mohbanahi is anyone here?>12:57
mohbanadoko, u there?12:58
mohbanaman-di, hi i am using eclipse to manage a cvs, how do i get rid of an existing cvs project from the cvs as in totally delete it13:01
man-dinot possible from eclipse, you can do that in the repo on the server directly (strictly not recommended)13:02
mohbanaok it is possible to overwrite the project completely with what i am working on in my workspace?13:02
man-dibut if you commit you still have cvs history with old content13:04
mohbanayep thats what i dont want13:04
man-dianyway, need to leave you, wheater here is too fine13:04
mohbanaok guys whats a good cvs tool that allows me to deelete projects?13:12
man-dimohbana: back14:26
man-dimohbana: rm on the server, nothing else, clients cant delete anything for real14:26
selckinanyone have debs for like ia32-sun-java6-bin but that install a jdk16:38
man-dilike sun-java6-jdk in the archive?16:40
selckinbut 32bit version16:40
man-di32bit version for amd64? or for i386?16:41
selckinwell for amd6416:41
selckini keep hitting permgen space using idea or eclipse or netbean, and i've decided to blame the 64bit verison of java16:41
man-diwhats the problem with aptitude install ia32-sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk ?16:42
man-dijust replace sun-java6-bin by ia32-sun-java6-bin16:42
selckinia32-sun-java6-bin is a jre, i'd like the jdk equivalent16:43
man-disun-java6-jdk depends on sun-java6-jre which depends on sun-java6-bin | ia32-sun-java6-bin16:44
selckinwhich is 64bit16:44
man-diia32-sun-java6-bin is 32bit16:44
selckinbut only the jre16:44
man-diall the executables are in sun-java6-bin and ia32-sun-java6-bin16:44
man-disun-java6-jdk is a jdk16:45
selckini'm lost16:46
selckinthere is no package in the repo i can install to get a 32bit javac on my amd64 system, correct?16:47
selckinonly the jre things16:47
man-difor the third time: aptitude install ia32-sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jdk16:49
man-diI just tested this here16:49
selckinsun-java6-jdk is 64bit16:50
man-diits just a wrapper to provide a jdk, the executables are in ia32-sun-java6-bin16:50
selckinia32-sun-java6-bin is just a JRE here, no javac tools.jar or anything16:51
man-dijavac is just bytecode16:52
selckini'm using it as an example16:52
man-dithe tools.jar is in sun-java6-jdk16:52
man-diand the tools.jar gets executes with java from ia32-sun-java6-bin16:52
selckinguess i can symlink my own jdk verison from both yeah, but no package does this16:52
man-dihow hard can this be to understand?16:52
selckinif you just said 'no there is no 32bit jdk package for amd64 i'd have understood16:53
man-diI have shown you the solution to your problem several times, if you dont want that solution, fine.16:53
selckinor i asked the wrong questions16:53
man-diselckin: you dont need an extra JDK for 64bit as the important parts are arch-independent16:54
selckini still need to create the jdk structure manual for the silly aplications that expect it16:54
selckinlike IDEA16:54
man-diwhy dont you just do what I wrote above?16:54
selckini did.16:55
man-dithen you have done something wrong16:55
man-dimake sure ia32-sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jdk are installed at the same time16:55
man-diand sun-java6-bin is not installed16:55
* man-di leaves for food16:58
man-diselckin: good luck (but it works really, I tried that locally)16:58
selckini removed them all, and installed just those 216:58
selckinit create a 32bit JRE /usr/lib/jvm/ia32-java-6* and a 64bit jdk /usr/lib/jvm/java-6*16:59
selckinwhich is still not a full 32bit jdk16:59
selckinso i'm assuming i'm being stupid or can't explain what i want, in any case i'll find something, thanks anyway17:00
selckinanyway easy to mix&match manually, but would have been handy to have complete 32bit jdk package available, which there isn't.17:13
selckinwhich is what my inital question was, if someone had one17:14
selckinanyway, thanks for the information, think we got the wires crossed a bit tho :)17:14

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