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dholbachgood morning06:59
jussi01dholbach: morning Daniel07:29
dholbachhey jussi0107:29
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crevettehello there08:05
MithrandirStevenK: have you looked at the new bluez-gnome, or should I?08:18
dholbach(also there are a bunch of patches in the sponsoring queue) :-)08:33
crevettehey dholbach 08:36
dholbachheya crevette08:37
crevetteMithrandir, I started a package for bluez-gnome08:37
crevettewith dependency on obec-data-server08:37
crevetteI did this package too08:37
Mithrandirhiya Daniel08:38
crevettesalut dholbach 08:38
Mithrandirdholbach: is there any reason why the sponsoring list isn't broken out to a per-person list?  It's hard to see if you have anything in it or not.08:39
Mithrandircrevette: ah, so that was you.  Yes, it was in that context I was asking StevenK 08:39
crevetteMithrandir, I had some time to spend this week-end08:39
dholbachMithrandir: I could do that and will look into it once I've a bit more time again, but up until now searching through the list should be reasonably quick08:40
crevettewould it be possible to upload a brand new package before the freeze ?08:41
crevetteMithrandir, I'd be happy if you can look at obex-data-server08:53
crevetteI can't correct it during the day, as I'm at work08:54
crevettedholbach, technically would it be possible to include obex-data-server for hardy ?09:41
dholbachcrevette: is it a NEW source package?09:42
dholbachah ok, well if it doesn't get in before Feb 14th it will need to get an exception09:42
dholbachcrevette: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess09:42
Mithrandircrevette: I could NEW it, but then I don't want to sponsor it in as well.10:09
Mithrandircrevette: so if you get somebody else to upload it, I can review it.10:10
crevetteMithrandir, you could ask to my dear friend seb128 :)10:13
seb128which one?10:15
crevetteobex-data-server, but not yet, I've some bug to fix in the packaging before10:16
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dholbachStevenK: can you sponsor all the hildon-desktop patches into Ubuntu? I'm not sure how important they are for all further work?12:35
StevenKdholbach: Not yet. The first hildon-desktop that needs to go in is 2.0.9, and that needs to get some things promoted so it will build.12:43
dholbachah I see12:44
dholbachgood to know you're on it12:44
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Mithrandirhm, so if I kill X after everything has started, the consolekit pam thingy is happy13:35
Mithrandirwhich means there's a race condition here, somewhere.13:35
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crevettewill the bluez stack will be updated before the freeze ?14:07
crevettethe 3.26 is just out today14:07
Mithrandirwe'll take a look at it, at least.14:10
seb128crevette: ah, I was asking about it on #ubuntu-devel14:14
crevettethere is some much chan :)14:14
crevetteI think concerned people should try the obex-data-server and the new bluez-gnome14:15
crevetteto see if there is no regression14:15
Mithrandircrevette: new bluez-{libs,utils} uploaded.  FYI.14:53
dholbachMithrandir: there's a new bluez-gnome in the sponsoring tuque too15:13
dholbachand a new gnome-bluetooth too15:17
crevettedholbach, I think this is me15:21
crevetteMithrandir, I'll look tonight15:21
crevetteMithrandir, once obex-data-server uploaded, bluez-gnome has to depend on it15:21
crevetteMithrandir, wonderful15:22
crevetteI'll be happy to help you on bluetooth stack15:22
crevetteMithrandir, did you look at the patches Fedora provides15:23
crevetteMithrandir, if you want to test obex-data-server, I hve a ppa15:53
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smagounDoes anyone know which package sets midbrowser as the default browser in gconf? I assumed it was midbrowser or one of the ume-config-* packages, but didn't see a debian/gconf-defaults in either one.18:49
smagounThe problem is that midbrowser is set up as the default URL handler for http, but not https. 18:49
loolsmagoun: You can dpkg -S the /usr/share/gconf defaults file19:18
loolsmagoun: But indeed, I recall this was added to a package != from midbrowser recently and found this weird19:19
smagounlool: The file in /usr/share/gconf points to firefox, but it's overridden by /home/ume/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http19:19
smagoundpkg doesn't know anything about /home/ume/.gconf/*, so I'm trying to figure out which package sets the user's default19:20
smagounlool: welcome back, btw! I hope the move went well.19:22
loolsmagoun: The defaults are set via files which are installed in /usr/share/gconf*19:25
loolsmagoun: Check /usr/share/gconf/defaults/*19:25
loolsmagoun: You can dpkg -S these if the name doesn't tell you where it comes from19:25
jaycWhat's the URL for the pciutils git repo? I need to create a patch for lspci util.19:26
loolsmagoun: About the move, thanks!  It went awfully but I'm almost done now; I am really waiting for the Internet, the end of the kitchen and some fixed furnitures, but it's ok19:26
smagounlool: The defaults are set in /usr/share/gconf, but a user (or package) can change them by writing to /home/ume/.gconf. There's some package that's writing to /home/ume/.gconf, I need to find out which one.19:26
loolsmagoun: A package changing something for a particular user is particularly bad style, didn't imagine this was what you was mentionning; I guess you should grep the maintainer scripts19:27
looli'd look for postinsts I guess19:27
smagounlool: that's what I'm doing now. Not much fun :(19:27
bfillersmagoun: did you check moblin-media and midbrowser yet?19:28
smagounlool: Sorry to hear that the move was awful. I hope it's better for you once everything settles down!19:28
smagounI checked midbrowser but not moblin-media19:28
smagounmoblin-media looks ok19:29
loolsmagoun: Grep for ume?  Or gconftool?19:29
loolsmagoun: Or grep for the name of the setting19:30
loolI have to run now!  See you tomorrow19:30
lool(I'm at my parents in law's place)19:30
smagountake care, thanks for the suggestions19:30
bfillersmagoun: what is the exact gconf key?19:31
smagounbfiller: /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http19:32
bfillersmagoun: thanks, I'll look as well19:32
amitkjayc: pciutils is probably not in a git repo19:40
smagounbfiller: it looks like ume-config-crown-beach is the guilty package. According to /var/lib/dpkg/info/ume-config-crown-beach.postinst, there's a call to gconftool-2 to set the override. I don't see that in the ume-config-crown-beach source though (I have 0.17 from Hardy installed) 19:43
jaycamitk: So then where do I get the latest ubuntu code for pciutil and where/who to send the patch?19:43
amitk'apt-get source pciutils' will get your the source - orig.tar.gz (from debian) + diff.gz (if ubuntu made changes)19:44
amitkjayc: ^^ you could create a patch and send it to ubuntu and debian package maintainers19:45
bfillersmagoun: are you seeing the overriden value on hardy images? Could it be a leftover setting from a gutsy install?19:45
smagounbfiller: ume-config-crown-beach 0.17 in hardy isn't the same as 0.17 in moblin, which is why I couldn't find the gconftool call in moblin.19:45
smagounbfiller: it is not a leftover, it's in hardy19:45
bfillersmagoun: so the hardy version has it but not the moblin version?19:46
jaycamitk: Is this the one, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/pciutils/1:2.2.4-1.1ubuntu119:46
smagounbfiller: yup. And the hardy 0.17 is different than the moblin 0.17, and there's no diff.gz or other to indicate that there is a difference at all. Kind of a mess.19:47
bfillersmagoun: sounds like the moblin changes need to get merged into hardy19:47
jaycamitk: There seems to some diff in the source when I get it through apt-get and from LP, which one should I use?19:48
smagounbfiller: and vice-versa. This is new stuff that never made it into moblin19:48
bfillersmagoun: the hardy version is used by our images now, correct?19:49
smagounbfiller: yup19:49
amitkjayc: apt-get is your best bet19:51
jaycamitk: OK, thanks19:51
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HighNoany motu's around? there are some special mobile packages to be advocated 22:07
smagounStevenK: you around? I'm having trouble w/ hildon-desktop startup. It seems to be osso-related22:40
StevenKsmagoun: Oh?22:47
StevenKsmagoun: What is hildon-desktop doing?22:47
smagounStevenK: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4445/22:48
smagounStevenK: .xsession-errors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4446/22:49
StevenKsmagoun: What version of libosso have you got installed?22:49
StevenKsmagoun: That's the segfault that took me over a day to track down. :-/22:49
smagounStevenK: notice the symlink failures in /tmp...22:50
smagounStevenK: ii  libosso1               2.16-0ubuntu2          Libosso library22:50
smagounStevenK: the problem is intermittent - sometimes the UI will come right up + behave itself, other times it'll crash 20-50 times before coming up22:50
StevenK_dbus_connect_and_setup:454: dbus_bus_request_name failed: Connection ":1.57" is not allowed to own the service "22:51
StevenKcom.nokia.HomePlugin" due to security policies in the configuration file22:51
StevenKosso_initialize:139: connecting to the system bus failed22:51
StevenKI think that is your problem.22:51
StevenKsmagoun: Open up /etc/dbus-1/system.d/libosso.conf, and duplicate one of the "<allow own..." lines putting in com.nokia.HomePlugin 22:52
StevenKsmagoun: Then reboot, since restarting dbus is ... interesting22:52
smagounyeah, I thought so to. I changed /etc/dbus-1/system.d/libosso.conf to allow the home plugin, same as it already does for com.nokia.hildon-desktop22:52
smagounhmm, not sure I rebooted after doing that. Rebooting now...22:52
smagounStevenK: it's much better now that I rebooted!22:54
smagounok, now to package that fix....thanks much for your help22:54
smagounnow to find some dinner22:55
HighNoStevenK: you are motu right? I would greatly appreciate if you could have a look at my package http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity so it finally can get approved. As the name implies it's for bluetooth...22:56
StevenKHighNo: I'll add it to my list. I don't have time to review right now.23:24
HighNoStevenK: list is fine, thx23:44

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