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mhbI don't think anyone really reads it, but I'm in a mood to talk, so...00:06
mhbI really think Kubuntu is doing the right thing with embracing Python00:06
rouzic_ausentegood night for all00:06
mhbwith C++, you have to write a lot of code more just to get the same thing done00:07
jjesseafternoon ;)(01:32
Jucatohm.. 2 mouths :)01:33
Jucatohi jjesse!01:33
jjessehiya Jucato01:33
Jucatooooh he got it right this time :P01:33
jjessewhen i left the airport this morning it was -25 degrees F w/ the wind, when i arrived at my destination it was 72 degrees F01:33
Jucatouh oh.... careful now... that could get you sick...01:34
jjesseJucato:  do your kde4 apps take longer to launch the kde3 ones?  when i click on the kde4 version of konsole it takes forver to load in comparison to kde3 konsole01:38
jjesseon gutsy01:38
stdinfrom a kde3 session or a kde4 session?01:38
JucatoI'm on hardy so I can't really say.01:39
jjessestdin: kde4 session01:39
Jucatofrom a kde3 session I imagine it would be a bit longer the first time around01:39
Jucatoah from a kde4 session? no, it's quite fast :)01:39
jjesseyeah from my kde4 session01:39
jjessein fact since a recent update i no longer have icons on the appilcation launcher for kde401:39
jjesseso konsole shows up as kde4-konsole01:40
nixternaljjesse: where are you at?01:41
nixternalmy old man just called from Florida and said "I already put on shorts and a t-shirt"01:41
jjessenixternal: los angeles01:41
nixternalyou by the staples center?01:41
jjesseleft grand rapids and it was 20 below01:41
jjessei'm in el segundo01:41
jjesseby LAX01:41
nixternalI am watching the Grammys right now...I just heard the most beautiful rendition of Let it Be by the Beatles01:41
nixternalI left my wallet in El Segundo01:41
nixternalsee, the gangs in El Segundo cut his connection01:42
nixternalwasabi Jucato01:42
nixternal19:42:09 [ nixternal] see, the gangs in El Segundo cut his connection01:42
JucatosusHI nixternal! :)01:42
nixternalmmm sushi01:42
jjesseforgot the grammy's were tonight01:42
Jucato(damn that was lame...)01:42
nixternalI had Italian meetball and sausage sammiches tonight...not as good as sushi, but damn they were good01:43
Jucatoyum :)01:43
nixternaljjesse: ya, they have had 4 great performances thus far01:43
* Jucato had sardines swimming in tomato sauce for breakfast :D01:43
nixternalAlicia Key's started out with a digital duette with Frank Sinatra01:43
jjessenixternal: ah01:43
Jucatodigital duet? wow01:44
nixternalthen Carry Underwood did her "Before he cheats" which rocked01:44
nixternalthen the Time!!!01:44
jjessemmmm cary underwood01:44
nixternalya, came back and did "oh e oh e oh"01:44
nixternaland just now they had the Beatles tribute01:44
nixternalgoing back to watch...Amy Winehouse and Fergi are coming up :)01:44
nixternalsee ya in a bit :)01:44
jjesseok the kde4 version of dolphin is it dolph!n or dolphin or?02:13
Jucatoplain Dolphin02:15
jjessedolphin was added in the gutsy release correct?02:17
Jucatoyou mean d3lphin?02:18
jjesseyeah thats what i menat02:18
Jucatothen yes :)02:18
jjesseits wierd how a 3 hour time difference makes things so different02:24
jjessei can't believe its only 6:30pm right now.... feels like 9:3002:24
jjesseafk for a bit02:25
jjessehrmm whats it called how we have added a Documents Videos, etc folder?04:55
Jucatoxdg-menus spec I think04:58
Jucatoyeah, XDG Home Dirs according to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo04:59
jjesseah cool thanks04:59
* jjesse is still struggling with chapter04:59
nixternalyou? man the Edubuntu chapter is insane05:04
jjessei'm getting sick of looking at it05:04
nixternalI sent in my first quick draft today, but man there is a lot more to do05:04
nixternalI am with you on that..I can't wait for this edit to be done already05:04
nixternalI hate the fact they gave me a fairly large job with a 1 to 2 week deadline05:05
nixternalhonestly, a lot of the Edubuntu chapter needs to be removed, rewritten, and added new05:05
nixternalnice...someone posted a root kit for us to play around with on the university mailing list, and it drops you right to a root shell05:06
jjessecool :)05:06
nixternalgotta send this one in to kees05:06
nixternalI was able to root all but 1 of my systems with it05:06
nixternalooh, it doesn't drop to root shell on *buntu..but it does on Debian...just tested it on my webserver :/05:10
ubotufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:11
jjessewhat version of firefox in hardy?05:11
jjesse! help05:11
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:11
nixternalI like that Amy Winehouse...she can sing05:12
nixternala little weird, but damn she has one hell of a voice05:12
nixternaljjesse: did you watch the grammys at all?05:12
jjessewatching the taped version05:12
jjessewhich is now airing in pacifc time05:12
nixternaloh..then I won't tell you05:12
jjessewhat version of firefox in hardy?  2.0 still?05:13
nixternalthe Vince Gill/Kanye moment is good..all I will tell you...actually the whole thing was good05:13
nixternal2. something05:13
nixternal!info firefox hardy05:13
ubotufirefox (source: firefox): lightweight web browser based on Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 8968 kB, installed size 26024 kB05:13
jjesse!info krita05:16
ubotukrita (source: koffice): a pixel-based image manipulation program for the KDE Office Suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.6.3-0ubuntu5.1 (gutsy), package size 3060 kB, installed size 9476 kB05:16
jjesse!info krita hardy05:16
ubotukrita (source: koffice): a pixel-based image manipulation program for the KDE Office Suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.6.3-4ubuntu4 (hardy), package size 2982 kB, installed size 9264 kB05:16
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freeflyinganyone here can test scim-bridge under kde4 for me, especially with non-us keyoard variant05:35
jussi01Riddell: ping07:09
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Tonio_Riddell: will you upload Lure changes to kdebase/kdelibs or may I do it ?08:50
LureTonio_: Riddellwas not clear if your change in guidance was correct08:54
* Lure searches log for quote08:54
LureTonio_: [Sun Feb 10 2008] [22:41:37] <Riddell> he shouldn't have changed the KaboutData name, he should have used KLocale.addCatalogue08:55
LureTonio_: tour i18n change caused DCO08:55
LureP name to be replaced08:56
Tonio_Lure: nope the change was good08:57
Tonio_Lure: Riddell may have forgotten, but he gave me the idea for the fix08:57
LureTonio_: than you can upload my changes if this will stay08:58
Tonio_Lure: with pykdeextension, the catalogue is used directly from the app name in kaboutdata, and that's the reason it didn't work with addCatalogue08:58
LureI will then commit your fix also in upstream SVN08:58
Tonio_Lure: I spent 2 days testing everything, and I can unsure anyone there is no way to make it to work with addcatalogue08:58
LureI have some other changes for upstream SVN08:58
Tonio_the catalogue is ignored as long as there is kaboutdata set....08:59
Lureand we may ask for proper .1 release for Hardy08:59
Tonio_Lure: strace -e trace=open doesn't even show the file has been opened, even with the addCatalogue code in it08:59
Lureok, so it is pykdeextensions limitation08:59
Tonio_Lure: that looks specific to pykdeextensions, with c++ it is different08:59
LureTonio_: it really is not that importan what top level name for DCOP we use09:00
Tonio_Lure: and just to finish on that point, addCatalogue was used in the code previously, that didn't make it to work any better, and that's the reason why fixing was so hard, as this is an undocumented process in pykdeextensions :)09:02
Tonio_pykdeextensions doc is really limited.... :/09:02
LureTonio_: I know - and you rock for fixing this bug finally!09:03
Tonio_Lure: 2 days of coffee :)09:03
LureTonio_: how is life and work for you? French parliament loves Kubuntu?09:04
Tonio_Lure: the problem is that we need the translation to reach the angpacks, which is not the case afaik09:04
Tonio_Lure: the  change was pretty hard, as there are some limitations on a linux desktop compared to windows (deal with connected/disconnected mode and file replications etc.......)09:04
Tonio_but they globally appreciate it now09:04
Tonio_Lure: we did the same for Sagem too, they also use kubuntu now (all their developpers at least)09:05
LureTonio_: nice09:05
Tonio_and we plan to do the same for some belgium government thing I can't talk about atm :)09:05
Tonio_Lure: your packages will be uploaded in one hour (I have some things oto do in the meantime09:05
Tonio_Lure: what about you ?09:06
LureTonio_: no hurry09:06
Tonio_any chance to see you at fosdem or uds ?09:06
Tonio_Lure: I'll be at fosdem in 2 weeks09:06
LureI am very busy at work (mess), so no real energy for hacking :-(09:06
Lurebut it is getting better09:06
Tonio_nice ;)09:06
Tonio_Lure: so no chance to see you at fosdem ?09:08
LureTonio_: no, really limited in terms of travelling09:08
Luremay get better in couple of months09:09
Tonio_Lure: we'll have to wait to see each other then :)09:09
Tonio_Lure: It was the same for me 4 month ago09:09
Tonio_Lure: after rain, sunchine ;)09:09
Luresince UDS is planned to be in europe, I might come (depending on exact dates, as I have busy May)09:09
RiddellTonio_: go ahead and upload09:22
Tonio_Riddell: oki :)09:23
Tonio_Riddell: and about the patch, you might have forgotten we tested the addCatalog thing ;)09:23
Tonio_Riddell: fyi, kdesudo-kde4 is still wip, but I'm getting good results atm09:24
Tonio_Riddell: we'll release hardy with a working kdesudo09:25
Tonio_Lure: your packages uploaded09:25
LureTonio_: thanks09:25
Tonio_Lure: thanks to you09:25
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doc__hi there09:38
jpatrickwhat's up doc__ ?09:38
doc__jpatrick: nah... trying to add support of google apps auth to plone09:47
_StefanS_Tonio_: I've patched kdmtheme, but still some errors to figure out10:08
_StefanS_Tonio_: also I think we need to check if the kdmrc has been manually modified, since that often removes @@ToBeRplacedByDesktopBase@@ variable.10:10
Tonio__StefanS_: hum true.....10:23
Tonio__StefanS_: or we can put some comments in the file explaining they don't have to modify it and create another file elsewhere, with a few details10:24
Tonio__StefanS_: that would be much easier ihmo10:24
_StefanS_Tonio_: true..10:24
Tonio__StefanS_: that, I can do10:24
_StefanS_Tonio_: Maybe we should just a warning in the kdmtheme gui if thats the case, so we wont be blamed for it not working10:25
Tonio__StefanS_: what case ?10:25
_StefanS_Tonio_: that the user has modified the kdmrc file, but forgot all about it10:26
Tonio_the case the gui manually creates a file overriding the kdmtheme manually set with kdmtheme ?10:26
Tonio_I consider that people manually toching config files have to be aware of what they do10:26
Tonio__StefanS_: you have the same thing with kubuntu-default-settings10:27
_StefanS_Tonio_: yes indeed, lets just do the comment thingy, and leave it at that10:27
Tonio__StefanS_: I'll change the kdmrc provided file to had some comments in it10:27
_StefanS_Tonio_: cool10:30
Tonio_crimsun: who should I ping concerning the alsa/macbook patch you told me we should consider adding back ?10:31
Tonio_crimsun: I suspect benC isn't the good guy for alsa related patches10:31
Tm_Tanyone like o throw me an idea of "summercode" project?11:01
jpatrickhi Tm_T !11:01
Tm_Thi jpatrick11:01
Riddellport the ubiquity Windows settings module to KDE (requires C and python)11:03
Tm_TRiddell: hmmm, I'll check it, danke11:03
iRonTm_T: the same python api for qt and gtk gui, so we may share apps between ubuntu and kubuntu :)11:03
Tm_TiRon: nownow =)11:04
Tm_TRiddell: windows settings module does what?11:05
RiddellTm_T: copies windows settings to ubuntu converting the settings to gnome equivalents11:06
Tm_Taaa yes, the "user importer" :)11:06
Tm_Tthat sounds fun to do, I consider it11:07
Riddellit's mostly C I think11:07
LureTonio_: just drop in #ubuntu-kernel or write to their ML11:21
Tonio_Lure: okay11:21
RiddelliRon: should we be integrating your patches for Bulletproof?11:24
iRonRiddell: yes.. i've contacted with Bryce11:25
RiddelliRon: feature freeze on thursday, is there something we can get in for then?11:25
iRonRiddell: we agreed that i'll send him a patch for x11-commons.. and he'll make a patch for gdm11:25
iRonRiddell: i'll prepare today patch for kdm11:26
RiddelliRon: ooh, thanks11:26
iRonRiddell: i'll send it to you soon11:26
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_StefanS_kwwii: ping?11:58
ryanakcaneversfelde: no decision the day before last, I was away skiing, unless one was made without me :)12:25
ryanakca(was made the day before last, in reply to "18:40:02 #kubuntu-devel: < neversfelde|mobi> ryanakca: was there a decision about the design contest yesterday?")12:26
neversfelderyanakca: hope skiing was fun :)? Thanks for your answer, when do you expect a decision?13:02
Riddellvorian: any progress on marble?13:07
sahin_wI can't reach the meeting minutes on the following url:13:46
sahin_wIs there any other way to read it?13:46
jpatricksahin_w: you'll just have to wait till ubuntuwire's back up :(13:47
sahin_wjpatrick: Ok. I will try later...13:47
viviersfis anyone having problems with attachments in kmail ?14:05
viviersfwhen i send em they are corrupt ?14:06
viviersfRiddell, you seen this before ?14:08
Riddellviviersf: try Lure, he uses kmail more than most14:09
viviersfLure, ping14:09
Riddellalso what version of kmail?14:09
viviersfRiddell, custom version from intevation14:09
viviersfRiddell, it worked fine friday and today something is going nuts14:10
Riddellviviersf: sound like you'd be better telling the kmail developers on #kontact14:12
viviersfRiddell, what kde changes went through today ?14:13
viviersfdo you know ?14:13
Riddellviviersf: I've uploaded bits for kmilo14:17
Riddellkdepim hasn't changed14:17
Riddell(that I know of, hardy-changes would know more)14:17
viviersfRiddell, sorry im talking bout gutsy btw14:18
viviersfnot hardy, was there any kdelibs updates14:19
viviersfi think the problem lies in something there14:19
Riddellchanges for flash14:22
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Lureviviersf: no problems here (hardy)14:25
viviersfLure, yeah, im on gutsy14:26
viviersfRiddell, that kdebase update might be the culprit14:26
Riddellviviersf: test it with the old .debs14:27
viviersfRiddell, gimme 10 mins14:27
viviersfRiddell, i just know the issue is there lol. Im just installing old iso then ill tell you14:27
Riddellviviersf: you don't need to install an old iso, just the old kdebase .debs14:29
viviersfyeah i know14:31
viviersfRiddell, i just dont have the old version of kdebase and libs that has been replaced14:32
Riddellviviersf: get it from launchpad14:32
Tm_TRiddell: what email address I should use if I make you as my contact person in summer code project?14:32
RiddellTm_T: jriddell@ubuntu.com, is this google Soc?14:33
Tm_TRiddell: finnish equiv14:33
Tm_TRiddell: one moment14:34
Tm_TRiddell: http://lwn.net/Articles/252756/14:37
Tm_TRiddell: sladen wrote article about this :)14:38
Tm_TRiddell: I'm not sure if I should also have finnish contact person, or is you or some else enough14:38
Tm_TRiddell: btw I took that ubiquity windows user importer qt port as my project, should be perfect :)14:47
RiddellTm_T: ever done C programming before?14:47
Tm_Tand C++14:47
Tm_Tand some scripting14:47
Tm_Twill need some learning but sure doable14:48
RiddellTm_T: talk to evand about what other skills & knowledge would be needed and make sure you have them14:48
Riddell(or can learn)14:48
Tm_Taye sir14:48
viviersfRiddell, its not kdepim15:01
viviersfRiddell, i mean, its not kdebase/libs its kdepim15:01
Riddellok, so poke the kmail people :)15:01
ScottKviviersf: I'm using the Gutsy Kmail every day with no problems.15:03
ScottKviviersf: If I read the scrollback correctly, you said you were using a customized version?15:04
viviersfScottK, yeah its from intevation. They made a stuffup :(15:05
Tm_TRiddell: it's mine, you're ok as contact person?15:05
ScottKviviersf: OK.  Then I guess you know who te be complaining to then. ;-)15:06
RiddellTm_T: "it's mine" what is?15:06
viviersfScottK, yes i know, it was just, there where kdebase and libs updates today so i thought i might be them15:07
Tm_TRiddell: that bit of programming, whatever would answer be for my application, I want to do it15:08
RiddellTm_T: did you talk to evand?15:09
LureRiddell: were kdeutils/kdebase rejected as my diff was on -S -sd generated source package?15:10
Riddell"MD5 sum of uploaded file does not match existing file in archive" meh15:11
LureRiddell: but there is no orig.tar.gz in upload so do not know what is wrong15:11
Lureok, there are also two accepted mails, so probably Tonio_ fixed it already15:12
* Lure is just confused as accepted mails are before rejected, so I am still not sure what was going on15:13
RiddellLure: I guess tonio just uploaded it before I did15:14
Riddellthen I uploaded and we get those rejected e-mails15:14
* Lure checks build logs15:14
Tonio__Lure: I uploaded including the tarball15:15
LureRiddell: ok, it built properly15:15
Tonio__Lure: but I don't understand why the md5sum changed15:15
Tonio__or maybe it is just for the dsc and changes file.....15:15
Riddellit is15:15
LureTonio__: yep, Riddell's mistake ;-)15:15
Riddellit's a confusing reject message15:15
Tonio__Riddell: but I usually include the tarball is all my upload, I'm used to do so, although that's not a requirement...15:16
RiddellTm_T: seems like evand is happy to help in that so go ahead15:17
Riddellput me down as contact15:17
Tm_Troger, and thanks sir :))15:17
RiddellTonio__: think of the bandwidth!15:18
Tonio__hum true15:21
Tonio__Riddell: on the other hand, that uses a bit of download on the server side, when most of the traffic is upload :)15:22
Tonio__but yeah I should think about it :)15:22
ScottKTonio__: The old Debian klamav maintainer agreed to let me take it over.15:58
ScottKI've updated your package for Debian and am waiting to hear back from my Debian sponsor.15:58
ScottKFunctionally, they had a patch (which I like) to default to using the system virus database for a new install which I like.  Other than that, it should work like your package does now.  I also fixed the GCC 4.3 build failures.15:59
Tonio__any idea how to get the list of packages recommending another one ?16:02
Tonio__like rdepends but for recommends16:02
ScottKTonio__: I think grep-dctrl16:03
Tonio__ScottK: with which command ?16:04
Tonio__dpkg-query ?16:04
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ScottK2Tonio__: Something like grep-dctrl -FRecommend -s Package $PACKAGENAME -n /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Sources16:05
ScottK2I use that to find reverse build-depends.  I think it would work for recommends too.16:06
RiddellSime: does pyqt have automatic signal/slot setup?16:14
RiddellI'm finding that a button called foo magically connects to a slot  on_foo_clicked(self)16:15
ScottKYes it is (here anyway).16:29
nixternalRiddell: yes that is correct16:30
nixternaldef on_foo_clicked(self):16:30
nixternalmenu items are on_foo_triggered(self)16:32
Riddellnixternal: that's amazingly confusing16:32
Riddellit's being called twice too16:32
nixternalnow that would be confusing16:32
nixternalit is definitely different then what we have been used to, but I have to admit, it is a lot less typing :)16:33
Riddellnixternal: what does your '@pyqtSignature("")' do?16:47
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Riddellit seems to make it only get called once16:52
nixternalit is a decorator that specifies the signals arguments...so you could have 2 of the same named signals with different arguments16:53
nixternalsince on_foo_clicked(self) is a bool, it is used to specify and empty paramater list16:54
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apachelogger_Riddell: please backport dragonplayer 2.0 - https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dragonplayer17:52
jpatrickapachelogger_: isn't it to be included in kdemultimedia?17:53
apachelogger_but only in 4.117:53
apachelogger_so eean is doing independent releases for now17:53
Riddellapachelogger_: report a bug and subscribe ubuntu-archive, I'll do it tomorrow17:54
stdinapachelogger_: I think kdm-kde4 may still be broke, can you try reconfiguring kdm or kdm-kde4 and see if 1) it always think kdm is the default, even when it's not. and 2) no matter what you choose /etc/X11/default-display-manager always has /usr/lib/kde4/bin/kdm ?17:54
apachelogger_stdin: hum, that looks like one awful bug17:56
stdinapachelogger_: I think I know why it is, and may have a hack/fix17:57
apachelogger_stdin: why? where? :P18:01
stdinI'm building a diff now, it should be pretty cleat from that18:02
stdinapachelogger_: http://stdin.me.uk/diffs/kdebase-workspace_4.0.1-0ubuntu3.debdiff18:03
* Nightrose can confirm that something is horribly proken with kdm/kdm-kde418:04
stdinbasically the .config script looked at the $(basename) if the value in /etc/X11/default-display-manager, which always is "kdm". so after you have /usr/bin/kde4/kdm in there there's no way it can tell if it's kdm-kde4 or kdm (kde3)18:05
Nightrosewhen I logout I get thrown back to a command line login right now18:05
stdinit's always been broken, but you can't even go back to the un-broken one right now :p18:06
apache|mobilestdin: in line 27 of the diff please use "$THIS_PACKAGE"18:12
apache|mobileI think a var for the if query CURRENT_DEFAULT would be nice18:12
apache|mobilein case anyone needs to change any value or something18:13
stdinI should also probably add an "else CURRENT_DEFAULT=$(basename $CURRENT_DEFAULT)" too18:15
apache|mobilestdin: true18:15
jussi01Riddell: ping18:21
Riddellhi jussi0118:32
Tm_Thi kids18:32
jussi01Riddell: hey, I saw someone mentioning work on the screen brightness issue, is that solved or still needs doing?18:34
Riddelljussi01: seems to be solved but needs testing18:37
jussi01Riddell: ok, great :)18:37
stdinapache|mobile: this is what I have right now http://stdin.me.uk/diffs/kdebase-workspace_4.0.1-0ubuntu3.debdiff18:42
apache|mobilestdin: tested it?18:46
stdinapache|mobile: "Works For Me(tm)"18:46
apache|mobilenice :D18:46
apache|mobilestdin: looks good to me, please also prepare a debdiff for kdebase3 and ask Riddell to sponsor the upload18:52
stdindiff for kdebase kdebase_3.5.8-2ubuntu20.debdiff19:09
stdinwould help with the URL ;)19:09
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Riddellwho wants to test the new printer config thing?19:45
cheguevarano printer here, sorry19:45
smarterRiddell: does it work for smb printer?19:46
Riddellsmarter: not yet19:47
Riddellcheguevara: doesn't matter19:47
Riddellsmarter: well it should do something if it's configured19:47
cheguevaraRiddell, as in you want me to test it without a printer?19:47
yuriyRiddell: how about for ipp/cups shared printer?19:47
smarterso I'll test with my usb printer19:47
smarteranyway, my SMB network seems b0rken19:48
Riddellcheguevara: just now I'm mostly interested if the packaging works19:48
Riddellyuriy: try it and see19:48
cheguevaracool then19:48
smarterImportError: No module named qt19:48
yuriyok, will try19:48
smarterRiddell: ^ ?19:49
smarterpython-qt3 is installed19:49
cheguevarayou hardencoded something Riddell19:50
cheguevaraIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/jr/src/system-config-printer/kde-port/system-config-printer.ui'19:50
yuriyRiddell: No such file or directory: '/home/jr/src/system-config-printer/kde-port/system-config-printer.ui'19:50
cheguevaraif you comment that out19:51
cheguevaraand uncoment the line above it it'll work19:52
yuriythat is, get to the next error19:54
cheguevaralaunches for me fine after that19:55
* smarter still doesn't understand why he gets "ImportError: No module named qt"19:58
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smarterand if I type "import qt" in a python shell it works...20:00
yuriysmarter: python-qt4 installed?20:02
smarterpython-dbus-qt4 too20:02
smarterand python-dbus20:02
smarterI replaced import dbus.mainloop.qt with #import dbus.mainloop and it seems to work20:03
yuriyok i commented out the downloadable driver support thing and it launched20:11
yuriyadd new printer button is missing20:11
yuriyclicking on the "local printers" item in the tree view doesn't do anything, which seems a bit confusing, though i have no idea why now that i think about it20:14
yuriychanging the fields for the PDF printer doesn't activate the apply button20:15
yuriyi don't understand what the change button next to device-uri is for (and it doesn't seem to do anything)20:15
yuriyback and cancel buttons in the new printer class dialog don't work20:18
Riddellyuriy: "downloadable driver support thing"?20:20
yuriyRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55638/20:21
Riddellyuriy: what version of system-config-printer-common do you have?20:21
Riddellcat /usr/share/system-config-printer/config.py20:22
Riddellsmarter: do you have python-qt4-dbus installed?20:22
smarterRiddell: yes20:23
yuriy(updating now)20:23
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yuriywhere is the test page for PDF supposed to go?20:45
seaLne~/print.pdf ?20:46
yuriyyeah that's where i was looking, i don't think it works20:47
yuriybut also it's confusing because it doesn't tell you where it's going to go20:48
yuriyshould be a save file dialog20:48
jpatrickapachelogger_: dragonplayer FTBFS?20:55
jpatrickapachelogger_: on all archs20:56
jpatrickdpkg-gencontrol: failure: cannot read -: No such file or directory20:57
Nightroseapachelogger_: wait before doing a new upload then20:57
jpatrickError: parsed ddeb section or priority is empty20:57
jpatrickmake: *** [binary-strip-IMPL/dragonplayer] Error 120:57
Nightroseapachelogger_: eean is going to do a new version it seems20:57
jpatrickwhat the?20:57
apachelogger_that looks like an error with the buildd20:57
apachelogger_Nightrose: why?20:57
Nightrosesome bogus patch by a new contributor messed up the mute button20:58
jpatrickapachelogger_: it gives users r00t access with exploit with certain music20:58
jpatrickNightrose: looks like we'll have a unmutable dragon player in hardy20:59
smarterthe buildds seem to be broken20:59
smarterI get the same error with a different package20:59
jpatricklooks like buildds are indeed broken21:00
smarterand ubuntwire.com is down21:01
Nightrosejpatrick: not sure it is unmutable - but some problem when you unmute it - not sure what exactly though21:01
smarterjpatrick: do you have the .tex of your kubuntu meetings minute somewhere? ;)21:01
Nightroseeean will fix it soon i think21:01
apachelogger_well, it's not going to build these days anyway :P21:01
jpatricksmarter: yes, but ubuntuwire is down21:02
smarterjpatrick: could you pastebin it somewhere please?21:03
jpatricksmarter: which one?21:03
smarterjpatrick: the latest one21:04
apachelogger_smarter: do we have cursors yet?21:04
jpatricksmarter: it's not the minutes for the last meeting: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55642/21:05
smarterapachelogger_: I'd a lot of exam this week so I didn"t have time to do the sync thing :S21:05
smarterI'm on holiday next week, I should have some time21:05
smarterjpatrick: thanks21:06
jpatricksmarter: use it well21:06
apachelogger_jpatrick: would we get a new package in after feature freeze?21:07
blizzzekgn8 zammen21:07
apachelogger_gute nacht blizzzek21:07
smarterapachelogger_: if it must be there for the feature freeze I could find some time wednesday21:07
ScottKapachelogger_: Got time to help out with a package upgrade?21:08
apachelogger_ScottK: wanted to go for a cigarette ;-)21:08
apachelogger_but when I am back...21:08
jpatrickapachelogger_: don't think so21:08
ScottKapachelogger_: When you get back, please see sboden on #ubuntu-motu about kmess21:09
ryanakcaneversfelde|mobi: yeah, skiing was awesome. As for the decision, everybody seemed to like the last one on the mockup page. The official decision wont come until we "officially" publish the website :)21:59
nosrednaekimryanakca: where is the mockup page?22:00
ryanakcaumm... wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/WebsiteMockups or something of the sort... I can get you the actual link in a sec, restarting FF22:01
nareshovHi, is there a poster/flyer on KDE available online?22:01
ryanakcanareshov: you'll probably want to ask in #kde22:02
nareshovI did :|22:02
ryanakcanareshov: or ask here https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-promo22:03
neversfelde|mobiryanakca: I like mockup4 most. We are planning th change kubuntu-de.org Design similar to kubuntu.or, so it would be good to know how it will look :)22:05
neversfelde|mobinareshov: http://www.kde-files.org/content/show.php/KDE+Flyer+(Deutsch)?content=2614322:05
ryanakcaneversfelde|mobi: nice :)22:05
neversfelde|mobihere is a german translation of a flyer, there should be an english one too22:05
ryanakcaneversfelde|mobi: we're going to be using Drupal, so if nobody else minds, I could probably send you a copy of the theme to modify...22:06
nareshovneversfelde|mobi: thanks!22:06
neversfelde|mobiryanakca: send it to Czessi, he made a drupal theme of the old kubuntu.org design, which is useless now22:07
neversfelde|mobii think he would be glad to get the new one :)22:07
* nosrednaekim like's nixternal's idea, but it looks too much like the sabayon one22:08
neversfelde|mobiof course I can forward, too22:09
ryanakcaneversfelde|mobi: okies :)22:29
neversfelde|mobiryanakca: thx, would be great :)22:30
mhbgo site builders!22:35
crimsungah, no tonio.22:36
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