LhademmorHej TLE.11:02
Lhademmor / Hi TLE11:03
LhademmorHave you had a chance to look at my Image Viewer manual-translation?11:03
TLEhey, no not yet, I will soon though, I'm just replying to one of you other mails rigth now11:15
TLEbut you should feel free to start another one if you want to, you are not required to stick to just one translation at a time11:16
TLEbtw why are you not in #dansk-gruppen, since you mentioned in th mail I'm replying to that there are not many people in there11:17
TLEevery little bit helps ;)11:17
TLELhademmor: ^^11:28
dhmorgan_hello anyone, I ran into a problem over the weekend resulting from the various ways a Python package gets distributed; I've informed the package creator (pythonware), posted a note on the discussion list for the program that depends on pythonware's library, and now would like to add to Ubuntu's documentation to help others avoid a little time wastage; my question is, where should such information go?16:21
nixternaldhmorgan_: help.ubuntu.com/community may be the best place for such a thing, unless it relates to an Ubuntu package, then possibly it may go somewhere on wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU16:29
dhmorgan_thanks, <nixternal>, I hadn't heard of the MOTU before17:28
ubotuNew bug: #191043 in ubuntu-doc "gnome-pilot app not syncing..." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19104319:05
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yva1hey, I was looking at the Audacity page, while working on the documentation for Ubuntu Studio. I see that the instructions for starting it are correct for the plain Ubuntu, but wrong for US. Is it good to mention the difference on the page, or should this page be plain ubuntu only?21:54

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