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stowawayi think im going crazy.  i used to have  mythbuntu menu in mytv setup.. but its gone now?01:10
stowawaynay ideas?01:10
superm1its not in mythtv-setup01:10
superm1its in in mythfrontend01:10
stowawayyeah thats where i am01:11
stowawayin the frontend.01:11
stowawayutiliies / setup - > setup -> then it used to be down the bottom01:11
stowawaybut its not anymore?01:12
javatexandid you change the theme?01:12
javatexanthat can change things around a lot01:12
stowawayyea. i did.  but i changed it back to the default one.01:13
stowawayi thought that was it too.01:13
javatexannot theme...but that other thing01:13
javatexanDVR, Something, something... LOL01:13
superm1yeah classic, DVR, etal will make it dissappera too01:14
stowawayis ther a way of making it come back?01:15
superm1yeah change it back to the proper layout01:16
superm1that lists it01:16
superm1menu theme01:17
superm1there is default01:17
superm1and pvr01:17
superm1it should be set default01:17
superm1for that o be listed01:17
stowawayokay. ill play with the apperencance some more. thanks01:17
superm1additionally if you removed the control centre from apt, it won't show up :)01:17
stowawayhow would i have removed the control centre fom apt?01:22
stowawayand would it just be a apt-get install something to geti t back?01:22
superm1apt-get install mythbuntu-control-centre01:31
superm1would install it01:31
rwoodSomeone familiar with epia boards?02:56
Tar1rwood, just a little03:22
rwoodWell I just installed mythbuntu and I don't get any video, but lots of audio.03:23
rwoodI'm fairly certain that the XvMc is working.  When I disable it in the mythtv settings the audio that I get goes choppy.03:27
Tar1what board?03:27
rwoodepia MII 1200003:28
* Tar1 shrugs03:29
Tar1I'm no expert (I don't even own a Epia)..03:30
rhpot1991_laptopdid you ever get any video out of it?03:31
rwoodWell... that's okay.  I posted to the forum.  Hopefully someone else knows the problem.  I had mythtv working with dapper once, but then my hard drive crashed and I hadn't gotten around to fixing it til now.03:31
rwoodI tried the via. unichrome and openchrome drivers.03:32
Tar1have you tried all of the available output devices?03:33
Tar1it could be outputting on one you're not using03:33
rwoodSo... even though I have the tv hooked up to the vga port it could be displaying the video on the tv-out?03:34
rhpot1991_laptopwell have you ever verified that something is coming out of the vga?03:34
rwoodthe menus and desktop work just fine.03:35
Tar1oh, so it's just a mythtv issue03:36
rhpot1991_laptopwhen you disable Xvmc do you get video?03:36
rwoodbut the audio goes crappy.03:37
rwoodSo I just verified all the video outputs and none of them have video playback, but they can all display the system fine.03:45
rwoodWhen I select live tv, I just noticed that it isn't all the way black, it's just a very dark blue.  Almost black.03:46
rwoodWell I think I'm done for the night.  Thanks guys.03:55
skwashdhi all04:23
skwashdi am running a split back/front end setup04:23
skwashdinstalled it in the last day or so04:23
skwashdthe front end keeps on complaining that it can't connect to the backend04:23
skwashdthe db connection test in the control centre works04:24
skwashdno firewall running on either box04:24
skwashdand the mysql cli confirms that i can connect04:25
skwashdany ideas on what i should be looking at/trying?04:25
skwashdnm ... finally found it04:41
skwashdhad to run mythtv-setup and set the IP address04:42
mooseman447hello i was just wonder what mythtv does if its offline during a time it was supposed to record something08:35
hugolpmooseman447:  you mean mythtv back-end?08:36
hugolpwell, nothing08:37
hugolpif its not on it cant do nothign08:37
mooseman447lol ok i was just making sure it wasnt set to do anything sneaky like try to find the episode later and get it08:37
Dorwardmooseman447: It could be. It depends what you've picked - "Record every episode", for example, will record it next time it is on (subject to scheduling conflicts)08:38
mooseman447i just recently migrated my mythtv backend from a like 120gig lvm to a 500 one so it missed a ton of shows08:38
hugolpmooseman447:  yeah, if you tell it to record a specific show if it finds it again it will record it as long as the back-end is running08:39
mooseman447yea well i think all the shows during the time period it was being upgraded were one time recordings so i guess its alright08:40
mooseman447just out of curosity have either of you guys got a happauge 150mce and got its fm radio to work?08:43
hugolpmooseman447:  but if you ordered a single record and the back-end was off during the time that program was on08:44
hugolpnothing else will happen08:44
mooseman447ok thats good08:44
mooseman447there is no frontend for windows yet right?08:50
hugolpwhy would you want one?09:00
jduggan_anybody around?12:59
jduggan_no worries - figured it out ;]13:09
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alexvd_all getting a couple crashes on a regular basis that I can't track down in the logs.  1. I have mythphone logged onto my asterisk box for caller-id. I get dumped out to the desktop when it does the screen pop at times.  2. Mythfrontend hangs when at :30 minute and 1:00 hr intervals.  Sometimes it just pauses other times it just hangs and i have to exit back to the main screen.  Anyone seen these?17:37
superm1alexvd_, are you using  monit?18:36
superm1or something similar18:36
alexvd_No should I be?19:05
superm1they can cause such things19:23
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kameleonhow do all.20:28
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rinaldi_hi, my mythbuntu frontends aren't loading at all, i can only see the process in mystem monitor and my wireless indicator is flashing...  when i run mythfilldatabase i get that the database is not open, it can't connect to my IP and "No error type from QSqlError?  Strange..." any ideas?22:33
benlakeI am attempting to upgrade and apparently the source entry "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse" is no longer valid. What should my repo be set to now?23:13
superm1take off the restricted universe multiverse part23:13
superm1and you should be fine23:13
benlakecool beans I'll give it a shot23:14
benlakedo the myth repos have GPG keys?23:15
superm1no they dont23:17
superm1well the ppa doesnt23:17
superm1the weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org does23:17
benlakewhat is the difference? is weeklybuilds more release oriented? I think I installed originally from a beta CD23:18
benlakethe source.list adjustment worked, thanks superm123:18
superm1that repo is only used in the build process23:18
superm1its not on the release disks23:19
superm1eg final release23:19
benlakeshould I flip it?23:19
superm1you dont need it there23:19
superm1it wont do you any good at least23:19
superm1especially upgrading to hardy23:19
benlakewill having the ppa host allow me to upgrade distros?23:19
superm1yeah you still will be able to23:23
superm1with or without it23:23
skwashdhi all23:24
skwashdi have a dedicated frontend box and a dedicated backend23:24
skwashdeverything seems to be working properly23:24
skwashdexcept watching TV23:24
skwashdi have a dvico dual 4 in the backend box23:24
skwashdmythtv complains that it can't get lock23:24
skwashdit gets EIT data23:25
skwashdsignal strength when scanning was ~75%23:25
skwashdwhat should i check?23:25

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