[diablo]ok GOOD00:00
[diablo]guest installed and all working00:11
mok0[diablo]: congrats00:14
[diablo]I was pushing and pushing about getting the kvm issue sorted00:14
mok0[diablo]: the main thing is getting the newest version00:15
[diablo]I wish Zimbra would bang out a x64 release00:15
mok0[diablo]: i've pledged with soren to get it backported00:15
mok0[diablo]: it works on amd6400:16
[diablo]mok0, Zimbra?00:16
mok0[diablo]: No, kvm ,sorry00:16
* mok0 doesn't know what Zimbra is00:17
[diablo]damn good it is too00:17
* mok0 looks00:17
mok0Ah, cool00:17
mok0why do you need 64 bits to run a calender service?00:18
[diablo]their packages are only 32bit00:18
mok0[diablo]: you're not gonna live that long :-)00:18
* [diablo] is eternal00:18
[diablo]damn, this new 6.06 release really is preforming well as a guest wow00:19
mok0is zimbra packaged+00:19
[diablo]on their site00:20
[diablo]real easy install too00:20
[diablo]like 5-10 minute setup00:20
mok0[diablo]: don't forget to set the mac_addr if you are going to run more than 1 guest with network access00:20
[diablo]mok0, I've been using kvm for many months now00:21
mok0[diablo]: Are you using Ubuntu JeOS?00:21
mok0Yeah, special version for virtualized machines00:21
mok0Try it00:22
[diablo]why would I need it tho? KVM supports unmodified guests00:22
mok0[diablo]: but you can only run gutsy or higher00:22
[diablo]I'm running 6.0600:23
mok0Because the kernel is optimized for virtualization00:23
mok0It runs notick mode00:23
mok0and throttling00:24
[diablo]I have a quadcore with 7.10 running a vanilla kernel, with KVM-60 and any guests ranging from XP, vista and everything else00:24
mok0and without a whole bunch of modules you don't need.00:24
mok0You're not supposed to run Vista in a virtual machine unless you havet he PRO license.00:25
[diablo]mok0, pfff :P00:25
dantalizingcorrection... you're not supposed to run Vist00:25
[diablo]also your not supposed to download Vista with SP1 intergrated off tpb :)00:26
mok0So, how does it run?00:26
[diablo]like lightning00:27
[diablo]but I have a dedicated 500GB for guests00:27
mok0Power of Linux00:27
[diablo]also it's partitioned, not images00:27
mok0I'd like to see you run Mac OS X00:28
[diablo]I do00:29
[diablo]on my laptop00:29
[diablo]check that00:31
* mok0 looks00:31
[diablo]mok0, nice eh ;-)00:32
mok0I see vista, but not mac os X?00:32
[diablo]thats cos this is my desktop00:33
[diablo]not my laptop00:33
mok0Yeah, it is nice00:33
mok0Very, very nice00:33
[diablo]I said, my laptop has OSX on it...00:33
[diablo]brb, sm0k300:33
[diablo]-rw-r--r-- 1 jagger jagger 2621407232 2008-01-25 22:35 iATKOS_v1.0ir2.iso00:34
[diablo]you want that mok0 ;-)00:34
mok0[diablo]: Thx, but I have no need00:35
mok0[diablo]: check out: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/jeos00:35
[diablo]mok0, iATKOS is uphucks release of OSX00:43
mok0I thought it was vista :-)00:44
mok0[diablo]: so, you run this on your linux box in kvm?00:45
[diablo]I have the lappy dual booting00:46
[diablo]OSX and Ubuntu00:46
[diablo]not really00:46
mok0Why is that?00:46
[diablo]well, nothing special00:47
[diablo]I use Ubuntu more00:47
[diablo]was done more of because it could be00:47
quittehi. i just read the servercandy wiki page and wanted to ask about the status of te ssl certificates. does ubuntu have some tool for  central certificate management?01:44
antdedyet~[6~[6~[6~/win /win 106:14
* antdedyet waves from his laggy evdo connection06:14
sorenantdedyet: "evdo"08:48
antdedyetsoren: "Evolution-Data Optimized"08:49
antdedyetThere isn't any high-speed wired internet where I live now. Gonna have to start bringing technology companies here so there will be.08:50
sorenNever heard of it.. Oh, well :)08:54
antdedyetI'm off to bed... the wife has been trying to get me to sleep for hours.08:54
sorenAlright. Good night :)08:54
* Kamping_Kaiser wonders where 'here' is08:56
sorenIt's right over there..09:01
* soren points09:01
Kamping_Kaiserah whoops!. i was looking over here *gestures*09:02
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rebuggerhi, ive got a 6.06.2 server in my vm and i want to upgrade it to gutsy - do i have to run dapper=>edgy=>feisty=>gutsy or is there a short "dapper=>gutsy"-way?14:21
rebuggerbtw: i changed the sources.list (dapper=>gutsy), but on "dist-upgrade" he es unsolved problems with mdadm, startup-tasks, ...,upstart14:22
lionelrebugger: officially, you have to go through dapper=>edgy=>feisty=>gutsy14:26
lionelwith some hand work, you can probabily jum some steps14:27
lionelI never tried myself14:27
rebuggermh, allright - ill give the dapper=>gutsy-way a try (its just a vm ^^)14:27
lionelyeah, maybe you should dapper=>edgy=>gutsy at least (to get upstart in a good state with edgy upgrade)14:27
rebuggerim thinking of getting a vserver... the support ubuntu (6.06) and debian (4) - im with ubuntu, but would like to upgrade to gutsy for newer packages... so i really hope, it will work in the vm so i can try it later on the vserver14:29
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theunixgeekwould anyone care to click a link to help me check if my server works? :)15:52
rebuggertheunixgeek: give it15:53
rebuggerthats a local ip15:53
rebuggeryou have to give me the public ip15:53
theunixgeekrebugger: How do I get a global IP then?15:53
rebuggerfirst: you have to port-forward the port 80 from your router to your pc15:54
rebuggersecond: http://www.whatsmyip.org/15:54
rebuggerthere you can read your public ip15:54
rebuggeristn responding - have you forwarded port 80 to your pc?15:56
theunixgeekHow do I do that?15:56
theunixgeekgoogle :)15:56
rebuggerin your router-configmenu15:57
theunixgeekrebugger: should I install router-configmenu?15:57
rebuggeryou are sitting on your pc15:57
rebugger(i guess)15:57
rebuggerand your pc is connected to your router (that little box, which gives you internet-access)15:58
theunixgeekI know what a router is :P15:58
rebugger;) then go to the configmenu of your router (maybe: ? )15:58
rebuggerand look for "NAT" or "portforwarding" (maybe a submenu of "internet" or somethink like that)16:00
theunixgeekI don't know my username and password :S is that the wireless network (username) and its password?16:00
rebuggerno it isnt - if you dont know username and password then you are "fucked" ^^ ask mom and dad ^^ anyone who set that router up16:01
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theunixgeekrebugger: what if the people who set it up don't know the username/password either?16:30
theunixgeekrebugger: is there any other way to forward port 80 to my computer?16:30
rebuggerthen you have to find a way to reset the router, configure it again (internet details, etc)16:31
rebuggerthere isnt16:31
theunixgeekwhat about iptables?16:31
rebugger[17:32:12] <rebugger> there isnt16:31
rebuggerif the router blocks incoming traffic on port 80 - there is no way to get to your pc16:32
rebuggeryes ;)16:37
theunixgeekrebugger: i remember the password! :D16:50
rebuggerthats the way it should be16:50
theunixgeek_rebugger: how do I open port 80?16:53
rebuggerlike i said before: look for "NAT" or "portforwarding"16:53
theunixgeek__rebugger: I forwarded the port, but it still doesn't work16:58
rebuggerdid you set the right ip (the one of your computer)16:59
theunixgeek__hold on let me check16:59
theunixgeek___rebugger: it still doesn't work :(17:02
rebuggerso, what did you set?17:03
rebuggerso, what did you set?17:03
theunixgeekstart: 80 end :80 protocol:both enabled17:03
rebuggercheck on your pc whether your ip is really that: sudo ifconfig eth017:04
rebuggerand then check, whether your webserver is running (apache?): sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart17:05
theunixgeekit says that's my inet addr.17:05
theunixgeekI also have an inet6 addr and a bcast thing17:05
rebuggeryeah, doesnt matter17:06
rebuggercheck if your webserver is running17:06
theunixgeekapache says "httpd pid 8695 already running"17:07
rebuggerdid you set another port than 80 in your apache-config?17:08
rebuggercheck it yourself: try http://localhost/17:08
rebuggeris it working?17:08
rebuggerthen give me your ip17:09
rebuggeryour public ip17:09
rebuggerwell doesnt work17:10
Clintegerdoes ubuntu server 7.10 allow read/write access to ntfs partitions?17:49
Clintegernevermind I found out it does17:50
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faulkes-!bug #19058720:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190587 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Local root exploit in kernel 2.6.17 - 2.6.24" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19058720:57
Clintegerhow large is a normal server installation?22:13
sorenThis big: |<------->|22:21
soren(not to scale)22:21
faulkes-soren: trying to break into comedy now that you're a celebrity?22:30
scratchmeDoes anyone have any suggestions on free web control panels for virtual hosting?  This is low volume, and will not be the basis for a shared hosting empire.  Just something to save me time.23:12
scratchmeIf I have to provide config files for users, I might as well do it myself (incase you were going to suggest that).  My point is to reduce support, not train everyone how to use the config files everytime they want to make a change.23:13
scratchmeThis will mostly be for friends/family.23:13
scratchmeI realize I could buy hosting, and accomplish this, but I have spare server resources, and am looking to consolidate a bit.23:14

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