soldats!sound | HipShot have you referd to these pages and methods for sound issues00:03
ubotuHipShot have you referd to these pages and methods for sound issues: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:03
soldatsHipShot: also what is your resolution problem00:04
Angelus_also HipShot, if you have one of those funky new intel boards00:04
Angelus_you might need to build alsa drivers from the alsa project page00:04
HipShoti doubt it, since I'm using an old gateway laptop with VIA drivers from like 2004/500:04
HipShotand the resolution i'm using right now is the bare minium - 600 x 80000:04
HipShotI went and found the drivers I think I need, I downloaded them, but I don't know how to run them00:05
soldatsHipShot: well for resolution you can run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and choose all the defaults then use the spacebar to select the resolution you want. also it may or may not have a saction for sound devices00:06
HipShoti tried that, and not even VESA works well with mine00:06
HipShotnone of the options i tried gave me other options of resolution, and they took away the display00:07
soldatshmm that usuallymeans your  frequency refresh rates arent correct in your xorg.conf file00:07
soldatscan y ou google for the correct screen refresh rates for your laptop00:08
soldatsmake sure the correct model your looking  up00:08
HipShotwell, couldn't I just run the video drivers I downloaded for this laptop?00:09
soldatsyea but the right way to do it is to use thr restriced drivers manager for xubuntu00:10
soldatsunless you did it that way00:10
HipShotNay, i doubt it, i never touched the restricted drivers manager00:11
HipShotand i just touched it and it says i don't need any restricted dirvers00:12
j1solutionshello all00:12
HipShoti mean, eventually I'd like to learn how to install stuff manually anyway00:13
marchgoodnight :)00:13
soldatsj1solutions: hello00:13
soldatsHipShot: well did you read the forum pages i sent to you00:14
j1solutionsi've been using ubuntu for a few years, I'm going to switch to xubuntu00:14
j1solutionsseems faster on this laptop00:14
j1solutionsand on my file server00:14
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HipShotyou mean, the ubotu?00:14
soldatsHipShot: yes00:15
HipShotmeanwhile, I'm trying to google the refresh rates for gateway mx3230 and i got nada so far00:15
HipShotnay....i'd like to get my video fix first then sound00:15
greg57So, is development continuing on Xubuntu or has a war erupted?00:17
soldatsxubuntu is still going to produce livecds00:17
greg57Good. I'd hate to see it flounder.00:18
greg57It's the only distro I've found that my wife can use.00:19
soldatsHipShot: since ubuntu and xubuntu are the same kernal and a lot alike you can also ask your questions in #ubuntu im not to good with the sound issue. but you can edit your xorg.conf manually and set your resolution there00:20
HipShotalright, i'll to edit my xorg manually00:21
HipShotum, but could you tell me how to install stuff as well?00:22
HipShotsorry, where's the xorg.conf located?00:23
soldats its in /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:23
soldatsive never seen the .run extension up close00:23
soldatsi never paid attention00:23
HipShotah, oh well, thanks anyway, i'm going to try edit the xorg.conf00:23
soldatsbe careful and remember to back it up first00:24
greg57HipShot, to be on the safe side you may want to back up xorg.conf before you edit it00:24
soldatsbut please try asking in #ubuntu00:24
HipShothow do I sudo edit?00:25
greg57HipShot, sudo nano /path/to/file00:25
soldatsdo in terminal "gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf"00:25
soldatsthen enter your password00:26
HipShotthanks, and which part do I edit in the xorg file for resolution?00:26
soldatsin the screen section i think. or the modes section you need to add the correct resolution in the right color depth. then restart X and use the desktop properties gui00:27
greg57Is it just me, or are there iso problems with xubuntu install disks?00:33
greg57The last time I tried an installation all it did was wipe the disk and seriously hose up grub.00:34
blake__hey guys00:35
blake__my name is nigger00:35
greg57That was the last alpha release of Gutsy. Have these issues been addressed?00:35
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HipShotuh, I put in gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and password and nothing pops up00:37
HipShotdo i jsut manually edit it now?00:37
greg57HipShot, did you open a terminal?00:38
soldatsthe gedit app should have come up00:38
HipShotoh...nothing came up00:38
greg57try sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:38
HipShotuh, i gives me options like ctrl G for get help00:39
HipShotwhat do I do then?00:39
greg57HipShot, there's a curser you move around to edit the document. The ctl options at the bottom of the page have to do with saving, navigating and editing the document.00:41
HipShotuh,  so which option edits it, writeout?00:42
soldatsyes do ctrl+o then ctrl+x00:43
soldatsctrl+o writes to the file and ctrl+x exits nano00:43
HipShotokay, can i now edit it?00:43
greg57HipShot, just move the curser to the place you want to edit and edit away.00:44
HipShotuh, this is all I see00:46
HipShot# xorg.conf (xorg X Window System server configuration file)00:46
HipShot# This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using00:46
HipShot# values from the debconf database.00:46
HipShot# Edit this file with caution, and see the xorg.conf manual page.00:46
HipShot# (Type "man xorg.conf" at the shell prompt.)00:46
HipShot# This file is automatically updated on xserver-xorg package upgrades *only*00:46
Seveasuse a pastebin...00:46
Seveas!paste | HipShot00:46
ubotuHipShot: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:46
jdongSeveas: do you have a script that detects pastes or are you simply omnipresent?00:46
Seveasjdong, I read -ops :)00:46
soldatsseaves is all knowing00:46
jdongSeveas: you could've sounded SO much cooler by just saying you're omnipresent :)00:47
Seveasjdong, I'm cool enough already00:47
HipShotanyway, in the terminal there's nothing that resembles the xorg.conf files...it's like # This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using00:49
HipShot# values from the debconf database.00:49
greg57HipShot, yessir that is the xorg.conf file. You may want to read up on how to edit it before diving right in.00:50
HipShotoh gee...it didn't look like that in mousepad, i don't see any screen section. I'll google it00:51
HipShotoh boy, such a headache, but thanks guys00:52
Gues1how do I see my user info?00:53
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Angelus_anyone know how to set the system bell? i can't find the setting in xubuntu01:01
pochakosomeone speak spanish01:06
pochakowell, where is networks servers in xubuntu?01:06
pochakohow can i see?? sorry for my bad inglish01:07
soldatsAngelus_: in terminal do "locate pcspkr" it may be somewhere around there. i wouldnt know how to implement it in a java app though01:07
bad_cablessup people?01:08
Angelus_hrm i only get header files01:08
soldats!es > pochako01:08
pochakodo you spaak spanish soldats01:09
bad_cablesanyone know why when i set the password with mudpasswd for muddleftpd. i cant login due to a password error ? (Error 503)01:09
Angelus_the java app has already implemented a call to system bell which works in OSX, KDE, GNOME and WINDOWS XP01:09
pochakodo you speak spanish soldats01:09
soldats!hello | bad_cables01:09
ubotubad_cables: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!01:09
soldatspochako: no.01:09
Angelus_its xubuntu that i have a problem with01:09
Angelus_it just calls whatever file that was set as the system bell01:09
pochakook thanks01:10
bad_cablespochako: ubuntu-es01:10
bad_cablesmi espanol is terrible ;)01:11
soldatsAngelus_: strange, but seriously the people in #xfce might know better especially m8t01:13
greg57So, is xubuntu (or Ubuntu for that matter) having iso problems with the install disks? I'd like to test, but I'm afraid of repeating the last botched attempt.01:14
soldatssomerville is the most knowlegeable person i know but it seems he isnt here right now01:14
soldatsgreg57: if you burna a cd you can do a md5 checksum on it and make sure its ok01:14
bad_cablesgreg57: download the latest stable version (7.10) and you will be fine01:14
soldatsi havent heard any problems with the iso's01:15
bad_cablesgreg57: dont download xubuntu betas... they really mean that they are for the beta testers and they have stuff inside that will explode...01:15
pochakoI need help. how can a install a network xubuntu-windows and windows xubuntu01:15
greg57soldats, did that. Tested the cd all different ways, mounted athe cd and ran mdsum on that and it still failed01:15
bad_cablespochako: ftp...01:16
pochakowhere is the panel servers networks01:16
soldatsgreg57: thats very strange01:16
bad_cablespochako: or go to the system menu====> system ======> shared folders01:17
soldatsgreg57: possibly is the cdrom drive bad. that was my problem a few months ago01:17
bad_cablespochako: then install samba01:17
pochakoim install samba01:17
greg57soldats, yeah very strange. i recently did a gentoo install and it went swimmingly01:17
bad_cablespochako: samba is what you need for shared folders, but some people used sshd ;)01:17
pochakohow can use samba?01:18
soldatsgreg57: lol my cd drive was busted when i did my reinstall of gentoo. maybe look into it???01:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about gsamba - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:18
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:18
greg57soldats, cd drives that are only busted when installing ubuntu?01:19
bad_cablesdoesnt samba also cooperate with other OS's?01:19
bad_cablesjust asking... but last time i set it up, it was a real bitch'01:19
soldatsgreg57: nope i meant mine busted. sorry. its really strange. what app are you using to burn the iso01:20
bad_cablesmuddle ftp login problems... anyone anyone?       ok... no.01:20
soldatsbad_cables: i think it *may* coop with mac but i havent tried it in years01:20
pochakohow can i see my folders in windows01:21
pochakofor ubuntu and vicevers01:21
bad_cablespochako, you sound like you need a basic ftp01:21
bad_cablesso you can just drop files for storage01:21
bad_cablesthat is easy, but it is very low security01:22
soldatsin windows you should  have a home network setup so in ubuntu you need to connect to it01:22
greg57soldats, wodim as well as k3b, at slower burn speeds etc.01:22
bad_cablesgreg57: what?01:23
soldatsare you sure its burning as an iso and not something else01:24
pochakoim using ftp but, There is no other way to see my folders to interactively?01:24
greg57bad_cables,  soldats asked me which program i used to burn the iso's01:24
viddgood [insert time of day here], can anyone assist with universally small fonts issue?01:24
greg57soldats, positive01:24
soldats!samba > pochako01:24
soldatsit should explain there01:24
bad_cablespochako, samba is what you want01:25
bad_cablesvidd: i have the same issue... its because we are getting old01:26
greg57bad_cables, i think k3b uses cdrecord, i also used wodim on the cli01:26
pochakoBut as I create it, and install samba xubuntu but I do not see the folders windows and vice versa, or rather as I manage01:26
viddyesterday, my fonts were "get within 3 feet"small....now they "nose to monitor" small01:26
bad_cablesvidd: i thought it was because i was at 1366*768 so i didnt bitch...01:26
bad_cableshey... whats up with the amazingly small fonts in 7.10??01:27
bad_cablesi cant see anything and i had to adjust every app01:27
soldats!swat | pochako01:27
ubotupochako: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:27
viddi set resolution to 800x600...didnt really help01:28
bad_cablessomeone is greatly messing with us01:28
soldatsfonts in what app01:29
pochakothank for all01:29
bad_cablessoldats: fonts for the whole system01:29
viddmenus, desktop lables, xchat, firefox, gftp, you name it, it socks!01:30
bad_cablessoldats: font size 8 to 14 is totaly unreadable01:30
bad_cablesany app01:30
soldatshmm i havent had any issues with fonts and i have 1280x1024 res maybe it depends on the theme?01:30
bad_cablesxubuntu 7.1001:30
bad_cablesno, its definately not the theme01:30
vidddefault theme,01:30
bad_cablesit installed that way01:30
vidd800x600 and the next normal size up01:30
bad_cablesthere is a global scale factor that is set somewhere... you guys set it and we cant find it01:31
soldatsmight be in display settings01:31
viddand it happened in an update01:31
bad_cablesmaybee there is a global scale factor in some xfce config file? i dont know because i never use this01:31
bad_cablesall i see in display settings are the resolutions and the gamma corrections01:32
soldatsi havent used xfce in a few weeks so i cant really check that easy for you :(01:32
bad_cableswell what the heck are you using?01:32
bad_cableslemmie try that01:32
soldatsbad_cables: www.suckless.org/wiki/dwm01:33
bad_cablesthat looks like some crap that i will never install... some leet coder stuff01:34
greg57bad_cables, have you tried settings/user interface?01:34
bad_cablesgreg57: yeah loads of times01:35
bad_cablesbut it doesnt help all the fonts...01:35
* vidd has even dropped screen resolution to 800x600 just so he can read chat01:35
bad_cablesvidd: i had to change the chat font to 2001:36
bad_cablesi installed dillo... which btw seems to not like ubuntu at all because the tabbed browing is totaly broken, but the font was so small i had to adjust that too01:36
viddsoldats, i dunno if i could use the dwm01:37
soldatswell at least in firefox you can hold ctrl and roll the mouse wheel up or down to get bigger and smaller fonts01:37
soldatsvidd: its amazing01:38
viddthat dont do anything for the address bar though01:38
bad_cablessoldats: that firefox thing with the fontsize only works well with good machines =(01:38
greg57bad_cables, have a look at this... http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2006/08/09/howto-fix-xfce-fonts/01:38
viddwhere is the panel?01:38
bad_cablesyou guys should just totaly take firefox out of Xubuntu anyways01:39
bad_cablesnobody in this chan needs it01:39
soldatsi only use it for flash. im too lazy to add the flash to opera01:40
bad_cablesand if they are curious to see what the rest of the world sees, then they can synaptic it or whatever01:40
bad_cableslast time i used opera was in beos and it was slower than firefox, which ran like crap on that system01:40
bad_cablesbut that was a long time ago01:41
soldatshmm well its a super computer comppared to firefox in ubuntu and gentoo01:41
bad_cablesoh, i see01:41
bad_cablesand no flash?01:41
bad_cablesa shame01:41
viddi hear they putting a torrent thing into the default configuration next release01:41
viddbut still no ftp client01:42
greg57opera does run much faster in gentoo. yeah shame about flash01:42
soldatswell flash in opera works you just need to modify the settings01:43
soldatsi dont feel like doing it01:43
greg57soldats, i modified for two hours one night and just said to hell with it01:43
soldatsin ubuntu.com in the community there is a section for it01:44
viddi thought opera was not open sourse01:44
deepsyou can use closed source applications in an open source system01:45
greg57figured firefox wasn't as slow as i thought it was01:45
vidddeeps, thats like installing windows on a MAC01:46
soldatsopera isnt open source but it is free. and the adobe flash does work for it01:46
deepsvidd: not quite01:46
viddi only do it if i have no choice01:46
soldatsmac is still half closed source01:47
deepsopen source doesn't mean better01:47
deepsreally, open office is a good example of that01:47
deepsalthough not if you compare to MS office 2007 i guess, heh01:47
soldatsso that wordpress page posted should be the answer to the font issue01:48
viddthats strange....open office is 500% better then the closed source alternatives01:48
greg57worked for me01:48
viddOH! and you KNOW it isnt doing anything honky behiond your back01:48
deepswell i'm glad it works for you at least01:49
deepswhatever makes you happy at the end of the day is the most important thing for you :)01:49
soldatsit doesnt matter that fact that its open source means you can view the source and *make* sure it isnt doing anything begind your back01:49
viddsoldats, point taken01:50
deepsand 10 days after you've done that, i've finished the work i needed to do and gotten a bonus ;)01:50
greg57ok deeps, live with your little-bitty fonts.01:50
viddwell...you need that bonus to pay the MS tax!01:51
viddwell...ill be back...have to test to see if my fonts are fixed01:55
soldatsvidd: i hope they work :)01:55
soldatslol for my crappy system DWM works the fastest so ill stick with it01:59
Angelus_xset b on killed my sound02:00
Angelus_my system is allergic to default bells02:00
soldatsi think xset b on temorarily removes the pcspkr module?02:01
Angelus_now i have "the audio device is busy. Is another application using it?" error02:02
greg57Angelus_ have you looked at alsamixer? Perhaps the speaker is muted.02:07
Angelus_alsamixer has disappeared02:08
Angelus_i just ran alsaconf again02:08
Angelus_but no joy02:08
Angelus_this is a major pain in the butt02:08
soldatsclose anything alsa may be using if that doesnt help you can modprobe it or just restart X02:09
Angelus_i did 2 reboots02:09
Angelus_no joy02:09
Angelus_i'm gonna smash something now02:10
Angelus_stupid xset02:10
Angelus_please dont tell me i have to rebuild alsa02:11
bad_cablesman, you guys messed up my display02:11
bad_cablesnow everything is 800*600 and some things are still too small to be seen02:12
soldatssudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg should auto create a new xorg.conf file to fix it. it might fix the fonts. try choosing the correct res in desktop settings or edit the xorg manually02:14
bad_cablesPackage `xserver-org' is not installed and no info is available02:17
bad_cablesman, now you are reminding me why i always hated linux02:17
soldatsits xserver-xorg02:18
soldatsnot org02:18
Angelus_OMG I had to rebuild Alsa02:20
Angelus_stupid xset02:21
soldatsAngelus_: who told you to do that02:22
bad_cablesyou know what...02:22
Angelus_soldats: you mean xset?02:22
soldatsAngelus_: xset b +100     ?02:22
bad_cablesim going to try hiaku02:22
bad_cableslinux sucks02:23
bad_cablesreally bad02:23
Angelus_soldats: http://www.linux.org/lessons/beginner/l19/lesson19k.html02:23
echosystm`linux does not suck bad_cables02:23
bad_cablesyes it does02:23
echosystm`you just dont know how to use it02:23
echosystm`and you are using it for the wrong purposes02:23
bad_cablesyou know what... im not here to argue02:24
echosystm`dont speak in generalisations like this, it makes you sound ignorant02:24
bad_cablesi am ignorant02:24
echosystm`i know.02:24
bad_cablesand i always will be02:24
echosystm`so dont use linux02:24
bad_cablesno problem02:24
echosystm`you will be more happy in windows02:24
bad_cablesi dont want to have to read 500 pages every time i need to configure a setting02:24
echosystm`then use windows02:25
viddbad_cables, i tried to "fix" my issue with the sites suggested....02:25
bad_cablesyou guys dont do anything besides somputers02:25
soldatslinux is a DIY OS02:25
echosystm`this is a reality of linux, it is not for everyone02:25
Angelus_bad_cables: this is the xubuntu channel so this may be out of line, but if you're having problems with hardware, generally the best thing to do is try other distros02:25
bad_cablesyour life revolves arround this shit02:25
echosystm`infact, i would say linux is horrible for desktop users02:25
echosystm`i only use it on servers02:25
Angelus_bad_cables: i tried 4 distros before i found xubuntu that did most of wanted out of the box02:25
viddand now im stuck with only 800x600 AND the small fonts!02:25
bad_cablesfight the power vidd02:26
bad_cablesthese guys dont have anywhere to be monday morning at 15 to 602:26
Angelus_bad_cables: hardware detection and installation wise anyway. for me xunbuntu got almost everything right except for sound02:26
bad_cablesyou know what, back in the day all that hardware stuff wasnt even a problem02:27
echosystm`i think pclinuxos is the better distro for nublets02:27
bad_cablesyou know what... beos was a better distro02:27
echosystm`due to more relaxed licenses etc.02:27
bad_cablesbut the corporate creeps said no02:27
bad_cablesnow we have the supergeek creeps who say yes, but you should have to read 4 books every day02:27
Angelus_bad_cables: try mandriva and openSUSE.02:27
bad_cablesyou know what... i have tried everything for years02:28
bad_cablessame as you'02:28
echosystm`pclinuxos is better than those Angelus_02:28
Angelus_bad_cables: openSUSE has pretty good display configuration out of the box02:28
bad_cablesand im sick of it02:28
echosystm`i think it has better driver support than any other distro02:28
echosystm`(all imo, of course)02:28
Angelus_echosystm`: i havent tried PClinuxOS so i can't say02:28
Angelus_its on my list though02:28
soldatsif your fonts went bad as an update then try reinstalling and and see if its the same. if not try to reproduce the problem by updating again. if it persists report a bug. the only way thing in linux ge fixed is by the *community* helping and giving input02:29
bad_cablesthis whole thing was because xubuntu was the only distro that i could get the ndis wrapper to work with my system, but then i had to deal with some crappy built in netmanager...02:29
bad_cablesi will just use a cable02:29
bad_cablesforget it... move the box02:30
bad_cablestoo much broken stuff in ubuntu02:30
viddbad_cables, what network card you using?02:30
bad_cablesNetwork controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI02:31
bad_cablesi mean, i have to host02:31
bad_cablesi dont have a choice02:31
bad_cablesthere is nobody who will host me with more than 2 gigs at their crappy download limits02:31
bad_cablesbecause i serve musioc02:31
bad_cablesso i am stuck02:31
bad_cablesif i want my mp3's on the net i have to use a home server02:32
viddstrange...i thaought the rt61 was built into the kernel=/02:32
bad_cablesit is02:32
bad_cablesbut it is unstable02:32
echosystm`get an atheros card like everyone else?02:32
echosystm`i have no problems with mine02:32
bad_cablesi will just run a cable02:32
echosystm`and it was like $1002:32
bad_cablesand use damnsmall02:32
viddif your running a home server to the world, you dont really want to use wireless anyway02:33
bad_cableswell there you go02:33
viddits not like the comps going to be moved around the house all the time02:34
bad_cablesactually it is02:34
echosystm`ive never had a stable wireless connection, regardless of distance from the AP02:34
bad_cablesbecause i have to vacuum and all that02:34
echosystm`youre always going to get occassional dropouts02:34
bad_cableswell i havent had one here yet02:34
echosystm`you havent noticed it yet ;)02:34
bad_cablesok, back to the cable02:34
echosystm`when youre running a box 24/7, small things suddenly become big02:35
bad_cablesbut that still doesnt fix my font problem ,my ftp login problem, the fact that i can only run monkey from mannuall doubleclicking the icon, and the startup doesnt work...02:35
bad_cablestoo many problems02:35
bad_cablesim not expecting you to fix it, its just that... all these smart guys think that all the guts and details need to hang out02:36
viddis this computer used for anything besides dishing out songs to the world?02:36
bad_cablesweb browsing when my laptop breaks down02:37
bad_cablesonce a month02:37
bad_cablesyeah, i know... it shouldnt even run x02:37
viddim not saying that at all02:37
bad_cablesyou know, that was the problem with beos... the reason the server was always going down was because i was using the music apps and crashing the system02:38
viddso we both stuck with the font issue....for now02:38
viddwhat issue you having with ftp?02:39
bad_cablesi installed muddleftp, and it said something about mudpasswd...02:39
bad_cablesso i did it02:39
bad_cablesbut then nothing i logged in with worked02:39
bad_cablesi dont kno, there's not alot of documentation for that app02:39
bad_cablesand didnt want to go back to proftp because its just too complicated02:39
viddis it an ftp client or server?02:40
bad_cablesi never use ftp for public login02:40
bad_cablesmuddleftpd is a server02:40
bad_cablessupposedly it is standard for ubuntu02:40
viddoh...didnt see a "d" on the name....02:40
bad_cablesaccording to some forum post02:40
viddthere is no ftp "standard" for ubuntu02:40
bad_cablesi dont want to install CIF shares in windows let alone unix02:40
bad_cableswindows to windows connections dont always work with that stuff02:41
bad_cablesyou know what i should do... i should just reinstall this with xitami02:41
bad_cablesthere is a source package for xitami right?02:42
viddproftpd is not really all that hard....02:42
bad_cablesthe only good thing about this distro is that chibitracker installed02:42
vidddunno what xitami is =\02:42
bad_cablesxitami is a webserver that i use sometimes02:43
bad_cablesits ok, but one day i tried to install PHP and i gave up on it02:43
bad_cablesbut i dont code in PHP anyways02:43
bad_cablesthats why DSL was the best... no install nothin02:43
bad_cablesjust dsl controll panel and single click02:44
viddit only takes me like 10 minutes to set up proftpd02:44
viddand thats between answering phone calls and/or chasing the kid away from my workstation02:44
viddwhat all do you need your ftpd to do?02:45
bad_cablesdump index.htm and misc mp3's to the htdoc folder02:45
viddonly you going to use it>?02:46
bad_cablesbehind the NAT02:46
bad_cablesyeah behind the firewall, no open port on 2102:46
bad_cables  which is why i didnt go with proftpd, i just wanted something simple02:46
bad_cablesremember that beos has one built in02:47
bad_cablesalthough they switched the net stack in zeta, there was still the simple checkbox gui02:47
viddso you simply install a default proftpd, set the listen port niumber, specify a sane range of data transfer ports, open those ports on the firewall....3 minutes max02:48
bad_cableswell, then i need to dump muddleftpd and go with proftpd02:49
bad_cablesthen, for that matter i might as well re-install and do the whole webserver package02:49
viddsudo apt-get remove --purge muddleftpd02:50
viddthat works too02:50
bad_cablesim just depressed because im still not up...02:50
bad_cablessomeone emailed me and bought 3 copies of a CD complaining that the las tune from the mp3 album he couldnt DL02:51
viddyour ftpd has no control over him running out of space02:52
bad_cablesyeah but my site hasnt been up for a while02:53
viddif the issue was on your end, he would not have been able to dl anything02:53
viddheh...if i had ssh access, i could brobably have you runnig in less then 3 hours02:54
bad_cablesvidd: did you see this: http://xubuntulinux.blogspot.com/2006/07/ubuntu-set-correct-dpi-for-x-server.html  ?02:54
viddyeah...it blew up bad02:54
bad_cablesmine too02:54
bad_cablesim at 800860002:54
viddnow i cant get out of 800x600 and STILL have small fonts02:55
bad_cablesyeah me too02:55
viddat leat b4 with 800x600 i could read!02:55
bad_cablessome fonts were fixed, i can tell because now they are really bib02:55
viddVGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. UniChrome Pro IGP (rev 01)02:56
viddwhhops...wrong window02:56
bad_cablesTrident Microsystems CyberBlade/i1 (rev 6a)02:56
viddsweet...there is a binary driver03:02
viddok...i got my display adaptor fixed....03:33
viddfonts are still tiny, but im back to 1024x76803:34
viddIs it possible that this setting is NOT in the xorg.config file?03:36
Buntfuanyone know why we can't joing ubuntu?04:10
Buntfuanyone here?04:10
viddi got into #ubuntu no problem04:11
soldatsBuntfu: do you any redirects or errors04:12
barurot69hey guys, is my laptop supported? it's an intel pentium 3 750mhz CPU and a 192MB RAM?06:54
Buntfudoes #ubuntu have some sort of webchat block on it?07:02
bluntedHey there my sound card isn't working under xubuntu.  It's a Visi Qsound. Thunderbird 128. (x wave)  I can't find helpful google results.07:30
EpicenterWhat is a good application I can install to manage my wireless card/wired network adapter, and select APs, set my IP, DNS, turn on/off DHCP, etc?10:37
EpicenterHello! What is a good application I can install to manage my wireless card/wired network adapter, and select APs, set my IP, DNS, turn on/off DHCP, etc? Thank you! (p.s. it would be best if it had a GUI..)10:49
TheSheepEpicenter: nm-applet11:04
tichhi.  i am looking for some advice about a media player, the samsung yepp yp-p2.  it doesn't advertise being linux compatible but i hear that most players are.  here is the specs page:  http://www.samsung.com/my/products/audio/mp3player/yp_p2ab.asp?page=Specifications11:29
tichif someone has a couple spare moments to look it over and tell me if you think it will work or not i would super appreciate it.11:30
tichi can't seem to find anything on google that says much about this specific player one way or the other.11:32
tichi noticed that it does support ogg files and one of the other samsung player's firmware is based on linux...11:43
tichand i think that for music anyhow it does support drag and drop but i am uncertain if the yepp supports it for video too.11:44
deepstich: http://www.google.com/search?q=YP-P2+linux&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a12:00
deepslook like there's a bunch of uesfulk tsuff there12:00
deepslooks like there's a bunch of useful stuff there12:00
tichdeeps: great i will check that out right now!!12:05
deepsyour google-fu needs much work, young one :)12:06
tichyeah, i used the full name of the device.  it looks like no one else does that!!12:06
tichthis looks perfect, i need the korean firmware and i happen to be in korea.12:09
tichso i imagine that should be really easy.12:10
EpicenterHello! What is a good application I can install to manage my wireless card/wired network adapter, and select APs, set my IP, DNS, turn on/off DHCP, etc? Thank you! (p.s. it would be best if it had a GUI..) I tried WICD but it doesn't seem to play nice with non-Gnome/KDE/XFCE desktop managers.12:16
TheSheepEpicenter: network manager12:17
EpicenterTheSheep: How do I run it from a regular X session?12:18
EpicenterI am using EDE as my w.manager12:18
TheSheepEpicenter: nm-applet12:18
Epicenterso I need something very generic and independent of any particular desktop environment..12:18
TheSheepit's a gnome app12:18
TheSheepit depends on gnome-keyring12:19
EpicenterSo it won't work in EDE happily?12:19
TheSheepwhy, it will, it will just install the things it depends on12:19
Epicentercan I call it without having a tray app in gnome?12:19
EpicenterI just want to make a shortcut to it on my desktop and open its GUI as needed12:19
TheSheepsystemtray was standarized some time ago12:20
EpicenterI'm not sure EDE supports it though12:20
TheSheepI know ther are some other tools, like wifiradar12:20
TheSheepbut I never used them12:21
Epicentercan I manually download it somewhere? I can't connect to a network at the moment12:21
Epicenterdon't see any download links on the page for each package12:23
Epicenterexcept for each file IN the .deb archive12:23
TheSheepyou click on the architecture12:23
TheSheepand then on the host from which you want to download it12:24
EpicenterI connected a USB CDROM and it was detected. I'll probably load packages from there. How can I tell what /dev/ file it was assigned?12:26
TheSheepno idea, check /proc/bus/usb maybe12:28
Epicenterhow would I 'check' it?12:28
Epicenteropen it in something like vi?12:28
Epicenterit's just a bunch of folders with names like 001 with files inside like 001 or 00212:29
Epicenterdoesn't give me much info12:29
Epicenterturns out it's 'cdrom1'.12:30
TheSheepthese are the info files about various usb devices12:30
Epicenterman is synaptic sluggish.12:33
EpicenterTheSheep: OK. So network-manager is installed, and is autoconfiguring my devices. How do I call up a GUI to do manual config?12:38
TheSheepI usually right-click on the systray icon :/12:39
EpicenterThere is none...12:40
EpicenterI'm using EDE, not Gnome, KDE or XFCE12:40
TheSheepI have no idea how to invoke it then :(12:41
Epicenteraw, christ...12:41
EpicenterIs there another app you'd recommend instead?12:41
tichdeeps: thanks for finding those links.  (i am calling them links to save some face)  i will wander down to the samsung store and pick one up tomorrow.12:41
thruxtonEpicenter: http://wifi-radar.systemimager.org/ ive heard good things about wifi radar, i havent used it though12:44
EpicenterCan I use it to manually configure my wired interface too?12:44
thruxtonit appears so12:45
EpicenterThank you :)12:45
EpicenterThis is a bigger question and I can't seem to find a solution. As noted in this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion/+bug/136853 ... if the system is idle or you close the lid too long, the screen goes blank and there is no way to get it back except to reset the machine. It hasn't crashed, it's just a blank display. Does anyone have an idea for fixing it? Thank you!12:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136853 in xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion "[Gutsy] multiple regressions since Feisty" [High,Confirmed]12:46
EpicenterI guess I'm screwed. It looks like no one is working on this. So if I shut the lid of my notebook my system is useless12:57
EpicenterI have to hibernate or standby everytime12:57
EpicenterWhat version of Ubuntu has XOrg 1.2? This bug indicates the only way to fix an extremely serious problem is to downgrade...13:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 136853 in xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion "[Gutsy] multiple regressions since Feisty" [High,Confirmed]13:38
acidburnhello there good day14:47
acidburngot many questions.. anyone?14:48
acidburnhow to install c compiler?14:48
acidburncoz am trying to install beryl and having problem with c compiler14:49
acidburni think no OL14:50
acidburnknock knock14:52
howdoudoMorning all from Pennsylvania USA.15:11
howdoudoI can not figure out how to edit the Applications Menu.15:11
howdoudoWhen I right click the Applications menu and select edit menu I get a basically empty menu list ut I have about 50+ icons in the actual drop down.15:12
TheSheephowdoudo: yes, these icons are added to your menu with that 'include' statement15:18
TheSheephowdoudo: they are generated atomatically from the installed applications, so that when you install or remove something, it keeps up to date15:18
TheSheephowdoudo: but you can still add your own entries or override the existing ones -- just put them before the include15:19
alien__hi all17:02
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D4vidhello, im in need of some urgent xubuntu help20:08
D4vidi just installed and it went fine, but then i updated it and rebooted and now the screen turns off itself after the login screen20:08
D4vidi think i might've changed the resolution or something20:09
D4vidplease help me20:09
D4vidsjefen6 D4vid rami__ mindframe- dgjones Breakage aanderse manchicken xjonex rami_ Furax- alien__ Joakim zoredache siggjen sugardrunk Pumpernickel LjL leche Dr`Maison DarthShrine distrotubux aroo flokuehn nalioth Arkh _alf_ Naughtyboy ceil420 deci kikr_ Che-Anarch Ven]n PriceChild dn` mindframe_ soldats connyosis PeckaH R[a]ndom TheSheep karltk tuna deeps ubotu LiENUS kloeri pleia2 Quarterlife UbuntuStats20:14
D4videteran ubuntulog crimsun essy20:14
manchickenD4vid: Wuddup?20:15
naliothrudeness gains you nothing20:15
tunaD4vid: can you access a serial console?20:15
lechethis is really importionate20:16
* manchicken didn't even see the question.20:16
silenti killed my panels and I cant open the panel manager, how do I get panels back?20:19
soldatsxfce4-panel in a terminal the save settings then restartx X20:20
soldatssilent: ^^20:21
D4vidhow can i change my resolution and framrate in a terminal?20:21
D4viddidnt find anything in the xorg.conf file20:21
soldatsin the mode section20:22
D4vidsoldats, my screen turns off itself after i login20:26
D4vidit happened after a reboot20:26
D4vidafter i updated the system20:26
DaleH1985need some help...my wife got my resolution set to 640x480, and i can't get it changed back to 1024x76820:28
D4vidsoldats, and there is no modes section20:28
D4vidOk anyone could help me with this: IS there a way to reset ALL settings in xubuntu20:31
soldatsD4vid: run this comand and try a reboot "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" in terminal20:32
soldatsbut i dont know if your problem is related to refresh rate ot res problems20:32
DaleH1985is there any way to change resolution settings?20:33
soldatsDaleH1985: i gotta get food real quick i feel sick. ill be back in a bit. if your willing to wait20:35
soldatsDaleH1985: for a quick test do sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and use spacebar to select the correct resolutions. use defaults for everything else and be careful. and no its not than same *exact* i said earlier20:36
D4vidsoldats, Thankyou very much!20:40
D4vidit works now20:40
soldatsD4vid: well thats good.20:51
Ven]nwhats the best application launcher in linux?20:55
soldatsthe terminal20:56
nikolamwhat linux - xubuntu?20:56
nikolamyou have launcher applet for xfce in xubuntu20:57
Ven]nsoldats, is there a way to start applications through terminal without the terminal being "stuck" to the program?20:58
soldatsVen]n: sudo <command> &     <-- the & mean run in backround so you cxan still use the terminal20:59
Ven]noh, goodie, thanks20:59
Ven]nwill use that when i have a terminal open21:02
Ven]nbut im thinking something like quicksilver for mac21:02
Ven]nwill try launchy21:02
Ven]nnikolam, whats the launcher applet called?21:10
demreathI need a little help. Can you tell where can I set permission for rebooting system, halting it (etc) from XFCE menu? I've set up headless machine with VNC access (with XFCE) and now every unpriviliged user can turn off my machine!21:21
demreathUnpriviliged == not belonging to any group but "users" (100)21:21
Ven]nany suggestions for an application launcher like this? http://www.marengo-ltd.com/mercury/21:37
PickledOnionhi.  i want to install xubuntu to a apple g3, how do i get the apple g3 to boot from the cdrom?21:49
demreathPickledOnion: hold C on your keyboard when you power it on21:52
ahavehello room21:55
ahavei am having trouble finding my wifi chipset with lspci21:56
ahavei have not network controllers that come up21:56
PickledOniondemreath: thx, that worked22:36
whabookay i have a PII 333MHZ with 128 MBS or RAM computer... and i would love to install xubuntu on it .. however can i use the regular download .. or should i use the Alternative CD ?22:39
whaboplease help anyone?22:39
TheSheepwhabo: use alternate, livecd won't work with 128MB ram22:39
whaboThesheep is it as easy to install using the alternative? or do i have to type in command lines???22:40
TheSheepwhabo: you have normal menus22:41
whabooh okay thank you.22:41
TheSheepwhabo: just in text mode22:41
DaleH1985How do I change my screen resolution?22:50
TheSheepDaleH1985: settings->display settings22:52
DaleH1985ok, the only option i get in there is gamma correction, and the only resolution i have is default, which for some reason is set at 640x480 right now22:54
DaleH1985so, is there any other way to set a different resolution?22:56
TheSheepDaleH1985: for some reason other resolutions are not available22:58
TheSheepDaleH1985: maybe your monitor or card are not detected properly22:58
DaleH1985well, i was running at like 1240x720, or somethin like that....it just screwed up today when my monitor came unplugged22:59
DaleH1985maybe i should just restart my system22:59
b52deb_ppl someone could help me with this http://pastebin.com/m79cf336723:45
MacAnthonyany one around to help with an xdmcp client issue?23:49
MacAnthonyspecifically, setting it up23:49

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