tcpdumpgodWhats cracking. I have a GeForce FX 5200/AGP/SSE2 and a DELL 2007WFP LCD monitor. It is sluggish is heck and glxinfo |grep rend shows direct rendering enabled. I do have the monitor connected with a HD-15 cable and not the DVI both card and monitor are capable of however, i would think that I could comfortably watch full screen video.00:04
tcpdumpgodAnyone know if this kind of sluggishness is because of the HD-15 cable?00:05
VanDykeit's more likely a driver issue00:06
VanDykewhat resolution are you workin with ?00:07
void^compiz disabled?00:08
lz7FX 5200 dosnt support 2007WFP native resolution over dvi, what is HD-15 cable? vga?00:12
enyclz7: HD15 is the plug on vga cables00:15
crimsunDanaG: if you depend on hardware, absolutely.  However, neither ALSA nor OSSv4+ depends solely on it.00:17
crimsunDanaG: I have finished inspecting OSSv4's mixer layer, but from what I see both it and alsa-driver+alsa-lib allow you to define virtual pin config sets00:17
crimsunerr, haven't* finished00:18
DanaGOOps, I'd forgotten what I was talking about .... (scrolls up)... oh yeah, pin configs.00:20
DanaG"If you depend on hardware" -- I'm not sure I understand.00:20
crimsunDanaG: if one writes a driver that depends solely on the wiring, then one's screwed.00:21
DanaGIn my current notebook, the speakers are just plain hard-wired to the output jack, so I can't separate the two.00:21
crimsunDanaG: thankfully (or otherwise), no modern OS does that.00:21
crimsunDanaG: But that's what I've been saying all along:  you don't need to separate the wiring.00:22
DanaGLikewise, if the speakers are hardwired to the 'front' jack, you can't do anything else with it at the same time.00:22
DanaGWhat I want is this: two-channel front device, plus six-channel other device.00:22
crimsunDanaG: virtually all drivers these days provide abstraction for pin sets.00:22
crimsunif you want an absolutely stellar example of how this is possible, see what recent MacOS X versions do00:23
lz7anybode use x86_64 hardy? do you have npviewer.bin segfaults? ussualy on "heavy" flash sites...00:23
VanDyketcpdumpgod: whats your resolution ?00:23
crimsunnow, I'm not saying it will be /straightforward/ to do in Ubuntu, but it's definitely possible.00:24
DanaGI haven't seen what you can do in OS X -- the only time I've ever really used it has been on this laptop, with the AppleHDA patch and the codec dump from Linux.00:25
crimsunwell, per-stream definitions per-jack set.00:25
crimsunwhich means you can have different streams going at different volumes to different jacks.00:25
DanaGBut if speakers and front-jack are wired to the same actual pin on the chip, you're out of luck for separating them.00:27
DanaGSome time I'll have to find the notebook in a store somewhere, perhaps.00:27
crimsunDanaG: yes, in that case you're screwed.00:29
DanaGI had some fun yesterday with my dad's desktop with an ALC882 -- the front jacks can be separated, for both input and output, from the rear jacks.  In addition, you can make any of the three fronts be any of mic, line-in, or line out.  Onboard audio is pretty cool, nowadays.00:29
lz7www.nvidia.com always cause npviewer.bin to segfault00:32
lz7they have much flash there00:33
crimsunDanaG: some also support hardware multiopen.00:36
DanaGI think my Sigmatel is probably bottom-of-the barrel -- at least Realtek offers EMULATED directsound in Windows.  Sigmatel gives nothing.00:37
crimsunthe two better HDA implementers are Conexant and Realtek.00:38
lz7did someone said "Windows"?00:38
crimsunConexant is even playing the open source ballgame finally.00:39
DanaGLinux is still my primary OS, though.  Can't beat PulseAudio!00:39
DanaGAnd Synaptics Linux driver.00:39
lz7i have AD1988 chip00:40
DanaGI pulled the touchpad out of an old laptop, and I was glad to see that they give good specs on how to interface with the device, both electrically and logically.00:40
MatthewVI'm unable to get the remote inluded with my compro vidoemate u500 to work - it shows up as a device in /proc/bus/input/devices (/dev/input/event7) but I'm unable to get irrecord -H devinput -d /dev/input/event7 lircd.conf to pick up anything - any ideas? should I be asking elsewhere?00:45
tcpdumpgodVanDyke, currently its set at....00:46
tcpdumpgodThink I should drop to a lower res and bitrate VanDyke ?00:47
mohbanahow come i have to reinstall the nvidia drivers each time i update the kernel?00:47
crimsunbecause you've changed the ABI.00:47
lz7tcpdumpgod: this is not a "bitrate"00:49
tcpdumpgodim sorry lz7, whatever.00:49
tcpdumpgodyou know what I mean.00:49
tcpdumpgod16000 colors, 24000 colors00:49
lz7and you may try lowering res, but it should be fine with 168000:50
lz7what is your CPU and how much memory you have?00:50
tcpdumpgodI'd think so to... one thing I did notice in DMESG was the following.00:50
tcpdumpgod[   46.969693] agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:01:00.0 into 4x mode00:50
lz7this is normal00:50
tcpdumpgodIntel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz w/1GB of Ram.00:50
tcpdumpgodokay lz700:51
VanDykethat is fine00:51
lz7what exactly you mean by "sluggish"?00:51
VanDykeand what kind of video are you playing00:51
tcpdumpgodYoutube video.00:51
tcpdumpgodI'll try a DVD...00:51
VanDykeshould be fine00:51
VanDykeI'd be pretty suspicious of driver00:52
tcpdumpgodMilo & Otis FTW!00:52
tcpdumpgodWell, it says direct rendering is enabled, and Im fairly good w/computers.00:52
tcpdumpgodAnd linux, and I know its working.00:52
tcpdumpgodOkay, the DVD test told me a lot.00:53
lz7hmm. do you have problem with desktop/compiz? or only with playing flash on youtube?00:53
tcpdumpgodI bet its the flash player.00:53
tcpdumpgodFlash and Mozilla suck. No, no 3d effects are enabled.00:53
tcpdumpgodBut they work.00:53
tcpdumpgodI've gotta go eat wife calls.00:54
tcpdumpgodIm going to try tux racer or something when I return. Thanks for the help guys and gals.00:55
roe_<not meant to be flamebait> how stable is alpha4?  I'm looking to donate some PCs to charity and would like to put ubuntu on it.  I was unhappy with the bloat and performance of gutsy and it was my understanding the the LTS releases try to pear down and stabilize </not meant to be flamebait>00:55
lz7try it and then decide00:56
lz7i doubt it is much different00:56
lz7in term of memory requirements etc00:56
lz7for better performance you may try xubuntu00:57
lz7it have lower requirements00:58
lz7and much of default alpha 4 apps just crashing every time00:58
lz7like applets etc00:59
roe_so the alpha for xubuntu is not stable?01:00
lz7what you think "alpha" mean?01:00
roe_well I lead my question with how stable is alpha4? and you said that you doubted it was much different that gutsy, which, while it was bloated and not rock solid, was passable as a desktop OS, then you say that the applets all crash everytime, so you confuse me01:02
tcpdumpgodYeah, 3D games are flawless lz7 :)01:05
tcpdumpgodIts just the crappy flash plugin.01:05
tcpdumpgodMaybe i'll try Opera or something.01:05
lz7tcpdumpgod: its not browser problem, flash is slowing down any browser or OS01:08
lz7even on my core 2 duo 2.4 ghz01:08
lz7some sites are awful01:09
ethana3how far along is gnash now?01:09
ethana3and how does it perform?01:09
tcpdumpgodthats what i thought ethana3...01:09
tcpdumpgodIt sucks :(01:10
ethana3well it will suck for compatibility01:10
ethana3but for what it can already handle, like youtube01:10
ethana3is it faster?01:10
tcpdumpgodYoutube is slow.01:11
tcpdumpgodin full screen.01:11
tcpdumpgodIf I have more than one tab open using flash on any of my linux machines (all three of them) firefox will stall and I have to manually kill the process.01:12
lz7on x86_64 it is even worse, it segfaults every time01:13
DanaGFlash just plain sucks, in my opinion.01:13
DanaGPlus, it likes to obscure page content.01:14
lz7i hated it since its born01:14
tcpdumpgodlz7, are you using ndiswrapper with the 32 bit flash, i guess so. I dont think they've made a 64Bit flash.01:15
tcpdumpgodI may be mistaken.01:15
tcpdumpgodamen DanaG !01:15
lz7tcpdumpgod: yes with wrapper01:15
lz7well it work kind of ok for most sites01:16
lz7kind of01:16
lz7not counting slowdowns01:16
tcpdumpgodThey need to seriously do some dev. work on flash for linux period.01:16
tcpdumpgodOpera seems to be faster than Swiftweasel though...01:17
roe_anyone know where the netboot images are?01:17
tcpdumpgodthey're on most mirrors i believe rockets01:18
tcpdumpgodi mena roe_01:18
rocketsrockets, huh?01:19
tcpdumpgodI love deluge.01:19
tcpdumpgodIm a Houstonian so... GO ROCKETS! (I guess :\)01:19
roe_tcpdumpgod, yes I looked at one of them and didn't see it in the list01:19
tcpdumpgodInteresting, you're looking for the net install for hardy?01:20
=== crd1b is now known as crdlb
roe_at the moment I'll settle for the net install for any release01:20
roe_but ultimately yes for hardy01:21
tcpdumpgodroe_, should it not be this ISO? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-4/hardy-alternate-i386.iso01:21
tcpdumpgodCheck this page out http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/alpha-4/01:21
roe_the alternate image is the textual or ncurses based image not the net boot image01:22
roe_sorry, net boot not net install01:22
roe_multitasking got the better of me01:22
lz7never heard of "netboot" images of ubuntu01:23
roe_I have all but gutsy and hardy, just can't seem to remember where I got them from01:23
tcpdumpgodI found it01:24
lz7how they are named?01:24
roe_bingo thanx01:24
tcpdumpgodNo problem roe_ ...01:24
lz7wow they have another site for images01:25
roe_it should be easier to find01:25
lz7mmm its repository01:25
lz7what this netboot does?01:28
lz79 mb in size!01:28
tcpdumpgodYeah, im sure that'll load basically nothing.01:28
tcpdumpgodYou need at least the basic tools.01:29
lz7any way to disable web page "stuckage" when mouse pointer is over flash banner?01:50
ethana3lz7: flashblock?01:55
ethana3lz7: adblock?01:55
ethana3lz7: both?01:55
lz7this is for disabling flash? it is too radical...01:56
tcpdumpgodlol @ "stuckage"01:56
tcpdumpgodYeah, "killall -9 firefox usually works for me"01:57
DanaGThe major stuckage I have is KEYBOARD stuckage.01:57
lz7no, this is not what i mean01:57
tcpdumpgodlz7, have you ever tried Swiftweasel?01:57
DanaGTry doing ANYTHING with Xorg thinking the 'super' key is held down.01:57
tcpdumpgodI know lz7, I was messing with youy.01:57
tcpdumpgodKEYBOARD stuckage i believe is the worst.01:57
tcpdumpgodHello burner_01:58
lz7ethana3: thanks for flashblock, it is not what i wanted, but probably viable workaround02:04
lz7at least pages is not stucking now02:05
lz7i hate flash02:06
lz7what ubufox firefox addon does?02:18
lz7which is installed by default02:18
Dr_willisi tend to use flashblock and/or noscript02:30
=== lamalex_2 is now known as lamalex
lz7i noticed font rendering on web pages incorrect now in hardy, when "fi" or "fl" combination is used02:43
lz7ff also02:46
lz7happens with serif font02:48
theAtomhow can i upgrade 7.10 to Hardy Heron?03:12
rskif you dont know you really shouldn't03:13
rsktheAtom: what's the reason you want to run unstable software?03:14
theAtomgood enough reason? lol03:14
theAtombesides i backed up 7.10 with acronis trueimage03:14
rskrun sudo update-manager -d03:14
theAtomso just wanna play around03:14
theAtomok ty03:14
theAtomcan i run it with chat open?03:15
theAtomor need to close everything?03:15
theAtomi have firefox open too03:15
lz7isnt hardy repos should be enabled first?03:16
rskthe manager takes care of that03:18
ethana2theAtom: boredom can be very dangerous03:24
ethana2but props to all the devs who make FOSS so exciting03:25
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c1|freakyhi all. im trying to apt-get update but it tells me04:54
c1|freakyW: Konnte http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/Release nicht holen  Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)04:54
c1|freakyis the .de mirror broken?04:55
lz7why you not try another mirror05:00
c1|freakywhere can I find other mirrors?05:02
c1|freakysorryi just woke up im still a bit sleepy05:03
lz7system->administration->software sources05:03
c1|freakyim on kubuntu05:03
c1|freakyi dont have that05:04
lz7sources.lst file in...05:04
lz7wait a second05:05
lz7btw dosnt adept (isnt it manager for kde) have something similiar?05:06
lz7-> /etc/apt/sources.list remove "de." in this file05:07
c1|freakywait a second ill have a lot05:07
c1|freakyshouldnt i replace it with something?05:07
c1|freakyhm, ok05:08
c1|freakyi've removed all .de s it still says the same even with the de.archive part05:09
c1|freakyW: Konnte http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy-security/Release nicht holen  Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)05:10
c1|freakyW: Konnte http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy-updates/Release nicht holen  Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)05:10
lz7i have seen this error somewhere in google05:10
lz7maybe your update manager is broken05:11
c1|freakyit works for some other repos05:11
c1|freakyill search google.l thank you05:12
c1|freakyok fixed05:13
c1|freakythank you :DD05:13
c1|freakysomehow there was a "web" entry added05:14
c1|freakyat the end of some lines05:14
lz7yeah i found same resolution05:14
c1|freakywasn't me ... i removed it, now it works05:14
lz7i would like to notice Total Received and Total Send values in System Monitor, Network History is somewhat useless and misleading for me... example: i have eth0 connected to ppp0 (modem), when i download, data counts TWICE, one for ppp0 and one for eth0... so if i download 100 mb, system monitor shows 200 mb...05:21
lz7and it says "receiving 120 KB/s" but download speed is half of it05:23
voidmagedoes transmission support peerguardian? also, is clutch packaged in hardy?05:47
lz7i can see clutch 0.4 in repo05:48
voidmageis there any way in transmission to have an ip filter thing like in ktorrent or peerguardian?05:49
Assidclutch ?06:01
voidmageAssid: a web interface for transmission06:01
lz7voidmage: deluge support ip filtering06:03
VanDykebluetack utilities are windows only06:15
VanDykepeerguardian is also windows only06:15
simihi, does anyone know if evolution-data-server-2.22 eating lot of CPU (>60%)  is a bug or is indexing something?06:58
cwillusimi, probably just indexing;  what happens if you pause the tracker via the tray, and wait a minute or two?07:01
simicwillu: i had waited some time and killed the process, next time i will do that07:01
cwillualso interesting to know if renice 20'ing it improves matters, or if you also have to run an ionice on it to bring the ui responsiveness back07:02
simiother problem i found is that i want to disable some keyboard shortucts and this have no effect, i am tring to run a terminal with alt+space but the menu appears(i disabled that shortcut)07:03
cwillu(for point of comparison, I've got dpkg overridden to "ionice -c3 nice -n 20 dpkg $*", which I find dramatically improves responsiveness)07:04
cwillu(I like to play quake while running updates :p)07:05
Assidanyhone know any "decent" webcams known to work on linux07:57
Assidmy current one just doesnt work07:58
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:58
Frogzoois there a quick doc that explains building .debs? looking through the debian manual atm, and it seems a huge amount to learn..08:03
=== fr500 is now known as fr500_
VanDykeI'm trying with my creative livecam notebook08:20
Assidi need to get a decent cam08:22
Assid(process:25721): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library08:23
Assiderr.. wtf? im trying to x11 forward but i get this error08:23
VanDykeyeah easycam doesnt get my cam08:24
qzioanyone knows when we can expect an fix of the local root vuln in splice?08:24
Assidlinux webcam support sucks08:24
Assidi have a very weird issue08:30
Assidi cant shutdown / reboot.. X hangs on me08:30
Assidso i run the shutdown/reboot sequence. wait till nothings but the wallpaper can be seen.. hit CTRL ALT BKSPC08:31
simihi, after every login my resolution defaults to 1400x... and i every time make it 1024x.... and all is working but after restart or log out it defaults back to 1400x...,09:10
simido i have to edit xorg.conf and put it there or ubuntu will change it back to 1400x...?09:10
simiand the mouse cursor dissapers when i change the resolution, my fix is to start something that will paint that cursor animation for busy/loading09:26
simii want to use Alt+space key shortcut for launching katapult(i tried to launch the terminal with this and it will not work)  always the mouse context menu appears09:50
simino, is the window menu but it appears near the mouse09:51
simibut i disable it09:51
qziohmm, X krashes for me unexpectly... no kernel panic, nothing in the syslog/messages10:17
qzioi've checked Xorg.log too10:17
qzioi can ssh to the machine and restart gdm to get my X back, but then the external monitor will only be black..10:17
qzioor is  "CPU0 attaching sched-domain:" suspicious? (in syslog it think it was)10:18
telexiconHow do I disable the awful beeping noise when I change the volume using keyboard shortcuts?10:31
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realz`hey guys how's hardy coming along?11:59
coz_well I have waited since Breezy for   "wayv" to work properly on Ubuntu , now on hardy,  I cross my fingers because I haven;t  rebooted,  it is working :)12:13
Le-Chuck_IT1Hi there, any news about iwl driver broken in last update?12:53
napsy_is nautilus going to be updated any time soon?13:47
bardyrgnome 2.21.91 should be on its way13:48
MagicFabAre there any notes or docs about upgrading from 6.06 LTS to 8.04 LTS ?13:53
scizzo-MagicFab: well the 8.04 is still under development.....13:57
scizzo-MagicFab: when the release is done I would say there will be notes about it13:57
MagicFabscizzo-, I imagine that. However in order to do pre-release tests, however docs and functionality are needed before the release13:58
realz`what is the best feature i can expect from Hardy as a normal desktop user?13:58
MagicFabrealz`, I can tell quite a few on a laptop13:58
=== OSUKid7` is now known as OSUKid7
realz`in ssupend gonna work for nvidia users? it already works 90% of time...but will it be 100% reliable in 8.04?13:59
scizzo-MagicFab: AFAIK the www.ubuntu.com/testing site is a good place to start...13:59
MagicFabrealz`, better hardware support (webcams, network, audio that I've seen) comes to mind - more apps too.13:59
MagicFabrealz`, only nvidia can answer that.13:59
realz`MagicFab: my laptop already has all of these working...14:00
realz`MagicFab: is evolution getting any better?14:00
MagicFabrealz`, did you hack them in (compile or install anything manually) or where they just working out of the box ??14:00
MagicFabIf removing evolution cleanly means better to you, yes.14:00
MagicFabrealz`, seriously, I don't know much or use Evo at all.14:01
realz`MagicFab: out of box...i just upgraded the firmware for iwl4965...but it also worked out of the box...i was facing some issue where it automatically disconnected14:01
scizzo-realz`: please look at www.ubuntu.com/testing for notes about the releases that has come so far14:01
realz`MagicFab: When ur company uses MS exchange server, you dont seem to have much option14:01
scizzo-realz`: if you want to know if there is changes in the programs themselves I suggest to look at the program website and check if there is a deb package for it in hardy14:02
MagicFabrealz`, right :(14:02
realz`MagicFab: One more thing...i use TVOUT...will 8.04 support hot plugging.?14:02
MagicFabrealz`, any new feature you were looking for or just asking generally >14:02
AnRkeyi know this is not the ubuntu support #, but i have a dev'ish question14:03
MagicFabrealz`, I haven't seen that.14:03
AnRkeyHow do i rename the applications menu in ubuntu?14:03
realz`MagicFab: generally asking to attract more migrations from xp to 804...for people who resisted 7.1014:03
AnRkeyis it hard set or is it a language file?14:03
realz`MagicFab: so even in 8.04 i will ahve to restart X to enable TV out14:05
scizzo-realz`: that I belive is also a nvidia and xorg question14:06
scizzo-realz`: not a ubuntu in general question14:06
MagicFabrealz`, actually, no, I think xrandr would now take care of that14:07
realz`MagicFab: sorry i didnt get it...will i have to restart X or not?14:08
MagicFabrealz`, I would think not, although you may still have to use xrandr to manually set TV out on if using open source drivers14:09
MagicFabdepending on chipsets...14:09
* scizzo- would transfer the tvout stuff to a different display and then keep that in the background if he used tvout14:10
scizzo-realz`: you are using a laptop right?14:11
realz`i have configured my xorg.conf to have 2 x servers...when i plug in tv out..then restart tv works...otherwise i just have one X14:12
scizzo-realz`: well xrandr can trigger the TVout14:14
scizzo-otherwise you have displayconfig-gtk14:15
realz`displayconfig-gtk doesnt work for me...14:15
scizzo-realz`: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-625435.html14:15
realz`i am more comfortable doing it by hand14:15
scizzo-realz`: some fun discussion14:15
* realz` checks it out14:15
realz`So whats the best (best) feature in 8.04...14:15
scizzo-realz`: check www.ubuntu.com/testing14:16
realz`scizzo-: would this work with prop nvidia driver or i have to use NV?14:17
scizzo-realz`: I am not sure....long time since I was doing things with tvout....14:18
realz`i will definitely give xvattr a try14:19
scizzo-realz`: worst case senario...you just uninstall it... :P14:21
MagicFabRegarding LT(6.06) to LTS (8.04) upgrades, this was just published: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTSUpgradesHowto14:23
realz`where can i see what new packages will be installed when user updates from 7.10 to 8.04?14:29
coz_realz`, here is a list of sfotware pacakges   http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/14:35
Le-Chuck_IT2Hi there, my wireless card does no longer associated after last updates to hardy14:50
Le-Chuck_IT2it's an intel (iwl3945)14:50
lz7i dont know if it will work but you may try loading with previous kernel (press ESC at grub loading)14:52
mateuszhow to install hardy kernel in gutsy?14:53
Le-Chuck_IT2I am now realizing that it was not latest upgrade14:53
Le-Chuck_IT2because last kernel upgrade was not yesterday14:53
Le-Chuck_IT2maybe networkmanager14:53
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
lz7mateusz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64675514:54
Le-Chuck_IT2is there an history of all upgrades to the system?14:54
Le-Chuck_IT2lz7: thanks14:56
Le-Chuck_IT2it is indeed latest kernel upgrad14:58
Le-Chuck_IT2nobody here owns a card using iwl3945 driver?14:58
PiciI do, but I havent rebooted in a while.14:59
Le-Chuck_IT2Pici what kernel version are you running?15:03
PiciLinux romulus 2.6.24-7-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 01:29:58 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux15:03
Le-Chuck_IT2and your card associates correctly to the AP?15:03
Le-Chuck_IT2I have 2.6.24-7 too15:04
PiciSeems to work fine.15:04
PiciWell, obviously. I'm ssh-ed in to it right now.15:04
Le-Chuck_IT2great so I will never understand what my problem is :)15:05
Le-Chuck_IT2Pici: can you grep your dmesg for "invalid aid"15:06
PiciLe-Chuck_IT2: sure, hold on.15:06
PiciNo results15:07
* DanaG has an iwl3945 and uses WPA2....15:07
DanaGI haven't really had any major issues, actually.15:07
Le-Chuck_IT2I am now seeing in a forum that this might be due to numbers in the WEP passprhase15:08
Le-Chuck_IT2this is, indeed, my case15:08
oloughlin75I can no longer use any of the modules? in system settings. They all tell me that python2.5 is not in the build paths15:14
oloughlin75is KDE4 supposed to break them?15:15
Q-FUNKI'm not sure against which package to report this, but libsasl2* and libssl0.9.8 have a recursive loop that prevent a successful upgrade from gutsy to hardy.15:18
Q-FUNKprobably just a matter of fixing the dependencies between those packages but, not knowing what libsasl2* does, I'm unable to suggest what would be the proper fix.15:19
=== jacobmp92 is now known as jacob
`MatirIs KDE4 broken for AMD64?15:29
lz7from what i read on a web it is broken for all15:31
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases15:40
MagicFabnanonyme, that needs updating. It should link to the wiki instead.15:46
nanonymecare to poke the real link?15:46
lz7and they blamed vista for eating memory lol, ubuntu now uses 447 mb of memory, and i'm running only pidging (35mb) and transmission (16 mb). vista consume almost the SAME.15:47
MagicFabnanonyme, hadn't seen the 2nd link which has a link to , well, the actual (updated) schedule -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases15:47
MagicFablz7, of course you are aware and took note of the difference in memory management of both15:47
nanonymei was mostly just wondering on the release date for Hardy15:47
selckinfree memory = wasted memory15:48
MagicFab"planned for April 2008" :)15:48
`MatirI have 1.8GB used... though 1.2G of that is buffer/cache15:49
MagicFablz7, I gather you are running on 512MB or 1GB ?15:50
* nanonyme is running on 2GB <315:50
lz7MagicFab: i have 2 gb of ram15:50
* DanaG has just 1 GB.15:50
MagicFablz7, interesting, so it should raise as you use it ("Not a Metric"!)15:51
MagicFablz7 from command line type "free -m" and you'll see what is used for buffering / cache15:51
MagicFab             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached15:52
MagicFabMem:          1962       1086        876          0        187        49915:52
lz7actually i read on a forum about bug in mem reporting for AMD64 cuz of apps alignment to 1MB boundaries15:52
selckingetting accurate memory usage has always been a problem on linux15:53
lz7MagicFab: Mem:          total 2014      used 1907     free   106       shared   0      buffers   38     cached  140415:53
lz7plus i can't see what uses so much memory in "processes" tab15:54
MagicFabuse top instead15:54
lz7i wonder how they get linux running on smartphones15:56
selckintry slabtop to see what your kernel is using, mine 100mb15:57
Le-Chuck_IT2what's the source package of linux-image-2.6.24-7? How do I find that to report my bug?15:59
lz7selckin: where to look at? Active /Total Size? 73/76 mb15:59
WorldBFreehow do i boot a hardy image directly from my hd?  i saw a tutorial for 7.10 but it doesnt quite work.  it wont load any modules16:06
WorldBFreewhen i try it with hardy that is16:06
rskhello i just upgraded to +116:11
rskand i wondered if there is some 'clean' sources.list for hardy16:11
rskmine is pretty much borked.16:11
rskit wont even connect to any server when i run apt-get update :)16:11
Reabydid you upgrade update-manager -d or by forking sources.list by hand16:15
rski ran update-manager -d16:15
rskand i only had winehq repo that was 3rd party16:15
rskcause ubuntu has broken and old wine16:15
rsksooo is there such a thing? :P16:16
Reabyi could send mine, but atm i'm not with my other computer - have only dapper under hood16:18
Reabyrsk: found one --> http://fr.pastebin.ca/868272'16:20
Reabywithout '16:20
rskhow nice of you16:21
rskbut that is for amd6416:21
rskor dosen't it matter?16:21
rskoh it's the cd and it's commented16:21
rskguess it will work anyway :)16:21
Reabyit should work16:22
Xemanthdoes amd64 version have working flash with konqueror?17:25
Xemanthkubuntu hardy17:25
rskthanks Reaby17:26
rskit worked fine17:26
pupuexcuse me do you now how to change in Hardy the partitions' name on the Desktop and in the Resources menu? In Gutsy they had the name of the mount point, and I'd like to have it back. Thank you.17:33
Assiderr how do you browser a NFS ?17:40
Assidand is it suggested to keep nfs mounts?17:40
atrushmm. my pulseaudio performance became dismal when i upgraded from 2.6.24-5 to 2.6.24-7. downgrading made everything usable again.17:42
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KonstigtI have now discussed with my self for long enough on Launchpad 188389. Can someone help me fix it/close it?18:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188389 in mesa-utils "Top panels doesn't exist on any windows until I do 'metacity --replace'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18838918:20
luksmanncan somebody help me with my xorg.conf?18:29
luksmanncurrently login does not work. after I've entered username + pw the screen shows the ubuntu background and the mousecursor but it just stops there18:30
rskis it giving you nigtmares?18:30
luksmannI am using a core2duo, 2gig ram and an ati mobility x160018:31
luksmannyes! :(18:31
luksmanncant sleep at night...18:31
cwilluluksmann, log into a virtual terminal, try running DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace (just in case it's a compiz problem you're seeing)18:31
luksmannfailsafe xorg config is working...18:33
=== |Assid| is now known as Assid
luksmannwhen trying to login gdm log shows this as last entry: (EE) fglrx(0): [drm] failed to remove DRM signal handler18:34
jussi01Hmmm, how do I get restricted drivers in Kubuntu hardy?18:41
Picijockey perhaps? /me is guessing18:42
jussi01Pici: yeah, thought it might be that, I think only gtk is finished atm, IIRC18:42
cwillugtk would still work though18:43
scizzo-well changing CPU and motherboard for the generic kernel is no problem.. :)18:51
webwolf_27scizzo-, it may cause problems with X11 if using onboard graphics18:52
scizzo-webwolf_27: had no problem18:52
scizzo-webwolf_27: but I am using a Nvidia GTS 880018:52
webwolf_27scizzo-, using the simmalar chips on both boards18:53
canthonyanyone get a "flashing" between usplash and gdm20:10
socgnome-settings-deamon crashes here on x64 ...20:11
socsomeone experienced that too?20:11
tcpdumpgodHi all, anyone know an easy way of automating openvpn connecting?20:18
tcpdumpgodI guess, like an init script or something?20:19
regulatecan someone take a look at #189005 in launchpad20:29
scizzo-!bug #18900520:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189005 in dpkg "dpkg fails with deconf locked" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18900520:30
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scizzo-looks like grub is doing something....not sure though20:35
regulateupdate-grub calls debconf-loadtemplate20:37
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scizzo-regulate: is the package in rc when doing: dpkg -l | grep package?20:40
scizzo-regulate: or does: dpkg --debug=3773 -i /var/cache package.deb tell you anything?20:43
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regulatescizzo-: no the package is in iF state.20:54
regulatewell, looks like frontend is forked off to run the postinst script which uses Debconf. before it finishes, update-grub is launched, which also uses the Debconf modules, both want an exclusive lock21:04
regulatesmells like a design bug21:04
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timingshit my soundcard broke with the last update21:23
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:24
timingo the first word! ha sorry21:24
awalton__timing, you're not the only one -_-21:24
timingwhat changed what broke it?21:24
awalton__every time the kernel team sneezes my sound goes away21:24
timingi hear krrt krrt21:25
jussi01anyone know the state of compiz atm?21:25
timingruns good overhere21:26
timingbut i have to turn it of for videoplayback tho21:27
coz_jussi01, compiz is good at the moment :)21:27
jussi01cool, thank you :)21:27
coz_jussi01, for more info join us on #compiz-fusion21:27
jussi01coz_: thanks :)21:27
nekostarhey is kde4 default in ter new 'buntu?21:36
cyphaseWhat does everyone think about including ndiswrapper support by default, including an easy GUI?21:48
Rubinis it legal?21:48
cyphasewhy wouldn't it be?21:48
bardyrcyphase, ndiswrapper is already on the live cd21:50
cyphasebardyr: i know21:50
cyphasebardyr: i'm talking about integrating it with the default desktop21:51
cyphaseit isn't even installed by default, which seems strange. if it's on the cd, install it..21:51
scizzo-cyphase: I would suggest to have a dep on it in that case to see if it is needed for the computer installing21:52
cyphasescizzo-: that would work i suppose..21:54
cyphasewhat i really want, even if it's not installed by default, is a simple, easy to use dialog that installs the driver and configures all the right files to make it work21:55
bardyr!info ndis-gtk21:55
cyphaseinstead of the user having to go into /etc/blahblah and change stuff21:55
ubotuPackage ndis-gtk does not exist in hardy21:55
cyphasebardyr: i know about ndis-gtk21:55
cyphasebardyr: it's so simple it can't install drivers that have a space in their path21:56
bardyrhaha :D21:56
nekostaris there a hardy iso 'remastered' with kde4?21:59
=== crimsun changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Current breakage (being fixed): dpkg | Welcome to #ubuntu+1 "Home of the Hardy Heron" and various breakage | This channel is for Hardy discussion only | If you need help with dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy join #ubuntu | If you are here to ask questions such as "what repositories do i use?", "is hardy going to break for me?", update without checking what is to be updated, or do not know how to resolve dependancies with apt, DO NOT RUN HARDY
techIIim trying to compile hardy's kernel on gutsy (want to have CONFIG_NO_HZ on amd64) using the guide at "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile";  when i use "DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=2 AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic", it doesn't give me a package for "linux-headers_2.6.24-7", It does give me "linux-headers_2.6.24-7-generic" which depends on the missing package22:42
crimsund'oh, hard versioned dependency on m-i-t22:45
robogeekis someone here familiar with automounting on Hardy?22:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190737 in autofs "Hi load average using in 8.04a4 NIS/Autofs setup copied from 7.10" [Undecided,Incomplete]23:00
UnNaturalHighdoes anyone know how long it will be before we see 2.6.25 in the hardy repository?23:34
nekostaranyone getting good burns in k3b?23:38
selckinnot for a long time, but i blame hardware23:38
nekostari was getting good burns till this upgrade23:38
nekostardarn it23:39
nekostarthats a dealbreaker for me23:39
UnNaturalHighnekostar, are you talking about kernel 2.6.24-7?23:39
nekostaros[Linux 2.6.24-7-generic - Debian lenny/sid - Ubuntu DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[28 minutes] | cpu[Genuine Intel(R) CPU            2160  @ 1.80GHz SMP (2 processors), 2690.154 MHz (10764.63 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ/P/PL Memory Controller Hub (rev 02)] | video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) at 3080x1050 (32 bits)] | opengl[GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 powered by NVIDIA Corporation with d23:39
nekostarriver 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.09] | xchat[Version: 2.8.4] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.46]23:39
selckini stopped burning :\ external hardware are cheaper then cds as storage and way more practival </offtopic>23:39
nekostarUnNaturalHigh yeah23:39
* nekostar peers23:39
nekostarhey u on rizon?23:40
UnNaturalHighnekostar, my hard drives won't even mount23:40
UnNaturalHighnekostar, yes23:40
nekostarahh sup o/23:40
nekostaryour hdd's wont mount? lol23:40
UnNaturalHighat school writing a research proposal23:40
nekostari got into hardy via an upgrade23:40
UnNaturalHighnekostar, no, it complains about fsck failed and throws me to a bash prompt23:40
nekostarboot to live and backup files immediately23:41
UnNaturalHighI backup once a week23:41
UnNaturalHighon sunday at 12pm23:41
UnNaturalHighso I should be good23:41
* UnNaturalHigh is in 2.6.24-5 right now23:41
nekostari wonder if i downgraded kernels if k3b would work....23:42
gribeluPackage dnsmasq is broken (in hardy, maybe gutsy too?).. "dnsmasq: Depends: dnsmasq-base but it is not going to be installed". dnsmasq-base exists at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/d/dnsmasq/dnsmasq-base_2.40-1ubuntu2_i386.deb but even if i install it with dpkg dnsmasq can't be installed23:56
gribeluis that a known problem or..?23:57

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