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bullgard4What is the function of kacpid? It seems not to be documented in the kernel documentation.07:39
mjg59It's the kernel thread that handles acpi events08:56
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bullgard4mjg59: Thank xou very much for informing.11:59
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tjaaltonthe vmsplice-exploit is for 2.6.17-2.6.24, and verified working on 7.1012:09
tjaaltonthat's a workaround for now12:11
h3btach zusammen12:15
bigonI suppose that everybody is aware of http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=464953 ?13:33
ubotuDebian bug 464953 in linux-2.6 "linux-2.6: mmap() local root exploit" [Critical,Open] 13:33
fijamhello, terribly sorry to bother you but is there any eta on fix for http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9924 ?18:42
ubotubugzilla.kernel.org bug 9924 in Other "Two vmsplice local root exploits" [High,New] 18:42
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lagawow. slashdot is really quick on the uptake22:04
krautthat sounds so ironic ;)22:04
krauthi laga btw.22:04
lagait was sarcasm, actually :)22:04
lagahi kraut 22:04
kraut<Md> kraut: if you have a 32 bit system and you cannot reboot it, you can load this module to block both exploits: http://www.linux.it/~md/software/novmsplice.tgz22:05
lagathere's an exploit which blocks the exploit :)22:06
lagai've just read the comments on slashdot22:08
* laga removes eyes from head with a spoon22:08
cbx33hey guys22:45
cbx33any eta for the local root exploit bug fix?22:46
ivoksi'm building unofficial kernel packages for 7.1022:46
cbx33i'm really interested in official stuff22:47
cbx33do you have the fix documented?22:47
cbx33is that it22:49
ivokssad, isn't it? :)22:49
cbx33what a bad rep we'll get22:50
ivoksah, mistakes happen22:50
ivoksat least we have a fix22:50
cbx33ivoks have you tried the workaround script?22:51
cbx33the one that adds the RET to the vmsplice memory location?22:51
ivoksyou have a link?22:51
cbx33see if it seems reasonable22:52
crimsunivoks: from backscroll, didn't you say it doesn't affect gutsy/i386?22:52
ivokscrimsun: yeah, i did22:52
ivoksthis is new exploit22:52
ivoksand this one works22:52
crimsunoh, 3 not 2.22:52
ivoksright, 3 doesn't work on gutsy22:53
crimsunthank goodness I'm still running 2.2.26!22:53
cbx33oh dear22:54
cbx33is the fix the same for both?22:54
ivoksi do hope so... :)22:55
cbx33can't wait till the official fix is released22:55
ivoksi have only one problematic server...22:55
cbx33me too22:55
ivoksall others are 6.0622:55
ivoksor don't have users at all22:55
cbx33no users at all?22:55
cbx33or no users apart from ones you know22:56
ivoksexcept me22:56
cbx33yeh that's what mine are like22:56
cbx33but i still want them patched ;)22:56
ivoksof course...22:56
cbx33maybe I'll recompile kernel22:56
cbx33give me something to do22:56
cbx33what's the official docs on kernel com/recompiling22:59

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