monkettoRagazzi emergenz...ho il sistema bloccato in busybox e non so come farlo riavviare...00:35
LjLmonketto: chiedi su #ubuntu-it00:38
Syntux Hello, I need to talk to one of Ubuntu IRC operators20:32
LjLSyntux: what is the matter?20:32
SyntuxLjL, I'm the team leader of Ubuntu Jordan loCo, both #ubuntu-Jordan and #ubuntu-Jo are taken20:33
SyntuxI believe #ubuntu-Jordan belongs to ubuntu loco team in the states20:33
Syntuxso are there any chance to take #ubuntu-Jo ?20:33
LjLhaving a look20:33
Syntuxwhich is the formal international TLD for Jordan the country.20:34
LjLSyntux: indeed. #ubuntu-jordan doesn't really belong to anyone, or, i guess, one could say it probably makes sense to give it to the first taker - but making it a redirect to the proper channel name20:35
LjLSyntux: but #ubuntu-jo definitely belongs to Jordan the country20:35
SyntuxLjL, exactly and we prefer to have #Ubuntu-Jo rather than Jordan.20:35
Syntuxbut it would be amazing if we could redirect Jordan to Jo.20:36
LjLwell about that, let me see who it currently belongs to20:36
ompaulLjL, -jordan is free20:36
LjLompaul: "free" as in what? it's certainly registered20:36
naliothompaul: we don't use that layout any more20:37
ompaul-ChanServ- The channel [#ubuntu-jordon] is not registered20:37
naliothompaul: it's #ubuntu-[country]20:37
naliother, country code20:37
LjLnalioth, but #ubuntu-jordan *is* taken by someone20:37
LjLand so is #ubuntu-jo20:37
naliothbecause #ubuntu-georgia would be a subject of contention20:37
nalioththat can be changed20:38
LjLsure it can20:38
LjL#ubuntu-jordan is registered by some "amerio" who doesn't seem to have an Ubuntu cloak and doesn't show up on launchpad20:38
LjLin other words, no idea who they might be20:38
LjL#ubuntu-jo is registered by "[Ramy]", and there is a Ramy Eid on launchpad but who knows if it's him (no irc nick given). that Ramy *is*, however, part of the Jordan team20:39
LjLbut actually, no, must be some other jordanian team20:40
LjLSyntux: what's the LoCo team on launchpad?20:40
SyntuxWe don't have Ramy in Jordan team.20:41
LjLSyntux: indeed. do you know anything about *this* team? https://launchpad.net/~jobonto20:41
SyntuxLjL, never heard of it, although I'm active in ubuntu community and a core member in JoLug.20:43
LjLSyntux: you are contact of #ubuntu-jo - #ubuntu-jordan has been made a redirect to it, but shouldn't be used or advertized20:49
LjLSyntux: please tell us here if you need any help with channel setup or anything20:50
SyntuxLjL, back, Sorry but undersea cable cut giving us hard time here.21:09
SyntuxI got your memo, Thank you.21:09
LjLSyntux: no problem, i sent it in case you had to leave21:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about messagethebot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:13
LjL!messagethebot is <alias> msgthebot21:13
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL21:13
jpatrickLjL: can you !messagethebot is <alias>.... - you got it21:13
LjLi'm way ahead :P21:13
LjL!message the bot is <alias> msgthebot21:14
ubotuI'll remember that, LjL21:14
jpatrick !msg is <alias>msgthebot21:14
ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.21:14
jpatrickok right21:14
ubotubotabuse aliases: fishing, msgthebot, askthebot, msg the bot, msgbot, investigate, investigation, pm the bot - added by Seveas on 2006-07-26 21:48:1321:15
LjLgot enough synonyms already :P21:15
LjL!no messagethebot is <alias> botabuse21:15
ubotuYou are editing an alias. Please repeat the edit command within the next 10 seconds to confirm21:15
LjL!no messagethebot is <alias> botabuse21:15
ubotuI'll remember that LjL21:15
LjL!no message the bot is <alias> botabuse21:15
LjL!no message the bot is <alias> botabuse21:15

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