DaveMorrispersia: before I goto sleep, whats your opinion on my package re superm1 comments, he said to ask you00:00
persiaDaveMorris: Pass me a link?  I wasn't sure what I should be looking at from scrollback00:00
superm1well someone more seasoned at library packaging at least00:00
DaveMorrishttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=gtkglextmm is the link00:00
persiaDaveMorris: I think you already had a discussion with slangasek about the package naming and splitting.  Do you remember the results of that?00:02
* persia vaguely remembers that there was no advantage to splitting due to interdependencies affecting ABI, and that lintian was more correct than linda about SONAMEs with '-' characters.00:03
DaveMorrisyeah, he was happy to have the 2 of them in the same package, would prefer 2 packages.  Just wanted it to see them changed from the old name.  I'd prefer them in 1 since they depend on each other00:03
persiaMakes sense to me to have one package to avoid circular dependencies.00:04
mok0I'm fading... but a first rough draft of the upstream guide can now be seen at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpstreamGuide00:05
mok0I encourage all to contribute00:05
persiasuperm1: Do you have a strong opinion either way?  Shall we push this through, or did you want something else adjusted?00:05
superm1persia, that was the only thing i saw wrong with it00:05
superm1well iffy is a better word than wrong00:05
superm1and without having a ton of experience with libraries i didn't want to advocate on that basis00:06
persiasuperm1: I'm still catching up on my communications, but if you add advocating, I'll push it if I don't encounter something else.00:06
superm1okay will do00:06
rjmyst3superm1: don't know if you saw my message from awhile ago00:07
rjmyst3superm1: i uploaded another fixed one00:07
DaveMorrismok0: does case stories become a name and shame ;)00:07
superm1rjmyst3, after i left a comment?00:07
superm1one more thing regarding licensing that was sticking out00:08
steveirehexmode: Thanks for the help. The package is up waiting to be built.00:08
mok0DaveMorris: I imagine they could be illustrative. In any case, I think a humerous tone would be fitting00:08
DaveMorrisstart of with a "The names of packages has been changed to hide their identities"00:08
mok0DaveMorris: hehe00:09
hexmodesteveire: cool00:09
mok0DaveMorris: yeah why not00:09
DaveMorrishmmm, hardy is stuck trying to setup gnome-settings-daemon anyway I can get more info on why it's stuck?00:10
rjmyst3superm1: do i past the entire contents of those licenses?00:11
superm1rjmyst3, yes in this case00:11
rjmyst3there is also the wxWindows License00:11
superm1that was GPL200:11
rjmyst3yes, ok00:11
superm1from what I saw though00:11
persiamok0: That's a great start.  Thank you very much.00:12
rjmyst3how do i introduce those licenses in the copyright file?00:12
HighNohm, am I having a big lag or did you two just chat faster than normal people would talk?00:12
rjmyst3or no intro, just paste them one after the other?00:12
mok0persia: I think it may be quite useful00:12
persiamok0: Yes, both for upstreams who come here to ask for help, and as a reference for packagers discussing with upstreams.00:13
superm1rjmyst3, well a small description saying something like "the source for boost is included as well, and covered by XYZ"00:13
mok0persia: We can fill in as the ideas arise..00:13
superm1and then i like to add some dashes in between the licenses so you know when one starts and one ends00:13
HighNorjmyst3: in debian/copyright you would not post the complete licenses, that is for upstream COPYING only, right superm1?00:13
superm1HighNo, well in this case the license isn't available in common-licenses00:14
persiadebian/copyright needs to have the complete text of any licenses not included verbatim under /usr/share/common-licenses00:14
superm1HighNo, additionally the COPYING file needs to be included by upstream in the root of the source package00:15
HighNosuperm1: Ah ok, I should have startet reading ealier... OK - got that00:15
superm1which will be a bullet in that upstream guide that is being authored00:15
HighNosuperm1: you know I do know that by now :-)00:15
superm1HighNo, ah yeah i mentioned that on revu, that's right00:15
* HighNo has learned many packaging things the hard way, upload by upload ;-)00:16
persiasistpoty: In case you want backscroll, I don't want =${binary:Version} for arch:all depending on arch:any because it would break if this were Debian.00:18
rjmyst3superm1:  did you notice the exception notice at the end of the wxWindows License?00:20
rjmyst3superm1: this is the gist of it "The exception is that you may use, copy, link, modify and distribute  under your own terms, binary object code versions of works based on the Library."00:20
rjmyst3then that is no longer verbatim GPL, and needs to be copied into debian/copyright, right?00:21
superm1rjmyst3, you are correct.  i just looked at the wxwidgets source, and its entire license is included verbatim in its source package00:24
superm1good catch.00:24
Hobbseeemgent: sorry?  if you like, srue00:25
TheMusoIs anybody having problems with launchpad atm?00:25
emgentHobbsee, heheh thanks00:25
HobbseeTheMuso: always.  any in particular?00:26
crimsunTheMuso: topic of #launchpad.00:26
TheMusoHobbsee: the oops perhaps? :p00:26
TheMusocrimsun: Thanks.00:26
TheMusoWell an oops is not the best way to say, we're down.00:26
TheMusoHrm. I must not have read very well, because I missed the announcement.00:27
emgentpeople one question00:27
crimsundon't worry, I completely wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for elmo changing the topic while I was watching the buffer.00:28
persiaemgent: That sentence no verb00:28
emgentok sorry persia :)00:28
TheMusocrimsun: I'm not worried at all.00:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190819 in lastfm "Please merge lastfm (universe) from Debian unstable" [Undecided,New]00:29
emgentwe introduced libgpod-nogtk-dev and libgpod-nogtk in =>hardy00:29
emgenti should work in backports ?00:29
emgentin merge i adopt debian changes00:30
emgent(with libgpod-nogtk-dev && libgpod-nogtk)00:30
emgentimho it'snt necessary work to gutsy backport, it's true ?00:31
emgentsome idea?00:35
rjmyst3superm1: i've updated debian/copyright and uploaded another one00:49
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ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:11
n3t_decrip70r!login ubuntu bot01:11
n3t_decrip70r!login ubuntubot01:11
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about login ubuntubot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:11
Hobbseen3t_decrip70r: what are you trying to do?01:12
rhpot1991_laptopanyone have a few minutes to do an easy revu?01:13
rhpot1991_laptophttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=atomicparsley if anyone is interested01:15
hexmodecould I get a motu to look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug ??01:26
hexmodedid additional dputs to fix lintian errors but they don't seem to take... so I must be confused.01:27
persiatsmithe: You have 10 hours to update fluid-soundfont on REVU, or I will, as that is a great find, and should really be in hardy :)01:34
superm1persia, what's with the sudden interest in audio related things (that midi thing and soundonts now)?01:36
persiasuperm1: Not a sudden interest.  The lack of working MIDI out of the box has been bothering me for a while.  During hardy, there was enough interest from others to get enough done that there is a chance that MIDI will work out of the box for once.01:37
superm1ah yeah01:37
persiaI'm just noisy about it now because of pending Feature Freeze :)01:38
persiamok0: Is a watch file or get-orig-source impossible for clipper?  Why?01:41
mok0persia: because the version is not encoded in the tar file. It's called clipper20ac-current.tar.gz or some such01:42
persiamok0: That explains the watch file.  How about get-orig-source?01:43
mok0I could make that target I guess01:43
mok0I already tried to persuade upstream to change his ways but to no avail01:44
persiamok0: OK.  Given the deadline, please add my soon pending comments to REVU on your TODO list.01:44
mok0persia: I will01:44
persia(unless I find something else)01:44
persiaBah!  I give up.  Anyone else want to try something with bug #111555?02:22
persiasuperm1: Just in case you get a FTBFS after gmyth-dev gets in, my fix was only http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/4421/.  I was never successful in getting the patch to unpatch cleanly.02:24
superm1persia, okay thanks.  hopefully it gets in soon.  my free time will be dwindling fairly quickly02:38
persiasuperm1: Heh.  Any chance you'd like to try to integrate wildmidi as well?  The docs indicate that it should just work, but there seems to be some strange coordination between the configuration of wildmidi and timidity in the autotools configuration that keeps stumping me, compounded by http://paste.ubuntu.com/4422/ once I finally got it built.02:40
superm1persia, sure if i get this lirc patch that i've been stumped on working, i'll give it a run02:41
persiasuperm1: Would another pair of eyes help?02:41
superm1persia, possibly.  let me finish the current train of thought and i'll push it to bzr02:41
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superm1persia, okay yeah my last thought process didn't work out. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/lirc/ubuntu02:58
superm1so what i'm looking to do is let the modules be built via dkms02:58
superm1so that people can patch the source files with local patches in between releases and have the drivers automatically rebuilt02:58
superm1they are automatically shipped with linux-ubuntu-modules normally02:58
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persiasuperm1: OK.  I've gotten a bit of a look at the source, and dkms (I'm more used to module-assistant).  So the issue is that the new modules need to conflict with the modules provided by linux-ubuntu-modules?03:14
superm1persia, well the issue was dkms wasn't building properly03:14
superm1i appear to have configured a few things wrong03:14
superm1which i am catching now going in verbose03:15
superm1persia, don't worry about it, i should be able to resolve these now03:15
persiasuperm1: OK.  Glad to hear it.03:15
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ScottKsuperm1 and persia: The upstream packager for dkms is in channel ( mdomsch ), FYI.04:10
superm1ScottK, i sorted out the issue04:10
ScottKOK.  Just saying ...04:10
superm1ScottK, so i'll just need to grab kees or another core-dev to sponsor at some point.  thanks though :)04:10
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TheMusoWow. Nautilus is not even mounting the DVD/CD drive on /media/cdrom0 when its in the fstab.04:53
=== asac_ is now known as asac
methodDo the Ubuntu build servers sometimes take an incredibly long time after building to transfer the debs over, or do they tend to get lost?04:58
superm1persia, you sure you uploaded wildmidi?04:58
superm1its not in NEW04:58
persiasuperm1: I'm sure I uploaded it.  I also uploaded a couple other things today, and am still waiting for either Accepted or NEW messages.04:59
superm1persia, hm interesting.04:59
persiasuperm1: Aside from textual changes to changelog, copyright, and control, http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/w/wildmidi/wildmidi_0.2.2-1.dsc ought to work if you just want to dget.05:00
superm1persia, very good i'll build it locally then and see if anything stands out on gst05:01
superm1persia, when you build with my gmyth, which one was it?05:01
superm1there are two in NEW05:01
superm1one was a follow up after upstream let me know of something that needed to be in it05:01
superm1okay yeah that's the latest05:02
persiaFor gmyth, there was just the extra '/'.05:02
jdonganyone know of a simple and dirty CLI burning frontend that takes syntax like "burncd file_1 dir_2 file_3" before I go out and write one for a script?05:04
persiasuperm1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4423/ is the complete debdiff of where I got stuck.05:04
jdongI realize it's almost a trivial layer of genisofs | wodim.05:04
Alohais motu in charge of backports?05:07
persiaAloha: No, but the leaders of the backport team are coincidentally MOTU.  You might try #ubuntu-backports05:08
Alohapersia, thnx05:08
Alohapersia, heh its me and chanserv in there05:08
persiajdong: Umm.  Oughtn't you be there too?05:09
Alohaanyway links in browser for firefox 3 in backports give 40405:09
Alohawhere do i file bug?05:09
jdongpersia: hehe.05:09
jdongAloha: can you elaborate?05:09
LucidFoxAloha> eh?05:09
Alohajdong, yeah for example: file->help->release notes goes to 404 page05:10
LucidFoxThat's by design.05:10
LucidFoxMozilla doesn't have a release notes page for 3.0b3 yet.05:10
Alohastartup page is 404 too05:10
jdongAloha: right, it's probably due to the fact 3.0b3 doesn't even exist05:10
Alohais that by design?05:10
jdongAloha: hardy has a 3.0b3 prelease05:11
LucidFoxProbably not, let me check in my compiled from source version05:11
Alohaoh its a prerelease gotcha05:11
jdongit's a prerelease of a prerelease :)05:11
Alohajdong, gutsy has prerelease now too :)05:11
jdongAloha: yes, that was by design too :)05:11
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LucidFoxyes, it's a CVS snapshot05:12
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=== kdub432 is now known as kdu1
Alohawhy did they put a cvs snapshot of a prerelease of a prerelease on backports?05:13
Alohajust because its so popular?05:13
jdongAloha: I did it because it's better than the granparadiso prelease earlier05:13
Alohajdong, gotcha05:13
jdongAloha: and for several users who requested it, a better experience than FF205:13
jdongAloha: the native look and feel is improved, and perforamnce is dramatically improved too05:13
jdongsince it installs side-by-side with and safely copies the profile of the existing ff2, I figured it couldn't hurt05:14
Alohajdong, cool i just installed it, looking forward to experience05:14
Alohathey need to build firefox off webkit ;)05:14
superm1persia, i think i got it sorted out05:15
superm1the build is continuing through at least05:15
superm1so as long as it wasn't failing at the end i cleaned that patch up05:15
=== kdu1 is now known as kduboi1
persiasuperm1: What was it?05:15
jdongAloha: :)05:15
LucidFoxAloha> there's epiphany-webkit05:15
LucidFoxit's for some reason disabled in Ubuntu, though05:15
AlohaLucidFox, is that in the repos?05:15
superm1persia, it seemed to be some mixups from tabs and spaces05:15
LucidFoxno :/05:15
AlohaLucidFox, linkage?05:15
superm1i'll dput it provided i dont get a ftbfs for some reason at the end05:15
LucidFoxit's enabled in Debian, though05:15
LucidFoxactually, it isn't05:16
persiasuperm1: Thanks for sorting that.  I was getting a failure to initialise the plugin.  Are you on amd64?  Maybe there's an architectural issue as well.05:16
superm1persia, i'm on i38605:16
LucidFoxoh wait, it is: http://packages.qa.debian.org/e/epiphany-browser.html05:17
* persia adds verification of 64-bit cleanliness to the gstreamer-midi todo list05:17
superm1persia, if nothing else, as long as its enabled, even if the plugin doesn't initialize i say that it should go in now (to beat FF), and then sort out the bug when convenient05:17
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
persiasuperm1: I'd agree, but couldn't see the difference between a 64-bit issue and bad upstream code breaking the build for everyone.05:18
AlohaLucidFox, cool05:18
AlohaLucidFox, does it have a lot of deps?05:18
superm1yeah. well i'll see in a little bit05:18
persiaLucidFox: Aloha: You might also try midori05:18
Alohapersia, i tried midori from stemps ppa but it said it couldn't find symbols or something like that05:19
LucidFoxI tried midori, it's too raw yet :(05:19
persiaAloha: Likely release skew.05:19
Alohapersia, whats that mean?05:19
persiaAloha: build environment and install environment were likely different releases, or used different libraries.  If both are hardy, the PPA needs a rebuild (and the archive might).05:20
Alohapersia, gotcha05:20
awen_http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=imapsync <-- if anybody is up for a review; got it in at the last moment last monday, so hope to get it reviewed today :)05:22
Alohawhens featurefreeze? valentines day?05:22
persiaawen_: For updates to packages already in the repositories, please attach a diff.gz to a bug and subscribe the sponsors queue, rather than uploading to REVU.  It is otherwise likely the package will be ignored.05:23
persiaAloha: Yes.05:23
awen_ahh, somebody should've told me that last monday... i'll do that05:24
Alohahow ironic05:24
Alohafrozen hearts05:24
Alohawoohoo http://phorolinux.com/how-to-install-epiphany-with-the-webkit-backend-on-ubuntu-710.html05:26
LucidFoxAloha> SWEEY!05:27
LucidFox* SWEET!05:27
LucidFoxWait, it tries to remove KDE4 :(05:28
LucidFoxor, actually, not05:28
Alohakde4 should be removed anyway05:29
* Aloha is waiting for 4.105:29
LucidFoxI use GNOME, but there are two KDE4 applications that I use: Okular and Konqueror (the latter mainly for web page testing)05:30
awen_done: bug #19085405:36
* awen_ don't think ubotu is really well today... "Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The connect operation timed out"05:38
persiaubotu is normally healthy.  Launchpad is ill.05:38
LucidFoxno, sadly, epiphany-webkit is also too raw :(05:38
Alohawoah IE8 passes acid 2 browser test05:39
LucidFoxAloha> It doesn't.05:39
Alohalucid http://www.webstandards.org/2007/12/19/ie8-passes-acid2-test-2/05:39
LucidFoxPassing with a special compatibility tag added is not considered passing.05:39
awen_could also be the case05:39
lifelessis that like a disabled parking spot ?05:40
LucidFoxlifeless> What?05:40
superm1persia, is this what you were coming down to http://paste.ubuntu.com/4424/05:40
superm1or is that a little different05:40
persiasuperm1: That was my issue.  I'm guessing that the wildmidi plugin isn't quite ready yet.05:41
superm1persia, did you consider updating the wildmidi plugin from CVS?05:42
Alohaheh epiphany-webkit fails acid205:42
superm1the one for myth was rather outdated05:42
superm1so i updated that in my patch too05:42
persiasuperm1: I'm very much not familiar with gstreamer, and didn't want to pull from VCS based on guessing.05:42
superm1persia, understandably05:42
persiasuperm1: If you know the code well enough to judge it, and would be willing to give it a try towards closing bug #111555, I (and others) would appreciate it.  If not, it can wait another release or two.05:43
superm1persia, i'll see if i can grabit from cvs and make any more luck, but if not i do need to do a follow up build on the gmyth build depend, i directly modified debian/control rather than debian/build-deps.in (didn't realize it used that)05:44
persiasuperm1: Yep.  debian/HACKING is a useful read, but one of the big reasons I'm not entirely comfortable playing with that package :)05:44
LucidFoxheh, midori does pass acid205:46
LucidFox(webkit svn29844, midori 0.0.17)05:46
superm1persia, after exploring the code some more, simply pulling in some newer stuff from cvs isn't going to do.  its a pretty significant chunk that would need to come in.05:57
superm1and then of course that doesn't guarantee functionality05:58
superm1only thing it guarantees is to make future versions much harder to merge05:58
persiasuperm1: That's fine.  Thanks for looking.  Maybe drop it for now.  I've advised the Debian team about wildmidi, so maybe we'll see something for lenny.  If not, we can target hardy+1.05:59
superm1sounds like a plan05:59
persia(and, yes, hardy+1 comes out around the same time as lenny, but lenny will be frozen then)05:59
persiaLucidFox: Do we not need iceowl for gobuntu?06:02
LucidFoxpersia> If that was the case, we'd need all the other ice* packages as well, and they're not in Ubuntu.06:03
persiaLucidFox: Hmm.  OK.  Let's see what an archive-admin says.06:03
LucidFoxiceape was originally in Ubuntu, but was replaced by seamonkey06:04
persiaAnyone interested in openVZ?  bug #183774 needs a little process help.06:13
ScottKIs soyuz eating uploads tonight?06:24
persiaScottK: It seems to have been doing that for at least 6 hours.06:27
* persia is uploading anyway, but keeping all uploaded files in a special extra directory for re-upload if required06:28
persiaScottK: Also, thank you for checking the licensing so carefully for things.  It helps to get it right :)06:29
RAOFpersia: Thanks for the review.  I'll just remove one of the unlicenced files, since it's unused, and grab the header for the other.06:31
persiaRAOF: Excellent.  Should be good after that.06:31
persiaAlso, what about all the AssemblyInfo.cs files?  Are they supposed to be unlicensed?06:32
ScottKpersia: No problem.  I actually think that's the most important thing to get right at this point (licensing).06:32
* persia is curious for future reference for CIL stuff06:32
RAOFpersia: That's a fair point.  They're so trivial that no one cared about them.06:33
persiaScottK: Maybe.  I'm more focused on what still needs to get in to meet my feature goals (and have recently dropped once as not ready for hardy).06:33
RAOFWhere's Tomboy's license headers, gosh darn it!06:34
persiaOn the other hand, I have to agree that the orig.tar.gz files shouldn't change after FF, which makes licensing also key.06:34
persiaRAOF: File a bug :)06:34
ScottKpersia: I'm more thinking as long as the technical aspects are in the ballpark and the package is distributable, the rest can be bugfixed as needed.06:35
ScottKBut, of course, I've met my feature goal, so there's no pressure...06:35
* RAOF wonders idly how we have tomboy 0.9.5, when tomboy's downloads page only goes up to 0.9.406:37
persiaScottK: Ah.  I'm still two features short.  I'd agree with the bugfix-later plan, but still have four packages I'd like to see in NEW this week.06:37
persia(and unfortunately, build-deps for three of them are stuck in NEW, complicating things)06:37
persiaErr.  Two now.  The situation improves :)06:38
persiaRAOF: Does tomboy's watch file debian/copyright, or get-orig-source provide any hints?06:38
RAOFgrep -i copyright Tomboy/*.cs... chirping crickets.06:38
persiaYou could always request removal for lack of licensing...06:38
ScottKOf course my goals for this release were modest since I kicked the development cycle off by quitting. ;-)06:39
* RAOF files a frikkin bug.06:39
RAOFShare the licensing hate around!06:39
persiaYep.  Everything should be licensed.  That's part of why we have the guideline about three pairs of eyes for every new package.  Unfortunately, some things slip through...06:40
* persia is willing to review something: anyone have anything stuck in the REVU queue that should be in hardy and a convincing reason why?06:43
* ScottK is doing poppler-data right now.06:45
* persia looks forward to being able to read PDF files again06:45
* ScottK suggest lib-apache2-asp=perl as perhaps worthwhile.06:47
RAOFLack of licensing comes under the "High" importance, yes?06:49
persiaRAOF: I think so.  Affects all Ubuntu users in a severe manner.06:51
ScottKActually, I'd consider critical as a possibility.06:51
persiaNote that this is for tomboy.  If an obsolete package with 3 users had licensing problems, it is likely Medium or Low (Importance is for the distro, not for the package)06:51
ScottKSo probably Hig06:52
ScottKHigh even06:52
persiaScottK: I don't think critical, just High.  Falls under " Makes a default Ubuntu installation generally unusable for some users" and " Has a moderate impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users (estimated)", but not quite "A bug which has a severe impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users".06:52
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
* persia notes that no bug in Universe can be "High", but tops off at "Medium".06:53
ScottKWell a court injunction to stop distributing Ubuntu because it was distributing copyright packages with no license, while unlikely, would certainly affect all users.06:55
ScottKAnd with that...06:55
ScottKGood night all.06:55
persiaGood night ScottK06:55
dholbachgood morning06:59
persiahey dholbach06:59
* persia seeks Dan Sheridan06:59
dholbachhey persia07:00
persiaRegarding libapache2-asp-perl, it seems to be a merge from Debian, adjusted to use apache2 (Hurrah!).  Any objections to changing the source name back to match Debian and processing as a merge, rather than REVU?07:00
dholbachpersia: that sounds like a very good ifdea07:00
persiadholbach: Thanks, but I hope to hear from the person who prepared the package before hijacking it :)07:01
RAOFHuzzah for "GPL 2.1 or later".  That's incorporatable into a GPLv3 package, right?  Do I need to bump the GPL version to 3?07:02
persiaRAOF: It may be incorporated.  Only bump the licensing on the source if you are making other changes that you are licensing under GPL3 only, otherwise just reference it in debian/copyright.07:03
RAOFScore.  I suppose, to be safe, I should reference07:04
persiaThe main idea being that if someone wants to later reincorporate back into something GPL2.1 they may, as long as they only take from that file.07:04
persia(otherwise you are forcing your license choice on the end-users, which doesn't grant them the same rights you were granted under the license, which isn't nice)07:05
persiaOf course, if you change it, then it's your code, to license as you like :)07:05
RAOFSo, this file has no copyright headers, and is taken from Tomboy (which has no copyright headers).  It's GPLv2.1+, but who (if anyone) to put as the copyright holder?07:05
persiaRAOF: Check tomboy VCS commit history?  Ask upstream?  Kick the tomboy maintainers?07:06
RAOFHm.  VCS commit history!  Good idea.07:06
LucidFoxGPLv2.1? o_O07:06
persiaRAOF: Are the copyright holders really not listed in tomboy's debian/copyright?07:06
RAOFpersia: Yes.07:07
* persia is stunned that such a package made it into the archives07:07
RAOFThere are a bunch of people listed in AUTHORS, though.07:07
RAOFIt's obvious that debian/copyright hasn't been touched in *some* time.  Since well before tomboy was a part of Gnome.07:07
persiaThey probably have copyright, but no guarantees.  A couple packages I've been working with recently had clearly separated copyright attribution and authorship.07:07
RAOFAnd Tomboy's in main, too.07:08
* RAOF puzzles with persia.07:08
RAOFQuick!  To the bat-svn-blame!07:08
persiaLucidFox: Good point.  There doesn't appear to be a GPLv2.107:08
persiaRAOF: Maybe LGPL?07:08
LucidFoxWell, LGPL contains an explicit conversion clause to GPL.07:09
* persia enjoys that there actually is a "svn blame" command07:09
RAOFBut described as the GPL 2.1.07:09
LucidFoxTherefore, if it's "GPLv2.1+", it de facto means GPLv3+07:09
LucidFoxbecause it excludes GPLv2 :)07:10
persiaRAOF: If upstream describes as "GPL 2.1", then maybe they have a special secret license, which ought be included entire in debian/copyright, and for which nobody can give advice about GPL-3 integration.07:10
RAOFAh, whoops.  No, LGPL.07:10
persiaThat's a good thing.  It's not quite as bad as it might have been.  Still, the main difference between LGPL-2 and LGPL-2.1 is that LGPL-2.1 is GPL-3 compatible.07:11
LucidFoxpersia> Aren't modifications to the GPL themselves forbidden and make the code unredistributable?07:12
persiaLucidFox: No.  They just make it a different license.  It depends on who modified it.07:12
persiaIf a software author modifies the GPL, and releases under a modified GPL, this is acceptable, but the license must be reviewed for suitability as with any new license.  If these modifications go beyond certain permitted criteria, the author is asked not to call it "GPL", and cannot incorporate other GPL software.07:14
persiaCommon cases are things like the classlib exception or the libssl exception.07:14
persiaLess common cases are things like linuxsampler, which is deemed undistributable due to contradictions in the license.07:14
LucidFoxAdditional permissions can be added to the GPL, but the GPL itself is immutable.07:14
LucidFox" Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed." ~ GPL07:14
* persia would be curious to see case history of precedent for successful prosecution of a copyright claim for a legal document. Law is inherently open-source.07:15
RAOFWhy thank you, janderson, for touching every line of XKeybinder.cs with your "spaces-to-tabs" commit. :(07:16
slangasekpersia: one would think so, but AIUI there have been US states with rulings to the effect that contracts are proprietary -- ah, the disadvantages of trusting lawyers to argue the case for what they should be allowed to do... :)07:17
LucidFoxpersia> Apparently, smplayer-themes didn't upload07:17
persiaslangasek: Really?  Do you happen to have a link?  I'm rather interested.07:18
slangasekpersia: no link, just anecdote from several years ago; so feel free to ignore my hearsay07:19
persiaslangasek: I'll not ignore, just turn to google for help.  Makes me wish I still had LEXIS/NEXIS access.07:19
persiaHeh.  "All Rights Reserved" only means anything in Nicaragua and Honduras.  The rest of the world assumes that.07:25
persiaslangasek: Citing from the decision in FEIST PUBLICATIONS, INC.    v. RURAL TELEPHONE SERVICE CO., 499 U.S. 340 (1991): "Notwithstanding a valid copyright, a subsequent compiler remains free to use the facts contained in an another's publication to aid in preparing a competing work, so long as the competing work does not feature the same selection and arrangement."07:27
persiaI'm fairly sure someone could successfully argue their way out of liability when confronted with using the GPL as a base for their new license, at least for any state court, and few GPL-covered works meet the $100,000 minimum liabilty for federal court.07:28
* persia is unable to find the anecdotal case mentioned, and goes back to pushing new orig.tar.gz files for FeatureFreeze07:29
persiaslangasek: Do you know if there will be another run of the removed-from-debian removal script before hardy release?07:35
RAOFDear beagle: surrender to me your keybinding logic, so I can replace Do's use of tomboy with yours.07:37
slangasekpersia: I'm not aware that it's on any kind of checklist, but it does rather seem like a good idea07:38
persiaslangasek: I'm just encountering a few "Please remove: was removed from Debian" bugs in the U-U-S queue, and I'd think that using the script to autoremove (assuming no Ubuntu changes or rdepends) would be a cleaner solution than pushing these bugs on to the archive-admins.07:39
LucidFoxSpeaking of removals from Debian, what do you all think about bug #190684?07:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190684 in xmms "Remove xmms from Ubuntu" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19068407:40
slangasekwell, the script doesn't remove very "auto"ly, but going through the whole list of candidate removals seems like a better idea than picking them off as bugs, yes07:40
persiaLucidFox: Given the fuss about trying to remove xmms for gutsy, I'd rather wait for the Debian removal to happen in that case.  It's special.07:41
=== doko_ is now known as doko
persiaslangasek: Shall I reject bugs like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sql-editor/+bug/190045/ for now, telling the submitter that the archive-admins will take care of these are part of normal archive maintenance?07:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190045 in sql-editor "[Remove] Please remove sql-editor from Hardy, it depends on Gnome 1.x" [Undecided,New]07:42
LucidFoxCan packages be removed after FF?07:42
persiaHurrah!  Ubotu is reporting bugs again!07:42
LucidFoxIt didn't?07:42
persiaLucidFox: Yes, but they need a better reason.07:42
persiaLucidFox: It had been having issues with LP being slow for the past several hours.07:42
slangasekpersia: for now, if you think the removal is appropriate how about sending it on to ubuntu-archive anyway and I'll talk to the other guys about making sure we get a full process-removals run in before FF07:42
persiaslangasek: OK.  Makes sense.  Thanks.07:43
=== greeneggsnospam is now known as jsgotangco
RAOFAAARGH.  Beagle has taken _their_ keybinding stuff from tomboy, lack of license header and all.07:44
persiaheh.  Nothing like sharing code without a license.  Maybe all the developers thought they lived in Nicaragua or Honduras?07:45
RAOFpersia: It's probably not archive-material without a XKeybinder header, is it :(07:46
LucidFox"Gentoo's (mis)handling of PR during this transitional time has resulted in a lot of negativity towards audacious and several lame attempts to find security holes in Audacious with the explicit purpose of trying to get XMMS back." <-- .......07:46
persiaRAOF: I'd think not, but tomboy got in somehow...07:46
LucidFoxThey should have a "Don't disrupt development to prove a point" policy, like Wikipedia does.07:46
RAOFAnd beagle, too :)07:46
slangaseknothing worse than a distro that mishandles Puerto Rico07:47
persiaLucidFox: That's precisely the sort of reason why it would be nice to have it disappear because it didn't work (based on GTK+ 1 going away for lenny), rather than taking a position in Ubuntu.07:47
LucidFoxslangasek> Now reading that Debian mailing list discussion, well said about 6-year-old abandonware and idiots :)07:59
warp10Good morning!08:06
* RAOF grumbles about licensing again.08:07
RAOFwarp10: I'll pay you the "morning" part, at least :P08:07
warp10RAOF: eheh :D08:08
* persia is impressed to see 1700 bugs closed in the last week08:22
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
crevettesuperm1, around ?09:17
persiacrevette: In 90% of cases, you'll do better to ask a question rather than seeking a person.09:20
crevettepersia, yeah okay, this is because superm1 has managed to reviewed my package09:20
persiacrevette: Which package?09:21
crevettesoren, my problem is one of the source file of my package does not contain header09:21
crevetteI contacted the upstream author, but he doesn't want to fix that because the files is autogenerated09:22
crevettepersia, http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server09:22
crevettewhat can I do ? for me all source files must have an header; I wanted a reference to the debian policy09:23
persiacrevette: For the changelog, you have to pass an argument to dh_installchangelogs (or use DEB_INSTALL_CHANGELOGS_ALL for CDBS).09:23
crevettepersia, yeah I found09:23
persiawhich file is missing the license header?09:23
crevettepersia, src/ods-marshal.c09:24
crevettelook the 1st set of comments, point 609:24
crevettepersia, I opend a bug http://bugs.muiline.com/view.php?id=4309:24
persiacrevette: It's fine if that file doesn't have a header.  It is listed as a target in src/Makefile.am.09:25
crevettepersia, could you add a comment to revu ?09:25
persiaTo be extra explicit, you could delete that file in debian/rules clean.09:25
persiacrevette: My comment wouldn't help you as much as your comment with a new upload.  The changelog bit is still annoying.09:26
crevettepersia, I'm going to fix that tonight09:26
persiacrevette: Great.  Just fix that, and consider deleting the offending file in debian/rules clean just to make a point, and you should have addressed the outstanding issues.09:27
crevetteokay, do you have a ref to do the clean function09:28
persiacrevette: You'd add a clean:: rule to debian/rules, and use use rm to delete the file.09:30
=== apache|mobile is now known as apachelogger
=== apachelogger is now known as apache|mobile
spiekeyhow can i search and install stuff from the backports repository?09:39
persia!backports | spiekey09:40
ubotuspiekey: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging09:40
spiekeylooks like libnss-ldap is not in packports, right?09:44
persiaspiekey: In only very rare cases do libraries go in backports: too great a chance of breaking things.09:45
jpatrickspiekey: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55588/09:45
sorenpersia: libnss-* is sort of special, though.09:45
* persia continues to ignore mozilla packaging exceptions as much as possible :)09:46
spiekeyjpatrick; what do you want to tell me with that link?09:47
sorenEr.. Not that sort of nss :)09:47
sorenpersia: It's the libraries that libc uses for looking up users, groups, etc.09:47
jpatrickspiekey: that it's not in backports09:47
persiasoren: Ah.  RIght.  Still, I'd think that'd have a great potential to break something without careful integration testing.09:48
sorenpersia: Nothing links against them. libc loads the dynamically depending on the contents of nsswitch.conf.09:48
persiasoren: links vs. dlopen still requires reliable behaviour and testing, no?  Anyway, it would still be rare for these to go in backports, but the backports team might consider a request (I'm not a backporter)09:49
spiekeyi think i best install gutsy and see if the problem still exists there. If yes, then it can´t be a nss_ldap version problem09:49
persiaspiekey: What's the problem?09:49
sorenpersia: Sure it needs testing. libnss-foo is just sort of special, IMO.09:51
persiasoren: I have to agree that it's special as compared to other libraries.09:51
* persia wonders if Debian bug #425379 affects gutsy09:52
ubotuDebian bug 425379 in libnss-ldap "libnss-ldap: Can't connect to ldap server anymore" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/42537909:52
sorenpersia: Probably.09:54
zuchHi! I need some packaging help. I hope this is the right place to ask questions?10:31
dholbachzuch: absolutely10:31
* persia notes that bug #190888 just got a good patch, and would be an easy fix for anyone wanting to generate a debdiff.10:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190888 in drscheme "/etc/init.d/mzscheme does not start web-server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19088810:33
zuchI use java-gnome for gtk development. Apparently it's not in the repos but standard with some other repos. I though I would help or suggest it to be added. What's the procedure for that?10:34
=== zakame__ is now known as zakame
LucidFoxzuch> I think it's too late to get packages into Hardy - there are three days before the freeze10:35
LucidFoxso it will have to go into Hardy+1, after Hardy is released10:35
persiazuch: First, open a needs-packaging bug on launchpad (bug #177672 is a handy example)10:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177672 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] wildmidi" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17767210:35
persiazuch: Next prepare a candidate package (or convince someone else to do so), and submit to REVU.10:35
persia!revu | zuch10:36
ubotuzuch: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU10:36
persiaUnfortunately, FeatureFreeze for hardy is in 3 days time, so there is very little chance a new package can be included at this time.  The next window for package inclusion will open in late April or early May.10:36
zuchIs that 3 days for submitting packages or 3 days for submitting/reviewing them to be added. If I am able to get a candidate package submitted in a few hours will that be too late?10:38
geserzuch: is libgnome-java the wrong package?10:39
geser!info libgnome-java hardy10:39
ubotulibgnome-java (source: libgnome-java): Gnome bindings for Java. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.12.7-3ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 92 kB, installed size 160 kB10:39
persiazuch: 3 days for submission/review/acceptance.  On the other hand, libgnome-java may well be the better solution.10:40
zuchThat is very old. Java bindings have been re-written from scratch and the current version is 4.x10:41
zuchAnyway I think what is most important is that a deb package is not availabel at all. So I will push the java-gnome people to publish a .deb package even if it can't be included in the latest version of ubuntu as long as people can download it from somewhere.10:42
zuchThe only way right now is to compile from source.10:43
persiazuch: Best path is likely for upstream to work with the Debian Java Maintainers to get the new version in Debian sometime in the next few months.  Thereafter, Ubuntu will pull from Debian, and it can be in backports, if nothing else.10:44
zuchpersia: Ok that sounds good. I will work on it. Thanks10:46
Alohais there a website that lists backports?10:49
persiaAloha: packages.ubuntu.com might, but archive.ubuntu.com is more reliable.10:52
* persia is happy to see Soyuz processing packages again!10:52
Alohapersia, thnx10:52
persiatsmithe: You've taken too long: hijacking fluid-soundfont10:53
Alohawhats the difference between gutsy-backports and gutsy-updates?10:56
jpatrick!backports > Aloha11:05
Alohaso whats updates?11:05
jpatrickbug fixes11:05
ubotuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:07
Alohaso updates is bugfixes and backports is new releases11:07
Alohawoah firefox3 passes acid 211:09
azeemAloha: eh?11:10
Alohacrap sorry11:10
Alohawrong button11:10
HighNohi MOTUs - I need a second advocate on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity please11:26
* persia seeks second advocates for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libnb-platform7-java and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=libini4j-java11:30
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Hobbseebad Aloha!11:52
Hobbseeinteresting "button" there11:52
AlohaHobbsee, sorry.. didn't do it on purpose... had that in my clipboard and dumped it on accident11:52
geserHi \sh11:52
HobbseeAloha: strange clipboard content :)11:52
Hobbseeunless you're decrypting or something11:53
persiaIt's a PNG file11:53
AlohaHobbsee, its the eyeballs off acid 2 test in base 6411:53
persiaLooks like a PNG file :(11:53
slytherinpersia: Can we make a decision on the j2sdk debconf preseed on buildd? I am 'for' it as it will at least fix batik and consequently fop.11:54
HighNoAh, Hobbsee is around. Would you trust superm1's advocation? If you do could you have a quick look at  http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity if you find a little time? It's not a very big package :-)11:54
persiaslytherin: Only the buildd admins can make such a decision.  I'm not opposed, but I also don't have any special influence.11:54
persiaI'd like a working batik, as fop is fun, but I haven't looked at whether that's the best way to get it.11:55
Hobbseeslytherin: ask elmo11:55
Hobbseeor lamont11:55
slytherinpersia: as of now that is the best way to get it.11:56
slytherinHobbsee: What do I need to do to convince them?11:56
persiaslytherin: I trust you on that.  Ask for the people Hobbsee mentioned on #ubuntu-devel11:56
slytherinjoin #ubuntu-devel11:57
\shScottK, could you resolve the problem with klamav?11:57
* persia passes out free '/' characters11:57
Hobbseeslytherin: say what it does, and why it's needed, i think11:58
persiaslytherin: Be warned that that channel has long lags, with people sometimes replying days after a question is asked.12:02
french1Hi All12:03
french1If I have a package in Ubuntu that was previously synced from Debian but am unable to locate my Debian uploader ... do I have any options to get it into Hardy before feature freeze?12:05
slytherinpersia: :-)12:05
Hobbseefrench1: there are various DD's around here, too12:05
slytherinfrench1: Is it not currently present in hardy?12:05
french1It's only been 3 days since he went AWOL ... but time's running out.12:05
french1Yep, it's in Hardy.  Just a real only (more buggy) version.12:06
french1*real old12:06
persiafrench1: You could always submit an Ubuntu-only update, if you can't get it updated in Debian in time.12:06
french1So the best idea is to get in-touch with another Debian developer, hey?12:07
slytherinfrench1: Best idea is to package it yourself. :-)12:08
french1persia: Thanks, that's what I was asking.12:08
french1slytherin: I do.12:08
french1slytherin: But I don't have upload priv.12:08
french1slytherin: I'm a maintainer.12:09
slytherinfrench1: Ordinarily I would have asked you to upload the package to revu. But since we are this close to FF, I am not sure what should be your next step. Better wait for someone else to answer12:10
persiafrench1: Yes.  Best solution is to find another sponsor for now.  If all else fails, submit a diff.gz for an Ubuntuised version to the sponsors queue (best to send that in the next 24 hours to be sure of getting it in pre-freeze)12:10
persiaslytherin: Package updates shouldn't go to REVU: they just get ignored there.12:11
slytherinpersia: Ah, I didn't know that. :-)12:11
french1slytherin: persia: Thanks.12:12
persiaREVU is for NEW packages.  Updates get debdiffs or diff.gz files sent to the sponsors queue.12:12
sistpoty|workhi folks12:22
persiasistpoty|work: Hey.  Thanks for wildmidi :)12:22
mruizmorning all12:22
sistpoty|workhi persia... thank you for packaging it ;)12:22
sistpoty|workhi mruiz12:23
mruizhey sistpoty|work12:23
persiaHobbsee: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=fluid-soundfont might be interesting to you...12:24
Hobbseepersia: \o/12:25
DktrKranzmruiz, I was busy these days and I didn't check your new revision, sorry :(12:25
sistpoty|workhey zul12:26
zulhi sistpoty|work12:26
mruizDktrKranz, ;-) ... what about today or tomorrow?12:26
DktrKranzmruiz, I guess so :)12:27
DktrKranzmruiz, I start to hate trains and subways...12:28
persiaDan Sheridan: If you are about, please let me know that you object to me changing the libapache2-asp-perl REVU entry into a libapache-asp-perl merge incorporating your changes.12:29
DktrKranzI spent two days on those traps...12:29
geserHi sistpoty|work12:36
sistpoty|workhi geser12:43
effie_jayxHey all12:50
sistpoty|workhi effie_jayx12:51
mruizhi effie_jayx12:51
effie_jayxI have upgraded a package (kipina), however the changelog from upstream is missing12:51
effie_jayxthe changelog hasn't been updated since 2004.12:52
effie_jayxthe last version he released was in 2006. this would make the package unfit for distribution?12:52
effie_jayxI managed to make it work and I fixed some directories that got placed wrong12:53
persiaeffie_jayx: No, it just makes the changelog useless.  If you haven't already, please complain upstream12:53
effie_jayxpersia,  in the meantime the package is worth anything?12:53
effie_jayxalso should I add a watch file12:54
persiaeffie_jayx: Why not?  If the code is useful, it is useful, even if the documentation isn't up to date.  If the code is not useful, don't bother updating.12:54
effie_jayxpersia,  great stuff. Now I need to go through sponsoring for the package?12:55
persiaWatch files are good, although they should be added in Debian if the package is available in Debian and has a maintainer.  It is only worth carrying an Ubuntu diff for a watch file for things that will appear on UEHS, which is limited to packages that either are not in Debian or have the Debian QA team as the maintainer.12:55
persiaeffie_jayx: Until you have been granted permission to upload, anything you want to submit to the archive should be submitted to the sponsors queue.12:56
effie_jayxpersia,  great. I am finishing the changelog for my update12:57
hexmodehttp://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug # could I get a motu to look at this?13:17
Hobbseewow, didn't realise the open week was so close13:32
dholbachDeveloper week! :)13:33
jdongsame thing ;-)13:34
* jdong posts dholbach's sticky13:34
dholbachnoooo, it's not :)13:34
dholbachthanks jd13:34
* dholbach hugs jdong :)13:34
AstralJavagross, we don't wanna see dholbach's sticky!!13:34
* jdong smacks AstralJava 13:34
jdongAstralJava: that's not until April 1st's wallpaper!13:34
jdongdon't ruin the surprise13:35
* AstralJava shuts his trap13:35
sistpoty|workhi dholbach and jdong13:38
dholbachhey sistpoty|work13:38
jdonghi sistpoty|work :)13:38
=== cprov is now known as cprov-afk
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week will be great13:38
mruizdholbach, funny post about UDW ;-.)13:38
* dholbach just knows it13:38
* mruiz hugs dholbach13:38
* dholbach hugs mruiz back13:38
hexmodeso much luvin!13:39
HobbseeFWIW, i'm on VAC from this wednesdy to next wednesday, inclusive.13:39
zulget a room!13:39
hexmodecould I get a motu to look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug ??13:39
Hobbseeso i'll have to find out about the MOTU release team after i get back13:39
hexmodefwiw, jdub asked me to submit php-xdebug... it someone would take a poke at it I'd really appreciate it.13:41
tuxmaniaccan some please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance13:41
* tuxmaniac has a question (will be dubbed stupid for sure)13:44
tuxmaniacwhy is packaging session called packaging "101"13:44
tuxmaniacgoogle does not give any pointers13:44
hexmodetuxmaniac: because it is aimed at beginners?13:44
AstralJavaI think it stems from academic circles, where beginner type classes begin from that number. Or something to that effect anyhow.13:45
mruiztuxmaniac, is a beginner class :-)13:45
tuxmaniac"Packaging for stupids and dummies" will be nice too :-)13:46
hexmodetuxmaniac: some of us hate the whole "for dummies" meme13:47
hexmodeat least, I do13:47
=== cprov-afk is now known as cprov
elkbuntu'for dummies' is so 199013:47
hexmodeelkbuntu: in that case "101" is so 1980! ;)13:48
elkbuntuhexmode, 101 isnt trying to be funny13:48
elkbuntu(and more like 1880)13:48
hexmodewhich makes it tons better13:48
AstralJavaYeah, why not really go back in time and everybody just dig out their abacuses.13:52
AstralJavaSee how your UDS turns out to, huh?!13:52
hexmodeCan anyone tell me why lintian doesn't like http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=1919 but will look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=1859 (two different versions of my php-xdebug package)13:53
sistpoty|workhexmode: the first link is an upload w.o. the orig.tar.gz (please don't do this, unless the tarball is very, very, very, very big)13:55
hexmodesistpoty|work: so how do up dput the orig tar when the rev > UPSTREAM-1 ??13:56
hexmodethat is the first link is version 2.0.2-3 of my build and the second is 2.0.2-1.  aren't orig.tars included by default only on -1 ?13:57
hexmode(just trying to make sure I've understood you correctly)13:58
geserhexmode: only a very quick look at php-xdebug: 1) wrong versioning and distribution in debian/changelog 2) I don't know if the license can be called "BSD license" in debian/copyright13:58
sistpoty|workhexmode: your dsc needs to reference the orig-tarball, and dpkg-buildpackage can do this with -sa13:58
hexmodegeser: thanks wasn't sure about license13:58
hexmodesistpoty|work: tyvm13:58
geserhexmode: it's probably better to include the full license text in debian/copyright13:59
hexmode(Though, I am using bzr buiddeb... and sometimes it doesn't carry over the dpkg-buildpackage options...)13:59
geserhexmode: 3) removed the comment out lines from debian/rules if you don't need them 4) you can probably also remove debian/changelog.xsl as the call to xsltproc in debian/rules is comment out14:00
effie_jayxI have finished with my package and I would like it to go through the sponsoring process. how different is it from the merging process or the bug fixing process?14:00
hefe_biaCould a MOTU have a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=tomboy-blogposter? (I already fixed the errors from a previous review) It's a small package and the upstream author was quite excited about the deb packaging.14:01
effie_jayxit is an update14:01
sistpoty|workeffie_jayx: then just attach the .diff.gz from your updated package to a bug and subscribe the sponsor team14:03
effie_jayxsistpoty|work,  what should the bug state... please update bla bla bla14:03
effie_jayxahhh to an existing bug ... righto14:04
mruizeffie_jayx, ?14:04
effie_jayxthanks sistpoty|work14:04
effie_jayxmruiz, sorry ;)14:04
sistpoty|work(I guess, you could also use a new one, and do the same as with merging)14:04
effie_jayxsistpoty|work,  is it a good practice?14:05
sistpoty|workeffie_jayx: no idea... /me is not in the sponsoring team, and has lost knowledge of the current best practices14:05
effie_jayxsistpoty|work,  right... then I should hold a little longer to see if we can get some back up :D14:06
hexmodegeser: should maintainer be ubuntu-motu or me?14:07
effie_jayxsistpoty|work,  it's my first update :D14:07
mruizeffie_jayx, what's the question ?14:10
effie_jayxmruiz,  I have an update. to request sponsorship. I upload the diff.gz to an existing bug or I open a new bug stating "please update bla bla bla "14:11
mruizeffie_jayx, what's is your "existing" bug ?14:12
effie_jayxmruiz,  gimme a sec14:12
effie_jayxmruiz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kipina/+bug/9584214:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 95842 in kipina "kipina crashes on launch" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:13
mruizeffie_jayx, for this case the bug is related to a problem... not an update/upgrade request. You should open a new one requesting the update14:15
mruizhi dcordero14:15
effie_jayxmruiz, do you have any samples of update bugs ?14:16
mruizeffie_jayx, sure. Let me check...14:16
effie_jayxmruiz,  I feel a little jittery about submiting it14:16
geserhexmode: it's usually ubuntu-motu as Maintainer and you as XSBC-Original-Maintainer14:18
mruizeffie_jayx, an example ... bug 18412514:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184125 in mail-notification "New upstream version: 5.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18412514:19
\shdholbach, I'll answer the questions this evening and send it to you by email :)14:20
dholbach\sh: gracias14:20
mruizeffie_jayx, if you have worked on it, just attach the diff.tar.gz /debdiff , pbuilder log, etc ...14:21
effie_jayxmruiz,  diff.gz or debdiff or both14:22
mruizeffie_jayx, as persia told me weeks ago: debdiff: orig.tar.gz unchanged / diff.gz: orig.tar.gz changed ;-)14:24
=== Mez___ is now known as Mez
ScottK\sh: I have a package I'd like to have you test build if you can (klamav). http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/klamav-0802082120/klamav_0.42-1.dsc14:47
ScottKIt would be a great help if you could.14:47
\shScottK, one sec :)14:47
=== Martinp24 is now known as Martinp23
hexmodesistpoty|work, geser: updated  http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug based on your comments.  Changing maintainer to motu generates a bunch of lintian noise...14:54
hexmode lintian complains about config.guess but that is in the upstream tarball... I can't remove it from the upstream: is there a way to tell lintian to hush-up?14:54
sistpoty|workhexmode: you should use the ubuntu versioning, and you don't need to increase the version for each upload to revu14:55
hexmodesistpoty|work: kk14:56
sistpoty|workhexmode: and for the autotools file, you should build-depend on autotools-dev and copy the relevant files from there in debian/rules14:56
hexmodesistpoty|work: still, it will complain about that file in the upstream14:57
hexmodethose files14:57
sistpoty|workhexmode: it should be quiet, if you add the autotools-dev build-dependency... at leasts that's what I guess. Others than that, lintian isn't always right as well ;)14:57
geserhexmode: it complains that config.guess is too old (6 years old). It will go away if you use an uptodate version from autotools-dev.15:09
\shScottK, see mail15:12
hexmodegiving it a try... still, seems like it would continue to carp about the upstream tarball15:12
* ScottK doesn't like the sound of that.15:13
ScottKIt reads better though.15:13
ScottK\sh: Thank you.15:13
\shScottK, surprise surprise upload to debian ;)15:13
* ScottK dput's to mentors and pings the DD that promised to upload it.15:14
\shScottK, hopefully I have the time to code on my local build service so that special people can upload to it and it builds those packages automatically15:14
=== nxvl_work_ is now known as nxvl_work
ScottKThat's be great.15:15
leonelhey ScottK good day15:20
ScottKHello leonel15:20
dholbachcan somebody comment on bug 184186?15:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184186 in ubuntu "Please sync Easytag-AAC from Debian-Multimedia" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18418615:27
frafuHello, could anybody from ubuntu-universe-sponsors have a look at the following sync request: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/19095715:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190957 in mousetweaks "[Sync Request] mousetweaks-2.21.91 (interdiff supplied)" [Undecided,New]15:28
frafuI have also supplied the interdiff and if it has a problem, I will try to fix it right away.  (I nevertheless hope that it is ok  ;-))15:30
dholbachRainCT: you can directly file sync requests for universe now, you're a MOTU :)15:48
* dholbach unsubscribes ubuntu-universe-sponsors and subscribes ubuntu-archive15:48
warp10MOTUs, my package gbemol (a graphical frontend for MPD) is on REVU and waits for your reviews. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=gbemol15:49
RainCTdholbach: I know :). Where did I subscribe u-u-s?15:54
dholbachRainCT: oh... on some sync request I filed - I already did it15:55
dholbachdon't have the bug number at hand right now15:55
* RainCT wonders wheter it's an old bug or it was a lapse :P15:55
RainCTdholbach: ok, nvm then. thanks15:55
dholbachRainCT: bug 19041515:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190415 in ubuntu "Please sync lightyears 1.3a-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19041515:56
RainCTdholbach: Btw, I got both mails from you about the interview. Will answer when I get a moment... :)15:56
dholbachRainCT: rock on, thanks15:57
dholbachRainCT: erm - both?15:57
RainCTdholbach: you send it to me twice, one the day (or the day after, dunno) I became a MOTU and another one today15:57
emgentheya dholbach :)15:57
dholbachhey emgent15:57
dholbachRainCT: oh... good I did that ;-)15:58
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
RainCTdholbach: ah, and something more.. I haven't tried it but some dev on #launchpad told me that get-branches doesn't work15:59
dholbachRainCT: oh - maybe I'll ask lool, I think he used it somewhere16:01
dholbachI personally haven't used it in a while, but wrote it for seb12816:01
=== kitterma is now known as ScottK2
frafudholbach: An overwrite is needed for mousetweaks as far as I understood the doc in the wiki; there were no changes done for ubuntu in the previous upload.16:06
LucidFoxLooking for a second advocation for http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=tovid16:07
dholbachfrafu: the version in ubuntu is 0ubuntu1 - can you check there are no side-effects? also which version do you want synced? http://packages.debian.org/src:mousetweaks lists nothign16:09
dholbachfrafu: are you talking about a sync from debian at all?  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess ?16:10
frafuIt is from gnome, not debian16:10
frafudholbach:  upstream is GNOME http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/mousetweaks/2.21/16:12
dholbachfrafu: OK, then please follow up with that information16:13
dholbacha sync in Ubuntu land always refers to copying source packages from debian over to ubuntu16:13
mruizdholbach, can you give review some packages, please? (bug 187726 and 186397)16:15
frafudholbach: ok; sorry for the mistake; what would have been the proper term? (I understand sync as synchronize with upstream)16:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187726 in doc-debian "[FTBFS] doc-debian (gs: not found) / failed to upload" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18772616:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186397 in gpredict "Please add Gpredict 0.9 to Hardy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18639716:15
ScottKfrafu: Upgrade.16:15
* ScottK is reviewing tovid.16:16
jdongScottK: I should take another look at that too when classes let out16:18
frafuWhat about the interdiff: is it still valid? I used the following to prepare the interdiff: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Interdiff16:19
tbutteranyone could give my package at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=jodviewer a review?16:19
RainCTasac: if you have a moment, can you have a look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11869282/scrapbook_1.3.1-1ubuntu1.debdiff please? (if it's ok now I'll merge it with the new version from Debian and upload)16:19
dholbachmruiz: no sorry, for today I'm completely booked out16:20
gesermruiz: re doc-debian: the last source upload was accepted but not the binary upload of the buildds.16:20
dholbachfrafu: just say 'update' or something16:20
RainCTfrafu: it's still valid, you are free to upload it the way you want (but the prefered format is now .diff.gz)16:20
asacRainCT: you have the bug id?16:21
gesermruiz: your fix for the problem looks correct but it should be uploaded as 3.1.5ubuntu2 (the ubuntu1 changes are already in the archive)16:21
RainCTasac: bug #18411516:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184115 in scrapbook "iceweasel-scrapbook should be firefox-scrapbook" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18411516:21
mruizgeser, thanks... I asked on #launchpad and kiko said: just upload it again :-)16:22
mruizgeser, I'll change the version number16:22
frafudholbach: I already replaced the sync term with upgrade in the title of the bug16:22
mruizdholbach, thanks anyway16:22
dholbachthanks frafu16:22
asacRainCT: its ok16:23
RainCTasac: cool, thx :)16:23
ScottKpersia: For tovid: It looks to me like the build-depends should be build-depends-indep (except debhelper and cbds).  Is there a reason against that I'm missing?16:26
frafuRainCT:  I can also add the mousetweaks_2.21.91-0ubuntu1.diff.gz that was created by debuild to the bug; this way the sponsor can choose what he wants. Should I do it?16:26
RainCTfrafu: why not? :)16:28
frafuRainCT: ok16:28
tuxmaniacis somebody able to access http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/science.html ?16:32
LucidFoxtbutter> commented on jodviewer16:33
frafuRainCT: diff.gz attached to bug; I hope that this time everything is correct for review by a sponsor16:35
tbutterLucidFox: thanks16:35
tuxmaniaccan somebody review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=alliance16:36
RainCTfrafu: give me the URL and I'll look at it later16:36
warp10tuxmaniac: looks like ubuntwire is still down. :(16:36
tuxmaniacwarp10, aah ok16:36
tuxmaniacwarp10, hello btw16:36
warp10tuxmaniac: hey, how are you doing? :)16:37
tbutterLucidFox: it does not work without the jodviewer.dirs16:37
frafuRainCT: here is the url with the upgrade bug https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mousetweaks/+bug/190957 Thanks for looking at it16:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190957 in mousetweaks "[Upgrade from GNOME] mousetweaks-2.21.91 (diff.gz supplied)" [Undecided,New]16:37
tbutterinstall -m 755 jodviewer.sh debian/jodviewer/usr/bin/jodviewer16:37
tbutterinstall: cannot create regular file `debian/jodviewer/usr/bin/jodviewer': No such file or directory16:37
tuxmaniacwarp10, inching closer and closer towards your karma! slow but steady :-)16:38
warp10tuxmaniac: I have seen you did a lot of good work for MOTU science. Well done! ;)16:39
frafuRainCT: and here is the url of the upstream source: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/mousetweaks/2.21/mousetweaks-2.21.91.tar.gz16:39
LucidFoxtbutter> try install -m -d16:40
LucidFox(although I won't object if you want to just leave the dirs files)16:40
geserLucidFox: wouldn't be -D better than -d?16:41
tbutterit must be -D16:41
geserif I understand the manpage correctly -d will create a directory named debian/jodviewer/usr/bin/jodviewer16:41
tbutterworks. thanks16:48
mruizgeser, I've uploaded a new revision ;-) (bug 187726)16:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187726 in doc-debian "[FTBFS] doc-debian (gs: not found) / failed to upload" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18772616:50
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
LucidFoxScottK, reuploaded tovid with your objection addressed16:55
gesermruiz: looks ok, just curious: why the bump of standards?16:58
mruizgeser, to avoid lintian warnings16:59
ScottKThere are very few differences, so the bump can almost always be done without change.16:59
gesermruiz: did you check if any of the changes in the new policies affect this package?16:59
geserScottK: that one was from to 3.7.317:00
mruizgeser, well I can maintain the version and minimizing the changes for the future sync/merge17:01
gesermruiz: I'm just checking if you checked if any on the policy changes affect this package.17:06
gesermruiz: imho a change from tetex to texlive in the build-depends would be also welcomed (but's that no request that you must do it)17:08
mruizgeser, I didn't check them :-(17:08
mruizgeser, but in most cases the policy should be updated to the latest17:11
gesermruiz: yes, I don't expect that the package needs any changes for the new standards version but it's better to check17:12
* mruiz reading17:12
mruizgeser, I prefer to maintain the policy version (and wait for Debian changes)17:18
effie_jayxmruiz,  I think I dunnit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kipina/+bug/190992 :D17:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190992 in kipina "New Upstream version: 0.2.2" [Undecided,New]17:21
mruizgeser, then my last revision includes only the change to obtain the binary upload :-)17:23
* mruiz -> lunch!17:23
gesermruiz: uploaded17:24
mruizthanks geser ... time for lunch!17:24
=== kdu1 is now known as kdub
kdubpackaging jam in half an hour?17:29
rhpot1991_laptopanyone have some time to give me a 2nd revu on a package?17:34
sbodenIs there actually an order of reviewing submissions? or a deadline or so?17:44
linux__alienhi LucidFox17:46
LucidFoxhi linux__alien17:47
rhpot1991_laptopeither of you have revu powers?17:48
jcfphi all17:53
jcfpwhen I have a source that creates three binary package (a main program and two extra themes that depend on the main package), is it ok to use a single copyright file and link to that from the theme packages?17:53
linux__alienLucidFox, any other thing that i could start working on17:56
sistpoty|workjcfp: no, the copyright file must always be uncompressed in the corresponding binary package17:57
linux__alienLucidFox,I ve an idea. I feel the kchmviewer could be ported to Gnome i dont mind in which release it would come but just thought that would be a good idea . i am aware of the fact that gnome has got xchm and gnome chm viewer but the kchm viewer has got added functionality17:57
linux__alienwhat do you think about this ?17:57
jcfpsistpoty|work: in that case, should there be one copyright file covering all of the source package or a seperate one targeted specifically at the content of each binary package?17:58
LucidFoxlinux__alien> I'm going to sleep soon, sadly... However, I have an easy bug for you to try uploading a patch for: bug #18958417:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189584 in ddtp-ubuntu "Typo" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18958417:58
linux__alienLucidFox, are you from india?17:58
LucidFoxno, from Russia17:58
LucidFoxwhy did you think I was from India? o_O17:58
linux__alienIn India its night time so thought :)17:58
sistpoty|workjcfp: the copyright file must represent the copyright for both the binary package(s) and the contents of the source package. While you could then have different copyright files for the binary packages, you'll almost always want to have just one for all.17:59
linux__alienLucidFox, Thanks for that i ll start working on it :)18:00
linux__alienLucidFox, it will be a real good learning for me :)18:00
linux__alienLucidFox, i ll take a day's time for this and hopefully i should have something good. :)18:00
frafuI will be back in about an hour18:02
jcfpsistpoty|work: thanks. in that case I'll use a single copyright file describing all files in the source package, with copies of that file included in and installed by all binary packages.18:02
linux__alienLucidFox, I am having problems with banshee music player all of a sudden its stopped playing songs18:08
linux__alieni want to know how to correct the problem18:08
asacRainCT: ?18:08
RainCTasac: I've the upgraded scrapbook package ready but if I try installig it Firefox (2 and 3) don't list it in the Add-ons window (after restarting). Is this normal, or any idea what the problem could be? Here is the list of files that it installs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4435/plain/18:11
LucidFoxlinux__alien> Why ask me?18:11
LucidFoxI never even used Banshee18:11
linux__alienok sorry18:12
linux__alienjust wanted to know the idea of porting kchmviewer to gnome ?18:13
asacRainCT: no thats not normal18:14
asacRainCT: you see anything in Tools error console?18:14
asacRainCT: otherwise please post the install.rdf18:14
asacand the chrome.manifest18:14
bddebianHeya gang18:16
sistpoty|workhi bddebian18:16
RainCTasac: the only error I've there that is from no website is "bc is null" in chrome://global/content/console.js18:17
bddebianHi sistpoty|work18:17
asacRainCT: post install.rdf then18:19
RainCTasac: install.rdf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4436/plain/18:19
RainCTasac: chrome.manifest: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4437/plain/18:20
asacRainCT: the name of the link you create in the extensions directory _must match_ the em:id18:23
asacRainCT: in your case it must not be scrapbook, but "{53A03D43-5363-4669-8190-99061B2DEBA5}"18:23
asace.g. ./usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/scrapbook -> ../../../share/scrapbook18:23
asace.g. ./usr/lib/firefox-addons/extensions/{53A03D43-5363-4669-8190-99061B2DEBA5} -> ../../../share/scrapbook18:24
asacRainCT: then it should work18:24
RainCTasac: oh, okay. thanks!18:24
linux__alienok LucidFox got to go will work on this and will let you know tomorrow and thanks for your help18:25
RainCTasac: is there any reason why they use such ugly names? :P18:27
asacno ... just for legacy reasons18:28
crevettesuperm1: I did the change you requested yesterday18:29
crevettehello by the way18:29
geserHi bddebian18:31
* sistpoty|work is on the way home18:31
kdubfrom within pbuilder, i get an permissions error when it is trying to install the package to the fakeroot system. can you put a 'sudo' command in the debian/rules file to work around this?18:33
geserkdub: please pastebin the error message18:34
kdubgeser: http://pastebin.ca/90015818:34
crevettesome can review my package ? this is obex-data-server18:35
bddebianHeya geser18:35
kdubgeser: it uses 'jam' to build the package as opposed to the standard make18:36
rhpot1991_laptopcan I get a 2nd revu when someone gets a chance: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=atomicparsley18:37
geserkdub: 1) you shouldn't install outside the build dir (here /usr/local) and 2) you shouldn't install packages into /usr/local18:37
kdubgeser: do you think this is too complicated for a first package?18:38
geserkdub: I don't know jam and how hard it is to fix the paths18:38
geserkdub: the package should install files below /usr and during the build the package gets build from the files in debian/<pkgname>/18:39
kdubgeser: i'm just going to try another package18:41
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
nxvl_workdid someone uses google calendar?18:50
AstralJavanxvl_work: Sort of. Why do you ask?18:51
nxvl_workAstralJava: i can't open it on my ubuntu box18:51
nxvl_workusing firefox18:52
AstralJavaWhat are the symptoms?18:52
AstralJavaOpens fine on Fluxbuntu+Kazehakase.18:52
nxvl_workon the source code it says my firefox isn't compatible18:53
nxvl_worki will report it18:53
kdubgeser: could you elaborate a little more on what you said about where files are installed within the fakeroot environment?18:55
hefe_biaIf somebody could have a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=tomboy-blogposter that would make me very happy ;)18:56
geserkdub: all debs should install their files below /usr/ but not /usr/local18:57
kdubso if i wanted to, then "cp <anything> /usr/bin" should work?18:57
geserkdub: during build (e.g. with pbuilder or on the buildds) the installation doesn't happen to the "final" directory but into a "temporary" directory below debian/<pkgname>. From there the deb in then packed/build.18:58
geserkdub: no, if you want to install a file in /usr/bin/ then "cp <anything> debian/<pkgname>/usr/bin" and the deb will install it later correctly in /usr/bin18:59
kdubgeser: thanks, i think i understand, but we'll see for sure in a minute19:00
geserkdub: you can always "spy" how other package do it, packages similar to yours are better suited to look at19:02
kdubgeser: i'm trying to understand better with a simple little package i've been looking at now19:02
goobsoftWhen creating a python package that loads a glade file for the interface via a hard coded path that does not comply with the debian python policy, it is best to change the source code directly or is there some other way of pointing to resources like glade files and images?19:04
kdubnow it looks like it build a package, but i can't find a deb anywhere...19:05
geserkdub: how did you build the package? with pbuilder?19:07
kdubgeser: yes, and thanks for being so patient19:07
geserkdub: pbuilder puts the build debs to /var/cache/pbuilder/result19:08
cody-somervilleby default19:08
kdubgeser: thanks! there they all are...19:09
Nightrosehey tricia :)19:10
kduband so now that i have a package, i should clean up all the lintian messages before submitting it to revu?19:10
geserkdub: yes please, as one of the reviewers will point you to them anyways19:13
goobsoftIn python programs are absolute paths to images usually hard coded into the source?19:14
cbx33hey all, just out of interest what window managers do you guys use?19:15
_MMA_cbx33: You here to pimp OpenBox again? :P19:16
cbx33thinking of trying out a tiled window manager19:16
* cbx33 is all over the shot19:16
_MMA_Yeah, I forget what that was called.19:17
cbx33howz it going _MMA_ ??19:17
cbx33there's one called awesome19:17
_MMA_Fine. :)19:17
cbx33good good19:17
* _MMA_ just uses Terminator and uses the CLI apps but wanted to tinker with a tiled WM.19:17
_MMA_Ng's multi-pane terminal app.19:18
_MMA_Its on LP. Grab trunk and build it. Super easy.19:19
cbx33i guess I should try out more terminal apps19:21
cbx33but how do you like copy and paste between them?19:21
_MMA_It actually made me like them more for some reason.19:21
_MMA_Works like gnome-terminal.19:21
_MMA_ctrl+shift+v and or c.19:22
cbx33what terminal program do you use?19:22
cbx33maybe I'll get awesome19:22
cbx33it looks pretty.....awesome19:23
_MMA_He has a channel also. #terminator.19:23
cbx33you can tag windows19:23
cbx33seemed pretty cool19:23
cbx33what do you use to browse the web?19:24
cbx33links lynx ?19:24
cbx33does terminator use it's own terminall app ??? like gnome terminal....do you still use a mouse?19:24
_MMA_I just use it for cli apps. I havnt gone as far as to try lynx.19:25
_MMA_terminator *is* a terminal. It just uses panes instead of tabs or anything.19:25
_MMA_Try it. Its nice.19:25
msixis this the right place to ask : can i speedup pbuilder in a way like make-kpkg with CONCURRENCY_LEVEL ?19:26
emgenthehya ernesto! :D19:29
mok0Would someone please change the status of bug 173507 to "Fix committed"?19:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173507 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] torque" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17350719:33
rulusmok0: anyone can change bug statuses :)19:35
mok0They can?19:35
cody-somervilleIf you're logged in, yes.19:35
rulussure, as is anyone who has a LP account19:35
mok0Heh, you're right19:35
mok0I'll do it myself, heh19:36
mok0Just trying to clear out my bug list on LP :-)19:36
HighNoHi y'all. could any motu please check http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity ? There's still one advocate missing...19:38
mok0HighNo: yay, you got one19:39
sbodenIs there an order in which uploads to revu are reviewed, or is it just at random?19:41
HighNomok0: yes, finally. They like to integrate it into mythbuntu too19:41
cbx33is it possible to get coloured syntax highlighting in nano?19:46
cbx33and to stop it wrapping lines when they reach the edge of the window?19:46
tsmithehey persia, thanks for the work on fluid-soundfont :)19:48
tsmithecbx33, nano -w for the latter19:49
HighNocbx33:  nano -w19:49
HighNotsmithe:  beaten my by a second :)19:49
hexmodegeser: could you look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug one more time?19:49
cbx33http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62250 - how come we don't have the examples directory in gutsy?19:51
blueyedhexmode: I just wanted to look at it, too - if you don't mind.. ;)19:59
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
hexmodeblueyed: the more the merrier!19:59
blueyedhexmode: please indent the license, and put the copyright to the Copyright line.20:01
blueyed(in debian/copyright)20:01
hexmodeblueyed: could you clarify "put the copyright to the copyright line"??20:01
hexmodemove it up?20:01
tsmitheis anyone reviewing? if so, could someone take a look at fluid-soundfont. it's a very simple package, and has one advocation already: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=fluid-soundfont20:01
blueyedyes, write "Copyright: ....\nLicense: ..." or similar (and the license indented by e.g. 4 spaces)20:02
hexmodearg... gotcha20:02
=== rzr is now known as RzR
blueyedhexmode: I've seen that you had some changelog xml file and a commented out xsltproc for it. Didn't it work out? Would be nice to have an upstream changelog. Regarding this, the file for dh_installchangelog (debian/Changelog) does not seem to exist?20:04
blueyedhexmode: for (your) debian/changelog, just write "Initial release" and refer to a needs-packaging bug in LP.20:05
hexmodeblueyed: the changelog is generated from the upstream using dh-make-php's pecl parser20:06
hexmodeis the convention for talking about LP bugs something like "Fixes LP #..." ???20:06
blueyedhexmode: great, haven't checked closely, sorry.. just write "Initial release (LP: #189928)"20:07
hexmodenp ty20:07
amarillionQuestion: can I use reportbug on ubuntu to file Debian ITP's?20:08
amarillionWhen I try " reportbug --email my@emaill wnpp"20:08
amarillionIt complains that wnpp is not found20:08
blueyedamarillion: try "reportbug -B debian"20:08
amarillioncool that seems to work, thankx20:09
geserhexmode: php-xdebug commented20:14
hexmodegeser: tyvm20:14
hexmodegeser: tyvm20:14
hexmodeoops ;)20:14
tsmithegeser, could you check out fluid-soundfont, please? it's got one advocation already from persia20:16
blueyedIs it ok to advocate own packages? Or is it considered bad practice? I've done for "jedit" now..20:17
tsmitheblueyed, i think it's ok for motus20:18
rhpot1991_laptopgeser: if you have time atomicparsley should be an easy revu too, superm1 already helped me out with it20:18
tsmitheblueyed, (if you're reviewing... fluid-soundfont?)20:18
geserblueyed: MOTUs need only one ACK20:19
tsmithei'll shut up now; gotta kill X to check for power usage20:19
rhpot1991_laptophmmm I thought they needed 2 ACK's20:19
blueyedrhpot1991_laptop: yes, but they can give one ACK themselves it seems.20:20
rhpot1991_laptopah ok, I get it20:20
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
HighNoblueyed: do you have bluetooth or trust in superm1? :-) I'm still looking for the second advocate for my package... And since your name is so close to my package's name (blueproximity)20:30
mok0slangasek: ping20:35
slangasekmok0: moo20:36
mok0slangasek: hey, I was thinking about merging dbmail, is that ok with you?20:36
HighNomok0 is back! You've been away too quick. My answer was: yes, finally. They like to integrate it into mythbuntu too20:37
HighNomok0: now guess what the question was... :-)20:37
leonelmok0: please !!!20:37
blueyedHighNo: nice try :) - I have no bluetooth though.. I'll look into some package in the next days though, so don't fear.. ;)20:37
mok0leonel: please what?20:37
leonelmok0: i was going to ask for that merge  even  there are issues with the new postgresql 8.320:37
HighNoblueyed: all i fear is the 14th of feb...20:38
mok0leonel: what are the issues?20:38
mok0HighNo: you'll make it20:38
slangasekmok0: my only change to that package was to rebuild it against the newer ldap, so from my POV, feel free20:38
HighNomok0: thanks for the support :-)20:38
leonelmok0: http://www.dbmail.org/mantis/view.php?id=67820:38
mok0slangasek: cool, I'll give it a whirl20:38
mok0leonel: thx20:39
amarilliongrrr reportbug doesn't work20:39
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
amarillionWhy can't debian use a web interface like normal people?20:39
geseramarillion: how doesn't reportbug not work?20:40
slangasekamarillion: if reportbug doesn't work, it's possible to write email bug reports by hand too...?20:41
geseramarillion: because Debian is special20:41
slangasek(because Debian doesn't want bug reports from people they aren't guaranteed to be able to send questions back to, really...)20:42
RainCTwhy is this failing to build? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11876178/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-hppa.scrapbook_1.3.2.5-2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:44
sbodenanyone wants to give kmess a spin?20:44
ScottKslangasek: Makes me wonder what Debian is doing to prevent forged email addresses then.20:44
slangasekScottK: in practice? discarding the bug reports when the replies bounce :)20:45
ScottKMakes sense I suppose.20:45
jcfpMOTUs, please review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus - based on new upstream release with lots of improvements, package should be in good shape now.20:46
geserRainCT: could it be the new dpkg? it seems to break also other builds20:47
=== flare is now known as Flare183_
=== Flare183_ is now known as Flare183
blueyedRainCT, geser: yes, seems so.. I've also broken builds..20:54
ScottKsboden: If I'm an MSN user, why do I want kmess instead of Kopete?20:56
ScottKsboden: I'm also a bit confused ...  Is this package in Ubuntu already?20:56
sbodenin ubuntu it's now v1.4.3... update is for v1.520:57
=== Hit3k_ is now known as Hit3k
sbodenv1.5 of kmess fixes some bugs and completes the MSN functionality... you can do nudges, custom icons, ... which you can't do with kopete. It's also the last version of kmess before v2.0 which is KDE420:58
ScottKOK.  Sounds reasonable.21:00
sbodenI followed the upgrade template ... use v1.4.3 of ubuntu, copy debian log to v1.5 and repackage. It should be pretty straightforward21:00
ScottKsboden: For a new upstream version, the preferred method is .diff.gz attached to a bug, not REVU.21:01
jpatrickgeser: should I add it to /topic (broken builds?)21:01
ScottKjpatrick: Do you have time to help sboden with getting Kmess upgraded?21:02
method__what does something like this mean? dpkg-source: error: source package has two conflicting values - libzoom-ruby and zoom21:02
jpatrickScottK: don't think so...21:03
gesermethod__: do debian/control and debian/changelog agree about the source package name?21:04
method__Good call, geser, thanks.21:05
ScottKsboden: I believe someone will be along to help you shortly.21:09
sbodenk thx21:09
leonelmok0: will you do the dbmail  merge  ?21:14
=== Spec is now known as x-spect
method__What does it mean when pbuilder/apt complains about : Depends: libyaz3-dev which is a virtual package.21:28
crevettehi there, what happening to my package ? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server21:28
apachelogger_method__: basically that it doesn't exist, I guess21:28
apachelogger_sboden: hey, I am the promised someone ;-)21:28
sbodenapachelogger_: lol ... go ahead21:29
apachelogger_sboden: you created the package already?21:30
HighNocrevette: maybe it just got approved? will approved packages just vanish from REVU?21:30
sbodenI uploaded it a couple of days ago to revu (it's under updates)... I just used the general distribution of kmess 1.521:30
crevetteHighNo: it is not possible no one has advocated it21:31
apachelogger_sboden: did you testbuild it?21:31
crevettejsut before It tried to upload it, but the upload was stucked for 10 min21:31
apachelogger_sboden: saved the log? ;-)21:31
sbodenapachelogger_: mmm, not from terminal... is it logged somewhere21:32
apachelogger_not by default, well, I have to build it anyway21:32
sbodenI followed the "upgrade template" for packaging and it went through without problems21:32
sbodenI also run kmess 1.5 on this computer21:33
HighNopersia: could you check for the missing obex-data-server - might be a mess on REVU?21:33
apachelogger_sboden: usually you would create a bug report and attach the diff.gz (maybe also the .dsc) and a pbuilder log, subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors and that should be it21:33
sbodenah.... that was not mentioned in the docs21:34
HighNocrevette: did you check the error message?21:34
HighNocrevette: maybe it works if reuploaded?21:34
apachelogger_sboden: yeah, I just looked, didn't find anything either21:34
crevetteHighNo: no error message, "Successfully uploaded packages"21:34
persiaHighNo: How is it "missing"?21:35
apachelogger_sboden: bug 179931 is a good example in my opinion21:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 179931 in gnome-compiz-manager "gnome-compiz-manager new upstream version: 0.10.4" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17993121:35
HighNopersia: check the error on http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=obex-data-server21:35
sbodenapachelogger_: do you want me to create a "wishlist" for kmess 1.5?21:36
HighNopersia: but it might be gone with the next refresh cycle as dput now managed to upload it successfully (as dput calls it)21:36
persiaHighNo: Yes.  A new upload will almost always fix that.21:37
apachelogger_sboden: probably a good idea to keep track of the process21:37
HighNopersia: cool, thanks.21:37
crevettepersia: I should reupload ?21:38
crevettepersia: and afterward you'll advocate my package :)21:38
* persia is now confused21:38
persiacrevette: I certainly don't have time for a review now, sorry.21:38
RainCTgood night21:38
pochunight RainCT21:39
HighNocrevette: hehe - nice trick. but you see, persia can't do that because he would be advocating my package first :-)21:39
crevettepersia: no problemo :)21:39
persiaBut, I would like to see the package shown on REVU.  Was there an upload since 21:30 UTC?21:39
HighNopersia: it should be there in ca. 2 minutes21:39
apachelogger_sboden: version would be 1.5-0ubuntu121:40
apachelogger_since it is the first ubuntu revision of 1.521:40
apachelogger_and not yet available in debian21:40
HighNoapachelogger_: so the 0 means no debian ?21:41
apachelogger_HighNo: well, actually it means no debian revision of this version/package21:42
apachelogger_debian would use 1.5-1 for the first revision of this version/package21:43
HighNoapachelogger_: so it would be filled for debian synced packages, right=21:43
apachelogger_well, a _synced_ package will have exactly the same version as in debian21:43
HighNocrevette: maybe you should try to upload it once more. It did not correctly show up during this refresh cycle...21:43
apachelogger_if debian has 1.5-6 then a sync would have 1.5-6 as well21:44
apachelogger_but if it is a merge, or the package gets changed post-sync it gets an ubuntuX attached21:44
sbodenapachelogger_: in debian they now have 1.5 rc2 in experimental, I launched some requests to go to 1.5 as well in debian, but debian is harder to "reach"... so maybe better wait for debian to go to v1.5 first?21:44
HighNoahaaaa, /me feels some enlightenment21:44
ScottKSince feature freeze is Thursday, I wouldn't wait.21:46
slangasekapachelogger_: you seem to have subscribed ubuntu-archive to bug #191023, but aren't listed as a member of ubuntu-backporters?21:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191023 in gutsy-backports "Please backport dragonplayer 2.0-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19102321:46
HighNocrevette: if you upload it now and it won't show up in 7 mins you have to ring the operator again :-)21:46
apachelogger_after that you need to file a featurefreeze exception request21:46
crevetteHighNo: okay21:46
ScottKslangasek: Riddell asked him to do that earlier today.  Given that the package turned out to FTBFS (IIRC), I'd suggest usubscribe the archive.21:46
apachelogger_slangasek: Riddell saied i just should assign ubuntu-archvie so he can take care of it tomorrow21:46
persiaHighNo: crevette: It didn't appear to refresh on the 10-minute mark.  Perhaps something useful can be rescued from http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/obex-data-server-0802111920/ and something reuploaded?21:46
slangasekScottK: ah, ok; done then21:47
HighNopersia: I think crevette has reuploaded it afterwards already once21:47
persiaLooks like the immediate upload was a .dsc file, but didn't include the relevant .changes file.21:47
HighNopersia: for the records - dput had broken the upload - it froze21:48
gilirREVU is still broken for me :( http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=awn-extras-applets21:49
sbodenMade launchpad request for kmess 1.5: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kmess/+bug/19109221:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191092 in kmess "Upgrade Kmess to v1.5" [Wishlist,Confirmed]21:50
persiagilir: You're in the same situation.  reupload based on http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/awn-extras-applets-0801100020/21:52
gilirpersia: I already reuploaded it, I had the same error21:53
persiaAny REVU Hackers around who might be able to investigate?21:54
crevettepersia: this is still not work21:55
crevettewho can I contact ?21:55
persiacrevette: It's beyond me.  Needs a REVU Hacker to look into the source of the error, and likely a patch.  Asking here is best (as has been done).21:56
crevettetoo bad, I've found someone to advocate me21:57
apache|mobilesboden: can you please change the version number and attach the diff.gz to the bug report?21:58
sbodenapache|mobile: ok, I'm rebuilding the package now wih changed version number21:59
apachelogger_sboden: oh and please attach (LP: #191092) to your changelog entry, so it gets closed automatically22:01
HighNocrevette: they won't forget you - obex-data-server is an important package22:02
crevetteHighNo: arf22:04
crevettethis is a brand new one, I'm not sure someone cares22:04
HighNocrevette: it is brand new? how come I think to know it for years? It's taking the server-part for filetransfers via IR and bluetooth, right=22:05
crevetteyeah for obex protocol, but it's anew one22:05
crevetteit's a new dep for bluez-gnome for bluetooth-sento22:05
crevettethis is just a DBUS service22:06
HighNocrevette: ah, ok.22:06
HighNocrevette: so it's a dep for bluez-gnome? then it should be even more important?!22:07
hexmodeblueyed, geser: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=php-xdebug fixed up the copyright file for multiple copyright/licenses.  Looked at apparmor's copyright file for clues.22:08
crevetteHighNo: I guess22:08
HighNocrevette: just posted the request in #ubuntu-mobile again but that is more of an idle channel...22:09
crevetteHighNo: thanks22:09
crevettebutIt's gonna be hard if my package is not available on revu22:09
=== RzR is now known as rZr
sbodenapachelogger: just uploaded a new version of kmess to revu (http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kmess), diffs attached the launchpad request22:11
emgentheya people22:13
* persia notes that there is little value to the duplication. Just attaching the diff should be sufficient.22:14
apachelogger_sboden: persia is quite right there :)22:16
HighNocrevette: do you know when the upload before the broken upload has taken part?22:17
apache|mobilesboden: please change "launchpad request 191092" to "(LP: #191092)" otherwise the bug will not be closed22:17
apache|mobilelooks good otherwise22:17
jussi01where did that page go that listed things to do to help, including links to bitesize bugs etc?22:17
sbodenapachelogger: I just used dput ... do I make a diff then on the original, or on the changes?22:17
apachelogger_sboden: just do debuild -S -sa22:18
apachelogger_...within the source tree22:18
apachelogger_...this will generate the dsc and diff.gz22:18
apachelogger_then just upload the diff.gz22:18
sbodenvia manual ftp?22:18
apachelogger_sboden: no, just attach it to bug report :)22:18
apachelogger_persia: so much about diff.gz is less confusing than interdiff ;-)22:19
sbodenapachelogger: and still as 0unbuntu1?22:19
apachelogger_sboden: of course22:19
persiaapachelogger_: Yes.22:19
apachelogger_sboden: the revisions only get changed if the package has been uploaded to the ubuntu archives22:19
crevetteHighNo: no22:20
CarlFKwhat is the cause of this? (so I can bugreport it) juser@averatec:~/src/transcode/transcode-1.0.5$ debchange --nmu updeb.carl22:20
CarlFKutf8 "\xF6" does not map to Unicode at /usr/bin/debchange line 963, <S> chunk 1.22:20
sbodenapachelogger: changed comment, ran debuild and attached new diff to LP22:22
HighNocrevette: I'm sorry I can't help any further. I just noted that while it should give you a directory and no error http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/obex-data-server-0802112200/ gives a 404, while checking that with my package gives a nice directory index. So there is a severe problem in revu handling that broken upload. We need help of a REVU god in here...22:24
persiaHighNo: No, just a REVU Hacker to compare the database state against the code and determine what happened.22:25
crevetteI'm trying to update once to se what happen22:25
TheMusoember: I have orca covered.22:26
ScottKDo we need to add something like dpkg broken, don't upload to /topic?22:26
emberTheMuso cool22:26
emberi was about to poke you about it22:26
apachelogger_sboden: are you sure you uploaded the correct diff.gz? ;-)22:26
slangasekScottK: no reason not to upload, any uploads will just become part of a mass-giveback22:26
ScottKslangasek: OK.  Thanks.22:27
sbodenappachelogger: to launchpad yes, should I also upload it to revu manually?22:27
=== nenolod_ is now known as nenolod
sbodenapachelogger: log is now "+  * Upgrade kmess from v1.4.3 to v1.5 (LP #191092)" (from the latest diff)22:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191092 in kmess "Upgrade Kmess to v1.5" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19109222:28
apachelogger_sboden: ah, my fault :)22:28
persiasboden: There's no point in uploading to two places: it just confuses the reviewers.  If you've attached it to the bug, use that.22:28
sbodenpersia: I originally did a dput (which puts it on revu), but a some messages ago I was told to attach it to launchpad ;)22:29
HighNopersia: OK, that's what I tried to say. I didn't know the REVU hackers are seperated from a (un-)known REVU god... ;-)22:30
persiasboden: Right, so once you start attaching to launchpad, there's no reason to also push to REVU (it just makes me press the archive button again)22:30
sbodenpersia: ok, so the original upload is still at revu, and I only added the latest diff to LP22:31
apachelogger_sboden: or not my fault, download the diff.gz and have a look at it ... it still doesn't say (LP:...22:31
persiasboden: Right (although the REVU upload is archived)22:31
gaspasorry all, i can't resist... :)22:33
gaspa[_slightly_ OT] http://maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&q=Strada+dei+Campi,+34072+Gorizia,+Friuli-Venezia+Giulia,+Italia&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8&ll=45.910317,13.506725&spn=0.004337,0.007864&t=h&z=17&om=022:33
jpatrickgaspa: ?22:33
RAOFcrimsun: Any results on multiarch alsa-plugins?22:34
crimsunRAOF: not until fixed dpkg hits the archives.22:34
RAOFcrimsun: Oh, snap.22:34
gaspajpatrick: it's a hymn to the gentle sex... :P22:35
slangasekso by "slightly OT", you mean "entirely and without equivocation, OT"22:37
jpatrick!ot > gaspa22:38
DarkSun88!ot | gaspa22:38
ubotugaspa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!22:38
jpatrickDarkSun88: did that :-)22:38
crevetteHighNo: it seems my updates are uploaded in http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/-yymmhhmmss22:38
crevettelook at http://revu.tauware.de/revu1-incoming/-0802112250/22:38
ScottK\sh_away: New octave in Debian Experimental ....22:39
gaspaDarkSun88: :)22:39
sbodenapachelogger/persia: now I double checked, I had attached the original one again before22:39
apachelogger_sboden: see comment :)22:40
sbodenapachelogger: I don't even see the entry anymore under updates :(22:42
persiasboden: Check the LP bug :)22:43
sbodenapachelogger: thank you :D22:43
crevetteHighNo: I'm going to sleep no, if you can make someone figures out and correct that I'll be thanksfull22:43
sbodenalso going to bed, cu later guys22:51
DktrKranzI'm having this FTBFS http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11875848/buildlog_ubuntu-hardy-i386.etoile_0%2B20060914%2Bdfsg-2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz and I'm unable to reproduce in pbuilder. Does anyone know a workaround?22:57
sorenDktrKranz: I broke it..23:00
sorenDktrKranz: It's the new dpkg. I uploaded a fix 18 minutes ago. You need to wait until it's built and published. Sorry.23:00
DktrKranzsoren, thanks for the pointer, you saved me plenty of time! :)23:01
DktrKranzsoren, is version the buggy one?23:04
sorenDktrKranz: Yes.23:05
DktrKranzsoren, I guess I'm unable to see your new revision due to the discussion in -devel23:05
sorenDktrKranz: Right. It appears to have gotten lost somewhere.23:06
DktrKranzok, I'll wait for ubuntu2 then, thanks again.23:06
sorenDktrKranz: No worries. Sorry for the trouble.23:07
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
RAOFpersia: New gnome-do release on revu, now with honest-to-goodness Tomboy license header.23:16
persiaRAOF: I'm tight on time now.  I'll hit it in ~12 hours if nobody else has.23:38
RAOFpersia: Absolutely fine.  I'll get the plugins package up there to and ping the room.23:39
dcorderohi DktrKranz23:41
DktrKranzhola dcordero :)23:41
dcorderodid you see the warning message on my bug?23:41
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.23:41
bddebianSo what's going to be the drop dead date for syncs from Debian?  The 14th?23:41
dcorderoFlare183, was only a hi for me that i am spanish, DktrKranz speak english :)23:42
leonelscottK:  here we go again  :   WARNING: Local version: 0.92 Recommended version: 0.92.1    checking  if there's some thing to fix for  the ubuntu  versions23:42
Flare183ok just making sure23:42
DktrKranzdcordero, I didn't receive any bugmail... I though to be subscribed...23:43
DktrKranzlet me check23:43
DktrKranzdcordero, I'm subscribed *NOW* :)23:44
dcorderohaha better23:44
DktrKranzdcordero, I'll test build myself23:46
dcorderook, the warning messages are only showed on hardy23:46
slangasekDktrKranz: Flare183 ya se fue, podemos charlar en apañol sin molestias \o/23:47
DktrKranzslangasek, my spanish stops at "hola" :)23:48
dcorderoslangasek, el español soy yo :)23:48
slangasekDktrKranz: pff, what a tease you are then23:49
DktrKranzslangasek, my italian rox, though :P23:49
slangasekmine doesn't, it flounders23:50
DktrKranzsudo apt-get install language-support-it23:51
dcorderoi wish to learn language just with an apt-get install :)23:53
dcorderoit's like matrix haha23:53
leonelscottK * libclamav/pe.c: fix possible integer overflow (CVE-2008-0318)23:54
ubotu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2008-0318)23:54
mok0ubotu, bug 191096  > leonel23:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 191096 in ubuntu "[needs-merge] dbmail_2.2.9-1" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19109623:59

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