stgraberogra: italc 1.0.6 released with the fixes for almost all of the reported bugs, I have an updated package ready for testing here : http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/00:26
stgraberogra: I plan to have the final one ready for upload on Tuesday afternoon/evening00:27
mejymejyi am trying a gutsy install on an amd64 with an nvidia fx 5200 and getting a freeze up after initial bootup... i think it is the vcard00:36
mejymejyive seen some posts that describe similar problems00:36
mejymejyive tried multiple boot options00:37
mejymejynothing seems to be working00:37
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achandrashekarhello. I need some assistance with how to configure two ltsp servers using ldap as the primary authentication method installed on one of the two servers.06:10
achandrashekarIs there a clear how to to accomplish this as I suspect I will have over 50 clients.06:11
kgoetzno, not really. there is a guide on setting up ldap on the ubuntu wiki06:12
achandrashekari see. I need a methodology to support over 60 users. I have been searching now for over a day and a half for sites. Is the methodology the best way to go about supporting that many clients besides pumping a huge amount of ram in just one box.06:13
kgoetzsetting up ldap is a bit of a chore if your not used to it, otherwise the idea seems sane enough06:15
achandrashekari see. I got the basic jist that the second server should authenticate its passwords with the first server (likely using the ldap client). However, Im not exactly sure if all I need is just the ltsp server installed. Im only guessing that the client once booting up decides which server to connect to. The architecture is a bit confusing to me.06:17
kgoetzi'm at work, so i'm not sure i have time to sit down and talk you through it :(06:18
achandrashekarno problem. I will wait and see and see what someone comes up with.06:20
johnnyhi, i see something that should perhaps be mentioned in the edubuntu docs06:51
johnnyin the section where it talks about syncronizing desktop files06:51
johnnyReplication of desktop profiles06:51
johnnymaybe it should mention that they can also be served over http and ldap06:52
johnnyso it doesn't have to be maintained across all06:52
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JonathanFergusonDoes anyone currently 'ere know how to setup Quagga?10:42
pvh_sa|wrkhi there... i'm trying to set up ltsp with an ubuntu server and a FreeBSD dhcp server14:11
pvh_sa|wrki manage to get the client to download pxeboot.0 and boot up, but it doesn't mount the root filesystem... in fact, it doesn't talk to the ubuntu server at all, even though i have option root-path set in the DHCP to point it at the ubuntu server14:12
pvh_sa|wrkany hints?? i think i'm not setting enough or not setting the right stuff in dhcp config14:13
pvh_sa|wrkah! got it working with next-server!14:17
stgraberogra: ping16:10
RoboCopwhen will the next version of *buntu going to release ?16:50
lagaogra: ping17:25
lagaogra_cmpc: ping17:25
* laga wonders where ogra has gone17:25
pem725how do I update different images such as amd64 and i386 on my edubuntu 7.10 install?  When I issue ltsp-update-images, I only get amd64 rebuilt19:05
suprememindi have a problem with thin clients19:46
suprememindsomebody can help me pls?19:46
suprememindthere's somebody alive?19:47
lagaask a question and somebody might have an answer19:47
suprememindok, sometimes thin clients closes session unexpectedly19:48
suprememindand sometimes mouse doesn't work, then i reboot and works ok again19:50
suprememindok, i assume nobody can help me with a possible solution19:54
suprememindthanks anyway19:54
suprememindla la la19:54
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alumno10sometimes session closes unexpectedly in thin clients20:09
alumno10does somebody know why? i read logs but it doesn't help much :/.20:10
lagaalumno10: yes, we saw it. please be patient20:10
alumno10laga, are you a bot?20:14
lagaare you?20:15
alumno10actually no20:20
alumno10but, do you had experienced some problem like mine (ocassionaly session closing in thin clients)20:21
lagano, i don't use edubuntu20:22
alumno10and you are in edubuntu channel because..20:23
lagabecause i can!20:23
alumno10mmm i though u can help me20:24
lagasomeone in here probably can, but it's not me and not everyone is here right now20:27
TelnetMantaman this chan has really gone down hill.20:47
johnnyhow so?21:02
johnnyogra are you about?22:03
johnnyi wanted to let you know the status of sabayon with gnome 2.2122:03
johnnyit will NOT work22:04
johnnygnome-settings-daemon doesn't work inside an xnest atm22:04
johnnyeven as of 2.21.9122:04
johnnyunless there's something else that needs t be bumped..22:04
johnnyit seems to fail on the keyboard stuff22:05
stgraberogra_cmpc: ping23:04
ogra_cmpcstgraber, hey23:05
ogra_cmpci didnt get hold of \sh yet, sorry23:06
johnnyogra i said some things about sabayon previously23:06
johnnydid you see that?23:06
stgraberogra_cmpc: not needed23:06
johnny atm it seems like it will only work on Xephyr23:06
stgraberogra_cmpc: we found the bug during the weekend + tons of other (basically all the bugs opened on SF.net are now closed)23:06
stgraberogra_cmpc: I also have updated some UI patches and included the LTSP scripts, package is now building for feisty,gutsy,hardy on amd64 and i38623:07
ogra_cmpcjohnny, surely on my other machine :) i wasnt near my regular desktop today23:08
johnnyi was hoping to do Xephyr after this release, but i don't know if gnome-settings-daemons bugs will be fixed in time23:09
ogra_cmpc'do Xephyr' ?23:09
johnnyfederico won't have time to hack on sabayon for two weeks23:09
johnnyadd Xephyr as an option23:10
stgraberogra_cmpc: the package should be good as it's, I'll do some more testing tomorrow at school. But last I tried everything was working (demo mode included)23:10
ogra_cmpcstgraber, cool, i'll upload it tomorrow (sme ltsp stuff to do tonght, i'll do an upload orgy tomorrow then)23:11
ogra_cmpcjohnny, didnt you just say Xephyr is the only thing it runs on ?23:19
ogra_cmpcso whats required to make it work then ?23:19
ogra_cmpc(beyond adding a dependency to teh package)23:20
johnnywell, it's possible that the bug could be fixed in gnome-settings-daemon23:38
johnnybut Xephyr opens up a smaller screen and sabayon has no option to set the resolution of the session23:38
ogra_cmpci thought Xephyr was supposed to be xnest compatible ...23:39
ogra_cmpcsabayon worked with that before23:39
* ogra_cmpc doesnt understand how that affects g-s-d23:40
johnnytry to run it23:42
ogra_cmpci'm on a classmatepc, far from any hw that could even start sabayon additionally to xchat23:42
johnnyogra_cmpc, gnome-settings-daemon crashes when loading the a11y keyboard23:45
johnnybut only under xnest23:45
ogra_cmpcis that filed?23:46
johnnywell i just reproduced it23:46
johnnyon hardy23:46
johnnyas of yesterday23:46
johnnyand i wanted to talk matias23:46
johnnycuz he mentioned something about it23:48
johnnyas in.. known problem on a bug that already exists23:48
ogra_cmpci'll test it tomorrow morning in the office23:49
johnnyif we switched to Xephyr we'd have to request a free break i think23:59

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