abdullaguys im fed up of these themes , their is about 8 people who are wise enough to make great themes like LXG .03:56
abdullaim wondering why people are doing these scary / gothic / sad themes03:57
abdullaand we dont want windows themes03:57
abdullai think many are lazy to speak this but now let me represent the 17,000 ubuntu users03:57
abdullaif ubuntu want to succeed for 8.04 i recommend :) a theme to be in with hardy , a theme that will be unique not dark but a colory theme which makes the eye comfortable with the use but not complication03:58
Toma-have you got anything to submit?03:59
abdullai hope the art people can dream the answer because even me i dont know how a comfortable theme must be but my theory is their03:59
abdullanothing to submit but my analogy of comfort says most themes are black and sad we want something like LXG but greater and it can be greater if people work hard on it like they do with gothic themes04:00
abdullaletme show u04:01
Toma-are you on the mailing list?04:03
abdullaback Toma- wwhat mailing list?04:10
Toma-the ubuntu-art mailing list04:10
Toma-thats where all the development is.04:10
abdullai didnt get you04:10
abdullai visit gnome-look.org04:10
Toma-i wouldnt rant in IRC about what needs changing and fixing.04:10
Toma-also, the stuff on gnome-look is generally not whats going into the next ubuntu04:11
abdullai dont want to speak to ubuntu - art list is their a linux art list? something i can talk to the osts around debian art ubuntu art red hat art etc.. , because maybe i can get great feedback which hopefully i have ingitiated a dejavu wakeup call from their nightmare themes which they are diving deep insuch projects i just hope they realise and maybe change their route and style this will give a great score for LINUX as a great System04:14
abdulla then MAC and WIndows not only great , but cooler :)04:14
abdullaim in ubuntu-art where is the mailing list?04:16
Toma-Goooooogle http://www.google.com/04:18
Toma-the thing is, alot of the art for distros comes from the community04:19
Toma-so there may be piles and piles of crub themes there are also some great themes out there04:19
Toma-same with the windows community04:19
Toma-the default works ok, then you can get some nice themes, and some Hello Kitty themes04:19
abdullahehehe so men must be the gothic life04:20
abdullai dont know why im complaining after i use LXG and clear looks but  im not an arts person but im a manager which i want to be suited with comfort rather then a client who works04:21
abdullasee , if a system wants to win it must be very clear :) something which gives the sytem a glossy happiness04:22
Toma-no-one i speak to in the community uses the default theme anyway04:22
abdullado you know what i dont like about the backgrounds? it disturbs the themes do you know that?04:22
Toma-personally, gloss makes me sick04:22
abdullayou must have a background to match a reciprocal of your theme so it may look good04:23
abdullano i just wish if their is an engine or something im not good in computer talks but i mean something which will make the back ground become 8 frames behind the themes and windows which will make theme show clearer however when minimize to desktop the background gets back to default 8 steps forward04:23
abdullai mean by 8 frames away from the windwos/themes i mean that not 8 frames as go behind but 8 frames means X8 reversable in colors etc.. which shows the picture as its getting mozarty style which makes the theme show better and concentration and comfort of eye is better04:25
abdullathe art people know what im talking about04:25
abdullasomebody send these logs to ubuntu art lo04:25
Toma-mozart style?04:26
Toma-...he was a musician...04:26
abdullano i dont know what was it04:26
abdullamozart its something similar in words04:26
abdullawhich makes photo lower in gaze get it?04:26
abdulladunno lets see this04:27
Toma-ive got to run, sorry04:27
abdullai wish im an artist04:27
abdullatake care Toma-04:27
abdullaif any art french man here please read all i wrote he might get it04:27
abdullacya and i hope somebody do such theme :)04:27
abdullaand make such engine04:27
abdullaand technology04:27
troy_sOtkadeto returns!13:09
Toma-hey _MMA_13:13
Toma-I know you like the grunge thing...13:13
Toma-the cool think about e17, is that with the right coding, those little corners will work on any resolution without and issues13:14
_MMA_Toma-: troy_s might be the guy to talk to about that for out Hardy+1 release. :P13:14
Toma-cool :)13:15
maximilionGood afternoon :)13:25
maximilionWhat's the best program to create "animated PNG" cursors?13:26
maximilion(PNG as in 8 bit transparency)13:26
kwwiimaximilion: what kind of animation? png does not support animation in and of itself13:40
maximilionWell, .mng I guess?13:44
maximilionI just installed Ubuntu 3 days ago, a bit wet behind my ears :)13:44
maximilionBut I don't know how to go from .mng to a theme package, so it can be installed and used...13:45
kwwiiif you want to make an mng you can use imagemagick13:48
kwwiijust make all the states as png files and then use imagemigick to create an mng out of them13:49
kwwiithere are scripts for turning pixmaps into the right format for the cursors13:49
maximilionNo icon editors? :o13:57
kwwiihehe, nope13:57
maximilionI found one, anyway: "Gnome Icon Editor". If it can save .xpm, can the cursor then be installed?13:57
maximilionURL: http://linuxappfinder.com/package/gnome-iconedit13:58
kwwiixpm does not support animation, it is a simple pixmap format14:00
kwwiiand even gimp would save xpm files14:00
_MMA_GIMP also saves .mng.14:01
maximilionYeah, it didn't say it supported animated cursors.14:01
maximilionI didn't know .xpm didn't support animation - is there a file extension for animated cursors?14:02
_MMA_Best to grab a set and look.14:02
kwwiimaximilion: the cursors are not in xpm format anyway14:02
kwwiithey have their own format14:03
kwwiihi _MMA_14:03
maximilion_MMA_: It seems people use icon-slicer to get an XML file+cursor/icon files to make a theme package?14:03
_MMA_GIMP *might* do it with the gimp-gap plugin.14:03
_MMA_maximilion: No clue.14:04
_MMA_kwwii: Hi14:04
kwwiimaximilion: no idea, the only way I have ever done it is using the scripts available with X using both png and svg as source files14:05
kwwiiin any case you will still need to draw each state of the animation14:05
maximilionYeah, don't need to be doing anything extreme, basically I just want to instantly see where the pointer is just by looking at the screen14:07
maximilionSo there is no filetype associated with "replace 'pointer' cursor with this animation please"? :)14:08
_MMA_maximilion: Comb through gnome-look. Should give you an idea.14:08
maximilionI would have to make a theme consisting of 1 XML file and 1 "pointer" file? XML is no problem I think, I could look at an existing theme. But I would need to know how to make the cursorfile though, since it has no extension or anything.14:09
maximilionIf I could draw frames in gimp or export from imagemagick, I could just replace that file I'm currently using?14:10
maximilionYou should add .org to that _MMA_ - some of us don't know all the Linux sites yet ;)14:11
_MMA_Bet to try yourself. Just start hacking. ;)14:11
maximilionI thought it was a utility, like gconf-editor :)14:12
kwwiinope, you cannot just replace the existing cursors with an xpm or png14:13
kwwiibasically you create the files and then use xcursorgen to make the actual files that X can use14:14
kwwiithat script needs png files14:16
kwwiiyou also have to define the nominal size and hotspot information14:16
kwwiierm, as well as a ms-delay for an animation14:17
maximilionYes, which is what you usually do in an icon editor ;)14:17
maximilionSo imagemagick can't do this?14:17
kwwiiI have never seen an icon editor which can do this14:17
kwwiicursors are not icons ;-)14:17
maximilionI think this a good start utility when I setup coding SDL ;)14:18
_MMA_maximilion: It's really just a situation where digging up documentation on the web is best. Help here would require alot of hand-holding. Why I haven't tried to do it myself. ;) Tools on linux can be very different. You wont always find what you're used to from another OS.14:19
maximilionkwwii: Well, I meant cursor editor... many come as editors for both cursors and icons14:19
kwwiimaximilion: on which platform?14:20
maximilionCoding SDL? Linux ofc :)14:20
maximilionI will look if my aniCursor on XP will export Linux themes14:20
maximilionFood! Back in a bit, thanks to all of you for you help :D14:21
kwwiithese editors you have used in XP allow you to enter the hotspot, etc?14:22
maximilionkwwii: Yes, of course. Such as these http://www.bluechillies.com/software/icon-edit-linux.html14:51
kwwiimaximilion: it doesn't look like any of those will export cursors for X though :-(14:54
maximilionNo, one of them imported them though15:04
maximilionkwwii: AniCursor didn't either. So I think I will get proper docs or ask at gnome-look.org, and make a utility.15:07
Toma-can gnome background do anything cool in terms of relation to the corners and alignment?15:08
_MMA_Toma-: Only with Brightside or Compiz. AFAIK15:08
Toma-Ahh ok15:09
* kwwii heads home for the day16:12
salty-horsetroy_s, have you, by any chance, found where the Human arrow icons are? :)19:32
kwwiisalty-horse: they would be in the human theme :-)19:41
salty-horsekwwii, I looked hard and didn't find them19:42
_MMA_Which arrows?19:43
_MMA_ /usr/share/icons/Human/scalable/actions ?19:44
thorwilyep, there's back and forward19:46
salty-horseno. the ones that appear in, say, gnome-panel's hide buttons19:46
salty-horseand in scrollbars19:46
salty-horse(if those are the same)19:46
_MMA_Thats part of the theme.19:46
thorwilnot icon theme, but widget theme19:47
_MMA_Dependent on the engine I believe.19:47
_MMA_Yeah ^^^19:47
kwwiithose are drawn with cairo19:47
kwwiino easy way to get to those19:47
kwwiibut it should be really easy to draw them19:47
thorwila one eyed man could do it with one hand tied on his back!!19:48
* _MMA_ pokes thorwil in the eye.19:50
salty-horsebut where are they defined? (the drawing instructions)19:51
thorwil_MMA_ hits glass19:51
thorwilsalty-horse: what do you want to do with it?19:51
salty-horseI want to figure out why the arrows in the gnome-panel's hide buttons are misaligned. the left one is ok, but the right one is off by a pixel (both buttons are the same width, but the arrows are not positioned the same way inside them -- Clearlooks is fine, Human isn't)19:52
thorwilsalty-horse: you might have more luck in ubuntu-desktop, as this purely technical now. you could also file a bug report and see ...19:55
salty-horseI'll file a report, let the magic elves do the hard work :)19:56
_MMA_Id file against ubuntlooks as thats the engine it uses.19:56
kwwiimy guess is that is has something to do with how it is antialiased20:23

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