is a standard of sorts19:08
DanaGThat bug report doesn't say anything about the new gio.19:10
alex_mayorgaDanaG, any tips?19:10
DanaGThat's actually a different issue.19:11
johnnywell browsing remote things still isn't completely fixed in nautilus19:11
johnnythus why i mentioend it19:11
DanaG"Not Available" is about the phone failing to respond properly, or something.19:11
hyper__chDanaG: here you get all this included19:11
DanaGThis is about a plugin not working in Nautilus.19:11
hyper__chDanaG: and no carrier lock either19:11
hyper__chDanaG: I think I should still have 2 SE USB cables19:11
alex_mayorgaI've installed every obex package I found and is sill a no go19:12
alex_mayorgahyper_ch, would you ship one to .mx?19:12
johnnyi can't even get xnest working as another user atm :(19:12
johnnyi just want to test a gnome bug19:12
DanaGOh yeah, what is HDSPA?  I was looking at notebooks yesterday, and saw that the Asus V2S has a slot for a SIM, so you can use hdspa.19:12
hyper__chwant to test a root exploit?19:12
johnnyi type Xnest -ac :119:13
DanaGWorkaround for the bluetooth: use konqueror.19:13
johnnyand it says Unable to open display "".19:13
DanaGgdmflexiserver --xnest19:13
johnnythat's not feasible19:13
johnnysabayon uses xnest directly19:13
johnnyand that worked fine in the last ubuntu19:13
johnnybut i'm having trouble with gnome-settings-daemon in gnome 2.21 on gentoo, so i wanted to test that in hardy, but i can't get that far yet19:14
johnnyrunning in an xnest that is19:14
alex_mayorgaDanaG, please update the above bug as you see fit, functional bluetooth would be nice in hardy19:14
alex_mayorgajohnny, the keyboard defaulting to USA?19:15
alex_mayorgathat was/is the gnome-settings bugger biting me Bug #18796919:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187969 in gnome-control-center "Cannot select default keyboard layout in gnome-keyboard-properties" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18796919:16
johnnyno. i'm not that far yet19:16
* DanaG likes gucharmap.19:16
alex_mayorganever mind19:16
johnnyi'm trying to see if gnome-settings-daemon itself segfaults19:16
johnnyin the xnest19:16
DanaGI was able to find characters to set this as my status in pidgin:19:17
johnnybut i can't get the xnest itself to open19:17
DanaG"Mmm, tetris.  ▟▘▗▙ ▝▙ ▗▟  ▙▖ ▄▄  █ "19:17
shirishwhat's the command to see what recent updates/upgrades I have done?19:19
DanaGOH yeah, workaround for nautilus bluetooth: use konqueror and kdebluetooth.19:19
alex_mayorgaDanaG, I'll try that19:20
alex_mayorgabye for now19:20
shirishDanaG: isn't there some apt-cache command to see what files were updated/upgraded in the recent past?19:21
hyper__chshirish: the apt-log19:22
shirishhyper__ch: can u be more clear, is there a command called apt-log? Or is this a package which needs to be installed?19:23
hyper__chshirish: check the log files for apt19:23
shirishhyper__ch: thanx, did that, did the trick :)19:30
DanaGI usually use aptitude when adding and removing stuff; that way, it actually gets logged in /var/log/aptitude .19:35
Assiderr quick question19:40
Assidwhy does synaptic have the ubuntu logo on some of the packages19:40
hyper__chto make them look nicer?19:41
hyper__chbut then I'd say it's for marking gnome specific packages19:41
Assidhow is postgresql gnome specific ?19:42
FliesLikeABrickit might mean that it comes from main, so is therefore supported19:42
FliesLikeABrickas opposed to coming from universe, multiverse, partner or something else19:42
johnnyit's prolly for packages that don't have their own icons.19:43
Assidjohnny: nope19:43
FliesLikeABricka way to find out would be to disable all of your repositories except main and see if all of the packages in the list have the icon19:43
johnnyand come from main19:43
Assidthinking if i should install postgres from source or from repositories19:43
FliesLikeABrickgenerally the binaries in packages are more optimized than if you made it from source19:44
Assidmore optimized?19:44
Assidi actually export cpuflags :P19:44
FliesLikeABrickI don't know the specifics, but it is the impression that I have19:44
FliesLikeABrickyou could always benchmark it and find out if there's a difference between the two ;)19:45
johnnythat's not the truth19:45
johnnythey are compiled with very realistic flags that work for most people19:45
FliesLikeABrickI don't mean for all packages, I mean for DMBS in specific19:45
johnnynot the most optimized ones19:45
FliesLikeABrickDBMS rather19:45
johnnybut you prolly won't notice the difference19:45
FliesLikeABrickyeah, I agree19:45
johnnyso anybody else here have xnest working while su to another user?19:46
DanaGArgh, I was having that damn "load cycle count" go up by one, about every 5 seconds.19:52
DanaGI had to edit power.sh to use 255 to disable APM.19:52
hyper__chwho thinks rTorrent is the best client?19:53
DanaGpdflush and kblockd and 'swapper' keep doing something with my hard drive.19:58
DanaGI don't know what that "something" is, though.19:58
DanaGOh, and kjournald, too.19:59
DanaGI have root mounted with 'commit=900' (seconds), which is 15 minutes.20:00
johnnyuggh.. time to get ready to work :(20:01
shazowhiya, I just did a fresh install of the latest kubuntu hardy, and kdm loads fine, but when i log in, at "initializing system services", it fails with the error "Could not start ksmserver"20:06
johnnyis there a reason everybody is trying to use hardy at this point? if they aren't trying to fix the bugs?20:09
shazowfun and profit :P20:09
shazowand my gutsy install was borked, so i figured..20:09
shazow(same problem, incidentally, but i didn't have the error message with gutsy)20:10
johnnythe devs have enough bugs to deal with i'm sure20:10
johnnyi know why i'm trying to test hardy, since i'm helping maintain a gnome application20:11
shazowwell, i doubt most people's motives for trying the latest and greatest are selfless.20:13
DanaGI wish that keyboard stuckage would be fixage'd.20:13
johnnywell most people are just causing problems for the devs then :)20:13
shazowif no one did this, then the final release would be super buggy.20:14
johnnythat's for beta time :)20:14
ArtimusAnyone mess around with ufw (the iptables frontend) in Hardy yet?  I compiled it for Feisty, it seems rather nice.20:14
=== awalton__dos is now known as awalton__
Artimuserr...  Gutsy, not Feisty20:15
johnnyotherwise tons of unnecessary dupes get filed20:15
shazowis there a beta? I only recall alpha's and release candidates20:15
johnnynot yet20:15
shazowi mean in prior history of ubuntu/kubuntu releases20:15
Assidalways some betas20:15
shazowah i guess i missed them20:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124406 in ubuntu "Keyboard keys get stuck and repeat (Feisty, Gutsy)" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:17
shazowalright, back to gutsy i go20:17
AssidDanaG: you still waiitng?20:17
DanaGaaaaaaargh, I haven't been able to use compiz for a few weeks, due to this bug.20:17
DanaGNo new posts.20:18
DanaGIt was new as of some Xorg update.20:18
shazownow if only i had a gutsy livecd..20:25
DanaGI really could use some help with that keyboard bug.21:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about autofsck - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:14
cwilluAnybody know if anybody is working on a replacement?21:14
awalton__why is a replacement needed, the old one break?21:19
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aLeSDhey hi21:32
=== OSUKid7__ is now known as OSUKid7
VanDykeanyone here tried installing hardy on software raid ?21:58
VanDykeI did it here yesterday, and I was wondering if somebody else had the same problems on installation22:04
VanDykenormal mode just wouldn't work22:04
bardyrVanDyke, i didnt notice any problems22:11
emet!info restricted-manager22:14
ubotuPackage restricted-manager does not exist in hardy22:14
emethmmmmmmmmmm ?22:14
DanaGIt's now called "Jockey" ... as in, a horse 'driver'.22:14
emet!info jockey22:15
ubotuPackage jockey does not exist in hardy22:15
selckin!info jockey-common22:15
ubotujockey-common (source: jockey): user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 37 kB, installed size 864 kB22:15
emetit has a lower version then restricted-manager?22:16
emet!info restricted-manager gutsy22:16
uboturestricted-manager (source: restricted-manager): manage non-free hardware drivers - GNOME frontend. In component restricted, is optional. Version 0.33.1 (gutsy), package size 38 kB, installed size 316 kB22:16
emetI'm going to assume jockey-common is better developed ?22:16
selckinthe name is cooler, what more do you want22:17
Noq^Hi! What kernel will hadry use.. There is serious kernel exploin which i have found now and it affects kernels from 2.6.17 to which i think is the latest one22:42
bardyrNoq^, what exploit?22:43
Noq^bardyr: its local root exploit22:44
bardyrNoq^, then report it on launchpad22:44
bardyrand lkml22:44
bardyrand sudo is not a exploit :D22:44
Noq^where is lkml22:44
Noq^bardyr: are u working with kernel?22:46
bardyrNoq^, nope22:47
Noq^oki :-d22:47
Noq^bardyr: someone was faster to report them =)22:49
bardyrBug #190587 ?22:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190587 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Local root exploit in kernel 2.6.17 - 2.6.24 (vmsplice)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058722:49
atrushaha, the exploit actually works on my hardy laptop.22:49
Noq^bardyr: that one22:50
Noq^and one more22:50
Noq^those two22:50
cyphaseHow hard would it be for Xorg to auto config dual monitors the same way it auto configs everything else now?22:51
Noq^whats even more annoying is that you need to reconfigure xorg manually when u buy bigger screen22:53
Noq^a friend of mine has huge problems. he just got 24" and its imposible to get right resolution22:54
Noq^but it worked nicely with 19"22:54
DanaGArgh, multimedia keys aren't working with Exaile.23:05
hydrogenyou could have easily expressed that23:07
hydrogenby just saying23:07
hydrogenand we all would have known what you meant23:07
DanaGHuh, I think I missed your joke, or whatever.23:10
RAOFDanaG: Nor with Banshee.  gnome-settings-daemon's MMKeys interface has changed.23:20
DanaGoops, swearing.23:21
DanaGAlso, "Open Terminal" hotkey doesn't do anything.23:23
crimsunI wish people actually inspected these patches.  :(23:24
DanaGIs there any way to get Xorg to poll for key releases instead of relying on events?  It seems to be somehow missing key-up events.23:24
DanaG... and having the 'super' key stuck down renders Xorg pretty useless.23:25
crimsunRAOF: thanks for the alsa-plugins biarch work.  The buffoonery with pkg-config looks pretty nasty.23:25
DanaGOh yeah, that reminds me: I was looking at laptops again, and I found some Asus one that looks pretty nice.  I'd still wait until summer, but I'm curious now: do you have any experience with Asus notebooks and Linux?23:26
RAOFcrimsun: It's better than what I was originally doing, which was re-writing the pkg-config files rather than providing .so symlinks. :)23:26
RAOFcrimsun: Are you able to apply it to Hardy's alsa-plugins?  Or possibly test that it doesn't break on i386 hardy; I haven't done that yet.23:27
atrusDanaG: yeah, i was having that key-stuck problem with compiz. not sure what it was.23:29
DanaGIt started in the latest few weeks.23:29
crimsunRAOF: I'll queue it for my hardening-wrapper test this evening23:30
DanaGOh yeah, another audio question: do you happen to know what the "ALC660VM" is?  I'm curious whether it's a 6-channel chip.23:30
RAOFcrimsun: Yay!23:30
DanaGI can't find any specs.23:30
aLeSDhow can I know if the bluetooth works ?23:31
crimsunDanaG: yes, I have a bit of experience.  I believe I mentioned they're a bit ... interesting.23:31
DanaGHmm, that's what's in the Asus V1S I'm considering.23:31
DanaG... as long as the performance ratio of  Go 8600 / Go 8800  is reasonably close to the ratio of 7600 / 7800.23:32
DanaGoops, s/VM/VD/23:34
crimsunit's actually 8-channel.23:36
crimsunwhether it's enabled as 8 distinct, independent widgets is another story :)23:36
DanaGI guess I'd have to find the thing in a store, and test it there.23:37
crimsunwell, the code currently slaves two sets of pins, so it only functions as 6-channel.23:37
DanaGThe thing I dream of seeing in a notebook: separate front audio out, as in the Windows drivers on many desktops.23:38
crimsunI'm not sure what you mean.23:40
crimsunif you mean "have the front jacks" drive a different stream[set] from the non-front jacks", then that's already possible, albeit with /much/ hackery.23:40
DanaGThat's what I mean.  It'd let me do what I currently do with sigmatel + audigy, with just the onboard.23:41
crimsunyes, that's already possible.23:41
DanaGIt depends on the vendor, of course -- must have speakers not hard-wired to "front speakers" jack.23:41
crimsunchange the pin_configs[] for the alc861vd, create a separate virtual config for front:, then run separate instances of pulseaudio per-virtual device23:42
DanaGI'd have to wait until I get such a device; it'll probably still be only in the summer.\23:42
ethana3our D830 has seperate headphones and speakers23:42
crimsundoesn't matter at all if it's hardwired, actually.  You can just create a separate overlay with a different pin_config[].23:43
crimsun(this is the ultimate flexibility with alsa-lib's ttables)23:43
crimsun(and arguably the sole point that made alsa-lib worthwhile prior to OSSv4)23:44
DanaGHmm, but if the built-in speakers and the jack are wired together, wouldn't you lose that jack's ability to be separate?23:46

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