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ubotuIn ubotu, ethan961 said: !sony is the master of rootkits on audio cd's00:14
jdongerr.. thank you?00:16
soldatsis anyone in #xubuntu00:37
soldatsso if anyone is in #xubuntu i extremely dislike the words typed by the nick blake__ and now his nick is negro. its offensive to me 00:39
jdongnegro is now an offensive term?00:40
soldatsno but n*gger is00:40
jdongsoldats: ah, ok, that it is.00:40
no0tic-localjdong, "negro" is offensive in italian00:41
soldatsit somewhat hurts to see that word displayed in a family friendly channel00:41
jdongno0tic-local: yeah, different countries are in different places on the euphemism treadmill00:42
jdongit's a fascinating subject, I once wrote a paper on it00:42
jdongdid I piss him off or something? :(00:43
jdongwell I'm idling in the channel and nothing's happening (tm)00:44
LjLjdong, not a matter of euphemisms really...00:47
* Seveas euphemisms jdong 00:47
jdongSeveas: ow!00:47
LjLjdong: "negro" and "nigger" are the very same word, both from latin "niger", simply meaning "black".00:47
jdongLjL: true, but at one point in the USA (late 80s or so) it was the politically correct, preferred term.00:47
jdongbut in the mid 90's and beyond it flipped back to being offensive.00:48
jdongin fact, the current trend is "African American" is starting to become a questionable term00:48
LjLjdong: maybe, but i'm saying, it's not a matter of italy being on a different place on the euphemisms treadmill - it's just that the *italian* word "negro" translates quite literally into "nigger"00:48
jdongLjL: cool :)00:48
LjLjdong: while the *english* word "negro" is a loanword (which can possibly explain why it's felt as softer, donno)00:49
jdongLjL: I'll put that on the list of words not to use in Italy :)00:49
Seveasjdong, also avoid 'LjL'00:49
naliothnegro is 'black' in spanish00:50
Seveasit's a rather nasty offensive word00:50
LjLnalioth: what i'm saying.00:50
LjLnigger is also "black"00:50
SeveasLjL, no, you were saying italian :p00:50
LjLthey *all* mean "black" etymologically00:50
* jdong sits back and watches amusedly00:50
LjLSeveas: in italian it doesn't mean "black", though, which is "nero" :)00:50
Seveas♪ I see a red door and I want it painted nigger ♫00:51
Seveasthat just doesn't sound good :)00:51
LjL"etymologically" doesn't mean it's what it *means*00:51
jdongLjL: in english "nero" is a CD burning utility00:51
LjLWords used in English: "black", native word literally meaning "black"; "nigger", native word coming from latin "niger", which means "black" in latin; "negro", loanword from spanish where it means "black", coming from latin "niger" again00:52
LjLWords used in Italian: "nero", native word literally meaning "black", from latin "niger", meaning "black"; "negro", native word literally meaning "nigger", from latin "niger", meaning "black"00:53
LjLWords used in Latin: seveus, meaning "mad dutchman"00:53
SeveasLjL, http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=QD58hS-zPAk00:55
Seveashmm, not the one i was looking for00:55
Seveashmm, can't find it00:56
Seveastoo bad00:56
LjLSeveas: you see, if the flash "fix" didn't break my flash, perhaps00:58
LjLanon32 slightly trolling in #k01:00
stdinapparently Hirvinen thought it was a good idea to publicise a root exploit in #ubuntu and #kubuntu ...01:27
ubotuHirvinen called the ops in #ubuntu (Sorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.)01:30
ubotuHirvinen called the ops in #kubuntu (Sorry, if I infringe on policy, but I think this locals root exploit, https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=209460 , works at least on Hardy 2.6.24-7 and Edgy 2.6.17-12. I think it would be topic-worthy.)01:30
PriceChildi told him to file a bug01:45
jdongPriceChild: good boy01:47
jdongPriceChild: actually01:47
jdongPriceChild: a CVE had already been tracked, the team is aware of it01:47
jdongmost of the guys are out on weekend though01:47
PriceChildjdong, wanna tell him?01:47
jdongPriceChild: nah you can tell them01:47
PriceChildHey ethan961, can I help?01:52
ethan961Not at the moment, although if I have been banned from a channel, and I want to appeal, does the op who banned me need to be online? 01:54
ethan961ok, thanks01:56
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ChamProso how does get unbanned from #ubuntu.... considering I haven't been there in ages04:38
Jack_SparrowChamPro: I would need to see who banned you in the first place.04:39
Jack_SparrowChamPro: Most everyone is gone.... or busy04:40
jdongsaturday night.... :)04:40
ChamProwhen's a good time to come back?04:40
Jack_SparrowChamPro: Sunday daytime USA or monday04:41
Jack_SparrowI would not even be here if I was not showing someone around irc04:41
Jack_SparrowThanks for understanding04:41
naliothJack_Sparrow: you are a marked man, quit trying to weasel out of things   :D04:46
Jack_SparrowLook at what time I started this am.. By my count  about 18 hours ago04:47
* nalioth looks closer at ChamPro 04:47
Jack_SparrowThanks for checking on this04:47
naliothChamPro: i don't see any reason you should be banned from #ubuntu 04:49
naliothi don't even see any bans in #ubuntu that would keep you out04:49
Jack_SparrowChamPro: try and join again04:50
ChamPro" Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned)."04:55
naliothJack_Sparrow: do you see any bans in there that'd affect ChamPro ?04:56
Jack_SparrowChamPro: are you using a tor server or anything like that04:56
ChamPronope... just connecting through xchat-gnome04:57
ChamProplain ol' Verizon04:57
crdlb23:54 -!- 179 - #ubuntu: ban *!*@141.151.* [by nalioth!i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth, 1570992 secs ago]04:57
Jack_SparrowYes, I can see that04:57
naliothalrighty then04:58
* crdlb takes a cookie04:58
ChamProthat's a big set of IPs04:58
naliothChamPro: well, when you have troublmakers who recycle their IPs and come back repeatedly . . . 04:58
naliothyou can join #ubuntu now, ChamPro :)04:58
* nalioth sends crdlb a cookie monster, too04:59
ChamProI'm in05:00
naliothtonyyarusso: i'm sad  :(05:25
tonyyarussonalioth: why this time?05:26
* tonyyarusso is sad b/c days are only 24 hours and there are only 7 of them in a week05:26
naliothyou've not built any OSX goodies lately05:26
tonyyarussoIt's true.  TBH, I haven't built anything lately of the Ubuntu type - I've been too distracted from the volunteer Ubuntu building by the for-pay Drupal building.05:28
naliothso how much money do you owe me for powerpc drupal constructs?  :P05:29
tonyyarussoNone - one of them is on DreamHost and the other is a Sun server at school.05:30
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ubotuMasterShrek called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:51
Mr__anyone here?07:06
tommyiei hav been banned at the #ubuntu beacause i just ask too many question?09:32
tommyiecan i be relese from the ban beacause i see nothing that i have done wrong09:36
PriceChildHey there tommyie.09:36
PriceChildOne moment while I check logs.09:38
PriceChildtommyie, what's with the new nickname btw?09:44
tommyiejust change...im not pro ( aminpro..)09:45
PriceChildYou are not aminpro?09:45
tommyieim aminpro09:45
PriceChildoh but you're not pro09:45
tommyieit's just nicknames09:45
PriceChildWhat's #ubuntu for?09:46
tommyieyes im not pro 09:46
tommyiei hav problem in installing ubuntu09:46
PriceChildYesterday you were asking about "syslinux" though?09:47
tommyieyes..but i hav another method but failed...09:47
tommyiei give up the syslinux..so i try another method to install it09:47
PriceChildOk so what's #ubuntu for?09:48
tommyieits for asking if we hav problems(support)09:49
PriceChildproblems and support in general? like if I have a problem with a girlfriend can I go ask in there?09:50
tommyieitsa a general help..recomended ..where to start09:50
PriceChildWhat about if I have a problem with Windows?09:50
tommyiegenaral help in ubuntu 09:50
tommyieif its related in installing the ubuntu09:51
PriceChildaha close enough09:51
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org09:51
tommyiesrry page not found....09:51
PriceChildif you read the topic in there when you joined, you'd see its for ubuntu support only.09:52
PriceChildWe don't support syslinux09:52
tommyiei tought ubuntu is linux's09:52
tommyiei tought they r together09:52
PriceChildNope :) Ubuntu is just one variant of linux.09:52
tommyieits like linux09:53
PriceChildin the same way ubuntu is a distribution of linux09:53
PriceChilda square is a type of rectangle09:53
PriceChildbut a rectangle isn't a type of square etc. etc.09:53
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amin1i chane my neme but without hte pro09:55
PriceChildSo we happy with that concept?09:56
PriceChild!guidelines | amin1 09:56
ubotuamin1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:56
PriceChildamin1, could you read that link then say my name in this channel please? :)09:56
amin1like... +PriceChild: <message>09:57
amin1+PriceChild: ok09:57
amin1+PriceChild : when can i join back so i can resolve my problem... my hardrive is gone....but it shows the computer management( not in mycomputer)09:59
PriceChildamin1, go read the guidelines then say when done10:00
amin1+PriceChild: i mean done10:12
PriceChildamin1, happy to abide by those guidelines in #ubuntu?10:13
PriceChildamin1, you can rejoin #ubuntu, please stay on topic and follow the guidelines.10:18
PriceChildSeveas, I seem to be having troubles with chanserv.py whilst connected via bip :/10:18
amin1thank you very much.....10:18
GaryPriceChild, bip?10:19
PriceChildGary, bip10:19
PriceChild!info bip10:19
ubotubip (source: bip): multiuser irc proxy with conversation replay and more. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-2ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 70 kB, installed size 248 kB10:19
PriceChildamin1, anything else I can help with?10:20
PriceChildNo idea why bip makes a difference, should be transparent :/10:21
PriceChildI'm in the mood to be mean....10:56
PriceChildtoying with letting <alexkreuz> back in but muting and +z'ing.... but i shouldn't... because that's wrong.10:57
jpatrick05:10 < solidnail> all the pakis please stand up please stand up11:04
jpatrick05:12  * solidnail jonybravo iraq war is going on and you are doing this11:06
jpatrickguys, kick11:06
ubotujpatrick called the ops in #ubuntu (solidnail - ot, rude)11:07
PriceChildjpatrick, ops works a lot lot quicker11:07
jpatrickPriceChild: :p11:07
PriceChildI'm on this list supposedly...11:09
* jpatrick eyes Kheops in #k11:13
PriceChildwoop woop death threat11:17
elkbuntuyou must feel so loved now :)11:18
PriceChildmakes me feel all warm inside11:18
PriceChildbut awww... now he said "jk"11:18
elkbuntui'm laughing so hard inside. i swear. really, i am.11:19
Garydeath threats, blimey11:31
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SeveasGary, prod12:41
* Gary gets prodded12:41
Seveascould you drop the nick ubotu212:41
Seveashas been used for a second 30 weeks ago12:42
Seveasactually, it has been used for a whopping 5 minute12:42
Garytake it you don't need my /nicksetup spam?12:43
Seveasgonna link it to ubotu12:44
Seveasit's a pain to register 11 nicknames on freenode :)12:48
GaryI've seen nicks with 19 linked12:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 2,3,4}{,`,_} - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:49
Seveas@lart himself12:49
SeveasLjL, prod12:50
SeveasGary, LjL registered ubotu`, would you mind dropping that as well so I can register and link it?12:51
Garydropped Seveas 12:52
Seveasand linked12:53
Seveas5 down, 6 to go12:53
Garynot gonna make me drop em all are you?12:53
* Gary wants to see daylight today12:54
Seveasneh, those are most likely not registered12:54
Seveasthey're not12:54
Garythey're not not registered? :p12:55
Seveasunless you did that in the last minute :p12:55
Garywhat nicks?12:56
SeveasI'll tell that after I rgeistered them12:56
Garyokay, I'll wait till after to drop em then :p12:57
* Gary hides12:57
SeveasI will send the long pointy stick to hunt you down12:58
AmaranthI've got 14 nicks :P12:58
AmaranthSeveas: You want UbuntuBot? :)12:59
Garyis this like pokemon card sharing?13:00
AmaranthThat was my custom bot that stored bits of python in mysql and dynamically executed them for all functions except the factoid database :)13:00
Amaranthnever had to restart the bot to reprogram basically all of it13:00
SeveasAmaranth, new ubotu will do something with a similar goal but better design13:01
Amaranthhey now, it was a pretty cool design 3 years ago :P13:02
Amaranthheh, almost exactly two years ago, and it was used for 2 weeks13:02
Amaranthwow, back then it only had to deal with like 300 users13:02
Amarantherr, almost exactly three years ago13:03
Seveas2 nicks to go13:03
ubotuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, Ubulette said: !forget dbgsym13:27
ubotuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, Ubulette said: !forget dbgsym*13:36
ubotuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, Ubulette said: !forget dbgsym*13:37
ubotudescribed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:41
PriceChildUbulette, why do we want to delete that?13:41
Ubulettebecause we (asac and me) wanted to change the previous value but the bot kept saying it already means something else13:43
Ubuletteand !forget didn't work either13:45
UbulettePriceChild, ^^13:45
PriceChildUbulette, what do you want to change it to?13:47
UbulettePriceChild, asac wanted to rephrase a bit so he started to fight with the bot, nothing worked13:48
PriceChildUbulette, !no dbgsym is <your new message>13:49
Ubuletteoh, thanks :)13:51
ubotuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, Ubulette said: !no dbgsym is also described on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:51
Ubulettei just pasted the last try of asac13:51
* PriceChild wonders what the point in this was13:52
PriceChild!no dbgsym is described on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:52
ubotuI know nothing about dbgsym yet, PriceChild13:52
Ubulettedon't ask me, ask asac ;)13:53
ubotudescribed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:53
ubotudbgsym-also has no aliases - added by asac on 2008-02-10 14:34:5613:53
PriceChildah i see what's happenned13:53
ubotuIn #ubuntu-mozillateam, shirish said: ubotu: asac is https://launchpad.net/~asac13:54
PriceChildHey asac 13:54
PriceChildFor some reason, dbgsym was deleted.13:54
asachi PriceChild 13:54
PriceChildThen dbgsym-also was made.13:54
asacyeah ... i removed it by !forget dbgsym13:54
asacwell ... i did that because i couldn't add any new dbgsym info13:55
PriceChildI have deleted dbgsym-also, and brought back dbgsym13:55
ubotudbgsym is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:55
PriceChildasac, the correct way to edit existing factoids is "no factoid is foo"13:55
PriceChildthe "no" is important when editing13:55
asacyeah ... i tries to delete and in a second step create it ... but that doesn't work. imo a bug13:55
PriceChildnot really13:56
PriceChildwhen deleted... this happens:13:56
PriceChild!search dbgsym13:56
ubotuFound: dbgsym-also*, dbgsym13:56
asacah ... so its still remembered?13:56
PriceChildnotice the star? that shows its deleted, so it won't be called13:56
PriceChildit means its easy to bring it back13:56
asacso people can not remove valuable infos by accident?13:56
asachow to bring it back then?13:56
asaci didn't find anything on the wiki13:56
PriceChild"unforget foo"13:56
asacoh cool13:56
asacnow i understand :)13:57
asacdid you give Ubulette factoids ops rights? can you do so?13:57
PriceChildSeveas, manages the bot.13:57
asacSeveas: ^^13:58
asacPriceChild: ok thanks ;)13:58
PriceChildUbulette, are you a developer/motu ?13:58
SeveasI don't know Ubulette so I won't give him/her access13:58
Seveasif anybody on the ops team can vouch for him/hir, that might change13:58
asache works a lot on the mozillateam13:59
asacbut nevermind ... i think we can live without it13:59
Seveashe can always do edits, they're forwarded here for revies13:59
PriceChildedits are normally done pretty quickly as there's always someone here tbh14:00
Ubuletteasac, nm, i'm fine14:01
PriceChildtonyyarusso, is a mozilla guy right?14:02
PriceChildand the way shirish was hanging around makes me a bit :/14:02
PriceChildgrr Seveas hold me back14:04
assasukasseHi everyone14:05
assasukassewould please someone take care of a problem that arised in #ubuntu14:06
assasukassean user came asking about iceweasel and firefox14:06
assasukasseand was promptly kicked by seveas with not agreeable reasons14:06
assasukassewhen i protested i was kicked as well14:06
Seveasassasukasse, you called me a nazi. That's not done14:06
Seveascome back in a week14:07
assasukassei said this is a nazi behaviour14:07
Seveassame difference14:07
assasukasseSeveas: power corrupts14:07
PriceChildHello dobau, can I help?14:08
PriceChildSeveas, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=69288114:17
Seveashangs on connecting14:18
PriceChildproblem your end14:18
Seveascould be, I can't connect to fridge/planet either14:19
Seveas anyway, what's it about14:19
Seveasgood riddance14:20
PriceChildRemoved the logs, closed the thread and suggested he pm you to resolve the issue.14:20
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LjLSeveas: someone's in love with you14:21
LjLSeveas: how do you know it's russian when they don't use UTF?14:21
Seveaswhois on the ip14:21
LjLSeveas: is that in autowhatever.py yet? :)14:23
PriceChildThe poster is assasukasse.14:23
* PriceChild stalks him and watches what he's viewing14:25
ompaulPriceChild, you is evil14:32
ompaulPici, are you around or just in that machine still?14:32
PriceChildompaul, what'd I do?14:32
PriceChildhe sent a nice pm14:37
PriceChild(not being sarcastic)14:37
ompaulPriceChild, note that the thing here is that the person who is being asked about is a serial troll on the subject of ice weasel - love is racing across the tundra and at night the troll stoppers catch up with you14:49
PriceChildompaul, I didn't realise he had a history sorry.14:50
PriceChildmakes me more comfortable with the outcome :)14:50
ompaulLjL, more like w00t-wegotasubjecttotrollabout14:51
LjLompaul: was a pun14:51
LjLthink four elements14:52
ompaulLjL, sorry I was blinded by the word troll - it does something to me, and then I morf into something else :)14:52
tonyyarussoPriceChild: not in the sense of working for them or anything, but the one package I work on in universe is of the mozilla family, yes.15:03
Mr__anyone here?15:29
jussi01How can we help?15:29
Mr__i am wondering if a website can get permission to connect to room ubuntu with pjirc15:29
ompaul!register | Mr__ 15:30
ubotuMr__: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about  registering your Freenode nick can be found at http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration15:30
Mr__well this would be a webchat15:30
ompaulMr__, given the effect of web chat and the abuses of it I can't see it happening any time soon15:30
Mr__i c15:31
Mr__i just wanted to add ubuntu support on and ubuntu based site15:31
ompaulMr__, unfortunate but the way any such service including tor has been abused it does not help the ubuntu channel work15:31
ompaulas for ubuntu based site be aware of the jobs that wiki.ubuntu.com help.ubuntu.com and ubuntuforums do 15:33
ompaulMr__, ^^ what might be useful would be for you to explain to people how to get connected to IRC using a sensible client15:33
ompauland how to register with freenode 15:33
Mr__i c15:34
Mr__i was think a link that launched xchat for them15:34
ompaulwell they have to have xchat installed first15:34
PriceChildMr__, mibbit.com have worked out a system to let them get their users in our channel.15:34
* ompaul was unaware of this15:35
ompauluntil now15:35
PriceChildompaul, try it :)15:35
Mr__well i will follow the rules15:36
Mr__just trying to create something for all us ubuntu fans15:36
Mr__i already had to change the name15:37
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* jpatrick hugs ompaul 15:49
Jack_Sparrowompaul: the patch for mibbit seems to work fine other than a bit of spam when they log in15:49
mib_acjtgl9qmib mib :)16:07
mib_acjtgl9qhow do you see the ip from a mibbit user then?16:08
LjL /whois mib_acjtgl9q16:08
LjLident and realname16:09
mib_acjtgl9qso even if you use a cloak you can see the ip16:09
LjLyes that's a side effect16:09
PriceChildfreenode's issue, not ours or mibbits16:09
PriceChildLjL, watching the rugby?16:10
mib_acjtgl9qThis mibbit thing is pretty neat16:10
LjLyeah, the guy who manages mibbit would like to just have the host showing in the normal hostname part of the mask16:10
LjLit's possible on other networks16:10
PriceChildmib_acjtgl9q, gonna start using it as your default client? :)16:10
LjLbut obviously it requires that the ircd has something to do that16:10
LjLPriceChild: not really16:10
SeveasPriceChild, no way :)16:10
SeveasPriceChild, it has no chanserv.py16:11
PriceChildSeveas, true....16:11
PriceChildSeveas, chanserv.py isn't working with bip to do with "u" and "bans" :/16:11
LjLmib_84dw6ej1: there's one pretty nasty thing. try joining #ubuntu and then muting yourself16:12
mib_84dw6ej1It sends me to -proxy-users :)16:13
mib_84dw6ej1blimey, folodbot reacted16:13
LjLmib_84dw6ej1: yep join again16:14
LjLSeveas: by nickname16:14
LjL(yes, i guess i should implement by hostname too. i always mute by nickname...)16:14
LjLSeveas: exempts trump mutes (obviously), so i had to do that. not very nice but hey :)16:15
* mib_84dw6ej1 likes16:15
LjLyou might want to unban yourself16:17
Seveasneh, I'm cloaked16:18
Seveasand chanserv.py auto-unbans me if needed16:18
LjLSeveas: /cs unban doesn't unban by hostname if you have a cloak - cloak or IP only :)16:21
LjL[17:22:20] [Notice] -ChanServ- No bans matching [LjL!n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl] and [LjL!n=ljl@] were found on #ubuntu-ops16:22
SeveasLjL, but the ban also doesn't apply16:22
LjLSeveas: true but when it does apply it means you're not identified to services so you can't request an unban to begin with16:23
LjLanyway, i'm banned on ##ljl i think, so who am i to speak16:23
Jack_SparrowToo bad you cant see what I just posted in there..16:33
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=== yoda is now known as seanw
ompaulyoda nay want to do datt17:18
ompaulnow laddie!17:19
ompaul! nickspam | seanw 17:19
ubotuseanw: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu-ops - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also /msg ubotu Guidelines17:19
* ompaul rofl17:19
* PriceChild grins at dongbotu17:20
jdongnot related! I swear! ;-)17:20
ompaultoo late - whatdayamean tooo late .....17:23
* ompaul has a rockin evening en route this evening17:23
ompaulNazareth in Dublin in a couple of hours17:24
ubotuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu (AcaroJR)18:46
jpatrickwhat a strange guy^18:47
PiciWhat did he say?18:47
jpatrickI'm going to eat you're pe...18:48
PiciHow odd.18:48
ubotuCpudan80 called the ops in #ubuntu (oscar)19:29
jpatrickoh god19:30
jpatrickI threw him out of #u-es about an hour ago19:31
jpatricklook slike he was kicked by someone else as well19:32
VanDykeis there any OP around? 21:52
PiciVanDyke: Whats up?21:53
VanDykeseems like I'm banned from #ubuntu21:53
PiciVanDyke: Please change to a less colorful and more family friendly realname on your irc client.21:53
VanDykebut I don't remember entering the channel21:53
VanDykeok will do that21:54
VanDykethx Pici21:55
Pici!idle | VanDyke you're welcome.21:57
ubotuVanDyke you're welcome.: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.21:57
jdongops, heads-up Ive banforwarded a person from #uf to here22:02
jdong17:00 -!- KIAaze [n=KIAaze@] has quit [":(){ :|:&};:"]22:02
jdong^^ for that reason.22:02
Seveasjdong, heh :)22:34
ikoniaheads up on stevepriate in #ubuntu trying to get people to setup proxies for him to bypass his uni's network 22:35
ikoniaSeveas: surprised you put up with that as long as you did22:47
Seveashey, I'm trying to be troll-friendly22:47
Seveasdoesn't really help :)22:47
ubotuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu (ArtiZ)23:24
ubotuMasterShrek called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:24
PriceChildLjL, bots just unmuted... but didn't mute on the flood.23:25
PriceChildah because 3 is missing i guess23:25

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