elmolaunchpad is going down at 00:20 UTC for 15 minutes for emergency maintenance00:03
gesersteveire: version is ok now, it takes some time after a upload till it appears in the build queue00:06
gesersteveire: iirc new uploads are added to the build queue every twenty minutes (:00, :20, :40)00:07
steveireOK, so I'll check back tomorrow. Thanks for the help00:07
gesersteveire: you got a mail that you uploaded was accepted?00:09
steveiregeser: Yes00:13
gesergood, so either have tomorrow build .debs or mails about a build failure00:14
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steveireI'm getting some emails about failure I think (State: Chroot problem)00:24
steveireI guess it's due to lp being down as elmo said00:26
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steveireelmo: Do I restart my build somehow, or is it automatic?00:33
elmosteveire: I'm sorry, I'm just a reboot monkey - if you're having problems with your build, you might want to file a question about it in the answer tracker00:33
elmosteveire: it's very unlikely to have been affected by the emergency maintenance I was doing, FWIW00:34
pooliesteveire, i would guess it would be detected as dead and restarted00:34
pooliebut, you'd have to check00:34
Hobbseeif it's a chroot problem, the wise idea would be for someone to check the chroots, and see why it die00:34
emgenti'm in gutsy00:34
emgentworng window00:35
steveireHobbsee: http://rafb.net/p/Q5SSN692.html <<< It means nothing to me.00:36
steveireHobbsee: You're a gearhead, right? Do you build kde from trunk on kubuntu?00:36
Hobbseesteveire: not usually.  i occasionally build parts of it00:39
steveireHobbsee: OK. It's just that kubuntu doesn't tend to keep up with the build deps of it. I'm wondering how kde devs on kubuntu do it.00:40
Hobbseesteveire: which package, and which arch?00:40
* Hobbsee is a ubuntu/kubuntu dev, not a kde dev00:40
Hobbseeer, which package, and which ppa?00:40
Hobbseeoh, xine-lib00:41
steveirelibxine and my ppa https://launchpad.net/~steveire/+archive00:41
* Hobbsee retries the build00:41
steveireHobbsee: You can rekick the build on the lp servers?00:41
Hobbseeyou can too, for ppa00:42
steveireReally? How?00:43
Hobbseeclick the build, hit retry build00:43
steveiresame chroot issue00:44
Hobbseei think this is a launchpad bug.00:45
steveirehttp://ppa.launchpad.net/steveire/ubuntu really doesn't exist00:45
HobbseeFujitsu: can you fix it?00:46
Hobbseehe's idling.  slacker.00:48
mtaylorstatik: bah. 00:49
mtaylorstatik: you do stuff with buildbot from time to time, right? 00:50
steveiremtaylor: You having the same issue?00:54
mtaylorsteveire: I don't think so... sorry00:55
mtaylorsteveire: I'm actually screwing around the the buildbot software, not to be confusted with launchpad's build stuff00:55
mtaylorsteveire: but let me read the scroll-back00:56
Hobbseemtaylor: (it's not)00:56
mtaylorHobbsee: I agree00:59
persiaHello.  I've not been getting "Accepted" or "NEW" emails from Soyuz so far this morning.  I know there was an outage earlier, but I thought it was addressed (as the web interface seems to be working properly again).  Is there still something pending?  Should I expect my uploads to be processed later?01:49
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emgentdermoth, STOP!03:40
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emgentthanks statik 04:04
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methodDoes PPA sometimes take an incredibly long time after building to transfer the debs over, or do they tend to get lost?04:56
jameshI guess he didn't want an answer ...04:59
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gesercan "dpkg-genchanges: warning: missing Section for binary package libaspectr all; using '-'" cause a "Failed to upload" error after a build?11:16
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Hobbseecprov: found a bug, btw.11:53
cprovHobbsee: hi.11:54
cprovHobbsee: which one ?11:54
Hobbseecprov: do i need to proxy-file it, or actually use effort and properly file it?11:54
Hobbseecprov: the chroot waits for hte first package on any ppa11:54
Hobbseecprov: as in:  user activates ppa, user uploads package, package gets stuck in chroot problem, enosolution, go bug cprov.11:55
cprovHobbsee: chroot wait have to be retried manually, atm11:56
Hobbseecprov: sure, but the problem isn't that the chroot waits need to be retried, it's that they occur in the first place.11:56
Hobbseecprov: it's because ppa is attempting to check the packages in the new person's ppa, which doesn't exist, so gets back a 404, and dies with a chroot error.11:57
cprovHobbsee: fine, but we do recognized missing/broken archive as chroot-wait. File a bug about this situation, I will discuss a solution with Adam.11:59
Hobbseecprov: right, OK.  i assume that either a)  you should just create an empty packages.gz file when the ppa gets activated (probably the better solution), or b) special case the ppa line check.12:00
cprovHobbsee: it's a race condition between publication & build, we will sort it out.12:01
gesercprov: is the error of "Failed to upload" somewhere visible? there are some package which "failed to upload" after build and I would like to know why12:11
cprovHobbsee: yes, they are visible in the +builds interface. But the log of the failure is only sent in the build-failure-notification.12:13
cprovHobbsee: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+builds?build_text=&build_state=uploadfail12:14
gesercprov: I guess you mean me and not Hobbsee12:16
cprovgeser: err, exactly, sorry. 12:17
gesercprov: can "dpkg-genchanges: warning: missing Section for binary package libaspectr all; using '-'" cause a "Failed to upload" error?12:17
cprovgeser: is it in you PPA or in ubuntu ?12:17
geserin Ubuntu12:17
cprovgeser: yes, it does12:18
cprov22:38:37 WARNING Upload was rejected:12:19
cprov22:38:37 WARNING        libaspectr_0.3.5-3ubuntu1_all.deb control file lists section as main/ but changes file has main/misc.12:19
gesercprov: so the solution here is to fix the package (add a Section)?12:20
cprovgeser: yes, because the soyuz changesfile parser will assume "misc", IIRC12:22
elmocprov: soyuz should really be more lenient about section mismatches like that12:22
cprovgeser: which will conflict with the 'empty' one set in the control file12:22
elmocprov: esp. in ppa - all it does is cause user confusion12:22
cprovelmo: yes, I agree for the PPA context. Although we should keep the restriction to ubuntu primary archive, right ?12:24
gesercprov: is it worth to file a bug that the reason for "failed to upload" be public (e.g. attached to the build log) so interested persons can find out why (and not only the uploader)? right now I can only guess why a package failed to upload.12:26
Hobbseegeser: nwo that would destroy the fun of guessing why a closed-source project happened to break this time in particular.12:27
geserHobbsee: no one told me that it is intended to train your sixth sense12:28
Hobbseegeser: training your sixth sense is useful.12:28
Hobbseegeser: one of the first points in your sixth sense training is to *realise* that such things are training your sixth sense.12:29
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gesercprov: can you lookup the reason for the failed to upload of doc-debian in hardy? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/doc-debian/3.1.5ubuntu1/+build/50233712:37
cprovgeser: 18:53:24 WARNING Upload was rejected:12:42
cprov18:53:24 WARNING        Unable to identify file debian-faq.en.html.tar.gz (byhand) in changes.12:42
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ubotuNew bug: #145319 in libvirt "[l10n] PO-template wrong imported " [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14531912:46
gesercprov: what's the best way to fix this? aren't byhand entries from dpkg-distaddfile supported?12:52
cprovgeser: not 'html.tar.gz' files12:53
ubotuNew bug: #190906 in soyuz "Make the reason for "Failed to Upload" public" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19090613:00
kikocprov, that bug is for a public log of failures, right?13:02
cprovkiko: sort of, failed-to-upload happens in upload-time, it slightly different than failed-to-build13:03
kikowho said failed-to-build?13:04
kikoI meant keeping a public log of upload processing failures13:04
cprovkiko: you said just 'failures' and it is assumed as 'failed-to-build'13:05
cprovkiko: yes, 'keeping public log of binary upload processing failures' (aka failed-to-upload)13:06
kikonot binary uploads13:06
kikosource uploads.13:06
geserkiko: e.g. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/kpovmodeler-kde4/+builds all failed to upload after building but there is no public log why13:07
cprovkiko: uhm, no, we are talking about binaries.13:07
ubotuNew bug: #190913 in launchpad "Distinguish between GNU GPL V2 and V3 licenses" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19091313:26
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jelmerjamesh: ping13:32
jameshjelmer: pong13:32
jelmerjamesh: I would like to migrate one of my projects to launchpad13:32
jameshjelmer: cool.  What are you migrating from?13:32
Hobbseemrevell: speaking again at the open week, i see :)13:32
jelmerjamesh: The bugs are currently in trac and would have to be migated13:33
mrevellhi Hobbsee - it's more than likely  Mr Cprov will lead that session, but I shall be there :)13:33
jameshjelmer: okay.  That's one of the systems we haven't done a migration for, so I don't have a ready-made conversion script13:33
Hobbseemrevell: ahhh13:33
jameshjelmer: if you are willing to help with converting the bug data, I can give you information about what format I need the data in13:34
Hobbseecprov: good luck!13:34
jelmerjamesh: ok13:35
cprovHobbsee: normally I'd ask if really need it. However I already know the answer ('yes, i do'), so, thanks :)13:35
Hobbseecprov: heh :)13:36
cprovHobbsee: will you have time to attend, at least, one of them ?13:36
Hobbseecprov: no helpers either, this time13:36
Hobbseecprov: what for?13:36
jameshjelmer: the way the importer is structured at the moment is to use an XML bug interchange file.  So it will just be necessary to covert your data to that format.13:37
cprovHobbsee: dunno, curiosity ?13:37
jameshwhat email should I send the details to?13:37
jelmerjamesh: jelmer@samba.org13:37
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Hobbseecprov: depends what it is.  if it's mostly a copy of a wiki page, then i can read that13:38
Hobbseei may be at the friday one, if there's something pretty special in it13:38
Hobbseeit's fairly evil in local time13:38
Hobbseeas for the monday, i'll be on VAC.13:38
Hobbseecprov-afk: i...um....er....now, i guess it goes without saying that you *are* going to fix that chroot problem bug, if indeed it does affect all new ppa'ers, before you try to get more people using PPA? :)13:41
cprov-afkHobbsee: don't get stuck on details, that bug will get fixed, independently of the number of people using PPAs. Did you file the bug, btw ?13:46
jameshjelmer: sent.13:47
Hobbseecprov-afk: i haven't done so yet13:47
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jameshjelmer: if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask13:48
Hobbseecprov: ah, good.  if you give it back hours later, it apperas to work14:03
cprovHobbsee: yes, if you wait the PPA to be published the first time (<= 20 minutes after the upload) and 'retry' the build it will be fine.14:05
Hobbseecprov: that's even though the binaries are showing on the main page?14:06
Hobbseeer, *sources* are showing on the main page?14:06
cprovHobbsee: when the source is presented as 'published'.14:07
Hobbseecprov: blink14:07
Hobbseecprov: so, since when does publishing take so long?14:08
Hobbseelike, 10 hours?14:08
jelmerjamesh: thanks, will do14:10
ubotuNew bug: #190930 in soyuz "builds from new PPAs fail due to chrootwait" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19093014:11
cprovHobbsee: it doesn't, sources will get published within 20 minutes, unless the scripts were not running.14:11
Hobbseecprov: so the time listed on the ppa page is wrong (x hours ago?)14:11
Hobbseeand so why did it fail when i gave it back, even though i'm fairly sure the source was listed as publisehd at the time?14:12
Hobbseeor were the scripts not running today?14:12
cprovHobbsee: PPA url14:13
Hobbseecprov: it's in the bug14:13
elmoHobbsee: I forgot to re-enable cron after the LP downtime; it's probably that14:13
* Hobbsee points ~8 lines up14:13
Hobbseeelmo: ahhhh, right.  OK then :)14:13
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ubotuNew bug: #190951 in launchpad "Allow team admins to propose their teams as members of another team" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19095115:21
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ubotuNew bug: #190970 in soyuz "Filter PPA by series" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19097016:24
ubotuNew bug: #190972 in launchpad "Once a day email about pending mailing lists" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19097216:24
ubotuNew bug: #190974 in launchpad "Rename mailing-list-beta-testers after the feature is released" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19097416:24
ubotuNew bug: #190984 in soyuz "PPA page loads very slowly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19098416:40
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goobsoftIn python programs, are absolute paths to images usually hard coded into the source?19:18
kikorarely in good python programs19:19
LarstiQit's bad practice in any program19:19
goobsoftI come from windows where you could do relative paths like images/my.png, but in debian, the programs are usually not all self contained in one folder.  How is this done where the program is in a completely separate directory from the images?19:20
goobsoftAlso in windows, it's assumed that the shortcut can start the program with a current working directory of the installation root.. but that's not the case in debian.19:22
hexmodegoobsoft: often there is some sort of configuration file that gives the locations19:40
hexmodeand/or paths are set up at compile time19:40
hexmode(e.g. configure)19:40
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goobsoftok thanks hex19:45
goobsoftI gotta run19:45
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ubotuNew bug: #191111 in launchpad "no way to list related teams/lists" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19111123:20
sorencprov: ping?23:22
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